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I Have A Greater Witness Than John (How The Angel Came To Me) (53-1107)

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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham called I Have A Greater Witness Than John (How The Angel Came To Me) was delivered on Saturday, 7th November 1953 at the Sportcenter in Owensboro, Kentucky, U.S.A.
The tape, number 53-1107, is 1 hour and 21 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette.

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E-1 [Brother Branham reads from John 5:28-37–Ed.]

… for the hour is coming in the which that all are in the grave shall hear his voice,

… for the hour is coming in the which that all are in the grave shall hear his voice,

And shall come forth; they which have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they which have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation.

I can of my own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: my judgment is just: because I seek not my own will, but the will of the Father which has sent me.

If I bar–bear witness of myself, my witness is not true.

There is another that beareth witness of me: and I know that the witness which He witnesses of me is true.

Ye sent unto John, and he bear witness unto the truth.

… I receive not testimony from man: but the things that I say, that ye may be saved.

He was a burning and… shining light: and you were willing for a season to rejoice in his light.

But I have greater witness than that of John: for the works which the Father has given me to finish, the same works that I do, bear witness of me that the Father has sent me.

And the Father Himself, which has sent me, has borne witness of me.

E-2 Now, we bow our heads just a moment for prayer. Our heavenly Father, we come tonight to worship Thee. And we’re thankful for the opportunity that we have of–of coming. And through this channel of–of Holy Spirit which has been bought by the Blood of Jesus Christ, that we have access to the throne of grace through the Name of Jesus… And we’re so happy for it tonight.
And we pray now that You’ll forgive us of our sins. And as we’ve gathered here scattered around about over the city, and we, in the little auditorium here tonight with this little group of people, I pray that Your holy Presence will meet with us. And we know that You’re already here. And we pray that You’ll do the exceedingly, abundantly here tonight. And may our hearts rejoice. May every Christian take a new hold tonight. And may, if there be any unsaved, may they just renounce sin in their life tonight, and come, and believe, and be saved. Grant it, Father, and meet with Thy servant here, Lord, and help me as I hold the purchase of Your Blood before me. For we ask it in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

E-3 It’s been one of the most amazing things that I have noticed a long the lines of my ministry for our Lord Jesus, is the peculiarity of people. And the study of human life is one of the greatest things that–that a person can study: to watch nature of people. And the different parts of the nations and worlds to where you go, you’ll notice that there’s a different–there’s a different attitude that people take towards Christ, towards His service, and towards His servants, towards worship. And one of the things has been, that one type of meeting will just be wonderful in one part of the country, where it won’t work in the other part of the country.
Now, I believe, mostly to blame for that… Or not to blame, but mostly is the way the people are taught. And the church will never live higher than its pastor teaches. You seldom find that. If you got a good, sound, sane, Gospel teacher, you’ll usually find that type of church. And it’s just where your pastor leads you, the–the pastors that you feed on.

E-4 You know, I’ve noticed that among… I have two Bibles. One of them is nature. I watch that closely, for God lives in His Bible of nature.
You take an animal when it feeds off of a certain type of ground, that animal will turn the color of that ground, if you notice it. Take for instance, if you take of the–even to the–the varmint coyote, down in Mexico, you notice him there. He’s–he’s kind of–in them red weeds and things, the coyote turns red. And up in this part of the country, or farther up, of course, in the west land, he will turn a–a brown looking, and kind of a bluish-brown, because he–he feeds in that part of the country. The deer will be the same way. The same little mule deer, in–in the way down in Mexico is a reddish looking. Up here, he’s grayish looking, as he goes on farther north, he turns dark. It’s what ground he feeds on.

E-5 And–and you notice another thing about nature, that whenever you find out in the desert in Arizona and around, you find there’s a–a group of a–a… Everything out there where’s there’s no rain, it’s always got stickers on it. Every weed you get a hold of has got a sticker on it. Well, then you take them weeds and come up here where they have a lot of rain, it doesn’t have any sticker on it. That’s a good lesson.
See, if the church is all dry, and no Spirit in It, they always got little stickers that boosting around. See? You need a good, old fashion, Holy Ghost rain, don’t you? That softens you up. (Ha-ha-ha.) That’s right.
And, the–the Church can’t do it yourself. It takes God to do it, with you. God can’t do it without you, and you can’t do it without God.

E-6 Mr. Wood is here tonight somewhere. I believe he’s taking recordings here of Mr. Beeler. We was in Colorado not long ago, and I was thinking of a spring I used to go by up there. And this little old spring, I’ve… Always seemed to be the most happiest spring I ever seen. I always liked to drink at it, ’cause it’s always a bubbling, bubbling, bubbling.
I set down one day, and thought I’d talk to that spring. And I said, “What you bubbling about?” Well, ‘course it couldn’t talk back, but I just have to answer for it. See? I said, “Maybe you’re happy and ’cause you’re jumping and carrying on like that because that the–that there’s deers come here and drink out of you. You’re a very cool, nice water.”
“Maybe because bears come by and drink.”
I said, “Well, maybe–maybe because I come by is what make you bubble like that.”
I said, “Well, what makes you bubble like that?”
If he could answer me, he’d say, “Now, look, Brother Branham, it–it isn’t me bubbling; it’s something behind me, pushing me and making me bubble.” So that’s just the way it is with a Christian.

E-7 I had a man tell me, say, “Now, Billy, you’re getting over amongst a bunch of holy-rollers.” And said, “They all are worked up by excitement.” Said, “They just a bunch of excitement. That’s all there is to it. They just scream, and jump, and holler.” Well, there’s got to be something making them do that. So that’s what it is. It isn’t them jumping; it’s Something in them jumping. That’s right.
If I’d go out tonight, and could speak to the star and say, “What makes you shine? You’re so pretty. You’re just lighting up the heavens and everything. What makes you shine like that?”
If he could talk, he’d say, “Brother Branham, it ain’t me shining, it’s the sun shining on me.” See, that–that’s what it is. It isn’t the Church that’s shining; it’s the Holy Spirit shining on the Church. That’s right. That’s what gives the Life, the testimony, and makes them what they are.

E-8 Not long ago, I was… used to pastor a little Milltown Baptist church over here in Indiana. I was standing with an old man named George Wright. I’d come home of a night, and I noticed out in the corner there was a… When I’d come in about ten o’clock, and there was a… Way in the country, and in warm summertime, there’s an old nightingale used to set out there, and how he would sing. My, my.
You know, birds are happy. You never see one of them though with a great, drawed-down look like we have, do you? You never… Little bird gets up real early of a morning and just sings, and throws his head up, and just sings to the glory of God. You never heard of one of them having high blood pressure, did you? Or having to be operated on? He just glorifies his Maker. That’s all. But we wander around sometime.

E-9 And this little old nightingale, he would just sing, and sing, and carry on. And I thought, “Well, what makes him sing like that all through the night?” And I noticed on a cloudy night, he would sing, and then he would stop, and then he would sing, and then he would stop. And I got to studying the life of the nightingale. So the nightingale, what he does, he looks heavenly all–heavenward always. And when he could see a star, or any kind of a light, he will start singing, because that he knows the sun’s shining somewhere to shine on that star.
Well, that’s what I think about a good, old fashion Holy Ghost meeting. When I can hear a good old hearty “Amen,” once in a while, or a “Hallelujah,” or somebody jump up and scream and cry a little bit, I know the Son’s shining somewhere. That’s all. It just kind of gives you just a real good feeling of that type.
In these meetings… Someone said not long ago, they had wrote me a little letter and said, “Brother Branham, God raised Brother Roberts up to take your place.”
I said, “Well, I’m glad somebody is in the work.”

E-10 He said, “Because that you don’t pray for not enough people.” He said, “You’re… People come to your meeting, and they feel that–that they never get prayed for. You just get a few up on the platform, and after while, you’re all sapped out, and they take you out. You’re… Haul you around a half hour to come to yourself.” Said, “They never get prayed for. You–you can’t get to them.”
Well, that’s the truth. That’s exactly. But, you see… He said, “Brother Roberts will pray for five hundred, while you’re praying for two.” That’s right. But Brother Roberts is doing what God told him to do, and I’m doing what God told me to do. See? That–that’s just the difference. See, see? So, we… I can’t be Brother Roberts; Brother Roberts can’t be me. We’re… Who… either one of us servants of the Lord (That’s right.) trying to minister to the people, do the best that we know how for the glory of God.
And so, Brother Roberts has one way of… God give him a way of just a real, strong, predominating, if you excuse the expression, “bulldog faith.” He just stands up there and grips a hold of it, and he believes for anything. And he… Somebody comes up that’s got demon possession or something or another, or cancer, or tumor, he will stomp his feet, and scream out, and nothing else, scare it away. He–he gets the job done though. That’s all right. People are getting healed, so I say, “Praise the Lord.” Sure.

E-11 Now, I couldn’t do that (See?), because I’m not Brother Roberts. See? Now, I like that real, hold-on faith that he’s got. Brother Jaggers, and many of them, Brother Freeman, Fleaman, Freeman, I believe it is, and many of those others has got that real gripping faith. I call that, “gifts of healing.” They believe what they’re talking about. They lay… They look out here and read it in the Word: Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and say, “Come up here. I challenge it right now, and I’m ready to go after it.” I like that.
I pray for them brothers all the time. “God, just send them and go on. Just run out every evil spirit in the country, if we can.” That’s the way to do it. Sure.

E-12 Now, I like that. And I appreciate those brothers’ real, predominating, over-jumping faith. You see? They just challenge anything, grab a hold of it and hold on to it. I like that. I was a different person. I guess I just kind of slow. And I kind of watch where I put me feet, kind of particular of where I’m walking. And, oh, I don’t know, funny kind of a guy, I guess.
Now, that goes all right in some parts of the country, some it doesn’t. But I–I guess I could say a gift of healing, ’cause I believe anybody that has faith in healing has the gift of healing. Because every gift is operated by faith. Is that right? That’s all you can have, is faith to believe it.

E-13 And now, there’s no one, Brother Jaggers, Brother Roberts, or myself, or no one else, that can heal another person. There’s none of us claim to. We don’t heal people. We only try to get them to look to the Man that’s already healed them: Jesus Christ, and get them to accept it by faith, and that settles it.
When He… When Jesus healed them back there… I believe that every sick person was healed when Jesus died at Calvary. I believe I can prove that by the Bible. That by His stripes, we were (past time, tense,), we were healed. And every sinner in the world was forgiven when Jesus died at Calvary. But it’ll never do you any good until you accept it. See? You’ve got to accept it, then it becomes your personal property. Then you could get down here at the altar; you wouldn’t necessarily have to come, but I believe in altars. Get down at the altar, you could cry; you could pray; you could walk up and down the altar; you could pull your hair, and–and just go on, but that ain’t what saves you. Now, I believe in all of that. Yes, sir. But that isn’t what saves you. You’ll never be saved, until you believe. Is that right?

E-14 You have to believe. And when you really believe it, no matter if you’re at the altar, out in the street, or wherever it is, when you believe it and accept it, then it becomes your personal property, a gift of God by grace. And you couldn’t have any idea of getting right with God, until first He drawed you. So it’s comes by election then, isn’t it? And everybody here that’s ever heard God knock at their heart’s door, ought to be the happiest person in the world. Certainly. ‘Cause there’s some people, He will never knock at their heart. He–He would, but He, in order to be God, He knowed the end from the beginning. He’s not willing that any should perish. Well, you say, “Preacher, how do you preach the Gospel then? How do you know?” I don’t know who they are.

E-15 Here’s a Gospel preacher of… As like unto the Kingdom of heaven, a man went forth and cast the net into the sea, and when he drawed the net in, that’s the Gospel. And when he drawed it in, he had some fish in there. He had some crawfish in there. And he had some turtles in there. And he had some snakes in there. And he had some water-bugs. And he had everything in there. As long as the Gospel net was over them, they all looked the same. But when he lifted the net, he just noticed, just like a revival…
The preacher throws the Gospel net; he pulls everything up here he can. Well, first thing you know, the old turtle looks up and says, “There ain’t nothing to it.” And here he goes right back to the mud puddle.
And first thing you know, here’s that big old water bug, plop, plop, plop, plop, frog, too, you know, just as hard as he can go, right back to the puddles. “There’s nothing to it. Somebody stepped on my toes. There ain’t nothing by hypocrites up there. I ain’t going to stay.” Away he goes.
The old snake, serpent, “I told you. I knowed that woman was just…” There he goes, right back to the water.

E-16 But there’s some fish in there too. See? So, it ain’t my business. I just throw the net in the pond and pull it. God takes out what’s fish. Is that right? God takes the fish. I have nothing to do with it. I don’t keep His books. He knows who’s who. But it’s us to preach the Gospel. That’s up to God to do the–the–the saving.
And now, when you’re saved, you’re just then hitting the right road. A minister said to me not long ago, he said he was seeking the baptism of the Holy Ghost, a great man. He said, “Brother Branham, I believe I’ve got the Holy Ghost.”
I said, “Well, believing doesn’t give it to you, brother. It’s a gift of God.”
And he said, “Look, Brother Branham,” said, “Abraham believed God by faith, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness.”
I said, “That’s right. Exactly. But He give him the sign of circumcision in commemoration, as a memorial of his faith.” And today, when we say that we believe, we’re–we can believe in a measure, but when God gives us the baptism of the Holy Ghost, He confirms our faith and seals us. Ephesians 4:30, “Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby you’re sealed until the day of your redemption.” The Holy Ghost is the confirmation of your faith in God. God has confirmed it, and recognized it so, and put the seal of approval on you. That’s what we want, isn’t it? That’s what the Church needs. That’s what makes you alive.

E-17 Now, back to Divine healing. I have been wondering… Brother Bosworth, all along has talked to me about it. He said, “Brother Branham, I believe that–that if you’d do something different once in you meetings… You got in the same routine, and–and so,” he said, “if you’d do something different, I believe you get the more of the people.” So if the Lord willing, beginning tomorrow night, I’m going to come down to the platform, the Lord willing, preach awhile, and just see if we can’t pray for a groups of people for the next two or three nights while we got plenty of time, and nobody’s in a hurry. Oh, we got…
How many is borned again in here? Let’s see how–how many is in here born again. Well, we got forever. Is that right? We’re just having a little–just a little pre-jubilee here. We got forever. We ain’t going nowhere. So we going to live forever. You believe that, don’t you? So what’s our big rush? What do we have drive ninety mile an hour for? See? Let’s just take our time. Be better off, don’t you think so? If we just take our time. So let’s just take our time and see what the Lord will do.
Now, here is the… to the… Leading to this spot, and I’ll have to hurry and close, ’cause I just got a few more minutes before praying for the sick.

E-18 I do not believe this… Since you’re small audience tonight, I’m going to make a confession. I do not believe that God ever intended a gift of this type to be used for these type of meetings. Because it’s–it’s–it’s done a great work. And it is a Divine gift. God, Who is my solemn Judge, Who I stand here, knows that I’m truthful to you. I believe God’s proved that to you, just that it’s truthful.
Now, I–I believe that it was borned as–as a prophetic utterance. Oh, many people call it one thing, and another thing, and so forth. I don’t know what it is, just so the Lord loves me, and I love Him, and settles it with me. Don’t have to be anything, call it anything, just so it gets the results for the Lord Jesus and for His people. That’s the main thing. It has caused many others, Brother Roberts for one, Brother Jaggers, most all of them, they come set right where you’re setting. They seen the Lord working; it inspired their faith, and said, “Here we go.” And they went out and done something for the Lord. I hope there’s fifty comes out of this meeting the same way. That’s right. Go out and do something. It’s all for the Kingdom of God, all for His Glory.

E-19 And I remember when Brother Roberts went back in behind the little place… Brother Bosworth, you was there that night in Kansas City, when Brother Roberts come back there, had a little bitty tent meeting over there with a dozen or two people in it. Said, “Brother Branham, do you think God would answer?”
I said, “He will answer any man’s prayer that’ll be sincere.” That’s right. So away he went.
This is here. Now, visions… Now, he… I… This is just… I don’t preach doctrine in these meetings, nothing but Divine healing. If this is contrary to what you believe, you do just like I do when I’m eating cherry pie. When I hit a seed in a cherry pie, I don’t throw the pie away, I just throw the seed away. I keep on eating pie. So you do the same thing. See? What you believe about this, you… That’s all right, and what you don’t… See? Why, you just throw it away, but just keep on eating what you think’s right.

E-20 I believe that before the foundation of the world, according to Ephesians 1, that God knew us, and knew that He was sending me, and the other ministers, and so forth, to preach the Gospel before the world was ever formed. I believe that’s Scriptural teaching. That’s got a lot of Calvinistic wing to it. I believe the Calvinist was all right. They got a–they got a Scripture to stand. So has the Arminian, but they both run out and ride on limbs, broke off, made issues. God just brought the whole thing back, and stuck it in the Book of Ephesians, and straightened it out. That’s right, just exactly.
So, it’s where we’re at. One runs this a way, and one runs this a way, and one runs radical this way, and that way. That’s the way the church always has gone. That’s man. You see? He don’t want to be led by God. But whenever we get to a place that we forget that we are brethren, and we’re all striving for one place, that’s when we’ve left God. And we’ve got to recognize one another, even in our peculiarities.

E-21 I got a brother that’s tall and thin, blond-headed, pug nose, and fair skin; he don’t look like me. We don’t act alike. We–you’d never know we was brothers. But his daddy is my daddy. And if the family accepted him looking the way he did, accepting me looking the way I did, then we accept one another to be brothers. That’s right. So that’s the way we have to do it in this Christian realm. We have to believe, have faith in one another.
When the Christians lose faith in one another, the devil’s got the church right then. That’s right. We got to have faith and confidence in one another, bear with one another.

E-22 Now, in this… When a little bitty baby, I’d see visions. Seen visions all along through my life, all the way down. Not exactly when the Angel come and told me what to do as you’ve heard the story and read it many times, but it was–it was all my life. And it’s always been to me, something that usually, the type of people that I usually get is what went through those healing lines and so forth in other places, and has been the left-overs. The people that’s been in healing lines somewhere, and failed to have appropriate enough faith under the preaching of the Gospel, and they drop back into the meeting again.
Well, what does that… That’s a good thing. Then God has a reinforcement back here to catch that type. See? Now, that’s good.

E-23 Now, for instance, I happened to be… I met a friend awhile ago. I was looking to see where I–if he was here: he is. First time I seen him in years. It was one of my first callings when I went to the ministry of Divine healing. He was in St. Louis. Many of you has heard me talk about… Many times in my meetings that I used to carry a Bible under my arm and walk around when I was first ordained in the Baptist church, and I thought I was a preacher. So I happened to go one day in a tent meeting. And I heard a fellow preaching that would preach till he got plumb out of breath, buckle his knees together, and catch his breath. You could hear him about two squares away, come back up preaching. You’ve heard me say that a lot of times. That man’s in the building tonight. I said from then on, I was kindly kept quiet about being a preacher. I didn’t say much about it. My old, slow ways don’t think of it that fast.
But anyhow, it was just at the time of the Angel of the Lord had just met me up at the place called Green’s Mill up there, Tunnel Mill and had told me about these things. That minister is Reverend Mr. Daugherty from Saint Louis.

E-24 He called me over to his home to his little girl. He’d heard of some things, and he called me to his little girl who was laying with… The doctors didn’t exactly know what was the matter with her. I think they called it something like a… It’s like a… You get palsy, and shake, and–and it’s a Saint Vitus’s Dance. I believe that’s the right way you pronounce that. And doctors had done all they could do for the little thing, and ministers all over the city had prayed and reverently and everything, and they’d anointed the little child with oil. And this, her father was a great believer in Divine healing.
So he called me, and at that time I didn’t have clothes fit to wear over to St. Louis. And my congregation… I didn’t have any money, so they made up eleven dollars and got me a chair car that night, and I left Louisville, Kentucky, on a train to go to St. Louis to meet Brother Daugherty. One of the brothers let me have his overcoat, and one of my other brothers loaned me a suit. And I went over to St. Louis. I never forget when the train pulled in the next morning, Brother Daugherty was standing there. He looked weary. He said, “Brother Branham, have you heard anything from the Lord?”
I said, “No, Brother Daugherty. How is the baby?”
Said, “She’s real bad.”
I went to his home, and there I met his lovely wife, and her face drooped down. She’s just wilted.

E-25 Week after week, this poor little baby laying there, little curly-headed, sweet little girl like that, just as bad as she could be, just a raging… Her lips, where she’d bit her tongue and everything just a moving and carrying on… Nothing could do it any good. She was dying. Poor little thing, little arms looked just–just pitiful, little blond-headed, curly-headed darling, about like my little Rebekah. I looked at the little thing; I thought, “Mercy.” And there was Christians, filled with the Holy Spirit all in the house. Prayer meetings was going everywhere, no results.
All right. We went out and… We had prayer for the baby: no results. Went down to the church, we had prayer to his church. There with his father, I knelt. And I said, “God, if You’ll let that little baby get well, I promise You I’ll move on out into the services.” Always felt that I should.

E-26 I went back up to the house, didn’t see much results. We’d waited for hours. I was setting in the room, and the poor family, and the people trying to help them, and they was just going back and forth. And the poor little baby, just terribly, just carrying… He wouldn’t… Made noise like an animal, just a whining. It–it whined so much till it… and screamed till it didn’t have any voice left, and it was just going like an animal, the little girl was, making a funny noise.
Well, I set there for a little while, and went in to the front room and sit down. I walked out on the street, and walking up and down the street praying. I didn’t want to get too far. I’d never been in St. Louis, so I didn’t want to get off the street, the one street. So I come back; the old father met me out there, the grandfather of the child, said, “Has the Lord said anything?”
I said, “Not yet.”

E-27 So I went on back, set in the house, and when… There’s some ladies in there praying. And when I started, I seen a vision materializing. Now, I didn’t know exactly what it… And someone come in, it left me. I went out, went out and set in the ministers car on the outside. I was setting out there with my head down, praying, and I opened my eyes and I felt Something going around like “Whooo”. It was that Light.
I want Brother Daugherty to be sure to get one of those pictures tonight. He’s never seen one. That’s what healed his daughter.
And so there This was moving around. And I watched, and it broke in front of me, and I seen out over the hood of that car just exactly what took place, and just what was wrong with the child.
I started back in, and Grandfather Daugherty was standing at the door. And, “Brother Daugherty,” I said, “now, you got confidence in me?” Now, he and his wife are setting here present. And I said, “You got confidence in me as God’s servant?”
Said, “Yes, Brother Branham.”

E-28 I said, “I have THUS SAITH THE LORD.” Oh, my. You know, I’ve never what it… that feels, and how many times, Brother Daugherty, that’s been around the world. How little did I know it then though. Then I said, “Now, you do just exactly what I say do, Sister Daugherty.”
She said, “All right.”
I said, “I want everybody out of the house, just the family.” Said, “Go to the kitchen and get a little granite pan. Get some clear water and a little white cloth.” She did. And come back in. I said, “I want Grandfather Daugherty to kneel to one side of me, and–and the father of the child to the other side. Now, as I repeat the model prayer: Our Father Who art in heaven, I want the mother to strike that cloth, wring it out, and will strike… wash it across the face, then its hands, and then its feet just as I finish up. And just as I finished up, the Word of the Lord came. “THUS SAITH THE LORD, the baby will be healed.” And told just what happened, where it–it was to have a bone placed back in its back where it jumped off of the cellar door and knocked the bone out of place. Where you at, Betty? I know you… Would you stand up just as a testimony to the people? There’s the girl tonight. That’s been about seven years ago. Brother Daugherty, is that true? You’re setting here. That–that’s the father and the mother and them setting there, the mother right on the end, and the–the friend.
Now, thank you. God bless you.

E-29 Now, you see, there was something that had to be done. Now, just one more little testimony before leaving. Down in the same part of Kentucky, came a Methodist preacher, and me, I was a Baptist preacher. The man was Brother Johnson. You know him, Brother Beeler, from down in New Albany. And so, he had a Methodist church, and they.. We used to tease one another about… He’d say, “If you go up to Billy’s, he will drown you being a Baptist and so forth,” you know, just like that. But we were good friends.
I think I have time for this little testimony, and then I’ll hurry. Now, I want you to give your undivided attention, quickly.
And he said, “Billy, if you’ll come down and preach for me one night, I’ll not ask you to pray for sick people.”

E-30 When I’m home, I don’t like… If… You’ll never know what a–what a pull that is to your mind. And I want you to watch and play these tapes back, and find out on your case just what It said, and I’ll, by God’s grace, I’ll stand just behind what It says. Now, no matter what it is, and how long it takes…
Here recently, I had a testimony come in, there was two women. They’d been in the meeting, and one of them come, and–and she had a horrible stomach trouble. And she was prayed for, and the Angel of the Lord come and told her what she’d done, everything. She was willing to make it right, and It said, “THUS SAITH THE LORD, go home and eat what you want to, for you’re going to be well.”
She went home, the lady was a neighbor of hers had a big lump on her throat, It told her the same thing. She had some restitutions to make. And spoke in the Name of the Lord that she should be healed.

E-31 Well, the woman with the stomach trouble went home. She said, “Well, I believe that with all my heart.” What is sin, friend? Sin… Smoking cigarettes is not sin. Drinking whiskey is not sin. Committing adultery is not sin. That’s the attributes of sin. “He that believeth not is condemned already.” Unbelief is sin. Is that right? You do those things because you don’t believe.
Jesus said, “He that heareth My words, and believeth on Him that sent Me has Everlasting Life.” See? The thing is–is your faith. And if you believe God, you won’t do those things. See? That’s just the attributes of sin. You smoke cigarettes because you don’t believe God. You drink whiskey because you don’t believe in God. You say you do, but your testimony, your works, speaks too loud for your testimony. That’s right. By their what you shall know them? Their testimony? Their fruits you shall know them (That’s right.), by their fruits. You do those things because you’re an unbeliever.

E-32 All right. Then when this woman, she went home and she started to eat, and it liked to killed her. Oh, she was so sick. She vomit. Days passed, weeks passed. About six weeks passed. Now, I’ve got her testimony. She’s just one of the thousands, but I’m just giving this for an example. She lived in Illinois.
And she come to another meeting and gave the testimony. She said, “One morning…” Oh, she was suffering so bad with that stomach a hurting her, ulcers. And she was standing at the window, and she was washing the dishes, and she said she was so sick. She’d tried to–to drink a–a drink, a few sups of coffee. And it made her so sick. And she said, “After, a real cool feeling went over her.” So she goes back, and she said, “I–I…” She got real hungry. And she just picked up a little piece of toast that one of the children had left, that’d gone to school, she started to eat that toast. She said, “Oh, that buttered toast would make her so sick, but she was so hungry she couldn’t stand it.” So she eats a little bite or two of toast, didn’t… No ill-affect, and she eat the rest of it. So, she had some–they had some oats left over, so she just eating the children’s oats. And that usually would make them really sick, but it didn’t make her sick. So she just poured her a cup of coffee and drank it. So it was all right. So she was just feeling fine. She said, “Well, I don’t understand this.”
So down the street she went to tell her neighbor four or five doors below her. And when she got in to tell her neighbor, she found her neighbor in there screaming at the top of her voice, and the lump had just left her throat.

E-33 So they didn’t know what it was. What it was, on the platform, when the Angel of the Lord had pronounced that, He can’t be to you just at every second. But He had passed through that neighborhood confirming the Word of God, making It right.
Sometimes you pray… I believe Daniel, the Angel couldn’t get to him one time when he was asking, for, I believe, twenty-one days, wasn’t it? twenty-one days ‘fore it could get there. See? Now, if you’d have lost faith, they’d lost out. But you do just exactly what God says do. This is His Word, first; the other is secondarily.

E-34 Now, at this meeting that night, when I started out of the building, had to let me out through the back. And I went down, he said, “I told you,” this reverend said, “I would not ask you to pray for any sick people.” Said, “Brother Branham, I got a little girl here…” Many of you brethren know here, you here from Jeffersonville.
I happened to see Dr. Cobbles setting over there also, from the church from the Church of the Open Door, in Louisville. Just noticed you. And Mrs. Cobbles, well, God bless you. I didn’t notice you there. Did you know they were here, Dr. Bosworth? And Doctor, I believe you’re acquainted with the case that I’m fixing to say. And so, Dr. Cobbles is from Louisville, got one of the biggest churches in the city of Louisville. And so, a very dear, sweet brother, I have to say that too, because he really is, Brother Cobbles. You ministers want to shake his hand and learn of him. He’s a very dear person, he and his wife and family. He was the one who followed around with his little girl one time, who was very, very sick.

E-35 And how I come to get acquainted with Dr. Cobbles, he had such a great prestige, and everything around the city, and with the degrees and everything he had, I–me, my poor old sassafras, it didn’t make much difference around that. So one time, some of his friends come and told me he was had an operation, and his throat was bleeding to death out at a Catholic hospital in Louisville. And they wanted me to go over and pray for him. When I went over there, the man was–had so many missionaries and things standing in the room, and he was up there grasping at his breathe trying to get people saved standing there in the room. Well, I didn’t want to go in before a man of that. I just knelt down behind a coat box and begin to pray for him like that, turned around and went back home. And when I got back over home, they called again and wanted to know. I said, “I prayed for him behind the coat box over there.”
And they said, “Why, come on over.”

E-36 I walked in to Brother Cobbles; he was standing there hemorrhaging to death, dying right there in the–on the bed, no hopes for him to live. I asked our Lord Jesus to heal him, and the blood stopped immediately, and not one hour after, but it was right then, and has been well ever… Is that right, Brother Cobbles? That’s right. And he went right on down there into, down in Jamaica, or somewhere down in the–the countries like that. Been normally and well.
He brought his little girl. I couldn’t tell what was wrong with the little girl. And he’d always catch me at home. He kept following meetings. Bless his heart, he was up in Windsor, Ontario, and everywhere. And one day at Chattanooga, Tennessee, we’d just come in, the anointing was still on me. He wanted to shake my hand, and the little girl walked over and sit down, and there a vision broke forth and showed just exactly what it was, and she was healed right on the spot. Is that right, brother and sister? That’s right. And one of his girls, they… Oh, my. The world’s full of it everywhere. Oh, it’s full of the goodness of God.

E-37 Going down the steps to Brother Johnson’s that night, I thought, the way he told me, he had a–a Sunday school… I’m just wanting to show you why this–what the gift is for. And then, going down, they said the Sunday school teacher, the way he talked to me, that she must be in straight-jacket, she was so mentally gone. And I went down the steps, and there stood a nice looking little lady about thirty years old. She said, “How do you do, Brother Branham?”
I said, “Are you the patient?”
“Yes, sir.”
I said, “What’s the matter?”
She said, “I don’t know.”

E-38 I prayed for her and went on. And then, a few days after that, on the street wife and I met her and she had two women with her, and oh, she was in such a condition. We stepped up in a little place there called “The White House,” I prayed for her again. So, when I went overseas, she kept calling my wife. She said, “Oh, if he ever–if an Angel of the Lord ever visit him,” said, “I can’t get out of this city, away from here.” She was afraid; she was mentally upset. She’d been going to this famous psychiatrist in Louisville for around eight years, twice a week, ten dollars a trip. Why, her poor husband was broke from keeping her. And it didn’t do no good, and just kept on. She’d went to every Divine healing that come through the country. They had them all there. And they poured enough oil on that girl, anointing her to make a gallon, I guess. And they’d stomp devils out, and they kicked, and screamed, and hollered, and everything else, and trying to get…
Now, the devil don’t care how much you kick and scream. He just sit right there. He knows what he’s doing, but he knows how much authority he’s got. He hasn’t go none when real faith is standing there. He’s stripped of everything he’s got. But you have to know that.

E-39 So, they’d been… And she’d been everywhere. And people had been there praying for her from all over the country, and for years. And so, one morning up there in the house, I haven’t got time to go into details, but the Angel of the Lord come into the house. My wife and all of them, they was there, seen It. And she said, “Bill, let me call that little woman, will you?”
And I said, “Why, sure. Call her.” And It… I went out.
The first thing you know, there was a man come in from Louisville that had cancer, from a Baptist church in Louisville. And God healed him while I was in the room, and here he sits right here now. Is that right, brother? Yes, sir. Stand up as a testimony there, from the Baptist church in Louisville.

E-40 I was setting in the room, and I had to hurry out there. My wife said, “Now, get to this little girl, or this little woman.” She had two or three little children. And I walked in where she was, only thing I’d seen her these couple times, just knowed she belonged to Methodist church, Main Street Methodist Church in New Albany. And she was setting there holding her hands like this. I said, “What’s the matter, sis?”
And she said, “Oh, I don’t know, Brother Branham.” She said, “I–I guess I’m just crazy.”
And I said, “I don’t think so. You don’t talk like a crazy person to me.”

E-41 So I had to get her mind stretched different (You see?), till I could get her off of that thought. I said, “Let’s take a little trip, and go back before the world begin, stand off and watch the world come into existence, before God made His first star and so forth,” like that.
In a few moments I felt the Angel of the Lord pulling into this channel. And when It did, I seen a little black car running like that, right across my room. I said, “Was you ever in an accident?”
She said, “No, sir.”

E-42 I see… Now, on a platform, I’d have prayed for her and let her go on. See? But I had her before me. I watched again just a minute. The first thing you know, here it come. I seen the vision break then, come right straight in. It caught me. No way of getting away then. I said, “I see a little car. You’re setting by a blond-headed man. And there’s an automobile coming. You pass, then there’s a big light. It’s a train.” And there went the vision. She let out a scream and jumped out into the floor and fainted. So the vision went on. Here it was. When she got married, just before, her husband went overseas, just a few weeks… She was a young woman. This last war… And when… He went overseas, her being just a girl, she started running around, being lonesome, and she started running around with another man. And she went out in a little car with him one night, and lived untrue to her marriage vow, and on the road home, was almost killed by a train. Told her all about what she had did. And then when she raised her up in the floor, she begin screaming to the top of her voice. Wife come in there and said, “Why, what was the matter?”

E-43 And she said, “Oh, Brother Branham, don’t you tell that to nobody.”
I said, “I thought you told me you was a Christian.”
She said, “I am.” She said, “I’ve confessed that to God years ago.”
I said, “It wasn’t God you sinned against, it was your husband, your marriage vow. You was a married woman.” I said, “You’ll have to go make that right with your husband if you ever get well.”
She said, “I can’t do it. It’d break our home up.” She said, “I’ve got three little children,” and she said, “my husband would leave me.”

E-44 I said, “Now, lady, I’ve done all I can do.” I said, “You know, there isn’t a psychiatrist in the world could pull that out of you. That’s way back in the gable end of your soul, and you’re just… You subconsciously think of it, till you got yourself in that condition.” I said, “That’s the whole thing. Now, there’s the truth. And you know it’s the truth. There’s no other person in the world but you, that man, me, knows this now.”
She said, “That’s right.” But said, “I just couldn’t make it right.”
I said, “Well, now, that’s all I can do.”
Said, “Oh, you’re not going to leave.”
I said, “Yes, ma’am. There’s a man setting in this room, which is this man here.” I said, “He’s very seriously ill, fevered up there this morning,” I said, “I’ve got to go in. There’s some more people coming.”
And she said, “Oh, I can’t.” Said, “What must I do?”
I said, “Go, call your husband and make it right. Get right. Get the thing clean. That’s the only way to do it.”

E-45 And she said, “Well,” she said, “I just can’t do it.” And I… She said, “Oh, I just… I’ll die. I’ll…” just started like that. And I happened to look around, and I seen a something forming by the side of her, and I looked, and there stood a man, black-headed, combed his head over kind of sideways, kind of wavy, a little older that she was.
I said, “Is your husband a black-headed man?”
She said, “Yes, sir.”
Said, “Kinda tall?”
“Yes, sir.”
I said, “Isn’t he a deacon in the church?”
She said, “Yes, sir.”
I said, “He works for a Chevrolet company, doesn’t he?”
“Yes, sir.”
I said, “He has the same thing to confess to you.” No wonder Brother Johnson can’t have a revival.
I said, “Looky here.” I said, “Your husband, when he landed in France, he taken a girl,” and told what he did. And I said, “There’s a woman works in the office, and she was wearing a pink dress, and they was in a green Chevrolet car no more than three days ago. And he’s guilty of the same thing.”
Said, “Not my husband.”
I said, “Well, you all better get things right. You better call him up.”

E-46 So Meda got to talking to her and persuaded her to do it. She went and called her husband, and they got in the car and met on the road. So she got in–in his car, and she said, “Now, I want to tell you…” And she confessed it all to him. And he was looking at her, and said, “Now, didn’t you go out with this woman, the office woman there–the two or three days before that, and you was in this green Chevrolet car, and she was wearing a pink…”
Said, “How did you know it? Where you been?” And so, she told her where been.
He said, “Honey, that is the truth. And I will admit it’s the truth. And if you’ll forgive me, I will forgive you. And we’ll raise our children and start life right.”

E-47 In a few minutes, here they come back up the steps, tears streaming down their cheeks… Ah-ha, Satan lost his hold then. See? Now, there’s where it’s at. See? Now, that settled it. But as long as that sin was under there, no matter how loud you scream, how hard you stomp, how much oil you pour on, how loud you pray, or how easy you pray, or whatever you do, that devil will stay right there. ‘Cause he has a legal right, as long as you got unconfessed sin. That’s right.
And you’ll watch on the platform… You seldom here me say something about, “I cast out this devil.” I have to see first whether it’s the will of God to do that first. I’ll pray for the person, but never call over that demon.

E-48 Do you realize that a–a gift of that type could send your soul to hell. How many believes Moses was a prophet? How many believes he disobeyed God? Certainly. God said, “Go down there and speak to the rock.” Don’t smite it no more; it’s already been smitten once. That was Christ. Is that right? And Moses was a prophet and had power before God. And he went right down there and done contrary what God told him not to do. He smote the rock; it didn’t bring forth its water, and he smote it again, said, “You rebels, must we fetch you water out of this rock,” and he did what was against God’s will, because God had allotted to him to be a prophet, and he had power to bring the water out of the rock whether it was God’s will or not. Is that right? He did it, didn’t he? You know it wasn’t God’s will. God told him not to, but he did it anyhow. But then, God dealt with Moses. Is that right? He wouldn’t let him go over in the promised land.
How about Elijah, that young man that went bald-headed when he was a young man, and little children begin teasing him saying, “Old bald-head, old bald-head.” Why, my. But it made that prophet angry. And he turned around and put a curse on those children. And two she bears killed forty-two little innocent children. Is that right? You know that’s not the nature of the Holy Spirit, kill those poor little children, but it was an angered prophet. Be careful.

E-49 Now, you see what I mean? That’s the reason I go easy, watch what I’m doing. Once God put something on somebody, if God didn’t put it on there, He permitted Satan to do it, to put the curse on the person, because of something He was trying to do, and here I’d come around and take it off of them. See what kind of a condition, what God would do? So that’s the reason that I go easy, watch what I’m doing. When I find the will of God, then I know where I’m setting my foot. But until I know the will of God, I… Now, I’m not condemning people who doesn’t. That’s… God don’t hold them responsible if they don’t know. That’s exactly right. They’re just doing what they can. But that’s the reason I go very easy and watch what I’m doing. You understand, now?
And that’s why I don’t pray for no more that what I do. And if I see something, and I see that God, what He’s done, and confession is made, and everything is clean and clear, then I ask the devil to leave the person. If I don’t see it, then I don’t understand it. And if you’re on a platform, trying to get to another, just as soon as I see just about one thing, something wrong, I just say, “Is that right?”
“Yes, that’s right.”
“Will you accept Christ as you’re Healer?”
“Well, God bless you. Go, and may the Lord make you well.”

E-50 I don’t know what’s going to happen to the patient. I’m just trying to get their faith moved up into a place where they can be healed. You see what I mean?
Now, while standing right here talking, right here now, while I’m standing here talking, I seen a person right here healed while I’m setting right here, standing right here on the platform. Healed right here in the platform just a few minutes ago when I was giving a testimony (That’s right.), a person healed.
The Lord bless you. Tomorrow night, if the Lord willing, when we get over in the other big place, we’re just going to come down there and just try to preach about fifteen or twenty minutes and see if we can’t pray for a whole group of people. Would you like that? If you would, say, “Amen.” [Congregation says, “Amen.”–Ed.] Just–just come up and pray for them, not search the case out, lest I hit something that ought to be searched out. So then, just let Him do the searching.

E-51 And do you understand, now? Will you always understand if somebody’s said, “What makes Brother Branham take his time, and so easy, and” like this? And remember, one vision, seeing one vision will bring more–take more strength out of the human body, then to preach for two hours as hard as you can preach. The… Daniel saw one vision, and was troubled at his head for many days. Is that right?
Now, in here I don’t see the whole picture. It’s just like, as I’ve always said, “Peep…” How many of you little boys ever slipped around over a board fence and looked to the ball game through a knot hole, or something? You know what I mean: or a carnival passing by? See? You stand on your toes and look over, say, “I–I–I–I–I seen an elephant.” See? And then you’re back down again. Then look up again. “I–I–I seen a giraffe go by.” Well, see, you’re just looking. That’s the way these visions are, kind of giving it to you in that manner here. See? When I’m straining, watching, Spirit all around everywhere moving, and I’m trying to see what the vision is, and I see here, break before me a hospital, a woman’s being operated on, and the gall… “Gall bladder trouble, hadn’t you? You been operated on?”
“God bless you. Amen.” See?

E-52 I just… But now, that’s when I’m pushing the gift itself. But then, when I just stand, don’t even have nothing to do with it, God just kinda reaches down and gets me of the back of the collar, and raises me up over the fence, say, “You see where it started back here? See all about them along here? See what it’s going to be over here?” That’s when God does it. See? That’s when He does it at His own will. When I kind of press to it like this, ’cause it’s a Divine gift, and that’s the reason I go easy, because I’m pressing to it myself. Do you understand? If you do, raise up your hands, say, “I understand, Brother Branham. I–I believe you.” All right. Thank you.
God bless you, now. I’m going to pray for all that I can tonight. I’m sorry to keep you this late. My… One of my first meetings in Kentucky, and I–I–I want you to be… I want to do everything that I can for the Lord while I’m here. It’s kinda been noised abroad, maybe next week, we’ll be just across the river over there in Evansville, and, if the Lord willing. Now, let’s bow our heads.

E-53 [–Ed.] Just going to move this back. And I want everybody be just real reverent. Now, I’m… You know how I believe in the old fashion religion. I believe in praising the Lord and shouting the praises of God. But now, when we’re standing like this, I tell you what it does. When you move (You see?), or–or the reason… If there’s a bank of faith around, and you’ll feel demons will pull one from another. You see? If there’s something wrong with a certain person, and it… Like a certain person in the building, there’s something wrong with them, well then, when there’s something wrong with a patient here, that’s sympathetic–sympathizing demon, they’ll pull back and forth one to another. And the same thing will be when you got–when you got faith. If you get a wall of faith around you everywhere… Remember Jesus putting them all out of the building and things like that, and then praying for the sick and the… Remember that? See, it taking those who really believed, and those who were really up with God.

E-54 Now, this man standing here, I suppose we’re strangers to one another, are we? Sir, I don’t know you. And… But we are–we’re perfect, total strangers to one another. All I know that he’s just standing here on the platform. He’s the man. And I–I pray that God will help.
Now, I want to ask: Is there anybody here for your first time? Let’s see, Your first time you’ve ever been in one of my meetings? Well, my, just look at the hands. That–that makes it bad. See, every night it should be gone through and…?… see?
Now, when Jesus was here on earth… I’ll just ask you this: If Jesus Christ was here on earth, as far as healing this man or anybody else, He couldn’t do it. He’s already did it. Is that right? But well, if He was here on earth, He didn’t claim to be a healer, did He? When He passed by cripples, and multitudes of people that were lame, blind, halt, and withered at the pool of Bethesda, He passed right by every one of them.
Do you believe He was… Do you believe Jesus was God, He was Emmanuel, God was in Him? God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself. The Bible said so. And He was the great Jehovah God, anointed One here on earth: God with us. And He passed right down through those crippled, afflicted, a Man full of compassion and love for the people, passed by the lame, halt, blind, withered, and never done a thing to them; walked over to a man laying on a pallet, and healed that man, told him to pick up his bed and go. Walked away and left that whole multitudes lay there. Is that right?
If God willing, in the next few months, I want to walk right down that same ladder, or that same place into the pool. I’m going to be in Palestine, the Lord willing, in the next few months.

E-55 Now, in that lay great multitudes. A multitude, takes two thousand to make a multitude, I’m told. And there’s multitudes. Well, now, you remember the old critics just like they’d be here or somewhere else. “Why didn’t You heal that one? Let Him heal this one, and I’ll–I’ll believe it.” Why, when He come to His own town, many mighty works He could not do. Is that right? Could not do, the Bible said, because of what? [Congregation says, “Unbelief.”–Ed.] Their unbelief. That’s right. So but He knew what they were doing, and what was wrong with them. Is that right?
Now, when Philip come, brought Nathanael, He said He knew where he was at before he come.

E-56 The woman at the well, He talked to her a little bit, and caught her spirit. Then He said; He told her where her trouble was, said, “Go, get your husband.” That was where her trouble was.
She said, “I have no husband.”
Said, “That’s right. You got five.”
“Why,” she said, “I perceive that You’re a prophet.” And she run into the city and said, “Come, see a Man Who told–told me everything I did.” She was just excited. He never told her all she did. He told her one thing she was doing. But if God could reveal that to Him, He could reveal everything. Is that right?
Now, listen right close, now, while you got that now, ’cause I’m waiting on something, and you know that. Now, while He was standing there, watch.
These Jews found this man packing his bed, Saint John 19, and they questioned him. And when they got Jesus, they questioned Jesus. Now, listen at what He said.

E-57 “Verily, verily, I say unto you, that the Son can do nothing in Himself.” Is that right? “But what He sees the Father doing, that doeth the Son, likewise.” Is that right? Then according to Christ’s own Word, and I believe He told the truth. I’d lay my life anywhere that He told the truth. He did not do one thing, until first, God, which was within Him revealed and showed Him by a vision what to do.
Look at the resurrection of Lazarus. He went away from the house three days. Just kept on going. They called for Him; He just kept on going. Then He turned and said, “Lazarus dead. And for your sake, I’m glad I wasn’t there. But I go wake him.” See, the Father had done showed Him just exactly. Lazarus’s going to die, all about it, and taking three days for it to happen. And when He went back into the…
Look when He went to the tomb. He said, “I thank Thee that Thou has already heard Me, but I said it for these who stood by.” See? Then He said, “Lazarus, come forth.” And a man that’d been dead four days stood on his feet and lived again. Amen. That same Jesus is here tonight. That’s right.

E-58 Now, He said, “A little while, and the world (the unbelievers) won’t see Me no more.” Now, there’s some people would set right at this meeting, say, “Oh, that’s mind reading. That’s mental telepathy, that’s…” They could’ve said… They said the same thing about Him. Is that right? They called Him, “Beelzebub.” Do you know who Beelzebub was? The chief of the devils, the greatest fortuneteller and devil there was. Said, “He’s the–the Beelzebub.”
And He said, “If they call the Master of the house Beelzebub, how much more they going to call them of His disciples?” So it’s just a true sign of apostleship (Is that right?), discipleship of Jesus Christ. So may He, the One we’re speaking of…
Think of it, friend. Standing now in this school auditorium, after nineteen hundred years… Jesus Christ, if He raised from the dead, He said, “The world won’t see Me, but you’ll see Me, for I’ll be with you, even in you to the end of the world. And the things that I do shall you do also.” Amen.

E-59 That thrills me so, brethren. Oh, it just makes my heart… To know that I’m standing here before this little handful of people, and when I stood before as many as a hundred thousand at a time, and represent the same Jesus Christ, and not be afraid of what we’re talking about, for He… That Angel that night said, “I’ll be with you. I’ll stand by you.” And He’s here now. And I know what He–He is. And I know where He’s from.
Myself, I’m no good. I’m just a man. But Him, He’s Emmanuel. He’s God. So I know He’s here.
So this man standing here, we being a stranger, my brother, I don’t know nothing about you. I’ve never seen you in my life as far as I know, but God knows both of us.
Now, I’m just going to talk to you just a moment in order to catch your spirit. You see? ‘Cause you’re a man; I’m a man. We’re of different ages; probably born many miles apart, and raised up, never met one another in our life, but God knows both of us. Well, now, if I be His prophet… Now, prophet means His preacher. See? If I be His–His seer, and I’ve told the truth, then God can, if He will, by His revealing power… You couldn’t hide your life if you had to then, could you? God would know everything about you. And He could show me just exactly who you are, where you’re from, what’s your trouble, and how you’re going to be, and what it takes to get well. Is that right? If He does, amen, if He don’t, I’ll offer a word of prayer for you and leave the platform. That’s the only thing I know to do.

E-60 But now, I want you to look, and believe that God has sent me to help you. I thank you. I believe it. I believe you got a good feeling to your spirit. You’re an honest man. And you’re–you’re–you are interested in… There’s… No, first, you have a–a–a–an eczema, a breaking out on you, on your body. Can’t… Won’t nothing will touch it. And then, don’t you have a–a loved one that’s, or wife, or someone that’s got a… It’s arthritis in the spine? Isn’t that right? It’s arthritis in her spine. Do you believe me to be God’s prophet? And you, you have a habit, don’t you? Smoking cigarettes. That’s wrong. Will you give it up? All right. Come here.

E-61 God, be merciful, and bless this man, Lord, who I bless in Thy Name. And may he get healed. May Your Spirit come upon him, and may all the powers of hell leave him. May this habit leave him, and may he be perfectly normal and well, in Jesus Christ’s Name. Amen.
God bless you, sir. Go…?… Yes, it’ll go. Go out just rejoicing, happy. You’ll just notice it’ll just vanish right away from you.
Let’s say, “Thanks be to God.” You believe? [Congregation says, “Amen.”–Ed.] Now, be reverent. Now remember, that eczema is loose in this building now. It come out of him like a shadow. [–Ed.]
Be reverent. Only God alone can make well. I can’t. I’m a man. God bless you. It’s over.

E-62 You setting there, lady, with the blue-looking coat on, looking at me, you’re sick too, aren’t you? Some kind of a bowel condition that you want to be healed of… You believe God will make you altogether well? You believe that with all your heart? All right. You may raise up. Jesus Christ makes you well. God bless you. Amen.
Do you believe with all your heart? Just a moment. Everyone, please reverent. Don’t–don’t move around. There’s something happened then I… Where was it? Wasn’t there somebody healed in the audience just then? Where was it? The woman… Somebody was healed I was talking to, somebody. Where was they at? Was I talking… Wasn’t I talking to somebody in the audience? Oh, excuse me. Stand up. What was your trouble, lady? Ma’am? [Sister says, “Bowel trouble.”–Ed.] Oh.

E-63 Setting right there, look here, right on down that row there, you have bowel trouble too, hanging over. You believe that God will make you well? Colon condition, do you believe He will make you well? You want to accept your healing now? You do? Stand up to your feet then. God bless you. Go ahead home now, you’ll get well. That’s Satan. I seen it move back, and I didn’t know where it hit. See? It was sympathizing with that same spirit. You can go home now and be well. God bless you.
Anybody in the building can be healed if you’ll believe it. All right.
Come here, lady. Excuse me. You believe with all your heart? Do you believe me to be His servant? I don’t know you, never seen you in my life, no way at all for me to know anything about you. And you don’t know me. As perhaps… We’re just strangers that’s met here. Is that right? You’re trouble’s in your stomach. It’s a tumor. Is that right? If that’s right, raise up your hand. Do you believe God will heal you? You believe me to be His seer, His prophet? See, the reason I asked that, the Angel of God said to me, “If you get the people to believe you.” See? That’s the reason I’m question that.
Just a moment. Look here again. You’ve got a loved one that’s been hurt. It’s a husband. He–he–he’s–he’s hurt his left arm, and he’s… A tree fell on it, or a treetop or something. Is that right? If that’s right, raise up your hand. Both of you go home. You’re going to be well. Jesus Christ makes you well. God bless you. Go right on off the platform. God be with you.
Mother, you believe God’s going to let you get over that arthritis? You’re setting there praying about it. Right here. All right. Stand up. It’s finished. God bless you. You can go home, now. God bless you, there.

E-64 Come, sister. You believe with all your heart? Oh, how wonderful. Why don’t you believe, everybody now? See? You believe? You’ve got a broken arm, of course, I see it. You got something wrong with you. You can’t hardly get up. Yes, it’s rheumatism. You been stewing around it; you thought you got polio. But it ain’t polio; it’s rheumatism. And you got a kidney stones too, in the kidneys. And you got something wrong with your liver. You have to continue taking medicine. The liv… The liver won’t function unless… Isn’t that right? It’s a nervous condition that’s paralyzing the liver, won’t let the flow go right. You have to continue to take medicine for that. Aren’t you got–aren’t you acquainted with a Brother Vibbert? I see him talking to you or something. It’s–it’s your pastor. Come here.
Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. May Thy blessings come upon this woman, and may the Holy Spirit of God heal her and make her well. Whatever her troubles is, Lord, Thou knowest all about them. And I pray that You’ll make her completely whole. In Jesus Christ’s Name I ask it. Amen.
God bless you, lady.

E-65 All right. Come. You believe? With all your heart? Believe that Almighty God is here to make you whole? You’re here to ask me a question. The first thing, you’ve got a malignancy, a tumor, a cancerous condition. And you feel that you’re getting better now. Isn’t that right? And you’re thinking about an elderly woman. It’s your mother. And she has arthritis. And there’s something wrong with her eyes. Isn’t that right? Well, go lay your hands on her now. And may God make you both well.
Lord Jesus, I pray that You’ll grant this blessings, in Jesus Christ’s Name. I say that… Lay that upon her. Now she can get you to take it and send it to her.
All right. Come. Lady, you believe with all your heart? God is here to make you well. You believe it? All right. I’m going to ask God to heal you. Now, you know you’re subject to an operation for a tumor now. And you also have arthritis. But He will heal you if you’ll believe it. You…
Lord, I pray now as I lay my hands on this old mother, in Jesus Name. Amen.

E-66 It’s over, sister. You can walk off the platform. She don’t have any more arthritis. You see that. Look, putting her feet like this. Walk like a real young woman, snapping your feet up-and-down like this.
Let’s say, “Thanks be to God.” [Congregation say, “Thanks be to God.”–Ed.]
Do you believe, my brother, as you come? You want to get over that heart trouble? Say, “I accept my healing.” God bless you. Go off the platform and say, “Thank You, Lord Jesus.”
All right. Come, lady. Do you believe as you come? You believe that God will make you well? He can? Do you believe He has? If God will reveal to me what your trouble is, then will you accept it? Can you? See, I can’t heal you. Can’t. But you realize your in a dying condition and know you can’t live much longer the way your standing. That’s why I’m trying to shake your faith, lady.

E-67 Looky here. Are we strangers? We don’t know each other. God knows us both. Is that right? You’ve had a struggle to get here. Isn’t that right? Life has been a very bad thing for you. You’re suffering with a stomach condition. Isn’t that right? Almost right at the edge of death, isn’t that true? But you’ve prayed, and you’ve asked God if you could get to this platform you’d be healed. Do you believe if I laid my hands on you… Is that true? You prayed that by the side of a bed here not long ago. I… Kneeling by the side of a bed. Now, isn’t that the truth? If it is, raise up your hand.
Now, come here. You believe me to be His prophet? Then cursed be this devil that holds this woman. May he leave the woman and come out of her. In the Name of Jesus Christ may he go.
Now, go, eat what you want to, lady. Go on…?…
Let’s say, “Thanks be to God.” [Congregation says, “Thanks be to God.”–Ed.]
All right. Bring the sister. Now, lady, you had stomach trouble too. When, as soon as I said that, it shook you. Is that right? Yours is a peptic stomach trouble. Just go on, eat what you want to. God bless you. Go and be made well.

E-68 Come, lady. You believe in Him? ‘Course you see, your wearing glasses. We know that that’s true. But I see you of a morning, you can hardly get up. You got arthritis across the back. Is that right? Go on down through there just saying, “Thank You, Lord for healing me,” and get well in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Let’s say, “Thanks be to God.” [Congregation says, “Thanks be to God.”–Ed.]
All right. Come, lady. You’re a very deep thinker. You’re sincere in it with all your heart. But it’s caused you to be a nervous person. And you’re very nervous. You’re always taking other people’s things, and thinking about that, crossing bridges ‘fore you get to it, building things that never happen. In that, it’s developed a stomach trouble for you. Isn’t that right? All right. You believe me, now as His prophet? Then if you will go off here tonight and say, “Lord Jesus, I accept Your vicarious suffering for me. I accept Your healing for me at Calvary. I’m going to eat what I want to, and tell the devil I’m free.”… Will you believe that? Then go do it. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ…?… Amen.

E-69 All right. Come, lady. You and I are strangers. I don’t… That’s the way to think it, sister. That’s the way to keep your mind on Him. Got something you’re… It’s a hernia. You believe that God will make you well and heal you with all your heart? You believe it with all your heart, you can have it.
You, sister, you have female trouble. Isn’t that right? It’s an abscess. God bless you. Jesus Christ make you whole. You believe that? Come here. I bless thee, my sister. In Jesus Christ’s Name, may He heal you. Amen. Go, now.
Oh, how wonderful.
All right. Come, lady. Do you believe? Have faith.

E-70 You sitting there, sir, was you just healed? With the glasses on, have you just been healed? Yes, sir. Did you have the–an–an eczema? Well, that lady right behind you, is that… Do you have eczema too, isn’t it? Now, that’s where it was standing. I seen It hanging there. All right. Jesus Christ makes you whole too, lady. The devil tried to beat you out of that, but God blessed you. Amen. I could see the blessing on that man, and I–I couldn’t tell.
Let’s say, “Praise the Lord.” [Congregation says, “Praise the Lord.”–Ed.] My, how wonderful.
Heart trouble’s gone from you, sister. Go off the platform rejoicing, saying, “Thank You, Lord Jesus.”

E-71 Satan, oh, he’s whipped right now. He was whipped at Calvary; he’s whipped right here in the church. He’s exposed. Sure he’s exposed. He’s sneaky, and he’s low down. But he can’t hide from God. God knows right where he is.
Lady, you have a female trouble. You believe God heals you, now? All right. Go and rejoice, and testify about it. In the Name of Jesus Christ I ask it.
Let’s say, “Thanks be to God.” [Congregation says, “Thanks be to God.”–Ed.]
Someone… Did you drop your card, sir? That’s all right. Just hold it. Maybe we can get to it in a few minutes.

E-72 What do you think about this, mister? Do you believe it to be the truth, the little fellow with the striped tie on setting there? Yes. Yes, sir. You want to get over that hernia you have, and want–believe God will make you well? All right. Stand up. God bless you. I caught your attention when you dropped your card, and you was wondering what it was that dropped something… No, it was the next man’s card. Have faith. I seen him standing by you. That was over on your left side. But God’s going to make… Is that right? If it is, raise up your hand if that’s right. That’s right. All right. Feel down there now, you can see it’s gone. Now, you’re well. Jesus Christ has healed you. Praise the Lord. Amen. There it is. See?

E-73 Be reverent. Here’s a deaf man. Bow your heads everywhere. Lord God, Who created heavens and earth, made all things by Jesus Christ, Who’s standing present now to heal the sick and the afflicted, I pray that You’ll heal this man. May this deaf spirit, who’s trying to take his life come out of him to cause him to walk before a moving vehicle and be killed, and send him to a premature grave… Thou evil spirit, called deafness, in the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God, come out from the man.
You hear me, now? [“I do.”] See if you can say it, say, “Amen.” [“Amen.”] Say, “I love the Lord.” [“I love the Lord.”] And you had a prostate trouble. The doctors wants to operate on you. Well, if Jesus Christ, Who give you your hearing, healed you of the prostate trouble. Go, and be made well, in the Name of the Lord Jesus. God bless you, brother.
Amen. How wonderful. Don’t move around, please. Do you believe with all your heart? The Angel of the Lord keeps hanging right here in this district… I… Right in this circle here.

E-74 You have arthritis, setting there, lady, with the little black hat on, gray hair, kinda like that. Isn’t that right? He’s… You’re the one He was trying to get to. I see you limping. I seen you trying to step down off of something; you couldn’t hardly do it. It gets all over you sometimes, makes you real stiff. Jesus Christ makes you well. Do you believe it? You do? Stand up and accept your healing then, in the Name of the Lord Jesus. God bless you.
The lady setting right to her, next–next to her there, He’s standing over her now. You have some sort of a growth, lady. It’s–it’s in the throat. It’s a goiter. Is that right? Jesus Christ makes you well. Do you believe it? Amen. God bless you. That’s the way to do it. There it is. It’s gone from her. Look off of her throat. It’s gone. God has made her well.
Let’s say, “Praise be to God.” [Congregation says, “Praise be to God.”–Ed.]

E-75 There He hangs over a young woman setting right over there. What’d you think of it, lady? Got a swollen spleen, haven’t you? Isn’t that right? Do you believe me to be God’s prophet? You believe that God give me His Word? Stand to your feet and accept your healing, and you’ll get well, in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Amen.
Let’s say, “Thanks be to God.” [Congregation says, “Thanks be to God.”–Ed.] Let’s all stand and give Him praise, everybody. Let’s just thank Him for our healing.
Lord Jesus, Thou lovely One, heal all these sick and needy here tonight, Lord. We give You praise. We know that You’re here. We know that Thy Spirit is near to bless and to heal all that’s needy. Now, may the people, Lord, that’s standing here, excepting me, knowing that my strength is gone, but Lord, You’re here. And now, as Your servant, I take dominion over every…

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  • Shalom Church. What a true witness. The angel of the Lord in this message has bless and supplied my need, he is also there for you Heb.13:8.

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