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Attitude And Who Is God? (50-0815)

Attitude And Who Is God? (50-0815)



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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham
called Attitude And Who Is God?
was delivered on Tuesday, 15th August 1950 at the Tent Meeting in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.
The tape, number 50-0815,
is 1 hour and 7 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette.

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E-1 Good evening. Very happy to be here again tonight to read a Scripture, and to pray for the sick and the needy.
I was very happy to hear of the great victory last night that the Lord
gave. Just at the end of the service, it seemed to be that the Spirit
of the Lord broke forth, came down upon the people, and there was
glorious things was done for His glory. I'm very thankful for that. And
it can be each night.
Some of those were on cots, and some in ambulance stretchers setting
here me say… Course, they have to tell me that. I just become lost to
the things myself. But God will respect the prayer of faith. He will
respect people's faith who believe in Him. Don't you believe that? With
all all of our heart, I believe it.

E-2 Now, the meetings are going on, and we're feel ourselves that we're having a–a glorious time.
was talking to the minister brethren today. We were out this morning
for just a–a–a breakfast. They taken me out. And I was very happy to
get personally acquainted with many of your fine ministers from
different churches. Some of them from the Pentecostal church, and some
from the, I believe, Four Square, and some the Church of God, and the
Missionary Fellowship church; and all those dear brothers all together
as one. That's the way we–when God can work with us, when we get like
that. When ministers get their hearts together, then they'll bring the
church together.

You know, I–I believe that when Jesus shall appear, that He will not
ask us whether we belong to certain denomination of church. He's going
to… We're going to be judged according to what we've done about Him
in our heart.
Christianity doesn't mean somebody that belongs to a certain church; it
means that somebody's been borned in the Kingdom of God. See?
Now, I know that we have denominations of churches today who deny that
Blood. Why, brother, sister, if you take the Blood of Christ out of
here, you–you haven't got no more than just some philosophy or
something. It's the Blood that makes an atonement. It's the Blood that
saves. And it's the Blood that heals. It's the Blood that cleanses.
That is the real thing of God, is the Blood.

And I'm–I'm happy tonight to know that people still believe in the
Blood (See?), the Blood of Christ. And I do not believe in this social
gospel they have today, and these cults that go around saying, "Well,
there's no such a thing as the Blood, and–and the Holy Spirit." You
just… Your not a Christian when you do that. You can't be. You–you
can't be a Christian without being borned again. That's right. You
can't be, no matter what you try to profess.
But He said, "No man can say Jesus is the Christ, only by the Holy
Ghost." See? If you're just taking what somebody else said, you're
going by what someone said. But you'll never know it until the Holy
Ghost has filled you with His Presence, and witnessed to you that He is
the Holy Spirit and is right. I know you that believe that Jesus Christ
the Son of God, is born in the Spirit of God. But you are only taken
what somebody else said until it's a witness to you. See?

I remember, dear brother, belonged to the same church that I belonged
to. He said, "Brother Branham, the Bible said that whosoever believeth
that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, is borned of the Spirit of God."
And I said, "It's also written: that no man can say that Jesus is the Christ, only by the Holy Ghost." See? It's all… See?
He said, "Well, if you believe it…"
I said, "You're taking what somebody else said. You've got to have a witness of that (See?), know yourself."
You're saying what mother said, what father said, what the minister said. But when He asked Peter, "Who do you say I am."
He said, "Thou art Christ, the Son of–of God."
He said, "Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-jonas, for flesh and blood has
not revealed this to you, but My Father which is in heaven. And upon
this rock I'll build My church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail
against it." Hold fast to the Rock. Do what's right. God will bless

Now, in Luke the 7th chapter, I wish to read tonight the 1st ten
verses. Always try to read, because that I–I know that God will honor
His Word.

Now when he had ended all this–his saying in the audience of the people, he entered into Capernaum.

And a certain centurion's servant, who was very… was dear unto him, was sick, and ready to die.

And when he heard of Jesus, he sent unto him the elders of the Jews, beseeching him that he would come and heal his servant.

And when he came to Jesus, and besought him instantly, saying, That he was worthy for whom he should do this:

For he loves our nation, and he has built us a synagogue.

Jesus went with them. And when he was now not
far from the house… sent friends to him, saying unto him, Lord,
trouble not thyself: for I am not worthy that thou should enter under
my roof: (Oh I love that.)

Wherefore, neither thought I myself worthy to come unto thee:… (He sent the Jews, you see?)… but say the word, and my servant shall be healed. (I like…) [–Ed.]

For I am also a man set under authority,
having under me soldiers, and I say unto one, Go, and he goeth; and to
another, Come, and he cometh; and to my servant, Do this, and he doeth

When Jesus heard these sayings, he marveled
at him, and turned him about, and said into the people that followed
him, I say unto you, I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel.

And they… were sent returned to the house, and found his servant whole that had been sick.

Let's pray just a moment. Our heavenly Father, we have come again
tonight, and…?… going into the second week now, quite a long series
of services. We thankful that many cots that set here, are empty and
gone tonight. Many who were setting bound, are up moving among those
who are–are healthy today. Many who were sick, troubled, near death;
are now healed. And we're thankful, Lord, for these things. Many that
were sinners, bound down with shackles of sin, hundreds have been
converted, brought into the recognition of God, fellowship of the Holy
Spirit by the Blood of His Son, Christ Jesus. Now, we love You for that.
And now, Lord, tonight begins the eighth night. And I ask Thee tonight,
Lord, as–tonight may be a real time of fellowship around the Word,
fellowship around the Spirit of God, that all that are hearing me, with
one great coming forth tonight, might receive faith to be healed. May
this be a glorious meeting that'll long be remembered because of Your

Grant, Lord, that something will be said tonight, or done, that will
cause the wayward to turn to Christ. For we believe, and feel pressed
in the Spirit, that great judgments are upon these lands [–Ed.]
last days. Plagues, disease germs already bred up to be scattered
throughout the nations. No doctor know even how to take a hold of it. O
God, we'll have to believe in Divine healing then. When nations are
breeding germs together, to burst them in bombs, and millions die an
hours over it.
But oh, we're so thankful that when the destroying Angel went forth,
You said, "Touch not none that has the Seal of the Father upon their
forehead. They are Mine." Oh, we're so glad tonight, to be under the
Blood, safely protected; as Israel in the days of old, putting the
blood upon the lintel of the door, and upon the door post, sign of the
cross. When the death angel was sweeping the land, the dark wings bowed
down, but when he seen the blood, It rose again, and "I will pass over

Waiting… Sacrificial Lamb's been killed. We take His body under the
Blood, safe, and O God, waiting for the midnight hour to come when the
"march out" is called. We're going out some of these nights to the
promised land, girded, shod with the Gospel of peace, the full armor
of–on the whole armor of the Gospel, going forward. Help us, dear God,
to buckle up tight tonight, examine the post and the lintel to see if
the Blood's there, then walk forward to challenge every enemy, knowing
that our great Chief Captain, the One that met Joshua after crossing
the river, said, "I'm the Captain of the Host of the Lord…" O God,
Joshua trembled. He knew that You were leading.
And we know tonight, the Morning Star is over us. Banners are gleaming,
the colors streaming. And we're bound to win if we trust in Him Who
will not fail us.
Grant it tonight, Lord, that many things may be done. Send Your Spirit.
Give people faith to… Sometimes it startles them, Father. They can't
realize the–the Presence, this great thing, the Jehovah of the Old
Testament, Jesus of the New, the Holy Spirit of this day, standing here
tonight to make good any promise that He made. Bless us, Lord.
Then send Your gifts, which is secondarily to all this, that It might
work to bring the people to edify the Church, to bring us to
realization of Your Presence. For we ask it in the Name of Thy Son,
Jesus. Amen.

The nights grow on. Of course, I tire, and tire more. It is a truth
that I believe, as a physical man tears down, the spiritual man has a
chance. That's what fasting and things are for. He can have a chance to
work upon these five senses of ours, to bring us to believe and have
faith in Him.
I like the attitude of this centurion tonight, that we've just read of.
He–he was a man that felt unworthy. As long as you're feeling unworthy
of the blessing you're asking, you're pretty apt to get it. But when
you get to a place where you think that God just owes it to you, that's
when you're–you're mistaken. We're in debt to God, not God in debt to
us. We're indebted to God.

And this Roman, Italian, whatever he was, he said, "Lord, I'm not
worthy that You'd come under my roof, and neither thought I worthy to
come face You." In other words, "I sent Your church to meet You and ask
this question. But I have faith. I know that You're a man under
authority, for I'm under authority. And You don't have to come down to
my house to put Your hands on my–my servant. You don't have to come
here and say any prayer."
Notice. Now, be sure to get this. He said, "I'm a man under authority
also. And if I say to this man, 'You go do it,' he will do it. And if I
say to this man, 'You come here,' he will come. I'm under authority.
And them who are under me has to obey me."
And he knew that that was the Son of God, and that every sickness and
every demon was under Him. And all He had to do is just speak the Word,
not pray, just speak the Word (That's all.), and it would be done,
because every demon would have to obey Him. Do you believe that
tonight? Every demon will obey God. It has to. Everything obeys God.
And it'll obey you if you have faith.

Joshua stopped the sun. Is that true? Somebody said, "All things are
possible with God, nothing impossible." But all things are possible to
you also. Nothing impossible to them that believe. All things are
possible. Brought right down and made you, if you just know Who God was.
Well, I'm afraid that the Church doesn't know their authority. I'm
afraid that Holy Ghost born men doesn't realize their authority
where–or the authority that God has permitted to His Church. "I'll
give unto thee the keys to the Kingdom. Whatever you bind on earth will
be bound in heaven, whatever you loose will be loosed. I give you power
over serpents, and over all kinds of diseases, oh, everything, and
nothing shall harm you." Exercise your faith. Let it loose. Let God
have His way. God will grant it to you.

Now, let's look Who God is, just a little bit. I'm feeling for
something tonight. I've asked God something. And I–I believe He's
going to grant it to me. I believe it with all my heart. Now, you be in
prayer. I can't speak until He speaks.
Let's just take back and find out just a minute Who God is. Let's look
back at the beginning of time. this is a–a little picture I want to
draw so you can get some conception of Who this Being is in our midst
tonight, that's moving among us. If you could only realize Who that is,
healing would be a secondarily or minor thing to you. If you could just
see Who He is.

Now, let's take back a–a hundred billion years ago, and then take back
a hundred billion years before that. And just keep on going back.
Here not long ago, I was in California. There's an observatory. They
have a glass there. And they can see a hundred and twenty million years
of light space when I…?… How fast light travels. And beyond that is
still space. That's where we're hanging in that tonight.
But let's think of before there ever was anything, there was God. He
was in the beginning. And let's see Him, and picture Him out there
in–in space. That's Jehovah we're speaking of. And watch how the
trinity of God comes to man just for a moment.

And there, that great space where no one can fathom in their mind
beyond that, that space, eternity. That's Jehovah God out there. And
we're taught in the beginning, that the Logos, or the Son of God went
out of God.
Now, I do not believe in eternal sonship. That's even radical to even
mention such a thing, eternal sonship. How… He had a eternal
sonship…?… way, it's even eternal sonship, how could He be a Son?
He had to have a beginning. See?

So He first was God, Jehovah. And out of Him… Let's just picture now
as a little drama so you can get it. Let's see coming out of space
where there's nothing, let's make it a little white Light, like a
mystic Light, like a Halo. And that was the Logos that went out of God
in the beginning. That was the Son of God that came out of the bosom of
the Father. That was what was in the beginning was the Word, and the
Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh
and dwelled among us. In the beginning was God. And then out of God
came the Logos, a part of God that went out of God.
Let's notice this. Now, I have to make this before going back into it,
just like a little picture drama here for you a moment, in order to get
one point to you, Who… What is in our midst tonight.

And in there… Now, see, this is just like a child playing before the
door. It was the Son of God, the Logos. And I can see Him out there,
and He spake, and said, "Let there be light." And there was nothing.
But there was something happened, and an atom turned there and begin to
whirl around this a way. The sun begin to come into existence, because
He said, "Let there be." There's the authority.
Where did He make it from? I don't know. There was nothing to make it
from. But He believed His own Word, and there was light. I can see a
piece fly off of that; it's a meteor. After a few million years, or a
hundred billions of years, if you want to call it, and it circled way
out. I see Him standing there watching it. And it falls down in here.
He stops it after falls a few million years, and let it hang there in
orbit. Here's another one flying off the sun. It goes over here and
hangs down, stops it there.

What's He doing? Writing His first Bible. Notice, the human beings once
looked towards the heavens. And He puts all the stars in the heavens,
the zodiac, starting off with the Virgin, ending up with Leo the Lion.
First coming of Christ, the second coming. Came by the Virgin, come
again as the Lion of the tribe of Judah. There He puts the first Bible.
Oh, back in the days of–ancient days, they looked at those things.
Today, He's got His Bible wrote here. But He wrote It in the heavens,
that man would look up and realize that Jehovah the Creator lived
above. And then I can see Him, He looked at that…
I can see Him speak to this world hanging there as an icicle, whatever
it was, way away. And He moved it over here. I can see this little
Light go out. Now, we got two now. The Father, and out of the Father
came the Light, the Son. And I can see that Light moving over here and
pulled the earth over near the sun to dry it off. And begin to…?…
raise the water up, separating the land, earth from the water, and so
Then He begin to create. And He made the fishes of the sea, the
vegetable life. Put the cattles on the hill. It all looked good to Him.
Then He said, "Let us make man in Our own image, after Our likeness."
Is that right? All right. So He made a man. God was Spirit; he had to
be a spirit man made in His image. He put him here on the earth to lead
the animal life and so forth, like the Holy Spirit should be leading
the Church today. That was man.

Then when He put him… There's no man to till the soil, and He put him
in five senses. There's where scientists could…?… They're fearful,
mixed up. He might've give him a hand like a monkey and a foot like a
bear, and whatever He wanted to, but He put His Spirit in him, and made
him a soul. There's the difference. We're not coming from any animal
life. No, sir. We're not at any senses of animal life. God made us.
That's right.
Then however, notice. Then he was here on the earth, and He gave him a
helpmate, and so forth. He had blessed fellowship with his Father,

And then, we're going to make this second man… The first man, you
can't see him. God… second man was a halo. And now He takes a third
man and makes him like a little white cloud, coming over, we can see
him; Holy Spirit coming down. And he's all man. That's the soul of man,
eternal then.
And after this man sinned, he marred that soul. Blackness, darkness
come into it. And then God came down and lived in man, suffered with
man, and redeemed man; and the Holy Spirit comes into man and drives
that blackness and sin away for him, and brings it back into perfect
fellowship, a part of God. And now, we, by the Blood of Christ, Who
cleanses us from sin, we become sons and daughters of God.
Who is God, the One that stood there and rolled stars off of His hands,
and rolls worlds out of His hands, and made the things which do not
appear: Deity. And Deity Himself lives in man. The Creator, that made
heavens and earth, lives in mankind.

Why, no wonder, cripples, when you realize that and straighten out; the
Creator's here. No wonder blind and they can't see opens up, the
Creator's here, the Creator. Realize Who…
The Bible said, "We are sons and daughters of God." His offspring. Now,
then we're something like God was. Jesus said Hisself, "It is written,
'you're gods.' Written in your law." We become a part of God, a son of
God by adoption through Jesus Christ.
Therefore, if you realize that the very God that made the dirt and the
earth, and whatever's here, is living among men, where is our faith at,
And He said, "These things that I do," when He was on earth, "greater
shall you do, for I go unto My Father. Whatsoever things you desire,
when you pray, believe you receive them; you shall have them. That's
the Creator speaking. Is that right? Then it doesn't lay in Him; it
lays in us.
Then we, in fellowship, what Adam lost in the fall, Christ restored in
His death. (Do you believe that?) to bring man back into fellowship
with God.
Now, the Church has moved up to that fellowship with God, communion,
like Adam had in the beginning in the garden of Eden, taken all sin
away, free from condemnation, Holy Spirit cleansing us from all sin.
Now, you're free to exercise the next step in God. See?

If you were dying, I've stood by their side. I've seen that thought
they were saved, and held them when they were dying. I've seen those
who really knew they were saved, and went out screaming the victory.
That's right. I've watched them in all the phases as it comes. Be sure
that you're right with God before you leave here. Don't take what
somebody else says; you be sure yourself that you're right about God.
Now, Deity here with us, Deity in us. "Yet a little while and the world
seeth Me no more." Is that Scripture? "Yet ye shall see Me, for I'll be
with you, even in you, until the end of the world." Then Christ is in
His Church until there's no more world. Then if we can find where
Christ is working in His Church, that's the Church I want to be in.

Now, the believer today. Most people, say he's a good man, he pays
tithings to the church; he's a good member. That's very fine. That's a
moral life. Now, no one could speak evil of that. But that's not what
I'm talking about. Jesus judged a man a believer, a different type of a
Jesus, the last Words that He said when He left the world, "Go ye into
all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature." Is that right?
"He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved. He that believeth
not shall be damned." Is that right?
Now, every church will come that far, but what about the rest of it? He
said, "These signs shall follow them that believe." Do you believe it?
"These signs shall follow them that believe: In My Name shall they cast
out devils; speak with new tongues; take up serpents, or drink deadly
things shall not harm them; if they lay their hands on the sick they
shall recover." And He was taken up from the midst of them, and the
disciples returned with great joy, and preached the Word, everywhere,
the Lord working with them, confirming the Word with signs and wonders.
Is that right?

Now, that was to be preached until Jesus returned. O God, give us men
and women of courage. Somebody who'll stand and call right right and
wrong wrong. It's either right or wrong. If that isn't the… If that
isn't… I read that Mark 16. If that isn't the truth, I don't believe
the Bible. And if I don't believe the Bible…
If was… wasn't for Jesus, I'd be here against Him. God grant the day
when men and women will be what they say they are. If you're Christian,
live like it, be like it, act like it. If you're not, be against it, so
people will know where you're standing. If I didn't believe it, I'd be
against it.
But I'm willing to put my soul on any phase of that Word, to say that
It's the truth. I believe that's the inspired Word of God. And I
believe that every Word of It is inspired. And I'm willing to trust my
life anytime on God's Word and His promises, for It is true.

E-25 Now, just a little instance or two, then we'll start praying for the sick.
Now, the only way that you'll ever get anywhere with God, is to believe
that He's here, and He's a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.
You've got to believe that. And God…
If I should say to–to this man, young fellow, two of them setting here
in wheelchairs. If I would say to them, "Rise up, you're healed. You
can walk." And now, many of these people sitting along here in these
wheelchairs, if I'd say to them, "Rise up and walk, for Christ has
healed you."
Now, if they'd say, "Now, look. I've been crippled a…" That would be all of it. That's all.
You've got to have faith to believe that I have told you the truth. And
I would not tell you, unless first I knowed it was the truth. And I'm
sure, though me being a man, and subject to mistakes, that God is
infallible, and can't make a mistake. See?
And He said, "If you believe. According to your faith, be it unto you." Is that right? We believe it.

Now, many times, I look on the sick. People criticizing and poke their
finger at me, say, "Well, I brought somebody down there, and they
wasn't nothing happened to them." That same old devil that said, "Come
down off of the cross, we'll believe You." It still lives in man
Friend, I couldn't say nothing, to be honest before God, until I knew
about it. Would you expect me to stand up here upon the–the… Well, I
call the "intoxication" of your rebuke, or something, and do something
wrong to cause God's Church to have a reproach upon it? Never.
I listen to one person, and that's God. Managers, or anything, I have,
I think, the best managers in the world. They don't… They can set a
meeting anywhere they wish to, but I'm at liberty.
Whatever the Spirit of God says do, do it. If He called me from this
platform right now to go pray for somebody across the nation, I'd go
right now. That's right. And no matter what happened here, I'd go right
then. It's better to obey than to sacrifice. That's true.

But if He tells me something… Sometimes I'll catch the person and
look right at them. And many times, if you'll notice, I'm always
turning. That's… I know that, the pull of the faith coming in to me.
If I stop, It'll start calling people. See? And I try to keep from that
just as much as I possibly can, looking right upon the audience, 'cause
as soon as you contact a person, a vision starts raising. Nine out of
ten will start. And when they do, then that…
But that doesn't heal the person. But if… If you can get the people
to believe then, sometimes, speaking to them, telling them what's
wrong, well then, it'll–it'll… they'll believe. That'll give them
faith. But I couldn't tell you what's wrong with you until God first
showed me. I'm…

Jesus passed by the cripples and left them lay there. He said, "I can
do nothing except the Father shows Me first." Is that right? Saint John
5:19. "Verily I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself but
what He sees the Father doing." See? It has to be showed first.
Balaam, when he tried to curse Israel, he blessed Israel. And Balak
asked him why. He said, "How can any prophet say anything 'less God put
it in his mouth." See? You can't say it. There's no need.
So, just keep praying, everybody in the attitude of prayer, and then
believe. And if God tells me anything to say to you, I'll say it. And
when I say it, believe it.

Here not long ago, a lady come in the prayer line. She's having a fast
line. She's walking across…?… I believe it Tulsa, Oklahoma. And she
was walking through the line on her crutches. And I said, "Sister, will
you believe me as God's servant?"
She said, "Yes, sir."
I said, "Go up to the place and throw your crutches down, and go on down walking."
And she said, "But, sir, I–I've been on these crutches here for two years."
I said, "You'll probably always be on them." And she went on. It was over.

About a twenty minutes later, a lady come through that two ushers had
to help her. And I felt the Spirit drawing to her. She looked up, and
she was crying.
I said, "Mother, do you believe?"
She said, "I believe with all my heart, that whatever you'd ask God, God would do it."
I said, "Walk up there (as I told the lady awhile ago), and throw those crutches away and go on."
Just stood and watched her. She walked up there. They had to help her,
poor old thing, so feeble. She held one like that. Took her crutches,
and throwed them down. And down through that building she went, around
and around just a screaming.
Now, what if she wouldn't have done that. See, see? I have to know first. And you obey and do what you're told to do.

When you get out of here and some critical doctor… All doctors won't
be that narrow minded. But if some critical doctor tells you you're not
healed, and so forth, and don't believe in that. You just go right on,
and do what God told you to do. Don't you listen to none of it. Go to
another doctor if you want to see a doctor, that'll serve God–serve
God. Now, you…
Now, remember. I am not against doctors, or medical treatments,
hospitals, or any of them. Anything that can help anybody, relieve poor
suffering humanity, God bless every effort that's put forth. I pray
that God will send some kind of a–a serum somewhere to those
scientists, that'll kill every cancer there is in the world. I hope
that He will send something that'll kill TB, or anything can be done. I
trust that He will do it. I pray that He will do it.

But now, brother, there's no healing can take place unless God calls
for it Himself. "I'm the Lord that healeth all of thy diseases." It can
only be through God. The best of doctors take their own medicine and
die. That's true. They'll go along here…
Here not long ago, I seen where a Christian Science woman was trusting
God for her child in California. It died. And from Maine to California,
the papers throwed it out: "Divine Healing. All Fanaticism. Baby dies
without medical treatment." And the same time that was passing over the
nation, the doctors lost at least ten thousand cases. But they wouldn't
want to brand medical science fanaticism.

If I could go here at the grave yard here tonight, and say, "All you
died under medical treatments, stand up. And all you died under
trusting the Lord, and stand up." Weigh in the balance. Sauce for the
goose is for the gander. And if you have to measure all Divine healing
because one case was lost; then if one case is lost under medical
treatment, it's fanaticism. Come, let us reason together. That is right.
If one case was lost by Divine healing, 'cause someone had not enough
faith to walk up to receive it, and it all had to be branded
fanaticism, then one medical treatment that was lost, one patient, when
there's hundreds dying in your city and around about, daily under
medical treatment… That's right.

Now, the thing that men ought to do, if you got any heart, if they're
not wild about money, and afraid they're going to lose a few pennies,
if you'll just come together and say, "Brother, ministers, and all
together, let's work together with this thing, and try to help our
fellow man," it'll be better off, the world will be. God would bless us
then. That's true.
I do not say anything against medical science, or against anything. I'm
not here to make judgment. I'm here to preach the Gospel, and pray for
the sick. And I can heal no one. No doctor can heal anyone. They never
did claim to be healers. Mayo's is the best authority, I guess, they
have. They said, "We do not claim to be healers. We claim to assist
nature. There's One Healer; that's God." That's right. That's the best
So if a doctor tells you he's a healer, he's a quack. That's all.
That's true. As a minister, I've seen just as many quack ministers as I
have doctors too. Anything that don't believe in God's Word, to me, is
a quack. That's right. You're willing to stand out and take the Word
the way it is, and say it's right or wrong. True. Now, believe God.
Have faith in God.

And when the inspiration of the Holy Spirit is here to inspire you,
remember, God will make your body come into your confession. If you say
you're a drunkard, and want a drink. Don't worry, you'll soon be one.
If you say you're a sinner, and want to sin, you'll be right into it.
If you say you're a Christian and believe it all along, God will
bring… Your testimony will bring you right into it. If you believe in
healing, and believe that God has healed you, confess it, and God will
make your body obey your confession, for He's the High Priest of your
confession; setting at the right-hand of the Father now with His own
Blood to make intercessions for any confession upon anything that He
died for.
And He died to rid sin. And sickness is the result of sin. "He was
wounded for our transgressions, with His stripes we are healed."
Remember that. Have faith. Don't waiver. Stand on it.

Just thinking of a case one time, one of the worst I ever seen. Just
before the prayer line. You'd like to… How many would like to use
these things now, so you can send and get some of these testimonies. I
shall tell you night after night. All right. If you want this
testimony, write to… Let's see. Write to Reverend G. H. Brown, 505
Victor Street, Little Rock, Arkansas, for this.
And as I was telling, they made fun of that handkerchief, about it
being done. I couldn't expect unbelievers to believe that. It's for
those who believe.

Now, it was in this same meeting, and the same night. The little lady
was there with her handkerchief that was not stained with the blood.
And there her arm was laying wide open, and standing there before
thousands of people as a witness. And the blood was stopped, and they
couldn't understand why it was stopped. Because God stopped it.
How do you ever get here on earth anyhow. How's the germ of life ever formed. Notice. It's by the Creator, God.

Now, closely for a moment. About eleven o'clock. Brother Brown said to
me in the auditorium. He said, "Brother Branham, when can you get to
the psychopathics cases that they're…" They usually keep them to
themself, because they disturb. And sometimes, when those spirits come
out of the people, it's horrible the way they act.
He said, "I got the awfullest scare I ever seen in my life before they
brought you." We's having a glorious meeting. Said, "We've put him down
on the basement, down in there."
And I just come down the street, and was amazed. You know that little
song, "Only Believe?" I was coming down that morning in the elevator,
and I heard someone singing, "Only Believe, all things are possible,
only believe." And it was the elevator boy, standing there switching
his gear around…?…
And I went on down, and started down along the street like that, way
down through the back part of the city. And I heard a mother rocking a
little baby in an old cane bottom chair–hickory bottom. How many knows
an old hickory bottom chair, when we used to lace them with hickory.
And raised and rocked on one myself.

There was that little old mother had her baby up, and she would just
lay back…?… "Only Believe, only believe, All things are possible."
And I said, "O God, how I thank You. That lady visit the meeting.
Went on down. And one of the cutest little things though, was a little
boy. He was playing some marbles then, and I was walking by and
watching him. And little fellow had one of his trouser legs down and
one up. And he started to shoot his marble like that, and he got down
to me, raised up, brushed his leg off, said, "Only Believe, only
believe, All things are…" Singing "Only Believe" 'fore he was going
to shoot his marble.

And that night in the service, Brother Brown said, "Come down here,
Brother Branham, and I'll show you a sight that you've never seen."
And I went down the steps, and there stood a very typical old Arkansas
brother, standing there with a pair of washed out overalls on, standing
on–on the steps as you went down to the auditorium.
And I said, "Howdy do, sir."
And he said, "Howdy do, Brother Branham."
And I went on down. And I said, "Where's the case?"
Said, "There she is."
And laying over there was a lady. A strong looking, great strong arms
and limbs. And the blood was just trenching down the leg like that. Was
laying on her back, her feet sticking right up and her hands, right up
like that, laying on her back, laying over in a corner. And I said,
"Why's she bleeding?"
Said, "Brother Branham." Said, "She lost her mind from a shot that the
doctor give her in the menopause."…?… but the… In the menopause,
and gave her a shot, and it went to her mind. And she lost her mind.
And said, "She's been in the institution two years." And said, "I've
got five little children at home." Said, "I've sold my farm and
everything I have." Said, "to try to treat her." And said, "They
finally had to take her away." He said, "And I've heard it there's been
a lady before from over at Pineville, over there at the Mississippi, at
the institution… [–Ed.]…?…
[–Ed.]…?… institution had been insane ten years, and received her mind when I passed by."
And she grabbed a hold of my pants legs, trouser legs.
And her daughter said, "God have mercy." Said, "Brother Branham, ask God."
I said, "You believe He will do it?"
Said, "Yes."
And then I asked God to bless her, and there bumping her head on the floor like that. And a young lady…

And I about oh, two weeks after that, I was in San Antonio. I heard
someone arguing outside the little place where I was at, a little
tourist camp. Said, "I want see Brother Branham."
And Brother Kidson said, "I just can't permit that." Said, "He's in there praying."
He said, "Well, I just want to shake his hand."
And I looked out the window. I seen he was a soldier boy. I opened the door, I said, "You want to see me, sir?"
And he said, "Are you Brother Branham?" He said, "Is it… Oh, Brother
Branham." He come threw his arms around me. Kissed me on the side of
the neck.
And I said, "What's the matter, soldier boy?"
He said, "Brother Branham, you remember the other night over in San Antonio where a lady was bumping her head against the side?"
I said, "Oh, are you related?"
"Yeah." Said, "That was my mother." Said, "I went overseas; she didn't
even know I was in the war." And said, "She was in there for ten
years." And said, "Brother Branham, they dismissed her from the
institution, sent her home." Said, "She's preparing dinner when I
left." He said, "I just wanted to hug you, and say that I'm so happy
that mother is home in her right mind."
And I said, "Well, now, brother, are you a Christian?" He said, "Yes,
brother, He brought me through the battles and everything. I trusted
Well, I said, "Well, God bless you. Just go give praise to God."

And they had heard of this, and he told me the man on the steps that
night said he heard about it. And I said, "Well, and your wife?" And
said, "I shall go out."
At that time, there was no discerning. It hadn't come to me and knowing
what was… I had to take hold of people's hands to contact their body.
That never come till just right, just about a year ago this time, I
guess, in Vancou–or, Regina, I believe it was, in Canada. Then He
promised it would come, but it hadn't come yet. Now, as quick as I get
through, we'll start the prayer line.

E-43 Notice. And I said, "I'll go out and take a hold of her hand and see if…"
said, "Brother Branham, don't you go." Said, "She'll kill you." He
said, "I couldn't even get an ambulance to bring her here." Said, "I
hired a brother, five of them. And they got her in a car." And said,
"She kicked all the glasses out of the car, and them five men gotten a
hold her. That's why she's bleeding like that." Said, "She can't get
off her back, though she's been there for two years on her back."
I said, "Well, I'll go over and see…"
He said, "Don't do that." I said, "Oh, she won't…"
And I walked over. Young in the way, not knowing exactly how to deal
with demons. And you never know until you're inspired (See?)…?…
Better be careful what you're doing then. Remember when some boys who
didn't have the authority tried to do something like that? He come on

And I walked over to where she was. She just laid there. And she had
her hands up, batting her eyes, looking right back like that. And I
said, "Howdy do, sister."
She never made a move. And I caught her by the hand, "Let me have your hand." I took her by the hand like that.
And there was a great thing that God was with me, and merciful to my
ignorance. With that strong arm, ten times her normal power. If anybody
ever dealt with insanity, that's the devil that's on those people,
Well, if the power of the devil could make a man ten times his
strength, what would the power of God on you do, if you're crippled or
whatever it is. How much stronger God is than the devil, when it's on
you. See?

Then, she jerked me with that big arm. And I was way smaller then than
I am now, weighed about a hundred and thirty pounds. And she pulled me
so hard till she pulled me off the floor. And she would've threw me
right against the wall with that arm, like that. And just by the grace
of God, my foot here, hit right across her bosoms. And it jerked out of
her hands.
And now, listen. I turned and started to run, and jumped on the steps.
And here come that woman across the floor on her back, doing just like
this here, just like a serpent, moving, chasing me across the floor:
demons, the devil.
I believe in a personal devil. Yes, sir. That's what was on that woman.
She was crawling like a serpent, moving her body, chasing me.

And I got up on the steps. I… Why, I been in the institutions,
seen… I seen all kinds of sights. I seen a young ladies stripping her
clothes, and–and take the–the–part of the bed pans and wash her face
with it, and everything else in institutions. But never did I ever see
anything like that.
And here she was chasing me, and a hissing and a blowing like a serpent. He said, "I told you."
I said, "Brother, I never seen anything like that." I said, "My, that's truly the devil in her."
He said, "And Brother Branham, she's a good woman." He said, "Now, you
say there's no vibrations, and what can I do?" Said, "I've sold my
mule, the last thing I had to get the brothers, to hire them to bring
her this two hundred and something miles down here." And just broke
down to crying, throwed his head against the wall like that.

I said, "Just a minute, brother." I said, "Those vibrations don't mean
nothing. That just tells the disease. See? Do you believe if I'll ask
He said, "I believe with all my heart."
And I turned around, and she was putting her big strong feet against
the side of the wall, and kick like that. And there was a bench setting
there where somebody had been setting on. She hit that with her head,
and just a big piece of hair flew out of her head, and the blood came
out, and broke off a piece. And she grabbed that, and threw it like
that, and knocked the plastering from the wall, broke through…?…
And she's going, "Hee-hee-hee, hee-hee-hee." a real funny laugh like
that. Just carrying on.
And I said, "Well, I never seen anything like that."
And she turned herself around to look at me; she said, "William Branham, you have nothing to do with me. I brought her here."
Well, the man looked at me, he said, "Why, that's the first words she's
spoke in two years." Said, "She don't even know her own name. How'd she
know you?"
I said, "Brother, listen. That's not her. That's that devil recognizing
the gift of God. That's what it is." I said, "He knows that. And he
knows his time's come."
She said, "I brought her here. You have nothing to do with me."
I said, "Do you believe, sir?"
He said, "With all my heart."
I said, "Satan, I…" And she's about as far from me as that center
post. I said, "Satan, this man has done all that he can do, and doctors
and everything has done all they can do. And you're determined to hold
the woman. But I adjure thee by Jesus Christ, the Son of God, that you
come out of the woman and leave her." She just laid there and blowed
two or three times.

E-48 I looked around at him, and I said, "Do you believe?"
He said, "Brother Branham, I haven't got nothing else to do but believe." Said, "What shall I do with her?"
said, "Take her on back to the institution. Let them face the…?…"
If you don't doubt. Now, you seen something that that woman there… [–Ed.]
"…?… you can realize now that she called my name, and she don't know me." He said… I said, "And Satan knew that gift."
And he said, "I'll do just what you tell me to do." I said, "Go,
thanking God for her healing. Take her on back to the institution.
She'll be coming home one of these days."
He said, "All right."

About three weeks from…?… Jones, stopping in for a two day's
service. And I looked setting out there, and I seen a man and his wife,
and five little children, one little baby about three years old. I seen
the woman kept waving at me. I wondered why she was waving. And she
said… She was waving. Her husband kept way.
I thought, "Well, who is that?"
Her husband said, "Don't you know me, Brother Branham?"
I said, "No, I don't."
Said, "You remember the woman over there, that was in the insane institution?"
I said, "Yes sir."
"This is her."
And I said, "Yes."
He said, "I taken her on back the next morning." And said, "And we had
no trouble with her at all. We put her in the institution as you said
do. And the following morning, she was setting up in her cell when the
nurse went in. She ate her breakfast, and the third day she was
dismissed from the institution, came home in her right mind, a normal
Brother, hallelujah. I say this: That Jesus Christ is the same
yesterday, today, and forever. And every demon knows the authority of
God. And it don't really have to be anything else but to believe on the
Jesus Christ with all your heart, and be healed. That's right. Do you
believe this?

Oh, men, women, brothers and sisters, why, why can't we now, with one
accord, say, "Jesus, I believe You, and I'm accepting it." Oh, how
glorious it would be. How wonderful.
Listen, the apostolic way of holding a healing meeting is to be
preaching, seeing what God is doing, and then speaking it out where you
find faith, men and women to believe, to have faith in God to believe
on God, and God will grant it to them. Do you believe it? Be in prayer.
Let's ask God to help us, just a minute.
O Jesus, surely, Lord, truth will take hold. Surely, truth will be. O
God, You know all these people in here. You know their conditions. You
know all about them. You know their faith. And Father, I pray
that–that You'll give them faith. Faith cometh by hearing, hearing of
the Word. Grant it tonight.
Bless this audience with a great outpouring of Thy blessings. May men
and women realize that it's Thee; that what the Word is being taught,
believe on the Lord.

We're thinking of the Centurion now when he said, "I'm not worthy that
You come under my roof, just speak the Word. For I'm under authority,
and You have an authority. And whatever You say, it's going to be just
that way." Lord, give men and women tonight, to know that You are still
in authority. You have authority over cripples, over blindness, over
cancer, over all diseases, over sin. You duly deserve it.
You died for that purpose. You took our place at the cross. You bore in
Your body the infirmities. And now, Lord, to free us… And You sent
the Holy Spirit, and He testifies of it. You sent the Word; It
testifies of it. You sent ministers; they testify of it. You sent Your
gift, and it testifies of it.
O God, grant that a great arm of faith will move through the building
and heal those that are in need, for we ask it in His Name, and for His
glory. Amen.

Oh, my. I love Him with all my heart. And I want everybody to know
that, that I love the Lord Jesus with all my soul, heart, and mind.
Someone said not long ago, give me a threat in a certain city, said,
"If you don't quit preaching Divine healing, we'll throw a bomb on the
I said, "The smoke won't dry till I'll be in glory." I said, "That's
all right." Why do we fear? My, if God be for you, who can be against
you? You know, it's written in the Bible that better that a millstone
was hanged at your neck and drowned in the depths of the sea, than to
offend these that believe in Me? "These signs shall follow them that
believe in Me. Touch not My anointed. Do My prophets no harm."
If you fight, God can't fight. Stand still; let God fight, He will
bring it to pass. Amen. He will put every critic, everything to shame.
Do you believe Him, brethren? Let's settle down to faith.

I feel strangely somehow tonight. I've asked God, tonight… I will
tell you what I did. I asked Him, when I come over here to let this be
the night, that when sickness leaves the people everywhere. It kinda
broke in a little last night. And there was those who were in need,
raised and went out of this building whole. It can be tonight a hundred
percent. See? Dealing with one at a time, I–I with those prayer cards,
I–I just have to take one at a time. And here It comes through the
different diseases. That only tells what's wrong with the person. But
it's the faith in God that heals us. Believe the authority. Believe
God. Look and live.
Oh, the brass serpent couldn't pray for nobody, could it? The brass
serpent… What did they do? The brass serpent, you believe that was
God's gift to Israel? They looked and lived. The Angel on the pool of
water at Bethesda didn't pray for nobody. They stepped in the water and
was healed. Is that right? God is the only way that you can be healed.
Now, look this a way to me. God has blessed to tell you the Word. I believe God…

E-54 How many prayer… (Prayer cards?) All right. I guess there's plenty of them. All the prayer cards are out. Maybe come…?…
Oh, my. Look on your prayer card, what you've got wrote on the thing.
You got diseases and things. That's all you can be told up here. Well,
why don't you accept it without that? That's the idea. Be faithful.
My, as I look over this audience of… Something's taking place with me
right now. I don't know what… I can't call that prayer line, somehow.
I believe God is wanting something else for this time. I believe He
will answer my prayer. There's something…
Now, friends, I'm not stalling. God knows my heart. I'm standing here,
because I believe the Holy Spirit's wanting to do something for the
people. Oh, my, how glorious. Every one, just be in prayer.

Just a minute. I want to go down here and look the… into the
audience. Just look around. Everybody look this way and have faith and
believe, just make a circle and come through the building. Have faith
down here.
God bless you, brother. Believe right over top of your back there, step
aside. I believe I see a lady there looking, trying to believe. Young
lady setting there I believe. Do you believe me, sister, with all your
heart? Do you believe God sent me here for your healing? You're a
stranger to me…?… I don't know you. God knows I know nothing of
you. Now, I know nothing of you now. But I want you to look this a way.
I want you to believe.
One thing, I know this: that you haven't lived the life that you want
to live, have you? You haven't been the Christian that you wanted to be
and desire to be. That is true. You haven't lived the victorious life,
'cause it's gathering dark around you. But I see also…
Here, here is what's wrong with you. If I can tell you what's wrong
with you, will you believe me? All right. You're suffering with a–a
kidney… No, it isn't, it's a bladder trouble. Is that right?
Inflammation in your bladder. If that's right, hold up your hand? I
want you to go home. You believe my word will be authority to you, out
of the Word of God? Go home and serve God with all your heart, you
shall be over that. Amen. You accept it? Say "Amen." Amen. You do.

There sets a gentleman setting in front of you there, holding a prayer
card in his hands. Something…?… setting out there…?… All right.
Looky here, this way, sir. I see you setting there. You're suffering
with arthritis, aren't you: arthritis. Say, you're the father of this
girl, too, aren't you? Isn't that right? Stand on your feet. Jesus
Christ healed you of that arthritis. You don't need it any more. Go on
out of the building with her and glorify God. You're healed now. You
don't need your prayer card. Throw it down on the floor and go on. You
don't need the thing.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. Here's what God wants to do with the people. Go right on out rejoicing.

What about you, sister, setting there in the wheelchair? Or, you're not
in… No, yes, it's for your child. Look this a way. Child's afflicted,
spastic, like a child. I see you had something on your mind, and say…
Oh, I see. You've been in my services before. Isn't that right? Isn't
that true? You're sure… No, it's another service. You was in another
service besides this. Say, you had a little girl that's been healed. Is
that right? Cross-eyed, real hideous. It's healed. Is that right? If it
is, raise your hand and say it's… That's the truth, sister. God bless
you. Jesus Christ, the Son of God can't fail.
What do you think about it, sister? Suffering here with arthritis? Get
up on your feet. Jesus heals you now of your arthritis. Hallelujah.
Have faith in God.
Look sister. You here with the red hat on. Look this a way. Do you
believe with all your heart? If you'll look this a way just a moment,
if you can, just… You're suffering with cancer. Is that right? And
you've been operated on for that cancer. Is that right? It failed.
Jesus Christ has healed you of the cancer now. That's right. Have
faith. Believe.

What about you, lady, setting next to her. You want to be healed? Look
on me and believe. You believe God sent me as His prophet? I see that
you're suffering… Say, you belong to a different church too, don't
you, from this… Let me say this: you're a–a Quaker, I believe, by
faith. Isn't that right? If it is, raise your hand and say that's
right. That's right…?… see the sign of a place you're worshipping.
You're bothered with epilepsy. Is that right? Epilepsy? Have faith in
God. He will make you well, and may He heal you completely whole. Do
you believe it with all your heart? Go worship Him and believe Him.
The little lady setting there. That female trouble you had, sister, is
done left you about ten minutes ago when you was setting there. Raise
Now, you, putting your arm around her. Uh-huh. You was real nervous too, wasn't' you. You got healed also.
And the lady with her eye trouble setting right there next to was
healed a few minutes also. You're healed, sister. God bless you.

Now, let's… While you're pointing your finger… The little girl
pointing to me, look on me. You believe that Jesus Christ sent me here?
Will you accept my word as a prophet, the little girl was born deaf and
dumb. Is that right? Jesus Christ makes her whole…?… in Jesus
Christ. Hallelujah! Jesus Christ, the same God.
This lady setting here, clapping her hands, looking this way, setting
blind beside that little boy there. Have faith, sister. Jesus Christ
will heal you and make you whole. You believe that? You believe it with
all your heart? Have faith. Touch her on the arm there. You believe it
with all your heart? Rise up and come over this a way then. Have faith.
God bless you. Don't doubt. You got your sight now. If you'll just come
on move this a way. Come on this a way and move on. God will
get–making you have your… Hallelujah. God bless you. God bless you,
sister. He's healed you.
Look this a way, every one. Have faith; don't… Keep your eyes this a way, everywhere.

Lady, you setting bound in that wheelchair there, in that chair. Do you
believe, setting there with the green looking dress on? Stand up on
your feet. Jesus Christ healed you. That's right.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." Come forward. Who wants to be healed by
the Spirit of the Lord? Somebody help the lady get on her feet. Here
she comes, been bound, walking. Let's say, "Praise the Lord,"
everybody. Coming out of her chair… Come forward. Accept Jesus as
your Healer now. Come believing.
Almighty God, Author of Life, Giver of every good gift, send Thy
blessings upon this people. Believe Him, friends. I now through His
faith and in the Name of Jesus Christ… Every person in here that's a
believer have faith…
God healed you then, sister. Have faith, believe. You with that…
Raise up your hands, accept Him at this minute. Say, "Lord…" You
don't need them prayer cards. Everybody believe. Throw your prayer
cards in the air. Say, "I believe Christ." Get rid of your prayer
cards. That's the way to do it. Hallelujah!

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