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At Kadesh-Barnea (56-0527)

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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham
called At Kadesh-Barnea
was delivered on Sunday, 27th May 1956 at the Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, Indiana, U.S.A.
The tape, number 56-0527,
is 1 hour and 9 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette. This message is available in book format (Volume 27, Number 7).

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She was so scared, her heart was about racing at ninety miles an hour,
looked like. She was up home awhile ago and she was in the room trying
to hum it over, and fix it over, and…
Well, puts me in mind of Brother Moore when he… His little boy, he
said he wanted to preach, and he was about seven or eight years old; he
kept saying, "Pappy, I want to preach." So one night before the
congregation, Mr. Moore said, "Now, folks," said, "David setting here
(and setting up there like an old clergyman, you know, and his head all
up)," he said, "he wants to preach a little while tonight."
So he run up to the platform, jumped down out of his chair, run up
there, you know, and stopped; and he thought he'd just tear right into
it. And he looked one way and the other, said, "Just won't work." Run
back and set down. [Brother Branham laughs–Ed.] I seen a lot of times I thought it wouldn't work. So just–that was all right though.

Their mothers used to sing for us, Mabel and Meda. I'd like to hear
them sing again sometime, wouldn't you? I'd just like to hear them
sing. Maybe we can get them to team up next Sunday night and sing the
song for me they sing when I left the church. You remember when it
was–what it was? "The Sands has been washed in the footprints… the
Stranger," and then, "They'll Come From The East And West (let's see,)
And feast with the King, to dine as His guests." I think that's the way
it goes. But I'd like to hear them. How many like to hear them about
next Sunday night if we're around? Sure. Mabel are you here? Is she
here, Doc? She hears it, and Meda's back there, so they can practice up
a little 'cause the girls are going to run away from them after awhile,
won't they? That's right, have to practice a little now and get started
this next week.

Tonight coming down, and just a few moments ago family left, and I was
alone with the Lord to pray a little. I drove down past the old
Tabernacle and seen the cars lined up out here. You know, it just
brings back old memories of a long time ago, when used to have in here,
come in, and have great services and last till two and three o'clock in
the morning. The people just sets around together. You know, many of
those old timers are up here in the grave today; I mean their bodies,
but they're in glory. And generations keep coming on, the younger ones
moving up. Won't be long till we'll be gone, the other generation
will–the other young ones take our place. So it behooves us to live
every day (doesn't it?) just for the Lord, Him alone.

Now, I know tomorrow is a work day for the people who have to get out
and go to work, so we're–try to let out early tonight. Is there a
baptism service, anything to follow this? All right.

Now, this blessed old Bible is the road Map to–from the cradle to–to
the grave and to heaven, all the way through. And we love it because
the contents of This is where we find the plan of salvation to save to
the uttermost. Now, before we open It, let's speak to the Author, while
we bow our heads just a moment.
Our heavenly Father, we thank Thee tonight for all that has been done
already in the service: for the hymns and for the–all that has already
taken place. And we're grateful tonight to be assembled here under the
roof of this little building in the Name of the Lord Jesus with this
gracious promise, that "Wherever two or three are gathered in My Name,
I'll be in their midst." And we know that Thou art here.

And we're so happy to know, that after nineteen hundred years of Gospel
preaching, and–and the world's history moving around, yet, Thou
are–remains the same. Changing of time, changing of people, changing
of nations, changing of desires and attitudes, but Thou remains the
same. And we're so glad of that tonight, Father, for we're glad that we
can read Your Word and see what You were then, and know that we're
approaching the same loving, forgiving, understanding Father that once
walked the sandy shores of Galilee. Crucified, taken our place and
became a sinner, that died at the cross in our stead to take upon
Himself our sins, to bear them away, and was cast into hell. And the
prophet had said, "I'll not leave his soul in hell, neither will I
suffer my holy One to see corruption." And on the third day arose again
and ascended on high, where You set tonight at the right hand of the
Majesty of God to make intercessions upon our confessions. And we have
a right and a privilege to confess that our own personal property
that's been bought by Your Blood, anything that You included in Your
redemption plan when You died and made the atonement at Calvary.

And tonight, Father, we ask a special blessing for every pilgrim that's
gathered under the roof here tonight in the Tabernacle. We ask also,
Father, for the men and women, boys and girls who are outside of the
Ark tonight, that doesn't know You; we pray that You'll be with them
and draw them to Thee tonight. And may the Holy Spirit knock especially
at their heart and woo them to God our Father. Grant it, Lord. Bless
every church and every meeting that's going on throughout the whole
world today and tonight. And may all the ministers be inspired to
preach, and the people's heart and ears circumcised to hear and to
understand, and God will receive glory. For we ask it in Christ's Name.

And may the Lord add His blessings tonight as we come to the cross to
teach a little on the Word. This is kind of a Sunday School lesson. You
know, I was thinking awhile ago, setting up there, you know, it would
be a marvelous thing sometime if… There's a big, empty building down
in the city here, the old Green Theater. I imagine it'll seat fifteen
hundred to two thousand people. And it would be very nice if we could
have sometime, or maybe a continuation of several Sundays in
succession, about five weeks. Then have a Sunday afternoon, a healing
service in the old Green Theater down here, and broadcast the service
over one of the local stations. Why, now it don't cost very much, about
nineteen, twenty dollars, something like that. And I would be glad to
pay for it myself, and as my meetings out there are sponsored. Just for
the people around here to be brought in. And a good place to send them,
for the converts, and…

You know, I have so enjoyed the message of our pastor this morning
about seining. And I know you all did. And that's right. And it's–and
we've got to get the fishes in the net, as he said. And that's right.
You have to get the fish in the net. And then together, why, we stand.

Now, I… The… Last evening at Brother Junior Cash (I believe his
name is), we were up there to speak for him last evening and the Lord
came down in a marvelous way.
And they brought a girl. The only thing that I see that could've been
naturally, that you could have seen with your eye, that was at the
platform, was a colored girl from down in the lower part of Indiana,
below New Albany, or somewhere, had been in a accident and had severed
the nerves in the ear and the vocal, that she could not speak or hear.
And a vein had been clamped off somewhere that paralyzed her side. And
the girl… Her mother, and her with the big braces trying to lead her
up there, just a young girl, lassie, and probably sixteen, something on
that order.

And somehow or other, the Holy Spirit just seem to place Africa right
in front of me. I looked at it. And I have a vision wrote right here in
the book, that the return to Africa will be far greater than the first
African meeting. And then, the people not knowing what was going on,
that a vision taken place, and I said, Heavenly Father…"
Not that we ask for miracles. The Bible said, "A weak and adulterous
generation seeks after miracles." And we don't seek after miracles, but
God performs miracles. Right at the same time He said that, He was
performing miracles. But if we seek after them, have to have miracles,
something to show of some evidence that–that we're saved or something
like that… I don't believe in evidences. I believe the evidence that
we're saved, we took God at His Word. That's the best thing I know, and
then the fruits follow.

Now, I asked Him if He would just grant it as a–as a sign that it was
time to return back to Africa, which our contacts are getting stronger
all the time. And when we prayed for that girl, she could speak and
hear and move. It was just marvelous to see what our Lord could do. And
so we're happy tonight for that. And know that that lovely home, ever
where it's at, is very happy tonight to see that girl. How did it
happen when the nerves were all cut off from it (See?), no way at all,
nothing. It done cut and clamped off, the nerve to the tongue or
the–the vocal and to the hearing; which they're both on the same
nerve, but it was severed by the accident. But God in some way… How
many was there, heard the girl speak? Let's see in here. That's right.
See? And she could speak and hear and talk. I'd talk like this… [Brother Branham speak softly–Ed.] I said, "Do you hear me?"
She said, "Yeah."
"Do you hear me?" Then I said, "Say, 'Mama.'"
She said, "Mama."
I said, "Say, 'Jesus.'"
She said, "Jesus," and go right ahead and talk.

So the Lord is wonderful, isn't He? Full of mercy… And then, being
out in the evening services now for two weeks, it kind of got my heart
pounding to good again for–ready for another service.
Now, over in the book of Numbers. I love the Old Testament. We're going
to have a lesson tonight on–out of the book of Numbers, Numbers the
13th chapter and the 30th verse. Just read one verse for a basic and
for a beginning. And then we'll see, if we read one verse out of the
Bible, I know this one thing, my word will fail because I'm a man; but
that Word of God will never fail because It's the Word of God. And so,
one verse out of here will–given us foundation, that every person
coming will be blessed, because just no more than reading of the Word.
Now, in the 30th verse…

And Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said, Let us go up at once and possess it; for we are… able to overcome it.

And may the Lord add His blessings to the Word.

Now, my subject tonight is "At Kadesh-Barnea." And this subject that we
have under consideration, for just a little background, to bring up to
the spot to where, if the Lord willing… All this, of course, is never
premeditated; it's just spoken by inspiration, just as it's given. I
never had schooling to learn how to preach it. And I've tried it four
or five times and really made an awful mess out of it. I–I just don't
know how to do it. But I do love Him, and I depend on Him. And I know
you all do too.

So now, in the beginning this is a picture that God… A great drama of
the Bible that God has set in order here for us for–that by this we
might prosper. I believe over in Hebrews the 10 chapter, or the 12th
chapter said, "Seeing that we are compassed about with such a great
cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin that
does so easily beset us, that we might run with patience the race
that's set before us, Looking to the Author and Finisher of our faith,
the Lord Jesus Christ."

Now, all the Old Testament and all of It's characters and
characteristics was only a foreshadow of the–the wedge or the
keystone, the New Testament that joins law and this dispensation
together. Many people has referred to this as the Christian
dispensation, but it isn't. This is the Holy Spirit dispensation. The
Christian dispensation lasted three years and six months. The law
lasted for several hundred years. And then, the Christian dispensation
was what bridged or keystoned the New and Old Testament together.
And many times over in the Bible we see, and many times referred to,
the Acts Of The Apostles, it's called. I always like to refer to it as
the Acts Of The Holy Spirit in the Apostles. Because the apostles were
just men, but it was the Holy Spirit in the apostles, bringing forth
His move.

And the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ that has
descended upon the Church to continue the works of the Lord Jesus in
His going away. It is to give the Gospel Light in a lesser Light than
it was when Christ was here.
Like the moon and the sun, the moon comes up to give a light in the
absence of the sun, until it can rise again. Then the moon goes out.
And the sun is such a brighter light that it puts out the moonlight.
But what is the moonlight? It's a reflection of the sun on the moon.
And that is like Christ. When He was here, He was the Light of the
world. He went away and shining back on His Church to reflect His Light
into this world today for a Light to walk in until He returns, and then
all in all will be given unto Him. And He will sit on the throne of
King David and reign forever and forever.

Now, the Old Testament being a beautiful type, we type there and see
all those things happen to the people that we might look for examples.
Now, God being sovereign… And as I have, just was teaching today in a
home where I was invited out for dinner. They wanted to know if they
would know their loved ones, when they met them in Glory. "Why," I
said, "certainly we will know them." See. We–we are in a–we're–have
three different bodies we dwell in: One is a human; the other is the
celestial; and the other is the glorified. And then if we know one
another in the human body, the mortal body, how much more will we know
each other in a glorified body?
It's like if the law could produce a good thing, how much greater thing
can grace produce, because it's greater than the law. And if the moon
can produce a certain part of light, how much more will the sun
outshine it when it comes. And we'll certainly know each other.

And now, it's just like as I say, we keep growing in knowledge, the
human being. You know more now than you did when you was a little boy
or girl, because you get wiser. And the whole human race gets wiser.
But did you notice, the animal kingdom never gets any wiser? You know
you live in a better house now than your grandfather did? And probably
your children will live in a far better house than you have now.

But just recently, I believe, in the "Reader's Digest" or somewhere, I
was reading an article of where they taken a little wren and put it in
a cage with nothing to build it a nest by. And she had to lay her eggs
on the cage floor. And they hatched out, the little wrens, and they
taken them little wrens and put them in a cage without anything to
build a nest. When they hatched them out to fifteen generations,
fifteen different generations before it would change the nature. Then
that would take fifteen years because the wrens only have one nest of
eggs a years. And after fifteen years, they turned the other little
wren loose of it's successors of–of fifteen years, had never had a
straw to build a nest, nothing, and put this little wren in a place;
and the first thing she done was take off and build a nest. The birds
build their nest just like they did in the Garden of Eden.

But man keeps progressing, keeps getting more wiser, the whole… Your
grandfather (as I said) went to see their grandmother in an ox cart;
your daddy went to see mother driving a horse and buggy; I went to see
my wife in a model-T Ford; my boy's got a eight cylinder speedway, ever
what you call it. Probably the grandchildren will have a jet plane.
That's the way… We keep progressing because we have a soul. Now, the
bird doesn't have a soul. But we have a soul. We're not a creator, but
we can pervert.

Now, we can't create timber but we can take timber after God has
created it and make a house out of it, because we're offsprings of God,
sons and daughters of God. No matter how fallen we are, still we have
to recognize that we are sons and daughters of God. In our fallen
estate we're still sons and daughters. God makes a promise, God has to
keep that promise. Oh, I hope you see it. If you could only understand,
church tonight, and realize, you wouldn't be going from pillar to post,
and joining this church and that church. You wouldn't be seeking after
the things of the world to bring pleasure to you. You wouldn't be
seeking from one healing service to another. You could take God at His
Word and know that it's over. Certainly. When God makes a promise, He
cannot move from that promise. He's–He's duty bound to keep His Word.

I heard someone saying, "What if he would backslide and back and
the…" You could do that. "Well, I'm lost out with God." If you were
ever found with Him, you'll never be lost with Him. Because God can't
save you, and then turn His back on you, and turn you away. If He
would, He defeats His own purpose. So He can't do that. So when God…

We, getting wiser, but God was infinite to begin with. He was perfect.
He never gets any wiser. He's always the same. So if a certain crisis
arise and God acted such-and-such a way at that crisis, then if the
same crisis arise again, if He doesn't act in the same way, He acted
wrong when He acted here. See? So He has to be the same all the time,
regardless of any age. And how people can explain and try to take away
the power of Deity, I can't understand it. Because if Christ is the
same yesterday, today, and forever, His power is the same, His attitude
is the same. And just as He was then, He is now and will be forever.
You just can't take nothing from Him. That's all.
And if He rose in the days of His earthly journey and healed the sick
that was beyond doctor's care, and healed them? If He acted that way in
that crisis, if He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, He's got
to act the same way today or He did wrong to them people. See? If He
made a promise there and had to stay with it, He makes a promise here
and He's got to stay with it. He's just got to. There's nothing wrong
with God and with His promise. The wrong is in us, not faith to believe
it, or to take Him at His Word.

Now, you see, if we had the gumption of the bird, we'd act like they
did in the beginning. But we get so smart, we explain all the world
away, and say, "Oh, it was in a day past." And we build another kind of
a situation. Instead of taking God at His Word, we just start a new
organization. See? "Well, this is the way God will do it, and that's
the way God will do it." If we, just like the birds, and didn't change
and wasn't on the basis of free moral agency, we would just take God at
His Word and that would settle it, and that's all. God said so, so
that's all there is to it. How beautiful it is to find that the true
and living God still lives today. In the midst of all the chaos still
God lives and reigns.

Now, this covenant people, Israel, down in–in Egypt on account of
disobedience and of selling their brother, Joseph. And was taken down
into Egypt and was there four hundred years under bondage. I want you
to notice. They never lost their covenant; they lost their freedom, not
their covenant. When God made the covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and
Jacob, that He swore by Himself that He would save Abraham and his seed
after him, God's duty bound to keep that promise. And He's just as duty
bound to you on that promise as He was to Abraham on the promise.
That's right, if you're Abraham's seed. How do you become Abraham's
seed? "We that are dead in Christ take on Abraham's seed," says the
Bible, "and are heirs according to the promise." Then God's just as
duty bound to you as He was to Abraham. Say, that would take all the
scare out of it. God don't want you to be scared of nothing; rest
solemnly upon what He said.

What we need today is some man that'll challenge the hour that we live
in. That's right. In a day when discrepancy and everything else has
creeped in under the name of religion, and so forth, and under the name
of salvation, the Gospel, we need somebody to be raised up among us
like God raised up Moses to take the place in that day.

Yes. They hadn't lost their covenant; they had lost their freedom. They
were slaves but the covenant still lasted. And one day down there, when
they were groaning and crying under the taskmasters of Egypt because
they had become slaves…
I want you to notice this beautiful picture. And this would be good for
legalists. Listen. God never come down and said, "Now, if you'll do
certain things, if you'll do certain things." God's grace provided a
saviour, Moses. That's right. Not under any conditions was Moses
brought, but by sovereign grace God sent Moses. Not only a saviour, but
grace provided a deliverer, without any law, without anything. Just
solemn grace of God, He sent down Moses to be a–a deliverer and a
saviour of the nation, to bring them out.

When I think of that, then I begin to remember that the same God that
was with the covenant people in Egypt, is surely, under all the strain
and the indifference that the church is in tonight, He will, by the
grace of His Own Being, send a Deliverer. We're just as certain to get
a outpouring of the Holy Spirit in these last days, as we're setting in
this church tonight. God has acted to the covenant people without any
effort of theirs, but He sent freely from heaven a–a–to His covenant
people an act of grace upon the sovereignty of His promise. He sent
Moses. And in the same crisis, when the people is in bondage, and in…
under everything, the yoke of sin and sickness and trouble today, He's
just as certain to send Jesus Christ the second time as He sent Moses
in the first time. When the crisis arose, God acted in sovereign grace.
He's got to do the same thing under the same act or He did wrong when
He acted back there. You see it?

What I'm trying to get at is this: The greatest sin I find in the
church today is unbelief. That's the only sin there is. There's no
other sin but unbelief.
How much of that is night out there? How much is dark? You couldn't
say, "This much is dark" go out from my hands, it's all dark. Now,
there's only one way to designate and to determine sin, that isn't by
whether you drink, or whether you smoke, or whether you gamble. It's
designated this a way: because you are an unbeliever you do that.
That's true. Because you gamble, because you lie, because you steal,
those things are not sin; that's the results of sin. That's because
that in you dwells a different spirit. If you was a believer, a firm
believer, those things would be as dead and black as the night is
before you. Certainly. See, those things are attribute of unbelief.

In Saint John the 3rd chapter, Jesus said, that, "He that believeth not
is condemned already." You don't even get to first base; you're
condemned to begin with. So that doesn't mean that you have to have a
measuring stick in your church: if you do this, if you measure up to
these rules, if you measure up to that rule. Many times people will lay
aside little things like that to belong to a church, and the thing's
still in their heart, and they slip around and do it. But when a man
has met God's requirements and been borned again of the Spirit of God,
those things are took out of his life. He doesn't want to do them.

Could you imagine a pig, the pig will go to the pile of manure and he
will eat; I don't blame him; he's a pig; that's what makes him do it.
But you'll never get a lamb to do that, because there's two natures.
The pig has one nature, and the lamb has another nature. And as long as
you could keep that same nature in that pig, no matter how you try to
clean him up, he will be the same nature, because he's a pig to begin
And therefore, a lot of times, we take people and bring them in the
church, and so forth like that, make them members when they've never
become saved. That's the reason today that such a mix-up is in the face
of the people; they don't know which way to turn. They see people
professing Christianity and no different than the world. Is become a
person has never come in contact or never been borned again, never
accepted the Lord Jesus, never believed on Him. They might have been
worked up; they might have danced; they might have shouted, they might
have spoke with tongues; they might have done all these things, but
never come to the Person, Christ Jesus, and actually been borned again
in their heart. These things die out; our nature is changed, and a new
person is born.

Now, when Moses had become of age, he refused to be called the son of
Pharaoh's daughter. After that he slew the Egyptian. But God was with
him out on–at Midia and brought him back. And in the face of that
burning bush that day, he received an experience that stayed with him
as long as he lived. And as I said last night, so will I say today:
that man… No matter how good Moses was taught, how much theology he
knowed, how good a church member he was (and he had a good teacher,
mother), he was brought up under the–every precept of education that
could be bought; he was a king's son. But he still, trying in himself,
failed to make it go over. But in five minutes in the Presence of the
burning bush, he become a new person. Something happened.

And what we need today in our seminaries, it's not so much theology to
be taught, but a burning bush experience, where men get down before God
and meet Him face to face. We need a challenger today like we had in
that day. What we need is men and women who's met God and know what
they're talking about. Not somebody trying to teach from some church
book or some open theology. What we need today is a man that's been in
the Presence of a burning bush, and been borned again, and changed, and
made a new creature. That's the type of person we need today. That's
the kind of person that'll stay on the firing line, regardless of what
comes or goes.

Moses, after he received his commission, went down into Egypt and
delivered the children of Israel. One great mistake we find and one
great thing, as it was in that day, so is it today. When we find out
that Moses went down and got the children of Israel and brought them
out, the phenomenal had been done. Now, here it is. I don't want to
hurt you. I don't want to shake you or jerk the hide from you, for I
wish to preach the truth. There's one thing about it, brother, the
truth will never make you popular, but the truth will make you honest;
that's one good thing. And well, hadn't you rather be honest than be
popular. Certainly you had.

Now, I want you to know that when the phenomenal was done, miracles
were performed, signs and wonders. And when they went out, the Bible
said a mixed multitude went out, a mixed group of people: some of them
believers, some pretending to believe. The–the great miracles had been
done; people went out as professed believers, and they was not
believers. And that's where a great bunch of our trouble lays today; we
could our finger on it: Is men and women who come into church and
profess to be believers and they're not believers. I've found it in the
pulpit; I've found it in the prayer line; I've found it everywhere,
where man come in, and women, who said, "I am a believer" and profess
to be a believer, and they're not believers.

And that's what started Israel's trouble, when they got to a place,
after they found out these people went out… Sure the supernatural had
been done. That's what we find in our realms today in our churches. God
has come on the scene; He heals the sick; He's raised the dead; He's
opened the eyes of the blind; He makes the deaf to hear, the dumb to
speak; He heals the cripples; He takes cancers away from the people.
We… That cannot be denied. That's by the thousands. One time it
started from right here on 8th and Penn Street, and now around the
world, with ten thousand revival fires burning on the hills of every
heathen nation and everywhere else. Signs and wonders are being done,
great things are moving, God on the move. We're at the end time, the
junction time.

So we find out in this there's a mixed multitude. Many times people go
out saying, "Yes, I am. I'll do this." And we find out that those
people were carnal. Just as soon as the first little strain come, they
desired to go back into Egypt. They wanted the garlic pots; they wanted
the fish out of the river; they wanted the leek and the garlic; they
wanted the things that they had down in Egypt.
That's a beautiful and a perfect type of the carnal church member
today. He loves the things of the world because he's not of God. The
Bible said, "If you love the world or the things of the world, the love
of God's not even in you." And Christ is right in all of His
statements. And that's true. And today we find people going out… Oh,
I wish God, somehow, could put this on the left side, under the fifth
rib, and tamp it down. A man, no matter how much you've tried to
pretend, when it comes to a strain, a man will show his best and worst
points under strain. Take a Christian sometime and put him under a
strain and watch how he acts, and you can tell what he's made out of.

Everybody can go good; everybody can praise the Lord while the Holy
Spirit's a falling in a congregation of people. But let trouble arise
and watch what takes place. Watch what happens then. There you'll
follow them around? Are you one of the mixed multitude? Are you the
person who can't (as the street expression say), can't take it? That's
it. You can't stand up to it. Brother, if you've got that way,
backslidings, and up-and-downs, and ins-and-outs, why don't you come to
Calvary and die out to yourself and be borned again of the Spirit of
God? Amen. Shame on you.
You who profess Christianity, you who live in your churches. We have no
members here; you just come here; you belong to all different churches.
But you people who profess to be Christians, and then live something
else life, that you're not here and an indebtiment to the society of
the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. You who profess to be Christians and are
ashamed to take Him at His Word or testify to His power and glory when
He comes, you're indebtiment to the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Amen. That's true. That's right. Flee to the Word, sink or drown
ground, stand on His Word.

Abraham had to do it and call those things which were not as though
they were; and he believed God, and it was imputed unto him for
righteousness. What we need today is the wishbone out of a backbone put
in Christianity. It's there; the thing we need is some borned again
Christians, men and women, who'll when they see trouble rising, not
slip off, not fall off, not run out this way be partakers of it, but a
man and woman who will stand and show their color. Even your friends
will appreciate you more if you'll do that.
What man is he, that don't appreciate a woman, let her be as ugly as a
fence, made of mud and daubed with tadpoles. Let her be as ugly as she
may be, but let her be lady and character enough to stand for the woman
morals. Any man that comes along will take off his hat to her, if he's
got an ounce of man in him. And if man face that being a fallen son of
God, what will God, Himself, say to a man who will stand upon his
convictions, call right, right and wrong, wrong.

What we need today is a good old-time Saint Paul's revival and the
Bible Holy Ghost back into the church again. There's so much of this
wishy-washy carrying on in the name of Christianity, taking away. So
much denominations, so much theology, so much education and… I'm not
trying to support… People don't walk anyhow, as crippled as the
church is. Here it is. As crippled as the church is, education's not
your crutch; your faith is your crutch. Amen. That's right. Education
will never do it; denomination will never do it; there'll never be an
organization ever substitute the upper room experience. There'll never
be a school that'll ever take the place of Pentecost. It can't be. "Not
by power, not by might, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord." That's what
we need today is back to the Bible experience, Christians that are
borned again, that are washed in the Blood of the Lamb, made white,
rejuvenated, twice born. What the world needs today, a revival,
old-time revival, the kind that Saint Paul had in about A.D. 66.

Now, my brother, sister, we watch this mixed multitude going up. After
while they begin to complain. That's what we find in every move of God.
That's what you Methodists find in your church; that's what you
Baptists find in your church; you Presbyterian, Pentecostals, whoever
you are, you find them. It's a mixed multitude. That's what it was when
John Wesley had a revival way back in the seventeenth century; a mixed
multitude went in. When Martin Luther had a revival, mixed multitude
went up. When the Baptists by John Smith had a revival, a mixed
multitude went up. When the Pentecostal had a revival, a mixed
multitude went up. And that's exactly what lays it on the shelf. If it
had been the real genuine articles, would've stayed into the church,
and would've prayed these others out, and had went on, there'd still be
a revival in the Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, and Pentecostal
church. It's a mixed multitude.

They went out. As soon as they got over there they begin to complain.
They'd only been out in the desert three months; they begin to say,
"Oh, if I had some garlic, if I had some leeks." They were out there
and had substituted Angel's food for garlic, and was complaining. Why,
their gastronomics wasn't able to digest Angels' food. That's what the
matter today; we haven't had an old-time, Holy Ghost revival, and our
spiritual gastronomics is not able to digest real good, old fashion
Holy Ghost hold on revival…?… We need a doctor's prescription;
that's Doctor Jesus' prescription that will get us right. Certainly.
They don't hold on; they go on; and they go back. Just the first little
thing rise up, complain, fuss, stew. They… Take a church that gets
one of them things started in it, it's like a cancer, it'll kill the
whole church. That's right. We ought to get that started and get it out.
Now, when they wasn't gone very far… Now, think, eating Angel's food,
come down from heaven and was complaining. And they were drinking a
waters from a smitten rock, the pure, holy waters of Life, and was
complaining they wanted the muddy water of the Nile. So is it today.

People say, "Oh, preacher, you're too narrow-minded. You'll take all
the pleasures away from the church when you go to preaching against
these kind of things and that kind of thing." Brother, if the church
stood where she professes to stand, she would love the things of God
and hate the things of the world, not our mixed multitude. That's
what's the matter today, a mixed multitude, a people who desires the
things of the world and wants to pitter along with the church. That's
what causes it when they stumble and fall; that's what shuts off prayer
meetings; that's the way it organize with all kind of societies in the
church and take out the altar off the…?… and the only fire its
got's in the basement.
That's what tells a preacher to preach fifteen minutes and make it on
rosaries or red birds or something. Why, I'll tell you a borned again
church of the living God wants to hear the Gospel, 'cause a man that's
borned of the Spirit of God… Jesus said, that the… "Man shall not
live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth
of God." Certainly did. Mixed multitude…

They went up. Yes, they had left a great boasting physicians of Egypt,
boasting in their material ideas, in their mechanical devices, in their
medical science, in the way that they had, and the mechanics; they were
boasting of their physicians. They left that to journey with the Great
Physician, and were still complaining. Isn't that just like the mixed
multitude today?
And the first thing you know, they come to a place called
Kadesh-Barnea. Kadesh-Barnea is the judgment seat, was the judgment
seat of the world. The real name of the place, the meaning of it was a
great, super spring that bubbled up by this, a bunch of palm trees that
stood in the desert, where some small huts, called a city, a dwelling
place of–of a nation of people, or a little handful of people. And all
along there, there were little bitty springs that bubbled up
everywhere, fed from this one great big spring.

What a beautiful picture of a church. Out on the desert where
everything had to come to Kadesh to get water. Everything had to come
to Kadesh to get water, and therefore the one big spring, and fed the
other springs. That is a type of heaven; that is a type of the judgment
seat of God, where that the judgment begins at the house of God. And
where this one great spring fed and the other little springs run out
from it, means the heaven being the judgment seat of Christ, and all
the churches is giving life, water, and the judgment seat wherever
people comes to the church to be judged.

The trouble of it is today, people come to church and they're patted on
the back. And the things is, because that they pay in on the collection
plate, because that they become a deacon, because they become something
else of the church; or either, or can drive up in a better car, or can
wear better clothes, or–or something like that, you're respected and
you're patted on the back. Brother, what we need today is some old
fashion preachers who will call black, black and white, white like John
the Baptist.
When he come out of the wilderness of Judaea, he wasn't dressed very
well. He had a piece of sheepskin around him, with a leather girdle
cloth of camel hair wrapped around him, and he come out preaching
repentance. And when Herod took his brother, Philip's wife, and
there–come over there to the meeting, I can imagine the deacon saying,
"Don't you preach on marriage and divorce tonight, 'cause there's a
great man among us tonight. Don't you do nothing like that."

And could you imagine a man receiving the Holy Ghost in his mother's
womb ever holding down on anything that was sin. John the Baptist
received the Holy Ghost three months before he was born. He was dead in
his mother's womb, but the speaking of the Name of Jesus, he jumped and
leaped in the mother's womb. Could you imagine a man that received the
Spirit of the baptism of the Holy Ghost three months before he was
born, compromising with the things of the world?
Walked right straight out and stuck his finger under his nose and said,
"It's not lawful for you to have her." That's the way it… It cost his
head, but he's in glory tonight amongst those redeemed in the other
world. Amen. That's not popular, but it's truth. Amen. Notice.

Don't get scared when I say, "Amen." It means "So be it." That's right.
Now, I know I get a little excited once in a while. You think I'm
excited, but I'm not; I know where I'm at. I know just exactly what
I…?… know what I'm talking about. I know Who I'm talking about, the
Lord Jesus Christ. Notice, how beautiful.

And they begin to murmur and complain, and finally they were brought to
Kadesh. And when they come to Kadesh, this judgment seat, judgment…
And then all the whole thing was gathered together. And some glorious
day, and I believe that day is at hand right now, when there will be a
separation between the right and the wrong.
And I believe I could sufficiently prove by the Scripture authority
that the mark of the beast and the Seal of God of the people of God is
soon to take place, and even now taking place. The mark of the beast is
the mark of apostasy. The mark of the beast was those who rejected the
right; they were bored in the ear to be wrong the rest of their days.
Those who receive the Seal of God is the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
Ephesians 4:30 said, "Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God whereby you're
sealed until the day of your redemption." It's come to a place where a
person can't stand mediocre anymore. That's right.

Just like a fellow was trying to go to heaven. He had a handful of
tickets. The man asked him when he boarded the train, said, "What's
there so many tickets for?" One of them was Methodist, one was Baptist,
one was Christian Science, one was Seventh Day Adventist, one was
everything. Said, "What do you got all these tickets for?"
He said, "Well, I'll tell you, sir." Said, "One kept saying this was
right and that's right, and I've tried them all." Said, "I thought I'd
bring a ticket from every one of them." And he was condemned.

Brother, there is only one way to get to heaven; that's though Christ
Jesus, being borned again of the Holy Spirit. "Except a man be borned
again he will in no wise enter the Kingdom," said our Lord Jesus
Christ. Amen.
What a day that we're living in, friend; what a time that we're living
in, what a change, what a shaking. God's always vindicated His Church.
God will always… I don't say they'll all come to the Branham
Tabernacle; I don't say they all go to Walnut Street. I don't say they
all go to the Christian church or whatever church; I say that God in
every church has His members. He has His members of His Body that's
borned again. And they are the ones who are true to God. They are the
ones who love the Lord Jesus with all their heart and with all their
soul. You'll find them reading their Bible in prayer meetings, doing
everything they can for the Kingdom of God. That's right. But the mixed
multitude's just overpowering and worldly and trying to pull them back
into the things of the world. What we've got to have today is another
Kadesh-Barnea (That's right.), where judgment begin.

Then what happened? Korah raised up and said, "There's more people holy
besides Moses." And he gathered a great group together, and he goes out
then, with this great group and he says, "We are prophets, and we are
this, and we are that."
And what happened? God told Moses, said, "Separate yourself from him."
And He opened up the earth and swallowed them up. That was the end of
those grumblers, and the end of those people that went with Korah. Then
what happened? God said, "We're going to…" told Moses, "send over
some spies to spy out the land where we are going, where I promised to
you." If God told them it was a good land, if God made all of His
promises, that looked like ought to satisfy anybody, if God said so.
Now, we'll–we'll every time holler, "Praise the Lord" to that. But,
brother, the same God that made them that promise is making us every
promise that He made them. Why do we doubt it? "What are you trying to
say, Brother Branham? Is it a mixed multitude?" Yes, exactly that's
right. It's a mixed multitude. And we're at Kadesh right now. Where
you'll…?… [–Ed.]

Great men in the land… We've had our Jack Schuller, a Billy Graham;
we've had Oral Roberts, Tommy Hicks, Tommy Osborn; we've had many
mighty men who swept back and forth across this nation. And tonight
there's more bootleg joints than there is churches, and continually
they go. What's the matter? There's a mixed multitude.
Let me tell you something: let this nation not only call one hour, a
certain day set aside for a prayer meeting, where about one percent of
one thousands will try to attend it… You let this whole nation turn
to God, and break up every bootleg joint, tear down every distiller,
and break up every booze racket place and all the things, and take
these little old dirty shorts off of women and make it a penitentiary
offense to wear them on the street, and clean up the home and the
house, and the church. And put preachers behind the pulpit instead of
some kind of electioneers; cause an old fashion revival to come where
men and women will call out to God. We'll have a revival that'll sweep
the land. And it's the best defense we've ever had. It's the only thing
in the world that'll stop the atomic bomb. You have the bomb shelter
under His Wings. Amen. That is right.

Notice that Kadesh-Barnea comes into play, where there had to be a
judgment. And Moses chose twelve, one out of each tribe. And he sent
them over to spy out the land. When they come back, I wish you would
notice what a report, "Oh," they said, "it's a goodly land. Oh, it's a
wonderful land. It's flowing with milk and honey." But ten of them
said, "We can't take it. We can't take it. Oh," said, "we met the–the
Amorites, and Midianites, and the–and the Canaanites and all that.
Why, we looked like grasshoppers aside of them. They're great big
fellows, and their cities are all walled in, and there's no way for us
to ever get in. Oh, our hearts are fainting within us; we can't take
it." And the popular vote of the people, the people received it.
But there stood two there; one named Caleb and one named Joshua, who
brought back a cluster of grapes that two men had to pack it. Caleb
said, "Quieten yourselves before the prophet. Quieten yourself." He
said, "We are well able to take it. Let's go get it immediately."

What we need in this hour is a man to challenge the promise of God
before the people. God promised to pouring out of a Pentecostal
blessing in the last days; I mean a real Pentecostal pour out. And it's
time for it to come; another Kadesh-Barnea has arrived. Yes, sir.
They said, "We can well do it. Sure we can do it." What was it? Those
cowardly church members was looking to what they could see with their
eyes, but Caleb and Joshua was looking to God's promise. I don't care
how much opposition they had; how big the giants looked; how big the
fences looked; they were looking to God's promise.
Every man and woman tonight that wants to go on with God, don't pay any
attention what the world says, whether we can or whether we can't; God
promised it, and that settles it. God said so. I like that. When God
says so, that settles it forever.

I tell you tonight; we've had a whole lot of false pretense; we've had
a lot of makeup belief; we've had a lot of stuff that went out for a
show. Certainly. The devil always throws his forerunners out yet as a
counterfeit to scare the people. We've had a false Pentecost; we've had
a false rain; we've had a false this and that. But in the midst of
every bit of it, there's a genuine, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and
the genuine Pentecostal blessing again. There's a genuine Divine
Healing; there's a genuine stir; there's a genuine people. And it's
time for the march. That's right.

The people at the hour of decision now, you've got to make up your
mind. This church has got to make up its mind. Every man comes to a
place where there's a crucial hour. There was a crucial time come where
you had to make up your mind, a judgment seat you was at. You had to
say, "I am guilty or I am not guilty." When you're standing before the
judge, you've got to make up your mind. And tonight the Branham
Tabernacle's got to make up its mind. We're either going to go on or go
back. That's right. You're going back to garlic, and–and leek, and
stuff of Egypt, or you're going on with Angel's food to the promised
land, where God made a promise. You're going on to an old fashion Holy
Ghost revival, or you'll be wishy-washy, packing around, and pecking
like a robin on a apple until the day you die. You've got to make your
decision; you can't go on.

"Why halt ye between two opinions?" said Elijah. "If God be God, serve
Him; if He's not God, then don't serve him." If the real experience of
God is what takes the sin out of a man's heart, and not belonging to a
church, or belonging to a clan, or belonging to an organization; which
I have nothing to say against, those things are all right. If education
won't bring it, we've tried many times and got leaking cisterns out of
it. We thought one time when they had the Big Four, that would settle
all the wars. It didn't settle the wars; it had a leak in it. We
thought one time that the educational program would save the whole
world, and we educated them. What have we got? A bunch of educated
atheists. That's exactly right. We thought that the societies would one
time save the world, and we come to find out that the most vilest
criminals we have come out of the so-called societies. Education and
society will not save the world. There's only one Saviour for the
world, and that's the Blood of Jesus Christ, Who was freely poured out
at Calvary for the remission of every sin that a man ever committed.
"He was wounded for our transgression, bruised for our iniquity; the
chastisement of his–our peace is upon Him, and with His stripes we
were healed."

I challenge any man or woman in the Name of Jesus Christ to take God at
His Promise tonight, and see if It's right or wrong. I've seen the dead
raised when the doctors walked away, pronouncing them dead. I've seen
the blind been made see, was total blind for years and years. I've seen
the deaf, and the blind, and the halt, and the lame to leap and jump
and praise the Lord. I've seen prostitutes come off the street and make
ladies. I've seen drunkards come out of the gambling hall and the place
of devises of this world and made gentlemen and saints. I challenge any
man to produce something else that'll do that. I've seen men who took
the Alcoholics Anonymous and tried to be made well; took shock, take
everything, and all the psychology in the world, and the best
psychologist that could be gotten to give them treatments, and failed.
I seen that same man picked up by the Blood of Jesus Christ and made a
saint of God and a preacher of the Gospel. Amen.

Think I'm a holy-roller, maybe I am. That's right. But if it takes the
name of holy-roller to find favor with Christ, and be condemned by the
world, then I'm one of them. Right. I love Him.

You've got a decision to make. Your Kadesh, you see it stand much
longer; why you halt between two opinions? Why isn't the church on
fire; why isn't the place packed out with people; why isn't great signs
and wonders done? Don't lay it on to the pastor; it's you. We got a
mixed multitude; one pulling one way and one the other. You've got to
come to a time of decision. If it's the pastor, fire him, get him out
and put somebody else in who will take his place. If it's a deacon,
take him off the board and put somebody else in his place that'll take
the place. What are you going to do, brother? God put the
responsibility upon you. That's it. And we've each one got to give an
account for our own sins and answer at the day of judgment.

We're at Kadesh-Barnea, and God's Word said we can take it. God's Word
said we can have a revival. God's Word said that He'd raise up in the
last days all these other signs and wonders, and He's done it. Every
man stand at his place, but the thing we've got to do is get together
and start the revival. What can we do?

Your decision might come now. Your decision might come some other time.
But if it's come now, you better answer to it. You say, "Oh, brother, I
will… Well, I'll make a decision someday." You've got to make it. And
right now's the time to make it. There was a time when you had–when
you was going with your wife, my brother. You had to make a decision
whether you was going to get married or not; you had to make a
decision. It might come, some saying this way, "You mustn't get
married." Some say, "Well, you better get married." One say, "Well,
you're happier if you're married." Another say, "You're cutting your
throat," all these different things. You had to make the decision.
That's right.

The judgments of Kadesh-Barnea come for you. Maybe some of you here are
just the ought to be divorced. There's got to be a time sometime, when
the differences comes in a family. It has to be ironed out some way;
you have to make a decision. Let me tell you, my brother, tonight the
decision to make is you and your wife put your arms around one another.
If you'll bow before God and get on your knees and make a decision,
that you'll serve Jesus Christ and Him alone, then the divorce courts
will be drained dry. That's right. No talk with your lawyer's needed; a
talk with your Saviour's needed. That's right. The lawyer might give
you advice, but the Saviour can save you. A lawyer might give you some
psychology, some of his psychic studies, but Jesus Christ can give you
His grace and love; it'll take the place of all of it.

If you're sick tonight, you've got to make a decision whether you're
going to accept Christ as your Healer or not. You can't wishy-washy,
dilly-dally with it. You've got to say, "I believe Him, or I don't
believe Him. I am going to be well," or, "I can't; I ain't got faith
enough to be well." You've got to make your decision. If you're a
sinner tonight, you've got to make your decision. You're at
Kadesh-Barnea; you're at the place of the judgment seat.
What was those little springs or churches representing that when out
where the judgment begin at the house of God, Jesus said so; the–the
Bible said so. As judgment begins at the house of God. We're in the
house of God tonight, and you've got to make your decision. You've got
to make your decision whether you'll come to Christ or whether you'll
turn Him down tonight. Every sinner in here has got to make that
decision right now. You'll either go out of that door a better man or
woman than what you come in, or you'll go out worse than you was when
you come in. You can't stand mediocre tonight; you've got to make it.

This was on my heart; now it's on… It was on my heart; now it's on
your hands. You've got to make your decision. And you got to make a
decision. You've been a–maybe a good church member. Maybe you've
always longed that you wanted more of God. You might wanted to do
something for God. Remember, you're only mortal once, and that one time
is the only time you're going to be mortal. And this may be the time
that you've got to make your decision: you're either going to move up
with God or stay where you're at. You may have to make your decision
tonight. If it is, I pray that you'll throw everything loose. Remember,
I don't care what it is; if it's job, if it's family, if it's loved
ones, if it's associates, if it's your partners, and whatever it is,
turn loose of everything. "He that even puts his hand on the plow and
even turns to look back, is not worthy of the plowing." That's right.
"Lay aside every weight and the sin that so easily besets you." What is
that? Lay aside every weight and the unbelief that does so easily beset
you, and run this race with patience, that's set before you. Shall we

Heavenly Father, in Jesus Christ's Name, the Son of God, I bring this
little message to a close and cast it upon the people's heart. Thou Who
knows the heart of all men and all women, Thou Who knows the heart of
every boy and girl, knows the heart of every one, You know my heart
from all the way from the pulpit to the janitor, Lord; You know the
heart of every person. You know what we need; we do not know. There's
only one thing we know; we know we need Jesus. And, O Christ of God,
could You promise? No, Lord, and not fulfill it. You said, "Wherever
two or three are gathered in My Name, I'd be in their midst. And if
they'll ask anything in My Name, I'll do it." What a challenge to our
church, Lord; what a challenge to our society; what a challenge to our
people tonight, that you gave to us. If you lack anything, ask of God,
He will give it.
Now, I pray, dear heavenly Father, that tonight, that You'll freely
pour out the Holy Ghost of conviction and convict every heart of their
need, and mine with it, Lord. As we wait on Thee, in Christ's Name.

Now, that we have our heads bowed, the sister would give us a chord on
the piano, I'm going to ask you a question. This might be your time of
decision. How many in here… Is there one man or woman, boy or girl,
that's a–not a Christian, that's a sinner, and you want to make a
decision for Jesus Christ? Do you feel that something's knocking at
your heart at this time? Will you raise your hand for your decision and
say, "I now make my decision to serve Christ"? God bless you, sir.
Someone else? "I now make my decision." God bless you, little lady.
Someone else? God bless you back there, little lady. Someone else? Make
your decision, "I now will serve Christ. I've come to the end. I've
come to the crisis; this is the hour. I'm at Kadesh-Barnea. God's
standing in my heart. Am I able to go over? Can I forsake my friend;
can I forsake my worldly associates; can I cross over the border yonder
into a promised land where God promised? Will I be a Caleb? Will I be a
Joshua in the history of time? Will I be a Caleb or Joshua in the Books
of God? Or will I be a shrink-back, with my cowardly, yellow
disposition, and move back?"

God, take that away from every man and woman, and make him a decision;
make her for Christ tonight. Will you raise your hand? Ah, one more,
God bless you, I see you back there. Somebody else, on the outside will
walk up to a window somewhere, lay your hand on the window, saying, "I
make my decision for Christ. I'm at Kadesh-Barnea, Brother Branham."
Is there someone else in here that would do it? Is there a backslider
would say, "I make my decision tonight. The ways of a transgressor is
hard. I'll no more serve the world; from this night hence, I'll serve
Christ. I now make my decision. I raise my hand. I've been a sinner and
I've been a Christian, but I've been backslidden and I want God to be
merciful to me."

Is there one here tonight who is a Christian, who is a man or a person
of God, but you've been dilatory in the way, you have not done as God
has told you; you've been up-and-down; you've listened to things you
should not have listened; you've done things that you ought not have
done, and you want God to forgive you, and you want a new start from
tonight on? You'll make your decision for God right now and say, "I'll
do it." Will you raise your hands? God bless you. God bless you. You.
You. You. Oh, that's fine. All right. Anybody else, put up your hand. I
want you to raise your hand; that's you're making of God. God sees your
hand. You say, "What good does that do?" Oh, raise your right hand one
time to God and find out what it does.
Raise your right hand in the courts, swear a lie and see what happens
to you; you'd be caught by it. Raise your hand to God and make an oath,
and then, watch if the Holy Spirit don't catch you by it. God's at your
heart's door; you make your decision. You're at Kadesh-Barnea. Down
there lays every blessing that God promised you. Down there lays an old
fashion revival. There lays joy, peace, long-suffering, goodness,
gentleness, meekness, patience, laying before you, and you don't
possess it; it's yours; God promised it to you. Do you want it?

Is there a family here about to be broke up? You argue and fuss with
one another and you know you oughtn't to do it; you're ashamed the way
you act around your wife or your husband, and you want God tonight by
His grace, to give you grace to overcome, to put your arm around he or
she and say, "Honey, by the grace of God from tonight on, our decision,
I'll live for God." Raise your hand. Is there a family? Every one with
your heads bowed now. Just raise your hand.
[–Ed.] I'm so thankful that there's not, but if there is, God knows how to take care of all things.

Is there a person here tonight that's been sick for a long time. And
maybe you, seem like, you've been prayed for, but you haven't faith to
overcome. But right now, that you're going to make your decision, "Lord
God, from this very hour I'm going to serve You. And I'm going out of
here testifying to the grace of God, that by His stripes I am healed.
And I'm going to believe it from this night on." God bless you, lady.
God bless you, sir. God bless you. You. Wonderful. That's right. I'm
going to pray for you in a few minutes, going to ask God to grant it to

I wonder tonight, if one of the persons that's not a Christian, would
like to walk up to the altar and kneel down. The altar is open, if
you'd like to pray an open prayer to God. The altar is open for the
backslider or for the wayfaring man; whoever it might be, the altar is
open. You're welcome. You're at Kadesh; the judgment is on. God is
standing with out-stretched arms, ready.

A sick person would want to stand to their feet to make a public
confession that they have now accepted Christ as their Healer, and say,
"From this night on I'll believe God," and have a prayer for them. If
you would, you're welcome to stand to your feet. All right, three of
you are standing. Just remain standing if you will.

Now, heavenly Father, while they're on their feet, the Holy Spirit has
been speaking. And I pray Thee, heavenly Father, that Your mercies will
be granted to this man, both of them, and this woman, and this other
man that just stood. O Eternal God, by the stripes of the Lord Jesus
Christ were they healed. God, You've brought it down; You made it real
to the people. And I pray, Lord, You said, "No man can come to me
except My Father draws him." And now the Holy Spirit has spoke to them,
and nothing else can be done. They've made their decision, that tonight
they accept You as their Healer. And they're going out of this
Tabernacle believing that they're going to be normally and well. Lord,
it cannot fail no more than God can fail. We realize that no man's
worth any more than his word is. And tonight they believe and they have
accepted. And shall they receive it, Lord, as I pray this prayer of
faith for them, in Christ's Name. Amen. You may be seated. God bless
you. Believe that with all your heart, your troubles are over.

How many loves Him and would want to march to Zion with Him, let's see
your hands come up? That's wonderful. No matter what church you belong
to… All right. Let us stand to our feet now, while we sing, "Take The
Name Of Jesus With You." All right sister, if you'll give us…

… the Name of Jesus…

Now, turn right around and shake hands with somebody near you. Reach right around, shake hands.

… of woe;

It will joy and comfort give you,

Take it, everywhere you go.

Oh precious name (precious name), O how sweet!

Hope of earth and joy of heaven;

Precious name (precious name), O how sweet!

Hope of earth and joy of heaven.

All that love Him supremely with all your heart, with all your soul,
with all your mind, with all your strength, raise up your hands like
this, and say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."–Ed.] That's good. All right, now.

At the name of Jesus bowing,

Falling prostrate at his feet,

King of kings in heaven we'll crown Him,

When our journey is complete.

Precious name, O how sweet!

Hope of earth and joy of heaven;

Precious name, O how sweet! (how sweet!)

Hope of earth and joy of heaven.

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