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  • Please ask for my wife, there is something wrong with the life of her
    woman plager.Gud is healer, we feel it constantly that Jesus heals
    acts 10:38. When God is with us, we can make the collector makes and greater than these works Jesus did here on earth .. Ask for a new start of a church in our home by Moss Norway.
    Wednesday 5: 11.2914 TV Miracle Revival Channel.with me Thank you for prayer
    Love from Apostle Dr.Per Einar Jensen.

  • Dear Saints pl pray for my slient reqest asking the Lord Jesus for a shelter over us humble request and we believe all things are possible now i want the Lord Jesus to come in the scene i have surrender at his Feet,i belive He is our Judge and our Advocate let thy will be done,is my pray pl pray for my slient need i have God bless you all for praying,also pray for person kesavan and his wife rathnama to change thier thinking,John 14;14 heb 13:8 God bless you all,

  • Greetings in the name of the LORD, please pray for my son as he was caught for buying Dagga and now needs to go to court, he is only 13 turning 14 in December Godly willing. The enemies is a liar and we bleed the blood of the LORD upon his life that God will do a mighty work in his life and watch over him and protect him daily. We also need to back to court on the 5th, please stand in the gap with us and pray that GOD will go before us and we commit everything into his hands. God bless and praying for you too , all my brothers and sisters in Christ.

  • Dear friends,
    I asked for prayer for my wife Savitri.
    All is well, and she delivered a healthy baby boy.
    To God be the Glory.
    Thanks You all For Prayers…May God grant you your desires.


  • please pray for me, I am struggling in a area in my life and I know and believe that there is nothing to hard for my God, I really need to be delivered so I can feel free and serve God without feeling like I’m felling God everyday. Because of this addiction I feel gulity even when I fast and pray, I just want to be set free. Please sisters and brothers go in pray with me.

  • Dear Friends:

    Please pray for my wife (Savitri) in the hospital.
    She is getting a hard time in labour, lots of pain.
    I suspect evil at the door.

    But, I know our God is able to give a save delivery.

    Thank You All…God Bless You for a sincere prayer.

  • Dear Bride of Christ pl pray for sister Amuruta she is in grat labour pain and its only 8 months and she is in trouble i sincerely requst all to uplift her in prayer humblely requset the Lord Jesus to bless her in this stauation pl pray John 14:14

    God bless you all

  • want to thank you all for all your prayers for me and the work that the Lord Jesus Christus has given me the responsibility for 48 years, and I am glad that God showed me budbereren in Revelation 10: 7

  • Respected Brothers & Sisters,
    Request kind, Urgent Prayers for my immediate Promotion in Office, so that I can help many and can donate more for Gospel Works and for Charity Works in Andhra Pradesh , India. ( I have been praying and waiting for this Promotion since 2006 ).
    – Soman Mathews, Chennai, India.


  • O Lord our God i believe in you dear Jesus to answer my prayers devil get behind me in Jesus Mighty Name AMEN.AMEN AMEN.

  • God bless you saints of the most High God the Lord God of Abraham,Isaac and Israel through the revealed word of our day by His Prophet Elijah our bro. William Marrion Branham.I am a kenyan and beleive fully the Lord hears our prayers absolutely I have many testimonies God answering my prayers and speaking to me in a very unique way praise be to God.I have these prayer requests
    1.My father bro.Fredrick was diagnosed with advanced colon on 4th of October 2014 affecting liver,rib and backbone after moving from hospital to hospital a bro.Doctor proposed a stomach CT and we were able to know that demon when the Angel Jesus Christ met the Prophet He told him no demon shall stand before you not even cancer.Pray for our bro God to heal him hes in and out of hospital to be transfused blood and to be treated.God heals amen amen amen i have faith that God shall raise him again for i lost mam year 2008 i need a parent God bless you saints.
    2.I used to work in the bank here in kenya but was retrenched end of April 2014 am a graduate 38 years and married i need daily needs and caring for the family God has given me including dads medication and care

  • Please, agree in prayer with me that Patricia’s sea shipment with her personal belongings and car may be customs cleared without any problems in Guatemala. May seh revceive them savely and soon at her apartment.

    Regards in Christ, Lourdes

  • Please pray fervently for me to receive the blessing of the Holy Spirit inside my heart! In the precious name of Lord Jesus Christ, amen!

  • Please pray for my childhood friend, Malvina Azean, may have thyroid cancer and very large kidney stone cannot pass, and very sick feeling for her blessed healing. For my husband, sons, sisters, nieces, brothers, in-laws, and friends be released from the bondage of addictions to alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes, chewing tobaccos, and for their eyes and ears to be opened to the message of the hour and embrace it willingly. Pray also for me for as the scripture declares that what I long to do willingly for God I dont do and what I don’t want to do that is worldly I do. I am prisoner and long to be free. In the name of our loving Lord Jesus, my Savior and King, I pray please pray with me and for me, amen.

  • Please Prayer for my deliverance from weakness,nervousness memory loss in the name of Jesus Christ who shed his blood.Thank you and God bless you!

  • If I love you, My Jesus it is NOW !!!! I believe you Lord, even if I have tears in my eyes I say I believe ! Even if the devil wants to break me I say I believe !

  • You have done wonderful things in my life! I thank you for that ! I love you for that! I believe you Lord, I feel alone sometimes , but I believe you, you are with me, I believe you !

  • Thanks and praise to our Precious Lord Jesus Christ for your prayers. My onc sick relatives are doing fine now. God bless you all.

    Once again kindly pray for total deliverance of my two brother and their entire families as well as divine healing from all deseases and problems that they are going through presently.


  • I think back to the beginnings of the service that God has given to me for 48 years ago and which has widespread across nations. I am currently 71 years old soon and feel that the powers are weaker, but the anointing I’m on top of the Mountains
    Dr. Aina my wife is much younger than me, Presidential duties in
    given to her, please pray for us. in intercession service that does much for oss.Vi have much work ahead of us in the great Kingdom of God.
    Love and Greeting From Apostle Dr. Per Einar Jensen. M.D.D.D

  • God bless u brethren, i ask for your prayer so that the Lord help me to be a true believer & to abandon other things. Also remember my brothers Brian and Collins who are going to sit for their KCSE exam as from next month.

  • Molim za ozdravljenje moje sestre Zorice koja je operisana od srca i ima ginekoloskih problema.Molim za zdravlje mojih starih i namucenih roditelja,za zdravlje moje dece,za moje zdravlje i za pomirenje sa mojim suprugom,da izadju iz njega djavoli i da me opet zavoli.Molim se i za napredak u poslu jer ne ide bas kako treba.

  • Good day saints please pray for my family to be full identified with the message of the hour.
    Please pray that the Lord may undertake for my husband for a job.
    God Bless

  • I ask favour of god to follow me to Spanish foreign office,
    because I submitted my Spanish residence permit for renewal
    And also ask god for an employment,I need a job than U Jesus

  • Our Pastor Raju Waghmare is suffering from Lung Cancer. Now this is last stage doctor told that there is no hope for get well. We believe in God and asking for his way that will done in our life. Pray that he get well and preach us word of God once again.

  • Please agree in prayer with me for Rosario´s deliverance, she has had a mental disorder and emotional upheavals. May she surrender her life to the Lordship of Christ and be free. May she change her negative conversation. Thank you

  • please pray for me am sick with GBS which has left me immobile for five months now.i believe in God’s miracles.I have a very young family infact my first born has been born during my sickness.May God bless you.

  • I pray that the Lord watches over the miracle growing in me. I am a few weeks pregnant and when I went in for my first ultrasound we couldn’t detect an embryo, just an empty gestational sac. My left ovary is measuring three times the size of my right, with a cyst and an unidentifiable mass next to it. When I first found out I was expecting, I prayed and prayed that this child would be of Gods will and live a life solely for Gods will and I have never loved anything except my creator as much as I love this invisible being inside me. I know I am not the best christian or person and I haven’t lived up to the potential God gave me, but I try to be good and never do what I know to be wrong. I am struggling so badly with the uncertainity and being alone here, away from my family. Although my days on earth have not been easy, they have been beautiful and I know that is by the grace of our almighty Lord. I pray for protection and I pray for forgiveness and I pray for understanding and I pray for mercy. Amen.

  • Please belivers pray that our Lord Jesus christ will heal of this pain i have in my left breast for more than 5years now and other pains on my neck, ear and bone. Pray also that the Lord will also heal my son Enoch of chest pain, i belive we shall be healed as the saints pray.

  • Please pray for my daughter she is having lot of trouble with her ex boyfriend She is separated from him and he keeps harassing her. She also needs to find a nice place to live with her children . Thanks so much for remembering us in your prayers

  • may God anoint with the double portion of the anointing that he released on prophet branham so that i carry the gospel all around the world.

    secondly may God make the youngest richest man of the world in two years.

    • Precious Brother Giovani,

      If you really desire a double portion of the spirit of our prophet W. Branham, you should as well avoid the things that he the prophet avoided.Fortune a(richness) and fame are some of the things that he avoided

  • Please pray for our Precious Lord will heal my brother from a yet to be known illness and deliver him and his family from the devil’s bondage and live a happy life, loving and trusting one another whilst waiting for the rapture. Also pray for my niece so that our Good Lord may heal her from all the sufferings that the devil is pushing on her. God bless you all.

  • praise the lord…please pray for my government job because i am working so hard for the last 4 years.but i dnt have a permanent government job.So please pray for my job..
    And please also pray for my marriage with the boy of my family is ready but his family is not ready…so please pray for us. He is the right boy for me.we want to spend our whole life togather.No one is bigger than lord jesus. ..I know everything will ne fine with the grace of lord jesus…in the name of lord jesus…I pray….Amen..!!!

  • Dear Lord Jésus Christ I have a prayer request. I pray because I want to get married with à Message Believer Who has the Holy Ghost. I believe you Lord. You promised me and I believe you amen.

  • dear brothers & sisters, I have completed my Master Degree in Geology(earth science) I have no job. I would like to work in US. to see branham tebarnacle n to be in fellowship with them, please pray for me n I’ll pray for you. GOD bless you all.

  • God bless you saints of the Lord. Pls remember me in prayer I need a job greatly. I was in a war zone and since God got me out of the hostile environment have been jobless so brethren I need to be busy even if is coming working day. God has a wayof doing. Amen and God be with

  • I need a prayer for the end of a false allocation and charge against me, the words spoken are spoke by a young person pleasing an othorith in her life and dose not realize that this lie will eventually hurt t her more then the false report of the crime. I know god knows I did not commit the crime, I just have little faith in the Justus system in this matter. And ask the prayer for gods help in giddying the young sleeker of a others words to the troth. Effort the court date. As I am I no net and do t want her to have to endure the pain of her lie for a life time

  • I;ve been toremted for 2 years with dizzy spells please pray for a mircial im ready to give up no releff in sight please lord forgive me if I done any thing to you or your people . if god don’t give me my healing I’ll love him anyway and servive to the best I can.

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