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  • Dear Friends

    Please pray wife who is experiencing swelling in her body especially her belly.

    Please pray it leaves and never return.

    Thank You

    God Bless You All

  • Greeting in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
    I was so impressed to read the story about the Prophets visit to South Africa and the healing of FLorence Nightingale. i would like to request for healing upon my husband Rabi Mohanlal, he has 3 stenth placed in he arteries of the heart, and complains of pain, he is diabetic and has high blood pressure he turn 53 on 13th September. i want the Lord to completely heal him. I have a daughter Claudelle is turning 23 on 12th September and she does not go to church.she is over weight and struggling to loose weight, want the Lord to intervene. I have a lower back problem as well. we also in debt and need a financial breakthrough. I always seem to be in lack but God always comes through. God bless you and thank you Lord for deliverance. Love Sharon Mohanlal

  • We have a sis that goes to the Flagstaff church. She is a wonderful Godly lady and is in need of a miracle. Her name is Heidi Daulton. She is a mom of 5 children ranging from 15 years old, down to 6 months.

    She has ulcerative colitis. She is between life and death. They need to remove her colon. We are asking prayer warriors all over to bind together for her. Here is a message that was forwarded to me.

    Fwd: We’re going to unite in prayer again this evening at 7pm, AZ time, striking the ground again! For Heidi Daulton. Let’s agree for a miracle!

  • Dear brethren, pray for me that I may be victorious in overcoming sin. I really want to stay obedience and live according to the word of God. “Lord I thank you for the care, love and for keeping me helpfully, be with me always that I remain obedient and true to you in Jesus Christ name.

  • Dear father / brother
    Please pray for me and bless me on behalf of lord jesus. I am struggle and suffer from the allocation of project in my company. This is very important to my career growth. Please pray for me allocate project (work) soon.

    Your beloved son..

    Arjun Reddy

  • Hi , I would like prayer extremely if you have the spirit and willing desire to pray for me for I have the pressure of the world and enemy on back for quite a period , I would like prayer for God’s divine intervention and hand to break all opposition and give me wisdom with grace , love , mercy and providence to have a better realtionship with him. It will be highly appreciated


  • Please pray for me to understand and implement all that William Branham is teaching and that my ears are in tuned to hear these recordings in the night when I’m able to log on while my family sleeps. I really want to learn. I thought I knew. But, I’m realizing, I didn’t know much. God help me! And, God help my husband and sons and family in Jesus name! AMEN.

  • Hi Believers and pastors in the Lord Jesus Christ who are in line with the word of God , or Gifted please pray with me to be healed of any sicknesses and deseases those i know and dont know so as none of the diseases may have power over me , that i may be completely healed as long as Jesus Lives , and the Lord Jesus Christ may bless me in my career as a runner if marathon is not wrong , and in my studies not to fail any of my subjects in my career path.

  • Please pray for healing from cancer for my dear wife Cecily. Thank you so much and God bless your ministry, Ewan

  • God bless you saints,
    Am requesting for your prayers. i want to live a life with total obedience to the word of God and be filled with the Holy Ghost

  • God bless you saints,
    Pls pray for me, am backsliding from this message of the hour . Doing this that are not good,immorality.

  • I and my wife will always be under his words and we are ready to do what our God will tell us to do. Pray for us as will will be praying for you saints.


  • I need deliverance really bad. I hear a demonic voice all the time and it makes me smirk and all kinds of things (torments my sleep, etc..). I would appreciate your help!


  • Pls pray for me I have some disgusting spirits on me and I don’t know what to do. I know that God is the only way to get them off of me. Please Lord, you know my heart and you know that I desperately want to serve you. I love you so much Lord. In your precious name, pls help me.

  • Dear Saints of the Leaving God,
    Please, PRAY FOR ME AS I’M ABOUT TO START A CHURCH IN Bouaké, the second largest country in Ivory Coast, where there about 55 percent of the population is Muslim, and 40 denominations, with very few believers who are actually followers of EWALD FRANCK. Worse the town has undergone a 10 years war (from 2002-2011), thus drugs, sex, violence, are the daily bread here. We need your prayers to spread THE MESSAGE. I will leave Abidjan, the Ivorian Capital city, by December 2015; God bless you indeed? IN THE Powerful Name of Our Lord Jesus-Christ!
    Abraham Silué +225 08 31 32 41

  • Please pray for Keith, that God will soften and convict his heart. Pray for Gods will for his and my mothers relationship.
    Pray for my mother and that her court case will be dismissed. In Gods will always. Thank you.

  • Please pray for my mother who is depressed, heart broken, and no longer wants to live. Pray that God will restore her hope and she will not fall back into bad habits.

    I also need prayer for both my brothers. Curtis is trying to better himself and start a new job, pray that God will make a way for him to pass a background check tomorrow.

    My other brother Justin is searching for God’s will in his life and looking for direction on whether he should apply for a new position within his company. Pray that his Son feels loved and that his step mother will love him as her own child and understand what it means to be his mother too.

  • kindly remmember me in prayers for a genuine repentance unto GOD. am so beat up and bruised with the things of the world. i dont want them but am easily offended when am confronted with them. pray for me brothers

  • Please pray for Restoration of my marriage and family for my husband not to proceed with the divorce case and for him to repent for us to be together again as a family…

  • Glory to God. I’m believing in miracles for my family; friends and all in my circle of life. {near & far}
    (salvation; healing, provision, and in the in filling of the Holy Spirit!
    I believe we are indeed in the last days.

    Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart.

    In Jesus name,


  • Please pray for God to send a shepherd. Pray for Gods spirit in our lives. I pray for a real lady who is a born again christian. Father please send your Word and you Father I love you

  • Please brethren remember me in your prayers, that God should bless me with a good job, and bless my finances.

  • I have been listening to brother William Branham messages on line, and I would like to make a prayer request. My daughter has been distance from the family for several years. I have called, texted,email; she does not response. Will you pray for her to return home or contact her family (Mom and brother) or open up a weekly line of communication by phone, text, or e-mail. She use to call and e-mail every week the entire four years in college. She is very smart but may have come in contact with a person(s) who is trying to control her. I need my daughter back in our lives. If you and your prayer team would pray that the control this person(s) have over the mind and body of my daughter (Anastassia “Ana” Davis) to be destroyed and for her to reconnect with the family. I appreciate whatever you can do to help! Thank you very much for your prayers and or advice in advance.

  • Pray for the church to stand farm in the word of God all over the world. Preach the gospel with courage that as many as possible get saved in the name of Jesus Christ.

  • I have been having nerve pain since the birth of my baby last year. This pain has really affected my life negatively and I’ve lost so much hope. Please pray to God to heal me.

    • you will be remembered in our family prayer.
      Lord Jesus Christ is our healer and he will answer your prayer. keep reading the word.
      do not lose your faith.
      Lord God ease our sister from the pain i ask in our Lord Jesus Christ name, Amen.

  • Dear saints,
    I currently have two (2) burning issues on my mind and I need your prayers on my behave that our God helps me out. One (1) I sat an interview yesterday and am anticipating employment with an attractive salary, two (2) I was in the master program but had to drop from school due to finance and I need God grace and favor to help me get back in school. Brother Branham said ” prayer change things.” I believe it!!!!!

  • Please prayer for the son of of our friends Kim Reynolds His name is Stephen Vermaak. He is only 24 and came down with a staff infection from pneumonia. Had he been 15 minutes later to the Dr. they say he might not have made it. He has come out of a coma but still has several machines supporting vital functions. Life can change so quickly. Please pray for a complete healing and a life dedicated to God. He comes from a strong Christian family that beleives in the power of prayer and we are looking for a miracle and a good report. Thank you an God Bless.

  • Will you please pray for me that God will help me with this ticket that I received from 3 yrs ago a parking ticket. Its almost 400 dollars and I don’t have the money to pay for it. Thanks, Sis Lynn He knows my name.

  • Brethren please help pray for my dad who’s gonna write a promotion exam for his job soonest.we are trusting that God grant him promotion cos this could be his very last before his retirement….
    Also i ask to be remembered in prayer with the rest of my family that God will bring peace in our home cos the prophet said that where there’s no peace,nothing moves.
    Let us also remember other brides of Christ because the day we are living in is too corrupt and most of the young ones are lured into sin.

  • Please pray for me as I grow closer to the Lord. Let me understand and learn to identify and resist the devil. Please pray for my sweetheart that he pulls out of lethal addiction and that Jesus can take his hand so he can rid himself of the devil and serve the Lord forevermore.

    Please pray that me and my kids find good people who know the word all around us. Please pray that I have a safe and happy childbirth and that the Lord holds me while I birth and overcome my two previous c-sections.

    Please pray for all the brothers and sisters and that I am strong at the end and can share the word so that others can be saved. Pray all the devils are cast out of me and the Lord protects me.
    I pray this all in the name Jesus Christ.

    • We are the children of Abraham the righteous ones, devil cannot touch us b’cause Lord Jesus Christ has bruised the head of the devil and the victory is ours.
      have faith do not doubt. No one can touch the oil and wine, we are his anointed ones.
      Praise the Lord.


    • our Lord Jesus is merciful. pray earnestly with fasting and reading the word, he will forgive and also heal you.
      Gob Be with you.

  • Please pray for me to have government job in uae for aed 25,000.00 pm for my better future/permanent settlement .
    I want to confirm that I am not Christian , one of my my friend told me pray to god in the name of Christ , and jesus will help you surely.
    I would request you please pray for me , I am requesting with a hope.
    please try to understand my problems
    jesus please help me you know my situation ,

  • Hello.
    Please pray for me. I own about USD 30 000 debt to my company and to people. Please pray for me I know God does not change. He can create out of nothing.Shalom

  • Dear saint
    Please pray me I’m not sure if I’m doing right thing I met a message believer via Facebook she’s a widow ,I’m divorced. For many years have not reconciled with ex and not intending living in same country anymore,what must I do we fell in love and I just pray to god that allow me to be with her as I can’t live like this all alone

  • Dear saint
    Please pray for me as I’m travelling to Brazil in July to meet my girlfriend there pray that the lord keep us and bless us ,and pray for her healing and deliverance

  • Dear people of God,
    Pls pray for us as I and my spouse (Rosemary) gets married this coming Saturday the 7th day of March 2015.
    Ask for peace, love, protection, good weather, financial provision and above all His Wisdom that passeth all understanding.

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