Sermons 1960


  • I greet all the saints in the name of Jesus
    God is good ,it sometimes difficult to explain
    The goodness of Jesus.there’s no words
    That will ever complete him .iam trying
    To put my life right with god ,its getting
    Late.Please pray for me and my family
    That we may serve god with all that’s in
    Us till that day he comes.the lord has granted
    Me an interview for a new job and I believe
    That what ever we shall ask in his
    Name it shall be given unto us.please
    Pray for me.bro Branham says when you
    Know that someone is praying for you it
    Just feels so good
    God bless all
    Brother kishore

  • This is nothing but the truth revealed unto the few chosen. Are you not happy brother/sister that you found mercy with God during the time when the whole world is in total confusion? Stay in that word for your reward is waiting for you. Yes sir it’s true.

  • Jesus is Lord Just love this Message of Bro.BranHam.Storm is coming.Jesus is comimg.Ilove the prophet of God. God Bless You.Sis Laurie miller.

  • Glory!!!! lets be ready, there will be a meeting in the
    air…. For the capstone must return. If the headstone
    capped their would of been a resurrection… Glory…

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