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1933 7 Visions of William Branham

1933 Seven Visions
(Concerning Endtime Events From 1933 to The End)

What is a vision? It is God’s way of communicating with His Servants, the Prophets. Naturally speaking Vision is a “sense of sight” but in Scripture it refers to a “supernatural sense of sight” that transcends the “natural” realm, allowing the Prophet “to See” that which is unfolding in a “Spiritual” dimension. In that dimension the Lord may show His servants things in the past, the present or the future. Again, by vision, the Lord may show His servant understanding of some portion of His Word.

A vision is something like a dream, WITH two exceptions – in a dream the individual is “asleep” and what he or she sees, is ALL transpirmg in the realm of the subconscious mind; But the Prophet in his vision DOES NOT go to sleep. He is fully awake and “what he sees” is unfolding before him in another dimension. In some visions, the prophet himself feels as if he is standing in the center of what he is seeing, totally surrounded by the things which God is showing him. In the Scientific realm it might be called “Virtual Reality”. Science uses scientific equipment to create this allusion, whereas God does it by His own Supernatural Power.

Visions have always been the major part of most prophetic ministries. One noted exception is that of John the Baptist. Not one his visions are recorded in Holy Writ. But in Numbers 12:6 God said: “If there be a prophet among you, I the Lord will make myself known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream.” This is God’s ordained pattern and order. BUT let’s keep in mind that the vision MUST BE according to the Word of God – Always check it with the Word – the original thought and purpose of God. If it’s not according to the Word then the vision is a “False vision” and NOT from God.

The first record in Scripture, of God appearing to man in a vision, is found in Genesis 15:1. Here we have the record of “the Word of the Lord coming to Abraham in a vision”. Following Abraham, one prophet after another rose on the scene with a ministry of visions showing forth the Word of the Lord. The Bible abounds with numerous examples of visions. One of the most notable is the Book of Revelation. It is a record of one vison after another which God gave to His servant John, the beloved, concerning world events both Jew and Gentile.

The apostle Paul, the Messenger to the first church age experienced visions during his ministry. Therefore, it would not be strange for the ministry of the Messenger to this Seventh and last church age to be accompanied by visions. In fact William Branham’s life was a “life of visions”. From infancy, he was in touch with the Supernatural realm. In his own words he said: “The first thing I can remember in life is a vision. I was eighteen months old…”

Certainly, everyone who has ever read the life story of Brother Branham has speculated on what it must have been like to spend a lifetime in the realm of visions and angelic visitations. WAS it comforting? WAS it confusing? WAS it an ultimate security, or a crushing responsibility? For Brother Branham, it was at times a crushing responsibility.

The astonshing frequency of the visions that occurred in Brother Branham’s life created, at times, a rather unusual predicament for him. When he was under the anointing (which, by his own reckoning, was at least 50% of the time), it was very difficult for him to estimate the number of people present on a given occasion. He couldn’t trust his human eyes to differentiate between the two realms he would be seeing at once. He lived in two worlds at the same time – the seen and the unseen.

Just as God revealed to Daniel those things that would take place from then until the end of time, so it was in June of 1933, when Brother Branham was conducting services in the old Masonic Hall on Meggs Avenue in Jeffersonville, that Seven Major events were revealed to him which were to come to pass before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. On this June morning, just before he was to preach, this series of Visions appeared to him.

The Seven Visions

Vision One:
He saw in a vision that the dictator of Italy, Benito Mussolini, would invade Ethiopia and according to the voice speaking to him, Ethiopia “would fall at his (Mussolini’s) steps”. However, the voice continued and prophesied a dread end of the dictator, for he would have a horrible death and his own people would literally spit on him.

Vision Two:
The next vision indicated America would be drawn into a world war against Germany which would be headed up by the Austrian, Adolph Hitler. The voice predicted that this terrible war would overthrow Hitler and he would come to a mysterious “end”. In this vision he was shown the Siegfried line whereat a great toll of American lives would be exacted, but Hitler would be defeated.

It might be well to mention here that a subsequent vision relative to this war predicted that President Roosevelt would declare war against Germany and in so doing would eventually be elected for a fourth term.

PLEASE NOTE: For many years, the American government denied “the losses” suffered by the American forces at the Seigfried Line. It wasn’t until sometime in the early 1960’s that German films surfaced, forcing the Americans to admitt what really happened at that line. Off course, it’s not the first time that governments attempted to cover up mistakes, failure and losses during a war. (Editor: The William Branham Home Page)


Vision Three:
The third part of the vision showed that though there were three ISMS, Fascism, Nazism, Communism in the world: that the first two would come to nothing but that Communism would flourish. The voice admonished him to keep his eyes on “Russia” concerning future involvements, for Fascism and Nazism would end up in Communism.

PLEASE NOTE: In 1933, The Voice admonished him to “Watch RUSSIA”. It didn’t say, ‘Watch the Soviet Union’, but rather “Russia”. Since 1989, the Soviet Union is no more. (Editor: The William Branham Home Page).


Vision Four:
The fourth vision that appeared to him was one in which there was predicted to be tremendous technological advances right after the war. This was symbolized by an egg shaped car with a plastic bubble roof, going down beautiful highways completely under perfect remote control. There was no steering wheel in the car and the occupants of the car appeared to be playing a game like checkers.

PLEASE NOTE: This vehicle is already in existence, and has been for many years, waiting only the systems of highways that can accomadate such a mode of transportation. I have in my files pictures and scientific data concerning this vehicle. (Editor: The William Branham Home Page).

Vision Five:
The fifth scene that appeared involved the womanhood of the world. In this scene there appeared the fast moral decay of women. Starting back when she received her so-called liberty to enter into worldly affairs by means of the vote, she soon began to wear clothes that were too revealing. she bobbed her hair and adopted the clothing of men. Finally the vision showed her all but stripped naked and she merely covered herself with a tiny apron about the size and shape of a fig leaf. With her womanhood so little valued a terrible decay of all flesh came upon the earth and with it perversion even as set forth by the Word of God.

Vision Six:
Then there arose in the United States a most beautiful woman clothed in splendor, and great power was given to her. She was lovely of feature but there was a hardness about her that defied description. Beautiful as she was, she was yet cruel, wicked and cunning. She dominated the land with her authority, she had complete power over the people. The vision indicated that either such a woman would literally arise or that this woman of the vision was merely a type of an organization which is scripturally characterized by a female. Though the voice did not speak out and reveal who she was, he felt in his heart that this woman represented the rising Roman Catholic Church, and he inserted in parenthesis beside at the end of this vision which he had written out, (perhaps the Catholic church).

Vision Seven:
The voice bade him look once more. As he turned and beheld, a great explosion rent the entire land, and left the land of America a smoldering, chaotic ruin. As far as the eye could see there was naught but craters, smoking piles of debris, and no humanity in sight.
The vision then faded away.

Some fine scholars of scripture would warn him that his visions were not inspired of God. He was worried many times about this, and earnestly sought God to let this peculiar ministry pass from him. Yet the visions kept breaking before his eyes and ever coming to pass. No one was harmed by them, but on the contrary the children of God prospered because of them. At this point he had not realized that even Jesus was accused of being of the devil. Neither had he seen that his ministry being identified by astrologers was no different from the time that devils identified Jesus and also the ministry of Paul (Matthew 8:28-29; Acts 16:16-17).

It is written in Ezekiel 12:22-23, 27-28:
12:22 Son of man, what [is] that proverb [that] ye have in the land of Israel, saying, The days are prolonged, and every vision faileth?
12:23 Tell them therefore, Thus saith the Lord GOD; I will make this proverb to cease, and they shall no more use it as a proverb in Israel; but say unto them, The days are at hand, and the effect of every vision.
12:27 Son of man, behold, [they of] the house of Israel say, The vision that he seeth [is] for many days [to come], and he prophesieth of the times [that are] far off.
12:28 Therefore say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD; There shall none of my words be prolonged any more, but the word which I have spoken shall be done, saith the Lord GOD.

It is written in Habakkuk 2:2-3:
2:2 And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make [it] plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.
2:3 For the vision [is] yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.


  • Oh I do believe, the message of the hour so true…………. To the bride,
    Keep the faith 4 time is nomore…………!

  • God in sipmlicity has reaveled himself in this Age only to the Simple and humble in heart.Ooh! thank God for Malachi4 message

  • really its a great priviledge for this end time message to find us.well we should appreaciate what the Lord has done to us and stop helping the devil in his ways. although he temper with us sometimes, but we should pray for one another that God help us to carry through. God bless you all

    • It is a time the believer prayed like Samson to God asking for a “Once More” Faith and Endurance to trounce the Enemy in this endtime by remaining alert against the Enemy’s evil schemes and by being watchful and prayerful without taking a slumber.
      We have being equiped with the best spiritual warfare asernals (REVEALED WORD)and a humble prophet whose priority was to serve God under total subjection and fear of Christ.
      What then shall we do brethren when such a great privilege is presented to us and reject it?God forbid.May the love of God be manifest in our midst as we demonstrate the apostolic love witnessed among Peter and the early church after pentecost.Amen!!!

  • G0d said it through the prophet and that settles everything. May the good Lord prepare our hearts for that day, surely on our own we can not satisfy God unless we ask him to help us through his mercy.

  • Hebrews 13:8 and hymn number 62 stanza 1 says”yesterday, today, forever Jesus Christ is the same. All may change but Jesus never changes”. Brothrens, lets strive to live the word, lets take the message serious. Its time to strengthen one another’s faith so that we can a live a life that is pleasing before God.

    We are very fortunate to receive the message of the hour. Lets guide it jelously and take it serious. It Jubilee time, the trumpent is blown, we are nolonger slaves of sin, lets move on and claim our possession in christ.

    Lets continue to pray for each other world wide. Lets be praying for our pastors so that God can inspire them to preach the true gospel that was preached by br. Branham, Poul, Peter and many others.

    may God bless all the EAGLES arround the globe.

  • Indeed what God said through Bro.Branham , it must be fulfilled before the earth and heaven pass away. it is God word. hope it should be done .
    pray for us.


  • Am so glad 2 have known this message of the endtime & my prayer is that after having the know how i would`t desire to miss the rapture.So i encourage u saints of God to stive towards the high calling of that voice of God with fear & trembling knowing that even if our earthly belongings r destroyed their is a great mansion prepared 4 us.

  • I am very grateful to the Father in Heaven because He hid the secret of the Kingdom of Heaven against the wise and clever, but He reveal to the little guy, so we understand and carry out our duties with the gift of the Holy Spirit for the common interest in the Body of Christ. We carry out our task completed, we must say: We are useless servants, we just do what we must do. (Luke 17:10).

  • Each time i remember how God brought me into the message, i feel honoured, priviledged, elated and above all loved…I thank God for the endtime message and for our Prophet of this age (Prophet William Marrion Branham). I pray for every Bride of the Lord (The EAGLES) that we will be caught up in the air with our Groom in Jesus name AMEM……Shalom to the Bride…………..

  • Dios les bendiga de este mensaje de la hora me gustaria conocer hnos y hnas de este mensaje soy de la ceiba, honduras

  • Que Deus de William Marrion Branham vos abencoe.
    Eu sou o Ir. Pedro de Angola,tenho 24 anos,eu creio na mensagem do Ir. Branham, estou crescendo com ela espero encontrar todos os irmaos no outro lado do Jordao.

  • Sister Maria Banda Mzimba Malawi

    Glory be to Almighty God for giving me the Message of the Hour.And I believe this Message will take me and my family to heaven.Lets do the Word of God and continue to pray for one another.

  • I am grateful to God Almighty who sent us His servant; Prophet William Marrion Branham. The Vision is true and from God. He is my Prophet and the Voice of God to me, My Church and My Family. God bless the Branham Family and grace to the Bride of Christ.

  • First an foremost i wud like to thank all the brethrens who took time to post their comments on this site. Indeed am inspired by all of u and all i can say is that may the almighty God of Abraham, Branham and Jacob bless u richly.

    Brethren we need to be grateful to God for this message that we have received. We are not so special than people in denominations, its through God’s grace that we have the previlege of dinning with him. It is therefore our duty to spread it so that the many can hear about it. Pliz my precious brothers and sisters, let us spread the gospel of christ and the end time message of God brought to us by his servant the prophet.

    Its my daily prayer that, has God prepares his brides in different parts of this world, he should not pass me by. Let us be ready for him any time.

    I wish all the END TIME MESSAGE BELIEVERS Worldwide a happy new year and many more returs as we awaits our savoiur to come for his true church. God bless u all.

  • my prayer is that we be counted worth for we have been made to know and believe this prophetic ministry of the servant of the Lord. let not our soul grow weary but gain strength from day to day because each day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before. May the Almight grant us favour in His sight.

  • Greetings! I don’t know what I would have become without this God sent Message. I thanks God. I rejoice in the Lord forever more. Shalom!

  • I live in Zimbabwe and strongly believe that Br Branham was undoubtedly the messenger of God sent to us sinners to come out of our shells and realise that God is alive forever. This man was the prophet of this last geaneration for he fulfilled all what God ordained to. So brothers and sisters out there remember that there is no fake money before the original appears.Today we see or hear of a lot of false prophets- why? because the true prophet has come, done his job and gone so the false ones are trying by all means to mislead us.

    I therefore advise you brothers and sisters that please stand firm on the prophet’s word for it is not his word but God;s own word to His chosen ones.

  • this is clear truth,bro branham is a gift from God for this generation,the world can’t see it except the bride,i thank god for his grace to see and hear the hiding which the wise and intellectual world will not.i thank God for election.

  • Thanks AMOS MUKENDI iam very happy for you and your input .yuo were young now you are grown up.
    Donot forget to be focus to this message and to pray for us in johannesburg.

  • this is so very true no mortal man could do all he done or foreseen in the future the way he did,the Lord lead him and sent him to get the bride of Christ ready to go to Heaven when he comes back

  • shalom, well i feel very happy to express my feelings here.i was born in the message but never had a revelation about it untill i got to the age of 18.i was then baptise. my dad usually tell his children that God does not have grand children.well the message even i the university were i am makes me feel so special than every other person. i have the privellige of fellowshiping with end time message believes despite of thier believes.so my advice to all belivers is to have a spirit of brotherly kindness in this age because it is the honey that thicks.God bless you all.

  • It is time for us to stand as the true bride of Christ. Put away disagreements with each other. We need to stick together like God told Bro Branham to tell us. Believe Christ, Walk with Christ, Stay with Christ and his word, the word of God is thee only thing that will stand, all other things will fail, but God remains the same. Don’t look to people but look to Christ. God Bless the bride everywhere around the world.

    • Thanks brother for encouraging words.Some of us at times get weary and if not for God’s sake may faint,but thanks He loves us.Many a times the devil beckons us to look at worldly peoples seemingly flourishing businesses in a view to lure us back to the darkness but constant commitment to the calling and the prize of golden crowns awaiting us make us think again. Am glad you remind breththren to believe,walk and stay with Christ and his word to overcome.God bless us all as we see the great history of the world come to an end with the sunrise of our King and Lord Jesus shine before our eyes to usher in a dispensation of endless joy.Amen!!!

    • amen you are so right . it time for us to stick together and wait until God will come get his/her bride in this world . we should love each other but not looking what someone did wrong and start talking about it.


  • Blessed is the heart that takes heed to the word of the prophet. for the prophet is the mouth of God and he (prophets) speaks what God has told him to say for the salvation of the people as whole not for a particular denomonation. thanks be to God for sending Bro Branham. thanks that the prophecies are fulfilled, it makes me to burst into tears of joy when God stands behind His word.

  • Thank you God,
    I believe that your so Great to show us all these things through your Prophet Willium Marrion Branham,and I believe all he said is true.

  • God bless. Bro.Branham, God bless his family thats still with us, his family thats gone on to be with him and the Lord Jesus and he with them. God bless all of his church family the older ones now that knew him and the younger that now know of him and of the ones that knew him and have gone on to be with the Lord. Bro. Branham was almost one of a kind in the gift and calling that was on him. But, he also made it so special (his ministry) because he humbled himself in a similar fashion in the ways of some of the old testament men of God of old did. Also in the new testament in the same fashion as that of Paul,and other new testament saints and not to speak lightly at all by putting him last but in similar fashion as the way Christ humbled himself while he was here on the earth. Bro. Branham was a very special person he had an excellent gift and an excellent humble spirit to make it all work for the glory of God and help God’s people. I still miss him and I never knew him, and I didn’t even know anything about him until many years after he died. We could all take good advice from him today by the simple clean way of life he lived and served God, and we all as christians and sinners alike would be much better off if we did. God Bless You All!, Rich

    • Dear Bro. Rich,
      I greet you and the saints around in the lovely and precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I couldn’t contain myself to reply back to you after reading your truly rich comment. The part that stirred me most was where you recognised and highlighted the most valuable attribute of our beloved brother and prophet, Bro. Branham, who repeatedly in his ministry called himself ‘HIS Servant’. Oh my!!! Servant??? See? Servant, not Prophet which he was, Servant, he kept calling himself servant. He kept pointing and pleading us to look at Christ, not his ministry, not him, Christ. Oh my. Truly brother, if only today Christians around the world could take a small part of that example of his life and try to imitate him rather than indulge in fleshly thoughts and desires, we would be much better off. I have admired Bro. Branham and his simple ways, his humble spirit and his captivating voice, the VOICE that sure stirs your inner being. Today its sad to see men call themselves apostles and everything else, with little signs on humility, full of scoff and pride, beating their chest to self glorification. If there’s one thing I seek from my Christian walk in life, I pray God will keep me as humble as my dear brother, and I do hope I can hug him someday and thank him for the message of the hour!!! We all couldn’t thank the Lord enough for our dear brother and prophet Bro Branham and all HE has done. God Bless you Bro Rich and all the saints. I hope to share a hug with you too, someday soon while we gather with the other saints,on the other side…Until then, Shalom.

  • Brothers and sisters there is not any more time to fool around, the bible says that the son of man will come like a thief, i am telling you people are trying to get used to this saying some others are even moking the even, they say what is that “soon” which has never been soon…let’s keep concentrate on the promiss, our redeemer will soon appear.

  • Watch and Pray… for the Hour shall come when they shall say Lord! Lord!…
    and i shall say, depart from me, yea workers of iniquity…

  • Brethren, all over in the entire universe I greet you with love in the precious Name of The Lord Jesus Christ. I mean brethren that are the chosen Bride of the Lamb in the entire Universe.

    My simple views to all who may have access to internet is that without controversy time for the taking off of the few Bride to meet her husband (JESUS CHRIST) in the air is no more.My stand is that if all of you today choose not to preach what My precious brother and my friend William Marrion Branham preached, PLEASE leave the messages for me alone …X 10000000. The prophet Brother Branham in his lifetime lived a christian life, of which I want to live the life that he lived. Call it a fanatic I (Brother John Mpakaka) don’t care. Since the only thing that I know is that I was a heathen but God (JESUS CHRIST) through him (Branham)I now know that he is the rightful Elijah sent to me in this Laodecian church Age and that I have accepted the Marriage proposal letter i.e. I believe I am the Bride of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Amen and amen and amen.

    God bless all that will this simple comments of mine.

  • I also have dreams and visions and the Holy Spirit says “I will show you things to come”, but mine are on a personal level. This 7th vision of his should be of a grave concern to the Body of Christ.

  • What a day that will be when my jesus i shalll see
    And i look upon His face, The One who always Stand by me…..

    When you see these signs fulfilling before you, take heed…

    Watch and Pray… for the Hour shall come when they shall say Lord! Lord!…
    and i shall say, depart from me, yea workers of iniquity…

    O Bride Christ, get ready!
    when the roll is called up yonder, will you be there?

  • We ALL really must take heed to Bro. Branhams revelations. They are coming to pass each and every day. We must be brave and wear our helmets, shields and carry our swords to go out and reach out to our unsaved loved ones, friend, co-workers, even the lost to get this message across for the sake of their salvation. When judgement day comes wouldn’t you want to see them there? Wouldn’t you rejoice knowing that you saved their life the way someone went out on a limb by saving your life? There are jewels out there we need to be saving for our crown when we all get to Heaven… …what a day of rejoicing that will be. Praise God!

  • Dear saints,i find it difficult explaining the message and the prophet.Am fully convinced and persuaded to BELIEVE and wait upon GOD. Our prophet Branham has done his part, what is left is our challenge to believe and walk right.May God give us the more faith and stand to be counted on the great day.Amen.

  • As Bro Branham said history repeat itself its true because the message believers because of doctrine has become the the pharasees,sedusees. Bro Branham preached love thats what made him to be able to pray for someone. We must be likewise. Have we ever notice everytime the Elias spirit was used that which followed was double portion. Elisa prayed for a double portion, after John Jesus did greater things and John had the Elias spirit. If Brother Branham is of the seen we should do more because we have the double portion. But doctrine which is just knoledge and not revelation is standing in our way

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