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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham called Led By The Spirit was delivered on Sunday, 27th July 1952 at the Grace Missionary Church in Zion, Illinois, U.S.A.
The tape, number 52-0727, is 58 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette.

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E-1 Greetings and salutations in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. His matchless glory and mercy be upon you all.
Just before you leave, Brother Baxter, stay close; I want to talk to you just a moment.
I've been associated with Brother Baxter for some many years now. This is about five years that we've been closely associated together. We've learned to love one another with undying Christian love, the fellowship and love that we have one for the other. And I–I was preaching this afternoon on the Deity of Jesus Christ.
And Brother Baxter, if it's not asking too much for you, I wish you'd come, just and sing my favorite song. Was written by a friend of Brother Baxter's and mine. He wrote this song out in a cornfield, one night, when the inspiration come to him: "Down From His Glory." Will you do it, Brother Baxter? Thank you, Brother Baxter.
[Brother Baxter speaks, then sings: "Down From His Glory."–Ed.]

E-2 I also ended up back in there. I hope that they got that on that recording, that I'll hear that again someday. I'll remember that for many days to come. How that end off, those women in there, bringing that high alto–the pitch of it there. Marvelous.
Just think, the great Creator became my Saviour. Oh, my. That just thrills my heart to think of that–how God would humble Himself and come down on the earth, and dwell in a body of flesh to redeem me. The lost, the altogether un-unworthy one; and the only worthy One came down to redeem us from a life of sin. Isn't that… It's more… No wonder the "Eye has not seen, nor ear has not heard." How marvelous He is.
Now, dear beloved Christian friends, God's peace be upon you. May the richest of God's blessings ever remain here in Zion with you people.
I love you with undying Christian love. As long as I have a memory of Zion, there'll be a soft spot in my heart for Zion and its people. I will pray for you, that God will give you a–another revival before the coming of the Lord, that He will do it. Wished I could see it. I hope I'm living to see the time when I see the–see the people around the nation gathering into Zion again. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Keep praying and keep looking up. God will reveal.

E-3 I am your servant in the Lord to do for you whatever I can. I used to say to the people: The night doesn't get too dark, or the rain fall too hard, but what I'll come, crawl, anything. I had to kind of check that after I got so many millions of friends. Yet, that doesn't make me feel the least bit superior. I feel just the same, brother. I'll do this, brother, sister. Anytime that I can, and do you a favor, God will just let me do it, I'll be glad too. See? Maybe, if I'd say I'd… Maybe if here would be a…
On the phone, for instance, maybe sometimes I've had my phone to ringing as many, in twenty-four hours, average sixty-four long distance calls on one phone, for hours, day and night. See? Now, you can imagine how I couldn't make all those calls. See? You couldn't do it.
But when I get them, they're all written down. They write them. There's ladies at the phones to take these calls and–and write them down. I pray over them, constantly praying. And then when God says, "You go over here to a certain place," away I go. Just what He says do, I–I try. And I believe you'll appreciate that more than anything. See, just follow the leadings of the Holy Spirit. I–I want to do that.

E-4 You don't know. Tonight, in my heart… I hope… I have to put a…?… See, I'm a temperamental person, melancholy sort of a person. I can't let myself get away. Satan takes advantage of that on me. See? I'm one of those types that could break down. Of course, say good bye to you in a few minutes. I–I'd better do it. But it just so express myself, I probably go to crying. See?
But I don't want to do that. I've got to put something out here in front. God's truth stands first now. I can't say good bye to you, 'cause if I stay in Christ and you stay in Christ, we're going to meet yonder where there's not going to be any good byes. We already anchored ourself in Christ. See?
I may have to get out here in a field, and so forth, and you may have to go to your field. But God be with both of us, and watch between us until we can meet again.

E-5 I hear that some gallant men did something here about the expense on this auditorium. How I thank you, my brothers. God bless you.
We're never out to receive finance, never. If I ever get that in my–my mind, God help me to act gentlemen enough about me to walk off the field and pray through till God gets my heart right with Him, again. See? It's not that. But we are a little bit desperately needy now. It's true, 'cause I was out of the service for about seven months. Went several hundreds of dollars in debt, and I've got to get that up. And then I've got to make up my budget for overseas where I know a vision is calling me. And I believe when it's all made up, then God will let me go.
And your offering, it went today… Brother Baxter said they had a love offering. I appreciate that with all my heart. Just as soon as I can, the Lord will send me to a–to the field.

E-6 Oh, I would love to warm by your fires all the time. I love to be right here around home, and talk with you, and come into your homes and visit. No one knows how I can do that. God does. I–I want to. There isn't a person in this building that I wouldn't like to go to your home tonight, and stay all night with you, and talk with you, get up tomorrow morning and set out on the front porch, or set out under a tree somewhere and talk about Christ with you. But it's just total… I can't do it to all. You know what I mean? And then in order to be the best that I know how for my Master, and for you, then I stay alone in the room. I pray constantly. "God help me so that when I go down there, I can be a representative of Yours, and the best that I know how that I can let the people see the love of God (See?), and something to help you."
Now, if you gave with that love offering tonight, let me give you a Scripture. Jesus said, "Insomuch that you have done unto the least (that's me), of My little ones, you have done it unto Me. Whosoever shall give one of My disciples, these that believe in Me, as much as a cup of water in the name of the disciple, you will in no wise lose your reward." And may the Lord repay it a hundredfold back to you.
Thank you much. I know there's a little…?… strings on it. Mr. Baxter is not that kind of man. And just to say to you, "Thank you."

E-7 And I want you all to know that the custodian… (I believe this is what's standing here, if I'm not mistaken. Maybe some in here.) And the different ones, and the ushers, the ministers, the laity, and every one of you… Some of you has sent down little things to eat, and at the–the camp.
A certain brother setting in this building tonight. I just recognized him few moments ago. I was in a restaurant the other day and he came in. And I went to pay my bill. I had my wife, and Sister Baxter, and the children. The bill was already paid. A man done it. I don't guess he'd want me to say it here who he is, or make him conspicuous. Christian, we don't desire those things. See? We don't let this hand know what this hand's a doing.
So I appreciate it all. And you know, and God knows, I pray these blessings will ever be with you. And way yonder, in the dark…?… in heathen lands, when the battle was going hard and rough, Satan on every side, I'll remember in Zion they're praying for me.
Thank you. God bless you. Ever drop on down around Jeffersonville, drop in and shake my hand. When I'm home, I'd be glad to have you anytime.

E-8 All right, let's read some Scriptures and get right on into the meeting. In the 2nd chapter of Saint Luke, I wish to read this, the adoration here, beautifully written. I like it. All Scriptures are beautifully written. The 25th verse and the 2nd chapter of Saint Luke, it reads this:

And, behold, there was a man in Jerusalem, whose name was Simeon;… the same man was just… devout, waiting for the consolation of Israel: the Holy Ghost was upon him.

And, behold, there was a man in Jerusalem, whose name was Simeon;… the same man was just… devout, waiting for the consolation of Israel: the Holy Ghost was upon him.

And it was revealed unto him by the Holy Ghost, that he would not see death, before he had seen the Lord's Christ.

And he came by the Spirit into the temple: and when the parents brought the child Jesus, to do for him after the custom to the law,

Then took he him up in his arms, and blessed God, and said,

Lord, now lettest… thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word:

For my eyes have seen thy salvation,

E-9 Shall we bow our heads just a moment. Eternal God, oh how we have loved Thee tonight. As I stand here before these people, I've often thought, "What would I do if I had two drops of the Blood of Your Son in a glass or a charger in my hand, the literal drops of Blood from Calvary." How my tears would run down my cheeks as I held it, knowing that I held in my hands the Blood of Jesus Christ in a little charger. But tonight, in Thy sight, according to Scripture, I believe It's a greater; for I hold the purchase of Your Blood. Your children, that You thought more of them that You did Your own life, You gave it for them.
And here I am tonight to be a teacher to these people. O Father, what type of a person should I be? Mold me and make me, Lord. I feel there's a great change or something moving up, closely. And I pray, God, that it'll be for the good of the people, the glory of God. I'm glad that… to begin to feel that way here in Zion, taking up shape now. I believe soon You'll reveal it.

E-10 And now, Father, I wait humbly upon You. I pray tonight for every one of these people, from the minister down to the janitor of the building. Every one of them, Lord, I ask You to bless them, and give them the best that I know how to ask for. And may they live long lives, healthy and happy, and free from sin and sickness.
In the great land, someday, when there's to be a large table set, all the redeemed of all ages shall gather in at that table. We'll look across at one another, tears of joy running down our cheeks. I will look across and see the old veterans who've fought to win the prize, and sailed through bloody seas; slip across the table with our hands and shake hands. How we can praise the Lord. Then the King in His beauty will come out and wipe the tears from our eyes, say, "Don't cry no more. It's all over; we're here. Enter into the joys of the Lord."
God grant that every person in Presence tonight may be there at the great wedding supper with white clothes, and ready to crown the King of king and Lord of lords.
Until that time, Lord, may we all be about the Master's work. We commit the service tonight, and everything that's done or said to be in the Name of Jesus Christ, that You'll get glory out of it. Amen.

E-11 To the minister brothers, preach the Word; be up and going. If there ever was a time that you need to preach, is now. Get moving, swiftly. Don't let nothing stop you. Get out. Get going around the neighborhood. Get going somewhere.
Here not long ago I was telling… The Russians, they came back up in there after the war, maybe they dry their own wheat. And it was… It was getting late in the fall. It was about ready for the snow. And all day and all night, they pulling harrows. They couldn't wait till the wheat got–the field got disced up. They had to just do the best they could. And at night time, you hear these little children running in front of the parents with a lantern. And the parents, the women and men, pulling the harrows like this, scratching the ground. They couldn't wait to plow it; too close to the snow.
Can you hear me all right? Way back in the back, raise your hand if you can. All right, that's fine.

E-12 They couldn't wait till… If–if it snowed, then next year they would starve to death. There'd be no crop. They had to get the little seed in the ground somehow. They had to scratch the ground and throw the seed in. And to do it, they'd drug day and night, taking the sandwich in their hand and eat it, and keep pulling the harrow. They never could pull it fast enough. They had to get the human, the man himself pulling the harrow.
I thought, "Scratching the ground. If they don't get the seed in, there's not going to be any crop."
And minister brothers, if there ever was a time that God's field needs scratching… If there's going to be a harvest, let's get the seed in right now. She's sowing down. You'll see what I'm talking about. It's getting near. Get going, Christians, everywhere. Don't notice your denominational barriers. Get out there and do something for God. Let's get the seed in the ground so there'll be a crop for tomorrow. God bless you.

E-13 Now, on the Scripture reading tonight, was just before the–just at the appearing of Jesus as an infant. There was an old man by the name of Simeon, an old sage. Probably… I can picture him looking something like Dr. Dowie, a long, white, flowing beard. He had an outstanding name as a teacher in Israel, a wonderful old church doctor.
And you know, the Holy Ghost spoke to him one day, and said that he wasn't going to die until he seen the Lord's Christ. And he believed it.
Now, they'd been looking for Christ to come for years and years. Here they was in captivity. And my, how could the Christ come then?
But the Holy Ghost promised him. So he wasn't a scared to go around and say, "Now–now, I–I'm not going die till I see the Christ."

E-14 I can imagine some of them saying, "Say, the old man's got kind of old, you know. There's something wrong with his mind. He's going around there saying that he's going to see the Christ. Just think, an old man like that, nearly a hundred years old now, walking around here saying he's going to see the Christ. And great men has waited for Him for years. Think of that."
But he… the Holy Ghost and so. That's what made the difference. He wasn't off in his mind. He was listening to the Holy Spirit.
Now, there's no two Holy Spirits. There's only one Holy Spirit. Is that right? And the same Holy Spirit then is the same Holy Spirit today. Jesus was born in Bethlehem.
Some Magis, astrologers, come over, and star-gazers. And they seen the star that passed right over every observatory. Nobody said–seen it at all. The Magis saw it. Why? They were looking for it: the Star of Jacob. According to their prophet, Balaam, he said, "The Star of Jacob would rise." And they were watching it. And it passed right by the people that was star-gazers, and didn't see it. But they followed the star.
I believe they saw a star. What do you think about it? The observatories didn't see it, but the Magis saw it.

E-15 You get what you're looking for. If you're expecting tonight to get healed, you're going to get healed. If you're not expecting it, you would usually… If you come to the meeting tonight just to say, "Well, I'll see what goes on." That's all you'll see. If you say, "I–I–I know that's not right." The devil will show you something that isn't right.
If you say, "Lord, I believe You. I want a blessing in my heart." You'll get it. Just what you're expecting, that's what you'll get. Always be expecting. See? Whatever it is you expect Him to do, whatever you're expecting to find, and that's what you'll receive.
Now, then I can see… When the shepherds came down, the Angels went out… Not to the clergymen, now, not to Caiaphas, not to the high priest then. But out to shepherds and things. "Today, in the city of Bethlehem, is born the Christ, the Saviour."

E-16 And these shepherds came down and worshipped Him. They didn't have any way to send news, like we do today, by radio and press. So the news hadn't got around. And after eight days, the mother had to come and call for a sacrifice, which was a lamb, the rich woman. A poor woman offered turtledoves. And so like a peasant's offering. But it's the cleansing of her purification and the circumcision of the child, and so forth.
So let's take a little trip now, mentally, and like a vision, and let's go back two thousand years now (Just about two thousand years.), and look at the conditions up there in Jerusalem, and around over Palestine.
They were scattered. They were in captivity of Babylon, and… But an old man walk around saying, "The Holy Ghost told me I was going to see the Christ."
Now, I can see him setting way back in the building in a little prayer room this morning, a studying the Scriptures maybe. Let's say it's–it's Monday morning. And I guess there's about two or three million Jews that were in Palestine at the time. They were probably many children born in the… one day. Probably fifty, sixty, seventy-five, or hundred, or maybe two or three hundred each day.

E-17 However, eight days, they had… The eighth day, that would be everyday would be a–a circumcision line. And this morning, and everybody was busy about their business.
And look back, and see here stands a line of about hundred women standing together down along there. And here's some of them standing with a little lamb on a leash here, waiting with their little baby wrapped in fine linen, and so forth. And–and the other Jewish mothers a tipping, you know, and how happy they are.
Let's come down the line. I see Mrs… Look and see standing down there, and her, and how she's got her baby. And all the… She's one of the up-and-up's, you know. And my, they've just such a lovely child, garments with that child, and so forth. And come on down…
But standing down a little, I see a little girl about eighteen years old, a veil down over her face, with a baby, with swaddling's cloth wrapped around it.
If I understand right, that's what's took off the yoke of an ox, where it plows, you know, to keep from rubbing it.

E-18 And there was no room for them in the inn. And she brought forth her firstborn Son, and wrapped Him. And just reached up there and took this cloths off of the yoke and wrapped it around His body.
And she has It in her hand. Not a whole lamb, a beautiful lamb washed and all fixed for… pretty for the high priest or for the sacrifice, but poor, and a little turtledove in her hand. A peasant's offering.
I can hear them say, "Do you know who that is standing there? That's that woman who had a baby with a… out–out of holy wedlock. Don't stand near her. Stand back." Holding their mouth, you know. "Stand back. Don't stand around where she is. She's–she's just a girl. She's a prostitute."
But down in little Mary's heart, she knew what she was.
And you might say, "Look at that fanaticism. Look at that–that…" But remember, down in their heart, they know were they stand.

E-19 All right. Then I can see her standing there, watching her baby. And she counted it all in her heart. And while she's standing there, watching her little baby, holding the dove, waiting for the purification… The… One dove would be killed, and so forth. And the both of them would have to…?… And then she's holding the dove, and not paying any attention to them. She's tending to her own business.
But about that time, way back over in the building, piled full of thousands of Jews, and the trumpets were sounding, and the sacrifice was being offered, prayers being made, and the jubilee is falling, and so forth. But way back in a prayer room, I can see an old man setting back there that's got the promise by the Holy Spirit. He's setting there reading an old parchment along about… maybe in Isaiah, or some there. "All we like sheep have gone astray. The Lord has laid upon Him the iniquity of us all."

E-20 About that time, I could just see the Holy Spirit come up and say, "Simeon, rise up." Simeon rolled up the parchment, stuck it down on the… Raised up. The Holy Spirit's on him. Do you believe that men's led by the Spirit? I do. I believe they are yet.
Here he come moving out. "What's the matter, Lord?"
"I've got something to tell you, Simeon, this morning. I gave you a promise. Come on out."
"I don't know were I'm going, but I'm going."
Out into the day. Here he comes down through the crowd, lurching along through the crowd, moving through this one.
Some of them say, "There's that old fellow cracked at the head, going to see the Christ." He was standing right in the building and yet they didn't know it. Here comes the Holy Ghost leading him. He hits that line of women for their purification. Here he comes right down along the line, led by the Holy Spirit.
And when he gets right in front of that little despised and rejected woman with that baby wrapped in swaddling's cloth, he picked up the baby in the arms, and the tears dropping off of his white beard. He said, "Now, Lord, lettest Thy servant depart in peace according to Your Word, for my eyes have seen Your salvation." What a difference. Spirit led.

E-21 And about that time, we're taught that there was an old prophetess in the temple by the name of Ann. It's believed by theologians that, according to history, that she was blind. She stayed in the temple, day and night, offering prayer all the time, praying for the sins of the people. And she was waiting for Him. And the Holy Ghost come upon her. She was waiting.
Here she comes, blind, moving along the people, bumping into this one over here. "What's the matter?" Blind, leading along, she moves on down the line, comes to them women. Right down the line, and she stops in the front of the Christ child, and raises up her hands and blesses God. Led by the Holy Spirit, she believed that there was coming the Christ. Simeon had the witness with the Holy Ghost, that he would see Him.
And the same Holy Ghost, that led Simeon that morning, that led Ann that morning, is the same Holy Ghost that's led you here tonight.

E-22 You believe in Divine healing, do you? Do you believe that as long, as I said today, when the deep calleth to the deep, there's a deep to respond to it? If you believe in Divine healing, there's bound to be a fountain open somewhere.
And the same Holy Spirit that led them there has led you here, right to the place where you can…?… His moving of the Spirit, showing He's the same yesterday, today, and forever.
Then Lord… Oh, my, what else could happen here tonight? Led by the Spirit of God, moved up here and took a seat, believing that God was going to make you well, expecting to be healed. Are you all? How many of you sick people is expected to be healed tonight? All right. You're going to get it: have too. You believe it and are expecting it, it's got to happen. I just believe God, don't you? Certainly. What He says is the truth. Don't–don't try to figure it out. Just believe.

E-23 Watch when the Angel of the Lord met Zacharias and told him up there he was going to have a son by his wife Elisabeth. "Why," he said, "these things can't be. She's too old, and I'm old."
He said, "I'm Gabriel that stands at the right hand of God, and in His Presence of God. Because you doubted My Words, you'll be dumb till the day the baby's born, for My Words is going to be fulfilled in its season."
Then he was stricken dumb till the day the child was born. They said… They called him John, his mother did. And they said, called her up, a writing tablet for him; he said his name. He should be. He said his name is John. God had already named him.

E-24 Then when the Holy Spirit, the Angel of God, Gabriel goes down into the city of Nazareth to little Mary, He gave to a–a widower.
Here she is with the oriental type, probably with a water on her head, packing it up to the washing, walking along the streets. And all at once a Light flashes before her. She stops. She thinks, "This is strange."
Then something begin to materialize in that Light. She looked standing there, and there stood the great Archangel. Said, "Hail, Mary." It frightened the little virgin. Said, "Blessed art thou among women." She was frightened. It would frighten you. It frightened me. There He was, said, "You're going to have a baby, knowing no man." She didn't argue about it. Said, "The Holy Ghost is coming upon you, and–and overshadowing you. And the Holy Thing will called the Son of God."
She said, "Behold, the handsmaid of the Lord. Be it unto me according to Thy Word." Instead of arguing and questioning, and going along like Zacharias, she just took God at His Word. God, give Zion tonight some Marys that'll take…

E-25 She went out testifying that she was going to have a baby, knowing no man, before she had any physical evidence at all. Oh, my. What did she have? God's Word. That's all that she needed. She went out, said, "I'm having a baby."
"Have you felt life?"
"No, sir."
"Are you positive?"
"I'm positive."
"Well, if you haven't felt life; there's nothing. How do you know you going to have it?"
"God said so. That settles it."
"Are you going to get well?"
"Yes, sir."
"Have you got any evidence?"
"Yes, sir."
"What is it?"
"God said so." That's right. It's good enough for me.

E-26 Look at her. I see her taking those…?… up yonder to see her cousin. John and Jesus were second cousins. Elisabeth was Mary's first cousin. So the Angel told her about Elisabeth. So she goes up there to find Elisabeth. Here come Elisabeth out to meet her, and hugged her and kissed her. And she said, "Oh, I understand that you're to be a mother."
Said, "Yes." Now, let's dramatize this just a moment. "Yes, I'm to be a mother. That's right."
"And God has visited you in your old age."
"Yes, I'm going to have a baby. That's right. And it's six month with me now. But I'm just a little afraid; there's no life as yet." See, that's all subnormal.
"Well," she said, "listen, I'm going to have a baby too, for the Angel of God Who told me that–that you was going to have a baby, said I'll be overshadowed by the Holy Ghost. And the Child that'll be born of me would be called… I shall call His Name Jesus."
And as soon as she said that salutation in the ears of that woman, the little baby John was laying dead in his mother's womb, begin to leap and jump for joy. Just as soon as…

E-27 The first time that the Name of Jesus Christ was spoke through mortal lips, caused a dead baby in his mother's womb to come to life and received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Hallelujah. If It'll do that to a dead baby, what ought It to do to a borned again Church? I don't understand. Oh, my. He said, "If they hold their peace, the rocks will immediately cry out." That's taking God at His promise.
"How do you know you're going to have it?"
"God said so."
And when the nine months rolled around, the baby was born, 'cause God said so. "Whatsoever things you desire, when you pray believe you receive it." God said so.
The Word of God will defeat Satan anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Do you believe it?

E-28 As I was speaking this afternoon of the Deity of Jesus Christ, the Father in Him, all God was–give His gifts into His Son that it might be manifested in the earth. When He met Satan, He never used one of them. He brought it down to show that the weakest of Christians…
Satan comes in and says, "If…" That question mark's always across the Word. "If Thou be the Son of God, command these stones to be turned into bread," when He was hungry.
Jesus said… never said, "Now, here. I am the Son of God. I rebuke you." He never said it. Jesus said, "It is written (the Father's Word), 'Man shall not live by bread alone.'"
Taken Him up on the pinnacle of the temple, Jesus said, "It is written." Taken Him up on the mountain, Jesus said, "It is written." Is that right? So Jesus showed you that Satan could be defeated by the Word of God. The Word of God will defeat Satan tonight if there never was a gift to the church. See what I mean? How many believe that's the truth? God's Word.

E-29 And if you'll look at It, believe It, and accept It. And tomorrow when Satan says, "See, you're still sick. You still look pretty sick."
"It is written. It is written."
When they told me at Mayo's, I couldn't get well… Said I was gone, I said, "It is written."
"But if you can't come out of it, Reverend Branham…"
I said, "It is written. 'Whatsoever things you desire, when you pray, believe you receive, and you shall have it." I believe it.
Satan said, "You ain't going to get well."
I said, "Now, looky here fellow, if you want to hear me testify and glorify God, stick around." I said, "But I'm going to give Him praise day and night just as loud as I could scream it." He got away from there, too, what I mean. And now, I weigh more than I ever weighed in my life. And I'm as healthy as I ever was in my life. Why? It is written. God says so; it's true. That settles it. If He says so, I believe it.

E-30 Jesus said, "What you desire, when you pray believe you receive it, and you'll have it." I believe that. And I believe if you're led here tonight by the Holy Ghost, like Simeon was in the day of old, you wouldn't have come here to see these meetings unless there was something in your heart, pulling, letting you believe that there was such.
You see it nightly, watching in the papers, seeing testifying here and there. This was dying with cancer: well. This one over here was crippled: walking. This one was blind: seeing.
Well, you believe it. You've got to. If you've got any–any Christianity about you at all, you'd believe it. If you've got a speck of God, you'd know that.
If–if He is Almighty God, He can do all things. And if He cannot do all things, He's not Almighty God. And if He is Almighty God, He… Jesus Christ is His Son, the same yesterday, today and for ever. I believe it. Don't you?

E-31 And it is written, "The things that I do shall you also. Greater than this…" Or really the word–right word there is, "More than this (would be more of it) shall you do…"
I heard some fellow here not long ago, said, "Yes, the greater things, Brother Branham. He said, 'Greater than this. That's what He said. That's the King James translation of it."
I said, "All right. Greater." I said, "What is the greater? He stopped nature. He raised the dead. He healed the sick. He opened the eyes of the blind, as the Father showed Him to do. He didn't do nothing until the Father showed Him to do." Is that right?
That's what He said. "I can do nothing expect the Father shows Me first. Then I go do that."
They said, "Why don't He do this, why don't He do that? Why wouldn't He come down the cross. He's blindfolded. We smacked him on the head. Why don't you tell us who you, and we'll believe you're a prophet?"
He didn't clown for people. He said, "I do what the Father tells Me to do, and shows Me to do," other wise. Saint John 5:19 says, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing first. And what sort of things the Father doeth, He showeth the Son, and this doeth the Son likewise; for the Father loveth the Son, and showing Him what He does." See?

E-32 Now, that's right. That's the reason He couldn't heal all that day there at Bethesda, all the crippled–and crippled and withered, and so forth. The Father showed Him one man that had been sick for thirty-eight years with diabetes, or something. He said, "Take up your bed and go on home." And he did it.
Why didn't He healed the rest of them? He said, "I can't till the Father shows Me to do it."
Now, if He's the same yesterday, today He can do the same thing.
This fellow said, "Well now, looky here." He said, "The greater things… Jesus couldn't preach the Gospel all the way around the world." And said, "We've done the greater things by preaching the Gospel around the world."
I said, "What is the Gospel?"
He said, "Oh, the ah–the ah–the Word."
I said, "Not altogether, my brother." I said, "That's not Scripture."
"Oh," he says, "Well, Reverend Branham…"
I said, "Oh, no."
Paul said, "The Gospel come to us not in Word only, but through power and demonstration of the Holy Ghost." Yes, sir.
When He said, "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature," He also said, "Demonstrate the power of the Holy Ghost in all the world." Yes, sir.
It never come to us through Word only. The Word's got to be quickened and made alive in the demonstration of the power of the Holy Ghost. I said, "Then if you call that the greater things, surely you can do the lesser things then. Go heal the sick. Pray for the sick. Cast out devils. Do those kinds of work."
Jesus said, "The things that I do, shall you also."
And if you'll do them, He will do them. "The things that I do, shall you do, and greater then this; for I go to My Father." To be greater would be more of you… more of it. Oh, my. Isn't He wonderful? Now, believe Him tonight while we pray.

E-33 Almighty God, the Creator of heavens and earth, the Author of Everlasting Life, the Giver of every good gift, tonight is our closing the service here in Zion city of Illinois.
God, I see laying in there in that desk drawer of mine now lays a little paper, a little blue back, with many pages on it with a men's names, business firms of this city, Zion. I come back to the city. I remember the night when I led the little Grace Mission Church over there, I said, "I will return." You've give me the privilege of doing that again. I trust, Lord, that the services has been a blessing beyond what they recognize now. May it start something right here in the city that'll not end till Jesus comes. May it be a revival, just what we need, right here in this city, break out somewhere right among the people here. Grant it, Lord.
And now tonight, as we're closing, will You come to Your humble servant. Will You bless me, Lord, in a mighty way tonight. Just send Your Angel down. Break forth with great visions, Lord. Speak to this people; show them signs and wonders. I do not know what You will do. Thou knowest that, Lord. But Thou does know all things. And I pray that prayer changes things. I ask for a special blessing upon this audience tonight. Grant it, Lord. In humility, I ask this in the Name of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, Thy Son. Amen.

E-34 All right. He's setting behind me in the shadow. I didn't even see him, my–my son. What does… Number…?… All right. We'll start our prayer line tonight by calling some from the prayer line. Billy had to come down tonight and give out the prayer cards. Didn't get to give them out this afternoon, so he come tonight. [–Ed.]
All right, and everyone listen. All right, Paul, you ready? All right, bring the lady.
Don't that just thrill you, that song of my heart? O How I Love Him, How I Adore Him.
All right. Now, you're the patient, the lady? Now, lady, I wish there was some way that I could do something for you, or something. I can't. If I had anything in my hands, or in my body that would heal you, I'd sure know that you went off of this platform well. I'd do it. Not only that, but I'd go down to that little girl setting there in that wheelchair. I'd lay my hands on her and–and heal her. I'd go to this lady here; I'd heal her. I'd go to that poor old dad there with his hands up over his ears, trying to listen. I've seen him the last two or three days and nights, trying to get the break in. I seen what his trouble was, know what's wrong with him. I trust that God will heal him tonight. I wished I could do that. I wished I could. But I can't, I'm a man. I'm just as–as your loved ones would be. I–I'm just like Brother Baxter, or this… any man here. I'm just a man. But God will guide.

E-35 Now, I was born by a gift. Those gifts don't come by laying on of hands. Those gifts come by the sovereignty of God. Gifts and calling are without repentance. They was foreordained of God to be. Gifts are born.
Jesus Christ in the garden of Eden, He was the woman's Seed that would bruise the serpent's head. Moses was borned a proper child. John the Baptist was the voice of one crying in the wilderness, according to Isaiah, seven hundred and twelve years before he was born. Before Jeremiah when he come to the earth, that great prophet, Jeremiah, God said, "Before you was even formed in your mother's womb, I knew you, and called you, and sanctified you, and ordained you a prophet over the nations." See? It ain't just what somebody does; it's what God does–what God does. Amen. That is right. That is right.
Now, do you see it? Not knowing about the full Gospel people… I was leery at first. I didn't know what to do. But God called me and sent me to them, not knowing them. That's why I'm here now.

E-36 I'm here trying to help you. Do you believe that I'd be a hypocrite to my friends? You wouldn't believe that, would you? You'd think… You do believe that as a Christian man, that I would at least be truthful, wouldn't I? If I be truthful, God will help me and will be with me. But if a… If I'm not truthful, then He won't be with me. That's one thing sure.
But I–I try to represent Jesus to the people, tell them that I'm just a servant–just a servant. That's all.
And if I should die tonight and go up before His gates, and He'd say, "You're condemned," and now, He sent me to hell, and I'd be in hell, I'd rise up my hands and say, "Just and true art Thou, O God." See? I'd praise Him if I was in torment, for He's real. And whatever He does, is right. That's right. Now, we're standing to find God's will.

E-37 Now, do you believe me to be His servant, His prophet? Now, I'm just talking to you as a conversation, like Jesus did the woman at the well. If you'll notice it tonight… Have you ever been in the meetings before? When I was here the last time, you was at the meeting. Well then, this wasn't manifested.
Then (See?) of a night, the first person, I usually talk to them a little bit till the anointing of the Spirit comes in. You see? And there comes the breaks away and the visions comes in. You see? And then I–I–I understand from there.
Now, I want you to just look this a way just a moment. And I–I'm not trying to read your mind. I want you to be thinking about me, sister, but about the Lord Jesus. That's what I'm thinking. Yes, thank you. Thank you.
Yes, she has tumor. Isn't that right? Not only that, but you–you was prayed for before. Isn't that right? Part of your tumors got well, and part of them didn't in my meetings. Isn't that right? Now, do you believe? God in heaven knows I wouldn't recognize you, but I see a vision of when I was standing, praying for you. Is that true?

E-38 See, I see it coming back again. Just a moment. You have a… You have also a female trouble. Isn't that right? It causes a discharge. Is that right? See, it's in the back. Is that true? I put my hand over there on account of a mixed audience. Is that true?
Say, don't you have some kind of twisting, or jerking, or spasms in the muscles of your–your stomach in there? Is that right? Yes, sir. Uh-huh. And there's nothing could be done for it, they claim. But they… But it's–it's just twisting's still won't it? Uh-huh. Yes. Uh-huh, uh-huh…?… You see, it's just is quieting (See?) you speak and that breaks the vision from me. You see?
Was those things true, what I said? I suppose this audience to know. Is that right? I don't know the lady. I don't know now what I told her. That's just what God says. That's what the vision showed. And that's what… God knows all about her. I don't know her. But God does know her and has told what's wrong with her.

E-39 Now, if His Presence is that close, will you believe if I'll ask Him to let you get well, along with the rest of these Christians (Always pray with me.), do you believe you'll get well? You do with all your heart? Yes, ma'am. All right you to bow your heads, everywhere.
Our heavenly Father, as this poor woman here, suffering and in need, I ask with all my heart that You'll help her. Grant it, dear Lord. May Your Spirit come upon her and make her well. I lay hands upon her according to the Words of Holy Writ that said, "If they lay hands on the sick, they shall recover." Grant it, Father, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
God bless you, sister. Now, go on your road happy and rejoicing. And write me your testimony.

E-40 All right. Come, sir. All right, sir. Do you–do you believe with all your heart, that the thing that takes place in here in the services, are of God? You do believe it? All right, if you do believe that with your heart, then perhaps I could… I can help you to have faith then. See? Now, the only thing you need, is just faith. Faith does all things. And that's all that anybody could do. They might preach the Word. You hear it by the Word. Faith cometh by hearing of the Word. Now, this is the Word of God. Is that right? That's the first; that's the Word of God. That's to all people.
Well, maybe there's something in an individual life that won't permit that healing or something. Then secondarily, the Word then of God would come to the–the earth to help that person to get right, get straightened out, or something. Is that right? That's how… That's God's ordination of those things. That's how God does things. He's that way.

E-41 Now, if… Are you a stranger to me? We are strangers? You've been in… You've been in the meeting this week. But I–I don't know you. I've never been introduced to you or nothing, or know nothing about you, no way at all for me to know you?
All right. Then you're in need, or suffering, or whatever it is. And then if there's anything that I know, that God would show me something concerning you, then you'll believe–you'll believe with all your heart? Well, I see now that… To look at you, I would have judged something else. But it's your stomach. Isn't that right? That's right. I thought you–you kinda yellow complexion, I thought it was… Just to look at you, I thought it was kind of like a yellow jaundice. But it isn't. It's your stomach. It's your stomach.
Say, you've had an operation, too. Is that right? Part of that stomach is removed. Isn't that… Yes, yes, sir. That is right. You're still having weak spells, and so forth, over it like that. And you believe He will make you well? Come here, sir.
Our heavenly Father, the physician has done all that he can do. And I seen him shake his head. But Lord, Thou art near to help this man. I pray, Father, that Your Spirit is near, that You'll bless him, and heal him, and make him ever whit whole, in the Name Jesus Christ. Amen.
Now, brother, go on your road happy, rejoicing, and get well in the Name of the Lord Jesus.

E-42 Let us say, "Praise be to God." Now, the first thing, I see the man has a trumpet in his ear. So that taken the first thing that he–he's either deaf, or something. All right. It's…
Can you hear me all right? All right. You come near. You can hear me as I talk through this–this aid here. Well now, as long as you can hear. You see? Well, if I can talk to you first then… Now, do… What do you think about the, about Jesus Christ and the Gospel, all the works, does it… Do you think it's wonderful? You certainly do. All right.
Now, if God… if the… If Jesus is the Son of God, which we believe that He is, He's a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. And you're here tonight seeking for help. No doubt for that ear, which it is. That was the ear. Yes, sir. Both your ears. All right.

E-43 Now, I could not make you well. You understand that? I could not make you well. There's no way at all for me to help you, or to make you well. The only thing that I could do would be pray for you. You understand that, don't you? And you need Jesus as your Saviour. Now, isn't that right? Be honest with me. That's–that's right. Is that right? You're not converted to Christ. Is this the same Spirit that told the woman at the well, "Go get your husband?" Jesus Christ, that knowed your unconverted condition?
Have you had some affair, about a war or army, or something like that? Have you been a soldier? Is that right? Do you believe me as His prophet? Come here. Will you accept Jesus as your Saviour now? Promise that you'll–that you'll not–you'll not forsake Him, you'll serve Him the rest of your life from this night on? You now accept Him as your Saviour?

E-44 Here's another thing that I notice you doing in a vision. That's up recently. Of course being a sinner man, you do it. You smoke cigarettes. You must get away from that. See? Don't do that no more now. You're–you're to be a Christian now, and walk with God.
Almighty God, according to this man standing here with a trumpet in his ear, deaf in his ears, I pray for mercy for this man. He's now accepted You as his personal Saviour. I pray, dear God, that You heal him and make him well. May the Spirit of God come upon the man, and take the curse away from him, the curse of sin, the curse of sickness, hard of hearing, and make him a new creature in Christ Jesus. Almighty God, hear my prayer. I pray in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Now, you leave this here. See what's… See for… Hold it. All right. You hear me? You hear me? Say, "Amen." I love the Lord. You're healed, brother. Your sins are gone. Go on your road rejoicing.

E-45 Let's say, "Praise be to God." Do you love the Lord? Well let's just raise up your hands and say, "Praise the Lord." The people magnified God. The man's not only healed, but forgiven of his sins. He was dead and is alive. He was lost and is found. Thanks be to God.
Come, sir. Do you believe me to be His prophet, the prophet of Zion? Are we strangers? I don't know you up by face. I've never seen you as I know of. All right.
Sir, if I be God's prophet, He will reveal to me. You–you're… I couldn't heal you. But you can't keep your life from me now. For you're aware that something's going on. Is that right? That's right.
Now, you're suffering with a trouble on your back. Isn't that right? And don't you have some kind of a rectal trouble? Is that right? Like hemorrhoids? Is that right? And you also have a habit that you should give up: smoking cigarettes. Will you do it? Then go and be well in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." Oh, how I love Him, how I adore Him.

E-46 Come, lady. You like to be healed? [–Ed.]
"Praise be to God."
All right. Come, sir. You believe Him? Are you believing, lady? Oh, what can happen now? [–Ed.]
Sir, you want to get over that heart trouble? Oh, you do? Accept your healing now, and go in the Name of Jesus and be made well.
Let's say,"Praise be to God." [–Ed.]
Stomach trouble, also. Isn't that right, sir? Is that right? You have stomach trouble? Stand up. Go home now and get well in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
That lady setting right behind you…?… You go home and get well, too if you want to. Stand up on your feet, lady. God Bless you.
Let's take the lady here, setting right over that man right there, and…?… Stand upon your feet [–Ed.] go home and get well in the Name of… [–Ed.]
I've seen you go to…?… you sleep at night thinking this. Is that right? If it is, raise up on your feet… [–Ed.]
What do you think about it, young colored boy setting there? Yes, you. You're tormented by the devil. Is that right? Satan's tormenting you all the time and just a young convert. Is that right? Is that right? You want to be free from the devil?

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