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I Was Not Disobedient Unto The Heavenly Vision

Forward – All scripture is given by inspiration; therefore 1st Corinthians 12:27 to 31 is inspired of God and it is my honest belief that God is setting His Church in order for the last days and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit have been given to the Gentiles to call out a people for His name. I wrote a small book entitled, “Jesus Christ, The Same Yesterday, Today and Forever.” In that book I explained how our Lord Jesus called me when I was a child and told me I was to work for Him when I grew up. He gave me the Gift of Healing to help call His people to Him. If you can’t find that book write me. For over three years He performed mighty miracles. Then one day He called me to take the Gift and to evangelize for Him. Many of my dear friends begged me not to leave them and I stayed. Because of this, the Gift was taken from me for more than five years. Though I cried and prayed earnestly for the people, it just did not seem to work.
[su_pullquote]This is an account of the fulfillment of a vision given Rev. William Branham by our Lord Jesus Christ.[/su_pullquote]Then one year ago, while I was standing in my yard the Spirit came to me again; I was told that God had forgiven me and that a double portion of the Power to heal would be given me. In this book are some of the things He did on my first trip for Him. Do you see, dear ones, if healing would have been of myself people would have been healed during the five years when the Gift was gone. I suffered for many other things during that five years, so my beloved friends, please pray for me while I “earnestly contend for the faith once delivered to the saints.”–Jude 3.

I am sincerely yours in Christ’s service.
Rev. William Branham.

Dear Reader:

This book of testimonies is for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is for that purpose only that I write it.
It was in the month of March, 1945, one morning about 3:00 A.M. that our Lord Jesus Christ gave me a vision. This He has done many times and I most humbly praise Him for it.

At the beginning of this vision, seemingly, I was walking northeast on a road when the Spirit turned me and pointed me toward the west. I was facing a great mountain. It seemed to be the mountain of the Lord! It had a towering, high church steeple on the top of it. I was then asked to go west toward the mountain.
I entered the mountain through a door and on the inside I was met by a woman who had on a garment that might have been snow white at one time. Now the garment was very soiled. She asked me if I was Bro. Billy Branham and I replied, “I am.” She then introduced herself as Mrs. Methodist.
I asked her why the spots on that lovely white garment. She replied, “I have been so busy.” I then said to her, “That’s right; you Methodists have so many organizations and societies in your church, you haven’t had much time for the Lord.” Then she said, “I was told that you were being sent to me. Maybe I should awaken my husband!” Then she disappeared.

Looking to my left, I saw a small heap of smooth-baked bread. There were white fowls standing near it, but they would not eat much of it. Then the Lord said to me, “Do you know them?” I No.”
Then He said, “That is your Tabernacle and they won’t eat the bread of life anymore. I am sending you this way.” Then I journeyed on westward.

I was then brought to a plain where a platform was erected. Seemingly, it was under a large tent or auditorium. There were curtains drawn in back of the platform. The Lord then told me to pull back the curtains and when I did I saw a great mountain of the bread of life. He then said, “Feed these,” and turning around I saw white-robed people coming from everywhere, making up a large audience.

The following night, after the vision was over, I explained it to my church just as the Lord had given it to me.

Now all this may seem strange to you, dear reader, but have you not read in the scriptures how He said that in he last days your young men shall see visions? Acts 2:17.

About three weeks from the time of the vision, I received a telegram from a minister in St. Louis, Mo., by the name of Rev. Robert Daugherty. He asked me to come at once because his little daughter, Betty, was dying. They had sought medical aid for her and the doctors had done all that they knew how to help her. But the child continued to grow worse and was now near death.

The following afternoon the Rev. Daugherty’s father came to my house and told me that his son had called him by phone at Arnold, Ky., and asked him to bring me to St. Louis at once. That was on Sunday afternoon. That night after my church services at the Tabernacle, I met with Rev. Daugherty’s father at the Seventh Street Railroad Station in Louisville, Ky. At 11:30 P.M. we caught the train to St. Louis, Mo.

We arrived in St. Louis at 10:00 A.M. the next morning. We had prearranged to meet the Rev. Daugherty and he was waiting for us. We were then taken to his home where the little sick girl lay. Here I witnessed one of the most heart-breaking scenes.

A small girl about the age of seven was lying there. She had curly blonde hair and was a heart full of love to any parents. She was mere skin and bones and acted like an animal, clawing, scratching and screaming. They could not calm her at all. The mother and father said this had been going on for about three months. They said the doctors could not diagnose the case, but, dear reader, it was God’s way of getting the message of healing to the dear people of St. Louis, as you will read later.

I had known the Daugherty family previous to this time but did not recognize the little girl due to her condition.

We had prayer for the little girl but with no results. Rev. Daugherty said there had been many outstanding ministers and Christians of the city there to pray for her. Bro. Daugherty, his father and I then left for church to continue our prayer. After praying again, I told Bro. Daugherty I was going out alone to pray. (Many times God has to get us alone to talk to us.) It was at this time that our dear Lord Jesus showed me what to do for the child’s healing. I went quickly to Bro. Daugherty and his wife and told them to believe me for I had “Thus saith the Spirit.” I will never forget how they looked at me and at one another.

They seemed to want to cry or shout. Then they turned and said to me, “Bro. Branham, if we didn’t believe that God heard your prayers and that God has given you the gift of Divine Healing, we would not have sent for you to come on this long trip.” And may I say here that the Daugherty family is one of the most humble and God-loving families that I have ever met.

Then I asked Sister Daugherty to get a pan of clear water and a small white cloth, which she did. Then I asked Bro. Daugherty to kneel at my right and his father to my left, at the foot of the sick child’s bed. That was the way it had been shown to me. I then asked Sister Daugherty to wet the cloth and to wipe it across the child’s face, hands and feet. The Brothers and I were to be in prayer. After this had been carried out, the vision for her was complete.

Then I asked our dear Lord to heel the child and He did. Immediately she stopped crying and pulling her little hand through her hair. Then I returned home.
About three months later, one afternoon while sitting on my front porch, a car stopped in front of my house and a sweet, little curly-haired, plump girl jumped out of the car. She ran up the walk and threw her little arms around my neck. Yes, it was little Betty Daugherty! Friends, that is the kind of things that mean more to me than the riches of this world.

Bro. Daugherty and I had a long talk and he told me the people wanted me to come to St. Louis for a healing revival. I agreed to go and the following Sunday I announced it to my congregation, I told them that I believed this was where the bread of life was to be fed, according to the vision.

Many wanted to go with me, but as gas was rationed, we took only one car. Two Sisters from the church, my wife and nine-year-old son, Billy, Jr., and I went. The Sisters took notes of some of the things that happened during the revival. They are put in this book only for God’s glory and that the people might believe in His Son, Jesus

Son, Jesus Christ .
By Rev. Wm. “Billy” Branham

If this book should fall into the hands of a skeptic or a modem critic, please read St. Matthew 12:31-32, before you read further.

This is an account of the fulfillment of a vision given Rev. William Branham by our Lord Jesus Christ.

We left Jeffersonville in a car, on the beautiful morning of June 14, 1945, and drove to New Albany for Sister Gertrude Gibbs, then started for St. Louis, Mo.
During the journey we sang gospel songs and stopped several times along the way. In Illinois, the beautiful fields of wind-blown wheat were an inspiration to stop and enjoy God’s beauty.

We arrived in St. Louis about 4:00 P.M. where we had prearranged to meet Rev. Daugherty at the end of the large McArthur bridge which spans the Mississippi River. Rev. Daugherty had left his car parked on the street, posted with bills of the coming revival. Bro. Bill stopped his car right behind his own picture, and Bro. Daugherty waved to us from across the street.

At Bro. Daugherty’s home we were greeted by his family. Little Betty (his daughter), had previously been healed by the power of God, through the prayers of Bro. Bill, when she was beyond the aid of man or medicine.

That evening we had prayer and attended services in the large tent. Bro. Bill explained to the congregation the gift of Divine healing, given him by God. They appeared very interested and attentive. Eighteen people were prayed for and healed of various diseases, which proved to many, God’s power to heal, relieve pain, and restore health to those having faith in Him.

One outstanding case was that of an old lady about seventy years of age, who was led to the front of the tent near the altar. She had a bandage around her head and on her nose was a rough spot, raised to the size of a small egg. She was very intent while watching, and occasionally a smile would cross her face as Bro. Bill brought the word to her and the rest of the congregation.

Another case was that of an old man about the same age who had been a cripple for years. He had to depend upon a cane for support. He was anointed in the name of Jesus Christ and arose clapping his hands and walking unaided on God’s promises. Bro. Bill hung the old man’s cane upon the cross bars above the platform.

Next came the little old lady with the bandage about her head. She was anointed and prayed for. Another man who was blind regained his sight and the deaf heard. Many other people were healed that night. Services were closed by Bro. Bill, thanking God for His wonderful aid.
We engaged rooms at the hotel where we all knelt in prayer, thanking God for His loving kindness.

Friday, June 15

Bro. Daugherty came to the hotel, and he and Bro. Bill left to make a sick call in the psychopathic ward of the St. Louis city hospital. Here an insane woman was restored to normal and obtained her release.

They then went to Granite City, Ill., where they found a woman weighing about 88 pounds, suffering with cancer. God touched her body after being anointed and prayed for. She was then asked to dress and go home…

They were called to a house where a lady was healed of arthritis and several others were touched by God’s power.

The next home visited was a case of asthma. The next was the home of a lady who had been paralyzed on the right side since last August. She was able to be in a chair. Bro. Bill prayed for her and anointed her, commanding her to “Rise in the name of Jesus Christ.” She obeyed and immediately raised her right arm above her head and stood alone, walking across the room, clapping her hands. Her voice returned and she spoke Bro. Daugherty’s name.

On their return trip home in the rain, they passed the tent and near it was the old man who had been healed the night before. In his hands was a large sign reading “Jesus Never Fails.” He admitted that he had been told to leave but he thought his experience with Jesus was worth advertising to others.
We had prayer and left to attend the meeting at the tent, which we found crowded. Many stood outside in the rain and others in cars parked nearby. “The Old Rugged Cross” was being played by the band as we approached. Bro. Daugherty asked for volunteers to “fast” for the Sunday services and about fifteen volunteered. Bro. Bill talked on “Divine Healing,” and “Only Believe” was being played, about forty people came to be prayed for. A lady with defective sight read from the Bible; an old man, crippled for years, was able to walk, and other things took place which I cannot now remember.

“The book just became something important to us and worth our effort to preserve these facts so that others might be led to believe and be healed by faith in Jesus Christ.”

The service was closed by a prayer, thanking the Lord for His kindness to us and for healing the afflicted.

We returned to the hotel and had prayer.

Saturday, June 16
Saturday was a dark and rainy day. Bro. Bill and Bro. Daugherty made some sick calls about the city. That evening we had prayer and attended services in the tent. The seats were mostly filled early in the evening and we were asked to be seated in the choir or on the platform. They sang, “We’ll Be Caught Up to Meet Him in the Air,” “Where the Soul of Men Shall Never Die,” and “Victory Ahead.” Sister Dunlap sang, “What Has He Done for You?”
Bro. Bill was introduced by Bro. Daugherty and took the subject on “Divine Healing.” Over fifty came to be prayed for.

One outstanding case was that of a 93-year-old man who had a peg leg and was totally deaf. He had had his right eye removed and had a long, white beard. He had also injured his hip in a fall and had to be carried to his bed for months. He was anointed and prayed for and he praised the Lord for opening his ears so that he could even hear a whisper, and for healing his body.

Another case was that of a young man who had been deaf for a long time. He had faith and he knew that if he could only get to the tent, God would restore his hearing. When Bro. Bill came to him he told him that he could hear, and how that God had rewarded his faith.
We returned to the hotel around 1:00 A.M.; then we had prayer as usual.

Sunday, June 17
It was dark, cold and raining. We had prayer and went to Sunday School and Church. The rain was dripping on the congregation through holes in the tent and the seats were wet. People covered them with old newspapers and brought old quilts and coats to cover the benches.

We sang, “The Glory-Land Way.” “The Lily of the Valley,” etc. Bro. Bill spoke on “Faith Comes by Hearing,” and the Holy Spirit came down and blessed! During the service, a woman suffering with arthritis and unable to come into the tent, waited patiently in a car until the healing services were announced. She was brought in and Bro. Bill anointed her with oil, calling on the name of Jesus. The Holy Spirit came upon her and she arose, praising the Lord. Every nerve of her body loosened.

Bro. Bill closed the morning services with a prayer and we left the tent, going to Bro. Daugherty’s home for dinner. Sister Dunlap was there also. After dinner Bro. Bill and Bro. Daugherty left to make a sick call at the home of a man suffering with TB The Lord touched his body.
We returned to the hotel, had prayer and then went to the tent. We found it very damp and cold. Water stood about the altar and the seats were still wet and cold. Soon people filled the seats and many stood outside and on cars parked nearby. They sang, “When I See the Blood,” and “When We All Get to Heaven.” Bro. Daugherty announced that more seats would be provided the following night, and then introduced Bro. Bill. His text was, “When Jesus Came Along.” He talked about thirty minutes and made the call for the sick and afflicted, that had faith in Jesus, to come forward to be prayed for.

Daugherty announced that more seats would be provided the following night, and then introduced Bro. Bill. His text was, “When Jesus Came Along.” He talked about thirty minutes and made the call for the sick and afflicted, that had faith in Jesus, to come forward to be prayed for.

The band played, “The Great Physician Now is Near,” and about seventy people responded. Among these were several outstanding cases of healing. A lady with a badly twisted knee, arose and walked, praising the Lord. A girl, 17 years of age who was born dumb, spoke! A small boy, having a rupture, was instantly healed. Cases of arthritis and crossed eyes were healed. One outstanding case of the evening was that of a colored minister, 65 years of age, who was totally blind in both eyes. He had faith and came to recover his sight. He could not even see the reflection of a flashlight. After being anointed and prayed for, Bro. Bill stood holding his hand before his face. He called out, “Rev., I see your hand.” Bro. Bill told him to follow his hand, which he did for about 15 yards, then stopped. Looking up, he said, “Praise the Lord, I can count the lights in the place and can see the cross-arms they are hanging to.” The people glorified God for His great matchless power in these last days, to restore sight to the totally blind. Many knew this colored minister to be blind for approximately twenty years.

Bro. Bill dismissed the services by thanking God for the answer to prayer.
While the people were gradually leaving, a cry came from the opening of the tent. A woman had fainted and needed help as she was in a serious condition. Bro. Bill ran out and found a woman on the street in front of a tavern, suffering apparently from a heart attack. A woman held out a glass of soda for her, but Bro. Bill anointed her with oil and called on the name of Jesus. She arose and confessed that she had refused to yield herself to the Holy Spirit. She had been struck down before she could catch the street car home. This proves that God will not always strive with people and be near when we need Him, if we do not obey when He calls.

Bro. Bill took the woman home to her family and we returned to the hotel and had prayer.

Monday, June 18
It was a beautiful sunny morning, and Bro. Daugherty came to the hotel to take us on a tour of the city. First, we visited Bro. Ben Pemberton, pastor of “The Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ.” It is a large white building covering about half a city block and seating approximately one thousand people. Inside, overhead, was a massive painting of our Lord Jesus, looking down upon all who entered. On the side walls also were paintings of Bible characters and verses. In another room was a very impressive picture of Jesus on the mountain, the devil departing, and an angel approaching from the opposite side of a big tree to administer to Him.

Bro. Ben came in and showed us over the building, demonstrating the large, electric cooling system. He said they have all-night prayer meeting once a week, and six to eight services a week.

We next visited the Turner Hall, which had been mentioned as a place to hold the revival if the tent became too crowded. It was located upstairs and was one large room with chairs pushed back on each side, leaving the center empty. There was an elevated stage and in the background hung a large brown curtain. Bro. Bill said the curtain should have an opening in the center, which we found. Back of the curtain were several windows, and the tent, which was a few miles away, was where the bread of life was being fed to the hungry people. Bro. Bill stood on the stage and said, “Someday, sometime, I will preach from this spot and a little old lady, with white hair, will move her chair up here before me.”

Returning to the hotel, we found some ministers of the city waiting for Bro. Bill. He came into the room where we were and told us they had come to ask him to continue the meetings for a longer period of time than had already been planned. We realized the seriousness of his position and we kneeled down in prayer to ask for Divine guidance as to whether he should continue and that he would obey and completely surrender himself to the will of God. He went to his room to pray and read the Bible. Sister Media (Mrs. Branham), opened the Bible to Isaiah, chapter 42, which reads, “Behold my servant, whom I uphold; mine elect in whom my soul delighteth,” speaking of blinded eyes being opened, etc. Bro. Bill returned to the ministers and told them, “If the Lord is willing, I will stay.”

We had prayer and went to the tent finding it crowded. Songs and praises were sung. “God Holds the Future in His Hands” was a special by one of Bro. Daugherty’s congregation. “The Old Rugged Cross” and “Power in the Blood,” were sung. Bro. Daugherty announced that more chairs would be had the following night if they could possibly locate them. After services, Bro. Bill called for the sick and afflicted. About seventy persons responded.
One case was a small boy born deaf and dumb, who received his hearing and speech. He proved this to the people by talking through the loud speaker, the best he could.

A man who had had a paralytic stroke had been unable to move his arms for over twenty years. He was anointed and prayed for. His arms came straight and he moved them above his head.

A man had lost the use of his legs from the hips down. Bro. Bill anointed him and asked him to arise in the name of Jesus Christ. He immediately received strength and walked through the tent unaided. Other afflictions were also cured.
The services ended late that night and we returned to the hotel and had prayer, thanking God for His goodness, power and love.

Tuesday, June 19
Bro. Daugherty and family took us to the zoo, where we marveled at the many different species of animals that Noah took into the Ark so that they might be preserved to again inhabit the earth and serve mankind.

We came back from the zoo and went to the hotel to rest awhile before going to dinner at the home of Bro. and Sister Wallace, who are members of Bro. Daugherty’s church. That night we attended church at the old tent, which was more crowded than ever.

Bro. Bill talked of “The Good Samaritan,” and approximately forty came to be anointed and prayed for. An old man, partially deaf, asked to be prayed for. He raised his hands and praised God. A deaf man was prayed for and his hearing restored. A boy, five years of age, who was a mute, spoke his name over the loud-speaker after being touched by God’s healing power. A young blind man received his sight.

An old lady around sixty years of age, who was deaf, could hear clearly. Many crowded around the tent and marveled at the wonders being performed before them. Police were seen in the crowd. There were so many crowded about the altar that each healing could not be determined.
After services, Bro. Bill was called from the tent to the deathbed of a woman who had once known God and had gone back into the world. She was dying of tuberculosis and was almost in a semi-conscious condition. Bro. Bill anointed her with oil and called upon Jesus to help her. She was able to call on God for help and He touched her body. We returned to the hotel and had prayer.

Wednesday, June 20
We went to services in the tent. As we approached, the orchestra was playing “The Old Rugged Cross.” The crowd was gathering and it was the largest we had had. The tent was crowded and people were standing out in the streets. Bro. Daugherty introduced Bro. Bill. He took his text from St. Matthew 25:14, but talked for a very short time.

A storm was coming and over the loud-speakers, the people were asked to stand in the aisles or wherever they could find shelter. Many were turned away.
Bro. Bill called for the healing service and the band played “Only Believe.” About eighty people responded, but due to the crowd, we were unable to get the exact number.

All manner of illness and afflictions were brought up. There was very little space left for these. Bro. Bill asked our dear Lord to heal their bodies. Here are a few things that took place: Crossed eyes became straight; a man having had a paralyzed arm for 29 years, after being prayed for, lifted it above his head; a man completely deaf in one ear and partially deaf in the other, after being prayed for, could hear a whisper in either ear; a crippled woman who was brought to the platform, after being prayed for, arose and walked the platform unaided; a man having been paralyzed for sixteen years arose and walked. A baby having a high fever was apparently normal before leaving the tent.
One outstanding case was that of the little old lady spoken of the first night. She had been anointed for a cancer of the face and head which she had had for eight years. The growth dropped off her head into the bandage, leaving a hole in her head, during the meeting. Many other things were done by our Lord during the service.

All glorified God for His power and many began to testify of things coming to pass after being anointed at the tent. One man spoke over the loud-speaker of how his little son, having been ruptured since one year old, had removed his truss and played all day, running up and down steps. His rupture had been healed.
An old lady, who had been prayed for, showed her hands and how they had been perfectly healed. She had been crippled and deformed for two years after an operation. Many others testified of their healings.

We returned to the hotel and had prayer.

Thursday, June 21
This evening we had dinner with Bro. and Sister Dunlap. During the evening, Bro. Bill and Bro. Daugherty were called to the Missouri Baptist Hospital to pray for a baby suffering with pneumonia. God met and the baby was touched.

As we approached the tent we could hear “The Old Rugged Cross” being played and sung. The tent was filled before eight o’clock, and several stood outside. Many beautiful sacred songs were sung and also we had special singing.

Bro. Bill’s text was St. Mark, chapter 5, “The Man From the Tomb.” This was his first sermon and altar call. Eighteen came up and shook hands with Bro. Bill asking for prayer. After awhile the eighteen came to be prayed for.

Bro. Bill sang “The Old Time Religion,” and asked for the sick to come forward, while we sang, “Only Believe.” A large crowd came forward to be anointed. A woman suffering with mastoid and sinus trouble praised the Lord for healing.

An old woman having pain in her back and head was relieved of pain. A fourteen year old girl, having appendicitis pains was healed; also one deaf and dumb could speak and hear instantly. A woman with defective eyes was anointed and sent to read the Bible. A man suffering with rheumatism in the back of neck and legs walked and praised the Lord for healing. An old man with blind eyes was anointed. Sister Dunlap, having a skin disorder, was anointed and touched. A woman having a stiff neck and a totally dumb man praised the Lord. A deaf and dumb boy spoke and could hear perfectly. A man totally blind in his right eye had his sight restored. A man having TB of the bone in the right leg walked and stomped his once diseased foot, without pain.

A baby that was born an invalid was anointed. Bro. Bill asked all to pray that the child would become sound and well. A girl having been anointed the past Sunday, for very sore hands, praised the Lord that her hands were healed. A boy about fifteen years of age, who was born deaf, was anointed and could hear instantly. His little brother about nine years of age, also deaf from birth, was healed and able to hear Bro. Bill call the name of Jesus.

A woman, holding a baby, told Bro. Bill that the child had never opened its eyes. Bro. Bill prayed and they were opened in Jesus’ name. An old woman, wearing very heavy lens over her eyes, was prayed for. She had a cataract on the right eye and was totally blind. Sight was restored! A young girl, very pale and thin, unable to stretch out her arms, came to be prayed for. She had been operated on several times and was suffering from cancer. She reminded me of myself when I made God a promise to serve Him if He would let me live. A boy, totally deaf, was anointed and hearing was restored. He was brought to Bro. Bill by a little girl, Evangeline Getty, aged eleven. She testified over the speaker that she wanted Bobby to hear and had faith that God would grant it, so she brought him to the tent. She stated that the boy’s parents were sinners and did not believe. God answered her prayer and Bobby heard.

A woman, formerly prayed for, showed her hand and her fingers were being restored to normal. Over seventy persons were anointed and prayed for. Bro. Bill closed the services thanking God for His healing power. Before the tent was empty, little Betty Daugherty, demonstrated to the people that she was sound and well.

Friday, June 22
Bro. Bill and Bro. Daugherty made some sick calls this afternoon. They went to the home of a woman who had injured her foot. The metatarsus bone of the left foot had been broken and extended out just under the skin. Doctors were unable to help her. After being prayed for, she was weeping in the presence of the Lord. Bro. Bill told her that in fifteen minutes something would take place, then he left. They made other calls where the power of God was demonstrated. On their return home, a brother and sister who had attended the tent meeting, stopped them and told them that the lady they had just prayed for was a personal friend of theirs. She had called them on the phone, praising God for her healing. In fifteen minutes, according to the word given her, her foot began to feel cool and the bone was in its normal position and the swelling had left. She was coming to the tent that night to testify!

The daughter of these people who had stopped Bro. Bill on the way home was very happy. She had an enlarged stomach which had caused her pain for years. Her stomach had reduced from four to six inches since the previous night when she had been prayed for.

We attended the meeting about 8:00 P.M. and found a large crowd there. Bro. Bill took his text from Rev., chapter 4, “The Seven Last Church Ages.” His subject was, “Earnestly contending for the faith once delivered to the saints.” Bro. Stoney was asked to sing, “Dripping With Blood.” The Spirit was present in his songs and we really enjoyed them.

During these services every one was very quiet and listened intently to every word spoken. A few “Amens” were heard when Bro. Bill spoke of the, “Wood-shed” and “The painted-faced Jezebel’s” of today, or of the signs of the times that were brought before them. The altar call was made for sinners and eighteen responded. We missed Sister Gertrude as she had been asked to play the piano and she was having a grand time in the Lord, playing and singing. Everyone was in one accord and the music was beautiful. A child of about six years of age cried aloud above the music, begging for the Holy Ghost.

The call for the sick and afflicted was made and the aisles were crowded with people from other states as well as those from Missouri. People who had attended the tent meetings, saw and believed, then sent for members of their families who were ill, to come to Bro. Bill, for God answered his prayers.

All manner of illness was present: A man suffering from sinus trouble; a woman suffering with gall-stones; a boy with a glandular disease; a boy having defective vision; a little girl having crossed eyes (her little sister had been touched by the power of Jesus a few nights before); an old woman, having high blood pressure and stomach trouble; a woman having a large growth in her body; a little boy with a rupture; a man having astigmatism of the eyes; a woman having crippled arms. After being anointed, she raised her hands above her head and praised God for her healing. A young woman with her four children were anointed. A huge woman, weighing over 300 pounds, was anointed and prayed for. She was suffering from uremic poison which caused pain in her heart. A man suffering with arthritis arose and walked in Jesus’ name. He appeared to suffer no pain. A young man, suffering with a throat condition, was unable to speak. He was anointed and able to say, “Jesus.”

A very impressive case was that of a small child about three years old. He was colorless and limp as he was held on his mother’s knee. He was unable to walk or sit alone. Special prayer was said for him, that God would heal the child. An old woman, wearing an earphone, removed it and praised the Lord for her hearing. A young girl, suffering from infantile paralysis, was brought directly from the hospital to the tent. She was helped in and removed the steel braces from her body. She was anointed and prayed for. She stood with arms above her head, then walked, crying and praising the name of Jesus, so thankful to walk again. Others anointed were suffering from arthritis, a tumor, nervous disorders, rheumatism, and such diseases not seen. And the Lord healed them all. It was wonderful to witness such miracles.

Little Mike, a child who had been anointed and healed, presented Bro. Bill with his picture. A woman brought her little boy up to show that the ruptured condition was now normal. A handkerchief was brought to be anointed by Bro. Bill, to be sent to a woman suffering with cancer. They testified of their healing until after 1:00 P.M. About 95 people were anointed and prayed for. We left the tent, tired but gloriously happy!

Saturday, June 23
Bro. Bill made some sick calls. One was to the home of a woman having a blood issue, and she was healed. That evening we had prayer and went to visit Bro. Daugherty for our last time while in Missouri. We planned to leave tonight after services or early in the morning. They were not home so we drove to the tent and found them. The band played “The Old Rugged Cross,” and Bro. Daugherty and Bro. Bill left to make a sick call. The band played several numbers in their absence and everyone sang. Sister Dunlap came forward and led in prayer.
Bro. Bill and Bro. Daugherty returned and announced this night as question night. All persons having questions on the Bible were to write them out, and Bro. Bill, with the help of God, would try to answer them. Bro. Daugherty then asked for a “Love Offering” for Bro. Bill, who was to leave the following day. Bro. Bill then started on the questions, which were a little difficult to answer, but it pleased everyone. He then took his text from St. John 14:18. He prayed for divine guidance that he would do what the Lord had planned for him to do.
Reports came in that sick people were on their way from other states to be prayed for. God answered prayer and Bro. Bill announced that he would stay awhile longer, as there was still work for him to do. Little Billy (Bro. Branham’s son), began to cry because he knew he would have to leave for home without his father, but we were glad that Bro. Bill obeyed the voice of God.
The sick call was made and it seemed that the entire congregation began to move forward. But only 104 were anointed, because it was getting late. In the absence of the piano player, Sister Gibbs was called to play “Only Believe.” Bro. Bill asked all to bow their heads and pray while he anointed and asked Jesus to heal their bodies. He also asked Jesus to walk with him as he left the platform.

In the group that came forward was a little child who was totally deaf. His hearing was restored. A woman came who had no feeling in her left foot; a woman having severe pain in her back; a man having obstruction of the esophagus so that he couldn’t accommodate food passage; a woman blind since she was nine years old; a man, crippled walked without support. A woman, being able to walk without braces, praised the Lord! A minister, who could not raise his arms, was prayed for. He then raised his arms in the air and praised God. He was so thankful that he threw his arms around Bro. Bill and wept. A deaf woman heard! A young man, who was deaf, was restored to hearing without prayer. He had faith that the Lord would help him. A man, who had been there since noon that day, was prayed for and he gave God the praise for his healing. A child, suffering with a brain disorder, was touched. A woman, totally deaf in her left ear, heard Bro. Bill call the name of “Jesus.” A woman, suffering with lock-jaw and arthritis, was instantly healed. She was able to open and close her mouth easily. A man deformed since birth, being unable to lift his arm, was prayed for and able to move his arms in all directions.
Diabetes, rheumatism, high-blood pressure, crippled bodies, growths on the face, crossed-eyes, etc., were among the afflicted. The crowd was so dense and pressing forward so, that Bro. Bill could hardly move from one to another to pray for them. Bro. Daugherty asked them to move back but they had to be forced back from the altar.

It was nearing 2:00 A.M. and Bro. Bill appeared exhausted, due to the heat and the intense strain on his body. Bro. Daugherty supported him while he anointed the ones that were left, praying for Jesus to help them. After all the sick and afflicted were anointed, handkerchiefs were brought to Bro. Bill to be anointed and prayed over, so they could be sent to the sick by mail.
It was a very sad moment when we had to say “Good-bye” to our newly-made brothers and sisters in Christ. We love them dearly and certainly hope to meet them in heaven, if not again while here on earth. I asked Sister Daugherty to continue the notes for this report in our absence. This she promised to do.
Sunday, June 24

We left the hotel at 6:30 A.M. and drove to Bro. Daugherty’s home to say “Good-bye.” He directed us across the bridge into Illinois where Sister Gibbs took the wheel and drove us back to Jeffersonville, Indiana. Bro. Bill stayed in St. Louis to continue the meeting in the tent, healing the sick and afflicted through the power of “Our Lord Jesus Christ.”
(Sunday, continued by Sister Daugherty.) To my dear Sister in Christ, Margie Morgan! In regards to the continuation of the vision given Bro. Bill by our Lord Jesus Christ.
We attended Sunday School and had a very good crowd. Many spoke of sending out of town for their sick and afflicted. Such a stirring we have never witnessed here before! We went to the home of a friend for dinner and later gathered together in the room to feast on the word of God. That night there was a great crowd at the tent when we arrived. My husband brought the message and preached on “Salvation of the Soul.” Many responded to the altar call, and over a hundred waited for the healing service, which Bro. Bill announced later. Bro. Bill refused to preach any doctrine besides “Divine Healing” as that is his gift from God. So my husband relieved him and persuaded souls that had come for healing to give their hearts to God.

Approximately 75 persons were healed in the healing services. A woman had been deaf for about twenty years and received her hearing, even to a whisper. Another had been blind and could see the small brackets on the electric services about twenty yards away. One outstanding thing to my heart happened about 12:30 A.M. A minister from northern Illinois called out to Bro. Branham, “I have driven almost all day to get here with my little daughter, age twelve, who was born deaf. She has never heard a sound in her life. I was told how our Lord Jesus was answering your prayers and of the mighty works that were being done through His name.” He presented his little girl and Bro. Bill anointed and prayed for her. He looked up, and said, “Please, dear Lord, restore hearing to this child in the name of Jesus Christ.” The child jumped, threw her hands to her ears and ran crying to her father; she could hear. Her father, with tears falling down his cheeks, lifted his hands and gave Jesus thanks for her healing.
Many other healings took place that I have not mentioned. It was the greatest crowd that we have had during the meeting. We are told that officers of the city tried to keep a one-lane traffic open on the street. It was near 1:30 A.M. when Bro. Bill returned to the hotel.
Monday, June 25
Bro. Bill was called by some ministers of the city and asked if he would come back to St. Louis, Mo., and hold another service this winter. He told them that if the Lord permitted, he would.

Bro. Bill gave the sick call tonight and approximately 150 people responded. You should have seen this service for truly the bread of life was given them, according to Bro. Bill’s vision four months ago, before our Betty was healed. We are still giving God the praise and always will! We feel that was how God had His way in bringing Bro. Bill to St. Louis the first time. There were so many miracles performed that I cannot remember them all, but here are a few for the glory of God. It truly seems like a dream, as there were ministers and doctors there to see these wonderful works of Jesus performed,
One was a young woman about eighteen years of age, born deaf and dumb. She heard and spoke. A woman partially blind for about twelve years received her sight and could read perfectly without the aid of glasses. A woman about twenty-five years old, the victim of paralysis, wore braces on her body. She removed them and walked perfectly before the people. Many things of this nature took place. Another striking incident I wish to relate was that of two women. I did not get their names, but will, if you want them or any of the others, if you wish their testimonies.
These women, one aged 38, the other 46, were born deaf and dumb. Their minister came with them and said, “If these hear and speak, it can only be through the power of God,” Bro. Bill prayed for them, calling over them the name of the Lord Jesus. The older one heard and immediately began smiling, pointing to her ears. The crowd began to glorify God for such miracles, One minister ran to the loud-speaker and called out, “I have read of it in the book, but now I see it before my own eyes.” The younger woman didn’t seem able to hear. Bro. Bill then left the older one, talking to the people on her fingers, saying she could hear. He cried out to the younger one and said,”Hear me, sister?” but she did not respond to his voice and just sat there deaf and dumb. Bro. Bill put his hands over her ears, and said, “Please, dear Lord Jesus, remove this deaf and dumb spirit from this woman, that all people may know that Thou art still the Great healer and that the days of miracles are not past. If Thy servant has found favor in Thy sight, hear my prayer, for I ask it in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.” Immediately, the woman jumped and began twisting her fingers in her ears. Bro. Bill said, “Now she hears but she has never heard sound or spoke before, not even making a noise when crying. The tears just fall. She was given paper and pencil and nervously she wrote, “Something has happened to my head.” Bro. Bill wrote back, “It’s sound you heard and you can speak also. You make the same sound with your mouth as you hear from me.” After reading the paper she looked at Bro. Bill, and he said, “Jesus.” Then she imitated him and wrote that she would like for someone to teach her to talk. Then Bro. Bill looked at the older woman and told her to say “Praise the Lord.” This she did the very best that she could. The younger woman pulled Bro. Bill’s arm and pointed toward the loud-speaker, making a noise. She wrote, “Is that music coming out of there?” The band was softly playing, “The Great Physician.”

Now remember, these women were born deaf and dumb, so all this was a new world to them. A boy about 28 years of age had his left leg drawn under him and his left arm twisted behind him, his hand twisted upward into a cup-like shape. He was born into this world deformed. His pastor, a Baptist minister who had known him from birth, brought him to the tent. Bro. Bill turned and saw him after the two women had been healed. He asked them, “Do you believe Jesus Christ the healer?” The boy said, “Yes, I do; I’m a Christian.” Bro. Bill anointed the boy with oil, took him by the good hand, and said, “Brother, in the name of Jesus Christ, rise up and be healed.” The boy’s leg became straight immediately, his twisted hand and arm was stretched out whole before all present. The Baptist minister rushed to Bro. Bill, and said, “I’ll apologize; I thought it was fanaticism! But only God could do these things that have been done here tonight!”

Many other healings took place but these are to let the world know that Jesus is still the same Jesus, yesterday, today and forever. He heals the sick just as He did in the days of long ago, if you will only believe.
About 1:00 A.M. Tuesday morning, my husband and I took Bro. Bill to the bus station, where he departed for home, having received a telegram that a little girl about the age of Betty was calling for him. This little girl told her God-fearing parents that Jesus answers Bro. Bill’s prayers, and she would be healed if he prayed for her. The doctors could not diagnose her case. When Bro. Bill appeared at the door of her hospital room and prayed for her, Jesus touched her body and she dressed and went home, sound and well! For information of the little girl’s healing, write to Mr. Roy Slaughter, Jeffersonville, Indiana, R. R. 2. It was for the healing of a little girl that sent Bro. Bill to St. Louis, and it was for the healing of a little girl that brought him back, “Can you see how God works?”

There are many who can and will testify to these facts.
It is written in St. Matt. 18:16: “That in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.”
Mrs. William Morgan, R. R. No. 2, Box 502, Jeffersonville, Indiana.
Mrs. Elmer Gibbs, 307 W. Main St., New Albany, Indiana.
Mrs. Robert Daugherty, 2009 Gano Ave., St. Louis, Mo.


  • God bless you brethren,
    I have read the testimony and glad that Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever! I seen many people getting healing from AIDS, blind see,deaf hearing and demon possessed redeemed! This is by power of prayer and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
    But my worry is some people have crept in unawares and changed this message to their own things. Most people don’t believe divine healing, miracles or the baptism of the Holyghost by experience. This are non believers in the Message!
    Brethren, Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. If He is not vindicating your ministry like He said in Mark 16: 17 then you are wrong. If someone says He longer does miracles then that’s a servant of the devil.
    This message is power, Its the Word. Wake up bride. I see what happened in Bro Branham s ministry in the church, what about you? He said the Works I do shall you do,even greater. Do you believe?

  • I,you better humble yourself before the Lord,He will lift us up. Bro Bill used 2 be humble before God & people. God show miracles using our preacious Bro.He can use you and me today 2 manifest His being.pray with me bro & str. Amen

  • Im grateful to the Lord Who ordered my footsteps to find this Message given to our beloved Bro Branham. That he died in 1965 and I didnt get to hear about him or the Message till July 2010! My prayer is that all the predestinated seed trapped in the denominations and that satanic church of the anti-christ will by the Grace of our Precious Saviour,be set free. God bless the Brides all over the world & give us power to make our calling & election sure till that great morning when we shall gather at our Lord’s Glorious Throne-the Ultimate GOAL! Amen.


  • God will bless all the saints on earth,God Almighty will bless all the preacher in the message of the hour,but i am afraid of some minister that are preaching what the prophet did not preach,GOD in His infinite mercy will look down to this situation before the rapture, because rapture could not take place in this situation. Where one minister will be hijack another minister‘s church member and conduct wedding without the concient of the bride parent,from all the messages have been reading ihave not come across such a thing,but if anyone has seen such a thing,where prophet joined two couples with absent of bride,please you can mail me.


  • “The works that I do shall you do also”. these are the mighty works of God hidden in flesh. It gives me great pleasure to realise that He is our Lord who healeth all our deaseses. “The same yesterday, today and forever”. Blessed be the name of The Lord.

  • Oh, God please help me today to live a life that is worthy of the Gospel preached by Paul and That Same Gospel Brother Branham also preached without adding or subracting abit from it.

    My warning to those who profess to be men of God yet they deny the Life thereoff that is in the Gospel which they want to preach, I would rather ask you to stop forthwith than taking advantage of the Word of God for moeny.

    It is a well known fact that our prophet today hated money, for he testified that he was sent to live a simple life.

    So why most of leaders in the Message of the Hour today have their hearts hungry for money? Don’t you see that if you do that it is an indication that Ichabold has enterd into you?

    Please lets humble ourselves before the Lord for He will lift us. amen.

  • I believe our Lord and savior Jesus Christ still heals today. I had a massive heartattack and died on August 1 2008. I was zapped with paddles 4 times with no response. The doctor was calling the time of death when a nurse in the hall noticed something about my right arm and the doctor zapped me again. My heart happened to start beating again. It has been over a year now. I came down with 5 of the 6 symtoms of colorectul cancer. Since I was baptised in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ the symtoms are almost gone. August of last year 2008 and August of this year 2009 the Lord Jesus Christ has personally shown me that He is still the Greates Physician there ever was and ever will be.

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