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At Thy Word, Lord, I’ll Let Down The Net (54-1207)

At Thy Word, Lord, I'll Let Down The Net (54-1207)



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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham
called At Thy Word, Lord, I'll Let Down The Net
was delivered on Tuesday, 7th December 1954 at the Endicott Johnson Recreation Center in Johnson City, New York, U.S.A.
The tape, number 54-1207,
is 1 hour and 40 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette.

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Good evening, friends. It's a privilege to be here in this lovely
auditorium tonight in Binghamton, to have our closing service. I want
to say that it's been a real pleasure being here among you good people
these last few nights. And I trusting to God that someday by His grace
I can come back and be with you again a little longer.
And now, I want to thank each and everyone of you for your kindness.
I've just been treated so nice. And I appreciate everything, the gifts.
The brother bought me some clothes, and give Billy Paul a gift and sent
us a couple boxes of candy, give us a love offering, to all this we're
very thankful. May God richly bless you for it.

We didn't come for that–that purpose. We come to be a blessing and to
receive a blessing. And we certainly have received a blessing by being
with you good people.
And now, the next service normally that I had would be Chicago,
Illinois. That'll begin somewhere in the early part of January and will
perhaps last through January and the most of February.
Since coming back, I am trying to make my meetings so I want have to be
all the time in praying for the sick which the tremendous effect that
the anointing has on me. But I do some preaching.
And I–I'm to begin in Chicago, God willing. I have…?… to go home
and then from there to I've got to go to Florida to pick up Brother
Bosworth. And we may have a night or two down there. I'm not sure. Then
I come back and use this…?… And this next meeting coming along. We
certainly will have you on our hearts. And God willing, the pastors and
so forth has asked me if I would return again this next summer, late in
the summer. And I'll probably go to Africa and India and a–and a few
more of the places overseas this summer, on return back I hope to be
able to be here with you.
Now, many people believe and I'm a great believer in it to send the
sick handkerchiefs. How many believes in that, let's see your hand. [–Ed.]…?…
But that's all right. Any thing that God will bless, I'm certainly for it.

Now, in the Scriptures they didn't exactly anoint the handkerchiefs.
You'll read Acts 19, I think that they took from the body of Paul
handkerchiefs and aprons. And it went to the sick people. Evil spirits
went out and they were healed.
Now, I think… I couldn't say of course, but I think that where Paul
must have got that… You remember the Shunammite woman when the baby
was dead, why she, went to Elisha, and he was God's prophet though God
hadn't told him what had happened yet.
And the woman fell down in before him and Gehazi picked her up, his
servant. And wondered why she acted like that coming up to his master.
And he said, "Leave her alone." Said, "'Cause there's sorrow in her
heart, and God has kept it a secret from me." But when she revealed
what had happened, well, he sent his staff. He said, "Gehazi, take this
staff, or his servant, and go ahead of him and lay it on the baby."

Now, I think (See?), that whatever Elijah touched… He knowed when he
was anointed with the Holy Spirit that everything he touched was
blessed. But whether the woman would believe that or not… But he went
ahead and laid the baby–the staff on the baby. But the woman's faith
wasn't in the staff. It was in the prophet. So the prophet had to come
and put his body on the baby's body to bring it to life.
Now, however, perhaps that's where Paul got that. It's the only place
in the Scripture that I know, where he could've picked that up. But
whatever he touched… They seen that God was with him, and they knew
that what he touched was blessed. So God honored that. It was just a
little contact of faith.

Now, many people telling people to write to them. Whether it was for a
radio broadcast or something. But I don't have any broadcast or
anything. But I haven't prayed over many handkerchiefs since I been
here. I didn't know whether it was a–a doctrine of the church here or
not. I send out somewhere several thousand a week all around the world.
And I have a greater ministry in–in that than I do with the personal
contact with the people, because I reach more people. Now, if you
desire one of those little… It isn't a handkerchief. But sending
thousands of them and have very little capital to work with… But I–I
take a little ribbon, and the instructions, you're perfectly welcome to
one, absolutely free of charge. Just write to Jeffersonville. And
you'll find out a little form will be sent back. I got a prayer circle
all around the world. And as they pray… Even get up at midnight and
two o'clock in the morning around the world to pray.

They put their handkerchief or little cloth over their heart under the
underneath garment, confess all their sins. And everybody prays for one
another. And just imagine that thousands times thousands of prayers
going at one time for each other. God just can't turn His back on you.
He's got to hear it.
Recently I was alarmed at a–a little message I got from Germany with
a… We had a little office like in pretty near every nation, where
they translate the letters and send them to us. A little German woman
that had sent for anointed cloth and then said she–she got it. And
she'd had arthritis, and she'd been in a–in a wheelchair for several
years. So she got the little cloth, and she called in the neighbors. It
says if you haven't got a pastor to get a few neighbors. And she made
all of her confessions and put the cloth on her. And when she put it
on, she said, "Now, devil, you get out of here." See? She got up and
walked away out of the wheelchair. It's just that simple to just have
faith in God. That's all that–all there is to. Her faith just was made
to a level where she could accept her healing and went away. The
simplicity of Divine healing is such a simple thing.

Sometime ago on the Indian reservation, when I first started in my
services about eight years ago, I was in Phoenix, and the first time I
ever prayed for any Indian people. I promised God, if He'd heal the
three Indians that was in the meeting that I would… was in the prayer
line that night, that I would go to the reservation. And so they… The
Lord healed them.
And the missionaries helped me through my words. But I come on the road
back; I stopped for one night up at the Apache reservation as many of
you's been up there, up above Gold, Arizona.
We went back and there was thousands of them had seated out. There's a
little church there. I believe it was a Assembly of God faith…?…
And they fixed the microphone like this with speakers hanging out. As
the sun went down that afternoon, it was a glorious sight to see all
those Indians, their little families setting on blankets.

They're very odd people. But when they believe, they believe. But
they've got to be convinced first. So I begin to tell them that I felt
sorry for them and I–the way they were treated and so forth. And I do.
And I said, "Of course, I'm just one of the Americans like you all are
I said, "You might not have got the right deal. We send millions of
dollars over there to feed the foreign people and our Indians starving
to death. After all, aren't they the real Americans?" That's right.
I think that's a stain on our flag to myself, to think that them poor
people out there starving to death, and us sending millions of dollars
across over there for them to build up their armies and shoot it back
at us. And–and so, I said, "'Course I can't help that. But since I…
Here's one thing that I can tell you somebody, I'm here to represent
tonight, Who'll give you a square deal and be honest; that's the Lord
Jesus Christ."

And when I asked for a prayer line. Well, there was nobody come up. So
I wondering, "My, that's strange." So after while the missionary went
back into the little mission and brought out some people she had back
there. And the first one coming through was a woman, and as looking at
her, she had a venerable disease, not because she's immoral. But just
the way they had to live…?… dirty, so forth.
And so she come out. And she looked at me real strange; she admitted
that it that it was true, through the interpreter. And then the next
come was a–a little–a little girl. And she'd had a fever that'd made
her deaf. Well, I took her in my arms and prayed for her. And she…
Also she'd quit talking. She couldn't talk. And the same nerve that
controls the deaf that it's mute.

And so… And I set her down and I tried… I hit my hand like that,
and she turned around, and–and I said something to her. And she
mumbled off something. And I said, "Well, she'll talk better."
And the interpreter said, "She… Her talk is heap good now."
Said, "I didn't want know what she was saying."
So, the next one's a little cross-eyed boy. I got him up in my arms and
held him here and prayed for him. I never one time in all my ministry
ever seen God turn a cross-eyed child down, never in my life. I had
a… lost a baby years ago, Billy's little sister when she was eight
months old. She suffered so hard. And I got to the hospital to see her,
her eyes had crossed. And it was something, that taken effect that I
had such a pathetic feeling to see a cross-eyed child.

However, on down next coming was a… Then I had a real prayer line
then, just thousands of them. The dust begin to fly up everywhere, and
like they was having a stampede. And I wondered. And so they got them
all quietened. And so they had a big prayer line started then. Oh,
four, five, six hundred of them had lined up.
So then the next coming in was to be an old woman that was on crutches,
a broomstick. She was very badly crippled. And was stoved up some way,
with arthritis and so forth. And I looked at the poor old thing. And
there was one young fellow trying to get around her all the time. So we
couldn't talk to him. So Mr. Moore, many of you know Rev. Mr. Moore, he
just picked up the little Indian and set him back behind the old lady.
And the poor little thing, she'd already seen; she knew that God lived.

So she put her, brought her crutches coming along like that. And when
she got up to me, I just stood still and let her pass by. And she
comes, poor old thing, her great big deep, the creases, wrinkles in her
face, and her hair with leather wrapped in it, and I thought as she
looked up, the tears making their way down the creases in her face,
"That's somebody's mother.
Maybe never had the privileges that some of we have. But her children
loved her just the same as we love our mother. And she loved her
children like–like, her children loved her the same way and vice

When I got up… she got to where I was at, she just looked up at me
like that. And her little lips quivering. She just took both of those
crutches and handed them to me, straightened up, went walking right on
off the platform. No prayer at all, she just believed (You see?); that
was all.
I remember long towards daylight that morning, I'd prayed and prayed.
And the… They begin to come through with wet way up around this, up
around their waist. And I said to the interpreter; I said, "Why are
they wet?"
Said, "Well, first they didn't believe it. They just thought it was
false." And said, "Now," said, "there's a ford about twenty miles down
the river." But said, "They crossed over, and go to bringing their
loved ones in. They're just wading across the river with their loved

There was a fellow standing there with a board, that had a stick across
the front and the back. And he had his–an old Indian laying there,
with his legs hanging over this stick, his main body laying on the
board…?… and his hands laying like backwards. And a great strong
brave was standing there, quivering his lips, real cold. I said, "You
talk English?"
Said, "Leetle."
And I said, "Aren't you afraid that you'll catch pneumonia like that?"
He said, "Jesus Christ is take care of me. I brought my daddy."
And the old fellow laying there, he had the palsy…?… I said, "You believe if I'll ask Jesus, He will heal you–your daddy?"
So I said, "Pass him by." And he went by, and I just laid my hand on
the old fellow like that. I said, "God bless you, brother. May the Lord
Jesus heal you and make you well." They passed on.

Here come someone else. After while I heard somebody screaming. The old
fellow had the stretcher on his own shoulder, going along waving at
everybody like that, going right out, just a simple child-like
simplicity to believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, still has
mercy on His people.
Friends, Christ's attitude doesn't change towards the sick or the sinner. It's just the same tonight as it ever was.
I've had ten years of this. This is the tenth year traveling around the
world, seeing our lovely Lord working His great power. And I love Him
tonight with all my heart. And I'm sure you do too to come out on a
night like this, cold outside, to come to this little auditorium
tonight to worship Him together with us. We appreciate your presence.

E-16 And now, before I open the Bible to read a few verses of Scripture, shall we speak to Him, the Author of this Word, as we pray.
kind heavenly Father, we thank Thee tonight with all of our heart for
Your kindness and mercy to us. We're unworthy of any of these
blessings. But Thou by Thy sovereign grace… [–Ed.]
came down from heaven, was made sin and died at the cross, and was
buried, and rose again the third day for our justification, bearing in
His body for our redemption of both sickness, sin, wearies, and
troubles. "For He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our
iniquities; the chastisement of our peace upon Him; and with His
stripes we were healed." Said the prophet.

And we thank Thee for these wonderful attributes of His death that we
can enjoy while we're here on this earth. And above all things, knowing
that we wait for that day that when we shall be made liken unto Him,
and we shall see Him as He is, live with Him through ceaseless ages.
Father, grant tonight that Your Holy Spirit will come to this building
and bless each and everyone that's here. We pray this blessing now for
Your glory. And as I open this Bible, help to give us a few word of
consolation out of Thy Word, for we ask [–Ed.] of His Son. Amen.
Because my word as I say as a man, my words are just a man's word, but
His Word is always true. And now, we read from the 1st verse, beginning
with the 5th chapter of Saint Luke.


And it came to pass,… as the people pressed upon him to hear the word of God, he stood by the lake of Gennesaret,

And saw that the ships standing by the lake: but the fishermen were gone out of them, and were washing their nets.

And he turned… (I–I beg your pardon. I haven't got much light here.)
And he entered into one of the ships, which was Simon's, and he prayed
him that he would thrust out a little from the land. And he sat down,
and taught the people out of the ship.

Now when he had left speaking, he said unto Simon, Launch out into the deep, and let down… for the draught.

And Simon answered him said, Master, we've
toiled all night, and… taken nothing: nevertheless at thy word I'll
let down the net.

E-19 May the Lord add His blessings to that. And for just a little subject, we'll take, "At Thy Word, Lord, I'll Let Down The Net."
Now, many of us in looking or approaching the subject of Divine healing
and so forth… As we are tonight praying for the sick, God willing, I
wish to make this statement, that everyone will be sure to know that I
do not claim to be a Divine healer. I don't believe there's one on
earth. And I don't believe there ever was one on earth. Even the Son of
God, Himself didn't claim to be a Divine healer. He said, "It's not Me
that doeth the work; it's My Father that dwelleth in Me; He doeth the
And now, Christians, and to you maybe–maybe non-Christians, there's no
power in man, never was, and never will be, to heal the sick. It all
comes from God. No matter… I–I have nothing in me; no other man has
anything in them to save or forgive.

Now, sin is that–is the cause of sickness. Sick–sickness all comes
from sin. It's a attribute of sin. Before we had any sickness, we had
no sin. Sin followed sickness. So there if you deal with sin, you're
bound to deal with its attributes. You just have to. And anyone who'd
preach the Gospel of salvation from sin would have to preach Divine
healing or you couldn't preach the Gospel. See?
You couldn't kill a–a dog, hit it in the head and kill it, without
killing its foot also. See? You'd have to kill the rest of its body. So
the head of it is sin, and all this weary and sickness and all
attributes, even death itself, is all wrapped up caused by sin. Man
didn't have to die, didn't have to be sick. He didn't have to weary,
didn't have to shift for himself. Everything come after the fall.

Now, in this… But God hath set in the Church, gifts, first the Bible.
Now, I'm strictly a fundamentalist. If anything doesn't come from this
Bible, it isn't true. I believe that this is God's Truth. And
everything, every doctrine must be based upon this New Testament, the
New Testament Church.
And now, we see in the Bible that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, when He
came to the earth, He came to rid sin and sickness, divorce it, put it
away forever from His people. And claimed that He would return again,
but in His absence, that He gave His Church the same authority that He
If we'll notice what authority He had, it did not come… Jesus didn't
go around healing people because He wanted to; He only healed them as
God would let Him heal them.

We notice His ministry, as I quoted it the other night. If we can find
out what kind of a ministry Jesus Christ had Himself, then we can find
out whether He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. My
contentions is this: that Jesus raised from the dead. He is not dead.
He's alive, just as alive as He ever was and ever will evermore be
alive. He isn't dead.
He was only–only absent just a little while from the earth and had to
bear our sins to hell as He was made sin in our stead, to take our
sins, but knowing no sin Himself, but an innocent substitute for we
guilty sinners, taking our sins and sickness to hell when He went in
our stead. But God raised Him up on the third day for our
justification. As we look and see the empty tomb, we realize that we're
freely justified in the sight of God, and God has been well pleased
with the price that was paid of the death of His Son at Calvary.
He said, "This is my beloved Son, hear ye Him."
Jesus at the cross said, "It's finished." The atonement was paid for
and made, rather at Calvary. What kind of a ministry did Jesus have? If
He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, don't you audience tonight
think if He is the same yesterday, today, and forever that He will…
can do the same today that He did yesterday and forever?

Hebrews 13:8 said that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
Watch His ministry, just as a little preview for a few moments, maybe
if you're strangers. Let's see what kind of a ministry He had.
Now, He didn't go around saying, "All right, you crippled, you get up.
You blind, I'll raise this dead man." He raised three dead people
according to the Scriptures in His earthly ministry here while He was
on earth, just three as a conformation. "In the mouth of two or three
witnesses, let every word be established."
Many people died during His ministry. But He only raised three, as the
Bible records. But what kind of a ministry did He have then? Watch Him
in the beginning of His ministry, which we'll base on this text in a
few moments.

When He was first begin His ministry, become popular, why, a man by the
name of–of Philip got saved, and he went and found his friend
Nathanael and brought Nathanael to Him. And when Jesus, standing,
preaching, and praying for the sick, or wherever it was… Nathanael
may have been in a prayer line. He might've been standing in the
audience, wherever it was. When Jesus looked at him, He said, "Behold,
an Israelite in whom there is no guile."
And he said, "Whence knowest Thou me, Rabbi?"
Or other words, if I would say the same thing to you, I'd say, "There's a Christian, a believer, an honest truthful person."
Well, he said, "How did You know me?"
He said, "Before Philip called you, when you were under the tree, I saw you." Is that true? That's the Bible.

And now what would you think would happen in amongst many people who
are shallow borderline believers tonight, if something like that taken
place here in New York tonight? The first impression they had, either
the man… You'd say Jesus was a mind reader, or it was mental
telepathy, or something like that.
And that's the reason God can't move. The people never welcome Him.
They–they called Him a devil then. They said He was the chief of all
the fortunetellers. Did you know that? "He's Beelzebub, the chief of
the devils." Is that what the clergy called Him? Beelzebub, the chief
of all the devils… See?

They didn't stop to read the Scriptures to see that that was the sign
of the Messiah. But they–they just said, "Well, I know He knows what's
wrong with them. And we can't understand why they get well, but He's a
devil." See? But what did Philip–Nathanael say? He said, "Thy art the
Christ, the Son of the living God." That's the way to accept it.
He said, "Blessed art thou. If you have believed these things, because
I told you that I knew where you was before you come to the church (in
other wise), well, you'll see greater than this."
One day in His ministry He passed by a–a woman. Or went by… Up to
Samaria it was, and set on a–a bench or a wall, sent His disciples
into the city to get something to eat.
And as we as the American people, which is the eastern slant is
altogether different from this… But we as American people, we believe
that the woman was an ill-famed woman, prostitute, perhaps.

E-27 She had come out to get the water. Jesus said to her, "Bring Me a drink."
said, "It's not customary for you Jews, to ask Samaritans such. We have
no dealings." See? He was, to my opinion, He was trying to contact her
spirit. The Father had told Him to go up there. But perhaps, He'd take
place after He got there. So He set there at… She said, "Why, it's
not customary for you Jews to ask Samaritans such."

He said, "But if you knew Who you were talking to, you'd ask Me for a
drink." He went on with the conservation. After while, He caught what
was wrong with her, where her trouble was. He said, "Go, get your
She said, "I have none."
Said, "That's right. You've got five." Why, listen. Now, listen to her, her side of it.
She said, "I perceive that You are a prophet," not a devil, a prophet.
Said, "I know that Messiah is coming, and when He comes He will tell us
these things." The very sign of the Messiah was there. That prostitute
recognized it before the clergy did. Pretty near the same today. That's

When they were in there arguing on what kind of buttons they should
have on their coats, three magis, fortunetellers, or whatever you want
to call them, star gazers come from the east following a star and found
Him. Is that right? It's true. And the clergy was wondering what kind
of buttons they ought to wear on their clothes and how they must dress,
having D.D.'s and so forth to their names. Just know… Just the
history just repeating itself. And there laid the gift of God laying
there. When He went to preaching and foretelling people and…?… or
His ministry, why, they said, looked at Him; they said, "He's
Beelzebub." That's the clergy.
But what did the devil say? "We know who You are, the Son of God, the holy One." Is that right?
That's where the… See, people can get so ritualistic till they
lose… Even devils know more about the Spirit than they do, 'cause
they deal with spiritual things. They just gets so ecclesiastical, till
they just can't find God. And there's no way of finding it that way.
"God has hid Himself from the eyes of the wise and prudent," He said.
And so, notice, when He talked to the woman. She said, "I know when
Messiah cometh, He will say those things and do those things."
He said, "I'm He that speaks to you."
And she run into the city and said, "Come, see a Man that told me
everything I ever done. Isn't this the Messiah?" Why, He never told her
all she done. He just told her that one thing. But if God could reveal
that one thing to Him, He could reveal everything to Him.

So then, if you notice, a little later on He passed through the pool of
Bethesda, where multitudes after multitudes of crippled, lame, halt,
blind, twisted… Now, listen close. And when He passed by these
people, He never touched a one of them, yet full of love and
compassion. Went by them till He found a man laying on a little
pallet–little pallet as we call it in the south. And so He made him
He–he wasn't crippled. He said, "When I'm coming down at the pool,
somebody else steps in ahead of me." He… Maybe he was getting old.
He'd had that disease for thirty-eight years. It wasn't going to kill
him. He was just retarded. So he might've had TB or prostate trouble or
something. He said, "Take up thy bed and go into your house."
Now, if you'll notice, the Scripture says before that, Jesus knew that
he was there. Now, when the Jews found him and questioned Jesus, why
didn't He heal all the multitude? Why didn't He make them all well?

You know what would happen in New York tonight, if we had a big meeting
and there'd be a whole big… pushing a whole big lots of–of cripples,
and blind, and halt, and the Lord would come down and heal maybe one
person, walk away? You know what they'd say? "Uh-huh, let me see Him
heal that one and I'll believe it."
See? God doesn't heal upon your desires. He heals upon the basis of your faith. That's right.
So when they questioned Jesus about it. Listen what He said, now, Saint
John 5:19. Listen closely. "Verily, verily I say unto you, the Son can
do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing: what the
Father doeth, He showeth the Son. And He will show you greater than
this that you may marvel. For the Father worketh and I worketh
hitherto." See?

Otherwise Jesus with His own Words said, "I don't do one thing within
Myself, but I watch. And what the Father shows Me, I go do it." Is that
right? "Verily, verily I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in
Himself, but what He sees the Father doing: that doeth the Son
Now, a woman one time touched His garment and run out into the crowd.
Her faith was so great, He turned around and picked her out in the
crowd and said, "Thy faith has saved thee. Your blood issue stops and
it's all over." See? And many…
We watch the way He worked: just as the Father would show Him, no
credit to Himself, but what the Father did. He come to do the Father's
will. Now, that's the type of ministry He had. Now, listen.

He said, "A little while and the world will see Me no more, yet ye
shall see Me (That's the believer.). The world (the unbeliever) won't
see Me no more," cause He'd be gone. That settles it. Said, "The world
will see Me no more; yet ye shall see Me. For I will be with you, even
in you to the end of the world." That's–that's His own words. Is that
Now, friends, that's either right or it is wrong. Hebrews 13:8 said,
"Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever." And if it is
right, He's obligated to His Word. And if it isn't right, then the
Scripture, the Bible is not a Book to be trusted. To me, it's either
black or white. It's right or wrong. And I am so thankful that I have
found that It's perfectly right.

For He has raised from the dead. He's living… Now, watch. You say,
"Well, of course we believe He raised from the dead." What did He say?
"The things that I do, shall you do also." Is that cor–correct, you
ministers? "The things that I do shall you do also. Even greater…"
The word greater, any of you scholars know the right interpretation
there is more. He couldn't do anything greater. He stopped nature,
raised the dead, and everything else. Any more greater in quality but
in quantity. "More than this shall you do, for I go to My Father." Is
that right? "These same things that I do, you shall do them also."

Now, if He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, He's obligated to
that Word, isn't He? In the beginning of His ministry here, He was… I
can think of that morning when He was standing by the–this lake here.
His–His ministry had just started. He become popular. Little crowds of
people were gathering around Him. And some miracles had happened. And
He'd go to a city and heal a man, walk right out of the city where the
father showed Him and go somewhere else. And whatever the father showed
In this day He'd…?… group of fishermen. Peter, James, John had been
fishing. Perhaps, they'd been told before by the others this wonderful
Person Jesus of Nazareth. And they'd seined all night through the–the
lake. And they were fishermen. Perhaps we will for the sake of drama,
that it was along in April when fishing's good.

And they were seining this thing through there. And they were
fisherman. They knowed just the kind of weather you're supposed to have
and for the stars and moon and so forth. All the calendar was given to
them by instinct. They knowed when fish was running and when they
wasn't. And they'd seined all night through this lake and had taken
My, that's a discouraging thing, to fish all night and get nothing. And
the next morning they was discouraged and setting down washing their
nets. And down along the bank comes this lovely, lonely Galilean,
despised and hated by the churches, yet the Prince of peace.

And as He comes walking along the banks, a few of His apostles that
followed Him, disciples then was a following Him… Now, I can imagine
seeing the women all up there from the meeting the night before,
perhaps, washing and so forth along the banks in their little huts as
it was.
They said, "There goes that Fellow that's healing the sick, that
prophet. Let's go down and hear Him. Perhaps if we'll gather we'll have
a meeting down there on the bank." And I can see them lay their dishes
aside or their washing. And the men stop the ox in the field from
plowing. And they're coming down to talk to Jesus.
And when He stopped on the bank and begin to speak to the people, they
said, "The people pressed upon Him to hear the Word of God."

There's no one in the world enjoys hearing God's servant preach like I
do. I don't get to hear much, 'less it's on radio. All different
denominational churches. I just love to hear them. And I don't get to
meet them or hear very much of it in the meeting, 'cause it's all took
up praying for the sick and so forth. And sometimes the throngs of
thousands times thousands, and Holy Spirit moving taken place to
And I like to hear good ministers speak. But I would've loved to have
been there the time when He stretched out His arms and said, "Come unto
Me, all ye that labor and heavy laden, I'll give you rest."

I've often wondered if I could live to see the day when the air waves
that radio technicians, and so forth, and scientists would be able to
produce a crystal of something that would pick up that wave of His
voice. They claim it never dies. It just flows on. "Come unto Me all ye
that labor and heavy laden, I'll give you rest."
I don't know whether I'll live to see that day or not. Don't know
whether God will permit it. But there's one thing that I do have; I
hope this, that someday I'll hear him say this, "It was well done, my
good and faithful servant." That's what I live for, to see that day to
hear that Voice, that "It was well done. You done the best you could."
That's what I've worked for. That's what I've worked and labor in love
for my Lord Jesus.

These fishermen, I can imagine seeing the apostles setting up there on
a stump on the side of the shore, say, "Well, say there's that Guy,
that–that new Fellow, come in here preaching healing down there. Let's
just set down here and see what He says." You know the fellow comes to
church the first night, goes just as far back as he can.
Then I can notice him as Jesus begin to speak, there was something
about His Word was just a little different from ordinary men. I can see
the apostle Peter pick up his stump, pull up a little closer and set
down. After while, he was right up in front, and listening at Him. He
spoke like… precious words coming from His mouth…

Afterwards He said, stepped out borrowed the apostle's boat. So the
crowd was pushing against Him, and He stepped out in the boat. After He
got through speaking, He said to Peter, "Launch out into the deep and
let down for the draught." Now, not let down and see if there's some
there, let down and take a try at it. But let down for the draught, a
whole multitude of fishes.
Well, the apostle said, "Lord, we have–we fished all night. We're
fishermen. We know our business. And there's just simply is no fish out
there." I'd imagine he said in his heart, "Now, we fished through those
waters and we know there's no fish there." But if Jesus said let down
for them, He's able to put some there. If you'll take Him at His Word.

Now, maybe you have went to every doctor in the city. Maybe you've
combed through every clinic, and every doctor's office. Maybe the man
with honesty has examined you and said, "I don't know what's wrong with
you." And maybe he's found what's wrong with and say, "It's not in
medical realms to cure you. There's nothing in the world that we can do
for you."
Maybe you've seined through all that, and you went through prayer
lines. You've done everything that you know to do, and you're still
sick and getting worse. Why don't you do like the apostle said? "Lord,
I don't know how it's going to happen, but at Thy Word, Lord, I'm going
to let down the net tonight. I'm going to let down and believe with all
my heart that You're going to heal me tonight." You'll go away from
here a well person. "At Thy Word, Lord, I'm going to let down the net."

Regardless of what it is. And when the apostle let the net down, where
he'd seined all night long, and Jesus asked him to go right back in the
same waters and let down again. So when he let down, he enclosed a
great multitude of fishes. And he fell before the apostle, and said…
'fore Jesus and said, "Depart from me, O Lord, for I am a sinful man."
How that he wasn't… And from then on He served the Lord. The great
blessings that Jesus gave to him… He said, "From henceforth, you
shall be made–be made the fisher of men."

And that tonight, how that I… much criticism… For everything where
I was first beginning, it was terrible. But now the Lord has battled
down the critics so great men of kings and potentates and tens of
thousands times thousands of testimonies wrote out by doctors and
everything else of Divine healing and even resurrection from the dead,
till it shut the critics mouth. God has appeared in the meeting in a
great form of a Light, taken It. Been through all the different
examinations and things, till God has absolutely proved His Word beyond
a shadow of a doubt to be the Truth. It stopped the critics.

And I love Him. And I think that every Christian tonight holds
theirself this–this same. That by the light of God's Word, that every
man ought to come… If you're here tonight for your first time, you
ought to look at it sensibly, and look at it Scripturally, and approach
it the same way. Don't come with a critical… Saying, "Well, I don't
believe. I don't care." Well, if you're a…
A fellow said to me not long ago, said, "Brother Branham, I don't care what happens; I don't believe it."
I said, "It wasn't for you. It's not for unbelievers. It's for those who believe, just for believers alone."
So then he said, "He that believeth…" That's the one. "These signs
shall follow them that believe," not unbelievers, the believe. That's
the ones that's…?…

And I, tonight in thinking of these things and seeing how the Lord
did… Just some people are ashamed. After they accept the Lord Jesus
as Saviour, they go out and they're ashamed to confess Him. Many times
they accept Him as their Healer, and they go out and are ashamed to
confess Him. You should never be ashamed of Him. You should be right
up… No matter what takes place, you should be right up in front to
stand on your testimony.

For God can only save you as you testify. He can only heal you as you
testify. He is setting at the right hand of the Father tonight to make
intercession upon your profession. It isn't how loud you cry, how hard
you beat the altar, how many good deeds you do; it's your faith that
saves you.
And if you'll confess it with your lips and coming from your heart, He
goes to work as a High Priest setting at the right hand of the Father
to make intercessions upon your confession. Hebrews 3:1, He cannot do
one thing for you until first you believe it and accept and confess it
to be so.
And the people today, they'll go out, say, "Well, I felt better last
night, but today I'm so bad I just can't hardly stand it." That's just
exactly when you lose your confession and drop right down. No matter
who you are, how saintly, how godly you are, you're a minister,
clergyman, or you're a deacon, or whatever you are, or you been a
Christian for fifty years, if you go out of here tomorrow and lose
faith that you're a Christian and start telling people you're not a
Christian anymore, you're backslid. You're gone.

Only by your confession can you be saved. That's the most powerful
weapon that God put in the hand of man, is a committal and a
confession. It'll do it every time, if you'll believe it, accept it on
those basis, and believe it and stay with it. Keep confessing it. When
you confess it…
You know what a lot of people look at symptoms. They always go around
say, "Well now, I don't feel any better." That doesn't have one thing
to do with it. It's what you believe, not what you feel.
If there's any man had a good case of symptoms, was Jonah. He was
backslid, hands tied behind him on a stormy sea, swallowed by a whale,
in the belly of the whale, down in the bottom of the sea. Any man knows
that a fish when it feeds, it'll pass through the water till it finds
its way, and then goes right down and rests at the bottom.

Feed your goldfish and watch what they do, go right to the bottom,
throw their little swimmers out and rest. Now, this minister, prophet
Jonah had been swallowed by a whale. And it was hands behind him. He
was backslid, 'cause God told him to go to Nineveh and he went to
Tarsus, on his road to Tarsus. He was backslid.
And they claim that the sea around in there is over a mile deep or two,
out in there. And this whale had went way down in the sea now with this
preacher in his stomach. And if he looked this way, it was whale's
belly, if he looked that way, it was whale's belly. Everywhere he
looked it was whale's belly.
And you talk about being in a condition. He really had a chance to have
some symptoms. Everything he looked at was whale's belly. But what did
he say? He said, "They are lying vanities. I refuse to see them." He
said once more mid the vomit, the–in the whale's stomach, seaweed
wrapped around his neck… In that condition…

There's nobody in here tonight in that condition. There's nobody ever
been in that condition. Look what an impossibility he was standing in.
And yet he refused to see the symptoms around him. He said, "Once more
I will look to Your holy temple, O Lord." That's right. Why? When
Solomon dedicated the temple, he prayed; he said, "Lord, if Thy people
be in trouble anywhere and look to this temple and pray, then You hear
from heaven."
And Jonah believed that God heard Solomon's prayer. And he looked
towards the temple, and God kept him alive for three days and nights in
that whale's belly, according to the Word of God. And if Jonah, under
those circumstances, could believe God like that, how much more ought
you and I tonight?

Setting here where thousands are being healed every year with all kinds
of diseases, afflictions. And we don't look towards the natural temple
built by natural man, offered prayer by natural man. We look to heaven,
where Jesus setting at the right hand of God making intercession with
His Own Blood for our confession.
How much more ought we to say, "I refuse to see it. Jesus Christ
promised me Eternal Life. I have It. Jesus Christ promised to heal my
sickness. I have it. I confess it. I believe it. I will stay with it."
Then you're going to make…
Though people go around say, "How do you feel?"
Say, "Wonderful. Praise the Lord." Then you're going to run the devil away from you.

One time when I was sick. Mayo Brothers had give me up, and everything,
said I couldn't make it. Everything I'd eat, would vomit right back
out. I've set right down and taking God at His Word and told Him I'd
serve Him. And I eat some onions, beans, corn bread, and bologna. And I
eat a big mouthful and the devil said, "Uh-huh."
Went to burning, the doctor said, "That boy will die if he puts that in his stomach."
And it started back up, and I held my hand over my mouth. I said, "Oh,
no, huh-uh, God said so." And I went down the street just a praising
The devil said to me, "You're no better." Days passed. Said, "You're no better."
I said, "Looky here, devil, if you don't want to hear me testify and
glorify Jesus Christ, just get away from me 'cause I'll tell it till I
die." That's right. Amen.

And tonight, try me on a steak and see if I can eat it or not. See? I'm
healthy, strong. I only weighed a hundred and eighteen, nineteen pounds
by that time. And now I weigh a hundred and sixty-five. Yes, sir.
Because why? I believe God. I had faith in Him. This is His Word. It's
not my word. It's His Word. God said He would do it.
And when Jesus said that He was the same yesterday, today, and forever,
would return in this form and do the same things He did when He was
here, I believe every word of it to be the truth. And my hope is built
on nothing less than Jesus' Blood and righteousness. That's right.
There His Word. And His Blood is to take care of it. Everything He put
in the atonement is ours. We have it by faith. Just accept it and walk
forward and confess it and watch what takes place. It'll work it.
When you get saved at the altar, you believe in salvation. You go
outside, and the old crowd you met say, "Huh, he's still got on the
same tie, still coat. His eyes are still blue or brown or whatever it
is. Why, there's no difference in him." There's no physical thing that
you can show at all that you're saved. But in your heart, you believe
you're saved. So you testify what you believe.

If you can accept Jesus as your Healer, then no matter what the outside
looks like, what the symptoms look like, testify what you believe.
That's it. Stay with it. And God's obligated to bring it to pass. Oh,
I remember when I first started out. The love of Him, how that the
people swarmed from everywhere. Remember going down into Jonesboro,
Arkansas. I had been gone about six months. I sent for wife. I was
getting so lonesome to see her and the baby. And they come down on the
train. I remember, they met us. The Arkansas Sun said, "There was
twenty eight thousand people at the meeting." And if the paper said
they were there, they were everyone there.

They had little places out, little stations built and tents. Those poor
dear people were laying under cots, and laying under trucks, and cattle
trucks, and holding… and it pouring down rain every day, them holding
papers over their little sick children and things. It was a pathetic
sight. But the Lord had been healing.
We noticed a article up there in one of the books. A man come to the
altar, a place with a big cancer, red, hanging on his neck. And it
turned white, dropped off, and rolled under my feet. And the newspaper
standing there taking the pictures of it, everything and put it right
on the front page the next day.

Here was Mrs. Hattie Waldrop from Phoenix, Arizona, died in the prayer
line. She told the intern and them, when they was bringing her through,
said, "Take me through anyhow." And when she got up there, been dead…
There's her address, name, number, everything. She's living today: had
cancer of the heart, colon, and liver.
The doctor give her up, said, "There's not a chance." And they brought
her anyhow. She died over a city block away from the place. They kept
on bringing the prayer line up. I stayed there eight days and nights
without leaving from the prayer line. And so they–they just kept
bringing them. They bring me my lunch or a little orange juice, and I
would drink, maybe, sleep beside of the pulpit just for a few minutes,
wake up and start the prayer line on.

And that woman raised from the dead, come right up out the… and
living today. Ask… There's her address her… Nothing is fictitious.
Ask and see. You got a right to look into it. Men all over the world
has called in for it. And thousands of those things have been done.
Why? "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." And what
He says is the truth. That's right.
You've lost your faith in Him, friends. Come back to God. Come back to
a living faith. Get away from these little pet theologies and stuff,
and serve a real living God by a borned again experience. That's right.
What you must do to live right with God. Except a man's is borned
again, then the supernatural Life of God comes into a man and makes him
believe things, because he's a part of God.

Now, when that… I remember that night going in trying to get to the
auditorium. My wife stood up there and she said… We was about three
blocks away and the streets was all blocked off. And my wife said,
"Billy, did all these people come to hear you?"
And I said, "No, honey, they come to see Jesus." So she stood there,
poor little fellow, and sang "They come from the east and west." Some
ushers, a gang of them, come and got me and taken me through the crowd.
And I just got in. That was my last night to be in the meeting. We was
going on then to Little Rock from Jonesboro.
I happened to look down here and the ambulance, stretchers was laying
everywhere. And there was a little girl laying there, and there's a
vision coming over. And I noticed over this way, somebody kept
motioning like this. He had on a dark suit and a blue cap in his hand.
And I thought he looked like an ambulance driver.

The night before there'd been a man up at Kennett, Missouri, been
twenty years was blind, a shoe cobbler. And he received his sight that
morning. And he went home; he run all over the city. He run into a
Methodist church with his hat on His cane blind. There was white thing
running through the church. And they throwed him out of there. And he
went out to Catholic and they throwed him out of there. They just… He
was taking the town.
So everybody was coming from everywhere. And so they… I looked there
and this man kept motioning like this to me with his cap. I said, "Are
you calling to me, sir?"
He said, "Yes, sir." Said, "I'm from up in Missouri." And said, "I got
another trip to make tonight." Said, "I got a patient out there." And
said, "The patient's already dead. And we had a house doctor." And
said, "I can't find him anywhere. I don't know what to do. Could you
come to her?"
And I said, "Well, sir, they wouldn't take my word pronounce her dead." I said, "It'd take the undertaker."
He said, "I wish you would come out. Her husband's just frantic out there. And maybe you could quieten him."

I said, "Well, sir, there's two thousand people between here." And that
row, there's a big row just reserved there for ambulances along on the
other side of the auditorium.
And so, he said, "I'll help get you out." There's a big group of men; I
passed through the audience as we pressed through, and let… Mr. Reed
begin to lead the songs again. And I went out there. And there was a
big black ambulance setting there. And they opened up the door. And I
got in.
A typical old Arkansas brother… Now, if there's somebody here from
Arkansas, don't mean hurt your feelings. They're poor, poor, but they
sure got something under that old blue shirt, brother, that beats true
to God. That's right.

I'd rather have… I tell you what this old time salvation does. It'll
make a tuxedo suit and a pair of overalls put their arms around and
call each other brother too. And sure. It'll make calico and silk set
together and call each other sister. Certainly will. It'll take all the
starch out of you. You realize that we're all one person in Christ
Jesus, brothers and sisters.
And there I looked in there. And a poor old fellow back there, and his
shoes, soles was off of his shoes, and old faded out overalls… Remind
me of my poor old daddy. And his shirt was patched all over it. And he
had an old hat in his hand. And it was sewed up around the side with
twine cord. And the whiskers was kind of long on his face. He hadn't
shaved maybe for a week or ten days, a weary look on his face. And he
was saying, "Oh, mother, why did leave me? Why did you leave me?"

Poor old fellow, I looked at him. I thought, "Oh, my, now, what can I
tell him?" And I set back through the ambulance to the front where they
opened it up, the door. And so, he looked at me; he said… I said,
"How do you do?"
He said, "How do you do?" He said, "Are you the doctor?"
And I said, "No." I said, "I'm Brother Branham."

He said, "Oh, Brother Branham," said, "poor mother," said, "she wanted
to see you so bad before she died." Said, "She's such a good woman,
Brother Branham." Said, "She harrowed over those old clods up there and
made me what I am." And said, "She took cancer two years ago." And
said, "We took her to St. Louis. The doctors operated. They done
everything." Said, "I've even sold my mules and everything," he said,
"to try to–to try to get her healed." And said, "The doctors has give
her up. And we heard that this man come up this morning testifying."
And said, "We went and sold some quilts that she made and some
blackberries that she canned last year, to get the ambulance to bring
her down." And said, "Now, she's dead, Brother Branham." And said, "Oh,
I don't what I'm going to do without her. To go back home, it's so

And I said, "Well, dad, the only thing I know to do is, let's you and I
just offer a prayer." And I felt her head. And I don't hardly think the
woman was dead, because… Now, she might've been. I couldn't say. But
she was… They'd taken her false teeth out and her lips was sunk way
back. And it was like muddy water out of her eyes, and they were set.
And her perspiration was real sticky. No pulse at all. No pulse at all.
I felt her arm.
And I just knelt down, was holding her hand. And we started praying.
And he was just crying and praying. "O God, if I can only see her, talk
to her once more," like that.
And I was praying. I said, "Father, I pray Thee to be merciful to this
dear brother. And to help him and to bless him. And to this dear woman,
that come all this way." I felt her squeeze my hand.

The devil said to me, said, "You see that's muscles. She's dead. It's
just her muscle twitching." And I agreed with him. So, I went on
praying just a few minutes. And it twitched again. And I thought,
"Well, that's strange." I looked down; I seen the skin on her forehead
wrinkling. Ha, the devil was wrong there. So she looked at me. And she
raised up. I never said a word, just kept–quit praying. He was just a
crying and wringing his hands and his hat, like that, looking up in the
air. And–and she raised up.
She said, "What's your name?"
I said, "I'm Brother Branham."

When they looked he said… "Mother." And the poor old fellow grabbed
her in his arms like that and begin to screaming and crying. She
followed the meetings for months and months; I heard from her. Well,
it's been eight nine years ago. And I heard from her here about two
three months ago, just before I went overseas, just fine and dandy.
Nothing wrong with her at all, she's just perfectly normal and well as
she could be.
So–so the driver said, "Brother Branham," said, "them men that brought
you, they've gone back to the parking lot," said, "or back in the
back." Said, "Now, you can't get through there, 'cause thousands is
crowded up in here knowing you're in the car." Said, "You go back down
around this road, and they're going to meet back there at the
building." Said, "Nobody knows you back there. Go on back that way."
And I said, "Yes, sir."

And he act like he was taking off his coat like this. That looked like
a hypocrite to do that, but it was the only thing I could do. And I got
out of the car, went down along the side. It was raining right along. I
started pushing through those people back there, you know, from right
to left, trying to go through. And I wondered, "Where's them fellows
There was great big lights back there. And the people were all
standing, some of them been in there for days. And I was pressing
through like this. And everybody kept tell me say, "Quit pushing. Stop
I said, "Pardon me."

I kept pushing on. Directly a great big fellow standing there
whittling. He said, "I said quit pushing." I was afraid he was going to
push next.
So I said, "Yes, sir. Excuse me, sir." I said, "I didn't mean to do it."
He said, "Well, stand still."
I said, "Thank you, sir."
I watched him, you know, a little while. He kept on whittling, talking
there, you know, and kind of rough like fellow. And I looked at him.
And I heard a cry. I'll never forget it as long as I live.

And they–they got this Jim Crow law there, segregation or had then.
And here come a young colored girl about sixteen, seventeen years old,
just, her eyes white with cataracts. And she was pushing through that
crowd trying, hollering, "Daddy, daddy. Oh, daddy," nobody paying any
attention to her. See? Just…
And I thought, "Poor thing. Look like somebody'd help that girl." And
she was coming my way. So I slipped out real easy from this fellow and
got away, got over on the side here. And I kept getting right in her
line, which way she was coming so she'd bump into me. And she bumped
into me. And she said… Put her hands on me. She said, "Pardon me."
She said, "Daddy."

E-70 And I said, "Well, what's the matter?"
She said, "Sir," she said, "I've lost my daddy. Could you help me find him?"
And I said, "Well, I don't see anymore colored people around here, lady." I said, "Where you from?"
She said, "I'm from Memphis."
And I said, "Uh-huh."
looked over and seen that chartered bus line. I seen one chartered bus
from Memphis. And I said, "Yes, ma'am." I said, "What are you doing
over here?" I thought I'd… Poor thing. Isn't that awful to take
advantage of her like that, and her blind couldn't see me? And I
said… I was just trying her faith.
And I said, "What are you doing over here?"
And she said, "I come over to see the healar." That southern talk. "I come to see the healar."
I said, "The what?"
She said, "The healar."
And I said, "I don't understand what you mean."

She said, "Well, sir, I listen to all the good radio programs." And she
said, "This morning I heard this man from down here towards Corning
that couldn't speak a word was talking on the radio." And said, "That
man that was blind that got his sight up there…" Said, "I'm blind
too, as you know." Said, "When I was a little girl I got cataracts on
my eye, and the doctor told me when they got ripe…" I don't know what
ripe means, but said, "when they got ripe, that he'd take them out."
And said, "Now, they're ripe." And said, "He said they's wrapped around
the roots of the them, around the optical nerve of my eye, that he
can't take the–the cataract without taking the eye too."

And she said, "I don't have a chance to see." And said, "I come over to
see the healer." And she said, "And they tell me this is his last
night. And I haven't got a chance to get into the building." And said,
"And my… And I've lost my father. And I can't find my way back to the
bus." She said, "Would you help me get back to the bus, kind sir?" Just
as intelligent as she could be…

And I said, "Yes, ma'am." But I said, "What I want to question you
about, about this healer." I said, "Do you believe that in the day that
we got all these fine doctors and surgeons, that God would do something
by sending an Angel like that?"
She said, "Yes, suh. I believes it."
And that made me feel ashamed of myself. And she said–she said, "Yes, suh. I believes it."
I said, "Well, looks like that in this fine day when we got all these doctors…"
She said, "Sir, none of them can help me."
And I said, "Yes, ma'am." She.. I said, "Well, you don't really mean that you believe that?"
She said, "Sir, I tell you what. If you'll take me by the hand and lead me to where that man is. Then I'll find my father." [–Ed.]…?…
That just made me just go right down. I said, "…?…" Must have… I felt like a hypocrite. [–Ed.]
made me stand there. I looked at the poor old thing, and I–I said,
"Well, sister, maybe I'm the one you're supposed to see."
If I live to be a hundred years old, I can't forget that. She grabbed me right like that. She said, "Is you da healah?"
I said, "No, ma'am." I said, "I'm Brother Branham."
She said, "Oh, Brother Branham."

I said, "Now, wait, take your hands off here." You think I'd get her
hands… I couldn't pull them off of me. She wasn't going to let me get
away. She was holding like that. And I said, "Will you turn me loose?"
She said, "No, suh." Said, "Has mercy on me, Brother Branham."
I said, "Well, sister, I pray to Jesus first."
She said, "Have mercy."

And I thought of that song. She'd heard about that man being healed up
there. Blind Fanny Crosby said, "Pass me not, O gentle Saviour. Hear my
humble cry. While on others thou art calling, do not pass me by."
I thought of that, and I said, "…?… sister, if you'll let me have a
hold of your hand," I said, "while I pray." And I had to pry her hand
loose from me, one of them. And I held it like that. I said, "Now, you
just bow your head and close your eyes."
She said, "Yes, suh." [–Ed.]
… started praying, I said, "Now, heavenly Father, You know this need.
And why would I have to come back behind this place?" Do you believe
all things are ordained of God? Sure they are. And I said–and I said,
"I–I don't know why I'm back here. But this poor old blind colored
girl," and I said, "here she stands." I said, "Father some nineteen
hundred years ago, there was an old rugged cross come dragging down
through the streets of Jerusalem, dragging out the bloody footprints of
the Bearer. On His road up the hill to be crucified, His poor little
frail body riven side. He couldn't pack the cross no longer and He
fell. And there come Simon of Cyrene, a colored man, picked up the
cross, and put it upon him on shoulders, and helped Him bear it."

I said, "Father, I'm sure You understand that. And here tonight
staggering in total darkness, is one of his children, along here in
total darkness. And upon that cross, the Blood for the healing of this
girl was…?… Won't You please have mercy upon her like that." And
just then something happened.
She said, "Something went through me. My eyes feel so cold." I noticed
the life went out of those cataracts, but she had wait for the
I said, "Just keep your lids over them, sister, for a moment." I said,
"Don't say nothing. We'll be known here. See? Don't let no one see us."
And they wasn't paying any attention, just moving along." And I said,
"Now–now, just raise your head just about where you think I am, and
then open your eyes, 'cause Jesus has give you your sight."
She said, "Yes, suh." She said, "Is my head about right?"
And I said, "Yes, ma'am. Now, open your eyes." She opened her eyes.
She said, "Is them lights?"
I said, "Yes, ma'am."

Said, "Is them spots? Is them people going there?" I said… She
screamed to the top of her voice and jumped off in that crowd,
screamed, "Oh God, I who was once blind now I sees."
That–that startled the crowd. Here they all come running everywhere. I
looked and I seen my man coming around the corner pressing through the
crowd. And there was an old man standing there with a club, where he'd
walk on it. He had a twisted leg like that. He said, "I know you,
Brother Branham." He said, "I been standing eight days. I've got five
little children at home. I been a crippled." Said, "I believe you're a
good boy. If you ask God to heal me, he can do it."
I said, "Do you believe that, brother?"
He said, "With all my heart."
I said, "Then in the Name of Jesus Christ give me your club." And when
I stand at the judgment bar before this group of people, you'll know
then whether it's true or not. When he handed me club, God honored his
faith. His foot come straight like that. He leaped up in the air, begin
screaming to the top of his voice.

And then they was coming to me. And up… And the people pressing
through the crowd, they'd seen the miraculous and seen God move in the
audience and so forth. So they just believed. That was all.

And friends, up to that time, I'd been on the road then about six
months. And you know how I am about taking money. I don't like that.
And I never even taken up an offering for myself. And when I went away
from home, I didn't have the clothes to wear. That's true. I'm thanking
God tonight I got clothes. And…
But my brother, younger than I, he was out on a date. And they had a
wreck. And he–he cut his suit up. He cut the legs in it and the pocket
was all tore down. And he gave me that, when I started on my first
healing campaign.
And my wife and I went down to the ten cent store and got some of them
patches you iron on with a hot iron (you know?) and put it on there.
And this pocket was tore. And I'm not very good at sewing up. But I
took and sewed it up with–with my hand like that, sewed it up, and it
made a great big place.

And I have to meet ministers. And they'd be dressed so nice. I'd look
at them. And I–I felt ashamed of my old raggedy coat. So I'd would
hold my right hand over it and shake hands with left my hand and say,
"Excuse, my left hand is closer to my heart." I'd say like that,
because I didn't want them to see that old raggedy coat. But, brother,
that night them people were pressing through that crowd to touch that
old ragged coat and they were getting healed.
Let me tell you, brother. The same God was there that night is here
tonight too. It don't take a ragged coat. It takes your faith in God if
you'll just believe the Gospel truth. The same Lord Jesus that was
there that night is right in this auditorium tonight to do the same
things He done there. That's right.

God be merciful. I get to thinking of those things that happen like
that, and I wonder what it'll be someday when we cross over tide on the
other side and see those dear people that God has healed. And so many
things has been done. Our time is away from us. Shall we pray.
Heavenly Father, we thank Thee tonight for Thy loving kindness. For all
that Thou hast done for us, Lord, we just praise Thee with all of our
heart. And I ask You to be with us tonight. Come, Lord Jesus. When I
think back there of that… That night when those poor people, them
dragging me over the top of them, little mothers trying to let their
babies touch the… your hand or your coat and clothes. They'd jump up
off of cots, and scream and run through the building, just be near. Not
because of Your servant, Lord, but because that they knew You were
there. And it was the truth that I was trying to tell them, that You
had died for them to heal them and save them.

Oh, dear Father, to these fine people here in this lovely, wonderful
state of New York… Tonight many of them are seated here in this
little auditorium. And I pray tonight, Father, that there won't be a
feeble person in our midst when we leave. May we feel like those who
came from Emmaus, in meeting, saying, "Did not our hearts burn within
Do something tonight, Lord, like You did for them, a little different
from the ordinary run of ministry. Do something that we'll know that
You've raised from the dead and are here and alive tonight, proving to
the people that we're telling them the truth, that You heal them and
You want them to believe it and accept You as their Saviour and as
their Healer. Grant it, Father through the humble prayer of Thy
servant. I ask in the Name of Thy beloved Child, the Lord Jesus. Amen.

May the Lord God of heaven bless each and everyone of you, make the
blessing you all… I don't mean to be a baby. I'm forty-five years
old. I'm an old man. But when I think of those things, of those
experiences of those lovely people and things, I just can't keep from,
in my heart crying out, something in me. I'm not a baby. No, sir. I'm
not. But I–I just get sentimental, I suppose when I think of it.
I think when we've crossed the line over there, you'll hear some crying
over there too, and rejoicing when we all meet together on the other

Now, if the Holy Spirit of God does come tonight, remember I'm your
brother, a man. But when He comes, you'll see it. If you'll watch,
there'll be a Light. It'll stand near where I am. And He… I… There
isn't a person in this building in my sight, 'less it's these people
setting, one man setting there, maybe two, and Mr. Smith here, our
Brother Smith is the only people in the building I know. I'm a total
stranger to you. But if Jesus Christ is raised from the dead and He's
here as I say that He is, then He can take my body, and anoint me with
His Spirit, and do the same work that He did when He was here on earth.
That's according to His promise. Is that right?
If He does that, will everyone of you in here promise me that you will
accept Him as Saviour and Healer. If you will raise your hand to
promise Him. Don't promise me. Thank you. It looks like a one hundred
percent everywhere. May God grant it to you, my Christian friend that
you will accept Him.

Now, truth is truth. Now, a man can come through here, say, "Well, I
don't make claims of this, that, or the other." That's a man making it.
You have a right to doubt a man. But when God comes around and confirms
it, and it's according to His Word, then it's a sin to disbelieve God.
Isn't that right?
So you believe tonight with all your heart. Now, just lay aside every
little doubt and–and just look. And just remember what I told you in
the beginning. The ministry of Jesus Christ, that's exactly His
ministry. Anyone knows that. That's His ministry. He's looked in the
people, the audience of people. He perceived their thoughts. Is that
right? How many knows that's a Scripture? Raise up your hand. Well,

He would look out in the audience, and wherever the Father would show
Him something or another, He could call it out and tell them. Is that
right? And when He stood and talked to the people, He knowed what their
troubles was. He knowed whether they was going to be well or whether
they was going to die, or what was going to take place. But He did
nothing except the Father showed Him first. Is that right? Everybody
believe that? That His–that's His Word. See? That's what He said.
See, it may be on a little different angle from the way you been
taught. But look at in the Scriptural light. When He come first, He
come in the angle that people didn't believe Him. They was looking for
Him some other way. And perhaps, when He comes again, it'll be in an
angle that we don't know nothing about. That's right.

So you just be reverent. And now, if the anointing would strike me, of
course, it puts me in another dimension. To the scientist it's the–the
other dimension. To you Christians, it's in the Spirit. And therefore
you're not yourself.
Look at this microphone. That microphone can't say a thing by itself.
That light up there can't say to that window, "You see what a great
light I am. I show light."
That window would say, "I'm greater than you, 'cause I show light in
the daytime." It's neither one of them showing light. That's the light,
the electric burning and showing light there. It isn't the glass. It's
the light behind the glass. And the sunlight shows through window, so
it's neither one of them. It's something shining through them. Is that

This microphone can't speak by itself. Well, now this desk here is not
a microphone. It serves its place. The–the microphone don't hold the
Bible. But the desk holds the Bible. The clock keeps time, so forth.
And that's the way everything has its place. And it's… The whole
thing here is to submit yourself to the Holy Spirit of God.
And if He will come tonight and reproduce the Life of His Son, here at
the platform. Now, it won't be me. It will be Him, remember. It'll
always… Not to show His power, He's doing this that it might be
fulfilled which He said would come to pass. It's fulfilling. He came to
ful… When He come first, He come to fulfill what the prophet said. He
comes now to fulfill what Himself and the apostles said. And He will
come again in flesh to receive His Church according to His Word.

And you believe it with all your heart. Just remain seated. Keep quiet.
Be reverent. Now, if the Lord performs a miracle, you have a right to
turn yourself loose to praise Him.
Now, the boy I believe said he give out some prayer cards. G? All
right. Let's… I don't know how many we can get to. We'll get to as
many as we can. But we'll have to call somewhere a few out of there and
maybe call again. This little prayer card, it's a little bitty thing
about like that. It's got my picture on one side, and on the other side
it's got a number and a letter. It'll be a letter G. And there's a
hundred of them out there somewhere.

We don't–can't call them all at once. But let's take the first few of
them. Let's see. Whose got prayer card G-number-1? Will you look and
see? This lady here? All right. Who… Will come over here, lady?
Number 2, who has prayer card number 2? G- number-2, would you raise up
your hand? Anywhere, 2? All right, sir. Number 3, who has G-number-3?
Would raise your… 3? All right, 4? Who has number 4? Would you raise
your hand, 4? All right. Come right out. 5?
Now, if you can't raise up, just raise your hand and shake it. The
ushers will pack you. If you're blind, watch if some of that's called
and you can't–can't get up or something, why–or can't hear. Why, you
watch. It may be a deaf person who can't hear. Look at your neighbor's
card on their called so that you'll know.

What was I at? 4, was it? Who has prayer card 5? Is prayer card number
5, is it already in? 5? Who has 6? Prayer card number 6, will you raise
your hand? Prayer card 6? Look at your neighbor. It may be somebody
deaf or it may be somebody that–that can't get up. Prayer card number
6, would you raise your hand? 6 is already up there. 7? Who has number
7, prayer card number 7? All right, sister.
Number 8, raise up your… 8? All right, sister. Number 9? Who has
prayer card number 9? All right, lady. Number 10? Prayer card number
10, would your raise up your hand? Prayer card 10. You have 10, lady?
11? Prayer card 11 raise up your hand. Who has prayer card 11? I see a
man here in a–in a wheelchair; ask him what prayer card he's got.
Somebody look at his prayer card. 11?

All right. 12, who has 12? 13? 14? 14? Did I… 14? All right. 15? 15?
Anyone got prayer card 15? Raise up your hand. 15? All right. I believe
somebody… It must be a–somebody had to park, or pick up or
something. All right. 15. Now, 16? 17? Am I too far out? Have I… 16?
Isn't prayer card 16 here? Prayer card 16, isn't it in the building.
17, is it in the building? 18? 19? 20?
I guess I've ran out. What–what–what card's yours, sister? 20? 21?
We'll take a few more then. 21? 22? 23? All right. 24? 25? Somebody got
prayer card 25? Look at your neighbor's. It may be deaf people or
something, or somebody that's on crutches and can't get up. Look if
they're anyone between 1… Everybody look at each other's cards.
Between 1 and 25, if it is, let the ushers pack them when their
number's called.

Now, how many in here doesn't have a prayer card and wants the Lord
Jesus to heal you tonight, raise up your hand. Everywhere in the
building, wants the Lord Jesus to heal you. Now, I'm going to say this.
If the Holy Spirit does come, and if He comes in His power to work, if
you'll just only look this way and believe that it is the Gospel truth,
then God's under obligation to heal you.
Don't you believe that God, up here, could show me out there by a
vision, out there and heal you? Don't your believe that? How many's
been in the meetings before and seen it done of all kinds of things.
Well, I'm not… I thought I was among strangers, but I'm not. That's
very fine. Thank you very kindly.

Now, may the Lord Jesus bless you. Now, be reverent. Now, mothers, keep
your babies near you, especially in a case of epilepsy. That's the one
thing that's–that's… I've been just… It's got away from me so many
times. And I seen it strike as many as twenty at a time in a building.
And so I'm–I'm not responsible for critics. That's state law. See? I
have to say that.
If you're here and a critic, don't you stay in the building now.
Remember, if you come up with something wrong with you, why, I'm not
responsible. But if you are a Christian and a believer, and will stay
humble, and obey what He says do, then you're always welcome.

Now, let us pray again. Now, heavenly Father, I have told these people
that You have raised from the dead, that You are the same yesterday,
today, and forever, that Your power is just the same. The same things
that You did when You were here in flesh, You promised to do it through
our flesh, for You said, "The things that I do shall you also." And we
see the ministry that You had, not a great boaster to go around and
claim to be a healer. But You walked before the Father. And You did
just as He told You to do.
Now, Lord Jesus, this poor unworthy servant of Yours… But for Your
glory and for the sake of the Gospel I submit myself to Thee. Now, let
the Holy Spirit, the Angel of God come to Thy servant and use me,
Father, and speak the ministry of Your resurrected Son, that the Word
of God might be fulfilled; that when the day of judgment comes that
this group of people in New York here, will not have an excuse; but
they'll know that You've raised from the dead. And Your Gospel says
that You're coming and we believe it. And the things that You said that
You'd do, do it now, Father. And we'll praise Thee. For we ask it for
God's glory in the Name of His Son the Lord Jesus. Amen.
Now, I would that everybody be just as quiet as you possibly could be.
And don't move. My boy, he's here somewhere, standing back in there
with Brother Gardener and them, he will know when to take me, and I…
from the meeting. And I want you to believe.

Now, this lady here. Come, lady. Now, let me say this, with–with a
solemn warning: be seated, keep quiet. For I'm not responsible from
here out, of what happens to unbelief or disobedience. No matter what
He tells you to do, do it right then. See? Just be reverent now.
Now, I believe this is the patient here. I am waiting for His Presence
to come to me. 'Course I'm just a–a man. You know, I'm– I'm talking
much that way. Usually the managers does the talking, and the platform
man. And this–this little meeting, I taught myself and the first thing
you know I… You have to wait a moment maybe sometimes on the
anointing of the Holy Spirit, for Him to move.

Now, the… I guess the engineers can…?… I don't know how loud I
talk. So they'll probably regulate so that you can hear. When… If one
strikes it's just about over then. And I pray that He will for God's
glory and for the glory of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, that He
will help tonight, and help me, and anoint me with His Spirit, that's
for the glory of God. And may He grant it.
Now, slowly let's all just hum this like this, not "Lord, I believe" but "Now I believe." Let's sing it quietly.

Now I believe, now I believe,

All things are possible, now I believe;

Now I believe, now I believe. (Father, I pray…?…)

… possible, now I believe.

Now, the Holy Spirit is here. I take every spirit here under my control
in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, for the glory of God.

Now, I suppose, lady, you being the first patient here tonight, I want
to talk to you just a moment. And see now that you are a Christian, for
your spirit comes in welcomed. Now, you could've been an infidel, or
you could've been a critic. If you was, I'd have knowed it. But you're
a believer and your spirit comes to me now.
But now, our Master talked to the woman at the well until He found
where her trouble was. And then when He talked, He found her trouble,
He revealed what her trouble was, and she believed right then that He
was the Messiah. Now, you and I are strangers, are we? We don't know
either… Is that right? If it is, raise your hand so the audience can
see that we're perfectly strangers to each other. I know nothing of
you, never seen you in my life or knowed of you. This is our first time
to meet, but yet I know that you're a Christian. Quickly that detects
one thing.

The same Spirit that was upon our Lord that said to–to Nathanael when
he come, "Behold, an Israelite in whom there is no guile." Now, if our
Lord Jesus will… Does anybody in the audience know this woman? Does
anybody here know her? All right. Well, then you know whether she's a
truthful woman. And she is. That's right.
Well now, if the Holy Spirit will let me know what that woman is here
for, how many out there will believe at that minute, believe right
then, and say, "I'll accept it."? May He grant it, sister. That's
my–my trust is in Him, that He will do it. And you… You–you like to
live here? Just a conservation. Yes, it's a…

Now, you are aware, now that there's–there's something going on. Now,
if the audience could only see at this time, His Presence that's coming
between you and I, a Light. And you are suffering with a–a–an
asthmatic condition. You have… You–you do a lot of coughing,
and–and it was an asthmatic, a dry cough. And you've just had some
troubles just recently. It was a… It's been about a year ago. You had
a hemorrhage, a brain hemorrhage.
And you've–you've–you've been a believer for a number of years. I see
you go back to a young woman. And you've had some healings back. It was
a man. It was a… It's a man whose dressed kind of odd to the dress of
today. It was your husband; he had a kind of a… It must a rheumatism
or something. He… a crutch or something look like. And you–and
you've been a believer for a number of years. And you–you're healed.
God bless you. You may go on your road rejoicing; Jesus Christ makes
you well.
Come, will you, sir? Do you believe? You believe with all your heart?
We're strangers to each other, I suppose, sir. Oh, you was in a ten
cent store in Erie. Well, you spoke to me. Well, I wouldn't know
nothing about you. We're just strangers that much. Do you believe that
God can tell me what your trouble is? You do. Well, if He will do it,
will you accept Him then as your Healer?

You're trouble is a growth. And the growth is on your leg. It's on the
left leg just above the knee and… Is that right? You accept Him as
your Healer? Then in the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God, I rebuke
this growth. May it leave you and go out. Amen. God bless you, brother.
Go, rejoicing, happy, praising God for your healing.
You believe Him? Only have faith. Don't doubt. In the audience now, It
left me and went over the audience. Hanging over that lady setting
there in black, looking at me. You're suffering with a–an–a nervous
condition, isn't it? 'Cause you to have a stomach trouble. Your food
sours in your stomach and things. Say, you've had lot of trouble too,
some sorrow. You just lost a loved one. I believe it's a husband or
something that's been killed or something. And that's what is making
you nervous. That's true. But your stomach trouble has left you,
sister. You're healed now. Your faith has saved you. Now, go on your
road now and rejoice.

Lady setting back there was nervous too, looking this way, a nervous
trouble. Don't fear, sister. You're going to be all right. And you
standing with like got a feather in your hat hanging, you suffer with a
nervous condition too. Don't fear. You're going to get all right. See?
Have faith in God. Just be reverent; believe with all your heart; you can have what you ask for.
Now, I suppose we're… Is this the patient, Billy? We are strangers to
each other, lady? I do not know you. I've never seen you in my life.
And 'course you know, standing here talking to you, you're aware that
you're in the Presence of Something besides your brother. If the
audience would look at the patient when they come, watch when It
strikes them.

The lady realizes. Now, more I would talk to you, the more He'd would
reveal to me. But if the Lord Jesus will just show me what your trouble
is, will you believe on Him with all your heart? You suffer with a
heart trouble. You have heart trouble. And you're not from this
country. And you've got a husband that's a black-headed man. He parts
his hair… combs it back like that. And he's a minister. And his name
is Harry Young, Reverend Harry Young. And he's suffering with a back
trouble. And you're from–you're from Canada. Take that handkerchief
that that tear dropped on just then, and lay it on him. You're both
healed in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Go home and be made well.

Have faith in God. You believe with all your heart, all your soul? Just
have faith now. Don't doubt, but believe with all your heart; and you
will certainly can receive what you ask for if you'll just have faith
to believe. You should not need anything more. His Presence is here.
I see a black spirit hanging right there. You have epilepsy, don't you?
That lady setting there with a red thing around… He's pulling at it.
You've had those where you've had spells of falling out. You're a
stranger to me, but that's right. There's that dark evil spirit. Bow
your head, everybody.
Lord God, Creator of heavens and the earth, he knows his time's come.
Come out of her, thou evil spirit. I adjure thee by the living God that
you torment her no more. Leave her in the Name of Jesus Christ. Come
out of her.
All right. You can stand up to your feet, lady. Accept your healing.
Now, the rest of you can raise your heads if you wish to. All right.
God bless you, lady. Go home rejoicing and praising God.

Now, if the audience wants to say, "Praise the Lord," why just… God
is the Spirit of worship. Give Him praise. He's worthy. He wants to be
praised. There's no reason for any person going out of here tonight
without being made perfectly whole.
Do you believe, lady? With all your heart? You believe me to be His
servant, His prophet? If I wouldn't even say one thing to you, what's
wrong, just pray for you, lay hands on you, you'd believe it any how,
wouldn't you? You'd believe it anyhow.
But you're wanting me to find out what's wrong with you, 'cause you
don't even know yourself. That's right. And so they can't tell what's
wrong with you. You got something wrong with your liver, and you're
afraid it's a cancer. And that's exactly what it is. Isn't that right?
That's exactly what… That's right. Well, what if I tell you Jesus
Christ has healed you? Would you believe it? Would you accept it?

In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Satan, you come to send this
woman to a premature grave, come out of her. In the Name of Jesus
Christ go from her. Now, sister, just return happy, rejoicing. Eat what
you want to and… Go ahead. The Lord Jesus bless you.
Oh, how I love Him, how His Presence, His great anointing, blessings,
and power upon the people. Now, I wish if you'd just all stand and see
what's going on now. It's just all over the audience. Surely you can

Amen. Oh, my. Remember this, that I say this in the Name of the Lord,
you pastors here tonight, that there'll be days after this, even weeks,
that some of your congregation will be coming to you and saying…
Women saying, "The female trouble left me. I don't know. It just left
me." People with stomach trouble and other diseases will come, say they
were healed. They were healed, but just it's moving through them so
fast I can't see where it's a going. Their faith is being–making them
Surely you can believe me. I speak the truth and God testifies that I'm
telling you the truth. Oh, don't set back in a shell. Let your faith be
known to God. Believe Him. Why, you used…?… We're before His
Presence, His Majesty, the King of heaven. May His blessings be upon
you all, after you have faith.

In the… Or is this–is this… You're the patient, sir? Well, excuse
me. I'm not beside myself. But it's… We're strangers to each other.
But neither of us stranger before God. God knowed us both since we were
born. He fed us every bit of the food we ever eat, put the clothes on
our back, give us the water that we drink, and the air we breathe.
Now, we being strangers, born miles apart, perhaps… And oh, God can
reveal to me, though, if He so desires, something… Now, He, if He was
standing here with this suit that He gave me, He couldn't heal you if
you're needing healing. I don't know what you're needing. But if… He
couldn't–He couldn't heal you if He was standing here, 'cause He'd
tell you, "I did that at Calvary."
But the only thing that He could do to let you know that it was Him…
He would who you was, or what about you, and all like that. Isn't that
right? As far as knowing who you was that… Now, that sometimes
strikes people. Said, "That ain't Scripture." Oh, yes it is. Didn't
Jesus say, "You're Simon. And from this on your name will be called
Peter." Is that right? Sure, well, my… Don't put things suspicious.
You–you–you hinder the service.

Now, if God will reveal to me what your trouble is, will you accept
your healing, if you need it, or if it's whatever you need, if it's
domestic, finance, whatever it is? You have to… if you've got a good
reason for it, God will hear the reason.
You're a believer. You're not a critic. You're a believer. And you're
suffering with a heart trouble and a nervous condition. That is right.
Say, there's been some contact. You got a wife, and she's real nervous.
And there's some way… I see you sending something. It's a message.
It's a telegram, or some message you sent to me. And I've sent you a…
You had a real bad spell. And I sent you a little cloth or something
that–that–that you wore on you.
That's the truth. That wasn't me. That was Him. Now it's me. You hear
that voice just then? That wasn't me. That was Him. Whatever He said is
the truth, isn't it? It's the truth.
I see your–your name is Arthur. And your last name is…?… something
like that. And you live at 150 Muller Street. You live in an apartment.
And your apartment number is 9-B. Is that right? Go home. Lay your
hands on your wife also. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may the man be

E-110 Have faith in God. Don't disbelieve. But believe all things are possible.
do you think about it, little lady, setting there with your arms
folded? You're suffering with a bowel trouble, aren't you? What
about… If God… If your faith could reach up here and touch me, to
know what you are and you setting there impossible for me to know
you… You got eye trouble and bowel trouble. Isn't that right? Jesus
Christ heals you of it. Stand on your feet and accept it in the Name of
the Lord Jesus.

E-111 Blessed be the Lord Jesus. What do you think setting there, sir? You set with a–a rectal trouble. Isn't that right?
a moment. There's a dark streak running from the man. Now, wait,
there's something else in the building that's wrong there that's…
Why, it's coming over here to this man with his hand up. That's husband
and wife setting there. And you both are bothered with rectal trouble.
Isn't that right the both of you? Raise up your hands if that's right.
Now, you all three can go. Jesus Christ makes all three of you well.
You can go home and be well. Praise be to God Who gives us the victory
through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Sister dear, come here. Do you believe with all your heart? You believe
this trouble will leave you? Almighty God, Author of Life, Giver of
every good gift, send Thy blessings on sister and heal her in Jesus
Christ's Name I ask it. Amen.
Now, if you believe me to be His servant, go thanking God. It's gone from you. Go, saying, "Praise be to God."

All right. Will you can come, lady. You believe me to be His servant,
the servant of the Lord? We're strangers to each other. If God will let
me know what's wrong with you, you accept your healing? It's your back.
Isn't that right? Then you're healed, aren't you? Go on your road
rejoicing, saying, "Thank You, Lord Jesus. Thank You, Lord Jesus."

Come lady. If God will tell me what your trouble is 'fore you get here,
will you accept your healing, lady? You will? Heart trouble is what's a
bothering you. Is that right? You got complications too, other things.
You believe that Jesus Christ will heal you?
Father, in the Name of the Lord Jesus may this number one enemy of
human life leave this woman. For Jesus Christ's sake, I ask it in His
Name. Amen.
Go happy, rejoicing. Write me and tell me about your healing, how God has made you well. All right.
Lady, I want to ask you something. Stop there just a minute. When I
mentioned heart trouble to her, a funny feeling come over you, didn't
it? 'Cause you're suffering the same thing. Now, go on your road
rejoicing. You was healed while you was setting in your seat there.

Have faith. Believe with all your heart now. All right. Come this way,
lady, if you don't… You believe that God will heal you of diabetes
and let you go home and be well? You believe with all your heart? Then
in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, go to your room rejoicing.
Amen. Believe now with all your heart.
Arthritis is an awful thing, isn't it? So is stomach trouble, but God's
the Healer of all of it, isn't He? Then in the Name of Jesus Christ,
the Son of God, I ask God to make you well. Amen. Walk across the
platform saying, "Praise the Lord for my healing." All right.
When I mentioned arthritis to him, a funny feeling come over you,
didn't it? Them demons sympathize with each other. You're healed, too.
Go on your road rejoicing. You don't even have to come here. Your faith
has made you whole.

Lady, you're coming here about your eyes. You're going blind. It's
getting worse all the time. Isn't that right? You're healed now. Go on
your road rejoicing, praising and thanking God. Believe with all your
Do you believe, my sister, as you come? If God will reveal to me what's
your trouble, will you accept your healing? You have high blood
pressure for one thing, is what's bothering you. You believe that He
will make you well of it? You do. You have trouble on your heart too.
You got something on your heart. It's some loved one, isn't it? It's a
sister. Isn't that right? And she's in the hospital under an oxygen
tent with a heart attack. Go home, lay your hands on her in the Name of
the Lord Jesus.
You know, if you don't believe, you're never going to believe. The Lord
Jesus Christ is here to heal every person in the building. You believe
that with all your heart? Do you believe His Majesty is here now?

This could go on for hours. Every person that's got high blood
pressure, stand to your feet, every person with high blood pressure.
Every person bothered with nervousness stand to your feet right quick.
Every person with cancer stand to your feet right quick. Every person
with a sickness of any kind stand to your feet right quick. You believe
Can't God… If He can cast out demons and them standing right here on
the platform, can't He cast it out there too? Here He is just moving.
Can't you see that Light moving around over that building like that?
Raise up your hands and give Him praise.
I'm going to ask God to cleanse every thing in here, that you can go home perfectly normal and well. Do you believe it?

Almighty God, in the Name of Thy Son the Lord Jesus, I cast out every
evil spirit that's in here, on the authority of Your Word. Satan, you
are a loser. You can't hold these people any longer. You're exposed
right here tonight. And you can't hold them any longer. Come out of
them. In the Name of Jesus Christ, leave everyone of them.
Everybody in here, raise up your hands and go to praising God and thank
Him. Cripples, get up off your feet. Get up and walk, you crippled.
Blind people, look up; you can see. The deaf can hear. Praise be to
God. He's healed everyone of you in the Name of the Lord Jesus…

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