Prayer Requests

Prayer Circle Prayer Requests August 2006

Please remember our neighbors and their little boy, Nathan, when you pray. He's 1 and a half. The other day he fell and when they took x-rays at the hospital the doctors noticed what appeared to be other small fractures and an abnormality. They have scheduled an MRI for Monday. Please pray that when those results come back, the doctors don't see anything other than a miracle and a touch from the hand of God. And that whatever it was they saw initially, is gone.

God Bless,

Bro. Martin Jones


please remember me in prayer. I believed the Message but backslid 10 years ago. I had sent such a request some time ago and of late I have realy been disturbed about the Lord. I desire to clean up and get to God before it is too late. I request any belivers whom the Lord will put this burden in their hearts to pray for me.

Thanks and may God bless you



Please pray for my daughter Rachel who has had some medical test for her liver and meets with the doctor tomorrow . I pray that every thing will be okay and for her and her famuily to come to the lord.

Also please pray for me that god would increase my faith and fill me with the holy ghost and give me his peace.

God Bless you

Sister Pam

Please pray for my husbands salvation.
god bless you

sister angie

i greet you all in the name of our lord jesus christ ,i request a prayer for my spiritual growth as a new believer in the message of the end time and i need a close life with jesus christ through this true message, spoken word of GOD in this age, because i don,t want to miss the rapture of the bride of jesus christ.

sister deborah.




I am facing discomfort in the upper left part of my body.  Please pray for me.  Thank You


Dear Bride Christ In Jesus Christ I put my request

That Please Pray for Sis Sophie she has Cancer She has seen the deep called to Deep some thing has happaned she needs prayer now also pray for

Sis pramila, Bro Slavodor,Bro George, Bro juster

sis Daffnee,sis Rebecka that they may received The

Truth Message of the hour We had visited to their

house on Sunday The Lord did mighty Works and now we Summit this to the Lord Jesus,do pray we request you my Brothersand Sisters Please and do keep us in your pray for standing in the GAP, God

Bless you all and we will pray for all.Heb 13:8 Also Pray for our Brothers and sisters in Bombay as it is getting verse day by day,Nobody wants to

Humble them Self every body has thier own way of doing and they say we know all the messages only I will go in the rapture and you all will remain here,They claim that please do pray for Three Kind

of Believers in Bombay.

Bro Nelson Corda

Bombay India.


God bless you saints and thank you for your prayers.

I have resumed my classes and the courses am doing really do require working hard. pray for me that I may let Him live and work in me in all aspects of my life!

God bless you all.


Dear brothers.

    I need a job urgently.

    Please pray for me, and I know God will give me that.

    God bless you richly.



please pray for a old widow's desire,and we will also praying along saints of the world.

Bro Minin

Please continue to pray that God will bless and heal my relationship with Aimee.



I trust and pray that the Lord will grant each and everyone pray request and also thanking him in advance for answer prays.

My pray request is went on a  interview today August 22nd 2006, Pray that the Lord will make a way to get that particular job because it will be  to attend church on a sunday.

Pray for my dad prostrate cancer as well as is kidney failure.And my Brothers and Siters in my family salvation.

May God richly Bless You


Dear saints pse pray for me i recently lost a baby and now waiting to have one .in the uterus there are fibroids growing inside indicating a problem of conceiving which i dont believe . i believe the same God who let it happen the first time will do it again.pray also for my husband that God will bless him with a good job and that God also bless our marriage.


I pray that I would recieve the holy spirit

I also live in a foreign country and have a desparate immigration matter that only the Lord can straighten. I need his intervention.

I am also praying for a Holy spirit filled husband, that the Lord himself will have made me for.

My son gilbert Salcedo has been having rectal bleeding.And stomach pain. I just wish to put him in your prayer request because I believe in the power of prayer.The Doctors have not yet officialy diagnosed him. But I don't need a scientific name for the illness. I know the enemy comes in different names. But the power of the Lord is stronger then anything he can try to do.please keep us in your prayers.
          God bless, Sis Geraldine


Please pray for my Dad, a believer for many years and the song leader at our church. The doctors believe they found a malignant tumor. Please pray that when they go to review the CAT scan this Friday they will find nothing. I believe he is already healed.


Dear Brother or Sister in Jesus-Christ,

My name is Magalie Kounkou, I'm a young woman living   in Norway. I would like to ask you to pray for my husband Edward Døderlein. He doesn't believe in the Christ and I have been asking the Lord to touch him like he did to Paul. I know nothing is impossible for those who believe, I also know that when we ask we receive. I'd like you to pray with me for him so that the Lord may save him.
Pray for me to so that I can stand firm on this path.
Sister Magalie K.


I would like to go to Germany to the convention of the Message but I have no money for this.


Precious Bro Martin,
Please pray for this unspoken request but GOD know's it.Prayers are needed very badly to defeat the power of devil and I REQUEST THE BRIDE OF CHRIST TO PRAY FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD.and we will be praying with you.
(little bitty group)


please pray for this unspoken request
God Bless
Bro. Minin

hello i just want some special prayer sent up for me and my cousin I'm Shelia and her name is Sybil
and we are 2 families that have been trying to get preganent for about 2yrs for her and myself about 5-6 yrs…with no success…i just wnat it to be known that i know how to pray and i do all i can at talking to the master and i also try to listen to what i'm told to do, but nothing has seemed to matter, just keep lifting up in prayer…Much thanks   Shelia


dear ministry,
my friend has this problem.  her name is catherine and she keeps getting these horrible twisting stomach pains and acid reflux.  we have prayed but it hasn't seemed to help much.  she has been to the doctor and is on medications but they do not seem to have much effect either.  i have heard from Jesus that it is demonic.  please pray with and agree with us for this to leave and never return.  Praise Him always, michelle anne


I have an important job interview on monday.
The company matches my exact needs yet I do not want to go for it.
( I want to attend the interview, do well and get the placement, so I can help my husband with the financial problems thats their now and at the same time I do not want to go as I want to take care of  my daughter & am feeling guilty taking the decision to work.)
I need the Lord's assistance so I can do my best in the interview & that I get away from the dilemma.
This specific company & the interview is very very important for me, due to many reasons.
I can solve our financial probs and spend enough time with our daughter too..
Pls pray for God's will for myself with respect to my husband and child & that I have this break through, if He permits.
Thank you & God Bless for the prayers,


Hi Martin!,
God bless you so much my dear brother.It gives me joy to know that there are others who care.
As others pray for me, I will also pray for needs of other saints as I have seen them listed.
Thank you very much, and may the Lord give you strength to continue praying for  needs of others.
Br Raphael Nyenge

My teenagers need the Lord desperately. We were in church several years ago, but everything is falling apart since we haven't attended. I don't know which way to turn. Please pray for my family's salvation and show me what to do.
 Thank-you and God Bless,
      Cheryl Fox


In Jesus name pray for marriage healing between me and my spouse that we will both make it and be happy live our Jesus with a full heart.  Sis B.


Please continue to pray that God will bless and heal my relationship with Aimee.

I am a believer. i give into the flesh on a daily basis and i dont want to be lost. i suffer from depression and i have considered suicide. i ask that youll pray that i may find my way home.



Unspoken request and I need God to move in my entire life

l. ALbert


Dear Saints,

Please pray that the Almighty God may touch my wife,so that she can have her eyes opened.

May the Lord bless you!

Br. R. Nyenge

Dear Saints,
 Please remember me in your prayers tomorrow.  Thank you.  God bless you.

Sis. Charity

God has touched me but I still need prayer for this ailment troubliing my body.
Bro. Martin Jones 


i have posted a prayer reqest before for my mom…unfortunately i had also
deleted it…. i did not see it though on the list of prayer requests… i
dont know if i used the wrong email address…but just the same God has
heard it&answered on favorably… Praise His Holy Name!!! : )

i requested a prayer for my mother, sis.Mercy Q. Dechavez. The enemy is
trying to keep her in financial bondage of debt and is injecting negative
thoughts on her… but with God's grace, He is giving her strength to
endure&keep up the faith and finally be free…

last night, she told me that once again she was able to open a checking
account (which was one thing pressuring her most,for she needed it to
settle her debt), that is the third account already and help me pray for it
to be the last…. Glory to God!!! that is one answered prayer for us.
furthermore, pls help us pray that God would provide P6,000.00 monthly on
that checking account for two yrs at most. that amount is great already to
someone without monthly fixed income but to someone with Jehovah Jireh Who
is Heb.13:8 , all things are possible. : )

to all who will read&enjoin us in our prayer for even a few seconds, i
thank God for letting Him use u as a chanel of blessing.

may God's grace abound… may God bless us all…


I married a good christian lady in November 2004 and since then we haven't been blessed with a child. I do believe that all things are possible.
Please pray for us.

Bro Vic


Br. Roy is having open heart surgery, triple bypass and a valve replaced in his heart this morning…He is not in the best of health..This brother has opened his home to many of God's Saints that came to meetings in his area. He fed them, gave them a place to stay and has helped numerous others… Please pray for Br. Roy and his wife Janice along with the Drs. and surgeons. Thank you. Sis. Suzette


Please pray for my sister with her two sons Elias and Emanuel May the Lord fill them with the Holyspirit


Please Pray for my son Wesley Baletka.
That God will keep him in his perfect will.
Will block all other possibilties, and bless him.will put other young believers in his life to fellowship with. God Bless each one of you.
Sister Joanne Baletka


Dear Brother Martin God Bless You, In His Name I lay my Prayer request
Please Pray for Aditya for recovery and for us as we have needs the Lord Knows also pray for aditya parents that they will trust In HIM
He is the One That Heals,Remember my Family in Prayer as they are still in the World, that they will receievd HIM as the LORD of Life
Only prayer can bring Victory I hope they get saved before HE Comes
Remember all our Brothers and Sisters in Bombay in pray.God Bless you
We here in Bombay are Praying for all request daily keep us in pray as I needs them very much. Heb:13:8

Nelson Corda.


I would ask that you pray for Brian and Amy to be reunited in a positive, loving, committed, and communicative relationship.  We're currently apart and would ask for your prayers during this difficult time.  Thank you very much!


"Shalom" I love God and I believe all of God's word, and I know God elected me way before the foundation of the world, the message of the hour is the almighty God's truth. But my life is falling apart everything, nothing is coming right.
Please pary with me.


Pray for me that I'll have the right spirit along with the correct doctrine.  Sometimes I find myself being judgemental of others.  I want to know what God wants me to do?  Pray that the Lord will give me a geneuine testimony to talk infront of people.  I just want to be right with God.  Sis Lyn


My wife Sherly entered into the presence of Jesus on the 2nd august 2006 at
4.45pm and was laid to rest on the 3rd aug. Shes survived by me and my 1 and half year old daughter.


Please pray for my brother Kevin Dull.  He was in a motorcycle accident and sustained some injuries, but God spared his life, and I am grateful for that.  Unfortunately he doesn't realize how fortunate he is and his attitude is worse than before.  He doesn't care about life and I worry that he is suicidal.  Please pray for his soul and his life.

Thank you and God Bless you.


Greetings in the name of the most Holy, our Lord and Saviour Jesus
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I would like to urge you all to pray for our church in Winnipeg,
Manitoba, Canada.
There are only my husband and I who go regularly. Occasionally there is
another couple who joins us, but we need more Believers to add to our
congregation. This is a fairly new church, only a few months old.
We have a wonderful Holy Spirit filled pastor who stays right on the
Pleae pray that the Lord will send at least a few more people to come
to our church.
Thank you for your prayers.
Love in Christ Jesus,
Sister Susana


Please pray for sis sudha who is in US and want to know the TRUTH a HINDU convert in to a CHRISTIAN. At present she is fellowshipping with Jehovah Witnesses, I have send through her brother some booklet& track of the ONE GOD AND THE MESSAGE OF THE HOUR. Hope she find truth and find PROPHET SITE on the internet.
God bless


Had a little intestinal troubles, please keep me in prayer for a touch from God.

Thank you,

Bro. Martin Jones


Hi brothers and sisters in Christ,

I ask that you all will keep my family in your prayers. I really want God to move in their hearts as He is moving in mine. Please pray that their eyes and hearts will be turned to our Lord Jesus Christ. I ask that you all will also pray for me that I would be more feverent and dedicated in my walk with Him. That we would all be filled with His Holy Spirit.

May God Richly Bless you all!


Please pray for my 3 children they are not save.Please if can tell me if is any church in Houston Texas. God bless all of you. Thanks


Please remember me in prayer that God will deliver me from filthy imaginations. Also, my wife from presciption medicines as well as pepsi abuse and hot sauce and inproper dieting. May God richly bless you is my prayer.




My grandson, Aaron, was born on Sept. 22, 2005.  When he was born, he could not breath.  He was rushed to Kosair Childrens Hospital in Louisville, Ky.  It was discovered that he has Pierre Robin Sequence.  In normal peoples terms, he bottom jaw in too far back in his throat.  This in turn, makes his tongue go down in his throat.  This is why he couldn't breath.  At 3 days old, he was given surgery for a lip-tongue adhesion.  This is where they sew to tongue to his bottom lip, to keep it out of his throat.  They thought this would solve the problem, but it didn't.  At 2 wks old, he was put back in surgery to put a trach in his throat and a feeding tube.  Not only can he not breath.  He can not eat or drink anything.  It was very scary during this time.  I just knew that any day, he would die.  The day that they took him in for the trach operation, he quit breathing 7 times in 15 minutes.  The only way he could get any air was 2 throw his head back as far as it would go, with his mouth wide open.  When he quit breathing before the surgery, I just stood there.  So afraid that this little baby was going to die before they got him to the operating room.  But, evidently God had different plans.  Aaron came through the surgery just fine.  After the surgery, I went into see him.  I went over to him and gently rubbed his face.  Now this is the saddest thing.  He woke up, frowned and tears started coming down his little chicks.  I just stood there and cried.  Here was a 2 wk old baby.  Already been threw loads of pain and you can't even hear him cry.  It just broke my heart.  They got to bring him home about 1 1/2 wks later.  Because he can't cry and always has to be monitored, someone has to stay up with him all the time.  He was only home less that a month and his right arm swelled up.  They rushed him back to the hospital and found out that he has a severe bone infection in his right arm, right hip and right leg.  Had to have 2 operations for that. He stayed in the hospital about 1 wk.  He has all kinds of therapist, special drs, home health people, that are working with him.  He is 10 months old now.  He is doing just great.  He is crawling, pulling hisself up, trying real hard to walk.  But now, the home health people say there is something wrong with his legs.  That he doesn't have good muscle control.  This poor baby has been threw enough and he still has much more that he is going to have to go threw.  So I am asking anyone to pray for the little guy, that this newest development won't turn out to be that bad.  He is such a beautiful baby.  He has huge blue eyes, and curly brown hair.  And to be poked and prodded as much as he has, he is not afraid of people.  Please keep remembering him.

Concerned Granny


i am trying to downsize,want to sell my home which is getting to be to much for me to keep up,I want to get a trailer home which is ideal for me with less yard to mow.i have sixty days to get this particular trailer,and need to sell to do so ,would like for you to stand with me concerning this necessary need.i am seventy years old,and see the need to down size.thank you for your prayers,in His love, sister shirley


dear bro
i'm sometimes confused to live in this world wiyhout life of experiences. pray the lord to think about me.


Dear Saints

I need your prayers,South Africa

Bro. Jeffrey


God bless you saints,
 I want to take this opportunity to request you to please remember me in your prayers as I am in dire need of God's guidance. I want to fade of my life's scene completely and just let Him alone live!
 Something else is that I need God to guide me… to  be my Eliezer..the Holy Ghost…as there's a bro that's showing interest…I too am interested but I just don't want to do it on my own as Marriage is  covenant made in heaven alone! Anything besides that is hell on earth. I don't want that. And please pray for this particular brother too that God may guide his footsteps and guard him from all manner of evil. At the end of it all,may His will alone be done in all things.
 Thank you. God be with you all.
Your sis in Christ,


I ask for prayer concerning my life and were God would like me I believe that He is raising me up to be a great man in these last days I pray for intercessers that will pray for me regularly or as improtuted by the Spirit.  I offer my life to Christ and Bind myself to his Will and diretion.  Please keep me in pray I am on the front lines for what I believe is going to start a worlds revival in New Castle PA at a city rescue mission.  I ask for protection from evil and to keep me and my family in a HEDGE OF PROTECTION


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