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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham called Elijah And Elisha was delivered on Thursday, 4th March 1954 at the Madison Square Garden in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.
The tape, number 54-0304, is 1 hour and 19 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette.

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E-1 Evening friends. Very happy to be here again this evening to minister in the Name of our dear Lord Jesus, for His people. And I want to express my appreciations to that Spanish choir again for that lovely song. You know, it's not always, maybe, I could understand the words, but the spirit it was sung in, you could understand it.
The way about, you can read a book, read a sermon, but you'll never get out of it, 'less you hear the person preach that sermon. The Spirit goes with it. I thank you young ladies and young men for your–your kindness to us. And we appreciate it very much, of being loyal to come down and help us like that. And may God ever bless you. I just pray that God will be with you and just give you the best that He's got in His Kingdom. I trust the rest of it, for every one of you.

E-2 And every time that you can come sing a special, along with others, we appreciate it. And I still remember the times of being at your church over there, when I first come to Phoenix and prayed for twenty-five hundred people, one afternoon. That's the longest prayer line I ever had: twenty-five hundred people, one afternoon. There was approximately that many, maybe a little more or little less, we couldn't judge, you just… I said I was going to pray for everybody here and when the… If any emptied up, they'd be filled up again. Then time they'd empty up, they fill up again. And went on through all day. And so, they judged about twenty-five hundred people passed through the prayer line that day.
So we're very happy to know that the great results of many being healed that afternoon and saved. The testimonies of some of them still linger on, of how the Lord blessed.

E-3 Thinking of Madison Square Garden, of course, again. The last time I was here, they had me out under those lights out there. I got it up at my house, framed, when we was here, I believe one or two nights or something, when we was here the other time. Better back like this, of course.
Now, I understand that the Indians are coming down tomorrow night, or Saturday night, or sometime, for service. I would like to have got to go up to the reservations, if the missionary's here. That was fully my intentions of doing it. But my time is so pressed. I just got every day, and I… It takes me five days to get home, so I just won't have it. I just come in one afternoon and leave the next morning, for Columbus, Ohio, at the coliseum. And leave up there one afternoon and just come right on back down again in Louisville, Kentucky. So then, it's just from one right to another. Until our time is just taken up in such a way that we just haven't got the time to–to make it.

E-4 I remember telling those Indians, I would return back. And I–I mean to do that. Just as soon as possible. Maybe just come out, and instead of being one day, give them four or five days up there on the reservation. And pray with them and help them. I understand their having a great meeting up there now. The… Some of the churches are up there and they're having a great time.
I hear some brother up there is preaching Divine healing for them. And that's mighty fine. If any of them here, I want you to know, that man has just as much right to pray for the sick as I do or anybody else. That's right. If he believes it, and preaches it, and lays it in the Atonement of Christ, then he's got a right to do it. And I–I'm thankful to God that there is somebody up to help.
Everywhere… We just… The great call comes… The Macedonian call is the universal call now, isn't it, everywhere? "Come over and help us."

E-5 And we're waiting with great anticipations of getting overseas and back to the people… Can you hear me all right up in the balconies? Is it coming in? All right. And I was thinking, the remark that I made the last time I was here. I said, "This is a–a ring where the people wrestle and–and fight." I remember; I used to have that kind of sport myself. I was… used to box. I won the bantam weight championship of the three states, and wasn't defeated. I just give it up to preach the Gospel. So… But I tell you, I got a greater fight now, than I ever had in my life. I ain't fighting my buddy; I'm fighting the devil just as hard as I can.

E-6 And I always remember the different techniques, and way to watch, and the different things from the guard, and so forth in boxing. And you have to be… certainly be on your toes when you're fighting this great enemy that we have now.
So I'm certainly happy to… Have nothing against the arenas and sports, and when it's clean, it's a very fine thing. I just don't listen to them or nothing, because I don't… It was in my blood, so I just keep away from it.
But I got such a great fight now, and such an awful enemy. And this fellow is not my buddy; he's my enemy, the devil. But I'm so thankful that I got so much setting around. Faith, what it takes to defeat this enemy. And God will grant it.

E-7 Now, the Lord bless you. We just starting in a new place tonight, of course, gets us just a–a bit confused for a few moments, maybe to start off. But the Lord will take care of that I'm sure, if we'll just read some of His Word, and believe that He's here to help us, and–and He will do it. Don't you believe that?

E-8 I want to read out of II Kings for a portion of Scripture this afternoon, just to–to pass a few comments, for the next, about fifteen minutes, before we call the prayer line. They said it's… Tomorrow they was going to try to put girders under here, they'd… just small two-by-six's or something, that… Couldn't get much weight on here, but we will find a way to pray for the sick.
Frankly, you don't have to come up here. You just have to have faith where you're setting. God takes care of the rest, doesn't He? And you pray for me tonight. I–I'm the one who really needs prayer, not for sickness, I'm very thankful for that. But I need prayer while I'm trying to minister to the others. If you just realize what a opposition there is when you… Spiritual power, that encloses around a person when you're speaking of Christ, and especially in the way of–of bringing the Word or making the Word manifest to the people. That's the–the thing, when the Word, just preaching the Word…

E-9 Here some time ago, I went to an auditorium where another man, fine religious man, a good brother, famous teacher, internationally known, or nationally, at anyhow, and he was kindy opposed of Divine healing. He's changed his mind since then. But that afternoon when fifteen, eighteen hundred people was setting in the auditorium, he preached on Christ the Saviour of the world, asked people if they'd come down and accept Him. There was one woman walked down and shook his hand. And nothing against that. He went out. The audience was dismissed. His congregation went out, all nice, well dressed people, intelligent looking people. Nothing wrong with them. Walking out, the minister bowed his head to the people and walked out in a dignified graceful way. I thought, "My, that's very nice."
But here come my group in. Mine come in on crutches, wheelchairs, straitjackets. That's a different thing for your faith to buck something like that. See? Just to say, "Come down and accept Christ and be saved." and walk out, that's not so bad. But when you have to prove what you're talking about… That's right. When Jesus Christ comes down and makes… But, brother, as long as it's in His Gospel and He promised it, don't let one thing shake you, 'cause He will do it. That's true. He will do it. Yes, sir. The only thing you have to do, is believe it, and ask Him to help you, and believe that He will, and He will take care of the rest of it.
So I pray that God will help every one of us tonight as we read His Word, and speak a few moments, and then pray for the sick. In II Kings the 3rd chapter, beginning with the 14th verse, we read 14th and 15th inclusive, just for a reading of His Word.

E-10 Now, this is something new for me. Usually, you know, when I'm here, the managers are with me and they do the speaking, preach the Word… And I'm a very, very poor speaker. And then when I come in and try to do the best that I can by that, and then try to go back in to praying for the sick, it's quite… The meeting doesn't get the value in the way of Divine healing that we should have.
The meeting here was announced, "Not A Healing Service." This… These meetings wasn't announced healing service. It was announced for Gospel preaching. And I was getting myself a little rest before I crossed the seas. The healing services was to be across the seas.

E-11 Tell you how much easier it is over there. When you're setting there maybe before seventy-five or a hundred thousand people, and they're there… Some of them don't even know which is right and left hand. Some of them are… Well, a big percent of them, especially in Africa and those places, are nude. It may seem strange, but while I was speaking, a lady gave birth to a baby, setting right there. Just picked the baby up, put it in her arms, and went right ahead, never even noticed as if anything had happened. And… very strong in that manner.
And they're… But them setting there… And let them see one supernatural thing did. You don't have to have no more. Only thing they do, they just get right up, and put their wheelchairs in the corner, or crutches, or whatever they're walking on, lay their cots over, pick their pallets up, go on home rejoicing, happy, receiving the Lord and being healed. See? It's not hard. And nothing… Just about ten minutes, it's all over.

E-12 Have to take, maybe it'd be fifteen or twenty interpreters. Like you'd say, "Jesus Christ, the Son of God." And the interpreter standing next to you, he'd maybe… he would go, "Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck." That means "Jesus Christ, the Son of God."
When I used to hear people, the Pentecostal people, speaking with tongues, I used to say, "I–I don't know about that. They don't make noise that sounds right somehow." That's 'fore I knew anything about it.
But I know this one thing now: You can't make a noise 'less it's got some kind of a meaning to it. That's… It's just some kind of a language somewhere. You ever get into those tribes and things, you'll see that it's got a meaning of some sort. No matter what kind of sound, grunt, groans, and everything else is got a meaning to them, by somebody.

E-13 And maybe, you'd speak, this one, then that one, and that one, and that one. And maybe you'd go get a drink of water and come back and set down before you ever get through. You'd say, "Jesus Christ, the Son of God." before it ever got through all the interpreters… And now, you have to wait on them.
But as soon as you get your message out, shortly, just a very few words to say, and then just make them the challenge of this, and say, "Now, if Jesus Christ that I speak of, has raised from the dead, and He promised (Now, we just base it on His Word.) that the things that I do shall you also. And I'm with you always to the end of the world. Now, if He has risen from the dead and living among the people, He will produce the same thing that He did when He was here on earth."
You ask them to believe that, every one of them will say if they can see that, they'll believe it. Then get one native, anywhere you want to, walk up, I just can't speak his language, knows nothing about what I just talked about, I never seen him, heard of him, and the Holy Spirit will stand there and reveal that man's life, right to him. Every one of them will accept it. Every one of them believes it right then. You just see them… And one prayer.

E-14 Brother Bosworth, which I believe is a very fine man. All of you know him, for near… Fred Bosworth. How many knows Brother Bosworth? Sure, nearly everyone around full gospel ranks knows Brother Fred Bosworth. He said, "Brother Branham, without one shadow of doubt, there's at least twenty-five thousand healings, that one afternoon, with one prayer."
Just went to the microphone after something had taken place at the platform, and I offered prayer. And he said, "I stood there and I cried, Brother Branham." Said, "I–I just wept my heart out, just to see them, just–just moving up and packing their old sticks and everything, until they get piles and piles and everything. Going away like that just of–of healed… Said, "At least twenty-five thousand people."

E-15 Now, that's the way my ministry should be worked in America. But remember, I'm an American. And I love my country. It's the greatest country in the world. Now, I don't say it because I'm standing here. No, sir. I say it because I mean it.
When I was in France and around there, I probably crossed over the grave of a many dead Branham, that's died for this nation. And if it come my time to do it, I'd do it just as free as they did. But, brother, we need a lot of straightening up around this country. And I say this with a love in my heart: if there's any nation that I've ever visit (I practically been around the world), if there's any nation that I know of that needs a missionary, it's the U.S.A. Exactly right.
It's a lot harder to deal with an educated heathen, than it is one that isn't educated. That's… He knows too much about it. They'll set back. The uneducated will see the working of the Holy Spirit; they'll accept it. They uneducated say, "That's mental telepathy." "That guy's a witch." "There's nothing to that. The days of miracles is past. Dr. Jones said so." Or somebody else said so or something.

E-16 No wonder the poor American people is so scrupled up in their mind. They don't know what to believe. One says this, and one says that, and one says this. Isn't that the truth? Well, the poor people. No wonder I'm going to preach in a few nights on something like that when I get my opportunity to use the preaching service, or maybe Sunday afternoon. And then on these things. And the American people is the worst confused people I know of in the world (That's right.), religiously speaking. When I went into the Hottentots of Africa, they could come here and teach us how to live morally.
When I talked about missionaries to India, they say, "What are you going to teach us? How to divorce our wives and drink whiskey and carry on the way you all do, and call yourself a Christian nation?" They don't do that over there you know.

E-17 Oh their morals there are so far beyond ours, till ours is not even in the shadow of them. That's right. We have the biggest divorce rooted in the world is in America. Said, "You want to teach us how to divorce our wives and call it Christianity? How to have whiskey stores on every corner, get drunk and carry on? And you call that Christianity? Well, we're better off as Mohammedans." Morally speaking, they are, morally speaking.
When Christianity is the most cleanest, holiest thing there is this side of heaven. But it's representatives is what's breaking it up. That's true. It's what those who represent it. We call ourself a Christian nation. We're no more Christian nation than any of the rest of them are. Right. We call ourselves that, but a Christian is an individual experience, a man borned again of the Spirit of God makes a Christian, not a cold confession, going to church and living… Your fruits tells what you are. Is that right? It's true.

E-18 So in America the signs and wonders of God can take place. If what was took place last night or the night before (one of those nights, either night) in Bombay, India, there'd been a hundred thousand souls won to Jesus Christ. But people walk in our meetings and walk back out, say, "Well, what do you think about it?"
"Just a polished up soothsayer, something like that." Yeah. "Just–just mental telepathy. God's real psychologist." That's–that's–that's the educated.
Education is (yet in it's best) has been the greatest curse that Christianity has ever had. Right. You educate the people till they know more than God knows about it. See? And that's where they don't know nothing then.
He that'll humble himself before God, God will take care of the rest of it. I… You just believe God. I'd rather… I've got two little girls here; I'd rather those little girls never even know their ABC's and yet know Jesus Christ, than to have all the education that the world could pile into them, and know how to… And don't know Jesus Christ. That's… I would rather they'd know Christ. That's right. Amen.

E-19 Well, I better read my Scripture, hadn't I? 14th verse.

And Elisha said, As the Lord of hosts liveth, before whom I stand, surely, if it were not that I regarded the presence of Jehoshaphat the king of Judah, I would not look toward you, nor see you.

And Elisha said, As the Lord of hosts liveth, before whom I stand, surely, if it were not that I regarded the presence of Jehoshaphat the king of Judah, I would not look toward you, nor see you.

But now bring me a minstrel. And it came to pass, when the minstrel played, that the hand of the Lord came upon him.

E-20 Now, shall we bow our heads just a moment. And I want to pray for these handkerchiefs too.
Our kind Heavenly Father, the Author of this Word, we thank Thee tonight from the depths of our heart, for the sending forth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, to redeem us from a life of sin and corruption into this great Holy Ghost way that we now walk. We thank Thee for the faith of the people who's brought these handkerchiefs.
And now, dear kind Father, as I lay my hands upon them, asking that You will bless them for the purpose of the healing of the sick body. Now, Father I realize that many of these in here, perhaps, poor old mothers and dads are waiting for them, and their–maybe their only hope that they have left of ever being well again. Their doctors, with all kindness, has tried their best to heal the people. But maybe it's beyond the doctor's control now. Only You can stop it.

E-21 And I'm thankful Father, that the people has enough confidence to send these handkerchiefs here to this audience tonight. For prayer of these Christian people. We're thankful for that confidence they have in You. Father, I pray that not one of them will be left out, but every one of them may be healed. Grant it, Lord.
And now, may the Holy Spirit take the Word of God and circumcise the lips of the speaker and the hearts of the hearer. For we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

E-22 I was just a little tired tonight. When I was just acting a little nervous. I just drove a hundred and thirty something miles in about two hours and something, awhile ago, so I'm really–really good and tired. And I was trying to relax myself. The meetings are going on so long till it makes it hard.
Now, just for a few moments of your time, to speak. We'll try to start the prayer line exactly nine o'clock, if we possibly can.

E-23 Now, during the time of this reading of the Scripture, was when king Ahab, he had been king of Judah or Israel for a long time, and he had died and his son had taken his place. And king of Judah of was Jehoshaphat, a righteous God-fearing man. And so there… the… Alien countries came against Judah, or against Israel and–and the king of Israel went over to the king of Judah and asked him to make an alliance with him. That he would go up and fight against the king that was coming against them.
And what a terrible mistake, that Jehoshaphat, this righteous man made at that time. He joined himself up with unbelievers. And any man that ever joins hisself with an unbeliever, "How can two walk together except they be agreed." said Jesus.
Don't never join yourself with unbelievers. The Bible said, "Be not unequally yoked together."
Here some time ago, and during the time of this last war, when we went over on sides with Russia. How I wondered how it could be. Well, there we are. Wouldn't accept the cross so we've got a double-cross. That's it.

E-24 This great king's… Another thing, after you once join yourself up with an unbeliever, you kindly take on his ways, if you don't watch. They took off and went on this journey, out into the wilderness, seven days without consulting the Lord, went out to fight the battle without consulting the Lord.
Now, I think if Jehoshaphat would have settled down and not been all excited when something happened. He'd have first consulted the Lord. I believe tonight, or any other night in the services, when you see the Holy Spirit moving in the audience, before you judge it too quick, you better kinda set still and consult the Lord about it first. And say, "Lord, what is this? You let me know. Is this you?" Then let… God will speak to you about it.

E-25 Now, but when he went seven days, never fetched a compass for those seven days or packed for it. They got out into the–the wilderness there, and they'd run out of water. And they were about to die. And Jehoshaphat being a righteous man, a God-fearing man, had the present sense to think, "Isn't there somebody, somewhere who could pray a prayer of faith or something for us." That's about the way of a Christian, isn't it? When he gets in trouble, he goes to thinking about prayer, or somebody who could help him. He said, "Isn't there a prophet that we could consult?"

E-26 Although he was just a little bit late. He ought of thought about that seven or eight days ago before he had left. But after all, God in His mercy. Some of them said, "Yes, here's Elisha down here. Who poured water on the hands of Elijah." In other words, he'd had some dealing with a real prophet. Elijah was a real prophet. And Elisha was wearing his mantel.
And how that a beautiful type of those two prophets. Oh, if we just had time tonight to set those things right where they should be. They're a perfect type of Christ and the Church. Elijah, a type of Christ, the mighty prophet of God. And notice, just before his going away, knowing that he was to go away, he didn't leave the nation without a witness. He made preparation for a man to take his place. God's witness.

E-27 How beautifully Christ did the same thing. Before He left, as God's witness, He made preparation of a Church. And ordained that they would be witnesses all the way through the Church age, plumb to the end of the world.
I think after he throwed a garment on him, when he was plowing, Elijah, and he killed the ox, took the yoke and so forth and made a feast, as they broke to the meat. Told his father and mother good bye and followed Elijah.

E-28 Notice, how Christians as soon as they become anointed, how they're tempted sometimes. But Elisha was a prophet, and he said… Elijah said, "You tarry here. The Lord's has called me to Gilead–Gilgal."
So he said, "As the Lord liveth and your soul liveth, I'll not leave you." I like that. Going to stay right with him. He'd started and now he's going through. We used to sing a little song.
I'll take the way with the Lord's despised few,
I've started in with Jesus, now, I'm going through.
Did you ever hear that old song? My, I used to hear that when I was just first come into the way.

E-29 Now, notice. He went on and he… Then when he went with him to the city, he said, "The Lord has sent me up to the school of the prophets." So he said, "You wait here."
Said, "As the Lord liveth and your soul liveth, I'll not leave you." On he goes to school of prophets. Second stage of the journey. Watch, to always hurrying through like this, you miss it.
But as… If they're a type, then they had to follow in correctly with the plan of Christ and the Church in this age. The second stage of the journey, they came to the educational, more spiritual group, than they had at Gilgal. The prophets, the school of the prophets, the educated. Although I never did think there was very much prophets about them.
One went out one day to find some peas and got some wild gourds. If the fellow didn't know the difference between peas and wild gourds, I don't know. All right, that's about the way some of these school of prophets gets today, don't you think so? Can't discern the difference between spiritual things and spiritualist things. All right. Notice.

E-30 Then when he went to the school of the prophets, he said, "You stay here now. The Lord has called me to Jordan."
He said, "As the Lord liveth, and your soul liveth, I'll not leave you." Now, if you will notice, after he had laid his mantel upon him, just threw it on him in the field, and said follow him, that was the blessing that Christ had give the Church, "Follow." It's got a dual parable there, that… I'll just take this side of it for the night.
But notice, them stages where he went is the stages of the journey. When the Church came from the dark age, out of the dark age, the first stage of the journey was with Luther, Gilgal. The second stage was the Methodist age. John Wesley's age, the Methodist church, the second great reformation, as it was.

E-31 Now, the third stage is coming on. But the Church still follows on, Elisha, following Elijah. And when he gets across… down to the Jordan. Jordan is a meaning of separation or–or death. You've heard many times "when I come down to the chilly Jordan." Jordan was death. The Lutheran age followed by and so did the Methodist age. But we come to another age now, the age of "dying out."
All your worldly pleasures. God has got to do something with you in order 'fore He could give you the Holy Ghost. He's got… Got to die out, get dead. You don't die out, you can't… You remember, life can only come out of death. A seed can only die. Anything else can only die. And out of death comes life. Out of the death of Christ come the resurrection of Life.
And the only way that you can tonight, become alive of faith in God, is die out to yourself and symptoms, everything around you, and become alive: Die out, die out to symptoms, die out to circumstances, die out to everything else and become alive in Christ.

E-32 Now, when they got down to the Jordan, time to cross over. He made the way. Then when he crossed over (the stage of the Holy Ghost church), said, "Now, I want to ask you something."
"So what do you want?"
He said, "That a double portion of your spirit come upon me." That's the way to ask for it. Don't be scared. Ask for the whole lot. Jesus said, "You have not because you believe–ask not. You ask not because you believe not. Ask abundantly that your joys may be full." Ask a whole lot. "God, just don't make me a little bit better; make me all the way well." Don't just let me have enough religion to make myself miserable; kill me out to sin that I can live in Christ. That's right.

E-33 Don't make me so I can step back to maybe bow my head once in a while; make me so I can shout. Make me so I can open up my mouth and sing, and bring praises to God. Give me the whole thing. Let me have the baptism. Kill me to the things of the world, where people's around me. When I go to church, let me worship You. That's right.
No matter what anybody else thinks, just kill me out. That's what we need tonight, is a Jordan experience, is that right? Many of us was like the school of prophets, stand over on the other side of the hill, looking off. Let's cross the river, tonight.
Say, "Well, Miss So-and-so got healed; she had cancer. Mr. So-and-so was in the wheelchair; he walked." What about you? Let's cross over tonight. Amen.

E-34 Notice, and when they got across, he said, "Now, you've asked a hard thing, but nevertheless, if you see me when I go, you'll have it." Could you imagine a single-eyed man? That's the trouble with the Christians tonight. They got their eye, one of them on Christ and one on the world. And that's the reason we're not getting anywhere.
I can see Elisha, watching him, every move he made. That's the only way he was ever going to get the blessing is when he watched him, kept his eye on him. Keep your eye on Christ. Don't look to how sick you are or what the doctor said. Look what Christ said. Keep your eye right there. Believe what He said. His Words are true.

E-35 Keep your eye there. He said, "Now, if you see me when I go," My, he just kept walking, watching him. Watching him. Then when, the first thing you know, down from the heaven come a chariot, horses of fire, and picked Elijah up. And as he went up, he took off this robe that he had opened the sea with, or opened the river, took that robe off, dropped it back down, and Elisha picked it up.
A beautiful type of the Church. When Jesus was here on earth. He done great works and great wonders. Elijah when he was here, he did great works. But Elisha had a double portion of his spirit. Elijah done eight miracles, and Elisha done sixteen miracles, a double portion, perfect of the Church.

E-36 One time, Jesus was asked, "Let my sons set on your right and left hand in the Kingdom."
He said, "Can you drink the cup that I drink?"
She said, "Yes."
Said, "Can you be baptized with the baptism that I'm baptized with?"
Said, "Yes."
Said, "You can. But the right and left hand is not Mine."
So the baptism of the Holy Spirit was upon Christ. When He was taken up on the day of Pentecost, one hundred and twenty people went in the upper room, up there with their eyes straight towards heaven, watching. And when He threw that robe of the Holy Ghost back down there, She picked up a double portion out of the Spirit of God.

E-37 "The things that I do shall you also, and greater than this, for I go unto My Father." And a Church of the living God, that claims to be baptized with the Holy Ghost, the same Spirit was upon Jesus Christ, has claimed to kiss the blessings off the rim of the cup of His sanctification, I wonder how that we can set still in the time that His power is a moving like that. Oh, my. I wonder if we can't pick up the robe and say, "Where is the God that led Jesus Christ from victory unto victory." Amen. Yes, sir. Here was a man that had a double portion. Said, "Let's go down and see him."
That's what's the matter with the world today. They're leper-stricken and everything else. They got to come somewhere and God wants His Church that's got the double portion to shine out. They'll try to put bushel baskets over it, but shove them off and shine again. That's right. Stand toe to toe with him. You got God on your side, so who can be against you?

E-38 Said, "Let's go down and see this man Elisha." So they went down there and… He seen Jehoram come up in front of Ahab. He kinda got all peeved up. That's got to be hard on you Arminian people but I tell you, even that prophet got a little stewed up, don't you think so? He got his kindly dandruff up. He had his righteous indignation, does that sound better to you? Something got tore up anyhow.
He walked out there and said, "If it wasn't for the presence of Jehoshaphat," He said, first to Jehoram, "Why don't you go to your mother's god? Go to your mother's prophet, Baalim, your father's prophets and so forth. Why did you come to me? Go on back down."
He said, "Nay, God's brought us kings out here to kill us."
He said, "If it wasn't that I respected the presence of Jehoshaphat, I wouldn't even look at you."

E-39 My, there he was. I'd like to say something right here but I better hold it. All right. "If it wasn't that I respected Jehoshaphat," he said, "I wouldn't even look at you." Now, he got all stewed up, you know. Got his temper all up. He said, "Now then… But bring me a minstrel."
I was talking to a man not long ago that didn't believe in music in the church. He was holding a fuss with me about it. He said, "Oh, the music belongs to the world."
I said, "The Spirit of God didn't come on that stewed up prophet until he got the minstrel out and begin to play a good old fashioned Holy Ghost song. And the Spirit of God come right on the prophet." That's right. God doesn't change. And if God liked music in that day, God likes music today. Yes, sir.

E-40 He begin to play the song… I don't know what they played in them days, but I imagine a good old song like, There's going to be a Meeting In The Air, in the sweet by and by, God's own Son will be the leading one, when… Meeting In the Air. Something like that, some of those good old fashioned Holy Ghost songs. And the Spirit of God come on the prophet.
I tell you brother, when we get all the formal shackles shook down, and the Spirit of God in the songs again, and get back to an old place where we can have the Spirit of God moving in the place, then the prophet can see a vision, then the powers of God comes overflowing. Then they can see Diving healing. Then they can see the resurrection of Christ. Then they can see He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

E-41 Well, you say, "Brother Branham, I'm not the prophet." Well, if you ain't the prophet, you can be one of the instruments anyhow. Just keep playing. That's right. You ain't got no more than them ten, just give vent to them just as hard as you can.
If you can't be the prophet, be part of the minstrels. Do something to bring the Spirit of the Lord down. Amen. Prophet couldn't do it himself, he had to have the minstrel to help him. So it begin to… Then you see when everybody… When the prophet and the people got in harmony with God, the prophet begin to see things. Now, brother if you don't see Divine healing, you don't see the baptism of the Holy Ghost, you don't see this mighty move of the Spirit of God, moving in the last stage here, just get in the Spirit one time and you will see things, things will be revealed to you. You will begin to notice things looking different, what they used to be. That's right. You won't go along with a criticizing spirit; You'll come back humbly. That's right. Oh, my. I feel kindly religious myself tonight.

E-42 Notice, when I was thinking of that, oh, how I just begin to see things. Now, watch what he said.
It's time for me to close; I'll hurry. Notice, what he said. He said, "Now, you go over there; you're not going to hear any wind, and you're not going to see any rain." Done saw a vision. See? "You're not going to see any rain, hear any wind, but there's going to be water to come. Now, I want you to go down there and dig trenches all around tonight." Right in the burning hot desert, where there wasn't a bit of water.
What do you know about that? "Ridiculous," one of them say. But as long as the Word of God said do it, start digging. That's right. Well, the doctor said "There's no need." Dig anyhow. Oh, God said so. And remember, they had to see somebody dig out there, and he hit down against something like that, and say, "Oh, my. We hit a snag." Throw the snag out. Lot of times when you're digging, you hit that neighbor that lives next door to you, tells you there's no such a thing as Divine healing. Throw it out. Keep digging. That's right.
You hit your pastor down along that line sometimes. He'd say, "I wouldn't fool around with that bunch of holy-rollers." Throw him out and keep digging. That's right. Dig a little past him.

E-43 Remember brother, the deeper you dig, more water you're going to get. That's right. We don't want nothing shallow. We want all God's got for us, everything: power of His resurrection. Yes, sir. We'll just keep digging. Oh, my.
You run into sister, mother, ever who it is, just throw them out. Keep on digging. Get a great big deep ditch. 'Cause more ditch you get, more water you get. Oh, my. About daylight… Hallelujah! There come water from the way of the desert. Why? Where did that water come from, preacher? I don't know. Did it rain? No. But you remember, Israel had just passed through that wilderness a few years before that. That rock that was smote in the wilderness was still there. That prophet's eyes. Hallelujah!
I tell you, that rock still lays here tonight too. That's right. Just start digging and see if the trenches don't fill up. Get all of the world out of the way. Get them old picture shows and hoe-downs and things you been tending to, all those other things, throw it out. Let the waters come in. Give God first place. Yes. Amen. Get those things straightened out. Then the waters can come down, from the way of Edom. That's right.

E-44 And the first thing you know, the other sayers on the other side looked back and they said, "Why, I believe they've had a slaughter down there, looks like blood." So down they went. And they rose out of ambush and beat them all the way to the wall. Look what they done. They burnt every city, and they stopped up every well. They cut down every tree. They filled up… They just tore up the land.
And brother you start digging tonight with all your heart, just digging out everything you can, and when we get over into the land, where them old unbelievers are, let's take a rock of testimony and stop up all these old cold formal wells around here, that's giving out all this old stagnated water. That's right.
Bunch of this old stagnated water, "The days of miracles is past." That things are a million years old. Let it go. No such a thing. God that lived in the days of Moses is the God that lives today. The God that lived on Jesus Christ has the Holy Ghost here. Resurrected from the dead, Jesus is, and He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Amen.

E-45 Well, bless the Lord. I believe it. Bring me a minstrel. Let's go to playing. Bring me some hearts that'll believe God. Bring me some hearts like that woman that come down off the mountain that day, when she seen Him pressing along the street, and she wanted to touch the hem of His garment. Be that part of a minstrel tonight. Watch Him turn, say, "Who touched Me?" See? Is that right? May the Lord bless you and add grace unto grace.
Excuse me for taking that much time. But God be with you. I just… You're such a lovely audience. You get started that way and you hardly know when to stop. But God be with you and help you now.

E-46 How many believes tonight with all your heart, that that Rock that was in the wilderness is right here tonight? Amen. Remember, it was Moses that smote the rock, and the rod was in his hand was a judgment rod, and it smote the rock in the side and waters came out, a very type of John 3:16. "God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish…" That Rock in the wilderness was–saved a perishing people.
One time I seen a picture of that. It–it just made me tired to look at the picture to see. They had a little bitty stream drip–dripping out there, was just about like, oh, I don't know, a spigot just about half dripping. Well, that wasn't the way that rock–water come out of there. Well, brother, there's was about two million Jews out there, besides all the camels and things. They all drank all they wanted. There was gushers of it. It'd take it millions of gallons per minute. Hallelujah!
That's the way Jesus Christ comes, not in a little old drop here and a drop there; He fills your soul and your heart. Hallelujah! No stoppers like that. It's a gusher opened up. "He that believeth in Me has Everlasting Life, and springs of water gushing up into Everlasting Life." Shall we pray.

E-47 Heavenly Father, we thank Thee for Jesus, the inexhaustible Fountain of Life. Hallelujah! So glad to be planted in Him tonight. Speaking, O God, how we thank Thee for the fruits of the Spirit, as we see it manifested in this last day. We see the weeds coming up. We see them putting forth their evidence. But we see the Church coming with her evidence too.
We thank Thee for the Church of the living God. Lord, dress her in pure white needlework. Grant it, Lord. Set her as an example. Empower Her, Lord. Grant tonight that the Holy Spirit will come and take control of every person in here, or continue, as I should say, with the control that they have on the people, may great signs and wonders be wrought for the glory of God, for we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you.

E-48 Now, you pray for me as I pray for you. (Oh well, that–that's all right then. What cards did you give out? O? O.) Give out prayer card O's awhile ago to the audience here. Let's have a… We usually call about fifteen. I hadn't been able to get to about… all of them. But maybe I can tonight; I'll try.
Let's–let's call the first part of them tonight. See, who has prayer card O-number-1? Hold up your hand. Just quick as you can find your prayer card and I call it, you raise your hand. Prayer card O-number-1, raise up your hand, O-number-1? Thank you, lady. Come right down here.
O-number-2, who has prayer card O-number-2? Is that the–the lady setting there? All right, lady, you come. All right, O-number-3? Who has prayer card O-number-3? Would you raise your hand, ever who has O-number-3? Is this the person? All right. O-number-4, Who has number 4? You lady? All right? Number 5, who has O-number-5? All right, sir.

E-49 Number 6, who has 6? O number 6? 7, 7, prayer card 7? Somebody look now, may be a Indian or Spanish that can't speak. So then it… Or might be somebody deaf. Oh, here. Thank you, sister. Excuse me. All right, come–come down here. All right. Number 7. 8, who has prayer card 8? O number 8? 8? All right, that's fine. 9, 9, who has prayer card 9? O number 9? 10? 10? All right, lady. 11? 11, prayer card 11? 11? Thank you. Prayer card 12? Prayer card 12? Who has 12?
See the reason I call them one by one, I'm getting so much come back saying they were deaf and couldn't hear, in the… something and couldn't get up. They were sitting in the chair, or they were… or couldn't speak English or something.
All right. 12, who has prayer card 12? Is it here? O-12? 12? Thank you. 13, prayer card 13, 13? Would you look at somebody's card? It may be someone that's–that's deaf or look… Has the little boy got a prayer card here, sister? She hasn't got a prayer card. Just… All right. That's all right. Look at the–this man here; he's helpless too, looks like. He doesn't have a prayer card. (Try to get it. Uh-huh. What say? Oh, yes.) Is there a Spanish interpreter here? Just raise up and… If there's a somebody here who can say the word in Spanish, say, "O number 13." Oh, you got to have one here. That's right. Or like, somebody say that; go ahead.

E-50 All right. Indian. Somebody who can speak Indian. Apache, I suppose. Isn't that…?… All right. 13? All right, 14, who has 14? Prayer card 14 and 15? How we getting lined up? Is that enough? 15? All right. 15? All right. That's… They need… We need an Indian interpreter. If there is somebody can interpret the Apache dialect. Why, come if you will. And if… Spanish. The ushers and them are calling for that interpreter. All right. Have you got one now? You got–you got an… you… They got it in Spanish. All right.
Need an Indian interpreter. Amen. Are they all… All right, now. Where's the organist? Right here. Now, let's–let's all be just as reverent as we can now.

E-51 And now, Christian friends, I want you all to remember this. That I'm your brother. And I–I'm subject to mistakes like everyone else. Now, but I'm not here to just… This is not a stage show, by no means. This is a religious meeting. It's where we're trying to represent Jesus, with all of our heart, by a Divine gift and by His Word. His Words are true. And if His Words isn't true, then He isn't Jesus. If He's Almighty God, He can do all things, is that right? And if He can't do all things, He's not Almighty God. Is that true? So everyone be reverent. Be in prayer. Be with one accord.
Now, how many people in the building here, anywhere around, that does not have prayer cards, and yet you want God to heal you, just raise up your hand, say, "I want God to heal me." Well, it's just everywhere.

E-52 Now, if our Lord Jesus can heal one person, He can heal all the people. And now, the only thing you have to know this, is to believe His Presence is here, to believe that He is here to help you. And if you believe that and will accept that, then He can help you. And I trust now, that you'll do that, each one of you will be reverent and believe on Him with all your heart.
God sent Him to you. He died for your sins. He died for your sickness. You're here; your doctor has done all he can do. There's nothing else could be done by the doctor. And the only one you can look forward to now is Jesus Christ.

E-53 Now, what if He was here as resurrected and standing here in a body form. What kind of… What did He do when He was here on earth? If He is the same yesterday, today and forever, what kind of a work did He do here on earth? He didn't claim to be a Healer, did He? But He paid the full price for healing. He was the One Who paid for your healing. Is that right?
Your healing come because of transgressions. Is that true? See, sickness is a attribute of sin. See? It's an attribute of sin. Sickness come because of sin. Before we had any sickness–had any sin rather, we had no sickness. Then after sickness came… After sin came, rather, sickness followed it. See? Maybe nothing you done but something you've inherited from some of your people.

E-54 So then, we've got to deal with sin every time. And if you can't deal with sin, without dealing with sickness, you can't. 'Cause it's the same atonement.
And now, when He was here, He–He paid the price for your healing. But He done great miracles. And Who–Who did He say did those miracles? His Father, is that right? He said His Father was in Him. But He saw visions. He knowed what was wrong with people. He knowed what they'd done in their life. But He said Hisself that He did nothing except the Father showed Him first by a vision. Is that right? That's what–that's what He said.
And then He said, "The things that I do, shall the church also," after His resurrection. Did He say He'd do it? Then if He… If that Scripture is true, which we know it is, then He's the same tonight that He was then. He's with us. And if He will bring Himself down, promising, from glory, and reveal Hisself here in the church tonight in that manner, will you all accept Him as Saviour and Healer? Will you do it? God bless you.

E-55 Now, kind Father, may these things be brought to pass. Have mercy on Your poor unprofitable servant. And I pray that this will be the time that the Lord Jesus Christ will be made known to manys of the peoples here, all that's present. May sinners realize that they must come to judgment. And maybe before the night is over, right in this meeting here, they may never go from the door. God be merciful, knowing that a great endless eternity lays before us.
We pray that You'll manifest Your Son Jesus Christ tonight, through Your servant, that it might be known that Thou art God, I be Your servant. For we ask it in the Name of Your Son Jesus. Amen.

E-56 Now, I have to say this according to the state law: I am not responsible for any critic that would be near, anyone who is indifferent or criticizing. Because remember, if… Diseases are spirits. And they leave one person; they'll go to another. Anyone knows that's the Scripture, is that right? So upon an unbeliever, I'd have no control of it at all. I would on a believer, but not on an unbeliever. So be it known.
Now, in the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God, I take every spirit in here under my control for the glory of God.

E-57 How do you do, lady? 'Course anyone knows, as we're standing here, that I would… I guess we're strangers to each other, are we, lady? I never seen you in my life. We're perfect total strangers to each other. But if Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was standing here in a body of flesh as I am, well, He would know what your trouble was, or what you wanted, or whatmore, what about you. He–He would know wouldn't He?
But now, for healing, He'd say, "I did that at Calvary." So, when He would… If He would come then and would speak through me, His servant, that He would know–could say the same thing, couldn't He? It was just… It might be my lips a moving, but it wouldn't be my voice speaking. It'd be something else. Is that right?

E-58 Now, do you… You are a Christian. I see that. You're a Christian believer. And… But now, as we talk, just like our Lord talked to the woman at the well. Have you been in meetings before, some of my meetings? One before–two of them. This meeting? Oh, I see. I see. Eight years ago when I was here. Well, then you… That was a quite a visit.
I'm just talking to you, waiting for something to happen, sister. That is, the Holy Spirit. Without that, I'd just be as helpless as anybody else. But I have to have–have that anointing and His Spirit.
You are becoming real small before me. If Jesus the Son of God, standing present could make known your trouble, like He did the woman at the well or so forth, you'd accept Him then as your Healer or whatmore? You're suffering now with a–a–some sort of a nervous condition. You're extremely nervous.

E-59 Then I–I see a doctor that's standing by. It was… it's… Your having some kind of a trouble in the neck, kind of a–a trouble, it's a swelling like, or something takes place in the neck. And that doctor done something to your neck, where… It was an operation. He took something out of your neck. It was a goiter. But say, that's been years ago, four, five years ago. You wasn't as gray as you are now. Then I… There's something wrong with your–with your arm. It's your left arm, I believe. Isn't that right? It's a bone. Something wrong with a bone. The doctor's doctoring it now, to be…?…

E-60 Those things true? They are true. Then you believe that He–He was standing here, and He's the One Who knows those things? That was my… not my voice, that was Him. And if I pray and ask Him, you think now, while His anointing is here like that, would you get well? Come here.
Merciful heavenly Father, in Your Divine Presence we now stand, knowing that someday we got to meet You, give an account of our lives. And we pray for mercy, dear God. Now, bless our sister, and may she go from here a well person. May she get healed tonight, as I lay hands upon her asking for mercy, in the Name of Jesus, the Son of God. Amen. God bless you, sister. Now, go and may the Lord be with you.

E-61 [–Ed.]… are out there. You who are sick, He knows every one of you.
You speak English? You believe me to be His servant? Then if I be His servant, well then, I could–I could help you, if I could, only by prayer, is that right? The only way that I could help you…
Look here, just a moment. You have a strange thing on… I see you trying to smell at something. It… You–You're–You've lost the sense of smell. You don't smell no more, is that right? Will Jesus give it to you tonight? Restore? Will you serve Him all your life? Come here.
Kind heavenly Father, in the Name of Your beloved Son, Jesus, I now ask that this sense of the body that's been missing from our sister, will return. For I ask it in Jesus Christ's Name. Smell? She can smell now. You are healed. God bless you.

E-62 He heals all the sick and the afflicted. There's nothing that He… Which–where's the patient? This man? Oh, don't speak… You, interpreter? Now, here's a man that cannot speak English now. Now, how could I be reading his mind, and he couldn't speak English. I shall talk to him a little while. You shall see the way it happens in foreign countries, where they don't speak…
You–You just interpret. Don't look… You just don't look… You–you just listen at me say to him. I've got to catch his spirit. See? Do you believe me to be God's servant? That's the confession of his faith. If… are… You and I are strangers to each other? I do not know you. If Jesus Christ, the Son of God has risen from the dead, He promised that the things that He did, His servants would do also. You… Then you believe that I am able to do this, through Jesus Christ? He does? The patch on his neck is a cancer. You are also a Catholic. You have a wife. She is Catholic too. She's suffering with an inward trouble. That right? She's setting right down here. Ask if he believes now. He does too. Come here.

E-63 Our kind heavenly Father, in the Name of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, may this be condemned, this demon that's taking his life. And may he and his loved one live to be happy and old. Grant it, Lord. I condemn this disease in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Tell him, "Only believe."
Now, you're the interpreter, I thank you for your… God bless you. By being so kind, I see you have something on your heart too. You're a minister of the Gospel, isn't that right? It's somebody connected with you in this audience. It's that little girl setting right there. She's a–a niece. And she has asthma. Is that right? Go lay your hands on her for the kindness of God…?…

E-64 Have faith in God. Believe with all your heart. And you shall see what the glory of the Lord…?… If thou canst believe, all things are possible to them that believe. Just have faith in God.
How many more you going…?… Now, in the audience and everywhere, believe with all your heart. He… I could not heal you. Of course, I couldn't. I'm a man. But this Spirit of God, which is here now, if you'll just believe on Him, He will heal you. See? He will–He will just confirm… If–if a man tells the truth, God is obligated to speak about the person. And He said He would. God said in Hebrews 11:2, "He testified of His gifts."

E-65 Now, what do you think about that, lady? You keep setting looking this way so sincerely. You believe with all your heart? If I be God's prophet, you couldn't hide your life from me. That's right. If I could reveal to you what's wrong with you, will you accept your healing? Heart trouble. Is that right? Stand up. Now, you can go home, be well in Jesus' Name.
Do you believe? Now, just reverent everywhere. If you… Do you believe, lady? You want to get over that diabetes? Believe God's going to make you well. Stand up. Say, "I accept it." God bless you, and go get well.
I suppose we're strangers, are we, lady? You believe on the Lord Jesus with all your heart? I believe it. And I believe you believe me. I know you do. For you're… Yeah, your spirit's just so welcome. And I–I know that you believe.
Now, if you're a believer, we're strangers to each other, don't know one another. But God knows both of us doesn't he? He certainly does. And He is here, the One I'm trying to represent. You feel like if Jesus was here, He'd stand at this platform? Well, He'd know all about you. He'd know all about this audience, as the Father would reveal it to Him. Like the woman with the blood issue that touched His garment. He turned around. That's what happened out here, just somewhere out here, a few minutes ago.

E-66 I want you to look this way and believe with all your heart. And–and may God help you. Because it's awfully dark around where you're standing. I'm waiting to see what He will tell me, 'cause you're a very sick person.

E-67 The first thing I say, that you're not from this city. You're from a place called Bur–Burgess, or Bergon, or Burgess. Yes, it sounds like He spelled "B" something. All right. You're fixing to go home tomorrow. You're going by bus, aren't you. Your name is Julia Majors or something like that. Is that right? You're suffering with a… You have a hernia. You have something on your left ankle. It's a growth. Is that right? Not showing, but it's–it's on your ankle. I see you in a vision moving with it, doing something to it. And you also have varicose veins in your limbs. Is that right? It is. And you–you have kidney trouble; you have heart trouble. You have lung trouble. You got arthritis. Go to your home. Be well. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ…?… Almighty God, don't make her completely whole for God's glory.
Have faith in God. Don't doubt. Just believe. All right.

E-68 How do you do, sir? I suppose we're strangers, sir. I–I don't know you and… But–but God does know you, doesn't He? Not perhaps until we meet in the Millennium will you–could understand, or neither could I explain what's going on right now in this building. Oh, I wished I could get it to you, wished I could let you see It. All shadows would fade away everywhere. See, It circled this building just then, that same Light went right around this whole building just then, come right back again.
I realize I'm talking to an audience that's from a… All right. If we're strangers, God knows both of us. I don't know you. Never seen you in my life. May be the last time we meet, till we meet in eternity. I hope it isn't. But it may be. Is that right? Then if God, through the power of the Spirit of God, will let me see by a vision, just what Jesus Christ did Himself and said we would do also. This is according to God's Word. You believe it?

E-69 My man, you're very sick. Your trouble is in your lungs. You have a lung trouble that's absolutely incurable by doctors. That's… Is that right? And you're doing the worst thing in the world against it. You're smoking cigarettes on top of it. And your kind of cigarettes you smoke, I see you have to pour it out in a paper and roll it like that. Is that right? Will you stop it and give your life to Christ, right now? Will you do it?
In the Name of Jesus, the Son of God, I condemn the devil that's bound this poor man, and say may he be loosed in Jesus Christ' Name. Amen. God bless you. Go, and God bless you. Live now. And may the Lord Jesus be with you.

E-70 You believe? The kindness of God, the mercies… Just… Oh, how that He would just… Take this building of people just now, if you could just get–just every heart beating the same, look like it'd just break it to pieces and just fall all over you. I am telling you the truth. I–I–I lie not. God is testifying I'm telling the truth. And Christian friends, I've witnessed these things practically around the world. And it's the truth. I know it may seem a little strange to you, but it's the truth. God is proving it's the truth.
Just have faith. Is this the patient? You believe these things? For somebody else, isn't it? They're not here. Two of them, and they're young ladies. And they are both from an Eastern country. They're nieces to you. One of them has nervousness, and one of them is in a sanitarium or something. It's a lung, TB trouble. One of them is in West Virginia, the other one is in Maryland, is that right?
I send a blessing to them in the Name of Jesus Christ, and may they be made well for God's Glory. And bless you, my sister, for your gallantry in Jesus Christ's Name, may you go and they be made well.

E-71 All right, would you come, lady? You believe, all your heart? Would you… If I'd tell you something, would you just obey what I said do. Now, look. You go home and eat your supper. You had a peptic ulcer for a long time in the stomach. Now, go eat and just thank God and rejoice and be happy. And you'll get well.
You believe with all your heart? It's over to the corner and I can't see who it is.
Do you want to get over the asthma? Do you accept your healing now? O God, in the Name of Jesus, the Son of God, may her blessing come to her and may she get healed, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go, having faith, believing with all your heart.

E-72 If God, our Heavenly Father, would reveal… I'm getting so weak, lady, I can hardly… So I… If God will speak and just go right, like He did to the woman at the well, exactly where your trouble is, do you accept your healing? Heart trouble. All right, go. And may Jesus Christ make you well. All right.
You believe? You believe me with all your heart? You believe that I be able… If God will tell me exactly where your trouble is, knowing that we're strangers to each other, will you accept your healing right now, knowing that I'm telling you that Jesus Christ… If… In other words, if God will let me know where your trouble is, and exactly, absolutely, as It does every one, then you know that my words is true then, is that right? And my words is this, that Jesus healed you nineteen hundred years ago. Will you accept it now? It's your back, is that right? Go. In the Name of Jesus Christ, and be made well.

E-73 Come. Speak English? Come. You believe me as God's servant? You believe if God will let me know where your trouble is, you accept Jesus your Healer? You will? It's kidney trouble. That right? Now, you can go be made well. Jesus Christ heal you and make you well for God's glory. God bless you, lady. All right.
Speak English? No English. Is there someone here can interpret? You don't need it. You believe? Go eat. Jesus makes you well. Heavenly Father, I curse this disease with this stomach, and may she be made well in Christ's Name.

E-74 You believe with all your soul? Your heart trouble has gone. Go in the Name of the Lord Jesus and be made well.
Speak English? Little? You're Indian? Carlos, San Carlos. Oh, you're… All right. You have lung trouble and TB. Jesus Christ is going to make you well tonight. You go back up and tell the tribe, "Jesus Christ lives and reigns." Cursed be the devil that's done this to the man, and may he go be well. Amen.

E-75 You believe? May everybody in this building… Have faith, lady. I know when your baby's… what's wrong with it. I'm just waiting to see what He is going to say to me. Keep your hand on him. Keep your heart in the center of God. No need me telling what's wrong. It's–'course its condition there, anyone can see that.
Just only have faith. Believe with all your heart. God will make you well. God will do it. I'm watching…?… all over the whole audience.
She's setting there with that cancer on the–the liver, setting there. You only got one chance to live and that is, accept Jesus as your Healer. Will you do that? And believe with all your heart that God will make you well? You accept it? If you do you can be made well.

E-76 You with the bronchial trouble setting there. If you… Oh, yes. If… You want believe with all your heart. Be made well.
If every person in here wants to be healed at this time, you can be healed right now. I want you to do something for me. I want you just lay your hands over on each other, just a minute for a word of prayer. Put your hands on one another.
Now, that what's coming through here is a witness of what I'm talking about. It's the resurrected Jesus Christ. Your hands are…?… one another. As you go through, the Angel of God is over you, making His rebuke, and you…

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