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Recognizing Your Day And Its Message (64-0726M)

64-0726M Recognizing Your Day And Its Message
Jeffersonville, IN
2 hr 10 min





1 Good morning, friend. Let us remain standing just a moment.
Dear God, as we in this hustle and bustle of life have paused for these
next few moments or hour, whatever it may be that Thou has provided for
us, to give praise and glory to Thee, to preach Thy Word, to know Thee
better… That's why we have gathered this morning. And we thank Thee,
God, because that there is people who are ready and have prepared
themselves to come listen. Regardless of the conditions and the time
and–that we live in, they still believe. And we thank Thee for them.
God, we are grateful to Thee for Thy great healing power, the promises
of Thy Word. How our hearts burn when we hear these testimonies. All
kinds of afflictions that's been brought upon the sons of man, Thou and
Thy grace and power and with Thy promise has healed them. And they're
here testifying, giving praise to God. We thank Thee for this. And now,
may we today hear the message that Thou hast provided for us for this
hour. As we read in Thy Word, may You give to us the context of that
which we read. Let Thy will be done in all things. For we ask it in
Jesus' Name. Amen. (May be seated.)

It's a privilege to be here this morning. I'm very happy for all of
you. And Brother Woods, Brother Roy Roberson, many of the other
brethren, has worked faithfully the last two days to air condition this
building for this purpose, 'cause last Sunday they seen how you
suffered. And they had a little money in the church treasury, and they
went to work and put it to work to make you comfortable, with the money
that you placed into the offering, to–while you can set, listen at the
message. Much cooler today than it was then. So we're grateful to God
and to you people for this opportunity.
Glad Brother Roy Borders… He wanted to kinda stay back it the back
this morning. And I told him to get his chair and set out here with
these ministers, but he wouldn't do it. As all of you know, Brother
Borders represents us in the field. So glad to have Brother Borders in,
and many other ministers and friends.

Through the week I–I get to thinking, and say, "When I get down there
Sunday, I'm going to recognize ever minister, ever person." Then when
you get here, you're so took up in the message till you just forget
everything almost, so–what it was.
Now, I got to go back to Arizona. I got to go back next Monday, a week,
back to Tucson to get the children there for school. And I'm coming
back then after that. And the wife has to be there early to begin
the–to register the children two weeks before school starts. And I…
Then I am going to return back for a while here.
And now, this is my vacation time. As you know, I've preached since
December, January, February, March, April, May, June, and July. Now,
God willing, and not any special call, this is the season that I–I–I
take my rest, my vacation; I go hunting. And I…

Now, if the Lord should call me to something else, them things are out
of the picture. God's always first, and I want Him to be first. And you
want Him to be first. But then if there's no certain call and that be
His will, that's what I'm to do now for the next couple months, is to
go hunting. Now–to rest myself. I…
You don't realize; the world will never know what I have to go through
with. See? And it's a–just such a strain. No wonder the Lord told His
disciples when He was walking with them, "Come apart into the desert,
rest awhile." See? I realize that more every day, and especially as my
days get more upon the earth. You see? As you get older you realize it.
You hear our pastor saying "amen" to that too. He–we can realize that
we're not boys after we pass fifty years old. Now… We got to have a
little time.
We're so grateful for the testimonies that we've just heard. Wife was
over at Mrs. Wood's yesterday when some people come in from down in
Alabama, somewhere down in there, and was telling about the great
things the Lord did in that meeting, the little children being healed
and different things, and so many things that… My, it'd just take a
long time to–to get it told.

Then I also have to remember that… I believe some of them told me
that Sister Larson has been here two Sundays with a little baby. I
wouldn't know, but I believe they said it was her grandchild, maybe,
for dedication. She's bringing it down from Chicago. The lady's been
very kind to us, and we are–appreciate her. And she brought a little
baby from Chicago for dedication, which she has quite a little time to
get it out, I think, for dedication; but she's interested in this child
being dedicated to the Lord. So if Sister Larson will while I'm
speaking, if she'll just bring that baby up for this dedicational

And then perhaps while she's making ready, I–I want to say that this
has been the hardest message that I ever did try to prepare until last
night. Through the week I would go into the room to try to set aside
after my calls and things, to–to try to get something on my mind for
the hour. And when I would go, I–I couldn't even… My mind was blank.
And yesterday I went into the basement. I thought it was too hot, so I
went down into the basement, set down there. And I'd try to get my
Bible and read, and I'd fall asleep. Then I would get up, and get a
drink of water, and try to shake myself, and go outside, and walk
around, set on the step.
Somebody come by and caught me with my shirt off, setting on the step;
it was so hot. They waved. I didn't know whether they waved…
Somebody, it might've been somebody here local in the city or it
might've been somebody in the church, waved at me. And I–I was so
thinking; I–I just happened to glance as the car passed by. I waved.

Last night I got into the car and went up in around towards
Charlestown, trying to get something. The Lord, seemed like, wanted to
tell me something, but I–Satan was trying to stand in my way to keep
me from doing it. So I thought, "Well, if he does that, I'm just going
to keep on tarrying, just keep on waiting, pounding at the door until
He opens. So then just a few moments ago, or just about a little after
seven o'clock this morning… I was up real early.
Yesterday, a little sick, trying… I'd eaten some corn that hadn't
agreed with me just right, being real hot, and I–I was trying to get
away from that. And–and then this morning about eight o'clock, I
happened to pick up a Scripture that's astounded me. And I looked at
that Scripture again, and again It astounded me. And I went following
It through the Scripture; and I just got through a few minutes ago. So
it may be that the Lord has a message for us this morning that Satan
has tried to keep from us.
Would you bring the little one here, Sister Larson? [Brother Branham dedicates the child–Ed.] God be with them and help them.

Now, I have been keeping you last Sunday two days, and I think–or two
services, morning and evening, and that makes it hard on you. I
understood that–that some of you have to travel so far, and miss a
days work, and so forth. So even if we're going to leave
Sunday–Monday, a week, I'll just announce the service for next Sunday,
the Lord willing (See?), unless the congregation would want it to
be–stay over for the night. See? That's–that's up… There's so many
of you. How many would rather it be tonight, let's see–have the
services tonight? Now, would rather have it next Sunday, raise your
hand. Next… Oh, my, that's a close one. What say? Now, Ben… Amen.

I got… This message is long this morning, but I–I don't know just
how… And I know I help make the rules of the church, but in there if
you'll notice I said, "Except I am taping." See, so this is taping. So
maybe we will try to get back both times tonight and next Sunday then,
we'll–if the Lord's willing.
Now, if you don't get a message this week, then you come next Sunday. I
hate to have you come twice like that, but I feel we haven't got but
just a little more time. And just remember, if time moves on, we're not
going to have this privilege very long. See? Remember, something will
take place. Either the law will stop us or Satan will move among you
and scatter you. It's always been that way. See? Something will take
place. So let's appreciate every minute that we're together.

So now, to those who have to go back to your homes tonight, it'd be
like last Sunday night. I just had a–a little short message. And so
you–if you want it on tape, why, we'll sure send you the tape if you
have to go back home. If not, I'm going to preach tonight if the Lord
I had a note yesterday or–or day before yesterday, a little message
I'd jotted down from memory of something, and–it's from a long time.
It's two messages of–kinda between one of them is "A Leaking Cistern,"
or either the–"Sowing to the Wind and Reaping a Whirlwind," just a
Gospel message. This morning is teaching. And so tonight I'll either
speak on "Sowing to the Winds and Reaping a Whirlwind," or either, "A
Cistern That Is Leaking."

21 And this morning I want to read from the holy Writ now. And are you comfortable? Say, "Amen." [Congregation replies, "Amen."–Ed.]
That's good. Now, I want you in your Bibles to turn with me to the Book
of Hosea, you who desire to read. And let us read a few verses out of
the 6th chapter of the Book of Hosea the prophet. And shall we stand.

Dear God, we are unworthy to take this Book into our hands, for we read
in the Scriptures that no man in heaven or in earth or beneath the
earth was worthy or even able to take the Book or even to look upon It.
Oh, and there came One that had been–like a lamb had been slain; He
took the Book, for He was worthy; and He loosed the seals thereof. And
we're looking to Him this morning to reveal these contexts that's
written in the Book, because it is the Book of redemption; all that is
redeemed is written therein. May we find our position this morning in
the time that we're living. For we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Come now, and let us return to the LORD: for he hath torn, and he will heal us; he has smitten, and he will bind us up.

After two days will he receive us: in the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight.

Then shall we know, if we follow on to know
the LORD: his going forth is prepared as the morning; and he shall come
unto us as rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth.

Ephraim, what shall I do unto thee? O Judah, what shall I do unto thee?
for your goodness is as a morning cloud, and as the early dew it goeth

have I hewed them by the prophets; I have slain them by the words of my
mouth: and thy judgments are as the light that goeth forth.

For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God more than burnt-offering.

But they like man have transgressed the
covenant: they have–they have dealt treacherously against me. Gilead
is a city of them that work iniquity, and is polluted with blood.

And as troops of robbers wait for a man, so the company of priests murder in the way by consent: and… commit lewdness.

I have seen an horrible thing in the house of Israel: there is the whoredom of Ephraim, Israel is defiled.

Also, O Judah, he has sent an harvest for thee, when I return the captive of my people.

Lord Jesus, draw from this by Thy Holy Spirit the context that's intended, as we wait further on Thee. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Now, my subject this morning is: "Recognizing Your Day and It's
Message." We see from last Sunday's lesson, as we taught the Feast of
the Trumpets… And I want to call to your attention now, the
time–time of Israel in God's timepiece.
We are dealing today upon a Sunday school lesson that I want you to
realize and recognize the time that we're living. We're just about to
run out, as you see. And then by this you should know the very hour,
and time, and sign, and Message that you are to receive.

Now, as we started last Sunday… We've been speaking of going to
preach on the Trumpets, the last Seven Trumpets of the Bible. And me in
myself, I thought they would break forth just like the Seals. But I've
noticed on each one of these openings there has been a tremendous thing
happen. And as we preached the Seven Church Ages… And they were so
perfectly, until the Holy Spirit Himself come down among us and
vindicated it, and put it upon the papers, and throwed it across the
nation, and showed it in the moon in the heavens, and proved it to us
weeks and months before it happened that–just the way it would be,
perfectly. Here in the tabernacle He made it known. Here on the–in the
time He made it known. On the moon and the sun He made it known. And in
the position of the nations at this time He made it known, as the
hierarchy of Rome left and went back to Palestine; supposedly had been
the first pope back since (they claim) Peter, being the pope. Now, it
was so tremendous.

Then we see before the Seven Seals that hid all the mysteries… Me not
knowing what I was drawing on the board for the church ages, I never…
God knows. Just by vision I drawed it, not knowing that God, a year and
six months later was going to vindicate it in the skies by the moon and
slip it across the national papers. I didn't know that. I didn't know
there'd be a mysterious blackout in the moon to represent this Laodicea
Now, on the papers you only get the six ages. It's because the Laodicea
church was blacked out completely. And if you notice the spiritual
application? As God said it in the heaven… When I said it here on
earth, I left a little bitty space, as you see, just a teeny little bit
of light; that was just before the very elected was to be called from
the earth, the reason I placed it on there for the seventh age; but
when God put it in the heavens it was totally blacked out. Means maybe
the last one is called from that Laodicea age; we don't know. There
could be a sermon on it.

Now, notice again before the–the Seven Seals, which I had no idea it
was that way… Here at the tabernacle He spoke of it and sent me to
Tucson, Arizona, telling you all what would happen. And there's men
setting present today who was there to see it happen just exactly the
way it was told here would happen: seven angels would come. Then the
newspapers packed that, and the magazines, across the nation:
Mysterious circle of Light, in a form of a pyramid, just like I drawed
it here and showed you, raised up from where those angels was standing
and went thirty miles high and was twenty-seven miles across, or either
twenty-seven miles high and thirty miles across, I forget which it was.
And was seen throughout the states, just up above Tucson, Arizona,
right where it happened, same time.

See, the–the Bible… God is not just… This is just not someone
trying to–to press something to you, but to reveal to you the very
spiritual application of this hour.
And then, the next message… That opened up the Seven Seals, which
undone all the hidden mysteries of the Bible, the doctrines and so
forth, which the world so rudely attacks nowadays, attacks it and says
it's wrong, this, that…
Here the other day in Arizona, splicing tapes to try to make me say
things that I didn't say. Just remember the vision about the Arizona
proposition. The Bible said it was far better for you that you had a
rock at your neck. And another thing: "That whosoever (let him be
preacher or what he will) will take one word away from It or add one
word to It…" People putting their own interpretation upon the Word as
It's been given, trying to make It say something that I did not say,
and not my word, It's His Word. "Who shall add to or take away…"
And then in the vision we seen these prophets whirl down, as I
explained to you, I believe, several Sundays ago. It'll all be. I said,
"Just keep away from it." As long as I'm fighting it, then God can't
fight it. But let's let Him have it. He's the One Who takes care of it.

Now, we noticed last Sunday there was–preaching the feast days… And
there was a feast of Pentecost. And between the feast of Pentecost and
the feast of Trumpets there was a long period of time, exactly fifty
days between Pentecost and the feast of the Trumpets. And fifty days,
which Pentecost means "fifty"; and it was the sheaf-waving, or the
in-gathering, the firstfruits of the harvest was brought in. And we see
that it was in type back there with the natural firstfruits,
representing the firstfruits of the Holy Spirit to be poured out upon
the people. And we find out then that them fifty days was received by
the Gentiles, which God called from the Gentiles a people for His
Name–the feast of the Pentecost. And we have been going through that
long feast of Pentecost.
Now, actually from the fifty days would be exactly seven sabbaths. And
seven sabbaths represented the seven church ages to be called in the
time of the Pentecostal–feast of Pentecost, to call a people from the
Gentiles for His Name. Now, at the end of these seven Sabbaths which
has been, there was to be the Day of Atonement, which was the Seven
Trumpets. And the Seven Trumpets was to call a day of mourning back for
the sacrifice or the atonement. And we find out then that Israel–the
Seven Trumpets pertained only to Israel.

And then, why He wouldn't let me preach them Seven Trumpets… I even
was ready to announce it, had the halls ready and everything to go into
to preach the Seven Trumpets. And I said, "There's something bothering
me so bad." I said… We kept on working, and Billy and all of us,
trying to get everything ready for the air-conditioned building for
this next coming week for the Seven Trumpets, having ten days–or eight
days: had the school auditorium. But the Holy Spirit wouldn't let me do
it for some reason. And I wondered why. And when I went in to pray… I
told the wife, "I'm going in." And sincerely I knelt down before God to
pray. And He revealed to me them that seven trumpets sounded under the
Sixth Seal, and I've done preached it, supernaturally. See? It's the
hand of God, the whole thing. It pertains to Israel; and we picked it
up under the Sixth Seal, you all who have that, how the persecution of
the Jews…

The time of the Gentiles has been in this Pentecostal feast. The
trumpets, under–all of them was sounded under the Sixth Seal. And we
picked it up last Sunday under the Feast of the Trumpets, if you all
want to get it. What was it to do? To rush the Jews from all parts of
the world back into their homeland. It must be there. And the opening
of the Seals under the Sixth Seal and under… The seven trumpets
sounded in the–in the Sixth Seal.
Now, the seventh angel's Message is to open the mystery of the Seals,
calling the eleventh hour Gentile workers to receive the same pay that
the first hour workers got. See? Now, Jesus taught it. He said there
was some peoples went into the harvest. They were hired, and when they
did–of a early morning–they received a–a–a time, a penny for the
day. And then at noontime someone else come in and went to work. And
then at the eleventh hour, that's the last hour of the day, that
someone come in and received the same kind of pay that they did at the
first hour of the day, last hour.
It's so perfectly, how the first hour messengers with the Word, with
the Gospel, with the Truth, they came in at the day of Pentecost. Then
there was a dark age that blocked them out. Then at the middle of the
day, Luther, and Wesley, and them came in. And then there is to be an
evening time Message, and to receive the same thing that they did at
the beginning. The evening time Message is to restore back again, to
bring back that same thing again.

And remember the vision of last week, that when the Bride came to
be–preview of it. There came up the little Bride, lovely, in the
vision. And I–not thinking about it, just setting there watching
outside. And there come the Bride. I heard a Voice by the side of me,
said, "Here is a preview of the Bride." And She came by. I noticed Her,
the way she was, very lovely, pretty, young. She was walking just the
step as She could, not a march, just in the stride of a–a woman, how
they walk gracefully, ladylike. That's the way She was walking, coming
to my left on this side. And She went out of my sight.

Then He turned me to the right side, and He showed me each church as
they've come up out of the ages. And oh, how vulgar. And the last one
was this last day church age, which was led by a witch. And they were
so immorally dressed, so filthy looking. And they were marching to the
time of twist and rock-and-roll. And those women throwing themselves
just in twist, with holding just paper, gray, hypocritical. The word…
Gray is between a white and a black, which is a deceiving color. Gray
is neither white or black. It's a deceiving color. And gray-looking
paper, holding in front of them, with lace-like hula skirts, holding in
front of them; and completely nude from their waist up. And was
marching to the–or time, or twisting, and carrying on with that music,
walking up. And said, "That is the church."
And when it passed by me, my heart like to fainted. I thought, "If
that's what is trying to be presented to Christ as a bride… Of all
the efforts and things that men has put forth to try to bring forth a
bride for Christ–and a vulgar, dirty, filthy-looking prostitute like
that to be the bride of Christ." It made me sick at my heart.

And as she passed, after she… Coming before where we was standing,
she was holding the paper in front of her, twisting, and rocking, and
moving herself one side and then the other side as she went, like the
modern dances they have of this day, using herself in an immoral act as
she was marching on.
I'm not responsible for these things. I can only say what I seen. And God is my Judge. But that was the church from U.S.A.
Now, as she passed by, the whole back part had no covering at all. And then as she passed by I felt faint and sickly.
Then He said, "The Bride will come into preview again." And here the
Bride came behind her, the very same looking Bride that passed at the
beginning. Then my heart jumped for joy to know that there will be a
Bride. And she'll be made of the same thing and clothed in the same
thing that the one was at the beginning. She is to be called. And I
know that is the Truth. If that isn't true, then every vision that I've
had in the back has been wrong. And anyone knows that not one thing has
He ever told us but what was the Truth. It come to pass just…
And can you see then the filthiness of the modern church, calling herself a church?

As someone said the other day, Brother Ruddell a precious brother of
mine, standing against the wall over there now, that he seen it like a
sucker on a vine. And we was discussing it in the room the other day.
And Brother Ruddell was disturbed about the conditions of time and
the–and the feeling of the spirit in the churches today, how it's
begin to drop down. Ministers coming from everywhere, interviews out
here asking, "What has happened, Brother Branham, what has happened?"
Oh, my.
Brother Ruddell asked me the question, "Are they living off of the spirit of Satan, or what?"
I said, "No, the sucker lives off of the strength of the vine." It
lives, because the citrus fruit… A–a lemon will grow in an orange
tree, but it will not bear oranges, though it lives by its life. And
the church, so-called, only is a grafted sucker living under the name
of religion, under the name of the church, Catholic and Protestant,
just suckers pulling the–from the strength of the Vine, and yet
bearing the fruit of what they are, because they wasn't converted. They
wasn't in the original predestinated plan of God. That's the reason
they have to deny the Word and bear other kind of fruit. The real
genuine tree and its root was predestinated to bring forth oranges on
an orange tree. Jesus said, "I am the Vine; you're the branches."
But if that tree ever puts forth another branch, it will bear its
original fruit. And there's got to be a restoration of all these things
right at the end of the Vine. There is to become forth a restoration,
an evening Light to light it up and to make it right. But it will come
out of the Vine, not a denomination that's grafted into It, but a
original production of the Word. It's to come forth for the evening
time. And there'll be Light in the evening time. It takes the light to
ripen it.

See how perfectly the Scripture is: "A day that won't be called day or
night." Fruit cannot ripen unless the sun ripens it. No matter how much
you preach, whatever you do, it cannot be ripened; it cannot be
manifested; it cannot be vindicated, only by Him who said, "I am the
Light of the world, the Word." So there has to come forth a–a–a
power, the Holy Spirit Himself, to ripen, or to vindicate, or to prove,
or to make manifested that what He's predicted would happen in this
day. The evening Light produces that. What a time.
The Bride passed in the same position as She was when She was at the
beginning. But I was watching her getting out of step, and trying to
pull her back. Now, much could be said on these things, of the day that
we're living.

Now, Hosea said in 6:1, "Return to the Lord." Remember, he said that
they would be scattered, and they were. He said they'll return to the
Lord after they'd been scattered, and He would–will bind them up.
Notice. Return… Be scattered… The second… They were torn and was
blinded. That's just exactly what happened. "He will heal us and bind
us up," like Ezekiel 37, the dry bones, the valley full of dry bones.
Ezekiel saw it, their return again. Then notice, Hosea said, "After two
days… (After two days He would return to them.) He will receive us
and give us–revive us." Now, revive doesn't mean "resurrection."
Revive there is the same word used anywhere else (I looked it up),
means "a revival." "He will revive us after two days." That would be in
the third day. "He will revive us again after He's scattered us, and
blinded us, and tore us."
You know, the Jews were blinded for the very purpose that we could have
sight. They were torn apart and scattered as a nation, and rejected
their Messiah that we might receive the Messiah, that there might be a
people called out of the Gentile for His Namesake.

Now, the man comes forth, and the woman takes his name. These blinded
Gentiles who can't see that Name, the Lord Jesus Christ, in baptism,
it's just too bad, but it has to be that way. The Jews, they had
to–they had to not see that. There's only one can see it; that's the
one who's predestinated to see it. Otherwise you'll never see it. The
Jews cannot see that being their Messiah, and yet they were scholars
and theologians, men of great renown scholarship, read the same Bible
that you read. Now, after it's been made know to us, we can see it
plain that was Messiah. But they couldn't see it. Neither can they see
it today. They are prophesied to be blinded too.
The church this day is prophesied to be blinded to reject the evening
time Message; Revelation 3 said so; "Thou art wretched, miserable…"
Notice the Bride's condition the other night–or the church: naked,
blind, and don't know it. Lord Jesus, be merciful to us. The Bible said
she was naked. I never saw it till just now. Laodicea church was naked.
And when she appeared the other night, she was naked (never noticed
it), and didn't know it.

Oh, how thankful, how… No wonder we are so grateful. I feel that
we're not grateful enough for the things that God is making known to us.
Naked, and the vision said–showed me she was naked and didn't know it.
Blinded. As Israel was blinded, so that the Gentiles could come in, now
the Gentiles are blinded so the Bride can be taken out and Israel can
receive their feast of trumpets. Just perfectly.
"After two days He will revive us (or give us a revival), bringing us
together (the Jews speaking on these trumpets now). And He shall–and
we shall live in His sight (or have Eternal Life. See?). We'll be in
His sight." The Bible said here in Hosea, said, "And we shall live in
His sight–like–have Life in His sight (That's His own Life, Eternal
Life), have Life in His sight." She that lives in pleasure's dead while
she's alive. So we promise that Israel again would have Life in His
sight. She's been dead to the facts and to the Pentecostal feast.

Notice carefully. Then after two days… Now, that didn't mean two
twenty-four hour days, 'cause it's been–that happened way back yonder
many hundreds of years ago. See? It meant two days with the Lord–after
two thousand years. Now, you know how long it's been since that time?
It's been twenty-seven hundred years since that, 'cause in Hosea here
it's B.C. 780–1964. See, it's been something over twenty-seven hundred
years ago. He said, "After two days, in the third day He will revive us
again and give us Life in His sight." There's your Trumpets coming in.
That's the hour that we're living, the day that we're living.

Now, they have been scattered, blinded, gathered, and are far into the
third day. You see it? They were scattered from Palestine throughout
the world. They were blinded to reject the Messiah. And now they have
been gathered in their homeland, ready for the Trumpets to recognize
the Atonement. As the Bible said, when they receive it and find Him
with the nail scars (after the church is taken), and they say, "Where
did You get these scars?" He said, "In the house of My friends." And He
said they would separate, each family, and would cry and weep for days
like a family that lost their only son. And remember, that feast of
Trumpets was to do that–to weep, mourn for the killed Sacrifice; and
they had rejected It.
They're in their land. They were scattered, blinded, and now gathered.
And it was all under that Sixth Seal their Seven Trumpets sounded to
gather them together. The Sixth Trumpet… That seventh is that great
Trumpet (as we had last Sunday). The Six Trumpets sounded under the
Sixth Seal just like our Sixth Seal opened, everything at the same
time; only theirs all sounded at once, where we've been two thousand
years in the Pentecostal feast.

Now, twenty-seven hundred years since that time… He said, "In the
third day we'll be gathered again. After two days, in the third day
we'll be gathered again and receive Life in His sight." Do you see the
promise? The hour perfectly wrote on the wall. We see where we are
Now, in the homeland waiting for the feast of the trumpets, or the
recognizing of the Atonement, and to wait for the coming, to mourn for
their rejection of the first time that they rejected it; they're in the
homeland for that, waiting where they all… Everything is positionally
As a minister of the Gospel I can't see one thing left but the going of
the Bride. And the Bride has to be taken away before they could
recognize what's happened. They were bound, scattered; I mean, they
were scattered, blinded, and now gathered. What's left? The Bride to be
taken out of the way, waiting for the going of her Bride, so their
prophets of Revelations 11 can call them to the feast of the trumpets,
to make them to recognize what they have done.

Remember, right between those Seals came forth the Sixth Seal, and
there was the hundred and forty-four thousand chosen and called. And
between the Sixth and Seventh Trumpet, Revelations 11 appears right
there exactly in line with the Sixth Seal.
What to do? What was it to do? And this was to bring forth two
witnesses, Moses and Elias, prophets; which the Jews only believe their
prophets. And they'll come forth with the sign of the prophets, and
their work will be that of the prophet, for they did exactly, showing
one thing, that men when you die, or whatever–when you leave this
world your nature doesn't change. If you're a liar now, you'll be a
liar there. If you're hotheaded here, you'll be hotheaded there. If
you're a doubter here, you'd be a doubter there.

Men and women, it's time to shake yourselves and to examine yourselves,
and see where we are standing. For death does not change it. They've
been gone for two thousand years; Moses for about twenty-five hundred
years, and Elijah for–ever since–almost twenty-five hundred years has
Elijah been gone and Moses has been gone. And here they return with the
same nature and do the same thing. Death doesn't do nothing to a man
but change his dwelling place, doesn't change your nature, doesn't
change your faith, doesn't change nothing in you but your dwelling
So which a-way your nature is this morning… If you're a doubter of
God's Word, you'd be a doubter over there. I don't care how holy you
are, how you live, and how good you live, it wouldn't change you one
bit to die, just your dwelling place. And if you can't accept the whole
Word of God the way It's written, you wouldn't do it there; so don't
worry; you won't be there. You've got to accept It in Its fullness, in
the power of Its vindication and the revelation of what It is; then you
become a part of It. It's only His Word that He'll raise up, as He did
His Word on the first Easter morning. Only His Word came forth and
those who had died in His Word, believing His Word, and vindicated His

Notice. Now, that's been twenty-seven hundred years ago. Notice, they
were scattered; they were blinded; and now they've been gathered. Now,
the next thing is that they are to receive Life.
And the Gentiles are called out. The Bride's ready. The rapture is at
hand. Can we realize that? Can we actually believe that? Is it a story
that's been told? Is it a myth to us? Is it a something that sounds
real? Is it something that we outside can believe? Or is it something
that's in us, that's part of us, that its more than life to us? What
attitude do we set in this morning in this tabernacle? Remember it'll
be a small flock that receives it.
Now, in the homeland waiting for the trumpets. Now, waiting for the
going of there Bride so that Revelation 11 can be fulfilled. The church
age has ceased. The Seals has been opened that prove what they left out
in the church age. And the Message has been given. Israel is on the
scene (Hallelujah.), ready for the feast of trumpets.

Oh, you men in other lands where you'll hear this tape, can't you wake
up, my brother? Or does it blind you? Would you throw it out and call
it false prophecy when it's vindicated right before you by the world,
by the time, by the peoples, and by the Holy Spirit Who wrote It. It's
vindicated both naturally, spiritually, materially. Everything that He
said is fulfilled and proven.
Israel in her land; drove them in there, herded them in there like
sheep. The wolves got after her and run them back to safety to their
own land. Remember, Israel was only promised to be blessed as long as
she was in her land. God never blesses Israel outside of the land.
Abraham went outside of the land, was condemned. Everyone that leaves
the land is condemned. God only can bless Israel when she stays in her
homeland. And she's there now as a nation. And the church is called.
She's just only waiting for the rapture of the Bride taken out.
The Seals are open. It's revealed to us. We see what they left off. You
that want to debate and fuss about the serpent's seed, and water
baptism, and so forth, you're blinded and don't know it. The god of
this world has blinded you to it, and you don't know it. (No wonder I
had such a time this morning fighting through them pressures.)
So the–their prophets can be revealed in this last day. Can't do it though the trumpet of the–till the feast of the trumpets.

He said through Hosea, "I have hewed… (Now, watch, Israel He's
talking to.)… I have hewed…" In other words, "I have
chopped–chopped them out through the prophets." That's how God does
His people. He chopped them out from the rest of the nations. What by?
His two-edged Sword, His Word. He chopped them, His nation from the
nations. He chopped His nation from the nations by the prophets, His
vindicated Word. So has He chopped His Bride from the denominations by
His Word promised by Malachi 4 in the last day. Chopped out His Bride,
hewed Her from the rest of the churches, hewed out His Bride.
He chopped out His prophets–with His prophets with the Word, chopping Israel. "Separate yourself from the rest of them."

Look it… When they wanted to act like the rest of them, they came to
the prophet Samuel. He said, "Have I ever took your money? Have I ever
spoke to you anything in the Name of the Lord but what happened?"
They said, "No, that's–that's right, but we still want a king."
That's they way the churches has did. "Oh, we believe the Word. It's
all right; but know, they–we say we should do this." I don't care what
they say; the Word is right.
Waiting. He's chopped them out through the prophets.
What time is it, brother? What time is it, minister? Do you see the
time of the day and the sign you're living under? Can you understand
it? Do you see it?

Everywhere now there's no revival. Everybody's complaining, ministers
crying. I was reading one of the–the outstanding papers that comes
here to the church, a very fine paper. And I know the editor, and I
know the people. And they're godly people, very fine, Brother and
Sister Moore, of the "Herald of His Coming," one of the finest papers
on the field, "Herald of His Coming." But they hardly will print
anything unless it's about, "Fast, pray, fast, pray. Sound a trumpet.
Get…" How many reads it? You know, you see it all the time. "Fast,
pray, fast, pray!" That's all you hear. "Fast, pray. We're going to
have a great breaking of the day. There's a great thing going to
happen. All of you pray, pray, pray. We're not too late yet."
Why do they do that? Why do they do that? They want a great awakening.
They're crying, believing that there will be awakened. They're good
people. Why is it? What have they done? They have not recognized the
awakening of the Bride. See? By being a Christian they feel the pull of
the hour, but they haven't recognized what's been done. That's what's
making them feel that way. They know something's supposed to happen;
but (See?), they are looking for it way off in the future to come, when
it's already happened right by you.
That's the same thing they did in the old days. They was believing in a
coming Messiah. They believed that there'd be a forerunner come. But it
was right on them and they didn't know it. They didn't recognize it.
They believed there would come a forerunner that would forerun the
Messiah. And they cut his head off and killed their Messiah, because it
was prophesied that they'd be blinded. Hosea said so.

And the same Spirit that spoke to Hosea spoke through John, and said
the church in this last days would be naked and blind, and would put
Him outside of the church. They failed to see those prophecies
fulfilled. But being in there they realize that something has got to
happen. They just don't get it. They don't realize it. Much like the
Jews of old times, blinded Laodicea: riches, theology, hostile with the
church, hostile towards the Message… Look how hostile those Jews was
with John. Look how hostile they was with Jesus, when He was the very
One that they claimed that they were looking for.
[Electrical fuse blows in Branham Tabernacle–Ed.] I believe we blowed a fuse. I suppose that cuts the tape recorders off too. It doesn't. All right.

86 They were hostile towards the Message…
What happens is the–so much momentum… Each one of you are a heating
unit. There's no way to keep the church perfectly normal in the–under
those times, 'cause you see, each one of you are ninety-eight Btu's,
normally. And you just don't just set there like that; you're
constantly putting out heat. There's enough air in here now to freeze
the place up, but with the heating unit going forth you–you can't do
Notice. Hostile, but now like the Jews of old, blinded, they are at
Laodicea. They're naked, miserable, wretched, and don't know it. Day of
riches, great theological teachings, great education, and now they have
become hostile towards the Message. They want nothing to do with it,
just like it was back in the days when Jesus of Nazareth was on earth.

The reason people in Noah's day did not go into the ark, because they
never recognized the message nor the messenger. That's the only reason
they perished, is because they didn't recognize the hour that they were
living. They didn't recognize that God would deal with sin as He
promised He would. He'd destroy man from the face of the earth. He had
prophesied it. He meant it. And he means it today the same as He did
But the people, instead of being favorable towards Noah… He was
considered a wild man. They didn't believe him to be a prophet. You
know, Jesus, His own self, told us how they scoffed in the days of
Noah, made fun of him, called him a fanatic, and whatmore. But they
didn't recognize their hour. They didn't recognize the day. They didn't
recognize the sign. They didn't recognize the message. They didn't
recognize the messenger, but put him from their midst and laughed at
him. Jesus said, "As it was in the days of Noah…"

With Israel in her land and everything setting now, and the Message is
just perfectly moving in, what day are we living, brother? Where are we
They didn't know the day. They didn't know. That's the reason they
missed it, is because they didn't recognize it. They were like the
day–somewhat like the people today, blinded by scientific proofs, by
educational systems, by theological seminaries. And things that blinded
them in that day, it's done the same thing today. It's blinded them
again. And also, the simplicity–simplicity of the Message and the

Noah wasn't scientific. He wasn't a educated man. He was a poor farmer,
humble, with a simple message. It was too simple for their high
learning. So is it today. God always makes it simple to get the people
who will believe and trust Him. It's a different, just a different
Message but the same God. I want you to believe it and understand that
God has spoke it.
Jesus said they scoffed at His prophet Noah. And as they scoffed in
that day, so will they do it again at His coming. They would do the
same thing. That's the reason that Pharaoh drowned in the sea. He never
recognized his day. He never recognized what was going on. He was too
took up in the achievements of his scientific age to build cities with
slave labor. He was too–he was too busy to recognize the opportunity
that he had, and he turned God's prophet messenger out into the
wilderness. He didn't recognize it; that's the reason that them things
went the way they did. He never recognized it. If he would've only
recognized the promised Word of God to that people…

And if the churches today would only recognize, if the churches would
only recognize the Word of God that's made this promise for this hour
to the people, they wouldn't perish. If America could only recognize
the Constitution that she drawed up, she wouldn't be willing to take
Bibles out of the schools, take the Name of God off of coins, and
pledge allegiance under God. But she doesn't recognize it. Why? She's
blind and naked. She can't recognize the blood of those precious boys
that's died on the fields for this privilege. They're forgotten;
they're dust.

But there's One Who does remember the shed of the blood of the
prophets, the cost that it taken to bring this Gospel to us today, how
the thousands has been eaten by lions and throwed into the dens, have
been sawed asunder, burnt, crucified; God recognizes it. The church has
forgot their prophets; they don't need them anymore; they claim. But
God knows He's got to have them. He hews His people by His Word. But
it's too old fashion to them in this day. They don't recognize it.
That's the reason they're in the condition they are. That's the reason
they're naked, miserable, blind, wretched, and don't know it, is
because they don't recognize the hour that we're living. They don't
notice it.

Moses, he recognized his day and his calling when he saw the promise of
God's Word for that day vindicated. He knew then and realized what he
was and what he was to do by the promised Word. So he didn't fear what
anybody said. He wasn't ashamed of his message, though every priest and
every Pharaoh, everything, every authority, disagreed with him. But he
recognized when he saw that Light, that Pillar of Fire hanging in that
bush, and spoke to him the Word that was promised for that day, and
said, "I've called you to go do it." He feared not the–the great
threats of the king. He went down to bring those people to an exodus
like the Word of God had promised.

Seeing the promise vindicated, he made the people ready for their
exodus. When? When he saw the promise of God vindicated. Remember, he
run with his theology; he run with his training. But when he saw the
Word of God made manifest, he saw it vindicated, "I AM THAT I AM," then
he didn't care what anybody said. He didn't fear what Pharaoh would do
with him. He didn't fear what the rest of them would do. He only feared
God, that he might misunderstand God, or some way that he might
misunderstand God. He didn't fear the people and what they would say or
what they would do. He only feared God after he recognized that it was
the Word of God.
He couldn't understand how a man like him would be sent down there. But
when he recognized by the vindicated Word what it was, then he didn't
fear the king's commandments. If he'd only recognize. If we today could
only recognize… Moses recognized it when he seen the Word vindicated,
seen the vindication made proved. He was ready for the exodus for the

Job never recognized that it was God. As long as the devil can–can
make you believe sometime that the little trials you go through is–is
God punishing you… It was God trying to show him something. Job never
recognized it till he saw a vision like Moses. When Moses saw the
vision, the Pillar of Fire in the bush, it was vindicated. And when Job
in his question: "If a man dies, can he live again? I see a tree die,
and it lives again. I see a flower dies, and it lives again. (That was
his question.) But man layeth down; he giveth up the ghost; he wasteth
away. His sons come to mourn, and he perceive it not. Oh, that Thou
would hide me in the grave until Thy wrath be passed." He couldn't
understand why a flower would die and live again, how a leaf would go
off of a tree, down, and lay on the ground, and come back again in the
spring. He said, "Man layeth down, and where does he go? I believe God;
but what happens to a man?
But then one day the lightning begin to flash; the thunders begin to
roar; the Spirit come upon the prophet, and he saw the coming of a Man
who could put His hand upon a sinful man and the holy God would bridge
the way. Then he screamed, "I know my Redeemer liveth. Though the skin
worms destroys this body, yet in my flesh I'll see God." He recognized
what the resurrection was.

Balaam never recognized the Angel until the mule spoke in tongues.
Balaam could not recognize that a Angel was standing in his way. A
blinded preacher could not recognize that it was God standing in the
way trying to keep him from selling his gift for money. And when the
mule spoke in a human voice, then Balaam recognized that it was the
Angel standing in his way trying to keep him from doing what he was
Oh, you blinded denominations, if God can use a mule that's dumb to
speak in a language that he doesn't know to reveal to a minister that
he's out of the way, can't he use a man to do the same thing? Blinded

102 If Ahab had only recognized his day he would've never condemned the prophet Micaiah, with the Word of God of promise to him.
Ahab stood there that day, him and–and Jehoshaphat… And when they
had four hundred prophets out there prophesying, saying, "Go up,
everything's all right. Ahab you're living in sin. You made us a great
denomination; we're a great people; we're a great ministry. Here we
are; we're four hundred trained priests–or prophets. We are four
hundred trained in the Word and theology. We know all about it," so now
it proved that they didn't know all about It.
The man that they called a crazy man in the generation before them,
Elijah, the true prophet of God, that prophesied, "THUS SAITH THE LORD,
the dogs will lick your blood, Ahab."… See?
But those priests, manmade prophets, thought they had it all fixed up
just right. They said, "Father Abraham–or father Ahab, go up, the
Lord's with you. You got the Scripture, because God gave this land to
Israel. It belongs to Israel. Go up, the Lord is with you." Oh, my.

But you know, Jehoshaphat, one that hadn't mingled in sin like Ahab
had, he saw things a little different. He said, "Isn't there another
He said, "We got one here, but I hate him." See? What was God doing?
Chopping his people out with a prophet again. "I hate him. He doesn't
do nothing but just condemn me all the time. And you know I'm a great
man. I wouldn't have this seminary down here if I wasn't a great
believer. I've got well trained men. I set them down there with books,
and Bibles, and everything else to teach this. And I know they're great
men." But if Ahab would only recognized who that guy was, this poor
little ragged-looking fellow, the son of Imlah, standing there telling
him "THUS SAITH THE LORD," he'd have never made that fatal mistake that
he made. But he condemned Micaiah. He never did…
Oh, people, recognize the age that you're living in. Look what's
happened. Look what's promised. Recognize the day that you're living.

If the church denomination today could only recognize why they are
being condemned and their members are fleeing from them like Israel out
of Egypt, if the denominations would only quit condemning those tapes
and would listen to them… And you preacher, listening to this tape,
you listen. If you'd only recognize the hour that you're living, if
you'd only recognize the sign of the time, you'd see why all the people
are running from them denominations. The Spirit of the Lord calling…
"No man can come to Me," said Jesus, "except My Father draws him. And
all that the Father has in past times given Me, will come."

Like the little woman at the well and the priest, how different they
was. The handwriting is on the wall of today again. They see it, but
they don't recognize it.
If the Jews only had recognized the promised sign of their Messiah
according to their last prophet; Malachi 3 said, "Behold, I send My
messenger before My face and shall prepare the way." And they claimed
they were looking for Him. What a–what exactly a parallel till–to
They claim they're looking for something to happen. The churches are
all praying, and fasting, and saying, "Now, let us pray. Let us get
together. We've got to have a great thing to happen. We know there's
something great to happen; the church has got to get ready." That's
what they're praying about.

That's what they was praying about there. And there come John the
Baptist. Because he rejected their seminaries, because he did contrary
to what their fathers has taught… He came out of the wilderness
without education. He came out without his collar turned around, as it
would be said today. He come out without a big bunch of theology; but
he come knowing by the promise of God that he was to announce the
Messiah. He said, "He's standing in your midst now." And they thought
he was crazy because he didn't come from their schools. The handwriting
was on the wall, and they didn't know it. They claimed they were
looking for such a Person to come; and He was right among them; and
they didn't recognize it, though they said they was looking for Him.

Just as similar as the Jews that they are…?… with Gentiles of the
earth, 'cause it's prophesied the same thing, same thing: claimed they
were looking for Him. But the denominations now in the Gentile Laodicea
age is just as blind as they were. Because why? It's prophesied they
would be. It must come to pass.
If Israel only could've recognized their sign, they would've known the
time of the Messiah's appearing was at hand. If they'd recognized…
You know the–the disciples said that to Jesus, "Why does the scribes say that Elias must first come?"
And Jesus said, "Elias has already come and they didn't know him. He's
already been here, and they've already killed him. They done just
exactly what the Scripture said they'd do.

If they'd have only recognized that that fanatic that condemned every
double thing that they done, that condemned everything that they were
doing… He said, "You hypocrites, don't begin to… Snakes in the
grass, you generation of vipers, who's warned you to flee from the
wrath that's to come? Don't begin to think within yourself, 'We have
Abraham to our father; we have this, that, or the other,' for I tell
you, God's able of these stones to rise children to Abraham."
Don't begin to think that you've got the world council at your hand,
and you got the best dressed members of the… God's able of the alley
rats out here to rise up children to fulfill His Word: prostitutes,
streetwalkers, drunkards, gamblers… He's able to do it; He's still

Blinded denominations like blinded Israel, both prophesied to be that
way. (I'm showing you parallel till I get to this spot that I want to
now.) Blinded, as the–the denominations of the Gentiles of the
Laodicea age are blinded today like they were then.
The Laodicea age is supposed to receive a Message; Malachi 4 said they
would. But what are they looking for? "Our denomination will produce
it. And if it doesn't come through us, the Baptists, the Presbyterians,
the–the Assemblies, the oneness, or the–if we don't produce it, it
isn't true," same thing they did in that day. And it come and went and
they didn't know it. They didn't recognize it though it fulfilled every
word. Jesus said, "They have did as it was listed that they'd do. So
will they do the Son of man. He'd be rejected."

Now, notice. Same now in the Gentile days, according to the promised
Scriptures of Malachi 4; which Jesus said, "All Scripture is inspired,"
and not one bit of It can keep from being fulfilled. There's no way to
keep the Scripture from being fulfilled; all must be fulfilled. And
Jesus said it would happen. And here we see it's happened. We see it.
Restore what? In this last days… You denominational brethren, listen.
Restore the Pentecostal original feast like it was at the beginning; so
will it be restored before Israel's trumpet's feast shall sound, has to
be restored. There has to be something to do it. Malachi 4 said it
would restore back the faith of the fathers to the children. What would
take place…
If Israel had've recognized their Messiah, promised sign, they wouldn't
have been where they are today. If they'd… But why didn't they do it?
It's pitiful. Why didn't they do it? Because God said they wouldn't do
it. How many believe that, say "Amen." [Congregation replies "Amen."–Ed.]
God said they wouldn't do it. And it's the same God has said in the
Laodicea church age this would happen; and here it is before them. How
can they do anything but do it?

If they'd only recognized the promised sign of the Messiah, the sign of
the Son of man. He come in the name of the Son of man. Now, He was in
the name through the Pentecostal age, in the Holy Spirit, Son of God.
Now, the next thing is the millennium, the Son of David. Three Sons,
same God, same Father, Son, Holy Ghost; same God… Son of David, Son
of God–Son of David, Son of man, Son of God is the same God all the
time, just in three different office works.
So is Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, not three gods, but the same God in
three dispensations, three office works, as Father, Son, and Holy
Spirit. But like today, traditional blinded like they was then,
traditionally blinded, they don't see it. Why can't they see it? They
never will see it. Remember, that's THUS SAITH THE LORD. Say, "Why are
you saying it then?" Just the same as John did, the same as the rest of
them did. There's one sticking here and there that's got to be brought
out. Oh, sheep of God, hear the Voice of God. "My sheep hear My Voice."

The woman at the well recognized her day by the sign of the Messiah.
She was in a bad shape. She didn't want to fool with them old churches
the way they were doing. They were living every way, and things they
were doing. She didn't believe in that stuff. But she knowed there
would come One one day. The poor little fellow up there on the way to
the well… She found that thing that she was looking for when He begin
to reveal to her the secret of her heart, told her the sin that she was
living in. She said, "Sir, I perceive that You're a Prophet." (Now,
they hadn't had one for four hundred years.) Said, "I perceive that
You're a Prophet. And I know that when the Messiah cometh He'll do
these things."
He said, "I'm He."
She recognized. There was no more question. How can you prove it? It
was already proved. "When Messiah cometh this is what He'll do." Well,
if she can recognize it by the Scriptures, can't we recognize the
evening Lights and the sign of today? "We know when Messiah cometh
He'll show us all these things. He'll tell us this."
He said, "I'm He that speaks to you."
No more question, away she went. And she told the people, "Come see,
here He is." No more question to her, it was settled, because she
recognized the day that she was living in. She recognized it.

So did Nathanael, a great Hebrew. When he saw that sign of the Messiah
that was promised there, no matter how many priests, how many anything
else… What did it do? It disturbed the priests to see them people
leaving the churches and going. He said, "If any of you attend his
meeting, you'll be excommunicated. We'll put you right out of the
So is it today. "We'll put you out of our organization if you attend his meeting."
Remember the blind man? The father and mother couldn't even answer.
They was afraid because they said anybody that went to see Jesus or–or
attended His meetings, they would be excommunicated. But that blind man
could speak for himself. He that was once blind could then see.
I who was once blind can now see. I who didn't know these things, it's
been made known to me by the Holy Spirit. Turn loose denominations,
because they're coming anyhow.

132 "If I be lifted up from the earth, I'll draw all men unto Me." Nathanael recognized it; he knew it.
as Moses, Scriptural proofs, vindicated Word; Moses knew that that was
the promise of the day, because it was Scriptural. No matter how
strange… He said, "Who can I tell them… I tell them I saw a Light
back here in the wilderness. How can I tell them now that there was a
Light back here, and this Light told me to go down there?
He said, "Surely, Moses, I'll be with you." And not only… He didn't
show Hisself down in Egypt just only by miracles and signs, but when He
got them all gathered together, He appeared to them again, and
vindicated Moses' ministry before the elected and called out. When that
prophet had chopped them loose from that nation and brought them into a
place, then the Pillar of Fire appeared again and on top of Mount
Sinai. Parallel it with today. Amen. Praise be to God. It's more than
life to me.

As my age begins to creep on and I see the hour of vulgarity and
immorality sweeping the lands and things, then I look back and see
what's happened; my heart leaps for joy, knowing that after while this
earthly tabernacle of habitation will be dissolved, but I got one
waiting yonder. I'm trying to pull a people, chop them from these
things and things, to pull them out, to show them by the Scriptures
that God's standing there with a vindication of the Pillar of Fire,
which hundreds and thousands have seen, and even had It took before
with a camera time after time to prove it.

Impersonators rise up. Sure, it's got to be done. Impersonators rose up
in the day of Moses and done the same thing. God said, "Separate
yourself, Moses. Don't hang around them. I'll swallow them up." And the
world got them. And so is it today. Go right back in the world: money
schemes, and everything else. See?
Moses' Scriptural sign… He was–he was that great prophet of God that
went down there to deliver them. And they recognized it; they
recognized the sign. He was the exact Scriptural promise vindicated.
Jesus was that promise of the Scripture, vindicated to the woman, or He
was the Interpretation. Jesus was the Interpretation of the Scripture.
His own life interpreted the Scripture.
Don't you see the Message of the hour? Can you recognize where we are?
The Message itself from the Scripture interprets to you the hour we're
living in. It's the interpretation.

Jesus said to Israel, "If you had only have known your day." One time
setting on Mount Olives He looked over, said, "Jerusalem, oh,
Jerusalem…" He wept. He looked down; He seen… Not in any comparison
and maybe way it–the other night–other morning about ten o'clock when
I saw that prostitute church. Down in your heart you feel the Holy
Spirit dropping tears. "Jerusalem, oh, Jerusalem, how oft would I have
hovered you. But what did you do? You killed the prophets that I sent
to you. You murdered them." And the Messages has been sent to the
church today has been murdered by their denominational dogmas. The
Scripture has been murdered by their dogmas. Jesus said, "If you'd only
knowed your day; but it's too far now; it's too late now." So is it
with the churches.
I do believe with all my heart she's passed redemption. No matter what
you want to think about it, it's your own opinion; this is mine. See?
You don't have to have my opinion. But I believe she's passed
redemption, and has been for the past five or six years. I
remember–you remember Chicago. Watch what's happened since then, and
watch it keep on happening. See? Remember, my name is before it; it's
stuck out there; it's THUS SAITH THE LORD. See if she hasn't dropped

Look at 1933: how it say the women would act in this last days; how it
said the people, how Mussolini, how he'd come to his end; how Hitler
would come to a mysterious end; how that the three isms would come in
Communism; how that the machines would come looking like an egg; and
how that women would wear garments that look like men, even like their
underneath clothes, and they'd finally come to putting fig leaves like
on them; how the immoral act, how they would act in this day. Look what
they've done. It's just right before you then.
If Christian women could only (so-called Christian women)–could only
recognize, could recognize that the immoral spirit upon them is of the
devil to make them cut their hair. The devil's the only thing would do
that. That's contrary to God's Word for you. Just like it was in the
garden of Eden. What did they… If they could only recognize. They try
to say, "Oh, that little holy-roller preacher saying…" It's not me.
I'm not telling you what to do. I'm only quoting the Word. If they
could only recognize that it's the devil.

They call themselves Christians. Jesus said, "How can you call Me,
Lord, and do not the things that I say to do?" They can't be
Christians. I'm not their judge, but I'm just saying what the Word
says. "How can you call Me, Lord, and then do not the things that I
said to do?" And the whole Word here is the revelation of Jesus Christ.
"How do you call Me, Lord?"
If they could only recognize it's the devil, an immoral spirit. Some nice little women out there…
I think this is the most vulgar place I ever seen in my life,
Jeffersonville, Indiana, for naked women. I've been in Hollywood; I
been everywhere; I been the world over, and I've seen all kinds of
filth. I've seen it in Paris; I've seen it in England, which is the
chief of all of them.

I think that England would be sunk someday beneath the ocean; it
deserves it. Filth, dirt, puny… That's the immoral cesspool of the
world, the most Scriptural denying people I ever seen in my life. She's
become that, because she's rejected the Truth.
Billy Graham said he had to take his wife out of the parks, the sexual
things going on between men and women, boys and girls, right out in the
park, openly. She become a cesspool. So has France; so has all the rest
of the world; and so has the United States becoming the leader of all
of them.
Look at today. Make them cut their hair, wear shorts, slacks, smoke,
and calling themselves believers. Don't you realize, sister, or
woman… I mean… Pardon, not my sister do a thing like that. Don't
you realize it's the devil? But what… Like the Jews of old, you will
not believe the vindicated Word when it's proved to you. You hang right
onto your denominational traditions that says it's all right. You speak
in tongues; you jump up-and-down; you sing in the Spirit, and cut your
hair. Could you imagine a Christian doing that? I've seen devils; I've
seen witch doctors; I've seen them speak in tongues and interpret, and
jump up-and-down and dance in the spirit, drink blood out of a human
skull, and curse the Name of Jesus Christ.

You say, "I belong to the church. Hallelujah. Glory to God. I…" You
belong to what? The Church is the Word; and the Word says it's a shame
for you to do it.
You blinded bunch of Pharisees, leading them poor children to hell like
that, because you're afraid of a meal ticket, and you'd be turned out
of your denomination if you start something about… Shame on you, you
hypocrite. Be ashamed of it. Seeing the hour approaching like this, and
you turn by your traditions away from the Word of God, how dare you,
blinded one.
Don't the Bible say you were blinded? Can't you understand that you're
blind? The Bible said you was. And you are naked, miserable, wretched,
blind, and don't know it when you think you got the biggest church in
the city, and you do this, that, or the other; and the Bible said
you're poor as you can be and you're blind. And He's still standing at
the door trying to sell you some eye salve–not sell it to you, but
give it to you; and you won't receive it: fulfills the Scripture.

152 What day are you living, people? Do you recognize the hour, recognize the sign?
they could only realize, them women, that that's the devil. It's a
indecent devil in the name of religion. He's always been that way. He
come to every prophet; he come to every saint; he even come to Jesus
Christ as a religious person. And the Bible said he'd be so close in
the last days (even Pentecostals), and would deceive the very elected
out of that Pentecostal church if it was possible.
[–Ed.] "… but
few," He said, "'cause strait is the gate and narrow is the way, and
but few there'll be that'll find it. For as it was in the days of Noah,
wherein eight souls were saved, so shall it be at the coming of the Son
of man." Think of it. What day are we living? Do you recognize the
hour, recognize the day? (I'm taking a lot of your time, but I got a
few more minutes. Ha.)

Making them to cut their hair… Oh, they say, "Our church don't pay no
attention to that." You know why? They're blind. "It's no harm to cut
your hair." The Bible says it is. It's even a undecent thing for you to
even cut your hair and even pray. You say, "Well, a woman should be
covered." And the Bible said her hair is her covering, not a hat; her
What if Moses said, "I'll take off my hat instead of my shoes?" That
wouldn't have worked. God said, "shoes"; God meant "shoes." He said,
"hair," not "hat." Glory to God. He liked that, I'm sure. Praise be to
God. He means just what He says. The Scripture is of no private
interpretation. Doesn't mean just for your denomination; It means just
what It says; and He's the Interpreter.

157 Say, "I know a woman that does…" I don't care what you know; I know what God said about it. You suit yourself.
If they could only recognized what it is, lady. Um. If you could only recognize–or woman, not lady.
seen a sign coming down from the Blue Boar, down on, I believe it's
Fifth Street there, at some beer parlor, said, "Tables For Ladies." I
just stopped right… I said, "You never did have one." A lady won't go
in such a place; a woman might, but not a lady.
Did you notice the fall of the world begin with the immorality of a
woman? Do you know it's to end the same way, immorality of the woman?
And the church represents, is by the woman? The church is a woman,
spiritually speaking. So is the Bride a woman, spiritually speaking.
The immorality of the church, how it's done… Look at the visions,
look at the things. See the visions, even that God gives… And that
vision is true. I have my Bible over my heart, to you people on tape,
and the audience can see it. I saw that. God Almighty knows that's the
truth. Never known it till just now. There she is naked and don't know
it. She was just having her a great time. There you are. But that
little Bride come in view, it was different, the Alpha and Omega.

The devil does it. But like the Jews of old, when they see the Word…
And Jesus said to His… He said this to His disciples: "Search the
Scriptures. You're… You know, you're puzzled about Me and My
ministry. Search the Scriptures; in Them you think you have Eternal
Life, and they Testify of Me. They tell you what My Message is. If you
can't believe Me, believe the very words that God's interpreting to
We'll not have this man rule over us. We got our own priests and so
forth." Go ahead then; that's all can be said. It's too late anyhow.
See? Denominational traditions that says it's okay, they listen to
that. They'd rather hear… You'll believe the word of–of man more
than you believe the Word of God.

They don't recognize… The churches today don't recognize II Timothy
3. If you… I see some of you putting Scriptures down. Now, these are
Scriptures that I'm quoting from right here. Where if anybody happened
to call my attention, I–or my hand on it, I can show them the
Scripture for it. See?
They don't recognize II Timothy 3, where it said: "In the last days men
would be heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of
God, truce breakers, false accusers, incontinent, and despisers of
those that are good (the Bride. See?); having a form of godliness, but
denying the power thereof: from such turn away. For this is the kind
that'll go from house to house and lead silly women, silly women, led
away with divers lusts, never learning or ever able to come to the
knowledge of the truth." Never… They wouldn't do it, and they won't
do it. God said so. And blind Pharisee, can't you see it? I'm not
angry; I'm just driving the nail in and clenching it. Neither does the
churches recognize this. The women can't understand that; they're
supposed… Silly women, led away with divers lusts, Hollywood, all
this kind of stuff, bobbed hair, wearing shorts, wearing makeups, all
this kind of stuff which is unbecoming.

Do you know the woman plays a great part in the last days? You know the
Bible said that those who escaped out of this great damnation will be a
beautiful branch before the Lord? Someday I'll get to it, the Lord
willing, for it–for you women. Let you see what God thinks of the
woman that really escaped this damnation of this day. Said she'd be
I heard a woman the other day laughing at a girl–a bunch of half naked
females with morals lower than a–than a mother dog, laughing at an old
woman with a long dress. Listen here, you little twisted-up female;
she's got something you know nothing about; she's got moral. You don't
even know what the name is. You lost it in the cradle almost. You don't
even know right from wrong; she does. She's got something hid in her
heart that you don't know nothing about. You lost it; can never find
it. Don't you call her old fashion, and so forth, like that. She knows
something that you don't know nothing about. She's got hid in her
heart, treasure of decency. You don't know one word of it. Your mammy
brought you up like that. Your pastor permitted it; shows where he
stands. I'm preaching about him right here now. See? See where you're
at? The churches…

168 Jesus said all this Scripture must be fulfilled; and It is fulfilled.
as Jannes and Jambres also withstood Moses, he'll come right along…
Some of them… He's not… Now, he's not talking about Methodists,
Baptists here; they're out of the picture. See? But as Jannes and
Jambres withstood Moses and Aaron, so will they, men of reprobated mind
concerning the Truth, been perverted into dogmas and teachings of the
church instead of the Bible. And then Jannes and Jambres could do
anything that Moses could do. See? As Jambres (See the parallel
there?)–as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these men of
reprobate mind concerning the Truth resist It, won't have It in their
neighborhood, won't even cooperate with It, won't have nothing to do
with It. But said, "Their folly will be made known." When that Bride
takes her stand and moves up into the skies, it'll be made known; don't
worry. Like Moses, when he took the children of Israel, and took the
flight out of Egypt, and Egypt sunk. All right.

Jesus said that all Scripture was given by inspiration; therefore–that
all Scripture must be fulfilled. When He… They was ask Him, said,
"You make yourself God."
He said, "You in your own law called those prophets who the Word of the
Lord came to, you called them gods; and they are." Said, "Then how can
you condemn Me when I say I'm the Son of God?" All these Scriptures
that's given by inspiration, all of it must be made manifest, all of it
must be fulfilled. See there, they was just so blind; they was so took
up with the word of man instead of being taken up with the Word of God.
That's what makes women do that. That's what makes preachers do that.
They're taken up with the bishop in the stead of Jesus. They are taken
up in it with their–with their money bag, a big congregation.

Just see whether I'm popular. Take the people out of Jeffersonville,
with what little group that's here from Jeffersonville, take the
outsiders of Jeffersonville out of this tabernacle this morning, I
wouldn't have–or have a half a dozen to preach to. What is it? She's
made up of all over the country, from New York to Massachusetts, to
Boston, Maine, to the sea, Georgia, Alabama, and around the country.
They're gathering together. Amen. What is it?

It shall be light about the evening time.

They can't recognize the evening Light; that's what's the matter. She
just doesn't recognize it. She's too blind. The Bible said she was.

Russia only received her place in the world in science no more than
about forty years ago. You know when the First World War come on, they
never–they ignored Russia. Brother Roy, it's was just a bunch of
ignoramuses, big old Siberians, a beard all over their face, and didn't
know right and left hand. That's right: Russia. But she recognized her
place. She had to do it to fulfill the Scripture. You know my
prophecies of what I said would happen, how all of them would gather in
communism. Now, she leads the world in science. We're way back behind
her. All the rest of the world is behind her. She leads her place. She
just recognized she had some brains too.
Notice. Man has the same six senses he had six thousand years ago. Six
thousand years ago with the senses he had he contacted his earthly home
and served God. And now in the past seventy-five years that man has
come from a horse and buggy to an astronaut. Why? He turned away from
his faith in God and turned it over to his senses and his ability as a
human being. Did you notice it? He quit trusting God; he trusts

176 Like this infidel woman (What's her name?) in Washington there that changed all this? [Someone says the woman's name–Ed.]
What her name? Murray. She said, "As long as we've got a army and navy,
we don't need old Jehovah." I don't care what we've got, it's Jehovah
or nothing to me. Let army and navy sink, and it will, but Jehovah will
remain forever. As long as I'm a part of Him and His Son, I shall
remain with Him forever, not by my calling or my choice, but by His
choice. Amen and amen. I have nothing to do with it. He is the One.
Give me Him or give me death. Let the nations rise and fall; Jehovah
will remain. He's done it all through the ages. When Rome fell, when
Egypt fell, and all the rest of them fell; and He still remains
Jehovah. Oh, hallelujah. I feel religious.
Reason Russia come to herself, she had to. Just like Israel had to get
in the homeland. God had to drive Israel back to the homeland for the
Trumpets. And so did God have to drive Russia up there, in communism,
to do exactly what's been prophesied she'd do.

Man and his six senses has just come along with his horse and buggy,
trusting God. In the last seventy-five years he quit trusting God. When
they signed the Constitution of this United States, they put God in
everything they did. Now, they don't even have a meeting, and they
never even name His Name. That's right. They depend on their loftiness
of their science, they–their cunningness of their science. A lewd
bunch… That's exactly right. The whole world is swallowed up in
ignorance of the Bible. The–the whole world has turned from God. But
just think, right out of the midst of all that, and the church
denominations and all their seminary lewdness and everything, God has
took His prophet's Word and chopped out a Bride…?… He said He would
do it. He's hewed from that thing what He promised He'd do.
They depend on their human intelligence, their human science, and so
forth, left God out, whom he once trusted. The United States has left
God out. They even turned Him out of school, for our little children
can't even hear about Him. They've turned Him out of school. Now,
they're trying to turn Him off the dollars, "In God We Trust." They're
going to turn it out of the pledge allegiance to the flag. One Nation
Under God; they're going to turn that out.

See, they've went to their own feelings and their own senses. Because
in the last seventy-five years he hasn't changed a bit in his senses;
he's still the same man God created him in the beginning. But in this
last days, can't you recognize where we are? And the church has turned
from God to that, to the seminary, and experience, and so forth,
instead of the Word. Don't even recognize Him in their meetings, in
their schools, or nothing anymore.
Israel in the past twenty-five years has recognized something has
brought them to the homeland as was promised. They don't know how it
was ever done. They suffered like everything, martyrdom under them
Trumpets; but they're in their homeland. They don't know why.

Why did Russia wake up? Why did the nations wake up? Why has man been
able to achieve, when scientists three hundred years ago… A French
scientist rolled a ball at a certain speed across the earth, and proved
by scientific research if a man ever made the terrific speed of thirty
miles an hour gravitation would take him off the earth, according to
his weight, according to the weight of the ball. Now, he's going
seventeen thousand miles an hour, still trying to climb on. He just
recognized that lately. Why? Has to be that way.
Why, the church used to–stood on the rock of Jesus Christ. No matter
what anybody said, they stayed right with that Word, the message of the
hour, Luther, Wesley, and down through there. And now, they've turned
back to traditions. Why has it done it?
Past twenty-five years Israel has just recognized that they're in the
homeland for something. It was prophesied they'd have to be gathered
again; Hosea said so. We set–read it awhile ago. God help us to
understand it. All right.

At the same time the Bride has recognized the evening Light, just begin
to recognize. The hungry Pentecostals have begin to recognize that them
organizations hasn't got any things they was looking for. They're so
twisted and tore up. See, it's the time of recognition, recognition.
You've got to recognize. The world's recognized. The nations has
recognized. Science has recognized. The devil has recognized; it's the
time that he can wreck women, wreck the church, wreck the people. He's
recognized it. And God has recognized that there is a people on earth
that He predestinated to Life. He recognized this was the time to send
His Message; He did it. The people has recognized It. The Bride time
has realized the evening Light.
If Sodom had've recognized her days when she seen those messengers come down there, like Billy Graham and Oral Roberts…

Now, some lewd person in Phoenix just got up and said, played that part
on the–a tape and said… I said here, "I must be baptized in Jesus'
Name," said that. And then said, "Now, you see here, over here he
said… "when I was talking about Africa, how they baptized three times
face forward and back… Said I said, "'Don't make any difference.'"
See, he never played the rest of the tape, just that part, and cut it
off, which would be a penitentiary offense to do it; them tapes are
absolutely franchised. No one can mess with them. You'd better not. If
you do, you got the law on you. But would we do it? No. He said, "Let
them alone." God told me what's going to take place. Just watch, just
keep your eye on that person. See?

188 The same time the Bride has realized the evening Light. If Sodom would've recognized their hour…
this same person put on tape, said, "Look here, to you Pentecostal
people," said, "and you Baptists: This man, false prophet, William
Branham (See?), has said that Oral Roberts and Billy Graham was in
Sodom." See? Then cut the tape off. That's all. See? Wouldn't go ahead
to say that they were messengers to Sodom, not in Sodom; they're there
as a messenger to Sodom. Anybody knows I said that. Play your tape.
Whosoever shall take from or add to, the same shall be taken from him.
See? If it's the Word of the Lord, It stands that way.

"If Sodom had have recognized her messenger, she'd have been standing
today," Jesus said. If she'd have recognized the same as Abraham
recognized… Abraham knowed there was a promised son coming. But he
knowed there had to be a change some way, because he was too old and so
was Sarah. But when he saw that One Who could discern the thoughts of
Sarah behind Him, he recognized the hour he was living, and said, "My
Lord, let me fetch a little water here and wash Your feet." They ate a
morsel of bread. "Let me pray Thee, hold on just a little bit longer."
See? "Here my L-O-R-D (capital L-O-R-D, Elohim)." He recognized that
God was speaking to him out of human flesh. He recognized his sign, and
was blessed of the Lord. Sodom didn't recognize their day and was
burned up. Jesus said, "As it was in that day, so shall it be when the
Son of God is–or the Son of man is being made manifest."

Now, the church has not recognized her day. Like Israel forced back to
Palestine, she is going to be forced into the World Council of
Churches. Why? She didn't recognize her hour. People, come out of her.
Be not partakers of her sin. Flee your life, or you'll be caught with
the mark of the beast, and can't do nothing else about it. Let him
that's filthy be filthy still. Let him that's holy, not will be
holy–holy now… Let him that's holy, not a bobbed-haired women; she
can't be. Now, that sounds very flat, but that's the Scripture. The
Bible says she dishonors her head. And her head is her husband. His
Head is Christ; so she dishonors Christ. How can she be dishonorable
and not be filthy? Let she that's got bobbed hair keep it. Let he–she
that wears shorts keep on wearing them. Let he that denies the Word
keep on denying It. But let him that's holy be holy still. Let him
that's righteous be righteous still, the righteous Word of God, the Son
of God made manifest. Be holy still, righteous still. Recognize… Yes,

Days… Not… The church has not recognized her day, like Israel back
in her promised land. She don't know how she got back there. She was
just automatically put back there. Why? National force put her in her
place. Now, I'm going to say something. National force put Israel in
her homeland. National force will put the church in the World Council
of Churches. But the power of God will put the people in the Bride. The
world forces this way, and the world forces that way, but God forces
upward, the Spirit of God, which is the Word of God ("My Word is Spirit
and Life will put the Bride in her place, 'cause she'll recognize her
position in the Word; then she's in Christ.") will put her in her
place. No national force will do it. But the national force did drive
Israel to the homeland. The national forces of the council of churches
will drive every organization into it, but the power of God will raise
the Bride into glory, out of it.
Oh, people, recognize your day, as Jesus warned you, the sign of Sodom, and the church's conditions of this day.

Look what He said in this day would take place. Listen to it real
close. The sign of Sodom would take place in the day, sign like Abraham
that day before Sodom that was called out. All these things that was
prophesied will be talking place now. Watch the day you're living.
We've went over it and over it.
Now, He's promised to send you heavenly Light to ripen the Word Seed
that would be sown for this day. The Seed is in here. The Seed is the
Bible. Why? Jesus said so: "The Word is the Seed that a Sower sowed."
And now, before you can have any crop, no matter if you sow the seed,
it's got to have light to ripen that seed, or it'll rot and won't do no
good; it'll perish. But if it's got seed in the ground, the right
ground with the right kind of a sunlight on it, it's got to ripen. And
He promised that in the last days, in the evening time the Sun would
come out to ripen that Seed. The Seed is being preached. The Son of God
is ripening that Seed by vindicating It, making It push out before you,
and proving that It's right. Do you get it? Recognize your day.
I'm closing now. It's time now to close.

And the rich, blinded, educated Laodicean would put the Word out of
their midst. Have they done it? He said they would. As the prophets of
old were sent to vindicate the promised Word of their days, so that the
people who were predestinated in their day saw It, like the woman at
the well, like Nathan, like blind Bartimaeus, like Peter, and the rest
of them who recognized It… He was that Word and the production. "If I
do not the works that the Father promised I'd do, then believe Me not.
But if I do the works, though you don't believe Me, believe them works;
they tell you Who I am." Get it? All right. Don't miss the day. Sent…
Men and women of other days recognized it, and went in, and were safe.
Pentecostals (Oh, my.), why don't you recognize your day? Recognize the
day of the evening time. It is here, and it's here to–to vindicate the
coming of Christ: to vindicate it. We're at the end. Recognize your

I know I've kept you a long time. It's twelve o'clock now. But I like
this Food. This is Life; it is–it is to the believer. Recognize the
day that you're living and the sign of the time.
See where everything's at: Israel, where the church, where the immoral,
where the Bride's standing. What's left, next thing? Taking up of the
Bride. 'Course, every church is looking for a great thing. The
Pentecosts say, "Glory to God. There'll come a day that they're going
to do this and they're going to do that." See, they are professors.
They do believe.
Like one time Caiaphas said, "Isn't it right that one man should die
and not the whole nation perish?" He was high priest, the Bible said,
the reason he said that. He prophesied, not knowing what he was saying.
But did he realize the real truth of it, that he was sacrificing the
very God that he claimed to be the high priest of? So is it today.
They're looking yonder somewhere for a–a great time to come.

Why, I go in the Business Men's conventions and them, they say, "Glory
to God." Them preachers get up and just stir the crowd, and saying,
"There's coming a great revival. The hand of the Lord's going to be
upon the earth." And how the people are going forth, running like…
And don't realize that's under the Trumpets for Israel. Why do they do
it? It's because that they are Christian professors and don't realize.
Neither did Caiaphas realize what he was doing. And they don't realize
that they're rejecting the very Message that's sent to them. Amen.
Every part of the Scripture we went through day after day and week
after week, until it's undisputable the Truth. "If the blind can't
receive it," Jesus said, "let them alone. If the blind leads the blind,
they all fall in the ditch." I don't know when; I don't know where; but
I know it's coming.

You know, I see why Satan didn't want me to do this. Yesterday I felt
so bad. I couldn't get no Word from the Lord. I did everything I knowed
how to do, and I couldn't… And this morning when I got up… I eat me
a–some corn yesterday, and seemed like laying right there in my
stomach. I was so sick, I just–I just couldn't hardly get up. I
thought, "What's the world's the matter? I'm going down there, and I
don't know what I'm going to say. And, Lord, I can't even find a
Scripture in my mind to write down; I can't find a thing." I just
didn't know what to do. Then after the message begin to come to me,
Satan kept saying, "You feel too bad. Your head's hurting. You're sick.
You can't go down there. You can't stand there. It's going to be this,
going to be that."

I remember one time a story of a little cockney in England. He was just
an ordinary man. And they said that the–the king, one of the kings in
the early days was going into his–his palace. And this… He had no
one… He had a message he had to get forth, a urgent message, because
of the enemy. And so he–he said to this little fellow standing there,
he said, "Here, take this message; take this message. Hurry to a
certain, certain place, and command this to be done." And he said,
"Take my scepter in your hand; that'll vindicate you, that I'm–you're
sent from me."
And he stuck it under his robe, and away he went, the guards everywhere
stopping him, everybody else, yelling, "Give away. I have the message
of the king. I'm the king's messenger." A vindicated word…
I thought, "Satan, get out of my way. I have the King's Message. I must go."

One time when they killed the Prince of Peace, and put Him in the
grave, and sealed up the tomb, and death held Him for three days and
nights, but on Easter morning He had the scepter in His hand and
hollered, "Get away death. Get away grave. Open up! I am the King's
Message. I must come forth to prove this resurrection. I am the
Resurrection and Life." Hallelujah. I feel real good now. It's the
King's Message. Let's recognize It, friends, for we're called to gather
together for the sounding of the Trumpet. For the Trumpet of the Lord
shall sound and time shall be no more.
He's gathered Israel. The three days–in the third day He said He would
do it. Twenty-seven hundred years has passed. In that third day He said
He would gather them together, and He's done it. He said He'd make
known the way of Life. There you are, just waiting now for the Bride to
get out of the way so they can come, the two prophets, Hebrew prophets,
that'll recognize…

You remember me standing in Cairo, to go up there, when Lewi Pethrus
said, "Brother Branham, if they ever see that… They believe the
I said, "It is a good thing for me." See how man is? But see the grace
of God? I said, "I'll read this New Testament." They read It. Lewi sent
them over a million over there, Brother Lewi Pethrus from Sweden.
They'd read It, coming up and down there, them Jews, not like this
modern bunch of Jews, but in their homeland. They come down and said,
"If this be the Messiah, let us see Him do the sign of the prophet,
we'll believe it."
Lewi Pethrus said, "Brother Branham, there is the opportunity; there is
the opportunity. Someone told me that there would be an opportunity. I
got rides," said, "right down to it."
Some man come over and set there. Brother Arganbright, said, "Brother
Branham, that would just alarm Israel. Bring them out before them and
show the sign of the prophet, they'll believe it."
I said, "Lord, here I am ready." Jumped on the plane (took the money
and got me a ticket); stopped in Cairo; said, "Yeah, I'm ready."
The Holy Spirit said, "This is not your place. This is not your time."
See? You get ahead of yourself. I thought, "Oh, my, I come way over
here, and I'm–I'm going to go."
Something said, "Stop right here. Don't you go that way. Turn on in
into India. Don't go that… Go over to India, but don't you go here."

Thought, "Why is that?" I walked out behind the hanger, I said, "Lord
Jesus, what does this mean?" Then He made known to me. Though a
Gentile… These prophets are the one. It has to be according to the
Scripture. Moses and Elijah has to come. And besides, the Bride hasn't
been taken out of the way yet. And them prophets will return, and
they'll do the sign of the prophet. That's the Scripture. There it all
is fulfilled then perfectly. Israel as a nation will be born in one
day. Amen. The evening Lights are shining.

It shall be Light about the evening time,

The path to glory you will surely find;

In the water way is the light today,

Buried in the precious Name of Jesus.

Young and old, repent of all your sin,

The Holy Ghost will surely enter in.

The evening Lights have come.

It is a fact that God and Christ are One.

216 We're at the end time, friends. And then we think of this song of the inspired writer when he said:

Nations are breaking; (This is about fifteen years ago.) Israel's awakening;

The signs that the prophets foretold;

The Gentile days numbered (Look at their filth now.) with horrors encumbered.

Return, O dispersed, to your own.

The day of redemption is near;

Men's hearts are failing for fear.

Be filled with God's Spirit;

Have your lamps trimmed and clear;

Look up, your redemption is near. (That's right.)

False prophets are lying;

God's truth they're denying; (Ain't that the truth?)

Jesus the Christ is our God. (They
don't believe that. They got all kinds of "isms" and things…?… that
you… But the prophet said–or the inspired writer said:)

We'll walk where the apostles have trod.

217 Remember my vision? I said, "If Paul's people goes in, so will mine, because I done just exactly like him." the same message.
And millions throwed their hands, saying, "We're resting on that."
What? Recognize the day that we're living, the time we're living, the
sign of the time that we're living in. It may be later than we think.
One of these days let him that's outside stay outside still. He that's
inside must forever be inside still. The door will close.
If there's some here this morning that hasn't never walked in yet, oh,
in Jesus' Name, my dear people, don't look at this ignorant servant
standing here, illiterate, unlearned, uneducated; don't look at that,
but look at the Word that's being proven. Look at the great Holy Spirit
Who vindicates It to be the Truth. We're at the evening time. It's
later than you think. Don't…

Women, let your hair grow. Sister, please take off them dirty clothes.
Throw them cigarettes away. For the hour will come that he that's
filthy, let him be filthy still, and he that's righteous, let him be
righteous still. He that's inside is inside; he that's outside is
outside. The little close margin, if a righteous man will scarcely be
saved, where will the sinner and the ungodly (the truth-denier, you
know), where will they appear? Let us bow our heads.
Now, in the Light of this hour that we're now living, the Light of the
day that we're now living in, precious and beloved ones, you who come
from different states across the country, let us now, and me with you
on this altar, let us take inventory. How is the Spirit of God in our
hearts today? Remember it's that Spirit, uncondemned, uncontaminated…
Any church doctrine and everything is gone completely.

You'd be daresn't to try to add to That or take from It. For if you do
try to put the interpretation on It yourself, your part's taken from
the Book of Life. Are you trying to say something that the Spirit
hasn't said? Are you trying to make It sound like It said something, or
are you just taking exactly what It said and leaving It like that? Are
you splicing, cutting, taping, doing things that's not right? Have
Say, "Well, I just don't feel like I should do this or maybe I… I–I
know my church don't believe this. That's just one man's word about
it." That one Man is God. The Bible here says you should not cut your
hair. These… Bible said that it shall come to pass that women will
wear garments like men, and how they would be an abomination to God.
How the holy Spirit spoke through it, this humble, unworthy vessel that
just happened to be standing present in the age that the great King
said, "Here's My sepulcher, My Word–here's My scepter, rather. Take My
Scepter, and go forth and bring the Message."

I know the denominations tried to stop It, and turn It out, and run It
out, and kick It out, and everything; but by the grace of God I'm on my
road, screaming from nation to nation, from place to place, from church
to church, "Come out of it." It's unpopular, but It's the Truth.
Will you receive It in the–in the–the Spirit that It's wrote in? Will
you receive It in the Spirit that It's been given in? If you haven't as
yet, we–no room for an altar (Your heart is the altar.), would you
raise up your hand, say, "God, be merciful to me. Let the Spirit of God
come into me, condemning me now of all my sins and flusterations, all
my bad habits, and high tempers, and fusses, and fights, and stews, and
everything that I've had. And I know something, that my spirit isn't
mellow for heaven. Make me mellow, Lord, in this last moment. This may
be the last sermon I'll ever hear. This may be the last time I'll ever
hear the Message. I raise my hand. God, be merciful to me."
God bless you. Dozens of hands. Now, just for a moment of silent prayer
for you. You who raised your hand, shows you're still interested. Looks
to me like the Spirit's still calling to someone.

Dear God, Thou Who knows all things. And You made all things for the
purpose of all things. For some had to be condemned; some had to be
blinded; some, like the potter that made the vessel, as Paul said, one
to honor and the other to dishonor. The one was made to dishonor was
only to show forth the one that was to be honored. But isn't it in the
hand of the Potter to do what He will? Isn't it in the predestinated
plan of God to call… Who He foreknew, He has called. Them who He
called, He justified. And those who He justified, He has glorified?
Maybe some of them here today is like the little woman at the well, off
in filth, off in unbelief, off in traditions of men, manmade doctrines.
Maybe the first time they've ever heard these things, but something has
strangely warned their heart. There's many, many hands went up, Lord.
Let the great Potter take that vessel now and mold it into a vessel of
honor. I believe there's some reason, Lord, or they wouldn't be doing
that; they wouldn't be saying that. I'm still believing; I'm holding
for them.

Let Your humble servant plead, Lord. Let us plead for them as one who
stands between the living and dead, like one who in Sodom was pleading
for the Sodomites, "Come out of it; come out of it quickly."
May they come Lord, humbly and sweetly to the throne of God now in
their heart, saying, "Jesus from this day henceforth You'll be mine. I
make this pledge to You now as I set here in this seat where Your
Spirit has struck me. If It struck me here, I don't have to go any
further than right here. Right here's where You met me; right here's
where we're going to settle it, right here on this second seat, third
seat, fifth seat, whatever it is. Right here is where it's going to be
settled, 'cause here's where You condemned me, and here's where You
promised to make it right. For though I would be filthy and dirty, I
should be made white like snow. I believe all Your Word; I'm ready to
walk in It, believe It, accept It. And I now do this for the glory of
God, knowing that my life is no good to me; it's no good to God; it's
no good to my neighbors; it's no good to nothing else, just simply
a–good to the devil to make a–a puppet out of me, to throw me around
about, maybe to be some man's toy to look upon, maybe some woman's
idol. God, make me a servant to You. Grant it, Lord." I commit them to
You now in the Name of Jesus Christ, Your Son.

229 With our heads bowed and our hearts:

I can hear my Saviour calling, (Sincerely friend, it may be your last time. Can you hear that little Voice?)… calling,

I can (What's He… What's calling you if your Saviour is? The Word.) Saviour calling, (What must he do? Deny the world and… )

"Take My cross and follow, follow (I've neglected baptism in Jesus' Name, Lord.)"

I'll go with Him through the garden,

I'll go (With Him where? Through the water, through the garden, through anywhere, house of prayer, in the pool, anywhere. Decide it.)

… go with Him through the garden,

I'll go with Him, with Him all the way.

I'll go with Him through the judgment, (Whether the Word's right or the church is right.)

I'll go…

"Whether I'm right or He's
right. Is my conscience right or is His Word right?" You're in the
judgment place now. "What I have believed, is it right, or is His Word
right? Do I think it's all right to have short hair and wear shorts? Do
I think it's all right to belong to a denomination?" What did He say?

I'll go with Him, with Him all the way.

Now, where He leads me I will follow, (I
got my hands up too, Lord. Lord, wherever it is, where's the next
message to be preached? Is it back here tonight, over in Africa,
Germany, Switzerland? Where is it, Lord?)

Where He (Wherever You lead, Lord) I will follow,

I'll go with Him, with Him all the way.

Now, with your heads bowing, will you go with Him everywhere He leads
you? Will you go with Him when the times are running low? "People are
persecuting, laughing, making fun. I'll still be with Him; I'll still
go. I'll move right on with You, Lord, wherever You are. I'll still
stand loyal and true. In the heat of the battle I'll still stand loyal
and true. If I fall, You'll raise me up again, Lord. 'He that looses
his life for My sake shall find it.'"

So I'll go with Him, with Him all…

Now, all that means that from your heart, let's raise our hands now and our hearts to Him.

Where He leads me I will follow,

Where He leads me I will follow,

Where He leads me I will follow,

I'll go with Him, with Him all the way.

He will give me grace and glory,

He will give me…

Lord Jesus, breathe upon these handkerchiefs now. Heal these sick and
afflicted, Lord. Grant it, Lord. Give them healing, Lord, in Jesus'

And go with me, with me all the way.

You feel good now? Feel it's all ready now? If He's the Trumpet of the
Lord shall sound and time shall be no more. That's that last Trumpet
now. And when the morning breaks eternal, bright and fair. Let's sing
it all of us now: "When the trumpet of the Lord shall sound." (Give us
the key.)

When the trumpet of the Lord shall sound, and time shall be no more,

And the morning breaks, eternal, bright and fair;

When the saved of earth shall gather over on the other shore,

When the roll is called up yonder, I'll be there.

When the roll is called up yonder,

When the roll is called up yonder,

When the roll is called up yonder,

When the roll is called up yonder, I'll be there.

On that bright and cloudless morning when the dead in Christ shall rise,

And the glory of His resurrection share;

When all of life is over, and our work on earth is done,

And the roll is called up yonder, I'll be there.

When the roll is called up yonder,

When the roll is called up yonder,

When the roll is called up yonder,

When the roll is called up yonder, I'll be there.

233 Let's raise our hands and say, "By Thy grace, Lord." By Thy grace, Lord. [Congregation repeats–Ed.]
Now, we are brothers and sisters in Christ. Let's just turn and just
shake hands with somebody by you, and say, "By God's help, when the
roll is called up yonder…"

When the roll is called up yonder,

When the roll is called up yonder,

When the roll is called up yonder,

When the roll is called up yonder, I'll be there.

What are we waiting for?

When that trumpet (The last one!) the Lord shall sound, and time shall be no more,… (Just broke into eternity in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye.) and fair;

And then when saved of earth shall gather to their–on the other shore,

When the roll is called up yonder, I'll be there. (Let's just sing it now.)

When the roll is called up yonder,

When the roll is called up yonder,

When the roll is called up yonder,

When the roll is called up yonder, I'll be there.

Oh, won't that be a time? Just walking along someday, you just hear
somebody. "Who is it? Mother." Amen. "It ain't going to be long now."
Just in a few minutes you're changed. And we'll be–meet them and then
be caught up together with them to meet the Lord in the air. Oh, in a
moment in the twinkling of an eye. Say, "Here's Brother Seward (the old
brother that used to be at church here). Why, here's Brother DeArk.
Here's Brother… So–why, looky here, they're all around me. What's
the matter?" You're just in a few minutes… "I know they've done
appeared to me. It ain't going to be long now; I'm going to be changed
now, just in a moment, just in a moment." Oh, yes. When the morning
breaks eternal, bright and fair. All the mystic clouds…

As He said, Israel now has been like a morning cloud, a vapor–your
righteousness has fade away. And when it's all faded out into the
Sunlight Who holds it all (Amen.), then the roll is called up yonder,
I'll be there. All right, until tonight:

Till we meet, till we meet, (We
don't know what time this will take place, friend. It's been a story a
long time, but it's the Truth; and it will happen. We're right at the
time now.)

Till we meet, till we meet, (By God's grace we hope it's seven-thirty tonight.) God be with you till we meet again.

Let us stand now to our feet. Oh, isn't it wonderful? This is heavenly
places in Christ Jesus. Would not swap this for anything. You know how
I love to fish and how I love to hunt, 'cause I see God out there in
the wilderness; I love it. But oh, I wouldn't change one minute for
this for all the experiences of hunting that there is. One minute of
this, that's satisfaction.
"God, create in me a revival. Let me be the revival. Let each one of us
be the revival, the revival in me. Make me, Lord, to hunger, make me to
thirst. Create in me, Lord, that what is needed in me. Let me from this
hour on be Thine, more consecrated servant, a better servant, more
blessed of You, more able, more humbler, more kinder, more willing to
work, more looking to the things that are positive and forgetting the
things that are in the past and the negative. Let me press towards the
mark of the high calling of Christ." Amen. That's our desire, isn't it?
All right, let's–till we meet tonight, let's take the Name of Jesus with us now, each one of you now.

Take the Name of Jesus with you,

Child of sorrow and of woe;

It will joy and comfort give you,

Take it everywhere you go.

Precious Name, O how sweet!

Hope of earth and joy of heaven;

Precious Name, O how sweet!

Hope of earth and joy of heaven.

Now, let's bow our heads.

Take the Name of Jesus with you,

As a shield from ev'ry snare;

When temptations around you gather,

Breathe that holy Name in prayer…

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