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Redemption By Power (54-0329)

54-0329 Redemption By Power
Louisville, KY
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Thank you, kindly. Good evening, friends. It's a privilege to be here
tonight to address you again in the Name of our dear Lord Jesus Christ.
And it's always a privilege to meet God's people anywhere, and to speak
of that great Name Jesus.
I certainly appreciate the song our brother just sang. That–that's my
favorite. In the day that when they're trying to make Jesus just merely
a prophet, or a good man, or a teacher, that really brings out His
Deity, what He was. And I believe that He was…

There was never One like Him on earth, never will be. He was Emmanuel.
He was Alpha, Omega, the Beginning and the End, He that was, which is,
and shall come, the Root and Offspring of David; the Morning Star. In
Him dwelt Deity. In Him was God.
"God was in His Son, in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself."
Jesus said, "It's not me that doeth the works, but it's My Father that
dwelleth in Me. My Father and I are One," God made manifest in flesh.
What a marvelous revelation of God's love to us, He would unfold
Himself and come down and dwell in human flesh in order to take away
sin and sickness from the human race and redeem us back to the Father.
That's wonderful, isn't it? [Congregation says, "Amen."–Ed.] We sure appreciate that.

Now, last night I guess I'll have to kind of apologize. I… Billy got
me a little quick last night, because it was kind of a… I got weak.
But those meetings, that discerning, and no one will never know what
that is, 'less it's just… You have to come into it to know it. See?
There's no way of trying to explain it. There's not a–a way that you
could do it. It's just an experience that–that no one knows about,
only those who go through it. What it does to the human race, what it
does to the man, brings the very life right of him.
Well, you're living in two worlds. You're in a world here, and you're
in a world there, be with somebody else maybe fifty years ago; and you
may be with somebody years from today to come; and yet you realize
you're standing on the platform here, and you're speaking something
that happened many, many years ago: maybe weeks ago, months ago,
another nation, another place, or something. And then you try to keep
yourself straight in that in thinking; tell you, it's quite a thing.
But the Lord has blessed us so far in it. And we're very happy, and
trust now that God will get glory from the meeting.

Now, in the–the services tonight, I thought while we're just a little
handful of people together; our meetings is only advertised locally
here, and it's just for the local people. And before we get into the
larger part of the meetings, I was thinking today, that I would try to
maybe get some of the old fashion teaching out of the Bible to the
people, that when the great event comes, if God sends it to us, then
we'll be able to understand it better.

After all, Divine healing is just the–the bait on the hook to catch
the fish, as you know. It's just… That's the one… The fish grabs at
the bait and gets the hook. So our main, our one alternative is this,
that souls won to Jesus Christ.
If God healed you tonight, you may get sick again before you die. You
may be sick again in a year from now, or two years from now. may be
sick in a week from now, or a day from now, I don't know. But there's
one thing sure: you're going to leave this world some of these days,
'cause this is just patched up.
But if that soul ever comes in contact with the Holy Spirit and is born
again, you have Eternal Life. No matter what happens here, you never
perish. Jesus said, "He that heareth My Words, believeth on Him that
sent Me, hath (that's present tense) Everlasting Life, shall not come
into condemnation; but hath (past tense) passed from death unto Life."
That'd make us all Methodists and start shouting, wouldn't it? That's
right. To think that, that God has did that. Now, that's not my Word;
that's His: Saint John 5:24.

Saint John 6, Jesus said, "He that eats My flesh, and drinks My blood,
has Everlasting Life; and I'll raise him up at the last day." That's
right. "He that eats My flesh, and drinks My blood, has (that's present
tense) Everlasting Life." Now, if it's "everlasting," it doesn't just
go from one revival to the other one, but goes through Eternity.
And now, for some of you ministers that's setting by, knowing that that
"Everlasting Life" comes from the same word that means "God's Life,"
the word "Zoe," Greek word, which means "God's Own Life."

Then, we become a son or a daughter of God, an offspring of God, with
part of God's Life in us. We could no more perish than God could
perish, if He tried. So we have Everlasting Life and going to be raised
up in the last day. That wonderful? [Congregation says, "Amen."–Ed.] That would make Baptists, Methodists shake hands and shout, wouldn't it? Sure would. That's right.
That's the good thing about the old-time religion. It just makes
everybody set together and love one another. Sure does. Takes all the
differences away, makes new creatures. It'll make a–a tuxedo coat and
a pair of overalls put their arms around one another and say, "Brother,
how you getting along?" That's right. Sure will. It'll make a silk
dress and a calico put their arms around and say, "Sister, I love you."
That's what it does. It sure does, just tears down the difference.
"Rich or poor, bond or free, we're all one in Christ Jesus."

Sunday at the Tabernacle, which I see there's a whole group of
Tabernacle people setting here, we had–we had a–a Sunday school
lesson on the Redemption By the Blood. And I got so wound up in it,
till I–I feel like I'm still in another sphere somewhere on:
Redemption By Blood.
And tonight, after the family had left and had come over here early to
get to hear the song service and so forth… I was in the room, and
seemed like… I begin to read in the Scriptures and I found something.
I thought, "Well, if the Lord willing, I'll just talk on that a little
while tonight."
That's, "Redemption By Blood," Sunday. Now, tonight I'm going to speak
on "Redemption By Power." And tomorrow night I'm going to speak on
"Redemption In Completeness" (if God willing, that is) In Joy. In
Blood, in Power, and in Joy; Redemption.

And to pull this out… Now, many people, as fine, educated scholars
knows how to break through and give these kind of revelation, maybe,
for this, or that, or cast some. But, me, I'm kind of one of these here
illiterate type of preachers, that's… Only thing that I know to do,
to be sure that I'm pretty near right anyhow, is to go to the shadows.
If I started walking towards the wall, and the light on this side, I
could tell what, just about what I looked like, whether I was a
four-footed beast, or–or fowl, or what it was, if I see what kind of a
shadow I reflect.

Now, the Old Testament was a shadow of the New Testament. It was the
negative, like the moon, to the sun. The sun shining on the moon,
reflects the light to the earth. And I just love the Old Testament.
It's just as full of parables like that, or, as it can be. Now, the
In Genesis when God made the–the sun first, the moon next, that moon
and sun represents Christ and the Church. Just as the sun comes up in
its power and glory, and when it goes down, it reflects its light to
the moon in the darkness, to give light on the earth while the sun is
gone. Jesus, when He left, He went into glory and reflected His Light
back on the Church, to give the Church Light of the Gospel until He
returns (Oh, my.), and then they'll get married. That'll be wonderful.
It'll be one great Light of moon and… "The Lamb is the light
thereof." They needed no more sun in the City.

21 Now, for a little preview, let's go back into Exodus. And I hope you don't get tired of me talking in Exodus.
time in my church across the river, I preached, I believe, about a year
and six months on Job, every night. They'd come back; I'd just take a
little part of Job, and going on; we'd make it run through the Bible.
Every Scripture dovetails together. There's no contradiction in God's
Word. No, sir. Every bit, perfect… The only Book ever written that's
inspired like that, that can perfectly… Wrote by many writers, and
many hundreds of years apart; and every one of them, by the Holy Spirit
speaking, dovetails right together. That's the reason on all these
extra books, the Maccabees and things, it don't coincide with This, so
I don't accept it. This is God's Word to me.

And some woman wrote me a letter and said… I was preaching; Job on
the ash heap. She said, "Brother Branham, you been, had Job on the ash
heap about long enough, don't you think? Been there about six weeks."
Said, "Why, you ever going to get him off of the ash heap?"
Well, I said, "When the Holy Spirit quits pushing the Words out of
there, I guess I'll just have to quit saying." But–but as long as He
kept me talking about him on the ash heap, well, I just stayed right
with it; and souls getting saved.

So, like the evangelist came to the city. He preached, one night, he
preached on repentance. The next night, he preached on repentance. The
next night, he preached on repentance. After about four or five nights,
the deacon board met him and said, "Brother, can't you preach anything
else besides repentance?"
Said, "Oh, yeah. Let them all repent first, then I'll preach on
something else." So that's a–a good idea. They every one repent, then
we can preach on something else. All right.

For a little preview now, to those, for especially those who were not
at the Tabernacle Sunday morning. We want to drop back over to the 12th
chapter. But our basic thought tonight is in the 14th chapter,
beginning with the 13th verse of Exodus. Now, we left off on the 10th
verse Sunday morning, of the "Redemption By Blood." Most all of you are
acquainted with the story, I'm sure.
Now, we know that we could pull back the leaves of this Book and turn
these pages over, but there's only One Who can open the Book: that's
Jesus Christ.
John saw the Book. It was sealed. And he wept because there was no man
in heaven could open It, no man on earth, no man beneath the earth. But
there was a Lamb that had been slain from the foundation of the world,
come took the Book out of the right hand of Him that set upon the
Throne, and opened the seals and–and opened the–the Book, loosed the
seals thereof. And He was worthy, for He had been slain from the
foundation of the world.
Let's speak to Him tonight and ask Him to open It for us just now.

Now, kind, lovely Father, we come to Thee, addressing Thee first, in
the Name of Jesus, praying now, that as we stand here, sheltered under
this roof tonight, where that storm is a raging outside, rains a
twisting and blowing, we're so thankful to have the house of God to
come into. And we're thankful that there is a tower, a refuge. You
said, "The Name of the Lord is a mighty tower; the righteous run into
it and are safe." We're so glad that we know the Name of the Lord and
have come into It.
Now, we pray that You'll open this Word to us tonight, Father. May the
Holy Spirit come and get into the Word. Circumcise the lips of this
poor humble servant and the hearts of those who will listen, Your
children. And may the Holy Spirit take just the Words of God and place
It in every heart, just where It's needed.
Bless us now. Renew our minds tonight in Thy Spirit. Get glory out of
the service. Save the lost. Heal the sick. Bring home the backslidden,
Lord. And we'll give Thee the praise, for we ask it in Thy Name, of Thy
beloved Son, Jesus. Amen.

Now, turn to the 10th verse of the 12th chapter of Exodus. We were
reading, the "Redemption By Blood," how that God had ordained a lamb to
be slain in each house, how there was to be nothing left over.
The judgments had been falling, and the last judgment now was ready to
fall. God was going to fulfill His Word to the letter. And all those
judgments back there was a perfect sign, or a perfect type, of the
judgments which are ready to fall now.
And if you'll notice, before the judgment fell… Now, ministers may
disagree with me on this, which is all right. But before the judgment
started hitting Egypt, God sent Israel to Goshen. They were in Goshen,
and no plague fell on them, a perfect type of the Church carried over
through the tribulation. See? All right.

Then at the last plague that struck the earth there, or struck Egypt,
was death. All you Bible readers here know your Sunday school lessons
and so forth, has taken this, perhaps, many times. But death was the
last enemy that struck Egypt.
And the last enemy that's going to strike the church now is death,
spiritually speaking. Those who will not follow Christ in–in baptism
of the Holy Spirit, will spiritually dry up and die; the churches, you
can see it now. After many, many great revivals and evangelists has
passed through the land, and yet the church is, that is,
politically-church speaking, is getting worse all the time. Its members
are just living any way they want to, doing anything they want to, yet,
calling themself Christians, and say they're all right.
To be a Christian, means to be "Christ-like." Go no place you wouldn't
want to be if Christ would come. Say nothing you wouldn't want to be
saying when Christ comes, doing nothing that you wouldn't want to be
doing when Christ comes. Think nothing you wouldn't want to be thinking
when Christ comes. Keep your one motive, your heart centered on
Calvary. Amen. "Walk in the Light, as He is in the Light, and we have
fellowship one with another; the Blood of Jesus Christ, God's Son,
cleanses us from all unrighteousness." That's Methodists, Baptists, and
all of us, together, makes us all one in Him.

Now, the last–the last thing was death. And before that death come,
there was an atonement made for that death, for all who desire to
escape it.
And there was an atonement made before the first destruction, of the
antediluvian world. God had a preacher of righteousness, Noah, and he
preached a hundred and twenty years for people to come into the ark.
And those who willfully refused to go, there wasn't nothing left but
And today, men who refuse to walk in the Light of Christ, you have
spurned mercy, so there's nothing left but judgment. That's all.
There's just right and left side, the only one you can go to. And you
make your choice.

43 Now, we see, before the–the great awful night come, that Israel was commanded. And we already taken that, of killing the lamb.
was bringing His Church into the exodus to bring it out of Egypt, into
the promised land. I like that. They were going over to possess the
land. God gave them the land, and yet it was all fenced in with big,
great buildings and fences. And walls around Jericho, the chariots
could run races around it. And just think of that, yet God said, "I've
give it to you. It's yours." But they had to clean up, clean it up.

And that's what God has did today. He's give every one of you that
wants It, the baptism of the Holy Ghost. But you got to go in, possess
It; that's all. Fight out the differences, and tear down the walls, and
get started in there and get It.
You say, "The pastor said, 'It's not for us today.'" Just walk right on a past it.
Mother said, "I'll run you away from home." Go right on a past it.
Husband said, "I'll leave you." Go right on a past it. That's all. Got to go and possess It. That's all.
Divine healing's for every one of you. Every one of you setting here
tonight with cancer, heart trouble, whatever it is God has give the
promise. And it's yours, but you have to go and possess it.
Now, you say, "Well, I just don't feel just very good." That has
nothing to do with it. The promise is yours. God give it to you. Just
go right in and slay Philistines, from one side to the other. And take
out all the Hivites and–and Amorites; just kill them out. Go on in;
take it. God said, "It is yours. Go get it."

But He didn't say, "Now, I'll go in, sweep it all out, and build you up
some nice cities, and set you down on easy street." He doesn't do that
He gives it to you, and you got something to do. He's good enough to
give you land, said He'd help you and be with you. Go, take it.
And if you are sick tonight, crippled, blind, deaf, dumb whatever you
are, go, take it. God said it was yours. It's your possession. God give
it to you.

He told them that He would give them that land, sent an Angel before
them to take care of the way, bring them into the place where it was.
Look at them spies when they went over. Here come ten of them back,
said, "Oh, we can't do it. It's impossible. Why, we're scientists, and
we've looked the thing over. It's scientifically impossible. We can't
do it."
But there was two fellows, one of them named Joshua, and one named
Caleb. They wasn't looking to what the scientific side was. They was
looking to what God said. Said, "We can do it." And that's right. And
they brought back some evidence that it was a good land.
I'm so glad of that evidence (aren't you?) that there's a good land
just above us, and we're on our road tonight. Hallelujah. All right.

Here they was now, just before redemption. God required the children of
Israel, that they'd be sure to be protected, to kill this lamb, and to
put the blood on the lintel, the top of the door, like this, and each
And they were to go in and eat this lamb, every bit of it; notice, all
the lamb, not just part of it. Every bit of it was to be eaten.
Some people say, "I'll just take this part, and I'll–I'll believe this
part." But you've got to take It all, every bit of It. Say, "Oh, I
believe He was wounded for our transgressions, but, 'by His stripes,' I
don't know about It." We want It all. Every bit of It is to be eat, all
of It. Some of it gets tough, but we have to eat it anyhow. God said

59 Notice the 10th verse now.

And ye shall–ye shall let nothing of it
remain until… morning; and that which remains… until the morning…
shall burn with fire.

And now, none of it is to remain. Everything… Now, He said, "When you
eat it, don't eat it raw, or sodden, but you must eat it well cooked."
And I like that.
People trying to eat the Word of God, and they take It like It was raw,
chew on It, and spit on It, and everything else, say, "Oh, I just can't
take It. I can't stand It." It isn't cooked done enough. That's all.
He said, "Cook it with fire." Fire represents the Holy Ghost. You get
God in your heart first, and It'll cook It for you. That's right. Cook
It out, done, seasoned, then It tastes good.

Now, you can't stand off like this, outside, say, "Oh, I, I don't know
whether It's for me or not. That might be for days gone by." Just get
the Holy Ghost first, and watch what Divine healing means to you then.
Look what a heartfelt religion means to you then, when you've got the
Holy Spirit here to cook the Lamb as It comes. Amen. That's right. Cook
the Lamb first. And you have to have fire to cook It with. It–it
should be roasted. Oh, my, that's when It's good. Roast It, it just
burns out all the…

I was standing here, not long ago by a big smelter, and I noticed how
hot that fire was, and it just cooked and cooked and cooked. And as the
hotter it got, the–the dross in the metals, in the gold, all come to
the top, and they skimmed it off. And they'd heat the fire a little
hotter in this smelter, and then when this would boil more, they'd get
some more different stuff, pyrite and stuff, out of it.
The first come up was the dirt, like dirt and mud. The next come up was
ores like, oh, something no good: some quick silvers, and all these
things, they come up, and skim that off. Went on down, right down, and
the last thing they took out of it was pyrite. That's fool's gold.

You know there's a lot of things in people that try to fool one another
when you're a Christian, or acting like it, anyhow. See? But you just
let the Holy Ghost go to boiling everything out, take–takes all the
fool's gold out of you too.
Fool's gold, many people go out West and they find some of it, and they
think, oh, they struck a gold mine. It shines better than gold does.
But it's fool's gold, hasn't got no value to it.
And now, they cook that, and they skim it all off, and just keep
cooking it and cooking it, until it's pure gold, boiled down to nothing
but one hundred percent gold.
And that's the way God does in His Church: pours the Holy Spirit on It,
and cooks down in there till He throws out all the worldliness, and the
differences, and the selfishness, and all this, till He just boils it
out of every individual that will come to Him. Amen.

71 Now, then, you can eat it. Here is another beautiful thought here, on the–on the 11th verse.

And thus shall you eat it; with your… (listen to this) loins girded… (I like that)… shoes on your feet,… staff in your hand; and ye shall eat it in haste; it's the LORD's passover.

I like that. While you're eating, be ready to go. That's the issue.

Let's turn over to Ephesians, about the 6th chapter of Ephesians, and
look in here what Paul said about getting the Church ready: 6th chapter
of Ephesians, beginning at the 14th verse of the 6th chapter.

Stand therefore, having your loins girded about with truth,… having on the breastplate of righteousness;

… your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

And above all things, take the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench… the fiery darts of the wicked.

And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:

See, Paul dressing up a man for the battlefield, for the march.
God, in beginning of delivering of Israel, He said, "Now, you ought to
get ready for the march. When you come under the blood, put on your
shoes. Gird up your loins. Get your staff in your hand and get ready
for the call." I like that.
A man now, when he comes into Christ, he gets his Gospel shoes on to
preach the Gospel, the helmet of salvation on, the breastplate of
righteousness; girds up his loins. There's a…

Usually, in the old soldiers, when they put on those ornaments of war,
they had a big belt, that buckled it together, holding over their
loins, these shields, to keep the enemy's spears off. What a real
lesson that is to us. And when the–the loin begin to get weak, hang
down, the shield, they'd tighten up on their belt, bring them up tight
What a perfect picture today, when you begin to feel like you're
slacking, or the devil says, "It's no use." Reach down and tighten up
the belt a little bit, pull up the sword a little tighter in the hand,
and go forward. I like that. Be ready for the march.

79 Every man walking under that blood that night, was commanded to stay there, not go out until the orders come to march.
every man that's born of the Spirit of God, comes into Christ, has
Everlasting Life, puts on his shield, his breastplate, standing ready,
and forbidden to leave until orders to march.
Oh, isn't it marvelous? Aren't you glad you got it all harnessed up, tonight, you soldiers?

82 Used to have a song leader at the Tabernacle, our theme song was:

The fight is on, O Christian soldiers,

Face to face in stern array,

With armor gleaming, colors streaming,

The right and wrong's engaged today;

The fight is on, but be not weary,

Be strong and in His might hold fast;

If God be for us, His banner over us,

We'll sing the victor's song at last.

Many of them old saints has gone to the grave. But one of these days,
yonder in a new world, when they come forth into the promised land, the
banner of the cross will be over us, and we'll sing the victor's song.
When we set at the Wedding Supper that night, around the table, that
great table, maybe a hundred thousand miles long, with the Blood-washed
saints setting around there. I want to go down along the table and
shake hands with every one of them (Amen.), just shouting. You want to
hear me shout? Wait till I get over there; watch me. I ain't big
enough, yet for this. But notice, on the march now. Get ready. We're

84 Here's a sad picture, before we get over to our regular lesson. is found in the 38th verse. There… Listen.

And a mixed multitude went up with their flock…

where Israel made a mistake. The supernatural had been done. An the
unconverted people followed because of the supernatural, finally got
them into trouble. And on down, we'll notice here in about the 42nd
verse and the 43rd verse. The Lord speaking to Moses, said that no one
but those who were sacrificed… could eat the sacrifice, rather, but
those who were circumcised. No strangers, no outsiders, no one should
take it but those who are circumcised."
And what a disgrace that we have today in this day, beloved friends,
that when, in the church, everybody that belongs to the church takes
communion. And that's wrong. Only those who are redeemed, that's all
who are worthy.

Isaiah spoke and said, "The tables of the Lord would be full of vomit."
Said, "Who shall I teach doctrine? Them that are weaned from the
breasts." Said, "Precept must be upon precept line upon line; here a
little, and there a little. And hold fast to that what's good." God
speaking, knowing that the day that we're living in, that the church
would be so politically, till they'd let everything, people, come in;
long as they had their name on the church book, they were members, they
taken communion.
And the Bible said, "He that eats and drinks it, unworthy, is guilty of
the body and the blood of the Lord." Saint John, 13th chapter, Jesus
Second Corinthians the 11th chapter, Paul said, years later, that, "He
that eats and drinks this, unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and
the blood of the Lord. Let a man examine himself," he says, "before he
take." I'm quoting Scripture. That's right. "He that eats and drinks,
unworthy, eats and drinks damnation to himself, not discerning the
Lord's body. And for this cause many are sick and weakly among you, and
many sleep." Be sure that you're standing right with God.
Here it is in the shadow, that no one but the circumcised… No matter
how loyal he was, how much he helped the Jewish church, he had to be a
proselyte, had to be a real circumcised believer, before he could take
the communion or eat the passover. Oh, how far we got off the line

91 Now, let's go quickly then. And God brought them out tonight. We're turning now to the 13th verse of the 14th chapter.
gave them the Pillar of Fire to go before them. I think they had the
picture here tonight. And I say it with reverence. To my honest
opinion, while we're here in this group tonight, I believe That is with
us tonight. The same Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel is
going before us, performing the same signs and wonders. And any teacher
here, or scholar of the Bible, knows that the Angel that followed
Israel and guided them to the promised land, was the Angel of the
Covenant, which was Jesus Christ.
And today, "Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever" is
following before this group that you want to call holy-rollers, if you
want to (All right.), going on, leading from victory unto victory.
Praise God.

94 In them nations, in them days they were despised and hated and rejected, and turned down by the nations, and called everything.
is it today with the true believer. You, in your churches, you know,
when you take a stand for Christ and speak for Truth, the whole church
says, "Look at him. He's lost his mind. He's gone crazy." See?
Don't pay no attention to that. Follow on. You're all armored up now.
And the Blood's going before you, the Holy Spirit leading you. Just
keep moving. Don't pay no attention to what nobody tells you. Look
straight to Calvary and march on. Beautiful type.

Now, they had come out, through, and got… And now notice, blood
redemption brought them out of Egypt. Now they had to have something
else now to take them on over into the land. Now, they're just
beginning to start. They had come out, been circumcised, come under the
blood, and on the march. Now, they'd got up to something. They was
going along there, knowing that they'd passed from death unto life,
knowed they had Eternal Life, but here they are, coming up now, and
difficult begins to rise. Here comes Pharaoh's army pursuing them to
take them. Trouble set in.
Listen. "God is our refuge and our strength, a very present help in
time of trouble." Oh, I hope you see this. See? Here it is. Know… But
listening, 13th verse now.

And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not…

100 I love that. After Jesus rose from the dead, His words were constantly, "Fear not."
That's what the trouble with the Church today, is scared to death
you're going to make a failure. How can you fail when you're in Christ?
You can't fail. You've got Everlasting Life. All demons in hell can't
shake you. You got Everlasting Life. Jesus said so. So don't be scared
of failure.
You say, "Well, I'm afraid I'll get fanatic." I'd rather have a little
fanaticism than to set still and do nothing. I sure would. A man that's
going to do something…

It's told about Ballard's up here. A fellow come to get a job from him,
and he said, "Sign your name here." He took his pencil, to sign. He
said, "Where's your eraser at?"
Said, "I don't no… make no mistakes."
He said, "I can't use you; you ain't going to do nothing."
That's right. If you don't make no mistakes, you're not–you're not
doing nothing. Let's go, brother. Be up and going. I like Longfellow

Tell me not, in mournful numbers,

Life is but an empty dream!

And the soul is dead that slumbers,

And things are not what they seem.

Said, yes, life is real! And life is earnest!

And the grave is not its goal;

Dust thou art, to dust returnest,

Was not spoken of the soul.

Let us be up and doing,

With a heart for any strife;

Be not like dumb, driven cattle!

Be a hero!

Don't wait for people to persuade you to Christ. Stand like a man or a
lady, accept Him, and walk forward in victory. Amen. That's what God
wants, rugged, ready soldiers. You might not be, weigh a hundred and
five pounds, but you can still be ruddy, brother, and full of power, if
you'll just let God have His way. I've seen men that weighed two
hundred pounds, didn't have an ounce of man in them. That's right. All
right. Notice.

Moses said unto the people, Fear… not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD,…

That's good. Just march on. Don't get scared about nothing. If you've accepted Christ as your Saviour, go on.

107 "Brother Branham, I want the baptism of the Holy Ghost." Just keep moving. Don't fear.
You say, "I'm sick now, Brother Branham. I can't go much farther."
Don't weary. Just keep moving on; see the salvation of our Lord. Accept
it. Just move on.
"How's it going to be? The doctor turned me down." Now, the fellow done
the best he could, but God hasn't done His best yet. That's right. Just
a moment, listen at him now. All right.

… the LORD, which he will show unto you to day: for the Egyptians… (the assayers, the truth–the troublemaker)

Say, "Brother Branham, if I could just quit smoking… If I could just
lay down drinking… If I could just quit my stealing… If I could
just quit my doing this, that, and the other." Don't weary. Just walk
on. God will take care of the rest of it.
"If I knowed I could do it, Brother Branham, I'd accept Christ right
now." Don't you worry. Move on. Just go on. You'll see the salvation of
the Lord.

… for the Egyptian's who you have seen to day, ye shall see them again no more for ever. (Amen. It's going to be settled, after while.)

The LORD shall fight for you, and you shall be a hold your peace.

And the LORD said unto Moses, Wherefore criest thou unto me? speak to the children of Israel, that they go forward: (I like that.)

Don't try to say, say, "Well, I joined the church ten years ago,
Brother Branham. I've been a good faithful member." That's fine; I
appreciate that. But let's move on, tonight. God's moving on. The
people today here, they go back; they say, "Well, now…"
Science, a hundred and fifty years ago; there was a science in France,
that said, "If a man ever went the terrific speed of thirty miles an
hour, gravitation would take him off the earth, and he'd be gone." Huh.
Thirty miles an hour? He's going about sixteen hundred miles an hour
now. You never hear science refer back to that fellow. He was all right
in his day, but they're living in another day. That's right.
But we preachers, oh, no. "Divine healing? Now, let me see what–what
Saint Moody, Finney, Knox, Calvin, some of them said about It." They
were all right in their days. But we're moving on, going forward. We
got something else.

Jesus said in the parable there of the sower, when a sower went forth
and sowed seeds. And some… The enemy come around and sowed some weeds
in the wheat. He said, "Let them grow together."
You're always pointing how wicked the world's a getting, but you fail
to see how powerful the Church is a getting at the same time. She's
rising up, standing on the field. Oh, She's a little flock, but,
brother, God's with Her. And She's going to triumph just as certain as
Christ rose from the dead. Amen. God's Church shall never fail. "The
gates of hell shall not prevail against It." Showed they'd be against
It, but they cannot prevail. The Church is going to triumph through the
Blood of Jesus Christ to the victory march. I'm positive of this one
thing, that God will have a Church without spot, wrinkle, or blemish.
Amen. I'm so happy about that.

Now, if I am in that Church, amen… "Brother Branham, how do you got
into It, by letter?" No. "How do you get into It?" By birth, borned
into It.
I've been in the Branham family, it'll be forty-five years the sixth
day of this coming April. They never did ask me to join their family. I
was born a Branham. I'll always be a Branham.
I was borned a Christian in Jesus Christ. I'll be a Christian, 'cause
God has ordained it so by election. He called us through the grace of
His Own beloved Son. We accepted Him and got Eternal Life. By one
handshake? No. By one membership? By one letter? By one Spirit we're
all baptized into one Body, Jesus Christ, and there become fellow
citizens of the Kingdom.

I was thinking today as I was away praying, that how that this is the
day that we're going to have to answer for. I'm not going to have to
answer for the generation that was before me or the generation that
will be after me. But in the judgment I'm to stand with this
generation. And I said, "Looky there, a woman's picture on the sign,
beer-drinking, something another, said she was 'breathless,' or
something." I said, "Yes, and Lifeless too." All right. There you are.
I said, "What a disgrace."
"With all the preaching," I said, "sometimes it seems…" I told my
wife; I said, "Sometimes it seems it doesn't do any good. But I've got
to be the voice of warning anyhow, regardless of what people does about
it. I've got to preach the Gospel anyhow and give a witness unto the
resurrection and the power of Jesus Christ." Let them forsake It, and
turn their back; God will judge them at the judgment for it. I'm only
responsible for preaching, and other ministers too, who preach the

123 Now, I just love it. Notice, "Go forward now," and you will see the glory of God. But listen, the 16th verse now, we read this:

But lift… up the rod,…

rod," that was the judgment rod. Now, it wasn't Moses' rod. That was
God's rod. If you'll notice Moses, he took that rod; he held it up like
this. Fleas come. He held it over the waters; it turned to blood. It
was God's judgment rod. And that same rod… Get it. That same rod was
what he smote the rock with; and a cleft come in the side of the rock,
and waters came out of the rock.
Now, that Rock was Christ, and it was God's judgment ("The day you eat
thereof, that day you die.") smote Christ at Calvary, and paid that
bitter, agonizing death. No man never could describe what it was or
never will. There God placed all the Divine judgment upon Him and smote
Him in the side, when out of His side come water and Blood and Spirit
for our redemption.

How people paint His picture sometime, with a robe around Him, or
something another, on the cross. That is not so. They disposed that Man
of every foul, vulgar thing that they could; but He had to be. There He
was, the highest and loyalest of all the world, that ever was or will
be, and then exposed, naked, on the cross: wounded, smitten, bleeding,
gobs of mockery spit hanging from His face, a mocking crown of thorns
on His head. But there's when He conquered death, hell, sin, sickness,
and the grave, and paid the price for us all.
It's often said, sometime, "There's where He took the sting out of death."
That's where Paul said, "O death, where is your sting?"
I've been told that many insects, bees and things, they've got a
stinger, and they're poison with it. But one time they sting, they lose
their stinger.
Death had a sting in it one time, but Christ on Calvary took the
stinger out of death. Hallelujah. Oh, when I think of it, there He
pulled the stinger out of death for me and you, all the sting of death.

Paul said, when they was going to cut his head off in the Roman prison,
he said, "Death, where is your sting?" Pointed back to Calvary, and
there's where stinger was taken out of death. "Grave, where is your
victory?" He said, "But thanks be to God, that gives us the victory
through our Lord Jesus Christ." Amen. All right.

… the rod (the judgment),
and stretch it out… cover the–the sea, and divide it: and the
children of Israel shall go over on dry ground through the midst of the

And I, behold, I will harden the heart of the
Egyptians, and they shall follow thee: and I will get me honour upon
Pharaoh, and upon all his host, and upon the chariots, and upon the

And the Egyptians shall know that I am the
LORD, and I have gotten me honour upon Pharaoh, and upon his chariots,
and upon his horsemen.

And the angel of God,…

Listen. Tighten up the harness now.

And the angel of God, which went before the camp of Israel,… (He's still here.)
The angel of God, that went before the camp of Israel, removed and went
back behind them; and the pillar of the cloud went from before their
face, and stood behind them: (or, went up from here, and stood back here, a go-between in the time of trouble.)

When trouble begins to face you, sickness on every hand, trouble, the
Angel of God comes up, goes out between you and the sickness and stands
there in the way, a challenging you to take God's Word.
God had give Israel the promise, that they was going to the land. There
was a million, probably, of men coming to pursue them and run them
down, and chop them down like a bunch of animals. But the Angel of the
Lord Who was there to carry them to the promised land, rose up from the
camp and went and stood between them and danger. Hallelujah.
He still does it. He will make the way. Oh, I just love Him for that,
don't you? He will make the way for every sick person sitting here
right now. He's already made the way, and He's standing between you and

And I know He's here right now. You can call me a fanatic if you want
to; I'm not responsible for what you say. But I'm responsible for what
I say before God. But He Who led the children of Israel, if I have
judged it right, on that Light that you see tonight or seen on that
picture… I suppose they put some out tonight. That same Angel of God
is in this building right now to do just exactly what Jesus did in that
day. He's here to confirm. Just what He did then, He is now, and will
always be the same, the Angel of God, moving up to stand between us and
sickness, stand between us and death.
No wonder David said, "Yea, though I walk through the valleys of the
shadow of death, I'll fear no evil: for thou art with me." Sure.

137 Standing there, the Angel of God went before the camp of Israel, and removed, and went and stood between them and the enemy.
the Angel of God is standing tonight between every individual here and
the enemy. I know what I'm speaking of. I know while standing here now
on the platform, before this little group of people tonight, I know
that God has condescended, coming down from glory, and standing in this
building now. If you'll only dare to move out on God's Word, see if He
don't move before you now. Watch.
And It came between the camp and the Egyptians. He's coming between you
and your sickness. He's standing between you and your sins right now.
Why? We are in the exodus of the Church. Egypt was always called the
world. And when Israel come out of… Remember, they were church
members down there. But after the blood and the atonement was made,
they become the circumcised of God.
And the circumcision today is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. "All,"
said Stephen, "all you uncircumcised in the heart and ears, why do you
always resist the Holy Ghost? As your fathers did, so do you." The Holy
Spirit circumcised in the heart, cutting away the things of the world.
It used to be the old fashion holiness church lived it, acted like it,
lived like it. But today it's just like the rest of the world. It's a
disgrace. We let down the bars.

141 Old Brother Spurgeon used to say, an old Methodist preacher friend of mine, used to sing a song.

We let down the bars, we let down the bars,

We compromised with sin.

We let down the bars, the sheep got out.

How did the goats get in?

Because you
let down the bar. That's it. You let down the standard of Christian
living, because the seminaries hatched out a few preachers and sent
them down to compromise with the truth. But the Holy Ghost has always
been there to condemn sin, and is tonight standing between the believer
and the things of the world. Amen.

And it came between the camp and the
Egyptians and the camp of Israel; and it was a cloud of darkness to
them, but it gave light by night to these: so that the one came not
near the other all night.

Look, the same thing that was given this group of believers, Light, was blinding them.

All right, put on your shock-proof jackets. Here it comes. Look, every
man that rejects Light goes blind and walks in darkness because you
don't accept Light. Amen. God sends ministers and preach the Gospel. He
sends signs and wonders among men to a vindicate it to be the truth;
and men reject It. There's nothing left but darkness for you. Walk in
the Light while the Light's a shining, my brother. Receive the Light.
Christ is the Light. He's come to bring Light to you. But those who
rejected Light received darkness. And every man and woman tonight, who
rejects Light, walks in darkness, not knowing where he's going. He's
staggering along pretty good, popular with the people, but wonder how
he stands in the Presence of God.

Notice it. What a marvelous thing here. He was Light to one and
darkness to the other. The Israelites then, after Moses prayed, they
could lay down in peace. Now, watch.

And Moses stretched out his hand over the
sea; and the LORD caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all
that night, and made the sea a dry land, and the waters were divided.

And the children of Israel went unto the midst of the sea upon the dry ground:…

If you'll notice, while the children of Israel, who had come out of
darkness and accepted the Light, when they got in trouble, the Light
turned back around. And they slept all night. And while they were
sleeping, God was sending a wind, blowing down across the sea, opening
up a way of escape.

Hallelujah to the Lamb. I'm so glad that I've been filled with the Holy
Spirit tonight. While we are sleeping, rejoicing, resting in the
promise of God…
God promised them to make a way of escape. And while they were resting
on this promise, God was down there, before them, opening up a way.
Every man and woman tonight, that will accept Jesus Christ on those
grounds, the Holy Spirit, while you're asleep, while you're resting in
His promise… Maybe you're crippled; maybe you're blind; maybe you
can't hear; maybe you can't see; maybe you're sick: heart trouble,
cancer, or something, dying. Accept the Light tonight and rest upon It.
And the wind, coming like a rushing mighty wind on the day of
Pentecost, will move down through there and open up a way for you
(Hallelujah.), that you'll pass right through that valley of sickness,
right back into the land of health again. You'll pass right through
that land of cold, formal, shackled-down, indifferent religions, to a
Holy Ghost filled, happy, rejoicing, heart full of joy.

God shows His power, and was showing it (Excuse me, I'm getting too
loud.), showing redemption by power. He showed the blood back there on
one thing. He showed His power here by His Blood, through redemption,
showed His power to escape death, through the blood. He showed His
power to make a way of escape by redemption of power.
And today, you who have accepted (Amen.), you who have accepted the
Blood of Jesus Christ to cleanse you from sin, the power of the Holy
Ghost is here to lead you to the baptism of the Holy Ghost. The power
of God is here to transform you from sickness to health. God, moving on
in the exodus of His Church, She's coming into the blossom, where God
will gather after while His grain. Wonderful, coming out of the
darkness, into the marvelous Light, how we love that, how I do, what
that means to my soul tonight. Friends, you…

I was talking to a man today, who just met me while I was out. And he
said, "I been trying to tell people." Said, "I've changed a lot, Billy,
since you was a kid." Said, "You used to come by and tell me, at my
place of business, that I ought to get right with God, I ought to be
right with God." And said, "I kind of laughed at you." But said,
"Billy, things has changed now." Said, "I know now what you speak of."
I thought, "Praise God."
He said, "I try to tell others about it," and said, "they'll change the
subject and go talking about a funny paper or something. Oh, it ain't
me. This next guy over on the corner, he may die. He's the next one.
Maybe his number is the next one, not knowing whose number is next." It
may be yours tonight, friend. This may be the time God calls you.

God, the great Holy Spirit, standing here tonight between death and
Life, standing here tonight between sickness and health… I know what
I speak of. That's right. Right now, the same Holy Spirit that you feel
now, every born-again person's bound to feel that Spirit in the room.
You can't help it. If you got any Life, you know It's there. All right.

How like a magnet, when it's… When a great magnet's coming near the
material, it begins to move and crawl (why?) closer it gets… Like a
big magnet come down, up here, one time, at Hammond, Indiana. I was
watching them take up shavings on the floor. They pulled a great big
lever, and down come a great big magnet. And they had all the shavings
swept out in the middle of the floor. And as it passed by, all those
shavings that was magnetized to the magnet, iron, went right up and
went with the magnet out. And they demagnetize it, dropped it into the
cupola, and mold it again. There was a lot of aluminum shavings left. I
said, "Why didn't they go?"
He said, "They're not magnetized to the magnet."
I said, "Praise God." I said, "Why didn't these go down here, this piece of iron?"
Said, "If you notice, it's bolted down."
And that's about like a lot of peoples tonight, friends. You become a
church member, but not magnetized by the baptism of the Holy Ghost.
Then you let something shackle you down, some difference shackle you

But one of these days, there's a great magnet coming from the east,
called the Son of God, that'll sweep this land. And every person that's
dead in Christ shall rise with Him, to go yonder. And these old bodies
will be transformed and made in His likeness, unto His Own glorious
body, where we shall live forever and ever, free from sickness, free
from old age, free from everything else; and in the glory of God, to
live in His blessed Presence forever. Amen. Don't let that scare you. I
feel religious right now. I sure do. All right.
"For I know that my Redeemer liveth, and at the last days He will stand
on this earth; though the skin worms destroys this body, yet in my
flesh shall I see God; whom I shall see for myself; mine eyes shall
behold, and not another."
Don't think I'm crazy. I'm not. If I am, just let me alone. I'm more
happier this way than I was the other way. Yes, sir. Just let me stay
this way. Oh, sure, crazy to the world, for those things that the world
calls crazy, God calls blessed. You have to lose your mind to this
world. Because why? You're not of this world.

When you cross over that separating line, you become fellow citizens of
the Kingdom of God. Oh, my. How good is it? Why, you become a new
creature (oh, my), changed from this what you are now. You are now the
sons of God. Now, are we sitting together in heavenly places, not, we
will be in the millennium. We are now, right now we're the sons of God.
Right now we're sitting together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus,
not just in the church; we're in Christ Jesus.
The resurrected Lord Jesus is here. He's here in His power. He's here
in His redemption power. He's here for the exodus. He's here to bring
every church member into fellowship with Him. He's here to bring every
sinner, no matter how low you are, He's here to bring the power of His
resurrection into your life and make you a new creature.

Here a few years ago, all the religions of the world met, I believe it
was in London, England, or somewhere. I don't remember exactly. But
when they was all speaking for different churches, the Mohammedans, and
the Buddha's, and everything, a little, a fellow that represented the
American Holiness church, John Witt, I believe, was his name… So then
when he got up, to his time to speak, all the religions represented in
this great gathering, he told the story of Lady Maccabee, how low she
was: got arrested in Oklahoma with a cigar in her mouth, driving a–or
breaking the speed law, going through the streets with a stagecoach.
She had done so many murders, and so filthy, and so ornery, until when
they went to tar and feather her, they wouldn't even put their hands on
her, afraid they'd be polluted.
And when he got the story told in such a dramatic way till every
listener was sitting on the ends of their seat, he said, "Gentlemen, of
the religions of this world, has your religion got anything that would
clean the hands of Lady Maccabee?" Nobody said a word. He jumped up in
the air, and kicked his heels together, and slapped his hands. He said
"The Blood of Jesus Christ won't only clean her hands, but It'll clean
her heart." Amen. That's right.

The Blood of Jesus Christ will take the lowest prostitute in
Louisville, Kentucky, and make a lady, a saint out of her. It'll take
the bootlegger out of the place down yonder and make a gentleman out of
him, and a saint of God.
My friends, citizens of the Kingdom, my fellow men of Kentucky and
Indiana, and around about, don't you think tonight it's about time for
you to consider this Lord Jesus before your last chance is taken?

When you see the Church going in this great exodus, see the Pillar of
Fire leading before us, standing, performing miracles and signs… He's
here tonight in all His redeeming power. He's here to make whole every
sinner, to take back every backslider. He's here to heal every sick
He's the full Gospel. And we preach the full Gospel. Eat the whole
Lamb. Roast It with the Holy Ghost, and know that It's good eating, for
the Holy Spirit has Divined to us that It is real good. Taste and see
the Lord is good. It tastes like honey in the rock.
Our Lord Jesus here in His love and power, in His great redemptive
blessings, oh, how He stands between the Church and sin tonight. How He
stands between you and judgment, bleeding, praying…

Here not long ago, I walked into a place up here in Ohio, where I had
been just about to pass my opinion of judgment. I'd been eating at a
little Dunkard restaurant. We was having a great meeting. I had to stay
several miles out in the country at a little motel. I'd been eating at
a Dunkard restaurant, nice lovely people. And on Sunday they closed and
went to church. I had to go across to an ordinary little, common,
American place to eat my dinner.
When I walked into the door, to my surprise there stood a state police
with his arm around a girl, playing a slot machine. Now, gambling is
illegal in Ohio, and there the lawman himself breaking the law; and
perhaps, a man at my age, perhaps married, with a family somewhere,
with his arms around some young lady standing there.
I looked back across the restaurant, some boys sitting back there
drunk, and a young lady not acting morally at all. I looked, sitting
down to my right side here to a booth, which I was ready to set down,
there set an elderly lady, somewhat around fifty-eight, sixty years old
(old as my mother), setting there, skin all wrinkled up, the little
bitty clothes on. And, oh, it was terrible. And her toenails painted
purple, her lips painted purple, the horriblest looking sight you ever
seen, her hair cut real short and fringed up like that, and she was
There set two men with her, sitting there, horribly-looking, drunk, and
one of them laying across the plate of the table. And when they excused
themselves, and went out to the restroom…

I stood there. I thought, "O God, how can You stand it? How can You
look at such as that? When even in my heart, and I'm as bad as I am,
yet, still I wonder if my little Sarah and Rebekah will have to raise
up in such a generation to see that coming on. Lord, why don't You just
wipe it off of the face of the earth?" I thought, "Why don't You just
do it, Lord?"
I set down there and just started to weeping. I saw a vision. I saw as
it was, the world whirling around in the air, and there stood a rainbow
around that world. And someone that was speaking to me, said, "That's
the Blood of Jesus Christ around this world, that keeps Him from
destroying it. If God can see sin, 'The day you eat thereof, that day
you die.' Every man under that Blood there has a–is a free moral agent
to take your choice. But if you ever die, and your soul soars beyond
the mercy of that Blood, you're already judged before you get there.
There's nothing left for you."

Then I seen myself. I seen my Lord Jesus standing there with a crown of
thorns on His head, and the tears running down, mixed up with Blood, as
it washed off of His beard. And I seen my sins coming before Him. And
every time they would come before Him like that… [–Ed.]
till He was shaking. The thorns would stick in His brow more. He'd
stagger back. He'd say, "Father, forgive him; he don't know what he's
doing." And again I would do something, and then His Blood was like the
bumper on the car, protecting the car, a shielding me from the wrath of
God, undeserving.
And I come to Him slowly, knelt down to Him. I said… Looked down
there, laying in front of me, and there was an old book of sin, and my
name wrote across the top. I said, "Lord, will You forgive me?"
"Certainly," He said with loving eyes; reached to His side, got some
Blood out, and wrote on it, "Pardoned," and throwed it back in the Sea
of Forgetfulness. He said, "Now…"
I said, "Thank You, Lord."
He said, "Now, I forgive you; and you're condemning her." Oh, that changed the picture for me.

I–I come out of it. I walked over there and set down to her and begin
to talk. And she had some rough life back before her. I said, "Was you
never a Christian?"
She said, "I was raised in a Christian home."
And I said, "What happened?"
She told me about a miscue with her husband, and how the children, and
so forth. I said, "All, for all these years, you've never lived
peaceful since you met God?"
She said, "Sir, that is the truth."
I said, "Won't you receive Him right now."
She said, "Will He take me?"
I said, "He's knocking at your heart now."
And out of that booth there, on the floor, and knelt down before that
audience of people; slot machines stopped, vulgar cursing stopped, and
everything else. And I lifted up my hands, and my hands… and them
poor wrinkled hands, and led her to Jesus Christ. Then she went…
That's it, friends. Don't… Look… Jesus…
I don't care what you've done, how black your sins are, how smutty your
life is; God's standing tonight, knocking at your heart's door, to
forgive you, no matter who you are.

186 Let's bow our heads a minute. Sister, come to the organ there, will you?
Father, oh, I pray that You'll just now, while the Holy Spirit is a
moving in the building… Let us seek first the Kingdom, to find favor
with You, and then I believe You'll heal the sick. But right now,
Father, while feeling that there's a great, deep interest and a
conviction, people knowing that Your Church is in the exodus, and we're
going on towards judgment… Not knowing but, in the morning, someone
may come to the bedside, and there we're laying gone. This time,
tomorrow night, may be in a morgue somewhere and our souls out yonder
in eternity.
O God, this may be the last hour. This may be the last chance that men
will receive. Many, no doubt, are setting here, men and women, who
desired, who's lived just a normal, good life, but never have been
borned again, doesn't know what it means to be filled with the Holy
Spirit, a complete surrendered life, with all the shame and bashfulness
taken from them, and God's Spirit baptize them into His mercy.
Father, dear, won't You tonight, in the Name of Thy beloved Child
Jesus, move to every heart and speak just now. And may they in the
simplicity of their heart, raise up their thoughts to Thee, raise their
heart and say, "Here I am, Jesus. Take me now just as I am, and mold me
and make me something different. Make me the kind of man You'd have me
to be. All through my life, You've talked to me. You've spoke to me.
You've tried to get me to do different. You've tried to make me to make
that surrender. But now the day is far spent, Lord, with me, but I'm
ready to come now." Grant it, Father. While mercy is calling before
judgment, and the exodus of the Church is leaving Egypt, may they come,
go along with the great group of the called-out. We ask it in His Name.

And while we have our heads bowed, and eyes closed, and Christians
praying, I wonder if you'd just raise up your hand, say, "Brother
Branham, you remember me. I–I believe every word you're saying is the
truth about Jesus Christ. And we all need to be filled with the Spirit,
and I'm not yet. I've been a church member." Or, maybe you haven't been
at all. Maybe you've been a sinner, never have accepted Christ, or
you've been a member of the church, and haven't been born again. Would
you raise up your hand, say, "Remember me, Brother Branham, in your
prayer. I want to be right"?
God bless you. God bless you, and you, and you, you, you; and you, my
brother; you, sister; and you, brother; you, you, you, brother, sister.
I see.
Oh, over to my left, how many over here? Raise your hand, say, "Remember me, Brother Branham, I want to be born."

Now remember, the Holy Spirit's speaking to you. If I be God's servant,
I know, as sure as I'm standing on this platform, that the Holy
Spirit's speaking to hearts here.
Friends, I may be peculiar to you, but I'm not a fanatic. I do know
what I speak of, if I know what you're trouble is out there, and what
your disease is, and God hears my prayer for you. And right here in
this building sets people that has been healed, with cancer, and
blindness, and deafness, and cripples, and everything else. Look at the
millions around the world. What about you now? What about it now? If He
will hear my prayer for that, won't He hear my prayer for your
condition of your soul? If He will reveal to me where your trouble is,
won't He reveal to me now where your trouble is also?
How many more will raise your hand, say, "Brother Branham remember me.
I want, at this time, ask God to be merciful to me."? God bless you,
and you, and you, you, again. Oh, my, just all over the building,

While you have your heads bowed. I wonder, if you that's raised your
hand, just have just a little more grace, say, "Lord, I had enough
grace to raise my hand, give me enough grace to stand up while he
prays. If You shall come for me before daylight, Lord, this is my sign
to You that I want to be right. I want to meet You someday. This cough
will come up my sleeve, and I'll press a dying pillow. The doctor will
leave my bedside; nothing could be done. Then, God, have mercy on my
soul. While the cold fogs of death is floating in the room, may the old
ship of Zion come, pack me a way. I'm going to stand, Lord. It's taking
a lot of grace, but Something's moving me. I'm standing." God bless
you, brother.
Someone else will stand, say, "I'm standing, Lord." God bless you,
brother. God bless you, brother, sister. Just remain standing. Everyone
that wants to be remembered in this prayer for the salvation of your
soul, would you stand? God bless you. God bless you, young man. God
bless you, sir. God bless you, brother. God bless you, my sister. God
bless you, sister, you, brother.
Someone else stand now and say, "Here I am. Brother Branham, I'm not
standing before you. I'm standing before God. Something told me to
stand up, and I'm standing." Will you do it? Just stand to your feet.
Just take God this much. God bless you, lady.

There's more. God bless you, lady. That's right. Poor mother holding
her little baby, trying to get up, tears in her eyes. Won't you come?
Stand up again. God bless you, lady, elderly lady stood up there, and
real elderly, knowing that she's got to face God one of these days. God
bless you. Who will stand up next now, say, "I'll stand." Just remain
standing for the prayer.
Someone else? I just feel like that someone else wants to stand. Maybe
you just want to get a little closer. Don't put it off anymore. Just
stand. Will you do it, you ones that wants to be closer to God? God
bless you. That's right. Would somebody… God bless you, lady. Yes,
There's at least three more people, I'm looking right straight at,
ought to be standing up, 'cause there stands the Angel of the God. God
bless you, lady. That's right. Now, all right, brother, what about it?
All right. Angel of the Lord standing, I know. I see It, and I know
that someone should stand right now. I'll wait just a minute longer.
May God… You know He's pressing at your heart. He's standing there,
my friend. That's Him that's telling you to stand up. Won't you do it?
Just stand and accept Him, just now. All right.
Are you sure now? If God would call you tonight in this meeting, this
sermon, this invitation's going to meet you yonder when you die. What
have you done about it? If you're not positive sure, stand now, so that
He will see you want to accept, to walk in the Light.

Now, our kind heavenly Father, these Thy dear children, softened
hearts, the Word fell in their heart tonight. "Faith cometh by hearing,
and hearing of the Word." And they could hear. And You softened their
hearts, many are standing, men and women, boys and girls, confess Thee
as their own dear Saviour and Leader.
And may the Angel of God, Who is here now tonight, may He guide them
through life. May they be guided to Calvary just now in their hearts
and accept Jesus as their Saviour. And may the Holy Spirit, through the
Blood of Christ, come down upon their souls, and take all the
indifference away, and fill them with the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
May this be the greatest night of their life. We know it is, for
tonight they're receiving You. Grant it, Lord, just now. And may they
go home from here, tonight, happy, rejoicing, praising God, with all
their heart. I pray this blessing through Christ Jesus' Name.
Now, may the Lord bless you as you be seated.

Let me ask you now. Each one of you that stood, and you know that
something happened to you while you were standing, raise your hand.
Just raise your hand; you know something happened. God bless you. God
bless you. That's right. It has to, friends. It has to. I stood, seen
here just now, the same Angel that I speak of, going right through this
building here, the same Angel of the Lord, the Pillar of Fire. I've
been preaching the last five or ten minutes, under that inspiration. I
feel It, just see It moving through this building. Now, you may think
that I'm storying to you, but it's the truth.
Now, I don't think I'll even call a prayer line. I think I'll stand
right here and just ask God to confirm that I've told you the truth
(That's right.) with signs, wonders.

How many in here wants to be healed, the sick people? Raise your hands.
Wherever you are, just raise your hand, say, "I accept it." All right.
I want you to look, live, and believe. Somebody in this audience,
through here, somebody through here, just look, and say, "Lord Jesus…"
Like this… I believe, the reason I made that altar call first, we've
got to find favor with Him. This is something new to me. I've got to
find favor with Him first. Then if I've found favor, and done a
favor… And you, a dozen, or two, souls come to Him just then. Surely,

Now, each one of you people that come to Christ, then, find a good Holy
Ghost-filled church and go to it, and there seek His baptism until
you've found it; just go, just every night, every day, just keep
praying. And when you're looking…
Now, you people that's sick, if I've told you the truth, God will
testify that it's truth. That's right. Only can do it… And God will
make it known, if you'll just pray and believe with all your heart.
Just look, and say this…

When the Angel of the Lord met me out there at Green's Mill, Indiana,
eight years ago, after being since a child, following me, showing
visions; when I went to Him, He said, "If you'll be sincere, get the
people to believe You, nothing shall stand before the prayer."
Now, He could do the same for you now that He could then. He's risen
from the dead. And He… There the audience out there before Him. He
knows what's on every one of you, what you've done, what's your
trouble, everything about it. Do you believe that? Then believe it with
all your heart.

I notice a young man setting here, believing, trying to, having faith.
Do you believe that God will let me know what's wrong with you? You do?
If He will, will you accept your healing? You have heart trouble. Isn't
that right? What if I told you now that you was well of it? Would you
believe it? Stand up just a minute. You got a nervous heart and a
murmuring heart. It's bothered you for some time. The only time, when
you lay down too, it smothers you, and you have a lot of beating back
and forth, fluttering. Is that right? 'Cause, it causes an indigestion
from your stomach, coming up through them vein. Isn't that true? You'll
not be bothered with it no more. Just keep what you have right now; you
can go home and be well.
I'm not reading your mind. I'm a perfect stranger to you. You're just a
man sitting there. Is that right? Never seen you in my life, and never
knowed nothing about you. Is that true? Well, the Angel of the Lord is
Frankly, young man, I want to ask you something, and you see if this is
truth or not. About a few moments ago, all of a sudden something
strange come over you when I begin to talk about the sting gone out of
the stinger. Wasn't that right? Wasn't it a strange feeling you had,
a…?… Isn't that right? And didn't you look at me at that same time,
and my eyes catch you at the same time? That's when you were healed
with heart trouble, right there. Amen. That's exactly. He's here.

216 I'm not reading your mind, friends. I only speak the truth, and God vindicates it to be the truth.
do you think about it, setting there next to him? Do you believe? Do
you believe me to be God's prophet? Do you believe if God… You
setting 'cause you're on the front seat, that's the reason I'm talking
to you so much. See, it's back in behind there and around me. But do
you believe, if I can contact your spirit, God will reveal what's
wrong? Would you accept your healing? You're a diabetic. Is that right?
Raise up your hand if that's the truth. Stand up on your feet. Do you
accept your healing now? May the Lord Jesus Christ make you every whit
whole. God bless you.

218 Have faith. Somebody in here believe. Have faith, with all your heart.
see a young man setting there with a blue suit on. There It stands
right above him. You have a skin disease, don't you, young man? Isn't
that right? Stand up on your feet. Oh, I see, you're with this
delegation. Is that right? Well, do you want to go home well? Raise up
your hand, say, "Lord Jesus, I now believe the Angel of the Lord leads
along, and I believe that I am healed."
What do you think about it, next man to him there, do you believe too?
Stand up on your feet a minute, so I can look at you. You believe me to
be God's servant, with all you heart? You want to get over that heart
trouble? That's what you had, wasn't it? That's what you "had," I said.
You don't have it now. You can go home too.
The next man to him, what do you think about it, sir? Do you believe
with all your heart? Do you believe me to be God's prophet? Stand up on
your feet. Do you believe with all your heart now? You had nervousness.
Isn't that right? See? Is that right? Raise up your hand. You can go
home well now. Jesus Christ make you well.

What about the next man, setting down the row, you believe with all
your heart? Stand up on your feet. Do you believe me to be God's
prophet, to be His servant? You believe He'd tell me what's wrong with
you, that you'd accept your healing? It's in your throat. Is that
right? Go home and be well, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Anybody else in this building, that wants to be made well, can raise
and be made well. If you believed me, as God's servant, stand to your
feet. God bless you. Female trouble, cancer, there it goes. God be
blessed. Every one of you, raise your hands to God.

Our heavenly Father, I now condemn every disease in this building, cast
out every evil spirit, and may the Holy Ghost take over now and make
every person well.
Lay your hands over on one another, and say, "Praise the Lord,"
everywhere. And rejoice and be happy, for Jesus Christ is here, the
Lamb of God, to make you well, every one.

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54-0329 Redemption By Power
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