Prayer Requests

Prayer Circle Prayer Requests September 2006

Update: 10/11/06

Thank you every one for praying for Sis. Rebekah. Many of us had been
praying and asking our God that if it be His will, Sis. Rebekah would not
have to go under the knife again.

Early on Tuesday, the doctor came in and told us that he had studied the
case in more detail and they had come up with another plan: not to operate. 
They feel that they can assist her in a very positive way with radiation and
some new medicine that is now available for renal cell cancer. We are
thankful for his new plan. This gives the Angel of God even more time to
move on the scene with healing power.  We are thankful for what medical
science has provided but we are depending 100% on the finished work at
Calvary. It is in a time like this that we find out where our faith is
anchored. God always has the last word and so we wait daily for His
diagnosis and solution.

prayer for Sis. Rebakah now is twofold: a) for restored appetite. b) for
strength to walk. Thank you. We will keep you informed.

  – Bro.
George Smith


Sister Rebekah has been admitted to the hospital in Tucson.  The surgery originally planned for today has been postponed until tomorrow at the earliest.

Her condition has become less stable within the past week, and she is being treated continually for pain and nausea.

As difficult as it may be for friends and family to see her in this condition, we are holding on to the eternal Promises of God, and trusting in nothing but His perfect will.

On behalf of the entire family, I would like to thank you for your love and prayers during this time, and to share with you Sister Rebekah's continual testimony; "Thank you, Lord for saving me. Thank you Lord for healing me."

  – William Smith

Dear Martin In HIS Name we lay this request to pray for Bro Jonny Peter I visitd him twodays back
and he has a need and the Lord know we has a body will pray in one mind and Spirit I believe all things are possible and also Pray for Bro Salvodor he is beating his wife so much. he is from one prayer group He has got this message of the hour and now he tell other that he gets revelation everyday and not ready to confess the truth. Plesea pray for this person that God may have mercy on him.keep his wife also in pray and all in thier family. Also Pray for me and my family I surrender this all to the Lord Jesus.
The Lord know our needs Pray for the Bombay city Bro/Sis in here. Heb:13:8
loving saints in Christ,
greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.
i am a servant of Christ here in India. i have a pryer request. my wife is a staff Nurse here in India's medical Institute. she shared God's word with the parents of a child patient. chiled patient's name is OM KAPOOR suffering from some blood related deseas, i don't know medical name of the deseas. he is only 5 or 6 months old.  parent of the child believe in Jesus. basicaly they belongs to HINDU familly but believe in Jesus when we shared the word of God.
kindly pray for this cute baby and i believe when all believers will pray together Jesus will give grant healing to this baby. pray with seriously.
i will give testimony to you after healing.
God bless you.
Brother In Christ

plis pray for me to repent and be reconciled with my Lord Jesus Christ so that I may live my life,all of it to Glorify Him.
Send me more books on brother branhams message to P.O Box 10,
where can i meet other brothers and sisers in Botswana.My phone (3665540) after work.
Thank you
Please pray for our finances, we had to use credit cards while my husband was very sick and now we have collection people calling us. We could use a miracle right now and we know it can happen !!! Praise the Lord for the help with our finances !!!!!!
I have been in the message of the hour for six years now and for the past four years I have been experiecing jobless atitutde in life.I therefore need the saints prayer for God to touch a brothers heart so that he can help me some money and start doing something to survive in this journey.
             from Brother Robert Acquah

Dear Friends,
Please say a special prayer for me.
I have a besetting weakness – Pornography.
The problem is, I think God has made lots of ways to help me…but I just ignore them.
I just want to get rid of this ugly thing NOW!!! Pray that God not just make a way but Take me out of it…it is an addiction.
Thank you all for Prayers.
Please pray for me I will be having surgery oct 6th. The surgery is a bone fusion in c-spine, they will be putting a donated bone and a titanium plate. This is a very risky surgery and can cause paralyses.
God Bless sis, Debbie Berrett

Dear Saints of God,
I had Oral Surgey this Thu to take all my 4 wisdom teeth out. The pain is
still there..but keep on reducing. Swelling is still there. Doctor did their
best, but I believe GOD is the only can HEAL me completely and quickly.
Please pray for me for God's Healing Touch.
I believe God.

Yours in Christ,
Bro.David rajan

plis pray for me to repent and be reconciled with my Lord Jesus Christ so that I may live my life,all of it to Glorify Him.
Send me more books on brother branhams message to P.O Box 10,
where can i meet other brothers and sisers in Botswana.My phone (3665540) after work.
Thank you
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
  Please remember me in your prayers regarding an urgent prayer request.  Thank you.


Seeking healing from kidney problems, weak kidneys, kidney stones, damaged heart valve, congestive heart failure, diabetes, and any other problems.


i'd like prayer to get a closer walk with God. Thank you.

B. Lewis

1)spiritual & physical strength while here on earth & waiting for the return of our LORD JESUS CHRIST for HIS BRIDE.
2)financial solutions over all our indebtedness (amounting to less than a hundred thousand pesos.
3)continuous acquisition of wisdom that I need during this end time days.

G Valez


God is my anchor.Please bless bro. Troy in Phoenix and bro. Kevin. They have shown a good example of you Lord. I live in Florida now and remember their good testimony. Bless them.

Please Lord help my new life in Florida to be rich in happiness through you. Keep me strong in you Lord.

Heal my mother and make her feel better. She was the one that instilled the knowelege of you from the very beginning. She set the foundation of following you GOD. Please make everyday happy for her.

Thank you Lord



I need financial assistance for my upcoming wedding and marriage-PLEASE PRAY mightily,Iknow ANSWERS are coming-THANKS.My address is;P.O.BOX 7034,BENIN CITY,EDO STATE,NIGERIA.

S Patrick


Please also continue to keep me in your prayers. It seems to one thing after another sometimes.  Battling some type of flu or little intestinal bug that is hitting my throat and stomach the past week or so. Please intercede with a prayer for a touch from the Lord. I know he is more than able to deliver and heal.

God bless you.

Bro. Martin Jones


Dear Prayer Partners
I am thankful for this oportunity to submit my prayer request to your group.
After a long and eventful life,looking after my family,earning for their needs,getting my children married and settled, watching my children grow up to their teens…I find myself with time on myhands…I pray that God in His perfect will may show me what He has planned for me to do now. I deal with very painful arthirits but am quite able to take care of myself and  to  work on the computer,etc.I need to be needed,to do something anything.I have enough time to relax.Please pray for me.

I am 72 years old and was widowed  in 1980. I had six children,out of them 2 have passed away:a daughter  at 15 years,and a son 40 years old.I have also,along with the grief,been given many blessings.
 May God bless all of you

Usha Franklin


Dear Brother Martin Praise the Lord My Friend
In the Name Of Lord Jesus Christ I lay my pray request to all my Beothers and Sisters around this Planet Pray for DannyBardey a prostant haveing Lungs cancer and his Wife requested for Pray We will be visiting him this week God willing
and we Believe The Lord Jesus has done before HE will do it Once again.what we need is prayer support please keep me inpray also as we need them
Pray for Aditya matter serious.


For the family of Bro. Danny Funk
For information:

Dear Brethren,

By the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, I have been appointed Principal of Ho Polytechnic, a tertiary institution here in Ghana. My appointment starts on October 1st 2006.

Please pray with me for the blessing of the Lord in my new appointment. Please pray for wisdom, guidance and the hand of the Lord to order my steps for maximum benefit to the institution, staff, students, the community and the country. Finally, I wish that the will of the Lord Jesus Christ be done in my life.

Shalom and God bless you

Komla Dzisi


                 WITH LOTS OF LOVE
                      SIS. SANDRA


Dear brothers and sisters plz pray for my study. Soon I am planning to take English test called toefl and nursing board test in Nov or Dec. I am from India. I have been living in Chicago past two years. I am not very intelligent to pass these tests. But, I believe in God that he will  help me as he helped in my past days. Plz prayer for me and for my husband Bob.
            God is Love


I would like to ask you dear brethrens to remember me in your prayer as the days are going by and trials and temptations are colding down our faith, my request is may He strenghtens me and help me to overcome all the trials i' am going through. I am aslo in need of a job because where I'm working, it is degrading my health since I am working from 08am to 80pm (sometimes 12 pm).
God bless you in advance.
Your Brother, Joel Mutamba
South Africa


Please pray for a precious sister who is being attacked by the devil
and is experiencing unbearable pain from the chest upwards.  The
doctors have failed to diognise the disease and told her just to stop
worrying.  The pain is increasing by day and now she cannot eat nor go
to church and has lost a lot of weight.  The relatives are up in arms
and want her to forsake her God and try traditional healers. She is
still holding on, but needs our prayers.

God bless you richly


dear brothers and sisters, i am trusting the Lord to bless my husband and I with a child. please pray with us that God would let His will be done in our lives and open my womb.  God bless you all.

sister amy


Dear Brethern,

My eldersister completed her college last two years . She read Banking and Finance.Saerching for job have become very difficult,we tried very hard but still not successful.I belive with the prayers of the saints worldwide God will make a way

Thank you.


That my son Bryant doesn't have to go out of the country.  He is in the Air Force.

That my daughter Brittany will maintain a 4.0 in college and keep her scholarship.  And always have a way to attend church in Jeffersonville.  She is in Louisville, KY.  Two hours away from home.  And that she will always be save there.

Thank you..

God Bless You!!


Dear Bro. Joseph Branham,
Greetings from my lovely me and my wife in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I am a Nigerian and my wife a Congolaise. We are married for 13years without a child, we are both believers of the message of the Seventh Angel (William Marrion Branham). We both reside in Nigeria and fellowship at the Sunset Tabernacle Lagos, under a seasoned fivefold minister of God (Pastor David Etta).
I know God honours His word and the word of His Prophet, and as a true Prophet of God, do please pray for us that God bless us with our own child. God Knows why He placed it in my heart to direct this request to you since your last visit to Lagos Nigeria, for the Voice of God Recording meeting sometime midyear (2006).
I believe it's done, for God says That whatsoever we ask in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ that it shall be done.
Thanks and May God Almighty reachly bless you and keep us as we earnestly wait for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Yours in the Message.
Bro. Philip Opara



I have a simple prayer request.  I would like for you to pray for me and with me concerning the Lord bringing a young lady into my life to be my wife.  To open her heart for me.  A sister that can trust God and not the voices of man or woman.

A sister that can love me unconditionally.  A sister that has the holy ghost.  A sister that God intended for me to have bafore the foundation of the world.

That the Lord will fill her heart with a strong love and leading to be with me and cant even imagin the possability of anyone else.

This is a very serious step for me and want the Lords intervention to help will opening the heart of a sister for me and me making the right choice.

Thank you so very much for your time and prayers.  God Bless you all.

Ramon J. Martinez


i went to use this forum to thank our Almighty Father Who have being Mercufuly to me and the memeber of my family, may His Name be praise.

i and my wife is really at longer head with each other, over the vist of my my in-law who came visting and refused to leave. pray that God and deliver my marriage for the hand of that woman that have come to cause confusion in my marriage.

God bless you all

mark john

brethern kindly remember me in your prays that God should have mecry on me and take away all my nature(bad)and fill me with His spirit. and granded unto me the my appointment letter i am waiting for since. i no i did not deserve any good thing from Him, but may he be mecrcfully unto me.

thanks and God bless

mark john

please pray that God will baptise me afresh with the holy ghost and fire; give me breakthroughs in every area of my life and family and open doors.

please pray for these families to be totally set free from every satanic yokes and curses. ekeoma akala.onyenara eke mba, ogbonnaya udara;nnanna nwanguma.the umuawaeze clan.



l am very much distressed becoz of my condition in these End Times. l was once a good Christian but l have gone back to the World.
l have a lot of Spiritual and family problems because of letting down the word of God.
Please pray for me and my family to be restored again in His Mercies.
l do not know what to do. Sometimes l feel like starting anew but it seems difficulty and l quickly get tired, and weary.


Please pray for the healing of my little one year old granddaughter, Maeson Miller.  She has been diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome, which is a deletion of chromosome 15 that causes mental retardation and physical disabilities too.  My grandparents, who died in the 60's, traveled places to hear Bro. Branham.  My grandmother was healed in one of his services.  Thanks.  Sarah Miller


 My name is Craig Pippin.I stay in India,Bangalore.I am an end time message believer and follow our prophet,William Branham by whom Christ would reveal himself to his bride in the last days.I used to go to a catholic church before but now i belong to the brides church.My pastor's name is Cyril Anthony.We have a small congregation and so i request you to please pray so that God keeps us always under his precious blood.




My heart's desire is for the Token to be applied upon me and my spouse that we will not just be church going people but real christians.  Pray for my spouse that the holyspirit will draw us to being saved.  I don't believe charismatic is the way to go.  Only Believe for us Bro. Sis in that great Bride of Jesus.  Longing for Jesus to save us.  Mr. Lee B.


Dear Friends:

Please pray for some Jehovah Witnesses friends I have…they believe in Jehovah…but can't see Jesus is Jehovah God. They are really nice people but their Bible and belief are so different. They actually believe they are part of the 144,000 people to be saved in the endtime…we know the 144,000 will be Jews…the Bible said so. They are misinterpreting the King James Bible so much, for example, 1 John…In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word Was God…their Bible is saying "The Word was A God" and not the Word was God…

Please pray for them that they may accept the Salvation of Jesus Christ.

Please pray for a friend Alice with her busy schedule.

Please pray for a Pest we have in the grass in the yard, even if the grass is cut. It stings a lot and causes itch in the skin. If God can control Lice and Frogs in Egypt (Moses times) he can also control these pests.

Thank you all for your Prayers.

May God Richly return the Blessings.


Please pray for Devin Krenz, he is aproz 43 years old, has a wife and two boys, he coaches kid sports, he has to have neck sugery and he just found out that he has a brain tumor.  Thanks, and God Bless you.


Dear Brother Martin please lift a child 18 months old is breathless and is serious his name aditya
i had put this request before please We request you all that reads this pray that Lord Jesus will
deliever little boy aditya, Please i request and also pray for me and my family also Bro Martin I hope you have reievecd my earlier mail i had send
God be with you till we meet again Only Believe
Bro Nelson  Heb 13:8


First i would like to thank everyone for their prayers for my family and to let you know that God has heard and answered. My daughter is now away from the boy that was influenceing her and my youngest son gave his heart to the Lord and was baptised recently. I also have a sister that accepted the Lord just a few days ago. Praise be to God our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray for my oldest son who is trying to surerender his heart and life to God, that he may accept what God has for him and not what he wants for hisself. Please pray that God would give me a job that i can really be satisfied in and can make a living at. I work two jobs to make ends meet and still i struggle and have not much time for anything else. I can not keep this pace up and long to be at home more. That i might know God's perfect will. Sis. Brenda


Greetings In The Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ

I am writing this e-mail to ask you to pray for my family. My grandmother has just passed to the other side. She was 97 years old. I am thankful that she passed quietly and peacefully. The funeral arrangements will be made tomorrow. Please pray that God will move in the hearts of my family during this time. Most are catholic but in name only. They have asked me to speak to the family and I am trusting that God will lead in what should be said. This is a great opportunity to have my entire family together in one place to hear the plan of God for salvation in a way that perhaps they have never heard before. I am in great expectation that God is going to move during this time. Thanks for your prayers.


Brother Ernie Villanueva

My prayer request is to grow spiritually and have the holy ghost. Iam single sister i think it is the right time for me to get married, please pray for me so that God will be done in my life not my own will



just want to have a continous and an uninterupted fellowship with brethren pliz remember in your fervent daily prayer that God may grant me this unction.God bless you.





Please help me in praying for my sister Annie who is sick. She is a mother of one child. Doctors has told her that there is a place in her stomach where cancer is developing. Because of that, it makes her have seizures as well. I believe God is the healer, the great physician and can make that place in her stomach get healed.

Let God increase her courage and let her justhave faith in Him. I love my sister and am praying for her healing.

God bless you


Please pray for my friend she is 34 and giving up in God will and she wants to do whatever look right. She want to get married but now she thinks that there is no brother for her


i live in a moderate size town there is a civic building xactly in the shape of a pyramid…the city is spending money on it and itis not in use…i have industrail ideas which need to get off the ground so i can but the building outright,turn it into a nondenomer fellowship hall and REAL TRUE CHRISTIAN HISTORY MUSEUM that can truley be used of THE LORD to inspire others to have a CLOSER WALK WITH THEE and go forth in life belieiving THE MESSAGE

God bless you all



Please pray for my Mother who will have some medical test this week. And for healing in my own body.

God Bless you.

Bro. Martin Jones


God bless you and well done!!!

i am 40 years old white male married with 4 children and a serving Police officer in UK.


Please pray for us



I am a believer of the word of God.Recently i discovered that when i sleep, i have horrible dreams that points to the fact that there,s a presence of an unclean spirit. I have praying concerning it using the word of God. Please join me in prayers for a complete freedom from every contamination. God bless you.

Sister Christy Joseph


My aunt and her family were members of your faith and still believe in this faith. And I have heard them talking about it lately. I am a bit lost in life as is many others and I would like to find my way again. I am awfully depressed at times and stay in the house always even when it isn't my desire to do so. I am 27 and just graduated from college and can't find a job. I would really like for someone to prayer for me as I am losing faith in God and I have questioned God from time to time as my life has always been in strife.



Please pray that God will deliver me from the hands of my superior officers who have treated me unjustly. Pray that God will lead me at this time

Bro Sam


hi brother and sisters in christ from the philippines message faith tabernacle san carlos city pangasinan 2420








I have been hurt so many times by people.  I have been completely misunderstood my whole life.  I only want to be good to everyone, but they mistake it for weakness.  Please pray that I learn how to deal with this life and the people that are in it.  I know that I cannot kill myself because, it has been said that it is a sin.  Please forgive me.


My son gilbert Salcedo has been having rectal bleeding.And stomach pain. I just wish to put him in your prayer request because I believe in the power of prayer.The Doctors have not yet officialy diagnosed him. But I don't need a scientific name for the illness. I know the enemy comes in different names. But the power of the Lord is stronger then anything he can try to do.please keep us in your prayers.
          God bless, Sis Geraldine


Please pray that God will deliver me from the hands of my superior officers who have treated me unjustly. Pray that God will lead me at this time

Bro Sam


Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Help me in thanking God today as my Husband Sydney is celebrating his birthday. He is a wonderful husband and freind of mine. I thank God for his life and I pray God grant more years to his life and let us stand the word so that we keep on pressing the battle together.

Please say a prayer for him as he will be writing his exams soon and let the Lord shower His blessings upon his life that he achieves his goal in the end. Also remember my cousin Martha who has been having seizures since she was young, and I believe God can touch her that those fits will leave her completely.

God bless,

Sis Naomi



My prayer request is to grow spiritually and have the holy ghost. Iam single sister i think it is the right time for me to get married, please pray for me so that God will be done in my life not my own will


he estado muy enfermo yo no se si es de los nervios ,pero los dctores dicen que tengo ipertencion arterial o que tengo el corazon grande

Bro. Victor


Dear Brother Martin In HIS NAME to all please Pray for Two Children 6 year manali and boyPeter8
they had  fever but i just got request that the fever has got in to thier Brains and Doctors have Given up But We Believe My Reedemer Liveth and It is Lord Jesus will touch them and will heal them
He has Done this Before Please Pray for them they are in Nair Hospital in Bombay Where our Prophet
had visited and also Keep us in Pray as only Pray
can Change the stiaution and will bring Victory.
Only Believe all things are Possible, Heb 13:8
Bro Nelson .


Hi my name is Imtiaz Ally and i'm a Christian in the Lord Jesus Christ I believe that William Marrion Branham is the last profhet for this last and evil age we are living in and i would like you guys to pray for me about my Immigration case I live Toronto Soul


prais the lord
 pls.pray for me&my family. lost few monthe i am sic i take meny medecen stil no relif my helth iam working in dohaqatar sep5 iam go back india .pray for safe jorney mostly my faith iam believar propht bro.brnham pls. pray.for me for good helth          thanks u  & all of brothers
 believer (n.v.shekhar)


My mother in-law is in need of much prayer.
She has a condition called sarcoidosis of the brain, which are many legions in her brain stem. She has been battling this for 9 years. She occasionally has seizures however this last week she has been hospitalized. She has been having multiple seizures a day. Her neurologist is working on finding the cause of why suddenly her condition seems to be getting worse. The doctors only know, and can only do so much. So much prayer is out for her and we are giving it all into God's Hands.

We ask that you please pray for my mother in-law. God knows her condition, and he most certainly knows how to heal it.

Thank You So Much, and God Bless You.


Greetings Saints,
Pls pray for my husband.  We are married since 6 yrs now..  
He started coming to the church when he proposed me 7 yrs back. 
He is from a hindu background.  He was water baptized before our church wedding.
And last year same time he received the baptism of the holy ghost.  
He has just started to read the word of God, without fussing which he used to since marriage.
He does not want to confess to his people that he has accepted christ as his saviour. 
He keeps me away from talking to his people so they won't know that he is of christ.
He feels that they will talk and accuse me and him that he changed his religion for a girl. 
His family are from rural areas.
And says, his parents and family are happy as they are now without any problems and he
does not want to give them problems by confessing that he changed his beliefs.
It hurts me a lot when he does most of the things hiding from me, when it comes to the christian faith. 
I feel he is cheating his people and me, on top telling he believes christ and refuses to talk about it.   
He feels ashamed of it. 
I have been burdened to change my name officially, which I had kept pending because of my marriage with him.
I wanted him to be spiritually baptised and waited for it so long so we can change them together, it has been the Lords will for me. 
My husband is creating a lot of hinderances for himself and myself and in our daughters life. 
I am strongly burdened and disturbed by his ways.   He feels ashamed among his friends and colleagues too.,
that they will come to know that he changed his religion for me.
Instead tells me that they will only accuse me.  I have waited 7 yrs for his confession and to be true to God..  Its getting too much of a burden for me..
He has not brought our church wedding to his loved ones yet, instead he had replaced it with a registered marriage certification outside the church
to update his loved ones and for all official transactions, with the old names.   
Yday the Lord asked me to use our church wedding certificate for the name changes.    I had forgotten about it for sometime.  I cried very badly yday, as I
had longed for the church wedding to come to light around him.
Pls pray that God does something which will make him confess to his parents of our church wedding.
And want to change our names as the Lord gave us & I want the light in him to be seen by his loved ones & to the world around him.. 
Thank you for praying,
God Bless You.


Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. My name is Daniel and I'm from India. I belive God's word through his Prophet and messenger Bro. William Branham. I have a wonderful wife and God has blessed us with a lovely daughter. My wife is an orthodox Hindu but just getting exposed to the Prophets word and the Bible. I request all my dear Brothers and Sisters to pray for her that God might touch her with his precious hands and that she may know the Truth and believe and be saved. Also kindly pray for me as I have a few problems in my work which I believe and trust, that God will show his mighty works to me, as he has always done before, every single time.
Thank you and May God bless every one of you and your families and strenghten you in your endeavour to glorify his name.
Your Dear Brother in Christ,



hi brother and sisters in christ from the philippines message faith tabernacle san carlos city pangasinan 2420

Please help me find some info. on how to meet believers for friendship and relationship, and marriage.  Please pray for me.  I am 31 and I feel that life is just leaving me behind.



I'm still having some symptoms of a little intestinal troubles please pray for my healing.

Bro. Martin


Please pray for doors opening for my evangelist husband to share his testimony. He's died 8 times in the last 3 years and saw Jesus 2 or 3 times. People need to hear his message about what he's been through, strokes, and comas. Pray also for our finaces because I haven't been able to work for over a year because he was bedridden and I took care of him and still do. Thank you and God Bless everything you do !!!

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