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And Knoweth It Not (65-0815)

And Knoweth It Not (65-0815)



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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham
called And Knoweth It Not
was delivered on Sunday, 15th August 1965 at the Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, Indiana, U.S.A.
The tape, number 65-0815,
is 1 hour and 48 minutes, and consists of 2 cassettes. This message is available in book format (Volume 2, Number 10R).

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Thank you, Brother Neville; the Lord bless you. I got into something,
didn't I? I–I want to thank the Lord real well for undertaking for
Brother Capps' boy. It–it just so happened that this is a little time
that I come back to Indiana. I know that they're not recording this; I
suppose not. And so then, I don't see nobody in there. So they, I come
back to go squirrel hunting. And so, I guess Charlie's going to have to
put up with me, him and Nellie and them down in Kentucky now for a day
or two to squirrel hunt. So I–I'd rather miss anything, any other kind
of recreation then come here on about the middle of August and go
squirrel hunting with Charlie, and Banks, and all of them. It's kind of
a traditional thing with me. And so, I took Joe…

When we was here the other time, everybody got sick; the change from
that real hot climate down to this–to this cool climate you got here.
I know you think this is not cool, but you come out to Arizona once. It
was a hundred and nine in the shade when I left the other morning; and
then at around midnight in the night, when the cool air came down off
the mountains, it was still ninety-six. See? That's at midnight when
the cool air was coming down. And so it's–that place is all right in
the wintertime, but it's for scorpions and lizards in the summertime,
not human beings. Even all the animals take off for the mountains. They
just can't stand it.

And I'd been out shooting my little rifle in, and I… Somehow I just
want to tell you about the little Capps' boy. And I said… And Joe,
I'll just have to give him the rifle, 'cause he can out-shoot me. We'd
got it shot in, and I–I was driving tacks at fifty yards, and I said
to–to Joe… Joe said, "Daddy, I believe I could do that." (Poor
little fellow had had a headache. I'd been praying for him, a high
fever. He went out to the range with me, and… ) Any two over ten bore
in a twenty-two rifle, it crosses its line of fire at twenty-five yards
and then again at fifty, just the same if it was two over ten. So
then–then I had shot it in at twenty-five yards. And so I'd two more
tacks and I put them up, and if Joe didn't drive both them tacks. I
didn't have any more tacks, so I put a little bit a piece of old clay
pigeon that'd been bursted there, what trap shooters shoot at, just
about a quarter of an inch across, and took it out on fifty yards, and
he cut it half in two. And the scope was set for my eyes, just a few
years older than he was. So he said, "You know what? I've got to go by
and tell Billy to keep off of my feet from now on." See?
So–so I said, "Well, I'll tell you what"; said, "let's go down and show Brother Norman that."

I said, "Joe, in matches across the world…" I don't care who it would
be, nobody… Now, the tacks weren't drove sideways; they were drove
straight through. And that piece not over, I guess a 1/4 of an inch and
a 1/16 thick and 1/4 of an inch high, he cut it half in two at fifty
yards. I said, "There's no one in the world could've made a better
shot. They could… Champions could've done the same thing, but you
couldn't have made three better shots than them. The tack's not bent,
just a straight hole through the paper where the tack went through. And
I said, "No one could've made a better shot." I think his headache left
him right away.
And I said, "Well, let's go show this to Brother Norman," which works
for the Field and Stream, Brother Tony Stromei's sporting goods place.
He said, "Let's go by Billy's first." He said, "I–I just want to tell
Bubby something." See? And frankly, his brother's never done that
good…?… like that. So he said, "We go by there first."

Then just as I got in the door, Billy was still in his pajamas. And he
said, we went out early, 'cause it gets so hot, and so he said… The
phone rang, and I said… He kinda looked at me like that. I said,
"Maybe a sick call." And it was Brother Capps for his boy in the
operating room then with peritonitis and that pending. And just now he
told me his boy is recovering real, real good.
So see how God just worked that, even in the voice of that little boy,
Joe. Instead of going down to Brother Norman's… Wouldn't have been
there, and come up, and Brother Capps and I joined together. I don't
say it was our prayers that did it, but it did mean something to him
for us to make contact like that. And frankly, that's why… Well, you
got–you've got to have faith in what you're doing. See? And that–his
faith to call, and Billy was… He was putting in money, and he said,
"This must be a real long distance," said, "putting pretty near five
dollars worth of change in a–for a three minute call."
I thought it'd be coming from New York or out in one of the islands or
something, but he made a person to person call to get Billy instead of
Loyce (You see?), and that's what cost him to do that.
And now, his boy is recovering. Brother Capps said the doctor give him
very little hope of ever coming out of it (You see?), from the
operation, and we're thankful to God this morning: very glad for Him.

Now, we got in towards daylight this morning, and now, I had about
three hours sleep, and–and I'm pretty tired. But when the church–come
time to come to church, why, I come down.
And I, the Lord willing… Now, I've got to go down in Kentucky, as I
said; then I've got promised to speak one Sunday while I was back here,
and I'd better make it this next Sunday, because the following I'll
be… I have to go back, because I'm going away again up in Canada. So
I–I better make it next Sunday, and next Sunday morning.
And Brother Neville said, "Why don't you just go out, and greet the people, and talk to them just a few minutes?"
I said, "Brother Neville, I haven't even opened my Bible, hardly," I said, "I–I…"
He said, "Well, go out and say something to them."
Sister Neville, I–I don't know how you do it that… He's a very persuasive fellow. Ha ha.

But while… I don't get a chance to say this when the place is all
packed, and crowded, and everything, but I'm very grateful to God for a
pastor like Brother Orman Neville: faithful, just as faithful as he can
be to the cause, and never hear him grumbling. I set back there. I had
a good half-hour's talk with him while I was enjoying Brother Mann; and
so, I'll tell him more about that when we get to Colorado this year.
So when we was enjoying his message; and I got in a good talk with
Brother Neville. I said, "I don't even get to tell the people nothing
about our fine pastor." I said, "Are the people treating you right?"
Said, "Couldn't be any better."
And I said, "Well, that's what I'm glad to hear." When a pastor's
satisfied, and the people's satisfied, it makes a real good church. And
then God is satisfied. And I think to see them satisfied together,
especially in this day of the message that we're carrying. I think that
shows the continuity of the message with the people and with God. See?

And I'm very grateful for Brother Orman Neville and his fine wife and
family. And I pray that God will keep them loyal to Him and the cause.
And if it so please Him, may we be standing here in the Tabernacle when
the Lord Jesus comes for us (You see?), to take us away at the rapture.
We hope we're both so old, Brother Neville, that one will have one arm
around the other, and stand there on our canes still trying to hold up.
You see?
But then we'll be changed in a moment in a twinkling of an eye. These
old robes of flesh we'll drop and rise, and seize the everlasting
prize, and shout while passing through the air. Farewell, farewell,
sweet hour of prayer. We moved on up then.

Heard about Brother Coomers' healing from the Lord, and so thankful for
that. So many things… So I am grateful to be here this morning, and I
thought instead of… I'm always coming here with a certain text and
speaking… I thought I'd just come out this morning. I said, "Brother
Neville, I'll watch the clock real easy, and probably let the people
out on time, and–and just talk to you from my heart, a few minutes;
just things that we just have–know they're not taping it or anything,
so we just have fellowship while it's just the church folks here (You
see?), just us together." So let's pray.

Dear Jesus, we are grateful to You for the privilege that we have of
assembling together, here, and oh, as I looked upon this tabernacle
early this morning after midnight, passed by, I thought of how You have
stood by it. I think of the old pond that was here, big old weeds
standing up right about where this pulpit's at. As a little boy I stood
here. Mr. Ingram said we could have the lot for just a little money,
and pay something down and no money, no collateral, or nothing to
offer, but just try. How that it then, it's full face value was a
little over two thousand dollars, with twenty years to pay it out.
And now, Lord, look at it now. While it was in its infancy, still
setting down in a hole here, water pouring into it, how that You
promised us by the Word: "I, the Lord hath planted it; I'll water it
day and night lest some shall pluck it from My hands."
The same time the people said, "Within six months, it'll be turned into a garage."

But literally thousands of souls have found Christ here at the altar.
And the tabernacle, the baptistery has constantly… People has been
baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus, calling upon His Name, washing
away their sins. Hundreds of crippled, afflicted, blind, halt, lame,
cancer-eaten, has walked away from this platform, come in dying men,
women, boys, and girls, and gone out to live a new life with new flesh
on their bodies and walking again, and leaving their wheelchairs,
crutches and so forth. Oh, God, this thirty years of service…
Father, remember the morning that we laid the cornerstone. And You gave
the vision over there, showing the place packed and jammed, a beautiful
corner; I–I knew that that could not fail. So I thank You for all
these things.

Many of them has done fought a good fight, and finished the course, and
kept the faith, laying yonder, waiting, resting now from their labors
and their works following them, waiting for the hour for the trumpet to
sound and to spring forth again into new life, a new body. Many of them
old and shaken, some young, middle-aged and so forth… But Thy Name be
praised for all.
Now, we're standing here again, before the–the living and the dead. I
pray that You'll anoint Your Words this morning. I don't know one thing
to say, but I pray that You'll furnish that; which You've always did
it, Lord.
Bless our pastor, Brother Neville; his wife. Bless the trustees, deacon
boards, every member of the Body. May together we live so in this life,
that in the life to come we'll have Eternal Life.
Help us this morning to take corrections from the Spirit and the Word,
that we might prepare ourselves as we move away from the doors this
morning, determined in our hearts to live a better life than we have in
the past. We ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Now, I–I just opened the Bible here, and it happened to be a few
minutes ago… I'm in Revelations 3, so I'll just read here, on
the–the message to the Laodicea church.
And I want to announce, also (Brother Neville was just telling me.)
Brother Parnell (just happened to look down and see him setting here)
is in a–in a revival, just this side of Memphis, at the–the… Any of
you know where the old Wimpy, the hamburger stand used to be, he's got
a tent setting in there, trying to bring in the sheaves and find if
there's any lost ones out in that way that's been ordained to Life,
that he might win through his ministry to Christ. And he closed it up
for Sunday on account of the services being at the Tabernacle, and–and
that's very loyal of the brother. And we want you to know that the
service will be open Monday night following next week, and I know
you're all cordially invited out to hear Brother Parnell bring his
message of the love of Christ.

And now, let us read from Revelations the 3rd chapter, just a portion
to say that we read the Bible, because what I say might fail, but what
He says won't fail. And I don't know where to start from, what to do,
where to go, but let us read the Laodicea church age.

And unto the angel of the church of the
Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true
witness, and the beginning of the creation of God;

I know thy works,… thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.

So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth.

Because thou sayest, I'm rich, and increased
in goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou are
wretched,… miserable,… poor,… blind,… naked:

I counsel of thee to buy of me gold tried in
the fire, that thou mayest be rich;… white raiment, that thou mayest
be clothed, and that thy shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and
anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.

As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore and repent.

You know, somewhere in there as I was reading, I–if you'll excuse me a
minute, I–I found some place that sounded good to me. And I don't know
just where it was at now. Here it is: "And knowest thou not, wretched,
miserable, poor, blind, naked." Oh, my. That's kind of the picture here
of the church of today. Now, it's… I–I think that that church age
here that we're speaking of… 'Course I've got the church age coming
forth now in the books. But being that is the Laodicean church age that
we're in, let's just look at the conditions.
I don't want to take any text or anything, because we're not… It just
talking casually, as we'd see to talk on, whatever the Lord would lead
us to do. But something that would help us…
Let's think of the Laodicea church age, and its condition, today. As
far as I know, I don't see anything to hinder at this time the coming
of the Lord Jesus, outside of the readiness of His church. I think
that's one of the–the prophesies.

Yesterday coming up in the car… We drove it in two days from Tucson
here, right two thousand miles, Billy and I. And so we… Now, that
wasn't breaking any speed laws. We stayed right… I set there if he's
driving, and I… I'm all–all got my fists back like a shotgun with
the hammer back. I see him going… I said, "Wait a minute, boy." Now,
we're told, "Give Caesar what's Caesar's."
Then we come in down here last night, a little girl lying sprawled
across the road, about three years old; mother dead over in the ditch.
Some drunken boy coming from the ROTC., he's eighteen years old,
driving a hundred and twenty miles an hour on the left hand side of the
road: killed, and I guess he was dying too. Then you could realize what
it is. "Give Caesar what's Caesar's."

Innocent people dying. A little three year old girl lost her life,
because of some drunken soldier (See?) driving hundred and twenty miles
an hour, estimated, on the wrong side of the road. Coming up over the
hill and shot right down, and killed them all right there together.
I… He was dying too, so… Then you can see, even though the innocent
party was doing…
Now, that boy is guilty of cold-blooded murder. See? I think if a man
would be caught on the road drinking, he ought to be given ten years
flat for premature, premeditated murder: any man. 'Cause they just…
Any man that…

We'll–we'll never do any good with politics. It's rotten. God's idea
of having a king, a righteous king, is right. But politics just simply
spread out; you can buy anything out: cheat, lie, steal, everything
else as I said a few Sundays ago. And look where you're at. See,
nothing but just a crooked mass of everything. But a righteous king can
make his own laws. And you can kill a man, if you know good in
politics; that's all right; you can get out of it. See? And so
it's–it's the… Democracy is a good idea, but it won't work. Just
like Communism, all things in common. It sounds good, but it won't
work. No. God's way of having a king like David was–was right. And you
got one mind centered over… Just like one leader in a bunch of geese
or so forth. You can't get two or three of them. Then you mess them all
together, you come up with any kind of an idea. So we find the
conditions today ready for the coming of the Lord.

But while Brother Neville and I, and these other brothers are trying to
shepherd a flock, I've got something on my mind now, that comes that we
might talk about. That is, I got a letter the other day from a fine
lady. I never got it; it come through another person. And she was
certainly tearing me to pieces, or trying to. Was saying, "Did you
ever… Can't you Christian Business Men do something to stop Brother
Branham?" Said, "Because that he's got this book out now called the
'Laodicean church Age,' bringing out more." And said, "He's just simply
tearing Pentecostal doctrine to pieces." Said, "Now he's talking about
the initial evidence ain't speaking in tongues." And said, "Then he's
against women preachers." (And this was a woman preacher.)

And her boys, some of the best friends that I got in the world, she…
They are among the best friends that I got. And she said now…
And this man and wife (I was eating breakfast with them), they said,
"Brother Branham, look at this, would you think it?" and pulled out a
I said, "Well, sister, she just don't understand."
The boys told me their mother was a woman preacher, and that she didn't
go for the message. And now, she says in here–she said now, he said,
"Women should not have authority over men." Said, "How about Phoebe in
the Bible, Paul's helper."
Certainly. She was a seller of goods. And Paul asked the people… Do
you think Paul would say, "Let the women keep silent in the churches,"
not permitting them to speak, and turn around and say, "Now, Phoebe, my
helper in the Gospel, she's going to preach a few nights." Why, he'd
contradict his own word. See?
And said, "Then to top it all off (I believe it was Esther, was one of
the judges in the Bible), said a woman was a judge in the Bible. If
that's not authority over men…"

And this businessman that was healed right here in the church not long
ago, he said… Now, his wife said, "Brother Branham, that always
puzzled me.
I said, "Why, Sister, how would that puzzle you?"
She said, "Well, here is a woman judge."
I said, "That's politics, not the church. That doesn't have nothing to
do with the church. Paul said, 'Let it be under obedience as also saith
the law.'" And the law can't put a woman up to be a priest, can't put
it up… You never seen a woman high priest; you never seen a woman a
priest nowhere in the Bible. You never seen a woman a preacher in the
Bible. Certainly, some of them was prophetess and so forth, Miriam and
different ones, and Esther or one of them was a judge over Israel.
Sometimes they were queens over them and so forth like that, king and
queens. At the decease of the king, the queen had to take his place
till they elected another king, and so forth.

In Tucson—in Tucson, Arizona, we got a woman judge there in the city.
That's the reason the city's so polluted. And we got… A woman ain't
got any business in politics. She's got no business in the–in
over–over any authority in the church. Her place is a man's queen at
home. Outside of that she has nothing. And we know that to be the
truth. You'll never find… I know that sounds old fashion, but I'm
And I know that after my going away from this earth them tapes and them
books will be living on, and many of you young children will find in
the days to come that this is exactly the truth, because I speak it in
the Name of the Lord.

Now, we wonder how a woman that's a good woman, and she has brought on
this earth by her loyal husband, a good man, some of the finest boys
that I ever met; they're men. That I've ever met… And just quickly,
just as soon as they heard the message, they were sold on it one
hundred percent. Now, that could only come by foreordination. It's the
only way it can come.
Now, the question is here; I was thinking that. See, now, while the
Lord was bringing me back, "and know it, knowest–know it not thou art
naked, miserable, wretched, blind, and know it not."

Before I get to that spot, I might brief what I said a few days ago
here in a message on, I believe it was, the God of this world blinded
the eyes of the people that they absolutely worshipped the devil in
religious services. Did you all get that? All of you understood it?
Then in that same message I brought the subject that a woman wearing
immoral clothes indecently, she is to be judged at the judgment bar as
a street prostitute. That sounds awful strange.

Let me draw you a little picture. Now, here is an attorney in the city,
a young fellow. And he's a nice man as far as–as politically… I
imagine he may be decent in his politics; and then he goes with a girl
that's very popular. They fall in love and marry. They attend all the
parties and the great things, and they all drink together. Finally,
she… He has a nice home; he lives in a nice neighborhood. He's well
thought of amongst the people, but he… Both of them drink; she wears
shorts, cuts her hair, wears makeup, everything just as sexy, is
beautiful woman displaying herself.
Well, she never goes to church at all, neither one of them. So moving
in next door to them, comes a woman from the Baptist church or the
Methodist church, her and her husband. Now, this woman… Let's make it
Methodist, because the Methodist go a little more on holiness than the
Baptists, all except the New Testament Baptist; they believe in
holiness. But usually Baptists don't go for holiness at all (See?);
they don't believe in such a thing. So then now, let's make it
Methodist 'cause they believe in holiness.

And then a Methodist woman moves next door to this woman on the same
street. Her husband is a–let's say he is a public accountant and–or
some office. Well, this Methodist woman looks over to the other woman,
and when this lawyer goes out of town… His name is John. Say, his
name is John. Now, don't presume on that now. I'm just taking fiction
names now; and his name is John. Well, she used to go with Ralph. And
that's fiction name, all of it (See?), just so you can get the story to
make the picture.
Well, first thing you know at a drunken party, Ralph hugs her again.
Well, she gets all fired up, because she's in love again with Ralph;
she thinks. Then after while Ralph begins to meet her, and she can put
it over John, pull it over his eyes, and she thinks she's a pretty
smart duck, because she can run with Ralph, married to John.
See, the woman don't even have the very bearing of decency. And she thinks nothing about that.

But this Methodist woman has raised up in another bracket. She does, at
least, go to church; and she thinks that that woman is horrible. Why,
she says to her husband, when he comes in, "I see that man go in there
and meet her. And when John's out on a case somewhere, Philadelphia or
somewhere; he takes her out in his roadster, and they lay out on the
beach. I see them come home; don't even pull the curtains down
sometimes, kissing her and making love to her and after… Oh, isn't
that awful," she says to her husband. "Why, she's nothing but a public

It's true. She's worse than a public prostitute, because she's a
married woman. See? And she… This woman, this Methodist woman thinks
that's horrible. She never goes to church.
Now, this Methodist woman would not do a thing like that. No, indeedy.
She's a decent woman. And another thing, she would not touch a bit of
whiskey, because the Methodist church, ninety percent of their program
is prohibition against whiskey, against whiskey. So they got a
prohibition program, and them people of that Methodist church don't
live no higher than that church teaches.
But this same woman, this Methodist woman goes out in the evening with
her husband, wearing shorts on Sunday after Sunday school; she cuts her
hair; she wears lipstick; and even smokes a little.
Now, in God's Word, they're both prostitutes. But this one here is
naked, miserable, wretched, blind, and don't know it. One's just as
guilty as the other. For a man that looks upon a woman to lust after
her has committed adultery with her already in his heart.

And if this woman… Now, she'd say, "Now, wait just a minute, Mr.
Branham. I'll give you to understand, I am no prostitute." My sister,
maybe if you'd be took before a Bible, put your hands upon It in the
Presence of God and swear an oath that you'd been just as true–true to
your husband as you could be. Your body belongs to your husband, but
your soul belongs to God. There is a evil spirit that's anointing you.
If that–if you're not, then you're… I can prove that you're totally
What would've happened to your grandmother if she'd have walked down
the street with them shorts on? They'd have put her in the insane
institution; she come out without her dress on. There's something wrong
with her mind. If it was so then, it's so now.
So it throws the whole world into insanity. The whole thing's insane.
And it's so gradually crept in till the people don't know it.

Now, is she a prostitute? Not by her husband's vow to her body, but
before God she's got an evil prostitute spirit on her that makes her
dress like that, and she's in the Laodicean church age and don't know
that she's doing that. The innocent woman don't know that God will
judge her for a prostitute. There you are.
You get it to her. You can't tell her. There's no way of getting it to her. The Bible said, "They're naked and don't know it."
If you'd call her a prostitute, personally, she'd have you arrested;
she would. I never talk personally about anybody. I talk about sin. I
don't say, "This certain church, Mr. So-and-so here, Reverend
So-and-so, he's a…" No, no I say that–the doctrine of that see, the
whole thing together. I don't call individuals. It's not individuals;
it's the system that they're in; it's the world system.

Brother George Wright setting here–he's seventy-five or seventy-eight
years old, I guess. What would you think would've happened if you'd
have went to see Sister Wright someday, and she'd have been standing in
a pair of shorts? Why, you'd have never… You'd have–you'd have had
the woman locked up. You'd have never married her.
Well, if any young man in that day would've done it, the same thing
would've took place. Well, if it was sin and wrong then, it's the same
thing; but the people has growed into insanity.

Let me prophesy something to you just before it comes to pass. The
whole world is groping in insanity, and will get worse, and worse, and
worse until it'll be a bunch of maniacs, and it's almost that way now.
Could you imagine a man driving with his lights off on the wrong side
of the road, a Ricky, a young kid supposed to be right out of high
school? Killed a bunch of people… Does that stop them?
The next one came right behind him doing the same thing. Can you
imagine a young man that thinks of himself, anything of himself,
getting out here and acting the way they do? Could you imagine a young
woman in the bloom of womanhood, beautiful, well-built, shaped,
profile, face, beautiful… And the very thing of her being pretty
shows that we're at the end time. See, she's went altogether to worldly
feature, worldly things and not the beauty of holiness, sweetness in
her soul. I've seen women, on the outside of them wasn't nothing to
look at, but you speak to them one time, talk to them a few minutes;
they're real genuine something that you can't get away from. See,
beauty of the outside is of the devil; it's of the world.

Look at Cain's children, how they went into it. When the sons of God
saw the daughters of men were fair, they had taken unto them wives, and
God never did forgive them.
Look, when them Israelite women with callused hands and hair stringing;
when those sons of God came up through the land of Moab and met them
dainty women with well set hair, fancy and a lot of manicure on their
faces, or what you call it; and when them sons of God saw those real
fair women, and a false prophet said, "We're all the same." And they
married among them, and God never did forgive them; they perished in
the wilderness. Every one of them died there without hope, without God,
and is eternally lost, damned forever though they had seen the goodness
of God; though they had drank from the fountain that never runs dry.
They'd drunk from the smitten rock. They'd seen the brass serpent
perform miracles. They come out from under the baptism of Moses in the
sea. They had seen the hand of God. They'd eat angel's food and done
all of those things. But married in–let women–and bring them in, and
marry among them: not commit adultery, just marry among them. God never
did forgive it.

That's the second time it met. Now, here we're on a third time–more
deceiving now than ever. I know that's hard, and I've often wondered in
many ways, how will it ever be? Why do I have to talk so rashel to
people? What makes it so? And yet I notice, if it wasn't God, there
wouldn't be nobody; not a woman would set and listen at me. But they
come back, because there's somebody that's got a little anchor of truth
there that knows that that's right; regardless, they know it's right.

Now, watch what happens. I know it's hard. And it's just like if a
doctor give you medicine; and you refused to take it, then don't blame
the doctor if you die. And this is like medicine.
What about these people that always claim to me being a woman hater.
You see, you just watch the way the women act, and I'll show you where
the church is. The women's morals is a Laodicea, in the world,
physically: naked, miserable, blind, and don't know it.
The–the people, the women of the world, and the church is in the same
stage. Watch the natural type the spiritual right through each time.

Now, someday at the judgment bar… I know it's not popular to say it,
and if a man's not ordained to say it, you'd better not say it 'cause
your impersonating, and then you'll get in trouble sure enough.
Now, notice. I've actually, look like at times, held a woman's mouth
open and poured the medicine in her mouth; and then hold my hands over
her mouth, and she'll spit it out every time. What if a doctor did that
to a patient, then the patient died because they refused to swallow it,
the medicine. At the judgment bar, when all these things like cutting
hair and wearing shorts, and…

I'm only building. The hour's close at hand when you're going to see
something happen, when something's going to take place and all this
background here, has only been laying a foundation for a short, quick
message that'll shake the whole nation.
Why, I've been picking on women: it's just been laying up here, for
something you could hit around the head with it. Even trying to tell
them what's right, and I hold my hand down like this is to where their
mouth; they spit it out. Then who could blame the doctor?
How you going to say at the day of the judgment, when the very voices
that's cried out against it, will play the record right back in the
face of the people? Then, how are they going to get away from it?

Spit it out between your fingers. Pour some more down and kind of shake
their head, go back, and go back: won't do it. Yet, they come back
again and pour it in again. Then who's to blame? Not the doctor, not
the medicine, but the attitude of the person. It's exactly.
It'll be a horrible day one of these days when this sinful adulternous generation stands before Almighty God.

As I see my years creeping up, my shoulders stooping, and I know…
Thirty years here in this platform, yes, thirty-three years here on the
field; that's a long life. That's thirty-three years of service. Only
one regret I have: that I didn't have a hundred and thirty-three years
of it. For this will be the last opportunity I'll ever have, while here
mortal to preach the Gospel; God help me to stand true as true can be
to that Word–say just as He said.
What made that Methodist woman; how could you ever get it to her? Here she is in that Laodicean church age.

Now, we'll take the Pentecostal woman. She shouldn't wear shorts,
makeup, or cut her hair, but she looks back down at the Methodist:
"Say, look at that woman do so and so." Say, the woman don't wear
shorts but she said… And herself with bobbed hair… See? Higher you
rise in God, the more sinful the whole thing looks.
And then sometimes in prayer you can imagine when the Holy Spirit take
you up into a sphere, then the whole thing looks chaos. Then when you
come back down, just seem like you're–to the people you're a rascal,
that you're–you're nothing but an old sarcastic, you're a fool,
because you stand as an old crank and always rebuking the people, but
if you ever climb into them spheres one time, when you can be in the
presence of God–not through emotion, but through genuine Holy Spirit
lifting up–the whole thing is wrote "Ichabod"; the glory of the Lord
has departed from the whole denominational outfit. That's right.
There's none of them that's right.

Now, let me draw you a little circle. If I had a blackboard… But I
want you to watch here. I'm going to make one ring like this. I'm going
to make another ring on the inside of that ring; that's two. Then I'm
going to make a ring on the inside of that ring; that's three rings,
three circles. Now, that's you. That's God. God in a trinity is One,
and without a trinity He's not God. He can't be manifested any other
way. And neither can you be manifested without being the trinity person
that you are. That's body, spirit, soul. Without either one of them,
you're not complete. See? If you didn't have a soul, you'd be nothing.
If you didn't have a spirit, you wouldn't be nothing. If you didn't
have a body, you'd be a spirit, and not a body. So God is complete in
the triunity of a Being; not triunity of beings, but one Being in a
triunity. Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is one true manifested God.

14-5 God… Notice here. Just wait. I–I believe I read this just a few minutes ago. Listen to this.

… unto the angel of the church of
Laodiceans write; these things saith the Amen, the faithful and true
witness, the beginning of the creation of God;

God is the Creator and how was He ever created? But this is the
beginning of the creation of God. When God, the Spirit, was created in
the form of a man, that was God being created: God the Creator Himself
becoming a creation. God Who made the dirt, made the calcium made the
potash, cosmic light, and petroleum took the thing together and created
Himself in the beginning of the creation of God: the Amen, the final.
"Amen" means "so be it." The final of God when God completed in His
Now, how was it? No man has seen God at any time, but the Only Begotten of the Father has declared Him. You get it?

Say, just a minute. You're in no hurry. Let's turn over to Colossians
just a minute. I… Just happened to come a Scripture in my mind. Let's
turn to Colossians, the Book of Colossians, and get the, I believe it's
the 1st chapter. I'll have to look at this, 'cause it's not
premeditated here, so, I'll… As I used to be, when I was a young
preacher, I could think of these things just right now, but as I get
older, I can't… Let's begin with the 9th verse, I believe.

For this cause… (Is Paul telling the Colossians about Christ, Who He was.)
For this cause we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray
for you, and… desire that you might be filled with all the knowledge
of his will in all wisdom and of spirit and understanding;

That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto
all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and to the increase in
the knowledge of God;

Strengthened… all, according to the glorious power,… of patience and long-suffering with joy;

Giving thanks to the Father, which is meet–which made us meet to… partakers of the inheritance of the saints…:

Who has delivered us from the power of darkness, and has translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son: (Here we're getting now. Watch.)

In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sin:

Who is in the image of the invisible God,… (Get it? 15th verse, Colossians 1:15) the firstborn of every creature.

Amen. The what? The firstborn of every creature. Let it be angel; let
it be anyone it may be, He's the firstborn of every creature.

For by him were all things created,… (all things created)
that are in heaven, or in earth, visible, invisible, whether they be
thrones, whether they be dominions,… principalities,… powers: all
things were created by him, and for him: (Let it be anything it might be, no other being.)

16-2 Notice.

And in… And he is therefore… he is before all things, and by him all things consist.

Whether it be Father, Son, Holy Ghost; whatever it is,

… he is before all things…

Before all things that's in heaven, in earth, visible, invisible;
anything, this Son of God was before all things. That right? I don't
care, thrones, dominions, whatever it is, heavenly thrones, kingdoms,
whatever it might be in the great supernatural realms beyond, in the
eternities, where it was, whatever it was, angels, gods, whatever it
was, He's before all things. Amen. Can't you see Him? He was before all
things and were created by Him. He… Now, 17th verse:

And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.

There's nothing can make it run but Him. Whether it's God the Father,
God the Holy Ghost. Whether it's angels, principalities, powers,
dominions, whatever it is, all things run by Him. All things consist by


He… And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning,… (Who is the beginning)… the firstborn from the dead;… (That is, raised up when He came to redeem)… that in all things he might have the preeminences.

have preeminence… You know what it means? That's over all. He's over
all things that was ever created: every angel, every being,
ever–everything that there is, He's over all things. What creature is
this? Who can it be? Over all things.

And having made peace…

Let's see I've… Just a minute.

For it pleased the Father that in him should all fullness dwell;

All the fullness of all things, all the Fullness of God, all the
Fullness of angels, all the Fullness of time, all the Fullness of
eternity: everything dwells in Him. That's this Fellow.

And having made peace through the blood of
his cross, by him to reconcile all things unto himself; by him, I say,
whether they be things in earth, or things in heaven.

There's that great Being we're talking about, the beginning of the creation of God.

Now–now that the church–that His very whole purpose was the church.
Now, how do we get into this church? By one Spirit we're all baptized
into one body, The church, the body of Christ; it cannot fail. Now,
here's what happens. Now, watch this, just a little figurative picture
Now, this outside man is the flesh. That's what we look at, what we
see. And it has five inlets to that body. And any grammar school child
as myself, would know that there's five senses control the body: see,
taste, feel, smell and hear. Without that, you can't touch the body.
That's the only way you have to the body: see, taste, feel, smell and
hear. See it, taste it, feel it. Now, that is the evil one on the

Now, inside of that is a spirit, which you become when you're borned in
here and the breath of life is breathed into you, that spirit is of a
worldly nature, because it was not given from God, but it was given,
permitted by God. Now, you got that?
For every child that's borned in the world is borned in sin, shaped in
iniquity, come to the world speaking lies. Is that right? So that
person inside there is a sinner to begin with. But now, it's got five
inlets, and them five inlets… I don't know whether I can call them
right off now. First, I know is thought, conscience, and love,
choice… No conscience, love, reason, there's five inlets to the
spirit. You can't think with your body; you have to think with your
spirit. You can't have conscience in your body. It has no mental
faculties at all, your body doesn't. So you have to think with your
spirit. You have to reason. You can't reason with your physical being,
'cause reason doesn't see, taste, feel, smell, or hear. Reason is what
you can make in your mind.
If you're asleep or you're out; your body's lying there dead, but your
spirit can still reason; there's five senses that controls that inside
man. And that… Now, to the last man, which is the soul. There's only
one sense that controls that, and that is, free moral agency, free
will, to choose or to reject.

And now, the reason that people today… Now, don't forget this, now,
and you'll–you'll see what the Holy–what the initial evidence of the
Holy Ghost is. See? Now, people can live in this spirit, and they dance
in the spirit. They shout in the spirit. They go to church in the
spirit, and they can absolutely have the real Spirit of God anointed on
that spirit, but still be lost and just as devil possessed as they can
be with that spirit. Because…
Watch. That's the reason you couldn't tell that woman, she's wearing
shorts, was wrong. You couldn't tell her bobbing her hair was wrong.
"Well, what's your hair got to do with it?" Well, it did to Samson.
See? "Whosoever shall add one word to this or take one word from it…"
You've got to have an ultimate somewhere.

Now, for instance, if I was a Baptist man, and you come down and told
me I must–I must be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ, it's in the
Bible. Well, first thing you know, I'd say, "I'll ask my pastor."
And I go to the pastor, and he says, "Oh, that's something back yonder.
(See, see?) We Baptists; here's what we believe: We believe that we
should be immersed in the titles of Father, Son, Holy Ghost. That's the
way all the churches done it. Since John Smith founded it, that's the
way it's done."
Well, if that's your ultimate. "Heck with what that guy said."

What if you're a Methodist, and sprinkling is your system, and you're
told you must be immersed? See what I mean? You go back to the
Methodist pastor; he will write and ask the bishop, "So-and-so said,
so-and-so about this."
"But we, the Methodist church, which was founded three or four hundred
years ago in England by John Wesley, and Whitfield, and all the rest of
them there, and Asbury; we founded this document following John Wesley,
that we are to be sprinkled, because it's just an outward form. And we
think that sprinkling is just as good as it is the other way."
If you're a real… If the Methodist church is your ultimation, that's as far as you go.
If you're Catholic… And I'll tell you, it's not in the Bible not to
eat meat on Fridays and all these things like this, and the holy
eucharist isn't a wafer, because it's a Spirit and so forth, and you go
to your priest, and the priest say, "Here it is wrote right in our
document." And if the church is your ultimate, you don't give a hoot
what anybody says. That's your ultimate.
Oh, God help this to sink in. To me, the whole thing's wrong. God's
Word is the ultimate. Whatever that Word says, then that's right.

Now, the only way up here in these spheres that you could ever be in
this little inside man, you have to be foreordained, because you was
with God; you're part of God.
I was in my father. I also was in my grandfather, my grandfather's
grandfather. By seed, I was in that. And I was in Christ. You were in
Christ before the foundation of the world. He came to redeem His own,
His own that was in Him (Hallelujah.), His children, that was in Him.
He never came to–to save the devil's children. They never will know
it. And they are so shrewd in the ways of their intellectual learning,
that you can't compare with them at all. You can't out-talk them. But
by faith you see it.

19-5 Now, science don't need any faith. Science proves what they're talking about. It doesn't need any faith.
Catholic priest will tell you, "Look how long the Catholic church has
waved. Look how long she's stood under the persecutions of paganism."
The Methodist church says, "Look, here. How long…"
I seen a church… Talk about a hypocrite sign. Coming up the road
yesterday, I seen. Said, "The Church of Christ, established AD 33." It
ain't a hundred years old yet. See? (The denomination.)

Oh, my, doctrine of the apostles, hardly got anything, they are the
Sadducees of the day. No spirit no… And you can't tell them. You
can't talk to them; you can't reason with them; because we go beyond
reasoning. "Lean not to your own understanding." Faith doesn't reason
at all. Faith believes it. They say, "Now, looky here. You believe we
have to do these things back there? Nonsense. That…" But the Bible
said so. I can't explain how it happens, but it happens. God said so.
So you don't have… I can't tell you nothing about it.
Faith doesn't explain it. Did you know that? Faith just believes it.

Jesus said to Nicodemus from the ecumenical council of His day… Come
to Him by night, said, "Master, we know You're a teacher, comes from
God, 'cause no man could do the things You do less God was with him.
He said, "Verily I say unto you except a man be born again, he can't even see the Kingdom of God."
He said, "Me, an old man, enter into my mother's womb to be born?"
He said, "Now, how am I going to tell you heavenly things, when you won't even believe earthly things?" See?

Then He said one day, "Except you eat the flesh of the Son of man,
drink His blood, you have no life in you." He didn't explain it.
Those apostles and them of that day who was ordained to Life, He knowed
it. Said, "All the Father has given Me will come. Only thing He had to
do was just make My voice known; they know it. For My sheep know My
voice." And a voice is the Word expressed. [–Ed.]
they'd believe it, anyhow. They don't have to scientifically prove
anything or ask any Sadducee or Pharisee or anything else about it. "I
said it; they believe it. For My sheep hear My voice." And This is the
voice of God in letter form, because This is the entire revelation of
Jesus Christ: Old and New Testament put together. Amen. There you are.

20-4 Why? You say these are good people. What makes them? Because, one thing. Their tie-post is on a church. And in here…
remember last Sunday, it's a week ago? How many was here and heard the
sermon on the "Anointed Ones in the Last Days"? I think all of you.
See, they are anointed. Their spirits are anointed in this second

Now, that first woman says, "No. She don't give a hoot what the church
says, what anybody else says. She's a smart duck. She's got college
education. She could put it over on her husband, and think she's smart
by doing that.
This other woman is naked, blind, and don't know it. Oh, it's pitiful, but that's the picture the Bible paints it.
Now, she goes to church. That woman, it'd probably be better that woman
would be… She lives a good clean life. There's nothing against that.
God will be the Judge of it. I don't know; I'm not the judge. I'm only
the–responsible for what He shows me.
That's what the apostles said: "We do speak that what we know, what we
heard, what we seen." That's all I'm responsible for. That's all you're
responsible for.

But now, you see, if you'd take that same woman… Where did she wind
up at? See? She moved right around. She heard; no doubt turned the
radio on many times. The Voice of God has been speaking many times.
Well, now see, she comes over into this cult here, or clan; all
churches are clans, everything. That's exactly right. They're just
lodges where people group together as membership. And she comes over
here; well, that fits her just right. Now, if you go to telling her
what she has to do, she won't listen to you. You show it to her in the
Bible; she won't listen to it.

Now, my dear brother or sister, just one or two more comments before
closing; a quarter till time to let out in fifteen minutes.

Now, look, I want to ask you something. Why can't that woman see it?
Why can't she? As far as living in adultery physically to her husband,
she's not guilty. She has nothing to confess. She's as clean as she was
the day she was born; no man has touched her. I'm speaking parallel
now, to the woman to the church. She's clean as she was born.
Well, that's exactly what the church is: as she was born, but she was
borned in sin, shaped in iniquity, come… See what I mean?
Now, you tell her that it's wrong for her to cut her hair. The Bible
said so. It's wrong for her to wear them shorts. The Bible said so.
She'll say, "Nonsense." Why? Her ultimate is not down here in the third
man, the soul that's predestinated and sent from God, but her ultimate
is on an organization out here, that some man has organized outside of
this. See? But if the Word of God is down in that soul, it says, "Amen,
I see it." It lines up with It.

Now, look here. Therefore the man that's borned of the Spirit of God…
See, here is the outside flesh. Now, I speak in a mixed audience, but I
speak as your–as your pastor, as your brother. Here's the flesh; it's
weak. It's bound to. A little lady walks down the street and some young
man just in his young age, when he's seventeen, eighteen, twenty years
old, twenty-five, thirty, walks around in there; and this young lady
comes twisting every form of body, walking with a pair of high-heeled
shoes on, her dress stuck all out in front and back, and dresses that
high above her knees, or a pair of shorts on… You know the Bible said
she'd act like that? You know the Bible said that's the way she'd act,
how she'd be so filthy.

Did you read this here–this month's "Reader's Digest" that men and
women of this day, little girls from twenty or twenty-five years old is
in menopause; that you go through the change of life in the middle-age
of life, according to science, between twenty and twenty-five. It used
to be around thirty or thirty-five in my age; in my mother's age, a
woman never struck menopause till she was forty or forty-five. What is
it? It's through science, and the food, the hybrids that's perverted
the whole human body till we become a bunch of–of a mass of
corruption. Well, if the physical being is corrupted, isn't the brain
cell in that physical being?

Now, watch the spirit following it. There'll come a time in the Name of
the Lord, that people will go completely insane. The Bible said so.
They'll scream and holler: great hideous things in their imaginary
mind… The radios and things, or television programs are producing it.
There'll be such things as ants raise up on the earth that'll be as
high as fourteen trees. There'll be… A bird will fly across the earth
with wings four or five miles across, and people seeing them; they'll
scream and holler and cry for mercy; but it'll be the plague. Wait till
I preach on those plagues opening up.

Watch what Moses done under the physical being, not the Spirit. When He
said, "Moses…" God said to Moses, "Go out there," (to His prophet),
"pick up a hand full of dust; throw it up in the air and say, 'THUS
SAITH THE LORD, fleas will come upon the earth.'" There was no fleas.
The first thing you know they begin to see something crawl on a bush.
Looked over; there's something else. And after while they were so deep,
you couldn't wade through them. Where did they come from? God is the
Creator. He can do what He will. He's sovereign. He can make a bird
that will reach his wings from one side of the earth to the other.
He said, "Let there come flies, and clothed upon all the earth. There
wasn't a fly in the land. First thing you know, an old blowfly began to
fly around. First thing there's eight, or ten, twelve. First thing you
know, you couldn't walk through them. God the Creator keeps His Word.

Then he stretched forth his rod at the command of God and said, "Let
frogs come up and cover the earth." And the frogs come till they heaped
them up in piles, and stink was everywhere, maybe forty or fifty feet
high of frogs. They were in the cupboard of–of Pharaoh. They were in
the… Turn down the sheets and there'd be five hundred frogs under the
sheet, under the bed, in the rugs. Everywhere they went was frogs,
frogs, frogs. Where did they come from? God the Creator is sovereign.
What He says, He will do.
And He said there would be hideous sights upon the earth: locusts with
hair like women, long hair to haunt them women that cut their hair.
Teeth like lions, stingers in their tails like scorpions… They will
torment men months.
Just wait till we get in to open those plagues and seals and them seven
thunders. Watch what takes place. Oh, brother, you better get to Goshen
while there's time to get to Goshen. Don't pay any attention to this

Looky here, here's a little lady twist herself down the street. Here's
a young fellow; his eyes catches it; he's a member of the church; he's
a Pentecostal; he's whatever he is; but the first thing you know
there's no hold post in there.
She'll say, "Hello." He's got curly hair and kind of nice-looking,
straight shouldered young man, maybe tried to live right. She starts
walking up to him. Even a preacher… The first thing you know… What
is it? This out here, the flesh desire, and the spirit down here, yet
anointed, saying, "Don't do it, don't do it." But what will it do?
It'll move right around, there the hold; there he goes. First thing you
know he's trying to make a date with her. He's guilty of committing
adultery whether he touches her or not. But a genuine borned again son
of God… Amen.

You can't do it yourself. It's totally impossible for a–a red-blooded
male to walk before a female like that without something taking place.
But when there is something on the inside, that little borned again
something there… Though that man might've shouted, spoke in tongues,
jumped, danced, everything else, anointed with the Spirit, done all the
signs and wonders that God said in there, by His Spirit…
Jesus said, "Many will come to Me in that day and say, 'Lord have not I
prophesied Your Name? Haven't I cast out devils in Your Name? Have not
I…'" He said, "Depart from Me, you that work iniquity." What is
iniquity? Something that you know to do, and don't do it. "Depart from
Me, you that work iniquity, I didn't even know you."
But down on the inside of that man, if that little tie-post had been
there, that Seed of God that was predestinated before the foundation of
the world, I don't care what takes place; it holds him; it's there to

That's why that woman will wear them shorts. She's counted a prostitute
the same as the woman in the act. See? She doesn't know that that
spirit… How does she know? Her ultimate. What is an ultimate? It's
the last word. The ultimate is the "Amen"; it's the end of all strife:
your ultimate.
And if your church, a Pentecostal church that tells you that long hair
stuff is just fanaticism, "You've got a spare tire on the back of your
head," and so forth, them kind of things, the man is possessed of the
devil; for God's Word said it's a shame for a woman to cut her hair.
She'll dishonor her head. And if she dishonors her husband, and her
husband is the church, and the church is Christ… She is a
dishonorable religious prostitute: naked and don't know it. Naked?
Don't the Bible said the woman's covering is her hair? Isn't the hair
give to her for a covering?

Someday yonder at the judgment bar… I've tried to pour the medicine
in and hold it with my hands, and you spit it right straight back out
between your fingers. But God will judge them someday. That's THUS
SAITH THE LORD. It hasn't been a bunch of foolishness or some crazy old
men all worked up. It isn't, because it's the Word of the Lord.
And a real genuine Christian will cope with that inside man; that
Spirit that was back yonder at the beginning, which is the Word. As He
was the Fullness of all of you, you were in Him back yonder at Calvary.
He foreknew you would be here. He only broadcast what would take place.
And you were in Him. You died with Him. You died to your pride; you
died to your passion; you died to the world. When He… You died with
Him at Calvary and you rose with Him, when He rose again on the third
day; and because that you accepted Him, now you're setting in heavenly
places in Christ Jesus. Hallelujah.

There you are. It's that inside man, that inside that will punctuate
the Word, hang with the Word regardless… You can't help it. I learned
that many years ago.
My little baby laying there dying. My wife laying yonder in a–in–in a
morgue, embalmed and laid out. They called me out there, and Sharon was
dying. That's the hardest temptation I ever met in my life. I was about
twenty-five years old. I walked out there, and Billy Paul laying at the
point of death…
Dr. Sam came and said, "Bill, I don't think we're going to save Billy.
He said, "He's so bad." Said, "Bill, I feel so sorry for you." He put
his arms around me.
I said, "Doc, I ain't got no more strength. Couple hours of calling for
my baby Sharon, run her out there… Just to see her in spasms; it
wouldn't stop. They put a needle in the spine; they punctured it,
brought the sign up: tubercular meningitis.

Oh. I waved my way out to the hospital, stopped my old truck out there,
and got out, and started walking down the room. Here come Sam down the
hall with his hat in his hand, crying, put his arm around me, said,
"Come on back, Bill."
I said, "What's the matter." He said, "You can't see her." Said, "She's dying, Bill."
I said, "No, Sam, not my baby.
He said, "Yeah." He said, "Don't even ask for her, Bill. If she would
ever live," said, "she'd be afflicted." Said, "She'd always be drawed
up, and she'd be afflicted all of her life." Said, "She's got
meningitis. Said, "Don't go around her. You'll–you just kill Billy by
doing it."
I said, "Sam, I got to see her."
Said, "You can't do it, Bill. I forbid you. Now, you know how much I
think of you. You're my buddy and everything." Said, "How much I think
of you," said, "and how much I believe you, Bill," he said, "but
don't–don't go to that baby." Said, "If you do that, that meningitis
is on her." See? Said, "She'll be gone in a few minutes," and said,
"We'll bury her." Said, "Bill, I just feel so sorry for you."

25-5 He called, I told, called the nurse to order me some kind of medicine. Said, "I don't know how the man's standing up."
stood there a little bit. He brought the medicine in, and I set down in
the hall. He said, "Sit," and the nurse brought it, said, "Drink this,
Brother Branham."
I said, "Thank you; just set it down there a minute."
When she left like that, I poured it over in that spittoon, set the
glass back down. I said, "Oh, God, what have I done? You're a good God.
Why did You let her die…?… me holding its two little arms like
that, begging You for her? Why'd You let her go? There's Billy laying
there dying, and here she is dying. What have I done? Tell me. Lord, I
just might as well go with them." I opened the door, and no nurse was
there; I slipped down in the basement. That was before the hospital was
fixed. Screens, no screens, on the windows hardly, and flies on her
little eyes. Had a piece of mosquito bar, we call it "netting" put over
her face. I shooed the flies off. Laid there and her little eyes, she
was suffering so hard till they were crossing.

26-1 Then, Satan moved up by the side of me there, and he said, "Did you say he was a good God?
I said, "Yeah, I said that."
you say he was a healer? Well, why did your father die in your arms
over there, and you calling (him a sinner), calling for his life. Why
did your brother die in your other brother's arms, out there, and you
standing in the pulpit preaching a few weeks ago? Said, "Then why
didn't he answer you? You said he loved you, he saved you."
He couldn't tell me there's no God 'cause I'd already seen Him. But he was telling me He didn't care for me.
Said, "There lays your wife; your babies will be there pretty soon.
Your daddy's buried. Your brother's buried. Your wife's going to be
buried now tomorrow, and here's your other baby dying. He's a good God.
Huh? He's a Healer?" Said, "You made a sap out of yourself."

26-5 What did it do? He was working from the outside now to this first man.
"Now, look. You know when you was in a–few years ago, about two or
three years ago before you accepted this, you was well thought of
amongst the people. You lived a good clean life. Any girl in the city
that wanted to go out would go out with you 'cause they felt clean and
decent." I can stand before any of them. I never insulted one, never
said anything. If she even acted smart, I'd take her home.
"And you were liked amongst the people, but what are you now? A
religious fanatic." That's right. I was. See these things begin to move
together. The outside reasoning, and the spirit moving these things
together. "That's right, Satan."
"Then, did you say he was a Healer?"
"Yes, Uh-huh. Yeah."
"And you begging and crying and the people telling you it wasn't so,
that you're all off the line. Your own church turns you out for this.
Your own Baptist church down there, put you out the door for the very
same cause."
"Your daddy buried; your brother buried, your wife lying there to be
buried, here's your baby, just about fifteen minutes longer, and it'll
be gone. And he's a Healer? Your own flesh and blood; one word from him
would save the baby's life. He's a healer, you said. The people tried
to tell you. The preacher told you, you was all messed up, you was all
insane. You was become a religious fanatic, and you said he loved you.
Could he love you?

"And how you cried for your daddy. How night after night you fasted;
and when you in daytime when you'd have to pray to get up a pole to
work, and when he let him die in your arms: a sinner. How your wife;
what a fine woman she was, and how you loved her." (Billy's mother;
many of you remember Hope?) "What a fine girl she was. How happy you
was, your little home over there with about seven or eight dollars
worth of furniture. What furniture you had, but yet, you loved her;
you–you loved one another. And you went and prayed for others, and
some mental emotion they got up and walked away, and said they were all
right. But now your own wife… And there she is dead, second day now,
laying in the undertaker's establishment down yonder, Scott and Combs.
He's a healer, huh? And your little boy at the point of death, Billy
Paul, eighteen months old. And your little girl at eight months old is
laying here dying with meningitis, and you just prayed, and God pulled
a sheet down and said, 'Shut up,' don't hear–won't want to hear you at
all, turned his back on you. He's a good God, huh? He loves you? And
that every girl you ever went with; every boy you ever associated with,
your very best friends has walked away from you as a religious

Everything he was telling me was the truth. Everything that he would
say just fall right in line. See, here? I was just then about ready to
say, "Then I… If that's the way He has to act, then I won't serve
Him." Just as I said that there was something come from somewhere else,
way down on the inside said, "Who are you to begin with? The Lord gave,
and the Lord taketh away."
See, that's that inside man. Don't reason at all. I looked back, and I
thought, "How did I get on earth. I come from a bunch of drunkards. How
did I get here? Who give me life? Who give me that wife? Who give me
that baby? Where did my wife come from? Where did my life come from?" I
said, "Though He slay me, yet I'll trust Him." I said, "Get away from
me, Satan."

I laid my hand over on the baby. I said, "Sharon, honey, I'll lay you
on your mother's arms in a few minutes when the Angels of God comes to
take you away. But one day daddy will see you again. I don't know how
it's going to be, honey. I can't tell you how, when He turns His back
upon me, won't even hear for you. He let my wife die, and me holding
her by the hands, crying for her. And my daddy in his arms has died on
this arm right here, looking up at me trying to get his breath. And I
prayed as hard as I could." How could I face the public again to preach
Divine healing? How could I preach He was a good God and let my own
daddy die a sinner? How could I preach that? I don't know how, but I
know He's right."

The Word of God shall never fail. It'll triumph no matter what that is.
Then I knowed there was something inside of all reasonings, something
inside of all emotions, everything else like that; there was an inside
man that held in that hour; nothing else could have done it. Every
reason, everything could be showed, everything could prove that it was
wrong, and I was in the wrong, but the Word of God that was
predestinated before the foundation of the world held on the inside.
I felt a little wind come through the building. Her spirit went to meet God.

Brother, sister, let me tell you: That's the only thing. Don't try to
reason it out. Don't try to have long hair because I said so. Don't try
to do these things just because in your flesh… Don't try to do it
just to kind of cope up, but just wait before the Lord till something
way down on the inside…
Many of you think 'cause you've long hair, that means you're going to
go to heaven. That doesn't mean that. Many of them thinks, 'cause
you're a good moral woman, your going to… It don't mean that. Many of
them think because their churches and belong to this and this great
groups and great doctors of divinity. That don't mean that. See? Many
think because they speak with tongues, they've got the Holy Ghost. That
don't mean that, though the Holy Ghost does speak with tongues. But
until that real, genuine Holy Spirit in there will cope with every

If that Holy Spirit in you makes you speak with tongues, looks back
there and doesn't agree with the rest of the Word, then it's a wrong
spirit. See? It's got to come from the inside, which is the Word from
the beginning. In the beginning of the creation of God when God begin
to create and bring you into existence… You see, you started back
there as a seed and worked down to where you are now. And then you were
all in Christ. Then when Christ died, He died to redeem all of you. And
you are part of this Word. And how can the Bible–all of it precept
upon precept, line upon line, here a little, there a little, not one
jot or tittle shall fail… How in the world can you, being part of
that Word, disagree with the rest of it, or any part of it?

God bless you. I'm overtime now. I didn't mean to do this–keep you
that long. Sorry that I kept you: not sorry for what I said. We're
right at the end of something, friends.
All of you here, I guess, are just the members here of the church. I
don't get around in time to see what members there is. I imagine all
you are constant comers here.
Let me tell you something that happened. Will you just spare, say, six more minutes?

Is that Reverend Mr. Orland Walker here from Oregon that was here
that–that Sunday I was here? Anybody know about this great, strange
thing? I come down here. There's so many people in I–I had–I had a
pile of interviews like, and every one of them worthy, their children
married, drunkards, and–and different things, and just things that was
worthy. Everyone of them should've been seen. I can't do all that. I
commit you to God and hold my hands over them… "O God, or I couldn't
do it. Get to them, Lord. Do… You know how to do it. I pray for each

Billy called me, and I'd just come in with Brother Banks. He said,
"Daddy, you–you…" And look, I see people drive out there sometime in
the lane, look in, and I look out at them and wave at them like that,
and they–they almost turn their head. I don't want you to do that.
The other day when they was buying that place out there at Tucson for
me to live in, Brother Tony had a place up there he wanted to buy me
for about three or four times what this place cost. He even wanted to
put in so many thousand dollars on it himself, but the only way he
could get in there, a gate-man was standing out there. A great big,
well, it's an addition up there, but any of the people that lives in
there, you have to have a written permission. Then this gate-man calls
you to see if it's all right for them to come in.
I said, "Could you imagine me? My brothers and sisters, who come to see
me that wants to shake my hand and ask God's blessings for me, and
could you imagine me put myself in there, Tony?"
He said, "Well, you have…"
I said, "Tony, the way the church and all of them has the people not to
come around." I said, "That's for people that's got everything they
want me to do."
They–they say, "Well, the Lord told me. Hallelujah. I'm going to stay
right here. Glory to God. The Lord told me you have to hold a meeting
over here in our group. Yes, sir. Glory to God. God told me that. If
you don't do it, Brother Branham, you're sure backslid," and me in
there trying to study. See? That's what… See? And many a good person
gets beat out of coming in because of that.

Just like a man going hunting out here on a farm. A farmer said, "Come
on in. You can hunt." And he get out there and shoot one of his cows. A
rabbit run under the cow, and just shoot the rabbit anyhow. You get
upon the fence, instead of going to the post and climbed over like a
decent man should do; climb up on the fence and break it down like
that. See? And then he will say, "I'll post the place." I don't–I
don't blame him one bit, not one bit. But what does he do? He keeps the
decent hunter from coming in. It's always that way. It's the evil that
keeps the good from having the preeminence. It's always.

30-3 Now, but them people are… Thousands are really needy and nice people, loving people, full of God's grace.
we have this house… These people come like that. We don't–we don't
want that. No. But this man come. Billy said, "Go, run down now, right
quick, daddy." He said, "Mrs. Waldorf's down here with some people
dying. Must see them right at once," and I run in, came down here, and
coming back, they said, "There's nobody here but a man sleeping on the
side of the side out there on a pillow every day on the side of the
building." Said, "He said he wants you to pray for him."
I said, "All right." He said, "I'll put him in." And I come in to… I
think, a Cadillac setting back there in the back or some kind of big
car, I rode in with… And that man said, "How do you do." He didn't
know me.
And I walked in. And Sister Waldorf, poor old thing come in. You know,
she was… You know her case, don't you? See, she had cancer, died in
the prayer line about a hour before I got to her, and her doctor come
and showed… That's been about eighteen years ago: cancer in the
heart. See? And she's living today. And she's living down in Arkansas
now, and she was in Phoenix then. And she said, "Brother Willie, I
hated to come in like this"; but said, "I didn't have no place to stay.
Hated… They said, these people, this woman is going to die, Brother
Willie." Said, "I wanted to bring you a little offering in my hand,
Brother Willie." Said, "But I couldn't do it, but I canned some
blackberry jelly."

Oh, when I went up there and seen them little glasses of jelly she had
setting there, I–it looked too sacred for me to eat. That dear little
old woman, about seventy years old now. I said, "Sister Hattie, I
couldn't say 'no.'"
No, Jesus seen that widow putting in three pennies, and He–He let her
alone. See? No. God will reward her for it. Yeah…?… And so, the
Lord healed the woman, healed all she had, revealed to her pastor what
that she–had on his mind, what he was supposed to do, another thing.
And oh, they all went out shouting.

31-3 Then Billy run in and said, "Daddy, that man's gone. I can't…
I said, "Who's that out there in that car?"
he said, "some guy come down from Oregon"; Said, "got some kind of
dream, and I told him I wouldn't give him no false hope. There's three
hundred here waiting now." And said… And I told him just to write the
dream out. Said, "I got a pile of them here that high anyhow and
they're just add it to it."
I said, "Bring him in. Give him five minutes."
Well, as soon as the man walked in… Five minutes. He said, "I'm
Reverend Walker (I think his name was,) from Oregon." I think he was
some other denomination. I don't know: Presbyterian, Episcopalian,
He said, "I met you about twenty years ago. I come down to Grant's Pass
where (not Grant's Pass, but I forget the name of the place.) there,"
and said, "Whole country… headlines in the paper every morning,"
said, "everybody knew about it." Said, "I couldn't even get to the
building where you were at, but I seen you go up one day on the street.
I walked up." He said, "four or five men around you and I shook your
hand, you… I told you I was Brother Walker, and you told me who you
was, and we passed a couple words, and then three or four big men with
you just pushed you on." He said, "I wasn't your critic, and I wasn't
for you." He said, "I just didn't understand."

He said, "It went on that way for a few years, and after while," said,
"I… A man told me to come listen to some tapes about three years
ago." And said, "The man played the tapes, and when he did," he said,
"I heard him talk." He said, "This man believes that you was a–a
prophet." Oh, he said, "I told the man, 'I don't know about those
things: might be, for all I know.'"
So said, "Then another man moved into our town, had a meeting, and I
met him, and he said, 'I'm God's prophet for this day.'" He said, "How
many of you guys are there anyhow?" Said, "I–I hear where that a man
down here is listening to tapes said William Branham, back in the east
was a prophet of the day, and things like that."
He said, "This man…" (I ain't going to call his name, 'cause it
doesn't sound right here. You see?) And he said, "I know William
Branham." Said, "But he's all false in his doctrine." Said, "He isn't
Pentecostal; he doesn't believe in initial evidence." And said,
"Another thing," he said, "these major and minor prophets, there is no
such a thing." He said, "'You're a prophet or not a prophet, and that's

He said, "Well, mister, I–didn't argue with you about it; I just said
I heard this man say that this man William Branham is… This man
claimed that he was a prophet." Said, "I just wondered how many there
He said, "But I want you to know this. I'm the prophet of this age."
He said, "You are? The Lord bless you and be with you."
He went on, never paid any attention to it. And said he started on
amongst his brethren a series of three or four meetings. And he went
down to the Post Office and said, "Don't–don't change my mail. Leave
it here." Said, "I'll come back about four or five days later."
"All right," they said. They put a ticket up there not to change it. He
went down, seen his daughter. And on the road out, he–he stopped at a
church, and he had that night's meeting. The next morning he said he
just happened to think, "Go get General Delivery," and when he did, one
letter had creeped through the Post Office and got to his daughter. His
daughter sent that General Delivery.

He opened it up, and it said it was a man, Mr. Hildebrandt, which is a
friend of mine; that'd been playing the tapes. Said, "Mr. Hildebrandt
had a word from Roy Borders (And that's one of the managers, you know.)
that I was going to hold a meeting, back here, for–from the
twenty-eighth to the first. Come back and see for himself."
He said, "Now, looky here, them guys trying to pull me in something
like that." See? He just flipped the letter over in the wastebasket and
went on (See?), like that. Went on and held that meeting that night,
and the next morning then he started holding his heart to crying right
there in the room.

He said, "Mr. Branham, I realize I got to stand before God." He said,
"I don't know whether I was asleep or what happened. He said I dreamed;
I'm going to say I was asleep and I dreamed." Said, "I thought my son
in the market stuck his hand in a sack." And said, "When he did, it was
a sack of apples, and they all turned over." Said, "When I went to pick
them up, they was all green apples with one bite taken out of them."
Said, "I was picking them up, putting them back in the sack." Said,
"Some of them rolled out and rolled down." Said, "I went to try to get
them and under–on the grass." And said, "They rolled under one of
these chain-lock fences, and there was a big super highway running
there. I looked back east." And he said, "The–the–the chain was
hooked against a big rock back in the east. I went back there, and
thought I'd let this chain down, then go over and get the apples for
the man." Said, "I started to let the chain down." Said, "A voice shook
the whole earth." Said, "The earth shook from under my feet."

And said, "After it quit shaking, I heard a voice." And said, "Brother
Branham, it was your voice." Said, "I knowed, just something said to
me." Said, "It said, 'I'll ride this trail once more.'" And said, "I
started looking up the rock like this, and looked on in a-past the
clouds, and way up there standing on a rock that reached from the east
to the west in a pointed shape like that, like a pyramid. Run back
there to the east," and said, "there you was standing there on a horse,
that I never seen anything like it in my life: great white horse, white
mane hanging down." And said, "You was dressed like an Indian Chief,
with all the things the Indians use." Said, "It had a breastplate, them
bangles on the arms, and all down around like that." And said, "You had
your hands up like that. And said, "That horse, standing there like a
military horse, with a prance like this, walking, me standing still.
And said, "You pulled on the reins, went riding off towards the west."

Said, "I looked down there and there was a whole lot of scientists."
The next morning (That was Saturday.)–on the next morning I preached
on scientists, you know, being of the Devil.
And he said, "Scientists there were pouring things in tubes and mixing
them." Said, "You stopped the horse, raised up your hands and begin to
scream: 'I'll ride this trail once more.'" Said, "The whole earth
shook. Them people shook," said, "looked up at one another, like that,
looked up to you, and just shrugged their shoulders, and went on with
their scientific research."
And said, "You started going on towards the west and when it did, said
I seen this man that called himself a prophet (you know.) Said, "He
come up on a horse that was mixed with white and black together." And
said, "He got up behind this great big horse." Said, "It was way up
above the clouds, and the road wasn't over about that wide." And said,
"That horse just…?… with the wind blowing the feathers and
everything on–on your garb," and said, "then the horse's mane and tail
blowing: great master, big white horse walking right in line…" And
said–and said, "This guy run up behind you, came from towards Canada."
(And the man lives in Canada.) And he said, "Come back and said he took
his little horse, trying to knock your big horse off, turning him
around: make his hips hit against the…" Said, "Never moved the big
horse; he just kept walking." Said, "Then, all of a sudden," said, "you
turned around." Said, That'd be the third time you spoke, but the
second time you said, 'I'll ride.'" And said, "You didn't speak like
you did; you commanded." Said, "You turned around and called the man by
name and said, 'Get off of here.' You know that no man can ride this
road here, without God be ordained him to do it. Get off of here."

And said, "The man turned around; and said the man has wrote me
letters." And said, "Across his horse's hips (that black and gray and
mixed up together)…" Said, "Across his horse's hips was wrote his
name, signature, just exactly like is on this letter. And he rode off
towards the north."
Said, "Then you went on down; that big horse turned around way, as far
west as you could." Said, "You stood, raised your hands up like that."
Then he started crying. He said, "Brother Branham, to see that horse
standing over there, war bonnet and everything like that…" And said,
"That breastplate and everything shined." Said, "You held your hands up
a little while. And said, "You looked down again, picked up the reins,
and said, 'I'll ride this trail just once more.'" Said, "The whole
earth shook back and forth like that." And said, "There was no more
life left in me. I just fell down by the side of the rock, and I woke
He said, "What does it mean, sir?"
I said, "I don't know."

Next morning Junior Jackson, who dreamed about the pyramid, you know,
when I went out west, you remember that? He called me a month or two
before that. He had a dream that was burning; he had to tell me. But I
said, "Billy… There's about twenty standing out there."
He said, "Junior Jackson down there said that he had to tell you that dream."
I said, "Send him in just about five minutes.
He brought his wife in, and he said for a witness. He said, "I dreamed,
Brother Branham, me and my wife was out riding." And said, "I looked
back in the east, and I saw look like a spot, like one of those flying

See, the world don't know what that is. You know… You know, it's all
in… We know what it is. See? We know it's investigating judgment
Angels (You see?), and they… How that the Pentagon, all about how it
comes right down to the intelligence; how they go like a flash and be
gone; pull away from anything they got. See, and they don't realize
what it is. See? Let them think whatever they want to. They call them
flying saucers or whatever; they don't know. See?

Said, "I seen it coming, and I watched it. And what it was, it was a
man on a horse, and said he was coming with lightning speed." Said, "I
seen he was going to come down in front of me, and I stopped my car,
jumped out. When I did," said, "the car– horse was standing in the
road, a great white military horse walking in a prance." That's the
Word, of course, you know it, walking in a prance.
Said, "There was a man setting on there." He said, "He was dressed in
western garb: wasn't a cowboy," but said, "looked like a chief over
rangers or something." (See, all of his chief authority from the west.
The Indians over the Indians, rangers over the… ) See? And said, "The
man had his hat pulled down and had–was looking sideways." And said,
"When he turned sideways," said, "It was you, Brother Branham." Said,
"You never talked like you did. You said, 'Junior' (called him three
times.)" He said, "I'll tell you what to do." And said, "Then you
pulled upon the reins of this horse; he made about three lopes and took
to the skies, and you were gone towards the west."

He said, "Just a minute. I looked around and here come a horse smaller
than that one of the same breed, but smaller, and stood." Said, "I
walked around." He said, "He must have sent this back for me. So I got
in." Junior's done a little riding too; and he said, "You know how your
saddle fits you, Brother Branham, the stirrups and everything." Said,
"I thought, 'Well, this fits me just right.' So I pulled upon the
reins, off to the sky." Said, "I pulled on the reins and stopped him,
turned him around and went back." See? "When I went back," said, "I
stopped the horse, got off, and talked to my wife, and the horse was
gone." And he was worked up.

Then day before yesterday, three days ago come Leo Mercier, coming down
with exactly the same dream, not knowing nothing about it, about trying
to breed a big white stallion to a black mare, and they couldn't do it:
nervous. Said, "I walked up there; and said, 'Leo'" and told him what I
did. I don't want to say it here. See? I told him what I did. He said,
"Don't you see not to know this. 'I didn't know Ed Daulton had a
son-in-law, and the son-in-law had a dog with this name. You'll know,
Leo, that your dream, but when you wake up, remember it.'" And said, "I
never heard such a command."

About that time Roy Roberson come in, said, "Brother Branham, you
remember back there before you left the church the first time? We… I
seen you setting like, in Palestine. We was all the board and
everything, and setting like the Lord's supper table, and then you
talked, and you–you wasn't sure what you were talking about." Said, "A
white cloud come down and got you, packed you away."
How many remembers the–the dream of Brother Roy? And said, "The white
cloud packed you away." And said, "Then you was gone, and I walked
through the streets screaming and crying." When I came out here and
that little old arm crippled up like…?… He dropped the rake and
started crying when he seen me come up out there. I hadn't seen him, so
he was telling me the dream. And he said… And he was raking… and
said, "And you went away, so I walked the streets everywhere trying to
find you; I couldn't find you nowhere. I was screaming, 'Oh, Brother
Branham, don't leave." Said, "A white cloud come in and got you and
packed you away from us towards the west."

That was before the pyramid or anything. He said, "It packed you
towards the west. And I cried and walked the streets, and after while I
went and set at the table. I happened to look up there at the head of
the table." Said, "I could just see that much of you was snow white."
Said, "You were standing there and said you spoke with authority. There
wasn't no guessing to it." Said, "Every man understood exactly what you
was saying."
Oh, my brother, sister; now, everyone of you conscious I know what that
means. See? Just watch. Stay close to Christ. Let me warn you now, as a
minister of the Gospel that–that this… Don't take any foolishness.
Don't imagine anything. Stay right there until this inside of the
inside is anchored to the Word, that you're right in Christ; 'cause
that's the only thing that's going to… 'Cause we're in the most
deceiving age that we ever lived in. It would deceive the very elected
if it was possible, because they have anointing. They can do anything
like the rest of them.

Clean your lives up; pay your debts; owe no man. Jesus said, "Now…
Now, I don't mean things like your house rent and stuff. You got to do
it. Get all your things off your hands. Get everything right. Make
ready. Get ready. Remember in the Name of the Lord, something's fixing
to happen.
I'm going into the hills this week, not exactly to hunt squirrels,
'course I like to hunt squirrels; but I'm going out there for this
purpose, saying, "Oh, God, I don't know which way to move, and I don't
want to miss this. Help me."
You pray for me. Will you do it? I'll be praying for you. I hope by the
mercies of God that I meet everyone of you, and we meet in a better
land than this here.

And what are we coming here for? What are we doing? Are we coming here
playing a game? Are we coming here meeting as a lodge? It's… Christ
can't come until that church is perfectly right. He's waiting on us. I
believe we're at the end.
Look at California. Look at the riots. Look at nineteen people being
killed, racial. Didn't I tell you here not long ago, that that Martin
Luther King would lead his people to a massacre? How many remembers
that? It isn't them colored people; it's them leaders stirring them up.
It isn't integration, segregations, and whatever you want to call it.
It's the Devil. That's right. Not only to the white, colored; it's all
of them. It's the devil. The mental faculties and reasons of men is
broke down. There's no hopes. It's beyond hope. The whole thing is a
puterated sore.

The mental faculties of men, they can't make decisions. I'm not a
politician. I don't… Neither Democrat or Republican, they're all
filthy. I'm for one Kingdom and that's the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.
That's all. But how in the world… Did you ever see a bunch of puppets
like we got up there now? Like that bunch of Texans we got in there.
Why, they say, "Whatever the people wants. If they want Communism,
we'll give them Communism. If they want integration, we'll give them
integration. Want segregation, we give… whatever." Where is men?
Oh, God, that's like the pulpit. Where is men? men that's men that
stands for a principle? Where is women that stands for a principle?
Where is a church that stands for a principle? I ain't got a nickel's
worth of time for a wishy-washy, give in, compromising spirit.

If a woman's a woman, let her be lady. If a man's a man, let him be
man. If he's a president… Where is our John Quincy Adams? Where's our
Abraham Lincolns? men of principle. Where's our Patrick Henry? Said,
"Give me liberty or give me death." Where's a man that stands for
what's right? Where's a man that's not afraid to speak out regardless
if the whole world's against him, speak out for what's right, and stand
for it, and die for it?
Where's our Arnold von Winkelried in this world again today? Where is
men of integrity? Where is men with spirit? They're so wishy-washy and
gaumed up, until they don't know where they stand. God, let me stand
with the principles of one man as a minister, the Word of Jesus Christ:
For heavens and earth will pass away, but It'll never fail. "On this
Rock I'll build My church. The gates of hell shall not prevail against
it." Let us stand.

Blest be the tie that binds

Our hearts in Christian love;

The fellowship of kindred minds

Is like to that above.

Now, join your hands with one another.

When we asunder part,

It gives us inward pain;

But we shall still be joined in heart,

And hope to meet again.

Till we meet, till we meet,

Till we meet at Jesus' feet;

Till we meet, till we meet,

God be with you till we meet again!

Let's bow our heads now while Brother Neville dismisses in a word of
prayer. Be back tonight now. We're expecting a great service tonight
here at the tabernacle. God bless you and pray for me; I'll pray for
you. Don't think that I'm a fanatic, friends. Don't think I'm trying to
push something on you. I love you. And I have a principle; that's the
Bible. Not one word can be taken from It. Not one word can be added to
It. I believe It the way It's written.
Let's bow our heads now. And our loyal, good pastor dismissed the congregation. God bless you, Brother Neville.

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