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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham called I Perceive You Are A Prophet was delivered on Sunday evening, 14th June 1953 at the Roberts Park Amphitheater in Connersville, Indiana, U.S.A.
The tape, number 53-0614E, is 58 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette.

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E-1 Just prayed over those handkerchiefs now, Brother Willis. They're all right now. I just prayed.
Good evening, Christian friends. I am very happy to be here tonight, and to be in the service of the Lord. I want to say first that I…
[–Ed.]… I read these verses out of Saint John the 4th chapter, Jesus conversation with a woman. I don't know whether I might've read that before here. I don't know. I never have any program lined out. I just come in, and whatever I feel like doing, I do it.
And this has been the first meeting that I have ever had in years, where I just call the people up to the platform and pray for them, just at ransom, as they come.

E-2 Last night, we got around two hundred people through the line. Everything that had prayer cards was prayed for last night. And they had groups that didn't even have prayer cards come to the platform and was prayed for. Is that right?
And the Holy Spirit would move right on among the people, stop this one and that one, and tell them what they had done and where their sins was, and what they'd ought to do, and what was the cause of their sickness, and all about it. Isn't that right? And it's just the same as He always was. And that is the truth.
Now, I want to read this conversation, 14th verse.

Whosoever drinks… the water that I shall give him, shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give unto him shall be in him… well of water springing up unto everlasting life.

Whosoever drinks… the water that I shall give him, shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give unto him shall be in him… well of water springing up unto everlasting life.

The woman said unto him… Give me this water, that I thirst not, neither come here to draw.

Jesus said unto her, Go, call thy husband, and come hither.

The woman answered and said, I have no husband. Jesus said unto her, Thou hast said well, I have no husband:

For thou has… five husbands; and… thou… who now… thou now has is not thy husband: And thou saidst right.

The woman said unto him, Sir, I perceive that thou art a prophet.

Shall we bow our heads just a moment. Do you have a special need just now? Raise up your hand; God knows it. God knows it.

E-3 Father, service, it's fixing to turn the page now to history. I pray, God, that You'll bless everything that's been done. May Your great blessings be upon the entire service. Bless all the ministers. God, may their little churches just grow, and may their ministry be so great. Grant it, Father.
May they win many thousands of souls to You. I know that's the desire of their heart. Bless all the members of the different churches whose out and from different parts of the country. And the… I pray that You'll be with them.
Bless this city here, Father. The mayor of the city, I understand that he has a sick one. I pray that You'll bless her and heal her. I pray God, that You'll be with all the officials, with all that's helped us to get this grounds and this place.

E-4 Now, I ask that You'll come tonight in great redeeming love and power. Save the lost. Make believers out of the unbelievers. And heal the sick and the afflicted tonight. And may the Angel of God, Who has guided me since the day I was born, may He come tonight and bless the people in a manifestation of a gift of God. For I ask it in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
Is there anyone here for your first time? Let's see. First time you've ever been in a meeting, raise up your hands. Let's see. Oh, a great host for your first time… There's always the first comers, first timers, we call them.
Now, being that we're going to put the most of the time tonight in the healing service… I'm very tired, been driving back and forth, a hundred and twenty miles down, a hundred and twenty miles back, a hundred and twenty miles down, a hundred and twenty…

E-5 [–Ed.] Remember this, dear Christian friend, and to you people maybe who doesn't understand Divine healing and has some criticism against it, we have plenty you could criticize, certainly. And sometimes when I'm a speaking of criticism, it always makes us feel like that we duly deserve it.
A few nights ago in another meeting, a man wrote me a letter, a very fine letter, yet it was sharp criticism. But I appreciate it. I believe the man done it for my good. He loved me. He was telling me about how the meetings was, and how they were carried on. And… But he said, "Brother Branham, you just don't pray for enough people." And he–he told me why. He said, "I believe if you'd just let the people come on and pray for them, it would be a more success." I give it my first try out in this meeting to see.

E-6 Now, when the Angel of the Lord first came to me… My mother's setting somewhere in the building here tonight. I don't whether she got a seat close or where she's at. She's in here somewhere. She could testify of this.
I was a little boy of about three minutes old when the Angel of the Lord come the first time. My people was not religious. We lived in a little shanty up in mountains of Kentucky. You've got it in the book. And there He came. And down through life it's always been something that has foretold me things that would come to pass.
Now, that wasn't because that I–it was anything that I deserved. It's because God ordained it to be that way. Gifts and callings are without repentance. Is that so? The Bible said so. So God foreordained things to be. And then if a man comes around and says something another, God said a certain thing, well, now, you have a right to hold that in question until God confirms it to be the truth.

E-7 Now, if the man… As we been studying this week, about the ways that God answers… God in the Old Testament answered either by prophecy, by the prophet, by a dream, or by the Urim Thummim. And if the–if the prophet said something and the Urim Thummim did not record that right, the Voice of God flashing those colors on the Urim Thummim, then it was not right.
And if a dreamer dreamed something and they give an interpretation, it went before the Urim Thummim and It did not answer, then that dream was not right. And it wasn't interpreted right.
And any man, or any person that comes with anything that cannot be backed up by this, which is today, God's Urim Thummim, the Word, it's wrong. It's got to be in the Bible, THUS SAITH THE LORD (See?), got to be absolutely in the Scriptures.
Now, people talking of Divine healing… I know that people has said I have a gift of healing. Well, I believe there's just many, many gifts of healing. How many here believe deeply in your heart, without a shadow of doubt, that God's a Healer just the same today as He ever was? Let's see. There's the gift of healing in the church tonight, every one of them.

E-8 For no matter how much I would pray for you, if you yourself didn't have the faith, it wouldn't do any good. That's right. It takes your faith. And no matter how much I preach to you and how well I brought the Gospel to you, if ye yourself… It's your own personal faith in Christ that saves you. Is that right?
I couldn't save you, no matter how bad I'd want to. I've got brothers that's not saved. And I've tried my best and persuaded, and cried, and begged, and tried to stand in the breach for them. But they've got to have their own faith in God.
Many of you Christian people here has brothers, and sisters, and mothers, and fathers, and children, and everything, unsaved. Is that right? Raise your hand. Well, you can't save them. You can't do what Christ has already done. Christ has saved them. Now, the only thing they have to do is accept that salvation, God's free gift.

E-9 Now, you couldn't heal them. No other man could heal them. They have to accept their healing as God's free gift to them. He was wounded for our transgressions, with His stripes we were healed. Then, see, there's nothing at all that you can do towards salvation or Divine healing. It's the individual's faith in Christ.
Now, to bring up this faith in Christ, there's ministers. That's the most important thing of the day, is a good God-sent preacher. I admire them. And their gift is far beyond anything could be done in anything else, is a preacher, a man who knows how to rightly divide the Word of God.
It's the most wonderful gift in the world, is to be a minister. Which is a… Which was a New Testament modern day prophet, a preacher. "Prophesy" means "to foretell, or to tell some personal thing." In other words, if you read the Bible and start tell… Then that's a teacher. See? But a "prophesy" is "to testify or foretell." All right. Now… And the Spirit of Christ is prophecy.

E-10 Now, in this Church that we're living in today, and the times the way they are, a minister can go forth and explain to you about salvation, you accept it, you'd be saved. Now, the only thing that minister could do to save you would be explain it to you.
Now, the only way a man could do to get you healed, is to explain it out of the Bible, so perfectly, that you would see it and believe it and be–accept your healing and be healed. Is that right? That's the only way: through preaching.
Now, the next thing would be… Now, I know this. I believe that everybody that shouts hasn't got salvation. I believe there's many of them shouts that hasn't got salvation. Yet that's one of the attributes of salvation, is shouting.

E-11 I believe that everything speaks with tongues hasn't got the Holy Ghost. But yet, I believe the Holy Ghost can speak with tongues. See? Sure. But then if there be someone speak with tongues, like a gift of speaking in tongues, would speak in tongues, then there'd be one interpret it. Well, then, that one that interpret it would speak something to one of the congregation or tell them something that happened. Three or four judges get before that, and the Church accepts it. Then if that comes to pass, that's the truth. See? That's right.
Now, that gift of prophecy or gift of interpretation and things, is in–ought to be in every local body. Every local church should have… It'd be on one tonight, on another one the next night, another one the next night, another one this time, another one that time. It's in every local body.

E-12 And if you'll excuse it, and please don't think I say wrong here, that's where in the little break-up that come amongst the Pentecostal people recently, called Latter Rain, that's where they got off the line, right there. For a when a gift of prophecy come to a man, they declared him to be a prophet. Now, that's wrong. There's quite a difference between a gift of prophecy and prophet.
A gift of prophecy is in the church. But a prophet is borned a prophet. See? That's the difference. So as any man at… This man might prophesy tonight; he might never prophesy no more. It might be on that woman over there the next night, and this man back here the next night, and that one over there. See?

E-13 But when the gift of prophecy is operating, it cannot be received unless two or three judge it, to see whether it's right or not. But a prophet, singular, p-r-o-p-h-e-t is borned a prophet, comes up a prophet. Everything he says in the Name of the Lord is absolutely truth, if he's prophesying.
Now, you say, "That was for the Old Testament." Oh, no. They had prophets in the New Testament. Agabus and many of them were prophets in the New Testament.
But now, it doesn't come by laying on of hands. If you lay on of hands… I know what you're thinking about, about the presbyters down there. But that's just like some boy who raised up in a church, and they know he is going to be a preacher. They see the gift working on him and things like that. They just lay their hands on him for ordination. That's what…?… what they lay their hands on. Now… of that…
So it just was something… Now, they did a great work. One thing, they made the organization realize that they wasn't the only one on the beach. So it done some good. But nevertheless, God's Spirit, one of these days, will take–cull all that out and take the Church, just as certain as anything. That's right.

E-14 Now, a gift has to first be recognized to be in the Bible. And then if it's in the Bible, and the man claims it, then if God confirms that gift, that it's the truth, then he ought to believe that the man is true. But if God–God doesn't testify of that gift… Hebrews 11:2 said, "God testifies of His gifts."
Well, then, if that gift is testified by God, then God's give the man the gift. If God says so, you have no right to doubt. Well, now, a gift of prophecy, gift of discernment, gift of wisdom, gift of knowledge, and all those things are Divine gifts that sets in the Church.

E-15 And O God, grant today, that when we can all come together, and see all those nine spiritual gifts moving through the Church, operating the whole Church Body. Then we'll have the rapture. Then it will be culled out, and we'll have the rapture. If we can't have faith for Divine healing, how we going to have faith for rapturing faith? The Church has got a ways to go yet. But I believe God will do it.
Now, concerning my little feeble ministry for our Lord, it wasn't my choice. No, sir. You know what I wanted to be in life? A trapper out in the mountains. That's what I had made up my mind, that I was going to be that, regardless. But God changed my mind when I was laying on the Jewish Hospital there, dying. He let me know that I… He'd do what… I'd do what He said do.
So one night when this Angel came and told me to go pray for sick people, it was just as startling. Well, how would I go out there before a modern world and introduce something like that, when people would say I was crazy? I didn't want to do that. But He told me to go. And I started.

E-16 And one of my first cases that I prayed for, where He told me… I told Him I couldn't go. A grammar school education, seventh grade, how could I do it? He said, "As the prophet Moses was given signs for a vindication, so will you." And He told me how Moses healed and how he done, and what these things was. And He told me about this discernment that was give when I was a boy. And that's what the time had come. He said I'd be praying for kings and monarchs and so forth. And that's the truth. I couldn't believe it then, but I know now.
My first case, I remember, if the woman will forgive me for saying it, she's here in the building somewhere tonight, was a nurse, a cancer case, a woman, one of the finest nurses I believe I ever met in my life. She's a twenty-one year graduate. Cancer had eat her up, nothing but just bones.
And her husband met me. And he's a–works at the Churchill Downs there, something about wiring. He's a very fine–an electrician. And a man had been healed by the name of McDowell, with a flash in his eyes. And the doctor told him he had to stay in for about a week or ten days. And that had been about three or four days after the Angel had told me; I explained it to my church.

E-17 And then, I went over to pray for this Mr. McDowell. And the second day, he went to work. The doctor said, "It just can't be so." He examined his eyes, and I believe Mr. Morgan was his boss. So he sent him to the doctor, and the doctor said, "He's okay. Put him to work." He couldn't understand how it was done.
So, Mr. Morgan said to Mr. McDowell, "Would that work on my wife? She's dying with cancer out here in the Baptist Hospital in Louisville."
Said, "I don't know." Said, "The man's just an ordinary man. Go ask him." Said, "He said an Angel appeared to him."
The man come and asked me. I said, "What do you think about it?" And the woman was brought there, and she was prayed for. Nothing but skin and bones, the cancer had absolutely… The doctor that played golf with her husband, that done the surgery, said, "It was just like a mass of tree roots wrapped around her, till her intestines was so tightened up with cancer, until they couldn't even wash her out with an enema."

E-18 They'd give her, I forget how many, deep x-ray treatments and things, and just burnt her up till she was mentally out of her head even. And nothing… The cancer moved right on just the same. So Mr. Morgan asked the doctor. He said, "Oh, it won't do her no good. Let her go on over. Maybe she can look at the river as she goes by. She's always talked of it."
And God healed that woman that night, when I was standing there. The Spirit of God come down, told her what was wrong with her, and said that she'd be well in a time. And the woman's perfectly normal, seven years ago or more.
Mrs. Morgan, where are you at? You're–you're here in the building here somewhere. I wish you'd stand up just for an example, wherever you ever at, Mrs. Morgan. Here she is right down here, waving her hand. There's Mrs. Morgan now: a nurse, that weighing about a hundred and fifty-five pounds, still nursing at Clark County Memorial Hospital, in perfect health. About a twenty-five years experience of nursing, since a child, all the doctors throughout the country calling her…

E-19 Through that, doctors has come to my house and everything, right around and locally. God is a Healer of all diseases.
Here sets a woman, sitting right before me, from my church: dying with cancer. Stand up, lady, just let them see what God can do for a person after He healed them with cancer, who was eat up with a cancer. There's one from the tabernacle.
If we could call the lame, halt, blind… It was through Mrs. Morgan. She went with me to Fort Wayne. Was anybody at the Fort Wayne meeting? Mr… A man was up there, that was prayed for and was something another about… caused me to go over… King George of England called to be prayed for with multiple sclerosis. And then…
Here's a man sitting here, with the letter in his hand from King George of England, who called me come from pray him with multiple sclerosis. And the king was healed: King George of England. All right.
God is still God. Congressman Upshaw, who had been an invalid for sixty-six years, how many remembers him, his healing? Been in a wheelchair for sixty-six years, God instantly made the man whole, walked out perfectly normal and well.
Florence Nightingale, her mother was the founder… Grandmother founded the Red Cross in England. Her statue is all over, was in Durban, South Africa. Flew up there when I went in there to–to London, England, to the Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace.

E-20 And as we went there, this Mrs. Florence Nightingale, weighing less than thirty-five pounds… Five-foot, eight-inches tall, weighed less than thirty-five pounds, nothing but just a bunch of bones, was healed of that cancer on the duodenum of the stomach. And today weighs about a hundred and sixty-five pounds in perfect health, Florence Nightingale.
She spread the news throughout South Africa, which caused a revival that sent a hundred thousand souls to Christ. Truly.
One of the most outstanding things that I can think of, before I close to… now.

E-21 Back in the old red letter days, I was at a little old city I just left recently, Jonesboro, Arkansas. Never forget that meeting. The paper said… The "Arkansas Sun" said there was twenty-eight thousand people there. They were all there if the "Arkansas Sun" said they were there.
It was in the early day about six years ago. They were laying… I was there a few weeks ago, when we had thousands packed in. They was laying under wagons and everything, accepting Christ. I remember that was the first… I'd left home. When I come back, well, I'd lost pretty near all of my hair, and my shoulders was stooped over, and I lost about twenty-five, thirty pounds of weight. I prayed day and night with the people. I said, "I'll stay right here till I pray for every person."

E-22 And I prayed eight days and nights without leaving the platform. Took my meals and laid against the side of the pulpit and sleep. And when I left, there was about ten times as many to be prayed for as there was when I started: no end to it, on and on.
But, brother, God confirmed His Word. And the other day when I was standing there, literally hundreds and hundreds of them raising their voices to God, "I was healed in that meeting, Brother Branham."
A little woman said, "Don't you remember me?"
And I said, "No." Her husband… Her boy, rather, is an exterminator over at–at Texarkana. She come through the line, had her hand up like this; I thought she was weeping. And I stopped. It was early one morning. And I said, "Say, you got a cancer, haven't you, lady?" She moved back the handkerchief, and there was no nose there, it had done eat it off. The cancer had eat her face off, a young woman, about thirty-five years old.

E-23 And I said, "Do you believe?"
She said, "Brother Branham, I've got to believe."
I said, "Well, then sister, just accept it and believe with all your heart. I'll pray with all my heart for you. It's all I can do."
She said, "Ask God. That's all I want you to do. He will do it."
She'd seen this John Rhyn, not the old man with the white hair, when he set on the street begging nickels. God made him well. He'd come through the line a few nights before that. And he walked through the line, and I said, "I see that you're–that you're blind."
He said, "Yes, sir."
I said, "Aren't you a Catholic?"
And he said, "I am."
And I said, "Do you believe that God will heal you?"
He said, "Yes, sir." He said, "I hear some woman over there was screaming, that said a goiter had left her throat."

E-24 I said, "Yes, sir. That's right." He said… And I said, "Do you believe me to be God's servant?" I have to say that, 'cause the Angel told me if you get the people to believe you. See? So not believe me as Him. Believe that He sent me to pray for you. See? Like Peter and John said, "Look on us." And I–I said, "All right."
And I had prayer for him. And I seen a vision before the old man. I said, "Now, you have received your sight. Go and be made whole." He went away. In a few minutes, here he come back, two men leading.
He said, "Preacher, you told me I'd received my sight." I said… "That I'm healed."
I said, "You are."
"Why," he said, "I can't see a thing."
I said, "That don't have nothing to do with your healing. You're already healed."
He said, "Well, if–if I was healed, I could see, couldn't I?"
I said, "Not right now, you might not. But God said you was going to see." I said, "I told you, I seen a vision and you're going to receive your sight."

E-25 He may be setting right here tonight, for all I know. The same man. I said, "God said… I seen a vision. You're going to receive your sight."
He said, "Well, looks like if I was healed that I'd be able to see."
I said, "Not exactly, it might not happen now, it might happen a week from now, a month from now, a year from now. But it's got to come to pass."
And he said, "Well, I don't understand that." And away he went. Few minutes, here he come back again. Said, "I can't see yet."
And I said, "Well, that don't have nothing to do with it."
He said, "Well, you told me I was healed."
I said, "Look, sir, you're fixing to–to lose what you have received." I said, "You told me you believed me."
He said, "I do."
I said, "What are you questioning me about then? If you believe me, believe what I've told you."
"Oh," he said, "I–I understand what you mean." See, he'd just got it. He said, "What must I do, preacher?"
I said, "Just go home and but say, 'Praise the Lord' and go on."
Well now, he–raised in a–in a Catholic church, he'd never been used to anything like that. So, he just gets out and kept hollering, "Praise the Lord."

E-26 And the next night, I was holding a service. He was setting way up in the balcony. He'd holler, "Everybody keep still." He'd raise up and holler, "Praise the Lord for healing me," set back down. I'd preach a little bit. He'd say, "Now, everybody keep still." He'd raise up, "Praise the Lord for healing me." He just kept on. He was doing just what he was told to do.
And listen, if you Protestants would obey the Scriptures, and things, as well a Catholic obeys his commands, we'd have a different Church. Right. You ever get one of them to see the truth, brother, that settles it. That's it. He will do what you tell him.

E-27 I said, "Just keep on saying, 'Thank God, Praise the Lord.'" Well, two or three nights later, he was still doing the same thing. He'd do it every night. He'd disturb the meeting even. When I'd be having a prayer line, he'd stand up and holler, "Praise the Lord for healing me." And everybody'd turn around and look. He'd go on.
And then I'd been gone away from the place for about two or three weeks. And he was standing on the corner, selling papers. He'd holler, "Extra! Praise the Lord for healing me. Extra! Praise the Lord for healing me."
Well, the people thought, "The old man is kind of, a little slipped in the mind." So, they just never paid any attention.

E-28 He asked another little newsboy, if he'd lead him across to the barbershop where some smart-aleck was going to shave him. And so he got one side of his face lathered. He said, "Say, dad, I heard when this fellow, Branham, that divine healer was down here, you was up to the meeting."
Said, "Yep. I was up there." He was shaving him along you know, getting his beard down.
He said, "I heard you went over to the meeting."
He said, "Yep. I went over."
Said, "I heard the Lord healed you."
He said, "Yep. Praise the Lord. He healed me." And his eyes come open. He looked around. He said, "I am healed now."

E-29 And out of that chair he went with a towel around his neck, the barber trying to grab him with a razor in his hand. Down the street he went as hard as he could go. And that man is preaching Divine healing, holding campaigns tonight.
He said, "I know this one thing, that God is true. I was blind and now I see." Ought…
Up at the House of David in Benton Harbor, Michigan, I was setting up there… This Jew that knew him… And he said, "Why, a notable deed has been done to John." He said, "What authority did you do that by?"
I said, "In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God."
He said, "He wasn't the Son of God."
"Why," I said, "He done the work just the same."
And he said, "Oh…"
I said, "Don't you believe He was the Son of God?"
He said, "No." Said, "I believe He was a good Man."
And I said, "Well, He was the Son of God."

E-30 He said, "No doubt a notable deed has been done to John here." He said, "But–but it couldn't have been Jesus Christ." Said, "It could've…" Said, "Because Jesus wasn't the Christ." He said, "You Gentiles can't chop God in three pieces and hand Him to a Jew."
I said, "Some of them might chop Him in three pieces, but I don't." No, sir. I said, "There's one God. And that God Jehovah was manifested in flesh here in His Son, Christ Jesus." I said, "You just got the wrong slant to it."
I begin to quote to him Scripture, Isaiah 9:6, and so forth. Come over and after a while he said… stood there and looked around. He said, "Oh, I believe He was a good Man."
I said, "Will you stay with that?"
He said, "Yes." He said, "Well, I believe He was a Prophet."
I said, "If He was a good Man, He wouldn't lie. If He was a Prophet, He couldn't hardly lie and still be a Prophet. So, you believe He was the Son of God."

E-31 He turned around a little bit, pulled his hat down, tears running down over his red beard. Turned around and said, "God's able of these stones to rise children to Abraham."
Started to walk away, I caught him by the arm. I said, "Just a minute. You believe He was the Christ?"
He said, "Looky here, preacher. You see that sign that says, "Israel," across there?"
I said, "Yes."
He said, "I make a good living there."
I said, "And knowing the truth and yet would sacrifice?"
He said, "If I wasn't there, I'd be out there on the street begging."
I said, "I'd rather be laying on my stomach, drinking branch water, and eating soda crackers, and tell the truth, than to have fried chicken three times a day and stay behind a lie." Right.
He said, "I'll see you some other time," ducked his head and run.

E-32 Now, John's still preaching Divine healing tonight. And in that meeting down there, he'd been healed. And how God was pouring out His blessings. And I remember, my wife come down to see me. And there was about four city blocks up, the people were ready for a revival. They were standing, and my wife said, "You don't mean all those people come to hear you preach."
I said, "No, they come to learn of Jesus."
I don't know where she ever went that night. Four men come took me in. I got into the pulpit. And I happened to look and oh, it was half as deep as this place is here with just ambulances, and chairs, and stretchers laying. I was speaking to them. The little girl here, just coming in… her faith. She was a tubercular. She had two nurses setting by her.

E-33 Someone motioned over there. He had a suit like a chauffeur. And I knew he was a ambulance driver, supposing. And he had about sixteen or eighteen ambulances lined up outside. And I went over there to see what… I asked him what he wanted.
He said, "Preacher," said, "the house doctor isn't here." And said, "I think my patient's died. Would you come to her?" Four men got around us and we went out there. And I got in there. A very typical old Arkansas dad, down on his knees, hat sewed up with twine cord, shirt with a patch up on top of a patch, soles of his shoes out when he was kneeling down, hat rolled up in his hand, screaming to God to let his wife speak to him one more time.
There laid the patient. Now, they claimed she was dead. I couldn't say. I don't know. But I got in and they… And the driver said, "Here's Brother Branham."

E-34 Thousand or two people was pressed against–from between the auditorium and where the stretchers was–or where the ambulance was. And when I got in there, I looked at him; I said, "What's the matter, dad?"
He said, "Are you Brother Branham?"
I said, "Yes." There'd been a man from Kennett, Missouri, had been healed that night–the night before that, rather, with blind… had been blind for… had been drawing a blind pension for ten, twelve years.
And the next day, he went up through the city. He run into the Methodist church with his hat on a cane, his blind cane, praising God, screaming till they had to put him out. He run down at the Catholic church, and they put him out. And he was hanging over the back of the–a man's shoulders with a cane on his… rolling around like that, just a praising God, as they throwed him out of the church.
Well, he about tore the town up, up there, the way he was going on. Been blind for ten years and received his sight, well, sure. I would be too, wouldn't you? Certainly.

E-35 And then the… this lady… somebody… He said, "Brother Branham," said, "I've done all that a man can do." Said, "She's harrowed over them old clods out there. She's made me what I am. We've raised our children." And said, "She's got cancer; it's on the liver." And said, "She was dying." And said, "The blackberries that we picked last summer, we sold them, and a couple of her quilts that she'd quilted," and said, "to get the money to pay the ambulance to come down here and bring her down here." Said, "She's dead." And he was just a screaming and crying.

E-36 I said, "Well dad!" I looked down. Now, the woman, all indications looked like she was dead. But I don't know whether she was or not. I can't say. They'd taken her false teeth out and her lips was drawed in. Her eyes were watery, you know, and set back in the back of her head. She was laying perfectly still with sticky perspiration over her, cold.
So, he said, "And she's gone, Brother Branham." Said, "She wanted to see you so bad. And we couldn't even get her through this crowd." Said, "She's so sick. And she's gone." And she was cry, or he was crying.
I said, "Well, let's just kneel down and have prayer, dad, for consolation." So I took her by the hand. And I said, "Heavenly Father, I pray that You'll help this poor old man, and bless her, Lord. And I pray that You'll make it peaceful for her in a better land."

E-37 And while I was praying, I–I felt her hand grip mine. The Devil said, "That's her muscles, after they dead, twitching." So I just kept on praying, and she gripped again. He said, "That's just the muscles a twitching." So I kept on praying, but I looked at her. And the skin on her forehead, well, it begin to wrinkle. That wasn't muscles twitching. I looked down at her, and she was looking at me.
She said, "Who are you?"
I said, "I'm Brother Branham."
She said, "Are you Brother Branham?"
I said, "Yes." And she raised up and her husband was crying, praying.
He said, "Mother, mother, mother." And he grabbed her around the waist like that. And they begin screaming and shouting. What a time.

E-38 About two years later, I met her over in California. She was following the meetings, testifying everywhere she could. The ambulance driver said, "Preacher? My, they're packed against the side of that of ambulance." Said, "You couldn't get out there." Said, "I sent them men on back in the back of the parking lot, back there." Said, "It's standing full of people, been standing back there for days." pouring down rain, didn't matter to them.
So, he said, "I'm going to act like I'm taking off my coat now, like this. So they can't see. And you go out this side of the ambulance, and go around, and go in the back part, and come in through the back yard." Said, "Them preachers will be around there to pick you up," them ushers, rather.
And I said, "All right."
So looked like a hypocritical trick, but that's all I could do. I couldn't get through that press. So I went out and went along these ambulances and come back.

E-39 The other day I stood back there and just raised up my hands and screamed out to God. I went around through the back, was coming, pushing through the crowd, you know, just hard as I could.
And I'd push, somebody would say, "Quit pushing." I just kept pushing on, you know. Somebody said, "Stop. Set down." I just kept pushing on, you know, trying to get up there where them man was meeting. Directly, I pushed up against a great big guy. He laid his hand on my shoulder, said, "I said quit pushing." I did, for I was afraid he was going to push. So I–I said, "Yes, sir. Excuse me."
Nobody knowed me. I hadn't been out of the building for days. They couldn't get in. So we was just there. They'd bring me some orange juice and things. I just laid right against the altar and prayed for the people as they'd come by, like that.

E-40 So then, he was swindling. It was kind of drizzling rain out there then. He was–he was swindling like this, and he went ahead talking. And I thought, "Well, I hope you've quieten down." Well, I looked at him a little bit. And I looked all around. I thought, "Where's them fellows at? I got to get back in that building. Won't they come?"
Nobody knew me. I was standing there, you know. And after while, I heard somebody hollering, "Daddy, daddy?" I thought, "Where's that?" And there was as many people, practically, standing in them back places there, as there is seated in here tonight, right in that parking lot, right there in the light.
And coming down through the people… Now, down in the South, they have the Jim Crow law: that is colored and white can't mix together. So here come the–a colored girl, about seventeen, eighteen years old. And oh, she was in a… her… this… her eyes was as white with cataract as my shirt is. And she was coming, pressing through that crowd, saying, "Somebody please help me. Daddy."

E-41 And I thought, "Why don't some of those people help that poor girl?" So I thought while he wasn't looking, I'd move along a little. So I got over there. I kept getting right in her way. And watching for these men to come. And she come right up, and I stood like that. And she bumped into me. She–her hands tugged me. She said, "Excuse me, sir. Excuse me." Said, "Daddy?"
I thought… I said, "What you looking for?"
She said, "Sir, I've lost my daddy. I'm blind." She said, "And I can't find him. I don't know what to do." Said, "Nobody will help me. Will you help me, kind sir?"
And I said, "Well, I don't see no more colored people around here." I said, "Where you from?"
She said, "Memphis."

E-42 And I looked and there was a bunch of chartered buses setting there. I knowed one of them was Memphis, and that's how… I said, "What you doing over here?"
She said, "I's listening to the radio this morning." She said, "I heard about all those deaf and dumb people they had up there, that was deaf and dumb last night, speaking on the radio."
And I said, "And you're blind?" See? I said, "What'd you come over here for?"
She said, "I come to see the healah."
I said, "The what?"
She said, "The healah."
And I said, "You don't believe that, do you?"
"Oh, yes, suh."

E-43 Now, that–that looked like a hypocrite too, taking advantage of a blind woman. See? But I wanted to see whether she really believed it. I said, "Do you believe that's the truth?"
She said, "Yes, suh." And I begin to feel little. And she said–she said, "Yes, suh. I believes it."
And I said, "Why, you believe that God would do something like that, as far advanced as medical science is?"
She said, "Suh," said, "when I was a little girl, I got cataracts on my eyes. The doctor told me when they got ripe," I don't know what that means, but, "when it got ripe that they'd take them off." And said, "Now, that they're ripe," said, "they say if they'd take them out, they'd pull the optical nerves out of my eyes." And said, "I–I–I can't see, and the only hope I got is to get in there. And this is the man's last night here, and they tell me I can't even get near the building. I lost my daddy. I don't know what to do."
And I said, "Do you believe if you'd get in there, you'd be healed?"
She said, "Why, I heard of a man on the radio this morning, from up at Kennett, Missouri, had been blind for ten years, and he received his sight." Said, "Well, couldn't I be healed too?"
I said, "Do you believe that?"

E-44 She said, "Sir, I'll tell you what I'll do. If you'll just get me in where that man's at, I'll be able to find my daddy after that." Oh, my.
I felt my heart drop right away from me. I thought poor, old blind thing. I said, "Look lady, do you mean that?"
She said, "Yes."
"Oh," I said, "maybe I'm the one you're supposed to see." And she grabbed me like that.
She said, "Is you the healah?"
I said, "No, ma'am." I said, "I'm Brother Branham. Jesus is the Healer." And she grabbed me.
She said, "Oh, Brother Branham, has mercy on me. Has mercy on me." And I thought of poor old blind Fanny Crosby.

Pass Me Not, O gentle Saviour,

Pass Me Not, O gentle Saviour,

Hear my humble cry;

While on others Thou art calling,

Do not pass me by.

E-45 And I looked, and I thought, "Her only hope, Christ." I said, "Now, I don't want to be recognized in the crowd, lady. You bow your head and we'll have a word of prayer." I said, "First, I want to hold your hand while I'm praying." I couldn't get her hand off of my coat. She wasn't going to let me go.
And I said, "Now, let me have your hand."
She said, "Don't pass me." And I took a hold of her hand, pulled it off, and held her hand. And while I was praying… Now, you can mark this fanaticism if you want to; that would be between you and God. See? I could only tell the truth. Something happened. I knew the woman was healed. I was waiting for the shrinkage of that cataract.

E-46 I said, "Now, you keep your lids closed over your eyes." I said, "Now, you raise your head just about to where you think my voice is coming. And I'll tell you what to do.
She said, "Yes, suh." Said, "Something cold went over me."
I said, "Just raise your head." I said, "Now, open your eyes for THUS SAITH THE HOLY SPIRIT, you've received your sight."
And she opened her eyes. And she said, "Is that lights?"
And I said, "Yes."
She said, "Is them black dots there, is that people?" And it begin coming plainer. "O," she says, "O Lord, I who was once blind can now see." She let out a big scream. And then… they'd been… some people had been standing there watching it. And here they come. My! You talk about…

E-47 And I happened to look. And there was an old man standing there with a cane, an old club in his hand. His leg was twisted sideways. He said, "Brother Branham, I know you." He said, "I been standing in this rain for eight or ten days here." Said, "You wouldn't pass me, would you, Brother Branham?" Said, "I got a bunch of kiddies at home." Said, "They need me." Said, "A wagon run over me and I'm… twisted my leg like this."
I said, "Do you believe?"
"With all my heart."
I said, "Then in the Name of the Lord Jesus, give me your cane."
And God, Who is my sovereign Judge, when the man in an act of faith handed the cane, his leg come straight, and he jumped into the air and screamed to the top of his voice.

E-48 I looked and here come the men, just pressing their way through, getting to me. And about that time, women, men, just pressing every way, and women trying to hold their little babies over to touch me. Or… It's a pathetic thing. I got babies setting here tonight too. If one of them was sick, I'd feel the same way if some help could come from somewhere.
You might say it's crazy and… No, it wasn't. You get in a desperate condition and you'll do something…?… too. Like Jairus was… At that time, I will tell you the truth, my wife setting present over here now… I couldn't afford a suit of clothes to that time.

E-49 My brother, which is here tonight, give me one of his suits. He was a young man. He'd been in a automobile wreck, and he'd tore the pocket off it. And the trousers had been tore in several places. My wife and I went down to the ten cents store and got some of these patches, you iron on with a hot iron. And we ironed them on the clothes. And this coat here was tore down around the pocket, and I took a needle and thread and sewed it up myself. And I'm a long ways from being a seamstress. It was a horrible looking thing.
And I was ashamed of that old coat. And when I'd go to meet preachers, I'd hold my right arm down over this coat like this and reach over with my left hand, shake hands with them. I'd say, "Excuse the left hand; it's closer to my heart." And I–I'd shake hands with them. The thing of it was. I didn't want them to see that old ragged coat.

E-50 But that bunch of what… Arkansas people, who'd stood there and saw the Angel of God moving amongst the people, they were trying to touch that old ragged coat. And as many was touching, was getting healed, not because it was a ragged coat, because they believed that God was in their midst.
Let me say this tonight: I may not have that old ragged coat on, but the same God was there that night, is here tonight to do the same thing. He's the same yesterday, today and forever. The only way you'll ever be able to draw dividends from anything, God's got to have faith in it, to approach it right, to believe it. That's the reason they were getting healed, because they were coming in the right mental attitude, believing that the truth was there, and if they could get near, they'd be healed. And God was confirming His Word with them.

E-51 [–Ed.] All right, bow your head. Here's a deaf spirit on a man. Lord Jesus, Creator of heavens and earth, have mercy upon the man and heal him of this spirit of deafness. Satan tried to get him to be killed or something by a vehicle, but Thou art here to make him well. Come out of him, Satan, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Can you hear me now all right? Do… You hear me now? You hear me now? I'm just barely whispering. You hear me all right? That's fine. That's wonderful. Now, you're healed. Say, aren't you a preacher? I thought you were. Yes, sir. That… You're a preacher. And you're seeking to see me about a meeting. Is that right? And in your neighborhood where you live, they'd been somebody in there that's caused a lot of disgrace upon the cause of Divine healing. Is that right?
If that's right, raise up your hand. All right, go and I'll be seeing you. God bless you.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." All right. Everyone just as reverent as you can be now.

E-52 Now, are we strangers, lady, don't know each other? Know nothing of each other? All right. Do you believe that God is here at the platform to–to help you? You don't believe nothing… the… You've–you accept it to be God, is that right? You're a Christian woman, you should.
You have some sort of a fever, rheumatic fever. Is that right? That's a dangerous killer, sister. It goes to the heart and that takes it. But come here just a moment. I want to ask you something. I want you to look this way at me. Now, don't fear. Have faith. I want you just… wait just a moment see, so I… your spirit can be in the right position to catch the anointing of God. Faith.
See, faith triumphs, knows no defeat; it'll walk right over everything. See? You've got some trouble in your home too. The child, I believe it's a girl. Isn't that right? And that girl's got something wrong. She's about, oh, ten or eleven years old. Is that true? And she's got something wrong with her stomach. When she eats, she can't hold it on her stomach.

E-53 Is that right? It's a nervous regurgitation in her stomach. She's nervous. You're nervous too. That's where it come from. Is that the truth, lady? [The lady says, "She was sick this morning."–Ed.] That's when I seen her vomiting.
Now, do you believe that the same God was with our Lord Jesus Christ, is here with His people tonight, manifesting Himself? Do you firmly believe that with all your heart? Then my sister, I bless thee. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may this condition of yours leave, and may all your troubles at home be straightened up and made right, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
Go now, believing, and you shall receive what you ask for. Let's say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."–Ed.] Have faith in Jesus Christ's Name.
All right. Come, lady. Little fellow… No, it's you. It's not the baby. It's you. And sister, are you aware of what's wrong? You're in a dangerous condition. You have cancer. That cancer, I believe the doctor says, is a blood cancer, seriously. Is that right? You want to receive your healing? You want to raise that baby, don't you, mother? Then look to Jesus Christ.
Almighty God, save this woman's life, and heal her in Jesus Christ's Name, I ask that her faith will mount up, go on up. And may this demon, heartless thing that would take a mother from her baby, come out of her, in Jesus Christ's Name. God bless you. Go have faith now, and get well.

E-54 You want to get over that rupture? Stand up, God healed you then, while you were setting there. Go home. Amen.
Have faith in God. Believe with all your heart.
Just a minute, lady. Was you just prayed for here? Stand up just a minute. No. What was your trouble, rheumatic fever? I seen Him move at the alt… Oh, it's that… setting right there. Rheumatism, isn't it? Right up against the fence there. All right. You believe that God will make you well?
All right, stand up. He healed you of the rheumatism just then. God bless you. Go now, and be… God bless you.

E-55 How do you do? My sister, I see you… That's not natural for your color, is it? Are we strangers to each other? Do you believe me to be His prophet? You do.
That's caused by medicine. You've took some kind of a medicine for nose or something another… You was putting drops in your nose for sinus trouble, is that right? And it's caused this condition to come: poisoning, is that right? God bless you. Come here.
Lord God, heal the woman. I lay hands upon her and bless her for her healing. May it all leave her, the color leave, the poison go out. And may she be normal again in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Get a picture like you are now, and then get a picture after it leaves and send it to me. All right.
Let's say "Thanks be to God." [Congregation says, "Thanks be to God."–Ed.]

E-56 Do you believe with all your heart? You want to be healed? Now, your trouble is nervousness. Isn't that right? All right, accept your healing and go on across the platform, say, "Thank You, Lord Jesus." Amen.
Let's say, "Praise be to God."
You believe, sister? Believe He'd make… Lord Jesus, I pray that You'll heal the woman. May she leave here and be made completely whole in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
God bless you, lady. Run rejoi… You… what you… What you're asking for, it wasn't for you, that's true. You kept… that… You want me to tell you what it is. Is that right? You want me to tell you what your trouble is? All right, I was just going to pray for you and let you go. All right, look this way and believe me with all your heart.

E-57 No. You're here for a sister. And the sister is in the mental institution, is that right? Now, do you believe me to be His prophet? Then don't doubt no more. Go, and have faith.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."–Ed.]
Have back trouble, isn't it, sister? your kidneys? You believe now? Is that truth? That's exactly the truth, is that right? Well, it's exactly the truth, and God has healed you. Go on your road and may… be in…

E-58 Do you believe sir? You want to get over that heart trouble? Then go and be made healed, or well in the Name of the Lord.
Say, "Thanks be to God." [Congregation says, "Thanks be to God."–Ed.] God bless…
I see the Angel of the Lord standing right down there in that second row, about third person in down there's got high blood pressure, right there in that row. That's right. That's true. God heals you, make you well.
You want to get over that asthmatic condition, setting next to her there? If you do, accept your healing. Raise up. That's right. God bless you. You can be healed. Set down.
The lady next to you, also has high blood pressure. Stand up lady, and be healed in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.

E-59 Let's say, "Thanks be to God." [Congregation says, "Thanks be to God."–Ed."]
All right, come lady. You believe with all your heart? You have a rupture. You want to get over it? Say, "Thank You, Lord, for healing me." And go off the platform believing, and you'll be made well.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."–Ed."]
Same thing in that little child. You want to believe for its healing? Believe with all your heart, God will make it well. Believe and you shall have just exactly what you ask for. Amen.
All right. Everybody reverent. Believe Him with all your heart. God will heal you.

E-60 Come, sir. Believe with all your heart? You believe that God is here? Believe I be His prophet, representing Him? You're suffering with nervousness, isn't that right? I'll tell you what's making you nervous: a habit you got, smoking cigarettes. You forsake them? Give them up? Go and get well. Give your heart to Christ and go live for Him. Will you do it?
Lord Jesus, I bless this man in the Name of Jesus Christ. May he go from here tonight and be made well. In Jesus Christ's Name, take every sin away, take habits away from him, and we'll give You the praise. Amen.
God bless you, sir. Now, don't doubt nothing. Go on your road rejoicing and believe Him with all your heart.

E-61 Come, sir. You want to go eat your supper? All right, the ulcer left you then. Go on, eat your supper and be made well.
Do you want–you want that anemia condition to leave you? You want it… think it will leave? Go, believe God and you shall get well and be made well.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."–Ed.]
Thanks be to God. Don't fear. Have faith.
Don't cry, little boy, honey. You was healed just a few minutes ago. So you… Your hernia is going to leave you and you'll be all right. So don't worry. All right.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God." [Congregation says, "Thanks be to God."–Ed.] We love the Lord Jesus. Blessed be His Name. Have faith.

E-62 Come, sir. You believe? You want to get over that stomach trouble? All right, say, "I… Lord, I accept my healing of stomach–from stomach trouble." Go eat then. Be made well.
Believe, setting there, now. Have faith in God. Amen. How we love Him. Are you believing, setting there, sir, right over the top of that child? Something wrong in the spine: vertebraes or something out. Is that right? And you got something wrong with your lungs, is that right? Well, raise up and accept your healing in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Your back's healed, and you're swell, brother. Go, praise God.

E-63 Come, little girl. If Jesus Christ was here, do you believe Him? Do you believe if He was here, He'd lay His hands upon you, and you'd get well? You love Him? Going to serve Him? Got heart trouble haven't you, honey? You want to be made well? Come here.
Lord Jesus, take the innocence of this child here, Father, and I lay my hands upon her, and ask that the demon will leave the child and may she get well, in Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you, honey. Go, thanking the Lord Jesus and be made well. All right.
You want to get over that female trouble, lady? Say, "Thank You Lord for healing me." All right, that's right. Go and praise God. Believe Him. Amen.
Well, all of you ought to be healed at one time. How that God make you absolutely well, healing the sick and the afflicted and… You believe with all your heart?

E-64 I see the Angel of the Lord standing on a person right back in here, been ruptured for about twenty-five years, setting right back on the end of this row, right back here. If you want to accept your healing? All right you can stand up and receive it, if you believe with all your heart. That's right. Stand up. Amen. There you are, that man right there with the little tie on.
You can too, also sir, if you accept yours. You got prostate trouble, also. Go ahead now, you're healed. God's made you well. Amen.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God." [Congregation says, "Thanks be to God."–Ed.]

E-65 Come, lady. You want to get over the heart trouble? Lord Jesus, I pray that You'll heal her, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Go, believing now with all your heart and be made well.
Have faith now.
This elderly gentleman setting right there suffers with a rupture also, with a mustache, is that right, sir? You want to stand and accept your healing? All right, sir. God bless you. May you grant it.
This lady setting right here has a bladder trouble, setting right there, right on this side. Yes, there's something about the waters and so forth. If you believe with all your heart, if you do, you might be healed. God bless you. That's the way.

E-66 All right, come lady. You believe with all your heart? You believe that God's Spirit is here? You have some kind of a coughing. I can't… It's a asthmatic condition. Is that right?
Lord Jesus, I pray that You'll heal her and take this demon power off of her, and may she go and be made well, in Christ' Name. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go, look and live. Amen.
How every one of you ought to believe without a shadow of doubt.
I see a lady setting there praying. She's got cancer. That cancer, the doctor…

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