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  • Dear Friends,

    I humbly request prayer for a better paid job.
    I’m the only one working in a family of five …my wife with 3 children. She has a broken leg.

    God Bless You All and may he return blessings to you too.


  • My daughter, samantha autumn nelson, was diagnosed with pancreatitis and gall stones; we prayed and believe she is healed, but our daughter gets anxiety attacks when her mother leaves the room to come home to rest. We declare all sickness disease, germs, viruses and bacteria are dead and cast into the sea. Confirm the Lord’s word to us, we ask in Jesus’ name. Leslie & Etta

  • Dear Friends,
    Please pray for our household
    for our healing, and financial life.
    We have been attacked by evil activities.
    We urgently request prayer
    God bless you all and thank you in advance and to god be the glory.

  • Praise the lord. Please pray for my family. Daughter Esther should get a good job. We want to be spiritually closer to God & want the holy spirit. Husband nature & behaviour should change totally. God bless you.

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