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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham called Faith (Africa Trip Report) was delivered on Friday, 25th July 1952 at the Grace Missionary Church in Zion, Illinois, U.S.A.
The tape, number 52-0725, is 1 hour and 22 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette.

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E-1 Good evening, friends. Very happy to be here tonight in the service of our Lord to represent His Son Jesus Christ to you. The way that He… His death at Calvary, His atonement for you, for the healing of your body, salvation of your soul, for joy, happiness…

E-2 I believe it's written in the Scripture, one of the writers said that, "Above all things, I would that you'd prosper in health." And now, I pray that God will let every sick person in here tonight be well. I'm sure it's the will of God, that all of you would be well. He wants you to be well; if you and I can only have faith. If we just sometimes wonder what that great article faith, what is it? You know to my surprise, and I say this with reverence in heart, fearing 'less I would say something wrong. I find that about eighty percent of the people that say they believe possess hope instead of faith. Faith is just so sure. It's positive. It never moves. It's just got to be.

E-3 Faith is an element. It's a sense. It's the sixth sense of the human body of the… It's the one sense… The human soul has two senses. For every man has five senses control the human body: see, taste, feel, smell, hear. And the inward man has two senses, that's faith, unbelief. One of them governs.
We come to a place till I–I'm wondering spiritually about this. That if we really when… If we're not bringing the borderline too close. Don't you think so? Borderline Christians, do you believe there is such? There is. They're afraid to launch out into the deep: borderline. Just as long as you can walk…

E-4 Recently when coming from Africa, I… While I was down there… I haven't time now to tell you. But the Lord told me to go a certain place and do a certain thing. And the–and the management of the itinerary we had set, was altogether contrary, and the men didn't understand. They just wouldn't let me do it. I said, "All right. Look, we'll suffer."
So I went and prayed again; He gave me permission, and told me, I'd suffer over it. I did. The whole party did. I suffered worse. Was a parasite, and we found out later, if we'd went and done what the Lord told us to do, there'd have probably two hundred thousand souls saved in the meeting…?… more.

E-5 Mr. Jackson, which is here at the meeting somewhere, from South Africa, knows all about it. When I tore off, off of a tree… Stood up before the ministerial international group, and said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, we–we shall not go that way. If we do, we'll suffer. It's not right to go that way. We should go from here, Johannesburg, straight to Durban." They couldn't understand it, of course. But I went in, then after… I'll just give you the detail of it. It won't take but just a moment or two, maybe, ten, fifteen minutes.
When we landed at Johannesburg, I didn't know very much about South Africa. My wife setting here will probably have to laugh at this, when I told her, I said, "You write me, honey, Johannesburg, Southern Rhodesia. Johannesburg…" I mean, beg your pardon, "Durban, Southern Rhodesia." Durban's not in Rhodesia. It would be like writing for Zion, Canada. See? It's a–it's another nation. Rhodesia is another nation. South Africa is where Durban is, but I didn't know. The Lord sent me to Durban, because that's where Miss Florence Nightingale was healed. She went back, and I promised the Lord that I would go. And that's where I thought I was going.

E-6 When I got off at Johannesburg, Brother Baxter and them was waiting for me there, and he said, "Here's where we have the meeting." About twenty thousand people or more, are out around the place there. And, my I guess that lets you know how many was out then, about twenty or thirty miles out of town, where they taken us, where the meeting was being held.
And the first night, I was so wore, I'd been in the air for three days, when I come down. I was tired, wore, no sleep. You know how it is, them bouncing planes, over the seas and so forth. Thank you, sir. And so then when I got down there, well, I just walked to the meeting, and just got in, and there was tens of thousands of people gathered in there, everywhere, been waiting three days for me, all gathered out.

E-7 And as soon as I got in, I saw a vision just break before me. And there it come, a boy with one leg about six inches shorter than the other. I seen his limb come down normal. I looked around to see where the boy was; I seen him setting. We hadn't had time to give out no prayer cards. We couldn't call the prayer line, my, not in that kind of crowd.
I said, "Young man, Jesus Christ just healed you. You come over here from Durban, and He's made you well. Stand up on your feet." There, his leg was perfectly normal. The headlines in the paper, the boy… The reporters went and measured his legs to see. He testified of his father and mother. There it was.

E-8 The next day then there was a little lady laying there on a cot. I said, "I see an automobile, one laying this way; it crashed, and there's a young lady gets her back broke. I said, "Here's the lady here; you're back is broke in three places."
She said, "That's right." I… She said, "Will I ever get…"
I said, "I don't know."
And I stood there just a moment and looked; I seen her going, waving her hands and talking to her friends, back and forth. I said, "Stand up; Jesus Christ has healed you."
And her mother said, "No, no, no. She can't stand up. She–she'd die."
Remember, better be careful. With a broken back, one move and that's all. Remember, a–a–a troop, a state troop can't move you on the highway if you got a broken back. That's right. You have to lay there, it's the doctor's business.
Now, but they… And the woman was laying there with her back broke in three places, and hadn't moved for months, just laying like that. I said, "Jesus has healed you."
And she raised up on her feet, and screamed, begin jumping up and down, and praising God. And her mother fainted and fell in the same bed that her daughter was laying on. So that started it. See?

E-9 And then, 'course, they had a medical affair there, that the medical association had an awful time with them. Well, I give them my analyst of that, what it was, and what was–what I thought was truth. So many times, when…?… shut behind the door to me, but that don't stop God's Word from being true.
So I laid it just, and the next morning early, the medical association called up and wanted me to have breakfast with them. And they gave me the right hand of fellowship and said, "That's true Divine healing." And we open our hospitals to anything that you want, while you're here."
I said, "Thank you, sir."
Said, "You've already done sent more for us now than half the missionaries that come here in fifty years."
I said, "Thank you, sir. I will to try to do all that the Lord will permit me to do."
Said, "Brother Branham, we believe in Divine healing like that, in that way; that's truth."
And I said, "Thank you, sir."

E-10 So then the next day, the Dutch Reformed paper, which was… Oh, my. The Dutch Reformed church, now nothing against you Dutch Reform people here now. But that's the state church there, and they're really horribly against Divine healing. And so… But here their paper was, carrying articles of it, everything; front pages, and one, two pages of it.
And the next day, there was one Dutch Reform minister, who was for me. Another one said I was a spiritualist, a–a devil under disguisement as a Christian, and posing myself as a Christian man, working with the spirit of the devil, the reason I would know those things.
Well, it kind of stirred his buddy. So he went to see him. And he said, "You're wrong." Said, "This is the day of our visitation."
The other fellow said, the one was against me, said, "That man is of the devil." See? And he was…

E-11 This other one said, "I'm going down and pray for your lost soul." So he just turned around walked out in the yard. There was a little peach tree, and he knelt under the peach tree, and he said, "O God, I accept every word the man has said." Said, "I believe it's the truth. I know no one could do this, except it would be by You. And I believe it, and my friend in there is going to be lost." And said, "It's the day of our visitation. And have mercy on him." And he said, about that time, before he'd ever heard about It, here come that Pillar of Fire, moving down through that bush. And said, the Pillar of Fire opened up and the Angel of God stood there, and walked in and laid His hand on his shoulder, said, "Return, and tell him."

E-12 And he jumped up real quick, and he run through the door, all excited. He said, "The–the Angel of the Lord met me right there. And said, come tell you. And begin telling everybody about it. Said, "He put His hand on my back," and said, "it just almost burnt plumb through me." Said, "I–I–I–I tell you!" Just going on like that.
And this Dutch Reform minister happened to look around, and there was a scorched place, the size of a man's hand, laying right across his white shirt, right across there. I got the shirt.

E-13 There it was, the next day in the paper, headlines. And this Dutch Reformed minister's eyes bulged out like that, looked at the man back. And they took my hand, and put it on the man's back, and just exactly fit the fingers, run around exactly, of a–of a left hand where it used to be. See? Well, we had the favor of everything then.
And then, Mr. Baxter, my beloved brother, comes, tells me, said, "Brother Branham, we've got an itinerary, got way down to…?… Bloemfontein all the way down through that way, and back up, and then over to Durban."
Said, "It doesn't matter to me; we're over here for so long. Doesn't matter. All right."

E-14 That night when we went in, about two o'clock in the morning, the Angel of the Lord came to me, and said, "Tomorrow you're going to be down in the city, and you're going to see an odd-dressed native standing by the side of a place, dressed in purple. Call Mr. Schoeman's attention, and tomorrow morning, while you're sitting at the table, when you get up, tell… There's going to be something happen," and said, "then you tell your manager, Mr. Baxter, that he's going to point out to you a very odd-looking bird…" (See?) And said, "They're going to try to take you up here to a doctor that's got cancer, he thinks, cancer on his hip, but," said, "it is not cancer. The doctors just made a mistake and cut something loose there, and the man's going to die." Said, "And don't…" He said, "Now don't… And on your road up," said, "you'll see a native bead seller there's lots of them sitting along the road, but tomorrow, there'll only be one. And you all will turn and come to that native bead seller…" Then he went and said, "You'll know her," said, "she's a young girl about fourteen years old, she's got a big skinned place, way back in her scalp like that."

E-15 And said, "By that, you shall not take–you'll know that you shall not go down there with them men. You stay right here for two weeks, and go up to Mr. Jackson's farm, as you were going up there a hunting. And then go to Durban, and stay at Durban till I call you."
Next morning, I got up, repeated it all over. Mr. Baxter that's right here listening at me now, and Mr. Jackson, which is sitting close, or I believe… Are you here, Brother Jackson? Where you at? If you are, raise your hand up, so I'll know. I been… Know… Here, certainly, right up here. All right. That's right. Brother Jackson from South Africa, right there when the meeting was going on.

E-16 The next day, setting at the table, the Lord spoke to me and told me about little…?… his little girl, about what was wrong with her tonsils, and what had taken place, and so forth. Mr. Schoeman, first, he didn't kind of understand it too well. He just dropped his fork. He knew that, that no one knew that except right there in their own family. And there the Holy Spirit was revealing all about his family, and what they had done, and all along like that, Brother Baxter setting there at the table, listening. And I said, "Now, we shall not take this itinerary down this way. The Lord told me to stay here for two more weeks, and then go over to–to–to Mr. Jackson's farm, and go hunting with him for a rest up for about eight or ten days, and then go to Durban, and stay there until He called me, which would be about a month, I'm sure."
Not knowing then that Durban was the only place there wasn't segregation, all these others had segregation. You think about the south having trouble; you ought to see their troubles there.

E-17 Now, well, I… So I told them. And the next day, Brother Baxter, which is present, and Brother Bosworth, all of them. When they… Brother Baxter said, "Now, Brother Branham, to me," said, "that's all right." Said, "The national committee, you have to see them." So I told Brother Schoeman, so they'd know.
I said, "Now, today, as you know, Brother Schoeman, we're going to the city, and there will be a native lady dressed in purple."
"A–a what?"
I said, "A native dressed in purple."
"Never seen one yet," he said.
"All right, you'll see it today." And I said, "She was standing by a park." I had never been in Johannesburg in my life. And I said, "She's standing by a park, like this, where had a corner cut this way, the road went goes way, a lot of benches setting along like this. There's people above it, with flowers on the street, selling them."
He said, "I know where the park is."
And I said, "Well, we'll pass by that, today." Well, we…
After while, he said, "You want to go down?" Oh, well, went home and got busy about things.
Said, "You want to go down town?"
I said, "Yes." I went down with him with his office. And we was coming out of his office, I said, "Brother Schoeman, you see your native standing there by the side of the park?"
Said, "Well, what do you know about that!"

E-18 And so, then, after we got back up there… What's that duPlessis' name, not David? [A man says, "Justus."–Ed.] Justus. Justus duPlessis which was one of the smartest man there is in South Africa, to my opinion, and a real Christian gentleman. He was one of the sponsors of the meeting, on the internation–on the national committee. He taken me, and a bunch, and we went up to Pretoria, and on the road up, Brother Baxter was along. And they were driving about sixty miles an hour up the road, like that, talking real quick. And he said, "Well, there ought to be some salesmen along here somewhere." I touched Brother Baxter.

E-19 And so we went on up, said we'll buy some beef and curios, and so forth. Went on up, and we just passed by. I looked and there set the little lady sitting on the side of the road, little colored girl with her–with her skinned placed on her head. I thought, "That's the girl. I'll just see what they're going to do now." They went way on up the road, and they happened to look, and it just about half a square away. Said, "Say, there's one of the salesman." Squeaked on his brakes, come back. I looked at Brother Baxter. He never; he just looked like he didn't think of it at that time.
Turned back around. When we got down there, I said, "Brother Baxter, don't you remember this?"
Said, "Yes, there it is. There's the little…?… the only one on the road in the twenty-nine miles."

E-20 You know, brother, they set on the road everywhere there of those sell those… the only one on the road, just like He told me. Never been in the country… Just been there about twenty-four hours. And so he said, "Now…" And there she was setting there with that. And we went back, and Brother Baxter taken his camera and took a picture of the native. We drove on up, sure enough there was the doctor with that…?… hip, just exactly like was said.
And then, the following day, we–we was out on a–a place there where Brother Baxter there was odd bird that He told he would look at, there it was just the same way.
Then he come and said, "We're going–got to go down there."

E-21 "Well," Brother Baxter said, "now, Brother Branham, if it was in America, I'd have the jurisdiction and I would say, 'No!'" Said, "But we're over here at the mercy of these people. They don't understand." Said, "Now, I'm with you a hundred percent." But said, "Now, to make these men understand it, that'll be something different."
I said, "Well, whether they understand it or not, I know what the Lord told me to do. I'll do what He said do."
So next morning, here come the cars up, got to go down to the Klerksdorp, a little place of about four thousand, five thousand, or something like that, something on that order; leaving Johannesburg of about three hundred and fifty, or four hundred thousand, to leave that, just a hundred miles difference… But as I've always said, "If you want to get muddled up, just fool with preachers." And that's where you sure get fixed up. Not all of them… But I mean, just to get a bunch of men. "They promised Brother So-and-so that they'd have us over to his place, and Brother So-and-so, they had to come down there."
Now that's all right. But, brother, when it comes to leading of the Spirit of God, you follow God. See, see?

E-22 And so they said, "Oh, we–we must go. That's–that's all." So they loaded up the cars. I was still setting in there; I wouldn't go. I wasn't going. No, sir.
So they said, "You've got to go. You must go."
So I said, "Well, all right." I got–went out, started down the road.
And as they kept going down, the Holy Spirit kept condemning me, "You better not do that."
I said, "God, if I ever go to crossing Your line like this; but I'm down here, what am I going do? I'm at the mercy of these men." It kept getting worse.

E-23 I said, "Stop the car!" Stopped the car, up come the different cars, the men, and–and Billy Paul, my son, and–and Mr. Stadsklev. And oh, Mr. Bosworth, and a bunch of the committee men and all of them come up. And I was with Mr. Schoeman. There it is. Brother Baxter was in another car.
So they went over and told him, said, "He refuses to go." Said, "You'll have to go talk to him."
I said, "I ain't going no farther than right here. It's just… The Lord done told me to go back. And I can't do it."
And they said, "Well, Brother Branham," said, "look…" They kind of got a little huffy about it. And I said… Said, "Don't you think God speaks to somebody besides you?" one the committee men said.

E-24 I said, "Korah had that idea one day and told Moses that. But the earth opened up and swallowed him down." I said, "I don't know what He's told you; I can't judge that; I know what He's told me."
Well, he said, "He told us to make that itinerary."
I said, "He told me not to take it." Well now, you… "If He told you to make the itinerary, go ahead. But He told me not to do it."
Well, the arguments got worse and worse. Finally Brother Baxter come over. Brother Baxter said, "Brother Branham, we're kinda in a spot here." He said, "I wish that–that you would not say about going up on that hunting trip."

E-25 Said, but… Now, Brother Baxter is a sensible sound man. And he's looking at it from a sensible standpoint, as it could be. He said, "Look, if you keep saying, 'Going hunting,' those ministers are thinking that you come down here to go hunting, and half of them down here don't even believe in, in going hunting." And said, "Thousands of people laying yonder, sick, ready to die, and you talk about going hunting."
I said, "Brother Baxter, if I never fire another gun in my life, if I never walk into the a–a field again in my life," I said, "that's not pro or con to me." I said, "I am only doing what God said do." See? I said that…?… "And I'm just following out orders." And I said, "You've been with me enough, Brother Baxter, to know, that when I tell you what God is going to do, in the Name of the Lord, and tell you it's a vision…"
He said, "Brother Branham, is that truly a vision from God?"
I said, "Yes, Brother Baxter."
He said, "Then from hence forth, I take my hands away from it." Said, "I–I won't have no more to do with it," said, "it's a vision from God." Said, "We're plugged up here," but said, "now you make your move; I'll stand by you."
Said, "All right, Brother Baxter."
Well, I fussed with them after while, "No." Well, finally, it getting one o'clock, people's waiting. And when we went down to the little… I'm mispronouncing it, I'm sure. Klerksdorp, or something on that order, close enough that you know what it was.

E-26 But when we got down there, there was enough people, the city was swamped, and there was no place in the city, there was nothing. Beautiful day, they taken me out to a ministers house, a Brother Fourie, a very fine Christian brother. As soon as we set down at the table by his wife, the Lord told me what was wrong with his wife, and how she suffered, and healed her right then, and she's never been bothered since. See, see? God, in His sovereignty, yet, me out of His will, God will bless. "Gifts and callings are without repentance." See? And so then we stayed there a little bit.

E-27 And that night, they got the meeting already to go, and when it come time to take me to the meeting, there come a tropical storm, like to have drowned the whole bunch. And at ten o'clock in the night, they couldn't even get me near the place, just… You haven't seen a storm yet, till you see one of the tropical storms: Lightning, it just as light as this room almost, with the constant flashes of lightning and roaring. And there it was. All right. No service that night.
Well, the brethren… I come back; I said, "I told you. The Lord said don't come down here. I'm out of His will. I've got to go back to Johannesburg."
"Well, we just can't do it, not when we promised brother–these brothers, that we're going down here. We got to do it."

E-28 "Well, there you are. The sin be on you." I said, "Remember…?…" not no money, nothing. I was in an awful condition. No money to carry the meeting on myself. And I was just kinda up against it.
So then, I said, "Well…" We waited that night. The next day broke all pretty and nice. And just about the time for the service, there come a blizzard, like to froze everybody to death.
Come on back to the building, I said, "Didn't I tell you." I said, "Now, tomorrow night, we'll have an earthquake." See? I said, "We're out of the will of God, brethren."
They said, "You mean we'll have an earthquake?"
I said, "I don't know whether we will, or not. I just said that. There'll be something happen. We're out of the will of God." Two o'clock in the morning, they was still going heavy at it. I said, finally said, "Now look. God has told me to go back to Johannesburg, and stay there for two weeks, go up to Brother Jackson's, and then from there to Durban, and from there I go home."
Then… "Oh, no!"

E-29 I said, "Well, we got the favor with the newspapers, with the medical association, with the everything, and thousands of people where they could eat and everything and a place to stay. And here we're laying on the prairie, no place, nothing to eat, and drowned, and everything else, us out of the will of the Lord." I said, "Can't you see, brethren?"
"Well, we promised to do this though." Well, 'course, they were men of honor, trying to keep their promise to their brethren. But, brother, that's the reason in my meeting tonight, we can't set like Oral Roberts and the rest of these fellows. They know where they're going two years from now, if they don't die. They can set their… Mine must be led day by day, meeting by meeting. Wherever He says go, I got to go. If He'd tell me right tonight not be here tomorrow, I wouldn't be here tomorrow. And if He told me tonight to stay here a–a year, I'd be right here a year, if I had to stand on the outskirts of Zion. And wherever He says go, that's just where I go. That's where I stay till He says go. It's got to be that way. I can't set itinerary. I can't tell you where I'll be the next day; I don't know. I make no promises.

E-30 We're supposed to go down to Chicago next week, if the Lord willing. If the Lord doesn't permit it, if He speaks to me tonight to stay in Zion, I stay at Zion. If He met with me tonight, and said…
One day I was down yonder at Saint Louis, Missouri, just left Zion, and I was having a good meeting. And that very night, the Holy Spirit come in and said to leave Saint Louis and go back to Zion. And I left Saint Louis the next day, and begin the following day the Zion meeting. You remember it. You see what the Lord did? See? Follow.
So then, on into the night we went arguing, arguing, arguing. I said, "Nope! Going back tomorrow. Right back to Johannesburg."

E-31 Well, what will we do when we got to Johannesburg? I didn't have money to come home. I didn't… And coming home would be wrong. I was supposed to stay there in that meeting. Who's going back it up? What we going to do? Oh, I was in an awful fix. And it just seemed like…
I said, "All right, as Paul said of long ago, 'You should have listened and not have loosed from Crete and caused all this trouble.'" So I said, "Now, God has a permissive will. But I never like to work God's permissive will. I want His perfect will (See?), always." If… I don't want to work secondarily. I want to know what He wants me to do, and I'll go do it. And so, and then–then, when they heard about permissive will, oh, my, that settled the thing, altogether.

E-32 Well, I went into the room. And we all went into different room. I went to my room to pray. Billy, my boy, back there, was sleeping with me. We had a couple little beds, off to one side. Brother Jackson, I guess you stayed at Brother Fourie's, you know where the beds are; sets next out by the road.
And Billy and I went in. We went to praying. When we went in, Billy, my boy, put his hand on my shoulder. He said, "Daddy, don't you listen to that bunch of preachers. You listen to what God is telling you, and not that bunch of preachers." If I ever got wisdom from my son, was then, or…?… That's right.
I said, "Honey, I'm all tore up."
He said, "Look, daddy," said, "we'll get home some way."

E-33 I said, "Honey, the thing of it is, isn't going home; it's the idea I've got to go back to Johannesburg and take this meeting that way."
He said, "Daddy, I'll stay by you, and I know Brother Baxter will." So he said, "you just remember we're with you."
And so I said, "You pray with me, Billy." 'Course he got sleepy, just being a kid, he–he crawled into bed; it was about one, or two o'clock. About three o'clock in the morning, He came into the room. I felt Him. He moved over to the side of the bed. I said, "Who are these men and what do they mean?"

E-34 He said, "Go on." Said, "Go on." Said, "They got you tied into it." Said, "Go on. But remember, you'll pay for it." He said, "You'll know." And He said, "Now, that you might know that you have My permission to go, tomorrow morning… You go wake up your boy." God honored Billy. He said, "You go wake up your boy and tell him that, 'Tomorrow morning at Sunday school, when they have their Sunday school meeting in the morning, going to be a clear day.'" And it was rainy and cloudy and bad then. He said, "But it's going be pretty. The sun will be shining. It'll be warm again."
Said, "You… They're going to send for you. And Brother Baxter is going to send for you to come pray for the sick, being that meeting's so delayed." It's to be there three days anyhow. Said, "Your meeting is so delayed, you… He's going to send your boy back to get you to come pray for the sick. So be ready and go." And said, "Then when–when you do," said, "your son is going to come after you with a young man in a little black car. And on the road back, on the road to get you, he's going to pick up another young man. That's contrary to the rules, but he's going to pick up another young man. And on the road going back," said, "he's going to call your attention, they'll be a native in a white safari suit, standing near a Eucalyptus tree by a bridge, with a stick, fixing to strike another native." And said, "By that, you'll know that I give you permission to go. But remember, you'll suffer for it."

E-35 So when I come out of the vision, I went over and I woke Billy up. And I said, "Billy, the Angel of the Lord has just visit me," and told him what He said. I walked into the room. Now, Brother Baxter is right in the back of the building now, listening. And I walked into the room, and here is where it's proved, friends. Listen. Don't miss this.
Now, He may never deal with you like that in that manner. I was born to this end, as a different person. I guess I've been odd, misunderstood. Your life might not be like that, but this one thing I do know. You do what God tells you to do. Don't make any difference what anybody else says; you do what God says. And be sure that you know it's God, not some imagination or some feeling. You be sure it's God, then follow God's route. He'll take you where He wants you to go.

E-36 So we walked into the room, Brother Baxter, Brother Bosworth, Mr. Stadsklev, which is, I believe is present tonight. And those men were setting there. At least two of those men, present now. They were all sleeping in a room over to theirself, the four of them in a room, or, the three of them, rather.
And I walked in the room, I said, "Brethren, I have THUS SAITH THE LORD." I said, "We are doing wrong when we're going down to Kimberley, Klerksdorp, and Bloemfontein, and Cape Town. We're doing wrong. The will of the Lord is for us to go back here, and come down, or go back to Johannesburg, and go from there over to Brother Jackson's, and from there over to this Durban."

E-37 And I said, "But He gave me His permissive will this morning, and gave me signs." And I told them what He told me. And I said, "It's–it's daylight outside now. It's a pretty day." And I said, "These things shall come to pass. But remember, it's not the will of the Lord."
How many knows Fred Bosworth? Let's see your hands. Do you believe Him to be a good man? He is. And he's as close to me as my daddy. But yet, in that, Brother Bosworth, who stood by my side, who stood in the pulpit, who's preached of this gift, who's built platform, who constantly speaks of it, that "I–I'm seventy some years old. I never seen it, and never read of anything like it, since the days of the apostles." Believes in me, with all of his heart…

E-38 And he raised up, and he said, "Brother Branham, you're wrong. It's the will of God for you to go that way."
I said, "Brother Bosworth, it is not."
He said, "Well, Brother Branham," he said, "I read one time where Satan give Aaron a false vision."
I said, "Brother Bosworth, you're a daddy to me." But I said, "Look. This is not a false vision. This is from God. My honor, and my ministry, and my reputation, not only mine, but the Name of the Lord rests upon it." I said, "It's wrong."
He said, "No." Said, "If you go that way, you'll see the exceedingly, abundantly above all that you could ask or think."

E-39 And I turned around. I looked at Brother Baxter; he was rubbing his eyes. I looked over at Brother Stadsklev. I thought then, "There it is. No matter how close an individual is to you, you can't trust the arm of flesh." I don't care if it's your mother.
You remember, one time where there was a–a prophet in the land, and another one went down and prophesied, God told him what to do. And he said, "Don't eat or drink," it's in I Kings 13. And this prophet sent and told him, "The Lord said to come back here." And he minded the prophet in the stead of God. You know what happened? He lost his life. Both of them prophets… No matter who they are, you do what God tells you to do.

E-40 Before I left, while preaching in Shreveport one day, the Holy Spirit fell upon me and said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, there is a snare set for you in–in South Africa." Was anybody at the Shreveport meeting? Let's see your–let's see your hands. Was there anybody at the Shreveport meeting, just before I left, that heard me give that prophecy? All right, I guess there's not nothing, just in this little group anyhow. But that, I didn't know it was among my brethren. Now, the thing was…
We went on. And as soon as we got to Kimberley, there was–or the next stop, there was an elderly man there, an old man, good man. But he said… Thousands of people… And that old brother said, "No, sir, you're not going to have it anywhere but in my church." His church hold about four hundred people. And about ten, twelve, fourteen thousand people there, but, yet, it had to be in that church.
Brother Bosworth blew up, and shook his hat, said, "Ridiculous! Ridiculous. That's a shame."
I said, "That's the 'exceedingly, abundantly, above all." (See?) I said, "You understand?"
He said, "Oh, I never heard of such."

E-41 And so, Brother Baxter, the same way. And both of them went out and rented a big place. All right. That shows, you see? And went on down along the trip, like that, trouble set in everywhere. And never had the meeting until we got up there to… Anyone knows, that knows. Brother Jackson, you know. The meeting was at Durban, where we had nearly a hundred thousand got out, and thirty thousand converts in a day. And that was the only place was that.
Down along the road, we all got sick. Every one of us got sick.
And when I come home, I almost died. I had ameba. Ameba, it's a parasite, a little animal, gets into the intestinal tract, in the stomach, like little barnacles; sticks there and sucks till it… Well, it takes its course in about so many hours. After it gets into the blood stream, if it comes on the liver, and bursts, you live. It goes to brain and bursts, the heart, you die. There's nothing they can do about it. And I walked the floor, and prayed and cried, and prayed and cried, and prayed and cried, till my eyes were swelled nearly… My wife had to lead me to breakfast. No answer from God at all.
One morning, I laying there, my hand behind my head, saying, "God, what shall I do?" Falling off weight, getting thinner, and thinner, worse and worse all the time. Was nothing… Getting worse. Weren't nothing could be done: worse all the time.

E-42 And one morning, I was laying there, I thought, "O God, what does my future hold? I guess I'll… This is the end of the road. I'm perishing. I'm sorry." I repented. I said, "God, I'll never, no more, knowingly step across Your line, never again. If there's kindness in Your heart, Lord, for me, please forgive me." I'd get my Bible and walk up and down the floor in the daytime.
And my wife would say, "Honey, what's the matter?"
I'd say, "Oh, sweetheart, if you only knew how I felt." I said, "I've went against God's will." I–I said, "Here I am broken, nearly. And my ministry… I told Brother Baxter. I said, 'The Lord has spoke to me…" Well, he's witnessed right now, if I had him come to the platform.
I said, "If I take that itinerary, THUS SAITH THE LORD, I'll not even be able to have a meeting between six months and a year."
It was. This was the seventh month, or the eighth month. See? I asked Him. When He says anything, it's the truth. I'll lay my life to it that it's the truth.

E-43 Then, coming back to my place. I was walking the floor, about three months ago, or hardly seem like. Walking the floor one night, crying… I laid down went to sleep. I woke up about three o'clock in the morning. I said, "O God, what will be my future? What'll happen to me?" Laying there, I said, "Oh, if I only…" About five months, now that I was pacing the floor and crying, wondering.
People praying everywhere… Well, I couldn't even leave the house hardly. And there I was.
I said, "Oh, oh, what will I do?"
Then I got a little buddy by the name of Dr. Adair, lives just across from me. Went to school together. When he heard about that, he said, "Billy Branham, mercy, boy. God must be merciful to you." So he said, "There not a thing–nothing I know to do."
I said, "Doc, the only thing I know to do is find my favor back with God again." I said, "I've stepped across His line."

E-44 One morning, laying yonder, as I said, about three o'clock, I was…?… I said, "What does my future hold?" And about that time, I felt Something move into the room. Get your memories ready now. I'm going to tell you something that's going to happen. He come into the room, and I knew it was Him. I laid real still, felt moving around here; It come, going "whew-whew-whew." Like a laps of fire, like that, moved down into the room, come where I was.
Just then, I seen One come walking to me. He had paper, something like typewriter paper. It was folded like this in His hand. He walked up to me. Said, "As you were meditating upon your bed, what would be your future?"
I said, "Yes, Lord. I have wondered what my future held."

E-45 He took the paper like this, and creased it; He said, "Looky there. There's a…?… where some of them laid, but a great stack of it. He swung it like that; it went plumb out sight, up into the Heaven. He said, "It is clear."
I came to myself. I was setting on the side of the bed, and I said, "O God, oh, please speak. Oh, if I've found favor with You, Lord, please… What about these ameba? What's going to happen, Lord?" I said, "Please, if it's Your great heart, if my sins are forgiven me, and You speak to me; what about it, Lord?" I said, "I'm laying here. I'm just about to die." I said, "I've trusted You. I've believe in You. I've taught of it." I said, "Won't You have mercy?"
About that time, I felt Something coming again, "Whew!" Come back into the room, moved down over me, and said, "As thou was thinking about that, it shall be no more." That settled it.

E-46 I seen Him do. I won't say what anybody says then, that was all. I said, "Father, I never did have… Usually, one at a time. This time there were five. He said… Lasted from three until about six in the morning. And He said… He come back again, and He said to me; He said, "You've been wondering; the people have been telling you about criticizing about your meeting."
And I said, "Yes, Lord. They tell me that Oral Roberts, and these other men pray for five hundred while I'm ministering to three." And I said, "You told me to do this? What shall I do, Lord, shall I pray for the people in the line up?"
He said, "Just as you're led." And It left me again.
And I walked up-and-down the floor a few moments; I said, "O God, I'm so thankful to You. I appreciate You."

E-47 Here It come again. I felt It come into the room again, "Whew! Whew!" And He said to me in the Spirit, set me down out there in the middle of that race track right in Durban where I was standing. And I seen that Durban meeting going, fading off into history to my right. Geographically, I was facing the south, just like I was in Durban. And it was going, fading to the west, going away, turning blue, that group of people. And right in front of me, the sections, just like this was sectioned off, but looked like streets. And there was great crowds of people.
And then He came and He turned my head like this, back over to the east, towards the east, towards India. And there were tens of thousands with clouts on, dark-looking men. They had their hands up in the air. They were praising God. They were jumping-up-and down, and screaming, and praising God. Thousands of them was receiving Christ. And I said, "Wonderful."

E-48 And about that time, I heard Something coming right above me, and here come down a great Light out of heaven. And It was like an oscillating Light, and It went way back over the field, for about a half a mile or more. And there was nothing but a solid mass of people, just standing, packed in.
I said, "O Lord, are all those black men?"
And then He turned me back to this group here in front of me again. There was beautiful, white people, standing with their hands up in the air like this, praising God.
Then He turned me back again like that. And then the Angel come real near; I could tell He'd been here. And I heard the number that He called. Remember this. He said, "There's three hundred thousand of those in that very meeting."

E-49 I came to myself. I heard His number. Remember, I'm going to hold a meeting somewhere east of Durban, I believe in India, that'll consist of three hundred thousand people. That's before it comes to pass, that you might know.
Just as I have said, about the little boy being raised in Finland. Many of you heard that testimony before it was ever–before we even left the United States, a year before, that little boy would be raised from the dead, and so forth.

E-50 Now remember this. Then I raised up my hands to bless God, and when I did, look, come here come a Bible. It was turned over to about… Paul in the storm. And then the leaves begin to turn back, back, back, back, back, this Bible, and went back to Joshua the 1st chapter. And Something begin to read the chapter, like this: "My servant Moses is dead; now arise, and go over this Jordan, and these people. No man shall stand before you all the days of your life: as I was with Moses, so will I be with you. Only be of a good courage: and very–and very… Be strong and very courageous, for the Lord thy God is with thee wheresoever thou goest."
And I raised up, and I reached for my Bible. It was in the air, and I reached, and I like… I said, "Where did it go?"

E-51 And about that time, I heard my wife knocking at the door. She had come through the room. She said, "Bill, has something been wrong?" She said, "At three o'clock this morning, the baby was fretting, and I come in to wake you up." And said, "When I come there at the door…"
Now, my wife is a very spiritual woman, but this is the first time it ever happened in our home. She is very quiet-type like person, and meek. She said, "I started to go in the room, and Something said to me, 'Don't go in there, there's a vision going on.'" And she said, "For three hours, I've sit in the chair and rocked the baby, waiting."
I said, "Yes, honey." I grabbed my Bible, the big Bible there, and wrote out the vision right quick on the flyleaf in there, which many has come to the house and read it.

E-52 We went out to breakfast. My mother-in-law, a very saintly, godly woman, lives just below me. Here she come, running up to the house. She said, "Has anything happened up here this morning?" She said, "This morning when I got up, I went to the sink to wash my dishes from last night, to get ready for breakfast, and Something said, 'Go up to the other house. Something just happened.'" I told her the vision.

E-53 I turned around. I had… Soon as breakfast over. I went down to get my check stubs, to–that was used for my meetings last year about the income thing. I went down to the bank, went on back, they had them ready for me. I was going by, and all the tellers saying, "Hello, Brother Branham."
I said, "Hello! Hello! Hello!" Went on back, picked up my–my stuff and started out.
And I started walking out like this, and Something said, "Stop!"
And I thought that was just, you know, how you get an impression sometimes. "Stop!" I waited and I looked at the people. Nobody was looking at me, and I said, "Lord God, what would You have me do?" And I backed up in the corner like this, kind of waiting in there with those stubs in my little briefcase under my arm.
I thought, "What would You have me do?"
Said, "Look at Bob Denison."

E-54 I thought, "Now, that was just Bob Denison." I–I looked over, and he was standing there with his head down like this. I know Bob real well. He's a teller there.
And… I said, "Well, that was just…" But it wasn't. It was God…?… And I stopped a minute. I walked over. I said, "Good morning, Bobby."
He said, "Hello, Brother Branham!" He said, "Say, Margie Morgan was in here the other day. I believe was healed of cancer."
I said, "Yes, sir." I said, "How you feeling, Bobby?"
Tears rolled down his cheeks. Said, "Brother Branham, I–I got something to tell you; I don't know how you're going take it."
I said, "Well, go ahead, Bobby. Tell me!"
He said, "Oh, most all of my people's died with cancer." He said, "I've got every symptom of what they had." Said, "I've been worried to death the last few days." Said, "Billy, I don't mean to cause you any trouble," but said, "this morning at three o'clock, I woke up in the room, and I dreamed a dream, that I should tell you about it."
I said, "This morning at three o'clock He had me up."
He took hold of my hand, that was the last of the cancer. Never had any more symptoms of it at all…?…
Well, when I was down home, two or three days ago, I said, "How you feeling, Bobby?"
Said, "Brother Branham, I tell you: I'm a different person.
God still rules and reigns. He's Jehovah, and there is none liken unto Him. You believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."–Ed.]

E-55 Let's read some Scripture. I love you. Could testify all night, but I must read quickly out of the 4th chapter of Saint John.

So Jesus came again to Cana of Galilee, where he had made the water wine. And there was a certain nobleman, whose son was sick at Capernaum.And when he had heard that Jesus was come out of Judaea into Galilee, he went unto him, and besought him that he would go down, and heal his son: for he was at the point of death.Then said Jesus unto him, Except ye see signs and wonders, you will not believe.The nobleman said unto him, Sir, come down ere my child die.Jesus said unto him, Go thy way; thy son liveth. And the man believed the word that Jesus had spoken unto him, and he went his way.And as he was now going down, his servant met him, and told him, saying, Thy son liveth.
Then inquired he the hour he begin to amend;… (begin to get better in other words.)… And they said, Yesterday at the seventh hour the fever left him.So the father knew that it was the same hour… which Jesus said, Thy son liveth: and hisself believed, with his whole household.This is again the second miracle that Jesus did when He come out of Judaea into Galilee.

E-56 Jesus spoke the Word. The father wanted Him to come lay hands on him and pray for him. Jesus said, "Go on; your son's going to live." And the father believed what Jesus said.
Now, what if he had not have believed? It would not have happened. He believed. And let us believe tonight, what Jesus said. Will you? Listen. Here's what He said in Mark 11:24: "Whatsoever things you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive it, it shall be given unto you." You believe that?

E-57 Watch the order of the Scriptures. Believe now; you receive it. Now when you believe you got it; you have no evidence; there's nothing there to show that you got it, but you believe you've got it. And just keep believing it, and it'll be given to you. You believe that?
Let's ask Him for a glorious meeting. Let's just gather as all you believers with me. It don't matter who you are; you step across God's line, He'll punish you. David was a man after His heart, but David reaped what he sowed. Let's bow our heads.

E-58 Our heavenly Father, we thank Thee tonight, that we know this one thing: that the Holy Spirit is living here tonight, confirming the Word of our Lord Jesus Christ and bringing to pass those things which He said would be. Dear God, I cannot be responsible for the faith of the people. I'm responsible for preaching Your Word, and for testifying and telling those things which I know to be true. Thou–Thou knowest. You know about the African affair.
And, Father, I believe tonight, that as sure as I'm standing in the pulpit here tonight on this platform, that there is soon a time, when You'll be with me and will help me in Africa or in India. Be near me now. Stand by me tonight. And bless me, and keep Thy loving wings of mercy over us, making an atonement for our sins and trespasses, forgiving us of all things, and helping us to live for You.
And forgive every sinner in the building tonight. Take all skepticism away, and may the power of God have preeminence tonight, and be predominant over all unbelief, and drive back the enemy; and pour our Your Spirit, and heal the sick, and save the lost, in Jesus' Name, I ask it. Amen.

E-59 Prayer card W, turn your prayer card, you that have cards, they have nothing to do with your healing. I believe if you'll believe with me, that God will manifest Hisself tonight in this group that's grouped together here. Let people get healed. There's only one thing that keeps you from being healed. If I read the Bible right, I believe I have millions that agree with me on the Scripture. That the only thing that keeps us from being healed is a lack of faith that is if our heart's right, and that's all. Is that right? If He was wounded for our transgressions, by His stripes we're healed.
Look, I noticed one time, a fellow kept coming to my church. And he would say… I'd say, "All that wants to be remembered in prayer, that they'll become Christians, stand up." Every night, he'd stand up. All right. Next night, I'd say, "All that wants to be Christians, wants to be remembered in prayer to be a Christian, stand up." He'd stand up, through that revival. And after while, it'd be months, and I'd have another revival, he'd stand up. This when I was a Baptist minister there. He'd stand up and want to be remembered.
I'd meet him on the street; I'd say, "Are you a Christian yet?"
"No. No. Be praying for me, Brother Branham."
"All right."
"Thank you."

E-60 Went on and on like that. One night while we had service, I said, "All that wants to become Christians, wants to be remembered in a word of prayer stand up." There he stood up.
I said, "Come here a minute." He walked up. I said, "What's the matter with you?"
"I don't know."
I said, "Do you want to be a Christian?"
"Yes, sir."
I said, "Why don't you become a Christian?"
He said, "I don't know.
I said, "There's just something, you, down in your heart, you want to be a Christian, but there's something that won't let you be a Christian. Is that right?"
He said, "That's it."
I said, "That's the devil. And that's unbelief." And I said, "Do you believe that?"
He said, "Yes, sir."
I said, "Do you believe if I'll ask God to break that power of unbelief above you, that you'll be a Christian?"
He said, "Yes, sir."
And just that time when we got…?… he let out a scream. He jumped up in the air like that. It was gone. And the man is a staunch Christian today.

E-61 What? It's the devil, that unbelief, that old snickering thing there, little shadow to keep him from breaking into it. And the same thing is by healing. You say, "Well, I been sick a long time. I been crippled a long time. I couldn't improve from this condition."
Oh, yes, you can. Jesus Christ said, "Whatsoever things you desire, when you pray, believe you receive it; you shall have it." I believe it, don't you? All right.
W, let's get the prayer cards now. Where did we call last night? Where? Fifty. All right. Let's take the last part of them tonight. Let's get from 85 to a 100 in W. That's coming… We'll probably draw the line then, right on up. All right.
Who has got prayer card 80, W-85, raise your hand? Raise your hand. W-85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, on up to a 100. Prayer card W-85 up to a 100, line up here to my right, while we…
Now, check you ushers, and so forth, and see that everybody gets there. If they don't, then just let me know, and I'll call the line again. All right.

E-62 Now, if any of the people here in the wheelchairs has got cards, they don't have to come to the prayer line, up here, just raise up your hand, or let someone hold it up, that's got those numbers, and when that number is called, when you see you're place lined up there, just move right up here in front of me.
And I can't heal you, friends. But God, if He will, in His mercy, might let me know the reason why that you can't get healed. See? 'Cause… Now, if you have…
Only faith can heal you, in your own individual faith. Don't you see what a gift of healing is? A gift of healing isn't something that's in somebody to heal somebody else. The man that's being prayed for has to have the–the healing. He has to have the faith. Is that right? (Excuse me.) All right.

E-63 Now, what do you think, dad? You think you're going to be able to throw them old crutches away and walk home tonight normally? I hope you are. What about you, mother, there in that chair, you believe you're just going to be able to get up tonight, and walk away from there, and go on home, and be well?
What about over there, sister, with the braces on your limb? And down along the line there, do you believe with all your heart? I tell you what you do. If you'll just look this way, and pray. Not–not look to me, no, I didn't mean in that way. I mean it in this way. Like Peter said, "Look on us." They were men. "Look on us!" And the crippled man looked to receive, as to receive a coin.
He said, "Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have." See? Now, "such as God will give me, I will give you…"

E-64 Now, how many out there tonight that's has got… Well, I won't call any certain diseases, but just got very bad diseases, that hasn't got any prayer card, and you want God to heal you tonight, raise your hands. Has got like all kinds of diseases… Just raise your hand, say, "I–I–I–I'm a…?… I–I–I'm one." See?…?… All right.
Look's like most of the sick people stand right in these three rows right here, right in here. All right. All right. You start praying.

E-65 And the rest of you people that's well now and healthy, you pray for them. I believe if you were sick and held up your hand, they'd pray for you. So you all pray one for the other, confessing your faults one to another. Is that right? And pray one for another, that you may heal…
Is all the cards in, Billy? Huh? All right, he's got a few out yet, that hasn't come in. Now, it's 85, W-85 to… [–Ed.]… one of the Father. May sickness be healed, may the blind see, the deaf hear, the dumb speak, the crippled walk. We don't have to have these things to believe You, Lord. We believe them anyhow.
But if it be Your great will tonight, that You'll grant these privileges and blessings to us, hear the prayer of Your servant, as I ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

E-66 [The organ is so loud it is difficult to hear Brother Branham clearly–Ed.]
I will ask this in the Name of the Lord. Everyone just in prayer, just…?… Some of the…?… be a little upsetting. You keep your children near you. Don't let your children get away, especially on a epileptic cases See?…?…
Now, remember, I will not be responsible for critics, unbelievers who set in this part of the meeting. I will not be responsible…?… at this time, and away from the meeting at this time if you're a critic or unbeliever. For in the Name of the Lord, I repeat, I will not assume the responsibility. I can, to a believer, but not to an unbeliever or a critic. All right, let…?… everybody…?…

E-67 Let's just take our time; don't rush now. See? These are… Let's quieten, be in prayer.
Who knows but what God will visit you tonight? This might be your time. All right.
Here are my–the brethren. I'm going to get this mike over here, so I can talk to you just a little bit.
You be–you be the first patient, it's sometimes, the reason I start the prayer line, is so that the–the first patient if I can talk to them enough to get the anointing down to me… You see? And after speaking, that's one anointing, then it's–it's another anointing. And I have to–to get that to me, before I know what I'm speaking of. And it's nothing in myself. It's altogether by–by God. You see?
And now, you are a believer. You believe. I'm sure of that. See? I believe that you're sincere. And I believe that–that God will help you…?… be your trouble.

E-68 Now, I, not knowing you, and knowing nothing of you at all, and you just come in here this afternoon, and–and the boy give you a prayer card, and you looked on it; there's number on there, and you put your name and so forth on it. And then tonight when your number was called, you just… That's all there is, just walk up. That's all there is to it. You're just a stranger, and I'm a stranger.
Now, there–there's a God in heaven Who knows all things. And there's no secrets to Him. And He makes His secrets known to His servants, His prophets and He reveals it.

E-69 You remember Daniel, how he made the king's dream known. How Jesus had seen Nathanael coming and told him He–He earnestly praying just before he come. You believe that same Jesus exists today? Sure He does, yet…?… All right. You believe that I be His prophet, not by anything that I merit, but by His sovereign grace, He foresaw that before the world begin, and He ordained that I should do this work for Him… Now, I don't do it for me. All right.
I'm just talking to you, in order–like He did the woman at the well, to see if I can get like…?… to what your trouble is. You see?

E-70 Now, I trust that He will do it and give mercy. If He doesn't, well, I just don't know. But your–your trouble is in your side. Is that right? If that's right, raise your hand. I see you holding your side a whole lot: pain. That was caused from an accident, fall (Is that right?) off of a scaffold. Is that right? Yes, sir. What that's done is just shook you up, burst the tissue that's in your side. Are those things so, sir? Was that so what I said? Now, if it is, just turn to the audience so they see. Is that true?

E-71 Now the man, I don't know him, but so that you hear it on the microphone, so that you can hear those… [The man says, "That's true."–Ed.] Is that true? Now, the vision has gone. See? Now, you heard my voice, did you? But that wasn't me; that was the One Who's here in our Presence, the One you seen the picture of, the One we spoke of last night, the One that knows all things, that's sent from God. He's the One.
Now, come here, brother. Now, when He met me out there, He told me… I told Him, that I didn't have enough education, or so forth…?… [–Ed.]

E-72 Isn't it something about the–the bowels, or hole is your bowel there in the colon? Isn't that… It's got tumors in there. Is that right? Had tumors in the colon kind. Uh-huh. And you're up for an operation. And you've been putting that off, holding. The operation's passed due, isn't it? Yes, sir. And you've been putting it off, waiting till I prayed for you. Is that right? Come here.
Almighty God, You're here. Beyond a shadow of doubt, Thou art near the platform just now. You know the condition of this woman. I lay hands upon her, Lord. The physician is trying to operate, but yet, she wanted the blessing for You to… And, God, I pray that You'll heal the woman. May the tumor leave her, she be well. In the Name of Your beloved Child Jesus Christ, I ask it. Amen.
God bless you, my gallant sister. Go rejoicing and happy, believing with all your heart.

E-73 Come, brother. That poor little woman, such a faith. I don't see how the Father can keep from answering prayer for her. God bless you, sister. I believe you're a faithful Christian.
You've been in my meeting before. Isn't that right? Recently too, haven't you?…?… although I didn't see you. But I see you now; you're standing in the prayer line. You were almost near being called. Is that right? There's no secrets before our heavenly Father.
You feeling better, sir? Now, look here. I thought so. You're going to get over that nervousness and be all right now. The blessing is still on you, so don't worry.

E-74 If the blessing's placed on you, hold still. Sometimes it days before It can get to you. Daniel prayed one time, and the Angel didn't get to him for twenty-one days. Is that right? I seen the time when women and men would wait for weeks. And first thing you know, all at once, it happened, the Angel passing through the neighborhood. He knows where it's at. "Whatsoever you bind on earth, I'll bind in heaven. What you loose on earth, I'll loose in heaven." Is that right That's His sovereignty.

E-75 Excuse me, lady, I'm just so attracted to that woman. All right, you look very healthy. You believe? You believe that Jesus Christ will make you well? You believe that I be His prophet? With all your heart? Now look. There's a kindred something between you and what that lady had. You have a tumor also. Is that right? Examination of that. But that tumor you have is in the head. Is that right? You believe? Come here, sister.
Our heavenly Father, I ask mercy for her, realizing that this demon would take her life. O God, may Your Spirit come near now. Heal her, Lord, and may it go away, and she made completely whole. As Your servant, praying in Jesus Christ's Name…?…

E-76 All right. All right. Dear Jesus, I pray that in Your precious, holy Name, that You'll heal this little child. Uncross those eyes, Lord. And let Your Spirit come upon her just now, tenderly, merciful God. And may the great operation that should be done, may the Holy Spirit do it now. God, this poor little child can't have faith, so we have to have faith for her. And, O God, with a love to You, with all my heart, thinking of my little baby, that died yonder, many, many years ago, laying there. Will You be merciful and heal the child?
Thou demon, that crossed the eyes of this child, it's too young to have faith, but we believe for her. We challenge you in a duel today. In the Name of Jesus Christ, leave the child.
Go, and remain with your heads bowed, just a moment. Thank You, Father.

E-77 Baby born that way? All right. Your baby is perfectly normal. All right. Look around, audience. Look how…?… watching my finger. Watch this…?… Now, watch my finger. Watching my face. Now look back this way. Now turn the little eyes over…?… Look into my eyes…?… Look up at me. It's just perfectly normal as…?…
Let us say, "Praise be to God, Who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ." God's great eternal mercy be extended to every one of us. You believe? All things are possible to them that believe.

E-78 Bring the lady. Howdy do. You believe with all of your heart? With all your… All right. Now, I want you to look this way. All right. I enjoyed that feeling you had there, "He is risen," and He lives within our hearts.
On the road to Emmaus one day, two men were walking along, and they–they… A Man stepped out, just an ordinary Man, not dressed any different in priestly robes. He was a Man, just ordinary clothes on there, a Man that walked…?… in them days. Walked out, begin to talk to them, said, "Why you weary?"
And they said, "Why, You're a stranger?" Said, "Jesus of Nazareth Who we knew to be prophet of God, and expected Him to be the King of Israel, and they killed Him. And He's dead, and–and He's buried. All this trouble has set in and everything…"

E-79 Young lady with the baby, look this a way. You're having trouble with that baby, aren't you? Look this a way to me. Do you believe me to be God's prophet? Aren't you a sinner, young lady, yourself? If that's right, raise up your hand. Do you accept Jesus as your Saviour, right there where you're standing with your–with the fruit of your womb in your hand? You do? Your baby has a rash on it, don't it? That's what… Is that right? Go ahead home now; the baby's going to get well. Join up with some good Holy Ghost church, and be filled with the Spirit of God. God bless you then. And you take it home; it's going be all right now. The baby will get well. Don't worry. Little lady, just serve God the rest of your days. You love Him? Wave your hand to the people, as a testimony.

I once was lost, but now I'm found,

I once was lost, but now I'm found,

Was blind, but now I see.

E-80 Lady, you suffer from convulsions. You've been having them for a long time. You had a series of operations. And you have a lot of persecution at home from a husband that's a great big tall fellow. Is that right? All right. Go home and say, "Jesus Christ makes me well, in the Name of the Lord Jesus…?…
Let's say, "Praise be to the Lord." All right.
Come here, lady. You believe with all your heart? I see you trying to move from a bed of a morning, stiff in your back. You got back trouble. Is that right? You believe me as His prophet? Go home and be well in the Name…?… and God's going heal that stiff…?…
All right. Anything can be done. Have faith.

E-81 Come, sir. You believe me to be His prophet? With all your heart? You're anemia. Isn't that right? Now go home and get well in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."–Ed.]
Lady, you believe me to be His prophet with all your heart? All right, your stomach trouble has left you. You can go home now and get well, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."–Ed.]
All right, sir…?… up here. All right. Go ahead home, eat what you want to, if you want to. You've had stomach trouble for a long trouble. Isn't that right? If that's true, raise up your hands. It's an ulcer, a…?… that's setting there in a chair…?… All right.

E-82 All right. You want to get over that cancer? You like to live without cancer? Will you promise to serve God, and receive the Holy Ghost, live all your life for Him? Go home; Jesus Christ be merciful to you and make you well.
Come, lady. You believe with all your heart, everywhere? All right, lady. You have–you have a female trouble for one thing. Then you've got a stomach trouble, which is a peptic ulcer in the bottom of your stomach also. Isn't that right? Is that right? You want to get well? You believe you're healing now? Go; as you have believed, so shall it be.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."–Ed.]

E-83 All right, bring the man. All right, sir. What do you think about this? Believe? Thank you, sir. Not because it's an honor to myself; it is, to be serving our Lord Jesus Christ. Then if you believe me to be His prophet, then God can do something for you. Look to me like this, if you believe me to be His prophet. All right. You suffer with cancer. 'Course you realize that. You're sick, a man ready to die. Here's another thing. You're seeking for the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Is that right? If it is, raise up your hand. Go, and receive your healing and the Holy Ghost, in the Name…?…
Let's say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation responds–Ed.] He's here. Pray. Believe.
What do you think about it, sister, with them tumors, the big lady setting there on the end that's got tumors? Would you like to get over that tumor and be healed? Yes. Wouldn't you like to? Raise your hand up, say, "I accept it, Jesus." God bless you. Go and be made well.

E-84 All right, sir, come, sir. Amen. Believe. Have faith in God. Do you believe me as His prophet, sir? And you accept my Word to be the truth? All right, sir. If I tell you that you're healed, and will tell you what's wrong, or been wrong with you, will you it accept then? All right, raise up your hand. Stomp your feet up and down. Your rheumatism, your arthritis has done left you. You can go home and be made well…?… just home now and let…?… the people…?…
I ask anybody in this building here, in the Name of the Lord Jesus to believe the Angel of the Lord.
Down in this row over here, somewhere in this line here, look this a way to me. You believe? I see a lady setting right there, with a red-looking dress on. There's something, I see just then something move above her, a white-looking object, and seemed to be there it's in her back. Is that right, lady? Don't you have back trouble? And don't you also have something wrong with your eyes? Yes. Don't you take x-ray treatments? Don't you have some kind of x-rays? Is that right? Is that… Raise up your hand if that's right. Stand on your feet and be made well now, in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Hallelujah.

E-85 Believe Him with all your heart. God shall bring it to pass. Have faith in God. Don't doubt. Believe.
Mrs. Wood, setting there, I see It hanging over you. I know where it's… I know you. But you know I don't know what's wrong with you. But I do now. You got tumor growing on the…?… You got something wrong in the intestinal tract. Is that right, Sister Wood? I know you. Well then, why don't you accept your healing now, in the Name of Jesus Christ? Will you do it? I know that woman. Just happened to be It hung to her. All right.
That woman next to her. All right, lady. What did you think, setting there next to her? You believe with all your heart? You do? Stand up on your feet just a minute. Well, you got a bladder trouble. That right? Raise up your hand if that's right. All right. You can go home now and get well.
The lady next to her has bladder trouble too. Is that right, lady, setting right next to her? If that's right, stand up on your feet and be made well.

E-86 What do you think about it, sir? You believe it's the truth? You with the blue shirt and red tie, you believe me to be God's prophet? All right. Stand up a minute. There's a lot of people moving down there. Oh, yes, it's rectal trouble. Isn't that right? Raise–raise your hand. All right. Go home and get well.
What about the next woman? You want to be healed? It's all up to you. Stand on your feet, if you believe me to be God's prophet. You believe me to be His prophet? You suffer with stomach trouble. Is that right? Raise up your hand. Then go home and get well.
What's the matter? Jesus Christ is here to heal every one of you. There lays a man with diabetes if you want to get up…?… There with the blue and white dress on, she also, begin to stand up, go home, and get well.

E-87 Just a moment. I see the…?… the arms of a white man, a little colored woman setting here. You have a card, lady? You don't have no prayer card. I don't want anybody that's got prayer card. Step up on your feet. You believe me to be His prophet? You believe me with all your heart? You have heart trouble, don't you? Is that right? Raise up your hand. All right, go home, and be over it, in the Name of the Lord Jesus. God bless you.
What do you think, that's set right next to her? You have high blood pressure. Is that right? Stand up on your feet and be made well, in the Name of the Jesus Christ.
What's the matter with you? Why don't you…?… to be your Healer! Stand up to your feet, every one of you. In the Name of Jesus Christ, receive your healing…?… And you shall…?… I believe. Stand on your feet…?…

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