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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham
called Only Believe
was delivered on Thursday, 27th April 1961 at the Stephen Mather High School in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
The tape, number 61-0427,
is 1 hour and 33 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette.

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…?… God has given you, so together we can serve the Lord Jesus.
See, just… Oh, I'm so happy today. On the private interviews, how the
Lord done some great things, and I'm just so thankful about it. And
now, tomorrow night… Tomorrow's Friday. I was thinking tomorrow was
Saturday. We want–don't want to forget the Business Men's Breakfast
will be held here, I believe at this school. And I suppose, they sell
tickets for them, don't they, or something? And they, I guess, everyone
understands just how you get the–the tickets and so forth for the

We'd be happy if you could come along and see–feel led to come. Now,
Billy always tells me, said, "There's one thing that you do, daddy, is
wear the people out. They're wore out anyhow." Said, "They've been
setting there for hours. You preach so long."
And I said, "Well, son, I'm going to try to make it in Chicago
meeting." I said, "I'm going to set my watch at every twenty minutes,
and then when it alarms, I'm going to quit right then, and call the
prayer line."
He said, "You might as well not set it, because it ain't going…"
You know it went off two or three times, and just alarmed itself down,
I never did know. I'm making so much noise up here, why, I–I didn't
even hear it when it went off, and so I just have to just… I hope I
don't bore you, you know. I don't–I don't come here for that. I–I
come, and I love Him so much, and know that we so much that ought to be
done, right at this time, and I just try to push too much of it in one
night. You see? And not knowing just what time we're going to be called
away… And then I think, well, I don't know what time I'm going to be
called away. And none of us know that. And so we just might as well do
what we can, while we can do it. That's right.

I heard my mother… I never was at a dance in my life. But I heard
only a–a holy dance one time in church. I never forget that. When we
was still a Baptist church, I would always criticize, kinda, in my
heart. I wouldn't say it out loud, because I–I'd be afraid to do that.
Anything that God does… I always kinda thought it was kinda strange
to see, when I seen, first got acquainted with the Pentecostal people,
see them dance, you know, dance around.
I thought, "Now, you know, that ain't in the Bible. What–what are they
dancing about?" And then one night I was teaching from a chart on
Daniel and Revelations. It was New Year's night. I was going to teach
on the chart until midnight. It wasn't a chart, like a blackboard, I
was teaching. And there was some Pentecostal people had come from
Louisville. They had a–oh, some sisters. A sister pastored a church
over there and she had a… They had washboards, and thimbles, and–and
all kinds of little things to make rackets with, and–and they all got
harmonizing some way. I don't know what it was, and they… And she
started playing the piano, and all these girls up there got to hitting
with these thimbles on washboards and things. And–and they–they got
they was playing that song, "There's going to be a meeting in the air,
in the sweet by and by," or some…
Well, that little girl that was playing, little lady pastor, she just
turned white, oh, just like a chalk. And she just begin to playing it
in such way, I don't, I never seen anything play like it in my life.
And I thought, "Now, what's that?"
And then, one on the washboard, she got to doing the same thing. Then
here, two or three got up. And a little blond head got to dancing right
in the floor. I thought, "Oh, my."
Right up and down the floor as hard as she could go, just a dancing
away, like that, little old girl, about sixteen, eighteen years old. I
was just a young fellow myself. And I… "Now, isn't that something?
Right here in my church. How I'll ever live that down? See?" And
watching her like that, and I thought, "What do they do that for? Why
do they have to do that? Why couldn't they just played their music and
went on and let it alone like that?" I thought, "Well, that's

I got to thinking, "Now, in the Bible is there such a thing as
dancing?" And I remembered that David danced around the ark, when he
saw the ark coming. See? He danced before the Lord. And the Lord said,
"He's a man after my own heart."
I thought, "Well, now, that's… He… What did he dance for?" Well, they had a victory.
And Miriam when they crossed over the Red Sea, Moses sang in the
Spirit, and Miriam took a tambourine and begin to beat it, and they
went down along the bank, all the daughters of Israel, dancing in the
Spirit. See? And I seen that dancing was when they had victory.
I thought–got to thinking, "Well, maybe, I haven't got victory
enough." See? I got thinking about it. And you know, after while I got
to patting my foot, and before I knowed it I was out there dancing with
that girl, out there in that aisle.

Oh, I was marked then. I–I could just see the expression on those
people's face yet, seeing their pastor on the floor with this–that
little girl dancing around. Here I was right out there too. I never was
on a dance floor in my life. And the… But I'd have to take it back
and say, "It was on that one." But that was a church floor. So when
You know, all the devil's got, he–he–he copied it after some real
thing that God's got. That's right. It's just exactly. The devil cannot
create. He's just a perverter of what's been created. You see? So he
cannot create; he's not a creator; he's a perverter.
What is–what is unrighteousness? Is righteousness perverted. See? It's
legal for a man to take a wife, and be a–a husband to her, and family
relationship. But the same woman, another woman on the same act, it
condemn him and send his soul away. See? It's wrong. What is it?
Righteousness perverted. See? And it's a… The truth is always right.
What is a lie? Is the truth perverted (See?) makes a lie. So that's the way all sin is, is righteousness perverted.

So when I used… Hear my mother say, she used to go to dances to the
old, her and daddy on them kind of… See, them, they had the old
fiddler come stand on the corner and play the fiddle and them Kentucky
people, and pop, he didn't have any money, you know, you're supposed to
have a little money to jingle in your pockets, and I see him go out to
the keg get some nails, put them in his pocket, you know, and dance
around, he and mama. And they'd win prizes. I can see her pull her
skirt out like this, you know, and that jig dance, you know, right
around, around one another like that. And I'd see pop. I thought,
"That's–that's bad pop; them nails, that's not money. You see?" I
knowed he didn't have any money; he had some nails in his pocket,
jingling up and down like that." See? And they'd do that plumb on till
around daylight. And some of the people leave home, the… Oh, the–old
Kentucky people would come over, and they'd have the dances from one
house to the other. And then, they'd go home of a morning, packing
their shoes in their hands, 'cause their feet was so sore from dancing.
Well, if you can do that for the devil, then why not stay, and let's
preach all night, and just praise God, and–and get in the Spirit, and
see, sure. If that–if that's for eternal separation, what about
Eternal Life? Let's… We can appreciate this as much, more than we
should that, of course. But Satan would wear us out on this, right
quick, or tell us, "We was too tired." But I tell you, you'd have an
awful time with me, get me wore out on it.

I remember when I was healed of stomach trouble. He, Satan said, "Well,
you better not eat." Said, "Because the doctor said, 'If you eat, you'd
die. You have an ulcered stomach,' and said, 'it was just one big
bloody ulcer.'"
But the Lord said, "He healed me." So I had to take somebody's word, so I–I took God's Word.
And so, oh, it like to burnt me up. I was just… Hot water running out
of my mouth, and so, two or three days, I was going around holding my
stomach like this. Said, "How are you feeling, Mr. Branham?"
I said, "Oh, I feel fine," tamping away like that.
Someone said, "You lied."
I did not, I was making a confession. Confess means "say the same
thing." By His stripes, I was healed. So that's… That does it. See? I
was making confession.
And so, Satan said to me, said, "You're bringing reproach."

I said, "Now, looky here, old fellow. If–if you enjoy hearing me
testify, you stick around. But if you don't, you might as well get
away, 'cause I–I'm going to testify anyhow." So that's it. You just
got to let him know what side you're standing on, and then make your
stand, and then stand. And that's just the way we got to do always, is
get where we know that we're right, and then got faith in that. You
can't have faith unless you're right. Don't you try to do that to bluff
him now. He won't take your bluff. See? Don't bluff him. But when you
really believe it, you're not bluffing then. Something has already
witnessed to you, and then you–then you're right.
I don't care, you might not, no one never lay hands on you. You might
not never hear anything; but just as long as something has confirmed it
in your heart that it's Word and God's will for you, that's all's
necessary. And many times, these gifts and things, they just encourage.

I'm watching a Baptist preacher setting here in front of me tonight. If
I'm not mistaken, is this Mr. Daulton, setting here from Somerset,
Kentucky? I thought it was. I remember Brother Ed Daulton. Oh, my. A
Baptist right… And he come up, and… But he believed, and come up to
the church, and received the Holy Ghost, and went back down. And
'course, all of his neighborhood let him down, as usual. And so, then
when the Holy Spirit had commented on the–what we're looking for to
happen at any time now, another gift that's going to be added to the
church… And it's a marvelous thing.
And we've probably you've read the articles in our religious papers
about it, about the squirrels, and so forth. And Brother Daulton had
two children. Well, I think, how many? About eight children, I think
it…? Nine children, nine children, and teen-agers, and you know how
they are, kinda… And a poor father and mother, how they prayed so
hard, that God save their children…

One day at the tabernacle, he had seen the Holy Spirit speak to a woman
and tell her, "Just ask what you will, right now. And God told me to
give you."
Said, "What must I ask?"
I said, "Well, you got a crippled sister setting here, that's been
crippled from birth." And there's a man setting here, tonight, Banks
Wood, who's setting right with me, the woman's name is Mrs. Wright. And
I said, "You got an aged father and mother; you're living on less than
two hundred dollars a year on that little poor farm, over there, a
widow woman." I said, "There's many things you could ask for, Sister
Hattie," but I said, "the very God that told me about those squirrels
when I spoke, those squirrels were standing right there." And did that
seven straight times, standing right there, where you look and see it,
when it was just impossible for one to be setting on the wall there,
just a confirming something.
And I said, "He tells me to have you to ask what you will." He said, "You'd ask it, for me to say it."
She said, "Well, what should I say?"
I said, "Ask for whatever you will; it will be given right here. If it isn't, then I–I've told something wrong."
And she said, "Well," said, "I don't know what to ask, Brother
Branham." She said… She had two teen-age boys. And talk about
renegades, they were, and so, just giving her heartaches all the time,
poor little widowed mother. And so, her husband, I married she to her
husband. And they were… Her husband had gotten killed on a tractor.
And those boys had just gone wild. And she said, "Well, the salvation
of my two boys."
I said, "I give you those two boys in the Name of Jesus Christ." And both of them fell across her lap, come to Christ.
Now, Brother Banks Woods is somewhere setting here in this building,
tonight, that was present to see that happen. Both them boys are fine.
They taken feet-washing all the time, communion at church, and when
we're taking feet-washing, the one that's washing the feet, we lay our
hands over on them and pray. That little fellow the other night, about
fourteen years old, our pastor, Brother Neville, he had his hands on
him, praying for him. The cutest little thing…

So Brother Ed Daulton seen that happen; he was praying for his
children. Got outside, and he turned back around, and the Holy Spirit
said, "Speak for Ed's children."
And I said, "Brother Daulton, the Holy Spirit tells me by that same
gift that we're looking to be perfectly manifested soon, I give you
your children in the Name of Jesus Christ." And when he got home there,
his daughter and son, already give their hearts to Christ. (Just a few
miles down in the country from me.) And I think every one of your
children is saved and filled with the Holy Spirit and…?… Is that
right, Brother Daulton? Is there any of them with you? One daughter.
Was that the one was saved right away then? The oldest daughter was
saved the next morning. And every one of his children is now saved. How
the Holy Spirit… When God says anything, He keeps His Word. See?

Now, how could I have saved those children? See? It–it isn't. If it's
not your own words, if it isn't you own thinking, then it's–it's ever
what's inspiring you. And if it's God, then it's God's Word. See? So
that's the way on–on the meetings here at night when you see those
things happening, that's not me. I couldn't do that. It's–it's God
doing that. And if you'll just believe it, then that's all you have to
do, is just–just believe it.
Now, well, it's almost time to call the prayer line, Billy. I just take
up so much time. But you know, I want to–I want to make an appointment
with all the people around Chicago here.
And this, this brother that sings here at night, Brother Melvin, how I
love to hear that boy sing. I–I want to hear him sing, "Remember Me,"
one of these nights before I leave. And then there's a colored sister
that sings at the Christian Business Men. Oh, my. You–you should hear
her sing, "Ship Ahoy."
And I told my wife; she's setting back there tonight; I told her, I
hope she gets to hear that lady sing, "Ship Ahoy," and Brother Melvin
sing, "Remember Me" when tears are falling down. Oh, my. I sure hope we
get these.
And there's a little brother over there at that meeting the other
morning, he's setting back here somewhere. I shook his… Here he is,
he and his wife. My, talk about singing. And when you get over in
glory, and I–I wish… I always wanted to sing. I'd rather sing than
preach anytime. So I–I love singing so well. So I always said, "All
the great singers of earth will be gathered over there singing the
stories, how they overcome, over on a great big hillside in glory. Just
across the River of Life, over on the other side, I want to set and
listen at them. So I want to invite all you Chicago people to meet me
over there now, and–and we'll set down and listen at them sing, so we
won't have any… Have to hurry, and see if the children's going to get
hurt, or anything. They'll be there with us, and there'll be nothing to
hurt or destroy. And we'll have plenty of time then. And we'll just
talk a long time, just have plenty of time to talk.

Now, I've got several Scriptures that I want to refer to. I got some
wrote out here and some pages here. And I want to start tonight and
read first a Scripture found in Saint Luke 8:50 for a–a text. And my
subject tonight is the theme song they sang just before I come in:
"Only Believe." And Saint Luke 8th chapter and the 50th verse.

But when Jesus heard it, he answered him, saying, Fear not: believe only, and she shall be made whole.

Let us bow our heads just a moment for prayer. Gracious God, Who
brought again the Lord Jesus, Thy Son from the dead, and has presented
Him to us after two thousand years. We see Him day after day, and night
after night in the invisible Body of His working in the visible Body of
His church, bringing to pass His Words. And as we was speaking the
other night, "You're right on schedule. Everything's hitting just
right." God's great time clock is ticking just to the moment. And then
tonight when we see that that last midnight stroke is fixing to strike,
oh, great, Jehovah, God, be merciful to us.

And as I think tonight, here before me, holding the purchase of Your
Blood, their attention for the next thirty or forty minutes, what must
I say, O God? These few words that's been prepared would be
insufficient, Lord, without Your anointing. So I pray that You'll
anoint the Words tonight of this text. And may they find their resting
place. And provide for us just what we have need of to be prepared for
that hour when Jesus does come.
Because God, notice with my eyes open a few moments ago, laying here
before me is that book of the Christian Business Men, where our
precious Brother Tommy Nichols translated from that tape that vision,
or whatever it was, Lord, You let me see across the curtain there. And
O God, I said, "If I could only go back for a… I–I'd persuade; I'd
beg people. Oh, they mustn't miss that, Lord." There's people here
that's divided their living with me, for me and my children, and
between them and their children. I pray, God, that some how another,
something might be said tonight, that'll–that we might have Christ
divided among us tonight. That He might be the Saviour of every one of
us, and the Healer of every one of us, and our coming King. And that
hope, leave it here in our hearts. May we live eternally with Him, over
in that land where there's no sickness.
I can think of them women, how they were once recognizing. Here's old
women, ninety years old, and there they was, beautiful and young. And
those gray-headed men here on earth, there they was, young and in their
youth for eternity. God, we couldn't afford to miss that. Grant, Lord,
tonight, that each and every person will take new hold tonight. Bless
the saints and heal the sick, for we commit ourselves with this text,
in the Name of Jesus Christ for Thy glory. Amen.

Jesus had just been turned down from a great revival. He was always
about the Father's business. I–I like that. We… Me, myself, I have
so much time that I–I think I–I foolishly use. And all of us feel
that way. And we get so wound up till we've got to go somewhere and
But we have found Jesus always about the Father's business. I love
that. And that's the way we should be. We should never be idle in our
time. What time we have, we must spend it for, and–and conserve the
time, redeem it, because it is precious. Every time we get a chance to
put in a plug for Jesus, do it. Every time we get to put in a plug for
God, do it. Do something for the church and for embetterment of people.
Many people, that's how we come to know these things is by what
somebody's told us.

And Jesus had left Galilee, over in the land that He came from, and
crossed over the sea, feeling led, no doubt, to go over to Gadara for
revival. No doubt, but what the Father had led Him over across the sea
to Gadara. And we all know the story that there was only one person
saved; that was a maniac, in Gadara. And he was out into the fields and
the cemetery. He had went wild. And they put chains on him, and the
demon power could break the chains, and–and… I've often thought,
going around insane institutions, and watch a person who's been
possessed with those evil powers, how strong they are. They take a
policemen sometime to beat them down.
Remember down in Florida, one night a–a man that wouldn't have weighed
over a hundred and twenty pound, whipped five policemen just as easy as
you'd whip your child. And–and then when that evil spirit went off of
him, why, there was nothing hardly. He was just as meek as he could be.
But it was a evil spirit.
And I thought, "If a man possessed with an evil spirit could break
chains, what could he do if he was completely surrendered to God, with
the power of God possessing him like that?" He could straighten every
crippled leg, and do great things, if he could just be so anointed with
God's power, as the devil could completely get a hold of him.

Did you notice, that devil was so completely a hold of that man, until
he–he even confessed Jesus: said, "We know who You are, the holy One
of God. Why cometh to torment us before our time come?" See? He was so
completely surrendered to the devil until the devil could use his
And you know, I like that. I hope this don't hurt nobody's feelings,
but we can get so completely surrendered to God till He can use our
tongue too to–to speak in other languages, and to preach the Gospel,
to sing the Gospel, to speak visions that we're looking at, and the
mysteries of God, if we just completely surrender to the power of God.
That's all. And if the devil can get a man under His control, and do
that, what can God–God do with one, get one under His control? See? So
this maniac…
And you notice, when Jesus was crossing the sea, the devil knowed that
He was on the road to a great, win a great victory for God. And he
tried to drowned Him that night, caused a storm to come up and… But
Jesus knowed that God had sent Him, because He did only what God led
Him to do.

Wouldn't that be nice if we had a testimony like that, brethren? "I do
only that which pleases God." Wouldn't that be wonderful? Like Enoch
walked with God five hundred years and had a testimony that, "He
pleased God." He didn't have to die, just went up.
So then, a little afternoon stroll, he just started walking out, and
just thought, "Well, I've been on earth long enough, I'll just walk on
up." And just started, by faith, he thought, "Well, I been here long
enough, so I'm kind of tired of being around here. I think I'll just
stroll on up, till I hit the milky white way and just walk on up and
knock on the door." So that's what he did. See? By faith he did it. The
Bible said so. See? He just got tired staying here. He said, "Well, I'm
just going to walk up home, God." just went on up through the air
walking. He did that by faith. The Bible said he did.
And so, oh, I–I… When I feel death come knocking around my door,
I–I want to have that kind of faith, don't you? Just say, "Well, so
long old world. I'm going to walk away from you now." And just start
walking on. Just walk right on up, and pass the moon and stars and
strike the milky white way, and go on into the sphere's and sphere's,
and out of the sphere's, just go on into Glory. That's right.

And then, we find out that the devil can't destroy God's servant as
long as he's in the will of God. So He… We see Him rise up that
night, and the devil all so angry, and going to try to drown Him out
there on the sea, raised up, and He said, "Why are you so fearful?
Think I'd be doing anything 'less I was in the will of God? Why you so
scared about? See? What are you worried about anyhow? Why are you all
That's the same thing He'd say to us tonight, brethren, I imagine.
"What are you so scared about?" See? "What's the matter, are you afraid
to trust Me?"
He said, "Peace be still." And the winds and the waves obeyed Him,
crossed over the sea. Oh, how beautiful. There He got on the other
side, and this maniac met Him, and–and when he did, he was going to
come out to tear Him to pieces. Then the devil found out that–that was
a little more than a Man coming walking up there, with those other
twelve men.

And then, when he confessed Him to be the Son of God, and confessed
that he–his future torment, Jesus said, "Hold your peace, but come out
of him." And He delivered that man of those legions of devils. And
those devils went over and they got… If they're not embodied,
they're–they're seem to be helpless. So they went over and got in a
bunch of hogs and went down, two thousand hogs, and drown in the sea.
And you know what? Jesus come over to hold a revival, but when those
people realized it was going to cost them two thousand hogs, they
didn't want the revival. So if it's going to cost them anything, they
don't want nothing to do with it. So that–that's about the way it is
today, you know. If it's going to cost you a few hours sleep or–or
something another, the people don't want to do nothing with it, you
And so they said, "Well, they–they… Instead of having the revival,
they come out, the people of the city, and said, "Leave our country. We
never… We don't want You over here. Just get on out. We…

And you know, and Jesus looked around to the man was in his right mind,
and had clothes on… If… You know, I always thought there, I–I
better not start on that. If–if you see, that man, he started putting
on clothes when he met Jesus. And how is it, we claim we know Him, and
taking them off all the time? So there's… And that's a…
They say, "We're crazy for preaching such things as that." But I don't
know. The man that had–was naked was the one was crazy, according to
the Bible. So and when he found Jesus, went putting his clothes back on
again. So–so we find out that…

I've often wondered, when I get up to heaven, I want to find that man.
And I–I want to go over. Jesus wouldn't let him follow Him. He said,
"You go on back and show the people there what's happened to you." And
I just wonder what–what weight his testimony had on hog raising in
that country after that. I–I just wonder what his testimony had, what
weight it had over there.
But they didn't want Him. So I'll say one thing. If you don't want Him,
He won't bore you with Himself. No, no. He won't push Hisself on you.
He never did. He knocks. You're on the inside. You're the one opens the
door. But He will knock. He will give you the opportunity.

So then, oh, they said, "We don't want You. I don't care how many You
can deliver, and how, what, who sent You over here. If God sent You
over here, what about it, we just don't want any of that kind of stuff
going over here, around, our… You get our people all confused. So You
just get back where You belong."
He said, "All right." Right on back He went and got in the boat.
It must have been along about ten o'clock in the morning. Our little
brother Jairus, he was a–he was a believer. He–he actually was a
believer, but he was kind of a secret believer. And you now, we got a
whole lot of those out here in these Methodist, Baptist, and
Presbyterian churches. They really believe this message of Pentecost.
They do. But they just can't do it on account of their church.
So Jairus said… He was a secret believer; outwardly he had joined
himself up with a bunch of unbelievers. And so, that's the way a many a
good man is tonight: joined up with unbelievers. And the Bible said,
"Do not be unequally yoked together. Don't yoke yourself up amongst
unbelievers. Come out from amongst the unbelievers, and separate
yourself," saith God, "and I will receive you. Touch not their unclean
thing. And I'll be God to you, and you'll be sons and daughters unto

So Jairus, though was like many of today, had yoked hisself up in an
organization, that he just simply couldn't wiggle away from, because he
had a high name. Perhaps, let's call him, Dr. Jairus. See? He was
a–had a great name of doctor, maybe, behind it. He was a priest. And
he's a–he was a pastor of a great synagogue. But in his heart he'd
followed Jesus of Nazareth, and he'd watched those miracles. He'd go
home and study and look through the Scriptures. And he'd say, "That's
just exactly…"
Let's think He was standing there that day when Simon come up. He went
down to hear John preach, and he had heard about, he heard them
announce Jesus, and seen this Light come down over Him there, and
settle down upon Him. And we seen that same Light was on Him, tell that
old fisherman, "Why, your name is Simon, and you're the son of Jonas."
Maybe, you know, his father was a might've been a member of this man's
He said, "I know that Man didn't know him." And I went home and
searched that out in the Scripture, and I found out that that was the
sign of the Messiah. And then while I was standing there, and I–I was
standing over on the other side, course, with the priests, and my
brethren, and listening to see what I could hear say. And the brethren,
they said, "What are we going to do when we go back?"
When Philip come up and had Nathanael, and that… Jesus stood there
and told Nathanael who he was, and where he found him, and so forth
like that. And we seen Nathanael, he was maybe studying to be a
preacher, and he said, "Why, Rabbi, You're the Son of God, the King of
He said, "You believe because I told you that?"

And maybe, He was setting out there also to hear the woman at the well,
and–and stand at the gate that time when blind Bartimaeus was out
there crying, "Jesus, Thou Son of David, have mercy on me." He couldn't
have touched Him.
If you go to… If you was ever at the place, they marked where
Bartimaeus was setting and where Jesus was when he called Him, oh, my.
All that mob, howling, saying, "Say, they me you raise the dead. We got
a grave yard full of them up here. Come up and raise some of them,
we'll believe you." See? How could He ever heard all… But his faith
touched Him.
Like little Zacchaeus, that I told the Christian Business Men, setting
up in the tree like that, said, "Now, Rebekah told me that He–He
knowed all things and could… God spoke through Him and He was
Messiah. So I'll pull all these limbs around me, and–and He will never
know I'm setting up here."
So when Jesus stopped there under the tree, a looked up, and said, "Zacchaeus, come down. Going home with you."…

So maybe, he was there that morning to see that. However, he believed
through the Scriptures that that was the Messiah. And, but yet he
couldn't make a confession because the–the ministerial association of
Gadara had said this: "If there's anybody ever attends one of them
revivals that that prophet of Galilee over there, holds, we will
excommunicate him that hour from the church. So well, he had–had a
pastor though. And he had a big congregation, and a nice bunch of
people, and–and he knowed he loved the Lord. But right down in his
heart, he knowed there was something else ought to be added. Oh,
Zacchaeus, I hope you're setting here tonight and don't get up and go
till this is over. See? Just set still for a minute.
And there he was, you know, out there, and believing that, and come by
the little candlelight, and study through the night, when he'd go to
one of those meetings, and listen, maybe disguised himself, and put a
veil over his face, or something, so he wouldn't be knowed as a doctor,
or Dr. Jairus, you know, or… He just wouldn't want to be known
amongst the crowd. But yet, he was setting there. And he watched this,
and he studied it; but yet, he couldn't open it, publicly confess Him,
because he'd have to give up his ministerial association and his
fellowship with his brethren. And that's the reason, all of them
together run Jesus out of Gadara, and put Him back over in His own
country. In His own country it been the same thing. And anybody joined
themselves with this so-called prophet of Galilee, why was, had to be

But you know, God's got a way of bringing that real genuine faith out
in us. God has peculiar ways of doing it. And so, let's say, one night
the little girl had come in, and she was… He had one little daughter
about twelve years old, and he was getting aged. And that was the only
child he and his wife had.
One night she came in from skipping the rope, or something around the parish, and she came in, she said, "Daddy, I am so sick."
So he felt her little head and he said, "Yes, honey. You are sick." So
he said, "Mother, I'll tell what. You put her to bed, and we'll go down
and get the doctor." That's the only sensible thing to do.
So they went and got the good doctor from the neighborhood. And he came
up and he felt her. And he said, "Yes, she's burning with fever." So he
doctored her for two or three days. And come to find out, her fever
grew worse. And oh, it got in such a place, till… It got so hot, that
he was getting, the doctor got worried about it. So he tried all the
herbs and all the remedies that he knowed to try to help this little
girl. But he–he couldn't do no good with it. He just couldn't break
the fever.

So then one morning about nine o'clock, why, he had come to visit the
little girl after he had been up almost all night. And all the loving
people of the church was gathered in there, and all the associate
pastors, and some of the visiting clergymen, and the district
presbyter, and all of them was setting close, you know, to–to offer
prayers and so forth for the child.
And so, the doctor come into the room, and he examined the little girl,
taken her pulse. And oh, the fever was raging. The little thing was
beyond, out of her head now. So he knew that the end was close.
He hated to tell the pastor, perhaps, went to his own church. So he
called him out to one side and said, "Now, Jairus, I want to tell you
out here, so sister won't hear it. That baby is dying, your only little
"Oh, doctor, surely there's something else you can do."
"No, Jairus, if–if you want to call in another doctor and consult the
case, why, that's all right. But as far as my medical understanding,
death's on the child right now, because she's laying at the point of
death. And she probably won't last over another hour or two." The good
doctor was telling all that he knowed to be the truth.
And said, "Doctor, would you advise me to get some other doctor?"
Said, "You're welcome."
But he said, "I don't know no other doctor. We know there was a doctor
over across the–there, called Luke, Dr. Luke. But you know, he–he was
"Oh, don't you… Luke's went off on the wrong end." See? "He's following that Galilean prophet, don't…"
Oh, that brings it back to his mind. "Yes, doctor. Well, thank you. What do I owe you, doctor?"
"Oh, well, I… That's all right. You don't have me nothing." He was a
fine man. See? "You go ahead, preacher, I know you don't make much
money, so just let it go."
"Well, thank you very kindly."

Now, what's he going to do? He walks back from the gate and said, "Now,
I'll go in the house there, in the parish. And what… How am I going
to tell my wife that that baby's laying at the point of death? And I've
kept it a secret from her all the time that I really believed in Jesus
being that real prophet was to come. But now, how would I ever get it?
And there's the district presbyter and all the rest of the ministerial
association setting around the house there. And how can I ever? And
wonder where He's at?"
So he goes back in the room, and he begins to wonder. And, you know,
and the first thing you know, he calls his wife in. He said, "Dear,
come in and set down just a minute." He put his hands… Said, "Now,
I've got something I want to talk to you about. First I want to say.
Mother, do you remember how that I've set up here at nighttime, these
candlelights, reading the Scriptures?"
"Yes, yes, Jairus. I–I–I know just how you have set up here and read."
"And I've come in, being gone for two or three days at a time, telling you, 'I was out about the Master's business.'"
"Yes. I remember all about it."
"Well, I've kept this back from you. But I want to tell you something. You know where I was at?"
"Well, where were you at, dear?"
"I was 'tending them meetings of Jesus of Nazareth, that Galilean prophet. I was attending…"
"Oh," she said, "that's no secret to me. I was reading your notes that
you took of His sermons. See? When I cleaned up the room, I found the
wastebasket laying full of them. You see? And I just read them where
you been searching through the Scripture."
"Sure enough?"
"Well, I tell you. You know what? I truly believe that that is the Messiah."
"Why," she said, "dear, are you just now ready to confess it? I believed it all along."
Now, he's ready. He can tell her now, what… Said, "You know what?" Said, "Honey, the doctor just told me something."
"What? Our daughter is going to be better?"
"No, she's dying."
"Oh, Jairus, oh, oh, surely, not…"

"Yes, yes. She–she's–she's dying. But I wonder where Jesus of
Nazareth is? You know, He–He left and crossed the sea a few days ago.
And He's gone away. And I–I wonder where He's at. If we could only
find Him. Well, well, we just might as well confess our faith and go
Well, he walked out before the… all the people and said, "Well, I've
got to announce something. The doctor just told me that my baby's
dying, my only girl, twelve years old, is dying." And so, he tell them,
all of them begin to lament, and cry, and go on.
He said, "Now, wait. That's not our last hope. Just a moment." Oh, I
feel his little face getting red, looked at the district presbyter, and
the bishop, and all them setting around, you know. And what's he going
to do?
But "We've got another hope."
And I can hear the bishop raise up and say, "Ah, you want to consult another doctor?"
"Well, no, not exactly. But I got something…" And his heart begins to
race real fast, you know. Can you say it? He stuttered a little bit.
And I can hear his wife say, "Go on, tell them, tell them, tell them."
"Well [Brother Branham makes a sound of clearing his throat–Ed.],
brethren, now I know this may excite you just a little bit. But yes, I
believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. I–I believe that He, that
Galilean prophet is the Messiah. I've…"
Why, I can see the bishop raised up, and the district presbyter, and
all the dignity, and saying, "Why, Jairus, my, you don't mean you've
gone like Luke and the rest of them did?"
"Yes, I believe Him. I certainly do."

Why? Why? Why? He had a need. God's got a way of putting it on you in
such a way, He will make you come out with that faith, just bring her
right out anyhow. Yes, sir.
Now, I could hear him say, "Does anybody know where He's at?"
One little fellow said, "Yes, I–I was sick the other day, and I–I
went down there to see Dr. Luke. And Luke's with Him, and He–He was
over in Gadara, and they… I heard by a courier that they're coming in
today. They're supposed to land this morning down there at the fishing
I can see little Jairus going out and getting his little priest hat, and putting it on, putting his coat on, start out.
I can hear the district presbyter stand at the door, say, "Now, looky
here, young man. Now, you've been one of us for a long time. Now, if
you're going to start such as that and mix up our congregation, bring
such fanaticism as that in our group, you know what's going to happen?
We're going to excommunicate you. We're going to take your name right
off the book. That's all."

Well, I can hear his little heart sinking, like that. He looked around
at his wife, and was standing seeing what he was going to say, and look
over and see his little dying daughter. He said, "You just might as
well take her off, 'cause here I go." That's right. "I'm on my road."
He had a need, rushing. He must go right now.
They said, "Remember, if you go, you know what's going to happen. You know our declaration."
"Yes. I understand all about it. But I've got a dying child here. And
the very thing that I've hid in my heart all the time, I've searched
the Scriptures; I've attending His meetings under disguisement; and
I've checked the Scriptures, and He is the Messiah." Amen. That's it.
Amen. That's the way to…
Now, you're coming to it, Jairus. Come right out and tell them what's
right. Confess your faith, then you're getting your right–on the right
path then. It isn't kind of gloomy-looking.

E-33 Oh, he said… The church said, "now, you remember, if you do, well, what's going to happen." But Jairus had a need, the need.
brother, if there ever was a time, brethren, that we ought to make our
confession that He is the Messiah, the Son of God, that He is alive
then, and His power is just the same, there's a need today. Today is
the hour. People are dying. People are dying in the churches. People
The Pentecostal church is dying. It's going so formal. It's getting out
away from God. If there's any time to step out and say, "We are dying;
let's get back to God." It's right now, because there's a need. Come
back to the faith that was once delivered to the saints.
I know there's a lot of fanaticism. I'll realize that. As I said at the
ministerial breakfast the other morning. You can't hardly blame
pastors. But remember, every time you see something false, a bogus
dollar, it's just as sure as anything in the world it's made off of a
real one.

I never was so surprised. One time, I was going up the road, and I seen
a–a–a big bunch of crows or blackbirds. They were just having the
awfullest squalling time. And I thought, "What's the matter with them?"
I walked on up the road. And there was… some of them was in trees,
and some on telegraph poles, and some setting on fences. I thought,
"What's the matter with the birds?" There was a strawberry patch across
the–the field. And the man that owned the patch had went to Florida
for a vacation, and he just let those strawberries there, wouldn't let
no one pick them, because he–he liked to see… He kept them there for
the birds. He just loved to watch the birds.

And so, while he was gone down to Florida on a vacation, why, somebody
come over there and put a big old scarecrow up in the field, and wanted
to pick the strawberries themselves, not let the birds have them.
The birds was all excited. Oh, my, they were so excited. Some of them
setting way off in a tree, looking off over there on them scarecrows,
and just as chirping and chirping, and going on, some setting down on
the telegraph poles, and some setting on the fence post. And I thought,
"Well now, I wonder what's the matter?"
And I happened to look, setting right on the arms of those… that old
scarecrow set two, big, healthy birds, just eating as hard as they
could eat. I thought, "If that isn't the picture, if that isn't
Now, I thought, "Well, what's the matter?" I walked up a little close,
and I looked. There's plenty of strawberries. I thought, "What's the
matter, fellows?" And that's the way some of them do. Some of them,
will way go, go way back here. They don't believe in the Holy Ghost or
nothing. Some will come up and say, "Well, I believe in a good
sanctified life, but I–I–I–I just don't believe in Divine healing."
But others, will get right down almost to the borderline; but they're
afraid of the scarecrow. And that's just about where Pentecost is come
now. You're afraid of the scarecrow.

Well, brother, a scarecrow's a meal ticket. Amen. Just get in behind
the scarecrow; that's all you have to do. If you see all kinds of false
ism's and things rise up… When I said the other night, all these isms
will soon become 'wasms' so they… They're–they're don't worry about
them; but God's Word will be true. When there's no more heaven and
earth left, It'll still be true. Yes, sir.
There was no condemnation of them setting there eating strawberries.
Brother, they were setting there, big, healthy birds, just pecking away
as hard as they could. 'Cause they wasn't caring about the scarecrow.
They–they–they just eating strawberries just the same. So that's what
we should do. When you see these things that you get everybody's
talking so well, and the church getting classical, and the big fellow
saying, "Well–well, we'll just take them into this and that."
You better be careful, brother, there's something wrong there,
somewhere. There's something wrong. I like to get where somebody is
criticized and made fun of, and then look around see where… Well,
examine it over and see what it's all about. Yes, sir. It's a dinner
bell. Just watch right behind it.
Remember, the clubs always lays under the good apple tree. They don't
club off them little old, knotty, drawed-up, sour, "Days of miracles is
passed." There's nothing to club in that. Just let them go on.

But Jairus had a need. And he had a need because his only child was
dying. And that's the same thing it is tonight. Now, he didn't have to
say, "Now, I'll wait now. I'll probably… Maybe, if I'd wait a little
while, I may go see Him like Nicodemus did, go in the nighttime. I'll
slip over sometime at night. I'll tell you…" Told, might've told his
wife something like this.
"Well, now there sets the district presbyter out there. And there sits
the bishop. There sets all the church and so forth. I'll tell you. I'll
wait till it gets night. And when it gets night, I'll slip on my little
mask again, and I'll slip over to the meeting. And after it's over I
won't let nobody know; I'll slip around behind the building, say, 'Say,
prophet of Galilee; I believe in You. I believe in You. Come over here.
I got a sick daughter.'"
No, the daughter was dying right then. He had to go then. It was time
for action. And it's time for action, brethren. It's not time to argue
about whether we should be baptized face forward, or backward, or
whether we should belong to this church, or that church. It's time for
the Holy Spirit to come into the church and get in action. It's later
than you think. The hour's here. It's not time to fuss about creeds and
about doctrines and things like that. It's time to get into God's
Spirit and move on. 'Cause the atomic bombs are hanging, the missiles
everywhere, and sputnik's in the skies. And everything that Jesus said
would take place before the end time is now taking place. And the Holy
Ghost is here, Christ, right on time, on schedule. Yes. The critics are

I'm going to say this because it was… I ask for it to be abstained
one time, and when they did, the brother got real put-out about it.
I… Now, I'm going to say it, 'cause it's on tape, and so, our brother
can hear it if he wants to get this tape. It's concerning Brother David
duPlessis; my precious, brother, friend.
I got a letter of criticism from him. And I–I didn't want to read it;
secretary got it, and so, I–I didn't want to read it; because I
withheld saying his name on a tape. But this is taped. The tapes are
going. Here's exactly what I said. I was preaching on the nearing of
coming of Christ. And Brother David is dealing with the Presbyterians,
Methodists, and Baptists, and those great men. That is his ministry to
them. God has sent him with a ministry. David is a smart theologian,
scholar and a wonderful man of God. He's has been with me in the
meetings; he's stood by my side. I love him as only a brother could
love another. And that is true.
But what I said about David, and the church will bear me witness. I
said, "It seems like that Brother David, as spiritual as he is, would
wake up to the fact to know that he's dealing with the sleeping virgin.
And the Pentecostal people are so glad to see the Presbyterians writing
in a little declaration: "We got to go back to Divine healers. We got
to go back to speaking in tongues." You've read the piece where they
put out. "We got to go back and having healing services."
Billy Graham talking, "Got to go back to Pentecost." Do you realize,
brother, that the very hour that they went to wake the sleeping virgin
up, when she come to buy oil, that was when Jesus came?
I said, "If wonder if Brother David realizes that."

He thinks the Pentecostal church… They had their picture in the paper
the other day with some Catholic priests, standing blessing the
Pentecostal businessman's breakfast or something, and things like that;
which that's all right. But I wonder if the church really realizes with
it is. It's a sign. When that sleeping virgin come and knocked at the
gate, that's when she could not get in, for the Bride was gone. Don't
you see? That's what I said about Brother David (See?), not nothing
concerning his work, or his man–or about his reputation. And David's
my brother, and one of the finest godly men that I know of.
But I just wondered how that he–he didn't pick that up, to realize the
very minute that outside denominational world begins to receive this
Message, that's exactly the hour He's coming. When they–when they
went, the sleeping virgin realized she didn't have any oil in her lamp.
And when she come to knock on the door to get it, that was exactly when
the Bride went out, when the wise virgin left. That's right. They
didn't get in. No.
And them organizations won't come in. They won't have the opportunity
to, time the message gets around, the church will be gone. So if
they're trying to get in right now, how close are we? When we see as it
was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of
man. The very last message Abraham and his seed after him, we see every
everything lays just at time. We've got need. It's time for action.
It's not, "Wait till I go away in school and get me a Ph.D., or LL.D."
It's get into the Gospel right now, preach. Yes. Get out there now.
Now's the hour.

Jairus couldn't wait till tomorrow. His child was dying. Brethren, we
can't wait for a new organization. We can't wait for something to get
stirred up. It's already here. We've got to bring Christ on the scene.
The Pentecostal church is dying. Amen. The Assemblies, the Oneness, the
Twoness, the Threeness, the–the Foursquare, all of them, they are
dying. Let's leave these things. They're all right. But don't… Just
quit fussing about that; let's bring Christ on the scene.
That's the way Jairus, had to get Christ on the scene or his child
would die. He must hurry real quick. He's got to spring into action.
Oh, I love that. Get into action.
Oh, if this group right here tonight, you Methodists, you Baptists, you
Presbyterian, you Pentecostals, Oneness, Twoness, Threeness, and all of
you, if you'd spring into action, laying aside your traditions and
malices, bring Christ on the scene. Open up your heart. He's here.
Amen. His boat just landed. (Hallelujah.) He's on the scene.
Somebody said, "Yes, faith cometh by hearing."
Say, "Yes, He's coming in for the dock down there now. Just down below the hill from the parish. He's coming in down there now."
Well, here he goes. He grabs his little hat, and… "I don't care what they say."

Say, "All right, Jairus, you're going to be sorry one of these days.
You know you're springing off on the deep end." He didn't care deep end
or what he ended. He knowed what his heart told him. And there isn't a
person in here tonight, but if you'd do what your heart told you to do,
you'd probably be at this altar. Right. There isn't a preacher present,
if you'd do what your heart told you to do, but what we would confess
our wrong. That's right. When you confess, mine… "I'm ready to join
arms and hearts with men to get Christ on the scene." That's the main
thing. The children's dying. This little book here holds that vision in
it. When I looked over there, they didn't… I did it. When I walked up
to the gate, didn't ask me if I was a Pentecostal Oneness, or a
Threeness, or a Fiveness. The only thing it was, He just let me come
in, because I'd loved Christ, and had love in my heart. That's the
thing now, brethren.

Jairus had to hurry. His child was dying. God's child's a dying; the
church is dying. We've got to do something. You might've called it
telepathy. You might've called it the devil. You might… I don't know
what you did call it. But way down deep in your heart, if you believed
it was the truth, brother, you'd better put your ecclesiastical hat in
the corner, and say something, and get moving. That's right. The church
is dying. We need Christ on the scene: time for action.
Not when I feel like it, not when I take the next notion. But he had to
get people on the scene, because the–or get Jesus on the scene.
Everything else had failed.
I want to ask you something. Is the Pentecostal church better off
tonight because it's broke itself up in about thirty different
organizations, or when it started in the beginning? See? Just ask that.
We're constantly getting worse and worse. Is the women and men in our
Pentecostal churches looking more like saints, praying? Tell me
somewhere in the city where they're having prayer meeting all night
long, day in and out, for the sins that's done in the city like they
used to do it. Are we any better? We're getting worse.
Oh, our buildings are getting more pretty. Oh, we're becoming more up
in the ranks with the other churches. But who wants to be like them? I
want to be like Jesus. And that's the way every man ought to want to be
like: Christ. Let's get Him on the scene. See? And we're…
The–the–the churches are dying. So we've got to do something. We got
to hurry. We ain't got no all… We ain't got to wait till–till the
millennium to do it. If we're going to do it, we got to do it now, or
it's going to die. Something's going to happen.

Here he goes. I don't care. His little face was red. Brother, every
time he made a step, he thought, "I'm better and better all the time."
Just make a start one time and see what happens. First thing you know,
he happened to look down the side of the hill, and what was happening?
A little woman, that he knowed, maybe, of his own parish, was setting
up on top of the hill. And he had knowed that he had talked to her
about it. And she'd said, right out openly, she said one time, maybe,
something like this: "Jairus, you know what? I believe that that
prophet over there is a Man of God."
"Well, now, sister. I wouldn't… How do–how do you feel about it?"
'Cause he had watched to know whether she was just a bait from some of
the district men or not, you know.
So said, "Well," said, "have you ever heard Him?"
"Oh, yes, occasionally I've heard Him."
"Why, I never heard Him, but I've heard of Him." So faith cometh by
hearing. And I tell you what. I believe if–if you could get somebody
take me across the sea there in a boat somewhere, or where He's at, if
I could only touch Him, I'd be made well."

And here she comes, poor little, spindly, pale face. She's coming down
the bank. Look at her staggering, holding unto something. And there,
they're all down there, saying, "Good morning, Reverend. How do you do,
Dr.? So glad to have you over here." And, "Rabbi, glad to have you back
again." [Brother Branham makes a noise as if clearing his throat–Ed.] Looking at one another, you know."
Little Jairus standing up there… You know, used to kind of throw off
the–the… You know, there was a lot of people believed on Him, so he
had to watch, you know, what they said. So he come back, after while
this little woman, he… She said, "Would you help me, kind sir, to get
over there till I'd like to speak with Him?"
"Oh, don't you listen to that. We're just standing out here. We're
going… We're fixing to trap him. We got a trap set for him this
morning; we're really going to get him this morning. You just watch
(See?), we're… That's the reason, we're calling him, 'Hello, there,
Dr. Hello, Rabbi.'"
"See? We got a trap set for him; we're going to upset him this
morning." So this… Because they say he knows the secrets of the
heart. We got it all fixed all for him." Like somebody had for me the
other night, and got failed, when the Holy Spirit come down. And I
don't know whether you noticed it or not, but it sure did–was a great
stumble to that old boy.

And then when–when they, first thing you know, come along and said, He
walked down. She couldn't get to Him. So she got down on her hands and
knees, got to crawling between their feet, like this, till she got up.
And maybe, little Jairus standing up there watching her, as she touched
the border. A little pleased look come her face. She went back out
And Jairus was standing watching that, you know: watching. Said, "I
seen her, and I know her. And she moved through there and touched His
garment. And now, she's gone back out there. And she looks like she's
pleased. She looks like that that… She told me one time, if she could
only touch Him, that's what would happen: she'd get well. And I know
doctors give her up long time ago. Since she started in menopause, with
that blood issue, she's had it there for years and years. And so, poor
little thing, I felt sorry for her. Her husband sold the horses and
everything and paid off the doctor bill, and she's just no better than
she ever was. She… Poor little thing, I feel sorry for her."
Jesus stopped and looked around, said, "[Brother Branham makes a noise as to clear his throat–Ed.] Who touched Me?"
And he said, "Why," apostle said, "why, everybody's touching You. Why?
Why do You say such a thing as that, Rabbi?" or–or "Lord?" She…
But He said, "I–I got weak. I–I felt something go out of Me, a virtue
went out of Me." And He looked around to the little woman, and told her
her blood issue had stopped.
I imagine that encouraged old Jairus, don't you imagine so? Directly
here he come, running through and he said, "Lord, my little girl is
laying now at the point of death. Lord…?… Master."
Oh, yes, He's all right. He's not a fanatic now. Oh, no, huh-uh. He's got a need of Him.

And you might call this everything you want to, but one of these days
when you come right down to the bed, it'll be different. That's right.
It won't be a holy-roller bunch of crazy people at that time. That's
"Oh, Rabbi, Master, My Lord, My little girl is laying at the point of
death, if You'll just come and lay Your hands on her, she–she'll get
all right. Everything will be all right. The doctor just left about an
hour ago. Rabbi, I–I–I–I've give up everything. I–I they're going
to kick me out of the association and everything. But I–I've–I've
always been a believer in You. But I'll tell you, something is worked
out, till I just had to confess it. So here I am. My girl's going to
die, and if You'll just come and lay hands on her, she won't die.
She'll live."
Jesus said, "I'll go. Yeah, I'll go with you."

And He starts along with it like that. And I can imagine priest saying,
"Did you hear what, and who, that is? Well, that's Dr. Jairus. My,
could you imagine him? What about… Won't the association kick him
out? Oh, he's had it now. Brother, at the next conference they'll sure
pour it on him. Let's all go over, brethren, just see what the chief
priest's going to say, what they're going to–how they excommunicate
Little Jairus didn't care. His daughter was dying. And he had the–he
had the attention of Jesus; that's all he cared about. And as long as
you get His attention, what different does anything else make any
difference? Walking along like that, and, as he goes, moving along, you
know. And the little woman she was so happy because her blood issue had

And then the first thing you know, here come a man, over the hill,
hollering, "Don't bother. Never mind." Then the midnight blow come (Oh,
my.), that stroke. "Say, Jairus, I told you you oughtn't to went down
there. See? Here comes the presbyter and all of them. Your girl died
about an hour ago. I told you, 'Days of miracles is passed.'"
Oh, my. That midnight blow, you know… His little heart begin to jump.
He thought, "Oh, oh, oh. I–I told Him if He'd come lay my hand, His
Now, he had faith in the hands of Jesus. That's… He was a Jew. Now,
it was different, Peter, that night when He was walking on the water,
when He seen Jesus walking along, thought it was a spirit. He said,
"Lord, if it be You, bid me come."
The word was, "Come." That's right. That's right.
And the day when he was catching fish, he pulled all night long, hadn't
got any fish at all. He said, told him, said, "Can I borrow your boat a
minute to preach from, Simon?"
"Yes." Well, He preached from it awhile.
Said, "Now, launch out into the deep and let down for a draught." See?
And he said, "Lord, if You'll lay Your hands on the water, I–I–I
believe You can put fish there. We toiled all night and taken nothing."
"No, no."
"Lord, we've toiled all night and taken nothing; nevertheless, at Thy
Word, I'll let down the net." That's it. "At Thy Word, I'll let down
the net."

E-49 [–Ed.]
"Go to the pool of Siloam and–and wash." Now, what was his faith to
contact? As soon as he could find the pool. See? If he could ever…
"Well, which way to the pool of Sent. Which way is it? Somebody help me
get to the pool."
"Oh, what do you want at the pool?"
"Don't make any difference, help me get to the pool, 'cause when I know when I get to the pool."
"Somebody help me to the meeting."
"Well, where are you going…" You know what I mean.
"You wouldn't put up… You wouldn't go over to that bunch would you?"
"Well, just help me get over there. That's all I want to know. Get me there." Amen. I like that. Yes, sir.
Get me to a bunch of people where I can see the Bible living, where I
can see Christ living in the people. Get me amongst that group. Help me
get over to the pool of Sent."

E-50 And as soon as they said, "Well, here you are…"
kind lady, or something another come by, and got him in her–her–her
hand, and took him over to the pool, said, "Old fellow he's the pool,
why is it?"
"Oh, I've just got the Word of God that told me when I washed, I'd
see." And oh, my. Oh, his sight came to him. Then he come back
rejoicing. It was the pool for him.
But when Mary, that morning when she had to take the–go down and get
some water at the well. And she looked standing there, and there stood
a big bright Light. She looked at that Light, had enshrouded an Angel
that said He was Gabriel. Said, "The Holy Ghost is going to overshadow
you, and you're going to bring forth a Child, knowing no man."
She said, "Behold the handsmaid of the Lord. Be it unto me according to
Thy Word." That's all she wanted. She didn't want to… She didn't say,
"Wait, now when I'm overshadowed, and then if I feel life, then I go
testifying. When I'm about four months, will it all right then? Or when
should I testify of it?" She didn't ask no question. She had His Word,
and that was good enough for her. She started testifying right then.

E-51 And I'm giving you His Word. "By His stripes you were healed." Amen.
that hasn't got the Holy Ghost, I'm giving you His Word. Peter said on
the day of Pentecost, when the critics were standing around, he said,
"Repent, everyone of you. Be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ for
the remission of your sins. And you shall receive the gift of the Holy
Ghost. For the promise is unto you and to your children."
"Well, the–the bishop told me, the presbyter told me, the district man told me, the pastor told me, 'Them days was gone.'"
I don't care what they said; the Bible said, "The promise is unto you,
and to your children, and to them that's called, even as many as the
Lord our God shall call." That's His Word; receive It. He sent His
Word. That's what it takes, His Word.
But Jairus wanted His hands. You know, I think, God's a good God.
He–He manage it for–to get in there some way. You know, lot of the
disciples, they believed as soon as they heard the word that Jesus was
raised from the dead, said, "Praise God, that's fine."
But Thomas said, "I've got to put my fingers in the prints of the nails
in His hand. I got–I got to feel it. I–I got to see it myself. I seen
it work on others in the meetings, but it's got to be on me." Oh,
Thomas has got a lot of children, but he… But God's a good God.
He–He works around anyhow.
He said, "Come here, Thomas. Feel Me." Now, it works on you. "Do you believe, Thomas?"
Said, "Oh, yeah, you're my Lord now. I believe it now."
He said, "How much greater is their reward who's never seen and yet
believe." Amen. They take God's Word for it. That's all. Amen.

E-52 Boy. And I'm just getting down to my text. Where was it? Let's see. Oh, yes. Yes, sir.
Then well, let's take him. Here he goes back up and here's all the critics out, you know, saying, "There he goes along."
first thing when the courier come and said, "Well, don't bother no
more." Said, "He–he… The baby died; it's dead. We done laid it out
up there, and it's got the flowers on it, and got the embalming
clothes, the fluids on it. And there's no need of fooling anymore, the
kid's done dead. Doctor come back; we went and got him, and he
announced it dead. And he done got it laying out, and it's cold, laying
in the room on the death couch. And–and all the mourners are around,
and there's a lamentation around there. You never heard nothing like
it. So…"

Jesus walking steady (Oh, I love that. Couldn't you just see Him,
brethren?) never bothered Him a bit… Little Jairus' heart was
beating…?… Looked over.
Jesus, I can see Him turn them eyes and said, "Did not I say to you, 'Only believe.'"
Oh, that's what I say to you. Only believe God's Word if you want to
see the glory of God. Only believe, no matter what anybody else says,
how sick you are.
"But, Brother Branham, the doctor said I was going to die in a few days." Only believe.
He said, "My baby can't get well." But only believe. That's all. Only believe that God made the promise.

"I'll never walk again, Brother Branham, the doctor told me that." Only
believe, for all things are possible to them that believe. Only
believe. Only believe. That's all you have to do. Just believe. No
matter, and then what was it? Already dead, what now? Only to believe.
Hmm! I feel religious right now; honest I do. Oh, my.
"Only believe."
Oh, I remember when He come up to the grave of Lazarus. "If Thou had've
been here, my brother would not have died. But even now, whatever You
ask God, God will give it to you." That's it.
"I am the Resurrection and Life," saith God. "He that believeth in Me
though he were dead, yet shall he live. Whosoever liveth and believeth
in Me shall never die. Believest thou this?"
She said, "Yea, Lord." Oh, I like that. "Yea, Lord, I do believe Thou
art the Christ that was to come into the world. You are the anointed
One. I believe it with all my heart."
Said, "Where have you buried him?" And then…

E-55 He didn't say, "I'll go down and see what I can do about it." Oh, no, oh, no. "Where have you buried him?"
He didn't say, "Jairus, well, Jairus, I'm sorry I caused you this
trouble. Now, your church has excommunicated you, and your in trouble
with your brethren, and all that. I–I know that. And everything. I
really feel sorry for you, Jairus, but, if I could have got there a
little bit sooner, why, it might have been all right; but, Jairus,
I–I'm–I'm sorry to cause you this trouble." Oh, no. Oh, no.
He said, "Did not I say to you, 'only believe, if you want see the
glory of God?'" Oh, I imagine that helped his heart, don't you? I
imagine seeing his little heart skipping them beats, just start beating
back regular again.
Then his eyes was off of the presbyter, off the chief priest, off the
rest of the congregation. And walking around, saying, "What are you
going to do at the next conference, boy? What are you going to do?" But
he kept his eyes on Jesus. Amen. There you are. Keep your eyes on
Jesus. I don't care what anybody else says.
"What's the neighbor going to say?" I don't care what the neighbor
says. That ain't got nothing to do with it; it's what God said. The
neighbor's not my judge. God is my Judge. And He will judge me by Jesus
Christ, Who I'm following. Amen. No matter what anyone else says, it's
what God said, that's what makes it truth. Amen. God said it; it makes
it the truth.
Critics can say anything they want to, but it–it takes what God says to make it be the truth. All right.

Jesus said, "Only believe." Believe what? Believe what, now? She's
dead. Believe for the impossibles. Yeah. Believe for the impossible.
"Why, after she's done dead and embalmed, believe now?"
"Sure, I told you just believe if you want to see the glory of God."
"Believe what?"
"Believe anything, whatsoever…"
"Verily, I say unto you, if you shall say to this mountain, 'Be moved,'
and don't doubt in your heart, just only believe, you can have what you
say." That's right. "He that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet
shall he live. Whosoever believeth in Me shall never die. If ye abide
in Me and My Word in you, ask what you will, and it'll be given to
you." Is that right? All these promises…
"Works that I do shall you do, also. Greater works than this shall you
do, 'cause I go to My Father." All these promises here… "Jesus Christ
the same yesterday, today, and forever. He was wounded for our
transgression (was wounded for our transgression), bruised for our
iniquity, chastisement of our peace upon Him; with His stripes we were

Only believe. Only believe. He's coming soon. He brought Abraham
justified him, sanctified him, filled him with the Holy Ghost, placed
him as a son, showed Himself alive by turning His back, and talking,
and telling what Sarah said in the tent. And then changed his body, and
took him out, give him a son
He's done the same thing through the seed of Abraham, all but change
the body. Justified, sanctified, filled with the Holy Ghost, placed a
son, is coming among us now, showing Himself alive. And waiting for the
change of the body, for the rapture to come and take us up to meet Him.
Here it is. Just on time. Only believe. Just keep marching on. God's
great big time clock's ticking just exactly right. Oh, for the only
believe… Sure.
So Jesus finally gets to the house. There's everybody hollering, "Oh, Lord, Oh, Lord, why did You do it? Why did You do it?"
Jesus walks in just as calmly and quiet, said, "Quieten down. Be at peace. The girl's not dead. She's only asleep."
And then the Bible said, "They laughed at Him."
He said, "Now, you know what kind of a prophet He is. When we've got her embalmed and He says, 'She's asleep.'"

Could you imagine? And the Bible said, "They laughed Him to scorn,"
making shame, laughed Him to scorn. You know what He did when they
laughed at His Word? He put them out. And that's exactly what we'll do
at the end. And you critics, that's what will happen to you one of
these days. You laugh at His Word, and laugh at His works.
You say, "Them people is holy-rollers that's speaking in tongues and
dancing in the Spirit." You say, "They're a bunch of holy-rollers."
You're laughing at His Word, because that's the Word made human flesh
here dwelling among us.
Some of you preachers out there saying this is mental telepathy, or,
the devil or something like that. Someday you'll have to take that back
in His Presence. He will put you out of His Kingdom for it. That's
right. He won't let people laugh at Him; He will put them out again.
He went through the house and put the whole bunch of them out. Everybody that laughed, went out.

The Bible said, "If you speak one… When Jesus stood there that day
and–and was discerning the spirits, and them bunch of priests said,
"Why, that's Beelzebub, the fortuneteller."
Anybody knows a fortuneteller is a devil. So he said, "That's
Beelzebub, the fortuneteller," calling the work of God, going on, an
unclean spirit.
Jesus said, "I forgive you for that, but someday the Holy Ghost will
come; then you speak one word against It, that's all you have to do.
And you'll never be forgiven in this world, and at the other world
you'll be put out also." That's how serious it is. See? Yes, sir. Never
forgiveness of it in this world, nor neither in the world to come, to
blaspheme, or speak or call the Holy Ghost an unclean thing. He put
them out. You see what's happening today? The same thing. You see where
they're going out, going out into the world, spiritually.
You remember the last plague hit Egypt? What was the last plague hit
Egypt which was the type of the church going out? Was death. What's the
last plague's hit the Pentecostal church? Spiritual death. It's going
right on back like the rest of the world: spiritual death. But the
circumcised with the blood on the door took the homeward march (That's
exactly.) with a Pillar of Fire going before them to lead them away.

Oh, I'm so glad tonight. I'm so glad tonight to know that there's a
circumcision of the heart, that God will cut away all the world, and
all the traditions of men, and everything else, and we can see Jesus,
and see Him standing there in a Pillar of Fire, going before,
performing the works, and doing exactly what God said would do, and
bring forth a church filled with the Holy Ghost, and doing the works,
that He said. I'm so glad, tonight, that that's… I–I'm so… I'm the
happiest person in this world because of it, because that He promised
Yeah, He put them out, because they laughed at the Word. Yeah. Then He
got them all out, and then Jesus was alone with what? The
broken-hearted and the faithful. He brought Peter, James, and John:
faith, hope, and charity, put them in the building with Him, put the
rest of them on the outside, then Jesus was alone with the
broken-hearted believers, weeping because that they were–their little
girl was dead laying there. The little thing was laid out a corpse,
flowers laying around her. Put all the unbelievers out away from Him,
like that…

Oh, how hard it is when unbelief… Like last night when we was setting
here in the meeting, that streak of unbelief struck this place, it was
just… It was terrible.
One of these nights, I'm just going to reach right down and call them
guys out. It's going to hurt a lot of feelings, but it's good… I used
to do that all the time, and you know I did. But I–I've
held–restrained from it, just because the feeling of the people,
'cause if you pluck up the–the tares, you get a lot of wheat too. See?
So now, it's too close to the end time now. So we'll just go ahead,
just keep marching. But when it–it–it hinders the people. It really
hinders the people that can't have faith, that can't believe. See, when
such as that is going on.
And so, then when He got everything out, everybody but just, His faith,
hope, and charity, standing there: Peter, James and John, the faithful
ones, and the real believing father and mother, He walked over to the
corpse. Oh, See? He couldn't have done it, standing there, all them
saying, "Why, look at that? A prophet, and says she's asleep. Now, I
told you, told you, told you. See how it is? That–that… There's
nothing to it. It's just a big bunch of emotion, workup; that's all
there is to it."
Jesus couldn't do a thing about it; He couldn't do a thing about it
tonight. When He come to His own country, not anything–many works He
could do, because of their unbelief. And them carrying on like that,
neither could He do it then, and He cannot do it tonight. But if He
could just ever get them shut out to a place that He could be with the
Then He walked over to the corpse that was laying there. The little
girl was dead, perhaps, embalmed and laying out. Walked over and took
her by the hand, looked out there into the space world, yonder
somewhere where her soul had went, and said, "Maiden, arise."
How could death exist in the presence of Life? The little girl, the
wrinkles on her forehead begin–her smooth little forehead begin to
wrinkle, and her eyes come open. He took her by the hand, and raised
her up, said, "Give her something to eat. And don't, just don't say
nothing about it. Let them alone out there. Don't tell them nothing;
just–just go ahead. (See?) Let it go."

Oh, my. All things are possible. Only believe. What was He? He was the
Word of God flesh. And tonight they're–that same God is, same Word of
God is in your flesh, if Christ is in there. And He's the same Lord
Jesus; you could touch His garment or whatever you wished to. If you'll
only believe that He's here, He will do the same thing for you. Do you
believe it?
Let's bow our heads just a moment. I'm going to ask the organist here,
if they will go to the organ just a moment. I want you to play, "Only
Everyone, now, please, don't stir around. Just a moment. After
preaching like that, it's kind of a hard thing. I just want to pray. I
want to see what He will do, ask what He will do for me, ask what He
will do for you.

Billy, told me today, he, or when I come in out there awhile ago, when
I brought my wife and them up, he said, "Daddy, I got over a little
late there, and I got messed around; I didn't give out any prayer
cards. So why don't you just preach to them tonight?"
I said, "Okay, I'll just do that." So I feel that we're going to pray
for the sick anyhow, whether we got prayer cards or not. See? We'll
pray for the sick anyhow.
I can see Him standing there with Jairus. I can hear that courier
saying, "Don't trouble Him. It–it's already dead. Your child's dead.
Don't–don't–don't trouble any more. All–all hopes is gone, and now a
heart skip of that little man…
Maybe, when I said awhile ago, we are–won't have a prayer line, didn't
give out any sick, cards for the sick, your heart might've took a skip
"I come, Brother Branham, to be… I–I–I wanted to get a prayer card
tonight. I want to be prayed for." Just only believe. If you just–just
only believe, that's all. He's already said the Word; just only
believe. You don't have to get up here; just stay where you are and
only believe, for He said, "All things are possible, only believe."
I want you to be real reverent. Just pray now. Every sick person in
here, every person in here that's sick and wants Christ to come to you,
I want you to raise your hand. Just raise up your hand wherever you
are. A sick person in here… All right. Just everywhere, almost solid.

Now, put your hands down. Now, what did that little woman do? She
touched His garment. "She got down there too late to get a prayer
card," we'd say. But she touched His garment. She got her healing, just
the same as the little girl got her spirit drawed back. Whether He laid
hands on her, or whether she touched Him, or–or… They was both
Jewish. So whether she touched Him… Or the dead girl couldn't touch
Him, so He had to touch the dead girl. So you can touch Him tonight.
He's a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our
You out there in the audience, you're all strangers to me. I see
Brother Ed Daulton setting here. And I know I have other friends. I…
Oh, setting–setting on the corner here is some folks from Tennessee. I
just met the young girl out here in the hall coming in.
Now, I'm going to say this. If you are an unbeliever, I wouldn't even
stay in the building, or around the building. Because I want to tell
you, that if evil spirits, like cancer or so forth, would leave… And
all of us know they are alive, 'cause they're in us destroying our
lives. And remember, in the Bible when those evil spirits went out of
one, they went to another. So if you're not a believer, I wouldn't be
near now, 'cause there is believers close. And remember, how many times
have I adjured you, how many times have I showed you, that those things
do. After the meeting's over, most always there's somebody calls in, or
writes in: "Brother Branham, I–I–I was an unbeliever. And I went the
other day, when that woman, you told her had cancer, I said, 'That's
nonsense.' And the doctor told me I have cancer now." See, see? Just
remember. I speak in the Name of the Lord Jesus. It's up to you. It's
up to you. Now, just have faith and believe.

Our Father Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come.
Thine will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Eternal and gracious
God, I pray tonight, that You in this audience… I just love to talk
about You, Jesus. You're my–You've been my life for thirty-one years.
How I love You. How, I'm so glad that night, that I–I accepted You as
my Saviour. I'm so happy, so glad that when You commissioned me to go
preach the Gospel. And then that night when You told me, "Go, pray for
the sick." And told me that them visions had been coming, was not what
my brethren had told me was a evil spirit, but It was You; and It would
stir the whole nation, the whole world into a revival. And It's done
it, Lord. You're Words are true.
Then when You stood there, over me, that day on the river, when those
thousands of people standing there looking, right at two o'clock in the
afternoon, out of them brassy skies, and that big Light roaring around
over the top, the Voice saying, "As John the Baptist was sent forth,
this Message will be the second, before the coming of the Christ." And
we see, Lord, its done that very thing. And we see the time moving up
now. Your Words are all true. And now, here we are at the end of the
road, right out, gleaning across the fields here, getting the last
straw from this last revival.

Now, Father, we're once more again in this great crossroads of the
world here tonight, Chicago, Illinois. How people has longed to say,
"Oh, if it could be shook, if it could be shook…"
O God, that atomic fodder running out there on the street will never be
shook. It'll be shook with an atomic bomb. But Your church has been
shook like never before. Its seen things that It never seen, and no
church behind it seen since Christ was on earth. It's been shook, Lord.
Your real people has believed with all their heart.
Now, it's time for the change to come, great drought, the spiritual
drought to hit the land, and then the coming of Christ. I pray that
You'll grant, Lord, tonight, that this one more time, so that the
Gospel… And maybe there might be a stranger among us. If that
person's here tonight, and out from under the Blood, I pray, God that
something will be done, that You'll do something tonight, like You did
down there at Emmaus, that time, and prove a sign to the people, just
like You did before Your crucifixion, that they might that You're the
same Jesus that's raised from the dead and is here tonight.
I commit myself with the message that's went forth, and the Christ
that's present to Almighty God, for His service to continue. In Jesus'
Name, may many be helped. Amen.

Now, in the Name of Jesus Christ, I take every spirit in here under my
control for the glory of God. Now, be faithful; pray. Just have faith.
Now, we're not going to call prayer cards up here, 'cause I don't think
we have any in here; may have a straggling now and then. It's real late
anyhow. Prayer line get formed, it would be over time. It's ten o'clock
now. But I want to say something. All you people out there that knows
that I'm a stranger to you, and you're sick, and you believe that
Christ is a High Priest, He sent me here, to be just the–the vine, I
mean, the branch on the Vine… You believe if you could touch Him,
He'd speak through me and do the same work? Raise up your hand. You
know that I don't know you. Thank you.
Now, you look this way. One case ought to prove it. But let's have at
least three of them. I want you to believe with all your heart. If thou
canst believe, all things are possible. I don't…
You say, "What side to start, brother?" I don't know; it's what side He
starts, where He starts; I can only go as He goes. See? I just have to
watch, and wherever it starts, I'm watching for a–a something. It's
anointing. Now, here I am; God knows. See? But before His Word, that
I–I do not know you. I know two or three people, one setting right
here, two. I think that's Sister Downing, is that right? I think it is.
See? I know this man setting here, my Brother and Sister Dauch over
there in the corner, two setting there.

I'll try to keep myself turned from them. Even if… I'd have to… If
He'd come over them, I'd have to say there, because that's all I can
say. How many believes before anything has happened, you believe it's
true? God bless you.
You see that, Satan. You're a liar.
You say, "Does he tempt you like that, Brother Branham?" Why, certainly
he stands, tries to tempt me. If he's tempting you, what do you think
he's doing to me here?
Setting right back there, there's a man praying for a child, setting
next there: got something wrong with its feet. That is right, isn't it?
I don't know you; you're a stranger to me. But Mr. Farmer, do you
believe that God's going to heal the child and make it well? If I'm a
stranger to you, raise your hands like that. Is that what you was
praying about? Is that what your name is and all about it? Just raise
your hand. You have your request.
There's a lady setting right here. She's got arthritis. She's got
eczema in her ear. Mrs. McGill, stand up on your feet if that's right.
If I'm a stranger to you, wave your hand. Wave your hand if I–we're
strangers. You have your request. Go home; Christ makes you well.
Before Almighty God, I never seen them people in my life. I ask you to believe. Just have faith. Don't doubt.

Way back here on the end of the row, way back towards the back, lady
setting there had got lung trouble; she's worried about it. God help me
know her. Mrs. Miller, stand up and accept your healing. Jesus Christ
makes you well. If that's who you are, and I'm a stranger to you… Do
you have a prayer card, Mrs. Miller? You don't? You don't need one. All
right. Go home and be well; Jesus Christ make you well.
That lady, colored lady, setting right behind her, right back over
there in the–this way from me, got a–a tumor; you're fixing to go to
the hospital for an operation, or they want you to. A little lady, I
can just see her between two white men, raise up, lady. I'm a stranger
to you. I do not know you. You have a prayer card? You do not. I've
never met you in my life. We're strangers to one another. If that's
right, wave your hand like this. What I told you is the truth? Jesus
Christ heals you. Go home and receive your healing.
You believe?

Here. Watch that demon spirit, here it come plumb over across here,
that darkness settles right on this woman here, another colored woman
setting right here. You have a prayer card, lady? You don't. You don't
need one. You also have tumor. You want me tell you where it's at? It's
on your left shoulder, down on your side and hip. That's right, isn't
it? Believe with all your heart.
Mrs. Holtzmaster, back there crying, think you have a cancer; but
you're–you're going to be all right. God bless you. Stand up. I don't
know you. You're scared of cancer, aren't you? But it left you. It's
all right.

Say, will you do me a favor, sister, that God done you one? We're
strangers, aren't we? Lay your hand on that woman behind you, call her
Mrs. McAlister. She don't know me. McAllen, rather. She's got trouble
with her head. But it's going to leave her, and she's going to be all
right. She don't hear too well. All right. It's all over now, Mrs.
McAllen, you can go home too. You believe Jesus Christ now makes you
well. All right. Then go home, be made well.
How many believes Him now, that He's Jesus Christ. It's time to rise on
the scene. It's time to believe with all your heart. Do you believe it?
How many will accept Him now as your Healer? He's crossed the building,
back and forth, in and out, forward and backward, believing it. Do you
believe it with all your feet–all your faith that you can? Stand to
your feet in the Name of Jesus Christ and receive your healing. Raise
up your hands.
Repeat after me. [Congregation repeats after Brother Branham–Ed.]
Lord, I believe, that You're the Son of God. I renounce my unbelief. I
accept You as my Saviour. I accept You as my Healer. I accept You as my
King. I believe You, now Lord. From henceforth, my testimony shall
never be negative. I will praise You, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Now, raise up your hands and praise Him. And it's all over. God bless you. I give you to the…?…

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