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At Thy Word (51-0506E)



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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham
called At Thy Word
was delivered on Sunday evening, 6th May 1951 at the Calvary Temple in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
The tape, number 51-0506E,
is 52 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette.

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E-1 Thank you, brother…?… Good evening, friends. Happy to be back again tonight to minister again.
We're very happy for the results of last week's services, and how our
heavenly Father has blessed in such a great way. Many of them has
already given in their testimony. Some colored lady just come running
up just now and placed a testimony or something in my hand, said, "I
was healed." And–and I see different ones that tell me about, and
their letters come in, of how different afflictions has left their body.
We're so happy because that our Lord is here to–to make Hisself known
to the people by healing their bodies, forgiving their sins.
And we trust that the next days of this meeting will be more than what
the first part of the–this last week was. May God grant it to all.

And we're happy to be here in this city. And knowing that other great
campaigns are going on in the city, we pray for each of them, that God
will–will work great wonders in their meetings also.
We've been trying to get out a little early each night, so that we can
give the people an opportunity. Many of them has to go to work. And
after being here for two weeks before, and speaking many things that
the Lord did, and giving testimonies, speaking on the Word, I feel that
all's about necessary now is to be praying for the sick people.
And last night, we had a glorious night of cripples, and them out of
the wheelchairs and things being delivered. That was what many people
term the evidence of–of a miracle. Not altogether, that isn't right.
Anything that's contrary to–to the regular run of anything, the run of
nature or something is a miracle.

Jesus healed a boy one time by… He spoke a Word to his father. And
the next day… The boy's fever left him that day and he begin to
amend. And the Bible called it a miracle. This is again the second
miracle Jesus did when He came into Galilee.
First, He turned the water to wine. Now, that water would have been
wine someday anyhow, perhaps. But it'll have to go through the regular
procedure of going up into the grape vine, coming out into the grape,
and being brought back, and so forth like that.
Jesus just bypassed all that, because He was the God of nature. He just
bypassed the vine and everything, and made the water right into wine,
because He had the control of all things. Didn't have to be distilled,
or however they make wine. I don't know. But they… Anyhow, He just
turned it right into wine there. And that was what we would call a

Then the next thing He did, was to just speak a Word. The man was
trying to get Him to come pray for someone. He said, "Go your way; thy
son liveth."
And the next day, his father come to the place where he–his home in
his own country, and he met one of his servants. And he said, "Thy son
He said, "What time did he begin to amend?"
He said, "About a certain hour yesterday." And Jesus… Or the man knew
that that was the hour that Jesus said, "Thy son liveth." And himself
believed. He believed what Jesus said, and he said, "This is the second
miracle when the fever begin to leave."

E-5 So we're happy that our Lord is working miracles all over the world.
just heard a sailor boy on the radio a few moments ago. I tried to get
this temple over here, the Evangelist, or Angeles Temple. Oh, they have
religious program all the time. And I have a little radio I pack along
with me for that purpose, especially when I come out here.
And I was hearing on a radio from… a broadcast from down to some
sinner down here, that, a sailor boy that just come back from overseas
or something. And said in Korea and different places, having a great
Oh, my, isn't that marvelous? Our Lord is coming back to earth again. All nature is groaning for that day of sweet release.

Setting at a table here some time ago with some fine Armenian friends
of mine up at Fresno. I was very thin then. A lady wanted to help me.
And she come out, and she said, "Brother Branham, take these."
And it was medicine. And I looked at it, I said, "Well, thank you." I
didn't want to hurt her feelings by it. And I–I don't take much
medicines. I said, I…" And I said, "It's all right. Now, it's all
And there set a doctor setting right there by my side. He said, "Let me
see what it is." And he looked over, and it was some kind of a vitamin.
And the doctor said, "Brother Branham," said, "that's not a medicine."
Said, "That's a vitamin."
I said, "Well not… See, it's all right." I said, "Medicine's okay."
And I said, "I don't mean to disregard anything that'll help anybody.
No, sir. I… Anything that'll help you, I'm for that. That's right.
That's mercy." And I said, "I don't disregard it as medicine, if it was
medicine anyhow."

He said, "But here's what it is, Brother Branham." He said, "Our land
has become so poor. All the vitamins pulled out, till it's artificially
fertilized and things, to when we eat, we don't get the right amount of
vitamin no matter how much we eat. It's just bulk." And said, "We don't
get the vitamins. And everyone should take those vitamins."
You see, the ground's wore out. Everything's just… It's just the end,
isn't it? That's right. It's just the end. That's right. Looks like the
old world's a reeling in home. One of these days, there'll be a big
atomic or hydrogen explosive somewhere will start a relay of that chain
of items of splitting. And I don't know what I'm… maybe what I'm
talking about. But I feel that somewhere in there, she'll be destroyed
again by fire.

And ten… I say five hundred years from tonight, this little group
that's setting here will be somewhere. That's right. And wherever we
are then, we'll be where we'll have to be to spend eternity. And
tonight, it may be a decision time, and the last time that some of us
will have to make our decision. Let's make it tonight in the One Who,
the only Man who ever proved that what He was.
We have many great religions in the world, of philosophers and so forth, Confucius, and Mohammed, and different ones.
And at the grave of Mohammedan, for two thousand years now, they've led
a white horse daily, expecting him to rise and get on that, and ride
away to victory, and ride the world down. But he died, and he's laying
in the grave.
Confucius, the great Chinese philosopher, and–and the founder of
Buddha religion and so forth, of all those religions, they're all dead
and gone.
But there's only one man Who says, "I have power to lay My life down
and take it up again." And He proved that He had the jurisdiction over

His followers coming down from the great Saint Paul. When death strikes
them, they're… I've seen them many times. Their eyes are
glant–glazed, look like shine like an Angel, scream, "O death, where
is thy sting? Grave, where is thy victory? But thanks be to God Who
gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."
He's the One that I've got my confidence in tonight. He's the one that
I love. And I know that you love Him too. So let's worship Him with all
of our heart.
It's my lot tonight to bring this part of the ministry, as His servant
here that's… Where His other servants are all over the world… His
Gospel's went around the world. And I'm here tonight to try with all my
heart to bring the facts of a risen Jesus Christ in the–in the midst
of this audience to you people. Please receive Him, and believe that
His Words are true.

E-10 Now, in here His written Word. And it… [–Ed.]
his friend. And he jumped off of the tractor, run through the field.
They grabbed one another up in their arms and lifted each other up and
down, praising God. He was a friend to the king's private secretary,
King George of England.
Coming into the Jeffersonville office there, came a cablegram from King
George of England, "Brother Branham, I understand through my secretary
that one of his friends was healed of multiple sclerosis. I desire of
you to come pray for me, that our Lord Jesus will heal me."
And I know the Angel of God which said, "You'll pray for kings and monarchs and great men."
Oh, I asked Him if I could go. Now, King George of England is healed of
multiple sclerosis. He's well. He's a well man. His ulcers is gone. Oh,

Amazing Grace! how sweet the sound,

That saved a wretch like me!

I once was lost, but now I'm found,

I was blind, but now I see.

I think of the time coming down through Louisville, Kentucky, feeling
along the stone wall, big glasses over my eyes. I couldn't see where I
was going. Someone walked up to me and said, "Do you believe Jesus
Christ can heal you?" Oh, my. Tonight, my eyes are twenty-twenty. I can
read newspaper print five feet away from me.
What was it? The power of resurrected Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, Which is in our presence now. Certainly He is.
Oh, Christian people, talk about a day of Pentecost, what could happen
in this building tonight would make that look little back there. That
is true. Oh, if you could just get with one accord, have one
alternative: that is to see God glorified.

When Jesus was here on earth… Now, I know a lot of people said I was
a spiritualist, a medium, and I was mental telepathy. And any one with
good common sense knows better than that. That show that there's a
mental deficiency of those people that think that. That–that's right.
Not long ago in a certain meeting at Cleveland… Brother Hall was at
the meeting. A doctor came into the meeting. He said, "Oh, it's mental
telepathy." He said… He said, "I want…" Told one of the ladies that
just been healed.
She said, "Oh, that brother's doing miracles in the Name of the Lord Jesus."
He said, "Well, I want to see him."
Said, "What you want to see him for?"
He said, "I got something wrong with my leg."
I said, "Doctor, it's not your leg; it's your head what's wrong down there." I said… That's right. Yes, sir.

Talk about mental telepathy… My, it's the power of Jesus Christ in
His promise by His Word, that He said He would do these things in the
last days. And they're here to vindicate His Presence. Amen. Do you
believe that?
No, sir. He was called a spiritualist and a medium too (That is true), called Beelzebub.
One time, there was a man came to Him by the name of Philip. And he got
saved, and he went and got his brother, Nathanael. And when he told
him, said, "Come, see Who I found, Who Moses and the law spoke of,
Jesus of Nazareth."
He said, "Could anything good come out of Nazareth?" a little critical.
Said, "You come and see."
And when he got down there to Him, He's… Maybe Jesus was having a
prayer line, praying for the sick. He seen Nathanael coming up; He
said, "Behold, an Israelite in whom there is no guile." Went ahead…
And he said, "Whence knowest Thou me, Rabbi (or Master, Reverend, whatever you want to say, Teacher)?"
And He said, "Before Philip called you, when you was under the tree…"
He said, "You're the Son of God, the King of Israel." And he fell down and worshipped Him, become a disciple. Is that right?

Now, what if he'd have walked away and say, "I… You know, that's
mental telepathy. I've got to study that thing out." You'll never
figure God out, so you might as well forget about it now. You've got to
believe it. God is not known no other way but by faith. You have to
accept it.
Then there was a woman coming out from the well to get some water,
about eleven o'clock in the day. Probably she'd been out all night and
didn't get up early enough. Or maybe she was so ashamed of herself, she
didn't go out with the respectable ladies. But she came to get some
water from the well. And when she did, why, there Jesus was setting at
the well.
And she came up, and He spoke to her, and said, "Bring Me a drink."
And she said, "It is not customary for You to…"
He talked to her a little while, and He said one word, "Go get your husband."
She said, "I don't have any husband."
Said, "You had five."
She said, "I perceive that You're a prophet."
She went into the city and said, "Come and see a Man that told me all the things I ever done." See?

Now, Jesus said, "These things that I do shall you also, and greater
than this (or not greater, but more of them) shall you do, because I go
to My Father." Do you believe that? That's the promise, is it?
And when Jesus was here, healing the people… Listen closely, we're
going to call the prayer line. When Jesus was here healing the people,
He said He did it that it might fulfill the Word of God. Is that true?
Now, I want to ask you: since that time down to this time, I've never
seen, or never knew of this Spirit being in the world: never read of
it, or any book or anything, teachers, and so forth. It's the hour for
It to be here at the Church. That's right. Here it is. It's here in
vindication. It's here in regards to God's Word, to fulfill what Jesus
said would come to pass.
Now, It's moving on. While It's here, you receive It, believe It, accept It. Say, "God, I believe You with all my heart."
And He speaks of Jesus. Jesus is the One. Jesus is the One paid the
price. He's the only One can heal you. You just have faith in Him, and
believe it. And this Angel of God vindicates that He is here; His
Presence is here, and His Word is being fulfilled. Do you believe it?
God bless you.

Now, we… Is Billy Paul near now, to see how many cards they give out?
My boy, if he's near… All right. while he's coming, I wish to say
these words, that… I suppose he give out fifty cards, probably in the
service this afternoon.
Now, while we're waiting on him, let's just have a few of the people
that's got maybe some certain diseases, or got prayer cards, or
so-and-so; they'd like to be…
How many's already seen the discernment? So, let's see how many's
already knows that that's true, that It sets right here, tells the
people the secrets of their hearts, the things that they've done way
back in their life, and so forth. Is that right? Tells them all about
their lives and so forth…

Now, we know that that is truth. Is there anybody here that's got a
prayer card, that's going to be prayed for tonight, that has never seen
the discernments of the Spirit of the Lord? Nobody. All right. Then
you're the ones that's the ones asked to believe. You're the ones
to–to take on and believe.
Has anybody found out where the boy is at yet? We have to kinda put a
bell around him, won't we? Whew. Did someone wake him up? His face
turning red now, he–he's an Irishman too, although his mother was a
His… He was borned on Friday the thirteenth at three o'clock in the
evening. We was going to call him jinx. But I… We don't believe in
that, do we, son. No, we… His mother was a German, and I was Irish,
so instead, we call him Hiney Michaels. But God had us to call him
Billy Paul from his father and the great Saint Paul the Apostle.

And I'm happy tonight that I believe that with all my heart now, that
God is going to send my boy into the ministry, into the fields to win
souls for Him. I just brought him from the regular high school and
putting him now in a college, a Christian college.
First, before this in this, he was converted recently, came in. I'm…
He's wanting to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. And I want him
to get that. That seals him away in the Kingdom of God then. "Grieve
not the Holy Spirit of God whereby you're sealed until the day of your
And in the last days, there's going to be two classes of people: them
that has the seal, and the others will have the mark of the beast.
That's right. So the Seal of the God is the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
Ephesians 4:30. Is that right? The Seal of God…

All right. Now, we're… Most everybody here has seen the discernments
of the spirits, of how that the Holy Spirit does these things. And I've
tried to keep myself from It tonight, to see if we could keep from
having that, if possible.
But God knows all about your heart. He knows every one of you, and
He… Only difference it does, when you call the people up here, it
gives them a present contact. Did–did you ever… Have you noticed
their faces when they be come up here when the anointing was on, when
the anointing was on?
Now, I tell you what happens. How many seen the picture of the Angel of
the Lord, where it's been tested over there? Just a very few. How many
has not seen it, let's see your hands, never seen the picture of it?
Well my. I guess we're completely out of them, long ago. And the
picture of It, scientifically proven by scientists. That's right. The
best that we have.

Now? Sister Kopps wants to be prayed for, now. Dear heavenly Father, I
pray Thee to be merciful to our dear sister just now. Grant just now
for her healing. May the Holy Spirit come upon this woman. We know that
she does a great work here with her husband, working for You, singing,
and teaching, and doing many things around the church here. We feel
that she's worthy of this blessing that we're asking. And Lord, Your
servant, with my hands upon her, I ask that this will be the turning
time, right now. From this hour on, may it leave her and never return
again. In the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. God bless you, Sister Kopps.
Let us say, "Praise be to God." Believe Him.

Excuse me. Now, praying for her brought that Spirit down on me again,
now. See? It come down. I believe I'll call just two or three out of
the audience. Will you be reverent while It's here? I didn't… I was
trying to keep away from that, but maybe the Lord had something else
Let's just call maybe a certain prayer cards. Go get me prayer card…
How many is there along there? Let's see you all with a prayer cards.
How… Is it from 1 to 50? In Y's? Y's, 1 to 50 I thought. All right.
Y's 1… Bring me… Let's start in… Let's bring me number 3, number
3 prayer card. Who's got number 3? And then we'll take another number
away over in the… somewhere. Maybe get two or three. Anybody with
prayer card number 3? All right. Come ahead, lady, if you have prayer
card number 3. And–and let this lady come up on the platform.

Just a moment now while the anointing is near. Everybody reverent.
While she's coming, I–I wish you just know how this feels here, what
a–what a feeling of a–a great supernatural feeling.
I'm going to just… Maybe I can stand up for a few minutes. That's all right.

Here's what happens, friends. Now, right now, God Who loves us all,
that Being, that One, I–I… You may not be able to see It, but It…
Something's happened to me. Now, It's… I–I feeled It. I feel
different, kind of a strange feeling of awe and reverence. And It's
here now. And there's not a thing but what He knows about. He knows all
things. He will reveal it to me just as He will let me know it. All
right, you bring the lady on over.
Now, this lady here is just one. We'll call maybe another number or two
out in the audience. Now, don't–don't motion or hold your card to me.
I don't know what… I don't want to know that. See, see?

Howdy do, sister. I want you to come just a little close. Do you had
the prayer card number 3? Is that right? And do you love our Lord
Jesus? Do you believe that He is near? You do? Now, that feeling…
Now, audience, that's what I want you to get at. Watch the people when
they come, when this is anointing like this. See? Now, I don't know
nothing about the lady. And what am I trying to do now? God knows I
know nothing about that woman. Only thing that I know, that she's a
lady standing there. She was called by a number on a prayer card, just
happened to come up here.
You don't even have to have your prayer card. You know that. My, hardly
any of them last evening had prayer cards. The prayer card just keeps
everybody from rushing up at once, so we can be in order and have some
kind of a system to it.

And now, that's near. Now, in a few minutes… Now, if It would… If
It does, I don't know It will. If It does, you'll see It. It'll move
down over me. Now, It's–It's here now, real close. Now, the One that
does that speaking is ma… just a… Is right here near. I don't see
It. I have seen It. Hundreds and thousands have seen It. But now, It
knows just what's wrong with her. It's the Spirit of God. The same
Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel is right in our midst
now. See?
Now, if It does… Now, if someone don't get in line out there…
There's so many people trying to believe now. And now, but you watch
her, just what takes place now.

Now, I want you to talk to me, sister, so that I'll be able to see just
what's wrong… Now, I–I can't heal you, you understand that. You–you
know that, sister. Yes, it's the Lord Jesus. You're Spanish, I suppose?
Italian. And are… Do you believe Him now with all your heart? With
all your heart now? Now, if you and I… Are you American borned here?
You born from across the sea. Well, you from across the sea and me over
here, it'd have to be some–something or another contact. Is that right?
Yes ma'am. Now, this that you feel is the Spirit of the Lord. And now,
I'll have to let Him do the speaking. 'Course, you being the first
patient, it may be just a little strange for a moment. You see?

But you–you… I see that there's been a great change in you and your
nerve condition in the last year or so. Isn't that right? You're begin
to get extremely nervous. Isn't that right? And now, that you might
know what that is, it's a–it's a strange feeling that just strikes
you… It's spasmly like. It'll strike one time; then it'll be off and
you'll feel good; then you'll… Is that right? I see you. I see you
where you're standing, and where you're–you're–you pray about it.
Sometimes when it hits you, you try to go and pray. Isn't that right? I
see you with a light looking like dress on. And then, you are… You're
su… There's something wrong with liver too, isn't there? Don't you
have a liver trouble? Isn't that… Yes. Uh-huh. It comes down and…
That is right. And you have something wrong in the… and you… Well,
you're just a almost a wreck, aren't you? Don't you have a hernia also?
Isn't that right? Both sides are hernia'd. Isn't that right? Yes ma'am.
I'll call… Yes, ma'am. Isn't that true?
You… But you've tried so hard. I see you've been prayed for from
this, and it seems to get no results. Isn't that right? See? Yes.

Now, I want you to come here just a minute. Now, sister, I–I–I'm here
to try to help you. And I–I want to help you. And the only thing that
I can do now, is… Jesus said, "If ye believe that I am able to do
this…" And do you believe now that I have told the truth about this
Angel, and He told me if I get the people to believe me and be sincere
when I prayed, nothing would stand before the prayer. You believe it?
Come here and let me pray for you.
Our heavenly Father, seemingly while speaking to the woman, her faith
moved way up. And knowing that this ulcerated liver here will cause
great trouble quickly if something isn't done… And Father, I pray
that You'll heal her. Grant it, Lord. I lay my hands upon her in
commemoration of Your Word. The last Words that uttered from Your lips
as You were going up, You said, "They shall lay hands on the sick; they
shall recover." I believe You, Lord. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I ask
for her healing. Amen.

What do you think, sister? You're going to be well? You are, sister.
God bless you. Go… You've been worried about your eyes too, haven't
you. It's been bad. Yes. Weak–weak eyes. Go, take them off, and just
go on, and forget about it, and be you healed.

Now, the Lord is here to heal anybody. Now, let's see, what was her
prayer card number? 3? Let's try another one, a little… Let's try 7.
Who's got number 7? Just a card number 7. If 7 isn't here, let's try
25. Here–here's… Wait a minute. Right here. Number…
That little boy started up. Was his number 25? Well, bless his little
heart. Bring him anyhow. God bless his little heart. Oh, isn't that
lovely, a little lad? All right. Let me have the–this man first.
Howdy do, sir. No, I just want to speak to this man just a moment. Sir,
I want you to come this way and believe with all your heart. I want to
ask you a question, sincerely. We are strangers. I–I do not know you,
and I don't know whether you've ever seen me before or not. I–I'm just
talking now before this anointing comes. Therefore, if there's anything
known about you, it'll have to come supernaturally, won't it, sir?
That… You…
Just so this audience of around, nearly three thousand people I guess,
wants… Just so that… I'm trying to get before the audience, not
myself, dear brother; I'm trying to get the Lord Jesus before the
people. And He sent this Angel to vindicate that I am His servant. And
He sent me to–to prophesy in His Name, and to say things. And He gave
these signs of vindication. You believe that, do you, sir? With all
your heart…

I feel now just your welcome spirit, that you are a believer. Now, I
want you to come just a little closer to me. I–I am not trying
to–to–to read your mind, sir, at all. You don't believe that, do you?
No, 'cause that would just be something that you had on your mind. I
pray that God will go back and do something that's not even on your
mind so you'll know. You see?
Now, the… There's something wrong with you, no doubt, or you wouldn't
have gotten that prayer card. And–and then you–you've come up here
to–to be prayed for. And you've confessed your faith by believing,
that He will heal you. Now, what I'm trying to do now, is just speak to
you to contact your human spirit. That'll br… Your faith… You see?
Your faith operates this gift. See? Your faith brings it down on me.
And then, when It does, It starts…

See, Jesus could do nothing except the people believed Him. Is that
right? You ha… You ha… See, you believe in God; you believe in the
Son, believe in the Holy Ghost; that's the Trinity. We believe in that.
See? But then, in order for this to operate, you must believe me, not
as Them, but They sent me here for this. You understand? Yes, sir. You
My dear brother, I–I… You can tell now that something's taking place, can't you? I feel it. Yes, sir.
Now, you have… You've been a sufferer of TB. Isn't that right? Yes,
sir. Yes, sir. You… Say, you've got… You've got a desire of so…
Yeah, you're a minister, aren't you? Isn't that right? Yes, I… And
aren't you planning a trip on going somewhere, maybe a… Isn't that
right? Across the sea? You're going to missionary, aren't you? God
bless you. I see that that's so close there. My brother, go in peace.
The Lord Jesus has made you well. Go, God bless you.

Let us say, "Praise the Lord." Do you believe Him now with all your
heart? Now, the man's healed. I seen him getting ready, making himself
ready. And I seen trees a blowing in another nation. And I couldn't
help from saying it; It just spoke right out to me.
Now, now, you all are aware there's a supernatural Being here. Is that
right? It's the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. These things that I do
shall you also. Is that the same way that…
How about that man getting hisself ready going somewhere, and
something's going to take place, and so forth. I don't remember it just
what it was. But anyhow, what I told him, isn't that just like when
Philip come to see the Master? Well, then the Master's Spirit…
He said, "A little while and the world will see Me no more."
Now, the world would come in here; they'd say, "Mental telepathy."
"But yet, you shall see Me, for I'll be with you, even in you to the
end of the age." Amen. Now, you believe, don't you, with all your

All right. Is that enough to prove it to you, that the Lord Jesus…
What? All right, we'll start the prayer line in a few… If you wish
to, or you want to call some more out of the audience. I don't like to
get too far under this…
What? Oh, excuse me. All right, honey. Come here. I'm sorry, honey. I'm
awfully sorry. What a fine little lad. Now, just a moment.
Now, little lad, I want you to come here just so you just lean up
against me, like this. I want you to put your arm around me. I think
you're a fine little boy. Now, so that the people can hear you, I will
just look this other way, so that I'll not be looking at your eyes (You
see?) so it's just… I'd say for the people to look at me, but I want
you to hold on to me.

Now, in here… Now, a long time ago, there was a wonderful Person here
on earth, and His name was Jesus of Nazareth. And He was the Son of
God. Do you believe that? You, you do. And He… And He came down on
the earth, and one day the disciples were… They were by Him.
They–they put the people away, because the people were thronging upon
Him. And they'd touch Him, and virtue would go out, and He'd get weak
and so forth. And so they had to keep the people away from Him.
But some little boys, about like you, come up one day, and little
girls. And He… They, the disciples started to put them back. He said,
"Suffer little children to come to Me. Forbid them not, for of such is
the Kingdom of God."

Now, if Jesus was here tonight, He'd take a hold of you, and you'd set
on His lap, or something. Wouldn't you like to do that? Oh, I would
too. My, I would. Now, if…
Now, you believe that Jesus of Nazareth sent Brother Branham down here to do His work? You believe that.
Bless his heart. That little faith pulls it right down. There it is.
This little lad is suffering from a nervous trouble. Isn't that right,
sonny boy? That's right. You can't sleep at nights, can you, honey?
Honey boy, you've had a great desire in your heart. You wanted to be a
minister, isn't that right? That's right. God bless you, my sonny boy.
Our heavenly Father, I bless this little boy in Your Name, and may he
be healed. And may he go home tonight and sleep just as sound. May the
nervousness all leave the little lad. And may You give him the desire
of his heart, to become Your servant. And may he grow in strength and
favor before God and man. May he make a great minister of the Gospel,
Father, if You tarry that long. I bless him now for his healing, in the
Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God in Whom he loves. Amen.
My little boy, the nervousness is going from you. You're going to be a
normal well little boy. God bless you, honey boy. God bless you, honey

E-37 Oh, my. Isn't Jesus wonderful? He certainly is wonderful.
that you want to call some other card, or… All right.
There's–there's… Oh my, isn't that wonderful. Eighty-eight and about
six there, talking to each other. Both of them healed by seeing a
vision of the Lord.
Mother, what was said to the little boy, it said… Praise the Lord. Is
that the truth? Was that the truth, whatever it was? Father, is that
right? If it is, raise your hand so the people can see it. That's
truth, for the parent says it's true. Hasn't the little boy longed to
be a minister, talked about it? I could hear him as he said, "I want to
be a preacher." You see? I heard his little voice out. And I know it's
true when I seen the vision of him, seen his nervousness, restless at
night, turning, get up, and so forth. Isn't that right? Makes him weak
in his kidneys and everything. That… Isn't that right? Now, he's
going to get all right. He will be over that, and he's going to be all
right. Now, don't fear.

The Lord Who knows what is, knows what was, and knows what will be. Is
that right? And by this same voice speaking what was, that you know;
what is now, which you know is present tense, He knows what will be.
Have faith in God and believe Him. How many believe Him now with all
your heart?
There couldn't be a solitary person come to this platform without being
told. I don't say they'd be healed, but could be told just… And
longer you talk, more it is.
All right, call your prayer line together. Get everybody together now,
and–and we'll… All from prayer line number 1 plumb on up to 50,
while we all stand and sing, "Only believe, All things are possible,
Only believe." Everyone now, while the rest of you line up, get
yourselves over here in order. Prayer card Y 1 to Y 50.
All right. Let's sing now. Give us a chord, if you will, brother.

Only believe, only believe,

All things are possible, only believe;

Only believe, only believe,

All things are possible, only believe.

Our heavenly Father, oh, we didn't mean to take so much of Your
people's time. Tomorrow they have to work. But O Father, just looks
like I can't get away from that. It just seems to grip and pull at me.
I look up the clock and see it's getting along time that we should
be–being dismissed. Lord, there's… These people here's been given a
prayer card. They are supposed to be prayed for. And we pray, God, that
You'll bless them. And not only them, but everyone's in the building.
May great signs and wonders be done tonight. Grant it, Father, in the
Name of Thy Son Jesus. Amen.
Y 1 to 50. Prayer card Y 1 to 50, and be it lined up. And now, the rest of you may be seated if you will.

Now, to the strangers in our gates, we–we love you, and we want you to
be just as reverent, everyone, as you can for a few moments. There's
people down there who's got cancer and all kinds of diseases. Now, I'm
going to ask prayer for them and lay hands on them while you join with
me in prayer. Will you do it out there in the audience? Will you
Just think, when you used to go at the picture show, and it was
nine-thirty, you never noticed that, did you? You'd stay and see the
other show. When you went to the dance, you danced all night. What
about now? [–Ed.]… the Lord's work.

Now, all you cripples move up… Or they'll get you up here, as I see
they're getting them up, so that we can have prayer for them.
Last night, I come down among them, and several of them got up and
walked. And I think there isn't but about one left in the building
tonight, one lady that I seen. And she's here somewhere. I seen her
awhile ago, that was here last night. One lady out of the whole group
of la–yesterday that wasn't healed as far as I know.
Some of them setting there crippled up with arthritis and everything,
rose right up. One woman on a stretcher, bound tight, rose right up and
walked out of the building, normally. How marvelous God is. Isn't He
wonderful? Now, He will do the same thing tonight. Now, everyone be
reverent, and we'll pray now. And you… [–Ed.]

Now, we're going to try… Now, Brother Hall, I'm going to make a
promise to this people here. How many of you will do this: if you'll be
real reverent, be seated and be reverent, and let Brother Hall watch
the clock for the next five minutes. And after five minutes passes,
then let… till I can kind of get away from this heavy anointing,
'cause it'll going to calling the disease of the people, I'm afraid.
And if it does, then we'll just start the people, just let them come
right on through the line and pray for them, lay hands on them, believe
they'll get well.
Do you believe it'll happen if we come through the line? You out there in the line, do you believe it?

And now, remember, tomorrow night, the Lord willing, we want at least a
hundred people prayed for tomorrow night. Would you like that? Say
"Amen." A hundred people… Let's come real early and get the people
right through and pray for them.
All right. Now, I know the anointing's still burning down. Brother
Hall, I want to ask you a question I've never asked before. Can you
tell when that's near like that, when that anointing near? You stand
here? You–you can tell. I just wondered after It being there. I
noticed the patients coming; I always notice that.
I remember one night, Brother Hall was suffering hisself. And I was
trying to show something, and I found Brother Hall with a… with a
disease on his–of his liver. And he said that there'd been something
wrong with him. He just told me that it was all sluggish and
everything. He had abscesses on his liver. It's all right now. [Brother hall says, "I'm twenty-nine now."–Ed.]

E-44 All right. Come ahead, brother. All right, sir. You come here now.
And get your… the people together. Now, everyone in prayer. And right
after about five or eight minutes from now, I want Brother Hall just to
get the line started so you'll sh–bring the people right on through,
'cause we won't get them prayed for. And we're… And you pray for us
out there, will you do it now? All of you's going to be in silent
prayer as they come through.
Now, come here, brother. Do you believe with all your heart? Believe
that God is here? Now, I want you to look this way just quickly while
I… [–Ed.]

Lady right away. Now, sister, come quickly. I see you have something
wrong with your eyes too, don't you? 'Course, that'd be one thing you'd
want to be prayed for. Isn't that right? But besides that, you have a
tumor. Is that right? Go, God bless you and be made well.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. Just this, everybody just praise the Lord. Now, be happy, and…
All right. Bring your… Are you the lady that's to be prayed for? What
do you think about this, sister dear? Do you believe it is the Spirit
that was on Jesus Christ? Now, we're strangers aren't we. You just come
up here and that's… You just come up. Now, if there's… You know
that I'd have to have some way of knowing there's something wrong with
you. Is that right? If I will tell you, will you accept your healing in
Jesus Christ? Is arthritis. Is that right? Go off the platform…?…
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody.

Come here. Bring the lady. Howdy do, sister. You're wearing glasses I
see. You're very thin; you look delicate. And you'd like to be well. It
looks like… Of course, one thing would be your eyes are bad. We know
that. Anyone can see that. But I want to see if there's something else,
if the Holy Spirit will reveal to me. Yes, it's in your blood; you're
anemia. Is that right? Go off the platform and get well in the Name of
the Lord Jesus Christ.
Say, "Praise the Lord," everybody.
All right, come ahead, sister. Come here. Believe with all your heart.
Do you believe? Do you believe that Jesus Christ sent me? Oh, isn't He
wonderful? I see you wear glasses too. 'Course, that's caused from
astigmatism in your eyes. It's been there for, oh, long, long, long
time. Isn't that right? When you was a child… Now, I want you to
watch something. But besides that, you're suffering with heart trouble.
Is that right? Go, get well in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Praise the

E-47 All right, sister, you had heart tro… [–Ed.] there, but it's done gone from you. So you can go on off the platform and be made well.
Say, "Praise the Lord." If I could just get the people…
right, come now. Believe with all your heart. You believe, honey? You
want to be well? Them eyes is bad too, aren't they, sweetheart? In the
Name of the Lord Jesus, I bless thee, honey, that this will leave thee
and never bother thee no more. Amen. God bless you, honey. Take them
off. Amen.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." Oh, how marvelous, how marvelous!

All right, come forward, sister. Do you believe with all your heart?
We're strangers, aren't we? You just come in here. There's something
wrong with you. Is that right? I tell you what it is, sister. It's just
the time of your life. You're nervous. Isn't that right? Real, real
nervous. You're bothered with that. It's just a premature menopause a
working on you. There's really not… You think there's lots wrong with
you, but it's not. It's… That's the main thing. You believe me as
God's prophet? In the Name of Jesus Christ, I bless you, my sister. Go
off of here be happy, and don't worry no more about it.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody.

All right. Come, sister. Amen. Howdy do, sister. All right. You're
awfully nervous, aren't you? And you're suffering with sugar diabetes.
Go off of the platform and get well in the Name of our Lord Jesus.
Let us say, "Praise the Lord," everybody.
All right. Come here, sister. Do you believe with all your heart? Do
you believe Jesus Christ is here to make you well? Would you accept it
if I told you… If God can reveal to me what's wrong with you besides
your eyes? I don't mention that, because you're wearing glasses, and
you'd know that I'd know that. But I tell you, sister, weaving between
you and I are something moving like a heavy vibration, dark, death
like, settling around over you. It's a cancer. Isn't that right? Go off
the platform. Accept your healing. You'll get well in the Name of the
Lord Jesus.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody.

E-50 All right…?… All right, after this lady then, we'll start the line.
Come here, sister. I want you to look this way and believe with all
your heart. Do you believe with all your heart? Don't cry, mother. The
Presence of the Lord Jesus Christ is here. I know It's here. My own
lips is so thick and feel so anointed. There's Something here. And if I
can just get quiet just for a moment till the vision moves without
touching you. I could take you by the hand. In a moment He would speak.
But I mean just by a vision.
Here, lay your hand on–on mine. Look this a way. You're suffering with
stomach trouble. Isn't that right? Go home and eat what you want to.
Jesus Christ will make you well.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," ev–everyone.
[Brother Hall makes an announcement–Ed.]

Now, sister, being that you set there suffering with TB, you can get up
and go on home and get well. God bless you, sister. Amen.
All right, let the people there… Open up the line let them…?… [Brother Hall says, "Now, just take him by the hand. I'm going to hold him up."–Ed.]
God bless you, my sister, and heal you in the Name of Jesus Christ.
God bless you, my dear sister, and make you well. Believe in God.
God bless you, my sister, to heal you in the Name of Jesus Christ.
God bless you, my sister, to heal you in the Name of Jesus Christ, I pray.
God bless you, my sister, to heal you in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I pray.

E-52 In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, heal my sister.
In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, receive your healing, my sister.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, receive your healing, my sister.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, receive your healing, my brother. Stomach trouble's going to leave you gradually.
All right. Go, sister. You're bothered aren't you. Know you must have
healing right at once. It's left you, sister. The cancer's dead. So go
praising the Lord.
All right. O God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, heal my sister, I pray Thee.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, heal this woman with this diabetes, Lord, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Come, sister, believe. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, may my sister be healed.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, may our sister be healed.
In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, may our sister be healed.
God bless you, sister. You believe with all your heart? Your arthritis will leave you, sister dear. God bless you.

E-53 All right. You believe with all your hearts?
I believe I'm… He–He–He… So…?… How many wants to be healed
just now in the audience? Will you do something for me at this moment?
Will you do something for me? Do you believe He's here to heal you? I
want to ask you something. How many sick people's here, raise up your
hand? Now, you people that's well, you that's well, lay your hands over
on that sick person, will you? You're God's child, just the same as any
of the rest of us. Lay your hand on one another. Ministers down there,
some of you ministers, come here and lay hands on these people along
here. Let's bow our heads, everywhere.
Dear heavenly Father, so much, so many things. I'm getting weak, Lord.
You know that. And I–I pray that You'll be merciful to this audience
tonight. May they be healed, dear Father. May the power of sickness,
the devil, Satan, may they turn this people loose tonight. May every
person here be healed in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Now, you can…

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