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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham called Hear Ye Him was delivered on Friday, 25th January 1957 at the Memorial Hall in Lima, Ohio, U.S.A.
The tape, number 57-0125, is 1 hour and 54 minutes, and consists of 2 cassettes.

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E-1 Good evening, friends. It's a privilege to be out again tonight in this Lima revival. And the fires of God rekindled on each heart. And we're so happy for It, and we pray that His blessed Presence be with us and help tonight.
Now, I have a been thinking of something today, and that is that, perhaps maybe that, the ministry that the Lord has given to me has… I've tried hard, and wondered why that it didn't take in America, and why the–the people doesn't grasp it like they–they should be.
And it is because, of course, of–of the conditions, and the–the surroundings, and the teachings and so forth of–of the different denominational churches, some so firmly against it, and others testify of it. And when the people come, they don't know just what to do.

E-2 And I was just speaking this morning at one of the most lovely little ministerial breakfasts that I ever attended was in your lovely city of Lima. And I understand the man who owns the place is a Christian. I wouldn't know just where it was, but it was… The little ladies and all were so nice to us. And me–of course, me preaching just about two and a half hours, so that's–that's a–such a–such a–a fellowship. I've just was so…?… that can so appreciate it, a fellowship like that. And we had a wonderful time.
And then, coming home I was wondering why does the American people, and they didn't grasp it real quick like usually overseas. And meeting after meeting after meeting after meeting, until there's a portion, but just not in a massive form.

E-3 For instance, in South Africa where I seen them lead a man to the platform, which they led him on a chain like a dog, and after the Lord had been so grieved, and I could not speak, but I could see then that I was telling what made me spell it to them. And so then I thought, "Well, my, why is that I can't understand it?" But in a little while the Lord healed this boy. And then when healing this boy, He give him his, not only healing him physically but mentally, and his–his right mind came back to him.
And when the audience seen that, I made one congregational prayer, and twenty-five thousand got healed at one time. They taken seven van loads of crutches, and chairs, and sticks, and so forth, where they had–they had walked on them and so forth. Twenty-five thousand people estimated by, not an evangelistic count. It was Dr. Bosworth, who gave the estimating when he seen them together.

E-4 How they were healed at one time by one prayer… Oh, how I wish that that could happen in America. But I'm wondering if it's just that too much of… We're so highly educated until modern times… Not to down education now, but we get so educated until we educate ourselves out of the Bible. And we–we seem to walk in our own revival. Then God won't accept that. And in doing that, then we–we fail to find the simplicity of faith and it won't…?… And so I have said that…
And again tomorrow night, if the Lord willing… I noticed Leo and Gene; I don't think never has arrived to help in the meetings, with the giving out of the prayer cards. And Billy was telling me, Billy junior, that the people were saying, "I must leave, and I haven't been prayed for." Now, you are prayed for each night. Every night you're prayed for. And the–the…?…

E-5 And I just found out too… And while we're just–just home folks, as we call it down south. If you're just a little…?… home folks.
Some minister told me today, "The latch is on the outside of the door."
I said, "What part of Kentucky you from?"…?… So that is a real Kentuckian slogan. The latch is on the outside of the door. So I was amazed to hear that way up here. But you find everywhere…
But I was thinking that what has happened… And I wish you could pray for me in–in this respect. I feel that while I'm in America, in the United States, where that I just have these meetings like this… And I have been across the nation, back and forth every way, ten years under every criticism that has…?… stand there, still she moves on, because it's God. And it will. And when I meet you at the judgment seat of Christ, it'll be the same testimony. See? I'm going on.

E-6 The Holy Spirit's gift that has been given to us has stood the test through the years. And it's God Who's gives the gift, and that's why it stands so true and can't fail.
But now, the American people are taught something. They want to be used; I don't know why they do. They want to have hands laid on them, because you been taught that. You been taught that's it. And that's it. It's your faith. "It's according to your faith," said the Lord Jesus, "be it unto you." And I have been thinking much of this.
How many has ever read the visitation of this Angel that night? Have you read it in the books and heard it? Many of you's heard it and read it.
When He came to me, He didn't tell me to do the things that I'm doing. See? He told me that I had received a–a gift of Divine healing. And I was to be sincere when I prayed for the sick.

E-7 Now, a gift of healing doesn't mean that He gives you power to heal someone. It means that He gives you faith for their healing and to get it. The reason, a person that's being prayed for has to also have that faith, or it would never work, never would. The individual, it's your own personal faith in a finished work.
But now, I told you that I was uneducated, just a seventh grade education and was raised in a poor family. And I–I could not go and take the commission. But he said it was going to start a worldwide revival.
And the minister from the Baptist church, Dr. Roy Davis, who ordained me, told me I eat something and I'd had a nightmare. And he kinda made light of it. But he's preaching Divine healing today. But however, he said, "Billy, you've nervous." Said, "Go over home. I think you need a rest."
I said, "Dr. Davis, I don't appreciate that. If that's the way it is, then you can just wipe my name off, 'cause I'm going to listen to God."

E-8 But in the face of all of it, it happened. That's right. It's done it. And the revival fires are burning on every hill just about, great signs and wonders throughout the nations everywhere, healing campaigns going everywhere.
Now, I feel that I have tried to project a Divine prophetic gift, and to–to build the faith of the people, instead of using what's called the gift of healing by laying hands on people. Now, a gift of healing is to be administered by laying hands. But now, a prophetic gift, and He told me that was given me, that that would make the people believe. In other words, here: that's Him speaking back, saying that I told the truth. See? But if you–you don't have that discernment to the people, there's people that they haven't been prayed for.
So I am… If God is willing, I'm trying to change this background in America and have healing service, to preach to the sick and the afflicted and the needy and the unsaved, and then I'll have a prayer line and pray for the people, and let… He said, "If you'll be sincere when you pray, get the people to believe you, nothing will stand before your prayer." Now, that's what He said.

E-9 Tomorrow night if the Lord willing, we're going to have the emergency night. And that is, all those who want to be prayed for, just come up in the prayer line to be prayed for. You get you a prayer card tomorrow when the boys, or Billy, or who's giving out the prayer cards. The emergency night, just come down and pray for the sick. I want to see what the Lord does tomorrow night.
Then Sunday night back to the same until we get to the place of… The–the Lord willing, I wish to have a great big tent one of these days for the American people to set up in a little pasture for a few weeks, six or eight weeks at a time. And 'course then it just… If the people…
You just get acquainted with them, then you got to leave. You see? And then here comes the enemy along right down as you're setting right there, so he can come right to you, then it'll be different.
So pray for us, and when we want you to pray for us for tomorrow night, it'll be emergency night. Instead of having an emergency room, we'll have emergency night. That's tomorrow night.

E-10 Now, let us bow our heads before we open the Word. Our kind loving Father, tonight it's with grateful hearts that we approach Thee in the Name of the Lord Jesus. And we ask that Your great power will come upon us tonight and will touch us in the heart, that we'll be pricked in our hearts by Thy Word. Faith cometh by hearing, hearing of the Word of God. And we pray now that You'll speak to each heart.
And now, also Lord, that through the Word of–the Word of the living God, and through His Word, they may find faith for salvation for the soul and healing for the body. And may we live, if possible, to see the day that when the great ransomed Church of God will stand united together in the full Bible with all of the powers of the resurrection operating though Her members.
Oh, what a…?… it would be to cross the world in just a few hours time. God, we pray for this type of meeting. Hear us now. For we ask it for God's glory, asking that the Holy Spirit will take the Word and place it in every heart just where it's needed. For we ask it in the Name of Thy beloved Son, the Lord Jesus. Amen.
In this blessed Word called the Bible, and in the 17th chapter of Saint Matthew's Gospel, I wish to read for a portion tonight the Word.
And after six days Jesus taketh Peter, James, and John his brother, and brought them up into a high mountain apart.

And was transfigured before them: and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was as white as the light.

And was transfigured before them: and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was as white as the light.

And, behold, there appeared unto them Moses and Elias talking with him.

Then answered Peter, and said unto Jesus, Lord, it is good for us to be here: if thou wilt, let us make thee three tabernacles; one for thee, one for Moses, and one for Elias.

While he yet spake, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them: and behold a voice out of the cloud, which said, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him.

E-11 And may the Lord add His blessing to the reading of His Word. Now, for a text tonight if it should be called that… And no matter in any kind of service, the Word should have preeminence. It should be first. And the healing of the soul is always first. Why, when a man is borned again of the Spirit of God, he has immortal, Eternal Life, and shall never perish.
But when a man is healed of his body, it is just for a limited time. But salvation of the soul is forever. He becomes a new creature in Christ when he's healed of his soul. But Divine healing was included in the atonement, because the new atonement was much better than the old. And the old atonement had healing. And the Bible said that, "He was wounded for our transgressions; with his stripes we were healed." Past tense, we were healed. Oh, it's wonderful.

E-12 Now, notice just a few moments. I want to say this before I start preaching, that the–the greatest need of healing tonight, and the sickest body that I know of in all of the world is the body of the Lord Jesus–the church. Oh, it is horribly sick. It is broke up and scattered. It needs a healing. May God send the Holy Spirit in such a power, till the whole body of Christ will be brought together, bond with love and unity. Until then you will see things happen that you never thought of before. Jesus will come, and it'll all be over.
Now, God usually meets with man, and He has on many occasion. He has set with men a few, and then He meets with large numbers. And in the counsel of men God has promised to meet. Now, one time He met with five hundred. Again He met with seventy. And again He met with twelve, then with three and even to one.
No matter how small the audience is, God will meet with you and meet your need. That is what makes Him God to me, because He humbles Himself. What a contrast. Man gave Him the lowest name that he could be given, "a prince of the devil, or Beelzebub." God gave Him a Name above every name that's named in earth or in heaven, things of the earth and heaven.

E-13 Man placed Him as low as they could put, even into the grave. And God exalted Him above every Angel, Archangel, every principality, until even He's so high that He has to look down to see heaven. That's the difference what man thought of Him and what God thought of Him.
So when does the highest become the lowest that He might redeem the simple man, you and I, back to the fellowship of God. So He in the counsel of men, no matter where it is or how many, if you have a need, He will come.
He crossed the stormy sea one night into the land of Galilee, because one maniac was calling for Him and had need. And as He was meeting that maniac, He… The people thought that because…?… some hogs if they would have a revival, so they had Him to leave the land. And He always goes away when He's not wanted. So He turned back again to His own country.

E-14 On this occasion He had taken three men, Peter, James, John. Now, these three men represent love, hope, charity. Love–John, hope–James, I mean and faith, hope, and charity. And faith was Peter. That in the witness of these three, the Bible said, "In the mouth of three witnesses, let every word be established." And God was fixing to do something on this occasion that needed three witnesses for a–a sovereign fact.
And, oh, how He loves to establish His Word. Now, that could be many angles. And I know that many fine scholars here tonight would be more capable of doing this–this job rather than I. But really God…?… doesn't do anything just to be, as we would call it, the street expression, gatting around. God speaks considerably and every Word has a eternal meaning. You get it? Every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.
And may I say to the weakest of saint here tonight, that it might help you. When Jesus was on earth, He was, all of the Godhead bodily dwelt in Him. He was God tabernacling in flesh in the Son. Jesus was just not a prophet. He was God.

E-15 A lady said to me sometime ago; she said, "Mr. Branham, I always love to hear You speak." And I say this with reverence. And if there's of them here, I don't mean to speak against any person's religion. It's not in my heart to do that. But the lady was a Christian Science. And she said, "The only thing that you put too much stress as deity on Jesus Christ." And said, "You make Him immortal, Divine."
I said, "He was Divine."
And she said, "If you being fundamental, you said…?… and you will accept the Bible when it said that He wasn't Divine?"
I said, "Yes, ma'am. If the Bible says He wasn't Divine, then I'll believe the Bible, but I want you to give me the verse and the chapter."
She said, "I can furnish that."
I said, "Let me hear it."
And she said, "On His road to resurrect Lazarus, the Bible said in Saint John the 11th chapter that He wept." And said, "Being weeping, He could not be Divine. He had to be human."
"Oh," I said, "lady, your argument is thinner than the broth made out of a shadow of a chicken that's starved to death. You know that's wrong."

E-16 I said, "Look. You've failed to see God in Christ." I said, "Then it's true that He wept when He went to the grave of Lazarus. He was a man weeping. But when He stood and pulled His little frail body together…?… head…?… and said, 'Lazarus, come forth' and a man that'd been dead four days stood on his feet and lived again that was more than a man."
And it is true that He was a man when He came off the mountain hungry, trying to look on a tree to find food to feed His physical being. He was a man when He did that. But when He taken five biscuits and two little fishes and fed five thousand, that was more than a man.
He was a man after praying for the sick, as the Bible said, "Virtue went out of Him." He got weak, tired. And He was laying on the back of the ship, so tired and weary, till the dashing of the waves did not bother Him. And perhaps ten thousand devils of the sea, swore they'd drowned Him that night. When He was laying asleep, He was a man when was asleep. But when He stood and put His foot on the brail of the boat, and looked up, and said, "Peace, be still," and the winds and the waves obeyed Him, that was more than a man. That was God speaking out of that flesh.

E-17 He did cry at Calvary for mercy. "My God, why has thou forsaken me?" He died like a man. But on Easter morning, He ignored the Roman seal of those soldiers and death itself had to release its pain; and corruption knew its Maker, and He rose from the dead. He proved He was God. No wonder the poet said:

Living, He loved me, dying, He saved me;

Living, He loved me, dying, He saved me;

Buried, He carried my sins far away;

Rising, He justified freely forever;

Someday He's coming–oh, glorious day!

E-18 The hope of all the ages rests there on the Person of the Lord Jesus returning the second time.
He was a man, yes. But He was Divine man. God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself: Jehovah's tabernacle. "Not Me that doeth the works; it's My Father that dwelleth in Me," said the Son. "He doeth the works."
Another words, in that day the Father was the Vine. He was the Branch to bear the fruit of God. Now, He becomes the Vine, and we become the branch. And all that was in God was poured into Christ…?… Here it is. It's…?… But listen. All that was in Christ was poured into the Church. "The works that I do shall you also. More than this shall you do, for I go to My Father." You see it? We are living under our God given privileges that God has redeemed us to.

E-19 In our picture when He had taken these three witnesses to go up to testify of something… Now, perhaps maybe I'm going to take it in a little different angle. It really represented the coming of Christ the second time on the appearing of Moses and Elijah and then Christ only. But it represents something more.
And every time you read the Word of God, men who read this same chapter two thousand years ago was inspired by it. Men who read it five hundred years ago was inspired by it, just as inspiring as it is to us tonight because it is the Word of God.
If I'd write you a letter it might inspire you. But it wouldn't never help the rest of the world. And after while the inspiration would leave the letter as you'd go on. But God's Word is eternally or from everlasting when it comes to Everlasting. That's the reason I believe the Word. So now, He was going to make a manifestation to show to the world what He had did.

E-20 Now, to the theologians and the Sunday school teachers, students of the Scripture, in the Old Testament we find out that when a son was born into a home, but if he become automatically an heir because he was born in the home.
Now, many times in watching the translation of the Bible like the King James, Saint John 14, He said, "In My Father's house is many mansions." That doesn't sound right does it? "In My Father's house is mansions in a house."
I don't know; I believe it wasn't Weymouth; it might've been Moffatt, or one of the translators said, "In My Father's apartment house is many apartments." That's worse than ever. But in the original it's this: "In My Father's Kingdom is many palaces."

E-21 Now, why was it? Even down in the days of the early translators in England, when King James Version, when the translators translated the Bible for King James… And a kingdom was called a house. And he was the father of that kingdom. And that's the way the translators put it to the view of the English people in that day. "In My Father's Kingdom is palaces," it was called.
Now, in the Old Testament when a child was born and this is good medicine for you Pentecostals.
Notice, when a child was born automatically he became a son because he was born. A son is "one begotten of." That's where you Catholic people…?… on eternal sonship. How can you explain that word? How can He be eternal and yet be a son? A son has a beginning. All right.

E-22 But in this day when a son was borned into a home, then he was a son because he was born. Now, many of the Pentecostals, and the Baptists, and Presbyterians, or Nazarenes, they take that as sufficient; that settles it. But it's wrong according to the Word.
Now, this son being born, he was given a tutor. Paul speaks of it in Galatians, and so forth of how a tutor was a raiser or a teacher that was to teach the son. And the father, being his son, he got the very best tutor, teacher that he could find. A man that would raise the child, not according to the things of common ethics of teaching. But to be an obedient child, somebody that the father had confidence in.

E-23 Now, hear it is. I want you to see it. Notice, what a beautiful picture that when a child was born into the Kingdom of God, the Father has given us a Tutor, the Holy Spirit. Not a bishop, but a Holy Spirit, a Raiser.
And this tutor brought word to the father how the child progressed. And so does the Holy Spirit bring to the Father how His church is progressing. Oh, my. How He must dread to tell the Father the way we behave ourselves. Why, sure. All confused, one is this a way and one… Oh, what a disgrace it is. All separated and divided, arguing, and fussing, and disputing over little petty differences: unbelief, unthankful, unholy, without even natural affection when we should be in love the Father.
Now, so as the tutor, the raiser that was selected by the Father… Oh, do you see it? The Father never selected an archbishop. The Father never selected something else or some denomination, oh, as good as it is. The Father selected the Holy Spirit to be our Teacher. He is to raise us.

E-24 Now, watch the–the tutor's position. What the tutor is to do is to guide and to teach. And he will never teach anything contrary to the schoolbook. Amen. I hope that went into the left side under the fifth rib. Notice. In the Book, this is God's Eternal Word. And the Holy Spirit feeds only on the Word of God. Men…?… shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. You see it? The Holy Spirit keeps on the Word.
Now, that what He teaches has faith in the Word. Believe the Word. But now, we've got away from that. We believe the church. And with all due respect, great programs are crossing the waves which ought not to be even on television, saying that the Bible is nothing. It's the church. But the Bible said, "Let every man's word be a lie and Mine be the Truth. Whosoever shall take one thing out of this Book or add one thing to it, his part will be taken from the Book of Life says the Word of God.

E-25 Paul said, "Though a angel (let alone a bishop, archbishops, or a pope, or whatever it might be.)… Though an Angel from heaven preach any other word to you than this that I've laid and preached, let him be unto you accursed." Galatians 1:8. You see it? So the Holy Spirit is teaching the believer, the Word. And the believer is striving and living on the Word.
Now, the…?… out from under the shadows. He would go up, and he'd say, "Now, I tell you; this boy…" No matter how good a boy he was, how bad he was, he was still a son, because he was born a son. But if he brought word that he wasn't a very good child, he was dilatory, he wasn't mindful of what the father business, that child could never come into position to where he could be.
But if the boy was a good boy and was really up about his father's business, then immediately the–the tutor said to the father, "Oh, what a fine boy. He's a lovely chap. And he's worthy. He's watching every move, for the indebtiment of your affairs."

E-26 Are we about our Father's business, of the Holy Spirit…?… getting every soul saved we can, just to–just on the Word. Or are we arrogant, and dilatory, and arguing our little religious differences, and splitting hairs, such nonsense? No wonder faith is gone.
Now, but then the boy never become no more. They're just a boy around the place. But if he was a good boy and was about the father's business, the tutor, the raiser gave word to the father. And then at a certain time… Teachers, I'm speaking of a placing of a child. You understand what I'm doing. All right. Teaching… We was predestinated unto the adoption of sons through Jesus Christ. All right.

E-27 Notice. Then the son, if he was a good boy and was very up-and-at-it with the Father's business, one day the father taken that son out into a public place, and robed him in a beautiful garment, and set him up before the public, and had a ceremony. And he adopted his own child into his family. In other words, he positionally placed his son. From then on, his name was just as good on the check as his father's was. It was a placing of the son.
And God back in the Old Testament, being a shadow of the New to come, did the same thing by His Son. He taken three witnesses and took Him up on the mount which is called Mount Transfiguration. And there appeared unto them first Moses and Elijah, first Moses and Elijah.
Now, Peter got all excited. And he said, "Lord, it's really good to be here, so I'll tell what let's do: Let's just build three tabernacles here. And we'll have one for those who keep the law." That's what we got excited about. "Those who want to keep the Sabbath, and the new moons, and not eat meats, and so forth, we'll make a tabernacle for them."
"And then we'll make a tabernacle for those who believe in the prophets, and the Old Testament, and we'll make one for them. And we'll make another one for those who want to come serve You." Peter said, "I think that would be good."

E-28 But Jesus was transfigured before them, God placing His Son. And He robed Him with a garment that glistened like the sun shining in its strength. And a voice from heaven said, "This is My beloved Son; hear ye Him. Moses is gone. The law is gone. But this is My Son; hear ye Him."
That ought to tell you. God placing His own Son… So the law has finished. And all of the Old Testament has been lived. And there's none left but Christ. And God's someday, if the people who are borned again of the Spirit of God, and the Tutor brings message to Father one day it's called to the side, and visited by God, and positionally placed into the body of Christ as a teacher, prophet, evangelist, teacher, pastor, whatever you have been obedient since he's been born, God places that person. You see it?

E-29 Now, then if the authority comes from God, then his message comes from God. Now, we have a lot of impersonations, but God backs up His message. When God does it, God proves it. God stands by it. The father stood by his son in the Old Testament. The Father stands by his Son in heaven. "Whatever He says, I'll do it." See? It's what? Hear ye Him.
Aren't you glad that He said, "Hear ye Him." Why? Moses represents the law. No man could keep the law. There's no flesh saved by the law. The law is a–a condemner of the people. No one could be saved who keepeth the law. No works that you can do can save you. You might do one thing, join church, baptize forward, backwards, whatever you would. That doesn't have anything to do with it. You are not saved by your works.
It's by grace are you saved; that's a gift of God. "No one man can come to Me except My Father draws him first."
You said, "I've sought after God." No, you never, my brother. It was God seeking after you.
"No man can come to Me except My Father draws him first." All that comes to Me then is–they are God's love gifts to Christ.

E-30 And you're not yours, but you belong to Christ. The Father has drawed you out of your life of sin and has given you to Christ, and Christ sent the Holy Spirit to tutor you, or to raise you to believe Him and brought down His schoolbooks. Amen. Now, "amen" means "so be it." I believe it. I'm not amening myself, but I–I–I like the word amen.
Notice. Then I'm so glad that He said that. The law can't save you…?… hear ye Him. He's the only One that has salvation. He the only One that can give you Life. He's the only One that can give you healing. He's the only One that can take away my burden. He's the only One Who can raise me up at the last day. That's the reason, "Hear ye Him."

E-31 Look at…?… the law. No man can be judged justified by the law, 'cause no man ever kept it outside of Christ. Then here…?… Elijah. What did Elijah represent? Elijah represents the justice of God, the line of God's justice. He went up on the mountain and set down. And they sent attachment of fifty. And he raised up. They were interfering with God's program. He said, "If I be the man of God, let fire come from heaven and consume you." And down come fire and consumed them. So the captain probably said to the king, said, "It was just an accident. It was an act of nature."
So we'll send another captain. So he sent another captain and another fifty; and when he got up to where he was, he said, "If I be a man of God, let fire come from heaven and consume you. And down come the fire. Oh, my. Who would want to stand under the justice of God? I certainly don't plead for His justice. I plead for something else, for His mercy.

E-32 Don't hear Moses anymore, your self-righteous rags won't stand anyhow. Don't plead for justice, because you are–you don't even have a chance. You were borned in sin, shaped in iniquity, come to the world speaking lies. You don't have a chance. So it's not justice that we plead for.
But I'm so glad as they looked at that dark picture, turn this a way. And they looked and they saw Jesus only. What did He stand for? The love of God. Where everyone has a chance. The love of God, Jesus stood for. "Hear ye Him," not a laws, or creeds, or affiliations of the denominations, but the love of God.

E-33 And men today is constrained by the Holy Spirit to come and love Him and serve Him, for He's seeking such to do that. God is looking for somebody who'll stand out on the front line with love, not with no education. I'm not trying to support my ignorance, but I am trying to say that it doesn't take scholarships. It takes a surrendered heart that God can make love. You don't know the Bible half as good as the devil does. So what good would it do you to…?…
Someone said not long ago, said, "Brother Branham, you are mixed up. You ought to teach it this way."
I said, "Sir, I may not know the Word very well, but I know the Author real well." Not to know His Word is Life, but to know Him is Life. To know Christ is Life, know Him in a personal experience. The Word opens up to a new look to you.

E-34 My wife… The Bible is a love letter. My wife writes me. And I love my wife. And she writes me a love letter, and she says, "Billy, I was setting down the children tonight and so forth…" And I can see what's on the paper. But I love her and she love me. And it's such a connection I can read between the lines. I know what she's saying, for it's a love affair. In–in her word she is projecting to me, and if the word knowing…?… we have, we love each other so we can read between the lines.
Oh, I am so happy that Christ said, "Father, I thank thee that thou hast hid this from the seminary (I–I mean,) the wise and prudent (excuse me)…?… and has revealed to babes such as would learn, that nurse from the mother, from the Word." It's a love letter. You read between the lines. There's where you find it. It's not a law, not a sound of…?… It's a love of a kind heavenly Father Who loves.

E-35 When I leave home, my wife, thank God for her, in the honor of the Lord's work, I trust. And when I leave home to go overseas and I don't take Mrs. Branham…?… and say, "Now, looky here, my dear lady; I'm going to tell you something. When I go overseas thou shalt not have any more husbands. You don't want to make any love to any other man. Thou shalt not do this and do that."
Then after I give her all of her laws, then she'd say, "Just a minute, my young fellow, thou shalt not have any other wives while you're gone. Thou shalt not take any other woman out to dinner." That isn't it. We don't even think of such a thing.

E-36 When I get ready to leave, she is the mother of my three children. We just kneel down in the room, and we put our arms around each other; and I say to her, "Sweetheart, I am so happy to have a wife like you."
And she said, "I'm so happy to be married to the servant of the Lord."
I said, "I know you'll be lonesome, honey, while I'm gone, but I'll be praying for you."
She said, "I'll be praying for you, honey, that God will use you to win souls to the Kingdom…?… Then we offer our prayer to God, to bless us and watch over us while we are separated one from another. And I get up, kiss her good-bye, go out the door, and forget about her till I come back? I'm not scared she's going to run around. She's not scared of me go taking any other woman. As long as we love one another like that, we'll live true to each other.

E-37 And as long as you love the Lord Jesus, you will do what He wants you to do and do nothing to harm…?… It's love that the world looking for. "Though I speak with tongues of men and Angels," said Paul, "I am become as a sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal. Though I have power to do miracles, to move the mountains, though he can do all these things and had not love, I am nothing."
Don't judge a man because he can pray a prayer of faith for the sick and they get well. Don't judge a man because he might do some supernatural miracle, as being a sainted person. But the only way that you can judge is by the love that they have for Christ and for each other.

E-38 And do you see what the Holy Spirit has to bring to the Father, that we're all separated and no love for each other. The world wants to see a display of love.
Here some time ago, as you know I am a hunter. And I love the wilderness. [–Ed.]…?… mother's mother come from the reservation. And it's been just the…?… blood to make me love the outdoors. How I love it and in the nature I meet God.
My first Bible was mother nature. Who could look in the face of that flower and be…?… and say there's no God. Where did it come from…?… No, God is in nature.
Sometime ago I was hunting elk way back…?… And it was early in the fall, the snow…?… I was about sixty miles from…?… And back up there in the mountains, I… [–Ed.]
Oh, what a…?… Oh, something in me just called out. I could hear God in the wolf call. Then down to my left across towards another mountain I heard the–a big male elk bugle. In the storm he had lost from the other. And way down farther on the mountainside, the herd…?…

E-39 Then something begin to move. I said, "Oh, it's good to be here."…?… And the sun bathed, the evergreen froze from the rain. And the sun shining against them made a rainbow. And I said, "Oh God, You live in the mountain." The rainbow represents the covenant.
He was to look upon in Revelations 1, the rainbow had jasper and sardine stone: Benjamin and Reuben, the first and the last; He that was, which is, and shall come, the root and offspring of David, the Morning Star.
And as I looked at that, my emotions become to a place where I could not hold it any longer. I screamed to the top of my voice. I had to give vent. And I suppose if someone would've been in the woods they'd thought, "There's a maniac there, or someone from an insane institution." Around and around the tree I went screaming to the top of my voice. Well, I was feeling that way. I was worshipping God.

E-40 And as I worshipped the Lord, around and around the tree, all of a sudden a little pine squirrel… Oh, the noisiest thing you ever heard. He jumped up on a stump, and he looked up towards me and begin "Chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter."
I thought, "Did I excite you, little fellow?" Why I thought, "You ought to worship God with me. You are a creature of God. Why don't you worship with me?" I thought, "Oh, don't we love Him?" And around the tree I went…?… just as hard as I could go. Didn't care. I was worshipping God. Oh, my, my cup was running over. Not to make a mock. I couldn't be seen. I was being drenched in my feeling, as David danced before the ark of the Lord.
And I said, "Look at this little pine squirrel." I thought it was barking at me. And he's the policeman of the woods anyhow.

E-41 And I noticed down under the blow-down; the great storm had–had forced a big eagle down in that blow-down. And that's what he was barking at, not the noise I was making, but the eagle was in pine cones there. And up on the limb just a great big graceful bird, called the eagle.
I stopped and I thought, "Well, I know You're in that wolf call and the elk call. You're in the sunset. You're in the rainbow. You're just everywhere. But what about this? What kind of seed is this?" So I watched him a little while. And I said, "Well, wonder why God wants me to look at that." And all of a sudden I noticed the big eagle wasn't a scared.
God don't want cowards. God wants men that's brave. He can't use a coward that's a run-down and afraid to testify your of your healing, or tell your neighbors, your boss what God has done for you, or give praise to Christ, ashamed to speak up in the hour when the trial comes, and you're afraid to say that you're a Christian. God can't use you. I doubt the devil…?… such as that. That's right. You're not much good for anything then.

E-42 But this eagle, I noticed him being brave. And I thought, "I'll try out his bravery." And I said, "Fellow…" those great big gray eyes looking at me and then the pine squirrel… And I said, "Do you know I could shoot you?" Which I wouldn't. I admire him too much. I said, "Do you know I could shoot you?" He just kept moving his wings.
And I said, "I'll test it." I grabbed my gun, like for the gun, jumped. And he looked at me. And he kept moving his wings. Oh, I said, "Thank You, Father. I see what it is. You have provided that eagle with two wings, and as long as he can feel that those wings are in condition, he knows that he can beat me into…?… top of them bushes. He has confidence in his God given protection."
And if the eagle can have confidence in his God given protection, what ought the Church to do with the Holy Spirit, Your God given Protection and Tutor, when sickness strikes or when trouble strikes?

E-43 I looked at him. He knew I was admiring him. And he knew he could be in the top of that bush before I could get that rifle and he'd be out my way. So he knew his judgment was right. And as long as he could feel those wings working all right, everything was okay.
Now, as long as a Christian can feeled and know that your experience and your life, and the–you can feel the Holy Spirit in your life, the devil can't bluff you. You know where you stand.
And after a while he got tired of that little old chatter, chatter, so he just gave a great big bounce, made about two flops; and then I begin weeping as I noticed that big graceful bird set his wings. He never flopped any more. He just knowed how to maneuver those wings, those God given gifts that he had. He just knowed how to maneuver them in the air. And he went up, up, up until he become just a little spot.
I wept. I said, "That's it, Lord. Get so tired of this little chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter, till he's just got out of hearing of it." I said, "That's it. If the Church only knew how to set their faith, their wings of faith in the roaring powers of the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and rise up above this chatter, chatter, chatter, saying, 'The days of miracles is past. There is no such thing as the Holy Ghost.'" Rise on above it. Ride out of it.

E-44 Not flop flop from the Methodists, to the Baptists. And flop flop to the Presbyterians, and flop flop to the Pentecostal, to the Assemblies, and to the Oneness, and to the Church of God, and to the Nazarene. Don't do that.
Just set your wings; fly out. Go on up higher with God's Holy Spirit, and the gravitation loses its hold, and by an unseen force you're lifted above this chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter, "Dr. So-and-so said so-and-so." The church don't believe it's the…?… No matter what the church says, God says it's the truth.
"Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature: These signs shall follow them that believe. Lo, I am with you always even to the ends of the world. And the things that I do shall you also. The works that I do, he that believeth on Me… And the works that I do shall he do also."
God wants a hero. The world's looking for a hero. The world's looking for a…?… to you. You're–you're company is looking for a hero.

E-45 I was a hunting one day… Now I'm closing. I was hunting one day with a friend up in the north woods, where I hunt very much. That man was a good man, but he was the most cruel hearted person. And he liked to show off, just like many people do. Well, I'll give you to understand, I'm Dr. So-and…" I don't care. See? "Well now, you don't even know your…" That's all right. I know Him.
But he said… He loved to shoot fawns just to be mean. Now, it's all right. If the law says you can have a fawn, that's all right. Take it and be satisfied. But he'd kill eight or ten a year, just because that I called him out for it.
I used to be a game warden for many years. And I saw…?… and I said, "Burt, you oughtn't to do that. That's not right."
"Oh," he said, "you chicken hearted preacher."
So I said, "All right. Go ahead; but you're doing wrong and someday it's going to back to you. If you want a fawn, you got as much right to get the fawn as Abraham had to take the calf. But you must take one, for you must give Caesar what's Caesar's, and God's what's God's."

E-46 But he'd shoot the fawns, just to make me holler at him. And one year when I went up to hunt, he'd made a little old whistle. And he could make that whistle go on just like a little fawn crying. And I said, "Burt, are you going to use that?"
He said, "Aw, preacher, get next to yourself."
And when we're in the woods a couple days later, we come to a little opening. The snow was off of the opening where the sun had come…?… drift to the woods. And he set down there and blew this whistle, sounded like a little fawn making a cry. And listen now closely.
And when he blew the whistle, what appeared on the other side but a beautiful big doe, a mother deer. Oh, she looked so graceful: her big brown eyes a looking, her ears sticking up. And she walked out towards the clearing. Why? She was a mother. A baby had cried. Where was it? It was in trouble. A mother, a mother's love calling…

E-47 And I watched this man pull back the lever and throw a shell into the rifle. I thought, "Oh, Burt, you're not going to do that." And I seen him, as a dead shot, raising his rifle, placing the cross hairs on her heart, setting his shoulder for the recoil of the rifle.
And that big doe and the gallant display of heroism walked out, tramping, looking, and she spied the hunter. I said, "Oh, how…" I thought, "How could you do it, Burt?" She was looking for that baby. Though she knew that that rifle would take her life in a few moments, it didn't bother her. There was something in her, Her nature, she was a mother. Didn't made any difference whether she died or not, the baby was in trouble. She was looking down the rifle barrel. The baby's in trouble… She seen the hunter and the gun raised, but where was the baby? She walked on into the opening. I said, "Oh, God, please; oh, don't let him do it. How can he do that?"

E-48 And as I was praying, I noticed the gun didn't fire: very quick shot. I looked back, and as I saw him with his gun, and the gun barrel was shaking. I looked at him. He turned around and tears was rolling down his cheeks. He laid his gun down in the grass, and run over there, and he said, "Billy, I've had enough of it. I can't do it. Billy, pray for my sinful soul." What was it? He saw a display of real mother love that would walk in the face of death because a baby was in trouble.
People, God is looking for men and women who has the love of God in their hearts, who can walk in the face of death itself, and call those things which are not as though they were, 'cause God said so, the love of God in their hearts. Let's pray.

E-49 While our heads is bowed and everyone praying please. I feel constrained at this time to do something. I'm going to ask you a real sincere question. If you're not a Christian, or you have professed Christ, and you've never made a real stand, aren't you kind of ashamed of your confession? Though you've belonged to the church for many years, but you really never have been borned again. You've never… You've kind of listened to the creed of the church, and never listened to the Holy Spirit, wooing you, teaching you to come to Christ, and you would like to step out tonight as a real hero and show your display of real gallant love for Christ…
While your heads are bowed and Christians are praying, I wonder if you'd just raise up your hand, not to me the preacher, but to God, and say, "God, tonight in my heart I now raise my hand. I want to be full of Your love that I can display your love to the world as an example of Christ. Take me tonight and fill me with the Holy Spirit. Forgive my sins and make me a new creature."

E-50 Down in the bottom floor, would you put up your hand while every head's bowed? God bless you. God bless you, you, you, you, you. God bless you, young lady. Over to my right, God bless you, lady. God bless you, sir.
Someone else over to my left raise your hand and say, "Pray for me, Brother Branham." God bless you. God bless you. God bless you, lady. That's… It's a great thing. God bless you back there, lady. God bless you, young man.
Someone else on the bottom floors before we go into the balcony? "Oh, Christ…" God bless you, brother. "Make me…" God bless you, lady. "Make me to have such Divine love for You, Lord, in my heart, that I can display Your love. I can stand in the face of death. I can go anywhere, testify anywhere. I want You." God bless you, sister. God bless you. God bless you.

E-51 Up in the balconies and now, up anywhere in there, would you raise your hand? God bless you over here to my left. God bless you here in the center. God bless you up there, upstairs. God bless you. Just over here to the right, anybody would say… God bless you, young man.
Someone else say, "Brother Branham, remember me tonight." God bless you back there, young fellow. God bless you, sir. God bless you, lady. God bless you, young lady, you little boy. Back there, young lady, yes. God be with you.
"I want you to remember me, Brother Branham. Right now the Holy Spirit is speaking in my heart and saying, 'Oh, I want you.'" God bless you, sir. "I want you," says the Holy Spirit. "I want you to make a stand for Me tonight. I want you to step right out and display your–this feeling that I give you now that you know you're needy and need Me."

E-52 The Holy Spirit is trying to bring you as a love gift to God, and you want me to remember you and you want God to bring you in, will you raise your hand? Someone else who hasn't. "Fill me, oh, God, will Your Holy Spirit. Seal me into Your Kingdom." God bless you, the man and woman there. Yes. The Lord bless. God bless you, young lady that's in the top of the balcony.
I'm just watching. God…?… every hand and knows every heart. God bless you. God bless you, you, you, you down there. Yes, you here, God bless you, sir. Even some…?… their seat and come right around, weeping. Do you know that's what we need? You have to have a breaking up before you can have a remolding. The prophets went to the potter's house.
We don't need any theology now. We need love.

Oh, love of God, how rich, how pure!

Oh, love of God, how rich, how pure!

How fathomless and strong!

It shall forevermore endure,

The saints and angels song.

After all things are gone, love stands forever. Miracles, and prophecies, and teachings, and so forth, wisdom, and knowledge, and tongues, and interpretations all fail and cease.

E-53 But the love of God still endures, the saints and the angels song. God so loved the world, do you so love God for loving you? God made you what you are in giving you a choice. If you want to live you can accept it. I guess some fifty or sixty hands has went up in the building, wants to be remembered in prayer at this time.
Is there another just before closing. I feel kinda strange about… I feel like there's someone else maybe that would raise their hand. You say, "Does that mean any difference?" Yes, God bless you, young man. God be with you. All right. Now, as your head's bowed I'm going to do what…
Now, look. What made you raise your hand? What did that? Jesus said, "No man can come to Me except My Father draws him first. And all that comes to Me, I'll give them Everlasting Life and raise him up at the last day." Now, I'm going quote Jesus' Word. I know we have customs. We–we had an altar here, we'd come to the altar, but we have no altar.

E-54 Right where you're setting is where God convicted you; right where you're setting is where God gave you to Christ. Right where you're setting you can receive the Holy Spirit. He's here now. Let's see what Jesus says, Saint John 5:24. While you're praying. Listen to His Word now, Jesus' Word. "He that heareth My word, and believeth on Him that sent Me, hath (present tense) Everlasting Life, and shall never come into the judgment, but has passed from death unto Life."
How simple, how sweet, the Father has made it so simple for us. Not complicated, not educational programs, not creeds and catechisms to learn, but to know Him by love, the Father has made it so simple. "He that heareth My words, and believeth on Him that sent me, hath (present tense) Eternal Life (Is the Holy Spirit Eternal Life? Yes.), and shall not come into judgment or condemnation; but hath (past tense) passed from death unto Life."

E-55 Now, heavenly Father, somehow the great Holy Spirit is moving in our midst. All through the lower floors, and the upper floors, the balcony, hands of men and women, some of them aged and some young, some in their middle age, and they are–have accepted You as their Saviour and desiring to be filled with the Holy Spirit, to be taught of Him, to lead a humble life, to have the fruits of the Spirit in their life, and become salty in their walk and in their life, so that the world will thirst.
Said, "Ye are the salt of the earth." And they want to be so seasoned with the Holy Spirit, until men and women will say, "Oh, I'd like to be like he or she. I believe they're real Christians. They have the fruit of the Spirit, love, joy, peace, long-suffering, goodness, gentleness, meekness, patience." God, grant it just now.
May the miracle of the greatest miracles be performed by… It's already been. They raised their hand, and they could not have done it unless they was convinced, unless You had brought them. And they raised their hands to You that they wanted to make a stand tonight for You.
And I pray that the great Holy Spirit who put their name on the Book of Life just then, will brood over them as He did at the–before they were even on the earth, and brought them to this far, and now has given them to the Father, and the Father has given to Christ.

E-56 And I pray that You'll fill every heart with the Holy Ghost. And may members of the church go back to their local churches testifying and glorifying God. Grant it, Lord. May the Holy Ghost come upon them, and may there be an old fashion revival break out in this city here and around about that'll win millions of souls throughout the nation to Christ. Grant it, Father. Do this, for You said, "Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you receive it, and you shall have it."
That's Your promise to the believer. And tonight as a believer I will believe, O Jehovah God, that every soul that You let me see raise their hand, and those who I did not see, I ask You, Lord, that You will take them, and will nurture them, and tutor them by the Holy Spirit. And may I meet them in glory someday when life's journey is finished, and the great atomic warfare has raised, fixing to break forth at any time. May they be caught up together with those who sleep in the dust of the earth, and meet the Lord in the air forever to be with Him. Grant it, Father. For we ask it in Christ's Name. Amen.

E-57 Oh, I love Him. Isn't He wonderful. How clean you feel. The Word, the washing of the water by the Word, the water of separation. And we're washed by the water of the Word. It separated us from the things of the world to a consecrated life with Jesus. Oh, it's supposed all in Pentecost. I've been so long. But, friends, I feel that this is more profitable than anything. Salvation…?…
Did you give out prayer cards? I can't believe I'm going to use them. I just feel constrained not to. Jesus is here. And we don't need prayer cards. Prayer cards is only to keep people in line. But I believe that we have did that which was right in His sight. And I believe…?… that the Bible teaches that He's a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities. Does the Bible say that?
And if He was here tonight and He would ask if He'd heal you, He would merely say to you and point you to His Word; He has already redeemed you from sin and sickness. He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon Him and with his stripes we were healed. It's a finished work He would point you to.

E-58 But if the Bible says that He would be touched by the feeling of our infirmities… There was a woman once who had an infirmity and touched His garment. And she went off into the audience. And Jesus said that He got weak. The immortal Christ said He got weak. Wonder why He got weak. Strength went away from Him. It's hard to understand. It cannot be explained.
Did you ever know that poets and prophets are considered neurotic? Did you ever think… Look at William Cowper gave America its best folk songs. He was misunderstood. Every time he would go into inspiration and write a song, he'd get on a drunk. Finally after he came out from under inspiration one time, he didn't know where he was at like, and he left the inspiration. He called his servant, and took a razor, and committed suicide. I stood by the side… That was Stephen Foster, I beg your pardon.

E-59 And William Cowper I did stand by his grave in London, England not long ago. And there William Cowper give the world a great song. He wrote that famous song:

There is a fountain filled with blood

There is a fountain filled with blood

Drawn from Immanuel's veins;

When sinners plunge beneath the flood,

Lose all their guilty stain.

And when he come out… Did you ever read the history of that? When he come out from under that inspiration. he was carried away so when he penned that song, till he got in a cab and tried to find a river to commit suicide. Considered a neurotic…

E-60 Jonah, after having that inspiration on him to preach to a city the size of St. Louis, and they repented till they put sackcloth on their animals, then when the Spirit left him he prayed for God to take his life.
Elijah stood under an inspiration, called fire out of heaven and called rain on the same day. And then when the inspiration left him, he was wondering in the wilderness for forty-eight nights. And God found him pulled back in a little cave.
The Angel on the pool of the water, the first man stepping in with faith, challenged that Angel. The whole virtue of the Angel left the water, and they had to wait for another season.

E-61 A little woman touched the garment of the Lord Jesus and Emmanuel, the Fullness of God in Him, and He turned and said, "Who touched me? For I've gotten weak." Then you wonder.
Now, He is a High priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmity. Now, since He's been glorified, and yet our infirmities has been paid for, how would we know whether we touched Him? He has to be the same to go out into the audience and find the faith. Is that right? We've had it.
I believe tonight if you will be reverent, real reverent, and will ask God, and we'll just pray and let the Holy Spirit move into the audience so these young Christians that's just accepted Christ can see that the Christ that they accepted is not a mythical or a bunch of creeds. It's a living God.

E-62 Father God, in Jesus' Name we commit this audience to Thee. There's sick people here. And I know that You are here, the great Healer, that You've already purchased their healing. And now, heavenly Father, as a confirmation of Thy Word, I pray that You will do something tonight right here, just the way You did it before You were crucified.
Like those who went to Emmaus, and on the road over there they was talking with You. They didn't recognize it. But once when You got them inside, the doors closed, You did something just like You used to do it before Your crucifixion, and they recognized that it was You.
Do it again tonight, Father. Will You? Just look upon this audience. And we surrender ourselves to Thee, and look faith has been born. I've took up my time, but I pray that You'll excuse the time and will receive the people into Your Kingdom and to Your grace.
And may I, Your servant, now be anointed for this service that's coming on. And may everyone here be anointed, and may we see the working of the hand of the living God Who is in our midst. In Jesus' Name we pray. Amen.

E-63 Now, I say this to respect. Look this way. How many people in here are sick? I don't want prayer cards now. I want them without prayer cards. Raise your hand, sick and you want God to heal you, anywhere, balcony…?… where it's at, just raise your hand? Your all total strangers to me. Jesus when He stood and looked at the audience, He…
How many was never in one of my meetings let's see your hand. Just look. Dr. Vayle, did you explain this before I come in, the working? You understand how it's been explained? How that I, my contentions are that Jesus Christ has raised from the dead. He's the same yesterday, today, and forever.
When He looked upon the audience and found the little woman. When Nathanael come, He knowed him, and said who he was. Called Peter…?… told him even his name and all… Oh, my.

E-64 Just think. He said, "I don't do nothing till the Father shows Me first." Saint John 5:19. How many knows that's true? "The Son can nothing in Himself, till He sees the Father do it." He perceived their thoughts when He…?… He was God. He prayed for the dead.
Now, look this way. Just set quiet and pray, and say… Now, it doesn't make any difference if I touch you or you touch me. That has nothing to do with it. You touch Him. I'm not the High Priest. He is the High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmity. How many knows that's the Word of God? Now, you look to Him.

E-65 Now, what are we? Branches. What's He? Vine. Does the vine bear fruit? No. The branches bear fruit. Then our hands are His hands. Our eyes are His eyes. We are to surrender our all. And if Jesus Christ will come now visibly and works, outside of saying to what He's just done, will come, and will speak, and do just as He did before His crucifixion, would you believe He's raised, that He's–He's here? Will you accept it every one? Now, all of you in the audience with one accord look this way.
This is an awful challenge. But what is it? Someone said to me one time, "Brother Branham, aren't you afraid?" No, sir. Just as the eagle. I feel and know the Holy Spirit is here and know that He called me to do this. I have not one fear. It's His work, not mine. I have nothing to do with it. It's your faith touching God.

E-66 Here at the breakfast this morning is when I explained that exactly. The woman used God's gift. God used His own gift in the resurrection of Lazarus and others. But when the woman touched it, she used God's gift. And this is the place you're using the Holy Spirit, God's gift. And we're set in as vines or as branches.
Now, look and believe. And may God of heaven Who someday we'll stand in His Presence, may He give to me His humble servant this that I ask now for His glory. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
I'm so glad that the piano playing. Now, just believe on the Lord and be… Don't be looking at me. Look to Him now. Be praying, saying, "Lord, be merciful to me."

E-67 Now, anyone knows that's read the book and so forth, knows me. I'm just a man. Don't know a person in here at all as I look over the audience. I met this Methodist preacher setting here this morning. And I believe this is Mr. Smith setting right here, the recorder. I know those setting there. I know none of the rest of you. But there's Someone here who knows you. And that's the High Priest–Christ. Just be in prayer.
Now, watch. The Holy Spirit, Christ is here. When He says, "The works that I do, shall you also. Little while and the world (that's the unbeliever) will see Me no more. Yet ye shall see Me." Did He say that? "I (personal pronoun) will be with you, even in you, to the end of the world." Showing Himself, the Bible said, "He's the same yesterday, today, and forever."

E-68 What did Paul see Him after His resurrection? What did He look like? A Light, on his road to Damascus. He said, "I came from God." Who was He? The Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel. That was the Ark of the Covenant. Anyone knows that was Christ. And then He said, "I come from God (the Logos) and I go back to God." And when Paul seen Him, He was the Logos. That's what He is tonight.
How many has ever seen the picture of Him that they taken scientifically Houston, Texas? Got it hanging in Washington, D.C. Where the FBI examined it…?… that proves both to the church and the world, I've told the truth. Christ is alive. And He's proved it. If I'd die this night, and this is my last message, my words are truth. The church knows it.

E-69 Meetings that I've preached I guess directly or…?… over ten million people around the world. They know it. And science knows it, because they took a camera and set it around in America in one journey, and took the picture of It. That's Light.
It's in the book here. It's not a very good one. It's not mine. It's copyrighted. The American Photographer Association in Houston, Texas, owns it. I buy it. I usually have them in the meetings to sell, just what I get them for.
I–I don't take money. Don't… I don't need money. Just little love gifts people give me once in a while I'll live by; that's all I need.

E-70 Be reverent. Keep praying. I can only say what I'm see. I wish that my audience… I hope you do not judge me wrong as the servant of God, as your brother. Christ, the Holy Spirit is here. He is present now. And as… What is it? I'm just yielding myself. And you just yield yourself. And God can use us when we get ourselves out of the way, if we're gifted for certain things, like a minister preaches.
I'm not a preacher. I can't preach. I'm uneducated. But I… My gift is revealed through the Holy Spirit. Here it is. And in Christ's Name I take every spirit in here under my control, to the glory of God.
I only wish you could see what I'm looking at. There is the Light going over a man. He's praying. The man that's saying, "Lord, let it be me." He's wearing a blue and red tie, setting right here. You, you believe me to be His servant? If God will tell me what you're wanting from God, will you accept it? You will? Do you have a prayer card? You don't. You got kidney trouble that you want Christ to heal. If that's right wave your hand back and forth like this. Receive it then in Jesus' Name.

E-71 Have faith in God. Don't doubt. Believe with all your heart. You believe now, He's raised from the dead? Aren't you happy you received Him a few moments ago? There's no other religion in the world can prove their founder. They're all dead and in the grave, but Christ rose. Christianity can prove right here that He's a living. When anybody says…?… Mohammedan and the Buddhists said, "Let me see you produce what He said, bring them to the meeting.
Something's happened, hasn't it, sir? What did you touch? Not me. You hear what he said? How did I know what he was praying for…?… God bless you, my brother.
Have faith in God. Just pray. Don't doubt. Isn't this wonderful? Now, just be real reverent. Don't move around. Just be reverent. See where He will come again. It just looked like it just… You… Oh, that…?… No, you can't explain God.

E-72 Here, it's a little lady setting to my right. She's wearing a white hat. She's praying, "Lord, let it be me." She's setting right here beside of a woman that's crippled or something, on the end of a row. Do you believe, lady, that you've made a contact with God? You do? You believe me to be His prophet, His servant?
If God will tell me what you're praying for, will you believe it's the same Christ Who could tell the woman at the well where her trouble was? You would believe it? You're wanting Christ to deliver you from an asthmatic condition. If that's right raise up your hand. Amen.
There seems to be a man associated there somewhere. Oh, it's the lady setting next to you? It's a… The woman was praying, it's not for herself. It's a little lady with a sweater. She's praying for someone else. That's a man, isn't it? He's not here either. It's your father. He has arthritis. Raise up your hand if that witnessed the truth. You have a prayer card, lady? You don't? May you go home and find your father as you have believed in Christ's Name.

E-73 Someone here, just really pray. There He stands. Oh, if you could just see this Light moving and stand over… There sits a little lady way back here towards the back. She's putting her handkerchief up to her eyes. She's got a little white hat on, a little thing on her shoulder.
She's suffering with a nervous condition. And she's been in and out of hospitals, and she's had operations. That's right, isn't it, lady? Stand up just a minute, lady. This is the lady right here…?… Others are praying in front of you. I've never seen you, lady. We're total strangers to one another. Is that right?
You believe me to be His servant? Do you believe that He died and rose again, and He's come back in the form of the Holy Spirit, and performing the same works… And you touched Something… Now, look. You were praying that I would call you. Isn't that right?

E-74 And now, just a moment till I can catch the vision again. Yes, I see you all upset about something. And I see, yes, it's operations. And operations has made you nervous. That's right, isn't it? And you're not from this city. Neither are you from this state. You're from Michigan. That's right.
And you're praying for someone else. And then I see you as years have passed back down your life. And you're holding a little baby in your arms, and the baby is blind. It was born blind. You've become a Christian. You prayed for the baby. The baby had received its sight, and now it's quite a lad. And it's going blind again. And you're wanting Christ to heal that baby.
And that you might know that I be God's prophet, the baby looks very pale, the child does. It's real white headed, pink tongued. It's an albino child. That is true. And your name is Eleanor. Sullivan is your last name. That's right, isn't it? Take that handkerchief that you wiped your tears with and place it on the child. Don't doubt. And receive what you asked for in Christ's Name.

E-75 Are you aware that the Holy Spirit is near? Just be reverent. It seems to be right at the lady setting next to her. That Light is moving over the woman. She's got her handkerchief up to her mouth. Stand up, young lady. Right next to her. You were praying yourself. Do you believe me to be His servant? You believe that the Spirit that's on you now… Isn't that a wonderful feeling? Love, meekness, patience, It's the Holy Spirit.
Yes, you are praying for a condition that's in your body called a hernia. That's right, isn't it? Now, I see a man up here by you. And it's dark around the man. It's your husband. He's unsaved, and you're praying for his salvation. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. Take that handkerchief you have in your hand, slip it under his pillow. Don't doubt, but believe. You may be seated.
Heavenly Father, we thank Thee for the Holy Spirit. Thou art the great I AM. We pray that You'll be merciful to many here tonight, and let them know that it's You, the great Father of our spirits. Amen.

E-76 Oh, how wonderful Jesus is. Pray. He is the High Priest of our confession, to make intercessions in the Presence of God for our confession. And everything that He died for is ours, a free gift, if we will accept it and confess it, and deny everything contrary. Oh, He's standing now, that Light. It's the Pillar of Fire, the Angel of Light, the Shekinah Glory of the Presence of God.
It's over a man with a light suit on setting right back there, way back towards the back. He's on the outside seat. And he's got some kind of a vocal condition in his throat. Stand up, sir. You believe? All right. That's it. Do you believe His promise will heal you?
Seems to be a man behind you there also. Set down just a moment, will you? Standing near… All right. Now, you set down just a moment, sir. Both of you need… You're–you're a Mr. William Caraway. Stand to your feet. You're from Sidney, Ohio. That is right. Your faith has saved you, sir. Go home in peace and God be with you. Lay your hand on the man in front of you, 'cause It touched the man also. In Jesus Christ's Name, may they receive that what they have asked for, for God's glory.

E-77 What about the balcony? Are you believing up there? God is up there the same as He's down here. Are you believers? Have faith in God. I challenge your faith. Believe with all of your heart. Oh, how wonderful the Lord Jesus… Now, are you satisfied it's not mental telepathy? Are you satisfied it's the Lord Jesus? I trust that someone in the balcony makes God our help up there.
It's over the lady setting right straight in front of me with the black dress on. She has a goiter. That's right, lady. You're not from this city. You believe me to be God's prophet? If the Holy Spirit will tell me where you're from or something about you, will you believe Him? Will all in the balcony believe?
While I have contact with the lady through the Holy Spirit. You were praying, wasn't you, lady? And here's another thing you might know, and you prayed for this before you left home. You're from another city near Dayton, something like that. It's a smaller place called Miam–Miamisburg. That is right. Do you believe now? Then go home and be healed in Christ's Name.

E-78 Are you believing, everyone? Do you believe His Presence is here? He's omnipotent. And He's omnipresent. He's all around everywhere. Believe on Him now and be healed. I want you to do something for me. There It is again. Bow your heads just a moment please.
Our kind heavenly Father, oh, to know Your Presence is here now, how You are proving that You have raised from the dead and that the Bible is God's infallible Word. You're the High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities. And we're so thankful for it.
And You had to make a way to prove that Scripture. And tonight it's been fulfilled, for Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. O God, how we love You. How we worship You. You are in our midst. The shout of the King is here. The great Jehovah Who marches on and time does not bother Him, He marches on through eternity. He's Eternity through Eternity, the Everlasting I AM, the Creator of heavens and earth, the Author of every good gift, and the–whatever that is good in all of heavens and earth belongs to You.

E-79 O God, be good to these people tonight and cast away the unbelief that's in the midst of the people. And all the superstitions, that the Holy Spirit might with one great blast setting here just now, take this American congregation, Lord, who's been broke up with creeds and denominations and superstitions. O Father, drive the enemy away and break forth in the Shekinah Glory that lights upon every soul tonight and heal the sick that's in the midst of the people. For the glory of God, grant it, Lord.
I condemn the devil. I defy the devil. And I ask that the devil leave here and every unbelief that he has with him, that would go from this audience and the people will be made completely whole in Jesus Christ's Name.

I will praise Him, I will praise Him,Praise the Lamb for sinners slain;Give Him glory all ye people,For His blood has washed away each stain.Do you believe it? Raise your hands.
I will praise Him (Let us thank Him), I will praise Him,Praise the Lamb for sinners slain…?…Give Him glory all ye people,For His blood has washed away each…This is it. The Holy Spirit…?… hour…?…

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