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  • I have a friend who has a brain tumor and needing a touch from the Lord, his wife and family came to church last week, and he wanted to come this Sunday, but he started having vision problems and was re-admitted to day. The wife father is also in the hospital needing a quad bypass. So needless to say things are looking pretty grim for them. I believe that God is going to heal them all, and the devil is trying everything he can to disturb them. So I’m asking all you other prayer warriors to pray for Brett and Lisa Willis. They need a healing touch

    • Mi vida entrego por completo a mi SEÑOR, mi familia se a separado mi esposa y mis hijos no estan ami lado, la soledad es bien dura pero para mi estando con CRISTO no me encuentro solo y oro todos los dias para que mi familia se junte nuevamente porque todo lo puedo en CRISTO que me fortalece.

  • Praise the Lord this morning he’s done so many great and wondorful things in my life I can’t thank him enough. He’s healed my kidney stones and healed my broken foot, I can now walk an hr per time at the track. Prayer is a weapon is true thanks to all that prayed who prayed for me. I praise God cause my miracle healing is on the way for my eyes. God is the great one and I give him the glory. I love Jesus it’s a fight to win, but we are winners by being persistent and holding on no matter how we feel. Pray for me Bride that God deliver me from all my enemies and let me not be intimidated by the enemie.
    Sis Brown

  • Dear Lord, please help in very great problems around me and give us power and all let is done such that is all problems put off and all goes such we do not loose properties.

  • I am working in middle east sultanate of Oman. i have some problems personaly already i spoke to our god jesus chirst. i am waiting for his reply. My brothers and sisters pray for me that my realease all my difficulties. Thanks God JESUS.

  • My husband David of 24 yrs left me in Oct for a younger woman named April. He now resides with her and her 3 children and wants a divorce. I ask in Jesus name that the divorce be stopped and that David returns to GOD and then to me and our marriage and that April returns to her marriage and to her children’s father.

    • May the Lord undertake you Sister that is really serious and the Lord sees ur heart and he will restore all things into order only believe and have FAITH in God!! I claim ur husband back in Jesus name Name!

  • Please pray that I have the substance of faith perfect faith. I desire healing, salvation and just as everyone else. Please pray that I shall not doubt, but fight with faith. Pray that God sends the HolyGhost to me for faith. I want to love Jesus. Sis Lynn

  • Prayer is our weapon. Whatever you ask the father in My name, that I do. I’ve got the mountain in my life that needs to be moved. Please pray that this thing that is tormenting me will be moved and the person will leave our lives bring good spirits and good believers replace the tares. Sis B.

  • I thank the Lord for he has Confirmed my Faith in Jesus Christ and Reveal to me my spiritual Gift as I’ve been eagerly waiting for, which is the Person of the Holy ghost. I will keep on praising him for he has blessed me with spiritual blessings in heavenly places. Thanx for ur prayers Saints and I will continue to pray for you.

  • I desperatley need God to heal me. Everysince I can remember being 15 yrs old I’ve been a nervous person and timid. Can someone pray that God will make this nervoueness leave me. People make fun of me for being so nervous. Greater is he in me right? Christian

  • O Lord, please help in my problems. Please give love. Please give love to my future spouse and let all is resolve and thank you for all gifts you give me and that you fullfile all my secret wishes. Amen. Pray, please for my future spouse to be kind to me, to repent, to show me love as here is missing good relationship and I please let my future spouse follow the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lamb and is rescued from all evil. Help, O Lord, help us. Let thy kingdom come, let all is on your glory. Amen. Let devil disapear from our lifes. Amen.

  • Lord Jesus, please help me in whole life and prepare good things and good will for me and health and love and your service and nice life for me and abundance of money and justice and abundance of means and I please let all debts can be payed. Let you do all thing in my life done and perfect and my heart and brain and wisdom. Amen.

  • Am Braimah from Ghana.I was born into a christian family and hence a moslem.During my dark days before i accepted christ, i did not associate with christians well because i dispise them.Thank God am now a christiaan but my family have launced attacks on me everywhere and things are going bad since am not able to adjust.I need prayers for increase in faith and to live without them.It became serious since my exam at the university i did not do well though am a brilliant student and was even on scholarship for brilliant but needy student.
    Helpme am dieying of dejection and failure in life.Increase my faith and make me self sufcient and dependable on only God.

    • God will meet your request as you are suffering for him. Pray God increase your faith and separate your self from doubt. but as Christian you will be tested by heavy trials but God always pour a strength to overcome cz we are winners in the Lord.

  • I please for all devils come out from our town as here are all people who have something to do with many things, officices very evil people and possesed and makes evil. I please this breaks and let devil and powers of darness disapear and let all evil people are changed for good ones. Amen.

  • I please the Lord for help in all situations and let you go against my enemies and protect me and let they those I castigated repent and let all is turn to goodness. Amen.

  • Dear Lord, please for help in flat situation and money situation and payments for roof and many judgements. Let stop all unjustice and putting out from flat, possesings and please put off my enemies as far as you can from me let I have roof over head and let all who makes judgements and unjustly makes evil go off and not I. Amen.

  • Dear Brothers and sisters.I just had a wonderful service,and many things became clear to me. The Lord used our Pastor to give me more and more revelation and i praise God for it. Please pray that my boyfriend of more than 5years receive the Revelation of the message of the hour. I have vowed that i will not get married to a unbeliever, I pray that God will hear my prayer. God Bless all my family and my friends, I pray it in the Wonderful name Of Our LORD AND SAviour JESUS CHRIST!!

  • Hello Bride, I come to you today and ask you to pray for me to have faith and not waver cause you can’t receive anything of the Lord if you doubt and are double minded. Pray that God give me wisdom James 1:5. and faith without doubt for healing, fear, and things that try my faith on my desires. I’m asking you all to pray for me to please the Lord with faith. I was told today I am double minded and I don’t want to be that way. Sis Angel

  • Where in a battle. Please everyone pray okay that this charsmatic preacher Jack will stop stalking and calling us. He always causes problems and is against the truth. Pray that God send him to flight out of our life. Pray God give me love and faith to not be afraid of him. he brings bad spirits into our home.

    • Praise the Lord for that cz God trust you that you gonna overcome that by love. if the enemy comes you continue to pray for them and ask blessings from the LOrd God allowed it. Just thank God and say thank-you LOrd for the trials it brings us close to you. that Preacher wont harm you, Gd allowed it cz he have faith in you that you will over come. continue to love him and talk to him nicely. remember we dont curse but bless

  • Dear heavenly Father I please in precious name of the Lord Jesus, you see my sorrow for things which has happend and are evil. Please help me in my sorrow and evil and difficult situations and you see what evil has happend to me from people, please act on this matter to resolve my problems and I please you help me and I please for great protection and salvation for many people and I please those who injured me and are brethren in Christ let devil depart from them and they say sorry to me and let deeply apologize. Amen.

  • pls pray for me i feel lost lonely fedup with husband insists in worshipping idols ,huge debts kidsnot settled,oh i wish to end my life

    • May the Lord have mercy on you, May he just look on you and smile. continue to pray God will meet you thru..nothing is impossible in God dont ever think to end your life that is the bad spirit but trust in the LOrd do good he will learn from you. Remember Zacheus’s wife? God will do the same keep holding on cz surely God is watching and looking @ your desire

  • Shalom!
    Saints I asking for your prayers as I will be writting my exams next week. I am praying for u too.
    God bless!

  • I would like prayer support please for the restoration of my marriage. My husband has recently left me and has lodged the divorce papers. There is a woman who is contacting him and wishing to be with him (she is not a Christian).
    God has specifically said that my husband and I were put together for His glory!.
    I wish to stand for my marriage and for God to do a miracle, I would greatly appreciate your prayers and intercession. There is a spirit of depression and unforgiveness on my husband and his mother suicided 2 years ago from schizophrenia. There has also been a noticeable ‘block’ between us in our marriage. This we were both aware of and prayed against.
    Kamila (and Matthew)

    • I pray God block all the papers of divorce in Jesus name. As God hate divorce May God bring the brother to his scenes for his glory. God will help you my precious sister all will be well. more special if he want to go 4 unbeliever that is not God’s will

  • Dear Saints

    Many thanks for all the prayers…

    I have a special request….Can you please pray for my grandson. Sometime back he hurt his eye while travelling. He has been taken to the eye specialist for treatment, but his eye still waters. He is only a baby…please pray for God to heal him.

    Many thanks

    God bless

  • Please pray for Cindy Hogman 32 yrs old who was dianosed with Cervical Cancer and isn’t given long to live. She just had a miscarriage 3 months ago and her husband requests prayer for her salvation and cancer. Sis Angie

  • dear brother in christ! thank you for praying for me and my family
    pls pray for me and family again may the lord give me more strength to survive in this pressure in my life. may we found the peace of mind in our daily life. may my parents be in good condition may they be held and cure totally. i pray for the father of wilma lacse may he be healed from his illness as of this moment. may he survived. lord i pray that my mother be free from all anger and stress. may she be contented in my love and sacrifices for her. lord give my husband strength and wisdom also good health to know all about our business. may he be good enought to face the business to give us a peaceful life. i pray for the success of our transaction tommorrow to materialize soon as possible. this i ask in Jesus name Amen!

  • Pray for my Friend Sis Marlin in Tucson that God will heal her eye completely and fast bring her victory. Pray for me to have faith for my eyes to be healed to and please pray that I’ll not be afraid of wild animals and enemies my nerves to be healed stop being nervous.

  • Pray that my husbad will be on the job and church God wants us to be in to be blessed and in his will. There is several offers and places, but pray God put us where we need to be. Pray for me to be closer to the Lord. I want the victoy over the enemie. Pray that these bad spirits will be binded in Jesus name those tormented spirits that try to still my joy. Sis Angie

  • Dear Father, thank you you resolved things and I please for your further acting that all may be clear and thank you for great things despite they were difficult and all power you gave me. Please resolve all things, relationships and things such is visible who is saved and who is not let repent and let my service bear fruit, let many people are saved and thank you for great things you made trough this page and wisdom on it. Amen.

  • I please for just broken piece of teeth or stone from me and from completely healed teeth as they bubble many years decays out of me I cannot visit doctor, but I wait for miracles. I please let I have healed completely teeth and have them clean without unclean spirits. Amen.

  • To discover my purpose and the gift of the holy spirit in me. To bring more people in the kingdom of God, to flow in the anointing of the holy Ghost. A brighter future, success and prosperity.

  • I please for prayers for my brother and future husband to abandon things God wishes not to do, for his mother and churches which has something to do with message to her and that she lead him to accept me as wife and abandon things which are contra Jesus. Amen.

  • god bless you all bride, i would like request prayer a special way for my self .i have an appoiment with the doctor on the 23 of june for high blood pressure, i believe my lord knows all about my needs ,and not even high blood pressure can stand before him. god bless you all .

  • dear bride in christ, i would like to request prayer a special way for sis gean, the doctor says she has cancer on her thyrod ,and she has to do surgery on the 18 of june, we know all things are possible if we believe. may god bless you all. sis ellin.

  • Je viens par la presente vous remercier, j´avais une demande de priere, Dieu de William Marrion Branham m´a repondu, je suis heureux de vos soutients, que le Seigneur vous benisse richement. Votre frere Jules Ngambu, Luanda-Angola

      • Amen brother! that is the Gud request, God want all of us to posses that. Paul said in 1Corithians chapter one Therefore you do not lack any spiritual gift as you eagerly wait for our Lord Jesus Christ to be revealed. He will keep you strong to the end, so that you will be blameless on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ
        but the more you want to be deep on the word Read your bible and pray every day and hour. the more you read the word the more God confirms ur Faith

  • I am at the university of Namibia pursuing a degree in Economics. I need prayers I will be starting my exams on the 19th of June. Also need God to touch my family and make us whole.

  • Hello. Please pray for me. I was suddenly stopped and jailed for a dwi. I can’t take this. I have prayed and will continue to pray. Please pray for me brothers. I am in a painful situation. Thank you and God bless you all.

  • dear brother in christ,
    thank you for praying for us. pls brother pray for again, may the lord god forgive us in all our sins. lord help us in our weaknesses, may the lord take away our hatred in our life. may the lord god cure my mothers eyes and deceases and also my father, husband, my children and also myself take us away for evil spirit and may our enemies and one who hates us be blinded and cannot see us anymore. may we have a good financial life and most of all in our spiritual life. we love the lord dearly and i will always worship the lord god almighty. help us in our business and in our health. i love you lord and i need you in my life amen! praise the lord amen!

  • Healing of my 15 year old son, Jeremy, heart/lung/allergy condition.
    Healing of my 17 year old daughter GI condition.
    Healing of my husband Steve with old arm injury-chronic pain
    Healing of my sister for a miracle in her business





  • God bless, i want to thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for blessing me, Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus, i am really trying to be more like you meaning trying to stop that sin of listening wordly music, but the more i try the more the devil presents the wordly music that i can hear it, Lord i ask and pray to please make me stronger and to stop my neighbors from blasting all the wordly music every single night, Lord u take control of the situation, Lord God the music is played late at night and its very loud,i dont want to go over there again because they get mad.Lord please put a consience in thier heart to know that they are disturbing me and other people in the building.Lord i just ask of this one request, and i know with u nothing is impossible, and the music will stop and they would either play it softly or turn it off, i trust and believe that it will turn off tonite very soon, send your holy angels Lord to turn down that music, right now, and i rebuke any devil that is trying to stop it from happening.Lord Jesus this music will stop right now in Jesus name, with faith and thanksgiving, having faith in you , Amen

    • god bless sister.they is nothing the lord can do.when those people start playing their music try playing your message music if you have head phones it will help you.they is nothing excting in those music but its the will overcome my sister

  • Ask and ye shall receive. I went to the doctor this morning and the CT Scan revealed that I havea kidney stone the size of an eye of a ink pen. Pray for that the kidney stone to pass soon out of me soon hurts so bad. 2. I need prayer for my husband that if the church we are attending which isn’t a message church isn’t the place we should be in God will put us in the town and job place and church we need to be in. All of us have enemies and pray for me to have the WEAPON OF love for them and this nervous will leave me and stop being afraid of bullies too on the job. Sis Angela Help?


  • dear brother in christ,
    thank you lord for giving me the chance to be prayed again! i love jesus! amen! pls brother pray for my parent they need to be heal my mom and dad need a good health pls pray for them i love them dearly they make me happy and inspired me in my life they are my family pls help me lord heal them and give more life to lived. i praise and love you lord give us a good health my children my husband my parents all the people around me and also myself. i thank you lord for answering my prayer in our financial and in health pls lord give me a good business give us guidance in everything we plan lord i ask this in jesus name amen!

  • My husband is not saved, his name is Steve. also I have 2 daughters, Renee and Wendy, please pray for my family, I have been serving Jesus for 26 years and I have had to do it alone, with Jesus Christ of course. I am holding that Token over them, I am just trusting and believing that they will come in just like the Prophet said. it is not always easy but I know that God is with me
    I appreicate the prayers. God Bless

  • Please brothers and sisters in christ jesus our lord pray for me to be stronger in my faith and for my children and wife to be back home where they belong with me as my wife is not a christian and for the lord jesus to help her and my children to understand this end time message and be saved in our lords name and for her to repent and accept jesus into her life as her savour, and also pray that i receive the holy ghost in my soul that is my hearts desire to be a soldier for god and that my family is with me in glory, god bless all my brothers and sisters out there

  • My mother who is 90 years old had a fall and fractured her hip and will go for an operation on 5th June 2009. Please pray the Lord undertake the operation and for her quick recovery.
    God bless.

  • Hello Everyone, can you be in prayer for me this week that God will deliver me and give me my heart’s desires that are godly and give me faith. I need faith for things to happen.

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