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Ashamed (Africa Trip Report) (65-0711)

Ashamed (Africa Trip Report) (65-0711)



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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham
called Ashamed (Africa Trip Report)
was delivered on Sunday, 11th July 1965 at the Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, Indiana, U.S.A.
The tape, number 65-0711,
is 1 hour and 39 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette. This message is available in book format (Volume 3, Number 9R).

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Thank you, Brother Neville. Good morning, friends. Good to be here this
morning. And–and I think I made a… I am an intruder on Brother
Neville's time, and setting back there with his, getting his text
together; and I walked in; he started folding up his text, and said,

It reminds me of years ago. There used to be a colored brother down
here, named Brother Smith, Sister Cross. They were very good friends of
mine. And when I'd walk in the building at night, the old fellow
used… He had a white mustache. Don't know whether any of you remember
him or not. And he would be on the platform, you know. And all of them
would be singing, "It's A Highway To Heaven." And Brother Smith (See?),
he just set like this, you know. And I would walk in the back door.
There was a little girl, kind of real dark, she used to set in the
corner. She'd start clapping her hands, saying, "Lift Him up," that
song, you know. They put their own melody to it, you know. And then
over in the next corner, be somebody else, says, come in again, "Lift
Him up." Well, that's what they'd sing when I come in the door. I just
love that bunch of people.
And so old Brother Smith set back there, a little bit, you know, and he
was kind of a quiet sort of a fellow. He'd say, "Come in, elder, rest
your hat." Not "rest yourself"; "rest your hat."…?… See? "Come in,
elder, rest your hat." He'd get up there, and I could tell the way he
started off, I was in for it. See?
He would say, "Well," he says, "children, you know," he said, "I–I was
setting here just wondering, 'Lord, what You going to give me to say?'"
Said, "He–He–He kept shaking His head at me, 'I ain't going to give
you nothing to say.'" Said, "I seen Elder Branham walk in back there,
and I said, now, 'Lord, I just begin to remember…'" Well, I was right
in for it.

6 Brother George Wright, how are you, brother? [Brother Wright says, "Oh, good. Sure."–Ed.] Bless you, Brother Wright! Certainly. ["Brother Elijah is back there."]
Oh, is that right? Brother Elij' Perry, he said, is back here. Where
you at, Brother Elij'? I haven't seen him in a long… Why, my,
goodness. Now, we ought to have a real meeting here again: Elij' Perry,
George Wright, and some of them old timers that used to be here when
you almost had to hold the shutters on the place, with our hands, the
wind blowing. Good seeing you. Mother, Sister Wright with you? Sister
Wright in? She's back there too. Yes, sir. Well, I'll…?… Sister
Perry, I see them all now. Well, that's really fine. Good to be in.
It's good to set in these places. It's good to be together.

I'd planned on, so hard, coming back, burdened in the heart. I just
returned from Africa, as you all know. And when I got over there, I had
a restricted visa, and wouldn't let me, wouldn't let me preach, because
it gathers too many together. And they're expecting an uprise there at
any time, and–and they–they wouldn't let me preach because of that
gathering too many people together. The only way I could, would to have
some organization that's represented by the government, in the
government, to invite me over, then that would automatically let the
government send out a militia for protection. See, they're just…
There's just going to be an uprise, and that's all there is to it. It's
just right in hand. See? That government man said, "The last time you
was here, you had about a quarter of a million people together." And he
said, "Then, you see, that'd just be the very thing that communism is
looking for, for an uprise." So I couldn't preach.
Those people standing there, waving their hands, and crying, "Remember
my mother. Remember, my brother died… My…" There, and in behind a
bar, you know, bars of wire, and it just made you feel real bad. And I
come back home.

And I thought, "Well…" My son, Joseph, back there, had let down a
little bit in his reading. And he had… He passed all right, but he
had to take it over: wasn't reading good enough. So I thought, "Well,
we're going to have to stay home a little while." And I said, "If we
stay home, it's going to ruin the kids' vacation." So we just postponed
it, and taken him over to another part in August, and let–and come
back here for a couple, three weeks. See?
I said, "I believe, while we're back there, I'll just take and hold a
meeting. We'll get that school auditorium up here, and–and we'll have
a meeting from the twenty-eighth on through to the first, a meeting at
the school auditorium. I wanted to preach on the subject of the
outpouring of them seven last vials." And so we called ahead, and we
had a little disappointment. They won't let us have these schools no
more: too many people crowds in. We can't have it nowhere. And so then
I decided, while I was back here then, instead of…

We can't put all the people, if we'd adver… It's never been
advertised now. So if we put all the people, try to put them in the
Tabernacle here, we couldn't do it. See, it just… Five days in here
would be awful.
So setting in there talking with Brother Neville and Brother Wood, and
them, we have decided to do this. If we can't, I'll–instead of that
would make us have five services; that would be twenty-eighth,
twenty-ninth, thirtieth, thirty-first, and first. Well, I feel if we
have, beginning next Sunday, we can have two services, Sunday morning,
Sunday night, that's the eighteenth. And then on the–on the
twenty-fifth, have Sunday morning and Sunday night. That's four
services. Then on August the first, have a Sunday morning and Sunday
night. That'd give us six services, and then it won't make such a jam
to get the people in. And I think that…
Don't you think that'd be better than having everybody just crowded and
mashed together, and everything? Then just that for them two services,
we can put up with that, but everybody kind of pull together. For five
nights, straight, it would make it hard.

15 And I want to get with the trustees and the elders here, while I'm here.
is becoming everywhere. We're living in these last days, to where the
Gospel does not have the–the preeminences as It should have. It don't
have the rights that It should have. It's all sewed up in politics and
things, and just like a union. And that's what it's finally coming to,
because the mark of the beast has to come by union, we know. So
we–we… 'Cause it's a boycott, "no man can buy or sell, save him that
have the mark of the beast."

And now I want to find out, through the elders. I feel led. I've never
had such a hunger in my heart for God in all my life, than–than I have
now. See? For… And I–I want to get my own tent and my–my stuff,
like the Lord gave me a vision to, and I believe the time is just now
at hand. And I want to see while I'm here, why we can't get the tent.
And–and then when we go, like come here to Jeffersonville, instead of
having just a day or two, or three or four days, we can go out here and
put up this tent, and have two or three weeks (You see?), it… Nobody
can say nothing about it. We can either take a ball park, or, if they
won't let us have that, there's farmer out here will let us have a
farm. We'll rent the farm and–and put it up. The only thing we'd just
have to do there, would be make our–our outbuildings, and so forth,
and for our conveniences. And that could be easily done. And then we'll
start having our services like that, because that's according to a
vision from the Lord, that it's to be done that way.

And coming in, yesterday, and finding, you know, this, that. And was
going up the street, and a good friend of mine going along there, said,
"Hello, Billy." I looked at him, and snow-white hair, that much tummy
and–and the boy's my age. We run around together, handsome young
fellow, when I was a kid. I–it kinda made me feel funny.
My little son, Joseph, said, "Why you sad, daddy?"
"Oh," I said, "I can't explain it to you, Joseph. See, I can't, can't–can't tell you."
And I look at Elij' Perry setting back there, and Mrs. Perry; seem like
yesterday they were a little black-headed couple out there, living next
door to me, when we had the old boat, Wahoo, and down on the river and
fished at night. See them both white-headed; you know, it says one
thing, it's a little buzzer that comes on, "You ain't got much more
time." See?
So I want every day of my life to count for Him. What I have left, what
time I have, I want to spend it somewhere doing something, if it's no
more than stand on a street corner, testifying to the glory and honor
of God. And I–I'm here for that purpose.

And I've got a little secret place up here at Green's Mill, Indiana.
It's not a city now; it's–it's a wilderness. And some people has taken
it over, and they won't even let you set a foot on it. But I got a cave
there that he'd never find me when I got into it. I'd go at nighttime,
and he'll never know when I go in or come out. And he don't know where
the cave is, and couldn't get to it no matter where it was. And I want
to go over and talk to the Lord awhile; I feel that it's a necessity.
The wife, she wants to come, want to come back and visit around, and
Rebekah and Sarah, and them, with their friends. And we're back here
now for the next three weeks, and if the Lord willing.

And I think, instead of trying to jam the people all together, for them
meetings here in the Tabernacle… 'Course this belongs to us, belongs
to the Lord, give it to us. And it's air-conditioned. Like to have a
Sunday morning service, a Sunday night service. That'd let people go
back to their place, then wait over until the next coming week.
I don't think I could take and–and officially do justice to the
pouring out of those last vials, 'cause they're very, very great
message in that. But I could pray for the sick, and do things that… I
have messages to the–as the Lord will give them to me, for the church.
Through the week, I'll get out here in the wilderness somewhere and
study, come back on Sunday morning, have Sunday morning service like
this, and a Sunday night service. Our most gracious little pastor,
Brother Neville, I asked him if that would be satisfaction to him.
That's taking all of his services away from him, but he was more than
glad to surrender it to–to over to that. I just…

Brother Capps, he, I guess, got the roaming fever too, and I see he has
left, and–and Brother Humes. And the Lord had a Brother Mann here just
to take right over, and the place. You know, isn't that wonderful how
God will do things? He always had everything timed just right. I come
up and I heard somebody preaching. I said, "That don't… I believe…"
Brother Capps, he come to Tucson, and I think it bluffed him right
quick, it was about a hundred and ten degrees. He didn't want nothing
to do with that, so away he went, him and Brother Humes, and went up to
Phoenix. 'Course it's a hundred and fifteen to sixteen, eighteen up
there. That was still worse, so I think he took off to Texas after
that; he, trying to find a place.
But you don't want no Arizona this time of year, I tell you. It was a
hundred and forty the other day, last Friday, a hundred and forty
degrees at Parker. And that's where Brother Craig, from the church
here, lives. And you can break an egg; it'll fry 'fore it hits the
ground. [Brother Branham laughs–Ed.]
You–you spit and–and the moisture is gone, it just… There's no
humidity nor nothing; it's really a bake oven this time of year. But
from about November, December and January, it's wonderful. But when it
comes about March and April, you–you better get away if you don't want
to suffocate.
And so Brother Capps and them happened to come just at that time, which
I think run them out. So maybe the Lord did that for a purpose. I'm
believing this, that God orders the footsteps of the righteous.
Sometimes it seems hard.

Like the other day on this trip to Africa, I was so sure that I was
moving in the will of God. Because a year ago I was down in the south,
holding a series of meetings, and they–they… I thought… Coming
from that organization, said, "You can come on through the Christian
Business Men, but we'll have nothing to do with it."
Well, I don't want to throw them men right in on it, you know, make a
conflict. I–I want to make them feel good at one another. So I just
said, "Well…" Wrote them a letter, I said, "Remember, I've tried to
get into Africa for years again, feeling that my ministry isn't
finished in Africa. I have no…"
Why would I have to go to Africa, when I got six, seven hundred cities
right here in the United States calling (See?), just right here,
without leaving Canada, Mexico, or any of those places? Why should I
want to go there? But it's something in my heart that pulls me to
Africa. There–those people, there–there is something about them that
I love, and I want to go just for the colored people only. And there's
something in a lot of them, them leaders, they don't feel I should do
that. But I–I want to go to my colored friends. That's where the Lord
called me. And now they're needy. Many of those people, those white
people, can have doctors and everything. But them poor natives live out
there, and half rot. And I–I–I feel they're the ones that looks like
they'd receive It. They're the ones.

There's something about it. When you get to a spot, you're so smart
that you know everything, then God can't do nothing with you. But if
you get to a place that you're willing to listen and learn, then–then
it's God's time, can move in and talk to you.
And so I wrote them a letter back, and told them that. I said,
"Remember, at the day of the judgment, let them bony hands reach out of
the smoke, condemn you. Their blood be upon you, not on me, 'cause I've
tried for about ten years to get back."
Then when I mailed the letter, come back, Something said to me, "See
Sidney Jackson, take a hunting trip." The same time, the Lord spoke to
Sidney Jackson, said, "Yellow-mane lion, Brother Branham camping;
Durban, big meeting."
Well, he was over here, and he spoke with you here. By the way,
we baptized… He was firmly against this baptism in–in the Name of
Jesus Christ. And his wife was worse than he was; she would just walk
away. You could… I'm telling you; I never seen any more devout
people. They've got about a hundred and fifty ministers over there,
baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ, and they're just burning the
country up. The Message is just sweeping Africa, everywhere, aviators
and great men coming, being baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ.

And so I, when I started to go over, I'm telling you, I never had so
much trouble in all my life of trying to get there. And then at the
very last minute, very last minute to go, here was wrote across my
visa, "Cannot anticipate in any kind of religious service; can only
come hunting." Well, then, it was rank.
But I said, "I don't care what the Devil does, I–I can't… I can't
voucher for what Brother Jackson said about yellow-mane lion, and this,
that, or the other. I–I can't vouch it. But I do know God told me to
see Sidney Jackson, and go hunting." And I said, "I'm going." And
sometime… And I had one of the greatest trips.
I found out what the trouble was. Now, I think, about October, the Lord
willing, I can go back and have a meeting and everything, full
cooperation, everything else (See?), in Africa now. I got to the bottom
of it and found out where it was at, what caused it. Up here, writing,
this one has got this to say, and something's got something to say, and
this one there. The best thing to do, is go find out, yourself. And I
know where the trouble was, and what the reason of it was; it was
because of so many people gathering together, the government wouldn't
let me have it.

Now, if the Christian Business Men or any organization, which will
bring us in, then the government automatically because it's the
organization is represented with the government, the government sends
militia protection. If there'd be twenty-five man out of one
denomination, twenty-five out of another, still they won't receive
that. It's got to be the–the head of this organization. And Christian
Business Men is a nonsectarian organization representing all the
churches. Doctor Simon, their head over there, a very fine man, I got
to meet him and talk with him. And they are taking the meetings, and
all the rest of the churches is coming in together. See? And I believe
we'll have one of the greatest meetings that's been had in–in Africa.

But my point was this, when you know that you–you're trying to do
what's right, the first thing is, if you feel led to do anything, then
check it with the Word and see if it's right with the Word, and then
let nothing stop you. I don't care how many wheels the Devil throws in
the way, just move right over the top of them.
I told my wife and I told Brother Wood, when I got here, and some
friends that I met yesterday, I have had about five years here that I
hardly knowed what to do. It's been a–a nervous… See, the revival
itself amongst the churches has died. Everyone knows that. You feel it
in this Tabernacle. You feel it everywhere. There is a thump, dead
feeling. There's just something isn't right. It's because the revival
enthusiasm has gone away from the people. Go into the churches; you'll
see them setting there. And the pastor stumbling around for a message
and something another. And the first thing you know, he turned it off
on some kind of a party they're going to have, or something. It seems
to be a dead thump everywhere.
Billy Graham notices it; Oral Roberts. Mr. Allen had some trouble, as
you know. Oral Roberts has got that fifty-million-dollar buildings, and
so forth, in there. He's got a school. And, well, there's nobody on the
field now.

I left here, by a vision to go yonder to Tucson to see what the Lord
wanted me to do. There He met me up there, as He told you here that He
would do it, and the form of seven Angels, and said to return back and
the Seven Seals was to be opened. That's just exactly what happened.
He said, one day with Brother Wood when he come out there, we went to
the same place, and throw up a rock, it come down. He said, "Within a
day and night, you're…" Some, I forget just what the words was.
"You're going to see the glory of God."
And the next day a whirlwind came down out of the skies, and we know
the story of what taken place. When it went up, they asked what it was.
I said, "It spoke three words, in three great blasts." The men only
heard the blasting. I understood what It said. And said, "Judgment
striking west coast." Two days after that, Alaska like to have sunk.
It's been thundering around, earthquakes, everything. Just look at
them, every day earthquakes just shaking everywhere.

My last meeting, last meeting I had. This will be my first message,
really, to preach since then. I was preaching in Los Angeles, at the
Biltmore Auditorium, and I was speaking on a man choosing himself a
wife. You probably got the tape of it. It's… I said, "It reflects his
character and his ambition." That when a man takes a woman, he takes a
young girl and to be his wife; he takes, you know, a modern girl that's
a common Ricketta, it–it just shows what he's… If he marries a
beauty queen or a sex queen, whatever it is, it shows his, what's
really in the man. But a Christian, he looks for character in a woman
because he's planning a future home with that woman. He plan, he gets a
homemaker. And I said, "Then Christ, according to His Word here, tells
us what our future home will be. What kind of a wife will He choose
then, a denominational prostitute? Never. He'll choose a woman that's
characterized by His Word; that'll be the Bride."

And while in there Something struck me; I didn't know nothing for about
thirty minutes. There was a prophecy went out. First thing I remember,
Brother Mosley and Billy; I was out on the street, walking. And It
said, "Thou Capernaum, which calls yourself by the name of the Angels,"
that's Los Angeles, city of angels (See?), the angels, "which are
exalted into heaven, will be brought down into hell. For if the mighty
works had been done in Sodom, that's been done in you, it would've been
standing till this day." And that was all unconsciously to me. See?
And how I just got through exhorting Christ, exalting Him and telling
the church. I said, "You women, no matter how I try to come to you and
preach against these things that… And you men, you preachers; you
constantly conned all the time, do it just the same. You walk over It
as if the Word of God wasn't nothing."

And when I understood that, I went; I said, "There is a Scripture about
that somewhere." And I went and found it was Jesus rebuking Capernaum
by the seacoast. That night I looked up the Scriptures. Come home, got
the history book; and Sodom and Gomorrah was once a–a thriving city, a
Gentile headquarters of the world. And you know that city by an
earthquake sank into the Dead Sea. And Jesus stood, and said,
"Capernaum, if Sodom would've had the works done in it that you've had
done in you, it would've been standing today. But now you must be
brought down to hell." And about two hundred or three hundred years
after His prophecy, with all them coastal towns, every one of them
still standing but Capernaum, and it lays in the bottom of the sea. A
earthquake sunk it into the sea.

And then prophesying, "Los Angeles will be in the bottom of the sea."
And I come home and went to Africa. And while I was in Africa, they had
an earthquake. And scientists… You seen it; it was on a broadcast
that some big, fine homes tumbled in in Los Angeles, and a motel, and
so forth. And now there is a…
Since that earthquake, there is a two or three-inch crack that come in
the earth, starting in Alaska, goes around through the Aleutian
Islands, comes out about a hundred and fifty or two hundred miles in
the sea, comes back up at San Diego; takes in California, or Los
Angeles, and comes out again just below the northern part of California
there, a little place called San Jose, just below there.

And this scientist was speaking, being on a interview. We was watching
on television. And he said, "Beneath that is just a churning lava." And
he said this; he said, "That is… A chunk will break loose," and said,
"and it will…"
And this inter–man on–scientist interviewing this chief scientist, said to him, said, "Well, that could then all sink?"
He said, "Could? It's got to."
Said, "Well, 'course, will probably be many, many years from now."
He said, "It can be in five minutes from now, or it can be in five years from now." He just 'lotted five years.
But just as I surely was standing there under that Inspiration, put
judgment on that west coast, and then followed it right up here with
the sinking of Los Angeles; she's gone! That's right. It will happen.
When? I don't know.
But, oh, what happened? You know, we only got six continents now. We
had seven; that one that sunk between Africa and the United States…
Oh, it's historical; you know about it. Now, if that goes down, then I
want you to watch when…

This was a sermon that I preached on when, I believe, Brother Elij'
Perry might have been deacon here in the church at the time, for all I
know. But it said, "The time will come…" I didn't know it till Mrs.
Simpson brought me the–the sermon the other day. And I got it wrote in
a little book, that the desert, that the ocean shall weep its way into
the desert. That was thirty years ago.
And, of course, the Salton Sea is about two hundred feet below sea
level, and if that big churning, that earth swallowing in like that,
with hundreds of square miles, hundreds and hundreds of square miles
sinking into the earth, that'll throw a tidal wave plumb to Arizona.
Sure, it would.

Oh, we're at the end time, glorious hour, the appearing of the Lord
Jesus. He said, "There shall be earthquakes in divers places, perplexed
of time, distress between nations, men's hearts failing in fear." Said,
"When these things begin to happen, raise
up your head, your redemption's drawing nigh." Oh, my.

Nations are breaking, Israel's awak'ning,

The signs that the prophets foretold;

The Gentile days numbered with horrors encumbered;

Return, O dispersed, to your own. (Be sure to do that!)

That day of redemption is near,

Man's hearts are failing for fear;

Be filled with God's Spirit,

Have your lamps trimmed and clear,

Look up, your redemption is near! (That's right.)

False prophets are lying,

God's Truth they're denying,

That Jesus the Christ is our God.

63 [–Ed.]
See the picture the other day, how He turned that picture sideways
there? And the very picture of that seven Angels being lifted up, turn
it to the right-hand side, and there is the face of the Lord Jesus
looking down to the earth again.
You remember when I preached the seven church ages, I couldn't
understand why Jesus standing there with a "white" over His head. He
was a young Man. I took it back in the Bible, it said, "He came to the
Ancient of Days, Whose hair was white as wool." Jesus was only
thirty-three and a half years old at His crucifixion.
I called up Brother Jack Moore, a theologian. He said, "Oh, Brother
Branham, that's Jesus in His glorified stage." Said, "After His death,
burial, and resurrection, He turned to that." That sounded all right
for a theologian, but it didn't go good, it just didn't hit the
I went up there and started on that first church age, there the Holy
Spirit revealed it. Now, you got it right on your church ages. I guess
the books will be out pretty soon now, the full detail of it. And it
showed that Jesus was Judge. There's a white wig that they used to
wear, put a wig on and wear it as a judge (England still does it.) when
you got supreme authority. And that turning sideways in this picture,
there He is, His black hair, you can see it in the side of His beard,
and the white wig on. He is the last of the authority; He's Supreme
Authority. Even God said so Himself, "This is My beloved Son; hear ye

There He is with them Angels, the message, which was the
seven–breaking of them seven seals that revealed serpent's seed and
all these things here. And it shows that it is His very covering; it's
His–it's His supreme authority. He is Supreme, and He's wigged or–or
covered. The Bible said that He changed His countenance, or He changed
Himself, en morphe. The word comes from the Greek word, "en morphe,"
which means "a Greek actor that plays many parts"; today he is one
thing, in the next act he's something else. He was God the Father in
one act; God the Son in another act; and He's God the Holy Ghost in
this act. See? There He is; His Word is still Supreme. We're living in
the last days.

Coming back from Africa the other day, I kinda tired. You see, it's
just it's nighttime there now, and you have to turn around. And then
time I got turned around, I come back again. We had a wonderful trip,
hunting trip, one of the best I ever had in my life. Then Billy's got
some pictures, maybe he'd have a time he can show it somewhere, and
show you the trip.
I had a dream. I'm always dreaming of being back at that Public Service
Company somehow. So I–I thought I was kind of ratting on the job; I
was supposed… They just let me have my own way, and I thought I'd…
Instead of going out and walking the lines or collecting the bills, or
something I was supposed to do, I just said, "Well, I'm my own boss." I
just went swimming. And I got down there and took off my–these
clothes, and put on my swimming clothes. I was by myself. And I
thought, "Say, this ain't right, the company… This is daytime; the
company is paying me for this time." Thought, "That's strange."
And then I thought, "Well, the money I collected on the route…" I had
both the patrol and the route mixed together, and I said, "Well, the
money I collected, I've done something, roving around here; I've lost
all my tickets; and I got their money and my money mixed together. Now,
how will I know who paid the bills?" I thought, "Just because I wasn't
paying any attention."
I thought, "That's not right. There's only one thing for me to do,
that's go back to my superintendent and tell him." That was Don Willis.
I said, "Don, I lost those tickets. Now, here's all the money I got,
and here's their money together. Leave it here at the cashier. And the
people, when they come in, they'll have a receipt that I received the

Probably people setting right here that (I–I… I know there
is.)–that I collected from them in–in the days, and I'd… And I'd
give a receipt. You know, it was only ten percent if you let your bill
run over. And maybe, a dollar and a half, be fifteen cents over. A lot
of them people lived… We just liked to get together and talk, and
they'd just let their bill go, wanting me come talk to them awhile.
That was… Give fifteen cents, you know, just to set down and talk a
little while, to collect their bill. So it got it ragged; they just got
so many bills I couldn't collect them.
Well, I thought that's the only way I could do it. And I woke up.

The place where we live, Sister Larson. I don't think she's here. She's
been very nice to us; and she don't like for me to say that. But she's
a very fine lady, and we've been living in her rooms. She's got two
apartments, small apartments together; we rented them both. And wife
and I sleep over here in–in the other apartment where I kind of
receive the people when I can, and there's a couple of little twin beds
in there.
I woke up. She wasn't awake yet. And after while she woke up. And I
waved over at her, and she looked back, batted her eyes a few times. I
said, "You sleep good?"
She said, "Nope."
And I said, "I had the awfullest dream. I was back at that Public Service Company again." I said, "What have I done?"

I remember as a little boy, or a young man, I'd walked all those lines
at Salem, Indiana, different… I'd go in buy a–a breakfast, maybe a
bowl of oats. In that hot sun and everything, it's… I'd–it'd just
make me sick to eat breakfast. I'd turn in ten cents on my petty cash.
The superintendent come down and said–said, "You know what they said
in the–in the meeting? 'Who is that knothead that would turn in ten
cents for breakfast?' Said, "You ought to at least turn in fifty
cents." Now, all of you know, fifty cents was a big breakfast in them
And I said, "Well, I don't eat that much."
He said, "Well, the rest of them turns in fifty cents. You ought to turn in fifty cents."
I said, "Well, I don't use it."
Said, "Turn it in anyhow." That was my superintendent.
Well, I thought, "Well, what can I do? I have to charge fifty cents,
and I eat ten cents." So I'd go out on the street and get some little
kids that didn't have no breakfast, and get them forty-cents worth of
So then I thought, "Well, what could I… Maybe that's what He holds against me."

And I remember, here not long ago, they come through on the patrol,
tore up that back yard back there, and said, "Turn in your bill." You
know they got patrol rights, but they have to pay for damage.
I just wrote back and said, "You don't owe nothing." I thought,
"That'll pay for them forty-cents. Maybe I've spent twenty or thirty
dollars during that time, giving it to kids. Maybe that'll do it." Kept
on dreaming.
Then I had a big tree out there, the kids played under it, and the
patrol… Now, they patrol in a helicopter. So he come in and said,
"Billy, how about cutting that tree out?"
I said, "No, don't cut it. We're going to trim it." I said, "Brother Wood and I are going to trim it."
Said, "Well, I'll just have the man come by and trim it."
I said, "Now, don't cut it."
He said, "I won't cut it."
I went off on a trip. When I come back, she was cut plumb on the
ground. Then I had a lawsuit coming. You see? I said, "Well, Lord, this
will clear it up, what I owed." So I struck that off, that was all
right, just let it go. Well, I still dreamed it.

When I got up the other morning, I said, "Well…" The first thing we
do of a morning when we get up is pray together, then pray when we go
to bed at night. And then after she went on over to get the kiddies'
breakfast, I started to pray. I said, "Lord, I must have been an awful
guy. What have I done in life, that I–I can't get away from that
Public Service Company?"
I went in and took a bath, come back out. Something just seemed to say
to me, "Maybe I'm ratting on His job." I thought, "Here's about five
years I ain't done nothing, just waiting on Him."

Standing up there the other day. They built us a new home up there, and
Brother Mosley come down, was talking about it. I said, "That's just a
little gift from my Father." He started crying. I said, "You see, He
said, 'If you'll leave your homes, houses, lands, fathers, mothers,
I'll give you houses, lands, fathers, mothers, and hundredfold in this
life, and Eternal Life to come.'" I said, "See, I had to leave the
Tabernacle that I love so dearly. My home that the Lord give me up
there, had to leave it. He just give me this one back." I said, "He's
wonderful. You see?" And he started crying.
Well, I–I said, "I had to come out here and separate myself, come to
this desert." And I thought, "Wonder why God bring me to a desert, out
here where there's nothing but scorpions and Gila monsters?"

And it's not only a desert; is it hot, but it's spiritually a desert.
Oh, my. There's no spiritual life at all in the churches, they're
against… Why, you never seen such in your life. We don't even have a
church to go to or nothing. And then when… The people almost perish
spiritually. I noticed it in the people that come out there, see the
differences in them, watching it.
And so you stay under the Spirit of God; your life becomes sweet,
tender, like water brings this grass and soft buds. If… This grass in
Arizona wouldn't grow; these trees would be cactus, them leaves just
wind up and make stickery. That's the way it is when you get dry around
the church, everybody's sticking one another, you know, and just…
See? You got to have soft waters of rain soften you up, and make
leaves, and shade for the pilgrim that passes by.

88 And so something said to me, "Maybe you're ratting on God's job." So I prayed for a vision.
Meda just got me a new Bible, and Brother–Brother Brown from up in
Ohio got me a new Bible, both of them at the same time, at Christmas. I
went and got one of the new Bibles. I said, "Lord, in the days gone by,
You had a Urim and Thummim."
Now, listen, let me say this. 'Course, they're not… This is not
taping this meeting, the reason I'm ask–saying this. Let me say: don't
do this. It's not a good thing.
But I said, "Lord, it used to be, when a dreamer dreamed a dream, that
they took it down to the Urim and Thummim and told it. And if the–if
the Urim and Thummim flashed the lights back, a supernatural Light, the
dream was true." I said, "But that priesthood and that Urim and
Thummim's done away with. Your Bible is the Urim and Thummim now; Lord,
may I never do this again. I've asked You and prayed to You to give me
a vision, speak to me about why am I dreaming these dreams. What have I
done? If I've harmed, if I've done anything to any person in the world,
let me know. I'll–I'll–I'll go make it right. If I owe the Public
Service Company, if I done something wrong to them or any other person,
if I done something wrong to You, let me know. I–I want to make it
Let's make it right now. Don't wait till after while, it may be too late. Let's do it now.

And I said, "Surely, there's something in this Word of God, from
Genesis to Revelations, that some character in there that You dealt
with, would be on the same basis that would be my question. If somebody
done something, and–and You got after him about it, then let me turn
to that place in the Bible. And if somebody, whatever they done, it'll
lean my way. Where I've done wrong, or something You want me to do, or
haven't done, let me see some character in the Bible like that."
And I closed my eyes, just let the Bible fall open, put my finger on a
Scripture, Genesis 24:7, Eliezer, Abraham's faithful servant, the model
servant of the Bible, being sent to hunt the bride for Isaac. Chills
run over me. Sure, that's my… That's right with the rest of my
message, pulling out the Bride.
He said, "Swear that you'll not take a bride out of these, but go to my own people."
He said, "What if the woman won't come with me?"
Said, "Then you're free of this oath." He said, "And the God will–of
heaven will send His Angel before you to direct you." He went right
straight out and begin praying, and he met the beautiful Rebekah that
become the bride of Isaac.
Just a perfect message back to the Word. "Go get that Bride." That's a
duty. That's what I'm here for. That's what I'm trying to do, is call
out a Bride.

Remember in California there, that interview of the Bride, preview, I
had it here. How that Bride come up first, and seen Her go by. Then
here come Miss America, Miss Asia, and all, oh, the awfullest looking
thing. And then the same Bride passed by again. One of them got out of
step, and I was getting Her back in step; two of them, it was. And
that's what I was supposed to do, keep that Bride in step, hunt that
I said, "God, I'm going back home, renew my vows again, and start out
anew." So that's what we're planning on doing; that's what I'm here

I think it'd be a good thing if we did this, started on the eighteenth,
next week, next Sunday morning, next Sunday night, the following
Sunday, and the following Sunday. How many thinks that would be a good
thing? Thank you.
Now, I want you to do something for me. If you've notified any people
that there–there's going to be a meeting on the twenty-eighth, will
you renotify them again, that we couldn't do it. Tell, write them a
letter, or something another. We don't want the people come and be
disappointed, but we could not get the auditorium.
See, we couldn't get it. And so because the last meeting I think we had
so many up there, and everything, they just… You know how the public
is, and they… Well, we're just living in the last days; that's all.
And they claim that the people come in and disturb the school, and they
were there too early, and they did this, or that, or something another,
and the place was too jammed up, and the fire marshal does this and
that. And, well, you know.
So we will set up those vials and those Trumpets; I want to place them
in. I told you I would. They come under another thing. So does the
vials come under, the sounding of trumpets; but we want to take the
entire course right straight through, and bring it, tie it in together.

How many has read any of Brother Vayle on rewriting that, and fixing it
up, and grammarizing it for me? Have you read any of it? You have, two
or three of you. I think you done a real job, Brother Vayle, a real
job. You… I think Sister Vayle did it; and you just wrote it down and
she done it. She was a… See, I'm not always against the women, am I,
Sister Vayle?
So now, let us, for the next fifteen, twenty minutes, read a Scripture here.
And I–I got a little book here. I told, I believe, was it Brother
Vayle, or who was it, or I believe it was Roy Borders. Brother Vayle
bought me the book. I want to make a little textbook.

But if anybody ever looked at what I call notes… Like I want to
preach about the Morning Star, I'll draw a star. And if I want to
preach something about… I make it all in symbols here, scratches;
nobody can ever know what it was. While I'm out, and I think of
anything I got it on–riding on the road, sometimes the car is jumping
up-and-down, and I'll jot this down, and say this and that, and make
little signs, and cross, and bridges, and–and all kinds of things.
Like I want to preach on the descending of the Star; and I'll put the
pyramid, draw it out here, and put the five-point star of David coming
down on it. And I know where I'm going in the Scriptures like that; and
Moses, a certain thing he done. Just make little turkey tracks like.
I got several of them in here. And I thought I'd, this morning, back
there when I thought I'd speak on this subject for a few minutes here
on a note, maybe it'd take me twenty minutes.

109 And then I ain't going to take Brother Neville's service tonight. I–I–I'm going to rest tonight, listen to him.
then, the Lord willing, next Sunday morning we'll start the service.
And you all help me, and we'll pray, 'cause it was in my heart to
try… They said, "Well, we could go to Louisville or we could go down
in New Albany." But the meeting was supposed to be for Jeffersonville.
I'll go to Louisville and New Albany at different times, but this is
supposed to be here at Jeffersonville.

Now, let's bow our heads just a minute while we been–I been talking to
you here for about thirty minutes. Let's speak to Him a moment.
Lord Jesus, we are–we are certainly a blessed people, above our–our
thinking, above our understanding. For if there was a noble among us,
such as some personnel from some other country, or a diplomat of some
sort, we'd think it was great to have such a noble person among us. But
today we have the God of heaven, not only among us, but in us,
dwelling, living His Life through us. And we're so thankful for this,
Lord. It's beyond our understanding, of course.
But now, speaking on what the services, and the going to Africa, and
the things that we've tried to arrange for these few days here in the
Indiana… And somehow or another, Lord, it may be You are driving us
to that tent to make that vision fulfill. So Thy will be done; we've
committed it this way, the best of our understanding. So we pray, Lord,
if there's any thing contrary to Your will, You'll make it known to us,
that we might know to do Your perfect will.
Now, bless us in these next few minutes. Speak to us through Thy Word,
Lord, for Thy Word is Truth. We ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Let's turn in the Bible to Mark the 8th chapter. It's get…

When do you usually let out, twelve o'clock? About twelve o'clock. All
right. Now, I'll–now just a little short message here that I can speak
to you about the Word, after testifying about over there, and so forth.
Mark, the 8th chapter, and let's begin about the 34th verse to the
thirty–taking the 38th, the rest of that chapter. I like to read what
He said, 'cause I know that's true. Now, we…

And when he had called the people unto him
with his disciples also, he said unto them, Whosoever will come after
me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

For whosoever will save his life shall lose
it;… whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel's, the
same shall save it.

For what shall it profit a man, if he gains the whole world, and lose his own soul?

Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me
and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also
shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his
Father with the holy angels.

I want to take a little text from there, if it'd be called that,
called: "Ashamed." You know, I like that. "Whosoever is ashamed of Me
and of My Word, I'll be ashamed of him."
Now, the word "ashamed" could be also translated "embarrassed." You
know, something that you're… You're faced with something that you're
embarrassed about, being ashamed.
That another thing being ashamed does, it shows that you are not sure
of what you're talking about. If you know what you're talking about,
and have the assurance that you know what you're talking about, you can
tell anybody that; you're not ashamed. But if you feel put out, out of
place, it shows you're not sure.

You notice there's so much of that today, especially on the subject
that I'm speaking of, "ashamed of the Word." Now, He and the Word are
the same. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelled among
us: the same yesterday, today, and forever"
So "Whosoever is ashamed of Me and My Word," and He and His Word are
One, so being ashamed of His Word in this sinful present generation,
"I'll be ashamed of him."

Now, we notice today, if somebody says, "Are–are you a Christian?"
It's very much a popular thing, say, "Oh, I'm a Christian." See?
"But do you believe the Word of God, where It said, 'These signs shall follow them that believe it'?"
"Oh," Even ministers' faces will blush. See?
"Are you ashamed of, say, of Divine healing? Are you ashamed of the
full Gospel? Are you ashamed of your Pentecostal experience?" That's
being ashamed of His Word. That's His Word made flesh in you.

So His Word has to live Itself out for every generation. It lived
Itself in the days of Moses. Because in that day the Bible said, in
Hebrews, 1st chapter, "God, in sundry times and divers manners spake to
the fathers by the prophets."
And those prophets… The church got all so twisted up that when…
Those prophets, those daring messengers of God, come without church,
without denomination, without organization, without anything, and
defied kings, kingdoms, churches, and everything… When the priests
was brought before… They was brought before the priests; they wasn't
ashamed, because they had directly THUS SAITH THE LORD.
If you notice, the prophet, in one sense of the word, in the Old
Testament, when he said THUS SAITH THE LORD, now watch him, he goes
right into the phrase of taking the place of God. You notice, when he
placed out before him THUS SAITH THE LORD, he fell right into God, and
he acted as God. Then he gave his message, which was God speaking
through him, "THUS SAITH THE LORD."

I think of the prophets of old, when they come with that message, and
it embarrassed the kings, and it made the people feel uncomfortable.
The priests even, they would feel uncomfortable, because they were
supposed to be leaders, religious men, and when they–the Word came
forth in that manner, It exposed them, and they felt embarrassed, or
And many times we see that, not many: too often today, that man, you say, "I am a Christian."
"Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed?"
"Oh, huh…" You see, they're–they're embarrassed about it.
Somebody say, "Do you belong to that group up there that does all that
there shouting, and all that Divine healing stuff?" Many times,
Christians back up.
They want to announce, if–if they got a denomination, now, "I'm
Baptist. I'm Presbyterian. I'm Lutheran." They're not ashamed of that.

But when it comes to being a Christian that can take God's Word just
the way It is, then they're–they're–they're ashamed. "I don't belong
to any denomination." See? They–they're–they're ashamed to say that.
They've got to be like the rest of the world, represented by some
Now, that's just recently come into that. In the days of Luther to
recognize yourself as a Lutheran or a follower of Luther, well, it
almost meant death by the Catholic church. In the days of Wesley, to
know that you had defied the Anglican church, it was almost a penalty
of death by the Anglicans to announce that you were a Methodist. In the
days of Pentecost it was a shame, almost, to say that–that you was
a–that you was a Pentecostal, because you was quickly counted a
holy-roller, or–or some tongues speaker, or–or something like that.
Now, they organized and went right in with the rest of the group.

Now, when the calling-out time comes, that you don't belong to any of
it… Very popular to say, "I'm Pentecost." It's very popular to say,
"I'm Presbyterian, Lutheran." But what when it comes to the time that
you'll have to come out and stand for the Word, "I don't belong to any
of it"? That–that embarrassed…
Jesus said, "Now, if you are ashamed of Me, then I'll be ashamed of
you." Why would He be ashamed of you? Because you're claiming to be
His, when you won't follow Him.
What if I said, "This little boy, he's–he's my son"; he turn around
and say, "Who, me be your son? What do you think I am?" It would
embarrass me. It would to your son.
And that's the way that's so-called Christianity today. If you name it
a name of a denomination, all right, they accept the fatherhood of a
denomination. But when it comes to accepting the fatherhood of the Word
of God, Christ, no, they're embarrassed. They don't want to say, "Yes,
I have spoke with tongues. Yes, I have seen visions. Yes, I believe in
Divine healing. Yes, I praise the Lord. I'm free from all organization;
I'm not bowing down to any of that. I'm a servant of Christ." Oh, my,
that'd just tear them to pieces.

139 The other night, a great speaker come in amongst the Full Gospel Business Men in Chicago.
I stop here just a minute, to say this. You excuse me. But many times
you think, and I do too, that what we're talking about, the Truth of
the Bible, don't go over amongst the people. But It does. Sometime
they'll rear right up against It, but they really don't mean it.
They're trying to find where you're standing.

As the story was about a bunch of drunks, arguing that there was no
such thing as Christianity. One man said, "I know where there's one at,
that's my wife."
Said, "Well, I–I don't believe it."
Said, "Come on, we'll… Let's all act like we're really drunk."
Went up there at the house, and done everything they could. And–and he
told them cook them some eggs, and then he throwed them out on the
floor, and said, "You know better than to cook my eggs like that."
Carrying on in the house. And they went over in the other room, fell
down in a chair. They heard somebody out there sweeping it up, not
saying a word, saying, singing a little song to herself.

Must Jesus bear the cross alone,

And all the world go free?

There's a cross for every one,

And there's a cross for me.

And this consecrated cross I'll bear,

Till death shall set me free,

And then go home a crown to wear.

That one old drunk said, "What'd I tell you?" Said, "She's a
Christian." See, they was only trying her. And sometimes the world,
I've found out, try you.

So I never thought this would happen, but last Saturday night, I
believe it was, or Sunday night, the great speaker, I don't subject to
calling people's names, but he's trying, working exactly contrary. I'm
trying to keep them churches out of that ecumenical move, and this
man's trying to put them in there. So he was speaking for the Christian
Business Men, which I was supposed to have had the meeting in Chicago,
and I thought I'd be in Africa at that time, so I couldn't take it.
This man said, got up there and said, "The greatest move, the greatest
thing is in the earth now that's ever been; all the churches are
returning back to the Catholic church in the ecumenical move, and the
Catholics will receive the Holy Ghost." What a trap of the Devil.

And this leader, Brother Shakarian, the president of the International
Business Men, stood up and said, after the man sat down, said, "That's
not the way we've heard it." Said, "Brother Branham has told us that
this ecumenical move will move them all to the mark of the beast," and
the man setting on the platform. Said, "It'll move it to the mark of
the beast." And said, "We're inclined to believe what he says is the
Truth." And he said, "How many of you would like to hear Brother
Branham come and give you the true side of it? Raise." And there was
five thousand something people, they screamed and cried, just to come
for one day (See?), one day.

Brother Carl Williams called me up, said, "Brother Branham, boy, I went
out through that crowd," said, "they had piles of hundred-dollar bills
laying in my hands to get you a airplane ticket up here and back." See,
just for one day…
See, those people, that Word is sinking in where sometimes we don't
know it. See? but, see, when you're really… No matter how much the
world is against it, how much the denominations are against it, God is
proving it to be the truth. When the great hour finally strikes, things
will happen maybe that we didn't think about.

Yes, it shows you're not sure, if you're embarrassed, so you would, or
rather not discuss the subject. If you're going to be ashamed of it,
you wouldn't want to discuss it: hold back.
But how can a man who's filled with the Holy Ghost, how can a man full
of the power of God, and the love of God in his heart, talk to a man a
few minutes and not mention something about that love that's in his
heart? See? There's something that it–it happens; you can't do it.
This is a–must be that evil day that Jesus was speaking of.
People are ashamed of the Word and of the Spirit of God that acts
within them. But when the Truth is made plain to the people, God then,
Himself, revealing Himself through the Word…

Now, any man can make any kind of claims. And we've had it in these
days, where there's been so many claims claimed, that it's been
horrible. But, you see, if there is a truth, it must be by the Word.
Because they say they had all kinds of things, of oil flowing through
people, and blood out of their hands, and women on their back in this
blood, and running down their shoes, and raise up their shoes and pour
oil out, and frogs jumping out and hopping down the platform, and all
kinds of things like that. There's no such stuff as that in the Bible.
There's no promise of anything like that in the Bible. Only It said,
"In the last days, the spirit would be so close it'd deceive the
elected if possible." But there's no Scripture for that.

But when it comes to genuine, unadulterated Word of God, confirmed by
God, It seems to even embarrass the other group on the radical side.
See? There's an embarrassment about it.
But it's a reality to a man or woman, boy or girl, who really is a
genuine Christian. When God made the promise of the baptism of the Holy
Ghost, and you receive It, there's something that settles within you,
that there's nothing takes its place. When a man ever meets God; not in
some emotional work up, some enthusiasm, or some religious doctrine,
some catechism, or creed, or a dogma that he has accepted for a–a
comfort for hisself… But when he really comes to the place like Moses
did on the back side of the desert, walk up face to face with Almighty
God, and you see the voice speaking to you exactly with the Word and
the promise of the hour, there's something it does to you. See, you're
not ashamed of It; It does something to you.

Now, let us look now, for just the next fifteen minutes. There's some
people that receive such an experience. And as I speak to you today,
not as a church or as a denomination, I speak to you as an individual;
not because you come here to this Tabernacle; because that I love you
and you love me, not because of that. Let me speak to you as a dying
mortal, that someday you've got to come to the end of this life. And I
may not be there, and another preacher might not be there. But there's
only One Who can meet you there, and that's God. And you–you listen to
it, and not whether "my wife is a good Christian" or–or "my husband's
a good Christian," but, "Am I right with God? Have I met God like
that?" Not because my pastor met God, or 'cause my deacon met God, but,
"Have I met Him?" Not because I shouted, not because I spoke in
tongues, but because, "I met Him as a Person." Then you'll never be
ashamed of that; there's something that's so perfect and pure, and

And remember, you might meet a spirit that would act like God. You
might meet a spirit would do this, that, or the other; follow it a
little bit and see how it compares with the Word of God. You might meet
a spirit that would tell you you're saved, and give you a glorious
feeling, and you'd shout and scream; then it comes to denying the Word,
how can the Holy Spirit, that wrote the Word, deny His Own Word? That
Spirit must punctuate every promise of God with an "amen." If it isn't,
then you never met God; you met a deceiving spirit. And the world's
full of it today.
But when you see God come down and make a statement that He's going to
do a certain thing, then it comes back and does that time after time
after time, then you've got a genuine Spirit of God.
How could a Spirit be on a man, the Holy Spirit that wrote the Bible,
then turn around and deny, "That's not right; that was for some other
He said, "The promise is unto you, and to your children, to them that's
far off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call." That was Acts
2:38. How can a spirit then accept anything different from that, and be
of God, when Hebrews 13:8 said, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday,
today, and forever"?

159 What if somebody said, "Oh, I believe He was a philosopher. He was a good man. He was a prophet. But as far as His power…"
was speaking the other night with George Smith, the boy that goes with
my daughter Rebekah. A fine kid, sang here in the Tabernacle, a Baptist
boy that just took, told, "Take my name off of that thing. I want
nothing to do with it." And there was a young lady… They was having a
conference, this certain Baptist church, up in the hills.
And–and they're so firmly against me, all of them out there, and about
not… They've not got nothing against me; it's against this Word. Me,
as a man, they can't say nothing against me; I never done them any
harm. But That's what they're afraid of. See? Now, we were…

They was having this meeting up there, rather, and they had, was going
to have a missionary to take the last three nights of this great
conference up in the hills where it's cool. Happen to be, this
missionary got up and come onto Mark 16, and he said, "There's many
people today who can't believe in Divine healing." Said, "I was in
India. I'm an Indian. And I was in India when a man here in the United
States by the name of Brother Branham, come." The pastor begin to move
over. Said, "My wife was dying with cancer. I was blind," or something
like that. "He prayed for one of us, and the other one he called out in
the audience, not even knowing our own language, and spoke the power of
God." And said, "We're here, healed." Well, they tried to shut him up.
They couldn't do it. That's our… See, right in their own conference…
Then they even denied of anything. And the–and some of the people,
even my–this boy's sister, them on the ground, wouldn't even have
nothing to say. They wanted to know if she wasn't connected, some way
they could get down to find out.

164 One of the ladies said, "Well, I believe it."
and George went to see this lady. And she went and got a girl that was
suffering with a–a–kind of retarded a little. So they had me come
over there to see the girl, the other night. And I went over there, the
little lady was setting there, and I said, "Are you a believer?"
She said, "Nah, I don't know whether I am or not." Well, she wasn't
retarded, just a devil spirit. They don't realize it. See, it takes
you, and you don't know it. It comes, then violence overcomes the
person, and they don't know it.
Women that walks out here on the street with these shorts on, they
don't realize. They might be… They could might could prove and swear
to it, that they've never done anything evil against their husband, or
so forth like that, but in their heart they don't realize, but the
spirit of the Devil has took them over. They are possessed of it. Why
would a woman want to strip her clothes off–off before a man? There's
only one person who done it in the Bible, and they were insane. Others
try to cover themselves. They don't realize it's so cunning, so subtle.
You have to watch, weigh yourself with the Word of God and see where
you're standing.

This young lady said, "Oh, they told me that I was baptized when I was
a kid." Said, "I don't know whether to believe that stuff or not."
I said, "Don't you believe Jesus Christ?"
And she said, "Well, I don't know whether I do or not." She said, "Some of that hocus-pocus stuff, I don't believe it."
I said, "Well, of course, you don't believe hocus-pocus stuff." I said, "But do you believe that He was the Son of God?"
"Oh," said, "He could've have been."
I said, and I said, "Do you believe He's the same today, the God that would save you?"
She said, "Is any of that there stuff about that there miracles and stuff like that? I don't believe nothing about it."

And I said, "What would you do if you were setting in a meeting and
seen God the Holy Spirit, which is the only God there is, working
amongst the people; God in the Fatherhood, the Pillar of Fire, and the
prophets; God in His Son, then God in His people? It's just attributes
of God, one great God Who covers eternity." I said, "What would you see
if He, among His people, made the–the blind to see, the deaf to hear,
look out upon the audience and tell the people what was wrong with
them, and like He did when He was here on earth?"
She said, "I believe it would be horoscope."
I said, "You are in a worse shape than I thought you were. You'd be
better off if you was crazy (See?); you wouldn't be accountable." But I
said, "You're just possessed of an evil spirit." I said, "When Jesus
told the woman at the well about her husbands, when He looked upon the
people and perceived their thoughts, would you call that horoscope?"
See, just so wrapped up in a denomination called Lutheran, that
anything contrary to that would be wrong…
Now, God wants men who is wrapped up in the Word. Anything contrary to
That's wrong. Jesus said, "Let every man's word be a lie, and Mine be
the Truth."

There was a man in a very scientific age by the name of Noah. He wasn't
ashamed of God's Word. God met him; He talked to him. He knowed it was
God. And He said, "It's going to rain." It never had rained, but he
believed it was going to rain. And the faith that he had, he wasn't
ashamed to exercise it. He took a hundred and twenty years to build an
ark, when the world was against him. He wasn't ashamed of God's Word in
his day. God saved him and his household for it. There was a… How
foolish it might've seemed to be to other people; but to him, he met
God. No matter how scientific the other was that was contrary, how it
said it couldn't happen, it couldn't happen, he met God.
That's what it is when you know that you're talking to Him… You would
think it was a foolish thing when somebody… When, I know that there
is a few people in the world holds on to what I say to be the truth. To
stand here and say, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, I'm going to Arizona, there
I'll meet seven Angels in a cluster," well, there's a group of men
standing there to see it happen.
The other night saying that Los Angeles would fall into the ocean…
But when you have met God, and the God Who doesn't fail, the God Who
does exactly what He said He would do, He's always done it; you're not
ashamed of it then. You don't have to walk back and be embarrassed
about it; you can tell the whole world. When a man meets God, talks to
Him, and the reality of God becomes his in his heart, he's not ashamed
of It.

178 Noah wasn't ashamed. It seemed foolish to the rest of the world, but not to him.
when he was before Pharaoh, he wasn't ashamed to tell Pharaoh that
these certain things would happen, because he had met God. God told him
in the burning bush. Moses said, "I–I stutter." That's what he had, an
impediment of speech.
He said, "There comes Aaron. You be God to him, and he'll be prophet to
you. I know he can speak well. But I'll be with your mouth. Who made
man to speak?" Amen. I like that. That's God. "Who made man be deaf or
dumb, or who made man to speak?" God has.
He said, "Lord, show me Your glory."
Said, "What's that in your hand?"
He said, "It's a stick."
Said, "Throw it on the ground." It turned to a serpent. Said, "Take it
up again." It turned back to a stick. Amen. He's God. "Put your hand in
your bosom." He put it in, pulled it out, white with leprosy. Said,
"Put it back and pull it again," and it was like the other hand. "I'm
Then he walk up before Pharaoh and say what He said he'd say. He said,
"It's going to be thus and thus." Picked up sand and throwed it up in
the air, and said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, let fleas come upon the
earth," and the fleas came. Took water and poured it out into the
river, and said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD," and the whole rivers and
everything turned to blood. Called hail down out of heaven.

You know, in the last days there's supposed to be them plagues repeat
again. And remember, an adulterer in the Bible time, his penalty was
death by stoning. The unbelieving church will be stoned to death with
hailstones, was once God's way of punishment. He'll stone this
unbelieving world, this adulterous generation. He'll stone it from
heaven with hailstones weighing a talent apiece, which is a hundred
pounds. The adulterous church will die; the adulterous world will die
under the punishment of God, under stoning, like He did in the
beginning. Get right with God, church. That's what we all must do: turn
back to God.

That old fuzzy-faced, gray-haired whiskers, bald-headed, skinny arms,
eighty-year-old Elijah setting up there in the wilderness, looking out
upon the sins of the people… God spoke to him one morning, said, "Go
down there and tell Ahab that not even the dew will fall from heaven
till you call for it."
I can see his little old eyes looking out from under that fuzzy-looking
white beard, that stick in his hand, walking down the road like a
sixteen-year-old boy. Walked right up in the presence of the king and
said, "Not even dew will come from heaven till I call for it." He
wasn't ashamed of God or His–His Word; tell a king or anybody else. He
wasn't ashamed. Didn't have to hide, say, "Now, Ahab, you–you'd be

It puts me in mind of something like I was telling the day I said to
the people, "I'm getting to a spot I need more faith." That's what I'm
home for now is to get a–a new burst of faith.
Got so, look like, when you pray for people, you apologize, "Mr. Devil,
would you please move over and let me…?" Nothing. Faith's got muscles
and hair on its chest. When it speaks, everything else shuts up. Don't
go in, "Mr. Devil, you move out." "Get out of here. I'm a son of God,
commissioned of God. Leave them alone." That moves. You have no apology
to the Devil, nothing to do with him, not ashamed of the Word of God,
not ashamed of your commission, not ashamed of who we are.
The only shame that I am, is I'm a Branham; that's my earthly birth.
I'm ashamed of my failures. But as His servant, I'm not ashamed. I'm
not ashamed of His Word. Whether it's denominations, kings, potentates,
or whatever it might be; just ready to give an answer, God calls for

Moses walked up before Pharaoh. He wasn't ashamed to tell him that they
would not compromise and take his so-many days out in the wilderness.
He said, "Some of the women stay back and your children."
Said, "We'll all go. Not even one hoof will be left behind; we'll take
our cattle and all." He wasn't ashamed. Why? He'd come into the Light
of deliverance.
That's the reason a man or a woman, sick or anything, once comes into
the Presence of God, and knows that God's healed them, you're stepping
into the Light of deliverance. You don't compromise on anything.
Deliverance was in his heart, for he'd met the God Who said, "I am the
God of Abraham, Who give Abraham the promise. And the time–time of
redemption, of deliverance, is at hand. I'm sending you down there to
take them out." What's to apologize about that?

Pharaoh could've killed him. He was just a man. He was a slave. He
could've killed him. But he wasn't ashamed of the Word. He didn't come
down and get on his knees and beg to Pharaoh for nothing. He said, "I
come to take them."
Pharaoh said, "Well, you can't take them."
He said, "All right, then there'll be fleas upon the earth, till you'll wade through them." There's what happened.
Said, "Oh, Moses, take them away."
He said, "All right. Now, do you repent?"
Said, "Well, you can go so-many days in the wilderness."
He said, "Then flies will come." Amen. Said, "Darkness will come." It was so dark you couldn't see one place to the other.
And finally death come from Pharaoh to the servants, it was death for the oldest child in the family.
Didn't have no apology to nobody. He was a son of Abraham, born in the
Spirit of God, given commission by God, the message of God to go down
and take those people out.
Well, can't God call the same thing in this hour to take out of the church a Bride?

Daniel wasn't, or David, rather, wasn't afraid before Saul. When
everybody was afraid of Goliath out there, he wasn't afraid to walk up.
And said, "Your servant…" This little ruddy-looking fellow said,
"Your servant was herding his father's sheep, and a bear come in and
got one of them. I chased him out in the wilderness and killed him with
this slingshot. A lion come in." Oh, my. "A lion come in and got one of
them, and run out in the wilderness, and I knocked him down with a
slingshot. When he got up, I killed him." He said, "And the God…"
That backslidden king standing there, them wishy-washy soldiers
claiming to serve the God of heaven, and let that uncircumcised
Philistine stand out there and defy the armies of the living God. Said,
"Your servant also will slay him. For the God Who delivered the lion
and the bear to me, will also deliver that uncircumcised Philistine."
He didn't stutter, didn't say, "perhaps it'll be done." He said, "It'll
be done." He wasn't ashamed.

Daniel, before the king, wasn't afraid to defy his orders that nobody
would pray, only to him. He opened up the windows, and threw up the
sash, and prayed three times a day. He wasn't afraid.
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, wasn't afraid of that fiery furnace.
Said, "Our God is able to deliver us. God can deliver us. But if He
don't, we're not bowing down to your image." They wasn't ashamed of it.
No, sir. No, sir. They certainly wasn't ashamed of it, because they
Samson wasn't ashamed before the Philistines. When a thousand run up to
him, he picked up the jaw bone of a mule. And them helmets, they was
about an inch and a half thick of brass. He beat a thousand down with
it, and still had the jaw bone in his hand. He wasn't embarrassed. He
just picked up what was in his hands, and went to work with it. He
knowed that the Spirit of God was upon him. He knowed he was born a
Nazarite. He knowed that nothing could bother him. He was a servant of
God. As long as he was in the will of God, nothing could stand in his
way, no matter how many kings or Philistines, or whatevermore come up.

John wasn't ashamed of the Word of God that came to him in the
wilderness, and told him to go baptize with water. He wasn't ashamed to
say, "Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world," for
the Spirit of God was upon him. He wasn't ashamed before the priests.
He wasn't ashamed of the Word of God when he walked up to Herod.
Philip's wife was living with Herod. Walked right up in the face of the
king, this old woolly-faced fellow out of the wilderness there, come
out of there, with no education or nothing else, and walked right up in
the face of Herod, and said, "It's not lawful for you to have her." He
wasn't ashamed of God's Word. Sure. He absolutely was not ashamed of It.
Stephen, he wasn't ashamed of God's Word.

First, the Pentecostal people up there on the day of Pentecost, when
they gathered in the upper room, the Holy Ghost fell upon them by a
promise of God. Luke 24:49 said:

… behold, I send the promise of my Father
upon you: but wait… in the city of Jerusalem, until you receive power
from on high.

And the very promise that the Word of God promised to them, "Behold, I
send the promise of My Father upon you, but wait there; don't get no
more theology or educations, and so forth; wait till you're endued with
power." And when that power from heaven came, like a rushing mighty
wind, they wasn't ashamed of the Gospel.
Peter stood up and said, "Repent, every one of you. You men, with
wicked hands, you've crucified the Prince of Peace, which God has
raised from the dead. And we're a witness. For this is what Joel said
would come to pass in the last days, 'I'll pour out My Spirit upon all
flesh.'" He wasn't ashamed of the Gospel.

Little Stephen, as I mentioned him a few minutes ago, when he went
through there like a–a–a tornado. He wasn't a preacher. He was just a
deacon, but he testified everywhere of the resurrection. He had met
God. And it's just like… Try to stop him? Well, it was like trying to
put a–a house, a burning house, fire out of it, on a windy day, in a
dry time. Why, every time the wind blew, it just set another fire.
They jerked him up before the Sanhedrin Council. Can you realize what
that is? That's like the Ecumenical Council. All religions head up, in
under the Ecumenical Council. All of them headed up there under the
Sanhedrin Council. Pharisees, Sadducees, Herodians, whatever they were,
they had to come into that council. And they snatched him up, just not
one organization, but the big council snatched him up. "We'll scare the
liver out of him."
When he walked up that morning, the Bible said his face looked like an
Angel. He said, "Men and brethren, let me speak to you. Our fathers
dwelled in Mesopotamia before they came to Charran," and so forth. He
still went and give the Scriptures. Then when he got all wound up, the
Spirit come upon him; he said, "You stiff-necked, uncircumcised of
heart and ears, you always resist the Holy Ghost; like your fathers
did, so do you." He wasn't ashamed of the Gospel, wasn't ashamed of the
Word. He wasn't embarrassed before any Sanhedrin Council. No.

Paul said before Agrippa. Being a Jew, taught under Gamaliel, a great
dignitary he was; but one day, on the road down to Damascus, he come in
Presence contact with God. A Angel came down from heaven in a form of a
Pillar of Fire, a Light that struck him on the ground. Raised up, and
said, "Lord, Who are You?"
And He said, "I'm Jesus."
Stand before Agrippa, he repeated the story again. He said, "I'm not
ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for It's the power of God unto
salvation, to everyone that believes." Sure.

214 Now, friends, we come on down with men down through the age, but we're past time.
let me say this. A man who has once come in contact with God, which is
the Word, and the Word has been made plain and manifested to him,
there's no shameness about that. You're not embarrassed. Doesn't
embarrass me to say I believe every Word of God. Doesn't embarrass me
when the Lord says to say anything, you go say it and do it. Don't
embarrass me to say that I've been filled with the Holy Ghost. Don't
embarrass me to say that I've spoke with other tongues. Don't embarrass
me to say that our Lord has showed me visions. Don't embarrass me to
say He's the same yesterday, today, and forever.
"When you're brought before rulers and kings, for My Name's sake, take
no thought what you shall say, for it'll be given to you in that hour.
It's not you that speaketh, but My Father that dwelleth in you. But
whosoever is ashamed of Me and My Word in this generation, him will I
be ashamed of before My Father and the holy Angels." God help us not to
be ashamed, but help us to be a living testimony.

Every man in the Old Testament, when them prophets came, they
become–they become the living Word. They was the Word. Jesus said they
were called gods, and they were; because the Word of God came to them.
They say, "It's THUS SAITH THE LORD."
And any disciple of Christ who has come in contact with Him in
redemption, and salvation has come into his heart, he is a possessor of
God. And what kind of a life should we live, and how should we walk,
and how should we talk, if God is representing Himself through our own
mortal bodies? Who could be ashamed of that?
If I come to a place that I was on the police force here in
Jeffersonville, walk down the street in all the authorities, I wouldn't
be ashamed of the city. I'd be part of the city. I'd be a police, a
part of the city to keep order and conduct. If a man run a red light, I
wouldn't be ashamed to tell him he done wrong, give him a ticket.
That's my duty, 'cause I'm–I'm getting paid by the city. I'm living by
the city. I have the authority from the city. No matter if he was
drunk, or what was the matter with him, they'll back me up. I stand my
grounds, 'cause I'm a policeman and or… I'm ordained, or put in here
and given authority to do this. You're supposed to take the law and
rights, and things, and see that it's done right.

Then if I'm a Christian and been filled with the Spirit, wearing the
testimony of Jesus Christ's resurrection, that He's the same yesterday,
today, and forever, don't let any devil try to push you around, say,
"You don't do this and you don't do that." You do do It. God's give you
See, we don't have power. That policeman don't have power to stop one
car. It's about… Sometime they're three or four hundred horsepower
motor, what could he do about it? But he's got authority.
And that's the church. We have authority, by the resurrection of Jesus
Christ and His promised Word (Hallelujah.), "The things that I do shall
you do also; more than this will you do, for I go unto the Father."

Don't be ashamed of Him in this generation; sinful, perplexed, the last
generation that'll ever be on the earth, this sinful, adulternous, and
full of all putrefied sores. All, everything that's been decent has
become indecent. National politics, filth… Nations are broke up.
Way back in the jungles of Africa, on safari hunters, they had to take
high-powered radios to hear Elvis Presley, Pat Boone, and them guys
with that rock-and-roll and twist. And the natives, trying to see them
act along, jerking their head, acting like that, the natives stood and
looked at it. But, you see, they're not Americans like Pat Boone, and
Elvis Presley, and Ricky Nelson, and them guys are. They're not Judases
of that type, but they're… See, it's a spirit. And the spirit is not
only in America; it's spread itself out over the world to bring them to
the battle of Armageddon. They act like that, whether they are…
Whatever nation they come from, Africa, India, wherever it is, that
vulgar and stuff has spread all over the earth, by just one man started

So has the Gospel and the power of Almighty God has spread around the
world. And the separation time is now taking place, when God is
a-calling a Bride, and the Devil's calling a church. Let me be part of
the Bride. Let us pray.
Dear God, we see the handwriting on the wall. We're at the end time. We
know that there's great things laying ahead; but yet somewhere,
somewhere out in this mess out here, is still honest people that's been
ordained to Life. It'd be impossible for one man or two men; but, God,
all of us together, let us spread in every corner we can, the good news
that Jesus is coming, and (See?), just spread a little Bread along, a
little Word. Wherever the eagles are, they'll follow that Food. Whether
It comes by a tape, or whether It comes by a word or a testimony,
eagles will follow It to Its headquarters. For It is written, "Where
the Carcass is, there the eagles will gather."
Dear Jesus, we know that Thou art the Carcass that we eat. Thou art the
Word, and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. We pray, God,
that as we scatter the Word, that the true eagles will find It.
Let us not be ashamed when we stand before people, wicked, indifferent
people, religious, whatever it is. As Paul told Timothy, let's be
instant in season, out of season; reproving and rebuking, with all
long-suffering and doctrine. For the time will come when they'll not
endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall heap for
themselves together teachers, having itching ears, and will be turned
from the truth to fables.
God, we're living in that day. You've let me live long enough to see
that happen. As that lays right here in the cornerstone of this
Tabernacle today of thirty-three years ago…

God, bless each one in here. If there be one in here, Lord, that's not
ready to meet You, that they cannot just agree with Your Word, and they
haven't met You face to face and–and know that You not just by an act
of some sort of a–of a–of an acception, like you would a creed or
something, but has met the living God; and if they haven't did this,
Lord, may they do it right now.
I–I believe You're–You're real near at this hour. I don't know who
they are. I don't know even if there's any here, but I just feel led to
pray to You. Not that the people hear me, for that would be a hypocrite
rite. God forbid. I don't want to be a hypocrite. But I pray it with
the sincerity in my heart, Lord.
Whoever he or she is that You speak to this morning, may they humbly
not be ashamed, but way down deep in their heart receive You now,
coming this evening and be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ,
following every Word, every Word; if they've been baptized different,
or sprinkled, poured. Remember (we do, Lord) that You said, "Whosoever
shall take one Word out of the Book, add one word to It, his part will
be taken from the Book of Life." Though he tries, comes, puts his name
on the book, it–it won't work. Let us be sincere and humble.
Now, they're in Your hands, Lord. You do with them as You see fit, for
they're Yours. In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Now, while we have our heads bowed, I want you to think real seriously
now. I apologize, first, for being about fifteen minutes late. Now, we
want to hum. And you just think in your heart now, "Have I really met
God?" Just think it real sincerely now. 'Cause it won't be too many
times maybe until… May be the last time now, that we'll meet before
His coming. It's close, friends. Every Scripture, looks like, is just
about fulfilled. And it might be for you or I, this might be our last
chance. We may be gone 'fore night.

I'll go with Him, with Him all the way.

I can hear, ("Are you ashamed of Me and of My Word?")

I can hear my Saviour… (Now, just imagine you are laying on your deathbed now.)

… can hear… (Then it might be too late, but it isn't right now.)

Take thy cross, and (Might have to sacrifice now.) follow Me.

Now, in your heart answer this.

I'll go with Him through the garden,

I'll go with Him through the garden,

I'll go with Him through the garden,

I'll go with Him, with Him all…

Now, with our heads bowed, let's just raise our hands and say,

I'll go with Him through the judgment, (Now, that's what's going on right now; He is judging us.)

I'll go… (Lord, do You find me guilty? Then forgive me.) … through His judgment, (What do You judge me to be this morning, Lord?)

… with Him through the judg… (Try me, Lord, see if there be any unclean thing in me.)

… with Him, with Him all the way.

Father, we thank You this morning for all these hands. I didn't see one
person but what they had their hands up. I thank You, Lord. I–I trust
You didn't either, Lord. No one that didn't have their hands up; they
are ready to go through the judgment. Judge us, Lord. And if there by
any wrong in us, forgive us for it, Father. Give us of Your mercy, for
we don't want to meet Your judgment when mercy is not present. So mercy
is present now, so we pray, God, that You'll judge us and forgive us of
our sins, according to Your Word and Your promise. And let us live for
You all the days of our life, not being ashamed of the Gospel.
Now, Father, if it's Your will, we're starting three straight Sundays
now of meetings. Prepare our hearts for it, Lord. Prepare me, O God.
I'm the one that's standing so deeply in need of You. I pray that
You'll guide me and direct me in the things that I should do and say in
these days to come.
Guide and direct our precious Brother Neville, that gallant servant of
Yours, Lord, and also Brother Mann, and the deacons of the church, and
the trustees, and every person that assembles here.

Prepare us, Lord, that we might be able in a–a real Christian way to
bring sinners to You, and to bring church members to a knowing the God
that we know, that we have met personally, and let Him become their God
too. Now, Father, this we cannot do; we cannot send them in. But Thou,
Holy Spirit, move upon the people, the members of churches.
And the little experience I had with You the other morning, "Go get My
Son a Bride; take It from among the people, among the churches. Pull
out that Bride." Let me, in prayer now, Lord. You send the Rebekah;
I'll try to be the Eliezer. Help me to be a faithful servant. And may
the God of heaven send His Angel before me, before us, that we'll
collect the things together and select the Bride that You have chosen.
We ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Now, I'm sorry to have kept you a little late. It's twenty-five after.
I should've been out of here twenty-five minutes ago. But now, you like
that old song, "Take The Name Of Jesus With You"? Ain't that pretty?
I've sang that now for some thirty-three years as a dismissing song.
Water baptism, "On Jordan's stormy banks I stand." And I think this is
so pretty, "Just take It everywhere you go."

Precious Name, O how sweet!

Hope… (Shake hands with somebody by you.)

Precious Name, (precious Name,) O how sweet!

Hope of earth and joy of heaven.

Now, remember the services tonight, seven-thirty, seven-thirty tonight. Now, let's sing just one verse. See?

Take the Name of Jesus with you,

As a shield from ev'ry snare;

When temptations around you… (What do you do then?)

Just breathe that holy Name in prayer.

Precious Name, O how sweet!

Hope of earth and joy of heaven;

Precious Name, O how sweet!

Hope of earth and joy of heaven.

Was there any come to be baptized after this service? If so, raise your
hands. Somebody to be baptized? Two, all right, to be baptized
immediately after this service. If the rest of you, any of you that
wants to be baptized, we'll have baptismal services at every one of
these services. The only thing you have to do is ask. We're ready to
baptize you. That's our duty to baptize you in the Name of our Lord
Jesus Christ. It's our duty to do it. And we'll be glad to do it
anytime. You that's to be baptized, just go to the rooms, immediately
after the service, and we'll go right ahead with the water baptism.
Anybody wants to follow them, you'd be sure that we're here… If you
have repented of your sin and you've accepted Jesus as your Saviour…
If you have been a Christian for years, and never seen the Light, and
the Light of deliverance has come now…
A woman, a Bride that must take the Name… Jesus said, "I came in My
Father's Name, and you received Me not. But there will be one come in
his own name, and you'll receive him," that's your denominations.
Any son comes in his father's name. I come in my father's name. You men come in your father's name.
And what was His Name, what is the Name of the Father? Jesus. He, "came
in My Father's Name, you received Me not." Now, His Bride will have His
Name, of course.
I took a woman, by the name of Broy, and she become a Branham. He's
coming for a Bride, be sure and remember that as you come to the pool.
Let us bow our heads now.

And Brother Vayle here is no stranger to us. He's a very precious
brother, been with me in many meetings, him and his wife. And he's also
now the writer of these sermons and things that goes into book form.
Brother Vayle, would you dismiss us in prayer, while we bow our heads. [Brother Vayle prays–Ed.]

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