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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham called Do You Now Believe? was delivered on Sunday evening, 7th March 1954 at the Madison Square Garden in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.
The tape, number 54-0307E, is 1 hour and 30 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette.

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E-1 Thank you, brother. Good evening, Christian friends, and a special good evening to those ministers who stood in that salute. The Lord God bless you, my brethren. I am with you one hundred percent in this Gospel too.
And our Brother Moore just told me, some approximately two hundred of them in here of just Gospel preachers tonight. God bless you, my brothers and sisters. And may the Lord ever make His grace to shine upon you and give you the exceedingly abundantly above all that you could do or think, is my prayer.
This is the night when we gather together for the closing of a meeting, which is always a sad time, yet a blessful time. It's usually more healing done the last night, than there is all the rest the nights put together.

E-2 And when we're singing that glorious old song awhile ago, "Only Believe, All Things Are Possible, Only Believe," I was thinking of that–of that, who wrote that song–Paul Rader. How many ever knew Paul Rader? Is anybody know Paul Rader? Sure, a wonderful man.
Not long ago I was standing in his, in the very place where he wrote the song, and it was coming in over the–the ether waves of "Only Believe," and I was thinking of Paul.
I tell you. I'm kind of a temperamental person. And when I heard that, and know that Paul Rader, perhaps, set on that same chair when he wrote "Only Believe," and they was introducing me to the platform, oh, I just couldn't keep from crying. I–I just… Something just gripped down in my heart.
Paul Rader, I was thinking when he died here in California, the remarks he made. He told a very personal friend of mine, who's a bosom chum; he said, "Brother, if I'd have sold my message of grace to the red hot Pentecostals, instead of coming over here doing what I did, I'd been better off today." That's right. I say, "Amen" to that. Yes, sir.

E-3 Just awhile ago I was talking to Brother Schuller, Jack Schuller was having a meeting here. He said, "Brother Branham," he said, "when I come into Fort Wayne, I followed you."
I told him, I said, "Brother Jack, I never come here as your competitor, I come here as your brother."
He said, "Well, I wondered what you been doing down there."
And said, "Just shoveling wood."
He said, "That's fine."
I said, "Well, Brother Schuller, I'm… My ministry's more to pray for the sick."
He said, "Stay with it, Brother Branham."
I said, "I… Us Pentecostal people…"
He said, "I'm Pentecostal too." He said, "What is a Pentecostal person, Brother Branham?" Says, "It's a fellow that's a orthodox Methodist, got a whole lot of Spirit about him." That–that's pretty good. That's about right.

E-4 He said when he was in Fort Wayne, said, "As soon as I got there…" Of course some of the dry starchies, you know, had something to say after my meeting.
He said, "The brethren…" Brother Billings and them of the temple there, he was backing up my meeting where I was at. He said, "They went out there and got a girl that was a perfect maniac. She was insane, in and out of the institutions. They'd put her in a house, and she'd jump through the windows. She jumped through a two story window once, out from a two story, and fell into the yard and hurt herself: perfectly insane, knowed nothing, or nothing, was brought to the meeting and made perfectly whole."
Said he brought that person right up to the platform and said, "Here she is, and I don't want to hear any more criticism about Brother Branham." That settled it. That was all. Well, that was all. Yes.
Brethren, there's a whole lot of them out there in those denominations with us in heart. That's right.

E-5 And Brother Jack Schuller is a fine man. You heard me say the first night I come here, "You give me a little something…" It was his own slogan, so I guess I can pass it on. I…
He said, "Brother Branham," said, "no doubt a lot of people talk about your Divine healing, praying for the sick." He said, "They talk about me in dramatizing," said… He told me I could pass this on, so I will.
He said, not long ago till somebody said, "Jack, why don't you quit all that there dramatizing, all that carrying on like that, and just preach Christ and let it go?"
He said, "Are you a fisherman?"
Said, "Yes."
Said, "What do you use for bait, t-bone steak?"
Said, "No."
Said, "What do you use?" Said, "worms?" He said, "Do you like them?"
Said, "No."
Said, "What do you fish with them for?"
Said, "That's what the fish bite on."
He said, "That's what I thought."
Said, "Brother Branham, that's the way with your ministry. When you come to town, people expect you to pray for the sick." Said, "When I come to town, they look for the drama." Said, "Not because we want to do it, but that's our ministry." That's right. Let's stay with it till Jesus comes. That's right. Just stay right with it. Amen.

E-6 Now, to this meeting. I've been to Phoenix; I think, this is three or four times I've had services in Phoenix. But I say this from the depths of my heart: This has been one of the most pleasant times I've ever stayed in Phoenix. That's right.
My boy just met me… And Brother Sharritt come and gets me at night and brings me up. Billy meets me here at the door, brings me on in. And Brother…?… coming down, we were talking, Billy met me there, and he said…
I said, "Well, son, what about…?" He was–had a little satchel in his hand, said, "They've give you a love offering, dad." I want to thank you.
I said, "What about the offering, is the…?" Everything is paid up clear, and they had some left over to go into the missionary. God bless your gallant souls. To the best of my knowledge, I'll do the best that I can with it to the up-building of the Kingdom of God. Thank you kindly, and may God richly bless you, and repay you a hundredfold for all that you have did.

E-7 And then, won't be no debts left in this city, and so forth, everything will be clear. And our missionary offering, and a couple of hundred dollars, whatever it was, left over out of the other, will be placed right into the missionary offering. It'll all go overseas work, which I know you'd be pleased with that to know that that… And in my love offering, whatever it'll be, two or three hundred dollars, when I get home, or whatever it may be, I'll… What debts I have, I'll pay it, and go right into another meeting. And what's left over of that will go right straight into foreign missions. That's exactly the truth, and God knows that to be true. I thank every one of you.
I want to pay a salute to my brethren and sisters, the sponsors of this meeting, and the cooperation of these pastors who's come and put not only their presence, but their time and their heart in the meeting. You've been wonderful, my dear brothers and sisters. And if we never meet again this side the river, we'll meet at the other side.
I trust that soon I can return to Phoenix for a longer meeting. There's one thing we need here in Phoenix, is either a great, big auditorium, seat eight or ten thousand people, or bring a tent; that's the best, and then stay till it's over. That's right. [Congregation applauds–Ed.] Thank you very kindly. That makes me feel doubly welcome back, and I—I appreciate it. I'm your friend to help you at anytime that I can.

E-8 Now, to the laity, that… We can't have a church, 'less we got the laity. You know, the pastor can't do it all. It's got to take some members in the church.
Each one of you has helped support this meeting with your finance. You have support it with prayer. And tonight, if schedule worked out regularly… Two little women that's been hid away in these eight days in the meeting, has been fasting and praying for this meeting. That's one of the reasons that it was a success. That's right. And may… I trust that they're here tonight. That was told to me by pretty good authority, which I believe is authentic. So I appreciate you sisters, and I appreciate you, not only them, but others who've been fasting and praying too, and backing me up with your wonderful faith in Jesus Christ.
Oh, when I stand around a group like that and that wall of faith around, you don't get scared. I can tell you that. There's Something just stands right by you and makes you know that Something's with you.
And then, for putting up with that old sassafras preaching of mine, it's a… I'm not a–much of a preacher, but you even rallied at it, so I–I thank you. That's a lot of grace. I appreciate you very much. I want to thank you, each and every one.

E-9 Now, to another, this Brother Bower here. I never knew him very well, but just by his name. He's one who called me. I heard him at the ministerial breakfast the other morning, heard him speaking for the first time. And besides a Christian, he's a diplomat. That's right. He's a fine brother.
Not only that, but I met other brothers and sisters there who are real consecrated men and women of God, the very backbone and heart of Phoenix. That's right.
Brother Schuller said in these three weeks, I think, he'd had five hundred accept Christ. I don't know how many we've had here. So, we believe, when we both leave tonight, that Phoenix will be better off because of your all's cooperation with us in these evangelistic meetings that's been going on in Phoenix.
If Jesus would come along, they'd be at least a thousand people going where would not have went otherwise. So we thank the Lord. Dollars and cents could never count those souls, could they? Never, never. And God will bless us and live right on, as we have of more than we did have in the beginning. Now, the Lord be with you.

E-10 Another person I want to recognize here tonight, and that's my good friend John Sharritt. That's it. Amen. [Congregation applauds–Ed.] Thank you. Many of you may not know him. The little fellow that stands back has nothing to say, he's… I didn't mean a little fellow. Them brethren's corrected me. He weighs about two-twenty. And he's… And me call him a little fellow, could you imagine that?
Oh, I mean he's just as humble as a baby, just a very fine fellow. And his dear old, gray-headed mother, and her, and his wife and his children, we salute them with a respect that only a Christian can do. Peace be unto their home from now on. They take us right in and give us the best that can be done and… Oh, my. I just can't express how we feel about the Sharritt family. God bless them, give them long lives.

E-11 And many of you know John Sharritt, how he come to be what he is now, because of humility in his heart. When a minister come here and John Sharritt owned a little bitty cabin of a house. And this minister had nothing; the Lord told him to give that house to the man, all he had. And he took his wife and their clothes (the best of my knowledge, now), and left and went up somewhere; and put her in a garage, and lived up there in a–taking care of somebody's buildings and things up there, for the rent of the place. Working down here, and had to borrow enough money to go into business from somebody here in town, and you know what God has done for him. And he's never got his head swelled up. He's just the same dear old Brother Sharritt he used to be a long time ago.
Now, I don't know… I hope he don't get angry with me for saying that. But not long ago, that man was on the streets of the city selling apples, a nickel apiece, to take care of a widowed mother. God bless his gallant soul, and may he live long. That's right. And now, he's taking care of a lot of widowed mothers. Every one that comes in, he will put them somewhere and take care of them. God bless them.

E-12 Now, another person I want to recognize tonight is… I don't know the man; I don't know whether he has a representative here or not. But it's this man that's got this light out here, the Blakely, I believe it's called. The man that's got that light…
I never heard of the man. I guess he knows nothing about us, but yet with that courtesy, we say, "God bless, Mr. Blakely, and may his service stations ever remain." Amen. [Congregation applauds–Ed.] Thank you. Mr. Blakely, or your representative here, whoever it is, that's the way we all feel. If I ever in Arizona, I know where to buy gasoline. That's right. And I think the people feel the same way. Anybody that's got a heart to help us in this great time of crusade, we're very happy. He never… That's not a commercial. That's not a feign; that's from pure love from my heart for the man. That's right. That's right.
There's not one thing… He never asked me to say one word. He never asked anything to be said. I just feel that way about it. That's right. And that's the way we feel about it, every one of us. Somebody who's interested in our Lord Jesus Christ, we're interested in his welfare. Is that right? 'Cause he's our brother. Now, we—we pray that God will bless all.

E-13 Now, next is for this arena here, I believe called Madison Square Garden. I've been in Madison Square Garden in New York, a little larger, but I wouldn't be any more welcome. That's right.
To the custodian, there's a man who has to stand out here at night with a flashlight. I don't know whether he has the parking here, or something, a fine gentlemen. He's about the only one that I know personally that has anything to do with it. And to you who are here, the custodians, or the businessmen, or whatever it is, they see to this, we thank you from the depths of our hearts for opening up your door. And may, when you come to the land of glory, may Jesus Christ open up the doors to you and receive you into His Kingdom, is our prayer. God bless you. If we can be a favor to any, we'll be glad to do it.

E-14 Now, tonight, being it's the last night, and really it's been a healing service and a great pleasure. One thing more I want to say before I leave too. Brother Jack Moore and Brother Brown, they've been with me through thick and thin. And they're here with me tonight, and been with me through this meeting. And I–I just… Oh, I don't know how to say about those brothers, they're just… Well, we're just one in Christ Jesus. That's it.
And so, I'm trusting tonight now, that God will bless you. May every one of you live, and I live to see one another again in a great meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. May God bless you. To the whites, to the Spanish, to the colored, to the Indian, to whoever it is, peace be unto you. God bless you is my prayer. Amen. [The congregation applauds–Ed.] Thank you, thank you.

E-15 Now, I wish to read some of our heavenly Father's Word. And then, I'm going to have prayer for the handkerchiefs. Many of them are here. Now… Oh, yes, I just remembered. My wife told me to–to thank the lady that made some little Indian dresses, for one for each of my little girls and for the wife too. I dressed her up in it this morning and took her picture. She's an Indian now. [The congregation laughs with Brother Branham–Ed.] All right. Thank you kindly.
Someone sent us a cake that had on there "To the little Eskimos and Brother Branham." Thank you.
Somebody give Billy Paul two dollars to give me. Thank you. As I was leaving this afternoon, a fine young man come and said, "Brother Branham, you must take this," and laid in my hand. It was six dollars, five dollar bill and one one. God bless you, my brother. And to… everything… If I've left out any, you forgive me. I–I–I meant to catch you all.

E-16 Now, in the Scriptures found over here in the Book of Acts, I want to read first, and then, found in Acts the 2nd chapter and the 22nd verse. Now, I'm just going to read and give testimony. And tonight, I'm going to spend all my time in a prayer line, praying for the sick. You… I want to call just as many across the platform as I can, and see what our Lord Jesus will do for us. I been in prayer the last few hours, asking God what to do and how to do it. And I want, if God will hear my prayer, may there not be one feeble person in this building when it's left.
I wish there was some way that I could… We used to have the old fast line where we'd call people, the crowd through. I don't know. Some of them think that's still good, but it crowds the people up, and so forth. It is a personal contact; that is right.
But if you'll just take this to note, and believe with all your heart… Now, just make it fundamentally fact. See? That what you see our Lord Jesus… it isn't a man. See?
And you're sitting amongst the cream of the crop of Christians. See? And you're right down where all the prayers are going up out there, right there, when the Lord here moves over the people. Why, that's the–the very thing that does the healing, isn't it? It's the very essence of healing.

E-17 Now, listen here, now I'm going to speak of Jesus, the Son of God. The 22nd verse of the 2nd chapter of Acts:

Ye men of Israel, hear these words; Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God among you by miracles… wonders and signs, which God did by him in the midst of you, as ye yourselves also know:

Ye men of Israel, hear these words; Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God among you by miracles… wonders and signs, which God did by him in the midst of you, as ye yourselves also know:

Let me give Peter's address here to you again.

Ye men of Israel, hear these words; Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God by miracles and wonders and signs, which God did by him in the midst of you, as you also are all witnesses.

Who was he saying that? Jesus of Nazareth, God approved him by what? Signs, wonders, and miracles.

E-18 Now, I'm going to read what Jesus said in Saint John 5 beginning with the 33rd verse.

Ye sent unto John, and he bare witness of the truth.

Ye sent unto John, and he bare witness of the truth.

Want you to notice now, catch these words close, the reading of this Word. Just before this, he said in the 30th chapter, "I can't…" 30th verse, rather.

I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge:… (See)

All praise given to the Father. Now, he said you think of John and he bare record of the truth.

For I receive not testimony from man: but these things that I say, that you might be saved.He was a burning and a shining light: and you were willing for a season to rejoice in his light. (In whose light? John's light. What light he was bringing, you were willing to rejoice. Listen.)But I have greater witness than that of John: for the works which the Father hath given unto me to finish, the same works that I do, bare witness of me, that the Father hath sent me. (God's a vindication of Him. Listen.)And the Father himself, which hath sent me, hath borne witness of me…

E-19 Now, in the… John the 16th chapter, I want to read some more, beginning with the 28th verse.

His disciples said unto him, Lo, now speakest thou plainly, and speakest no proverb.(Here's where I want you to get to now.) Now we are sure that thou knowest all things, and that know… and needest not that any man should seek thee: by this we believe that thou comest forth from God.

Listen. Because Jesus knew these things and spoke them to the people, they said, "Now, you're speaking where we can understand."

E-20 He knew what the woman's sin was. He knew where a fish had a coin in its mouth. When Philip coming over, or Nathanael, He knew where he was at under a tree, praying before Philip found him. He said, "By this…" That's no proverb. He said, "By this we believe that you come out from God."
Look at Jesus, the 31st verse:

Jesus answered them, Do ye now believe?

Jesus answered them, Do ye now believe?

May the Lord add His blessing to His Word.

E-21 May I say this as our Lord said it, "Do you now believe? Do you now, that God's Word been preached? The sick has been made well. Signs and wonders of supernatural power has moved through the audience, performing things that's beyond any comprehension of the human mind, Jesus Christ proving Himself in the resurrection–the same, yesterday, today, and forever, knowing the thoughts of the people, a seer indeed. Not only that, but souls has been saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, conformation of the Word.
All these things together, do you now believe, believe that He has risen from the dead, and living among us tonight, the same yesterday, today, and forever? Do you now believe that He's not a respect of person? He heals the Spanish; He heals the white; He heals the Indian. He shows visions to the Spanish, to the white, to the Indian, to those who He can speak their language, those who has another kind of language, and those who has another language.
So God is God over every person, every color, every race, every language; He's God, raised from the dead, living among us, no respect of person, neither male or female, but all one in Christ Jesus. Oh, isn't that lovely?

E-22 Here tonight, by faith I say this. By faith I believe tonight that you'll see visibly, in this audience, the moving of the same Holy Spirit that was on Jesus Christ, showing signs and wonders, without a doubt, the same Holy Spirit doing the same thing.
Now, when Jesus was here on earth, He did not claim to be a healer. He didn't claim to be a great person. He said, "Of Myself I can do nothing." Is that right? "I only do what the Father shows Me to do. What I see the Father doing, that I do also." Is that right?

E-23 Now, no prophet and no… No one, even the Lord Jesus never, at any time, ever performed a miracle or done anything without first God showing or advising them to do it.
Look at the great prophet Elijah. Someone come not long ago… Someone had criticized me in the paper. And that… A man that was with me said, "Brother Branham, I'd go out there and put a curse on that paper."
I said, "Oh, Brother." Jesus said, "I never come to destroy people. I come to save people." They criticize, but that's all right. That don't hurt me. That's the best drawing card I got. That's right.
I get all that publicity free, and we don't have to pay for it. For what money we'd pay for that, we take it over to the missionaries overseas. So, see, that don't hurt. That's good. Everybody come out to see what all the trouble's about. Then we get it free. So they just do a favor not knowing it. See?

E-24 But he said, "We need another ELijah who'll come out on Mount Carmel and said, 'Now, I dare you to come out here.'"
I said, "Whoa. Wait just a minute, brother."
Said, "Elijah never waited for no vision. Only thing he did is go there and do it."
I said, "I beg your pardon, brother. You're a scholar, but you're a long ways off the track right there."
When Elijah called out there on the day at Mount Carmel, he laid those things together, and walked out there, and he said, "Lord, I have did all this at Your Word." Is that right? Sure, all of you. See? "At Your Word…"

E-25 Jesus said, "I can do nothing of Myself, but what I see the Father doing. I do the same thing He shows Me." Is that right? Saint John 5:19: "So the Father worketh, I worketh hitherto."
In other word, always in the supernatural. And no flesh can glory in the Presence of God. So we just wait. Now, some men don't see visions. Some goes by inspiration of presentment. The Holy Spirit say to a pastor, "Move to this other church over here," though he don't get the money over there, but they're in need. "I want you over there." He don't wait for a vision, because that's not his ministry. He just goes over there, and God gets as much as it being a vision. Think. All right. Others go by something else. But all together is the working of the Holy Spirit. The Lord bless you.

E-26 Now, look Christian, my dear little children in Christ, my lovely ones, I hate to leave you tonight. Honest, I do. I don't have to say that, but I really wish that I had a couple more weeks in Phoenix. But I–I just got my meetings so set, just pushing a day here and a day there, a day… like that.
So I've just got to hurry, just as quick as I can get home, and start right off. When I get in, if nothing happens, on one morning and start right off that afternoon. See? So at the beginning of the very next day… So, you pray for me, will you? And, perhaps, I won't see you no more, I guess, until I come back from overseas. But now maybe it's maybe to tell that vision, I promised you I would. I've got it written here in the Bible.

E-27 And here's what will take place: The Angel of the Lord which come to me and told me to return to Africa… And He set me down in Africa and showed me a greater meeting than was there at the first time.
Then while I was standing there, while another Angel come down from the heavens. He looked like some sort of a red like garment. But He was above me, and He–He turned me to the east. And I seen all the African people here. The African people are sturdy, heavy built, but these were thin-like people, looked like they had a–like a–a blanket around them, and it had been pulled up and stuffed down like this. And I couldn't recognize any. But oh, there were so many more than they was of these African people.
And this Angel, above me, turned on a great big operating light, and begin to show back, like that. And just as far as I could see, was nothing but people. And it was up over hills and valleys. And they looked like Indians. And then when this Angel above me spoke to the Angel that's always with me, up side the big fellow, kind of dark complected, hair down to His shoulders, folded His arms, He was standing here by my side.
I heard Him tell this One standing by me, and the Voice was so strong that it broke me out of the vision, said, "There's three hundred thousand of those in that meeting." Mark that down, for it's THUS SAITH THE LORD. His Word comes to pass.

E-28 When the archbishop of India came to my place, recently, and received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, Archbishop Palai, he said, "Brother Branham, the way they're looking for you there, so that meant converts." Said, "I'll assure you, there'll be anywhere from a half to a million people in your congregation." He said, "All India's awaiting."
And with this vision to back it up, watch what our Lord will do. See? I'm expecting a half a million converts in my journey. We go to Africa, to India, to Palestine, to Luxembourg, and Frankfurt, back to London, and then back home; and then down in South–Australia, New Zealand, and down in there. Now, perhaps, maybe I'll get to see you after I come back from overseas.

E-29 I want to ask you now. When the–when the way grows dark in Africa and India… Remember, when you go to India, just believe anything. Street workers, all kinds of things, it was the same way in Africa. Don't you think those witch doctors won't challenge me. They sure will.
But I have never seen a time, when a half a dozen stand before me at one time, but what Jesus Christ, the Son of God, come in power. Amen. I've never been scared, never in my life, because I know that He was the One Who sent me. It's up to Him to take care of me. That's right. See?
And when the way's getting dark over there, I'll close my eyes and remember that through this beautiful sunshine valley of Phoenix, I've got thousands of people praying for me. And I–I'll feel secure that your prayers are wrapping me up. And may God be with you.
If some of you have to slip off to glory 'fore we meet again, God be with you. I'll meet you there by God's grace, at that great day where we won't be praying for the sick, or neither preaching the Gospel; we'll be shouting the praises of the Lamb. God bless you.

E-30 Now, I want to pray, and pray for these handkerchiefs. Our kind Heavenly Father, as we have gathered here in this building for the farewell meeting of this campaign, O, great Jehovah God, we thank Thee for every soul that was saved. We thank Thee for every one You give the Holy Spirit to; them that renewed their vow. We thank Thee for every healing that You give to the people.
Seeing their testimonies come in by letter from the beginning of the week, after they'd went home, find out that tumors are missing, cancers have come up gone, the doctors pronounce them well. We're so thankful, Father. And may every one that's even entered the doors of the campaign, may every one of them be healed. Grant it, Lord.
And now, I pray that You'll bless us together tonight in the closing of this meeting. And may the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ rest upon Your humble servant, that the people might take heed and know that I have told them the truth, and by this they will believe.
Bless these handkerchiefs, Father, as I lay hands upon them, needy people. Just looky here. Come, Lord Jesus, and take us out of this pesthouse. O God, let Thy mercies be with these people. Some of them are–are Indians, perhaps, some Spanish, some white, some colored. O God, wherever they are, whoever they are, they're Your people.
I pray that You'll deliver every one of them. May Thy grace and blessings… And if I have found favor in Your sight, answer my pray, God. And I pray with the deepest of sincerity that You'll heal every person these handkerchiefs touch. Grant it, Lord. May it be done for God's glory, in the Name of His Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.
And in the little mixup, if some of them happen not get your handkerchiefs, just write to me and I'll send you one. God bless you.

E-31 Now, just a testimony so we can start… I want to call just as many as I can to the platform. I've got about ten minutes now, till time to call them.
Just a little testimony… If you've noticed, I haven't give one testimony since I've been here, because I've kept it all in preaching of the Word. When Mr. Baxter and the management sometime is with me, they do the preaching, and I just come in and testify.
Now, usually when you're anointed, leaving home with that Spirit on you, when you come in and go to preaching, then the first thing you know you're in a different attitude. Now, then again, that kind of hinders the meeting a little bit, as far as that part. But yet, I've appreciated the opportunity to speak to you.

E-32 Now, I want to kinda give a testimony… many thousands of testimonies… My, how… If I would stand right here for the next three weeks in this platform, five hours a day, I could still be testifying of what I seen our Lord Jesus do. That's right.
Of… Incredible almost, miracles, how that God has performed such great things. Not me, now, how God has performed. See? There's no man that can perform these miracles. Jesus could not do them Hisself, only as God let Him know how to do it and what to do. Now, God was in Him. God was the One Who done the work. Now, notice.
But now, I want to give a little testimony, don't know what to start on. I'm kind of wondering–passing through my mind what to say. Well, here's one. And then just a few moments, we get feel of the meeting, then we're going to call for the prayer line.
And will you, tonight, by God's help, promise me that you're going to throw every speck of faith you can right into the Calvary tonight, for your healing? Do that.

E-33 Now, I just left Chicago a few weeks, and I come home. And being so tired, I could hardly get up. And at home, bless their heart, the people come… You can't turn them down after you get there. So you just–you just have to minister to those…?…
We haven't eaten one time in our house, (We've been living five years) with the shades up. That's right.
My wife, I guess they introduced her tonight here; they was going too. She's thirty-four years old and almost completely gray, as you notice. If there's any credit to be given to the Branham family, it doesn't come to me, give it to her. She's the one who stood between me and the door, helping the people, doing all that we can. Bless your heart, may God give her a piece in–in the Kingdom of God.
Only… A preacher can hardly realize what a preacher's wife goes through. You know it, brother. I'm so glad God give us a helpmate. Aren't you? Yes, sir.
A man that's got a good loyal wife ought to be so true and loyal to her. And she that's got a good husband ought to be the same way. Look at the world today and how it is in chaos.

E-34 So when we… I come home, I went down to an old friend by the name of George Wright, down a country road where little Georgie Carter… And you've heard that in the book, of course, her personal testimony. The thinnest person I ever seen, even thinner than Florence Nightingale, when she was healed. But Georgie, really, was a little woman to begin with; she only weighed about thirty-five pounds. You've heard her testimony. Laid there nine years and eight months, and never moved off the bed.
And a hour from then, she was in the yard praising, leaping, shouting, giving God glory. She's my pianist in the Milltown Baptist Church at Milltown, Indiana, tonight. Never been to bed, only just to go to sleep at night since. Been laying there nine years and eight months, couldn't even move, couldn't even raise her sputumin cup to spit in it. Her limbs, up here at her hips, wasn't over that big around. If you'd seen that skeleton come from the bed, and go into the yard, and sit down, and bless the leaves… And was sitting at the organ playing "Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross," when her father come in and fainted, with a bucket of milk in his hand. Right.
In that same… She went to a church that did–believed the days of miracles was past. And they said if I ever entered their door, that they'd be put out of the church; tell everybody that comes over not to let me come in. But Jesus sent me down there and I went in. She wanted me to, and God healed her. And now, the whole family is filled with the Holy Ghost. See? So that's different now.

E-35 So I went out to Mr. Wright's, a dear old friend of mine, seventy some years old. And my wife, being with me in the meeting, we didn't know that this condition existed. And so, when I went down there, I found him with a blood clot in the back of both of his legs. And a specialist had been out there, way out in the country where he lives, and said he only had about three or four days to live, that the blood clot was a hardening of the arteries. As soon as… The blood clot was in his joints of his knees, and as soon as the blood moves, it would go to his heart; it would kill him instantly. If it went to his brain, it would paralyze him: "No hope at all," specialist.
Well, I happened to find that news when I went in, and he was laying on the bed with his hands up, crying. And I… Said, "Oh, Brother Branham, we tired to get at Chicago." They sent telegrams, but I never did get them. So they…
I went in, fell across the old man, praying, asking God to let him live. And I stayed there that day about–about two or three days, praying for the man, every day. And I was trying to relax of a morning. I'd get up, go out, get my old shotgun, go up on the hill and see if I could scare a rabbit. I come back, set down, pray for him, go back out. Finally, people begin to find out I was over there. [Brother Branham coughs–Ed.] Pardon me. So I went back the next day and there's about eight or ten carloads setting our there. So I couldn't go up the house right at the time.

E-36 So then the next… My wife called and said, "Honey, I hate to call you," but said, "you just going have to come home, because a missionary to the Jews, a very fine Christian woman, she lives in Louisville, going to be in Palestine the same time that I'm over there. And she's a very noted woman, a graduate of Moody Bible in Chicago, and a fine woman, a strict believer in Divine healing. God has healed her and done many things in her family. And she… Her daughter was in the hospital, and the doctors had give her up with some kind of a poisoning from childbirth. and she was laying, dying.
The…?… Baptist Hospital back in Louisville, Kentucky, which is a great hospital. I forget how many hundreds of rooms it's got in it. One of the best medical staffs there is in the nation, I suppose, at this big hospital…
Many of you in here from Louisville know where it's at, at the end of Broadway up there. And so, then, she was laying there… And James C. Robertson, a great Christian attorney, internationally known, very close friend of Timothy…?… in England, which is bringing me over to England this time, like the–like a "Reader's Digest," goes all over the world…
And he went up there. And his father's one of the presidents on the staff, and they had done everything, and got every doctor they could for this woman, 'cause she is a personal friend of Mrs. Baker also, the girl's mother.

E-37 So I went home, went over there. The Wright family begin crying, said, "Brother Branham…" Brother Shelby went out with me, his son, about forty years old, he said, "Brother Branham, what do you think about dad? You think he's going to die?"
I said, "Yes, Shelby. I believe your daddy's going to die."
He said, "Sir, I–I hate to give dad up."
His little sister come over, said, "Brother Branham, what do you think of daddy?"
I said, "I believe he's going to die." And I said, "I believe he's going home to meet the Lord."
'Course we know Christians don't die; there's no such a Scripture in the Bible. See? Christians don't die; they just go to be with the Lord.

E-38 Now, I said, "He's seventy-two years old. God promised him seventy. Now, he's seventy-two, and he's been a healthy, strong man. But now, his time's come. His doctor has been here and said he was dying. And the blood clot looks like is swelling on up in his body now. Perhaps… He's lived longer now than the doctor give him to live. But I've asked God… God's never said a word to me. So I suppose God is going to take him."
I said, "He's a Christian, ready to go. So there's nothing… He's lived his life. So I guess God will take him." That's all I knew.
So they was crying, of course. I had a farewell prayer for him, went on home (Thank you, brother.), went on home. And when I got home that night, next afternoon, I went over to the Baptist Hospital. And as soon as I got over there, their… Her–her son-in-law, the mother, the old mother, her son-in-law, he was a Catholic. And after marrying this girl, had changed churches and become a Protestant. And his mother's people were Catholic yet. So they sent for the priest to come and anoint the woman for death, just for consolation for the family.

E-39 So it happened to be, the Irish priest and I met there at the same time. I said, "Now, just a moment. I have no disregard for any man's religion, as far as I'm concerned, but if… Let me go in first. If this brother, this priest, is going in there to anoint her for death, I'm going in to anoint her for life." See? I said, "We can't get this mixed up." But I said, "If you will, let me pronounce life on her first."
So they let me go in. Then when I went in there, there was a group of people standing there. She was kind of in a coma, swollen way up to her eyes and everything, some kind of a poisoning that comes from childbirth, that they could do nothing with, so they… the medical science…

E-40 So I went in, asked to be in the room all alone with her. I stood there; I said, "Sister, do you remember me?"
And she, trying to open her eyes; she said, "Who is it?"
And I said, "Brother Branham."
And she started crying, tears washing all… swollen face, young woman, about twenty-two. And she said, "Oh, Brother Branham, shake my hand, shake my hand."
And I said, "Now, just don't be hysterically, sister dear." See? And I took hold of her hand. I said, "I come to have prayer."
She said, "Oh!" And just…
I said, "Now, be quiet, be quiet." See? "Don't get all emotional. Wait till God heals you, and then get emotional." See? And so, I said, "Come solid, sanely, listen to me now."

E-41 So I laid hands upon her and asked our dear Lord Jesus, if he would heal her. I prayed for her, walked back from the bed and was going to leave. I picked up my overcoat and hat. And when I turned around, up over that bed was that Pillar of Fire moving around and around.
I knew He was going to say something. Now, I hadn't saw a vision for about a week or ten days, since I left the Chicago meeting. And there It was moving around.
I stood still. I seen what He said. I walked over to the bed and I said, "My dear sister, though you know your condition…?"
She said, "Yes, Brother Branham." She said, "I pray that God will show you a vision."
I said, "He has. And I have THUS SAITH THE LORD."
I said, "In about six or eight hours they're going to put a…?… over here to try to bring you to 'cause you're going to go into a coma. But you're no more than going into it, just a second, till you're coming out of it."
And I said, "In the…" [–Ed.]

E-42 …Walked up to me and put his arms around me, said, "Just a minute." He said, "Brother Branham, did I hear you say THUS SAITH THE LORD in thirty-six hours my wife will be home?"
I said, "If it isn't, I'm a false prophet."
He said, "Brother Branham, my little baby had club feet. You'd prayed for her a dozen times, I guess. We had…?… pray for her. And one day while I was in a room here, it packed full of people, you saw a vision and said THUS SAITH THE LORD in twenty-four hours your baby's feet will be straight."
Said, "The next morning when I went to the crib, the baby's feet was straight and has been straight ever since." That was a…?…
And he said, "If you say, 'THUS SAITH THE LORD my wife is going home in thirty-six hours.' I'm not even going to the room. I'm going to get my hat, and go home, and clean up, and wait for her."
I said, "God bless you, my son. If that isn't true, then I'm a false prophet. Just remember; that's THUS SAITH THE LORD." Grabbed his hat and away he went.

E-43 And I come back out and started down the steps, and there was a fellow by the name of McDowell (McDowell Electric Company in Jeffersonville) was at the bottom of the steps. He… Top man in electricity.
His mother had just been opened up at Frankfurt, Kentucky, with a cancer, till they didn't even sew her up. She was sixty-one years old. They opened her up, and it was just so full of malignancy, they just pulled it together and taped her, laid her back on the bed, and said she's going to die.
Brother Mack said, "Brother Bill, surely you'll go up there about selling my little home." Said, "I know you're tired, honey, but I… Oh, if you'll do it…"
I said, "I'll go."

E-44 So we got in his car and away we went. And I went up to the women's place, had prayer for her, started out of the hospital, and somebody put their hand on my shoulder. It was a little nurse and she was crying.
She said, "Preacher, I've always believed that I'd see the day when those things come back to Bible days again." Said, "First time I ever heard of it," but said, "I believe what you ask God in there, God will do it."
I said, "Well, bless your heart, sister. What do you ask of God?"
She said, "I'm not sick myself."
But I said, "What could I ask God for you?"
She said, "Nothing. But let me be a Christian like that too."
I said, "Well, God grant it to you, sister."

E-45 Went on out, went on home. I got in along about five o'clock in the morning; two carloads of people were setting before the door. Just had prayer for them, went in and went to bed and slept till about nine o'clock. And I got up and started out of the house, started out of the room (Pardon me.) into the hall, leads out into another room. When I started out of this… I put on my bathrobe and started out. Standing in the room was a very attractive young woman. I never thought of a vision. I said, "Good morning. What are you doing in here?"
And she never said a thing. She just turned her head, and said, "Mother, that's just the way I expected it."

E-46 And then when I looked over sideways, I knowed it was a vision. There stood that gray-headed woman, sixty-one years old, with cancer, that had cancer, standing by a phone having a conversation with daughter, with some of her friends, leaning up against her kitchen cabinets at home.
I said… Looked at that, I said, "Well, that's the woman that I prayed for last night."
And just then I heard something going, clods dropping, dropping. I looked around. I seen a willow tree, and there was great big, yellow clods of clay dropping. And I heard the Angel of the Lord speak and say, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, the people who are laughing at Mr. Wright, he will dig their graves." Oh, my, what a feeling.

E-47 The next Sunday, the following Sunday, the woman was home doing her work just as normally and well as she ever could be. Staff of the whole Baptist staff there, I mean, the staff of the hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital it was in Frankfurt, baffled all of them how she got well; they couldn't find any of the cancer.
You know what the doctor said, when I ask him? He said, "You know I must have been mistaken." Oh, my. "I must have been mistaken." Then some of these others must have been mistaken or something. All right.
And Mr. Wright, I called up and I said, "I have 'THUS SAITH THE LORD.'"
Said, "Brother Branham, he's almost paralyzed this morning."
I said, "Brother Wright will dig the grave of those who are laughing at him." I know that he's a grave digger, but he was. And on the second day the blood clot passed, they couldn't find a trace of it anywhere. And Mr. Wright's…?… perfectly normal and well. What is it? It's the Word of God coming out of glory, made manifest among us…?…

E-48 I spent my time to go to India, on the twenty-third of last month. Got too big a hurry. 'Course that's the way I usually do, and God has to slow me up some. Just being an Irishman, you know, and–and trying to do things, and just hurry and do it…
So then, I was going to the room to minister some people, there stood a man with a towel over his head. Looked something on order of this lady sitting here now, with that towel across her head. He was kind of dark complected, and his nose was kind of flat in the front.
And I said, "How do you do, sir?" I thought he was one of the patients at the house. He just raised his eyes and said, "Brother Branham, don't go overseas until September."
I looked… I–I started to ask… He was gone. He was vanished.
Now, what is it? It's the Word of the Lord made manifest. When… Those visions are perfectly true; they are sent from God. Now, compare that… To any stranger in the gate, I wish you to compare…?… Go to my home town, get my books, trace down any testimony, ask anytime, if ever one time that a visions failed, and how these things are.

E-49 And isn't that the same Lord Jesus that was with Paul out there that night on the stormy sea, fourteen days and nights, no moon and stars? All hopes that they'll ever be… All lost hope, everybody lost hope. The old ship was waterlogged. And there was Paul… Look. All hope of being saved was gone, and Paul was down in the gallery, perhaps, praying. And the Angel of the Lord come to him and said, "Fear not, Paul, thou must be brought before Caesar. And God's give all those that sail with you to Phenice."
Come back out, that little hooked-nosed Jew, shaking his hands and hollering, "Be of good cheer. (Why, my, right in the midst of the storm.) for the Angel of God, Whose servant I am, stood by me last night, saying, 'Fear not, Paul.' And I believe God," he said, "it will be just the way it was showed to me." In the vision he saw the ship wrecked up on a seashore.
An old snake bit him by the hand, he just throwed him off in the fire and walked on. The Holy Ghost…
He was between two straits one time, not knowing where to go. And when he started one way, there was a man stood up and said, "Come over to Macedonia. Is that right?
If this is–if this… Peter said on the day of Pentecost, "This is that." And if this ain't that, I'm going keep this till that comes. That's right. This is the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. You love Him? [Congregation says, "Amen"–Ed.]

E-50 I'm five minutes late in talking. God bless you. We will call the prayer line now and start praying for the sick. How I love to tell about His goodness.
All right. Billy Paul, everywhere he's at… I haven't talked to him this evening, or tonight. I don't know whether he give out prayer cards any more, or whether he did or didn't. All right, Billy, wherever you are, show up. All right.

E-51 Now, I want you to notice, that every time the Lord performs something here at the platform, He can do the same out there. Is that right? He can do the same.
Now, this here… Now, this is not a stage show. It's not something that's–that's worked up. It's the power of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
Just have faith and believe. And if you believe, all things are possible to them that believe. God bless you every one.

E-52 Billy, late like that again, we'll give you your time. [Brother Branham laughs–Ed.] Oh, I was just kidding you. All right. My boy has been a great help to me. And I–I'll say this one thing about his, because he's setting here, but he's just a boy, at an age. God's with the boy, though. If that boy will fully surrender his heart, though after receiving the Holy Spirit… He has… But if he will fully surrender himself, we'd have a double prayer line running here tonight.
God's with the boy. We'll be going down the road somewhere, he will say, "Daddy…" We'd never been on the road before. He'd say, "We're going to pass a red barn. There's two cows standing near the fence; they're–they're white cows," something like that. We'll drive for a few miles, say, "See it, daddy?" There you are.
The other night we was coming over, he'd never been at this place before. And he said, "You know, the strange thing is, dad?" He said, "When you come in tonight, there's going to be a certain person meet you at the door, and a certain thing." And it's just… That's the way it was. See?
It's the Angel of the Lord, the gift of God, passing by the boy. If he'd only surrender himself to that, we'd build a double line and start it here. See? You pray. God grant it that it will be.

E-53 He went overseas with me to Africa. He's going back again, the Lord willing, if the Army don't take him, in this next trip.
[Brother Branham asks, "What prayer cards did you give out, Paul? P what?"–Ed.] One to a hundred. All right. Let's begin at one then. All right. Prayer card P, that's like in Phoenix. That's a good number to… good letter to start with tonight, isn't it? P.
Who has prayer card number 1, P-number-1? Raise up your hand. There? All right, lady. Come right down here. Number-2, P-number-2. Raise up… [–Ed.]

E-54 Mother, they tell me you wasn't up here at the platform. Stand up. If you want to take this Brother Moore, I will. Come here just a minute, honey. This is going to kill her to do this, she's so bashful, but I want her to come up here. All right. Bring the baby…?… [Congregation applauds–Ed.] This little wife, I thought she'd always… She's so bashful, so timid, I'll get her up here if I have to go pack her myself.
This is my little girl, Rebekah. [Congregation applauds–Ed.] This is Sarah. God bless her. [Congregation applauds–Ed.] The queen of my life, Mrs. Branham. Amen. Now… [Congregation applauds–Ed.]
I call one sugar and the other honey, I got a sweet family. And I look like I'm drawing dividends all the time, doesn't it? All right.

E-55 Little Rebekah here, just a word for her. Little Rebekah, eight years old, will be her birth, she saw her first vision about two weeks ago.
One night in Hammond, Indiana, she was crying… When they got me out of the meeting, and I was about to pass out myself, and I said, "What's the matter, honey?"
And she said, "Daddy…" She's way back, there was several thousand people, she's up in the balcony. She said, "Daddy, some poor old woman, laying on a stretcher… And you said, 'All that wants to be healed, raise up your hand.'" Said, "You couldn't see her. She… The crowd stood up and you couldn't see her." That poor little heart was breaking. [–Ed.]
"Well, honey, she didn't raise her hand. Jesus saw her."
She said, "But, daddy, she didn't… You didn't see her. And she wanted you to see her."
Well, I said, "It'll be all right. Jesus will heal her."
And the next night this little fellow climbed up in that balcony, and seen the woman and started praying for her. And that same night, the Holy Spirit turned me around to the woman. And she'd been flown in there by an airplane, was paralyzed from a stroke, and God called her and healed and made her perfectly well. And she packed her bed out of the building that night. That's right. Rebeccah praying…
All right, honey. Do you want to say a word? You want to say "Praise the Lord?" You want to say a word, honey, while you're standing? She's kinda backwards. I'll say for her, "We love you," don't we, honey? And we appreciate the–the kindness of all you people. God bless you and thank you for this… giving her a lot of praise like that. God bless you, honey. [Congregation applauds–Ed.] Thank you.

E-56 Prayer card… What was that now, we…? P, P-1, 1 was it? Next card is 3. You got 1, 2, 3, here. 4, who's got prayer card number 3. Is this the lady? You got prayer card 3? 3, right here. All right. Number-4, who has number-4? You, lady, coming now? 4. Who has 5? Who has prayer card 5? 6, quickly raise up, 6. All right. 7, prayer card 7. We try to get them one at a time, so we won't… be sure and miss anyone. 7…
We're going to get to every one tonight. [–Ed.] Number 19, 20. How many… how we getting along? That's enough? Huh? [Someone speaks to Brother Branham–Ed.] Oh, right here? All right. All right. When her time comes, you can pack her, or whatever…
All right. Everybody be reverent. We'll try to get those two, and then see if we can get some more.
What time you have to leave? All right. The Lord be blessed.

E-57 Now, if you will… Is this your card? P is in that number? P is in that number? All right, brother. Maybe your card is not… Don't pay any attention to it… you'll shall live. See? You're going–you're going to get well. You believe that? You only have one hope and that's in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. So have faith. I know his trouble: tumor. See? I–I know what that is, but I'm just waiting. He can't grasp it right… I'm trying to walk through your faith. I have the last two or three nights.
A few nights ago you really thought it was over, didn't you? The Angel of the Lord was so close to you, just right over you…?… you. See, what it was. Your nerves has been quieter since then too. See? That's what it was. I wanted Him to heal him for you. See? I can't make it. I have to ask. You see? And you just believe with all your heart, and the man will be able to walk out of here tonight, take his bed and go home. Amen. You just have faith; just have faith. See? Now, don't doubt, sir. Just have faith. God bless you.

E-58 All right. Now, let's sing "Only Believe," if you will now, slowly. That's it. Thank you, sister. Thank you, sister. Say, there's two that I missed awhile ago: the musicians. God bless you both. And all the special singing; that little Spanish choir, too. "Gloria a dios" That's all I know in Spanish. Is that "Glory to God?" [–Ed.]

… things are possible, Only believe.

… things are possible, Only believe.

All right. If Jesus Christ the Son of God will come and take, hold the meeting, and re–reproduce His Life and His love to you people, from this day, henceforth, you all claim Him to be your Saviour, and live for Him and love Him. Claim for your healing, and you shall receive it.

E-59 Now, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I take every spirit in this room under my control for the glory of God.
Now, lady, I just want to–to talk to you just a little bit. I–I have… Well, I have no way of knowing–knowing you, but it's only God Who knows you. Is that right? Now, this is… We're strangers to each other, are we?
Now look, friends, this lady and I are strangers. We have never met in our life. We're perfectly strangers. And I suppose… Are you Spanish? I thought so. Si.
Now, but she speaks English. Now, we–we don't know one another. She was probably raised here in Arizona. Whether she was… she might've been… come from Mexico or some… I don't know. But anyhow, we was born, perhaps, miles apart, and know not one another, never met before in our life, till right here. Now, how… What would I know about the woman? Not a thing. God knows that to be the truth, right now. But He knows everything about her. Is that right?

E-60 Then He… if [–Ed.]… raised from the dead, and He said… Now, what if Jesus was standing here before the woman. Now, He couldn't tell her, "I'll heal you," because He's already did that, if that's what she needs. If she needs finances, He–He's her finance. He's… She needs a Saviour, He's her Saviour. Whatever she has need of, Jesus Christ can supply that need, and has supplied it.
The only He could do if He was standing here, would be tell her what her needs was, like He did the woman at the well. Here to begin with tonight is a perfect picture of Jesus and of that time at the well.
Now, not me, but Him. See? She is a Spanish woman, and I'm Irish: quite a difference. All right. Notice, her people came from Spain, mine from Ireland. But here we are standing, two, just like Samaritans and Jews that night.

E-61 Now, see, and if I have told the truth, that Jesus raised from the dead and promised the things that He did, we'd do also. And I claim that when I was born, no religion at all… My people before me, from Ireland, 'course were Catholic. But my family had no religion at all. In the very morning when I was born, three minutes old, when they opened a little old window (not the kind you have here in Phoenix, no), a little wooden door, just pushed it open. This Pillar of Fire that you see here, come right in and hung over where I was laying at.
The first thing I can remember: seeing a vision. See? Nothing that I done, God just let me come on this earth to do this work for Him. I'm only doing my duty to God. See? Nothing for me, it's for you. Now, if He's standing here the same yesterday, today, and forever, He will know it.

E-62 Now, lady, I just want to look at you, just a moment to speak with you, just to contact your spirit and to–to see what the Lord would tell me.
Of course, you know I've been stalling for Something; it's the Anointing of the Angel of the Lord. 'Cause if He doesn't come, then I know nothing. But when He comes, He knows all things. If He will, by His grace, let me know what's wrong with you, you will accept your healing, or whatever it is. Is that right? Here It is.
You have some kind of spell; it's epilepsy. Isn't that right? Now, just a moment. Now, here's the thing. There's something wrong with the woman. The vision's left me. There's something wrong with the woman; I know, the jerk from the audience. Now, be reverent. Now, friends, this is not playing church. Now, be reverent.
Now, just a moment, lady. I want you to look this way again. I lost what it was. There It is. You had something you fall with or something, and… Oh, it's epilepsy. There it is again. That man has epilepsy setting right there. Isn't that right? Lay your hand over on him. Look here, lady. Look here, sir. That demon… See? Look here. I can see that with my eyes. See that black streak moving from one to the other? That's them demons crying to one another for help. They know when their time's come.

E-63 Look here, lady. I want to see what's going to happen. You're worried about somebody too. Yes, she has cancer. Is that right? And don't she live near the mountains, like Superior, or something. Is that right? Keep your minds on God.
Almighty God, Creator of heavens and earth, I condemn this devil. You're not scared of me, but you are of Jesus Christ Who can cast you out. And I'm standing as His representative. Come out of there, in the Name of Jesus Christ. May they go and be made well, in Jesus Christ's Name. God bless you.
Thanks be to God. Oh, you'll see the glory of God.

E-64 You're waving your hand there–there, sister. You was kind enough put your hand on that man's back for me, to pray with me, now, you been having colon trouble, haven't you? Isn't that right? Raise up your hand, if that's right. Now, it's left you. God bless you. You were kind to someone else. God be with you.
Believe with all your heart. Believe that Jesus Christ the Son of God is near; you shall have what you ask.
All right, Brother Brown bring…

E-65 How do you do? The baby… Hi, sweetheart. All right. All right. Now, I want you to look at me a moment. You believe me to be God's servant? I believe that comes from a true heart. Yes, it's for the baby.
If I can tell you by the power of God… I couldn't heal your child, but if I could tell what's wrong with the child, would you accept Jesus as the child's Healer? The baby is suffering from tumor. Is that right? It's two tumors, and they're on–one on each kidney. In the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God I condemn the tumor that it leaves the child, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Mister, the prostate trouble left you standing there too, sir. See?
Let's say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."–Ed.]

E-66 All right. All right, next. Oh, the next… Who is the lady that's…? Look on me, sister. Do you believe me to be God's prophet? A servant, I meant to say. I don't know you, but God knows you.
If the Lord Jesus will let me know what is wrong with you, will you accept your healing? Look on me then just a minute, same way Peter and John passed through the gate called Beautiful and said, "Look on us."
I see a crash. You've been in an automobile accident, and it's your back. Is that right? You believe Jesus makes you well? All right. You can have your healing. You can go home now and be well in the Name of Jesus Christ.

E-67 Have faith. All right. Believe. Only believe; all things are possible. Pray for me, church. I'm getting weak as…?… All right. You'll never know what that does to me.
Like I see a airplane fly through here just then. Here It is. It's for that little mother, got somewhere there, got a son in the Air Force, haven't you? That's right. Stand up. You was thinking about him then, wasn't you? God healed him just then. You'll hear from him. God bless you. Go now in the Name of Jesus.

E-68 We are strangers to each other, are–are we, lady? I don't know you, but God does know you. You believe me to be His prophet, or His, you know, to see… A prophet is a preacher, that I might… Sometimes It speaks it out like.
We are strangers to each other, aren't we? I don't think I ever seen you. But you're having some trouble. and some examination that showed… They're looking around on the back at the hospital or a clinic, or some kind of an x-ray thing. It's a floating kidney and cancer also.
I can see him now looking at the other doctor, and shook his head. Isn't that true? You believe Jesus is going to make you well? Come here.
Kind heavenly Father, as I hold my hands against her body, may she be healed. May she live, Lord, for Your glory. In Jesus Christ's Name I ask it for God's glory. Amen.

E-69 Do you believe Him, lady. The heavy set lady, sitting there, do you believe me to be God's prophet? Wouldn't you like to go home and eat a good decent supper again, get over the stomach trouble, be made well? If you believe with all your heart, you may receive it. You believe it? All right. Stand up to your feet, say, "I accept it now." And go home and be made well, healed in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
Watch this…?… You believe God will heal you with that heart trouble? Setting there with your finger up close to your mouth, you believe with all your heart that God will heal you? You do it? Stand up to your feet and accept your healing. Yes, that's you. That's right. Stand up; Jesus Christ makes you well. Amen.
Being you was so kind, lady, awhile ago, that asthmatic condition left also. Amen. Now, you can go. God bless you, and be made well.
Let's say, "Praise be to God Who giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Have faith in God.

E-70 Is this the patient? How do you do, lady. God bless you. I suppose we're strangers to one another. God alone knows us. But He does know. I don't know you and you not knowing me. Oh, God must…
Lady, do you believe God will heal you with that goiter, setting there, right back there? I see you're praying about a mother too. Your mother's got TB, hasn't she? Isn't that right? You will accept and believe, you shall receive what you've ask for if you can believe it.
You're… We are strangers to each other, but not before God.
Sometimes when the Spirit is moving out over there, I can't hardly see It, it's back in the dark. Christian friends…?… sitting back in there, just keep praying.
I seen a little child that's in here somewhere that's got a heart trouble, setting right back in there. I can't see it under the light here. But It's hanging to a child with heart trouble. You believe He's going to heal it? You accept it? Stand up to your feet. God bless you. And go home and be made well, in Jesus Christ's Name.
Only believe; all things are possible. It just keeps moving out in the audience. You see?

E-71 I see you moving from me. You're not from this city. You've got something… I see Indians around where you're at. You are a missionary to the Indians. And you're from a place… I see where you come down, passing a sign, Parker it's called, Parker, Arizona. And you're a–got a gall bladder trouble. And you're… varicose veins are in your legs, and liver trouble causing that acids in your mouth and bitterness. Isn't that right?
Oh, I see you talking to a man that I know; he's a big fellow. It's George Craig from Indiana. And isn't there someone else with you, a woman, a missionary too, that's suffering with the same thing that you have? Go, lay your hands on her, 'cause you're both healed…?… healed in Jesus Name…?…
Have faith in God. Don't doubt. You believe? All things are possible to them that will believe.

E-72 You want to get over that heart trouble, lady? Believe God's going… He healed you right then. Stand up on your feet. Jesus Christ makes you whole.
Now, you're going to interpret for her? She is–she's Spanish, of course, and she has a… She's got a heart trouble and a diabetes. Is that right? And by faith you're Catholic–Catholics. Is that right? You believe me to be God's prophet? You accept Jesus now as Healer and Saviour?
In the Name of Jesus Christ, I condemn the demon that's bound this woman. May he come out of her…?… being upon you and for your…
Let us say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."–Ed.]

E-73 Good evening. You speak English? A little bit. You believe me to be God's prophet? Thank you. I'm not saying that, for I'm… He told me, "If I'd get the people to believe me…" And the only way, when I catch your spirit… You… If I've told the truth of Jesus Christ, then He will vindicate that I'm telling the truth. Is that right? Now, I go to meet you.
I see a accident. You've had an accident, a car accident, and it smashed your ribs. Don't they call you "Luck" or something like that? Isn't you name, Bru–Bruso, or Brusa? Isn't that right? And don't you live near the mountains? You're from Superior, Arizona. Go home; be made well in the Name of Jesus Christ.

E-74 You want to get over that TB trouble, brother? Raise up your hands and say, "Praise the Lord. I love You. I want to be made whole."
Do you feel…?… you're setting…?… lady? Go on…?… home rejoicing, saying, "Praise be to God."
Have faith; believe. All right. Bow your heads while this deaf woman receives her hearing. Almighty God, in the Name of Thy Son Jesus, remove the curse of that devil that…?… her ears. Come out of her.
Do you hear me, lady? You hear me now? You hear me now? Say, "Praise the Lord." [The sister says, "Praise the Lord"–Ed.] You're healed, sister. Go off the platform rejoicing…?… happy.
Say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."–Ed.]

E-75 You believe me, lady? Do you want to go eat again, get over that stomach trouble? Just say, "I accept it in Jesus Name." God bless you. Go, receive it, in Jesus Christ's Name.
You believe, lady? You want to get over that female trouble? Go accept Jesus and be made well.
You believe Him with all your heart? You want to get rid of stomach trouble too? Go eat your supper, in the Name of Jesus Christ and be made…
You want to get over the back trouble, do you, brother? Go thanking God and praising God…
The whole group of you can be healed. Have faith in… Have faith.
Come, lady. You're young. You're nervous, upset, made a peptic ulcer in your stomach for stomach trouble. Go eat. Jesus Christ has healed you.

E-76 Come. You've got an abscess on the ovary, a female trouble. Jesus Christ makes you whole. Go home rejoicing and be made well, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
You have a nervous condition, cause you to feel real gloomy in the afternoon. I see you again, turning away from a table. You've got a ulcer in your stomach. Is that right? You did have; you haven't now. Go home and be made well in the Name of Jesus Christ.
You believe you're healing…? Them old spirits…?… heart trouble you had. Go home now and be made well in the Name of Jesus Christ. Believe with all your heart.
You believe me, lady, as God's servant? You got a coughing condition, which makes it asthmatic. Go home and believe God with all your heart and be made well. All right.

E-77 You believe me, lady, with all your heart? Huh? You got anemia condition. Isn't that right? And you're not a Christian. You're… You've been thinking about becoming a Christian. What about doing it right now? And God will take you to Calvary and give you a blood transfusion from His soul. Will you accept Him as your Saviour?…?… [Congregation worships–Ed.]
Almighty God, Author of Life, Giver of every good gift, send Thy mercies upon this people, and may every individual in here be healed. I condemn every demon that's bound these people. Satan, you can't hold them any longer. Come out of them in the Name of Jesus Christ. Every man and woman that believes that you're healed…?… raise to your feet…?…

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