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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham called God's Provided Way was delivered on Saturday, 13th June 1953 at the Roberts Park Amphitheater in Connersville, Indiana, U.S.A.
The tape, number 53-0613, is 1 hour and 2 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette.

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For he shall grow up before him as a… plant, and out… root out of dry ground: he has no form or comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.

For he shall grow up before him as a… plant, and out… root out of dry ground: he has no form or comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.

He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrow, acquainted with grief: and we hid as it was our faces from him; but he was despised and we esteemed him not.

Surely he has borne our grief, and carried our sorrow: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.

But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; with his stripes we were healed.

And now, for just a moment… Are you through, Brother Wood? The book… Thank you. Let us bow our heads just a moment, for prayer now. As we settle down now, everyone, for the service.

E-2 I see two little afflicted children setting here tonight, little boy and a little girl, setting in a wheelchairs, another little girl laying across her mother's lap, with a blanket over her. Let's ask God if He will be merciful to these ones tonight, along with… Yet I see a little afflicted boy setting back here too, in the arms of the mother, perhaps.
Oh, I see a man with his crutches up close to him. What a scene now. Let's talk to the great Maker now as we have our heads bowed.
Our heavenly Father, we have come tonight for no other purpose but to the glory of God, and for a testimony of Jesus Christ, Thy Son. This great historical meeting for the city, is just now beginning to come to the close. It was at the close of the meeting one day, the thief… When Jesus stood up in the midst of the people and cried out, "I am the Rock that was in the wilderness. Your fathers did eat manna and are dead."…

E-3 And how He exalted God before them in telling them of what His mission was on earth. Father, we pray that these last few nights, as He has been in the future may He be even in a greater portion, manifest Hisself to us.
We're reading here from Your Scripture tonight of how He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquity; the chastisement of our peace upon Him, and with His stripes we were healed. All we like sheep have gone astray. God be merciful to us all. Forgive us of our sins.
Help us tonight, Lord, to lay aside every weight and the sin that's easily beset us, that we might run with patience the race that's set before us, looking to the Author and Finisher of our faith, Jesus Christ. For we ask it in His Name. Amen.

E-4 Now, just for a few moments, not to preach, but just as I have been doing… exalting Christ. I want to use a subject of this, of: "God's Provided Way."
You know there's two ways for all things. You're aware of that, aren't you? That's your way and God's way. And you can't be in your–have your own way and be in God's way at the same time. You have to get out of your own way and–to let God have His way. Isn't that true? Now, it's either right or left.
Now, if you're going your way, you're out of God's way. And if you cease from your own way, you get in God's way. God can have His way when you cease to have your way. But as long as you're having your way, God can't have His way. So you have to go one or the other ways. So let's just let our own way drop tonight, and let's let God have His way. God has a way.

E-5 He likened here… He said to the prophet, "All we like sheep have gone astray." I like that. God likened us unto sheep. I wonder why. Anybody here ever raise any sheep? Well, you know that a sheep is the most helpless thing in the world when it's lost. It just can't find its way home at all. Is that right, sheep-raisers? And I've helped raise them myself out on the Western prairie, and herded them a many.
But notice, a sheep when it's lost… when he's lost, he will just stand and bleat. That's all. The wolves will come get him (That's all.), 'less a shepherd doesn't come to him. And that's the way it is with us, when we're lost, we're absolutely hopeless unless the Shepherd comes and gets us.
So, I'm glad tonight God has got His Shepherd over His sheepfold, aren't you? That when we call, He always hears… "And all we like sheep have gone astray." See, that's wandered out. But God laid upon Him the iniquity of us all.

E-6 How that on one Man the iniquity of all the world was laid… All the sins, all the sickness, all the–all–everything that was wrong was laid upon that one Sheep, God's provided Lamb. And He took Him up to Calvary and crucified Him to be the–the–the substitute for our wickedness, and our sickness, and our transgressions, and all that we've done against, God and all we've done against ourselves, and ever… He–He was–He was God's provided Sacrifice for us, God's provided way.
Now, God has always had a way. He's got a way tonight. And God, always before He sends judgment, He always makes a way of escape. Out of every trial, God makes a way of escape. And God makes a way… Before He sends His judgment, I might say first, before He sends judgment, He always sends mercy.
And if you spurn mercy, there's nothing left but judgment, and you've judged yourself. See? You've always made your judgment.

E-7 Now, tonight when you come about Divine healing, you say, "I don't believe it." Why, you couldn't get healed… There's no hope for you. See? But you already judged yourself. And when you–when you reject Jesus Christ the Saviour and God, you don't have to be judged, you're already judged. Your attitude towards God's provided way has judged you.
It's not–it's not necessary that any man would go to hell. And God don't send no one to hell. You send yourself to hell. God's done everything in the world He can to keep you from going to hell. And He let's you determine to go to hell. You fight over every barricade God puts in your way; you just go right on over it. "I don't believe in this. And I don't believe in that. And I don't believe in this." Just headlong…
Now, there's a red light here in the city. And it turns red and green. That tells you when you can stop and go. If you run it, well, don't blame the city. They put the light up there for your protection. But if you run on through it, that's up to you. It's you–you–you brought your own judgment.

E-8 You remember when that first little corn silk cigarette you smoked, standing around behind the–the chimney behind the house, and went and eat some coffee to keep mama from smelling your breath? Mama said, "Have you been smoking?"
"No, mama."
What was the first thing? That conscience says, "Don't do that, little boy, you're lying." But you fought right on past the conscience. "No, mama. I didn't smoke it." There's God's first provided way for you to stop right there; that's a halt light. "Stop. Don't say that. Tell her the truth. If you get a whipping, go ahead and tell the truth about it."

E-9 Then the next thing, you go–you go to church and you hear the hymns sang, the Gospel preached. Something… And the Holy Spirit begins to speak to you. "Come, repent." And you say, "Oh, that… I–I–I–I'm young. I got plenty of time yet. I got this. I've got to do this." See? You're rejecting God's provided way and judging yourself.
Then how can you blame God? You can't. You–you got to blame yourself. There's not a bit of need of anyone going to hell when God has made a provided way of escape. You can't help being a sinner. You can't help that. You was borned a sinner. But you can help staying a sinner. For if you accept Jesus as your–in your place as… He was made sin for you, God's way of escape. Then you don't have to be a sinner. You'll be a Christian and you'll be holy: not your own holiness, but His holiness; not what–what you are but what God has done for you in Christ Jesus. See?
Your own ways… You can quit lying. You can quit stealing. You can quit smoking. That's… don't mean you're saved. No, sir. You're saved because God ordained that you should be saved and called your heart. That's why you're saved. "No man can come to the Father except by… to Me except My Father draws him." And God has made a way of escape now.

E-10 In the days of… and had a provided way for it… Look in the days of Noah. Jesus referred back to it. Back there in the antediluvian world. Let's go back just for a few moments and run ourselves back.
Now, it'd never rained on the earth. The earth set up straight. The reason it leans back this a way today, it's hot and cold air which brings up the vapor and–and that's what makes the clouds and so forth. But to that time it had never rained on the earth. God watered it through springs and so forth in the gardens, the springs beneath it. It'd never rained. There'd never been a cloud in the sky over this earth to that time.
And then God seen the wickedness of men, how that they sinned. And God is holy. He can't stand sin. And He said that He would destroy men. And He told Noah to go preach a message of mercy before Divine judgment came.

E-11 Now, what did they do in that day? They laughed and made fun of Noah. God had a provided way for every mankind to escape if he would take it. But man rejected it. He didn't want that way. And he thought Noah was crazy. I can hear him talking down in the city maybe, down in the–in some of the cities of the–of the day, saying, "Hey, what do you think about that rain story that guy's talking about? It's going to rain water down out of the heavens. Do you ever hear such? I don't see any up there."
But if God said there was going to be some up there, He can put some up there. That's right. God was giving a way of escape. He was making a mercy for the people. And they rejected it. And–and it… Noah preached a hundred and twenty years, trying to get the people to reform, to–not to reform, but to repent, and to come and–and come into the ark.
And all the time he was building the way with an ark. He made it out of a certain class of wood. And he… for the saving of his own household and to those who would come… There was a door in the ark. And how that I can look back there and think now that about the time that Noah had got through preaching and all the people had rejected, they had made fun of him and laughed at him… Do you believe that?

E-12 Jesus said, "As it was in the days of Noah… eating, drinking, marrying, giving in marriage…", moral, immoral, pollution, just about like they got now, just the same way; and a message that seemed to be to the world a fanaticism. Hallelujah. That's right.
And God's got a provided way tonight, and it's called fanaticism. But it's God's message. There's a Door of the ark open and that Door is Jesus Christ, God's provided Way. Any man wants to come is welcome. But to reject it is to die. That's right.
And remember, the same rain that drowned the world, saved Noah. The same water that destroyed the world, brought judgment upon the world, was what saved Noah.
And the same Holy Ghost tonight that you're making fun of and spurning, that–and calling us people a bunch of holy-rollers, that same Holy Spirit will save the Church, will judge the world and condemn it. That's right.

E-13 The Church will be taken up. The world will be condemned by the same Spirit that they're listening to tonight. That's right. To reject it is death; to receive it is Life: either right or left, negative or positive.
And as it was… He said "Just as it was in the days of Noah." But God was determined that something would be saved. And listen, let's take a little drama. I just like it.
When I can hear back there now, Noah had got through preaching. His sons had believed and their wives and so forth. They were ready. There'd never been any rain. And the first thing you know, I can hear the first roar like thunder go forth. I can hear somebody say, "What was that down in the city?"
Oh, they were dancing and, oh, eating and drinking and having a big glorious time, and full of gaiety, just like the world today. For Christ said it would be this way. It can't be no other way.

E-14 There's no need of praying for it to be changed. It can't be changed for God's done said it wouldn't be changed. The only thing to do is save yourself from this generation by looking to Jesus Christ, accepting Him, and be borned into to God's provided way, the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Listen. He died on the cross. And there He bled. He was a–took upon Himself the form of sinful flesh. He died in my stead. He was just as… God took out of the side of Adam a rib and made a bride to him. God opened up the side of Christ and taken out water, Blood, and Spirit for a Bride, for the–Hisself, for Christ. How beautiful.
"And by one Spirit (not by one church membership)–By one Spirit are we all baptized (Amen)–are we all baptized into one Body and become members of that Body." And just as sure as God raised that Body in the literal (out from the grave) the spiritual Body will go in the rapture. Truly.

E-15 As it was in the days of Noah. The first thunder… My, I can look up there, and I can hear the city begin to scoff at it. Saying, "Wonder what that was? A blast went off somewhere." But look.
Let's look even at the animals. I can see the old mother bird setting up in a tree. She's chirping away, and the father bird over there, happy. And the first thing you know, why, when they heard the thunder, the old mother bird said, "That's just what Noah said. Let's go."
I can see the old mother camel out on the hill, and the father camel. "That's it mother, come on. That's just exactly what Noah said."
I can see the little monkey with his coconut. He drops it. Said, "Come on, mother. Let's go." And away they went, two by two into the ark. I tell you, something's got to hear the Gospel. Hallelujah. How there's a Spirit of God upon animal life, brought the animals into the ark, how much more ought the Holy Ghost to men and women today, who believe God, and hear Scripture and hear the Word and see God's way? How marvelous. Yes, sir. "As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the coming of the Son of man."

E-16 Moses took God's provided way when they were down there in Egypt. How they going to get out? It… God kept hardening Pharaoh's heart. But He said, "Now, I'm going to make a way of escape, because I'm going to send death over the land."
Say, listen, here's something striking. Watch, plague after plague after plague, but the last plague fell was death, just before the deliverance.
Notice it. How striking it is today. Jesus said there'll be–perilous times shall come, men's hearts would fail; how He said they'd be distress between the nations, sea a roaring, tidal waves that's never been heard of before, bursting forth in the seas. How that in all these things, signs would be coming to pass. Just like it was in the days of Noah, it would be again. How marvelous.
But remember, the last plague that fell was death. And the last thing… God has give us warning after warning, warning after warning. Now, the last thing that's come is death, spiritual death. The churches are dying spiritually. That's right, friend.

E-17 We talk about the revival in America; we haven't got any revival. We've got a lot of church joining, but we haven't got any revival.
One of the famous evangelists, not long ago, where had claimed thirty thousand in six weeks (or twenty thousand, I believe it was.), about six weeks after that, couldn't find twenty people. The reason of it is this, friend, is because they just have the people just to make a confession, just stand up and set down. That's good. That's all right, as far as you go.
But, brother, there's a deeper experience than that. You've got to get that person to where the Holy Spirit takes control of that life by the baptism of the Holy Spirit. That's God's provided way.
Just same as it was in the days of Noah. One of them stood up and said, "Well now, look. If it does happen to come the way Noah said it, I'll just get on me a big white poplar log and float along."

E-18 God's provided way was the only thing that floated. Your popularity won't last during that day. It won't stand in that day. I don't care what you got. God hasn't got any shortcuts. You come by the cross, born again, filled with the Holy Ghost, or you're gone. You're lost. No shortcuts, you got to come God's way.
What if I started home tonight and said, "Let's see now, the beeline would be right like this." I'd get stuck in mud. They've provided a highway. I've got to take the mark and follow it.
And I tell you, here's what Peter said on the day of Pentecost. Said, "Repent, every one of you, and be baptized… Name of Jesus Christ, for the remission of your sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. For the promise is unto you and your children and them that's far off (even Connersville, Indiana), and as many as the Lord our God shall call."

E-19 And since that time brother, Jesus said, "Except a man be borned of water and Spirit, he will in no wise enter." They've adopted different things, friends, but that's not God's Bible. No shortcuts, you got to come the rugged way. Surely.
I think of Naaman back there, when he tried to take a shortcut. The prophet told him, "Go down and dip in Jordan."
"Oh," he said, "the waters up here is just as well–just as well up here as it is down there." Well, he's going on up with his leprosy. But the prophet told him to go dip in Jordan.
And I can see him. It–it kind of hurt his prestige. Got off of the boat, or of his little old chariot, walked out there and held his nose, you know, and dipped down his spots. It might hurt you, might get you all upset.
Here not long ago, a preacher said to me, Sunday school teacher, rather, in the city I live. Said, "Brother Branham, how in the world can you preach and all them people saying, 'Amen' and 'Hallelujah' and screaming and crying?"
"Why," I said, "if they wasn't doing that I couldn't preach." Brother, that's right.
He said, "That'd get me so excited."
I said, "It doesn't me." And say, "If there–if there's nothing going on, then I get excited."

E-20 You know, your "amen" don't hurt me. Your shouting and crying doesn't bother me. Puts me in mind when I used to go hunting. I used to like to night hunt. Do you ever do that, you Hoosiers here, opossum hunt?
And I had an old dog didn't have but one tooth. But brother, he had a lot of grit about him. And he would tackle anything but a skunk. And then when we got it under a brush pile like that, the only thing I had to get him to do to go get the skunk was just lift up the brush pile and hit him on the back and say, "Sic him, boy. Sic him, boy." He'd get that skunk too.
Brother, the worst skunk I know of is the Devil. The stinkingest thing I've ever… Now, you just say, "Amen" and that's "…?… him, boy." We'll sing…?… I mean to tell you…?… That's right.

E-21 O God, making a way of escape: God's provided way. Don't try to get in your own way. Noah tried to get in… Or the people in Noah's time tried to get in their way, their own way. But God had a way the way of the ark.
He's got a way today, and it's the way of Calvary. And you say, "Well, I believe that, Brother Branham." Well, if you have and come by the Door, you've got to receive the Holy Ghost. Truly.
How beautiful that parable was taught of the wedding supper. He found one there without a wedding garment on. Why, that's very typical. In the Oriental times, when they give a–a supper out or something another, the bridegroom had to furnish the robes. That's–that's the way it is in this affair too, the wedding supper we're going to.
And then the bridegroom hired a man to stand at the door. And everybody that had a invitation, come at the door. Poor or rich, any kind, they put this robe around them. When they were in, they were all alike. I like that.

E-22 Brethren, there's no big me and little you then, when you come by the way of the Door. And then He found a man back there that didn't have a wedding garment on. He come in some other way besides of the door. And Jesus said, "Friend, what are you doing here?" And he was speechless.
And you try to climb up your own moral stepladder or by some creed or some church, brother, you're going to find yourself the same way. Every man that comes by the Door is going to get the same robe. And that robe is the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Every man takes the same tonight.
A lady said to me, said, "That woman standing at the back of the building, screaming and crying," said, "well, I–I just… well, that would worry me." Said, "Why, it–it just makes chills go up my back to hear her crying, shouting."
I said, "It did?" I said, "If you'd ever be fortunate enough to get to heaven, you'd freeze to death then, when you come up there, hear all that screaming, crying, and shouting up there. Why, they cry 'Holy, holy, holy,' before Him day and night. All the time."

E-23 Certainly, God has a provided way. You say, "You got some of that new kind of religion, Brother Branham?" No, sir. I got a brand new case of that old kind of religion. Oh, why sure.
Way back before there even was a world, they had shouting religion. "Where was you" God said to Job, "when I laid the foundation of the world, when the morning stars sang together and the sons of God shouted for joy?" Amen.
Have I got something new? No. It's still the same thing. Hallelujah. No wonder when that Stone come rolling into Jerusalem, all the people singing, "Hosanna, hosanna."…
And them starched priests said, "Make them hold their peace. They… Oh, they–they excite me."
He said, "If they hold their peace, the rocks will immediately cry out." Something has to take place. Yes, sir.

E-24 I can notice Moses before the great separation time. Before death come to strike the land, God made a way of escape for those who believed: said, "Go out and get a male lamb. Keep it up fourteen days." Perfect type of Christ. First one from the old mother ewe, must be a male kept up fourteen days to be proved. It couldn't have a blemish.
Christ, the same thing, first One from the mother, virgin, and was tried… Even Pontius Pilate said, "I find no fault in Him." No one could find it.
Judas Iscariot said, "I've betrayed innocent Blood."
That pagan wife back there of Pilate, had a dream and sent the–the boy down from the palace. I can see Pilate standing there just ready to pronounce judgment upon Jesus. I hear a horse come running, galloping up there. A boy jumps off and runs up, falls down by the side of the–his master; raised up and give him a piece of paper. He looks at it. I can see his face turn white, knees go to flopping together. Let's look over his shoulder and see what it says.

E-25 It coming from a heathen now. Said, "Have nothing to do with this just Man. For I've suffered many things today in a dream because of Him."
I tell you. Every enemy had to testify of Him. The moon, stars shut off their glory to that day. That was the Son of God. The Roman centurion said, "Truly, that was the Son of God."
…?… said, "I betrayed innocent blood." Hallelujah. Yes, sir. He's God's provided way tonight.
Here's… Every man or woman that's ever had any–done anything for God, has been men and women who's believed that, held onto it, and kept it. It's thrilled the hearts of poets through the ages.
When I think of Eddie Perronett back there, what do you think of Christ, Eddie Perronett, when he wrote the–the great song of:

All hail the power of Jesus' Name!

All hail the power of Jesus' Name!

Let angels prostrate fall;

Bring forth the royal diadem,

And crown Him Lord of all.

E-26 And I think of Hopkins, after being persecuted and everything, the way he did. He said.

When I survey the wondrous cross

When I survey the wondrous cross

Whereon the Prince of glory died,

I count all my pain to be but loss…

Oh, my! I'll ask another one. What do you think of Christ? Who do think He was?
I think of–of blind Fanny Crosby. What do you think of Him? You was blind, never saw day light in your life. What does Christ mean to you? If she could stand tonight, here's what she'd say.

Pass me not, O gentle Saviour,

Hear my humble cry;

While on others Thou art calling,

Do not pass me by.

Thou the Stream of all of my comfort,

More than life to me,

Whom have I on earth beside Thee?

Whom in Heaven but Thee.

That's right.

E-27 Another one wrote:

Living, He loved me; dying, He saved me;

Living, He loved me; dying, He saved me;

Buried, He carried my sin far away;

Rising, He justified freely forever:

Some day He's coming–oh glorious day!

E-28 Certainly. God's provided Lamb, God's provided Sacrifice…
Said, "Now, wait Moses, I'll make you a type." And He took the blood of this lamb, killed it in the evening.
Notice, all the elders of Israel had to witness to it. And they witnessed the death, just as they did up there. They said, "Let His Blood be upon us." And He died in the evening time. Jesus died at three o'clock. And they took the–the blood of the lamb with hyssop and sprinkled it upon the door post and on the lintel.
Did you notice? Not on the floor, it's not to be looked down to. It's to be looked up to. And notice, on the door post and on the lintel, perfect, the cross. There was the blood.
God said, "When I see the Blood, I'll pass, I'll pass over you. When I see the Blood," God's provided way.
"How are we going to escape the death?"
He said, "I'll watch for the blood."
And there that night out… And let's take a little drama. I can notice the father, of course, in–in the Old Testament was the priest of the house. Now, he's the figurehead. Now, he goes down and he puts a–on the door and the lintel post. And then when it come about night, I can see all the young girls down there come out, tell the Hebrew girls, "Come on, we're going out to the dance."
Why, they say, "We can't go. We're under the blood." What a type. "We're coming in God's provided way."
"Nonsense with that religion. Whoever thought that blood would do anything? Come on out, let's have a good time."

E-29 But they stayed under the blood. God said when you go under the blood, stay there (That's right.), not in and out, in and out. Stay there.
After while, it come midnight, great dark, roaring cloud come up. I can look, coming back through yonder, and I see two big black wings spread out across the nation. Here it comes. I can hear the priest of the family, the father, say, "There's the death angel sweeping the land now: too late now." And directly, I can see him go dip down on into a valley, hear a scream come up from out of that house. The son was dead. Away he went. Directly here he comes, right down to another house again, goes in. The big black wings close in around the house. A scream comes up, "The son is dead."
I can hear the little boy say, "Daddy? Take another look. Be sure the blood's on there." Yes, sir.

E-30 I tell you, if there ever was a time a man ought to be examining himself, is right now, brother. Is the blood on the door? Watch around and look good…?… The next thing you know, he kept watching for that. Little old fellow said, "Daddy, them wings make me nervous."
He said, "Son, be of a good cheer. There's blood on the door. That's God's provided way. We're in His way." Hallelujah. Don't make any difference what the world says. We're under the Blood." Hallelujah.
So is it today of every man that's borned of the Holy Ghost: under the Blood, don't care what the world's got to say about it. Call you fanatic if they want to, long as you know the Blood's applied.

E-31 All right. He said, "There's no danger." And the first thing you know, these big black wings swept down towards that house. He seen the blood and just passed on over it. How marvelous.
When he got down there to the river and couldn't get across and of armies, God made a way of escape. God had a provided way. When they got into the wilderness and they had nothing to–nothing to eat, God rained manna down. He was the provided way. When they got sick, He provided a brass serpent, making a way.
The people… I can see them gathering out. The people would come look at the brass serpent to get well.
"Well, what's in that serpent? What's that got to do with it?" Some of that mixed multitude went up. We still got them. Plenty of them. "Oh, this fanaticism, they're enough to…" But they looked and lived. That was God's provided way for Divine healing for them. That's right.

E-32 One day at a pool of Bethesda, God had a provided way for them. A little later on, there was a man come by, if they laid in his shadow was God's provided way. Tonight He's got the Holy Spirit here, which is God's provided way, proving it. That's right. Separating from sin, taking away all the iniquities, and healing the sick and the afflicted, God's a doing it: God's provided way.
Notice, the way of escape. Now, let's go a little farther. One day they got without water. They got to murmuring, grumbling. The church murmuring and grumbling, complaining against Moses, complaining against God, and God cut off the water supply.

E-33 That's about like our Pentecostal churches today. One of them says, "Glory to God. I belong to the Assemblies of God." The other one, "I'm the church of God." And the other one, "I'm the United Pentecost." "I'm this, that or the other." You keep grumbling and God's cut the water off from you. That's right.
Get your hearts together. That's right. The streams will open up again. What we need tonight is a good old fashion, outpouring gusher from heaven. Yes, sir.
I think about your different separations. Jacob had a very clear type of that. He dug one well, and the Philistines run him away. He called it "Malice." They dug another well and the Philistines run him away. He called it "Strife." He dug another well; he said, "There's room for us all." That's right. "Everybody, come drink."
That's what it is tonight.

Room, room, yes, there is room…

Room, room, yes, there is room…

There's room at the fountain for every person in here. Every sin sick soul, there's room at the fountain.

E-34 [–Ed.] Notice, oh, my. There… [–Ed.]… and speak to the Rock and it'll bring forth its waters." Bring forth "His", "His" is a personal pronoun. "Speak to the Rock and it will bring forth His waters that thou may drink, thou and the people and the…"
Watch. Why, to the carnal mind that was the most foolish thing that could've been said. Just like talking about the baptism of the Holy Ghost today, to the carnal mind, "Why, that bunch of people's crazy. Why, it's a–it's the craziest thing you ever heard of. If your doctor has done said you was going to die, what in the world can be done otherwise?"
But God said, "Speak to the Rock." Amen.

E-35 "Now," they said, "we've been to every water hole in here. We've dug where the water was. We've come down here and every place is dry. We visit every spring and it's dry." And the rock was the driest place there was in the wilderness. How God takes the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.
Why, I'd say… You might've seined through every doctor's office in the city. I'd… I'm… we're… I'm not talking against the doctor. He does what he can do.
Just awhile ago, before coming here, one of the greatest doctors in the southland was standing in my house, telling me… Not only that, but he brought a patient that was incurable. He said, "I know where somebody can pray the prayer of faith, and I brought the boy." That's right. One of the top surgeons in the Jewish Hospital…
Notice, then when he… they're… They just men like you and I. They got a soul. They got to die like we have. Doctor take his own medicine and die. What's the matter? The medicine's not the Healer. God's the Healer. Medicine's an aid. Medicine's all right. But medicine is… They got an aid; it isn't a healer. Medicine doesn't heal. Doctors don't say it heals. They only… But God give it here; it's a remedies and so forth. Medicine is a remedy; God is the cure. See what I mean?

E-36 Now, notice this. When Moses said… They told him to speak to the rock and it would bring forth the waters. Now, the carnal mind looked at that rock, and it was the driest place in the desert, just about like the Holy Ghost Church today. "Why," they said, "if God would ever do any gifts, He sure wouldn't send them up to that bunch of fanaticism."
Here not long ago, I was talking to a young lady, which was a reporter. She came down. I don't where she found where I was staying. It was out in Oregon. And she had a pack of cigarettes with her. And she started pulling out one and smoking.
And I think that's the lowest, immoralest thing that a woman could do. And I have no apology for it. If God don't think no more of you at the judgment and the Angel of God speaks to me about that, you have the slimmest chance of anybody in the country of ever getting in. That's right. Yes, sir.

E-37 And she pulled out a cigarette. She just shows her colors, what she is, when she does it. Now, let your face get red. And you men that'll let your wife smoke cigarettes, it shows what–who's the boss around the house. That's right. Let them lay out here in these little old beach clothes and things, lay out here before men stripped down…
I've got a girl at home. She might've wanted to get a suntan too. But brother, if she does, she's going to get a son-tan. It will be Charlie Branham's son with a barrel slab behind her, bringing her home just as fast as I can bring her. That's right. I'll give her the kind of son-tan she needs. Yes, sir. I mean that. God give us some good old…
You talk about the literacy of Kentucky over here, where some of them old mammies would go back there and raise their young'ns… Why, it'd make you feel ashamed of yourself, then say, "They're ignorant." What's the matter with you? Oh, it's just…

E-38 Well, I better stop on them. 'Cause brother, I believe it's either right or wrong. There's no dividing line. You're either in or out. And if you do those things, it shows you're out. "If you love the world or the things of the world, the love of God's not even in you," said Jesus. That's right. So just by their fruits you shall know them.
Now, I'm standing behind the pulpit; I'm not meaning personally to anybody; I'm saying what God said. I'm responsible for preaching it. And God holds you responsible the way you act about it. That's right. Amen. Oh, it's the truth.
And there I noticed back there, that when he spoke to the rock, the rock give its waters.

E-39 There was a man one day by the name of Elijah. The Lord told him, "Now, I'm going to make a way of escape. I'm going to send you up yonder on the mountain. I want you to stay up there, 'cause it ain't going to rain for three years and six months."
And that old preacher stomped right up there before that king and said, "The dew is not even going to fall from heaven till I call for it." How did he do that? He knowed what God said was the truth.
Walks up there on the hill, and I can hear him say, "King Ahab," said, "looky here. Tell Jezebel…" His little painted up wife, you know, with all that manicure over her face and… You know, Pentecostal women do that too. Brother, God…

E-40 Listen, let me tell you something. I might as well get it right here. A long time ago that was wrong to do it. But it isn't no more. Just like they took the old Charley Barley Corn with that scarecrow hat on, Old Charley… Put him in bumpers in a can, put him in the ice box. You dress him up a little bit, but he's still Charley Barley Corn. Just as much sin to drink it out of a bumper as it was out of the old barrel a long time ago. Right.
Let me tell you something, women. If you're guilty of that, listen, I'll tell you what'll complexion you better than anything. Take this little bit of–of the Gospel in your heart. That's right. It'll take care of it.
Let me tell you; there's only one woman in the Bible that ever painted her face to meet men. And that was Jezebel. And God fed her to the dogs. Now, if you see a woman with a lot of paint on her face, say, "There's Miss Dog meat." That's what God said. That's exactly right. That's Miss Dog meat. That's what the Bible…?… God fed her to the dogs. That's… Amen.

E-41 Brother, what we need is an old time, Holy Ghost sent, Gospel power of God to straighten up the Church and get back into the ring like they ought to be.
God help these preachers; I ain't talking about these: hanging along with little old kid gloves on, afraid they're going to hurt somebody feelings. I'd rather hurt every man in the world and be in friendship with God. Tell the truth. God will honor it. Amen.
"Amen" means, "so be it." Don't get scared. That won't hurt you.
Now, look, brother. Elijah went up there and set down by the brook and some of them said, "That poor illiterate fellow, setting up there on that top of that hill…"

E-42 Well, the first you know, all the fountains dried up. They didn't have any rain. They said, "Well, I guess that old guy is about to starve to death up there." Said, "Well, he had… Well, look at him way up there on top of the hill." But he… Every time he wanted a drink of water, he just knelt down and got a drink. Is that right? And they called him crazy.
Well, they was the one down there supposed to be so smart and they were starving to death. A good type of the born again believer tonight, we set down by the brook, by the inexhaustible Fountain of Life, Jesus Christ.
If one of us ever needs a blessing, let's kneel down and drink. Hallelujah. "I'll give him living, rivers of living waters, that's bubbling up into his soul, gushers coming out." Set down by Him one time and talk to Him. See if it's not right.

E-43 See you up there wiping the tears from your eyes, just screaming, and shouting, and having a great time. Then they call you crazy like they did Elijah. He was faring better than they was.
Now, you say, "That old preacher setting up there in the wilderness..?" Yes, sir. He was taking God's provided way for him during the time of the drought. He's setting up there by…
Why, he's better off than a lot of people in Connersville. He had some colored porters. The Bible said that every time when he got hungry, or something, here come some ravens with a sandwich. Hand it right down to him. You're not that well off yourself and then you call him crazy. He knowed what he was doing. He was in God's provided way. Hallelujah. Yes, sir.
A preacher said to me not long ago, a Jehovah Witness man. He said, "Brother Branham, do you mean to tell me you think that's the truth?"
"Well," I said, "sure it's the truth."
He said, "Do you mean that those crows brought Elijah some sandwiches?"
I said, "Yes, sir, brought him some meat and bread."
Said, "Where in the world do you think they got it at?"
I said, "I don't know." I said, "Only thing I know, they brought it. Elijah probably didn't know. They brought it and he eat it."

E-44 That's the same with the baptism of the Holy Ghost. "What makes it so?" I don't know. God sends It. I drink It down. That settles it. As long as–as long as God sends It, that's His provided way. He sent it by a crow that day. He sends it by the Spirit today. So, I just set down, eat and drink and have a good time.
They say you're crazy. Go right on. That's all right. Hallelujah. Long as I'm standing God's provided way, as long as I'm setting at the fountain…?… I get hungry. Amen. Oh, my. How wonderful.

E-45 There's some people one time that was worried about Jesus going away. Jesus said, "Don't worry. I've made a way for you. A little while and the world won't see Me no more, yet you'll see Me. For I'll be with you, even in you, till the end of the world."
"Well, how You going to be with us and not in the world? I can't understand."
Said, "I'll tell you what you do. You want to get in God's provided way?"
"Just go up there to the–at the Jerusalem and wait there until the Holy Ghost comes."
"Well, how's the Holy Ghost going to come?"
"I don't know. You just go there and wait."
"How long we going to wait?"
"Well, do You mean two hours?"
"Maybe just a week?"
"Until what?"
"Until you're endued with power from on high."

E-46 Acts 1:8. "But you shall receive the Holy Ghost after this the… You shall receive power after this, the Holy Ghost has come upon you. You'll be witnesses of Me in Jerusalem, Judaea, Samaria, and Connersville, Indiana, and the uttermost parts of the earth." What? After you become a deacon? No. After you get out of the seminary? No. After you become a preacher? No. "After you have received the Holy Ghost, you shall be My witnesses with power throughout the entire world."
Every God called witness must be endued with power from on high before he can be a witness. A witness has to know something, see something, know what he's talking about. Amen. I feel religious. My, I sure do. How wonderful He is.

E-47 Say, I got to have a healing line in a few minutes to pray for the sick. Let's come to a close quickly. Let's not leave those Pentecostal people in that room up yonder though. They was waiting to find out what God's provided way was, to see what kind of a way God's got to provide.
So they was waiting there, and Peter said, "You know, John. I'm ashamed of the way I treated the Lord."
And he said, "Well, you ought to be." They got to talking with one another. And one of them said, "Well, I was a Pharisee."
And the other one said, "I was a Sadducee." Well, they got that all out of their heart. And when they got all in one accord, setting in one place, then suddenly there appeared unto them a–a God's provided way. Is that right?
Now, now, the way we–we like to holler at the Catholics… So the way the Catholics would have it today. And here come the father up the road with a little box under his arms. He had the–the holy sacrament in it. And the people licked out their tongue and–and the priests drink the wine. And that's… They call it holy eucharist. That's receiving the Holy Spirit.

E-48 Why, you laugh at that. But be careful, Protestants. You're no better off. Now, the way we do it today, Dr. So-and-so give a very good lecture this morning. And the people changed their membership from the Methodist to the Baptist. And they come up and give him the right hand of fellowship and walked away. That's just as unscriptural as the other is. Right.
That's right. But brother, the way the Bible said it, they were all in one place in one accord. Now, here's God's provided way, not to shake hands with the preacher, and take the right hand of fellowship, and write your letter to the church. That's just as wrong as the Catholicism. So pot can't call kettle black. That's right.

E-49 But the way the Bible said it, they were all with one accord, in one place, and suddenly there didn't come a priest, there didn't come a preacher; but there come a rushing mighty wind from above. And it filled all the house where they were setting. Big flames of fire set upon them. And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost and went out into the yard staggering like drunk men. They were acting like maniacs, drunk.
And listen, the blessed virgin Mary was in there, Catholic friend. That's right. The Bible said she was in there. And if God wouldn't let her come to heaven without receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost, what about you? You'll never get there, anything less. It's God's provided way.

E-50 "I am the Door to the sheepfold. Any man comes up any other way, the same is a thief and a robber. I AM…" and Who is I AM? "A little while and the world seeth Me no more, yet you shall see Me, for I'll be with you, even in you, to the end of the age." Hallelujah. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever…
You might think we're lost, but we know where we're at. Amen. All right. God's provided way…
There went out here… A great radio teacher the other day said, "I can prove that Divine healing is of the Devil." Could you imagine, people? You talk about Pentecostal people falling for anything, what about this? Acts 19 said that–that Apollos, that Baptist preacher up there, didn't know Jesus. Why, he did know Jesus. He was preaching and could–and proving that Jesus was the Christ because he wanted to confirm the Word. He only knew the baptism of John.

E-51 And that's the way of a lot of my good Baptist friends tonight. They only know the baptism of the church. But the baptism that comes from God is the Holy Ghost that comes like a rushing mighty wind. The same yesterday… God's provided way… That's right.
But he wanted to bypass that. "Have you received the Holy Ghost" he said, "when you believed?" No, no. "Since you believed."
Another fellow said the other day, one of these radio ministers, that you pay all your money out to support and everything like that, and then come back and blaspheme the religion that you're trying to live for. Poor little weakling… All right.

E-52 But looky here. That man said that… 'cause he was trying to bypass the Divine healing program that was on the air… I know there is a lot of fanaticism in it, and I know there's a lot of fanaticism in the other. So it's just six of one and a half a dozen of the other. That's right.
They said, "Brother Branham, since you got started, they have campaigns, everybody's a Divine healer." That's all right. Look at Billy Graham. Look at the Billy Grahams that run across the country too. Look at the rest of them. Brother, they've got it too, so don't you worry. That's right.

E-53 But watch here, brother. Let me tell you. He said that–that Simon the sorcerer was down there healing the sick and bewitching the people. And that's misquoting the Scripture to the public. I challenge that in the Name of the Lord Jesus: that Simon the sorcerer did not do any healing, and the Devil cannot heal.
Anybody would say the Devil heals, shows he is either mental deficiency, or he don't know his Bible. How in the world can God be the One that heals all thy diseases, and the Devil His partner? Why, my, that's silly to think such.
The Devil is not a healer. And Simon the sorcerer was bewitching the people, not healing them. It was Philip that done the healing and caused a great revival to sweep the city. Philip, by the Name of Jesus Christ, cast out devils and caused great joy. And they were screaming, and shouting, and having a great time, and still didn't have the Holy Ghost. And Peter came down and laid hands on them, and then they received the Holy Ghost. Amen.

E-54 Oh, friend. My. We promised to pray for the people. I just feel… I believe I'm living right at the spout tonight where the gusher's coming out. This is the first revival I've preached in for six or seven years. Just feeling good about it… And I'm just been laying out my soul. God has a provided way, and that's His Son, Christ Jesus.
He died for you at Calvary. In there He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquity. The chastisement of our peace upon Him, and with His stripes we were healed. We were, past tense. Now, all you have to do is draw dividends off of His death.
Every borned again man is given a checkbook. And a whole–enough checks in there to last you throughout your entire life. For anything that is–that that atonement calls for, the only thing you have to do is fill out the check and send it in. Every believer…

E-55 Jesus' Name is signed at the bottom. "What everything–soever things you desire when you pray, believe that you receive it, and you shall have it. It'll be given to you." Is that right? "Whatsoever you desire believe that you receive it and you shall have it." What a marvelous promise.
I think about a provided way. Back in the Old Testament, they used to have… Just before closing now, listen closely, give me your undivided attention.
In the Old Testament, they had lambs, and doves, and things for sacrifice.

E-56 I heard a little story one time about a–a caravan coming over the hills of Palestine, down at–coming down through the plains, into Jerusalem. And a little dove was restless. He was going up to… He knew in a little while… He'd been caught in a trap. And he knowed a little while, it wouldn't–he'd have his little head pulled off. He'd have to bleed as a sacrifice.
And he was restless, trying to get through the–the cage door, everywhere pushing and cooing. The sun was coming up. The camels was walking slowly as they're coming in, getting in for the morning sacrifice, where they sellers and changers out there could kill the little fellow. And he was so restless, trying to push his little head through every crevice.
Around and around, and around the cage. The rest of them was cooing along. But that little fellow was trying his best to get out. He just kept trying, kept trying.

E-57 You know, I've seen… I hate to see anything caged up. I don't… I just can't stand it hardly. I know these little canary birds… I–I… If you turn them out, they'd die but I–I just can't hardly stand it, to see one of the little fellows caged up. It's all right now. Don't… I'm not talking about your canary. But I just say anything in a cage. And I love wildlife…
Many times I've caught little pet wolves. How I love those little fellows. Little old bear packed him to the woods when I'd have to run with him, nearly. I'm setting there, I think, "If I take him home, I'll have to tie him up. The poor little fellow." Let him loose. Let him have his liberty.

E-58 I don't like anything bound down, shackled down. Put you in mind of old cold formal religion, that shackles you and binds you. And… But I don't like that. I like, that ever who the Son has made free, is free indeed. That's right. Just take your liberty.
Then I think… Then one time, seeing that… How I watched a big old eagle where he'd beat his head. Night after night, he'd set there at that cage… Up here at the Cincinnati Zoo is where I saw it. You'd look down as you go around to the birds. And I'd see that eagle just flop against there. He'd beat his head. And he'd come back again. He'd hit against there. And he'd fly up against the top of it. And he'd fall down.

E-59 And the first thing you know, he'd just beat hisself till the feathers was all out of him nearly. And he set down like that, and his weary eyes rolled up, looking around. And I thought, "O God, that's a heavenly bird. He soars in the heavens above. Here he is caught. He fell into a trap. He's absolutely helpless. He can't deliver himself." His weary eyes rolling around, I felt so sorry for him. He can't help hisself.
And every man that's fell into the snare of the Devil is worse off than him. You're a heavenly being. You're supposed to be a son of God. You're free, brother. You got liberty in Christ Jesus, believing, God-loving, God-living, free from sin, living free from death. That's right.

E-60 But how the Devil has caught you and caged you up with smoking, drinking, all kinds of immoral living, and thinking you're popular, thinking you're doing something. That's the most great, horrible sight there to see that poor eagle beating his brains out nearly, against the cage, trying to get free.
And you're helpless, just as helpless as you can be, unless somebody puts forth His hands and opened the cage. And I'll tell you tonight; Jesus Christ has done that in calling you (That's right.), opened the cage to let you out.
This little dove that I was speaking of before, he tried–he tried. And he was cooing. He was getting closer to the temple. And then the writer said that the little fellow was cooing and trying to put his little shoulders through. And he couldn't get it on that side, the other side. And he'd try every one. And he'd get more restless and more restless. His little mate was waiting over the hill; in just a little while and he'd be killed. And he was trying to get his little self through. And after while, he turned over like this, and then give a push. It was different. Something slipped.

E-61 Oh, child of God, you've went to church after church, and place after place. You've tried to get free from this, and free from sickness, and free from this, and free from this, and you can't do it. Why don't you turn over tonight, and look up like this, and then give a push? See what happens. You'll feel a little old slip.
You've went to Divine healers, and they've laid their hands upon you, and–and done this and done that. But why don't you turn over towards Calvary tonight and then give a push; feel the slip come. Something will happen. Yes, sir.
And the first thing you know, he give another push, and another push. And he was free. And he threw his little wings out like that, and sailed away across the mountain to his living mate. Oh, what a difference.

E-62 Old blind Bartimaeus, did you ever read his story? Here's the little story of him. Bli… Bartimaeus had been blind for years. And he had a little girl, we're told, a little story of him, that he had a little girl. She was about ten years old, little curly-headed girl. He'd never seen her in all of his life. And today, how dogs lead the–the blind, the sheep led the blind then. They had lambs that led the blind.
And Bartimaeus set on the street begging. And he had two little turtledoves that done a little enchantment for the passerby. And he begged for his living.
And one night, they said that his–his wife got real sick. And he went to pray. He said, "Dear God, if You'll save my wife's life and–and not let her die, tomorrow I'll offer my two little turtledoves as a sacrifice." And his wife was well the next morning. He walked up to the temple and offered his turtledoves as a sacrifice.

E-63 Not long after that, he didn't have the enchantments then to attract the attention of the people, just him and his lamb, setting in the cold, a waiting for whoever would pass by and give him a coin.
And then one night, his little girl took sick. And the doctor thought she was going to die. He staggered his way out into the night, and he laid down. He said, "God, I don't have nothing else here to give You but my lamb. But if You'll let my little girl live, I promise You, Lord, tomorrow I'll go to the temple and offer my lamb for a sacrifice." His little girl was well the next morning.
And here he goes up to the temple, early in the morning, with his lamb. He said to gate–great high priest Caiaphas stood out and said, "Old blind Bartima–Bartimaeus, where goest thou?"
He said, "O high priest, I go to the temple to offer my lamb." He said, "Last night, my little girl was sick; I promised God if He would heal my little girl, I'd offer my lamb."
He said, "Blind Bartimaeus, thou cannot offer that lamb." Said, "I'll give you money and you go buy you a lamb."
He said, "O high priest, I never offered God a lamb; I offered Him this lamb."

E-64 That's the trouble. You try to help… What about… God wants you on the altar, not your flower, not your money. He wants you, you on the altar. You're the person that's going make the offer. Why, you… Bart…
The great high priest said, "Blind Bartimaeus, thou cannot offer that lamb. That lamb is your eyes."
He said, "True, high priest, but God will provide a lamb for blind Bartimaeus' eyes."
And he went on and offered his sacrifice. Setting without a dove, without a lamb, and one day there was a noise started up the street. God had a Lamb for blind Bartimaeus' eyes, the Lamb of God that was slain from the foundation of the world. God had a Lamb for his eyes. That was God's provided Lamb.

E-65 And that same Lamb's provided tonight for every sinner, for every boy or girl, every man or woman. If I hurt your feelings preaching, I didn't aim to. Only thing I want to do is tell you the truth, my friend. Don't fall out with me.
Listen. And to you sick people here, that's here hopeless and helpless, doctor has done all he can do, but God has a Lamb provided for you. He has a provided way if you're ready to receive it. Shall we bow our heads a moment.
Our heavenly Father, we thank Thee tonight for the promise that Thou has made us, and provided for us a Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. And now, Lord Jesus, I pray that that bleating of that Lamb will echo down from Calvary in every sinner's heart here tonight.

E-66 Think of it: that bleeding Lamb hanging between the heavens and earth, dying, an innocent substitute for a guilty sinner. And we spurn His love. God, grant tonight that every wayward boy, girl, man or woman in here, will seize that provided way, come, join up tonight in Calvary. Their soul and all that they are, all their thoughts, all that they are, may they lay it right on Calvary tonight, say, "Dear God, this is all I have. I come bringing everything. You will provide for me. For I ask it in Christ's Name."
And while you have your heads bowed, I wonder if there's a sinner, man or woman, in the building tonight, say, "Brother Branham, I'm a sinner, remember me in your prayer, will you?" Will you raise your hand up right quick, while we pressed for time?
[–Ed.]… is that true? No, I don't know you. I never seen you in my life. You believe God's standing here with us? Do you believe the Angel of God? Do you believe this gift of God? If I… If there's anything wrong with you, God will have to tell me, is that right? And if I–if I would reveal to you by His Spirit, what's wrong with you… Just like Jesus, He went right straight to that woman at the well. He said, "Go get your husband."
She said, "I perceive that You're a prophet." Is that right?

E-67 Well, if that same Jesus is… tonight, He could go right straight to your trouble, is that right? It's high blood pressure, isn't it? Is that right? All right. Go, get well then, in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Believe now, have faith.
All right, lady, if I don't even say one thing to you, you'd believe anyhow. Is that right? Lord Jesus, I pray that You'll heal the woman. May she go off this platform tonight happy, rejoicing and made well. Through Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go, believing now, with all your heart.

E-68 All right, come. Next lady, here. Come, sister. Do you believe with all your heart? Now, here's a woman really is in serious trouble. The woman's got a mental nervousness. Isn't that right, lady? Real… Look, you're worst trouble is in the late of the evening, isn't it? Along towards night, you get gloomy and worried. And you get–you get so weak, you can't hardly stand up. Is that right? You have to set down. And–and you're just–you're just all tore up.
Now, what it is, lady, it's nothing to hurt you. It's a premature time of the change of life, menopause. Now, come here. It's a gloomy shadow. And it's nothing but a lie of the Devil. See? And you're all right, and you're going to get all right. Do you believe it?
Lord Jesus, I bless the woman in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I pray for her healing. Amen. Now, go… Listen. If He could tell me what your trouble is… And if I'd talk to you a few minutes, It'd tell your life. But It don't have to do that.
Look, will you do what I tell you do? Go out of here just as happy as you can be. He's got you all gloomy and wore down. You've dropped down in this cycle down here, when you got to get up here. Look up here, believe up here, and say, "Thank God." And go on and be happy; you'll get well. If you don't, he–he will… headed for a lot of trouble. All right. Go, believing now.

E-69 All right. Come, lady. Do you believe with all your heart? You want to get over that kidney trouble? All right, go believe God and get over it then, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
All right. Come and believe now. You believe, sir? If I wouldn't say one thing, still you'd believe anyhow. Is that right? Lord Jesus, I pray that You will heal the boy of this terrible demon that's about to take his life. May it leave him in Jesus' Name. Amen. Now, go believing, son, with all your heart. Believe God making you well.

E-70 You believe, lady, with all your heart? Come here a minute. Lord Jesus, I pray that You'll bless the woman and heal her in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Go, believing now, with all your heart.
The reason I'm trying to hurry, friends, we've got so many to pray for. You understand, don't you? Is everybody holding on out there, praying? [Congregation says, "Amen."–Ed.] All right.
Come now, lady. 'Course, you see she's got a trumpet in her ear. Can you hear me through this side all right? Just a minute, let's see if we can get her to hear better. Bow your heads just a moment.
Lord Jesus, have mercy upon her. I pray that You'll heal her. Take this deaf spirit from her; I ask in Christ's Name. Amen.

E-71 Do you believe with all your heart now? All your heart? How long you been deaf? Ten years. Let's take this trumpet out just a moment, both ears. Let's see… [Brother Branham makes a noise–Ed.] You hear that don't you? Can you hear me now? Why, you're healed then. See? Go on, and you're… I say… You're healed. God bless you. All right.
Here's another one standing right here, the same thing. Lord Jesus, I pray that You'll bless this man and unstop these ears. Thou deaf spirit, leave him; in Christ's Name, come out. Amen.
Can you hear me? You believe with all your heart? Can you–can you hear me all right now? Say, "Amen." "I love the Lord." You're healed. God bless you. Go on your road rejoicing.

E-72 Poor little baby. Do you believe if I ask God, God will heal it? Born in this condition… Lord Jesus, I bless the little thing. She hasn't had a chance in life. Birth did this. But Thou, O God, can give her another birth. Grant it, Father, in Jesus' Name may it get well. Amen.
Now, God bless you, mother. Don't worry. Go, believing, and write to me and tell me about this baby. If you'll–and you'll take my word as His prophet and believe that God has done just exactly what I said He done at Calvary, died for the healing of your child, you'll write me a letter in the next four or five days and say, "Brother Branham, there's such a difference in my baby; it don't seem like the same one." Will you do that? All right.
What's your name? Presley. Where you from? All right, I'll watch for that letter.

E-73 All right, sir. God bless you. All right. 'Course, you see the man is on a cane, probably legs gone and everything. Brother, do you believe that God will make you well? All right. I'll just ask Him and it's up to your faith.
Lord Jesus, I pray that You heal the man. May he get well, Father. I ask this blessing in Christ Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you, brother. Go now, believing with all your heart. Look, if–if you can see a difference in you by tomorrow night, will you walk up here and show me? God bless you.
All right. Come, lady. Do you believe with all your heart? Now, you look like a healthy person. That man, you see, is crippled. You can see that little baby there is a spastic, or–or deformed, the little fellow. And that little boy there (See?), why, sure, You can see that. But you look like a well person. There's no mystery saying, "That's a crippled man. That's a crippled child." Anybody sees that. But when it comes to you, you look healthy. But you got a female trouble, isn't that right? I want to talk to you just a moment.

E-74 [–Ed.]
All right, come here. Lord Jesus, I pray that You'll heal the woman and may she go from here tonight and be made well, through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
Now, look, sister…?… Go, believing. What say? That's all I know… [–Ed.]… that's who it was pulling at you, trying…
[–Ed.]… in the Name of Thy Son, Jesus, for Thy blessings and power. Grant Your blessings upon them all, in Christ Jesus' Name. Amen.

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