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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham called Faith In The Son Of God was delivered on Tuesday, 15th July 1952 at the Civic Center in Hammond, Indiana, U.S.A.
The tape, number 52-0715, is 1 hour and 24 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette.

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E-1 Good evening, friends. Very happy to be here tonight to represent our Lord Jesus Christ and His love to fallen humanity, to the sick and afflicted, the needy, the poor, and outcast, distressed. "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever."
He's lovely, isn't He? We love Him. And He's here tonight to make Hisself known to all of us. He loves us. Before we loved Him, He loved us.
As I've said, "No man seeks after God. God seeks after man." Man in his nature is a rebellion against God. He doesn't… He's against God. But God loves the man. Since the fall in the garden of Eden, God has still been calling for His child. And He calls to him through the thunder, through the lightning, through the setting of the sun, through the preaching of the Gospel, through signs and wonders, through prophets, through miracles, through visions, God speaking to His people.
I'd like to speak to you one of these days, on how to see God, before I leave here: the four ways, some ways, four or five ways we can bring God right in this audience, I can prove to you, He's setting right here in this audience now. Wished I had time tonight.

E-2 Now, it's my lot to do the preaching; Brother Baxter and them does the preaching; I pray for the sick. And I trust that God will make Hisself known to you tonight in a great marvelous way. Now, we just have a few nights left in this meeting, this campaign. The good Lord willing, Monday, we leave for Zion, Illinois. And just from there, I–I'm just kind of going on impressions, the way that He seems to be leading me. I had one meeting that I'm going to. I know where that meeting is. That meeting is in–in one of them in South Africa, the other one is in India. And that's going to be a real meeting. That's going to be where God makes Hisself known to three hundred thousand people.
And in here, I'm trying to do my best to do all that I can, while I'm able to work for our Lord. And put every bit of the time, and all the energy that I know how, to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the way that I'm… only way that I know how to the people, by preaching the Gospel and by a Divine gift that was given to me, not to heal people, but as a–a seer. To this end I was born, to see visions. I use that then, just for God's glory.
If I do things wrong, I don't aim to. God be merciful to me, for I try to do all that I know how to help His people. I love Him. I know that's one thing that I really do. I love the Lord with all my heart. I… There's just something within me that's part of my life. I don't know what–what the future holds, but I know He holds the future, that's the main thing. I–I know that He holds all the future, and whatever mine shall be; it's in His hands. So each day I want to live, not for myself. If I live for myself, I live a selfish life. I want to live for others, and give what strength I have, not to myself, and to my own pleasure, but for the benefit of others, that'll build the Kingdom of God.

E-3 Now, some of my theological teaching, views on the Bible, it might be wrong. I can't say. I'm not a student by a long ways. I'm very illiterate, uneducated, grammar school education; that's not to my desire, but I couldn't have it. We was raised in a poor family of ten children, sickly father that died when he was just a young man. The burden was on me, the oldest one in the family. I done my best, and present that to my mother.
But now, to the Kingdom of God, if I could do that for my brothers and sisters in the flesh, what could I do with my brothers and sisters that's in the Spirit that lives forever? The best that I know how. And some of you may be in teaching that you might not agree with me on different points, but I don't say it for no reasons for contention and so forth, I–I say it just for to be honest to–to convictions to state my views of it. And if I'm wrong, then you forgive me and pray for me, that I will–I will get right.
But this one thing, which is fundamentally, I do know; something happened to my heart one day. I become a new creature. And ever since then, I–I've been in love with Him, so in love with Him, that everything else has been secondarily. And everything else is just like, when you get in love with Jesus.

E-4 Oh, I… Perhaps, I don't say I have it's cause, but maybe, there might've been one more girl in the world that I could've married. But you know, I–I found the one lady that I really love. And I–I asked her if she thought that much of me. She said "Yes." So we got married.
And I told her, "Now, look, all my love I give to you." No matter what other women are, that woman has my love. When I… Perhaps, I go down the street, and here comes a more attractive girl than my wife, or… And she says, "Oh, Billy, I really love you with all my heart."
Now, the first place (See?), if she has a love for me, it's bound to be false, 'cause my first duty is to what I pledged to my wife, that's her first. I've got to think of her first. She's my first. I told her I'd give her all my love. And then my first duty is to my wife. I'd say, "Now, look, sister. See, you're just infatuated, or something, because you're–you're–you're not in love." See? "And I'm not in love with you. Because I love one woman; that's the mother of my children." See? That's my first duty.

E-5 Now, I love my brethren; I love my sisters. And I see them, now, but my first duty is to my first love of Jesus Christ. And I was buried with Him in baptism. Is that right? Then that's my first duty. Then…?… I've got to stand true to that, no matter how much I love the–this brother, or Brother Bosworth, Brother Baxter, or Brother Cox, or any of these brothers here. No matter how much I love them, let my first pledge be to Christ. I must take Him first. And then, they're second. All right.
Not comparing that kind of love now to–to the lust or passionate love that I was speaking of concerning the woman, but just giving you a–a parable. You understand? And I think that's what we all do, more or less, we try to express our feelings, towards our Lord. No matter…
Now, if someone comes up, that's a good friend of yours, and says, "Now, look, John, I–I–I think that your wrong about Divine healing. I–I think that you're wrong." And yet, God has touched your body, and you know Divine healing is right.
Now, your first duty is to stand up for Christ. If they say, "Now, look. I believe you're just simply, well, you–you just imagine you're born again. There is no such a thing as that. A man can't be born again. Then your first duty is to stand for Christ.
Say, "Yes, I am. I know I am."
Recently, I was called into a–a famous doctor's office. He said to me; he said, oh, he was very much perplexed that morning, and upset, and all stewing, you know and he said, "Listen here." Said, "You spent two-thirds of your life trying to get an education, and one-third to live it out, and you have to live that for somebody else." And oh, my. His was awful.
He said, "Isn't it awful?"
And I said, "Yes, it is." So he stood there a little while. I seen he was in a hurry and everything. I was to talk to him.
Said, "What I want to talk you about; I hear that you're a missionary."
I said, "Evangelistic missionary, yes, sir." I said, "I've just returned from Africa."
He said, "Look, I studied to be a preacher, too, one time: four years." And said, "I–I come to find out there was nothing to it."
"Yes, sir."

E-6 He said, "When I got to studying," said, "I studied the book of Mohammed. I studied Buddha. I studied all this and the–the Confucius, the philosopher, and so forth." And said, "All those Buddha's, they have every one have on virgin births." Said, "Mohammed's, all–all them down through the line have to have virgin births, and everything." Said, "The whole thing, I got all muddled up," and said, "I just throwed the thing away," and said, "there's nothing to it. And I'm a perfect agnostic."
I wasn't feeling very good then. I wanted to come back and see him again. I thought, "Lord, I'm… My wits are not sharp enough now for that guy. But You let me slip out somewhere and sharpen up a little bit. I will come back."
So I went out, prayed. After while I met him again. He said, "Well, how do you do, Reverend Branham?"
I said, "How do you do." He was a little Congressmen then.
I said… He said, "Say," he said, "what do you think about those tribes down in Africa? What do you think of them?" Said, "Don't you think they're very progressive, getting progressive."
I said, "Yes."
"And what is that great big burly type?"
I said, "That's the Zulu."
"Oh, yes, that's right. That's what it is. I've studied a lot about them."
I said, "Yes, sir." And I prayed…?… I said, "Now, Lord, if I meet him again, You let him name religion to me." Don't never push yourself on anybody. See? Let them ask you. If they're interested, they'll ask you. So I said, "Now, let me–let me see what he says." Well, we went on for a little bit.
And the first thing you know, why, he said; he said, "Well, don't you think they're more progressive?"
I said, "Yes, I believe the Zulus are a little more progressive." I said, "They're…"
He said, "They're big burly fellows."
"Yes." And we talked. An right there in his office, he stepped outside of his office to talk me, or out in his main office, where many people setting around to listen at the conversation. And he said, I thought, "Now, Lord, now I'm just waiting for You to give me that 'go' sign, there to–to talk about religion."
He said, "Well, I tell you," he said, "I will tell think the smartest man that ever lived was Mahatma Gandhi."
"Well," I said, "every fellow to his opinion." but I said, "I–I–I… Mahatma Gandhi was all right." I said, "I have a chance to meet his–his son there at Durban, if I wished."

E-7 He said, "Say, I want you to go over here to Stewart's and get a–a book on: The Life of Mahatma Gandhi's son's." Said, "I want you to get: "The Talk to the Stars." And you tell…?… over there, that I sent you there." He said, "Say, Reverend, I like you." He said, "If you ever go overseas," said, "you know, when you can't these yellow fever shots, around here anywhere," said, "…?… He's the main doctor out there at the–at the post–at the–out at the what? Fort Knox." He said, "I will get you yellow fever or anything, just get it for you free, too, Reverend."
I said, "Thank you…?… He has to say something about religion. So went on a little while. And so after while he said, "Say," he said, "I will tell you; them Mohammedans are smart people, aren't they?"
Said, "Yes, sir."
"Them Moslems…"
I said, "Yes, sir, they are." See? Smart people.
He said, "They've read a whole lot. You see?"
And I said, "Yes, sir. That's right; they've read whole lot."
"You didn't have much success getting those kind of people to your religion, did you?"
I said, "Oh, yes." He said, I said, "We had around thirty thousand converts in a day."
He threw down his cigarette; he said, "What?"
I said, "Yes, sir."
He said, "Is that a fact?"
I said, "Yes, sir."
He patted me on the back; he said, "Boy. You must be a genius." There was my chance.
I said, "No, sir. I'm a seventh grade dummy, but my Lord is the Genius, the Lord Jesus Christ."
He dropped his head down. He said, "You mean thirty thousand converts in a day?"
I said, "Yes, sir." I said, "If you question it, you might call Sidney Smith, the mayor of Durban, and find out if that's right." I said, "There was more than that, but we just said, thirty thousand."
He said, "Was they Moslem's and Mohammedans? Are they…?…"
I said, "Yes, sir. They stood there with their aprons and things and wiped the red spots off from between their eyes, getting right with God. When they seen the power of Almighty God, moving, they said, 'That's enough for me.' They believed."

E-8 "Well," I said, "Doctor, you excuse me for talking to you like this, for you're a smart man." But I said, "You know, when the trees, in the garden of Eden there were two of them, and one of them was the tree of knowledge, and the other One is the Tree of Life. And man left this Tree to bypass of this tree," and I said, "when he took his first bite off the tree, let it be whatever it was… (I got my idea of that.) So whatever it was, when he tooken his first bite, he separated himself from his Maker. And ever since then, he's been biting off that tree. And every time he bites off that tree, he destroys himself." I said, "God destroys nothing. Man destroys himself by knowledge."
And I said, "As Paul said to Agrippa, long ago, 'I think too much studying maketh thee mad.'" I said, "You read too many books." I said, "Doctor, you're trying to take them old ancient philosophies and things like that, and saying they're virgin birth and so forth, and comparing that with truth." I said, "One is indifference, and the other one is sublime." I said, "I know they have a mockery of it, just like everything and say they're of virgin birth, but there's not one bit of it can be proved." And I said, "I visited the country and the graves, where there was every one of them died." I said, "But tell me where Jesus lives today. Where is He buried at? Show me His bones."
He said, "Well, what story was…? Well, they said they stole Him away."
I said, "No, He rose again."
Said, "How can you prove it?" I said, "He lives within my heart." See? I said, "That proves that." I said, "He stays within my heart." I said, "I might not be smart, Doctor. I'm wanting to talk to you; you're a smart man." But I said, "Looky here. You know what's the matter with you fellows?" I said, "You're on this tree of knowledge."
He said, "Reverend Branham, look." He said, "You said, a man bit off gun powder, that destroyed his friend?"
"Yeah." I said, "then a automobile."
"And then, now, atomic bomb."
He said, "Reverend Branham, if we had no automobiles, no gun powder, no atomic bombs," said, "man would still die."
I said, "Just a minute, Doctor. He wouldn't have died, until he left this Tree. He had Life until he left His Tree. And leaving that Tree brought death." See? I said, "Not–not they're… That's just the results of leaving the Tree. But as long as he stayed with this Tree of Life he lived forever. But when he left the Tree and refused this Tree, and eat off of this tree, disobeying God, then when the question mark come across God's Word, then to me, death come in. And when the question mark comes across your heart to God's Word, death sets in."

E-9 I said, "This is the Tree of Faith." I said, "A man has knowledge which is by five senses." I said, "He's done a great job of it." But I said, "you know what's the matter with you fellows, with all your education." I said, "I'm not trying to support my ignorance now"; said, "we use crutches of this," but I said, "you fellows climb up this tree here as far as knowledge will go, and you'll reason out with your own minds, then when you get so high, you can't get no farther, and you run out this way and you run out that way, then you say…?… it all." I said, "When you get as high as you can on knowledge, now that tree is all right," I said, "as long as you get as high as you can on that, from then on, believe." I said, "That's–that's what you have to do. After you can't figure it out any longer, then believe. That's the time to believe when you can't figure it out. That's when it just comes by faith." See?

E-10 How could a person with a cancer live, when the doctor says he's going to die? All, everything says they're going to die, but here they are right here tonight living, been living for a long time. Some of them across the country, that I know of, when the person, seven years ago, they were given just hours to live, and they're big healthy strong people. How is it? I don't know. It's by faith. This is the Tree here. See?
It's like a boy that's trying to swim. He says, "I can swim," as long as his feet is on the ground, but when he steps off in the step off, oh, my, he begins to gurgle and holler for help." That's the time to swim, when you haven't got your feet on the ground. See what I mean?
Well, the same thing is this, my dear friend. As long as you can figure it out, and wonder how, as long as you can say, "Well, now looky here, it must be this way. Now, they must be doing it this a way. Well, I…" If you can't figure it out, then just believe, as long as it's God's Word. Is that right? How is it going to be? I don't know. I can't tell you, but it's going to be. God said so.

E-11 Jesus, they seen that He… He knew the peoples thoughts. He knew what they were thinking of. He saw visions and told them that He couldn't do nothing till the Father showed Him. And what He said that the Father would do, that the Father had done, that every time was right. Isn't that right? So they figured, "How is He doing it? Now, perhaps, it's mental telepathy."
Then He told the people the things that was in their heart that they wasn't thinking about. They wasn't–wasn't even thinking about it. That's not mental telepathy. Anybody has got an ounce of sense, that ever said it, that knows mental telepathy. You take a number in my mind, and me thinking about the number, and you standing out there guessing about it. That's all, what number I got in my mind. Mental telepathy doesn't reveal sin. Anybody that knows anything about it, that ever studied it, knows that that's wrong. Psychology is a perfect guess work, shot in the dark. But Almighty God's Spirit is perfect.

E-12 And then stand here and say now, "Somebody in the building has a–has a ulcer in their stomach." Sure, one in this building has got an ulcer in their stomach somewhere. But who is that person? That's the next thing. Is that right? Who is the person? Then let God say who the person is, then that's different. Then tell them what they've done to cause that to come in there. Maybe, it's in there… Maybe it's because of unbelief. Maybe it's because this. And then the patient stands and say, "That's the honest truth." That's different then. See? That's when you're off of this tree of knowledge trying to figure out. You're over here on this Tree then, believing. See? It's by faith. How? I don't know. Don't ask me; I can't explain it. And there's nobody else can explain it. God's Word is passed–is passed finding out (Is that right?), His ways. You just can't find it out, there's no need of trying to figure it. You just believe it, that's all. And you see the results, you see what God does.

E-13 Now, here comes a man up here, maybe, that's sick. He's standing here with a… The doctor says he's going to die. He's filled with TB. Here he comes up to the pastor, he says, "Pastor, I–I'm… The doctor tells me I'm going to die. I–I'm–I pray, you pray with me, pastor."
The pastor says, "All right." Now, the pastor, if he's not a gifted man, or so forth with understanding he'd better anoint the man with oil, because that's what stands between him and the sickness (See?), or he could take it hisself.
Now, he takes the order that James give there, the elders of the church, and let them anoint him in oil and pray over them. That's exactly the church (See?) to anoint with oil. That oil represents the Holy Spirit stand between the pastor and the sickness. All right.
He anoints them with oil, representing the Holy Spirit, just giving over to the Holy Spirit. Then he prays for the person. Now the person after while begins to feel different, flesh takes on, goes back to his doctor. "Why," he says, "say, you're getting well. That's wonderful. What happened?"
"I can't tell you."

E-14 Here not long ago there was a–a young fellow in the hospital in Jeffersonville, was dying. The boy, they called me up, our doctor friend in Jeffersonville, sent me out to him. Said, "Go out and see him, the boy is going to die." Now, he was a… He had a venereal disease. And his mother died, and he just run wild there, and there was little girl, little sister had also taken a wrong road, and the little boys, the started driving taxi cab, and after while the kid got in trouble. A dandy boy, I knew him; he just got on the wrong foot. And I went out to see him.
I looked at him, and I… He said, "Billy," said, "I tell you," said, "I–I'm ashamed for you to come here." Said, "Doctor has told me to make my peace with God."
I said, "Delbert, are you a Christian?"
He said, "No, I'm not."
I said, "Let's talk about that first, Delbert." I said, "Aren't you ashamed? Your mother was a Christian, wasn't she?"
Said, "Yes, sir, she was." And he said, "Brother Branham, I–I don't know, I just… I just got out." Said, "The first cigarette I smoked, and some of the boys told me," said, "just to be smart, and then the girls begin to tease me, and I started smoking." Said, "I didn't mean to become that way." And said, "I started drinking, and I didn't mean to, just a sociable drink, a glass of beer."

E-15 That's the way it is. Shun the appearance of evil. Have this first thing in front of you: when it's evil, say, "No." Need to say that, "No." That settles it. Don't have a wishbone, have a backbone like that; stand out. See? When you know you're right, if you believe in God, if you're born again, you will do it. That's right. There's no question about that. If you're born again, it'll take care of itself. Then, now… If the…
And the boy got on the wrong foot; he had syphilitic. Doctor give him everything that he knew of. They were giving him Salvarsan, 606; everything that could take place. And if there's doctor in the building, knows what that is. Mercury even goes into the bones and so forth.

E-16 Said, "There's not a chance for the boy to live." God…?… still and do some work. All right.
Now. So I talked to him a little while, and I said, "Son, would you become a Christian?"
He said, "I want to, Brother Branham." He said, "I–I'm afraid God won't receive me: I've been so sinful."
I said, "Oh, yes, He will. Oh, yes, sir. He will receive you."
He said, "You think He would take me, and me with this disease like this? What have I got?"
I said, "It's not your body you're presenting to Him; it's your soul, my boy." See?
And he said, "Well, I–I come. I come." And I read to him John 14. And I knelt down and prayed. While I was praying, the boy raised up his hands and sobbed and cried, said, "Dear God," right out while I was praying. Said, "Have mercy on my soul. Please don't let me die a sinner. Lord, with all my heart, I believe the Word is right. And I'm coming, I'm coming to accept You as my Saviour." The boy had a wonderful conversion.
I got up and patted him on the head, and blessed him. I said, "Now, Delbert, let's talk about Divine healing."
He said, "Well, Brother Branham," said, "I… It's all right now, whether I would get well or not, now." He said, "Everything's all right now." Said, "Something happened in here now; I'm not afraid to die now."

E-17 I said, "Well, that's the main thing, Delbert." I said, "Now, that's the real thing. Now, let's speak of the Lord, Who could stoop low enough to get your sinful soul, He will stoop just as low to take your diseased body, right down in the bed of adultery, pull you right out of here and make a gentlemen out of you, and heal you."
He said, "You think He would, Billy?" He said, "If He will, I will serve Him the rest of my days. What I have, whether I get well, or not, I will serve Him the rest of my days." He wasn't talking too much on healing.
I knelt down and prayed for him for him to get well, laid hands on him, went on up. I called up the doctor, and the nurse called me, and told me to get a hold of the doctor, the doctor wanted to see me, that sent me out there, had prayer with him, 'cause…?… I said, "Doc, I want you to go out… I'm–I'm definitely led, you should give him another shot."

E-18 I said, "Well…"
He said, "I done give him more than… He said, "It–it isn't going to take." And said, "I've tried it."
I said, "As a–as a friend, as your buddy, will you–will you do one favor for me?"
He said, "Sure, Bill, what is it?"
I said, "Go, give him another shot. Will you do it?"
He said, "Yes, upon the strength and the…"
I said, "It won't hurt him?"
"No, it won't hurt him."
I said, "Go, give it to him."
He went there and give the boy a shot, that one took. What was the matter? What taken place? Why wouldn't the others take? Prayer changed things. The boy is well and sound today. See what I mean? It's prayer that changes things. Get your head set level. Look towards Jesus Christ. Remember, He's the Author and Finisher of your faith. Have faith in Him; don't doubt. Believe that everything that He said is the truth. And God will heal you, both soul and body.

E-19 There's been one thing that's been my meeting that I've slacked on, one thing that I'm praying about. I have not revealed it to the people yet; I didn't say it for two or three days; I was impressed the other day, coming up on the road. Something keeps pressing to me. I think I almost make myself a mystic by–to the people, by the power of a revelation of God through the gift. And I believe, if I could actually just let up a little and pray for more people, it's prayer that changes things.
I've noticed so many carnal impersonations. Go out and saying, "Well, I've got this, and I've got that. And glory to God, it's here." Just say, "It's in your finger," and watch somebody else get it in their finger. And there, then they come out and see these things; they muddle the whole thing together, and say, "There you are. That's the holiness church for you; that's the Full Gospel people. You see?"

E-20 The Devil won't judge by the good things; he will judge by the worst things. He throws it all over on the Word. The same thing he will do by Christians. He will say, "Look at there. Look at that guy, supposed to be a Christian, out there living with this other man's wife, drinking liquor, doing these things there. Well, I'm as good as he is."
Sure, you're better than he is. But brother, that guy has nothing to do with the man who's really–really living a real Christian life and loves Christ. If he loves Christ, he won't do those things. For he's born of the Spirit of God, and the seed of God reminds in him and he will have no desire to do that.
The Bible said, "The worshipper once purged has no more conscience, or no more desire of sin."
And if you still have the desire, you have haven't been purged yet. That's just one thing sure. See? If you still have a desire in your heart to go out and lust and sin, just remember, my friend, you need to come back to God, back to the altar. For we are sowed with the incorruptible seed of God. An ordinary, say, grain of wheat won't perish if it's in the right kind of a ground. How about the seed of God which is incorruptible? It's got to produce just exactly what it says it will.

E-21 And listen, a grain of wheat will not produce a cocklebur. No, sir. A cocklebur will be in the field, and when the drought is on, the cocklebur is just as happy to receive the rain that falls for the wheat, and if it's the rain, the same rain… But by their fruits you'll know them. See? You'll know whether it's cocklebur or wheat. See? And if you still that carnal in your heart, and so forth, unbelief. Unbelief is all it is.
You heard me say, the people, no doubt, have been telling me, "Go and sin no more." What do I mean, "Go and sin no more?" I don't mean, "go and don't do this." Sin is unbelief. No matter what it is, what you've done, you–you don't…

E-22 Here not long ago, I was preaching in a Methodist church, one night, and I thought the Lord was firing me up good. And I was just a preaching away, and I said, "You don't go to hell because you get drunk. You don't go to hell because you commit adultery. You don't go to hell because you smoke cigarettes, things like that."
Some little old Methodist mother had just as much as she could stand, you know. She was setting there. And jumps up to her feet (a great nice church) and said, "Reverend Branham, I resent that. What do you go to hell for?"
I said, "Because you believe not." That's right.
The Bible said, "He that believeth not is condemned already."
Jesus said, "He that heareth My Words, and believeth on Him that sent Me has Everlasting Life and shall not come into condemnation, but's already passed from death to Life."

E-23 You can't believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and live the same life that you once lived. That's right. That makes it pretty strong. That's not skim milk by a long ways, but it's good for you. You can't believe with all your heart, that He is the Son of God, and accept Him as your personal Saviour, and live the life you once lived in sin. Because He said, "You passed from death to Life, and will not coming into condemnation: but you passed from death to Life." Saint John 5:24. Do you believe that's the truth? Jesus Christ said so.
So then, you see, the only thing that condemns you is your unbelief. And if we can't have faith enough to believe God for little things that we see taking place, here, and try to muddle it all up, and say, "It's psychology. It's mental telepathy, or something like that." How in the world are you going in the resurrection? Figure that out. When your body will probably be not over a spoonful of ashes. But God will raise it up.
"He that eateth My flesh and drinketh My Blood has Everlasting Life, and I will raise him up at the last days." Jesus said that in Saint John 6. "He that eats My flesh and drinks My Blood hath Everlasting Life (present tense)…" [–Ed.]

E-24 … woman that come up, and a man, who went out and done something and come and thought they could get by with it before the church. They lied about it. They said, "We sold our ground for so-and-so." But there was a man standing there who was a prophet.
He said, "Why has the Devil put in your heart to lie to the Holy Ghost?" Such a shock killed the man. Here come his wife in, Sapphira…?… Ananias and Sapphira. So when they come in, he also told her, "The feet that packed your husband out…"

E-25 I tell you, when they seen that discerning, that Spirit moving and pointing the person, and telling who it was, the critics hushed. But today, they're brazen. My. Listen to this. Wished I had time to read it all: Acts 5, beginning with the 12th verse. I believe we'll just begin a little farther up. Let's begin about the 12th though, 'cause I haven't time to read it, my time's getting away.

And by the hands of the apostles…

And by the hands of the apostles…

Right after the death of Ananias and Sapphira, when Peter pointed them out and told them what they had done… The very condemnation of the thing, to know that they were wrong, shocked them till they died right there. Just think of that. The Holy Spirit speaking, said, "You've lied, and you've done a certain thing." And down they dropped. You believe it's the same Holy Spirit? Been challenged so many times.

E-26 Did you ever read my little book back there, called "The Man Sent From God"? How many read it? Thank you. Hear of the maniac? How many take that "Voice of Healing"? You seen the other day, how that–that great renowned lawyer thought all that was muddled up, and they had lied, he even went to the law and things like that. And everyone of them rung out a hundred percent true. And you see what he said about it, the CPA. All right.
What would've been if he would walked to the platform? What would've happened here in Harlington, Texas, here not long ago when a certain thing taken place? When some fellows come down there and wrote out an article in the paper, or a little paper and passed it on there, and said that, "I was nothing but Simon the sorcerer, and I was bewitching people. And the FBI agents was there that night to expose me on the platform."

E-27 Many of you, was anybody at Harlington, at the Harlington meeting? If you are, raise your hand, around here from Harlington, Texas, was down in the valley. Well, I've got the article of it in my little scrap book. Passed great big things out, and said there was going to be all these different things. Said, "All it is is mental telepathy. He's Simon the sorcerer." When I walked to the platform that night, and said… "What it is it's–it's a–it's a trick that he plays." And all like that. Said, "It was big stage show," and all that. Said, "The FBI agents…"

E-28 I come to the platform; Mr. Baxter was standing there. The custodian of the building had went out and had them little Mexican children to take them all off the cars. He was standing there weeping. He said "Reverend Branham, it's a shame." He said, "My baby was healed in this meeting. And look such a–a damnable rot like that." Said, "The law ought to pick that guy up for doing that."
I said, "That's all right. There's a higher law then the earth here will take care of that. 'For verily I say unto you, whosoever shall speak a word against the Holy Ghost, it'll not be forgive him in this world, nor the world to come.'" I said, "He's just mentally upset." I…
And a little lady had just been healed of a condition; she run, she said, "Reverend Branham," she said, "I know it wasn't mental telepathy that night when you…"
I said, "Now, look, sis."
Said, "I'm going to leave the building, if the FBI is going to arrest you on the platform." Said, "I don't know what I'd do, Brother Branham."
I said, "Don't you worry about that, sis." I said, "I've had the FBI in meetings two or three times, and every time they got converted." I said, "I'd sure like to have them again."

E-29 And Brother Bosworth remembers one night in my meeting when the FBI come at Seattle, Washington. Went out the next day and knelt down in a shooting galley. He said, "Brother Branham, look, how can I receive the type of Holy Spirit that you got?" See? I put my arms around him and led him to Christ. A year from now he retires, and he's going with me. See? That's right. I like to see people come in who's really sincere.
So when I got up on the platform that night, I said, "Look." I said, "I have a little piece of paper." I said, "My brother Howard," I said, "you go on out of the building. And Mr. Baxter, you leave the building." I said, "It's been said this was mental telepathy." I said, "Setting in the back of the building, just about two hours ago, as Mr. Baxter here, knows before he leaves." I said, "One day, while I was down here in Texas, and a little newspaper went busted later on, carried a dirty article, and said that I was up there, and a whole lot. Said, I received so much money in a meeting that it taken two big men to pack the offering out of the building."

E-30 Brother, sister, I had a million five hundred thousand dollars give to me at one time, and refused to put my name on it, and told them to take it back. That's right. I had twenty-five thousand dollars give to me in one check at the platform in Texas, where a man from the Texas oil owner there that come said, his mother was healed out of wheelchair. They just flew in there. I said, "Sir," and I tore the check up before him. That's right. I'm a poor man.
Someone offered me, here not long ago, said, "Brother Branham, we'll buy you a nice Cadillac to ride."
I said, "A Cadillac." I said, "Me go down through Arkansas and some of them poor little old Arkansas'ers down there picking cotton, little old mothers with their hands stuck up with cockleburs and things, or burrs off of that cotton, picking, pulling a sack, half dead with female trouble and things like that, eating fat bacon and corn-bread for breakfast, come put a dollar in my meeting, and me ride in a Cadillac? No, sir. No, indeedy." I said, "No, indeedy, I will never do that…?…" [Congregation claps their hands–Ed.] Thank you.

E-31 I want to be like the people that comes to me to be prayed for. Yes, sir. If I could afford it, I sure wouldn't even have them to even put in nickels and dimes to pay for the auditorium. And I said, "No, I… If I got what I deserved, I'd be walking. Wouldn't I feel funny now, say, "There goes Brother Branham." A big Cadillac going down the road and them poor little fellows couldn't even afford a bicycle. And then me going in a Cadillac. That's not right. No, sir. So I just wouldn't stand for it.
And this man made a great remark that I put money and everything. I just… It was wrong, but God dealt with him.

E-32 And one day, I remember a friend of mine, Mr. Reed from over in, he may be in this meeting tonight. Many of you might know Mr. Reed. He had a stroke, and his hands was hanging like that, and the doctor said he'd die for morning. They called me way down Florida, when I was at your place, and I prayed for him on the phone. God saved his life. And he was been… And one night, he was coming out of… one day there at the… What was that little place where they got them big caves there in New Mexico? Carlsbad. And we was coming out, Billy and I were going down the street, and here comes Mr. Reed and his colored driver. And Mrs. Reed trying to help him and he was… And he seen me come there, and he held his mouth opening crying, and he was trying to wipe the tears away from his eyes.
Said, "Brother Branham, last night you called from twenty-five to thirty-five, and mine was thirty-six." He said, "Oh, if I could only got to the line."
And I said, I said, "Well, Brother Reed, that wouldn't have healed you, brother."
He said, "No, Brother Branham, but I want to know what I've done. If I've done anything, God knows that I'm sorry of it." He said, "Why should I have to go like this through life now." Said, "I'm glad to be living, but… holding like that. The boy trying to hold him, and his wife like that.
And I said, "Well, Mr. Reed, I have no way." I said, "Just tonight, I just call a number of those cards." I said, "If God would've intended it…"

E-33 He said, "Well, all right." He said, "Brother Branham, I will keep on till God give you, He shows me if I'm ever going to be well, or not, or what I can do." Poor old fellow… Standing there I looked, coming up from him, I seen a palm tree standing out there. I seen him with a brown suit on, a white shirt and a brown tie, standing perfectly straight, lifting up his hands and arms, walking like this.
I said, "Brother Reed, THUS SAITH THE LORD, I don't know when; I don't know how; I don't know where it'll be; it isn't here, 'cause there isn't no palm trees here. But you'll be standing somewhere by the side of a palm tree with a brown suit on and a brown tie, and a white shirt. You are going to be a well man, whether it's this year, next year, or ten years from now, I don't know, but THUS SAITH THE SPIRIT."

E-34 So that, I went on over seas to Finland, and so forth, and come back, and went down, and that night just before I went to the meeting, Brother Baxter, which is listening right now, here somewhere. And he was–he was with me, and I'd been in the room for three days, just fasting and praying. Am I taking too much of your time? [Congregation says, "No."–Ed.] I hope not. See? I–I had been fasting and praying and wouldn't go out to eat. And Brother Baxter come said, "You got to eat tonight." So he took me down to the cafeteria. And just as we got in the cafeteria, he said, "Say," he said, "we're kind of trapped in here." Said, "There's some of our friends in there," and they're probably sitting close now too. They was the ones that give that hat the other day, the Willbanks. Those are very fine friends. Said, "They'll sure want to talk to you."
Well, it's not as I don't want to talk to people, but when that's on, you just simply goes to revealing things. So when we started out, Brother and Sister Willbank, sure enough, they visited me the other day down home. And they were standing there, excited over…?… Said, "Brother Branham, I want to shake your hand."

E-35 And Brother Baxter said, "Now, look." Said, "Don't talk to him."
And they–they said, "We understand." They're very lovely. He just shook my hand. I started on down the street. And I started walking down the street; the Holy Spirit said, "Turn around and go in the car with them."
I thought, "I was just impressed, I'd go on." I said, "Brother Baxter, it's a nice night."
And he said, "Yes."
I felt Something stop me. Looked like I couldn't move my legs anymore, just getting, couldn't move my legs no more. I stopped real soon. He said, "What's the matter?"
I said, "Brother Baxter, I must go back and get in the car with Willbanks."
He said, "Brother Branham, you can't…"
I said, "It's the Spirit of the Lord."
He said, "All right, then."
So we turned and went back, and got into the car. I said, "Will you take me around to the hotel, Brother Willbank?"

E-36 He said, "Yes."
We went around to the hotel. And when we got out at the hotel, at the hotel, we started up, Brother Baxter went walking on in. I started in. And Something said, "Go back and talk to Willbank." I went back; I said, "Friends, I hope there's nothing wrong with your family. There's Something here, that just keeps telling me to–about this." I said, "Not to–to–to, not to do this, you see. And not to go in, and so forth."
He said, "Well," he said, "now, there's nothing wrong with us, or not."
Said, "There's something strange." And Brother Baxter had done went over, there was a–a lane over there with some flowers in it, right almost at the hotel, and Brother Baxter was standing over there with this messing around the flowers.
Said, "Come on in, Brother Branham?"
I said, "In a little bit." And I said, "I don't know; there's something happening somewhere." And I stayed there about three or four minutes.

E-37 And looked like Something said, "Go on in." I started to walk on in, and just as they pulled away, started to pull away, I looked coming down the street, and stopped right up there by the side of a palm tree, was the Reed family getting out. There he had a brown suit on, a brown tie. I looked at that. I looked at him. I never said a word…?… both arms in the air and hollered, "Glory to God," and here he come down the street. They thought they had the Salvation Army out there. And up and down them steps he went, all at the meeting.
I said, "Now, go on over to the meeting and sit down. See? Just don't say nothing; just sit there at the meeting. There's a bunch over there, tonight," I said, "it's nothing in the world but them same old spirits that lived on Ananias and those priests back there that denied the Lord Jesus is the same thing, today, living in men. The Devil takes his man, but never his spirit, he just… moves on gets another one. And so, then when, went on down, like that.
The Bible said, "There were foreordained to that condemnation." You know the Bible says that? "Turned the grace of our Lord into lasciviousness." That's right. Jews… And then notice this. Then they come down there, just born for unbelievers.

E-38 There they were sitting there. And I got up, and I said, "I have been told here according to this, that the FBI is going to expose me tonight." I said, "All right. All right. FBI, wherever you are now," I said, "my manager is gone, and so forth. I invite you to come on up to the platform and expose me. If there's anything that I've done that's illegal, anything contrary to the Bible, anything illegal to the laws of the nation," I said, "anything you want. Come up and expose me; tell me where I'm wrong." Which I knew there was no FBI. So I just stood there a little bit, waited a little while.
I said, "No, it looks strange that the FBI don't come." I said, "You've got the platform. Come on." I said, "If I've done anything wrong to be exposed, and…?… Let them come up and tell me. Here's where it's at. I'm just willing to stand the… by the Word of the Lord, and to be exposed by It. See?" I said, "Anything I've done."

E-39 Just then, I noticed moving over on this side, I seen a black object, and it moved across the audience, and went over, hung right up here on the platform over a man dressed in a gray suit, and one in a blue. They were preachers.
I said, "No, it ain't no FBI." I said, "They said they were going to expose me tonight, the guys that done it hasn't got nerve enough; they've backed out." I said, "There they set right up there." I said, "That man in the gray suit and that one in the blue." He got down like that. I said, "Whoops, I thought you was going to expose me." I said, "All right. You're not FBI agents; you're backslidden preachers. That's exactly what you are." You ask anybody you wish to, ask my manager. I said, "You're backslidden preachers, and I challenge you in the Name of the Lord Jesus, you wrote this down and said I was Simon the sorcerer. If I am Simon the sorcerer, and you're holy men, then you come to the platform, and God strike me dead. Then, if I am a man of God, and you're wrong, when you come to the platform, God strike you dead. Come on down now." Yeah.
They set there a little bit, the first thing you know, I said, "You see what's happening?" I looked and they was going out of the building real fast, as hard as they could. I said, "Well, we'll wait a few minutes; just play: "Only Believe," or something, see if they come." Nobody never did show up, never have since.

E-40 I said, "You see what it is? When it comes to a showdown to their…?… it's nothing in the world but the Devil; that's exactly what it is. Exactly." God's work moves on just the same: "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever."
What would have happened when that maniac run to the platform that night? Here, today, I was told here by a minister, when I used to take the people by the hand. I know we had some impersonations of that; that's right. But a minister said, that man getting them by the hand, and so forth like that, a minister that's going to cooperate in my next meeting. He was standing up at the platform, said, "That guy is a spiritualist. That's all." Said, "He's–nothing to him." Said, "He's nothing in the world but a spiritualist." Said, "He's a Devil. He's a–he's a mind reader." Said, "There's nothing at all about it, about his left hand." When that was first come, that was before this other had happened. Said, "There's to it." And while in preaching, his hand went paralyzed from his wrist down. And today, he has got big spots like leprosy; it's not leprosy, but it's spotted like leprosy, all over his hand, on that same hand, that he criticized mine of.

E-41 I tell you, brother, the Bible said, "It is far better that a millstone was hanged at your neck and you drown in the depths of the sea." That's right. So be careful. Know what you're talking about. See? Be careful. And that man has got his name on the paper to cooperate in this next meeting, willingly. See? If you don't understand, just be still. Just don't say nothing about it. I wouldn't even be around where it was at. If I didn't believe in it, I just wouldn't be around where it was at. I'd stay away from it.
Why did I say that? You think I can stand here at the platform and not know things? Certainly I do.
I want to read some Scripture again, the 12th verse:

And by the hands of the apostles many signs and wonders were wrought among the people; and they were all with one accord in Solomon's porch.

And by the hands of the apostles many signs and wonders were wrought among the people; and they were all with one accord in Solomon's porch.

And the rest durst no man join himself to them: but the people magnified them.

And believers were more added to the Lord, multiplied both men and women.

Insomuch that they brought forth the sick into the street, and laid them on beds and couches, that at least the shadow of Peter passing by might overshadow them.

Oh, my. After calling two people in his audience, that wasn't living right with God, the shadow of that man passed over and what? This is not my Word. I'm not responsible for This. God's inspired Holy Spirit wrote this Holy Writ. Do you believe it? And I'd willingly offer my life that this is the truth. Look.

There came also a multitude out of the city around about unto Jerusalem, bringing sick folks, them that were vexed with unclean spirits: and they were healed every one of them.

E-42 You believe it? Look. A man, a Spirit filled, Pentecostal born, Holy Ghost man of God, called out, separated, stood under inspiration, knowing nothing about what Ananias and Sapphira had done, but when he came, they came into the building, the Holy Spirit revealed what had happened. And God rewarded them of their iniquity. And they believed Jesus the resurrected Christ, not Peter; the resurrected Christ, that promised, "I will be with you, even in you." And even the shadow of that man, passing the street, he never prayed for nobody. Walked down the street, and every one of them was healed, sick, afflicted, impotent, lame, unclean spirit. That man who lived with–in adultery, and uncleanliness, and everything like that. Unclean spirits makes them do unclean things. Every one of them…
Then if Jesus is the same tonight, if laying in the shadow of Peter would do such, what about right here, when Jesus Christ is the same manifestation here among us? Don't take the shadow of Peter; it takes faith in the Son of God. Amen. You believe it?

E-43 Let's pray. Heavenly Father, O God, have mercy. I look at the people, Father, and I think of here in America, my lovely home. I love it, Lord. Oh, what a great country. We still got the open Bible. We got men of God who stands fearlessly proclaiming the Word. God, how our nation has started eating off the other tree, altogether by education. Our seminaries and everything, they have to be brought out with fine scholarships or they won't receive them. You have to belong to their own organization. They have to be well-trained and taught. Oh, what a hindrance. How a called man of God could be winning thousands of souls while he's in school, yonder, taking out of him what God put in him. What a pity. Lord, what can I do about it? I'm just a little insignificant, illiterate, worthy of all God's wrath to be poured upon me, uneducated, born in a sinful family, raised by a bootlegged parent… How God, how did You ever save me? It's a mystery to me.

E-44 And what's my voice? The only thing I can do is give my voice the best that I know how, and call for mercy. So thankful that You saved me, Lord. Tonight, You saved me and healed me. You give me mercy and sent me to tell others about the love of Your Son Jesus. And Lord, with all my heart, and around the nation and around the world, I've tried to describe it. And out of there has went forth great campaigns and meetings, which are sweeping the world tonight. How we thank Thee for them. And then to think, a men of corrupt mind…
But You said, "As Jannes and Jambres stood Moses, so do these resist the truth. Never–never able to come to the knowledge of the truth."
Now, Lord, I pray tonight, that You'll grant Your holy Presence with us again. Just a few more nights in closing here. These lovely people set in this auditorium here. Lord, how I thank You for these borned again men and women, that's setting in this building, renown Christians, sons and daughters of God, who if I shall have the–the privilege to gain the place to come to heaven, I will live with them through ceaseless ages. And here they are tonight, giving a portion of their living, to see the meeting going on, setting up here in these old hot seats, fanning with fans, just as loyal as they can be, coming every night.

E-45 Let everybody say what they want to, call what they want to, they still believe, and come right on, nothing's chasing them. God, bless them; please do, Father. May they receive the richest of Thy blessings.
And I stand as Moses of old, standing in the breach for the people, God bless this people. Bless the pastors, and churches, every church that's–that's cooperating. And even those who are not cooperating, indifferent, God, I don't pray for nothing else, but they might be this marvelous, happy, glorious privilege that Christians have and walk in the Light. Grant it, Lord.
We're not doing it to be different, Lord. But if I should hold my peace, then just think of the thousands would have died. O God, and now, some of them are winning thousands of souls for You, and tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands of souls are being won, just because of the great healing ministries producing the privilege to the people.

E-46 Oh, merciful God, then move upon us tonight in a miraculous way, an outstanding way, and manifest Thy love to us. For was ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.
[–Ed.]… as He tells me to speak. I only do just what He tells me to do. All that understand that, just say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."–Ed.] All right. I want you to remember that. Believe that with all your heart. And God manifest Hisself to you.

E-47 Now, to make well, each night I have tried reverently, to be just as considerate with the audience. It's very hard. I'd stand there and maybe, I will let–I will let you know this. When you see me speak to different people, I watch that Light. When I get under the anointing, I see It. I don't see It now. When the anointing comes, I do see It. And I watch It, now that's the reason I don't let flash cameras, is because sometime I see It move; I'm watching It, if the camera flashes, it throws me off, and gets me off (See?); I miss something. That's the reason I said, "Don't flash the camera while I'm–while I'm praying and while the anointing is on." It's nothing in the world but the sovereignty of God. That's right.
And I come down and try to be honest with every one of you, to try to be just, to just what I think is the best thing for you. I–I give out so many prayer cards, each day. And I call from a certain number then, not knowing where. God in heaven knows, and my Bible over my heart, I don't know a bit more where to call from in that line tonight, of a hundred cards, that my boy give out, I don't know a one to call. And God, Who is my Judge knows that. I don't know where to call. What, for we just say…
Billy, don't know, when he's giving… He gives you a card; you fill it out. They pick it up down here and give to the ministers, your name and address on it and so forth; they check up with you, so they can get your testimony and put it out in public.
First your testimony has to be bonafide, has to have your name on it, or it's not right. See? And so therefore, when you give the testimony, that's you. It ain't what I said; it's what you said. We'd like for your doctor to say it. Then we got the doctors statement. Then we put in book so that they can check back.

E-48 Now, there's a hundred cards… What did you give out, Paul? P. Prayer card, on… You'll see on the name, it's got your name and address, and so forth, on the front, and on the back it's has got a letter and a number: P, 1 to a 100.

E-49 Now, Al–Almighty God knows all things. [–Ed.]… I call you from, and just wherever He puts upon my mind, then I will call.
He was telling me today, that people read off that. I don't need them prayer cards. That prayer card is just to get you up to this platform. That prayer card has nothing to do with your healing. Why, there's more people healed out there, that don't even know about a prayer card, never has had a prayer card, than there is with prayer cards. Did you know that? Listen at It, at night when the Holy Spirit begins to move out, touching over those people who don't even have prayer cards. It's the different.
I believe I will do something else right now. How many people here has not got a prayer card? Let's see your hand. Raise up your hand everywhere, that hasn't got prayer cards.

E-50 All right, this line, that second line right there, I seen nearly a solid mass of you there, that hasn't got prayer cards. All right. You that hasn't got prayer cards, beginning over there at the end, come over this way. Yeah. You without a prayer card there, and then you next. The rest, everybody set still now. You next, next, next, next, coming along the row there, that's sick and hasn't got a prayer card, get up along there. All right.

E-51 Now, let that group come, right like that, without prayer cards. Brother Baxter, you go down there and see than none of the rest of them comes, just like that, till I call for them. Billy, you get down here and line your line up. That's without, you without prayer cards. You with prayer cards, hold your peace just a minute.

E-52 How many of you that in here that has prayer cards, let's see your hand. Seems like there's not, the balconies are blank, and way back in the back are blank and some right in here are blank. All right.
I believe, if the good Lord willing, was you in that line, lady? You–you don't have a prayer card? Uh-huh. You don't have a prayer card? All right. Now, just–just hold your peace just a moment. Now, I will get to the prayer cards, after a bit, if the Lord willing; but you hold your prayer card, just a little bit. See? So that you'll see, it's not your prayer card, has nothing to do with it. All right.
You got a prayer card, honey? All right. You just hold your prayer card, I will call for you in a–in a little bit, if I can. Yeah. Okay, honey. I'm calling for those who do not have prayer cards. See? All right.

E-53 Now, we got a few in there now. Now, Brother Baxter, now you stand at the end of that, right down here. And just as I call, the next line starts in there, without prayer cards, hold your hands up. Now, wait, now just a minute, just a minute, don't stand up. Just a minute. Without prayer cards, run over the building anywhere, without prayer cards. Let's see if I can get a solid mass of them somewhere. Yeah. All right.
All right now, you hold, you stay right there. When I call, I will call maybe a line behind there, I seen group there, and then, about third or fourth line back, there was a group that didn't have prayer cards; and there's a group sitting right along here, on this second line, here, that don't have prayer cards. All right.
Now, just–just be reverent. Without your prayer cards now. Now, everybody be reverent. Now, let's bow our heads everywhere.

E-54 Heavenly Father, I don't want to disappoint these people with the prayer cards, who's come here reverently, as we've ask them to, and set here, that–that in this meeting, that they… And this afternoon in this hot building to–and receive prayer cards. But dear heavenly Father, that the people might understand that it doesn't take prayer cards to heal the sick, it takes faith in Your Son, Jesus Christ to heal the sick. And we want them to know that, Lord. And I pray now, that You'll honor and respect this effort tonight. God grant it, will You please. Just as You changed my mind, standing right here at this platform, just now. Why You're doing this, I do not know. The only thing I know: You just spoke to me just now, when the Angel of the Lord come here and said, "Don't call them prayer cards." And I'm obeying what You said do. I'm only following… I don't know what You're doing. Maybe there's somebody coming up here, that's really in a dying condition, and this is going to be their last night.
Lord, I pray that if it is, that You'll have mercy upon them and will heal them. Grant it, Lord, whatever You see. Thou doest all things well. Hear the prayer of Your servant in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.

E-55 All right. I would if somebody would get me a little bit of water, if you will, I've been speaking quite a little bit.
Now, I want everybody to be reverent. And I want you in the balcony, up there, you that haven't any prayer cards. And you that haven't any prayer cards, when I call you, if God speaks, I want you that hasn't the prayer cards, wherever, I have to speak where the Holy Spirit leads. I will watch the Light and It'll hang over the person. See? But it looks like the balconies especially, and right along in here, there's no prayer cards, and seems like there's no prayer cards right along, down through that section there, and right back in there is kind of, way back in there. Wasn't it you all that hold up hands, you ain't got no prayer cards, back there? All right. That's fine. All right. Every one reverent now, just–just believe with all your heart. God will bring it to pass.

E-56 Now, lady, have you come believing? You believe with all your heart that God's going to grant your healing? All right, come up. Now, do you believe with all your heart, that I be God's servant? You do? All right. Now, you don't even have a prayer card that… And you just come in here tonight and set down, probably come into the meeting, and well, you were just sitting there, kind of surprised calling you. Well, I'm–I'm just your brother. I said brother, because you're a Christian. You're a believer. I knew that by the welcome of your spirit, that you are a Christian, a believer.
And you realize, that you and I both are going to have to stand at the judgment seat of Christ. That's right. And I'm just talking to you like our Master did at the woman at the well. Do you believe that Jesus Christ Who talked to the woman at the well, and said, "Bring Me a drink…" He wanted to carry a conversation with her. And what was He trying to do? If I'd tell you, you might not understand just now. But He was trying to catch her spirit (You see, see?), to see what it was. He perceived her thoughts, you see, what was moving. He knowed what they were thinking about. See? He was trying…

E-57 Now, today, they'd call Him a mind reader, wouldn't they? The Devil has a bogus of it, out yonder. The Devil has a bogus of everything that God's got real. That goes to show because the Devil's got something out there, a bogus of it, shows that there's a real one it's made off of. Is that right? Well, anybody knows that stuff is wrong. That's the Devil. But a Christian can detect between the Devil and God. If he isn't he really needs an experience with God, doesn't he? That's right.
Now, what I'm talking to you for, is the catch your–your spirit, to see what's–to see what it moves in. And I can only say what I see. But if I be able to know what is wrong with you, then you'll believe me to be His prophet, won't you?
I see you've been shook up lately. Something has happened that's really gave you a real heard shaking. Isn't that right? You got two or three things wrong with you. What's your feared about is the cancer, though. Isn't that right? Is that what was wrong with you? And you have… And you are anemia too. You have anemia and a female trouble. You've been nervous for a long time, also, but your main object is your cancer that you're afraid is going to take your life. Which it is going to take your life, if God doesn't give you mercy. Is that right? If it is raise your hand to the people.

E-58 Now, to you imposer, that said that, "It was mental telepathy, me, reading that off of a prayer card." Aren't you ashamed of yourself? God be merciful to your sinful soul. God will deal with you for that. All right, come near sister for your healing.
Almighty God, have mercy upon this dear woman. She's standing here, Lord, she realizes that she's near the end of the journey. And I pray, dear heavenly Father, that You'll heal her and make her well. Grant it, dear Lord, while Your Spirit is near here, revealing to her, her conditions, and where she was there, and what the–they–what they told her in her examinations and so forth. Thou art here, Lord, to make her well. And I bless her, now, in the Name of Jesus the Son of God, that You heal her and make her well.
Cancer, you who are bothering her, Satan, in the Name of Jesus Christ, as a servant of God, I say, "Cursed be you. You're not afraid of me, but you are of Him. So I have the rights to His Name, being a Christian, and ordained for this work, come out of the woman, in the Name of Jesus Christ."
Now, my sister, go on home and forget all about your cancerous condition; forget all that other. You're going to be well. You believe me? All right. Go on rejoicing now, and saying, "Thank God." And be merry.

E-59 [Brother Branham clears his throat–Ed.] A little raspy from speaking too much. Now, everyone be reverent. All right, you bring him right now. Do you believe, sir? I'm a stranger to you. I believe, I don't know you. I might've seen you somewhere. If I do, I don't remember you. You've seen me. Where are you from? Right here? From, oh, from Florida. That's where you saw me? Oh, at Miami, long time ago, when I was there. Yes, sir. Well, then to know you though, I don't know you. You just seen me.

E-60 Now, if I be God's prophet, and you know there's no way at all for me to know anything wrong with you, if I be God's prophet, then God can reveal to me your trouble. Is that right? And then, if I–if I can by God's power, then you will believe with all your heart, that God sent me. Is that right?
Sir, you have a throat trouble. Isn't that right? Uh-huh. Now, there's not a way in the world for me to know that, but, see you holding your throat like that, and [Brother Branham makes a sound of clearing his throat–Ed.] getting that in your throat of that. All right. Come here now, and you can be healed.

E-61 Dear heavenly Father, upon this man's confession, knowing him a Christian, and to see him praying over these conditions, Lord, I now bless him and say for this throat trouble to leave in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. God bless you, brother. Go now and be well.
Let's say thanks be to God. [Congregation says, "Thanks be to God."–Ed.] Amen. All right.

E-62 If I be God's prophet, I will know what's wrong with you, is that right? as Jesus knew at the woman at the well? All right. If I tell you exactly what's wrong with you right now, will you believe me to be His prophet? You have heart trouble. Is that right? You had heart trouble. Now, go home and be well in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
Let's say, praise the Lord. ["Praise the Lord."] Everyone be reverent.
Now, the Spirit of God is moving in the audience. Faith is begin moving. Hear me. Take this.

E-63 You are a stranger to me. I do not know you. You just happened to come in and sit down, and called up here at the platform. I don't know you, nothing about you; never seen you in my life. We're perfect strangers. But God can reveal to me, and you–you can… I couldn't heal you, but you couldn't hide your life now. You know that. You can't hide it. And you realize that something's going on, don't you? I'm watching a vision. I'm seeing you try to move of a morning, when you get out of bed. You got arthritis. Is that right? You're healed. God bless you in the Name of Jesus Christ; go and be made well. All right.
Let's say praise be to God. ["Praise be to God."] You believe with all your heart?
You want to serve Him? You do? All right, go on the road and be made well in the Name of Jesus Christ. That's the way; that's the way to be, to be healed. All right.
Say, praise the Lord. ["Praise the Lord."]

E-64 Come. Oh, yes. I do recognize you, my brother. I want to shake your hand. Yeah. You're from Louisville. Yes, I remember you. You've come here to be prayed for. I forget what was wrong with you, but you was just recently healed of a cancer, and there's some kind of a… You was over to my house talking me, and there's some kind of swelling in your side, or something like that. And you said, you was going to come here at the meeting, and… Did you just get in today? Oh, you was here last week. This man was dying here a few months ago with cancer. Here he is healed. Something set in, he works for a railroad company and there's some kind of a swelling in his side, isn't that… Spleen. And he said, "Brother Branham, I want to come when it's under the anointing. I–I–I want to do it."
So I do know this man. I know him; I want you to know. I–I know the man. And by that way, I want to pray for him while the anointing is on, I know what's wrong with him by him coming to my house, and what has happened. But I want to pray for him while the anointing's on. I never noticed you in that line, sir. Was you in that line that I called? I didn't know that. Come here and let's pray.
Now, heavenly Father, here is my brother standing here who has just done so many lovely things. And I see him sit in the little tabernacle, down there, and when I'd go out, he say, "Brother Branham, when you have a meeting, when the anointing is on, I want to come near." And now, heavenly Father, breathe, just now, as he sees Your Spirit moving and know that this is not his Brother Branham here now. It's You standing near. And I bless him, Father, for his gallant faith, and curse this disease of his side. In the Name of Jesus Christ may it leave him, and may he live a long happy life, and rejoice and be made happy, and do God's work the rest of his days, through Jesus Christ's Name, I ask it. Amen. And God bless you brother. Go home now and be well.
Let's say, praise be to God. ["Praise be to God."] Everyone reverent if you will.

E-65 All right. Come near. What do you think? Do you believe me? I see you're awfully nervous. All right. Well, that's perfectly all right. You got a right to be nervous, standing there for this kind of a time, but you're a stranger to me. I don't know you. I never seen you in my life, don't know nothing about you. Say, I will tell you something first. You're not from this country. You're from across the sea somewhere. I see water wading, as you come across. You're from either–you're from either down in lower Mexico, or South America. I see South America. Is that right? That is right. And you suffer with cancer. Is that right? Come here.

E-66 Almighty God in the Name of Your Son Jesus, I bless this woman and curse the cancer. Send her home to be well. Satan, leave the woman; come out of her in the Name of Jesus Christ. Go off the platform rejoicing, return back to South America and get well in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
Come, lady. Do you believe with all your heart, as you come?
You believe God? Let us just raise our hands offer a word of praise.

E-67 Our heavenly Father, we praise Thee. Thou art here; nothing can stand before You. You know all things. Lord Jesus, You know the beginning from the end. You know all things. I pray that You'll bless, Lord, tonight, every one of these people and make them well. Hear the prayer of Thy servant as I offer praise and thanksgiving to You in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
All right. Everyone reverent.
Now, where's your prayer card? Hold it just a moment. See? Just a minute. Where's your prayer card? Raise your hands. I mean the prayer cards. You see, it don't take your prayer card; that's only merely to try to get somebody lined up here. I hope you understand.

E-68 Now. Go to praying in the audience, believing God. I know where I am now. I know where I stand. I know that God is with me. I know that He's here. And I don't fear nothing because He's here. He told me, "I will stand with you, and no thing shall stand before you all the days of your life." I believe God and I know where I stand.
That anemia condition has done left you, so you can go ahead home now and be healed. See?
See that colored lady raise her hand right there, just now, up there with that white looking thing on, got that stomach trouble, standing right up there, about four rows up, about three or four in, with a white blouse on there, with a stomach trouble. Yes, sir. You don't–you don't have a prayer card? You don't have a prayer card? All right. You got stomach trouble, haven't you? All right. I seen you up above there, holding yourself, and trying to vomit out, spit up your food, dyspepsia. Is that right? Is that right? Raise your hand; wave it like this. All right. You can go home and eat your food now. You're healed in the Name of Jesus Christ, go home.

E-69 I see a minister preaching at a platform. I see him examined. There he sets right there at the end with a brown suit on. Aren't you a minister of the Gospel? Is that right? All right. You're suffering with some kind of a stomach, or a colon, colon, bowel trouble. Isn't that right? Got an ameba in the bowel. All right. You want to be healed? You believe me as God's prophet? You believe Jesus Christ the Son of God? Of course, you do. All right. Go home and get well now, Reverend, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Believe God. Have faith in God.
That lady sitting right there with the white hat on…?… fanning with her fan, back and forth this way, you got diabetes, but who… There's two also, she can be healed, too, if you want to stand on your feet. You that looked sideways there, rise up. Is that right? If it is raise your hand, without your card. All right. Go home now and get well in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
Have faith in God. You believe Him?

E-70 You was anemia too. Is that right? Standing right back behind that lady, is that right? All right. You can go home and get well. You don't need no card.
That colored lady there, she has got that there female trouble. She has–she hasn't got no prayer card either. You want to be healed, if you do, all right. You may receive it. If you want to stand up and believe. All right. Accept it. God bless you. Go home and get well. All right.
You believe God?

E-71 I seen something else flash here in the corner, just a minute. I believe it's over this lady in the… sitting here with a man that's in here… No it isn't. It's the lady there on the corner. There's something wrong with… a bladder trouble, leaking in the bladder. Is that right, lady? If it is stand up to your feet, and stand there… Is that right? Is that true?
All right, you can go home and get well in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
You believe Him with all your heart? What about you people over here? You believe God? Where's them people that didn't have their prayer cards now, that believe? All right. Hallelujah.
I see a man setting out there with spinal trouble, sitting right there with the colored shirt on. Isn't that right? That's right. You want to get well? Say, isn't that your wife sitting next to you there? She has the same thing doesn't she? All right, you can both go home and get well. God bless you.
You believe with all your heart?

E-72 Why was you clapping your hands, sir, there with the green shirt on and the tie. Yes. You're bothered too, aren't you? Uh-huh. Listen. There's one thing you need above everything, that's salvation. Isn't that right? You need to accept Jesus as your Saviour? Is that right? Do you do it?
Stand to your feet, if you'll accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour. Now, you want me to tell you what you're suffering with? A high blood pressure. It's going to leave you now. You can go home, saved and healed. God bless you.
The lady sitting next to him there, that's a little anemia, sitting there next to him, that's in… can be healed too, if she wants to. And stand up…?… yeah, that set right there. That's right. You can go home and get well from that condition, if you wish to be.
Let's say praise be to God. ["Praise be to God."] Have mercy. God have mercy…?…

E-73 Lady sitting right up yonder…?… lady with the arthritis there can be healed too. Yes, sir. If you want to, you can rise up and be made well.

E-74 The man there that's got the heart trouble, standing by the side of his wife, something wrong there with her… wrong with her mouth, she has got some kind of a mouth disease. And that's right. And both sinners, accept Christ, go home, and get… be made well, in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Hallelujah.
Anyone that would deny the power of the resurrected Jesus Christ, shame on you. Our Lord Jesus is here. He stands here at the platform now. His Spirit is here to heal anybody that wants to be healed. I challenge any man or woman in here that will accept Him as their Saviour, as your Healer, but what will be healed. You believe it? You believe He hears my prayer?
Just a minute. I want to pray. Bow your heads everybody.

E-75 O Lord, be merciful to the unbeliever, the sinner outside of God, outside of Christ. O Father, come near now, please breathe upon these honest hearts here. They're needy. Here's a bunch of handkerchiefs, letters, laying before me. God, I see standing out yonder in a little old cabin waiting, a little old mother and dad sitting back in a corner, dad with arthritis. O Eternal God, that mother waiting for this letter to return for that little baby standing yonder. Eternal God, it was written in the Word that when the Red Sea got in the road of Israel, God looked down through the Pillar of Fire, and the sea got scared and moved back; and the children of Israel passed over.
And God, when this token is sent, these handkerchiefs, and when they reach the people that they're supposed to reach, by the token of faith and commemoration of Thy great servant Paul, who's among the immortals, tonight. May them diseases, people… May Satan get scared and move back; may they move over into the promised land of good health and strength. Grant it, Lord.

E-76 While sitting here in this building, men and women are sitting here praying. Lord God, it's between death and life for them. Many of them are bound by Satan. O Father, I pray with all my heart. You said, "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man…
Lord, we realize that there's none righteous, no not one. But O God, in the Name of the righteous One, Jesus Christ, I pray with all my heart, all my strength, that You will heal every sick and afflicted person here tonight. May there not be a feeble one. May every one receive healing just now. May the great Spirit of God move over this building, like a great pillar, waving down like the wings of an Angel, Who moves down over this building, and gets down in the soul of every believer. Heal them all.
Come out, Satan, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Leave every one of them. Come out of the people.

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  • i have received my deliverance through this message. i thank God for dying for me on calvary, for giving me a heart that receves the message, for sending me a prophet with a shout in this dyning world, God is the author and the finisher of my faith.

    God Bless you

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