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Love (56-0726)



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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham
called Love
was delivered on Thursday, 26th July 1956 at the Life Tabernacle in Shreveport, Louisiana, U.S.A.
The tape, number 56-0726,
is 1 hour and 58 minutes, and consists of 2 cassettes.

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Good evening, friends. So happy to be out again tonight to serve the
Lord, and to speak of His goodness to You, His people, the purchase of
His Blood.
And last evening we had a marvelous time. The Lord Jesus certainly
blessed in an outstanding way, which we were very happy about it. And
feeling that was the second time that ever happened in my career, was
immediately after being under the anointing for maybe twenty-five or
thirty minutes, and then just before to make an altar call, snapped
right back to myself again. I… That's the second time that's ever
happened. And that was a time, meeting just before this at the close of
the meeting in Cadle Tabernacle in Indianapolis.

Always, I might try to explain it if I could, just for a moment. It's
another world. And after a vision or two, you see people there, and see
what's happened, or just another life, another time maybe, forty years
back from now, or maybe years ahead from now. And it's just as real, as
it is, I'm standing right here. Then imagine after a few times, you
begin to wonder, really, where you're at. See? And it isn't me a doing
that. It isn't God doing that. It's you doing that. It's your faith.
Your faith is what does that. Now, I might explain it just for a little
a bit and you would understand.

Now, I–I've usually explained it like this. And maybe to the newcomer
here, that never heard me try to explain it… See, a gift, all the
Fullness of Godhead bodily dwelt in Jesus Christ. We know that. He was
all… He was God in complete. The–the dove came down, as we preached
the other night on "The Dove and the Lamb." And the Dove abode in the
Lamb. He stayed there. He was Emmanuel. God was in His tabernacle.
The–the Son of God, which was Jesus, was the flesh of God, a
tabernacle that God dwelt in here on the earth. And now, that was–that
was Christ and God became united. And that's the way God could be seen.
No man has seen the Father at any time, but the only begotten Son has
declared Him. See? In other words, God was in Christ, showing His
attitude towards the people. See? What He was, what God was, He was
expressing Hisself through Jesus His Son. See? As He dwelt in Him,
making Jesus and God… Jesus being the Tabernacle that God was
dwelling in here on earth… "A body has Thou prepared Me." See? And
God dwelt in Jesus Christ. And that made the Father and the Son united
together, now, and become One.
Now, notice, now, what was in Christ, was the Fullness of the Spirit,
the entire Fullness of God. God gave Christ the Spirit without measure.
But He's give It to us by measure. Christ had all the measure,
everything. He was Emmanuel. But you and I are little cupfuls out of
that Seed. But when the Spirit that's in us, is of the same quality,
not as much in quantity, but the same quality, 'cause it's part of the
same Spirit. See?

Now, if I taken a spoonful of water out of the ocean, why, you'd never
miss it, the spoonful of water. Yet, if I took it to the laboratory,
the same chemicals that's in the entire ocean would be in this
spoonful, the same type of chemicals.
Well, that's the way the Christian is. His makeup after he's received
Christ, is the same makeup with the same attributes that Christ was.
Exactly. Because it's the spoonful of God, as would be measured out and
give to each individual, makes you a son and daughter of God.
Now, Christ when He was here on earth… Let me just explain this as I
tried last night. He said, "I…" The Son, talking about God's Son,
Christ, that the Spirit dwelled in. "The Son can do nothing in Himself,
but what He sees the Father doing." The Father used the eyes of the
Son; He used the lips of the Son. Now, He uses your eyes and your lips.
He said, "When you're brought before governors, and rulers, and kings,
so forth, for My sake, take no thought what you shall say. For it'll be
given to you in that hour. It's not you that speaketh, but My Father."
God that's in you, He does the speaking. If you premeditate, then–then
you do your own thinking. But if you're just willing to be the lamb,
that the Dove will do the speaking… See what I mean? The Dove does
the speaking.

Well, that's the same way, that He… See, how the Spirit of God runs
right on down to the church? Now, now, watch here. And this will
explain something else about the weakness. Now, when, Jesus said that
He did nothing till the Father showed Him. Now, let's take for instance
the resurrection of Lazarus.
Now, in the resurrection of Lazarus. Why, was it strange, Jesus had
been right there with them all of His life? And all of a sudden He take
a notion to go away. And He went away. He knew Lazarus was going to
die. So then, after He was gone a few days, Lazarus took sick, and they
sent for Him to come pray for him. He just went on, went to another
city. They sent again. Still He never went. And after so many days, He
said, "Our friend, Lazarus is asleep."
Then they questioned. "Let Him rest."
Said, "He's dead. And for your sake, I'm glad I wasn't there." 'Cause
they would be try to persuade Him to do something against what the
Father had showed Him.
Now, how many believes the Father had already showed Him what was going
to take place? Had to be. 'Cause He said, "He did nothing till the
Father showed it." Said, look, watch. Said, "But I go wake him." He
knowed what was going to take place. The Father had showed Him.

Watch Him at the grave. "Father, I thank Thee, Thou has already heard
Me. But for these that stand by, I said it. I don't have to pray,
'cause You done told me what was going to be done. But I–I'm an
example to them." See?
I–Paul said, like in… Now, just a change of it slightly here. "All things to me are–are lawful, but not all expedient." See?
Now, Jesus didn't have to pray because He said, "Father, I thank Thee,
Thou hast already heard. But for these who stand by, I said it for
their sakes." See, see?
Then He said, "Lazarus, come forth." And a dead man that had been dead four days stood on his feet and lived again.

Now, a few days before that, a little woman went through a crowd of
people and touched His garments, and He declared that He got weak. Now,
which was the greatest miracle, that little woman being healed of a
blood issue, or a man with–with skin worms crawling through his flesh,
to come back to his normal flesh again, and a soul that had been gone
four days, bring its flight right back and stand on his feet and live
Well, it was a thousands times greater miracle, than the woman healing.
But that didn't bother Him. But the woman touching His garment bothered
"Well, Brother Branham, can you explain that?" Yes. See, Christ was God's love gift to the world. You believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."–Ed.] Greatest gift that God ever give was His only begotten Son. Is that right? That was God's greatest gift.
Now, God had His gift in His Son, and could use It any way He wanted
to. Now, when God showed Him something to do, that was God doing it.
Now, God hadn't showed Him this, and the woman done it; but her faith
in God moved God through His Son, because that was her point of
contact. You see what I mean?
Now, she pulled from God by her faith, what she desired as she touched
the garment of the Son of God. Now, that was the woman doing something;
the other was God doing something.
Now, this morning, or last night, when I left here, after I had been
gone a few minutes, I thought I'd go get something to eat. See, I only
do that after one of those meetings. Now, if I'm preaching, I always go
eat. I went and got something to eat. And I come back. I went to my
room. I set and talked to Billy awhile. We went to bed, prayed.

Just a few moments, Something come in, and a vision, that there's a
great crash coming, and for me, real quickly, to be on my knees a
praying, right at once, 'cause there's somebody in there that was
praying, for me, to pray for them. And this morning in the paper, two
big liners crashed together, one of them from Italy and one from
Sweden. There it was. And some was killed. See? The Holy Spirit, going
ahead, through prayer.
Mr. Ekberg, many of you all know him, don't you? Einar Ekberg, one of
our singers from Sweden. He was making a forced landing after he'd flew
over the world, and was going in, and the hydraulic wouldn't let the
wheels down on the plane. They told him he was going to have to skip it
in on the grass and try it. Take his glasses off, laid it on the floor,
and he begin to pray. He said, "Lord Jesus, help me at this time. And I
pray that somewhere that You'll let Brother Branham be praying for me."
And at the same time, I was driving down the road.

And Something said, "Pray." And Brother Ekberg come in front of me with
his hands up. I slipped off the side of the road, and prayed for
Brother Ekberg. And just at the time the plane come down the pilot gave
a great shout back, "The wheels has come down." And they landed safely.
I didn't… I stood and asked Brother Ekberg. We just got to California
about two months after that, and standing in the tent meeting he said,
spoke it. And I said, "Brother Ekberg, what day was that?" And I told
somebody else, "Find me out," I said, "what–what day it was." I said,
"What day was it?" Just exactly the same time. See? That's the Holy
Spirit making intercessions. You see? And how marvelous. Oh, I've seen
it done hundreds of times, the things. But that's… That's the
sovereign grace of God.
Now, the pulling, the people, you people is the one who–that… I have
not one thing to do with that. It's just the gift of God, that I yield
myself to it, and you draw from it yourself, you out there in meetings.
You can sit and begin to pray to God. Watch Him turn right around and
say something to you, tell what you was praying about, and what you ask
for. How many seen it done, let's see your hands. Why, sure. See?
That's you doing that, not me.

Well, that was the woman doing that to Christ. See? It's strict to the
Bible. Maybe, it might not be just the way you expected it to be, but
that's the way God made it.
Now, they… The Pharisee's and all of them, they had their way that
Jesus or Christ was to come, and God sent Him in such a different way,
that they failed to see Him. See? But now, they… That's the way it is
today. You might think that God operates His business a different way.
But God doesn't change; He stays just the same all the time.
And so now, last night, usually when them visions are so many, it makes
me so weak. And in Indianapolis, they were taking me from a meeting,
where a great mighty… There'd been a girl had been on the platform.
First, a lady setting down there, that was paralyzed, and had been
paralyzed for months…
Oh, wait a minute, I beg your pardon. I think about six, seven years.
And all at once the Holy Spirit come over the woman, before thousands
times thousands of people, and said to her what she was, and all about
it, and told her to rise up in the Name of the Lord, that she was
healed. She was paralyzed, or arthritis. And the lady got up normal and
The next day her doctor called me up and wanted to know what happened
to that woman. That was his patient. Now, come down to the hotel room.

Now, this deaf and dumb girl, that a little alcoholic, that was healed
once in my meeting, had brought up from Joliet, Illinois… And she'd
had a couple of prayer cards, but couldn't get in the line. And that
night, it happened to be, that I stayed longer. I think I had close to
twenty-five people that come through the line, just looked like I had
super strength that night.
And the little mute come up in the line, and the Lord Jesus made her
perfectly whole right there before the audience. And I–and I felt
myself weaving, and Billy kept hitting me in the side, and some of them
speaking to me. And I knew that was for me to go. And as I started to
go, I looked up, and here was another Cadle Tabernacle up here. And I
seen people just screaming down the aisles. And I made my own altar
call. And about five hundred souls come to Christ.

And till next time I had a one of the day's meetings, was last night.
And just as I was leaving, and Billy and them taking me from the
platform, all of a sudden, I snapped right back and feel better than I
do right now. And that's how I made the altar call.
God, perhaps, I pray that He has–has done something for me in that
line, that I can make my altar calls afterwards, because after all,
that's what the meeting is for, is to make altar calls. Amen.

Now, you love Him with all your heart? All right, fine. Now, maybe in a
night or two, we'd say Saturday night, perhaps, we'll have another
healing service. And maybe, Sunday night… And I want to announce, if
it's all right with Brother Moore, in–in his church Sunday morning,
I'll have a drama. How many likes drama?
I believe the last time I was here I had a drama of the woman washing
Jesus' feet with her tears and bathing Him. How many heard that? All
right. I have one Sunday, the Lord willing, and–for the tabernacle,
for this coming Sunday morning. And it's dedicated to the young folks.
And of course, you're always young from eight to eighty, you know. So
just… All of you, the old ones will get just as much enjoyment out of
it as the young ones. The Lord willing, we'll have it Sunday morning.
And you're invited out.
Now, tonight–today, I've been so tired, I was up late last night, and
the vision had me up. And then, usually visions work on me pretty hard.
That's the reason that on these meetings, I'm trying to maybe take a
few nights off, preach, then, a few nights, and have a healing service,
and then back. I'm trying to make myself adjusted to meetings where
we're going to get a big tent, and stay for three and four weeks at a
time in a place. And so, we pray that God will help me to do that. And
now, I couldn't go every night like that, I'd just… One meeting and
I'd be done. But God didn't give it to me like that. I've misused it.
And I've tried to, just because to rally the people, but I'm beginning
to think it's best to listen to God instead of what anyone says. It's
always best.

Now, tonight we want to speak to you for a few moments. And now, how
many thinks, feels like, we ought to have another healing service in a
night or two. Let's see your hands. Just kind of get the general
opinion of the people. Well, that's about half and half. All right.
Then we'll… You bring your sick folks in again, let's see, say,
Saturday night. And then, well, maybe, tomorrow night, and then have it
again Sunday night. Maybe that'd be better, have it tomorrow night and
then Sunday night. Yeah. Tomorrow night we'll have healing service. All
right. We'll pray for the sick again tomorrow night, and then have it
again Sunday night, and then make it every other night. Then next week,
right down towards the close, I've got to leave here and drive just as
hard as I can, thirty-seven hundred miles to the next meeting. Way, as
far as roads go, the end of the world, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. No
more roads beyond that, cross the top of the world.

Last time we was there, we had ten thousand in a meeting, Indians and
Eskimo's. And so we're expecting a great time there, five days. And
I'll you tell what happened. The preachers was so at one another's
throat up there, and fussing with one another, through Canada, until
the farmers got sick and tired of it. One said, "Well, if they have
anything to do with it, we'll bring Brother Branham in, but we… If
they have anything to do with it, we're not coming." So… "They have
it, we're not coming. We'll not have nothing with it."
So the farmers got together and rented the auditorium, and we don't
have to even take up an offering. Amen. It's all paid for. Amen. Now,
that's the love of God. The farmers is showing up the preachers. God's
lamb is laying on the farm, looks like. Amen.

Oh, I just love Him. Don't you love Him? Isn't there something about
it, just lightens up your heart when you're thinking of Him? Just to
think, that it's all finished now, and we're resting, and loving, and
worshipping Him, and passing by, throwing out the lifeline to everyone
we can, saying, "Come along, brother, this is wonderful. There's
nothing like it." All of eternity for ever and ever, it's all settled
now; it's all over. Isn't that wonderful? How many has got that hope in
them tonight, raise your hand. Oh, my. Two-thirds, better than
two-thirds of the audience has that blessed hope in them, that they are
anchored in Jesus. How wonderful.
I asked my wife, not long ago, I said, "I want to ask you something,
honey, I…" I said, "What is real true value placed on?" I believe I
told you that though, the other night, what the true value…
Nothing but lost souls, is the only thing that's got any value in it.
Money passes away. Homes decay and go away. Everything in the earth
moves away. The only value, lasting value, I'd rather have one soul in
glory, that I won to Christ, to know and see that that Light of God
circles around that soul, through all eternity, my name to be
associated with that, than to have every penny of money in the whole
earth, 'cause I'd have to lose–lose it all. But what you send up
there, is Eternal. And that's the reason we're trying.
My lost brother and sister tonight without hope without God, that's why
I'm here to speak to you, to try to get you to love the Lord Jesus. I
want to read some of His blessed Word. Before doing it, let us to speak
to Him in prayer and bow our heads.

Sister, on the organ, if you will, or piano one. Just a little word of
"Abide With Me." I just love that song. And all right. "Abide with Me,"
while we have our heads bowed.
How many would like to be remembered in this prayer? Would you just
raise your hands. God bless you. That's fine. How many here that's
really not feeling real good in your soul? With everyone of your heads
bowed now, just let the Holy Spirit, and I, look. Would you raise up
your hands? God bless you. God bless you. Oh, wonderful. God be…?…
About a dozen or more.

Our heavenly Father, we just love Thee, Lord, because that Thou has
first loved us. And we're thinking tonight, those who raised their
hands just now, saying in their soul they wasn't just exactly feeling
Now, the reason they did that was because You spoke to them. You said,
"There's no man can come to Me, except the Father draws him first. And
He that will obey that drawing, I'll give Him Everlasting Life and will
raise him up at the last days."
O God, may, before this service ends, may those who are weary with
hands that are hanging down, face down towards the earth, walking, may
them feeble hands be lifted up, tears of joy running down their cheeks,
looking towards the Lamb of God, in gratefulness of pure and holy
salvation. Grant it, Lord. Remember, the others who raised their hand,
some might be sick, Lord. Heal them tonight, will You? Just let the
Holy Spirit go right out over the audience everywhere, and heal the
sick, save the lost. Bring near to these–to You, Lord, those who are a
little wayward, indifferent. They're Your children. They just can't
find rest nowhere. May they come back to the Ark tonight. Change their
spirit to a lamb, meekly and humbly come to the Lord. For we ask it in
Christ's Name. Amen.

E-19 Very familiar chapter tonight to read a verse out of it: John 3:16.

For God so loved the world,… he gave his
only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish,
but have everlasting life.

I… Pray with me, for those who raised their hands, and for those who
are needy of Christ. I want you to give me your undivided attention for
just twenty or thirty minutes before the altar call, and we'll see what
the Holy Spirit will tell us to do.
Now, I'm going to speak tonight, on "Love."

I think love is the greatest force there is in the world. There's
nothing more powerful than love. If I had the choice tonight, and was a
sinner, and was standing here before God, and He have said, "Now, boy,
I'm going to give you all nine spiritual gifts. I'm going to let you
prophesy, give you the spirit of prophecy. I'm going to make you a
mighty preacher, give you the word of wisdom and understanding. I'm
going to give you the gift to speak in tongues and to interpret. I'm
going to give you a gift of healing that you'll have great faith for
the sick. And I'm going to do all these things for you. I'll give you
all that, or I won't let you have any of those things, but let you have
real love in your heart."
I'd say, "God give me love." That's right.
"For where there is tongues, they shall cease. Where there's prophecy
it will fail. Where there's knowledge, it'll vanish. But where there is
love, it will endure forever. That's what drove the heart of God to
send Christ to the earth.

Here sometime ago, a little story was told me of a mother. And a young
girl had been away to college. And on the road back, she brought a
young girl home with her. And the girl was one of those little modern
snicklefritz, we call it, you know, just kind of a little feisty.
So her mother was out to meet her. And so when the young lady looked
around and seen the… Oh, the mother, the young lady that was with her
said, "Oh, who's that old hag?" 'Cause she was all scarred up. And the
young lady that had been away, she was ashamed to say it was her
mother, because her little self-styled friend had said she looked like
a hag.
So when they had to finally leave the train, why, the–the mother run
up to the daughter and said, "Oh, darling, I'm so glad to see you." And
the girl turned her back and walked away, 'cause she was ashamed of her
ugly-looking mother in the sight, in the presence of her girl friend
from college.
And happened to be the conductor that was standing there knew the case.
He caught that young girl and turned her around. He said, "Mary, what
makes you act like that? What's happened to you since you've been
away?" He said, to the girl, that was with her. Said, "No, doubt but
what you're looking at that ugly mother of hers." She said, "I've

The conductor said, "I've seen the day when she was twice as pretty as
her daughter will ever be." But said, "I happened to live in the
neighborhood, and this girl was a baby upstairs; her mother was in the
backyard washing. And all of a sudden, the fire engines run up, and
come to find out the house was on fire. And it was hot. And there was
no possible chance for the baby to be saved.
And this mother ran through those blazes, a beautiful woman, and run
through the blazes, and grabbed the baby, and jerked her clothes from
her body, and wrapped the baby's face up in it, and rushed through
those blazes, back, and that's what made her ugly, it tore the meat
from her face, and that's what her… She's all bent over, where the
fire had drawed her down."
And said, "And the reason she's… You're pretty; that's why she was
made ugly, so you could be pretty. And then you're ashamed of her."

I thought when I heard the story, "That's right. What Jesus became for
us, He became death and sin, that we who were really guilty and
sinners… Oh, my. You say, "If that'd have been my mother, I'd have
been proud about her." What about your Lord tonight? Are you really
ashamed of Him, or are you really proud that He saved you, and you're
willing to give a testimony? Divine love is one of the most powerful
forces. It's–it's one of the greatest forces in the world. And when
Divine love has been projected and comes to Its end, then sovereign
grace will take its place.
Now, that's my text. When Divine love has been projected… Project
Divine love and it comes to its end, till it can't go no farther, then
sovereign grace will come in and take its place.
Now, do you realize, being a son or daughter of God, that you are a
minor creator? Do you know you create the atmosphere that you live in?
Do you realize that the atmosphere that you dwell in, you influence
somebody else? What makes people act the way they do? Is because…
What makes the drunks like to be with drunks. As my mother used to say
the old proverb, and I think it's southern here too: "Birds of a
feather flock together," because they have things in common.

You don't see crows and doves dwelling together, because they don't
have no fellowship. They don't have things in common. The crow can fly
on a dead carcass and eat it. And… But the dove will go to the wheat
field and eat the grain. Now, I want you to notice what the Devil can
do. Now, the dove cannot set on the dead carcass and eat. But the crow
can eat the dead carcass and also eat the wheat. He's a hypocrite. See?
The dove can't do it, because her makeup is different.
Now, a person can impersonate Christianity, but a Christian can't
impersonate sin. The Spirit that's in him won't let him do it. He
has… The dove, the reason she couldn't eat that, it would kill her.
She had no gall, as we spoke the other night. She has no gall. If she'd
eat it, it would kill her; the poison would kill her. She can't do it.
But the crow can both eat the dead carcass and the wheat also. So
that's what an impersonator can do. But a real genuine Christian can be
nothing else but a pure article of God.
Now, a few weeks ago at the Christian Business Men's Convention in
Minneapolis, I heard a testimony that struck me. And the man is a great
plow man. What is his name? I forget now. Brother Krause, very fine
man. Brother Krause made a testimony which brought this to my mind.
That when he got sick, he was a bosom friend to Oral Roberts. And Oral
Roberts is a fine Christian brother. And he and Brother Oral were just
like that together.
Well, first thing you know, he thought, "Well, if something would ever
happen to me, only thing I'd do would be go to Oral and that'd be over

Now, when you get those ideas, you're wrong. That's right. Don't you
never think that man has anything to do with it; it's God alone. It's
all right for you to respect men and love them as your brother, but
don't never put the love of anybody in your heart like you have of God,
or before God. Keep Him first. Love one another. But that love in the
Greek love is "phileo" which means "human love." But the love you have
for God is "agapao" love, which is a Divine love.
So now, keep God's love first. But then, Brother Krause said that he
always had such great faith in Brother Roberts. One day he–he found
out he had a kidney trouble: kidney stone. He said, "Oh, my, that's
easy. I'll just go down to Brother Roberts. When I have dinner with
Oral said, "Sure, we can take care that. Right away, Brother Krause." Raised up, laid his hands on him, said, rebuked the thing.
Said, "He felt better." Went home for a day or two, it was back again.
Goes back to Brother Roberts, and said, "Brother Roberts, the thing's
back on me."
"We'll pray again." And he rebuked the thing again. Felt better for a
few hours, back again. Kept doing that, till he found out that He
didn't–wasn't getting anywhere. Oh, there.
"Oral, fails, I know somebody won't fail, Brother Branham. He sure
won't fail." So he said, "I know, I'll go down stand before the–that
gift, he will tell me just exactly what to do." Said, "I'll find where
he's at."

I was in Shreveport, Louisiana, on my last meeting here. He come over
to the Washington Rio Hotel, him and his lovely wife. And he said,
"Brother Branham, I'm going to try to get a prayer card." They give it
to him every night; he never was called in the line.

Loving him the way, just–just when he was starting to leave, he was
down in the–the lobby. I was there when he come by. He started to
crying, and he went out and shook my hand. I said, "Brother Krause, I
want you to come up to the room. Come with me." And I went to the room.
And I said, "Now, Brother Krause, let us pray. I'll stand before you
and before God, before God and you, rather, and I'll see what the Lord
tells me." I humbled myself before the Lord, went out the way I always
do, to try to find… And the Holy Spirit come down and struck me, and
refused to say a word to me.
I said, "That don't happen very often. Let us try it again." And we
prayed again and said, "Now, Lord, if we did anything wrong, why, You
forgive us for it. We don't mean to be doing anything wrong. But
Brother Krause is my good brother, and he wants to know what Your will
is for him. Will You speak to me, Father? And now, I offer to Thee, not
myself, for I have nothing to offer, but I come in the Name of the Lord
Jesus, for His sake. And now, Brother Couch, my brother stands before
me, who's helped me many times in great troubles and things and–and so
forth, and we've been brothers. Now, will You speak, Lord?" And I
humbled myself before the Lord, and the Holy Spirit refused to say a
word. Then nothing I could do. Very seldom, about once or twice in my
life, I ever seen it do that.

So then, I didn't know what to tell him. I said, "Brother Krause, I
don't understand it." And I said, "I'm afraid to ask again." So we went
ahead, and I prayed for him, laid hands on him, went away.
And he said, "You know, I feel better; I ain't got a pain right now."
Went away for about, for about three or four weeks. He was all right.
All at once, one night it begin to come again.
Now, he said, "Lord Jesus, I love You. And I've been to both Brother
Roberts and Brother Branham, and what am I going to do?" He said, "Now,
I'm… Don't want to go to any doctor. I don't want to go. But I…
What shall I do?"
And so then, finally he was drove to a doctor. And when He went to the
doctor, they sent him to Mayo's. Mayo's looked him over and said,
"Well, friend, you got about one chance out of one thousand of ever
living over another month." Said, "Your operation might be, if we would
remove the stone, but it's set in something." And said, "If we remove
that, it might kill you on the operation." He said, "You're just near
death. And you got one chance out of a thousand of ever pulling through
"Well," he said, "let me think it over."

And he loves the Lord, anybody that knows Brother Krause; he's a real
Christian. He said, "Dear God, You know I love You. I've done
everything I know to do, but then, now, if it's my time to come Home to
You, I'm ready to come. But I love You, and my last words to You is: 'I
love You.' And You know my heart that I love You."
And he went on to the operation, and the doctor kind of hesitated a
little bit to do it. But after the operation was performed, he woke up,
and he said, "The whole entire room was lit up by the Glory of God."
And the doctors couldn't even understand how quickly and what happened.
When love has been projected and come to its end, sovereign grace
stepped in and took its place. It'll do it every time. That's God's
nature. He can't do nothing else for anybody. But when you really,
truly, love Him… Loving Him is not just a mythical thought, but I
mean in your heart He becomes dear to you.

Now, just like you put trust in Him. You believe Him just like you do
your wife. When I leave home, I don't have to say, "Come in here, Mrs.
Branham; we're going to have a little talk now. I'm fixing to leave.
Don't you have any other husbands while I'm gone. Don't you do this,
that, or the other."
And she said, "Now, my dear man, that's very good. But I want to tell
you. Don't you have anymore wives while you're gone And you better be
true to me." We never think of that. Why? We love one another. I never
even think about it.
I just go in and I say, "Good bye, sweetheart. Pray for me."
Said, "I'll be on my knees every night praying for you, Billy. God be
with you." That settles it till I get back. She don't worry about me.
She knows I love her. And as long as I love her like that, she'll never
have to worry. If I thought I could do something and get by with it,
and I tell her about it, and she'd forgive me for it, I wouldn't do it
anyhow. I love her too much to do it. I'd look at her and think, "That
poor little old girl, thirty-five years old, and completely
gray-headed, and stood between me and the public, the mother of my
three children… There's something in my heart wouldn't let me do it."
When I look at my Lord and see He died yonder on Calvary, the Lovely
for me the unlovely, He, the Pure for me the impure to save me from a
death of sin, and an eternity in hell, something in me… If I could
get by with it, I don't want to do it. I love Him. Yes, sir. I love
Him. Even I thought if I'd go do it, and He'd forgive me for it, I
don't want to do it anyhow. I don't want to do nothing to hurt Him. I
love Him too much. That's what we have to have. It's something in your
heart: Love.
"Oh," say, "it don't condemn me to smoke. I–I drink a little. I…"
Well, brother, you don't love Him. Something's happened. If you really
love Him…

I remember the first little Bible I ever got, when I first started to
preaching. Used to be in the Baptist church, somebody keeps asking,
"Brother Branham, you think it's wrong to smoke? You think it's wrong
to drink?"
And I wrote a little answer in my Bible; I had the answer the man. I
said, "Don't ask me foolish questions. Make this up in your mind. If
you love the Lord with all your heart, you won't smoke, chew, or drink
any shine." That still holds good tonight. Right. If you love Him,
though you could do it and get by with it, you wouldn't do it anyhow,
if you love Him. That's what real true genuine agapao love does.
The Christian loves the Lord. And he loves Him in such a way, that,
"There's nothing can separate us from the love of God which is in
Christ Jesus, Paul said, "neither death, sorrow, neither perils, or in
prisonments, and anything, can separate us from the love of God that's
in Christ Jesus." Oh, my. The real true…
And my brother, when you get that in your heart with that type of love,
that'll beat anything else that you could substitute for. That's
exactly right. I don't care how much you've spoke with tongues, how
much you shouted, how many great services you've had, or been in, how
well your name's on the book, how many times you've been baptized, and
which way. It never will amount to one thing until that real genuine
Holy Ghost love sinks into your heart, till you love Him above
everything else there is in the world. Right.

We put so much stress on the evidence of the Holy Ghost. The Methodist
said you have to shout 'fore you got It. A lot of Methodist shouted and
didn't have It. The Pentecostal said speak with tongues when you got
it. A lot of them spoke in tongues and didn't have It. That's right.
But, brother, when you come to a place where you got love, it never
will fail. That's right. If my wife trusted me because I give her ten
dollars every time I left, well, brother, that wouldn't be very much
sign I loved her. I'd be right or true. But when she knows that I love
her, when I know she loves me, then there's a perfect trust between
each other. No–no worry at all. Then when you got perfect love of God
in your heart, you don't question God about anything. When the Bible
said, "I'm the Lord that heals all thy diseases," you say, "Amen, Lord,
that's right. That's me."
"Tarry in the city of Jerusalem till you're endued with power from on high."
"That was me, Lord."

Peter said, "Repent, every one of you and be baptized in the Name of
Jesus Christ for the remission of sins. You shall receive the gift of
the Holy Ghost. Promise is to you, and your children, to them afar off,
even as many as the Lord our God shall call."
"Amen, Lord, that means me." That settles it all. Anything God says,
you love Him so much you believe it. Oh, I feel real religious right
now. To think, that perfect love casts out all fear. You're not scared
about nothing; you're just resting. You're not, "Oh, I may backslide
tomorrow. I may backslide next week." I won't worry about that. I'm not
trying to hold on. I–I… He held on for me. And He put a love in my
heart that holds there. It's Him holding me, not me holding Him. If it
was me holding Him, I'd probably turn loose. But as long as He's
holding me, He will never turn loose. He promised He wouldn't.
"I'll never leave thee nor forsake thee." Amen. Oh. "He that heareth My
words, and believeth on Him that sent Me, hath Everlasting Life, and
shall not come into condemnation, but's passed from death unto Life."

I will rest my solemn soul upon that Word of God and stand and say, "As
long as I know there's something in me, making me love the Lord Jesus
so well I don't want to do wrong." I'm anchored. Amen. Something
If I tried to say, "Well, I–I quit this and I quit that." I–I doubt
that. But when something in here happens, that's what does it. I
remember, after I lost my wife. I stood there by the side of my baby,
and it dying. I put my hand over on its head; the mother had just been
taken from the hospital where she died and was taken to the morgue.
A man come, said, "Billy, I got some bad news for you." I went home; I
was crying, laying on the bed. Said, "I got some bad news for you."
I said, "What? I know, she just died awhile ago, Brother Frank."
Said, "That's not all, your baby's dying too."
And I rushed to the hospital. Just a little bitty thing, eight months
old, just in her three-corners. And she… I used to blow the horn on
my truck, and things, coming around, she'd goo and raise her little
arms for me. How I loved that child. My first little girl. And I went
in to the hospital quickly.
The nurse said, "You can't go down there, Mr. Branham." I waited till
she left. I run around behind the door and went in anyhow. Said, "She
has meningitis, tubercular meningitis."

I went into the room; there she was laying there. The windows was up,
and flies had got in her eyes. I run the flies out, and put the little
mosquito bar over her. I looked at her again. She was laying there kind
of quivering. I said, "Sharon, honey, you know daddy?" My poor heart
breaking, my wife laying down there in the casket, the mother of the
baby… And her little arm was moving up and down, she had suffered so
hard till her little eyes were crossing. One little blue eye was
already crossed. I said, "You love daddy, honey? Daddy come to… And I
seen her quivering; I knowed she recognized I was there.
I knelt down; I said, "O God, oh, I love her. Don't take her, God.
Don't–don't take my baby. Please don't, God." And just then I looked
up, and there come a black sheet, unfolding, coming down like that. I
knowed He was going to take her. I put my hand on her little head. I
said, "The Lord gave; the Lord taken away; blessed be the Name of the
Lord." I said, "God, You gave her to me; You're taking her back." I
said, "Sherry, honey, I'll lay you in your mother's arms in another
hour. But someday yonder in glory, by the help of God, daddy will meet

Oh, how everything was gone. I stood upon the hill up there when the
baby laying on the mother's arms… I heard the preacher say, "Ashes to
ashes and dust to dust." They buried my heart. When I seen that young
wife of twenty-two years old, been married a little over two years.
Holding little old Billy on my arms, and him looking, "Mama, mama,"
reaching for her, and his little sister laying on the mother's arms…
An old turtledove set in the bush a cooing. I heard the clods drop. We
were poor, had to bury her almost in a potter's field. I heard the
clods drop on there; the preacher said, "Ashes to ashes and dust to
dust." It seemed like coming down through them pine trees, there was a
breeze blowing, saying, "There's a land beyond the river, that they
call the sweet forever, and we only reach that shore by faith's degree;
one by one we gain the portals, there to dwell with the immortal.
Someday they'll ring those golden bells for you and me."
About two weeks afterwards, I couldn't get over it. I went back to
work. About a month or two, I was going up the road. I had my hands
behind me, an old pair of boots on; I couldn't go home; I couldn't go
nowhere. My heart was broke. And the state senator of Indiana, Mr.
Isler, comes to my church. I was going walking up the road like that. I
heard a little old truck coming. I looked around. He stopped. He jumped
out, run over there, and he put his arms around me. And I was crying.
He said, "Billy, how are you feeling?"
I said, "Mr. Isler, you know how I'm feeling."
Said, "I want to ask you one thing solemnly, Billy."
I said, "All right. Ask me, Mr. Isler."
Said, "What do you think about the Lord Jesus now, after taking your baby, your wife, everything you had?"
I turned around, took him by the hand, looked him in the eye. I said,
"Senator, I want to tell you something. He's more than life to me."
He said, "Do you love Him?"
I said, "With all my heart, with all my soul, and with all my strength."
"After taking your wife and baby?"
I said, "Though He would send me into hell, if there's such a thing, as
I could love Him there, I'd love Him anyhow." He's right, and I'm wrong
always. And He's always right. I love Him.

Oh, I'm so glad to know that by grace He put that in my heart. That
powerful thing of love, it conquers. It'll… You can conquer your
husband. If he won't go to church, and he fusses at you for going, just
pray. Now, don't try to put it on. If you do, it won't work. But if you
really get such a love in your heart for his soul, he will know it.
Don't you worry. The husband is sanctified by the believing wife, vice
versa. You can't fool it. You can't bluff it. It's got to really be
there. That's the reason where genuine faith…
People sometimes think they got faith when they haven't got it. You've
got to really have it. I've seen that same conquering power.

As you know, I'm a lover of outdoors, and love the wild, raised in the
woods, my mother about a half Indian. And I love the wild. I was game
warden in Indiana for years, studied wildlife, lived in it all my days.
My old granddaddy was a noted national known hunter. And I've hunted
all over the world nearly. I love wildlife. But I tell you; there's
something about genuine. There's something about real that everybody
will know. You won't have to go around testifying, this, that, or the
other. If you're a real lover of the Lord, everybody you come in
contact will almost know it. You are written epistles. You're sealed.
And a seal is on the backside the same as on the front side, both going
and coming. People know that you're a Christian. You walk different,
live different, act different; you are different when you become a
I remember one time… I might've told you this, how that I have seen
wildlife conquered by the love of God. How many ever read my book
called, "Man Sent From God," was wrote here by Brother Lindsay? Many of

You remember the maniac that fell on the platform that night across my
feet, you remember that story? What happened? I wished I could explain
that. I've had it happen many times in my life. I have it to happen
every time that a miracle is performed. I… It's something. You have
to enter in.
Here a few weeks ago, Brother Jack and I were standing on the platform
before thousands of thousands of people down in Mexico. And a poor old
Mexican brother come up. He was blind. And he had a shawl laying over
him, dirty, dusty. And the poor old fellow had a little cross in his
hands, to say a "Hail Mary," or something. I told him that wasn't
So he come up. And he wanted to know… Come up to where I was. I
looked at the old fellow. I seen his gray hair from under his big old
straw hat, where he'd pulled it down. And he was saying something in
Spanish. I couldn't understand him. Brother Espinosa was telling me
what he was saying. And he come over to where I was at. And he put his
arms upon my shoulders. Something struck me. I looked at him, about
seventy. I said, "That would be about the age of my old dad if he was

E-40 I looked at his feet. Didn't have on any shoes. I thought, "He, maybe, he never had a pair of shoes."
of a sudden, Something begin to move me. I put my foot up beside of his
to see if my shoes would've fit him. I thought, "If my shoes fit me,
I'll take them right off now and give them to him. He maybe never had a
pair of shoes." I thought, "Here he is." I pulled him up close to me to
see if my shoulders and his. He was wider. I'd give him my coat. I
loved him. Something another, I loved him. I thought, "Looky there."
There the poor old fellow, maybe, never set down to a good decent meal
in his life. Maybe he never wore a pair of shoes, his old rusty,
scaly-looking feet, and his toenails all turned up. I thought, "Poor
old fellow. He has got just as much right to a good pair of shoes as I
got, got just as much right to wear a good coat as I can, got just as
good a right, as much right, to sit down to a good meal as I have."

And besides all that, the Devil has blinded him. See what it was?
Somehow I entered in… Not me, the Holy Spirit (O God) was taking me
into the feeling. Oh, when you can project your life, by taking me into
a feeling of love for the old man…
And just then, he put he put his arms over my shoulder and begin
weeping on my shoulder. Then something happened. I thought, "That
cursed blind Devil, that blinded this poor old man, that's never had
any privileges…"
"Well," I said, "you blind spirit, come out of him." And all of a
sudden, he opened his eyes and he begin to scream, "I can see." What
was it? Projecting the love of the Holy Spirit. That's the way it
When that poor man run to the platform to take my life that night,
threatened he would do it, rolled up his big arms before sixty-five
hundred people besides the hundred standing in the streets in the rain,
he said, "You hypocrite, tonight I'll break every bone in your body."
I never said a word. I looked at him. I weighed a hundred and
twenty-eight pounds and him nearly three hundred, seven foot something
tall, maniac out of asylum. And he run up there and he…

Now, instead of… Well, I was scared sure. But when I looked at him,
something begin to happen. Instead of thinking, "Oh, if I was big
enough, I'd whip you." Instead of that, I got to thinking, "Poor
brother. The Devil's got him bound. Why, he'd want to love me as much
as I love him. He can't help being like that. That's not him cursing
me. That's the Devil." That is with any man. It's not the man that's
cursing you, that you want to get angry with and kill him in a few
minutes. It's the Devil making him do that, not your brother. It's the
Devil he's possessed with.
And he made a great big threat. And before I could say anything, the
Holy Spirit begin to speak. And instead of hating the man, I loved him.
And the love of God was projected to him, and he rolled around his big
eyes like that, and fell on my feet in the floor. Love conquered.

I've heard them talk about bad dogs. I… Happens to be I'm not afraid
of a dog. You're not… What makes the dog bite you is because you're
afraid of him. Now, that may sound silly. But it's not. Wild animals, I
never seen one I was afraid of, because I love them. I've been face to
face with grizzly bears and everything else. Because I love the
animals. You have to have it; you can't bluff it now. Did you ever see
a dog raise his nose and go… He knows whether you're afraid or not.
Don't you try to bluff him. You might've bluffed your neighbor, but you
can't bluff the dog. He knows. And you can't bluff God. And I say this
with all reverence; you can't bluff the Devil. I don't care how loud
you holler, how much you scream, and kick your feet. He will just lay
right there.
But when you really got the article, you don't have to say very much.
He knows whether it's real or not. Them disciples was screaming and
hollering, trying to make this lunatic well. Jesus said, "Come out of
him." What happened? The disciples were defeated. But that Devil had to
know where that Voice was coming from. It was from a Fountain were the
Dove of God was setting. He recognized that vibration when it went from
Him. He knew that was more than a disciple. He knew that was more than
Moses. When it…?… in Moses and he made Moses sin. But when He said,
"If Thou be the Son of God, make a miracle here before these
He said, "It's written, 'Man shall not live by bread alone.'" He knowed
he hadn't met Moses then. There was something about it. Right.

Here sometime ago while I was game warden in Indiana, over at the old
Burke Farm, where the old quarry is, there's the Walnut Ridge
graveyard, just below where my dear loving wife is resting tonight, her
body, her and the baby, right down in there, it was called the Burke's
Farm, there was a big old bull. And he killed a colored man down there.
And they sold him up there to a fellow named Guernsey, this side of
Henryville. I was letting some fish loose down there, at a–in a big
lake where a steam went through it. This fellow made a lake in there
and he was going open it up to the public; and we stocked it for him,
the conservation.
Well, we're supposed to pack a little old pistol around wherever we
went. That was a law; we had to do it. So I happened to know of a
brother across the field that was sick. So I thought, "I believe I'll
go over and pray for him. I'll turn these fish loose."
I unbuckled this little old pistol and throwed it up in the car, and
went out over there where the… started across the field where the
brother was. I forgot that that killer was in the field.
So on my road across the field, over, going across that way, there was
a little bunch of shrubs out there, little scrub oaks. And I happened
to get about two hundred yards, or three hundred from the fence, about
the same distance the other side, little swamp of a pond in the middle
there. And out… And all of a sudden within thirty feet of me, this
killer bull raised up. And there I was.

First, I reached for the gun: No gun. See how God takes care of things
just right? No, gun. I looked to the fence; he was too close to me. No
tree to get into, death laid before me. He was a killer, warnings all
around, "Don't enter here." Well, I forgot about it. And there I was.
Well, there's only one thing for me to do, straighten myself up and
don't die like a coward, die like a man. I straightened myself up; I
thought, "Well, this is the end of it." I pulled myself up, no need of
trying to run. He was in twenty feet of me. Oh, just throwed his horns
in the ground, like that, and bellowing with all he could, fall on his
knees, and throwed his horns, and kicking the dirt, and getting ready.
So I was just standing there; that's all I could do. I thought, "Well,
I certainly will do this. I'll not go down a coward. I'll go down
showing my love of God in my heart." And I looked back at that bull,
and all of a sudden something happened. Now, this sounds kiddish; it
sounds like a little baby talk. But that's what's the trouble with us
tonight, we tried to be an adult in God, when we ought to be babies in
God. We know so much. God dwells in the center of humility and
simplicity. Don't never forget that. I looked at the bull; if anything
I could've cried for him. Why, I thought, "Poor creature. Well, how
wrong I am." Now, ordinarily I wouldn't feel that way about it.

First, I–I was looking for the gun. I was glad I didn't have it; I'd
have shot him, and then went and paid for it. But I didn't have the
gun. I thought, "Well, poor creature." Why, I–I'm in–I'm in your
pasture; this is your home, and you're just a brute. You don't know any
different. And you wouldn't want to kill me anyhow. But I disturbed
you. I'm sorry I did that. I didn't mean to disturb you." Talking like
I am now… I just couldn't help it; there was Something talking in me.
Oh, my! It's–it's too bad we ever have to leave that. Just submit it.
God just took over. And the bull roaring and going on. He lowered his
head. And I said, "Now, creature of God, I'm the servant of God. I'm on
my way to pray for a sick man, over here dying. And I come across the
field here, where you're home is; I'm sorry I broke into your home?"
That's what I did. I broke into his home. That's all the home he knows
of. Now, now, stop and think; that's true.
I said, "I–I come into your house. I broke in on you. I'm sorry. You
forgive me. I'll go across the field; I–I won't bother you." And I
said, "Now, in the Name of Jesus Christ, our Creator, go over there and
lay down again. I'll not bother you." And that bull took towards me as
hard as he could. And when he got to about six or eight feet of me, I
wasn't a bit more afraid than I am standing right here. "Perfect love
casts out all fear."
I don't care, if death is staring you in the face, you can sing, "Happy day, happy day, since Jesus washed my sins away."

No wonder Paul could stand in the face of death and say, "O death,
where is your sting? Grave, where is your victory?" Sure. Through
tribulations he had learned the love of God. Suffering brings patience,
works tribulations to bring patience, of course. Now, patience makes
love, trust.
And when that bull got within to about six or eight feet of me, he just
threw his feet out and stopped. And he looked at me. He looked this
way, and that way, so depleted, just quietened right down, walked over
and laid down. I walked within five feet of that bull, and he never
even turned and looked at me. I walked right out of the pasture. What
is it? It was the love of God, the power of God.
You say, "Brother Branham, I don't believe that story." Well, you don't
have to. But it's true. The same God that could close the mouth of the
lion's–in the lion's den for Daniel, can certain tame a bull in a few
minutes when the love of God has been projected. Then when I love the
Lord, and the love in my heart comes back to that bull, then when love
has come to its end, Divine sovereign grace steps in to take the place.
Oh, my. Why would I fear when death comes? How I want to love the Lord,
that when it comes to the place, where everything is gone, Divine grace
will step in someday, and pack me across river of Jordan yonder, into a
better land, where there's no sickness, or death, or sorrow. I love the
Lord. You love the Lord. We have got nothing, no sickness, no diseases,
nothing else can separate us. That love of God goes right on. And when
you love Him, and come to the end where love can't act no longer in
your behalf, sovereign grace will take love's place. Amen.

Here sometime ago out in my front yard, I was mowing with a mowing
machine, little old power mower. And I'd mow about two rounds, here
come another carload. I'd run around the house, and run in put on, take
off my overalls and–and put on clothes, and somebody'd come be prayed
for; I'd pray for them, maybe, in there an hour or more. Nobody else in
the line, then I'd maybe be late in the evening, I'd slip out, put my
overalls on, run out in the front yard, mow a couple more rounds. Why,
the front yard was growing up 'fore I could get in the back. And then
One afternoon back there, I went back there and nobody… I just
slipped on my overalls, real hot. I didn't put on any shirt. Nobody
could see me, so I was just mowing along there, the little old power
mower, putt, putt, putt, putt. And I was going along, and I forgot that
a big nest of hornets was in the corner. And I rammed right into that
fence, and in less than a second's time, I was completely covered over
with hornets. You know what they are, those great big fellows? Why,
they could kill you. One of them can knock you down. And of course, me
with no shirt on, and I… The hornets all around me, but something
happened. Something… Instead of being scared, love come in and took
its place. You might not want to believe this, but at the judgment bar,
you'll see Him, when the secrets of our hearts is disclosed.

I was covered over, not a one had stung me. And I thought, "Poor little
creatures. Well, that's the only way you have of defense. God gave you
that stinger. That's to defend yourself. You've got just as much right;
you don't know that was my fence. It's just as much yours as it is
mine. It don't belong to either one of us; it's God's. So you made your
nest right there. I ought to have been looking out for you. And I'm
sorry." But I said, "I'm the servant of the Lord. And I love you,
little fellows."
Them just… [Brother Branham makes a sound of the bees humming–Ed.]
I said, "I–I–I…" Don't you try to bluff it. You better know what
you're talking about. I said, "I love you, little creatures of God. I'm
sorry; I apologize to you for–for waking you up." But I said, "I–I'm
serving God's people. And I have to cut my grass. And I was in a hurry.
I–I'm sorry I disturbed you. Now, in the Name of Jesus Christ, go back
into that nest. I won't bother you anymore. I'll go around it." And
the–them still all around me. I… My mower–mower never stopped. I
just turned loose the handle to raise up my hands to God. I took right
a hold of the handles, and not a bit more scared of them hornets than
And God, my sovereign Judge, them hornets made a few rounds around me,
and made a beeline just as straight back into that nest as they could
go. What was it? The projecting of love of God brought down the
sovereign grace of God. And somehow, how would I know, that with me
speaking in English, they didn't hear down the interpretation, and they
heard what I said. I can't tell you, but anyhow, they obeyed the very
word I asked them in Christ's Name to do. Love, it conquers animals,
conquers human beings. If God…

You read the opossum story, all of you did, I guess. Most of you…
They're right here; the boys is right here tonight, Gene and Leo
setting right over here. I was setting on the steps last July, I think
it was, June or July. July? I believe it was July, last July. Mr. Wood
had just been mowing my yard, a rake laying in the yard. And I was
talking to these boys; I call them my students. And so they… I was
talking to them about a colored girl. The day before (It was in the
paper.) a young, beautiful young colored woman had had an illegitimate
baby, and she wrapped it in a blanket, and smothered it to death. And
she took it out by cab, and went out there, and throwed this blanket in
the river, all wrapped up with wire. The cab driver got suspicious. He
said, "What'd you throw in there?"
Said, "Oh, just some stuff I didn't want." The cab driver reported it
to the police; the police reported it to the Coast Guard, they went and
seine it out, and it was a baby. So there it was.

And I said, "She wasn't a mother." She was just a female. That's right.
She wasn't a mother; a mother wouldn't act like that. I said, "She
didn't have no mother love in her heart." I said, "She couldn't… And
no more than I said it, coming in my gate… I'm the fourth person from
a little woods, about, oh, a city block away, cross the highway and
then down a lane. No one along there has a gate but me, and a fence.
And here come into my gate, around ten o'clock in the morning, a
opossum. And she was bleeding, like this. Well, anyone who knows what a
opossum is, knows that a opossum don't travel in daytime; they're night
prowlers. They hunt their prey at night, lay up in the day time. I've
trapped them a many time, eat a many a one myself. So I know what
opossums are. So I–I seen them coming in.
That's my study of wildlife. I studied the nature of them. You see God
in wildlife. You see God in nature, everywhere. You see God in men. You
see God in children. You see… God's all around you. I watch Him in
the bird.

Somebody said… My neighbor over there had a radio on. Every time he
goes to mow the yard, he has to put a radio on with that old
rock-and-roll, shimmy-dig, boogie-woogie, every kind of stuff they call
it. And I said to him one day; I said, "Why, do you put that on?"
He said, "You know what, Billy?" He said, "I–I can't even mow, 'less I hear the radio."
I said, "It makes me sick at my stomach." And I…
He said, "Well, if you just put one on one time, and listen at it, what a help it is."
I said, "I always have one on."
He said, "You do?"
I said, "Oh, yes. Every time I start to mowing, my radio comes on."
Said, "I never hear it."
I said, "Oh, you just don't listen to it."
He said, "What is your radio?"
I said, "I get out here and get this old mower started, the mocking
birds go to singing, the robins go to whistling. That's the best radio
I ever heard in all my life." Right. God sings to me through His birds.
O God… What love is. I wished I could somehow have words to tell you.

This old opossum come on in. I said, "Looky there, boys. That opossum's
got rabies." I run out there real quick. I said, "I better stop her,"
coming right to me. And I grabbed this rake, and threw it over her. I
noticed her–her leg on the left side here was just about, oh, about
that big around, three or four times the size of a opossum's leg. The
dogs had either got a hold of her and had chewed her, or either she'd
been hit by a car. And there was maggots all over her, where she'd done
rotten, gangrene all set in, flies, green flies all over her. And I
said, "Oh, what… Here's what it is; it's hurt. She hasn't got rabies.
I had it under the rake then, the big yard rake. When he done… And
Mr. Wood come up across the field, just then, Mr. Gilmore, the milkman,
come in the gate.
I said, "Now, boys (Gene and Leo here)," I said, "come here. I want to
show you something. This opossum…" And I happened to look. And a
opossum and a kangaroo is the only two animals that has the pockets
that they carry their babies in. And so, she happened to let down, and
when her nerves hit her, like that, when I put the rake over her, she
let down, and on the–when she let–let her pocket loose, there was
nine little naked opossums, about like that, little bitty fellows, that
she had in this pocket. Well, as soon as she let down, them little
fellows was trying to nurse, and her biting at that rake.

And I said, "Here's what it is. Looky here. She's a mother." And I
said, "Now, come here, Leo and Gene." I said, "Come here, I want to
show you something. What I was just talking to you," I said, "this
opossum, this dumb brute here, is more of a mother than that colored
girl is." I said, "She hasn't got thirty minutes to live; you can see
she can't. She's dying now." So I said, "She'll spend that thirty
minutes fighting for them little naked babies." I said, "That's mother
love. That's the love that's in her heart for her babies." I said,
"She'll die for them babies." And just then Mrs. Wood, she's a
veterinary. So she come by, and Mr. Wood. And I showed it to them, Mr.
Gilmore, five or six of us standing around looking. And so, I said…

Mrs. Wood said, "Well, Billy," said, "now the only thing to do is–is
kill them." Said, "Because the opossum's got a round mouth, you know,"
and said, "it can't nurse the bottle; they're too little anyhow." Said,
"Now, you just kill the–the mother, and then take the little ones and
just hit them against the ground," said, "they'll–they'll suffer like
everything drinking that–the milk from her like that." Said, "She's
dead. And I seen her biting on that."
I said, "She isn't dead."
Said, "But she'll die in a few minutes, you see that?"
I said, "I just can't do it."
And said, "Why?"
I said, "I just don't know." I said, "I can't do it."
Said, "Well, you're a hunter, aren't you?"
I said, "Yes, ma'am, but I'm not a killer." And so…
Said, "Well, why, don't you go get your gun and shoot her?"
I said, "I just can't do it."
Well said, "Why not?" Said, "Let Banks do it." That's her husband.
I said, "I just can't do it."
"Well," said, "Billy, you mean to tell me, you're going to let that old
mother lay there like that, and them poor little babies drink that milk
from her and die at a horrible death?"

I said, "Mrs. Wood, you being a doctor, you, or veterinary, you know
that that's the humane thing to do. But there's something in me"; I
said, "I can't do it." And I said, "She's holding the…?… She wants
to stay with her babies till she dies." I said, "She must stay with her
babies." So I let her up.
And when I did, she took off towards the house. And when she got right
in front of my steps, she fell over. Said, "That's it. That's all of
it." I said, "Well, she got to live a few more minutes with her babies."
And I went up there and those opossums trying to nurse her. I punched
her. She was exhausted. I tried to pour water on her. I finally got a
little kind of a way they grin on her. I said, "Well…"
Said, "Why don't you kill the little ones?"
I said, "Just–just leave her alone."
Said, "You going to let her lay there like that, Billy?"
And I said, "Yes, ma'am."
So all that day we watched her, the little opossums still trying to
nurse. That night Mr. Wood come out, said, "Billy, you've been going a
long time now; let's take a little ride, get away from this crowd
here." So we went out riding.

And that night, coming down the road, I seen an old puppy laying on the
side of the road. And I stopped, I went and got him. Oh, he was so full
of mange, he stunk, and there were… So full of fleas and lice, till
they was all over my heads. I brought him, put him in the car. My wife
said, "You're not going to take that?"
I said, "Yes, honey." I said, "He's a little fellow. He ain't never had a chance to live."
She said, "Bill, you ain't going to take that thing home."
I said, "Sure, I'm going to pray for him, and God's going to let him
get well." He's the prettiest big collie you ever seen today. Sure. Oh,
sure. I believe that. I'm sure the dog, his picture will be in the
Christian Business Men's pretty soon, their magazine. So there he is,
big fine collie. Prayer saved his life. He was a little fellow; he
didn't–he didn't have a right to die like that. Somebody dropped him
off 'cause he had mange. God's the Healer of animals, the same as He is
So when we got him back over in the car, there the old opossum was
laying there. Now, Mr. Wood, said, "Now, Billy, now you know if she'd
ever moved." Said, "She's gone."
I said, "Well, that's right."
Said, "Let me go kill them opossums."
I said, "No, no." We went in. All that night… Billy come in; he'd
been fishing. About twelve o'clock old opossum still laying there.

Next morning about six I got up, went out, six or seven. There the old
opossum laid there, dew all over her. I said, "Well, there…" And I
happened to look, standing behind there, I heard someone snubbing; it
was my little girl Rebekah, the tender heartiest little thing. And so,
she was standing there, she said, "Daddy, that poor old mother, is she
And I said, "I don't know, honey. Now, daddy will see." And I went out
there and kind of shook her; I said, "I believe she is." I shook her
with my foot again, and the little ones…
Said, "Is them little opossums dead?"
I said, "No, they're still nursing." So I shook her again, like that. I finally seen that she was alive.
I said, "No, she's still alive."
She said, "Daddy, what are you going for her?" Said, "I dreamed that old opossum all night."
I said, "Honey, I couldn't sleep either."
She said, "Well," said, "what are you going to do with her, daddy?"
I said, "I don't know, honey. I can't tell you."
Said, "Daddy, are–are you going to kill her?"
And I said, "No, honey, I'm not." I said, "I'm not going to kill her."
I said, "You go on and get in the bed, sweetheart, it's too early for
you to be up." And I said, "You go on now, and get in the bed a little
while, and daddy come and wake you up." And I kind of pushed her back
like that, went on back, and I went into my room on the side, the den
room, where all the animals is in there. And so I set there, and my
head like this, kind of rubbing my head. And I thought, "My, what'll I
do? I don't know what to do with that old opossum." Many people's been
healed right in that room. I was setting there like that. Many great
visions come. And I said, "I don't know what to do with that thing."

And a Voice said to me, "Well, you preached your sermon about her
yesterday, being a real mother." Now, not thinking what I was saying,
or what that was, I said, "That's right. I was telling Leo and Gene
about what a real mother is was."
Said, "You used her for a text."
And I said, "That's right. I–I–I did that. I used her for a text."
Said, "And she's laid at your door for twenty-four hours waiting for
her turn to be prayed for like a lady. And you've never said a word to
Me about her."
I said, "Well, I didn't even know that You…" Said, "Who am I talking
to anyhow?" I looked around the room. My heart begin to jump. I said,
"O God, You're here."
I knelt down; I said, "God, was that You talking to me? Where are you at, Father?"

I didn't hear nothing. I run out to the old opossum again. I looked
down at her. And I said, "God, I… You mean that You–You sent that
dumb brute here? Why, I–I know that You–You direct all the sparrows,
and You know all of them. I seen You send a lot of people, but
this–this is a dumb brute. This–this brute couldn't think; she hasn't
got a soul. How–how did she get here? Did You send her here to be
prayed for? Then if You did, Lord, forgive the stupidity of Your
servant." I said, "I didn't mean to do that." I said, "Then, Lord God,
I pray that You'll heal the opossum, if You want her to live with her
babies, and she come here." And that leg all chewed up, and laying back
like that, and I'd no more than said that, love had come to its end.
Sovereign grace stepped in. That mother opossum raised up on all four
feet, looked at me, picked up those babies and scooted them in the
pocket, strutted right down that lane on all four feet just as normally
well as she ever was, a little twist in that tail.
Becky run on the porch, said, "Daddy, is that the old opossum?"
I said, "Jesus just healed her." And she went to the gate, turned
around, looked at me, as if to say, "Thank you kind, sir," strutted
right over to the woods, and as far as I know is over there happy with
her babies tonight. Love… Hallelujah. Love of God, oh, how He does

I told you the other night about the hunter, when that mothers love
stood there on that doe, him squealing like a baby deer, me calling him
a brute for doing it. That old mother doe went out there, and yet, the
hunter with a gun in his face. That doe never batted an eye. That love
for that baby was still searching for it, and it brought that hunter
under conviction. When he started to pull the trigger, he started
quivering. I was standing behind him. He laid the gun down, and throwed
his arms around me, said, "Preacher, pray for me. Lead me to God. I
can't help it no longer."
It's love. When you see the display of gallant love, you'll see the sovereign grace of God step in every time to take its place.
Here sometime ago, I was coming from Dallas. I was flying across home.
I got in a storm up here over Memphis, the big plane come down, the
TWA, and landed there. He put me in the Peabody Hotel. I couldn't
afford to stay in there now. They put me in there for that night. And
the next morning they called me, and said, "Be down at the–at the
airport at seven o'clock. The limousine will pick you up. Fixing to
close now, listen close. "To pick you up at seven o'clock."

I said, "All right." Or they'll pick me up so I can be there at seven.
Next morning I got up real early, 'cause I'd come out from a meeting. I
had some letters I'd wrote that night, and I thought, "I'll mail these
first. The limousine will be along after awhile." So I walked out, and
I said to the fellow, "Which way to the post office?"

E-63 He said, "Straight ahead, down that way." And I went out, started down there, I was going down the road singing: I…

They're gathered in the upper room,

All praying in His name,

Baptized with the Holy Ghost,

And power for service came;

Oh, what He did for them that day

He'll do for you the same,

I'm so glad that I can say I'm one of them.

Walking along down the street like that, singing it in my heart, all at once, Something said, "Stop."
I thought, "That just impressed me"
I said:

Oh come, my brother, seek this blessing

That'll cleanse your heart from sin,

said, "Stop." There was a lot of fishing tackle there in the store. I
got back in this place, so I could look at the fishing tackle so
nobody'd watch me on the street, busy right in there.
And I got back in the corner; I said, "Heavenly Father, was that You speaking to me?" I kept real quiet.
Said, "Turn and go back, and keep walking."

You believe in being led by the Spirit of God? I turned, started
walking back, walked on passed the hotel, just kept on walking. I
looked at my watch, already seven. I missed the limousine. On down, on
down, till I come way down there, in a little colored district, where
there's colored people. Sun was way up high. I thought, "Oh, I'll miss
my plane. But Something just keeps telling me to walk." So I just kept
on walking. That's the way. Don't question God. Do what He tells you to
do. So I just kept on walking. And after while I looked laying across
the gate, and there was a typical old Aunt Jemima, with a man's shirt
tied around her head. She was… tears running down her cheeks. And I
passed by. She said, "Good morning, Parson."
And I said, "Good morning, Auntie," walked on by.
I said, "Well, how… She said, 'Parson.'"
I turned back, I said, "Pardon me, a minute, Auntie." I said, "You called me a parson."
She said, "Yes, sir."
And I said, "How did you know I was a parson?"
She said, "I knowed you was coming."
And I said, "You knew I was coming?"
Said, "Yes, sir."
And she said, "I've been standing here since four o'clock."
I looked on her. I said, "Well, bless your heart." She was wet on the back yet.
Said, "Yes, sir, I've been standing here." Said, "Did you ever read the story about the Shunammite woman?"
And I said, "Yes, ma'am."
Said, "I's that kind of woman." She said, "And I promised the Lord, if
He'd give me a baby, I'd raise it for Him." And said, "He give me a
fine boy."

And she said, "Parson, I raised that boy, but when he got to be a man,"
said, "a young man, he got with some wrong company. And he done wrong."
And said, "He got a bad disease, a venereal disease." And said, "He's
in there dying." And said, "Two days, he's been unconscious. The doctor
man says there's no hope." Said, "We's good family here; we never
thought of anything like that." And said, "He's dying," and said, "he's
backslid." And she said, "Parson, I just can't stand to know my baby's
dying without knowing the Lord Jesus."
And I said, "What?" mother love.
She said, "I prayed for two days." And said, "This morning, about three
o'clock, I–I was dreaming. And I dreamed I was talking to the Lord.
And I said, 'Lord, where is Your Elisha?'" And said, "I seen a man
coming with a gray suit on with a little bitty semi-western hat."
That's the way I was dressed.

Said, He said, "Just wait." And said, "I walked right out here, and
been standing here ever since. I knowed you were coming." Said, "Now, I
seen you coming." Said, "I thought, 'Lord, You stop him. I won't have
to say a thing.'"
Now, with all that, the Holy Spirit telling me to walk, all that in my
heart, I thought, "This must be it, Lord." Then about eight…
I–I said, "Well, Auntie," I said, "My name is Branham."
She said, "I's to glad to know you, Parson Branham."
I said, "Did you ever hear of me?"
Said, "No, sir, I don't believe I ever did."
I said, "My ministry is praying for the sick." I don't think she was a
long them lines. But she said, "No, sir, I never did hear of you."
And I said, "The–the Holy Spirit had me walking down this way."
She said, "Won't you come in?"
And I went in. They had an old whitewashed fence, and a plow point
hanging on the gate. When I walked in to that little old colored room
where the colored people live, there wasn't nothing there, but a
little… No rug on the floor, just wood like this, and a little old
poster bed, but a sign hanging on the wall, 'God bless our home.'" I'd
rather have that than all the pin ups, or anything else, that you could
put in. That's shows that was a Christian home.

E-67 Great big fine boy there, has about–looked like about eighteen, had the blanket in his hand, going… [Brother Branham makes a grunting sound–Ed.] "It's dark. It's dark here."
I said, "What's the matter with him, can't he talk?"
"No, he has been unconscious," said, "two days." Said, "He thinks he's
out on a big deep sea, and he's in a darkness and lost." The tears
running down her big old fat cheeks, she said, "That's it, parson. I
can't to stand to hear my baby die, and have that on my heart the rest
of my days, that my baby was lost."

And I thought, "Baby?" Weigh a hundred and eighty pound. Now, but, that
was a mother's love. No matter what he done, he was still baby. He was
still her loving child. I looked at her. I couldn't hardly choke back
the tears, looking at her. And I said, "Is he very bad?"
Said, "He's dying, parson." Said, "The doctor man said, 'Don't call him no more. He's gone.'"
I felt his feet, real sticky. Now, I don't say, I… Felt like, you how
a person gets that real cold sticky? And his feet felt cold. I said,
"Well, I guess maybe he is."
So then, she… He just kept pulling this… And so, I said, "Will, you… Let us pray then, Auntie."
And she got down there, looked over at me, and I got at the foot of the
bed and held the boy by the feet. I said, "Auntie, will you lead us in
She said, "Yes, parson." Oh, brother, you talk about a prayer. I just
cried like a baby. To hear that old saint, and it was just quiet and
cool, said, "Lord God." She said, "Last night when You spoke to me Your
poor handsmaid, in the dream, and told me that this parson was coming,
I knowed that my baby is going to speak to me, and say he's saved
before he goes." And she was talking like that, the tears running down
both of our cheeks then. When she got through praying, she reached down
and got her apron, wiped her tears. And she said, "Now, will you pray,

I said, "Yes, ma'am." I put my hands over on the boy, I said, "God, my
plane's gone; I–I–I don't know why. But You told me to walk." This
must be the case. I pray, God, that You'll be merciful to this boy,
somehow the sovereign love of this woman praying for her baby, You
brought me down here."
Just then I hear him going… [Brother Branham makes a moaning sound–Ed.] Saying, "Oh, mammy."
She said, "Yes, honey."
Said, "It's getting light around here now." Said, "I'm nearing the shore." In a few minutes he was sitting up on the bed.
About six months from then, I was going down, somewhere in the South. I
went in on a train. They want about seventy-five cents for a hamburger
on the train. I get them for about fifteen cents there at the station.
I just waited till they pulled in the…?… and as you get off the
train, you know how you walk up to that little restaurant. I was going
walking along there that morning. I'd got on at Louisville that night.
And started down there, and I heard somebody say, "Hello, Parson

E-70 And I looked around, there stood a little Red cap out there. Said, "How are you, Parson Branham?"
I said, "Howdy do, son." I said, "How did you know me?"
said, "You don't know me, do you?" Said, "You remember that morning,
that–that you come down to pray for me? My mammy here, you know, had
been waiting at the gate waiting for you."
I said, "Are you the boy?"
Said, "Yes, sir, Parson Branham." Said, "I's—I's not only healed," but said, "I's a Christian now." What was it?
That morning when I got back to my plane, I jumped in a cab as soon as
I left that house, and got back, run to the station to see what train,
what plane I could get next. They said, "Last call," for this certain
plane. God, by the love of that poor, ignorant colored woman, had a
love for God and her baby, had grounded a plane and held it there.
When love is projected, sovereign grace steps in and takes its place.
God knew His gift. God knowed what would happen. God had selected this
to be so. And the love of that mother had held… The love of that poor
ignorant colored woman, probably didn't know her ABC's, but she knowed
the love of God, that's what grounded that airplane and held it three
When I got on, I said, "What happened, hostess?"
She said, "Oh, there was something happened, somewhere something…"
Oh, sure, I thought, "Well, I know it was." It happened in glory. Amen.

I tell you, brother, there's nothing like the love of God. Do you love
Him tonight? Is He your Saviour? Have you got love that you can project
to Him, that in your dying hours, sovereign grace… Yes, I've got to
come to the end of the road someday; that's true, brother. One of these
nights I'll preach my last sermon. I'll close this Bible for the last
time. I know probably, I hope I'm an old man, perhaps, a few gray
beards hanging around. But I'm leaning on the staff, when I come to the
end of the road. Oh, my.
I want to look back down through every briar patch and every hill,
everywhere my footprints has been, I hope it's ground for Jesus. When I
know I've fought the last hour, I know I've sung the last song, I've
prayed my last prayer, I've preached my last sermon, and I'm standing
on the banks of the Jordan, the old breakers is dashing against my
soul, the doctors walk away, the saints stand with bowed heads, and I
feel the breakers coming in on my soul…
Oh, take the helmet off, lay it down on the river bank. Oh, unbuckle
the sandals and slip them off. I want to take the Sword and stick It
back in the sheaf of eternity, raise both hands up, say, "Send out the
Lifeboat, Lord. I'm coming home this morning." Don't worry, He will be
there. He will be waiting. I want to live for Him now. That I, that I
go down through the valley of the shadow of death, I want two glossy
wings of the Holy Spirit to bear me over the river. He will be there,
if you'll just trust Him.

Let us speak to Him now. Our heavenly Father, as we are in here in this
great revival in the great Shreveport, these dear southern people,
Lord, kind and nicest I've ever met in my life, humble, even to the
sinners… Seems to be such a lovely people. Not saying it before them,
Lord, I'd be a hypocrite to pray like that just for them. I'm talking
to You, Lord. See many of them still in sin, and still in darkness,
still they don't know the love of God; they don't know the loving Lord
Jesus and what, really many of them are trusting, because they belong
to church. Many of them are believing if they'd be saved at that day,
because that they're in good standing with their neighbor, or with
their pastor, or with the church. Many of them think because they know
the Bible real well.
O Christ, I'm persuaded tonight, that except a man is born again,
except his whole nature, his whole lookout, that temper, that
indifference towards Christ is changed and humbled her, brought down
the sweetness, brought down to a place to where God can lead…

I'm thinking of the hundreds of letters from Germany, Switzerland,
across the world people sent in, saying, "Pray for me, like you did
that old opossum."
O God, if You could lead an ignorant opossum, and lay at the steps, You
could stop a fierce bull, the bear that had his paw on my shoulder, O
God, You Who could ground that airplane for a little old colored woman,
that society would hardly even look at, that the officials of the city
probably would study where they would think whether she was worthy
enough to be fed if she was starving, and yet, You loved her enough,
because she loved You, that You brought an airplane out of the skies,
held it down on the ground, and marched a poor ignorant boy down there
to pray a prayer of faith for her.
Into my heart, the feeling that I was…?… by a saint. To see You
project Your Divine love and sovereign grace move in and heal that poor
boy with four-plus blood, made a Christian out of my happy hearted
mother, perhaps in Memphis yet tonight…

O God, the great King of heaven, stooped to even bring a–a low
creature like a animal, what more would You do for a man or a woman,
boy or girl that You died for? God, be merciful.
Grant tonight, dear Jesus, that some of these–these people who has
been a little indifferent towards You, will realize, Lord, that this
love is the only thing that'll endure after the church is finished with
you. When the church has buried You, when the skin worms has eat your
body up, the love of God shall still endure. No wonder the poets said,
these saints and angels song, the love of God.
O God, project Your love to the lost tonight. Let them know what You
did when You come here to the earth and died in their stead, was made
ugly and made death for them. God made death, the immortal God humbled
Himself in the womb of a woman to become death and sin, to take our
ugliness and guiltiness away from us. Oh, it's too much for my heart,
Lord. I just can't understand it. Why did You do it? How did You
include me, poor, drunkard boy, without God and without hope, and by
grace You saved my soul?

And tonight the joy bells of heaven rings, if You come for me tonight,
all right, Lord. I'm so happy for You, so happy that we can introduce
to a dying, shaking world, under the impact of an atomic age, cobalt
bombs, sin, but introduce a love that can never be stopped by any bomb
or anything.

The love of God, oh, how rich how pure!

How fathomless and strong!

It shall forevermore endure,

Saints and angels song.

Come, Lord. The Church has heard many sermons. The Church has heard
about Jesus, but it's never witnessed that real touch of Divine love
that makes them love the man that's cursing them, for… make them pray
deeply from their heart for those who are doing evil, and will humble
their hearts. Grant, Lord.

If there's any here tonight, Lord, without that experience, may they
come and receive it just now while the God of love is here.
And while we have our heads bowed, I wonder, in this audience
tonight… Excuse me for being a baby, standing here at the platform,
crying. I don't mean to do that. But if you just only knew Him. If you
only knew that One was here last night, Who knows your heart, know that
He's right here now. And His love is spreading forth. That's what makes
you feel the way you do. He's projecting His love to you. Now, come
here and He will show you His grace. He will take all your sin away,
all your worry away, all that's wrong with you. He will make it right.
I'm His representative. You can't afford to go–try to go to heaven
without this policy. Won't you come tonight? Will you raise your hands
if you want to receive that type of love in your heart? Will you put up
your hands to Christ just now? With your heads bowed everywhere…
God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. That's right now.

I want everyone with their heads bowed. Won't you just come right here
and stand here at the altar? Will you come up here and stand right here
with me while we pray, while the love of God is right here, moving
around in this building? What an atmosphere. This is an atmosphere that
I wish I could live in forever, this sweet humble feeling. What is it?
Angels are walking up-and-down the aisles, all around these posts,
around in this tent, on the outside, Angels of God are moving, their
great wings spread. That's what makes you feel that way. You don't feel
like this all the time. You don't see nothing. And you're different
from when you walked in here awhile ago. But I feel it. I'm conscious
of it.
Won't you come, walk up here now and stand around the altar? Who wants
to come first? I believe there's one who would made their way. God
bless you. Here comes an elderly man, gray-headed. Young lady following
right along, another lady that's even getting up, putting on crutches
to come down. God bless her heart. May He let her go back without any
crutches. Young lady just at the turning point, a young man coming,
walking with his…
Will you come, move yourself up around the altar?

While on others Thou art calling

Do not pass me by (He won't!)


Won't you just raise up, move out here, stand here at the altar? Just a
little word of prayer might mean the difference between your place in
Can you humble your heart? "Now, Lord, from this altar, I walk humble."
God bless you, young man, a gallant thing you're doing. You're just obeying the Holy Spirit.
Someone else? How many in here wants to come? Come on. Not single out
someone, all of you, come on up. That's right. You that feels you need
to come, raise right up come on. Won't you come?

You know what, while your praying, what's the success of my praying for
the sick? Here it is: I love you. That's what makes it. Why will He
answer my prayers? Because I love Him. He loves me. I got confidence in
You come. God bless you, honey. A little girl of about fourteen, two
more girls, about ten or twelve, coming, making their way, beautiful
little thing with long plaits, behind…?… another one crying. Look
at that. All you older people ought to be ashamed when you see a little
baby coming like that, about twelve years old, just so convicted of the
Holy Spirit, her heart.

… be at Thy throne of mercy

Find a sweet release

Kneeling there in deep contr… (Won't you come? Come on up.)

Help my unbelief.

Now, while we sing this chorus. Raise right up and come. Come on now,
everyone of you. Move right on up now. Everyone that's got a need of
God now, knows that God will warm your soul here. Are you a little cold
in your experience? You come.
Get a lot of these…?… God bless you, dad. God bless you, sister.
God bless you, brother, coming back there, fine looking young man.
You see a little young lady coming here, weeping, beautiful little
thing. I remember…?… way, in the shadows of life coming, falls down
here, his cheeks where there's tears running down his cheeks.

What is this? The Holy Spirit. Remember, this meeting will be history
in another hour, but it'll be brought up before you at the day of
judgment. What are you going to do with it? It's yours. Won't you come?

… besides Thee

Or whom in heaven but Thee?


Won't you move out? Don't be cold. Come on. I want you to know Him this way.
You say, "Well, I belong to church, Brother Branham." That's good. I'm
so glad you do. I'm glad you're lady or gentlemen enough to do that.
But I want you to love Him, till where you can think of Him and tears
will drop in your heart. I want you to love Him so much, that no matter
whatever comes to pass, how cruel things is to you, you'll still love
Him. When the undertaker comes to your door, you still love Him. O God,
why another little boy coming…?… young man, another little boy
moving out…


Saviour, the only One that can save, won't you hear my humble cry? God
bless you, little girl. Here's a whole string of little ladies coming
up, several little children, coming weeping.

… Thou art calling

Do not pass me by.

Now, hum it. With a bowed heads now… (Brother Branham begins to hum)
Can't you just feel the sweet love of God, the cooing of the dove,
right around your heart? "Child of Mine, I want you to come up and talk
to Me just a little while. You know what's on your heart, I want to
talk it all over with your now."
Won't you come? God bless you, lady, lovely, young woman coming, hands
up, tears rolling down her cheeks, handkerchief wiping the tears.
"Child of Mine, I just want to talk it over with you."
God bless you, sister. Another lady coming. Two more are coming.
"Just want to talk it over. I'm cooing at your heart. That's Me. I love
you. I'm speaking to you about those things that you know that you
ought to confess just now. I want a real revival."
God bless you, lady.
"I'm speaking to your heart. That's Me," He says, the Holy Spirit.

Do you believe me to be His prophet? I'm just trying to quote His
Words, that's all, what's coming on my heart. Won't you come? Do you
now… I just feel there's somebody else. Somehow I just feel
constrained not to close right now. I tried twice already. Think,
"Well, I'll have them all to come kneel around; we'll pray." But
something keeps telling, "No, no, no, there's more."
God bless you, sis. I–I just know it. Won't you come? Everybody in prayer now.

While on others Thou art calling,

Do not pass me by.

Poor, old, blind Fanny Crosby, oh, what it'll be when I see her yonder.
I just feel real strange, just seem like I'm without words right now,
just something, the Holy Spirit is so pleased tonight. You've done what
He said do. I–I just know that you're bound to feel the same way I am,
saints. Feels like the Holy Spirit said, "Now, that's just what I want.
That's what I'm looking at."
Now, imagine, the same God that knows your heart is standing right here
and knows that you've done just what He spoke to you to do. Now, if you
want to know my true words, it seems like I just woke up, and I heard
myself calling you, and speaking the words that though my lips that He
was telling you. "Come, that's Me, talking to you," He said. You've
Will there be another? Just once more while you bow your heads, let's
softly sing. Thou the stream of all my comfort. Look at little girls,
old people. More than life to me. Whom have I on earth beside Thee?
What's you going to do with everything you got when death knocks at the
door? What's you going to do? Do you know Him? Do you love Him?

… not oh gentle Saviour,

Come on now, last call. Would you close yourself out of that sweet
lovely Voice that's here tonight? Love. You know my ministry. Love,
that's not…?…
While on others that's obeyed You, God, standing around there, young
and old. "Lord, if there's anything in my heart, don't pass me by, tell
me about it right now. I'll get up and go to the altar right quick."
Lord, grant it now. Speak in their heart. Speak just now, God. I
believe that every one of them will hear. I'm praying the prayer of
faith, that You'll speak to everyone, everyone that needs to come.
God bless you, sister. Grant it, God. I believe that everyone obey, if You'll just speak, Lord.

While on others Thou art calling

Do not pass me…

"Anything in my heart, Lord. Search me."

Our heavenly Father, You alone know my heart. You know how I feel. I'm
so happy. I'm so happy, that's what making me cry. I'm happy just to be
here tonight among these people who are willing to listen to the Holy
Spirit. As long as they live, they'll never forget tonight. They may be
laying someday, unconscious on a hospital bed. They may not know their
mother, their daddy. They may forget their pastor. They may forget all
their associates, wife, children. But they'll always know You. They too
got to come down to the end of the road, someday. That's why we're
Dove of God. Oh, You Who can perform miracles. You transform them now
into sheep. Now, they're Your lambs. They're here ready to be shorn
off. Anything that they've hung onto, anything that they thought was
their privileges, they're now ready for You to cut it away, Holy
Spirit. They want to live for You.

Would You turn them down? No, You wouldn't have led them here if You
had any intention of turning them down, You give them Eternal Life. You
give them love. You give them peace. Now, they will always remember
this. I feel it in my heart, Lord. I feel constrained to say this.
And God, if I know my heart, I'm not a hypocrite, I feel, God, that
everyone at this altar, here around this altar now, has been accepted
in Your sight. I feel it, by the witness of the Holy Spirit, that
they're now safely… Their names are on the Book; Angels are singing;
bells of heaven are ringing. Satan's defeated. They are moving back
down the corridors of hell with their black flags draping. The Angels
has gone to heaven to rejoice around the throne where mothers and
fathers are waiting to hear the message coming back from this meeting
tonight; they got boys and girls setting here, where loved ones has
gone on, are waiting. The Angels coming back, saying, "Yes, they walked
humbly. They come humbly, not stiff, starchy, but they come
brokenhearted, weeping."

And the Bible said, "He that goeth forth, weeping, will doubtless
return again, rejoicing, bringing with him precious sheaves." Make them
soul winners, Lord, in their neighborhood, wherever, or to the four
corners of the earth. Someday, Lord, with this…?… love, someday the
lovely Saviour will come, the great millennium will take place. Oh,
when we see Him, see Him sitting there, O God, these tonight will have
the privilege to help crown Him King of king and Lord of Lord, and will
sing redemption song, while around the earth will stand Angels with
their heads bowed, while we're crowning Him. They don't know nothing
about redemption. They've never been redeemed. They didn't need it. We
were the ones who was lost. We know what it means to be lost; they
don't. We'll know how to appreciate You God, how to worship You and
sing redemption songs, because we were lost and now we're found. We
were blind but now we see. How we thank You for this.

O God, my heart's just bubbling over. God that they're worth the whole
trial, two weeks of hot weather and…?… just to feel this in my own
heart. Then you're in the Presence of God, the great Holy Spirit, that
I know is standing here. Sinners, and luke-warm, and church members
have wept their way back to Calvary. We're all laying around the cross
now, just sopping in the goodness of God's grace and love. Our hearts
are full of joy, unspeakable and full of glory.
I wonder, with our heads bowed, I wonder if there is a saints, or one without the Holy Spirit, would like to take your…
I've never felt this for years. I don't know when I ever felt the Holy
Spirit so–so dense, as It seems to be right here now. Just every thing
is one big bundle of love, just look like there's not a…?… setting
in the meeting. Oh, I just love this. I hope when we have the healing
service, it's like this. This is wonderful.

Would any of the saints or somebody out there that hasn't received the
Holy Spirit would like to come and stand in this congregation? Come on
up! Would some of the saints like to come and bathe in this…?… of
God? Move on up. Won't you come? That's fine. Good. That's wonderful.
Maybe you, you're sick would come up, stand around. There could be a
healing. Oh, it's right here. Here's the Fountain filled with Blood.
Oh, just look, coming now.

… there filled with blood,

Drawn from Immanuel's… (O God!)

And sinners plunged beneath that flood,

Lose all their guilty stains. (Let's worship Him.)

Lose all their guilty stains

Lose all their guilty…

Oh, it's so wonderful just to sit under this baptism. This is what I call the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

… beneath the flood,

Lose all…

Just worship Him, saints. Just look up. Tell Him how much you love Him.
This is the baptism of the Holy Ghost. It's all in tent; you're
baptized in love.

… rejoiced to see, that fountain in… (Hallelujah. Hallelujah.)

And there may I, though vile as he,

Wash all my sins away.

Wash all my sins away, (Glory to God. Praise be to God. Oh, how I love You.)

And there may I, though vile as he, (I just love Him…?…)

And shall be till I die,

And shall be till I die…

Redeeming love has been my theme,

And shall be till I die…

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