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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham called Looking For Jesus was delivered on Sunday evening, 28th February 1954 at the Assembly Of God in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.
The tape, number 54-0228E, is 1 hour and 23 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette.

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E-1 Thank you, Brother Ballard. Good evening, friends. I'm certainly happy to be here tonight in the Name of our Lord Jesus, to serve His people, the best that I know how, for His Kingdom, and for the glory of God.
I was just… Brings back old memories again, to hear that little Spanish choir sing. I hope my–my little girl is awake to heard that. I certainly appreciate that, brother, and you, sisters. I… Perhaps maybe, many of you was same group that was singing the other time when we was here. And I suppose you are. And there hasn't been a time, or a meeting that I guess I've ever had, but what I've thought of that time. And you–you've increased since then. You're better than you was then, even.
I remember when you sang for me "Only Believe," in Spanish. I have it on a record at home. And do we get a great thrill out of that, going in and hearing this little record of the little Spanish choir singing "Only Believe." Best I can get it is, "Yon Yay Beyeeve" or something. It's very–very nice. Such a fine bunch of young people, well-trained.

E-2 I'm very grateful. I'm sure this audience tonight is grateful for this marvelous piece of singing that they have just give us in the Name of the Lord. Aren't you? Say, "Amen." And just every time that you can come back, at every night, we'd like that very much. So be sure to come back. That's just fine.
And I remember the other pastor, Brother Garcia. I met him, here some time ago again. I think he's in New Mexico or California, one, in services.
I believe the Spanish people was the first, outside of English-speaking people, that I ever prayed for, was the Spanish people. I wondered how I would get along. They love me. I love them. And immediately, I seen that God was with us.

E-3 Second, was the Indians up at San Carlos. And that night, I was wondering after I got through speaking, if they would have a prayer line. It was… The Indian is very, very sensitive. He wants to know what he's getting into before he does it. And when I heard them say, that, "Gloria a Dios," is that right? Glory to God? I got… It's been a long time since I said that. "Gloria a Dios" or something: "Glory to God" or something.
I knowed there would be somebody get in the prayer line, when I heard them. And… But a little while, the Indian people got to coming in the prayer line, and my, I never seen so much power and glory as I… Started off here at Phoenix. Just seems like my beginning place was here in Phoenix, Arizona. May the Lord just richly bless each one of you.

E-4 Now, in these types of service, in praying for the sick, I come, thought maybe, would we just have the Gospel preaching of salvation for the soul. And I… This afternoon we kindly asked among the dear friends who were here, and they… It was a great, immense vote that they should–we should pray for the sick.
And in doing this, it keeps me kinda… People think, I was an isolationist, kinda to myself, a praying. But I love people. God knows that, how I love people. But you–you can't be a servant of man and a servant of God at the same time. You–you've got to either be… If you keep yourself to God, then you've got to be for God and serve His people.

E-5 And I'm sorry we don't–our–our seating is inadequate. But maybe, tomorrow night we will have more seats in here. And if the–the Lord blesses, I believe there's places here who would–places would seat more people than this would, that we could probably get. And we just… I never like to make anything big. We just go along, and just start, and whatever the Lord does, that's His way of doing it. You see? We just leave it like that.
Why I just trust that every person here tonight, that isn't saved, will be saved tonight, and every person that hasn't received the Holy Spirit, will receive It tonight, and that every sick person will be healed tonight. These stretchers and this wheelchair case, and whatevermore that's around, all the people out in the audience, may they every one be healed, is my sincere and deepest desire, to see the people healed.

E-6 And now, may God be merciful to us is my prayer. And I want to read some Scripture, just for a few moments. And I'll try not to keep you too long, because that having to stand and so forth… And I'll be just as quick as I can. We want you to be just as reverent as you can. And I want you to believe with all your heart, that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is here, and hath already healed every one of you, already has saved every one of you. The only thing you have to do is to believe that with all your heart and accept it. See? And on your confession…

E-7 Now, perhaps eighty percent or ninety percent of the audience tonight would be Christians. Well then, if you got in your mind that you wasn't a Christian any longer and would quit confessing that you was a Christian, you got–drop right out of the picture. See? It's your confession. Hebrews 3:1 said, "He's the High Priest of our confessions." In other words, He's making intercessions upon our confession. What we confess that He is, that's what He confesses that we are. Making intercession on our…
(I'm getting it too… I better set it over here, I guess, if it… It wasn't loud enough? Oh, I see. I'm… ) Can you hear me all right now, everywhere? Back in the left wing here? Can you…? All right? Over in this way? All right? Some says they can't and… Maybe step it up…
I'm not very big to begin with and… I have to almost yell at you. I don't mean to do it. But I almost yell to make you… your… The main thing is when we start the prayer line, get it just as high as you can, because I don't know what I'm saying then. You see? So, it's a–it's has to… have to pick it up in the audience.

E-8 Now, over in the reading of the Word… I love to read God's Word, because It is right. And my words will fail, like any other man's word. But God's Word can never fail. It's the same always.
Well now, we want to speak, as every meeting, about Jesus Christ. And He's the Center of our worship, the Center of our attraction, the Center of our life, all that we have and want–are and will be is based upon Him. He was the One Who came and gave His life for us, come down from God, out of glory, and was made flesh, dwelled among us. And taken upon us–upon Him the sin of us all, the sickness of us all, bore it away to Calvary, and there paid the price. He's worthy of all praise that can be given Him.
Someone said, not long ago, said, "Brother Branham, you brag too much about Jesus."
I said, "I don't brag enough about Him." You could never say too much in bragging about our Lord Jesus Christ, 'cause He's worthy of all praise.

Now, in the writing of Saint John, the 1st chapter, and beginning with the 44th verse, we read these Words:

Now, in the writing of Saint John, the 1st chapter, and beginning with the 44th verse, we read these Words:

Now Philip was of Bethsaida, a city of Andrew and Peter.

Philip findeth Nathanael, and said unto him, We have found him of whom Moses and the law… did write, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph.

Nathanael said unto him, Can there be any good thing come out of Nazareth? Philip said… Come and see.

Jesus saw Nathanael coming to him, and said to him, Behold an Israelite… in whom is no guile.

Nathanael said unto him, Whence knowest thou me? Jesus answered and said unto him, Before that Philip called thee, when thou were under the… tree, I saw thee.

Nathanael said… answering and said unto him, Rabbi, thou art the Son of God; thou art the King of Israel.

Now, shall we bow our heads just a moment, for prayer.

E-9 Our kind, loving Father, we approach Thee tonight in the Name of Thy beloved Child, Jesus Christ, thanking Thee from the depths of our soul, for the privilege that we have of representing Him in the way of preaching the Gospel and ministering to your poor sick, needy people. Bringing sinners to repentance by the preaching of the Word and the demonstration of the Holy Spirit, they become submissive to the Word of God.
We thank Thee for these things. And we're living in the day just before His coming again. Our hearts are quivering with joy to know that soon, we'll be caught up to meet Him in the air. We'll be changed and made like He is. We'll see Him as He is. And to think that we were one time alienated from God, cut off without mercy, Gentiles, packed away with dumb idols, worshipping, and know not what we were worshipping.
And due season, Christ come, the lovely One for the unlovely, the righteous One for the unholy, and has gave His Life, giving His precious Blood for a sacrifice, that it might reconcile us, before God, that we'd be–appear in His righteousness, blameless and faultless before Him. Oh, how we love Him and adore Him.

E-10 Now, Father as I speak just a few moments, no man can open the Word of God. We realize that in the reading of the Scripture, John said, that, "No man in the earth, or under the earth, or in heaven, was worthy to open the Book or to loose the seals thereof, or even to look thereon." But a Lamb which had been slain from the foundation of the earth, He came and took the Book, for He was worthy.
And now, Lamb of God, I have read Your Word, but now open It to us. That we might understand. For we ask it in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.

E-11 I–I will try now, just to speak a few moments. But now, the main thing tonight… Reason I don't preach at nighttime like this, just a little sermonette like, is because of a–of the–a different anointing. It's all the Holy Spirit, but the man who is–is preaching, isn't maybe, interpreting tongues at the same time. See, it's the same Spirit, but it's a–it's different manifestations of the same Spirit.
Now, healing lays only in–in Jesus Christ. There's not no person on earth that can heal, but God Almighty, Himself. Psalms 103:3 said, "I'm the Lord Who healeth all of thy diseases." All diseases are… Fine doctors and medical institutes doesn't claim to be healers. They only claim to assist nature, saying, "There is one Healer; that's God."
You might break your arm. The doctor could set it. But he couldn't heal it. See? You might have a bad tooth, and the doctor might pull it, but he couldn't heal the place it come out. He might take out appendix, but he could not heal the place he cut. See? God has to do that. Medicine doesn't build tissue. Medicine only keeps clean, while God does the building of the tissue. He's the only Creator there is, is God. And He…
And Jesus Christ, when He was here on earth, He–He did not claim to be a Healer. He didn't say He done any healing at all. He gave all praise to God. Which was in Him.

E-12 Now, let's just wonder tonight. You and I and most everyone in here, we talk so much about Jesus and wonder about Him. We want to think, tonight that we ought to take a look around and see if we could see Him. Wouldn't you love to see Him? I would like to see Him. And I'm sure every one of you would, would love to see Jesus.
Now, let's look into His Word and find out just what type of Person we should look to, or look for, if we were going to look for Jesus. Now, practically all of you in here are Christians. 'Cause there's such a fine move of faith. Mr. Sharritt just come and got me a while ago, from the–the place that I'm staying. And I heard him knocking at the door, very fine, Christian gentleman, here, that you all know, and come and got me.

E-13 I was in the room and a praying for anointing. And as the meeting goes on, you'll notice that the Anointing will get greater and greater as you begin to build faith. Because it'll take all the superstitions and things away from you. And then, you begin to see that what God says is the truth. And there your faith will just keep moving higher and higher. 'Course, it weakens and weakens all the time.
Now… And I would by no means, Christian friends… I would rather be up in Jeffersonville, Indiana, shoveling the snow off of my doorstep tonight, than to be down here in this lovely country where you live, in "The Valley of the Sun." Rather be up there in the will of God, than to be down here, out of the will of God.
And I would, rather, never enter a door of a meeting again, than to have God to say at that day, "Why, you deceiver." I want, if anything, to be truthful. I want to be honest. And there's many things that'll go on perhaps, in these meetings, that may seem very phenomenal and may cause you to arouse your superstitions. But don't let it bother you. Just settle down, say, "I'll just watch it and see what it is." That's the way to do. Give it a… Give God a fair chance at you, now, to let Him… See what He can do.

E-14 Now, I don't claim to be a healer. There's no Healer but God. God alone can heal. And only thing that I can do, is just like one of these ministers here, like a man you've just had here in the city, Mr. Roberts, a very bosom friend of mine. Now, he takes the Word of God and just preaches it. Mr. Osborn, Tommy Osborn, he's a bosom friend of mine, a very lovely brother also. And he was one of my converts to Divine healing; so was Brother Roberts. And coming in the meeting and seeing the Lord move, then they got inspiration and went out, and away they went, done wonderful works, across the nations for the Lord Jesus Christ. God bless their gallant souls, along with many, many hundreds of other fine brothers and sisters, who are crossing the nation now, praying for the sick. And great revivals everywhere.
We're thanking our kind heavenly Father for this great visitation in our generation that we're living in now, to see these things come to pass.

E-15 Now, the ministers, usually, here is the basic and foundation of all Christiandom. It lays right here in the Bible. Anything outside of that is untrue. That's right. It has to be based on THUS SAITH THE LORD.
Now, the minister speaking, he gets inspiration. He's got a gift of healing. Gift of healing, 'course, is faith in healing. Now, he believes it with all of his heart. And he stands up, and he preaches it, with great forceful words that goes out to the people, and they just have to believe it. He just presents it in such a way till you just have to believe it.
And Brother Roberts is very good at that. And Brother Osborn is a man who can tie a Satan in so many places in the Scripture, till he hasn't even got a place to move. That's all. He's just–he's just tied up. Now, he does that, not by knowledge. They do that by inspiration. The Holy Spirit give them a gift of Divine healing which gives inspiration to the people when they see the Word of God is claiming what they're talking about. And upon that, they have a right then, to anoint with oil, lay on hands, or committal, or anything they want to do, way they feel led to do it. That's all…

E-16 But all the healing doesn't come from the man. It comes from the individual's faith in God. That's the only way you could do it. There isn't a man in the world could forgive you your sins. Not your sins–initial sins before God. Now, if you've sinned against him, he can forgive you. Just like, I'd say, "Forgive me. I didn't aim to do that." But my sins before God, I have to ask God myself to forgive me. That's the only One can forgive me.
And now that's the way with healing. And healing, I might be able to explain it to you, show you in such a way, pray with you. But your individual faith in the atonement of Jesus Christ at Calvary is what takes away the sickness. That's… All lays in God, in the working of the Holy Spirit.

E-17 Now, as most all of you has been in my meetings, I suppose. How many has been–here has been in my meetings before? Let's see your hands go up, everywhere. Well, it's ninety percent, perhaps. All right.
Now, in the ministering to the sick, I am a firm believer then–that in gifts and callings without repentance. I believe that they come by the–the will of God. That God Himself sets in the Church some apostles, some teachers, some prophets, some… so and just sets them in the Church. God has. Do you believe that? Not some church has, not some seminary has, not some man has, but God has set in the Church. See?

E-18 Not because they are–they have a degree of–of psychology, or a degree of philosophy, or a Bachelor's degree. Because that God Almighty… They may be so ignorant of those things of–of degrees, that they wouldn't hardly know which was right and left. But if God has set the man in the Church, He will confirm it every time, with–with a…
Paul said, "I come not preaching the wisdom of man, that your faith would be in the wisdom of man, but preaching the power and demonstration of the Holy Ghost, that your faith might be built up in God." Paul was an educated, smart man. But he said he forgot all he ever knowed, in order to find Christ. That's what we have to do. Just lay aside our theology and stuff, and look right in the face of God, and say, "I believe it." That's all. That's what it takes.

E-19 Now, in this, believing those things… While you've been in the meetings and watched. Remember (since I believe I've left you before… No, I believe I've been here since then), when the great affair had taken place over in Houston, Texas, here, by a Baptist minister, Dr. Best wanted to debate with me about whether, if Divine healing was wrong and so forth. And I wouldn't argue with no one. I don't believe it. I wouldn't mar my feeling with my Lord Jesus Christ and that love to argue with anyone. I'll preach the Gospel. If you believe it, all right. If you don't, that's up between you and God. That's all. I don't believe in debates and arguments. You just preach the Word, God will take care of the rest.
Mr. Bosworth wanted to have the discussion with the man. And you know what happened when the Angel of the Lord come down visible, before the people there, where I was standing, had His picture taken. We've got some. How many ever seen the picture? Let's see your hands. It's in Washington, D.C. and so on. Well, we have a few of them here. We have to buy them and then give them out to people. It will be next week, not on Sunday. But next week. And if you wish one, you can have it.

E-20 Now, we… There and across the world, and since I left, and this little Spanish choir sang for me, and the rest of you here. Well, it's been around the world. It's been tested in every fiery furnace the Devil has got. I–I certainly have been thankful to God to see how He has taken care of it around the world.
And how thankful I am tonight to be back here in Phoenix, with the same Gospel that I had eight years ago, when I come in here. The same thing. Only, it's just getting more and more… Of course, God is doing that. As we believe, the time is drawing nigh.

E-21 Now, let's take a look to see if we could find Jesus tonight, in Phoenix. I believe He's here. For He said, "Wherever two or three are gathered in My Name, I'll be in their midst." Well now, if He's a man of honor, He will keep His Word. And certainly, God would keep His Word. A man of honor will do that, let alone, God. He would certainly keep His Word. Now, He promised that.
Now, if He's here, why can't we see Him? That's the thing I want to know. Why can't we see Him? If we are going out in Phoenix tonight, to look around for the Son of God, Who we all love, let's see what kind of a Person we'd look for.

E-22 Would we look for a great scholarly person who were–who was real scholarly? No. I'd have… There's no record of Him ever even going to school. That's right. Whether He did or not, I couldn't tell you. There's no record of it, where He was schooled. But would we look for a man that was dressed different, more, maybe today, some outstanding something, long robes and something another and… Would that type of a man? No.
Jesus dressed just like the ordinary man out on the street. He walked right among men, and they didn't even know Him. He didn't dress any different. He didn't dress like a priest or a Rabbi. He just dressed like the common man on the street.
What kind of a language did He use? Did He use real fine grammar? No. The Bible, if you… The truth is, the Bible was written so simple in the street language, until many of the translators get mixed up in it, in the words. That's right. It was so simply written, just very simple. That's the type of a person…

E-23 Where would He be? Out in the great shining lights? No. He would be amongst the humble. "The common people heard Him gladly," said the Scripture. The priests and so forth wouldn't listen to Him. They had their own ideas, their own churches, their own set-up, so they didn't listen.
What kind of a Man would He be then? Would He be a–a real overbearing sort of a person? No. I don't believe He would. I believe He'd be a kind person. And I–I believe He would–He would be so kind, that when He spoke to you, you'd know it was Him speaking, and yet He would be firm enough till you would know that… Like when He plaited the ropes together and beat them out of the temple for doing something wrong. So, He would be a–a… quite a… No, I don't believe no artist could paint His character. But He would be a very sweet Person for us to see, wouldn't He? No matter what He would look like or anything. He would be.

E-24 Now, if we would like to see Him, and Jesus Christ will appear here with us tonight… I want you to get this close now. If Jesus will appear here in this room tonight, and will manifest Hisself to this audience, just the same as He was in Galilee, will you believe Him? Will you accept it? Say, just say, "I–I–I believe it. I'll–I'll now believe for my healing. I'll believe for my salvation. I'll believe Jesus Christ raised from the dead."
Well then, when He was here on earth, what He was then, He is now, all but His visible flesh. He's here in Spirit. You believe that? "A little while and the world will see Me no more, yet you shall see Me (Who is 'ye?' The Church. Well, some of them said that was the disciples. Oh, no. Listen at the next.) you shall see Me for I (personal pronoun) will be with you, even in you to the end of the world." That settles it. Is that right? Not just for that age, for all ages, plumb to the end of the world…

E-25 They said… The signs of Mark 16 is said today that that was just for the disciples. Why, Jesus said, "Preach the Gospel unto all the world, and these signs shall follow them," on to all the world. Everywhere, this same sign, same Gospel will be preached. We've had tracts passed out all over the world. But the Gospel hasn't been preached to a third of it yet.
The Gospel is not just the Word only, but it's the Word made manifest, the power and demonstrations of the Holy Spirit, bringing the Word to pass.

E-26 Recently, when a fine man, Dr. Reedhead, the president of the Sudan Missions, the greatest mission, fundamental mission in the world… When he was at my house and received the baptism of the Holy Ghost… He had so many degrees, he didn't even know how many he had, of honorary degrees and things upon him. He said, "Brother Branham, but in all of it, where is Jesus?"
And he was talking to a fine educated, Mohammedan. And the Mohammedan, after being educated in America, was returning back to his Mohammedan religion. And he said… Brother Reedhead said to him, said, "Why, don't you just renounce your old dead prophet, Mohammed, and receive the resurrected Lord Jesus?"
And said the Mohammedan looked at him, and said, "Kind, sir, what can your resurrected Lord Jesus do for me, any more than my dead prophet does?" He said, "They both wrote Bibles. We read them and believe them."
Well, Brother Reedhead says, "Well, brother, we've got joy, satisfaction."
He said, "So do we."
He said, "Well, we have peace."
He said, "So do we." He said, "Tell me one thing that your Jesus can do, any more than my Mohammed."

E-27 Two thousand years now, there has been a white horse setting–standing at the grave of Mohammed. Mohammed says, when he died, that he would raise again and would ride the whole world around and conquer it. They believe that. Mohammedan religion, in numbers, is the greatest religion in the world, Buddha is second, Christianity third.
Now, so they said, "What can your religion do for me, any more than mine does?" He said, "Your Jesus died and is buried just like my Mohammed."
He said, "Oh, no. Jesus rose again."
Said, "Prove it." Said, "Prove it." Said, "Oh, we've had resurrections too, we claim." But said, "Mohammed never promised us nothing but life after death." And said, "That's what Jesus promised you."
And Brother Reedhead said, "Brother Branham, I was tied." He said, "He could produce just as much psychology, much joy, much anything that you wanted to, as we could." And he said, "What could we offer him?"
He said, "Now, just a moment." Said, "Your Jesus you said rose two thousand years ago."
Said, "That's right."
Said, "They ain't a… hardly over… little over a third of the world knows it." Said, "Let Mohammed rise from the dead and jump on that white horse and the whole world will know it in a few hours." That's right.

E-28 So, you see, where the Christianity in it's theology, how weak it is. God never invented that in the first place. Jesus never did say, "Build churches, seminaries." He said, "Preach the Gospel into all the world," then He'd would return. See? But we've done everything else but do what He told us to do. He can't return till the Gospel's been preached. He said, "You'll hear of signs and wars and rumors of wars, (Not yet) parents against children, children…" (That's not yet.) But said "When this Gospel has been preached to all of the world, then the end will be." He would return.
There is the mission of the Church, is to preach the Gospel, demonstrate the power. Oh, we've passed tracts everywhere. But that ain't what it takes. It takes the power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit, truly. Now, watch.

E-29 Then this Mohammedan said to him, he said, "Mohammed only promised us life after death." Said, "Your Jesus promised, the things that He did, you'd do also. So let me see you teachers produce that." Said, "Then we'll believe your Jesus rose from the dead."
He said, "Brother Branham, I kinda scraped the dirt with my foot like that, and changed the subject, and walked away." Defeated, certainly… It's all you could do. It's exactly. They can just put just as much history and theology as the next one can. But he said, "Now, Jesus promised…"
He said, "Well, now…" He said, "You're referring to Mark 16, where it said, 'These… '" Said, "We don't believe from the 9th verse on, that it's inspired."
Said, "What kind of a Bible you got then? Half of it is inspired, the other half isn't. Which is right and which is wrong?" He said, "Then what about when Jesus Christ said, 'The things that you do–that I do, shall you also.' You think that part is inspired, John 14:7?" Said, "How about Luke 20–or Luke 11th chapter and 24th verse? 'Whatsoever things you desire, when you pray, believe you receive it, and you shall have it.'" Said, "What's the matter with you all? If Jesus rose from the dead, He promised to be the same yesterday, today, and forever," Said, "Then why don't we see it that way?" Said, "Let me see you teachers produce that, and we Mohammedans are ready to receive Jesus as Christ."

E-30 Oh, brother. "Praise the Lord." There you are. But that's cold facts on a showdown. And brother, that's just as clear and just as real tonight in Phoenix, as it–as it is there. See? If Jesus Christ was here on earth… What kind of a person He was here on earth? They crucified Him in order to take away sin, is that right? To make a bleeding sacrifice to pay the penalty of death and sickness for us…
And He ascended up to the right-hand of the majesty of God. And He's sitting there tonight, and sent back the Holy Spirit in–which is the manifestation of Jesus Christ in the Church. And He said, "A little while and the world will see Me no more, yet you will see Me; for I'll be with you, even in you, to the end of the world." Is that right?
Then, He said, "The things that I do, shall you do also, greater than this (or more), for I go unto the Father." Is that right? He returned from flesh to Spirit, so He could come back and be in His Church. See. "I go unto My Father. A little while and the world will see Me no more, yet you'll see Me, for I'll be with you even in you, to the end of the world. And the things that I do (doing here now) shall you do also and even greater than this, for I go to My Father." What a promise.

E-31 Then if Hebrews 13:8 says, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever," you'll have to admit that Jesus Christ will produce the same things or the Scripture is not inspired. (I'm taking the infidel's side now, to bring it out. So I can get you quiet 'fore you–'fore we get started in the meeting.) That's right.
Those things are either right or wrong. And no man's worth any more than his word is. If my word's no good, then I'm no good. If God's Word is not true, then I couldn't believe it; there's nothing to it. But I have found this, that God will keep every Word that He says. It has to be. If you just get your heart set straight in Calvary yonder, without a shadow of doubt. As I said, this afternoon, "Get your subconscious, and this conscious, and God's Word all in connection and watch what takes place."

E-32 Now, watch when Jesus was here on earth. Let's see what kind of Person He was, if He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. That's our theme note now, for the entire revival: "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever." That's my campaign slogan, is "Jesus Christ The Same."
Well then, looks like that that would take every bit of doubt out, if Jesus Christ will produce Himself, or reproduce Himself in His Church, just the same as He did back in the beginning. Is that right?
Now, let's see what kind of a Man He was. Did He claim to be a Healer? No. He didn't claim to heal anybody. Frankly, He said He never healed anybody. He said, "I can do nothing of Myself." Is that right? "It's not Me that doeth the works; it's My Father that dwelleth in Me; He doeth the works." Is that right?

E-33 Let's see. How many believes He was loving and full of compassion? We all do. Let's trust–test that compassion once. We see Him coming down… A woman had just touched the hem of His garment, was made whole of a blood issue. And we see Him coming down now into the pool of Bethesda (God willing, the next few months, I aim to pass through that pool.), where great multitudes, not a multitude, multitudes. Takes two thousand to make one multitude. So there were great multitudes of impotent folk laid there.
Now, watch what kind of people they were: lame, halt, blind, withered. What a condition, waiting for the moving of the water, for an Angel come down at a certain season, troubled the pool. Whosoever with faith, stepping in first, was made whole of whatever he had.

E-34 Now, here comes Jesus walking right down through that pool, the Garments full of virtue, walked right by every one of those crippled and afflicted people. There was an old mother, maybe, with a baby with a water-head, some poor old blind dad, crippled up with arthritis, saying, "Somebody have mercy to put me in the pool." And here is Emmanuel, coming, walking down through this pool, full of power, full of virtue, full of love, full of compassion, and walked by the screaming, howling multitude begging for mercy, and never opened His mouth and said a word to any of them.
I believe if He had told that whole multitude, "Every one of you are healed." I believe they'd all got up and went home. Don't you? Well then, why didn't He? Now is the next thing. Why didn't He? Now, we want to see whether Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. See? Why didn't He tell them?

E-35 Here's the reason. You noticed Him milling through those crippled and afflicted people, with garments full of virtue. God Himself manifested in flesh, moved down along those people, went over to a man, not a cripple, and twisted, and blind, and halt, but a man laying on pallet, a little bed, blanket or something laying there.
He had an infirmity he'd had thirty-eight years, probably prostate trouble. Wasn't going to kill him, it was retired. He'd had it thirty-eight years. He walked up to him. Watch now. For He knew this man in this condition all this time. And He said to him, "Wilt thou be made whole?"
He said, "Sir, I have no one to put me in the water." (Now, he wasn't crippled.) Said, "While I'm coming down…" Somebody outrun him and got in first. Said, "While I'm coming, someone gets in ahead of me."
He said, "Take up thy bed and go into the house." No more argument. He picked up his bed, and done what Jesus told him, went on home. That was it.

E-36 Then, when he was found in the temple rejoicing, the Jews questioned him. Now, this is Saint John, the 5th chapter, 19th verse. Listen closely. Now, the Jews questioned him. "Well, why didn't He heal all those people? If He was a great Healer? Why didn't He make all those crippled and people… He passed right through them. If He was full of love, why didn't He have compassion on them?"
People don't know what compassion is. Compassion and love is the will of God. And you can only exercise that as God gives it, not human, emotional passion, not emotional love, but Divine Love, which can only be rendered and given by God.

E-37 Now, watch Him when He passes through. He made this man whole, and the Jews said, to Him, begin to question Him. Now, listen what Jesus said now, 19th verse of the 5th chapter. "Verily, verily (that's absolutely, absolutely) I say unto you, The Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father doing: for what things the Father doeth, He showeth the Son." And He will show you greater than the healing of this man with the–this prostate trouble, or diabetic, or whatever it was. "He will show you greater than–things than that, that you might marvel. For the Father worketh and I worketh hitherto." Is that right? That's the reason He didn't heal the multitudes. God didn't tell Him.
Now, If Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, He will have to work in that scale, is that right? He will have to. Now, I believe it would… He would've done it. But first He must know the will of God. Now, listen. Jesus never in Himself, performed one miracle. Jesus said, "I can do nothing of Myself. But what I see the Father doing, that doeth the Son likewise." How many has read that in the Scripture? Let's see your hands. Sure, Saint John 5:19…

E-38 Now, look. Now, He–He did not do the healing Himself then. He only did as the Father showed Him. It was a vision. Find any of the prophets in the Bible, Elijah on Mount Carmel, anywhere else. Every prophet, every Divine man that come from the Presence of God, always worked under certain inspirations which was directed by God.
Ministers tonight, preach under inspiration, directed by God. Seers tonight, work under the inspiration of visions, directed by God. "I can do nothing," He said, "except the Father shows Me. And whatever the Father shows Me, I go do it."
Now, if Jesus is risen from the dead and living among us tonight, then He's reincarnating Himself again in His Church. Then He will produce the same thing that He did back there.

E-39 Look at Him talking to the woman at the well. He said, "Bring Me a drink," just to get a conversation.
She said, "The well is deep, and You have nothing to draw with and it's not customary for You Jews to ask Samaritans such."
He said, "But if you knew Who you were talking to, you'd ask Me for a drink, and I'd give you water you didn't come to draw."
She said, "The well's deep," and so forth. Carrying a conversation, what was He doing? Contacting her spirit. And He found where her trouble was.
He said, "Go get your husband."
She said, "I have none."
Said, "That's right. You got five."
"Why," she said, "I perceive that You're a Prophet. We know that Messiah cometh, and will tell us all things.
He said, "I'm He."
And in the city she went and said, "Come, see a Man Who told me all I ever done." Now, He never told her all she ever done. He just told her what was wrong with her. But she was all excited, of course. And He could've told her everything, if God would've showed Him.

E-40 Look at this Scripture tonight. There come a fellow along by the name of Nathanael. And Nathanael, he got… Or Philip, he got converted. He went and found his friend. That's a real conversion, isn't that right? Find your friend real quick and tell him what Jesus has done. That's love.
He went and saw Nathanael. He said, "Come, see Who we've found, Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of Joseph." And this righteous man was under a tree praying when Nathanael come up.
He raised up (not a critic), but he said, "Could there be any good thing come out of Nazareth?
Philip said, "You come, see."
And Jesus standing in the prayer line… We'll just take a little drama, here. Here's Jesus standing in the prayer line now, He's just come into His ministry. And He's standing in the prayer line, maybe praying for the sick. And along come this fine man. And he looked at Him like that. Jesus looked back, and said, "Behold, an Israelite, in where–whom there is no guile." In other words, a honest man.
We'd say today, "There is a Christian, a truthful man."
So, he was very curious. "How did that Man know that?" So he said, "Whence knowest Thou me, Rabbi?"
He said, "Before Philip called you. When you were under the tree, I saw you."

E-41 Do you know what they would say in America today? "That's mental telepathy." or "He's a–he's a devil. He's a witch. He's a mind reader." See?
Not Philip, he said, "Thou art the Christ, the Son of God." His name is immortal tonight.
But what did the church people of that day say? "He's the best fortuneteller in the country. He's Beelzebub, the prince of all the devils (Is that right?), the prince of the devils."
They couldn't understand… God… He would stand in the audience… Now, I want you to put your shock-proof vests on just a minute. Don't leave, till I explain this. Jesus was a mind reader. He was. I'm glad you have read the Scripture. He perceived their thoughts, is that right? If you'll tell me what perceiving thoughts is, different from reading mind, I want you to tell me the word to use. But not one of these devil operators out here, taking your hand and looking into it. That's a pattern the devil made off of it. See? That's the devil, guessing at a few things.

E-42 But Jesus perceived their thoughts. He knew what… He knew where there was a fish there, had a coin in his mouth, to pay some tribute. Is that right? He knowed where two mules was hitched, where two ways… Is that right? And He had need to go by… Oh, many places, just where He knew, foreknew… God showed Him a vision on what was going on. And He foretold just exactly, and everything He said come to pass, just the way He said it.
And when… In the lines, He knew the people. He knew their condition. But He could only heal as God would let Him.

E-43 Look at Lazarus. His friend. Why did Jesus up and run away from Lazarus' home all at once? Did you ever think of that? Why did He go? Lazarus took sick. Jesus got up and left. I wonder why. "A Healer," as the people want to call Him. He got up and left. They sent for Him to come to His friend; He just went on. He went on for several days. And after while, He turned to His disciples and said, "Our friend, Lazarus, sleepeth." He said… Or in other words, he is dead. He said, "And for your sake, I'm glad I wasn't there. But I go wake him."
God had told Him just how many days it would be before Lazarus would die. [–Ed.] And He's come back for the resurrection. And then when He stood at the grave of Lazarus (Look.), He said, "Father, I thank Thee, that Thou has already heard Me, but for these who stand by, I said it." See? God had already showed Him. 'Cause His own Words… Let me quote it to you. Closely… Jesus did not do one miracle until first God showed Him a vision of what to do.

E-44 You believe His Word, don't you? Listen, "Verily, verily…" Saint John 5:19: "Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself. But what He sees the Father doing, that doeth the Son likewise." Did He tell the truth? Then He… That's the truth. And He only did as God showed Him. God was in Him and revealed what He wanted done by a vision.
Now, He promised that those things would continue on to the end of the world. And signs and wonders would follow, great gifts in the Church.

E-45 Now, what is the seer? What is a vision? It's another dimension. It's another… Outside the five… It's a sixth sense. I want to ask you something. How many in here ever… You know you got a subconscious, don't you? We are conscious of that. That's the fellow, that subconscious is causing you all the trouble tonight. It don't agree with this one out here. It's scared and backs up. But when it becomes in harmony with this one, and this one becomes in harmony with God's Word, you got–you're going then.
But now, watch. Say, here's–here's your first and second conscience. Here's the first conscience. Here's the second conscience. A normal man, you're–when you're dreaming, you're dreaming in your subconscious. How many in here ever dreamed a dream, let's see your hand? Well, there is at least two thirds of you. That's about right. There's about one third of the people that never dream a dream. They never had a dream in their life.

E-46 Now, what if I asked you to dream me a dream? You couldn't do it. Now, when this conscience becomes inactive (you go to sleep), this one is active to dreaming. Now, many of you that dream dreams. You dreamed dreams years ago and you still remember it tonight, don't you, just what you dreamed about, years ago? Well, where was you? What part of you was where, that you still remember it in this conscience? See what I mean?
Now, try to get this, Church. When this conscience is inactive, this one's active. When this one has the first place, this one is inactive. You're sleeping. Now, when you are dreaming, you dreamed of what you did here. When you wake up in here, you dreamed a… You remember what you dreamed of.

E-47 Now, a person that doesn't dream a dream, their subconscious would be way back, like to the wall. They sleep sound. A dreamer does not sleep sound.
Now, this man cannot help because he dreams a dream. And that man can–can't help because he doesn't dream a dream. Now, who taking thought can add one cubit to his stature? God made him that way. I always wanted brown eyes. Didn't do me any good. I had to be satisfied with blue. I wanted to be a great big man. It didn't do me any good. See? I had to be what God made me. And that's what every one of us has to be, what God made us.
Now, just about couple minutes now we'll close. Now, watch this. Now, that man can't help because he doesn't dream. This man can't help because he does dream. That's the way God made them.

E-48 Now dreams, God can deal in dreams. But it's not too accurate, unless there be a correct interpreter. He dealt with Joseph, and King Nebuchadnezzar, and many of them with dreams. Which is right. But now, look. A seer, his subconscious is not back there; neither here; it's right here. He can't help it. He doesn't go to sleep. He just stands, and he sees a vision. And when he comes to, he remembers the things, and he talks of what is going on.
In other words, you can call it seer, prophet, whatever you wish to call it. That's ordained of God. Now, when Jesus was here, He was the King of the seers. He was more than a prophet. He was the Son of God.

E-49 Now, when they put a rag around His head and hit Him on the head with a stick and said, "Prophesy now, if you're a prophet. Tell us who hit you." He never opened His mouth, never said a word.
The woman touched His garment. She approached Him rightly. She touched His garment. She believed Him. And she was healed. But those Romans who beat Him and stripped Him of His garment, couldn't feel no virtue; is the way they approached it.
Now, there's no doubt but what's people setting here with heart trouble and so forth would die in the next few weeks. I don't know any of you. But God would hold me responsible for truth.

E-50 And now, if Jesus Christ has risen from the dead, and I say He has, then He promised the very things that He did, He would manifest in the Church again through the age. Is that right? Then if He was standing here tonight with these clothes on that He give me, then He couldn't heal you. 'Cause He's already done that. He'd only ask you, didn't you believe it? But if there is anything wrong with you, He'd know that as the Father would reveal it. Is that right? He could…
Now, if Jesus is here, and I believe that He is, and we become His subjects, then if He will reproduce His life in that manner, will you all accept Him as Saviour and Healer? If you will, say, "Amen." May He grant it to you, is my prayer.

E-51 Now, I have a poor way of expressing what I–what I–my ministry. It has to speak for itself. But I pray tonight, Christian friends, that the Lord Jesus that walked with some men one day, all the way to Emmaus, after His resurrection… He looked like an ordinary man. He talked to them just like a man. But when He got them together, like we are here tonight, He did something just a little different from… And they recognized the way He did it, that that was the Christ. Is that right? And they said, "Did not our hearts burn within us?"
I pray tonight that He will do something tonight, right here in this audience, that you'll recognize that Jesus has risen from the dead and is living in His Church tonight. I trust that you'll accept Him. My whole… My all–only alternative is to get you to believe His lovely Person and to accept Him as Saviour, Healer, and King. Now, will we bow our heads.

E-52 Our kind Father, in the Name of Jesus the Christ, we come to give thanks and praise for all that You have done. And now, Lord, after speaking, this being a new type of ministry to me, to come and explain these things and then go right in to the healing service. I pray that You'll send the great Angel of God, Who's fed me all the days of my life, and brought me through many dangerous toils and snares around the world, has bound Satan, and the things that He has did. I pray that You'll send Him tonight, and let Him be made manifest here on the platform, as this little audience down here, in this lovely place, will believe on Him with all their hearts.
And dear God, the Author of Life, the Giver of every good gift, I pray that You will send Your blessings upon Your humble servant, and will forgive me and this audience of all of our sins and trespasses. And it–may this night, be a night that'll be long remembered in Phoenix. As we set packed in this little hot building, I pray that the Angel of God will come so close, that He will make Jesus known so plain here tonight, that even the children can understand and see that He's here. And I pray Father, that the great Pillar of Fire that's led the children of Israel, and is here with us tonight, that He will come visible on the audience, before the people, that they may see that Thy servant is telling the truth.
Now, you have said in Your Word, "God testifies of His gifts." And I know Father, if I testify of You, You'll testify that I have told the truth. And I pray that You'll grant it this night, in the Name of Jesus Christ, Thy dear beloved Child. Amen.

E-53 I wish the sister on the organ, if she would or–just slowly play a chord, "Abide With Me" or something on that order, if you will, or Only Believe," would be all right.
Now, I'm going to ask you one thing, Christian friends, if you will do this for me. I want you to be just as quiet as you can. Be just as reverent as you can. As it written in the Scripture, "Be still and know that I am God." I want you just to be just as reverent. I won't keep you long. The managers is not here, but Mr. Sharritt, and my son, and them are here. They watch…

E-54 Now, if God does bring His Spirit down, the only thing… Let me get this superstition away from you. It's not that I am anything. I'm just a man like every one of you, just a sinner saved by grace. But it's just… God sent me that I had a way of emptying up myself, so that He could come in. And He will be with every one of you, if you'll just empty up yourself.
Now, empty up all the suspicions… Listen at the Scripture. If Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, He will reproduce that same life right here tonight. I'm just waiting till I can before those Mohammedans, and those Jews. In Africa, I made that statement, before nearly a hundred thousand people, and when God manifested Hisself, thirty thousand accepted Jesus as personal Saviour, in one altar call, thirty thousand raw heathens.

E-55 And they just taken the country. They have got healing campaigns all out through the… The perfect… Well, just idol worshippers, they just come in there packing little mud idol, sprinkled on with blood. I asked them to break those idols on the ground, just like a dust storm, when they broke the idols, like. Thirty thousand at one altar call…
Now, surely, we love God as much as those Hottentots do. Now, let's ask if… Now, I say this; now, He–He can hold–withhold Hisself and not come to me. If it is, I'll turn, take a text in the Scripture and go to preaching, or whatever He will let me do. But if He does, I will be very thankful. Let this audience know that.
And now, another thing that I have to say, so that you can tell them, if I am missing some night, you announce it before… (some of you ministers, that's speaking) I am not responsible for critics in the meeting. For be it assured, that if evil spirits move, they find a place to go to.

E-56 And you're well aware what happened here in Phoenix, over at the little church. I believe it was Brother Garcia's church or somewhere over there, one of those places, where that man sat there right… Well known man here in Phoenix, said, "It's nothing but psychology." and shook his head. Six weeks later, he happened to have… He–he just lost his mind completely. And–and his wife was… After they had drug me over the top, over at Santa Rosa, California. There he was sitting, the beard out all over his face, staring, going "Ah, ah." like that. Just remember, the same God still lives. And the same devil still lives too. So just be reverent. We're not playing church, and you'll find it and see.

E-57 Now, my boy, it's… (What was the prayer cards you give out? L's.) Now, the only way that we can do this legitimately, is to line people up, like Brother Roberts and the rest of them, just have prayer cards.
And the way we… We don't just pass the people through the line, just simply run them through the line. It's all right. But we have another way. I've got some–I've got something before you, here under consideration: the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
And I want you to know that any persons in this building without prayer cards, can be healed right now. You don't have to have a prayer card. Coming up here doesn't heal you. Just have faith and believe where you're at; watch what God will do.

E-58 Now, we can't stand too many at a time. The boy said he give out prayer cards 'L.' All right, let's take… Who has prayer card L-1? Let's see who has L-1. So we can see if there is any of them that can't… Raise up your hand. It's a little–little… It's a little card. It's got–it's got a picture on one side and–and–and the name. And on the other side it's got a–it's got a number… L-1? You have it? All right. Come over here.
Who has L-2, prayer card L-2? Look on the back of it, and it's got a–a letter, a 'L,' and a 2. L-2, who has it? Raise up your hand. L-2? All right, lady. All right. L-3, who has L-3? See this lady here, is that… Is hers L-3? No. All right. L-3, who has it? Anybody here? Look around, it may be a deaf person, can't hear now. Prayer card L-3? L-3, who has it? Raise up your hand ever who has it. What did he say? All right, L-3? All right, sir. Come over here.
L-4, who has L-4? Right here, you, sir? All right, come here. L-5, who has L-5? Prayer card L-5? All right, lady. L-6, who has prayer card L-6? L-7? Reason I do that, these stretchers and things, they can't get up, and some of them is deaf, and they can't move and they miss their turn. L-7? L-8? 9, who has L-9? L-9? L-9? All right, lady. 10, who has L-10? Watch your prayer card now. L-10? All right. 11? L-11? Here? Here? L-11, all right. 13? 11, 12, who has L-12? L-12? All right, 13? L-13? 14? Who has L-14? Anybody got L-14? Raise your hand.

E-59 Now, you got a prayer card, lady? Oh, you don't have a prayer card. That's not her number is it? 14? It's not her. All right. What about the lady in the chair? You got a prayer card? All right. All right, L-14? It might be Spanish or Indian, and they might not… You have it, lady? All right, over here. All right, L-15? I guess we got just about enough now to–to begin. All right, sir. Come right over here.
All right now, let's wait just a minute now, till we get these prayed for. Now, come early in the evening, around six o'clock. What they do, they come down and give out all those prayer cards and then get away so that they can get into the service. You see? They give out the prayer cards first. And you come here now, every night. Every day there's a new bunch of prayer cards give out, so you don't have to worry. You… "Well, my number wasn't called." It would be… You have the same… tomorrow night.
Now, in all of that, you don't have to have a prayer card to be up here. I ask you this. And challenge this in the Name of Christ. If you're in here, or where you are, without prayer cards, if you will look this a way and believe the truth, that I've told you the truth, see what God will do back there. He knows right where you're at and all about you. Don't you believe that?

E-60 Now, how many in here that does not have a prayer card, and wants to be healed tonight, so that the Holy Spirit can see, raise up your hand? Well, it's just about solid; I would have no way of… All right. You don't have prayer cards, yet you want to be healed. Then I want you to look to me and just say, "Lord, I believe the man has told the truth, and I accept it that way." And see if the Holy Spirit will… See what He will say. All right.
Now–now, I want you to be real reverent and every few minutes, we'll give just a little bit of break, so that… Now, I'm telling you now, "Good night." If the Holy Spirit should come, then it… You're… See… You're standing here and yet you're,. maybe twenty years back in somebody's life. And you… After a time or two, you get so weak, you don't even know whether you're here or whether you're somewhere else. See? It's a Divine gift. It's doesn't heal you; it only helps your faith to come up where you can believe God. All that understands, raise your hand so I can… See, I'm not trying to say I can heal you. It's God's Spirit moving.

E-61 Just like Jesus when He was here… It is Jesus. It isn't… It's Him making Himself manifest, proving He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. See? That's the way. It's what He does.
Now, just real softly, and please don't move around. See? Just be as reverent and keep your seat wherever you are now, at this time. Let's be reverent now, before the Lord. I been preaching; now He will come and preach. See? Now, you listen to what He has to say. See?
And now, let's real slowly… Now, this is my first night here, and I'm tired. And let's–let's just kindly, real slowly, kindly hum "Only Believe" now. Come on, now everybody together. "Hmmmmm, Only believe, only believe"
Let's imagine you see Him coming down off the mountain, walks down to a man that had an epileptic child. Said, "Lord, have mercy on it."
He said, "I can if you believe. For only believe, all things are possible to them that believe."

E-62 O Lord Jesus, Son of God, come tonight. Make Thyself known to Thy people, Lord. And now, I pray that You'll help me to be submissive to Thy great power and Thy will. And Father, bless this little audience of people and may they be submissive, every spirit. In Jesus Christ' Name, I ask it. Amen.
Sure you all Christians, can appreciate what I'm trying to do here, trying to represent your Lord Jesus, before peoples. And they're not a hundred percent believers in here tonight. You can feel it moving, switching and… But I know He's here now.
Now, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I take every spirit in here under my control for the glory of God.

E-63 How do you do, sir? Now, just have to talk to you, just a few moments, just in order to have a contact of your spirit. We're both men, both human. And if I could help you and wouldn't do it, I'd be a brute. I'd be heartless if I could do anything for you and not do it.
I don't know… I've never seen you in my life, is that right? We are perfectly strangers. Now, the audience can see this man, and you may know him. I don't–never seen him in my life. It's the first time we ever come in contact with one another. But God has knowed him since he was born, and before he was born. He's knowed me.
Now, if he is my brother, and we are brothers in Christ, then let the Holy Spirit, by a Divine gift, come and do something for him now. See? I don't know, he might be having domestic troubles. He might be sick; he–he might be… don't know what… He might be wanting to go somewhere and don't know whether he wants to… whatever. He might be trying to find the will of God. I–I couldn't tell you. God knows that. I couldn't tell you. But God does.

E-64 Now, if the Holy Spirit will come and reveal unto this man, through the power of the Spirit of God, just what he should know… If there is anything in his way, the reasons, what's his sin, or what he has done, or what is wrong. If God will reveal that, will every one of you accept it then? Say, "I believe with all my heart." That's right. God bless you.
I just… in talking to you now. Now, us being strangers, then we just the same as… our Master stood at the well and talked to the Samaritan woman, then wouldn't we? And He talked to her, 'cause she was human. He was human. As far as being flesh, He was human. In Spirit, He was God. But as flesh, He was the Son of God. You believe that don't you, 'cause you're a Christian.

E-65 I know you're a Christian, because the feeling of your spirit; it's welcome. But then if God will reveal to me where your trouble is and what you're wanting, and what desire you have of Him, and so forth, will you accept it then? Knowing that we're so… do not know one another. Then you will have to know it comes from some supernatural resource. And you accept it then as God. Well now, may He grant it, is my prayer. But… You are a nervous person, very nervous, not in a way of being shaking nervous, but I see you as a child. You're–you're a person that thinks and plans way ahead of things. And that's caused you to have a nervous condition and it's interrupted in the bowels. Is that right?
And it's caused, like a constipation. Is that true? Then you… You might not know this, but you got skin disease. It's cancer. Was you aware of that? I seen something fear and turn dark around. Is that the truth? Now, if that's the truth, raise up your hand. Now, how did I know that, not knowing you?

E-66 Here is another thing. You're moving from me again. Yes… You–you was praying–you, before you come to this meeting, that you would get a prayer card and be brought to the platform, is that the truth? All right, come here just a moment.
Now, kind heavenly Father, while Your anointing is on Thy servant, I lay my hands upon the man, in commemoration of our Lord's Word, which said, "These signs shall follow them that believe: if they lay hands on the sick they shall recover." And I ask for the enemy to leave my brother's body. And may he go and be made well through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
Now, brother, just want to talk to you again, just some more. I've… I was pretty sure that something happened there. Yes, that is right. Go, and may the Lord be with you, for you are going to be well. God bless you, sir.

E-67 How do you do? Is this the patient? All right. We are strangers, are we, lady? Now, just as I talk to you, you just look at me. I mean in that… I don't mean… As Peter and John passed through the gate Beautiful, said, to the crippled man, "Look on us." Or Elijah said to–to the–the king. He said, "If there wasn't I respected Jehoshaphat, I wouldn't even look to you." See. But he went in and played some music, and he saw a vision, and told them what to do. That same God lives today. Don't you believe that?
Then He can know, and can advise, and do just… I see now. It's not for you. Yet you're awfully nervous and upset. It's because of the baby. And the baby is facing an operation. Is that right? And it's something… It's a… growths. And the growth is in the stomach, is that right?
O kind Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I condemn this enemy that would take the life of this infant child. And now, laying hands upon the child, while anointed, I ask that it leaves the baby and the baby's made well. In Jesus Christ' Name. Amen.
God bless you, mother. Go, be faithful and believe with all your heart. God bless you.
Just be reverent. The Holy Spirit's among you now.

E-68 There sets a colored lady, setting there, praying. She has female trouble. Isn't that right, lady? You want to be healed and believe that God will make you well? If you believe it with all your heart… Yes, you setting right there. You want to be healed and made well? Just stand up on your feet then and accept your healing. Jesus Christ took that abscess off the ovary, just then. And you're made well. God bless you.
Just have faith out there; you don't need a prayer card. Just… You need is faith. You believe that I'm telling you the truth, and watch the Holy Spirit, and see if He doesn't make you well.
You're the patient? Excuse me, I was just trying to get beside myself a little bit. It's anointing is a–comes on… All right, I just want you to answer me as I speak to you. And I am a stranger to you, I suppose. I guess this is our first time ever meeting, is that right? But then, if we be strangers to each other, then… Only God alone could–could help us, is that right? I have never seen you, never knew nothing of you. And perhaps you never knew of me, 'less you read it in a book or something. And that's about all we know about one another. But you do recognize you're in the Presence of some supernatural Being. You're a believer. That's the reason that you–you have faith. Being a believer. But…

E-69 You're not standing for yourself; It's for somebody else. Is that right? And that person is got some kind of a–a troubled bronchial in the throat. And they are in a hospital now. And it's where two cities are near together. It's Minneapolis. Is that right? And the man is a sinner. Is that right? It's turning black around him. I see him laying there. And you have just been healed. It was in another meeting. And there was a fellow pray a tall, black… It was Oral Roberts. Is that right? Take your handkerchief and send it to your friend. Tell him to receive Jesus Christ.
In the Name of the Lord Jesus, I condemn that sin upon the man and ask for his healing. Amen. God bless you, sir. Don't doubt. Believe you shall receive what you ask.

E-70 Look here. You want to get over that intestinal trouble? Yes. Stand up, Jesus Christ healed you of that. You had colitis in the intestines, is that right? Intestinal trouble, you're healed now. Go home, and be made well. Amen.
Have faith in God. Come. Now, more that you speak to people… I hope that you people will understand that I… More you talk to people… Visions' what makes you weak. See. You… Daniel, I believe, one time saw a vision, and he said he was–he was beside himself, out of his head for several days. You remember the Scripture? That the more you talk to people, more It knows or speaks.

E-71 You want to get over that asthma? Believe that God will make you well? Stand up and accept it then. And be made well in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
Have faith in God. What do you think about that, lady, setting next to her? You believe with all your heart? You believe me to be God's prophet? You do? If I can, by the power of God, know what's wrong with you, will you accept your healing? You have liver trouble, isn't that right? If that's right, stand up to your feet if that's right. Accept your healing, and go home, and be healed in Jesus Christ' Name.
Have faith. Don't doubt. Believe with all your heart.

E-72 Now, sir, I believe that we're strangers to one another. I… As far as I know, this is our first time ever meeting in life. I–I don't know you. But God does know you. Is that true? That–that's true. Now, if I–if I don't know you, and God does know you, you're… You realize that you're life before God, what you have been, what you are now, what you will be, is just like a tape unrolled. And mine is the same thing. And the only way… I couldn't heal you or help you out of your troubles. The only thing I could do is by a Divine gift, like a minister, by a Divine gift to preach… By a Divine gift as a seer or His prophet, I would know what your trouble was, and could reveal to you, and that would only bring your faith up in God (Is that right?) to accept what you're asking for.
Yes, sir. You believe me to be His prophet? You have a mighty good faith. Now, you are suffering with a stomach trouble, is that right? It's caused from a peptic condition in your stomach. That's right. You also are very nervous person. That's what's causing the stomach condition. And doing that has caused you to have hemorrhoids. I see you having some kind of trouble coughing or some… It's a asthmatic condition, isn't that right? And you also have heart trouble. Is that right? You believe me to be His prophet? Then I see somebody standing near your side; it's a woman. It's your wife. She's got something wrong with her, on her face, cancer. Is that right? And look, your house number is 1154 on McKinley Street. And your name is C. B. Dewitt. Is that right? Go home, and be made well, and lay your hand on your wife, and in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ…?…

E-73 How do you do, lady? You believe with all your heart? All right, we're strangers one to another. God only knows. Isn't that the truth?
Now, stop thinking that. Didn't Jesus of Nazareth, tell Peter his name was Peter, Cephas, a stone? He's just the same yesterday, today, and forever. Certainly, as you'd talk, the more you'd talk to the person, more… What does have to talk, just simply believe. That's all you have to do now, is just believe. Oh, my. I just hope this faith keeps up; you will see the glory of God.
All right, lady. You're suffering with a growth, and the growth is in your throat. Is that right? And it's caused from a nervous condition, a nervous goiter. Say, I see you at a meeting. Oh, it's–it's one of my meetings. You've been healed before, for heart trouble. Go home; you're going to get well too, this a way. In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

E-74 Have faith in God. Believe on the Lord Jesus. You shall have what you ask for, if you believe. All right. Only have faith.
Wish you could see that… Can't you see that, that whirl of Light standing there? It's right over the lady laying here. Have faith, lady.
How do you do? You're the patient. All right, look to me as God's prophet and believe that I–that I come to help you. Do you? You… something… I see you trying to move from a bed. It's something stiff. You have arthritis. And you… That's right. And then something's happened. You had an accident. You've mashed your thumb on a door of a car, is that right? And–and bruised it, injured the bone. In the Name of the Lord Jesus, go and be healed and give God praise.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God Who gives us the victory." Come, lady. Do you believe with all your soul that Almighty God is the same yesterday, today, and forever? If God will just let me see what is your trouble, will you accept your healing then, and believe with all your heart? All right. You got a heart trouble, haven't you? That's all gone now. I want to lay hands on you first, 'cause that's what you wanted me to do. In Jesus Christ's Name, may you be healed, mother. Go, and God's peace rest on you, and get well. God bless you.

E-75 All right. Come, lady. You believe with all your heart? If God will help me now, as–as getting weak. You believe that He will know what's wrong with you? If He just speaks what's wrong? All right. I see you, a lot of times, going somewhere with your hand on your… It's in your back, your kidneys. Go home. Jesus Christ will make you well, and you be healed.
Come, lady. Do you believe with all your heart? Would you obey me as God's servant? You got arthritis. You had arthritis. Go off the platform, say, "I haven't got it." and never testify of it again. And give God praise. And God will…
All right. You believe? Believe God is going to make you well. Amen. Yes. Amen. [There is an interpreter speaking to the person in the prayer line–Ed.] (She's just telling you what's wrong…?… ) Amen. Heart trouble, and she's got female trouble and things. That's right.
Lord Jesus, I pray that You will bless her and may the Holy Ghost now, come into her body, and condemn this enemy, and drive him out. In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Amen. God bless you. Gloria a Dios. God be with you.

E-76 All right. Come. You believe? You're coming for the child. You believe that God is here to reveal and to remove… I don't know the child, but God does, is that right? Mighty young to have that: Diabetes. But God would make him well, do you believe it? Is that true?
God Almighty, have mercy on the baby. Spare its little life. And may it go. I take it to Calvary in the Name of Jesus Christ, for a blood transfusion, that its life can be spared. Amen. Don't fear, sir. You're nervous yourself, getting up with prostate…?…
All right. Come, bring these little children. Honey, dear, you're a mighty sweet little girl. Look up this way, just a moment. Those pretty little eyes. You believe that Jesus the Son of God, sent Brother Branham to pray for you? If Jesus was here, He'd put His hands on the little girl like you, and she'd get well, wouldn't she?
Now, Jesus is here, but He's in the form of Spirit. If God will reveal what's wrong with your baby, you accept its healing? You being the mother with love and concerned about the baby, lay your hand on him. The baby's got heart trouble. But the baby's going to be made well. In the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God, I condemn the devil that's done this, and ask for its healing. It's a nervous heart lady. Born that way. But it'll get well. Don't fear. Go, believing with all your heart.

E-77 All right, come, lady. Are you believing? Amen. Get over the asthmatic condition and be made well? You believe God is going to heal you? Would you like to go eat? That stomach's give you some trouble, hasn't it. You believe me to be God's prophet? What's done it, you're just the time of life; you're in the–the menopause time, to make you nervous and upset. You're scared. The devil tells you you're going to lose your mind. Late of the evening, you get real nervous and have to set down many times. Is that right? You was washing some dishes the other day and dropped one, isn't that right? Now, your stomach trouble's healed. You can go home, eat what you want to. Jesus Christ make you whole.
Let's say, "Praise be to God."

E-78 All right, tell her to accept Jesus. Tell her her heart trouble's gone. God bless you.
Well. let's say, "Praise be to God." Bow your heads real quick, there's a deaf spirit coming around me now. Bow your head.
O Lord, Created heavens and earth, Author of Everlasting Life, Giver of every good gift, send Thy blessings upon this man. And make this evil to leave him. O Thou eternal God, Who was before the day spring from on high, You was God then, You'll be God when the seas is whet their self into deserts. You'll still be God. Now, I now ask that this great Jehovah, coming in His power, through the Name of Jesus Christ, and loose this man from his affliction. Go, in the Name of Jesus Christ, I ask the evil to leave.
Can you hear me now? Can you hear me over here, sir? Now, which ear was the deaf? Can you hear me now? Say, "Amen." All right, you may raise your heads. Thank the Lord. Look, say, "Amen." There he is perfectly normal and well from being deaf. God bless you, brother. You also had a nervousness, caused from prostate trouble that you had for a long time, but you're… Is that right? The reason I said that is just so you know It had seen you.

E-79 Praise the Lord! You want to get over that asthmatic condition? You there with that place on your leg, you want to be healed? If you do, accept Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Yes. Yes. Raise up. That's it. God bless you. Go home now and be made well. Yes, you lady, you're right next to It to have… Hey, raise up and go home and be made well. In the Name of Jesus Christ.
The whole bunch of you can. Lady, I don't your trouble. Here's your time. You're in a dying condition; you know that. You're suffering with cancer, is that right? It's come on you, doctor says you haven't got a chance. You also. But you have got a chance. Your chance is Jesus Christ. Do you believe it tonight? Do you believe it? It's the only thing you can do. If you believe it, accept that power of God that's on you right now. Rise up. Take up your bed. Go on home and forget about it and be made well. Rise up to your feet, accept Jesus Christ and be healed.

E-80 And the rest of you in here, that's sick and afflicted. Stand to your feet and accept Jesus Christ.
Heavenly Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I cast out every evil spirit and take over in the Name of Jesus Christ.

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