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I Was Not Disobedient To The Heavenly Vision (49-0718)




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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham called I Was Not Disobedient To The Heavenly Vision was delivered on Monday, 18th July 1949 at the Grace Missionary Church in Zion, Illinois, U.S.A.
The tape, number 49-0718, is not available any more.

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E-1 Thank you, Brother…?… That's the way I love you too. [How many loves Brother Branham, let's see your hands–Ed.] Oh, thank you much, and it's mutual I'm sure between us all.
Shall we bow our heads now while we talk to Him Who we all love, our Lord Jesus.
Our heavenly Father, we're very thankful to Thee this evening, for the love of Thy Son Jesus that's shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. His Presence already has met us here and we're so happy. And we're looking forward to Him tonight, that He will just make us so full of His joy tonight, that we'll lose sight of all of the things that's wrong. Grant tonight, that if there be sinners in the building, that they will not go over the threshold this building, till first giving their hearts to Thee for service.
Bless, Lord, those who are suffering bodily. O God, there's many here that our beloved physicians of this earth have tried so hard, working day and night to try to save their life, but seemingly, that the enemy is determined to take their life. And they're here tonight, Lord, knowing this is their last resource to results–resort to is to Thee. O Father, I'm sure, with Divine faith, You will not disappoint anyone. We pray that everyone will be healed tonight. Father, I pray Thee, that this will be the breaking forth of the revival, that the people here has long days ago sowed the seed.

E-2 And I pray, Father, also, that there'll be a great union, a revival where all Thy people shall come together in heavenly places. And may the things that's been placed years ago by Your holy prophets, may it come to pass here. I pray, Father, that You'll hear the voice of Thy servant. Bless all that's here tonight, all the Christians.
And, Father, we thank Thee for the deacons, for the coworkers, for all that's gathered tonight, may we say when we leave, "Did not our hearts burn within us because the Presence of the Son of God."
We thank You for Your great power that just healed a Ethiopian girl laying there just a few moments ago suffering beyond measure. Passing by, saying, "Just lay your hands here, Brother Branham." And immediately, Lord, You healed her, and now she's rejoicing, once suffering and now free. How we thank Thee.
And now, Lord, I pray that that'll be the experience of many, many others in the building tonight, for we ask it for God's glory in the Name of His holy Son, Jesus. Amen. [–Ed.]


… fame went throughout all Syria: and they brought unto him all sick people that were taken with divers diseases… torments, and those which were possessed with devils, and those which were lunatick, and those which had palsy, and he healed them.

… fame went throughout all Syria: and they brought unto him all sick people that were taken with divers diseases… torments, and those which were possessed with devils, and those which were lunatick, and those which had palsy, and he healed them.

He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. Amen. Now, this second stay here in the city of Zion, has just brought me to know you more and to think more of you; and I apprec… and want to thank you for everything that you have done. You've been so kind, lending your support for the service, and I thank you each and all.

E-4 Now, tomorrow morning, the Lord willing, I have to go to my home, and then begin in Fort Wayne right away. Then down into Jonesboro, Arkansas, then to Shreveport, Louisiana, then to Dallas, and back up across the waters here to Flint, Michigan, and then from Flint, I go to Tacoma, to Bellingham. And then from Bellingham, we go into Canada, and across Canada, and then over the seas to over in Finland and the Scandinavian countries.
And I certainly, with a sincere heart, I say this: that I covet the prayers of you people here. For it was your prayers that turned me from St. Louis to come back. And God hears your prayers. And I wonder if you all will just promise me you'll pray for me, to hold up and be at my best for the service for the Lord Jesus. Will you promise me? [Congregation says, "Amen!"–Ed.]
Thank you. And I shall rely on that, and I will be praying for you. And I trust that the great revival, that you've looked forward to so long will soon come to your city.

E-5 Just recently, this afternoon, one of the brothers that's on the platform now, handed me a letter from a lady, said… A very saintly looking, motherly lady, aged, was standing in the hotel lobby, said, "Give this personally to Brother Branham." She was acquainted, of your–our great renowned brother that's–that's sleeping tonight, no, not sleeping (his body is); his soul's with Jesus: Doctor Alexander Dowie. "And forty years before… When he died, he prophesied," she said.
He said, "It'll be forty years after my death, that this city shall go on the rock, but after that forty years there'll come a revival, that'll be more glorious than it was in the first place." And I have the writings here in–in just in part that I might read there. It's kinda… "Doctor Dowie prophesied that some forty years after his death, that the churches would be restored in more power and glory than they were in–in the former."
"He said that in the meantime the churches, and the church and the town would go to the rock, and the glorious truths would be trampled in the dust and spoke that; but after forty years, he said, that there would come a revival that would make the city more glorious than at ever."

E-6 Now, I believe the revival spirit is in the city now. And dear friends, I'm leaving you, and I don't know when I can get back. I hope to come someday again to you. But I hope that I hear this: I trust to God, that an old fashion revival has come into your city. It's on right now; if you'll just keep it going. I pray that your–your founders here, and your pastors will be one heart and one accord, and set an old fashion revival here that people will come from the east and the west. They come into Zion again for–for the glorious Gospel of Christ.
I believe we are living in the latter time. Now, I…?… do not want any of you go away and say that Brother Branham said that–that Jesus would be here in a certain amount of time. I do not know. But I believe, as far as I know the Scriptures, that something's got to happen soon. The world's in a terrible condition.

E-7 And I was just thinking a few moments ago upon the subject of science. And I, just thinking of how that science, how they are taking the natural man and how he's went into the research from the fall of the natural and what he has done. And how little the spiritual man has progressed in the Kingdom of God.
And I was thinking that the natural man went out at the unseen of his eye and pulled an atom down out of the sky, and split that atom in two that destroys human life. And if the natural man that knows nothing of God and cannot know nothing of God except he be converted, then his soul becomes alive with the supernatural… If he could do that in the natural realm, what ought the man of God to be doing? My, my. Friends the church is so far behind. Let's pray, my God to move His church up. They–the natural man with the natural resource is getting greater results than people are that calls themself Christian. Let's press into the unseen. The blessings are yours; they're for you.

E-8 Now, in these meetings I do not wish to–that anyone would miss–be misinformed. I do not take–try to take the place of a medical doctor. This is not Mayo Clinic. This is the house of prayer. When medical doctors, God put them here; they're doing a good job. But medical doctors does not claim to heal you, friend. They claim to assist nature with operations, and surgeries, and with medical remedies which is an aid to nature. But nature has to do the healing, and nature is God. God is nature.
Now, therefore, we salute the doctor for his–how progressive he is, and how he has broke out into them realms and finding things to aid humanity.
But now the time has come until seemingly many things, the sickness is heaping on every side. And I wish to make this statement also: that these things that I claim of praying for the sick, I do not claim to do one thing myself. I have no power within myself to do anything; I'm just a man, unlearned, uneducated, but I am sure that my testimony is right. That truly a supernatural Being came to me and made these statements, and I have not been disobedient to the heavenly vision.

E-9 I tell you to the best of my knowledge. And anyone that ought to know that a man that's as unequipped and uneducated, I have nothing I could present to the people. No education, I'm not a preacher; I have not even a personality to give to the people. And to see that since it's been spoke of, that it's swayed out into every nation under the heavens. Will be three years, the seventh of May. Therefore, it shows that there's some supernatural power moving with that works. And each night, I believe if the person just did not want to be critical, would see that there is something besides human effort taking place at the platform.
And I leave that entirely to the audience to judge. Now, if you do not understand those things, I–I would not criticize it. If you–if you'd criticize it… I–I'd rather be silent. If I really…?… didn't even believe it but seeing some supernatural moving, I would rather just keep silent and keep my record clear with the Almighty, wouldn't you? And…

E-10 Because, remember, if you're here from different churches, no doubt, you are; some of them don't even believe in Divine Presence…?… never be forgiven. And Christian friends and sinner friend also, lawyers, doctors, whoever you are, I wish to say this also, that there has been much mockery in the name of Divine healing. There's been much mockery in every phase of religion, but there is a real–real power of the Holy Spirit that delivers the human being from the bondage of sin. There's a real power of the Holy Spirit that delivers the sufferer from his suffering. And I do not see how that clergy could say and could preach the Gospel without including Divine healing in the atonement, because "He was wounded for our transgressions; and with His stripes we are healed."

E-11 If you take away one, it is the same Blood from the same Man on the same day. Is that right? It's an act of faith heals you. That's what Jesus Christ your Master, that each knee in here will bow before someday and give an account for every word… Is that right? He'll… He was the One who made that statement, that it is, "If thou canst believe…" It's an act of faith. Act of faith on salvation will change a prostitute, a drunkard to a lady or a gentleman. Isn't that right? To…?… It will change a cancer-eaten person, when a lovely doctor has done all he could do and burnt with radium and x-ray and everything; it'll bring that person to normal health again.
Dear friends, God Who is my Judge, Who I stand before, knows that's just a true statement and hundreds of them…?… that is true. So, if you do not believe it, I would not condemn anything that was trying to help humanity, would you? Now no, it's not a financial affair with me and you all know that. You know my home, or you can check behind us anywhere you wish to go; it is not…

E-12 When I was a minister, a Baptist preacher in my church for twelve years, I never even received one red penny of salary. I never tried to take but one offering in my entire life. That's when I got up against it once and was going… I had… I just couldn't make ends meet. And I told the wife I was going to pass the hat in the church for an offering. When I seen some poor little woman, about four or five rows out from me, reach down, get a little pocketbook, and begin to fool around with pennies and nickels in there… Bless her heart, she'd give me everything she had. I told the audience I was just kidding then; I didn't mean that. See? Because I could not… I would've felt guilty of taking that poor old mother's money. In here of course, there's large sums of money offered to me.
Not long ago in California, some of the Armenian people, who had all sold out of their winery and things, sent me a check–a check that amounted to more than a million dollars. And I wouldn't even put my hands upon it. I sent them back. I'd rather be poor and live in a shack and have favor with God, and the feeling that I had the satisfaction I love Him, than all the wealth the world owns. And when one of those little cross-eyed children, and their eyes are straightened… That poor old mother done crippled up, for her to be healed, that means more than all the money the world has. And it's no charges; it's absolutely free. I have nothing to do with it. I'm just trying to make my body an instrument to help other people.

E-13 I want… That's my–been my attitude all along, and I want to go out of this world with that same attitude, knowing that someday, I shall receive a reward, if I can only be faithful until that time when the rewards are given. I trust to meet everyone of you in a better world someday where there is no sickness, sorrow, or heartache, no disappointments. I trust that when the big wedding supper is set in heaven, I trust that every one of you in this building tonight will be present there with your offsprings with you. I want to be there too; I want… I know I'll have a little girl there and a beloved wife who's passed beyond the veil. And I have two children at home; I want them to be there also.
Last evening… I wonder how many is present, about the lady setting here on… She came by the platform; she had a little old child, that was physically cross-eyed. Sometimes we wonder about a line up there. Have you all remembered in the first of the meetings there is no miracles performed, most of them that is…

E-14 Now, remember, I do not say I'm a miracle worker; I do not, friends. This is just a gift to discern diseases; that's all. Your faith's what works the miracle. Not… See, your faith in what I have said, brings forth the miracle.
This lady brought the little baby by, and she said… The little thing being cross-eyed, I laid my hands upon it, and I just asked God to bless it. And she said, "Brother Branham, just hold the baby just a little while." Here's what it is friends.

E-15 All things that are done in the line of miracles, that I know of, I foresee them before they happen. How many of you, you remember me telling you that? In my hotel room, when I'm in prayer, I send the manager over here, knowing no one, "Go over, and you'll find a woman in a certain position; you'll find a man looking a certain way, and this baby it'll be in a certain… It may be a dozen babies like that, but it's dressed in this way… I'll see that first. It's shown to me first.
And then they line those people to the platform, and I've never seen it fail in my life. That's right. And that's where the A cards and C cards and so forth are given.

E-16 Now, I haven't… Now, to you who say, "Is that Scriptural?" All right, Saint John the 5th chapter: Jesus the Son of God passed by the pool of Bethesda, where great multitudes of people were laying afflicted, halt, lame, blind. You remember the story? And there was one man had an infirmity, not crippled or blind. He had an infirmity for thirty and eight years, and Jesus went by and He healed that man: Saint John 5.
In the 19th verse of the same chapter here He–what He's, when the Jews was in questioning, having questions, He said, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing, that doeth He likewise." Is that right? It's always foreseen. That's Divine gifts, friend, when something is foreseen. People, be in prayer.

E-17 There's only one mistake that I've seen in the entire meetings that I made, that I'm sorry for. That was the lady that set in a wheelchair here the other night. I was definitely sure. I don't know what happened to her; I haven't seen her back since, that there was the time. But two more women was setting by her in wheelchairs. If I'd asked for that one to be set up on the platform, it would've showed a respect of person, and I thought the people…?… When the woman, she was the one that God was speaking to…?… I promised the Lord I would never do that no more.
However, the little lady that passed by with the baby, that I'll continue to tell. I said, "Walk over and sit down." And then, if you will believe it to be the truth, sister, with all your heart, don't doubt at all, just believe that the blessings of God is pronounced upon the baby, and it will get well. For your baby's eye's crossed. I wanted to do that, that the people here in the audience, if you had to pass through a–a line just passing by… You'll be healed there just the same as anywhere. That is true. If your faith is strong enough to throw yourself into the vision, it can be for you. If not, it isn't.

E-18 And the lady walked over there and set down. I was very tired that night, been–stayed so long with you. And after the service… And last night she came back and was setting in the back of the building with the little child, still cross-eyed, but still believing. And while I was in prayer here at the altar, a-praying for the sick, she was playing with the baby and both eyes of the baby came normal. Amen. I wonder if the lady's in the building tonight with the child. [–Ed.]
Our thanks to our sister… Now, she just touched what I told her to be the truth. I believe this, friends. If you pass through tonight, if you come through the line, just go on and believe. If you will believe it, only thing I have is the Word of God. And this One Who talked to me, He said, "If you (that's me) will be sincere and will get the people to believe you, and be sincere when you pray, nothing shall stand before your prayer, not even to cancer." Now, that is true, friends.
And that… If that little baby's eyes could come straight, just passing through and laying hands on the child… The mother confirms, you might talk to her if you wish to; she believed it with all of her heart. She's setting there waiting. If it'd taken six weeks, she'd have still believed it. And the baby's eyes would've been all right. You believe that?

E-19 Sometimes when God shows me something to do, I can do it. And then… As far as diagnosis, that is when the Angel of God is near; that's positive all the time. See? That's the phenomenal such things as miracles. I have to see it first before it happens.
God be with you all. And I hope that someday we meet again. I hope that I can come back to your city and have a great revival. And I thank all the ushers, to the ministers, the newspaper, the mayor of the city.
And I believe the mayor of the city is someone who wanted to come to the platform tonight to see a case diagnosed. Well, that is certainly your privilege to that. I'd be glad to do that. [Brother Branham coughs.–Ed.] (Pardon me.)

E-20 And now, at any time that I can be of a favor to you, you all have my address about sending for anointed handkerchiefs and so forth, do you? If you don't just write William Branham, Jeffersonville, Indiana, Post Office Box 325, or if you can't think of it, just write William Branham. It'll come to me; I'll be glad to help you in any way that I can. So God bless you all now, while we bow our heads for prayer again before we have this line starting here.
Can you hear me in the basement? I forgotten to come down to speak with you tonight. Just in a few moments, I'll take a moment's rest, and I'll be down to see you.

E-21 Our heavenly Father, tonight we pray that this will be a glorious time. May Your Angel of healing, of mercy, the Presence of the Lord Jesus be in the building so gently. And may it be tonight one of the greatest nights of all yet, Lord, here in Zion. God bless the very ground that this city sits on. Bless all of these dear people, Lord. I never quite seen such in any city before. Somehow, Lord, I believe that the prophecy of Your servant who's been gone for forty years will surely come; may there come a revival throughout the entire city, Lord, sweeping across the nation and this city once more. Bless us tonight now, and may Thy servant be anointed with such of Thy Presence that everyone passing by might be healed. For we ask it in the Name of Thy Son Jesus Christ. Amen.

E-22 [–Ed.] Blessing…?… At this time they'll want you to meet my Canadian manager anyhow. This is Reverend Ern Baxter from British Columbia, which will be in the Canadian meetings, seeing that it's to go across Canada and overseas. All right, Brother Baxter. [Brother Baxter speaks and leads in "Only Believe."–Ed.]
I was just going down the steps, and a man met me out there. He said, "Brother Branham," said, "I'll always be grateful to you. My…" said, "I wished I could be with you all the time." I don't want to talk about that. My, that just kills me nearly to leave good friends. Said, "My daughter was healed of epilepsy." His wife, oh, I forget what she was healed with. But oh, I want it to be so much different. Oh, I…?… That's just–that's worth more to me than all the money that's in the world: Epilepsy gone from his daughter…?… Home is different now, isn't it? When Jesus comes… God is our great Healer; He's the One Who does all things well.

E-23 Now, if there's someone here… I have to make this statement each night, friends. If there's someone here that doesn't believe and just a little bit skeptic, just remember now, I will not be responsible for what happens to that individual during the meetings, because these things come from one to the other.
Everyone…?… that, I say that statement: you should leave and not stay in the building. You will have to remain with your head bowed. And you not only do that, you do with the audience. Now, if you're a Christian, I'm sure you'll cooperate.
Now, the people downstairs, I went down there and there's just almost as many there as there is in here, just a lovely audience. And those people down there in that basement, listening in the service… Just tell me that the love of God don't bring people to the Lord. See, they're setting there. They've never seen one thing happen. They're not even in the meeting, but their just keeping just as quiet… A platform, pulpit, just enough down there to have a prayer group. Just a good crowd out amongst the people. They're setting there just as reverent and lovely as they can be. And I'd imagine even when were praying they bow their heads; they're just that type of people.
Down in the basement, you just be in prayer also, and loan your strength, to me with all your hearts now, while we pray.

E-24 Now, they're going to be praying, while we're praying. Here sister…?…
Your trouble's in your back, sir. That true? You got…?… tumor there. How long you been that way?…?… deliver…?… complications cause you to be nervous. Those things true? Now, you're a stranger to me…?… But do you believe now…?… 'Course it's been thirty years you've tried and no doubt that many fine medical doctors and so forth has tried to help you. They just done all they knowed how to do. And everybody likes you, everybody wants to do for you what they can. And…?… but they can't, that's as far as they can go. But now you come to the Lord Jesus to heal you, come confessing your faith in Him and believe that He will heal you. [–Ed.]…?… You watch the audience, and let everybody be just as reverent as you can in prayer.

E-25 Our heavenly Father, we love You so tonight, and–and we believe that Thou art now near to make whole our brother, breaking forth into the power of the enemy that has bound him and make him anew after practically all of his life he's been bound by the power of the enemy. And this has been tested by many doctors, and yet cannot help the man any. And he comes tonight, Father, to try his faith in Thee.
And we are taught in the Scripture that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much, like Elijah. And we realize that we're not righteous; but Thou art righteous. And with all my heart, I ask for mercy for this man. Lord, we thank You for every effort's been put forth for to spare him, but it's failed. We thank You for the men that did it, that tried, but now, Father, let Thy power of healing be known to our brother.
I rebuke this demon power which is unseen to the medical eye. I rebuke it in the Name of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Leave the man, come out from him…?… Now, you…?… All right, you can raise your head, audience. The man is healed. What? Let… He wants to…?… yourself over brother. You're all right now, raise your hands up…?… All right…?…
Now, just everyone bow your head, or, just come woman, she wanted to go…?… Bring your patient.

E-26 Oh, of course…?… 'Course this doesn't… [–Ed.] Anyone can see what's wrong with this woman. She has cancer on her face that's eating her up. Fact is, good part her face is already gone from a cancer. 'Course, sister dear, you realize that life is very short for you if something isn't done, if it isn't dried by God. Where do you live at? Zion? You live here in the city. Do you believe if I'll ask Jesus, that you'll get well? You know you will. All right, that's quiet faith. Now, I want everyone to be reverent and in prayer.
Our Father dear, I realize that our sister here, beloved to Thee, is dying. A hideous cancer is eating off her face, and it's seemingly, that nothing will stop it. You alone, Lord, can do this. And wouldn't it be wonderful, Father, we just would–just appreciate this so much if You would heal the woman tonight. Maybe this is why You turned me back, maybe for this person here, that it might cause a testimony through Zion here. You Who healed the blind, and made them see, in the city here, been blind for many years. You Who taken the little twisted children and brought them to a normal condition. Thou art here tonight to heal our sister [–Ed.]… Do you believe? [–Ed.] Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Do you believe now with all your heart?
It might seem just a little too much for you to believe, friend, but since prayer, you who knew the woman, the cancer seems to be drying on her face. It's already…?… God bless you. Let me hear from you. Now, you can raise your heads if you desire now…?… Look at her face. Look this way, sister. That dark… Let's just say, "Thank the Lord for her."
How many knows the lady? All right. Watch her just for a few days. God be with you, sister…?… She's testifying the glory of God.

E-27 All right. Now, every one be reverent. Come forward. The patient, don't have anything in your right hand for about two or three minutes 'fore you're prayed for through here. Here… No, though here. Take your handkerchief out. Hold your hand. Everyone just–just be reverent now in prayer; let's see your hand just a second. If you have… Let me take your hand. Yes, stomach trouble. Isn't that right? You have female trouble also, standing and so forth. You have a gall bladder disorder also. Yes, ma'am. Of course, you've been in the meetings and have seen the vibrations and so forth, know what I'm speaking. All right, you believe with all your heart? But now, you know that… See, you're a stranger to me, and there's some way I have of knowing that. Do you confess and believe that it is the Lord Jesus Christ, the gift that He sent to poor suffering humanity? All right.

E-28 Now, that… Can you see those places on my hand. That's what we call vibration. Now, that's the name that I give it. It just feels like my hand getting numb. See how it looks? I'll take my hand off of yours; I'll put my own hand on. Doesn't look like that now. I'll put Mr. Baxter's hand on it; still doesn't look that way. Now, put your hand right back here again. There they are. See those little white things running over my hand? That's how I knew what was wrong with you. Now, if you will believe with all your heart… All right, you know that. Please bow your head everywhere.
Father, Who brought again the Lord Jesus to Life, though all the world seems to be so modernistic, and the–they're going, Lord, to knowledge instead of just a simple faith in God. We realize that in the garden of Eden when they tasted the tree of knowledge, they broke off relationship with the Tree of Life. And since then man has went after knowledge and destroys himself every time he bites from the tree: gun powder, automobiles, and now an atomic bomb. Knowledge, knowledge… Truly the prophet Daniel said, "They'll run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase." But back tonight to a…?… of two thousand years past, to faith in the Lord Jesus, ministered by a gift of healing by an Angel.
Thou demon that's bound this woman's body, I adjure thee by the Son of God, that you leave the woman. Come out of her.

E-29 'Course, sister, you're watching and it never changed a bit. It's still there. Now, I am not the healer. The Lord is the Healer, but this…?… [–Ed.] and the Scripture says in three witnesses…?… Father, be merciful to our sister. And the power of the enemy that has bound her life, come to take her life… Thou art here to help her.
Thou demon, I adjure thee by the Son of God, Jesus Christ, to leave the woman.
Now, there… Now, you're looking, and see for yourself. Is the hand in the same position, but it's changing; those little white things running over my hand, have stopped, haven't they? Speak out sister. [The sister says, "Yes, they do…"–Ed.] My hand has gone back to a normal looking hand, is that true? Ma'am? ["Yes they're gone."–Ed] All right. Something has happened, hasn't it? Now, audience you may raise up your head.
Something happened to the lady. Now, there's three witnesses for you. What do you think is going–happening? You think you'll–you're healed? Ma'am? ["Going to go back a well woman."–Ed.] Go back a well woman. Where are you from? Tennessee, Cleveland, Tennessee? Well, God bless you, sister; you can go on your road rejoicing then. All right.

E-30 Bow your head every one now. Be in prayer, all of you. Bring your–your patient…?… Look here, friend. Just a minute…?… Oh, this little boy is afflicted. That's because he had polio…?… Is that what makes him walk like that?…?… Spastic. All right. Now, do you believe that the Lord Jesus Christ can make this little boy to walk normally? You do? Oh, he… All right. I want you to believe with all your heart now. Now, the little boy is–doesn't speak, or hear, or walk right. He doesn't walk right. He swings his little body kind of in a, oh, weaving condition.
Now, I do not know how long it will take to pray for the little boy, but I want everyone to just be as reverent as you can. And if anyone should raise their head… This is not psychology now. Don't get that. If it is, Jesus Christ used it too. He put the people out of the place, out of the house. If that is the Bible truth, say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."–Ed.] Yes, He did. So did the apostle Peter. Now, I'm trusting that you will keep your head bowed until you hear my voice say, "Raise your head."
Heavenly Father, in love and mercy I come to Thee for a deaf, dumb, crippled little boy. What a pity, this mother, her darling baby… "Doctors," she said, "tried so hard." Human efforts seem to fail to rid the little boy of the cause. Give him hearing, and speach, and right control of his little body, that he staggered between the people that led him here tonight. But Thou art here to heal him, Father. And I pray that You grant this blessing tonight for the little boy. Hear the prayer of Your servant, Lord.
Thou, demon, that has bound this little boy, making him deaf, dumb, and crippled, I adjure thee by the Son of God, leave the child. Come out from him.
Friends, you'll have to keep your head bowed. As I raised my head, at least two dozen cold waves of vibration struck across me…?…
[–Ed.]…?… Thy glorious hand before the people, if they can only have in You faith and obey You. I pray Thee, heal this little boy. Give Thy servant power of faith to make this evil spirit that's closed the ears to speech, and his little crippled body…?…
Thou, demon, come out of the boy in the Name of Jesus Christ.
[Brother Branham claps his hands and snaps his fingers–Ed.]
Hear me? Keep your head bowed everywhere. Pressure of spirit in that little…?…
Say, "Mama." Say, "Mama," [The little boy says, "Say, Mama."–Ed.]
Be reverent…?… "Daddy." [He says, "Daddy."–Ed.]
He hears me perfectly speaking behind him perfectly.
Jesus, Jesus. [He says, "Jesus."–Ed.]
"Amen." [He says, "Amen."–Ed.]
Keep your head bowed now. He's hearing and speaking to me. Now, just a moment 'fore we…?…
Little boy, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, has healed you. Now, you come walking to me. Just let your little arms drop and come walking to me. Want you to stoop over like this real low, get down. Now, raise back up. Hold your hands steady. Keep walking.
Put your head down; you're sure to throw it back on the child. Keep your head bowed…?… Now…?… Look up this way…?…
Amen. ["Amen."–Ed.]
"Mama." ["Mama."–Ed.]
"Hear me?" ["Hear me?"–Ed.]
Now, walk again, in the name of the Lord Jesus. Straighten your little shoulders up straight like a little man. That's right. Now, praise the Lord. Keep your head bowed everywhere–everywhere.
There he comes straight. Keep your head bowed…?… Now you can look up over… Amen. Straighten his little shoulders up, real straight like a little man.

E-31 God is a Healer, isn't He? No matter how badly you're crippled or…?… God can heal you. Keep your head bowed…?…
This is a case of mental deficiency. All right, everyone bow your head now.
Mother, do you believe that the Lord Jesus can give your little girl back to you normal again? Back to a normal child?
Now, this when… Everyone must keep your head bowed. This is demon power that struck the child, come on it suddenly. Six years ago it come upon the little thing suddenly. It's afflicted her; she can't balance herself…?… Very pretty little girl that…?… How old is she, mother? About two years old…?… Now, she won't hardly know. You'll have to kinda pack her, and teach her to walk over…?… It's taken from that possibility of feeling like… We trust that it'll leave her in a few moments.
Everyone be reverent.
Father, that made heavens and earth, send Thy blessings upon the little girl. Satan has did this evil to her…?… but Thou art here to make her well.
Thou demon, we adjure thee by Jesus the Son of God, to leave the child. Come out of her Satan. Thou demon, come out from the child; in the Name of Jesus Christ I adjure thee, leave the girl…?…
Come here. Every head bowed everywhere…?…
What's her name? What's her name? Nancy? Nancy, how are you? The girl is healed.. She's just all smiles now. She knows that she's healed…?… You love Jesus? Love Jesus, Nancy? All raise up so you can see.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord" for the little…?… Lord bless you…?… We're thankful. She's going to be all right now. Mental deficiency… Just as sure as anything, the child's healed; the mind of the child will be all right. Look at her noticing things.
Nancy? Nancy? Do you hear me? Praise the Lord. Mother, just write a little old testimony if you will. God bless you, sister. Just tremendous faith.

E-32 Bring the next patient. All right. Bring the little girl. How do you do?
Now, everyone bow your head. The little girl, cross-eyed and has lumps on her feet.
Heavenly Father, You Who made heavens and earth, bless this little girl who I bless in Thy Name, standing tonight, waiting for Your glory to be made known to her. Oh, how we love You, Lord Jesus. And we pray that You will heal, that You will heal this time. Thou art here… [–Ed.]
Everyone be reverent. This is the first night of the meeting, I haven't discerned one person that was an unbelieving, but there is one in our midst tonight. That's right. And it makes it awfully hard on me. I would… Sir, you–you'd be better off to help the meeting…?… to be together. You're hindering. Makes it awfully hard. One unbelieving spirit… You got to be in unity. It's making it very hard…?… [A brother says, "Everyone now stand by in prayer. Will you cooperate with the brother as he ministers to this child?"–Ed.] That's right. Amen.
Heavenly Father, be merciful to our little sister. And grant, Lord, the healing of her eyes and her little feet. Thou art here to make her every whit whole. Now, I pray that You'll grant it, Lord.
Thou demon, I adjure thee by the Son of God, leave the girl, come out from her.
Keep your eyes closed, honey, till I say. Now, open your eyes slow…?…
Almighty God, the Author of Life, Giver of every good gift, send Thy blessings upon the little girl.
Thou demon, I come to meet thee in this duel of faith. I adjure thee, through Jesus Christ, the Son of God, leave this child. Come out of her.
Keep your heads bowed just a moment, please. Something's happening. Now, keep your little head down. Now, raise it this way. Now, look this way. Come here…?… Oh…?… to the child…
You may raise your head. The little girl is healed: both feet and eyes. Now, look this way, honey. The audience can see. Look right straight at that…?… Look over there. Look up this way, right straight ahead…?…
There's her little feet that they said had bumps on them. They're–they're just as perfect as they can be. Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everyone. [–Ed.]

E-33 …?… Ask you before if it's your–it's your eyes. All right. Do you believe that God will do this for you, brother? I seen you had a little…?… Sorry, rather, causing you…?… hurt your back. Prostate also. It makes you nervous; isn't that true? How long have you been that way, brother? You was born that way. All right, you bow your head…?… You was born cross-eyed also.
Almighty God, the Author of Life, send Thy blessings upon the man and heal him tonight. I pray Thee, Lord, show mercy to the man, and may faith now rise into the building, into the people that they might believe on Thee with all their hearts.
Thou demon, I adjure thee, by Jesus the Son of God, that you leave this man…?…
Keep heads bow down; everyone reverent…?… Yes… Where you live at, sir? Washington. Your eyes are bad, you know. Yes. Yes, sir: they're forming like…?… Just have faith now. We shall ask the Lord Jesus once more. Very fine man, tears dropping off his cheeks, standing there, he realizes the great Presence of the Almighty.
Almighty God, Who is hovering on this–this platform tonight, we pray that You'll be merciful to this man. Grant the desire of his heart tonight, that those crossed eyes might come into their normal place again. Since birth he's been this way, Father. Thou can straighten his eyes even now. I pray that You grant this blessing, and may the man be healed of these infirmities also, for I rebuke the power of the enemy that's holding him, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Every eye closed. Now, the vibration from his back trouble, the prostate gland was swollen, and that's stopped. Now, for the eyes, of course, that's not a germ disease or infection. Every eye closed now. Don't doubt.
Keep your eyes closed yourself until you… Look right at me…?… How long ago?…?… Doesn't matter, glass or not… You won't even need it. As your glasses? Your eyes are straight. You may go home now, rejoicing and praising God.
Raise your head, audience. There's the man. Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody…?… Everybody… Praise the Lord, everybody.
Everybody bow your head everywhere. Keep your head bowed…?… Hay fever is not a disease, that's the reason I said keep believing, throat bigger than the skin in their nose…?… have a physical vibration…?… But I could pick up a vibration on the child's hand…?…

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