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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham called Expectancy was delivered on Sunday evening, 8th November 1953 at the Sportcenter in Owensboro, Kentucky, U.S.A.
The tape, number 53-1108E, is 1 hour and 10 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette.

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E-1 … is my prayer. Good evening, friends. It's indeed a privilege to be back here tonight to minister to this audience. And tonight is a Sunday night when all the churches are having services of their own. We've asked all the people to–that have their own churches open to stay from their church tonight of camp meeting so that they can attend their own church. That's our business, is to try to keep the people in–in their churches. And those who do not go to church, we're trying to get them to go to church.
We're very grateful for the afternoon meeting, for the souls that was brought to Jesus Christ. And we trust that you'll affiliate somewhere, with some good church of your choice, and will make that your church home, and remain a Christian as long as you live. And I hope to meet you in a better land, where we… there'll be no sorrow, no sickness. There'll be no more altar calls, everybody being saved. So may our Lord bless each one of you.

E-2 Now, I think they said tomorrow night the–the services will be somewhere else. I'm pretty sure. Tomorrow night, is that right, Doctor? Where? In the senior high school. You have already announced it, I suppose. Yes, thank you. In the senior high school building, tomorrow night… And may the Lord bless you. We're trusting that it will prove to be a great meeting this coming week.
Soon we got to leave for overseas, for Africa and India, different parts of the world. I'll always remember Owensboro, from this last week, of the wonderful time that we've had, believing that God will abundantly bless you.
Now, I'm just a little late. The one who come and got me was just a little sick theirself, and we had to have prayer for them before coming.

E-3 I wish to read a portion of the Word of God. And just a comment or two, then we'll go right straight into praying for the sick. Found in Luke, the 2nd chapter, the 25th verse, beginning:

Behold, there was a man in Jerusalem, whose name was Simeon; the same man was just and devout, waiting for the consolation of Israel: and the Holy Ghost was upon him.

Behold, there was a man in Jerusalem, whose name was Simeon; the same man was just and devout, waiting for the consolation of Israel: and the Holy Ghost was upon him.

And it was revealed unto him by the Holy Ghost, that he should not see death, before he had seen the Lord's Christ.

And he came by the same instant, into the temple: and when the parent brought the child Jesus, to do for him after the custom of the law,

Then took he him up in his arms, and blessed God, and said,

Lord, now letteth thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word:

For my eyes have seen thy salvation.

In the Acts of the apostle, in the 2nd chapter we read these verses, in the 22nd verse:

Ye men of Israel, hear these words; Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God among you by signs, wonders, and miracles, which God did by him in the midst of you all, where you also know yourselves.

E-4 Now, shall we bow our heads just a moment while we speak to the Author of this Word.
Our beloved heavenly Father, we're indeed grateful to Thee, tonight, for the privilege that we have of coming to Thee in the Name of Thy only begotten Son, Jesus. Knowing that when we were once alienated away from God, ugly, in the world, in sin and trespasses, but You sent Him to the earth, the lovely One, to take our place for a propitiation of our sin. He died at Calvary to reconcile us back to the Father, the Creator of our being. And we who were once Gentiles, carried away with dumb idols, has now, in the reconciliation, brought back to God, insomuch that we are called the sons and daughters of God. And it does not yet appear what we shall be in the final end, but we know we'll have a body like His, free from sickness, free from sin, free from death, for we shall see Him as He is.

E-5 O God, that makes the heart of every mortal leap. That hope is within us, and so simple. Thou has made it so simple, that even the fool, You said, should not error in the way. "He that heareth My Words, and believeth on Him that sent Me, hath Everlasting Life." What a loving Father we have. And we're grateful to Him Who brought us to Himself by the death of His Son at Calvary.
And God, we most humbly embrace the cross tonight, and the Christ of the cross, and confess that we're sinners, and not deserving of anything. But alone in His mercy, and on His merits, we come to offer Thee thanksgivings and praises to Thee for what Thou has done.

E-6 And now, loving Father, may You send Him tonight in the power of the Holy Spirit, and may He heal the sick. Many of your children here are sick and needy. They've gathered in from all around different parts of the nation. We pray that You'll bless every church tonight, throughout the world, where they got the doors open, and their members are faithfully at the post of duty; bless them. And these people here, who are scattered from one part of the country to the other, has gathered in here tonight to be prayed for. And God, we pray that You'll heal them everyone. And when we leave, may we say with those from Emmaus that day, "Did not our hearts burn within us because of His Presence?" For we ask it in His Name. Amen.

E-7 I just have a moment or two to speak to you, but I have such a love in my heart for Him, till it just seems as I would just have to speak a word or two for Him.
I'm thinking of the text that I just read, of this aged old man by the name of Simeon. He was a priest at the temple, of a great age, about eighty years old, and a–a great, a name of honor among all the people around the place. And what a–a person he was, what a–a character, renown, man of honor. And it was revealed to him by the Holy Spirit, that he wasn't to see death until he seen the Christ.
Now, the Christ had been the center of all the hopes, since the garden of Eden, of redemption. And all of the prophets had looked forward to Him coming. And now, here was a man eighty years old (Think of it.), and yet, boldly confessing that he wasn't going to die until he seen the Christ. Could you imagine what it would–the people would say about the old fellow? "Why, he's just mentally off. There's something wrong with him. He isn't… His mind isn't right. Well, that old man at eighty years old almost ready to die now, and yet says he's going to see the Christ." And they, the Jews were in Roman captivity at the time of the birth of Christ, and how far away it seemed.

E-8 And that's the way tonight. Many of you here may seem like that your time of deliverance is way away. But sometime when it seems the farthest away, and the darkest of hour, that's when you receive help from God. There's an old God dishonoring proverb which says, "God helps those who help themself." That's an error. God helps those who can't help themself. If you could help yourself, you wouldn't need God's help. But God has mercy on those who cannot help themself.
And Simeon, he wasn't ashamed of his testimony. Why? Because the Holy Spirit told him so.
Now, if I wanted to base the thought here for a few moments, which I will for just a moment, I'm going to take the word: "Expectancy."
And usually a person gets what you expect. Many people comes to meetings, they go to church. Say, "Why, I didn't see nothing. I didn't expect to see anything in the first place." That's the reason you didn't see nothing. "I didn't get helped. I didn't expect to." You usually get what you expect to get. If you come to the service and you're expecting to find something to criticize, a religious service, Satan will be sure that you see it. He will show you something that you can go away and criticize the meeting.

E-9 And if you come expecting to get help from God, God will meet your expectancy. He always does. Wherever you go, whatever you do, what you expect brings your faith. If you come saying, "Well, there's nothing to it," that's just the way you'll go back home, with nothing to it. If you come tonight saying, "Well, if I don't get prayed for, I'll go home and won't be healed," that's just the way you'll go. If you come here tonight saying, "I come for one sole purpose, that is to contact Christ for my body or my soul," you'll go home just as happy as you can be, for you'll contact Him.
Now, no matter what the opposition looks like, Christ is the answer. Faith brings Christ. Notice, could you remember? Eighty years old, white beard, white hair, and yet the old man went around telling people that he wasn't going to die until he seen the Lord's Christ. What a beautiful picture of faith.
Faith knows no defeat. Faith is perfect. Faith brings things when there is no things to be brought. Faith creates. Faith takes doubt away, takes negative and makes positive. How beautiful. The old man had a basis for faith. Faith is not mythical, something mentally worked up, it's an absolutely, fundamental result that happens in a persons heart. When faith is appropriated, then it is something in the person's heart. But it can't be based on, say, "Well, go touch a tree and you'll get well," or–or, "Pray to the–the post." It's got to have a foundation.

E-10 Now, here it is. I want you to get it. How much more foundation could you place your faith on any level than the Word of God? What more could you put faith in? When He said, "Heavens and earth will pass away, but My Word shall never pass away."…
Then it is a fact that God's Word is eternal. And the very world that we're sitting on top of tonight, is nothing more than the Word of God materialized. He spoke the Word, and said, "Let there be," and the world came into existence. All things that you see was made by faith in the spoken Word of God. God said, "Let there be," and He believed His Own Word. Well, after redemption, and a taste of God in our souls and heart, how much more ought we to base our faith on what God give us the promise for and sent Jesus to die, to redeem us to that promise.
Then I look at Simeon. The Holy Spirit revealed to him that he wasn't going to die until he seen the Lord's Christ. He had a basis for it. He wasn't afraid to testify. He knowed it was going to happen.

E-11 Notice, any time that God is taken at His word on those basis, it's going to bring the result that God said it would bring.
Look at the little virgin Mary down in Nazareth, wicked town, worse than Owensboro, real bad, the wickedest city in the world. And a little virgin… Don't say you can't live right. She was a virgin living in the most wickedest city of the time. And she was a virgin. And one day while walking with the water in the Oriental type… If you've ever been to the Orient, they pack the water on their head. Sometimes, if they can balance it good, they have a big jar like, and they put it on each hip and pack it, the women does, coming from the virgin well, which still runs today in Nazareth.

E-12 And on her road up, she was engaged to a man who had been married before and had four sons: Joseph. And on her road up along to her house, a Light shined in front of her. And in the Light stood a big Angel, Gabriel, the Archangel. And He said, "Hail, Mary. Blessed art thou among women. You've found favor with God," and told about what was going to take place. And she was going to have a Child, knowing no man, and was going to call His Name Jesus.
Six months before that, the same Angel came to a priest, and told him his wife, Elisabeth, was going to have a baby after his days of ministration at the temple, Shiloh, and was going back, and he doubted it. He questioned how could it be, her being old, when he had many examples to go by, Sarah, and Hagar, many before. But this little woman didn't have no example. She just had to take God at His Word.

E-13 And here it is. Listen, audience. The girl never questioned the Angel. It had never happened in all the world. Never had there be a baby borned virgin birth. And she didn't question Him. She just took God at His Word. And immediately, she begin to rejoice, and begin to testify, telling the people that she was going to have a baby, knowing no man, didn't tell what the disgrace was. She didn't know how she was going to have it. She didn't wait till she was positive. She didn't wait till she felt life. She took God at His Word and begin to rejoice before anything happened. There you are.
Every man and woman that's ever breathed on this earth that's ever amounted to anything, has been man and women who's done the very same thing: took God at His Word. She was testifying to everybody she was going to have the baby before any visible sign. And if Mary could do that on something that had never happened, how much more ought you and I to do it tonight on the basis of faith in God's Word, when hundreds each night are being healed? How much more should we believe it?

E-14 Simeon believed it. God's always had a remnant somewhere that believed it. Aren't you happy tonight to be one of His remnant? Aren't you happy that you're a believer, that God has give you grace in your heart to come and believe these things, which are fundamentally, solid Gospel?
Now, as Simeon begin to get older, still testifying, I'd imagine the people said, "The old man is… And something went wrong with him." But he believed it.
Now notice, if God has made a promise, God is under obligation to fulfill His promise to every individual that will accept that promise. You believe it?

E-15 Now, then in this time, the baby was born in Bethlehem of Judaea. There's a few stargazers come up and watched it, the star come across and hang over the baby. They went and worshipped. But news didn't get spread around like it would today. And if–if he would be happen again today, they'd just say, "Some fanatics are gathered up there." There wouldn't be much to it. They don't pay any attention to Him. They wouldn't today. They wasn't concerned.
But the Angels came and sang to some shepherds on the hillside. Every time there's a king born, people sing. There was nobody on earth here to welcome Him, so a bunch of peasants, and Angels sang to them. When you think of His hailing to the earth the first time that Angelic Beings come down from the heavens and sung to the peasants, "Today, in the city of David is born Christ the King." Oh, my, what a visitation to the earth.
It was a Jewish law that every mother for her purification and the circumcision of a baby, as every Jew baby was born, had to be brought to the temple after eight days and circumcised.

E-16 Let's give a little drama so the children will get it. It's Monday morning we see at the temple. Oh, there's a great crowd of people. There's about two million something Jews in Palestine at that time, perhaps maybe two or three hundred babies were borned overnight. And every day, that would mean two or three hundred babies standing up, maybe, for circumcision and so forth, of male children.
Let's take it Monday morning. The temple's real busy, everybody coming and going. Down along the line stands a great long line of women waiting for their purification, circumcision.

E-17 Let's look down along the line now, with a–with a mental vision. I see standing along the line, rich women with babies with little lace handwork garments, holding a lamb, a rich baby's offering. Way down along the line, I see a little girl about eighteen years old with a veil over her face, poorly dressed, holding something in her hand, not in fine needle work, but in swaddling's cloth. Swaddling's cloth is what they take off the back of the yolk of an ox. When it's plowing, it'd rub it's shoulders, they put cloth on there.
And when He was born, the King of heaven, the richest of all the world, He was born in a manger. I wonder why? He was a Lamb. Lambs are not born in houses; they're born in barns. He was the Lamb of God. He was borned on a straw pile. He came in by the way of a stable door and went out through capital punishment. The world knew Him not, and the world knows Him not yet tonight.

E-18 Look at Him, the lovely One, wrapped in swaddling's cloth, and laying in a mother's arms was two little turtledoves for a purification, a peasant's offering. She had kind of a black name along. You know, it just kinda seemed like that all along in there, there was kind of a black name followed Him anyhow. And when He come along to that time when He was walking on there with that black name following Him… What a time, poor little Fellow, His mother had a–a name of having this baby by Joseph, even not even being lawfully married to him yet. That didn't bother her. In her heart she knowed whose Son that was. I can see the mothers keeping their distance from her. "There's that girl," in disgrace.

E-19 Here it is. If I'm getting this right, so is it today. A man or a woman who really tries to live a Christian life, and abstain from the things of the world, the world backs off and says they're a fanatic. Every man that tries to trust God, his fellow man will call him, "Goody-goody," or, "a sissy," or something like that. Sissy? I don't judge man by the callous in his hands, it's by the bag of the knee in his pants, whether he bows and prays or not. Men's not judged by statue, he's judged by character. I seen men that weighed two hundred pounds, and didn't have an ounce of man in him: ravish a mother with a baby in her arm. A man's judged by character, what he is inside.

E-20 Watch this case. They pass on by, but way over in a prayer room, let's think, in the temple, there was an old man setting there reading in the Scriptures. His name was Simeon. "All we like sheep have gone astray. The Lord has laid upon Him the iniquity of us all. He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquity. The chastisement of our peace upon Him, and with His stripes we are healed." I can see Simeon say, "Wonder who that meant? Is that the Messiah?" If God has told Simeon that he was going to see the Messiah, and the Messiah for the first time was in the temple, it's God's obligation to see that Simeon sees Him. Is that right?

E-21 I can see the Holy Spirit strike Simeon, say, "Stand up." Simeon stands up. I believe that sons of God are led by the Spirit of God. The Messiah's in the temple. I can hear the Holy Spirit say to Simeon, "Start walking." He don't know where he's going; he's just walking. Here he comes, led by the Holy Spirit, milling around through the people, comes down along that line till he finds this little despised virgin standing there with a baby in her arms, reaches over, takes the baby in his arms, tears rolling down his white beard, and says, "Lord, let Thy servant now depart in peace according to Thy Word, for my eyes have seen Thy Salvation."

E-22 At the same time, there's a blind prophetess in the temple by the name of Ann, the virgin Ann. She departed not from the temple, but was in the temple day and night, praying. And she too waited for the coming of the Lord. And at the same time, the Holy Spirit moved on her. And here comes old blind Ann, way in her eighties, moving by the Holy Spirit among all those people, not knowing where she was going, led by the Holy Spirit until she come and stood in front of the Christ Child and raised up her hands and blessed God.
What led you here tonight? David said, "When the deep calleth to the deep, if there's a deep in you calling…" How many here believe in Divine healing? Let's see your hands. If you believe in Divine healing, there's got to be a fountain open somewhere, the first thing God's Word promised us. Is that right? And if God's Word has promised it, and you are a Christian, I don't believe you'd come across the country… And I come here tonight seeing license from Texas, and Louisiana, everywhere. You never come all this distance, leaving your own church and things tonight to set in this little place here just to be seen. You've come because something in you is telling you that there's a fountain somewhere, open for Divine healing. And the same Holy Spirit that led Simeon has led you tonight right into this place here where Jesus Christ the Son of God, nightly makes the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the lame to walk. Do you believe Him?

E-23 Now, Jesus in His ministry, take a look to what He was. He wasn't a great Man, or claimed not to be. He was a poor Man. He didn't dress different from other men; He dresses like any other man. He was no beauty that we should desire Him, probably a little thin delicate looking Man. But when He spoke, He spoke of His Father. He said, "It's not Me that doeth the works; it's My Father that dwelleth in Me. He doeth the work."
And when He passed by a bunch of crippled people one day at the pool of Bethesda, went up, healed a man that had maybe a prostate trouble or something, went on up. The Jews questioned Him about it. And He said, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing, that doeth the Son likewise." He only did as God showed Him.

E-24 When He was here on earth, when the people stood by Him, He perceived their thoughts. Is that Scripture? He perceived what they were thinking of. And what did the world say about Him? Said, "He was the chief of the devils, the greatest of fortunetellers." They didn't recognize. Fortunetellers are not healers and so forth. Fortunetellers are people who are impersonating the dead or something.
God speaks of judgment, righteousness, salvation, power, healing. How wonderful that Jesus magnified God. When they come to Him, and said to Him different things, asked Him questions, He said, "I only do as My Father shows Me."
He went to a woman at the well. He said, "Bring Me a drink." She questioned about Him being a Jew and her a Samaritan, but He said, "If ye knew Who you were talking to, you would ask Me for a drink." And as the conversation went on, He found out where her trouble was. And He said, "Go, get your husband." That was her trouble.
And she said, "I perceive that You are a Prophet."

E-25 Now, Jesus has risen from the dead. There's where the trouble is today. There's where the Christian church has let down today. They teach you theology, they teach the Word, but brother, the Bible… Jesus said, "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. He that believeth, is baptized shall be saved, and he that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe: In My Name they shall cast out devils, speak with new tongues, and heal the sick, and so forth." He said, "The things that I did shall you also, and greater than this shall you do, for I go to My Father." Now, Christian friend, He has risen from the dead.
Here recently, when one of the greatest doctors of the fundamental churches today stood and had to change his subject for a Mohammedan who told him that they had just as much consolation as believing in Mohammed the prophet, as they did in believing the Son of God to be Jesus Christ. Said, "We both just believe it. Both wrote Bibles. We all believe it, so what difference does it make?" They said, "Our Mohammed never promised anything like your Jesus did." Said, "Let me see you people produce, reproduce and prove the resurrection of Christ by His Life living in the Church, as He said He would do, then I'll believe your Christ rose from the dead." What a pity that the Church has let down.

E-26 Tonight I say to you, to everyone of you, in here there's probably Methodist, Baptists, Catholic, Presbyterian, you're all mixed together. We don't tell you what church to go to; we tell you what Lord to serve: Jesus Christ. God has never one time questioned to me about what church anyone went to. He's always… If they don't live right, He will rebuke sin; but He don't say nothing about your churches. Now, may the Lord help you tonight while we bow our heads again for prayer.
Our heavenly Father, laying before me here lays handkerchiefs that these sick people has loved ones across the country. I pray that You'll heal every one of them. And may Thy Holy Spirit come quickly, Lord, and touch these handkerchiefs and bless them for their intended purpose. And may the sick be made well.

E-27 And now, our Father, Who raised Jesus Christ Thy Son from the dead, and has sent Him to the Church, that the Church might represent Him to the people, that the unbelievers might believe, may He send His great Angel tonight, and stand by Your unprofitable servant.
And may this audience that's gathered in tonight from the different parts, this little group of people, may they receive the blessings of God, and go away from here, happy and thrilled, knowing that Jesus still lives and reigns, and is raised from the dead and living among the people. Give them all Eternal Life, and forgiveness of sin. And grant unto Thy servant, Lord, who is unprofitable for these things, but grant me forgiveness of sins and Eternal Life, that I might stand and intercede for the people. For I realize, Father, as I minister to the people, I am ministering unto Thee. For Thou has said, "Insomuch as you do unto the least of these my little ones, you have done it unto me." Hear me, Lord. I plead these blessings for Your glory, in Jesus' Name, Thy Son. Amen.

E-28 Pardon me for taking so long in the talking. I want perfect reverence, if you will, please. Keep your children near you. And now, if I shall ask you any time to bow your head, I'd do it for one purpose, friend, for reverence. I'm not responsible for critics or anyone disobedient. For let it be well assured as you're taught now, and know, and see with your own eyes that demonology, demons that's bound people, go from one to another. That's the Scripture.
Remember where those demons of Gadara tried, begged Jesus to let them go into some hogs? You remember the Scripture? And many of you here from different parts of the country has been in the meetings, and has seen epilepsy come from one, go to the other. He'd strike them down by the many. Has anybody ever seen that in a meeting? Let's see you raise your hand just so the others setting around might… Yeah, that's right, many of you. It's true. It'll go from one to another. So you be reverent.
Now, it's not playing church, friends. It's not a stage show. It's trying to bring to you your resurrected Lord, Who died that you might have these privileges. May God grant it.

E-29 Now, we've give out some prayer cards; they told us back there awhile ago. We can't bring too many at a time to the platform. We can only bring a few at a time. Some of them are unable to stand, and so forth, so we just pray that you'll be patient with us, and–and everybody just remain right where you are, and be reverent. Keep just as reverent as you can, for every bit of it is spirit. And when the spirits moves… Out there there's spirits; everywhere there's spirits. Every human being is a spirit, and you have to break from one dimension to another.
And now, you just draw in your mind what character, what kind of a person Jesus Christ was. And then see if He will come to us tonight, and will manifest Hisself to the Church.

E-30 How many got the pictures yesterday? Let's see your hands around. Pictures, we don't sell them on Sunday. We respect the Lord's day. But get one if you can. And I just buy them from the studios, and let you have them.
Scientifically, if I–this will be my last service tonight I ever have, Christian friends, before God I have told the truth. And God's vindicated it to several million people around the world. It's been tried in every fiery furnace Satan has, I believe. And yet, then in the scientific world, He has a vindicated it to be the truth. So I've told you the truth, and God's testifying of the truth. And I pray that God will bless every one of you tonight.

E-31 What… I believe they said it was prayer card F they give out. Now, it's a little card. I think it's got my picture on the front side. Turn it over, and there'll be a letter F, and there'll be a number on there. And now, that number on the back… Now, let's begin somewhere along there. I suppose, being a hundred of those cards, we can't bring the hundred at once. Let's begin around about say, I believe last night we started in fifty, or and go from one… Let's start about, take about eighty to a hundred tonight, that'd give us about twenty to begin with.
[–Ed.] I–I believe I do recognize this, is this the friends that was with me in Colorado, the Doctor Ackerman and them, isn't that? I'm–I'm glad to see you. I'm… I didn't notice you setting there. Glad to have you here tonight, some friends that was with me in Colorado the other day, Doctor Ackerman from Indiana, and his friends. I'm happy to see you. 'Course Mr. Bosworth setting there, Dr. Bosworth from Florida.

E-32 But I suppose, my brother, that we're strangers you and I. Yes, we don't know each other.
Now, I want the audience to pay close attention and watch. I want you to watch the expression on the people's faces as they come near, and come up close. When the anointing of the Holy Spirit is here, no one can stand near without recognizing It.
And now, if this man, and myself, which are probably born miles apart, raised miles apart, or whatmore, and years apart, we've never met in all of our life. And we–we just… That's still… If anything would be known, it would have to come from God. Now, whether He will or not, that I do not know. It's in His sovereign grace, if He does.

E-33 Now, the reason they set these two microphones here is because of when the anointing of the Holy Spirit, I never know what takes place. The next day I have to pick it up on a tape recording up there, to find out what I said myself. And that's the way we catch a record on everything. Watch what He tells you, and do just exactly what He says, and I'll assure you that everything will be just the way He said.
Now, be in prayer. You don't have to bow your head, but unless you're asked to, and pray. Now, I–I must talk to this man just a little in order to contact his spirit. And I want you all to help me tonight. And each Christian in your heart praying, 'cause there's unbelievers setting present. There's critics setting present. And do you realize that I'm representing the Lord that you serve in your church? And you realize what a position it is, sometime before a hundred thousand people. I'm representing Jesus Christ. So you who love Him, pray for me.

E-34 Now, my brother, it's just as our Master talked to the woman at the well. He just had a–a way of talking to her in order to contact her spirit. And you're standing here, a strong looking man as far as I know. And I… And, but God knows both of us, and I'm just trying to speak to you in order to–to contact your spirit like I… And if I am God's servant, and just a humble man as yourself, then the Angel of the Lord… Did you see the picture, did you? And then That comes down, and That gives the anointing. And that anointing then does the–the, it does the telling. That's right.
Now, I perceive that you are a Christian. You're a Christian man. And you are–you are suffering with a–a condition of an eye, an eye trouble. And the doctors want to operate on that eye. You won't permit that. And you–you have been in a meeting of mine before, years ago. And in there, you was setting in the audience by the side of a blind woman, and that woman received her sight. And since then, you have said if you could ever get to me, that God would heal you and cure that eye. Is that the truth what was said? That voice, what… Well, my brother, you have reached that time. God has healed you now. Go on your…
There's here… There's some contact with you and a lady standing down here in this audience back here. I see it's your wife. She's suffering with a heart trouble. Is that right? All right. You can both go home and be well now. God bless you; He has healed you.

E-35 Let's be very reverent. Watch with all your heart.
Come, lady. Now, if our Lord has risen from the dead, in Whose place I try to represent, now, and He lives tonight… When He was here on earth at the beginning of His ministry, there was a man converted by the name of Philip. And Philip went and found Nathanael, and he said to Nathanael, "Come, see Who I have found, Jesus of Nazareth, Whom Moses and the law spoke, the Son of Joseph."
He said, "Could any good thing come out of Nazareth?"
He said, "Come, see."

E-36 And as he come near where Jesus was in the prayer line praying for the sick, Jesus said, "Behold, an Israelite in whom there is no guile."
And he said, "When did You know me, Rabbi (or Reverend, Teacher)?"
He said, "Before Philip called you, I saw you when you were under the fig tree."
He didn't stop to say, "Mental telepathy." The thing he said, "Thou art Christ, the Son of the living God."
And when Jesus died, He said, "The things that I do, shall you also. After My resurrection, I'll be with you, in you, to the end of the world." Is that right, lady?

E-37 Then we are strangers, are we? You met me in the–a Chicago meeting? A lobby of a hotel, and just spoke to me, then went on. ["No, I asked you a question."] Well, how–how long ago has it been? In the last meeting in Chicago. Just spoke to me in the lobby. What? You did? Well, now, you know then that you're, as far as meeting thousands of people, I would know nothing from you. Now, I know–know. You just knowed me, and I didn't know you. Of course, that's right. But if the Lord Jesus is here to help you, He will know all about you. And if He will, in His sovereign grace tell you where–what's wrong with you and what for you to do, or what you haven't done, you'll believe Him?
You–you are suffering with something in the kidney. You have a… The doctor said it's–it's a fallen kidney. That is true. And you are… There's somebody with you; it's a little boy. He's kind of a thin, and he's got brown hair. And he can't learn in school very well. And he's kinda mentally retarded. Is that right? And you're his grandmother. And the little… Aren't you from around about Franklin, Indiana? Franklin? And you're name is Mrs. Ralph Kepler. Is that right? Now, you're healed. And go lay your hand on your grandson, and he shall recover if you believe with all your heart. God bless you. May God be with my sister, and help her, in Jesus Christ Name I ask it. Amen. God bless you, mother.

E-38 The word "Amen" means "so be it." Could the audience to Jesus Christ say, "Amen"? [Congregation says, "Amen."–Ed.]
Would you come? You come a believer. All right, sir. There seems to be something around you. Yes, you've just been healed of stomach trouble. Isn't that right? And you're so happy about it, until you've come to pray for an old woman. It's your mother. And she has kidney trouble, rheumatism, and arthritis. Go, lay your hand on her, and call the Name of Jesus Christ, and may God bless you, my brother. God bless you.
Be thankful and be grateful to God. Are you believing? Believe with all your heart and God shall bring it to pass.
How do you do, lady? I suppose we are strangers too. God knows us both, doesn't He? Only God can help you. But if I be His prophet, by His grace He has sent me to help you. You believe that? And you are a Christian. And the trouble of your body is about the head. You've just had an operation. And it won't heal up right. Isn't that the truth? Was that the truth? See, I don't remember sometimes; it's a vision. I'm looking at something else; it's another dimension.
Just a moment. There was something else that I seen. Oh, you are concerned about someone else being healed. It's your husband. He has a–a high blood pressure, and something wrong with his eyes. Is that right? If that–is that the truth? Come here just a moment. Jesus Christ, the Son of God said, "These signs shall follow them that believe." You believe I believe it? "If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." Is that true?
Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed by Thy Name. Thy kingdom come, Thine will be done in earth as it is in heaven. Send Thy blessings upon this woman, who I bless in Thy Name, and may her heart be made happy. And may she be healed, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
Now, go rejoicing, going happy, believing with all your heart. God bless you.

E-39 Would you come, sir? Good evening. Just keep believing. If you can believe, all things are possible to them that believe. Do you believe, sir? Do you believe that Jesus raised from the dead, that He comes here and does these signs and wonders, just…? Do you believe that that feeling that you're feeling now is His Presence? Do you believe that? That He… You realize that something's going on? You are suffering with a–a nervous condition, and kind of a sinus. Isn't that right? And say, you're a minister. You're a preacher. And you used to pastor a church. Since getting sick, you kinda had your service at home. And you come from a wooded country too, rolling hills. It's Indiana. And the beginning is like O-d-e-a-n, Odeana, something, Odeana, or Odean, is that right? Oden? Do you believe me to be His prophet, now? All right. You're finished with your sickness. Go home and take up your church and start pastoring again in the Name of Jesus Christ and be healed. Amen. God bless you, my brother.
Just be reverent.
God bless you, sister. The heart trouble left you when you was crossing here, so you can just go on off the platform. Be thankful and grateful.

E-40 Sir, you setting there saying the prayer, you–you was surprised, wasn't you? Aren't you a Gospel preacher too? You are. You have something to do with a Baptist church. Is that right? I'm not reading your mind, but, see, your–your life you can't hide now. That's your wife setting there. You're suffering from a nervous condition. She's suffering with a mental distress. Is that the truth? You were praying then, "God, let Brother Branham see a vision over me." Is that right? That's the truth. Put your arm around your wife.
Lord Jesus, may Thy mercy come to them both, and may they be healed, live happy together, and serve Thee the rest of their day, in the Name of the–Thy Son we ask it. Amen.
God bless you, my Reverend Brother. Go home. Jesus Christ will make you well.
Are you praying everywhere?

E-41 If you'll believe God, you'll never go blind. You–you believe it? A hardening of the nerves in the eyes. You got a female disorder, a real nervous condition, which caused by the menopause. Do you believe Christ healed you? But you're wanting me to put my hands on you. That's what you're asking for. I'm not reading your mind, but that's true.
Lord Jesus, heal her, and may she go now and be perfectly well, for I cast out the evil spirit, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
God bless you, sister. Go, rejoicing and thanking God and be made well.
Would you come, lady? Do you believe that God sent His Son, Jesus, to die for your sins and for your sickness? For your sins, you have accepted it? And you are a Christian, member of a church. You suffer with a kidney trouble, a poisoning in the kidney. Is that true? Will you accept Him now as your Healer? Then you can be well. Go home. Jesus Christ makes you well, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

E-42 Come, my brother. Do you believe Him with all your heart? Look at me just a minute. Do you believe me to be His prophet? I'm just your brother, as far as that concerned. But now the Holy Spirit has anointed me. Therefore, He shows me what He will. Between you and I sets a table, and you're walking away from it, refusing food. You got stomach trouble, an ulcerated stomach causing you great trouble. You believe now, and believe that Jesus makes you well? Go, eat what you want to. Jesus Christ make you whole. Testify and tell the people what great things God has done.
Lady, one chance for you to live from the cancer, is God to heal you. Is that right? You realize that you're living in your last day, unless God has mercy. Jesus said, "In My Name they shall cast out devils." Do you believe that?
Thou demon called cancer, I adjure thee by the Son of God, Jesus Christ, that you leave the woman. Come out from her.
Now, look here. You've been told you can't live but a little while. Within the next seventy-two hours, you're going to get real sick and start vomiting. When you start doing that, know I've told you the truth. Keep testifying of your healing. God bless you.

E-43 Would you come, lady? Look this a way with all your heart. Believe with all your heart. Between you and I drops white blots of…?… blood. You're a diabetic. Calvary has a transfusion for you, my sister. Do you believe it? Do you accept it?
Almighty God, Creator of heavens and earth, give to our sister life tonight. And may she be healed, in Jesus Christ Name. Amen. Go, rejoicing. Go, thanking God. You'll get well and be all right.

E-44 Come, lady. Do you believe with all your heart? You're in a worse condition than you think you're in. You have heart trouble. It's not just a make-believe. You have a blockage in your heart. You know you can't live without God. That kills more people… [–Ed.] If you can hear my prayer for you, will you serve Him all the days of your life? Come here, my sister.
Our heavenly Father, I bless this Your child. Satan has determined to take her life, and send her to a premature grave. But, Lord, she stands now, believing. And I rebuke this evil spirit that's taken her life. May it leave her, in Jesus Christ Name. Amen.
Now, sister, I don't know what your trouble was, what He told you. But whatever it is, it's gone. Go on your road and rejoice and be happy, and thank God for your healing. All right.

E-45 Fear not, sister. God is with you. Now, anything can happen. Be reverent.
You got heart trouble. And only God can heal you. You accept it now?
Jesus of Nazareth, be merciful to her. I pray that You'll heal her, and take these diseases from her, and may she go and be made well, in the Name of the Son of God, Jesus Christ I ask it. Amen.
Now, go thank…?… no, hearts, and you go on rejoicing now. God bless you. Go, believing.

E-46 Is everyone happy? Re… Let's say, "Thanks be to God." [Congregation says, "Thanks be to God."–Ed.] Now, everyone just be… All right, sister. Just… That's the way to have faith. Go, rejoicing, thanking God. Be made well in the Name of Jesus Christ. Have that kind of slow, steady faith. It pays for you. God bless you. It's left you, now. That drainage and all has gone.
Just a moment. Be reverent. The Angel of the Lord has left the platform. It's moved to the audience for something. Every one reverent now, when you're praying.
It's a woman. She's setting right there praying. She has bronchitis. Raise up, sister. He's made you well now, and you can go home. God bless you. Have faith in God.

E-47 Just a moment. There's a Light standing over the–a couple. Sir, don't you suffer with phlebitis? Isn't that right? Stand to your feet just a moment. You're from out of town. You're–you're thinking about somebody. You've got somebody on your mind. It's a friend of yours that's got arthritis. Isn't that true? And you're… Don't know whether to bring him to the meeting or not. There's some discussion. And the… His wife is a believer. And he's not exactly a believer. And you, yourself, need Jesus Christ as you Saviour. Isn't that right? And don't you come from a place somewhere around about Elkhart, Indiana? Isn't that right? If it is, raise your hand. You now accept Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour? You renounce sin in your life, and will go back home now and live a Christian life? God will heal you of the phlebitis. God bless you. Go home, and may God be with you. You are a Christian now, as a believer. Have faith in God.
Believe. Don't doubt.

E-48 You want to get over that eye condition? Go, believing with all you heart, and God will make you well.
Have faith in God. You believe Him with all your heart?
You have a rupture, don't you, sir? And is that your sister setting next to you there, that has heart trouble? If you believe with all your heart, you can be healed, both go home, be made well. God bless you.
Bring the lady. God bless you, lady. You was healed of that heart trouble when you was passing by there. Go on off the platform. You're well. You see?
Let's say, "Thanks be to God." [Congregation says, "Thanks be to God."–Ed.]

E-49 Now, will you bring the next patient, please? Come this a way, lady. Believe with all your heart. Do you believe with all your heart? Believe that God makes you–will make you well? If I be His servant, I can't heal you, but I can by the help of God know what's wrong with you. You've had a heart trouble for a long time. It's caused from a nervous condition, 'cause you to have a nervous heart. When you lay down at night, you smother so much, especially after eating. It creates a gas in your stomach that pushes it up. It's really not a heart trouble. You think it is, but it's a nervous condition that's come on [–Ed.] since menopause started way back in a young woman. Is that the truth? That's the truth. Never seen you in my life. Well then, if God knows what your life is, doesn't He know what it will be? Do you accept Him now as your Healer? Then it won't bother you no more. It'll leave you. Go, in the Name of Jesus Christ. I bless you for your healing.

E-50 Now, everybody just reverent. Believe with all your heart now. Now, have faith in God. Don't doubt. If you believe, all things are possible to them that believe. What do you think up there in the gallery? Do you believe with all your heart? What do you think over here in the gallery, do you believe with all your heart? What about out through here, are you believing with all your heart?
Reverend, sir, don't you have a rupture and heart trouble there? And your wife setting next to you with the little green dress on has a heart trouble, don't you? That's right. The baby, that's your granddaughter, isn't it? Grandchild. Isn't that your father setting back there…?… Isn't that right? You're little baby's suffering too, isn't it? You're wondering whether it's epilepsy or not. It has some kind of a spells. It's a nervous convulsion. Put your hand over on your baby.
Almighty God, the woman who bore this baby to the earth, your servants the doctors has failed on this, but Thou will not fail. And may it be healed. I rebuke the evil spirit on that infant. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may it leave the child. Amen.
God bless you. Don't fear about the baby no more.

E-51 Howdy do, sir? Now, there's something strange about you, sir. Satan has desired to take your life. You're all tore up. You think you've sinned away your day of grace. You think your life is ruined. Do you love Jesus? What makes you love Him? Before there could be anything to there make you love Him, there has to be a Creator to create the love in your heart. Is that right? If you'd sinned away your day of grace you would hate Jesus. But you love Him, and you're all right. And the Devil's just lying to you. You're nervous. Come here and I'll cast him away for you if you'll believe. Do you believe it?
Bow your head, and keep your heads bowed, everyone, till you hear me say, "Raise up." This is demonology.
Almighty God, be merciful to the boy. He stands here, and Satan trying to get him to get in this condition to commit suicide. But Thou art here to relieve the boy, and to make this evil spirit go. And Thou has said, "These signs shall follow them that believe. In My Name they'll cast out devils." Then upon the authority of God's Word, as a believer, I now ask the spirit that's on the boy, of unbelief, to leave him. Go out in the Name of Jesus Christ, and bother him no more. And I set him free, and may the enemy be bound and leave this room, and torment no one else, in Jesus Christ's Name.

E-52 Now, you're all right. Now, you can raise your head. Feel all right now, son? Is that right? Devils… You'd have committed suicide in a few days. That was on his mind. He thought he'd sinned away his day of grace. When he come up, a real black, heavy, like a fog, meeting me in the face. That's devils. The boy is free, now feel happy. Go on home rejoicing, thanking God for His goodness to you. God bless you.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God." [Congregation says, "Thanks be to God."–Ed.] Are you believing with all your heart?
You have a back trouble, don't you, sir? the man setting there with the brown suit. Isn't that right, sir? You have a back trouble. Isn't that your wife setting right out there at the end? She has a colitis in the colon. Isn't that right? Something in the colon… And both of you come from Canada, from Toronto, Canada. Is that right? You're going home healed, both of you. God has blessed you.

E-53 The man right over the top of her back there with the blue shirt on, you want to get over the rheumatism, and be made well? Stand up to your feet and raise your hands up-and-down. You're healed. Jesus Christ has made you well. Have faith in God. Don't doubt.
How do you do, sir? We are strangers, I suppose? Between you and I is a pulpit. You're a minister. And you're suffering with a stomach trouble. You've been to different doctors. One said it was an ulcer, and the other one said it was a rupture. You've got someone you're interested in. It's a–a brother-in-law, I believe. He's hard of hearing; he's seeking the Holy Spirit, or needs the baptism of the Spirit. Is that the truth? All right. Go home and get well. Eat what you want to. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, make my brother every whit whole. Amen.

E-54 Do you believe? I don't see why that men and women everywhere can't believe on Jesus Christ at this time, when there's so many things taking place out in the audience. I can't even see them no more. Every person in here can be healed right now. Do you believe it?
Lady, you won't have to lay in that stretcher. You can get up and go home. Every one of you that believes on Jesus Christ, will you lay your hands over on one another…?… Lay your hands on each other while we have a prayer. I'm so weak I can't hold myself.

E-55 Lord, my breath is about to leave me, visions tearing me down, but O God, be merciful, Father. Heal all the needy here, dear God. May they go to their homes happy. May the lame get up and walk. May all sickness be healed, and all the demons that's binding Your people be cast away out into darkness. May this be a memorial time for many here, for Thou art here and declaring Yourself to be the same yesterday, today, and forever.
And now, Lord, as I stand here in Your stead, standing, representing You and Your vicarious suffering at Calvary's cross, and under the authority of the Holy Spirit, I now rebuke every unclean spirit, and every sickness that's binding the people in this building. May every demon leave the people and come out of them. Thou demons that has bound these, the people of God, you have no right to hold them any longer. I charge thee by Jesus the Son of God, that you leave every one of them and come out of them.

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