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Is There A Trinity?

Directly associated with the understanding on water baptism is the truth about the Godhead. The churches “traditionally” believe in three separate or distinct persons in one God. This was arrived at due to the scriptural mentioning and deity of the Father, Son and Holy, Spirit. The result of the fourth century meeting of the Nicene Council was to place them under the Trinitarian definition.

Like the false so-called “baptismal formula, this “new” concept swept the expanse of the Christian Church and through the centuries has become so embedded in Christian thought that to question its validity is immediate heresy.

The church lost the revelation that the one God, Jehovah, expressed Himself in the Old Testament as the Father, manifested Himself in the Gospels in the Son, Jesus, and revealed Himself in the Book of Acts as the Holy Spirit. In reality, it is three dispensations of the same God. God above us, God with us, God in us. NOT three persons, but one glorious personage, finally and wonderfully unveiled.
(Hebrews 1 :3)

The heathen intellectual minds of the theologians could not reconcile the appearance of the Son on earth to the Father remaining in heaven. They, forgetting that God can be in heaven and on earth at the same time, (John 14: 10), decided there had to be at least two in the Godhead and the entrance of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2 made it three. They made the Son the second person of the Godhead, failing to realize that the scriptures do not convey that Jesus is in the Godhead, but rather that the Godhead is in Jesus. Col. 2;9,

For in him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily. They could only see that the Father was a God and the Son was a God and missed the true concept that the Father was God and the Son was the flesh or man in whom that God dwelt. (Luke 1 :35 and I Timothy 3: 16)

The ensuing three personnel deity is every bit as much a form of idolatry as were the various pagan gods the children of Israel would consistently begin to worship. Through the ages, God “winked” at this encroachment, but the ministry of the last angel was to fully restore a true understanding of this to the elect.

I have excerpted some poignant comments made by Brother Branham from his series on the Seven Church Ages:
“Now all these expressions, ‘Him Which Is,’ and ‘Him Which Was,’ and ‘Is To Come,’ and ‘Faithful Witness,’ and ‘Firstborn From Among the Dead,’ and ‘Prince of the Kings of the Earth,’ and ‘The Alpha .and Omega,’ and ‘The Almighty,’ are titles and descriptions of the ONE AND THE, SAME PERSON, Who is the Lord Jesus Christ, Who washed us from our sins in His own blood.

The Spirit of God in John expresses thusly in order to set forth the Supreme Deity of Jesus Christ and to reveal the Godhead as ONE God. Today there is a gross error. It is that there are three Gods instead of one. This revelation as given to John by Jesus, Himself, corrects that error. It is not that there are three Gods, but one God with three offices. There is ONE God with three titles, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. This mighty revelation IS what the early church had, and it must be restored in this last day along with the correct formula of water baptism.

Now modern theologians won’t agree with me for here is what was written in a great Christian magazine. That teaching (on the Trinity) is at the very heart and core of the Old Testament. It is every whit as much at the heart and core of the New Testament. The New Testament is just as much opposed as the Old Testament is to the thought that there are more Gods, than one. Yet the New Testament with equal clearness teaches that the Father is God, and the Son is God; and the Holy Spirit is God, and that these three are NOT three aspects of the same Person, but three persons standing in a truly personal relationship to one another. There we have the great doctrine of the Three Persons but one God.

They also state, God, according to the Bible,. is not just one person, but He is three persons in one God. That is the great mystery of the Trinity. “It sure is. How can three persons be one God? Not only is there no Bible for it, but it shows even a lack of intelligent reasoning. Three distinct persons, though identical substance; make three gods; or language has lost its meaning entirely. Just listen to these words again, I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, saith the Lord, Which Is, and Which Was, and Which Is to Come, the Almighty. This is Deity. This is not simply a prophet, a man. This is God. And it is not a revelation of three Gods, but of ONE God, the Almighty.

[su_pullquote]That is the great mystery of the Trinity. “It sure is. How can three persons be one God? Not only is there no Bible for it, but it shows even a lack of intelligent reasoning.[/su_pullquote]They didn’t believe in three Gods in the beginning of the church. You can’t find that sort of belief amongst the apostles. It was after the apostolic age that this theory came in and really be­came an issue and a cardinal doctrine at the Nicene Council. The doctrine of Godhead caused a two-way split at Nicea. And from that split it there came two extremes. One actually, went into poly­theism, believing in three Gods, and the others went into Unitarianism. Of course that was a little while in coming about, but it did, and we have it right today. But the Revelation through John by the Spirit to the churches was, I am the Lord Jesus Christ, and I am ALL of it. There isn’t any other God, And He put His seal on this Revelation:

Consider this: Who was the Father of Jesus? Matt. 1:18 says, She was found with child of the Holy Ghost. But Jesus, Himself, claimed that God was His Father. God the Father and God the Holy Ghost, as we often express these terms, make the Father and the Spirit ONE. Indeed they are, or else Jesus had two Fathers. But notice that Jesus said that He and His Father were One, not two. That makes ONE God.

Since this is historically and Scripturally true, people wonder where the three came from. It became a foundational doctrine at the Nicene Council in 325 A.D. This trinity (an absolutely unscriptural word) was based upon the many gods of Rome. The Romans had many gods to whom they prayed. They also prayed to ancestors as mediators. It was just a step to give new names to old gods, so we have saints to make it more Biblical. Thus, instead of Jupiter, Venice, Mars, etc. we have Paul, Peter, Fatima, Christopher, etc., etc. They could not make their pagan religion work out with just one God, so they split Him up into three, and they made intercessors of the saints as they had made intercessors of their ancestors.

Ever since then people have failed to realize that there is just one God with three offices or manifestations. They know there is one God according to Scripture, but they try to make it the fantastic theory that God is like a bunch of grapes; three persons with the same Divinity shared equally by all. But it plainly says here in Revelation that Jesus is That Which Is, That Which. Was, and ‘That Which Is to Come.. He is the Alpha and Omega, which means that He is the’ A: to “Z’ ‘Or The All Of It, He is Everything, The Almighty.” He is the Rose of Sharon, the Lily of the valley, the Bright and Morning Star, the Righteous Branch, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. He is God, Almighty God. ONE GOD.

1 Tim. 3: 16 says, And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness.God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles; believed on in the world, received up into Glory. This is what the Bible says. It doesn’t say a thing about a first or second or third person here. It says God was manifest in flesh. One God. The ONE GOD was manifested in flesh. That ought to settle it. God came in a human form. That didn’t make Him ANOTHER GOD. HE WAS GOD, THE SAME GOD. It was a revelation then, and it is a revelation now, One God.


  • I’m so thankful I searched for this it revived my faith amazingly” brother Branham once spoke of “delusion of believing in a lie”, that’s exactly what’s happening to those who believe in trinity” I’m not judging them though coz god almighty can and will change them only if they allow him’

  • tank God bc He is abv us, God was wit us, n now God is in us. what a great mystery. i believ dat JESUS is God

  • These things were not revealed to the wise and the prudent. It takes the revelation of God to know these things. God bless you all..

  • Blessed be the name of the lord.!!
    That i have also gotten access to this,thank you Jesus.

  • Hi, everyone.

    I still don’t understand. Why would Jesus pray to himself? Why would he pray to his Father?

    Also, why would he make man in “our” image in Genesis 1:26? (first person plural in Hebrew)

    Please, explain.

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  • Who do men say that i am? Peter answered, YOU are the Christ the Son of the LIVING God. LIVING now since exiting Mary’s womb. Compare Gen 2,”and man became a LIVING soul. Living not existing. God living in the fleshly man Jesus the word, which BECAME flesh was the same as “the Christ” (Holy Ghost). Thats why Jesus said ,”Blessed are you Simon you are the rock ,flesh -senses or reason has not revealed this to you. But my FATHER (of the Word) and upon THIS rock REVELATION i will build my church…” Jesus was 100% man and100% God. The ” man” prayed to the Father just as your thoughts speak to yourself. “You are written epistles read of all men”. Manifested sons of God. God was seen of angels or Messengers. John 14:19-21″ A little while longer and the world will see me nomore but you will see me because i live, you will live also. At that day you will know that I AM in my father and you in Me,and i in you. He who has my commandments and keeps them,it is he who loves me, and he who loves Me will be loved by my father, and i will love him and REVEAL ,manifest or show MYSELF to him”

  • Hi people.

    I find this teaching interesting but I wanted to clarify… When Br. Branham said God is one operating in three offices, did he mean that the same person was operating under all the offices? In short, are the father, the son and the Holy Spirit mere roles that one person assumes?

    If so, does it mean the person is his own father and his own son? And that whenever Jesus spoke to the father it was the same person speaking to himself? Answer he sent himself and returned to himself?

    I also found the idea that the Holy Spirit and God the father are literally, ONTOLOGICALLY one and the same spirit quiet stimulating. But I’m having difficulties with it because we know that God the father is greater than Jesus (John 14:28) but yet we find that the Holy Spirit does not act on its own initiative but learns and is subject to Jesus and does the will of Jesus (John 16:13-15). Is this Jesus instructing the father aka the Holy Spirit? I’m inclined to consider God the father as one who doesn’t get instructed and one who has subordinates but is himself ultimate God with no one telling him what to do or say.

    I’d be glad if a message believer would clarify on these issues. Thanks.

  • There is many people critisicing the Message.Be absolutely careful that you do not blaspheme. if it is not revealed to you. Say nothing. It is not for the public and it is the mystery of God in simplicity to blind the intellectuals. you must first die to your own pre-meditated ways and be borned again.
    That said, read I John5:7,8,9. study it. Read Ex.6:2 then Matt1:18-21 then Acts 2:36-38. Paul said, “There is a mystery amongst the gentiles which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.”
    To the Bride, “It won’t be long, soon we will leave all this behind.
    To the critics, You are always given something to criticise to blind you.

  • Il n’ y a pas de trinité car Dieu est seul et non trois dont la trinité est pour le catholicisme et d’autres doctrines semblables à lui.

    • Dear Sir,

      It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter. Prover 25:5

      Its mean that regarding of the word of God, the human being should search, of cource must be sook in the bible.

      God of Israel who is infinitive can not be understood by the human being’s mind which limited.
      God of Israel only be recieved and believed not to debate/quarrel and will give perception to human’s mind from every ages.

      The Father has a Son which other title be mentioned the Word.

      In the beginning the Word came out from the bozom of the Father and this was mentioned the beginnig of the time.

      The Father can not and never be seen by men but The Word (the Son) revealed Him (John 1:18)

      Before the Word was in the bozom of the Father, so the Word also eternal.
      For the Father always has the Word (also mentioned Wisdom).

      Since the Word came out from the bozom of the Father, the whole universe and heaven and their content were created.

      In John 1:3-4
      3. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.
      4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

      John 4:24 : God is a Spirit.

      The Son is alpha (the beginning) and omega (the end). Rev 1:8

      The Father never be mentioned alpha and omega.
      But the Father is mentioned as in Psalm 90:2 ”
      “Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever thou hadst formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, thou art God”‘

      So the Father has a Son (the Word), but the essence or matter of the Father and the Son is Spirit.

      This is the Trinity which mentioned one God as in deut 6:4 ” Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD”

      My brother, do not be decieved by any teaching which different from the teaching of the apostles which mentioned in the gosple.

      Conclussion :

      1. The Trinity is the bible’s teaching but is not mentioned in this title.
      2. The Trinity is not the devil teaching.

      John 17:3 And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.

      God Bless Us.

      Saul s

  • The Lord Jesus bless you,

    Surely its got to come by Revelation upon which He promised to build His Church.

    Glory to Him.

  • HI the jehova witness is trying to tell me ,a new believer of the message that God and Jesus are 2 different person by those verses rom 15/6,1cor 15/24,2cor1/3,1pet1/3,eph1/17,john20/17,revel1/1 can u please help me to answer them back

  • i strongly believe that there is only one God and His name is the Lord Jesus Christ.the Bible says no man can says Jesus is Lord except The Lord Spirit is in him,meaning is only Jesus Christ Himself that can reveal this truth to you.so dig deeper into the word that gives life.

  • I can see the bride in preparation to meet the Groom,the only Wise and Potentate King,the Amen,the Faithful and True Witness,the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world,the ONLY True GOD and Eternal LIFE,Little Children keep yourselves from idol (1john 5:20-21).

  • I can see the bride in preparation to meet the Groom,the only Wise and Potentate King,the Amen,the Faithful and True Witness,the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world,the ONLY True GOD and Eternal LIFE,Little Children keep yourselves from idol (1john 5:20-21)-

  • I lov dis man mesges bcos any time i read it, i keep having faith, please i wil b glad if u can b sendin his msg 2me on my mobile phone.my no:07037663723

  • My brothers and sisters don’t be fooled by these make up religious organisations that preach trinity and other ways to attain salvation our sins were already paid for with the blood of Jesus Christ all we have to do is accept it.

    • Amen. True. But also , love one another.. for likle you also
      Sought God as a trinity believer and He saw yoyr faith and saved you.
      Not because of perfect understanding.. but Grace , obedience and faith.
      Not judgement.
      Love and prayer for one another..that we might come into
      The fullness of the Truth in Christ Jesus.

    • There’s more to it than “just accepting it”. FAITH AITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD.
      You have to obey the scriptures. ACTS 2:38 is the plan of salvation. Repent, Be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is not optional. Without it you won’t be resurrected.

  • Hi to everyone this is Avinash from India Andhrapradesh vizag Iam enjoying this website verymuch Yes my Dear Friends Jesus is the only god Let us all join Hand in Hand and build the kingdom of god and let us all preach to everyone that jesus is thr only god and saying is the same yesterday today and forever Avinash

  • Wake up Church people! Don`t devide God in three persons,
    there is only one God.
    It has taken me a long time to get this trinity teathing out of my head.
    When I pray I do not picture Jesus as a second person in the godhead,it takes a revelation to get it,and what a wonderful joy it is to be really free.

  • Ephesians 4:6….One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.

    Above all……. Exodus 13:21…..And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:

    Through all……….. John 1:14….And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us

    In all……………. Galatians 4:6……. God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father.

    God bless you all Amen.

  • I just want to thank god for putting me in a family that believes in oneness. People constantly ask me how many god there are. I always told them one but, I never had an actual reason why. I always told them that god said the father and i are one… I now have more info to back it up. Thank you for putting this up.

  • Dear friends,

    Jesus is God whether you believe or not ’cause he said so himself.He said “he who has seen me has seen the Father”.That settles it. trinity is of the devil. God bless

    • Yes God is one, but jesus said, the father which has sent me is greater jnh 14.28, jesus also said we wil be one with him as he is with d father jnh 17.20-24,does it make us God. when jesus ws abt to die he cried and said, my God my God why have u forsaken me, he also said father let dis cup pass me by but however let ur wil be done. When Jesus was Calld good master he attributed it 2 d father. In rev 3.21 he shwd dat he is dif frm d father. The personality described in rev 4.2-11, is dif frm dat in rev 1.12-17. In rev 5.1-14 diferetiate d one siting in d throne and d lamb which is Jesus, especialy in rev 5.7. Pls explain this. Email me mega_onos@yahoo.com

      • This is very good qustion. I an looking forward to read if sombody could explain those rev statements.

  • Risto Hyttinen says:
    January 17, 2010 at 12:37 pm
    Whe Jesus was babtised
    the Spirit of God descending like a dove and settling on him.
    And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.

    Can somebody explain to me was there tree persons or only one?


    this is to help answer your question: the dove was a symbol the voice was him who sits on the thrown the father. it was a manifestaion of the godhead and showed the deity of christ. remember what he told nicodemus in john 3:13 “and no man hath ascended up to heaven but he that came down from heaven, even the the son of man which is in heaven. its also the same as when he told phillip that he saw him while he was praying under the tree thirty miles away. what it is his ability to be omnipresent. if he is god he is able to be omnipresent right? well thats it. how is he in front of nicudemus yet in heaven at the same time if he’s not god in the flesh.

  • The LORD JESUS CHRIST IS THAT I AM THAT I AM. Whether you like it or not, there is no three gods, BUT there is only ONE TRUE GOD, and This is the Lord Jesus Christ period or full stop… no arguments about THAT. Amen.

  • Hi,
    The Hebrew book of Mathew, compiled by a professor John Howard, tells us clearly that the Nicolai ten Catholics at NICEA, planned and rigged the whole charade of this devilish idea called the trinity. When i can now see with my blessed eyes, the truth translated from Hebrew to English. That Jesus did not say go and baptize them in the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, he did not say that. It was written in, it was changed by them at Nicea. And because of this, they have auto cursded them selves, and will take no part in the BRIDE. Jesus will collect his treasure, the Bride, as he is the BRIDEGROOM. So people who are married in the trinity ? are they married ?. For your soul sake, get BAPTIZED now in the name of Jesus christ, ( Acts 2:38 ).

  • When St Paul (saul) asking to Him personally “Who are You LORD?”Yes the LORD our GOD personally replied to St Paul,then the LORD said? I AM JESUS…Act 9:5 He personally acknowledging personally telling us.He is the I AM of
    Exo 3:14,and the I AM before Abraham Jn 8:58.I should SAY GLORY to
    His name our GOD.

  • Whe Jesus was babtised
    the Spirit of God descending like a dove and settling on him.
    And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.

    Can somebody explain to me was there tree persons or only one?

  • Can anybody explain to me, when Jesus was babtised, the Holy Spirit decended on Jesus and a voice from the heaven said: “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” Was there tree persons or how to explain the situation?

  • There is no such thing like trinity is of the devil!!. JESUS CHRIST is the almighty GOD!!. Rev 1v7-8. 1st john 5v20. John 14v1-9. Heb 1v1-3. Were the eternal GOD became a mortal man just 2 save a sinner like me. Oh GOD i giv u glory 4 predestinating me 2 b one of them am so glad 2 say this. all d way in nigeria GOD counted me worthy oh GOD u are more than worthy!!!.

  • Amen Jesus Christ is the only God the Oneness himself powerful God Almighty from the Old Testament and the Savior in the New Testament. Praise his name for revealing the truth, because the truth will set us free from the false formula that satin started.

    • The truth will certainly set you free but to say Jesus is God the creator of all is not true and. To believe that Jesus was a man with the same frailties as us all will set you free because then you know you have a slight chance of being like him. If you think he is God how can you possibly believe that you can follow the Way the Truth and the Life. It is an excuse not to live up to your full potential and take responsibility for your life as a child of God.

      • Marg,faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. please don’t try to bring in natural reasoning to try explaining the supernatural. understanding may not help much,but believing is the key.believe what the word says and God will give you the ultimate understanding,what we call revelation.

      • The whole chapter of John 1 tells us that Jesus is the Creator of everything.
        Eyes have they, but they see not!
        Ears have they, but the hear not!

        Thank You Jesus for sending us a prophet William Branham!!
        To the Bride of Christ: Don’t give up. Keep fighting the devil. Soon we’ll leave for the Rapture.

  • I worship the Lord our God Jesus Christ for sending the last rain even at this dark hour. This lie of trinity has been constantly taught to people until (some) they find it very diffucult to accept the REAL THRUTH AS IT is revealed by our PRECIOUS FATHER the his servant the Profet Mr Branham. In my case, i’ve been constantly taught this thing of trinity from a very young age, but glory be to the Lamb that was slaign from the foundation of the word for visiting us again and revealing the Truth trough the profet. ‘Know this oh israel,The Lord your God is one God’, ‘I and the father are one’. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

  • We worship our Precious Lord for sending us the last rain at this time. This lie of trinity has spread so muchn im my case, i was fed with this lie of trinity from a very toung age.

  • oh thank u lord,it took me such a long time i understand whole God really IS i was so confused but i thank the lord for showing me his way.God bless u all.please trust in the lord, the only way that ONE can see this is with their spiritual eyes i pray that the lord be with us.i love you.THANK U IT IS GREAT JOY IN MY HEART TO FIND THE TRUTH THAT WAS HIDDEN.

  • realmente estoy feliz siento confirmacion de parte de Dios q el es uno por favor envienme mas ensenanzas a mi pagina God Bless

    • If God does not reveal it to you, you can’t see it. That denominational veil will still be hanging on you. Jesus said ‘Upon this Rock (Revelation of who God is) I will build my Church and the gate of hell will never, never prevail against it’. This revalation, I believe, is only for the predestinated. You can’t explain it. Thank God, to us it is given to know the MYSTRY of the Kingdom. Glory be to God! Amen.

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