• This is our church address if you are in Brisbane Australia

    117 Smiths Rd,
    Caboolture QLD 4510

    God bless you all

  • Olá a todos Eu estou procurando contatos com irmãos que vivem no Rio de Janeiro, que falam francês. Eu quero fazer uma viagem em setembro se Deus quiser. Deus te abençoe

  • i love our prophet massages through the inspiration of our lor Jesus, that why i am a happy massage believer today

  • Dear Beloved Brethren,

    Much greetings through the exalted name of our Loving savior Jesus Christ from Kenya.
    I am very much pleased to tell you that your teachings on your website are a great blessing to me, my family and the young independent christian fellowship
    that i founded when i got the call of the lord to do so.
    So, i, my wife , children and some few brethren from the community we are
    serving the lord under this christian fellowship.

    The fellowship is of 56 members.
    I also take care of15 orphans whose parents died.
    In this i am requesting you to send us more teachings that will enable us, as a small church to grow spiritually.

    As well it is my kind request that you also remember these needy orphans under
    my care in your daily prayers that God can open them ways for their needs both in
    physical and spiritual growth.As well I kindly invite you to come here in Kenya and bless our people with the gospel of our lord Jesus.Kenya needs mighty people of God to lead her in to salvation and know the Living God. Please have a kind consideration to extend your kind cooperation for the extension of the Kingdom of God.
    Also i would be happy if you will accept us to be part of your fellowship.
    Pass our sincere regards and greetings to all Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

    yours at His service Pastor Rodhah

  • Shalom precious brothers and sisters in Christ, we have fellowship here in Shalom Tabenacle at kacyiru Kigali-Rwanda in Africa .please if u around Kigali or come for a visit would love to fellowship with u..please contact number +250788560027 +250788803108 would love to fellowship with u and with our brothers in Christ and his family at Shalom Tabenacle, !!

  • shalom fellow name is brother robert.i have lost my job and i therefore need the saints prayer for Jesus to remember me.Godbless you all,see you in the millenieum.233244559492

  • Shalom precious brothers and sisters in Christ, we have fellowship here in Quakers Hill ,sydney Australia ..,please if u around Sydney or come for a visit would love to fellowship with u..please contact number 0449682437… would love to fellowship with u and with our btorther in Christ and his family at Quakers Hill, Sydney..Shalom!!

    • SHALOM.My brother and his wife have a project to come to visit Australia .I fell on this message.They love fellowship . Then I think that would interest in them.I noted the number which you gave But if you have the number of a sister or a brother who speaks French that would arrange(settle) them because they do not speak English.Gob bless u

      • Dear Young Sister
        We speak French, looking forward to hearing from your Brother and Sister.
        Phone number is +61-4-07744288, 61-2-9629 5176. (international)
        0407 744 288, 9629 5176 (when in Sydney).

        God bless you.

        Bro William.

    • Shalom…My brother and my sister are going to make a journey in Sydney .Alors they look for beloved who live over there to be in touch with them .S’ there are people who speak French that would arrange(settle) them because they do not know to speak english.God bless you all

  • Can anyone send or tell me where I can fellowship in London. I know there are a lot of locations, so please kindly give me the addresses.

    God bless you

  • Dear sir
    Greeting in the wonderful name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.My name is Frank Mark Sagar.I am pastor of Bargarh city,India.I am looking for help for my church ten years ago an by His grace the work going on well but I have to work full time to support the work.I want to write to your mission to partner me in my church planting in Bargarh.Thank u very taking ur time and I am praying for u & waiting to hear from u.Here is my Address
    PS-Frank Mark Sagar
    Mo- +91 9178010831

  • Bom dia, acessei o seu site e através do formulário de contato estou enviando esta proposta que pode ser do interesse de sua empresa.

    Nossa empresa está a mais de 10 anos no mercado, e é especializada na venda de listas com cadastros de empresas para área comercial, telemarketing e mala direta postal, segmentadas por ramo de atividade e com dados completos como razão social, telefone, email, endereço completo e ramo. Com um investimento baixo você terá acesso à milhares ou até milhões de novos potenciais clientes para o seu negócio, seja qual for o seu mercado!

    São 7.500.000 de cadastros completos de empresas brasileiras. Acesse nosso site e confira agora!

    Obs: Não responda diretamente por este email. Para mais detalhes, acesse nosso site

    Obrigado pela atenção!
    Equipe Mala Direta Brasil

  • Respected end time ministers

    warm Greetings to all of you in his holy name
    I am pastor Simon Nag from Bolangir In the state of Odisha ( India )
    I do working this true ministry since 2001 by grace of I stood a small flock here only few please keep me & ministry here & my family in your prayer ship always I want to link with you in his work.

    with regards
    Bro Simon Nag
    At Anada Nagar, po- Rajendra college Dist- Boalngir, pin- 767002 Odisha state
    India, cell No-+919777998017

  • Praise The Lord………… I Paster Rahul Mane hereby requesting that, i am servicing for 12 years in the ministry. I have baptized so many people.(PROVERB 2:38). I have also done 10 conference meetings. Prayer Days : Every Thursday & Sunday in our Prayer Center.
    E-mail :
    Contact No. : 9850704316/9860718028

    Plese send some dvd’s,cd’s, magazine, bible books, miracle testomony….

  • God bless you.
    I am looking for contacts and/or believers in Dubai/Abu Dhabi UAE as I will be visiting there shortly.
    I am told Bro Berry Coffee is based there. Please help with any contacts.

    Kind regards and God bless you.

    Brother Sam (South Africa)

  • I am the Pastor of this Glorious End time Message in A.P., God bless you all the Bride of Christ in India may the Lord prepare all of us for His Rapture….Amen!!! Pls Pray for Us and Contact:+91 9494238357

  • God Bless You all my dear precious Saints and elected of God the Bride Of Christ in the End Time…God Has predestinated us in this age so we recognized the Voice of God by His True prophet in this End Time…I am the Pastor of the End Time Church pls pray for our little Ministry here in A.P., South India…+91 9848229505…Pastor:Joshua (A.P), India.

  • Thanks to the prophet that I and my family received and accept this End Time message. May the Lord Bless all the Believers.

  • I give thanks to my personal saviour Lord Jesus Christ tha He has choosen me and also my parents.I am So interested to attain the church at Branham Tabernacle,so please pray for me.

  • I need bro Branham massages am from nigeria and a believer of d massage also and d little flock with me

  • God Bless

    I need advice. I’m a young sister and i’m working at a Casino but doing nothing that Gambling related. I’m in the Human Resources department. But my fellow brothers and sisters think i must resign and find another job.

      • Sister you are working for a gambling outfit. Let’s take it to the extreme to show what is happening. What if the company you are working for was in the business of murder? You are not pulling the trigger, you are simply working in HR making sure the company has the right number of different murderers on staff. Five shooters, two stranglers etc. You hook up murderers with victims for money. Is that wrong?

        You are enabling people to commit sinful deeds. You may not be pulling the trigger but you are working to corrupt and destroy morality if individuals. I know you don’t want to do that or you would not have asked the question.

        Take a step out in faith. Quit that job and trust in the Lord to provide you with a better one. There is nothing to hard for him. If you quit that job for the sake of the Word of God, HE will honor that and take care of you. That is his promise to you.

        Bro Paul

  • Omwene nemuyambeke vamwatate! Im very happy 4 ths message n wud like to thank God for sending us a warning through our precious brother William Branham.

  • Loved Pastor Peter Lim
    Christians greetings in the Precious Name of Our Lord JESUS CHRIST .
    It was great I privilege of being able to know the servant of God. I give grace for to have entered in your website . I was great I privilege of to enter in your website. I am your to brother and believing of the message of the hour that God gave in them, by means of Bro. William M Branham , Messenger of God of this Bride Age . We give grace for love of God for having fond this message stops in here in Africa Mozambique. I need present my name , my name is : Pedro Charles . We desire fellowship with brethren and your missionaries visits .
    Africa need Missionary
    We are new and you drink in the faith, we need you ours brothers missionaries to come visiting in them and teaching them on the true Word of the hour. We desire to be fed by the Word, so that let us can grow and arrive in the Stature of the Perfect Men. Here is country that she is in the end of countries, the front of we do not have other Africans
    We are in the side of the sea , we living Beira city , Mozambique Africa Austral ,. There is where we arrive the conclusion that this message is arriving in the confines of. Here times received books from message come from Jeffersonville Indiana U.S.A IN Portuguese. Our colonialists were Portuguese. here we say to Portuguese and our African languages.
    Here we had two Wars to follow. The War against Portuguese colonialists and the civil War. We was refuge to Malawi country , Zimbabwe country and South Africa. Our escape had an advantage so that some elects ones to go to receive the grace Message in the countries neighboring. Although many had died for the Wars, but for me I give thanks to God because I found this truth through escape for Malawi.
    Thus I am with the message hand preach for my people here in Mozambique. We took refuge for countries in 1985 and we come back 1996. We find all ours the destroyed goods. But for the love of God we have the message in the hands. Responsibility this end time Message is our hand I have my small church that is in contraction and have ministry in the fields and some cities. In difficulty always we serve to the Lord until I finish it member is called, to be fixed the mercy door. We need fellowship with you beloved brothers .
    We asks its pray for in and we pray in them for you. I supplicate you it receiving this email please give me reply .
    May God richly bless you all brethren .
    Bro . Pedro Charles Alcandra

  • i have really been blessed and my life has not remained thesame after reading most of the prophets messages. may Gods grace continue to be sufficient to all the believers all over the world.

    • go to facebook and search for sister Diana Epong or brother Joseph Muhindo they are members of one of the local churches in kampala they will direct you. thx


    We need your prayer for our country RDC we are in elections and the political situations is not good special in beni town nord kivu and prayer for the spouse of j.c in world

    Best regards

    Daniel Eale

    Let me take this wonderful moment to appreciate you for your great work you have been doing to ensure that the message of bro.Branham reach all the corners of this world.For the messages i reguested on early this year, it has been a blessing to me and the brethrens in our church.
    Also i suggest that if you still have various pictures of bro.branham,anything like diagrams which was aids of bro. branham’s teaching you attach and send through my e-mail.
    i feel that it will going to helb me so much in my christianity as i prepare for the second coming of our lord Jesus.Otherwise may God continue guiding you all in all your contribution towards the churches in the world who support the message of the hour.
    As i end,i kindly request your special prayers over my mum who is not feeling well.Also remember about my studies.i joint this year one of the public universities in kenya known as moi university.i was supported financialy to joint by the neighbours but right now i don’t have anything to pay for school fees since my parents is not able to raise money to sustain me.i trust that the God who had brought me all the way to university will going to enable me to get somebody to sponsor me.i always have hope in brethrens of this message whenever i inform my challenges.incase you like to give me suggestions, ideas, motivation or any queries conerning the matter above i’m always free and you can contact me through my e-mail.

  • Hello brothers, is a pleasure to meet some more of the bride of Christ.
    I live here in Brazil, in Porto Alegre, and this week got the book of life of brother Branham, volume 1 and end it quotes several books that we can get. I honestly do not know several, for example, has one called”the footprints in the sands of time”I think that tells the stories of Brother Branham. Another of his missionary journey in Africa .. also cites books written by Ir.Bosworth, Ir.Pierre gren, to a publication in a journal of Rebecca. Good going straight to the point, I wonder if you have these literatures in Portuguese and I would get. If you do not have them in Portuguese would be the same in English, but in the latter case you have not in Portuguese. I would also like the colorful picture of Jesus Christ, that famous, you know? That picture of the hat and that Ir.Branham another that it is also well known, the brothers should know. And the picture of the cloud of angels. Well I would love to have this material. I hope your response.

    Thank you and God continue to bless this beautiful work and will continue to avangelizar true and revealed word of God through his prophet, William Branham Marriom. Thanks in advance.

    My contact is sr.e.sra.cavalheiro @

    • Dear saint of God
      God bless you
      May be God walking with you & protect you from every evils spirits in this new year 2014

      Pastor Simon Nag
      end time ministry

  • Hi. I truly think William Branham has been misjudged and misunderstood by many. In my own search to read for myself, the various visions and words that he received from God, I have seen past many comments that have been made about him, and understood what God was doing through him much better. As much as he was declared a forerunner of Jesus’ message in these last days, he needs to be heard now; however, it’s also just as important that we all press in to God ourselves, so that we can receive the ongoing revelation for these days. God hasn’t stopped speaking, nor did He reveal everything to Branham. There are certain ones who have gotten very relevant words for the hour, and we need to stay tuned now, not just to God’s words in the past. We need to know what God is saying to us, for us now, not just through others and from the past. Branham has relevance, but he’s not all there is.

  • Good Day,

    Question on time of the rapture.

    Could you please provide me with the title of the message where Brother Branham said that one can know the month and the year but not the day nor the hour of the rapture.

    Awaiting your response

    Sis michele

  • Where can I get contact information of Br. Peter Lim or Sydney or any other believers in Sydney, Australia?

      • Dear Brother,
        Greeting in the precious name
        Of ou Lord Jesus Christ.
        I believe this message is the truth and a blessing to us. Please pray that the people of Tasmania(Australia) will come to know about this message and may be send missionaries in cities like Hobart and Launceston to preach the word in this town. I felt sad when I learnt that there is no message church fellowship in Tasmania.God bless you..,

  • God bless you dear all,
    we are going well by grace of the jesus christ we need your prayer at our smol group and great all spouse of jc in world special the believer of this message the end time message.

    Your friend

    Daniel Eale

  • Dear Brother,
    I hope that you find this massage with best of your health and high spirits. I want inform you that I am also your brother in faith, and serve with End Time Massage Believers Assemblies Pakistan. My Dream in our Lord Jesus Christ is that to bring the Pathans to our Lord Jesus Christ. Basically I also belong with Pathans family with Muslim Background. But this is the blessing of our Lord Jesus Christ How has chose my in South Wazirstan Agency as his Friend and delivers his word (that”s Bible Preaching in my own aval resources in Tank and D.I.Khan. “Then there comes from the throne the sound of a voice, saying. “Praise our God,all his
    servants……..Revelation 19 v 5 to 7. Therefor I truly needs your fruitful prayers and Co-operation to supervision.

    • God bless you! I wish your adress location in Syracuse,I am a believed of William Marrion Branham from africa Nairobi Kenya,currently I live in I havrn’t any address of our assembly,that is reason I request to address me your location. God bless you and I wait for a positive back.

  • dear brother, help me out the following inquiry on marriage and divorce consernientes the steps matimonial a real ceremony, as I have understood that a real ceremony, there are three steps: 1-the double vote by the word. 2-reaching laws. 3-wedding ceremony where the couple arrives at the altar and the pastor put his hand on the Bible and today there is a doctrine that do not follow these instricciones I leave the messenger. Please explain to me that the message is dating this topic

  • Dear christ,

    I wish to get Bro.Branham all the message books in English since 1947 till 1965. Is it possible to send my address or should I collect from your India -Chennai office, if so, please confirm to whom should I have contact and get this books.
    Look forward your kind reply in this regards
    Thanks for your reply.
    EndTime Ministry,
    Tirupur – India.

  • shalom to you all,please can some one help me with the physical address and telephone numbers of any endtime message churches in monrovia liberia west africa

  • I am looking for message believers in Daegu south korea. Or just any where in South korea would be great. We have recently moved here from Flagstaff AZ and need the fellowship!

    • Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.I came across your mail and was curious to now if you managed to make contact with any Believers yet.I am from South Africa and might need to travel to South Korea on business.

      Your brother in Christ.

      • Greeting,
        I noticed your comment and would just like to know if you have located any message churches in South Korea. I might be moving there for a year next year and would like to know where I can fellowship.
        God Bless

    • I just recently learned that I am directly related to William Branham. I am currently serving in the US Air Force, and have been for the past eight years. My father kept this from me and his family moved away from Kentucky because of this. I have recently met a few individuals who let me know who he was. I would like to learn more if anyone has any information on him. I would appreciate any response.

  • shalom,
    we are still listening the of W.M.Branham at my home dear friends can you send us these casette,cd…via the voice of God of ugada please urgent case and player olso for us.


    • Dear brother Daniel Eale,

      For requests of brother Branhams tapes etc. please go to the official web address and find the local address for uganda office.

      I also listen to his tapes at home church with my family.

      God Bless

    • brother Daniel Eale. j’espere que tu vas bien je t’eris en francais car en te lisant je trouve que tu es francophone. au sujet de ta demande dis moi quelle cassettes tu cherche? englais francais ou anglais seulement? pour ce faire priere de nous ecrire a nous allors faire tout pour t’envoyer cela. et tu nous dira si tu as besoins aussi de predicateur pour vous visiter la bas et vs encourager. merci Dieu te benisse alors que nous attendont to mail. shalom

  • Dear Sir,

    Please could you forward me the address of any End time message church in Essex or London. It is urgent please. Thanks.



    Bro. Ade Samuel

  • Please send me the physical address and telephone numbers of the End Time Message church in Centurion , South Africa

    • am not sure of the adress there but there is a church in pretoria and many in johannesburg… myself i pray at Amen Tabernacle we are so blessed with the word preached by the man of God Pst Zakola Moombo believe me you will not regret coming… please do reply me on or you can call me on +27788139042 brother daniel is my name GOD BLESS YOU

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