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Mary’s Belief (61-0121)

Mary's Belief (61-0121)



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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham
called Mary's Belief
was delivered on Saturday, 21st January 1961 at the American Legion Hall in Beaumont, Texas, U.S.A.
The tape, number 61-0121,
is 1 hour and 25 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette.

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Thank you, brother. It was certainly… I have to say "amen" to that.
The Lord blessed us this morning in a most unusual way. I had something
on my mind I was going to speak about, and just changed it right over.
And that's the kind of meetings I like–the sweetness of the Holy
Spirit just moving in, flowing over the building. And then, the Holy
Last night, I guess it must have been a prophecy. I said the ministers
behind me, that their time would come. They was sacrificing. And this
morning, why, before I could even get started hardly, the goodness of
the Holy Spirit went right out among those minister, pronounced them
healed, right out around, telling them their conditions and diseases
and whatmore. Oh, He's good, isn't He? He certainly is. He's a
wonderful Father. We're so grateful for Him.

Now, tomorrow afternoon, the Lord willing, we're going to change the
service from tomorrow night until tomorrow afternoon. And I think
that's nice. It gives everybody a chance to keep their churches going.
I always think it's a Christian's duty to stand at his post of duty.
And that way, when we're having a rally like this, well, I… and the
brethren who are willing to close their churches and send their people
over… I tell all you visitors here now, that's here out of the city
and away from these churches, go to church tomorrow. Just pick your
choice. There's a fine bunch of brothers here and some fine churches
that believes in this same gospel we're preaching. They're standing
here. And they're be glad to have you at their Sunday schools tomorrow
morning and their churches tomorrow night. And now, be sure to attend
some church, the church that you choose.
I guess the brethren has told you where… they made some kind of
arrangements to say where they're at and what about it. They usually do
that. And you're invited to all of them. And so now the church…
wherever you go to church at, what one you represent, whatever you want
to do, will, that'll just be fine. Now, I see them getting in the
movies or something. So there's a great spirit amongst the people, a
great revival seems to be moving this way.
I trust that it'll never lose that beautiful spirit that was in the
meeting this morning. That's… that's really something when you see
God's goodness and His mercy to come and bless us, and do the things
that He did this morning.

Now, if the Lord being willing, tomorrow afternoon I want to make it
like a good Christian rally, and just let everybody come out. We're
just going to preach an evangelistic sermon tomorrow afternoon, if the
Lord willing. And Brother Leo, our book man, said, "Brother Branham,
you ought to preach one time down here to these people like that
old-time sassafras preaching."
The Lord being good to us, we want you to turn in your Bibles if you
wish, or just put the text down. I just got a verse to read in Luke,
the first chapter, thirty-seventh verse:

For with God nothing shall be impossible. And
Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to
thy word. And the angel departed from her.

Let us bow our heads just a moment. Our heavenly Father, we come in the
name of the Lord Jesus to ask mercy and forgiveness of our
short-comings. We would pray tonight, Lord, that You would continue to
visit us in these great visitations of Thy Holy Spirit, that You might
show Yourself alive until You appear again in physical form at the
second coming.
We pray, heavenly Father, that if there would be any among us who has
never yet accepted You as their own dear loving Saviour that tonight
will be that time that when they will make that all-sufficient One,
"Yes, Lord, I believe." Those who have started that way and has not yet
come on to the baptism of the Spirit, we pray that they also will yield
tonight to the baptism of the Holy Ghost.
Last evening we were so happy, Lord, to see You go out among the
people, those who raised their hands that they did not have prayer
cards; see Your great Holy Spirit go out and heal the sick and
afflicted, and call them, doing just like You did when it dwelt in the
body of our Lord Jesus Christ, showing that You're still in Your
church: people getting up from stretchers and walking away; and those
who were dying, at the last hope, seen the light of God and accepted
it, walked away healed. The great meeting this morning in the
fellowship with the Holy Spirit, as we set together in heavenly places
in Christ Jesus, O God, how we love that.

And we pray that You'll give us Thy heavenly blessings tonight. Do not
look upon our unworthiness, Lord, because we are unworthy, and there's
nothing that we could do to merit anything. So we humbly confess that
we are, we are wrong, and we are unrighteous and Thou alone are
righteous. And we come in the name of the Lord Jesus, as He's bid us
to, promising that we would get what we ask for. God, I'm going to ask
a great thing of You, and I pray that the Holy Spirit will search every
heart here tonight. if they need healing, heal them, Lord. Whatever
they have need of, grant it, Lord. And don't forget me back here.
Don't forget these lovely bunch of minister, Lord. Bless their churches
tomorrow. May they be just packed out and the Spirit of God moving
through them. May there be an old fashioned revival break in this
country here and just cross the nation. Bless all the peoples
everywhere, Father. Now, as I've read these few words, I pray that
You'll bless them to our hearts. We ask in the name of the Lord Jesus.

The morning sun was just coming up over the hill as she was making her
way along the little familiar street, coming down off the hill where
she lived. And as she walked along with the water pot under her arm,
she was perhaps thinking, meditating, as young women usually, about
that age, can walk along thinking. And she was on her road to the city
well to get the daily supply of water. We're told that her mother was
dead, so she just kind of kept home there by herself and her aged
father. And she was thinking of the day before.

It must have been on the first day of the week, after they had had the
Sabbath service, and the sun getting pretty well up and climbing into
the Palestinian blue skies. And the sweetness of the flowers as the sun
comes up, that atmosphere, that aroma of the flowers and honeysuckles,
as the heat dries it down, and just a few hours before it dries it out
again… I love that time of morning. I think it's fresh. I like to get
out in the gardens.
I think a minister ought to come to the platform not loaded down with a
lot of care, but out of freshness of the presence of the Lord. Get out
early of a morning after all the demons have gone to bed, and the night
rally's about over. And then it settles down and gets quiet, and smell
that aroma, the sweetness. And I believe if a minister would just stay
before God until he came into the pulpit, he'd come as a sweet smelling
savour, anointed with the Holy Spirit to bring the message of God to
the hungry-hearted people who are waiting.

As she made her way down along the path, I believe (or I might say this
as a little drama) that she was thinking about what happened the day
before. After they'd come from church, why, it was customary that her
engaged husband, Joseph, was to come home with her that day for dinner.
And as dinner was made ready, why… They'd had their dinner, and as
usual, they set out on the porch, looking across the little valley over
on the other side of the hill.
Joseph was a carpenter. And knowing that he was fixing to marry this
beautiful young Jewish maiden, being a carpenter, he was building their
future home over on the other hill. So, you know, I'd imagine it had to
have that little special touch to it, because he was going to bring his
pretty young bride into this home. The doors had to fit just right. And
he was taking his time about doing it, because he didn't want a
hurry-up job on this one. He must be… The windows must fit just
right, and the doors just right. I'd imagine when he went in the gate
it might have been a big heart shape, so… when he went in to make the
gate in the shape of a heart. Roses all around the house.

And they'd planned this for some time, since their engagement. And they
would go out there on, say, a Sunday afternoon, and sit down on the
porch, and look just across where their future home would be. And as a
custom they'd speak about the Lord, because they were both great
believers in God. And this Sunday was a special one. As they hurried
dinner and got the dishes washed, and Joseph was already setting on the
porch when Mary arrived, and it must have been a conversation something
like this, as they usually talked about the way the house was shaped,
and how it would look, and the rabbis would come home with them for
dinner. But instead they fell on the subject of the morning's message
that they'd heard from the rabbi, the notable, honorable one. And
perhaps it was Mary that said, "Joseph, wasn't that a striking message
this morning that the rabbi preached, our beloved pastor?"

"Oh," Joseph must have said, "that was an outstanding message. I loved
it so much when he spoke of that great Jehovah God Who led our people
out of Egypt. Did it not thrill you when he read the scrolls of Exodus
when they were brought out, and how that Jehovah led them by a Pillar
of Fire? And they just had no compass to go… but they went by the
leading of the Spirit. Oh, Mary, wouldn't it be wonderful that if we
could live all of our lives watching that Pillar of Fire and be led
like they were?
"And how that when they needed food He rained the manna out of heaven;
they had bread. And then when they needed flesh, He blowed in quails
from the coast: filled the ground. And when they needed water, He had a
smitten rock. When they were sick, He had a brass serpent for an
atonement for their sickness, and, oh, how great it was."
"But," he said, "Sweetheart, I believe he spoiled the whole thing when
he said, 'But alas, Jehovah doesn't do that anymore. ' Somehow or
another I have always believed that that Jehovah always remains the
same. He just can't fail. And I believe that the reason that we have…
living in the days that we are, is because that our people has lost
faith in Jehovah."

"I believe that He is immortal, and He doesn't get old and fade away.
He's just simply the same Jehovah, and He expects us not… I don't
think that I would disregard or disrespect the honorable rabbi, but
when he said this morning in his message that Jehovah performed no more
miracles, that the only thing that He wanted us to do was to come to
church, and pay our tithes, and live a good life as we could, and He'd
take us up home in glory, I–I can't hardly believe that, Mary. I–I
believe that Jehovah wants us to walk with Him like they did in that
And then it must have been that Mary said, "Oh, dear, do you know, we should read the Scriptures first."
Well, if you've ever been in a Palestinian home and see some of the old
ancient landmarks… The books of the Bible was kept in like a… It's
called a scroll, rolled up on like a stick. And they kept them in a
container like a waste basket. And just stick them down in this
container. And, like the scroll of Isaiah, the scroll of Jeremiah, and
all those prophets were in there, so it didn't make any difference
which one they read, because they knowed it was all ordained of God,
because it was their prophet.

So Joseph said, "Well, my dear, would–would you go in and get one of
the scrolls." She just by chance reached in to get the scroll and
brought it out.
She said, "Well, dear, today it seems like we read from the book of Isaiah."
So he pulled open the scroll, and Joseph begin to read, and his mind…
his eyes fell upon this portion: "A virgin shall conceive, and shall
bring forth a Son… They shall call His name Counselor, mighty God,
Prince of Peace, everlasting Father."
And when he got down to the end, the little virgin lady setting by the
side, said, "Just a moment, Joseph, dear. What does the prophet mean by
a virgin conceiving?"
Well, Joseph might have said this: "Dear, that's just a little too deep
for me. I do not understand it, but I believe it. It's just what the
Bible said. I don't know how it will ever happen, but we know this,
dear, we know that Isaiah was Jehovah's prophet. Therefore, being
anointed with the Holy Spirit of God upon him, he could not prophesy
wrong, because he was borned a prophet and we know that his words are
true. And when he said, 'A virgin shall conceive, ' that was not
Isaiah, that was our Jehovah, and Jehovah is able to do anything that
He says that He will do."

And as they spoke about it–and on down, how His name would be called
Counselor, Prince of Peace, mighty God, everlasting Father, and the
government shall be upon His shoulders and there would be no end to His
kingdom, and so forth–she said, "It must be the same One that the
prophet Moses promised to us: 'The Lord your God shall raise up a
prophet liken unto me. ' Therefore it must be the Messiah."
Joseph said, "I believe the Scribes interpret it that way, that this
would be the Messiah that was to come." And as the evening passed on,
the night service drew near, why, they went on back to church again.

And it was the next morning as she was going along for the water, and
she could hear the hammer across the way, where the saw… where Joseph
was building on their house. And as she got up and had her breakfast,
and stuck the little pitcher under her arm, and started down to the
city public well… (Now, if we had time I'd like to dwell on that well
for a while, but we don't have the time. ) So as she was going along
with her head down, thinking, she couldn't get it off her mind… And
she said, "That remark that Joseph made to me when I stopped him on
that Scripture of Isaiah 9:6, and how that… He, he said to me, 'Dear,
you know, I think you… always thought you was the most beautiful
woman I ever seen, but somehow in the last few minutes you've been more
beautiful than ever. Your big brown eyes sparkle, and just when we
mentioned this Scripture. Did it thrill you? Or what taken place?'"
Well, she wondered, "What was that when he said, a child is born, a Son
is given. '? Wonder what made me feel the way I did?" And just then, as
the little maiden was walking, she noticed something flicker. And she
looked around, and… "It must have been the sun," she said, "that
shined against a rock up on the desert hill there somewhere." And as
she went on about her way, thinking about what was taking place, and
what they had been talking about, she turned a corner that goes up to
the city well, where the ladies meet out there early of a morning and
let their buckets down, or their crocks–more like a crock or a jug.
They got a long neck, two handles. They had a hook they hooked under
it, and a windle. They let the jug down. It being made out of clay,
why, it sank. They'd windle the water back up, then set it up on top
their heads, and walk right on back home; and maybe holding five or six
gallons of water, enough for the day–unless they were washing, and
then usually they went to the places to wash.

Now, as she turned the corner she seen that Light flicker again. And as
she looked, when she had to pass through a little narrow place, where
just one person could pass, there stood Gabriel, the Archangel. It
wasn't the sun, the s-u-n, she seen reflecting. He was following her,
and He met her, to where He got her in a place where she'd have to look
to Him. And she looked, and He was all of a glow of light around Him.
Frightened the little virgin, and no doubt she grabbed her water pot,
and those big eyes stared out and looked at the Archangel.
He said, "Hail, Mary (or stop), you're highly favored before God." Oh,
I like that. That little woman in the meanest city there was in the
world at that time, known the meanest city, anyhow, in Palestine… And
in there she had lived such a life until God chose her for a certain
work that He was going to do. There she looked into His face, and it
startled her.

You know, it's usually as we are thinking on those things… The Bible
said, "If there be any praise, if there be any virtue, think on these
things." I think the reason we don't see no more of it than we do, we
got our minds an too many other things. I think the Angels would still
appear to us if we only kept our minds upon them: but we're thinking
about something else, that's where we're going, a certain program we've
got to look at, or certain shopping we got to do. But our Scriptures
tells us, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and
all these other things will be added unto you."
And there then when we see that, that He said, "Thou are highly favored before God."

And we notice again… I don't want to leave this Scripture, but it was
Cleopas and his friend on the read to Emmaus, as they were going along
there, broken-hearted, speaking about Jesus being crucified and dead,
and the stories that they'd heard about Him being raised from the dead,
and they didn't believe it… On the road going over-going back to,
maybe, go to work on Monday morning, on the road back, it was while
they were thinking of Him that He appeared to them, stepped out of the
bushes and begin to talk to them just like an ordinary man.
He said, "Oh, why are you so weary? What's wrong with you?"
They said, "Are you just a stranger here?"
Do you believe now? This is kind of sticky, but people who had walked
with Him, and talked with Him, and walked all day with Him after His
resurrection, the same Jesus, and didn't know Him… He will reveal
Himself to whosoever He will reveal. Oh, I pray tonight that He will
take the shades from every one of our eyes and will come into this
building and reveal Himself in the power of His resurrection, that
every person might see Him: the sinner as their Saviour, the sick as
their Healer.
And we notice that He walked with them all day. And then He made out
like He was going somewhere else or going on by, and they constrained
Him to come in. Oh, I like that–constraining Him to come in," Oh,
Jesus, You're here in the church tonight. You must go home with me. I
want to take You to my home. I never want to lose this feeling of Your
presence. Let me take You home, and come in and abide with me." Never
want to lose that feeling. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

You know, I want to stop here in my message just a moment and say the
most glorious things that I have ever seen happen is when something
anointed. Oh, I wished I could stay in that place all the time.
You read in the book, that night when the maniac run out on the
platform up there to kill me at, at… where was…? Portland. You was
there, Brother Jack, or was… Brother Brown was there, when that
maniac run out to kill me, and threatened to do it. Great big, huge
fellow. And instead of hating the man, I loved him. He wouldn't have
done that. He was probably a man with a family, the same as I had, and
he wouldn't have done that. It was the devil on him that was doing
that. And when I loved him, I wasn't afraid of him then. Love casteth
out fear. It's when you can love…
You heard the story about the old mother opossum coming up to the
house. Love–it takes love to conquer. The time that bull was going to
kill me out there in the field… Run right up on me. And it wasn't
that I hated him. I was a game warden. I reached to get a gun; I'd left
it in my car. I was glad I did, afterwards. He run up, and I thought,
"Well, if I have to die, I might as well die facing him. I can't run
from him. There's nothing… to get out of the way." And just then I
thought, "Well, if I have to go I want to go looking at him." And when
it did he ran right to me, 'cause He'd catch me anyhow. And he had a
chain hanging from his nose. Just killed a colored man a few weeks
before that. I forgot about him being in that field. I was going to go
pray for a sick man. He threw his knee down like this and hit the dirt,
roared, and here he come.

And I don't know why, but something happened. Always when a healing
takes place, or anything, there's something happens. A love comes in,
that… and it just takes everything else out of the way. Oh, I tell
you, brethren, you can have all the theology you want to, but give me
love every time. "Ever since by faith I saw that stream thy flowing
wounds supplied, redeeming love has been my theme and shall be till I
die." Love. Oh, if I could only live in that atmosphere all the time.
And as that struck me, I said, "Creature of God, I am the servant of
God. I'm on my way over to pray for one of His sick children. Now, I'm
in your territory, I'm in your field here. I didn't mean to disturb
you. But in the name of Jesus Christ go back and lay down. I'll not
bother you." And he looked like he was coming on. Here he come, just as
hard as he could. I just stood still, no more afraid than I am right
now. And when he got about three foot from me, he stopped. He looked at
me. He looked so depleted, one way and then the other, turned around,
walked over, laid down. I passed by him within two feet, walked right
on by him. Love conquers. Something happens, something takes place.

The other night I was telling you about down in Mexico when Brother
Jack was there. There was a old Mexican man come up on the platform. He
was total blind, and the poor old fellow, his… Their economics are so
poorly balanced and they don't have nothing to eat. This old fellow
didn't have on any shoes, and an old hat in his hand, sewed up with
cords, and old ragged-looking coat on, and trousers almost to his
knees, and dust all over them. He come walking across the platform with
a little rosary in his hand, a little bunch of beads. And he got up to
me, saying something. Somebody was leading him. And I stood and looked
at him. I tell you, brother, until you can feel another man's
condition, you can never help him. That's right. That's the reason God
so loved the world; He had a feeling for it.
And I looked at him. I thought, "There he is. Probably a bunch of
little children somewhere, working for a few pesos a day. And now after
all this, maybe another… never had a good meal in his life. And here
in that condition. Now nature's been so bad to him, or his fate has
blinded him." And he was…
I put my foot up the side of him. I thought, "Here I stand with a good
suit on and a pair of shoes, a good pair of shoes; I don't know whether
he ever had a pair of shoes on… his life." I thought, "That's not
right. I got a pair at home. I got another suit at home. That man's got
just as much right to them as I have." I put my foot up beside of his,
thought I'd give him my shoes before I said anything. Why, his foot was
much bigger, and, and his shoulders much wider, couldn't get in my
coat. I thought, "God, what can I do for him?" If my old Dad would have
lived he would have been about his age.

What was it? Entering in. All at once something happened. I began to
feel that presence of love, sympathy for the old man. He jerked out a
little beads and begin to holler, "Hail, Mary, mother of God, bless…"
I said, "That's not necessary. Just put it away."
And he said to Brother Espinosa, "Where is the healer? I want to get a hold of him."
And, and I said, "Just tell him to bow his head." I put my arms around
the old fellow. I started… I said, "Lord Jesus, this poor old man! I
can't give him my shoes, he can't wear them. I can't give him my coat.
But, Lord God, You're the only one can help him now. You can give him
something that'll save him; that's eyesight. That's what he's craving
And no more than I said that, I heard someone holler, "Gloria a Dios!"
And there he was; he could see as good as I could, running across the
platform just as hard as he could go.
And the next night there was a rick of clothes, old scarves, and
aprons, and old coats, and rags, and hats piled up on there, two or
three times as long as this here, and about that high. How I ever…
how they ever got the right one, I don't know. But what? They'd seen
something. Oh, when something happens, something takes place.

That's the was it was with Mary that morning. Something must have took
place when she was thinking about Him, and there He appeared into her
presence. It was the same thing with Moses like it was with Mary. He
said, "You are going to conceive in your womb and bear a child."
Now, she knowed the Angel's message was Scriptural. I don't care what
kind of an angel it was that appeared, if that angel's message is not
Scriptural and a promise of God, let it alone. There's been all kinds
of angels appearing, everything, and they bring all kinds of messages.
If the Angel of the Lord whose servant I am would come… if that angel
would come, no matter how much it looked like the Pillar of Fire, how
much it looked like the light, if his message didn't bear record with
this Word, I'd let it alone and let him be accursed. It has to be in
this. Joseph Smith, you know, saw an angel (he said), but it didn't
bear record with the Word.
And Mary knew that she'd just read the day before, Isaiah 9:6, that
something was about to happen. And she knowed it was on its way then.

Moses, likewise, when he had give up all the hopes of his theology, and
was on the backside of the desert, herding Jethro's sheep, and one day
he saw a ball of fire setting in a bush back there. And he come up and
took off his shoes as he was bid, and he listened to see what it was.
But when he saw that Angel was Scriptural… Said, "I've heard the
cries of My people and I've remembered My covenant." He knowed that God
made the promise, and it was… that was the Angel that would go with
him. "I remember My promise and My covenant. I've seen the sufferings
of My people and I've come down to deliver them." Moses knowed it
wasn't his anymore, 'cause of that "I have come down to deliver them."
Oh, that's the good part. "I have come down. You just be a mouthpiece
for Me." So he seen it was absolutely Scriptural.
And Mary saw it was absolutely Scriptural, for the day before she'd
been reading it, perhaps, in the scroll, as our little drama goes. I
tell you, it pays to read God's Word daily now. Jesus said, "Search ye
the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life, and they
are they which testify of Me." In otherwise, He said, "If I do not the
works of My Father (that was supposed to be done when He come), then
believe Me not. But if I do the works, though you don't believe Me,
believe the works, because they are the ones that's sent of God."

We are looking for a heavenly Visitor in this day. It's a promise of
God. Put on your deep spiritual thinking quick, church, and remember,
we are now looking for a visitor and there's many claiming it. But the
only way that we'll know this heavenly Visitor… because He'll bear
record of the Word.
She knew that that Angel was from God when she seen His action. Looked
at Him. It must be an Angel. He said, "I'm Gabriel, standing at the
right hand of God." Now, when God gets ready to do something, He sends
a messenger. Always, always has, He always will. Gabriel announced the
first coming of Christ. Gabriel will announce the second coming of
Christ. That's right. Something major is fixing to happen.
And we notice this Angel, when He said "Hail, Mary," and told her what
was going to take place, she didn't doubt Him, because she knowed He
was perfectly Scriptural, that it was supposed to be that way.

Now, we're looking for a messenger in this last days, because Jesus
said it would be, because all the prophets said it would be. Malachi
said it would be. All the prophets have testified. Jesus in the very
shadow of the cross spoke more of His second coming than He did of His
going away. And when we see these things begin to come to pass, we'd
better go to searching the Scriptures, because He said there would be
false christs arise and false prophets and would show signs and wonders
insomuch that it would deceive the very elected if it was possible.
Billy Graham said in a message, here a few weeks ago, it's already
deceived the very elected. I differ with the evangelist. It cannot
deceive the very elected, because they are elected of God.

Jesus spoke that in the days just before the coming of the Son of man,
it would be as it was in Sodom. And as we took it before, last… in
this week, that there was an Angel came to Sodom, three of them, for
three classes of people. One of them was the Sodomites, the other was
the lukewarm church, the other one was the elected and called-out
church: Abraham and him group, Lot and his group, and Sodom and their
group. All…
Two of them went down. The evangelist went down to preach to Sodom and
to bring out that group of people, of believers, down there. He just
got a few of them out.

But we notice, that the One that stayed behind to the elected church,
He showed a sign. And it was God doing that. it was not a myth, it was
not a theophany. A theophany don't eat. He eat the flesh of a calf, and
eat some hoecake, corn bread, and some butter on it, and drink the milk
from the cow. A theophany doesn't eat and drink: it was God made
manifest in flesh. It sure was. And what was He speaking? Jesus said,
"As in that day, so will it be…" God will come again, come into the
flesh of His people that He had bought and sanctified, and will show to
His elected church the same sign that He showed to His elected church
back there.

There was no "come out of it." There was no "this, that." He was
already out of it, Abraham was. But the other angels was calling out,
calling out down there. But Abraham was already out. And the church…
the very word "church" means "called out." God's church is already
called out. It's called out.
And He gave him a sign that He was the One. And when He did, with His
back turned, He told (Sarah was in the tent behind Him, laughing), by a
power, the same thing that Jesus manifested in His coming, manifested
to both Samaritan and to the Jew… And it's predicted that in this
last days that He would send His Messenger again. And that Messenger
tonight is not a man. No sir. It's the Holy Ghost. That's His
Messenger, God in His church, moving, showing the signs and wonders
just before His appearing.

Now, remember, this Angel has to be a Scriptural Angel. Besides that,
we are warned of God about false prophets. The Bible said, "If there be
a man among you who thinks himself to be a prophet (or so forth), and
what he says doesn't come to pass, then don't fear him. I'm not with
him. But what he says comes to pass, then I'm with that prophet. Hear
him." That's true.
So we find out today that that message is a true Bible message. It's
back to the baptism of the Holy Ghost, back to the power of God, back
to Pentecost again, restoring the hearts of the fathers back to the
children… or, the children back to the fathers, rather, in this last
days. We're looking for a heavenly Messenger, and I believe He's here
tonight. Amen. I believe that He's here. What does He do? He bears

Now, listen, friends. Don't take a substitute. Don't just shake a man's
hand and put your name on the book. That's… as far as it goes, that's
all right. It might help you to get out of the saloon and get in a
decent place and try to live right. That won't do it though.
"Except a man be born again he cannot even see the kingdom of God."
Now, "see" means "to understand." There's a lot of people that say
they're born again and can't understand the message of God, can't see
the Angel of the Lord. Their eyes are blinded, brother. Except a man be
born of the Holy Ghost, the same Holy Ghost that wrote the Word will
confirm the Word, and the same confirmation of the Holy Ghost in you…
You see what I mean? It will bear record of Itself.
Then our spirit bears record with His Spirit, because His Spirit bears
recorded of His Word. "The Word of God is sharper, more powerful
(Hebrews 4) than any two-edged sword, even piercing to the…
asunder… and the marrow of the bone, and a discerner of the thought
and the intents of the heart." That's "Thus saith the Lord," the Lord's
Word, just exactly, Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and
forever, appearing in His elected church.

Oh, we got great revivals sweeping the lands everywhere, calling out of
Sodom, and so forth: but in the elected church we have that Person God,
the same God that was back yonder. There's only one of them, and that
One was in His church manifesting Himself to be the resurrected Lord
Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, and today, and forever. Scriptural.
If He wasn't with the Scripture, didn't bear record of the Scripture,
didn't confirm His Word, then I would not believe Him. But being that
He does, then I know He's from God, just like Mary did (Amen, oh!),
like Moses did, or any of the rest of them, if it wasn't Scriptural…

Now, back in the Old Testament they had more than one way to find out.
If a man dreamed a dream or a prophet prophesied, you know what they
did with that? They took them down before the Urim Thummim that hung on
the post. The Urim Thummim is believed to have been those twelve
birthstones in Aaron's birth… or, his breastplate, carrying the
birthstone of each one. Then he hung it on the post, and if the prophet
stood up and prophesied, and no matter how real it sound, if the
supernatural didn't answer back–a conglomeration of rainbow light
around, and these glittering like that–no matter what the prophet
said, he was wrong. No matter what the dreamer dreamed, it was wrong.
But God always answers back in a supernatural way. Amen.
Now, and that priesthood ended, and the Urim and Thummim was taken
down, but God's got another Urim and Thummim. This is it: God's Word is
the Urim and Thummim. That's God's Word. "Let every man's word be a lie
and Mine be true," said God. "Heavens and earth will pass away," said
Jesus, "but My Word shall never pass away."
Now, then if one speaks and it's not Scriptural, don't believe it. If
he speaks and it is Scriptural, wait a minute. Try it with the Urim and
Thummim. Then if the supernatural answers back that it is the truth,
then believe it. That's the way to believe a true message. If the Bible
promises anything and the Bible says it's so, that's God's Urim and
Thummim. If the preacher preaches… preaching, like the Bible said,
that's God's messenger, God's witness. Then if it is, then the
supernatural of that Word will be made manifest and prove itself to be
God. God keeps His promise.

We're looking for a Messenger. That Messenger is the Holy Spirit. The
Bible said, "A little while and the world won't see Me no more (Jesus
did), yet ye shall see Me, for I'll be with you to the end of the
world. The works that I do shall you do also. More than this shall you
do, for I go unto My Father." Now, the word there "more," in the right
translation… I'm using it there and "more," because it said in the
King James "greater." Who could do any greater? He raised the dead,
stopped nature, done everything.
But then He was is in one Person. All of God was bottled up into one
Man, Jesus Christ. But in this time He's across the universe in His
church, doing more of it, the same works. "The same works that I do
shall they do also. More than this shall I do, because I return back to
the Pillar of Fire that I was before I was made flesh and dwelt on the
earth. I showed Myself alive by the same works and the same
manifestations I did." That is exactly right. Jesus said, when He was
here on earth, "I come from God and I return to God." Is that right?
All right. If He was God…

He was spoke to there one day, and they was talking to Him about not
being fifty years old yet and saw Abraham. He said, "Before Abraham
was, I AM." I was that Pillar of Fire that was in the bush with Moses.
That was a Scriptural Pillar of Fire. That same is the I AM, not "I
was" or "will be", I AM, always just the same yesterday, today, and
We see when I AM was made presence among us in a body of His own Son
that He created… own body. Crossed His cast from God to become a
human, in order to bring us back to salvation and back to the garden of
Eden again. Crossed Hisself, spread His tents among us, and eat like
us, and slept like us, and walked like us and looked like us. He become
us, that we through Him might become Him, joint heirs with Him into the

Then, when we find that Pillar of Fire, when It was with Him, It
performed signs and wonders. And He confessed, "It's not Me that doeth
the works: it's My Father that dwelleth in Me. He doeth the works. For
verily, verily I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself until
He sees the Father do it also. And the Son does what the Father shows
Him. He worketh, and I worketh hitherto." Amen. Right.
He died, rose again on the third day. And a few days after that there
was a little critical, hooked-hosed Jew, with a bunch of stuff in his
pocket, going down to persecute the church, all them that was in this
way. Going out to… on his road to Damascus, and he was stricken down.
And when he looked up, he saw a great Pillar of Fire hanging there,
saying, "Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou Me?"
He said, "Who are you, Lord? Who is this Pillar of Fire?"
"I come from God; I go to God." Here He said, "I am Jesus, and it's hard for you to kick against the pricks."

The prophet said there'd be a former rain and a latter rain; in the
latter rain would be both former and latter rain together–a great
church universal that would sweep from one side of the world to the
other side of the world. A great message, great signs and wonders,
would be accomplished by this church. Daniel said the people that know
their God in that day shall do exploits. That's exactly where we're
living at in this day.
Now, the mechanical eye of the camera shows over us that that Pillar of
Fire is the same Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel. Now,
it's got to do the same things it did when it was in Him. or it is not
the same Pillar of Fire. But if it does the same things, how can you
doubt it? It's Scriptural.

"Hail, Mary, blessed art thou amongst women. Thou hast found favor with
God." Oh, church, hail. Blessed are you among the people, for you've
found favor with God. You've believed for eternal life, and God's give
you the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Right. This Messenger will be a true
Messenger of God, the Holy Spirit, which is God's message.
Notice, Mary, as soon as she seen it was Scriptural, she didn't say,
"I'll go over and see whether Dr. Jones says it's right or not." She
didn't go by to see if Rabbi Kabinski thought it was right or not. She
never had nothing to do with it. You know what she said? She said,
"Behold the handsmaid of the Lord; Be it unto me according to Your
word." For she knowed that Word was God's Word, that Messenger was
God's Messenger, that Angel was God's Angel, because it stayed with
God's Word. Amen. "Behold the handsmaid of the Lord"; said, "How will
it be?"
Said, "The Holy Ghost shall overshadow you, and this Holy thing that'll be born to you shall be called the Son of God."
She said, "Here I am. I don't know how it's going to happen. It don't
make any difference. You said so, it's Scriptural, I believe it, I
accept it." She started right out praising God, before she felt life,
before she felt any sign of anything. She didn't want no more signs.
She had His Word and that was all was necessary. Amen. I like that.

E-38 Moses, as soon as he got a hold of God and seen it was Scriptural, here he went to Egypt.
soon as Mary got a hold of… the Angel got a hold of her, rather, and
she seen Him, and knowed it was God, because it was Scriptural, she
took His word and went around testifying of something that didn't even
show one evidence of ever being.
Another thing, she testified of something that never had happened
before. Oh, praise be the Lord! She testified of something that had
never happened. Never had a virgin conceived. But she had the Angel's
word, and the Angel was Scriptural, so she knowed it was promised. And
the Angel had the Word of the Lord and promise it. And because she
thought herself humble and lowly, yet God had chose her, so she was
just happy about it. And she went forth with her message, telling
everybody she was going to have a baby before she even had the first
sign of a baby. She didn't wait and say, "Now wait, let me feel and see
if I feel any better or not." No, no. Oh, God, give us more Marys!

Beaumont and the rest of the world needs Marys like that, that can take
God at His Word and start rejoicing before anything happens. What about
you women in wheelchairs, and you brothers and sisters here with heart
trouble, and sickness, and every thing, when the presence of the Lord
is so close? My, my! You know it's the Word of the Lord. The Lord
promised it.
You say, "Brother Branham, if you'll come down and lay hands on me…"
That's not it. You're already healed, because "He was wounded for your
transgressions, He as bruised for your iniquities, the chastisement of
your peace was upon Him, and with His stripes you were healed."
It's already past tense. Just receive it and start rejoicing. "Thank
You, Lord. I now see it. Bless God, I'm healed. I don't care what
anybody else says or how I feel, I'm healed anyhow." That's it.

The Angel's message… It's always been that way. That's the way God
wants. What did it do? The changed… By taking God at His Word,
changed the whole natural course of life for her. It'll do the same
thing for you. It certainly will. It'll take you sinners, and wash you
as white as snow. It'll take you, critics, and make you one of us. It
sure will. It'll take you that's sick and make you well. It'll take you
that's on your road to hell and change you around and start you up to
heaven. Just take Him at His Word, and believe it, and start rejoicing.
The Messenger of the Lord is here, the Holy Ghost moving around over
the people, anointing them. If you're a stranger, and you want to know
what's the matter with them people, that's what it is. Joel promised
it. On the day of Pentecost Peter said, This is that." I want to add
something to that. If this isn't that, I want to keep this till that
comes, because I'm having an awful good time with this. And I believe
this is that. The same that that was that at that day. Oh, Jesus Christ
the same yesterday, today, and forever

Mary didn't wait. She didn't care about critics, she didn't care what
anybody said, she had met an Angel. She'd seen His voice… or, seen
His presence and she knowed that He'd told her the truth, because it
was Scriptural–promised a blessing to her, just go on believe it. And
she knowed it was going to happen. Oh, she… There's something another
about it, when you hit something like that you can't keep still about
The Angel told her that her cousin Elisabeth (Was up in the hilly
country of Judaea. ) was old, about seventy years old, and she had
conceived and was going to have a son. It was already six months with
her as a mother. Course, the little baby, little John, hadn't had no
life yet. They kind of worried about it.
So we find out that Elisabeth… Zechariah was her husband, which was a
priest. He was at the temple along about six months before this
happened. You know, God gets to getting things together amongst the
humble people.

Look at Zechariah. Now, the Angel Gabriel came to him. He was in the
temple ministering, and when he did, burning incense was his lot,
standing at the altar. And he happened to look at the right-hand side,
the right-hand side of the altar. I guess you always wonder why I bring
the people this way. It's where He stands. So, at the right-hand side
of the altar, and there stood an Angel, and told him that after the
days of his ministration there, he was going home and be with his wife,
and she'd conceive and bear a son, a child.
And that preacher doubted that Word. Why, he had many times… If he
was going to be the father of the child… Look at Sarah. He had some
examples in the Bible. Look at Hannah at the temple, many examples like
that. And still he doubted.
How much difference it was from that calloused teacher of philosophy…
How much difference there was from that seminary minister, than there
was from that little virgin. She never questioned. She said, "Behold
the handsmaid of the Lord." That's all. She took Him at His Word and
that settled it. But this man couldn't believe it.
He said, "I'm Gabriel that stands in the presence of God. My Word shall
be fulfilled." He knowed what He was talking about. He said, "Because
you've doubted Me, you'll be dumb until the day the baby's born." He
went home. His wife conceived and hid herself six months.

Mary thought, "Oh, isn't that wonderful? Now I'm going to have a baby,
and there Elisabeth, my cousin (Jesus and John were second cousins),
there… I tell you, it's going to be wonderful, because that she's
going to have a baby, and I'm going to have a baby. I just can't hold
it any longer. I'm going right up to tell her." Right up to the
mountain she went, hard as she could go. I can just see her pretty
little face shining–she was just about eighteen years old, I
imagine–and her black hair blowing back like that. And she was on her
road, this little robe wrapped around her.
And you know, Elisabeth had hid herself. I kind of like that. I think
it looks so disgraceful to see women out like here with these shorts
on, and things, when they're to be mothers. It looks pitiful. What a
difference. That's horrible. (I know you oughtn't… maybe not oughtn't
to say that. If I offend you, you forgive me. But you'd listen to your
doctor; I'm your brother, see. ) So there the woman in that condition;
but she hid herself. I can imagine her setting back there, you know,
kind of snubbing a little, with… knitting some little… what is it?
Little booties, you know, getting them all ready like that, and
knitting a little blanket. But she was… feared, because she said,
"Now, I'm old and…"

Notice, the Angel of the Lord… They were righteous, the Bible said,
her and Zechariah. They were righteous, keeping all the commandments of
God. That's were Angels appear-always appears in a righteous family,
somewhere where God can use something, something to work with.
And then, she was making these little booties. And I imagine there was
a little window-like it is in Palestine sometimes, no window light in
it, but just a little shade hanging down. And she heard something. She
raised up and she looked coming up, and she said, "You know, I believe
that looks like my cousin Mary. Look at her little face shine. Why,
she's growed up. I hear she's going to get married." So it must've
been, "Well, she's a young woman, but that's Mary." So she slips her
little robe on, you know, and runs out to meet her.

And women in them days are not like they are now, you know. They–they
run and throwed their arms around one another and hugged one another.
You know, I like friendliness, don't you? I just hate to see this
little old silly stuff, this 1960 version of friendliness. Oh, my,
there's not enough of it. Now, you that's southerners down here don't
notice so bad, but up there, oh, my! I went to my uncle here not long
ago in New York. He'd been living in one house twenty years, and his
neighbor as close as that Texas flag there, to him. I said, "Who lives
He said, "I don't know."
I said, "You've fallen from grace." I said, "How long has he lived there?"
Said, "He was there when I come here." You don't know your neighbor's
dead till you read it in the paper. That's right. No friendliness.

Here not long ago, Brother Moore and I, and Brother Brown went down to
see a little boy named David, a few years ago down here in Cal… or,
Florida, they had us out there. And Brother Hukstra, I believe it was,
told me, said, "The Duchess wants to see you."
And I said, "The who?"
Said, "The Duchess."
I said, "What's that?"
And said, "It's the woman that owns all this property." Said, "She's wealthy."
"Well," I said, "I can't see her. There's too many sick people."
Said, "But she's the Duchess."
I said, "That don't make her any different from anybody else."
So he said… Well, they had her there when I went out. And when I went
out… I'm not… God forgive me if you think I'm making fun of the
woman. I'm not. But she had enough jewels on her hands to send a
missionary around the world ten times with the gospel. That's right.
Standing out there… And she had on a pair of "specs." She didn't have
them on, but she had them on a stick holding it out like this. Great
big, old, fat lady. And she come out. I walked out the tent. And I
said, "I ain't got time to see her. If I got any time left, let me see
them sick people out there," see.

E-47 And said, "But she lets you have the grounds."
said, "Well, that's all right. If she let David have the ground, and we
appreciate that. But she's all right, nothing wrong with her. Let me
see these people down here." Well, they wanted me to see her, so when I
went out.
She said, "Are you Dr. Branham?"
I said, "No, ma'am." I said, "I'm Brother Branham."
She said… Now, you know nobody can look through a pair of "specs"
that far away from you. And she looked over like this, she said, "Well,
Dr. Branham," she said, "I'm charmed."
I reached up and looked at that hand (Held out her hand to shake
hands.). Well, I thought I'd be a gentleman. I got a hold of her big
hand and pulled it down. I said, "Get down here so I'll know you next
time I see you," like that. Oh, I like something feeling!

Paul Rader-the man that wrote this song that I sing here, "Only
Believe"–said one morning him and his wife was having a little family
affair, a little fuss with one another. Said first thing you know… He
was reading the paper, and she said something, "Paul, will you give me
some money?"
Said, "I ain't got no money." And went on like that a little bit, and
said after awhile… He never noticed it hurt her feelings. He kind of
sat there, and said, "Well, if that's how easy her feelings are hurt,
let her set there." You know how we do, brethren, sometimes, I guess.
And so, then he said she'd always stand at the door and kiss him when
he went out. Then he'd go to the gate. Then when… he'd turn around
and wave good-bye, and she'd wave good-bye. Said he got up and got his
hat, and said, "Just let her pout it out." Said he went to the door,
and said, stuck out her lips, kissed her, went out to the end of the
gate, turned around and looked back. Said she was standing there at the
door. Said he waved and she waved.
Said he started on down the street. Said something begin to deal with
him. "You done wrong, Paul." (Poor old Paul's in glory tonight. ) But
said, "You done wrong, Paul. What if something would happen to her
today?" Said he got to thinking about it. Oh, my, what if something
would happen? "He'd never see her again on earth," Oh, my!
Said it got worse and worse, so he said, "Lord, forgive me. I'll go
back and make it right." Said he run back real quick and opened the
gate, shoved the door open, looked all around. He could hear something
going [Sound of sniffling–Ed.]. Said she was standing behind the door, crying. Said he reached around. He never said a word. He went [Sound of a kiss–Ed.],
kissed her again, run back out to the end of the gate, and turned
around and waved. Said she waved, just like she did the first time, but
the second time had feeling in it. So I think that's the way it is
today. We want a… I want a feeling in it, something that's real to

E-49 I was… Not long ago, me and my wife were downtown. There was a lady said, "How do you do, Sister Branham?"
And I looked around at her, and I said, "Hey, hey, that lady spoke to you, Honey."
Said, "I spoke to her."
I said, "Well, I know she didn't hear you. I didn't. I'm sitting right here by you."
"Oh," she said, "I smiled at her."
"Oh," I said…
[–Ed. ]

E-50 She said, "You know, Mary, I'm to be a mother."
"Yes, yes," said Mary, her little eyes sparkling-you know, half full of tears of joy. "Yes, yes, I know all about it."
"You know all about it?"
"Yeah, yeah, I know all about it."
Mary, I'm bothered. It's six months with me as mother now, and the
baby's never moved." Now you know, that's all, that's all unnatural.
About three months is about right, but this is six months, and little
John hadn't never moved yet. So she said, "I'm just a little bit
worried about it and everything."
She said, "Yeah, I understand it." And said, "You know, I'm going to have a baby too."
"Oh, I see. You and Joseph is already married."
"No, we're not married."
"What, Mary? You're not married, and going to have a baby?"
"Yes, that's right."
"Oh, Honey, what do you mean?"
"Well, the same way I knowed that you was going to have a baby. The
Angel Gabriel met me, and He told me about your case, and He said the
Holy Ghost would come upon me, and it's already done it. And the Baby
that I'll have will be the Son of God." And said, "She even told me…
He told me what to name it." Said, "I shall call His name Jesus."
And I can see Elisabeth's face brighten up, said, "Whence cometh the
mother of my Lord? For as soon as your salutation came into my ears, my
baby leaped in the womb for joy."

I want to ask you something, friends. If the first time that the name
of Jesus Christ was ever spoke by mortal lips brought a dead baby in
the womb of a mother to life, what ought it to do to a borned again
congregation, that claims to be filled with the Holy Ghost? Hallelujah!
Amen! It ought to heal the cancer, open the blind eyes, set the captive
free, fill with the Holy Ghost, and all kinds of things in that
precious name of the Lord Jesus, make the sinner weep for his sins. Oh,
The whole crowd looks to me like it's swimming around and around. Oh,
what God could do right now! The Messenger of the Holy Spirit of God is
in the building today-the Messenger, the Holy Ghost, bringing peace,
reflecting Jesus Christ. The great Pillar of Fire hangs over us. You
say, "I don't see it." But you can feel it, so in one… one sense of
the body is just as good as the other one. So your sight could deceive
you more than your feeling.
So then if it don't do the same work, then it isn't the same Holy
Ghost; but if It does the same work, then It is the Holy Ghost, the
same One. Amen. Do you believe that?
How many… is there sinners? How many in here would like to say, "I
would like to enjoy these blessings, set in this Shekinah glory with
you people and enjoy the blessings of God." Would you raise your hand,
say, "Remember me, Brother Branham, as you pray." God bless you,
brother. God bless you, brother. God bless you. God bless you. God
bless you, brother. You, over there, and you and you. That's right.
Another raise up your hand, say, "Brother Branham, pray for me." God
bless you, young man. That's very fine.

This morning as I was going in to the breakfast a sweet little boy
came, put his arms around my neck. His father is one of the pastors
here of the Assemblies of God. I believe he's on the platform. He was
this morning. And the little boy was called out in the meeting
somewhere and had crossed eyes-and his little eyes just as straight as
mine is. That's been years ago.
And another little brother come up and shook my hand and said his
little girl had a great big goiter on her throat. And I was down at
Jack Moore's church. And said the Holy Spirit moved around and called
her out there in the audience and told her. The goiter just vanished
and disappeared and went away. There she was. Oh, my!
What is it? What is that Pillar of Fire? It's the Angel of the Lord.
What is the Angel of the Lord? The same One was in the burning bush,
the same One that was in Jesus Christ, the same One that's in you
tonight. Amen. The same One here, the same great Lord Jesus.

Would there be another, before we pray, would like to raise up your
hands and say, "Remember me, Brother Branham. Remember me." God bless
you, sir. God bless you. And the little boy way back, and way on the
outside there, all the way back. Yes. Wherever you are, God knows.
Now, let's bow our heads just a moment. And now, sister, would you play
for me this: "The Great Physician Now is Near"? Just a chord, if you
will, please.

Remember near Fort Wayne… I was in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I've been in
the pulpit now thirty-one years. This has been about twenty-eight years
ago. I was praying for a little boy and that music was going on. The
little boy was healed. Jumped out of my arms, a paralytic, run down,
jumped into the arms of his mother. When he did a little Dunkard girl
was playing the piano. And she raised up, that hair fell down across
her lap, like that, she began singing in the Spirit, and the piano she
was playing, them ivory keys moving right on, "The great physician now
is near, the sympathizing Jesus"–hundreds of people standing looking
at it.
Not a bit more than it was Sunday before last in my Tabernacle, where
three to four hundred people standing there, and this Pillar of Fire
appeared visible the second time in Jeffersonville. (The first time…
then they took it down on the river. ) And there He stood for fifteen
minutes, letting everybody see Him and look at Him. Brother, we're at
the end of the road.

Our heavenly Father, we are coming now, Lord, to Thee as unto a Living
Stone. We're coming, Lord, because that we believe that You are, and a
rewarder of those that diligently seek after Thee. We pray for Your
blessings. We pray that You'll help this audience tonight. And those
that raised their hands, may they be a partaker of this great Holy
Spirit, the Messenger of the last day.
"I will pour out My spirit upon all flesh." You promised it. In the
last days You said there would be a former and latter rain together:
that is, on one side of the earth and on the other side of the earth,
both sides, would come a rain. Into the foreign fields, into these
fields would come a rain. So we believe that that hour is here. We see
the Holy Spirit making manifest the same things like He did when He was
here before.
Bless these dear people, Father, I pray. Be Thou near them. Give them
life eternal. Grant it, Lord. I commit them to Thee now, in the name of
the Lord Jesus. With our heads bowed, let's just pray a little bit.


… great Physician now is near,

the sympathizing Jesus.

He speaks the drooping heart to cheer.

breathe on us, Holy Spirit. Come into Your church, Lord Jesus, the
great Morning Star, the Pillar of Fire. Burn Your way through every
unbelief into the hearts of the people tonight. May they be like Mary,
that they can see Your presence and know it's You, then Your promises
are still good, every promise. You promised to do this. Your promise
was that You'd already healed them, for You was wounded for their
transgressions, "with the stripes you were healed." Grant it, Father,
to this waiting audience. We're waiting on You now. Move, in Christ's
name, I pray.
Just watching for a few moments to see what'll take place. Oh, how
sweet. Let's raise our heads real easy now. I was waiting for you to
get quiet. How many people in here that's sick and doesn't have a
prayer card? Raise up your hands for God to heal you. A confirmation is
three, I believe. Is that right, in the Bible? If I have told the
truth, preached the truth, then God's obligated to back that truth up,
if that's His truth.

Now, we got a bunch of prayer cards in here. We're not calling them. I
just want you to know that it doesn't take prayer cards. Ask the
ministers if it does. Ask the brothers who go with me everywhere.
We'll be riding down the road, I'll say, "Wait. At another corner
there's going to be a certain thing. A man is going to be standing
there. He's got a certain thing, and wants me to go to a certain place,
a certain thing. We're going over here, and this is going to happen."
Sure.. It never fails. It can't fail; it's God Now, what is it doing?
Vindicating that He is the same. Now it isn't me: it's Him.

I don't see a person in front of me that I know, unless it's this two
little girls. I believe this is Brother Evan's two girls. Isn't that
right? Right here. That's the only ones that I know. I was looking just
to see if I could see anybody that I really knew. But only ones I see
that I know… I seen Brother Evans somewhere awhile ago, but I've lost
him. Oh, yes, here's Brother Dauch, setting right here, form Ohio,
Brother Bill Dauch, a friend of mine, setting right here, and Sister
Dauch. There's Sister Evans. Now I've got her, right back behind… All
right. Right along in there, Brother Evans or Sister Evans. Where's
Brother Welch? Setting back there. All right.
So that they'll know who you all are, raise up your hand. Anybody in
here knows me, and know I know you, raise up your hand–know that I…
know that I know you. All right, see. Now, you that know that I do not
know you, and you're sick, raise up your hands. Raise up your hands.
Just look and see where it's at. See? About everywhere. All right.

If the–if Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, the Bible
said that in the beginning was the Word and the Word was God. Is that
right? And the Word was made flesh. That's when God's Word that He
spoke was made flesh.
Do you know the very dirt that you're sitting on is the manifestation
of the Word of God? That's God's Word made manifest. If it isn't, where
did it come from? He made the world out of things that does not appear.
He brings the earth together. Just spoke the Word. Said, "Let there
be," and there was. He's a creator. All right. So the chair that you're
setting on is the Word of God. This earth that the floor rests on is
Word of God. All these things are from the dust of the earth, the Word
of God. And you, yourself, are the Word of God. That's right. Then why
can't that little heart in there begin to move all the doubt out of
this thing here. Let it be.

Now, and the Word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing
to the marrow of the bone and the… sunder of the marrow of the bone;
and the Word of God–which is Jesus–is a discerner of the thoughts,
into the heart and mind. Is that right?
Now, when the Word was here, and made flesh and dwelt among us in the
form of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, a little woman by faith touched
His garment one day. He didn't feel it physically, but He turned around
and looked, said, "Who touched Me? Who touched Me?"
Even Peter rebuked Him, said, "Lord, everybody is touching You."
He said, "Yeah, but I, I perceived virtue went out of Me. I got weak.
My strength left Me." And He said… Looked all around over the
audience and He found the little woman, told her her blood issue that
she had, her faith had saved her (is that right?) She was healed. He
never said, "I did it." She did it herself. See? Said, "Your faith hath

Now, the Bible said He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. And
the Book of Hebrews said that He's the High Priest that can be touched
by the feeling of our infirmities. And if He's the same yesterday,
today, and forever, if you touch that same High Priest, the same High
Priest will act the same way. The way He acted the first time He has to
act the second time. If He didn't, He acted wrong when He did it the
first time. If He make Himself known as Messiah to the Jews and the
Samaritans by perceiving the thoughts in their mind and telling them
who they was, or what they was, and so forth like that, or something
they had done…?
How many knows that's the truth, that's, that's the Bible truth, that's
the way He made Himself known? Well, if that's the way He made it known
to the Jews and to the Samaritans, He's got to make it known to the
Gentiles, or He made it known wrong to them. See what I mean?
Now, all that believe that, raise up your hand, say, "I believe that He
promised it to me." Thank you. That did it. See, remember what the
Angel said: "If you can get the people to believe you." See? Not
believe me; it's Him, but believe that He sent me to you. Now, you pray
and touch the High Priest. And if He will turn me from this platform
and speak to you, you let… you be the judge whether it's right or
not. You be the judge whether it's right or not.

You just say… Now look away from me as a man and say, "Lord Jesus,
I'm in need." And don't try to press your way, you don't get nowhere
then. Just relax yourself, say, "I believe it, Lord, there's not a
doubt in my mind. The man don't know me, and I'm way away from him. I'm
out here in the audience (way back in the back, or standing around the
ring, or somewhere like that). Now I know I believe You. If You'll just
let me touch You, let him turn to me, I'll know that that isn't Brother
Branham because he don't know me. Neither does he know who I am, or
what I've done, or what I have done, or what I will do. But You know
it. So if You'll just let him turn, I know it's You. I'll believe His
message then, because You got him under control. See, it's You speaking
through him, see."
Would you believe that? How many would believe it if they could see it
done with their own eyes…?… Not back in some dark room; right here
before the public like our Lord's doing. Don't have… it ain't nothing
secretly; it's right out here. it's just to the believers. Now, you
just pray.

I might have been mistaken. I thought it was somewhere right here, but
it must not have been. I'll watch it-it's a light. Did this side raise
up their hands that they were sick too, and didn't know me? Now, He's
right here. You that sees them pictures and things, just think–that
mechanical eye of the picture saw if before many people ever saw it…
take the picture. If I die tonight, if this is my last day on earth, my
testimony is true. The mechanical eye of the camera has proved it seven
or eight times in different nations. It's true. The church knows it
around the world.
I've told the truth, because I speak of Him. That's the reason I'm not
afraid but what He will speak back that I've told the truth, because
I'm not testifying of myself; I'm testifying of Him. Now, be real
reverent and believe.
Say, "What are you waiting on, Brother Branham?' I'm waiting on Him. If
He don't tell me, I can't do it, that's all. It takes your faith to do
something. Or maybe He's not pleased with us doing it. How many's got
prayer cards then? Anybody got prayer cards? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
about eight prayer cards left, 9. We'll call then up if He doesn't do
it. I like to see it done without prayer cards, so that you see the
prayer card has nothing to do with it.

God, help us tonight. Now, I pray that You'll grant it. I've come here
with good faith, come here believing, believing that You would do it. I
pray that You'll help me now. Give to me of Your Spirit, Father. Grant
it, so it can be for Your glory. I pray in Jesus' name. Amen.
Yes, here it is. Thank You, Lord. Do you believe God will heal you of
that hernia, lady? Make you well? All right. Accept it. Raise up your
hand. All right. Have you got a prayer card? You don't. You don't need
it. I never seen that woman in my life. Are we strangers to one
another, sister dear? I don't know you. If that's right, raise up your
hand so the audience can see. Was that your trouble? You was setting
there praying wasn't you? Now I got a contact of you. You were praying
to Jesus, "Let it be me." Is that right? Wave your hand like that.
Raise your hand, wave your hand, so they see. Now, how did I know what
she was praying about and the words you was saying? Don't you see? It's
Here, a little lady just moved herself around, setting there now. You
want to get over that heart trouble, sister? You don't have to come up
here. Just look this way. You want to get over your heart trouble? All
right. Raise up your hand, say, "I accept it." All right, go home, your
heart trouble's over. Jesus Christ makes you well.

The little lady setting right behind her, you got female trouble. Stand
up if that's right. All right. Have you got a prayer card? You have
one. I didn't mean to call you. All right. Go home. You're… You've
had… bothered with your eyes; they're going bad, too. Is that right?
Wave your hand. Not because you got on glasses, but they're getting
worse. All right. They won't no more now. Go home, Jesus Christ makes
you well.
Say, do me a favor, will you? That they might know, seeing that you had
a card… That lady setting there next to you, she… over on this side
over here, suffering there with a goiter, you believe that Jesus Christ
will make you well? It's Him…?… But that's all right. Believe, and
it'll go away from you. All right.

Now, if you believe I be a prophet of God, put your hand on the woman
next to you, crying there. The Angel of the Lord's over her. She's got
trouble with her head. If that's right, stand on your foot lady, the
one that just called then. All right. Raise up if that's the truth, the
one with the handkerchief in her hand. All right. Jesus Christ makes
you will. Go home, be healed.
Do you believe Him? Now, is that Angel Scriptural? Here, way back here,
there He is way back here, way back. There's a man and his wife. The
wife has diabetes, the man has arthritis. Oh, if I could just make them
understand. God, help me. Mr. and Mrs. Wilkerson, stand up on your
feet. Jesus Christ makes you well. Go home and be well. Christ makes
you well.
Do you have a prayer card? You don't? You don't have one, you don't
need one. While you're standing on your feet, listen to this, friends.
I do not know you at all, do I? If I don't know you, shake your hands
back and forth. See, I don't know you. You was setting there praying.
Is that right? Something's happened to you. Is that right? All right.
Is that what your trouble was? Is that what your name was? All that He
said is right? Wave your hand back like this if it's right" Wave your
hand. All right. There you are. Go home, Jesus Christ makes you well.
What did they touch? Do you believe the Angel that's before us, is the
Angel of God? It's not me. I don't know them people. I'm testifying;
they're testifying, we don't know one another so it has to be the Angel
of the Lord. And He's doing the very Scriptural things that Jesus said
He would do just before it burnt like Sodom. Amen!

Let's see. If you'll believe. Here, here it is again, right here in the
corner. Wait, it's the lady… No. Just a moment. No, it isn't the lady
standing there. It's the lady setting down here. That's right, a little
lady setting here. I seen a child, but it's a lady setting down, and
she's suffering with hemorrhoids. And she… That's her little girl
setting there. She's suffering with asthma. That's "Thus saith the
Lord." Stand on your feet and accept your healing. Jesus Christ makes
you well. Stand up, both of you. If we're strangers to one another,
raise up your hands and wave your hands. All right. Go home, honey.
It's all over, little girl, you'll be made well.
You believe? Look here, look here, look here, look here. Can't you see
that, Brother Jack? Looky here, right here, standing right over this
man here. The man's suffering with a hernia. That's right. He's not
from this city–from a city called Orange. Right. His name is Mr. Sack.
Is that right, sir? If I'm a stranger to you, wave your hands back and
forth like this. You were sitting there, saying, "Let it be me, Lord."
Is that right? Wave your hand.
O God, how can they fail to see it? I command every sick person in here
to stand on your feet and receive your healing in the name of Jesus
Christ. Amen. Rise up, don't be afraid. Believe Him with all your heart.

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