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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham called Do You Now Believe? was delivered on Sunday, 6th December 1953 at the American Legion Hall in W Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A.
The tape, number 53-1206, is 1 hour and 45 minutes, and consists of 2 cassettes.

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E-1 Brother… Thank you very much, Brother Bosworth. Good evening, friends. Brother Wilson, I didn't–didn't know, did you get that picture all right? If you want another one, well, you go ahead, that's all right. I'm only happy… This Brother Wilson, the first time I've seen him for some time. I wouldn't have recognized him any more if Brother Bosworth hadn't have called the attention. It reminds me in the days of Zion when we had real old fashion meeting in Zion once. I believe the brother here is the reporter for the–several papers up there in Chicago and around Waukegan and around. Excuse me for not looking right at him. God bless you, brother.

E-2 Was there someone else, I had heard them say something, they wanted pictures? Why, I–I'm just happy that you could… If the mike can stand, why, all right. And during the time of the services, the reason they ask about the picture now… See, the Angel of the Lord is a Light also, and I watch It where It goes, and sometimes it gets me mixed up. I believe the little lady here… And it gets me kinda mixed up, of what I… Now, that's usually… You get you another one and come right back, that's all right. [–Ed.]
Christian friend, I say this with the sincerity of the human heart. This has been one of the smallest meetings I ever had, for this much time. But yet it's been lovely, every day of it. You've been very sweet and kind, suffered with me. They kinda turned me loose, to–to speak, and you stuck right through it, and suffered it out, and that takes a lot of patience, I'm sure. And I'm–I am certainly sorry that we couldn't stay just about a week or two more, so that we could really have the–the spell of the thing broken.

E-3 And many times in speaking, I sometimes say things, that maybe it sounds awful, like my, trying to tear people to pieces; I don't mean to do that. I just, well, I–I just… I'm just not very intelligent to begin with, and then when I just feel there is something He wants me to say, I just say it then. I just let it go like that, so that's all I know to do. If I didn't, why it choke me down and then I couldn't say nothing else. So I just say as He says, and you just kinda put it together and pray over it, and God may show you what it was meant.
Now, the latch string is always on the outside of the house at my place. You know, southerners know what that means, "Come on in." God bless you. I've often said in meetings a long time ago, when I first started, "That the night never got too dark, the rain never fall to hard, but what I would come to anybody that would call for me to come."

E-4 Well, I–I want to say that in my heart now. But you can just about imagine what it would be around the world. See? Really, at this little service here, was just advertised right here, I suppose, and I… If I'm stretching it tonight, God forgive me, I don't mean to. But I just dread for Him to…?… knowing around the world I probably know or known of, went by, around many million people. And you can imagine now we have about eight offices that take letters for interpretation and brings them in. So you can just about imagine what that is.
I got four phones I can answer at my home. And my, sometimes they'll average, right after a big meeting somewhere, they'll average at least, right now, oh, a hundred and fifty or two hundred long distance a day, emergencies. Now, that's making it low. Sometimes it runs way up more than that. But it'll practically average that. So it's–it's pretty hard to say that you'd come anywhere, when maybe when I get home there'd be a dozen airplane tickets laying there for people saying, "The Lord said for you to come over here. And the Lord said for you to come there." Well, I sure would like to go to every one of them. But I–I just can't be but just at one place at a time.

E-5 So then, usually I just take and lay them down and pray and ask our Lord what He wants me do. And then I go just where He wants me to go, or try to. If I miss it sometimes, I don't mean to. And if I displease Him, God knows in my heart I–I want Him forgive me before I even move from these tracks.
And there might be a lot of things that I might do and say that you might think might be a little strange, but if I know the inside of my heart, that standing here tonight, maybe there'll be people here that we will never meet no more. That's right. This many people, and elderly people, and so forth, and some sick people, that I know if I come back here a year from today, there's somebody out of this group will be gone. I may be that person; I don't know. You may be that, but there's one of us, somebody's going to be. And I must be dead in earnest, because this is our last meeting time on earth. I've got to meet up there with you. Then I've got to give an account of my life here on earth. And with the deepest of sincerity I–I try to be honest and faithful to Jesus Christ. And at that day that I'll have not regret. For I want my title read clear at that time.

E-6 I prayed a long time ago, "Lord, when I come down to the river, I don't want any trouble there that morning. 'Cause it's going to be gloomy and dark, and I'm sure if there's any trouble I want it straighten it up right now, right here now. So when I come down there, there won't be any trouble, I'll have everything clear and I can cross over."
Heaven means much to me: got loved ones there, father. Loving friends by the thousands are on the other side, buddies, a wife, darling little baby, well, it just means a lot to me. And above all that, if I never see them no more, I want to see Jesus. I want to see Him, and if at that day when I walk up to the gate and He looks down at me, and he says, "William Branham, you wasn't faithful enough, and you're not worthy, and I'm not going to let you come in."
With the depths of my heart I could say, "Yes, Lord, that's exactly the truth, I'm not worthy."

E-7 And if He sends me to hell, and in hell there's such a thing as having love, I'll still love Jesus Christ. 'Cause it's become a part of my life; it's become me. And I can't help it; there's something in there makes me love Him.
And now, if I love Him, there must be a genuine Christian love for you. And if I haven't got that, then I don't love Him. For how can I say I love Him Who we haven't seen, and not love those who… His disciples and His servants?
I've made this statement maybe before here, but I've often thought, "What would I do with a charger that had two drops of the literal Blood of Christ in it?" How I would cherish it and walk close.

E-8 But tonight, I've got more in His sight than His literal Blood. I've got the purchase of His Blood. Then I must do all that I can to help you. And in my heart I want to do it. You've been very kind, just a little handful. Expense is not too much, but they tell me all the expenses now is met. You gave a love offering to me, which from the depths of my soul, I appreciate. I'm not worthy; I didn't do nothing for a love offering, don't deserve it.
But what I'll do with it, I've got three children to feed. My clothes are mostly give to me; people send me clothes and so forth. And what I have left over, out of just what I have to spend… And my expenses are very high. I send thousands and thousands of handkerchiefs around the world a week. And office expenses and that, and it all have to come right out of these meetings. But I've never let anyone beg for money. If they did, I found it out, well, I didn't let them take money no more. 'Cause I don't believe in that. I just believe in just tell the people, "This is what we need," it's their meeting, "and I'm here to do all I can to meet the expenses." And you all have, and I appreciate it.

E-9 And how could I take your money, which many of you need, maybe, to use for your little children, of shoes and so forth, and food for the table, and spend it for something, that wouldn't be right. God hold me responsible for that. And when I want to be a good steward. And I'll spend the money. I think the last love offering was two hundred and something dollars, and I'll do the very best that I know how to spend your money that you've given me for the Kingdom of God, everything that I know how. I trust it'll be that way on that day when we meet up there.
Now, some of you give us some oranges and some grapefruit. One brother sent us a box of shells, and a little lamps and things to take home, many little things like that. My boy told me someone give him a little special offering of a check awhile ago. Sent one… Another fellow sent one in to make up the expenses. God seen every bit of that. He knows right where it… Many of you'd like to do it and you can't do it. God sees that just the same (See?); He knows.

E-10 And the ushers… And to this, the police, not the police but the sheriff, deputy sheriff, I was with he and another man the other day, and such a fine man. Ushers, to all of you, my you've just been wonderful to me, and we appreciate it. I'm saying this for Brother Bosworth and I, and my son. To Brother Vell, Vayle, and I met another Brother Heights, one of the sponsors, and all of you, you were so kind. And some of you ministers who's let your congregation come, maybe you wasn't in cooperation because they never asked for it, I don't think, they just… except these two little churches. I come down here this week, probably this coming week, is right here in Birmingham, Alabama, with a guarantee of fifteen thousand people the first night to come. Angelus Temple's been calling, telegramming, everything, said, "Why, they couldn't even put the people around the place."
Another great organization in there wanted to take the rose, or the bowl there, where they play football, and put it in on television, the time that I come down here. But I felt that God wanted me to come down here (See?), that's why I come. I come down here to keep from going there.

E-11 Great crowds don't attract me. What I want to know is what God wants me to do. Is to preach to one person or one million is just the same. See? I wouldn't do any different. I'd do just the best that I could. And I feel then, that I'd be pleasing Him. So God bless you.
And now, I want you to be sure that you get this just right. Now, there are handkerchiefs, many of you are laying here. I pray over handkerchiefs by the thousands. Now, if you did not get your handkerchief here, well, just send–just send and ask me for one, I'll send it to you. Now, I'm not saying that… There's so many a radio programs, and things today, where they're just trying to get your address, just so you can write in. God knows better then that. I don't… That's not it. I don't write back to people no more than just answer them back; that's true. And I think that doing that, your own pastor needs every bit of support, your own church, that you can give. See? It isn't that. We never ask people for one penny of money through the mail or nothing. We just send it all out free, and God takes care of every bit of it. And so you're always welcome.

E-12 Sometimes they drop a little in to pay for a stamp or something, which costs… I think our stamps usually run around two to three hundred a week for stamps alone. That's at one office, at one office. We have two offices in Canada, and we have one office in Mexico. We have office in Norway, Sweden, Finland, German, two in Africa (See?), all of those, every one of those. They send in… And people send to them then they translate it and send it here. Then out of here goes the handkerchiefs.
Now, when you get the handkerchief, may not be a full handkerchief, 'cause those handkerchiefs cost ten, fifteen cents apiece. I go out and get hundreds of yards of ribbon. Now, you'll find a little letter in there, little form letter turned out by mimeograph machine, a telling you what to do, how to confess your sins and what to do. Now, that's made up by the office, but every one of those handkerchiefs, little… I prayed over them. When I take them and got to myself, and stand and pray and ask God…

E-13 Now, if it was my child that was sick, and I sent for a man that I had faith in to believe and he prayed a prayer of faith, I wouldn't want some office to make up a handkerchief send it to me, I'd want him to do it. See? That's right. And then I got to do to your child like I'd want you to do to my child. I have to do for your daddy like want you to do for my daddy (See?), my mother. And so that's the way that's done. And you're welcome any time.
And now if there is times that I can be of a favor, I'll be glad to do it. And I'll always remember you until Jesus comes.
Now, pretty soon, if God willing, I'll be going into dark Africa, and from there up into India, From India into, across Trans Jordan, from there over into Palestine, from Palestine into Luxembourg, Germany, Frankfurt, back over into London, England.
Way down in Africa, those dark continents, oh, witch doctors would challenge you in a moment, come by the dozen. And when you have to produce what you're talking about, no fooling there… When men come along with witches and perform all kinds of signs and enchantments like that, you've got to know the God that stood with Moses Who can curse that thing, and throw it away, and ride over the top of it. See?

E-14 Now, when the winds are blowing real hot, and the deserts are going bad, and perspiration's running down my face, and witch doctors are challenging, millions are screaming, I'll be depending on Palm Beach, Florida, to be having prayer for me at that time when. God bless you.
And I trust that we'll meet again, every one of us, in this life. But if not in this life, I want to make an appointment with you to meet you at the gate yonder where they–we enter in, where we'll never have any more prayer for the sick. We'll be immortal then. This inside man will be taken out, and…?… we'll be like the Lord Jesus. Until that time, God bless you is my prayer. I want to pray for these handkerchiefs 'fore I forget it.

E-15 Our Heavenly Father, these handkerchiefs here, and these letters, represent poor, sick, suffering, humanity. Thou knowest every one of them, and I pray that You bless them. I just hold my arms across them, Father. Thou seest all things. We're so happy to know that people have confidence in Your servant to send for these handkerchiefs. And we have confidence that You'll answer prayer. And with all trueness of faith, all we can have, we ask that You'll bless every one of them, and may the people be healed, as we Your people ask this blessing in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.

E-16 Several, I didn't mention, calling their names, Brother Vayle, my manager. This pianist here too, I want to thank her for her kindness and what's she's been, very nice. And–and to everyone of you, you've just been extremely kind and nice to me. If I miss some of you, it's not intentionally. I don't mean to do it. See?
Now, in the Gospel tonight, for our closing night, and we are by God's grace, just a little early, but I won't speak but just a moment to you, then I'm going to call the prayer line. I want to, as always, to read His Word.
And now, remember this, when I'm gone Jesus will still be here. See? When I'm not at your church, Christ will be there just the same. And maybe even if you get sick, you don't have to wait till somebody comes by, one of these healing campaigns; that's just only to stimulate the faith of the church. Your God saved pastor has the same authority that I, or any other man does, to pray for you. Your pastor, go to him.

E-17 If your pastor don't believe in praying for the sick, go to some real good Christian who does believe. And they have just as much authority as the pastor. "Confess your faults one to another and pray one for another, that you may be healed (James 5.), for the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." So you just believe that, have faith, God will heal you. And I'll be praying all the time that God will just stimulate the faith of all these godly men and will bless you all.
Now, in Saint John… You say, "Brother Branham, you sure read a lot out of Saint John." It's one of my favorites. John is a Book of love. And I tell you, when you… When I see a person who loves God, I can sure trust him anywhere, any time.
You know, when I leave home, I don't set down a whole big bunch of rules that Mrs. Branham should do while I'm gone. I just kiss her good-bye and say, "God bless you, honey."

E-18 I don't say, "Don't have any other husbands. Don't do this or that." I know she's doesn't anyhow, 'cause she loves me.
She don't tell me, "Now, don't you have dates with some other girl and go out." She don't have to do that. She don't… I love her; I wouldn't do it anyhow. See? So that's it. We just love one another and trust one another. And if we have love for one another, then we have trust in one another. And if you love God you're bound to have faith in God and have trust in God. Now, that's the reason I read so much of John.

E-19 In the 5th chapter and beginning with the 33rd verse… Then I have another place over here in John I wish to read. Now, He says.

Ye sent unto John, and he bare witness of the truth.But I receive not testimony from man: but these things I say unto you, that ye might be saved.He was a bright and… shining light: and ye were willing for a season to rejoice in his light.But I have greater witness than that of John: for the works which the Father has given me to do–to finish, the same works that I do, bear witness of me, that the Father hath sent me.
And the Father Himself, which has sent me, has borne witness of me. (Jesus speaking)

And in Saint John 16:27:

For the Father Himself loveth you, because you have loved me, and have believed that I come… from God.

I come forth from the Father, and I am come into the world: again, I leave the world, and I go to the Father.

His disciples said unto Him, Lo, now speakest thou plainly, and speakest no proverb.

Now we are sure that Thou knowest all things, and needest not that any man should ask thee: by this we believe that thou comest forth from God.

Jesus answered them, Do you now believe?

May the Lord add His blessings to His Word.

E-20 Jesus speaking, said, "I come from the Father. Now, you went to John; he was a forceful speaker, preacher. And you were for a season (six months), glad to rejoice in that–in that light of John." But said, "I don't have testimony of man." He said, "But the very works that I do is a testimony from God that He sent Me to do it." He said, "Now, you believed Him? And He loved you because you have loved Me." And that's how God loves you, when you love Jesus.
And He said… They said, "Now, You're speaking plainly and not a proverb. And now we believe that You know all things." You believe He still knows all things? All right. "And by this, we believe that You come from God."
And Jesus said, "Do you now believe?"

E-21 I trust that that'll be the attitude of every person in here tonight, that you will now believe. Now, not because this is the closing of our meeting… And now we leave for home right away after the meeting, and I'll be home, what, about a day and a half. Then I go to Chicago. And then I'll be there until Sunday. And then from there, I don't know just exactly where's next, perhaps, overseas.
Now, all these things that I have tried to introduce to you tonight, and through these other nights, has been that Jesus Christ that was in the days gone by, is today. And the theme of my campaigns is this: "That Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever."

E-22 It's amazing, somedays I… Many people say, "Brother Branham, I'd like to talk to you a few minutes." I sure would love to do that. And many people kinda get maybe a little put out with me, because that I don't just come to the homes of the people and talk with them, or meet them out. And some of them think that I just don't like people. But that's a mistake, friends. I love my brethren. God knows that. But I can't be a servant of man and a servant of God. See? I must be a servant of God in order to be the servant of man. So I must spend my time with Him (See?), with God.
Now, if he… I'd love to visit people. Many people comes to visit me at home, shake hands and go on. And home… You say, "Well, Brother Branham, does these visions only happen when you're in the meetings?"

E-23 No, they happen all the time. They've been since I was a little baby. The first thing I can remember in life, was a vision. And gifts and callings are without repentance. When I was only six, oh, not over five or six minutes old, my mother tells me that when the old midwife, washing me as a little bitty five pound baby, and laid me on the arm of my mother, when she opened up the–the old door for a window we had in the little cabin, that that Light come in, hung there.
When I was eighteen months old, I remember of a Voice speaking to me and telling me that was going to live near a city called New Albany. And I have. At the age of just a little bitty boy, I could remember He speaking to me and telling me about a bridge that was going to span the river, how many men would lose their life on that bridge. And they wrote it down to see what it was all about. They thought I was dreaming. I was out in the yard, just something come over me, and I set down. I seen it. And I went and told mother, she said, "You went to sleep, honey."
I said, "No, ma'am, I never went to sleep. I stood and watched It come up out of the bushes."

E-24 And twenty-two years from that time, the Municipal Bridge span across the Ohio River, and the same sixteen men lost their live on it, just like It said. See? And it's always been that way. And Christian friends, to the best of my soul, I say this for God's glory: I have never seen one time but what it was just as perfect, just exactly the way It said it would be.
And many people come… You might think, "Well, Brother Branham, does just the common class of people come?" No. Multi-millionaires, doctors, everybody comes. There's been some of the best doctors that this nation has, is set in my home, and I've led them to Christ: the best of doctors.

E-25 I have a little something on my mind. Maybe it wouldn't take but a few moments to give a testimony of what I think one of the best doctors in our country. Well, this chum of mine, by the name of Dr. Sam Adair… You ever around Jeffersonville, look him up, write him a letter, find out what he thinks about this. He's a specialists, and one of the best doctors that I know of in the nation. Not because he's a chum of mine, but he's absolutely… When it comes to a doctor, I just got plenty confidence in him as a doctor.
And here some time ago when this first happened, he called me and said, "Billy, look," said, "you know I love you like my brother." Said, "I believe I've never seen anybody any sincerer," said… He's got it fixed if he dies before I do, I'll have to preach his funeral. So he said, "I want the last word said over me by somebody with sincerity." Said, "I may not be saved, but I–I–I want sincerity for the last words over me."

E-26 And I said, "Thank you, doc." And I–I… "If I ever have to have a doctor to set my arm or whatmore, you'll be the guy if I'm around you." Because he's deeply and sincere in his work.
And he came up to my house, a great crowd of people in there, and in and out, so my wife come, she said, "Dr. Adair is out there at the door."
So I said, "Well, put him over in the den room, so I can get to him."
Said, "He wants to see you privately." Said, "He closed up the office." And his office is just lined and packed all the time. He runs…
So I went in to where he was in a–after a bit, and I said, "What's the matter, doctor?"
He was setting with his head down. And he said, "Billy, I–I come to you, buddy, for some help." Said, "I've got to have help from Almighty God." And he said, "I come to you to–to ask you to help me."
I said, "What is it, Dr. Adair?"
He said, "Well, Billy," said, "do you think that this city needs a clinic?"
I said, "Every city needs a clinic, doctor."
And he said, "Do you think that I'd be worthy to have that clinic?"
I said, "If there's anybody, I think you'd be."

E-27 And what I like about him, if he examines you, he don't know what's the matter with you, he's man enough to tell you he don't know and go to somebody who does know, not instead of feeding you full of medicines and everything like that, and just guessing at it. I like that. That's the main thing right here, in any case, you've got to find the cause before you can find the cure, always.
So Dr. Adair, he said, "Well, I'll tell you, what…"
Now, as far as I know, he's got people right down in here, so they may be setting right here. You may write and tell Sam. If you do, call him up, and I'll pay for the phone call, if you want to. See, he's just a wonderful friend of mine. And I–so he lives just across from me.

E-28 And so he… We were setting there and he said, "Here's what it is." He said, "I–I want to buy the old high school grounds down there to put up a clinic." He said, "You know my patients are poor people, Billy," said, "they come from out on Irish Hill out there," and said, "they come in here, they haven't got no money," said, "they need an operation," said, "I–I operate on them anyhow, do all my surgery and stuff. If they got money to pay it, okay. If they haven't, okay." That's him. See? He said, "That's the way I serve the Lord."
I said, "Well, Sam, that won't save you, but that's good." See? I said, "You've got to be borned again, boy." I said, "That's all there is to it."
He said, "Well, God would never give me a birth, a little wicked fellow like me."

E-29 And I said, "Yes, He will, if you just turn from your wickedness, He will sure do it." And so I said, "You're not wicked; you just got too much out front." And I said, "Down in the bottom of you, you've got a real man. But in front you make a lot of–of pretense. And got a lot of temper." He throw his hat off and stomp the floor a few times and holler, but he gets over that; he's all right. So he's… Just have to know to take him, so, how to take him.

E-30 So he's setting there, he said, "Well, Billy," he said, "I tried everywhere over the city to buy lots. And the only place that I can find is down there." He said, "And some elderly woman in Louisville bought that place," and said, "you know what?" Said, "She bought it a few weeks ago, and I offered her six hundred dollars for her bargain. And you know she won't take it." Said, "Just to be contrary." Said, "She about seventy years old, and she isn't never going to use it." And said, "Why wouldn't she sell it to me for a clinic?" And said, "I want you to pray to God and ask that He will do something for her."
I said, "That's all right."
And said, but said, "Now, I'll tell you, I got a proposition I want to put before you before you ask Him." He said, "I know some man that likes her real well," said, "I could bribe him for about a hundred and fifty dollars and make her…"

E-31 I said, "Don't talk to God then, if you're going to start that bribing, don't–you can't talk to Him, no." I said, "If you want you want to talk to Him about bribing, you go do that. But if you're coming here, come with a clean heart and a pure mind." I said, "'Cause God will never answer you no other way."
And he said, "Well," he said, "you know what I mean, Billy." Said, "I–I believe He could…"
I said, "No, if you're going to let Him do it, go ahead."
He said, "Well, I don't know whether he'd do it or not." He said, "And I need that lot."
I said, "Well, Sam, just get that off your mind now, and let's–let's have prayer, and I'll see if the Lord tells me anything."
He said, "All right."

E-32 We… After prayer, prayed quite a little while, the house was full of people, but in the room we had it to ourself. In the prayer I raised up, and I seen his clinic, what it was to be. I said, "Dr. Adair, forget about that place down there."
He just told me, said, "If God will give me that clinic, I'll promise Him now, that I'll put a big sign up in front that if people are not able for their medicine and their operations and things, as long as I'm able to afford it, I'll never charge a poor person a penny for it."
And I said, "Well, that's mighty nice; they need it." But I said, "That's just asking for the sake of the people."
So then I seen the clinic, I said, "Dr. Adair, your clinic will not be down there, for THUS SAITH THE HOLY SPIRIT, it'll set on the corner of Maple and Wall Street, back in those big trees. It'll be made out of red brick with the cones coming down like…
He said, "Billy, many, many, things, and I've sent patients to you dying."
"That's right, and they're living yet today, by the help of God."
He said, "But Billy, that can't be." He said, "I just fought that same lot in court," he said, "for the last two months." And said, "They have to wait for twenty-five years, something in Boston is tied up," and said, "I'd have to wait twenty-five years before it can ever be gotten."

E-33 And I said, "Dr. Adair, I don't know about any twenty-five years, but God has given you that place. And your clinic will be made out of red brick."
And he said, "Well, Billy, I–I want to believe that."
I said, "Well, just go ahead and believe it then, 'cause it's going to be that way."
And he said, "Well, it just can't, son." He said, "I tell you, it just can't be that way," said, "because it's all sealed in court, and I've even had court cases with smart lawyers on it."
I said, "But God is God. (See?) He's the One Who has said so."
And he said, "Well, I–I just don't see how it could."
I said, "Well, just go ahead."

E-34 So I went on into the room and so after… The next morning real early, the phone was ringing early, and the lady answering the phone, she–she said, "Dr. Adair's on the phone, speak to you again, Brother Branham."
I picked that phone, I said, "Yes."
He said, "Billy," he said, "I'm freezing to death."
I said, "Freezing to death, what's the matter?"
He said, "You know, that lot, last night they had a meeting in Boston, and I've already bought the lot this morning?"
I said, "I thought one time a long time ago you said it was psychology."
He said, "Bill, I've always knowed that there was a real true and living God."

E-35 That's right. And now today, that's been about, oh, close to a year ago, and today the red brick clinic sets… And he was going to build it out of concrete blocks, but–and–and stucco it, but it's made out of red brick, setting right in the same place, a lovely big medical clinic with several doctors in there going on just for the glory of God. If you're ever by Jeffersonville, just ask for Medical Center, go in and ask and ask Dr. Sam Adair and his staff if that's true. Ask him what he thinks about what the Angel of the Lord and the revelation of what It does (See?), ask him. And it just shows.

E-36 Now, in that same time there was something happened, just a little thing. There was a little girl, a woman, that went to a–a Methodist church down in New Albany, Indiana. And this little lady, where her pastor was a very good friend of mine. His name is Brother Johnson. He's in the Army now, and a chaplain. He was in the Army, come out and he had a lovely church there. We were both raised in Kentucky; and he belonged to the, went to the Methodist, and I belonged to the Baptist church. And we were always very good friends, but he lived several miles below me. And he said, "Billy, if you'll just come down to my church, I won't ask you to pray for any sick person while you're home." 'Cause I like to rest a little bit when I'm home. I almost had to be introduced to my family. That's the truth, 'cause (See?), they…
I'm never home long enough. I get home and then when I'm there, we have nev… We've been living in this one house for seven years, no, five years, I believe, and we have never eaten one meal in that house with the blinds up. People standing around, in and around the place like that… When you slip off in a room you have to pull the blind down, 'cause they're either knocking on the window or coming in, you know how it is, like that. Wake up all hours through the night, they're laying up and down, little aisle, and up in the yard. I've seen as many as twenty and thirty automobiles at one time, ambulance cases and everything, setting in the drive, waiting. When I get home, day after tomorrow, they'll be there. In the hotels, out in the motels, and everywhere, setting around waiting to be prayed for.

E-37 You can't turn those people down. God bless their heart; they believe. And they wouldn't, they wouldn't be staying like that. And if something can be done to help them… What if that was my baby or somebody? And that's the reason when I'm home, I seldom get any rest. I get more rest right out like this, 'cause they just protect you from the people (You see?), and you get more rest.
So Brother Johnson said, "If you'll just come down and speak for me."
Well, that night, the little Methodist church seated about five hundred people, they were standing out on the streets, and they had public address outfit. And one man reached out the back window and took me by the hands and lifted me up, and that's how I got into the place, at the back, at the alley, to go into the place.

E-38 And that night after speaking, Brother Johnson came to me and said, "Brother Branham," said, "I want to tell you." He said, "I told you I wouldn't ask you to pray for people." And just several had accepted Christ, and all down along we had them lay their hands up towards the windows and so forth, that wanted to accept Christ, there in New Albany.
And I said, "Now, that's all right; what is it, brother?"
He said, "I got a Sunday school teacher here," and said, "she's a neurotic, very lovely person," but said, "she's… Nervousness has struck her," and said, "she's been about eight years like that." And said, "She's a lovely person, would you… If you'd go out towards the window and down them steps, would you just lay your hands on her?"
And I said, "Sure."

E-39 So as I started out, went down towards the steps, and they had the little woman down at the bottom of the steps. I expected, the way he explained her, to see somebody in a straitjacket. But a lovely, nice looking, clean, little woman, look like, standing there, about thirty years old, thirty-two, and she said, "How do you do, Brother Branham?"
I said, "Are you the patient?"
She said, "Yes."
I said, "What's the matter, sister?"
She said, "I don't know, Brother Branham."
I laid hands over on her and asked God to heal her.

E-40 She said she just couldn't… She just prayed; she couldn't get away from the place there, and she was scared to death all the time. And she said, "I've been going over to the psychiatrist and taking treatments, over there, mental treatments." And said, "It cost ten dollars a time." And said, "I go sometimes two times a week." And said, "I've been going for years, and I just get worse all the time."
And I said, "Well, God bless you, my sister, and deliver you from that in the Name of Jesus Christ."
I went on out. About three days after that, wife and I were in New Albany, and here that little lady was on the street with another woman. She was holding her hands like this, and I–I said, "Are you any better, sister?"
She started crying, she said, "Brother Branham, I'm even getting worse."
Well, I… a little place there called the "White House," where the ladies do their shopping. I–I stepped up in a little place there and asked prayer for her again.

E-41 So then, here she come up in a couple days in a car, they brought her up, some women. And they had to hold her to keep her in the car to bring her up. She was just screaming; she was scared the world was going to burst with her. And she was afraid. She was walking on top of the earth and it was going to sink. And oh, all kinds, you know how nervous people are. So I had prayer for her again.

E-42 And she said, "Brother Branham, when you have a meeting close again, if I have to be put in a straitjacket, I want to come when that anointing is on you, so I can," said, "I believe that you pray for me when the anointing was on, it would cast away that evil spirit from me."
I said, "Are you a Christian, you living above sin?"
She said, "Yes, Brother Branham, I'm a Sunday school teacher."
And I said, "Well, I pray that God will grant it."
And she got kind of be a good friend with my wife, calling her on the phone. She said, "Now, if the Angel of the Lord ever comes to Brother Branham while he's at home, you call me, Sister Branham."
Well, one morning getting up after a powerful vision, well, my wife said, she said, "honey, is It still present?"
I said, "Yes."
She said, "Let me call that little woman from New Albany, will you?"
I said, "What little woman?"

E-43 She said, and she said, "Well, that little woman that's so awful nervous," said, "I feel so sorry for the little thing; she's got three children."
And I said, "Well, call her."
And so I went in and just a few minutes they brought her up, and I said, "Put her to herself over in the room."
And then there's a man come in from the Walnut Street Baptist church in Louisville, with cancer on the liver, dying. It's been about three years ago; he's still living, no trace of cancer, just as normal as he can be. And the doctor said, "His liver just dried up or got hard or something or another." I don't know what it was. Oh, he was just barely living. He's a great, strong, healthy man. Many of you people that follows from meeting to meeting will see him right in the meeting, heard him testify.
And so then, I was in dealing with him and my wife come, said, "That little woman from New Albany, they got her out there in the other room."

E-44 So I went in to where she was, and I said, "I want to see her by myself."
So then, when the anointing is on, when go you to talking to a person, now watch. When you go to a person, that's when visions starts, you contact their spirit. Like Jesus talking to the woman at the well, He contacted her spirit. See? And then the vision takes place. And she set down there, and I said, "How you feeling?"
She said, "Brother Branham, I don't know," she said, "I'm just about to go crazy." She said, "I just don't know how I'm going to… can't stand it any longer."
And I said, "Now, I want you to try to get quiet and just look here to me just a moment, and talk."
She said, "Yes, sir, yes, sir, I–I'm doing the best that I can Brother Branham," like that.
Very lovely little person. And I… After talking to her a few moments, I seen a little black car going like that. The vision left me. I said, "Did you ever have a car accident?"
She said, "No, sir, I never did have a car accident."
I said, "There's something strange. I seen a little one seated black car a running like that."
And she said, "No, I never did have a car accident."

E-45 And then I went ahead talking to her, here it come again; the vision broke. And I seen her with a blond headed man. And she was riding fast in the car, and a automobile was going, and a train just barely missed them. And she started screaming. I can hear her, but I was still in the vision, and she fainted and fell in the floor. And here was the vision. She was gotten married just before the war. And young girl, and her husband went overseas. And when he went overseas, she started getting lonesome and she started having company with a blond headed boy. And one night being out, she broke her marriage vow and lived untrue to her husband. On the road in, the train almost struck them and killed them. And then when my wife heard her scream, and so she come into the room, we got her up, she begin to scream, said, "Oh, Brother Branham, don't you tell that to nobody; don't you tell that to nobody."
I said, "There you are, sister," I said, "unconfessed sin."
She said, "But I had…"

E-46 She'd all different people come, anoint her in oil and pray for her, stomp devils, and kick devils, and everything else, but he stayed right there. I said, "And he will stay right there as long as you got that unconfessed sin."
She said, "Brother Branham, I confessed that to God."
I said, "It wasn't God you sinned against; it was your husband. You got to make that right."
She said, "Oh, it'd break up my home."
I said, "That's all I can say, lady. There is the cause. And until you make that right, you'll never get any better. That's way back in…"
She said, "I don't even think of that."

E-47 I said, "No, you don't, but your subconscious is thinking of that all the time." And I said, "No psychiatrist could pull that out of you." And I said, "You know that there's nobody in the world knows that but you and that man alone." I said, "God's Holy Spirit has revealed to you and told you where your trouble, now you go make that right with your husband, and then you'll get well."
She said, "I can't do it; it would break up our home, Brother Branham." She started crying. Said, "Sister Branham, don't you let him tell nobody that, like that."
And I said, "Now…"
My wife said, "Why, he don't tell things like that, sister." Said, "You know, he wouldn't do that."

E-48 And she said, "Oh, my husband, he would–he would leave me right now." And said, "Would break up my home, what would happen to my little children," and so forth?
And I said, "Look, sister. First, clear yourself with God. God will take care of the rest of it."
So, she said, "Well, I just can't do it, Brother Branham."
I said, "Of course, now that's all I can do, sister. I just done what God told me do. There's your trouble." I said, "They can anoint you with oil, every five minutes through the day, for the rest of your life, it'll never do you any good." I said, "They might lay their hands on you and stomp and kick devils and say, 'Get out of here, Satan,' but you don't–you don't have to holler at him. He knows what faith is. He knows what–what your life is, so there's no need of you trying to bluff him. He will stay right there, and got a right to stay there. As… He knows what his rights is, what he can do and what he can't."
And she said, "Well, I just can't do it."

E-49 I started to walk away, and she started crying. I looked back, and standing by her side stood another man in a vision. I said, "Isn't your husband a kind of a tall man?"
"He has black hair."
"Combs it over sideways, kind of wavy."
And I said, "He's a deacon in that church."
And I said, "He's got the same rotteness to confess to you." I said, "When he landed in France, told about a girl with him." Then said, "Working… Doesn't he work for the Chevrolet company?"
Said, "Yes, he does."

E-50 And I said, "There's a lady works in there that's black headed, in the office." I said, "He was in a green Chevrolet car, and he was out in a lane at a certain place with that woman. She was wearing a pink dress, no more then the day before yesterday. He's got the same thing to confess."
"Why," she said, "not my husband; he's a deacon."
I said, "No wonder Brother Johnson can't get nowhere down there." I said, "Such as that in your church." That's right. That's what's a whole lots a matter with a lot of churches too. God will never bless over sin. And I said, "You go get your…"
She said, "My husband wouldn't."
I said, "All right, that's all I know now." I said, "You go get your husband and make that thing right, and you all get your life straighten up, then God will be with you."
Well, I went on in to see another person. And then when I come back, Meda… She went in and called her husband on the phone, and the other ladies come, and they went, and met. My wife said, "Do you think they'll come back?"
I said, "Sure, they'll be back."

E-51 So it hadn't been but a little while; my wife said, "Look, coming up the steps." Here they come with their arms around one another, just a crying, the tears running down their cheeks. I opened the door.
I said, "What about it?"
He said, "Brother Branham," said, "my wife called me, and I got in the car," said, "she come confessing to me that a wrong that she had did. And then," said, "she come accuse me of the same thing. And I said, 'Where you been?'"
And then–and then," said, "I–it's the truth, Brother Branham." Said, "I don't know you. I've heard of you by Brother Johnson." But said, "I never seen you, but I want to shake your hand and say, 'It's the absolutely truth, and I'm guilty, and no good to be called a father of my children, or a deacon in that church. And as soon as I can get Brother Johnson, I'll resign from my job.'"

E-52 I said, "Don't do that; just get right with God and continue with your job." See? I said, "No need of doing that."
He said, "Oh, if God would forgive me."
I said, "Sure He'd forgive you. Now, you confess to your wife and ask her to forgive you. You all forgive one another?"
I said, "Now, set down. Now, is the time."
Then when I went down and said, "Heavenly Father, this demon has tormented this girl for all these years, has no legal right to hold her now. Because it's done been found and made right, now come out of her in the Name of Jesus Christ." And she's perfectly normal and well from that time on. See, see?
What is it? It goes slow, but we get the cause. See what I mean? Visions, that's the reason some of you send me letters and say, "Brother Roberts will pray for five hundred while I'm praying for two." God…

E-53 Brother Roberts is praying for people the way God told him to do it. I'm doing the way God told me to do. See? So it's just slow, but I–I want to know what I'm doing. And before I condemn a Satanic spirit and so forth, I want to know first whether that's in God's legal plan. It is God's… As Brother Bosworth says, "Jesus died for everyone." That's right. Then if you're living in above that reproach and doing right, then Satan has to turn loose of you. But if there's anything back behind there, maybe something that you ought to have done, maybe you're living clean and pure; but God told you something to do and you neglected to do it, and God holds that right on you until you go back and make that thing right again, whether it's something you should've done of should not have done. Do you see what I mean?

E-54 Now, but friends, with sincerity and working for the Kingdom of God, yet I labor under the name of a psychologist, or a fortuneteller, or a devil, or some… But I'm only happy; I'm only glad that I can represent Jesus Christ. And He knows my heart. And He's knows that I'm no psychologist or fortuneteller, I'm a Christian, your brother, trying my best for the Kingdom of God, by the power of God, to help His poor sick suffering children. And I pray to God with all my heart, soul, and mind, tonight, that you'll be one that He will help. Can we bow our heads just a moment for prayer.
Heavenly Father, it's so sweet to come to You in the Name of Thy Son. And I–I bless tonight, as Your servant, these people. You said, "Whatever you bind on the earth, I'll bind it in heaven." Remit all of our sins tonight, Lord. I pray that You'll do it. And grant, Lord, that there will not be one person who's present now, that'll be lost in the great final day. May every one of them be saved.

E-55 God bless the churches of this city, their pastors, their people; I pray that You'll do it, Lord. Maybe some of them don't agree just with Your great power, but yet they're Your children. Satan may have them blinded, but yet You love them; You're bearing with them. I pray that You'll just bless them. And may the day come when this little seeds that's been planted down here in this city…
I come, heavenly Father, feeling that I come doing what You told me to do. And I've declared Your Son's Name among the people. And I'm thankful that Your Son has a vindicated Your servant, that I have told the truth. And now, the people are without excuses. And I pray, God, that You'll bless every one.

E-56 And now, tonight as I stand here before this lovely little audience, God bless them. And I pray that You'll bless all the people that had anything to do in this meeting. Bless this order here, this Legion Hall, or the American Legion. God, give every one of them the baptism of the Holy Spirit. And this promoter of these fighting, wrestling, that's here, the one who helped us get the building, God bless that man. We have a feeling in our heart that's peace and loyal for him.
Bless these dear men and women in these restaurants where we've been eating, and speaking, and testifying of the Kingdom of God to them. The service station people, and the stores, everywhere… Now, get glory out of the service. We commit all to You, that You'll bless tonight. And may this be the–the greatest of all the nights. This is the time when the pressure's on, when the anticipation, and when the people must believe now. Now is the time. And I pray that You'll get glory. For we commit all to You, giving You alone, all the praise and the glory, in Jesus Christ's Name we ask it. Amen.

E-57 I'm going to ask you tonight, to give me full cooperation. To be seated, and be quiet, and be reverent, and to look this way, believe with all your heart, and act just and do just exactly what He says do. Now, I'm awfully tired; this is about six weeks straight, just about as long as I've ever went since the great break that time, that I was off the field for eight months.
And I'm here ministering, because it's godly love in my heart for you. That's exactly right. And I'm doing the best that I know how under the circumstance. And God be with you.
And now, after a bit, of course, the anointing gets on me. I become in something like subconscious, it's a dimension. Let me explain it one more time. If you'd go into another world, you're not in this world; you're in another world, and yet you know you're here, and yet you're somewhere else. Put yourself in that place one time tonight. Just put yourself there one time tonight; like you set there, went to sleep and dreamed something and it was really real, and here it was right with you, why, it'd scare you to death. See? And now, time after time, remember where it takes you to.

E-58 Now, how many people in here ever dreamed a dream? Let's see your hands. Well, at least eighty or ninety percent of you. For some of you, it's–it's right; some people never dreams a dream. Now, what are you doing when you're dreaming? The doctors tell us and science, it's your subconscious. Is that right? Well, now, a man that dreams a dream, say here's his normal conscience, here's his subconscious. Now, the people that doesn't dream a dream, their subconscious is way back there; he never gets to it, he sleeps sound. A dreamer doesn't sleep sound.
And God does deal in dreams. Do you believe that? He said… Well, He dealt with King Nebuchadnezzar, with Joseph. And it's not to accurate unless you have an interpreter. But the… He said, "In the last days your young men would see visions, and your old man would dream dreams." Is that right? He promised that. But now, that has to have an interpreter, a dream.
But now that man can't help because he doesn't dream, this man he doesn't help because he dreams.

E-59 Now, what if I told you people that dream dreams, dream me a dream now. Well, you couldn't do it if you had to. Dreams, neither can that one help it because he doesn't dream. But now, a seer, or a prophet, his subconscious is not back there, neither here; it's right here. He doesn't go to sleep; he's standing wide awake and sees it. Now, he can't help because he does that. God made him like that. No more then you can help because you dream a dream, or you that can't dream a dream… It's all in the providence of God. Don't you believe that? See?
So you can imagine now, you go in… Stand here wide awake, see something that happen forty years ago; and you're back there with that person speaking, yet knowing that you're standing on the platform, and four or five hundred people is listening to you. See? That's–that's how it is. And then when you come out of that you feel weak, and you–you just don't know. And after while here's another one, another one, another one, and after while you get–you get weary, you're–you're trying to hold yourself up. And you're standing there, and then the first thing you know, you look, standing out over the people, here's that milling Light.

E-60 Say, you people that's got that picture, I want you to go down to the ten cent store and get a little frame and put it in it. I had one of the most marvelous things. Now, I'm not… See, it's not mine; that belongs to the Douglas Studio. Not that I don't… Well, God forbid that I would commercialize, oh, my, never, God knows that.
But here, a woman was in the hospital and she had that picture. Saying her doctor give her up, it was, I forget what was wrong with her, very serious, Hodgkin's disease, I believe it was. And they had her… There's no cure for that by medicine. And they had her in the hospital, a young girl. And she was setting there, knowing that she a few days to live, and places break out, and the first one hits the heart, it kills. The little girl was a friend of my son, went to school. And her doctor said, "It's over." They took a piece out of her throat here, to test it, and said, "Hodgkin's disease, that settles it." Said, "The first one breaks her heart, and it's braking near there now, will be done."

E-61 And she was looking at that picture, not my picture, the picture of the Angel of the Lord, the Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel through the wilderness. The same God, He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, isn't He? And she was looking at that, and she said, "O God, have mercy on me."
And she was laying there in that distress a praying. And she said that that picture, seemed like that Fire begin to mill in the picture. Now, I don't know, I wasn't there, and I'm just taking the girl's word. And said that that the Fire begin to mill in the picture, come out and hung over where she was. And the second day the doctor couldn't find a thing wrong with her at all. She's back in school, fixing to get married to a soldier boy now. See? So that's… Keep that. Look, believe Jesus Christ the Son of God.

E-62 Now, if there is a critic setting near, now, or an unbeliever, I will not be responsible for that person from here on (See?), out. For be it known unto you, that unclean spirits goes out of people. They go from one to another. How many knows that? The Bible teaches it. Now, how many's been in my meetings and seen it happen, where an epilepsy leave one and just tore a whole congregation up like that? That's true. See? How many has been in my meetings and seen those things happen when unclean spirits go from one to another? The Bible said, "In the mouth of two or three witness, let every word be established." It'll do it. You remember, in the Bible times it happened. It happens now. So God bless you.

E-63 What was the… B? Prayer card B. I've been calling, how many? Fifteen. Let's try a few more then that tonight. Well, let's… It's prayer card B has just been given out. And let's try to line up a whole group of them, see how many we can get. What say? How many? How much room have we got? Where does fifteen run about, along down in there? Let's try B-1, who's got B, prayer card B-1? Raise your hand. Prayer card B-1? You lady? B-2, who's got 2? 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, let them line up: Prayer card–card B-1 to B-10. Look at the lady here in the wheelchair; check her card. Did you have a card there, sister? You don't have one.
All right, B-1 to B-10. Now, we'll get some, see where they, how they line up. Now, the thing of it is, if you don't… Will you give us just a little chord, sister, on the piano, if you will. God bless you.

E-64 All right. Now, B-10 to B-15. Would… Oh, yes, sir, that one. B-10 to 15, B-15 to B-20, B-20 to B-25. Let's see how many that makes for a few moments. That'd be 1 to 25, let's see how that works. Now, everyone of you that's got a prayer card, or see somebody setting near you who has a prayer card, I want you to look at them, they might be deaf or… Look at these wheelchair cases and see if–if any of those, there's two or three wheelchairs standing here, see if they have a card that's called in that number. All right.
All right, as they line them up, let's sing once more: "Only Believe," will you, everybody. You know, I love that song. When you singing that song, think of me. You know, if I go before Jesus comes, they got it fixed, when they're putting my body in the ground, my friends are going sing "Only Believe." It's called me to the platform around the world now, that marvelous song, Paul Rader's. All together now, sing it to the glory of God now.

Only believe, only believe,All things are possible, only believe;
Only believe, only… (B-6 is missing.)All things are possible, only believe.

E-65 Prayer card B-6, they say is missing. Somebody look, it maybe somebody who can't get up. If you got prayer card B-6 and can't get up, just raise your hand. Who has prayer card B-6? Now look, it may be somebody deaf and dumb, can't even speak or hear, has that prayer card. We don't know where they do, they just shuffle them up and hand them out to the people as they want them. So prayer card B-6, is it in the building? Hold up your hand. Now, look over on the… Somebody setting next to you, check their card, it might be somebody, your friend, somebody setting to you who has it. All right.
Now, I guess I called too many at one time. I–I… Usually when I, when It's anointing, then I don't think of calling anyone else when It's…
Now, how many who does not have a prayer card and yet you believe with all your heart that Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever is here to heal you and you want Him to make you well tonight, raise your hand? All over the building, anywhere, don't matter who are, Methodist, Baptist, Catholic… God bless you. Thank you.

E-66 Now look, I have constantly testified of Jesus Christ. Is that right? Anybody knows that, that I am… I have nothing at all; I don't even have an education. I have no personality. I–I have nothing that I can offer to a congregation. The only thing that I have is I know Jesus Christ in the power of His resurrection. And by sovereign grace He gave me a gift to work for Him with. And I'm doing all I can to help you lovely Christians here, and also, sinners, to accept Him and believe Him for your salvation and healing. Now, if I testify of God, and I'm telling the truth, now I want you to give me your attention for a few minutes. Any man can come by here and say anything he wants to. That's been the trouble now: Come by and say anything, "Oh, God does this and this. He told me this, and He give me this, that."
Now, the man, I take his word for it. If he told me, I'd take his word until it was proved different. Now, if a man says anything, that's just his word. But if God turns around and testifies that that's the truth, then you shouldn't disbelieve God. You should believe God. Is that right? Believe God.

E-67 Now, I have testified of Jesus Christ, of His resurrection. And He said, "The things that I do shall you do also. And I'll be with you to the end of the world." Is that right? And He said, "The very things that He did…"
Now, what did He do? He never healed people; he didn't claim to. He said, "I can do nothing in Myself, but what I see the Father doing." Is that right? And what the Father told Him to do, that–and showed Him to do, that's what He done (See?), just exactly what God…
Then Saint John 5:24. I want you to listen closely. Jesus in Saint John, passed through the pool of Bethesda. Is that right? How many Bible readers knows that's right? And there laid great multitudes of impotent people: lame, halt, blind, withered (Is that right?), waiting for the moving of water. For an Angel come down troubled the water. The first one having faith and stepping in, got healed. And Jesus was God. And He came right through that great multitude of people to that poor paralyzed man setting there crying, blind, "Somebody help me in the pool?" Full of compassion, moved right by him.

E-68 The woman with the water-head baby, the twisted, the blind, the lame, the halt, and He went right through every one of them and never said one thing to any of them, went over there to a man laying on a pallet that had prostate trouble, or something like that, or…?… He'd had it thirty-eight years; it wasn't going to kill him. And He said, "Will thou be made whole?"
Now, watch, the Scriptures said, "Jesus knew that he had been here." See, it was a vision. And He made him whole, walked on away, and left that multitude of crippled people. Is that right? How many says that's the Scripture, say, "Amen." That's the Scripture, exactly.
Well now, don't you know the critics that day, said, "Why didn't He heal this one? Why don't He heal that one? Why don't He heal that one?" the same thing we get right back every day… "Heal this and I'll believe it." No, you wouldn't. You'd believe without seeing it if you was a believer. Whether they're healed or not, doesn't make any…
If I prayed for a thousand people tonight, and the whole thousand died tomorrow morning, tomorrow night I'd be preaching Divine healing. Because God's Word said so. It ain't based on whether this or that; God said so. See? That settles it.

E-69 Now, but notice, when the Jews begin to question Him, why listen what He said now, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself (Saint John 5:19), but what He sees the Father doing: that doeth the Son likewise." Is that right? "For the Father shows the Son what He doeth. The Father worketh, I worketh hitherto." Is that Scripture? All right. That's what the Bible says.
Now, if Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, here sets a little lady setting here in a wheelchair. Oh, sure, I'd like to go down and heal that girl, wished I could. I can't do it. I couldn't. But just let Him tell me what to tell her, and watch what happens (See?), watch what happens.

E-70 If I'd say, "That woman's crippled." Anybody knows that. But what's the matter with this woman here that looks sound and well? See? No mystery to me to say, "That girl's crippled." Sure, you see her setting there, crippled up. Certainly she is. That's not a mystery. But what about this woman here, or that one, or that man, or this one, or that one, or this one, or over there, or somebody that isn't crippled, what about them? There's the mystery. There's the thing that God's trying to get to you (See?), to show…
Now, no more than it would be, the little lady, I could tell her, talk to her a few minutes, I'd know what was wrong. She couldn't hide her life. But to heal her, of course, I couldn't.

E-71 When Simon came to Jesus and Jesus said, why, Jesus had never seen or heard of him, He said, "Thou art Simon the son of Bar-jona (of Jonas), but you shall be called Cephas, which is interpretation, 'a stone.'" Is that right? He knew him, knew who they was.
In the audience the people begin to reason about something, He turned around, and say, "Why you reason about that for?" See?
Now, He seen the woman at the well; He talked to her a little while. He said, "Go get Me a drink," carry a conversation.
She said, "Not customary for you Jews to ask us Samaritans…"
Said, "If you knowed Who you were talking to, you'd ask Me for a drink."
And she said, "Well, the well's deep, and You have nothing to draw with."
He said, "Go, get your husband," went right straight to her trouble.
She said, "I have no husband."
Said, "That's right; you got five."

E-72 She said, "Well, I perceive that You're a prophet." And away she went into the city and said, "Come, see a Man Who told me everything I ever done." Is that right?
Well now, if Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, His Spirit has rose from the… He has, bodily, risen from the dead, and His Spirit is with us, declaring Himself in our flesh, God manifested in our flesh, won't Jesus Christ produce the same thing? If He's the same yesterday, and forever, He will.
Come, lady. Did the other person ever show? I hate to skip one by like that. Prayer card 6, prayer card 16, and 22: 6, 16, and 22, are they here, if you are raise your hand. You can't be ministered to, or brought up, we'll see that you get here, anywhere, inside or out? 6, 16, or 22. All right. God bless you now. Be real reverent, and I'll try. This is the last night. And now really get desperate, reach to God, say, "God, give it to me tonight; this is the time. I must have it tonight or die. I must have it tonight or perish."

E-73 And I challenge every one of you, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who I take your spirit now, by His Name, into my control, by the Holy Ghost. Putting every spirit here subject to me, through Jesus Christ's Name, as His servant, that I might glorify the Son of God, while I yield. I testified to Him, may He testify of me.
All right, lady. I just take this so that I won't get mixed up in it. Now, please be reverent. Now, this lady here, as far as I know, that woman I've never seen her in my life. She's a total stranger. I–I never seen her in all my life and know nothing of her. Now, is that true, lady? Perfectly strangers. Well, if there's anything… She's a little older than I. If there's anything about her life that I should know, that God wants me to know, He by His Holy Spirit can reveal that to me right here. And if He does that, will all of you here in this building, knowing that this woman, and both of us here, under authority by God, knowing who's standing at the platform, we never met before in our lives.
But if God has raised His Son from the dead, and by a Divine gift, sees visions, and by His grace, will let things be known, will all of you say, "I believe then for myself."

E-74 How many's here for the first time, let's see your hands, your first time? God bless you. Now, to you newcomers, if Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, living in mankind, as He said, "I'll be with you. The world will never see Me no more, but you'll see Me, for I'll be with you, even in you, to the end of the world." Now, of course, I have to talk to the woman just a moment until the anointing gets started. And now, brethren, you pray, tonight.
Now, sister, I just want to talk to you just–just a few moments. And God knows us both. And I–I don't know you, and you don't know me. We're just a man and woman met here. But I perceive that you are a believer; you are Christian. 'Cause, immediately, as soon as our inside part, spiritual part, contact, you're Christian. Welcome. You believe me too. Yes, you are. That's beyond a shadow of doubt. You do believe me. Now, but now God will have to do the rest. He will have to do that of course.

E-75 Philip, Jesus just told him you was a–a believer. And he recognized Him as the Son of God right quick. But you're aware that something's going on. But that–that's not… That's the Holy Spirit. You see the picture of that? That's just exactly what that feeling that's upon you now. It's that… It's the Angel of the Lord. You are–you're… I see you kind of going from room to room in a house. It's a–it's a nervous condition you have. You're extremely nervous. And you're–you're facing an operation. And that operation is for a–a disorder inwardly, which is a female gland. Isn't that true?
Now, just a moment. I heard a name, your–your husband, is his first name Lewis, or something, somebody said, "Lewis." I… is that right? And I see your house number, it's 631 and at Forty-fifth Street. And it's right here at Palm Beach. Is that right? And you're going to be well, and Jesus Christ makes you whole. God bless you; your faith saved you, lady. Now you go believing Him.
Just be reverent; have faith.

E-76 All right, lady. I suppose you and I are perfect strangers. I–I do not know you, never seen you in my life; God knows that. If I did, I–I didn't–didn't know you if I've seen you. You don't have a prayer card, do you lady? You got asthma though, haven't you? Isn't that right? I seen a vision standing here, somebody coughing. It didn't look like this woman; it looked like an elderly woman. I think. You don't have a prayer card? Stand up to your feet and accept your healing. Jesus Christ takes the asthma away from you now. You can go home and get well now. God bless you.
The vision was contrary. See? What it was, the Angel of the Lord moved here, and I seen an elderly woman just a coughing real hard and trying to come over a light, or something or another, and it wasn't you. I know it wasn't. See? There's spirit all around me now. See? And everything has to move in.

E-77 I see a… you… It's something on your arm; it's… No it's–it's a doctor; it's high blood. That's what it is. It's high blood pressure. It's high blood, and–and got… You–you just come out of bed too; you come out of bed to come here. Isn't that right? And something or another keeps moving back, back, way back; it's a hospital; or it's a–it's been long ago you had some kind of a gall bladder, or some kind of a operation in there. And it's still bothering you. Isn't that right? You believe that you're healed now? ["Well, I don't know, I hope. I just have trouble with my stomach."–Ed.] Hope, sister can't do it. If you're standing this close to God, not me, God, you–you–you believe now that you're healed? Look, I am telling you that He… That's right, that's the way to accept it. Now, It drops down on you. Amen. Go on; God be with you and give you peace. Get well now. God bless you.
Have faith, believe with all your heart. God will bring it to pass, if you'll… Now, don't–don't move, just a minute.

E-78 How do you do, sir? I suppose you and I are strangers, are we, sir? We don't know each other, but God knows us both. You're nervous, real nervous, and then you got something wrong in the… It's a gall bladder trouble in–in the gall bladder. Then you have some kind of real severe headaches that's… I see you holding, no, you–you had a hurt, an accident of some sort. Look like a crate or something struck you on the side of the head, long time ago. Is that right? Something happened to you then, didn't it? You were healed. God bless you. Your faith made you well, brother. You've been worried too, haven't you? You've been thinking that that would turn to cancer, but it doesn't. God bless you. Go and be and God's peace be upon you.
How do you do, sister? Do you believe with all your heart? You believe that He's here to make you well? Lady, God be with you. You're extremely nervous. And that nervousness come because of a love one, and it's a boy. And you got a message of some sort, of grief: Oh, missing in action. That's what it was. Is that right? Don't worry about that, go have a good courage, and don't take no for an answer. God be with you.
Have faith. Believe with all your heart now. Are you believing?

E-79 Seems like there's somebody; it's a woman, oh, yes, there she sets. It's a… You got a kidney, and the kidney is on the left side. It's bothering you. Isn't that right? A kidney trouble. Just believe with all your heart. God bless you, go home and be made well. Thanks be to God.
Do you believe, sir? You believe, with all your heart? You must believe; you have cancer. And the cancer's inside the mouth. Isn't that right? The doctor don't know what to do about that. And then you got a sick wife. Your wife is suffering from a nervous trouble; she also has a asthmatic condition; and she's a diabetic. Is that right? What your doctor just told her. Come here. And I will bless you and your wife, in the Name of Jesus Christ, for your healing.
Almighty God, may Thy Spirit move now and heal this man and his loved one, in the Name of Jesus Christ I ask this. Amen. God bless you. Go, and God be with you, my brother.
Have faith in God.

E-80 You have gall bladder trouble, don't you, lady, setting there at the end? Lady there has kidney stones, setting right there also. Isn't that right? You was both healed right then, 'cause you're setting around that lady. Yeah, you kidney stones have left. That's right. God be with you.
That's it, if you'll just believe.
You would like to get rid of that arthritis, lady, setting right there with the…? Would you like to get over it? You were setting there praying about it. You were praying that God would have me to speak to you. Is that right? That's just exactly what you asked for. Now, you've got what you asked for, go and be healed, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

E-81 You have a hernia setting right back there. Don't you, lady? You think God would heal you? The lady right behind you with high blood pressure, you believe God will make you well, lady? All right, stand up and accept your healing. Go home now and get well, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Have faith in God.
Do you believe, lady? You do. But you're trying to believe for somebody else, aren't you? Isn't that right? And that lady doesn't live here, but she lives in Saint Petersburg. Is that right? And she got–had cancer on the breast. The doctor has taken one of her breasts off. She's suffering terribly. Isn't that right? Let's offer prayer for her as I hold your hand.

E-82 Almighty God, You Who are across this nation, across this world, out through the universe, pray that Your power will come upon the woman and may she be healed and delivered in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Not only her, but you're trouble has left, also. Now, you go on your road and be happy. Say, "Thanks be to God Who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."

E-83 You believe, sir? I believe that. 'Course you have arthritis for one thing. Isn't that right? Yes sir, you do. Another thing, you have a asthmatic condition. That right? You got a boy that's got asthma too, haven't you? Uh-huh. You're praying about his soul; he's not close enough to God. Isn't that right? You got a grandson also, that's got asthma. Is that right? All right, go lay your hands on them too, and they get well also. God be with you.
You believe when I spoke arthritis, God healed you too? Yeah, tha's right. Just go… That's the way to do, go off the platform saying, "Thank You, Lord Jesus." Have faith.
You believe, sister? Have heart trouble, not only that, you have a tumor, female trouble. You believe that God's going to make you well? God bless you. Go and God's peace be upon you and make you well.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God." [Congregation says, "Thanks be to God."–Ed.]
I see blood dripping right in here. It looks white; it's dripping up and down blood. It's coming from a elderly woman. She's setting right there, right next to that soldier. She's anemia. Isn't that right, lady? You're anemia. Do you want to go with faith with me to Calvary for a blood transfusion to get over it. You believe that He will give it to you?

E-84 Almighty God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, may she be healed.
Little soldier brother, you've been awful faithful around here getting people drinks and things like that. You're eyes and your ears and what's been bothering you, and your nervous condition. You're going to get over that; don't fear. Go and God's peace upon you. Amen.
Would you like to go eat your supper, get over that stomach trouble, that ulcerated in your stomach/ You believe me to be God's prophet? In the Name of Jesus Christ, go eat your supper and be well in the Name of Jesus. Amen.
Come. You believe me, sister, as God's servant? You believe that what I would say would be the truth? If I know what's wrong with you, I certainly know the cure. Is that right? Jesus Christ is your cure, and female trouble is your trouble. Is that right? Now, go and accept the cure and be well, in Jesus' Name.

E-85 Come, lady. You believe me to be God's prophet? Surely, if I know what was wrong, God would let me know what's wrong; He'd let me know the cure. Jesus is the cure, and kidney trouble was your trouble. Is that right? Go and accept it. It's yours, be made well, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
You believe, sir? With all your heart? You also had kidney trouble. And you got asthmatic condition. Is that right? Go and accept your healing and be made well, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Have faith.
God bless you, lady. You have one chance to live, and that chance is Jesus Christ. For there's not a medicine in the world can heal your heart trouble, but God can. You accept it? In the Name of Jesus Christ, go and be made well.

E-86 Hallelujah. Don't think I'm excited; I know just exactly what I'm a doing. And I know just exactly Who's in this building now. I know it's the Son of God Who raised from the dead. All these demons couldn't frighten nothing now. Every one of them is under control. Now, I challenge you to believe Him.
All right, come, lady. That's a lovely little thing you have on you there. You're suffering with a nervous trouble, caused you a lot of trouble. Isn't that right? It's left you now. Go and be made well, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Have faith in God.

E-87 You want to get over that chest trouble setting right there, lady? You believe God healed you? Awhile ago when you were praying there, and you got to weeping, didn't you? There's a real funny feeling come over you. Wasn't that right? That's when you were healed. I knowed you was healed; I wanted to be sure of it. God bless you now, and go and get well.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God, [Congregation says, "Thanks be to God…"–Ed.] Who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."
What do you think back up in the aisles, back up in this way? Somebody get to believing while the Holy Spirit is here, while He's moving with His great omnipotent power. Believe.

E-88 Come. Having trouble, you believe God healed you of this nervousness, that nervousness which caused you to think you had heart trouble. It was nervousness that done it. It's gone from you now, in the Name of Jesus Christ, go and live and serve God with all your heart.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God." [Congregation says, "Thanks be to God."–Ed.]
You're a mighty young woman to have arthritis. But you believe God healed you? He has, in the Name of Jesus Christ. You always get what you ask for.
You want to go with that female trouble? Just believe God with all your heart and you can be made well.
Something's happening from back this a way. Oh, Christians, how long, how long? Why do you worry? What upsets you? What bothers you? Nothing can harm you. God be for you, who can be against you?

E-89 What do you think about it, young lady?…?… don't scare you, He's right by you now. You got a gland trouble, haven't you? Is that right? You believe He's going to heal you? Isn't that your mother setting there by you? You believe me to be His prophet, sister? You believe He's going to heal your daughter? You have a lot of domestic trouble too, don't you? You accept Jesus as your Mediator? You believe He's going to make you come out of that all right? You know I know what it is. So I just don't say it before the public. Lay your hand over on your girl there. God, be merciful, I pray You'll grant these things through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
All right. This your patient? Come. Only thing you have to do is believe, have faith. Believe God with all your heart; God will grant it.

E-90 Oh, how I wished I could make you believe. How the Holy Spirit's crying down in my heart right now. I–I know you're… Just seems like something's telling me you're not getting it right, friends. Oh, believe God. Please do. I beg of you to believe Him. How He's pouring out Hisself to you, just emptying Hisself and emptying Hisself, and you set and look. Don't look; believe. Have faith.
Just because I was passing those people through the line, just tell them one thing, and my strength goes from me. I can't talk to them. As long as I believe they got faith enough to be healed, why now? You was reasoning that in your mind up there. That don't do no good. I just letting them pass, here longer you talk to anyone, more happens. What's the use of talking to the people? If they're here to believe, they'll either believe or not believe. So I can't make them believe.
If one person come to this platform and God revealed Himself as His resurrected Son, every person in here ought to on the grounds of that, believe right then. One thing like that could happen in Africa, India, or some other country, and every person in there will rise and go out whole. Every sinner will come to Christ weeping. That's right.
Excuse me, sir. I don't mean to be rude, I… My heart's pulling. You see? You believe me to be His servant? I believe that. I believe that with all my heart, that you believe that. You have a hernia. That right? Aren't you some kind of a painter or something, you do painting? And you're not from this country. You're from up north, but you come down here in the wintertime, in the south, to paint. You was reared by a minister; your father is a minister. If I'm mistaken, the way it looks must've been a Methodist preacher. Isn't that right?
It looks like there's a black streak, something bad has been in your life. Oh, yes, you've been kind of mixed up. Something has been wrong. Cold feeling, a dark spirit, something about spiritualist, or something about a medium, or something on that line. Isn't that right? And then I see something dark happened. Yeah, oh, it was a–a–a blue waves moving. Oh, it was a boy, or something. Didn't you lose somebody, or a son in the Navy? Is that right? You believe me to be His prophet?
Almighty God, I bless this man, in the Name of Jesus Christ, and whatever his needs is, supply them, and make every evil to leave him, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Amen. God bless you, my brother. Go, and may God's peace be with you.

E-91 Have faith in God.
What you praying about, lady? Say…?… your head down asking God. You're thinking about… Oh, it's a–it's a little girl, a little child. It's your daughter, isn't it? She's got something wrong with her ear. It's a–it's some kind of a growth in the child's ear. Isn't that right? Yes. A fungus, it's a fungus growth in the ear. Now, look, here's comes a streak. Here sets the child right here. Is that right? Is that your daughter? She has a fungus growth in her ear. She's a nervous little child (Isn't that right?), always upset and everything like that. Quieten her down, it's going to leave her. Hallelujah.
Come. You'll never go blind; you'll have your sight and be well. You believe? God bless you. I bless you in Jesus' Name to receive it.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God." [Congregation says, "Thanks be to God."–Ed.]
Come, mister. You believe with all your heart? You believe that back trouble's done left you? It has. God bless you.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God." [Congregation says, "Thanks be to God."–Ed.]

E-92 What more could our Lord Jesus do? Oh, my. I realize, friends, I can't stand here much longer, all the thing's becoming like one great big ball of Light. I can't tell where or what. But with this anticipation, with this faith believing… Have faith in God. Accept it.
Now, if you believe, then act on–on your faith. Act on your faith, and God will bring it to pass. Don't you believe that? Oh, if I could just get you to break through. If you just come through that little spot there, you'd get every one be healed before I even would call another person. You do it, friends. How can you doubt, when God is standing here, when–when God… Not your brother; I'm just a man. But your Saviour is here. A man… No one can go out of here and say… If you did you're a perfect infidel. You don't believe in God. How can you, when Jesus Christ said this would take place in the last days, and here it is right here taking place, what more would you want?
How do you do, lady? You believe me? You don't have to get out of the chair. Look at me and believe as His prophet. Is this your last patient in the line?

E-93 Believe now; don't doubt. Just about eighty percent of this audience is got your trouble. You're nervous, upset. Thing's causing yours is the time of life; it's the menopause. Isn't that right? You have real weary feeling. Everything goes wrong. You think sometimes you've lost your mind. That's the devil telling you that. It's a lie. You're going to get well, because of your attitude toward God's gift. You come reverent.
How many people in here suffer with nervousness, raise your hand? Come on, be honest. Every one of you can be made well right now, just as easy as this one woman can, every one of the rest of you can. That's exactly right, every one of you can be made whole just like this woman will be made whole.

E-94 Now, around her is a dark cloud. Seems to be about this square, when I look at her, it's coming in going [Brother Branham illustrates–Ed.] That's a demon. And as soon… How'd I know it? You can feel it pulling from out there. What is it? Every one out there is screaming for help. And then, I feel the faith of you believers moving in, and it can be done; it can be done. And Satan's crying, "Help. Help."
And their faith is saying, "It can be done; it can be done."
And that's the way I tell those things. See, it's through a gift of God. Well sure, any of you just break loose your thought, God Almighty will heal every one of you. Do you believe it?

E-95 Come here, lady. I never seen you in my life, but that's the truth. Isn't that right? You get real nervous sometimes. You dropped something on the floor the other day; I see you go back to pick it up. Is that right? See, just as long as I look at you, It just keeps showing visions. What the use of showing visions when Christ is here, done proved His works to the people. Isn't that right? Now, I'm going… Do you believe that God give me the authority to take it away from you? All right, come here and believe me.
Almighty God, Who give Jesus Christ as a ransom, this poor woman here has got to go through these shadows, and standing here, with her heart all pounded up, Lord. But Thou can heal her and every one in here. And now, Satan, you who've done the evil, I command that in Jesus Christ Name, that you come out of the woman. Depart from her, Satan.
Now, raise your hand, say, "Praise the Lord." You're healed. Yeah, oh, she's healed too. Go right ahead; that's exactly right. And the rest of you are healed, every one of you healed. Do you believe this? Stand up and accept it then. Raise up to your feet. I challenge you to do it…?… Now, raise up your hands and give God praise, say, "Thank You, Lord for healing me."
God's blessed you. That's it; that's…

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