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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham called Looking To The Unseen was delivered on Wednesday, 16th August 1950 in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.
The tape, number 50-0816, is not available any more.

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E-1 Good evening audience. Very happy to be here again tonight to speak to you concerning our Lord Jesus, and His grace to save and to heal the needy. I'm sure you do not need any more to be said but what has already been said of God–His greatness.
I was just a few moments there to enjoy the talk that Brother Baxter was just giving.

E-2 And I wish to read just a little of the Word first, found in II Kings, the 6th chapter begin… [–Ed.]… the 13th verse… I may begin at the 12th verse, concerning a–a great mighty man of God that was in–in one day, the days gone by, Elisha. And listen closely now.

And one of his servants said… my lo–my lord, O king: but Elisha, the prophet that is in Israel, telleth the king of Israel the words that thou speaketh in thy bedchambers.

And one of his servants said… my lo–my lord, O king: but Elisha, the prophet that is in Israel, telleth the king of Israel the words that thou speaketh in thy bedchambers.

The king of Israel, they had war. And the–the other king, he wondered how that they were getting ahold of all of this. And one of his servant stepped up; he said, "Well, there must be some kind of a spy among us."
And the other servant said, "No, but Elisha knows more in his bedchamber from God. He's the one who knows these things and is telling the king of Israel." We need some more Elishas today.

Then he said, Go and find where he is, that I may send and fetch him. And it was told him, saying, Behold, he is in Dothan.Therefore sent he thither horsemen, chariots… great host: and they came by night, and compassed the city about.And when the servant of the man of God was risen early, and gone forth, behold, an host compassed the city both of horsemen and chariots. And his servant said unto him, Alas, my master! how shall we do?
And he answered, Fear not:… (Oh, I love that. No matter how dark it looks, don't be weary, fear not.)… for there–they that be with us are more then they that be with them.And Elisha prayed, and said, Lord, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And the Lord opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and behold, the mountains were full of horses and chariots of fire around about Elisha.

E-3 May God bless His Word. Now, we're thinking of a day that has gone, where God moved in a manner to reveal Himself to men, to make His ways known unto men through His servants, His prophets.
And this is the time that when there were war–the state of war existing between two nations. And the other nation could not understand why that the Israelites knew all their plans and were ready to upset it anytime. So they called in their men and found out–to find out if there wasn't a spy among them who was telling their secrets and their tasks. And one of them said, "It isn't a spy among us; it's Elisha–Elijah over in Israel. He can set in his bedroom and know all the future plans; we know. And he tells the King of Israel about this."

E-4 You know, the best armor that America has in this present crisis is God fearing, praying people. That's the best. It's worth more then all the bombs and tanks that we could produce. God will always fight for His people. Let us…
If this whole nation with one accord would throw themselves to God in sackcloth and ashes of repentance, and come back to the old fashion pathways that our forefathers trod, there couldn't be a bit of harm come to us. I believe it'd be worth more then all the ammunition plants and things that we could make (That's right.), and all the bombs that we could have. There's nothing as great as prayer. God holds all the future in His hands.
Someone asked me not long ago, said, "Brother Branham, what do you think about the future?"
I said, "I do not know what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future." So that's the thing, if I can keep acquainted with Him.

E-5 Then when he found out that this prophet was in Israel, he said, "Go, fetch him. Bring him to me."
And they went down, and someone told them that Elisha was at Dothan. And when they got down there to Dothan, they went in by nighttime and encamped around about in darkness. You see how the enemy always works underhanded in dark? And encamped around about the city to catch Elisha.
And so when the young man, his servant, raised up early in the morning and went out… In other words, he was a fellow that taken him in and out and around, was his servant like. When he went out, he come back, and he said, "Alas, my master, for the whole city is encamped about with horses and chariots of the enemy."
He said, "Why, there's more with us than there is with them."
Well, he could see no one but Elisha. And Elisha prayed, said, "Lord, open the young man's eyes that he may see."
And the Lord moved the veil from before the young man. And he looked, and the whole hills and mountains were full of chariots of fire, standing around that old prophet. Well, he wasn't afraid then.

E-6 Oh, what I would think tonight, "Lord, let us look apast the curtain of time, just look over just a little peek, see what it's all about." We're fighting here tonight a great warfare: right against wrong: Word of God against modern theology, and trying to make the–the Word of God, bring It to the people while the enemy would try to beset It in every way. But One is the majority in God.
Now, notice, the point I want you to see is that Elijah, the man who was of God, called "the man of God," he did not look to the natural thing. He looked to the supernatural thing. He didn't look at what he seen; he looked at what he did not see.
And tonight, dear Christian friends, we look at the unseen. That just come on my mind while Brother Baxter was giving that wonderful exhortation concerning the supernatural. The supernatural is what you do not see, but what you believe and act on as though it was. See?
Everything in the Christian armor is supernatural. We do not look at what we see; we look at what we do not see. You cannot be healed, only through looking at what you do not see.

E-7 Someone wrote me a letter today, a woman that was healed with cancer. She said, "For the first two or three days, I was gloriously, I felt wonderful. Then on the third day," said, "I had an awful upset. Have I lost my healing?"
Now, that should be explained in every–every case each night. No, that's the–the most perfect sign of your healing. After seventy-two hours, the corruption's setting in the growth. It's dead. It'll… It may be… God sometimes will–can perform a miracle, and it won't even be any growth.

E-8 Now, I–I can tell you this. God, Who is my Judge, Who I stand before, I… By newspaper clippings, front page headlines carrying this, it could be showed here at the platform. I seen the time when people come to the platform with hanging cancers, hanging on their bodies; and while prayer was being made, their cancer turning white, dropping off, and rolling down across the floor while I was praying for them. God, Who is in heaven, that looks down, knows that's true. When newspaper reporter standing there and shoot the picture of it, and declared in the newspapers on the front page. That's Christian newspaper where they got Christian editors, men who believe God, and got a feeling for sick people for the lost.
Now, none of these things move us. God can reveal in my hotel room what you would never know. So that's all right. All those things there, just lays, just… Always let the Lord have His way.

E-9 Now, I remember of one case… If someone would want a copy of the paper, it may still be obtained of the "Arkansas Gazette," called the "Sun." It's on the Associated Press, a big paper, circulates many many thousands of subscribers. Well, there stood on the platform… her picture. If you wish to, you might write to her and get a copy, if you want to. And perhaps there might be a reporter standing around (which I know there is), so you can write yourself; be satisfied.
All right. Notice, on the front page, you'll see a great big page, all the way across the front of the page, picture, a woman pronounced dead, laying in the line, bringing from the hospital with cancer of the heart, colon, and liver; and told the nurse and them that was bringing her, pushing her through the streets from Phoenix, Arizona; that the doctors told her husband who… Her name is Mrs. Hattie Waldorff, lives on…?… street in Phoenix, Arizona. Her husband owns a big plumbing establishment there.
Doctor Bosworth is to be in the meeting I understand today and next… [–Ed.] And it's just been a night. He and I had dinner with her not long ago.

E-10 And there, she had cancer of the heart, colon, and liver. And she was given just a matter of few hours to live. When she come in the prayer line, she was two city blocks away, and her life was leaving her. She said, "Take me on. If I die, it's my request to come before the brother."
And they told me after she was at the door; they had the thing over her face, and said there's a corpse in the room.
Well, they come by, her husband weeping. And I seen the woman, and I took ahold of her hand, and felt of her. She… Seemingly, she was cold. I do not know what her state was. And I begin to pray for her, and asked God to give her her life, because her faith was great. And here in a few moment's time she raised up on the cot, went home.

E-11 That's about three years ago. And her doctor has the X-rays. He came to the meeting. He said, "Only one thing I want to do, is walk up and shake hands with Brother Branham, and make this statement." And there, a Christian man that had been waiting on her (You could get his testimony now.), said, "There isn't a trace of cancer about her nowhere at all." That'll be in one corner. And she come across there to this meeting to shake hands.
And in the next corner you'll see a place in there where there was a man, a GI, ex GI swollen so bad when they brought him by plane, his legs were… His toes were that big around: cancer. And was setting there while praying for him… This is in the paper. While praying for him, the reporter said, "I seen with my own eyes the swelling drop from his limbs." And he hadn't been able to eat for weeks on account of his growth. And he eat a half a fried chicken and topped off with a pint of ice cream. And he went back home: Everett Sumpter.
Brother Lindsay may have a copy of it here with him. He's got it. I don't know whether it's with him or not.

E-12 And in the next corner, you'll see across there of a minister who had a cancer (This is the reporter speaking himself.) hanging on his neck, caused from a shaving cut about two years before, and it went into a cancer. And he said, "The cancer, when the man came to the platform, I looked at it. It was raw and bloody looking. And in a few moments after the Reverend Mister Branham prayed for the man, the cancer dropped out and rolled over his foot, and we picked it up, and here it is. And there's a deep cavity in his neck where it fell out." There was the man's picture sticking up there with a cavity in his neck where the cancer fell out. Jonesboro, Arkansas, the "Arkansas Sun" paper, write for it. If you want it, get it, your statement.

E-13 On down through there, about twenty-six thousand people had gathered in from… all the way from Canada to Mexico. [–Ed.] Storming and raining… people who were simple and loved God. See? Faith…
Now, we look at the unseen and believe that those things which are unseen, but spoke of by God, become realities. That's it.
Many times it works. In healing, there… Last evening, I was trying here at the platform (till I became in a subconscious condition) of speaking to the people, one by one.

E-14 I've always wanted a time when I could get away from prayer cards, not have any prayer cards, so that the people, with one accord, would believe without anything else. He told me that I was to… "These signs are only done to get the people to believe." He said, "You were born in the world to take this gift of Divine healing to the peoples of the world." [–Ed.] Then He said… [–Ed.] "… People to believe." Said, "If you'll be sincere when you pray, and get the people to believe you, nothing shall stand before the prayer, not even to cancer."
Now, that is true. I want to get to a place where there'll be no rally for prayer cards, but where everybody with one accord will believe and be healed and walk away. One day in a city, go in another, one day in a city, go to another; and thousands everywhere being healed, and the glory of the Lord falling, that's what I want.

E-15 Moses, upon his signs… He went and performed them one time before Israel, and they went a forty year journey following him. Is that right? Yes, sir. Performed it one time… Healed his hand of leprosy, made stick–cane he had, walking stick become a serpent, and back to a stick. They believed. And when there was a lot of magic, impersonations done in that day… Jambres and Jannes withstood Moses. But God seen that His power always predominated and went over it. You see? Always.
They have a lot of true and false in this day. That's true. And the false will always want to say theirs is true. But by these signs God pronounced it so. And we don't have to take no one's word but God's Word. His Word is infallible. The visions are marvelous. That's the initial way.

E-16 Just for a little story of a healing that comes on my mind. I'll quickly have the prayer line in a minute. I was going down–night down at my mother's house. I was praying. Looked like I'd got into a vision, something. I wondered what was taking place. I looked…
We are raised very poor people. Mama, when she washes her clothes, she'd just lay them on a chair. Didn't have too much room to put them away, and just on a chair.
In my room, I thought it was a chair of clothes, about one o'clock in the morning. And usually the visions come between one and three. Then I was looking at that; I thought, "That's mama's clothes." I thought, "Surely, somebody's in need, or I wouldn't feel that way." I don't get much sleep. I'm so tired right now I can hardly stand here. That's right. Up at night…

E-17 You people that are praying, remember, that affects me. See? When–when you're praying and asking for those things, it comes right back to me, and–and will keep me up many hours a night.
And I thought maybe that's what it was. And I begin to wonder. After while, it begin coming closer to me. I noticed it was a white milling, like a cloud. And I went into the cloud. And when I did, I could hear a voice, like a little lamb crying, "Baa, baa." And I was way in darkness. And I was wandering through it. And I thought, "Now, just a moment. Let me see now. It's so plain." I said, "I'm not a dreaming now. I remember I was at my bed a praying. This is a vision." And I said–I said, "Oh, where is it at, Lord?"
It's down through the darkness, and I was trying to get to it, pulling briar vines and things. I listened again. And I'd get a hold of briars, and they were sticking in my hand. And said, "Baa," just crying. I thought, "Poor little thing, lost in the darkness." And I was pulling through, like that. And I thought, "Lord, I don't know what this vision means, but I'll try to get to the lamb."
And as I got closer to it, it was a human's voice. It was crying, "Milltown, Milltown," real weak and crying. I thought, "Oh, my. Where? Where? Milltown?" Said, "I never heard of it. Well, I'll try to go." And I kept pulling on.

E-18 After while, I begin to hear somebody hollering, "Brother Branham? Oh, Brother Branham." And I–I woke up out of this vision, looked around. I thought, "Where am I at?" I was standing in a room, my hands up, and I heard somebody at the door, and it was calling me.
Then when morning came, and I went to my church that evening, and I said, "I had a vision, and I heard the name of Milltown. Does anyone know where it's at?" No one knew. Following Sunday, I said, "There's someone in trouble at a little place called Milltown. I'll probably get a–a letter somewhere that'll call me to a city, Milltown. There's somebody in trouble. I don't know what it'll be. I'll just have to go there." I said, "It may be out in some other part of the nation."
And while I was speaking, there was a man setting there, said, "Brother Branham, I know where Milltown is." Said, "It's about… Just a little bitty place way out in the southern, thirty, forty miles below Jeffersonville or New Albany, down towards southern part of Indiana." Said, "I live near there."
I said, "What… How's it spelled?"
He said, "M-i double l-t-o-w-n, Milltown."
I said, "That's it."
And when he said that, I felt the Spirit of the Lord witness that was the place. So I said, "I will find it. You tell me how to go." And he told me the highways.

E-19 And I went to his house, and he led me some many miles across the country to a little village. Now, there, that was Milltown.
It was on a Saturday. But what… All the people in the city moving around, doing their shopping, a little city of about a thousand population, or hardly so many.
And I–I said, "Well, maybe the Lord wants me to preach right here on the street corner." And I went in and give a man a dime for an old soap box that I could stand on. I went out; I didn't know what to do but just go to Milltown. That was all I knew. And I said, "There's somebody in trouble here." And I said, "It might be a drunk person or something."
And I started to get up on the soap box and look around. I couldn't do it. It just something said, "Don't do this."
Well, I set the soap box up; and a bunch of people wanted to ask me, said, "What is it was you going to do with that?"
And I said, "I'm a minister." I said, "But I–I feel that the Lord wants something else for me to do."

E-20 Mr. Wright came out of the store, the man that's with me, said, "I've got to go up on the hill here to take a man some eggs. You want to go up with me."
And I said, "Yes, sir."
We went around the hill and came up. We passed by a big old church, big white church. And I said, "That's a lovely old church, overlooking the city."
He said, "That's the old Baptist church, Brother Branham."
I said, "What Baptist is it?"
Said, "Missionary."
I said, "Oh, well that's the Baptist that I…" I said, "What happened?"'
He said, "Well, something went wrong here years ago. A minister got in some trouble, and there was a big shooting scrape." And said, "The church went down, and the–the church people turned it over to the city. They just have funeral services."
I went up towards the door. And as I went towards the door, it seemed better. I tried to open the door, and it wouldn't open. And I–I said, "You go ahead. I'll wait here at the steps till you come back."

E-21 When he went up on the hill, I knelt down. I said, "Lord, if this is the place You want me, You want me to hold a meeting here, open this door for me. Open the door."
I was… While I was yet in prayer, I heard someone coming around across the hill this way, and it was a man, whistling. He said, "Hello, preacher?"
I said, "Hello."
He said, "You looking at the church?"
And I said, "Yeah. How'd you know I was a preacher?"
Said, "Mr. Wright said you was a preacher. Thought you maybe wanted to look into it." I just brought the keys, opened the door.
I said, "Thank you." I walked in and looked around. I said, "Thank You, heavenly Father." Looked around, a nice church, it seat about three hundred people. I said, "Who owns it?"
Said, "The city."
And I went down there to see them. And they bought electricity from the company, the public service company where I was then employed.
And he said, "Go ahead up there. Put a meter in it. It's yours as long as you want it."
"Thank you." And I put a meter in. I announced a revival for the following Sunday.

E-22 That night… The day I went out, and I said to a man around close to the hill, I said, "Sir," I said, "I'm Brother Branham. I'm going to have a meeting up here. Will you come up?"
He said, "Look, preacher." Said, "We ain't got time for religion down here. We raise chickens."
Said… I said, "Well, all right, partner. But one of these days, you're going to find time to die." Three weeks from then, they buried him.
And so I went on around on the side of hill. I met many others who were very indifferent. I started the meeting, and the first night I had Mr. Wright, his daughter, his two daughters, and his son, his wife, five people. I preached just as hard as I could.
And so we went on. The next night we had the same group, only about time I was setting in the platform reading some of the Scriptures… Had to drive quite a distance.

E-23 And I heard something beating on the side of the house. There was a fellow knocking his old corn cob pipe against the house. Come in, a… Oh, a horrible looking fellow, the hairs hanging down in his face. He looked around, like that, one tooth out in front. Looked all around the building, said, "Where is that little Billy Sunday they talk about?"
Mr. Wright had told me, said, "There's a tough guy." Said, "He's a… He used to belong to Nazarene church, but he's backslid and cursed every preacher that comes in the country."
I went back and said, "This is Mr. Hall, Mr. Branham."
I said–I said, "Glad to know you."
Said, "You're the preacher?" Said, "You don't look like it." And ripped out with one of them about that blankity-blank, like that.
I said, "Will you set down?"
Said, "Well, I might set a little while. I like singing."
And I said, "Well, we'll do our best to entertain you. Set down." I said, "Will you come up forward?"
He said, "No, I don't care to get up there." Said, "I'll set right here."
Said, "All right. Have a song book. Make yourself at home, sir." Walked on back up.

E-24 Mr. Wright come up to the platform. When he got ready to start singing, he said, "There's the worse fellow there is in this country."
And so I got up there and took my text from the "Rich man lifted up his eyes in hell…" [–Ed.]…?… is in the altar. He's the pastor of the Milltown Baptist church now down there, a very lovely brother. [–Ed.]
Now, get this name now, so you can write to her. She… I'll wait a minute 'fore I call her name and address, so you get your pencil and piece of paper. And she lived below the hill. And her people belong to a certain denomination of church that absolutely doesn't believe in the Spirit or… [–Ed.]
The Word is dead until It's quickened by the Spirit. But they don't believe in that. A church, I don't know whether you have them up here or not. But so they had made announcement that anybody that attended my church…?… give them their letter when they come back.
So I said, "All right. Somebody will come." So we had a church full that winter.

E-25 And so Mr. Hall come to me, and he said, "Brother Branham, there's a little girl laying over the hill here; she's about twenty years old. She's been laying flat on her back for nine years and eight months, not to move from the bed, tubercular plumb through. The doctors hasn't even visited her for the last three or four year. There's nothing they done since last year. She has tubercular of the throat, tubercular of the lungs, tubercular in the intestinal tract, tubercular of the female organs." And said, "She got your little book a couple of months ago. And she's been crying and praying, and wants you to come. But her father is a deacon in this church, and her mother is an organist over there. So they will not permit you to come."
And just as he said that, something said to me, "There's the lamb that's hooked in the wilderness."
So I thought, "Oh, well, Lord, You'll make a way. I'll just wait for You." But I knew that was the witness of the Spirit. I waited.

E-26 And so finally when the meeting ended, about eight days, I was going to go home. And on… And that day, the mother give consent to come over. Said, "We'll all leave the house if he wants you to come over just to satisfy her. So but we'll leave the house. We won't even stay while he's there." Hypocrites.
And so I said, "Well, I'll go anyhow."
So I went down and went in the room. When I walked in the room, I knew that was the woman. I looked at her. She weighed thirty-seven pounds. She was nothing but bone. She couldn't raise her hand. She couldn't raise her sputum cup. Her mother had taken the palsy, fairly young woman, turned gray as she could be, and set right there. And they hadn't even… woman had… The girl had never seen out the window for eight years. Nine years and eight months, she laid on the bed. They… Just as plain, but this is… They couldn't even put her on the bedpan. They had a rubber sheet under her, and just changed the sheets in that manner. And then… And she… Her limbs, right up here, was just about that big around.

E-27 And you write to her now. I'm going to give you her name. Miss Georgie Carter, C-a-r-t-e-r, G-e-o-r-g-i-e, Miss Georgie Carter, Milltown, Indiana. She'll get the mail. And she'll write you her testimony. Listen in case she tells you the same thing. And ask for her doctor's statements and things too, to come to you.
And so when I went down across the hill, all the Christians said, "If that girl gets healed, it'll turn everything in this country to crying."
But that's just the time you want to watch. God doesn't heal to make showing. See? And they won't do it. Usually, that's the hardest person in the world to be healed. When everybody's looking, then all the demons with there power focused right on them in their unbelief. Unbelief is the demon power, of course. He that believeth not is condemned already.

E-28 Now, notice, I went in and had prayer for the little girl. And she was telling me about reading where–in the paper where a another girl, by vision (Had been crippled all of her life, crippled up, belonged to the Methodist church at Salem, Indiana. Her name was Nail.), and how the Lord moved by vision, sent me way in the wilderness, hunting across the hills, and found her. And the papers carried the article of it, how she was healed. Her legs straighten out and everything, just stirred the country through there. She re… She went to school after that. The woman's married now. She was about sixteen years old, about twenty now, I guess, eighteen, twenty. And she was in an awful condition. She was telling me about that.
Well, I seen her face was in the vision. I prayed for her and went out. All right. A few weeks after that, I told her… He said, "If the Lord speaks to you, Brother Branham, come to me."
I said, "I would."
I had to get real low. She couldn't raise her sputum cup. She go to cough, she'd go… [Brother Branham illustrates–Ed.] And the mother would have to put the cup up, like that. She couldn't even raise her hands. Her hands… Her face here didn't have no flesh on it, just looked like the bones of her skull, and the–her eyes way in. Oh, it's the most… She couldn't turn her little head.

E-29 And I looked back there, and I said… Here a few days ago, I was down there, and I looked at her little old bed. She took me in to show it to her. And there it was, were all the paint was rubbed off of the rounds, right there, where year after year laying there hollering and crying, begging, like that, holding on to that, rubbed the paint off of her bedpost, like that. But God heard her cry no matter what she was raised in.
Then I–I went out, and I was out holding a meeting. And I went to Mr. Wright's house a few days after that to have dinner. Them people down there said… When we was having a baptismal service out on the banks of the river, and many of this same man's members was standing there. I walked out into the river. And I said, "It seems like the Angel's of God are standing near." I started baptizing. And there, great candidates, one after the other one out of that man's church, came right out into the water and was baptized with their good clothes on and all, came right out.
God will move. You just set still and let God do it. See? That's right. Have faith in Him; He'll work it all out all right.

E-30 And then I was going in–up that night. It was the last night of the service; I was going to have dinner with Mr. Wright. And we were up. And I said, "Brother Wright, it seems to me that I must go to the woods to pray. The Holy Spirit's leading me not to eat, but pray."
And I went up in the woods and I knelt down. And there it was getting late in the afternoon. And I'd pray. And every time I'd reach my hands up, I'd grab those briars vines, scratching my hands. I'd… It looked like couldn't kneel; it was hurting my knees. You know how it is. And I kept trying to pray. And I just fell down.
Now, she said–told me before I left, "When the mother rings the bell, you come on to the–to supper right now."
And so I heard it ring, but I was in the Spirit, praying, and I just stayed there. And I kept praying, "O God, what is this burden on my heart? Have I done something, or–something You want." And I felt the Angel of the Lord near, and I raised up.
Shining right down through a little dogwood bush was a yellowish green Light. I heard a voice say, "Go by the way of Carter's."

E-31 I raised from there and screamed to the top of my voice. Down through the field I went. They'd been hunt–hunting parties out searching for me. And I jumped almost right in the arms of Brother Wright.
He said, "Brother Branham." Said, "Mother's been waiting supper on you for hours." Said, "We're going to be late to the closing service."
I said, "We're not going to supper. But this is the night, SAITH THE LORD, Georgie Carter will be made every whit whole, just in a few moments."
He said, "Brother Branham, do you mean that? "He said, "Is that coming from God, so this whole country will turn to God?"
I said, "THUS SAITH THE ANGEL OF GOD, Who's fed me since the days I was born on this earth, and has never lied to me, Georgie Carter will be a well woman in the next hour."
Then the people begin to gather on the hills, said, "Let us go," two men.

E-32 And the same time, her critical mother… Georgie was crying and praying because her mother had treated me the way she had. And so she went out in the kitchen and she knelt down to pray. She said, "O God," said, "that reprobate that's come through the country here, called Branham," said, "He's got my child all stirred up in there," and said, "poor little thing laying there dying. And today," said, "she just cried, and her little eyes are red." Said, "He's got her all stirred up about a lot of psychology." Said, "O God, put a curse on that man, or do something," like that, going on, said, "Oh…" praying.
And when she begin to pray, she thought her daughter, which lived next door, was passing by. She seen the shadow on the wall. And she let… (Get her testimony concerning… when you write to her.) She said as clear as she ever seen in her life, come Jesus, walking right down across that wall. He come through it. "Touch not My anointed."
Said, "Who's that a coming?" And he looked, and said she seen me coming. This same Bible, I had over my heart, like that. Said she seen my hair, thinning in the front. She said, "Well, that's that preacher." And she jumped up. She said, "O God, please. Was I in a trance, or what's happening? I'm losing my mind."
And she run into the room, said, "Georgie, you know what?"

E-33 And about that time the door closed. And here I come, just according to the way she seen the vision. Here I come walked with a Bible over my heart, and two men followed me. Oh, my.
When there… There isn't a demon out of hell could stop it then. God's done spoke it; prayer is done answered. That's right. Something has to happen.
I started walking up; Brother Hall kept saying to me, said, "Brother Branham, you want me to go first?"
I didn't say a thing. And friends, as your brother here tonight, I felt Something leave me, and I looked like I could see myself walking up them steps.

E-34 I went up to the door and opened the door. And there she was laying there, poor little thing. And her lips a quivering. Her mother startled, couldn't finish telling her what had happen, like that. I walked right over to the bed and put my hands on her. I said, "Georgie, even Jesus Christ, Who gave me the vision of a lamb hung in the wilderness down here somewhere, has appeared to me today in the woods, and has sent me here that I might lay my hands upon you that you should be well."
I took her by the hand, and I said, "As the Lord God has said to me, 'In The Name of The Lord Jesus Christ, rise up and be whole.'"
And how was she to raise up, limbs that big around, hadn't moved for nine years and eight months, laying on a bed? But when God speaks, He gives strength. That's right. Taken her by the hand… She looked at me, like that, and her eyes looked like they set. And I took her by the hand and raised her from the bed. In less than a moment's time she was walking through the house. She was screaming. Her mother pitched over in the room, cold fainted.
The girl opened the door and walked out, set out on the grass and begin to bless the grass, and bless the leaves. Bless her little heart. The first time she'd seen the leaves and the grass from nearly nin–over nine years then. If she was laying on that bed, and–and the people begin to run from the neighborhood everywhere.

E-35 I come on out and started up towards the hills, towards the church. I couldn't stand around there the anointing was just blessing all around. Started up the hill…
Here she run back in the house, set down at the piano. A few moments, her father came from across hill with a little bucket of milk from where their barn was. Coming across, he seen the crowd. He begin to hear the music. He said, "What, we got company? Listen to the people in there." When he walked in the door, there set his only beloved daughter setting there, playing,

Jesus keep me near the cross,"

Jesus keep me near the cross,"

There's a precious fountain,

Free to all, a healing stream,

That flows from Calvary's fountain.

Then setting there, he dropped his bucket, and threw his arms around, and said, "Honey, what is it?"
She said, "That one who you called the reprobate, Lord Jesus has sent him here. He laid his hands on me, and now I am well."
And she is my piano player at the Milltown Baptist church today. Perfectly normal in good health, just as healthy as anybody that's setting in this building tonight. Write to her and find out.

E-36 Here come the doctor up that had waited on her… [–Ed.]… Jesus Christ. Amen. [–Ed.]
Just as great tonight as He was then. Look, people in here, this may seem strange to you. Maybe you're not… [–Ed.]…?… the prince of the power of the air. Satan is always near to try to get something fumbled up in your mind. But tonight, set your affections on things above, where Christ sets at the right hand of God. And remember, the Bible said, "He's the same, yesterday, today, and forever." And if His Spirit be here, He reveals things today as He did in the days gone by. Heavens and earth will pass, but His Words shall not pass. Have faith in God. Do not doubt.

E-37 Write to Georgie. Ask her of that. Not only her, but I could stand here until daylight breaks in the morning, telling such cases that's happened in the past four years. Day after day it happens, infallible.
God is here now. Your attitude… Tell them just to believe on the Lord with all their heart. Receive God. All right, let's pray.
O Father, oh, if my lips could only form words, my tongue could only utter the praises that's due to You. Lord, You know about Georgie. You know all about it. Lord, You know Your servant has told that which is truth. And before these people at the great judgment, I'll stand to give an account. If I told wrong, then I'll be a castaway, turned away from my loved ones, turned away from Jesus, no hope, condemned. O God, I don't want to do that. I want to be truthful and honest.
And I know there's much unbelief in the world. You said in the last days, there'd raise scoffers, be heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasure more then lovers of God, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, despisers of those that are good, even hated. And they would be a religious group, having a form of godliness, but would deny the power thereof. From such turn away. Said the Spirits spoke that expressingly, that in the last days these signs would be.

E-38 Father, we're here, and we're a happy, as the disciples to carry the reproach of Your Name. Tonight we want a witness as Paul of old. "In the way that's called heresy, so worship I the God of our fathers." The way that's evil spoken of, called heresy, insanity, crazy, neurotic, God's truly… Satan's got his man on the job, but I'm thankful You've got Yours also. And we're glad to be on Your side tonight, believing all things. And we're glad that You're with us, confirming the Word with signs and wonders following. Let people see, Lord, and turn from their wickedness and turn to Christ tonight before it's everlasting too late, 'fore they're blasted from the face of the earth to go to a devil's hell, and a Christless grave to spend an endless eternity without God, without a hope, without mercy. This is the day of repentance. This is the day of man. The day of the Lord shall come.
Now, help us, God. You've got many of Your children here tonight gathered, sick. You moved on them as You did Simeon in the days of old, and brought them here for the purpose of being healed. Help me to have faith with them, Father. May their faith blend together, and all of us as one now, one unit, and our prayers going constantly without ceasing… As he was praying at John Mark's house, without ceasing, You sent an Angel down, opened the prison doors and took the apostle out.
Many of Your children's in prison by affliction, sicknesses, and diseases. May the Angel of God come upon Your servant tonight, and break every chain. Grant it, Lord. May we go out of the city gates rejoicing, happy, praising God for His goodness. In the Name of His holy Child Jesus, we ask this blessing. Amen.

E-39 Have faith; don't doubt. I take a lot of the time. I'm sorry. And standing here and knowing that many may not get into the line… If they don't, then why? If you've got your faith upon God's Word, you'll be healed anywhere.
You believe that, lady, with all your heart? The lady with the little baby, you're in trouble, aren't you, sis? God bless your heart. I see you have a worried spirit. Isn't that right? Look this way, sister. I feel sorry for you. Yes, you're–it's not you; you're worried about your baby. Isn't that true? Just awhile ago you where praying or doing something, wasn't you? You was asking God to let me speak to you about that baby. Isn't that right? Not reading your mind, I felt it awhile ago when… There's a whole group in that corner there praying. What's–what the matter with your baby? Do you realize that Jesus healed that baby when He died back yonder at Calvary? He paid that price.
Now, your baby, what's wrong with it… Your baby's about three years old, I guess, something like that. Isn't that about right? And it stopped growing, has no use of itself. Is that true? Will you believe me? All right. If you'll believe, accept its healing right now.
There it is setting alone in the mother's arms now, without even any holding him at all. She's got her arms away from it. Let's say, "Praise the Lord." The baby has use in its back now. All right. Everybody be reverent.

E-40 The little girl setting right there next to you, sweetheart, do you believe Brother Branham telling you the truth, the little girl there with the bad eyes? You going to believe Jesus would make you well? You do? All right, I want you to put your little hand over your eyes, like this. Say, "Dear Jesus, heal me." God bless you, honey; you shall have your sight.
Lady, what are you worrying about, setting next to her there, the handkerchief? Fine. Look this a way, sister. Something's wrong with you. Yeah. You also have bad eyes too, and you're a nervous case, aren't you, have a real… demon depression? Isn't that right? Oppression just bothers you all the time, nervousness. Isn't that right? God bless you. If I tell you that you're healed, will you believe me? All right. Go home; you're healed. God bless you.

E-41 What do you think about it, sister? You do? I see you're having troubles also, aren't you? Now, be reverent, everyone. Now, it's crossing spirits. This little boy setting here is pulling me out. Now, everyone just as reverent as you can be.
Look here, sister. You're wearied about something; it's something wrong, because it's real dark around you. You–you've been to a doctor recently, haven't you? And you've had an examination. Now, let's see. Have faith. Believe me with all your heart. Yes, you had a female trouble. He's not too sure about that; he's right. He said it was… might be cancer. Is that right? All right, it is, or, it was, rather. You're healed now. You have your healing. Now, look this a way, sister. you believe that?
Please be reverent, everyone. Don't… Let–let–let–be reverent, please.
Quickly, there's some… There's something… a connection. You here, sir, setting here with the "Voice Of Healing" in your hand, setting on a front seat. There's some connection between you and this woman. You was so happy when she was… That may be your… it's your sister or your wife, one. It's your wife, isn't it? That's right. You're bothered too. You was. You and your wife go home and be happy, for you're healed.

E-42 What about you, sister, setting there crying? You're a nervous trouble. Isn't that right? All right. God has healed you also. You're…
What did you bow your head for, honey, right behind that little girl. You're in a lot of trouble too, aren't you? Huh? Throat trouble, isn't it? Fixing to be operated on, is that right? You're up for an operation. They're supposed to operate on your throat. Isn't that right? All right. Believe the Lord right now and be healed. Will you do that?
Have–have faith in God. He's here to make it…
Now, just a moment. There's somebody right in here, very weary and very suffering. Just a moment. There's so many I can hardly tell. Now, it's a very serious case, wherever it is. Just a moment.
Yes, here it is. It's a lady setting right here with that flowerly–black flowerly dress on. Aren't you in trouble, sister, with suffering? Isn't that right? Isn't that true? A whole…?… look this a way. Yes, sister. Something must be done to you if… You're full of tumors (Isn't that right?), tumors or something in you? Raise up. Is that true? Have faith in God and your tumor shall leave, sister. You believe with all your heart? Now, watch right…?… You feel better now, don't you, sister, here on the side of the seat? Yes. Yes, ma'am. It's over now. You're going to be well.

E-43 The lady, your friend setting there, keeps talking to you. You're just wondering why I didn't call you, wasn't you? That's so. You was wondering. I'm not reading your mind, but you was wondering why I didn't catch you there. I can't tell just what's wrong with you yet, sister. Stand up on your feet, will you? Now, believe with all your heart. See, I get you above where those other vibrations are coming so fast I can't… Now, just a moment. Hold your hand out, like this. I'm not too sure of something. Double your fist, like this, put it around behind you, like this, way back, way back like mine. You touched it then. It's your liver. Is that right? That's right. I didn't know whether your kidneys or your liver. All right. Jesus Christ makes you whole, sister. Go on and be of a good courage…?… for God what…?…

E-44 Have faith in God. How many more prayer cards is there in the building?
God bless you, mother. Be it done unto you… All right. You going to believe with all your heart?
I wonder how many believes right now? Now, don't be excited now, just reverently. Let's have just… I'm just a little undecided here the way the Spirit of the Lord is moving. Many of them are wanting to be–have a prayer line, and many of them are wanting to have prayer right now. I know not just why too. All right. Be reverent just a few moments.
The Spirit of the Lord is here. Going to believe with all your heart? I'm trying just now. You ought to just make a surrender to God, a sweet surrendered life to Him, would lead Him to…?…

E-45 Let's pray. Heavenly Father, Thou knowest all things, and knows what is and what is not, and what's You're…?… God, bless this audience of people; grant it now. May Your Spirit be upon the audience, will You at this time, Father. With all my heart, please, dear God if we form a prayer line, it'll be those coming to the platform will just be for all those. But we should just now believe that You're here, Lord, and Your anointing is just paralyzing Thy servant, falling down like waves. O Jesus, may the people get just a touch of this at this time, they might be healed. Grant it, Lord, through Jesus Christ.
Oh, all of you… Please, my dear brother and sister, believe me as His servant. There isn't a thing in this building but what could be healed. Will you believe it in a…

E-46 How many here accept your healing right now. Say, "From this moment, by the grace of God, I'm healed," and go home and say, "I'm well through Christ." Raise to your feet, you that accept healing, right now. And that's right. Amen. That's the way to do it. Hallelujah.
O God, how I thank You for Your kindness, Lord, knowing I can't…?… no longer. The hour is here that they've accepted their healing.
O demons, you've lost your power. You've lost your control. Thou shall be in outer darkness now, and the glory of God shall be known throughout this city and the country, that the Lord Jesus is healing the people.
Thank You, Father. Thank You, Lord.
Everybody accepting your healing, raise your hands up and say, "Thank You, Jesus, for healing me. Thank You, Jesus, for healing me." Give Him praise.

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