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Restoration Of The Bride Tree (62-0422)

62-0422 Restoration Of The Bride Tree
Jeffersonville, IN
3 hr 33 min





Thank you, Brother Orman. God bless you. Good morning, friends, and
it's a privilege to be back in the Tabernacle on this fine Easter
morning, worshipping, the great resurrection of our precious Lord and
Saviour, Jesus Christ.

I'd like to say that I was certainly… Of all the messages that I ever
heard our pastor preach, his best one was this morning. I went home and
told my wife; I said, "Honey, this is one morning you missed it by not
getting up early." That was the best that I heard on the resurrection
in all my life; I never heard anything any better on the resurrection
than our pastor give us this morning. Such an astounding message, and
everything right to its point. That goes to show that when the
anointing gets a hold of a man (See?) what–what happens. That does
something then. And so we're happy that–that God has give us this
wonderful pastor.

And now, I want to thank each and every one of you. We've been here now
for quite a little while (at different times, back and forth), but I'm
leaving for the fields now, as you know. This week I'm leaving for the
Cree Indians up in British Columbia, and then over in–from there to
Fort Saint John, and then this summer, the Lord willing, to be in–all
on the west coast, up in the east, and–and out on the west coast, and
up into Alaska–Anchorage, Alaska, and through there. And then, perhaps
from there I'm sending out some feelers for Africa and the rest of the
world for the oncoming winter.
So it'll probably be some time before I get to be back here at the
tabernacle again; at least it'll be up in August or sometime this fall
'fore I can get back again.
And I want to thank you all for your fine cooperation, for all that
you've done. And we're sorry we never have room for the people here on
these mornings. We are in a building project now, as you know, to build
a bigger church when–for these services. And so that'll probably go
into effect right away now; they'll start building on the church.

And now, be–also want to thank each and every one of you for your–for
gifts, birthday cards, Easter cards, gifts that you've given Billy and
different for–and ones for me, Brother Wood, and many of them. I
appreciate them all.
And each one comes and says… You don't know what a strain it is,
somebody to come and say, "Now, we want to see Brother Branham. We want
to see your father," so forth. And said, "The sheet's filled up."
Now, you don't know what an embarrassing condition it puts you in, when
you–you can just get to so many, and that's all you can do.
I–I wished it was so I just had a long time with each one, could set
down. And I hope to do that some time; but it can't be on this earth,
because there's people comes in here from all over the world (See?),
from around the world. This week been people from several nations in
here, and been interviewed, and prayed for this week, from nations
around the world.

And if it was just our little local congregation here in
Jeffersonville, I could gladly take two or three hours with each one
and weed it right down and have them out. But see, while there just may
be, say, five calls from–or maybe two calls from right in our local
community, there's a hundred or two from around the world, at the same
time these two are coming in. So there's been literally thousands that
I couldn't even touch nowhere. See?
People… And the calls to come here and go there from around the
world, just–airplane tickets sent in and everything else to come pray
for the sick; but you can't do it.

So the people are disappointed; I would be too. But I'd just like, on
this Easter morning in making my confession, to say that–that I don't
know what to do about it. There's just too many, you know, to–to get
to–thousands and thousands of people from around the world. I've taken
my seventh trip around, as you know, and I have in personal contact
with better than ten million people from around the world. So you can
imagine how–how–what a strain that is on you.

And many times we hit little strains, and I know you do too, and little
disappointments. But think of them I have, the disappointments I have,
when sick mothers on the phone saying, "Oh, God… Well, wait just a
minute, Brother Branham. Lord Jesus, I–I–I pray that You'll send
him." And–and it–just hung up the phone from another one, and here,
and here, and here, and all around the world. You know how it is. And
that–that's not easy when somebody on the end of the phone with a sick
baby, or a sick husband, or a dying wife, a-praying for you to come.
Now, you could imagine; no wonder I'm a neurotic. As this–it's enough
to make one. But I have done this one thing: instead of getting a
complex, I've tried to hold steady by keeping my eyes on Calvary and
moving on, just as He would have me to do.
And many of my mistakes… I pray that God will forgive me of things,
that maybe I should have went one place and didn't go. I'm just human
and can–subject to mistakes.

The little, cute little thing was said in here in the back yard this
morning, when I was going out from the sunrise service. I got a
precious old friend (He's probably here somewhere; he's from Chicago.),
name's Stewart (he's about… ), Ed Stewart (I guess he's in his middle
seventies or better.); and he met me out there. And he saves his
tithing money in dimes, and he give me a whole package of dimes, about
like that, and… Oh, I don't know, I… 'Course, they go to a foreign
mission work. And his good friend and mine, Brother Skaggs, Leonard
Skaggs, from Lowell, Indiana, was standing there, and I never knew
before; he was a Mason. He had a Mason's button on him, and we were
talking about the Masonic order. And so, the old Brother Stewart said
to me; he said, "I like you, Brother Branham, and I'd like to talk to
you," (excuse this expression), but he said, "you're harder to get to
than a Turkish harem."
Someone said to me not long ago, said, "I'm glad the Lord's not that hard to get to." He said…

Well, I don't mean to be that way; I love people. But I just imagine…
I went home and I told my wife, and we set at the table and laughed,
how hard it would be to get to a Turkish harem, you know. So–so I hope
it isn't quite that difficult, Brother Stewart, if you're still in
here. But I sure did think that was a little sense of humor that kinda
made us all have a chuckle.
So I wished I could see everyone. And I love everyone (That is true.); whether they're a friend or foe, it's just the same.

And now, I certainly covet your prayers for me in this oncoming
meeting. I'm going among Indians. And you know, you–when you're in
Rome, you have to be a Roman; and when you're with Indians, you have to
live as Indians.
My missionary friend, of who is a hunting partner of mine, where I was
up on the highway, Alaskan Highway, I was–A very fine young fellow and
his wife, out of a nice home… And I… Arms eat in there, and all
around behind his ears, and things, and I wondered what was the matter
with him; did he have an eczema? It was from fleas and bedbugs where
he'd had to–how he'd had to live out there. And so, you have to live
right with the people to win them to Christ. They're Christ's heritage;
they are people who He died for, and somebody must go to them.

And the chief was over at one of my recent northern meetings, and the
Holy Spirit in the meeting–or out on a campground–on the
ground–tourist court, I believe it was, called his name, and who he
was, and what he had did, and… Oh, my, that just settled it with him.
He knew that human beings couldn't do that; that has to come from
So that chief has just fired that all up and down that coast there. And
we're going to take the meetings in a little sailboat, go in to the
places where we can get to for them, and on out and up the coast and to
the others, to the Cree Indians, the neglected. Many of the brethren
who have big services could not go to that.

Now, the Indians… There won't be one penny of money (As you know, I
never take an offering in my meetings; and I don't take money.), but
the church here is–is sponsoring that meeting to the Indians. Some of
your tithing money and things will go to pay, to bring this Message of
salvation and deliverance to those poor, illiterate Indians. After all,
they are the Americans, you know. We're the foreigners (See?); we come
in and took it from them. And we want… I can't give them back their
nation, but I can give them the hopes in Christ, that will put us
together as a brotherhood someday in a land where there is no fighting
and taking land one from another. It'll be a land, room for all. And
I'll be thankful when that time comes, if all my loved ones are saved
and ready at that time.

Now, I have many friends I'm seeing, setting right here as I, speaking.
I believe I'm noticing Sister (I can't think of her name.)–used to be
Lee. Is that right? Aren't you Mrs. Lee? Your daughter here, the
daughters, the ones that was healed? That's very fine. One of them was
in the Good Shepherd's Home–or not… (What is that called? Sister
of… Some Catholic Institute… Lady of Peace, that's what it was. I
get all them Catholic names mixed up.) And so, over there… And she
was–had a mental, nervous break, and the dear Lord Jesus, while
we's–I was setting on the foot of the bed, and her precious mother and
father standing close, and the Lord Jesus pronounced it done, finished.
Here she is; it's all over. And of course, we know Sister–is very
grateful this morning.

And I'm looking out over there and seeing people who were dying
recently with cancer. Crawled in here, on wheelchairs, crutches, and
here they are, normal and well this morning. That's world over. Not by
me, by Him, our Lord, Who is risen from the dead; He's alive
May our Lord ever be praised and blessed is my sincere prayer, Will you
pray for me, all of you, pray for me. Now, I–I depend on that. And
when I get out there… See, here at home, it's not too bad around
here, but when you get there where you really hit the battlefront…
This is training.

I was hearing yesterday, when our church got a–a new station wagon for
me, and I–to travel (And my other one's about worn out.); and so I–I
turned the radio on and listened at the newscast. And then, they was
coming down last night from where Joseph and I had went to pray, then
we's coming down from Green's Mill, they–I turned the radio on. It was
a newscast, and it was telling–following–this monitor was following a
young fellow in his training: and how he was standing there with his
pockets full of sand and everything, where he'd had to hold his head so
low; that live machine gun fire was going right above his head, while
he crawled through barbed wires and things, taking a rigid training.

Well, that's what we're doing here. But now, it's a lot different on
the battlefront. See? That machine gun is timed, trained right at a
certain level. But on the battlefront, it could come up or down. See?
So–so that's a little different there (You see?) than what–what it
is, so we have to… Well, this is training here, but out there you're
on the battlefront.

So we're going to face the enemy now. So we used to sing a little song
here, "The Fight Is On." Anybody still remember that song?

The fight is on, O Christian soldiers;

And face to face in stern array;

With armors gleaming, and colors streaming,

The right and wrong's engaged today! (That's right. See?)

The fight is on, but be not weary;

Be strong, and in His might hold fast;

If God be for us, His banner over us,

We'll sing the victor's song at last! (That's right.)

Now, there was many things that I had to say this morning, but I kinda
cut it short, whereas the people's standing and packed in. And they got
little speakers for the outside, and a little broadcast, I think, that
each car can… The–the broadcasting system let us go out so many
yards from the tabernacle with it. And so we–we're trying to…
Appreciate everybody's visit with us this morning.

Now, before any farther, let's say that… Now, immediately after this,
I think, is baptismal service? But first is the prayer line; we're
going to pray for the sick this morning. I think God coming on the
scene is the proof of what we're talking about: His resurrection. Is He
alive or isn't He alive? Is this just a fiction story or is it the
Truth? If He's alive, He made a promise: "I'll be with you always, even
to the end of the world."

Now, if He–if He comes in amongst us here and proves that He's here,
then there's no more guess about it. See? You remember, all the
religions in the world, they have their holy days and holidays, and so
forth, but there's none of them that can prove that their founder,
that–death took him, and that was all of it; but ours, Christian
religion, our Founder died and rose again.

In Mexico, recently, when I was interviewed by the press of the
resurrection of a little baby, that had died that morning at nine
o'clock, and at ten-thirty that night (ten-thirty or to eleven o'clock)
was raised up from the dead, right there in the mother's arms at the
platform, before tens of thousands of people. Thirty thousand come to
Christ that night (See?), so then, you can imagine what was there.
And the little fellow, I saw a vision out in front of me; and it told
about what his little name was and everything. The mother was way back
there, couldn't get a prayer card, couldn't get in; but she didn't have
to get up through the line. So when she brought the little baby, it
raining, pouring down…

We think of us standing, think of them. They'd be there at nine o'clock
at morning for services to begin nine that night, standing in the hot
sun, leaning against one another for shade: Standing, not setting,
standing. And that's the way they do, Africa, and different places, and
India where half a million gathers out at a time.

Now, this little woman couldn't even get a prayer card (over about
three hundred ushers to hold her back), and she couldn't get in the
prayer line, and standing there praying for that little baby–a little
Catholic woman… And the Holy Spirit called and said, "Tell her to
bring it here."

And the little baby, under a wet quilt (been standing there since that
morning), the doctor pronounced it dead. Now, we got the doctor's
statement of it, that pronounced it dead that morning at nine o'clock
and then, this was that night, nearly midnight. And I, just according
to what the vision said, I went, laid hands on the little baby. There
it was, alive. The doctor give testimony.

And I was interviewed by the press. And so, being… (Nothing against
anybody's belief, as long as it's with the Bible, all right…) But the
man that was interviewing me was Catholic, and he said to me, "Do you
believe our saints can do that?"
I said, "If they're living." ('Course I know the Catholic church
believes you have to be dead to be a saint.) So then I said, "If they
are living, yes."
And he said, "Oh, you can't be a saint until you're dead."
I said, "Was Paul a saint before he died or after he died? Who was he
writing to, the dead people, when he said, 'To the saints that are at
Ephesus…' and, 'The saints that are at certain places'? He wouldn't
write to dead people, you know."

8-2 So then, he said, "Now, you're trying to judge your case by a Bible. We are the church."
I said, "All right, sir, okay." And I…
He said, "We are the church."
I said, "Then let's see the church do it." (And so it's only Christ can do that; you know that.)
He said, "What's your opinion of the Catholic church?"
I said, "I wished you wouldn't ask me that." See?
And he said, "Well, I'd like to hear it."
I said, "The highest form of spiritualism that there is."
And he said, "Spiritualism?"
I said, "Yes, sir."
Said, "How do you figure that?"
I said, "Anything that intercedes with the dead: communion of saints." See?
And he said, "Well, you pray to Christ, and He died."
said, "But He rose again." He rose again. So that's the good thing that
we know: He rose again. Aren't we thankful? Let's bow our heads and
thank Him, because He did raise from the grave for our justification.

Heavenly Father, we are grateful this morning for Jesus. And today in
commemoration of His great resurrection, on that yule morning when He
rose from the dead, triumph over death, hell, and the grave… When He
was on earth, He showed He had triumphed over sickness, diseases,
and–and all kinds of devils and powers. Then death lay before Him, the
great and last enemy; and on Easter morning He proved He was God. He
rose from… Even the last enemy could not hold Him. The grave give Him
up; hell had to give Him forth; heaven received Him.
Oh, God, may our hearts receive Him today in the power of the Holy
Spirit, that we might be His executives, His–His examples of His
servants here on earth, as we sojourn. Grant it.

Bless all that's here. And, God, these precious people who are
standing, some of them been jammed in here since daylight, I pray,
heavenly Father, that You'll pour out the exceedingly, abundantly,
above all that we could do or think, upon them today, and give them the
deep desires of their heart. What every one come for this morning, may
they go back satisfied. You said You'll not turn any away, but You'll
fill him with good things, and send him away rejoicing. Grant it, Lord.
May Your omnipotence, may Your Holy Spirit in the power of the
resurrection so deal with each of us till our hopes will be built on
nothing less than Jesus' Blood with righteousness. Grant it, Father.

Bless the words now that we read. We thank You for that noble message
this morning (as we come early to the church); and to see You take our
brother (and such a change in him in a few moments) and deliver a
message to this dying generation of people that we are now a part of.
How we thank You for that, Lord. Oh, God, our hearts quiver with joy as
we think of those things.
Now, keep him anointed, Lord, down through the days that is ahead of
him, Lord, and bless this little church. And help me, Lord, as I go to
bring the Message to other people. And may we together, like one
person, one family, stick together, and pray together, and live
together in holy unity of the Holy Spirit until Jesus receives us into
the Kingdom. For we ask it in His Name and for His glory. Amen.

9-5 [Brother Neville says, "Brother Branham, can I have time to interrupt you?"–Ed.]
You sure can, Brother.
[As a token of our appreciation and by
the–the work of a young man in our midst, we present this picture to
you, Brother Branham, with the full expression of our love and

Thank you, Brother Neville and the Tabernacle.
[The young man was Jerry Steffy that painted that picture.]
Brother Jerry Steffy painted that picture. God bless that boy. That's very fine, Jerry, if you're here this morning.
It's too bad; I wished I had the means to let that boy go to school for
an artist. I believe God is in art. Don't you believe so? God is in
music; God is in art; God is in this; and it's too bad to see a talent
like that wouldn't be developed. More he does, the more developing
it'll be, and I–I pray that God will bless you, Jerry.
And thank you, Brother Neville, and to this church, for this fine
picture and for the verse that goes under it. I'll read it a little
[Do you want me to read it?]
All right, sir. Brother Neville will read the verse. I didn't… I'd had an idea of what it will…

[He's not a man of stature tall,

Nor lofty in his way;

He sounds himself no trumpet

As he goes from day to day.

Has no desire for wealth nor fame,

But none his place could fill;

He's just the way we want him,

Our own dear Brother Bill.

He teaches us with faithfulness

The undiluted Word,

No fancy ways, no love for praise,

Just following the Lord.

His speech is soft and gentle;

He raises not his voice,

Except to cry against the wrong,

And then he has no choice.

Never got a lot of learning,

From colleges and school;

But he knows what is important,

And he's sure nobody's fool.

For the knowledge he is given

Is Eternal from above;

He has no creed, except our Christ,

No law but Sovereign Love,

There was no great announcement

To his lowly, humble birth,

But to us he is the greatest man

Who lives upon the earth.

We count it more than privilege

To know him as a friend,

We cherish all he stands for,

And will right to the end.

He says he's not a preacher;

He's modest as can be,

But get him in the pulpit,

And it isn't hard to see.

He was foreordained a prophet,

Let men call it what they will;

God granted us great favor

When He gave us Brother Bill.

Signed: The Little Flock.]

10-4 Thank you, thank you…?… Thank you for your thoughts. Who composed that?
[Brother Neville answers, "I think his mother did."–Ed.]
That's… I'm not worthy of those things, of saying that; but that's
more to me than all the money in the world (See?), to think somebody
regards you as His servant (See?), as God's servant. May I ever live
true to that is my prayer. God ever bless you. My thoughts will always
be for you, and I expressingly love you too.

Now… Oh, we just got so many things; we could just take all today,
and we never would get down into the Word. You see so many fine things.
I have a–a vision from the Lord I was going to say something about,
and–and someone had dreamed a dream (that, oh, I thought was so
outstanding) of the coming of the Lord. And I…

The little Rebekah, my daughter back there (I… Even if I did make a
little fun of her awhile ago), she come out with one of them big kind
of a–of hats on; I said, "Now, honey, it looks like a bird's nest," I
said, "sticks all in it and everything like that." I said, "Go take it
And then she got back at me; in a few minutes she come back (you know,
the way she got back at me was to go back), and she come in with a
great big pocketbook, packing it. I said, "Where'd that thing come
She said, "Daddy," she says, "I have big feet, so I guess I'll just take a big pocketbook to match it."
So… Oh, these… But she said she had dreamed twice of she and I
riding in the car, and me telling her of the Lord's near appearing:
same dream second time. I'm waiting for the third; maybe the Lord then
will give me what it means.

12-4 Now, there's so many things to be said, but let's get right down to the Word now.
feeling good, I hope. And if you're not, I pray that God will make you
feel good before this service is over, that there will not be a feeble
person in our midst this morning when this service is over.
Now, we got to remember that Christ died for the ungodly, and that was
us (See?); that's us. And He died for us, that He might save us.

Now, can you hear all around good? Way back in the back, can you hear
all right back there? Is it coming in back there? Okay. All right.

Now, I want to read some of His Word. First, let's us turn now to the
Book of Joel, and I want to read the 1st verse, 1st to the 4th verse,
and then the 2nd to the–2nd chapter and the 25th verse, and Genesis

Now, I do appreciate… Now, if you get tired and want to go out, go
ahead. See? But this will be my last Message to the church for–this
part of the church, for some time; and we're expecting a healing
service this morning. And I–I want this message, if God will bless it,
to–to sink deep into our hearts, so we'll get the meaning of what it
Now, we're here to express, to–to say the things that we believe, and
prove it by the Scripture, that the Scripture says so; and then, may
God turn and prove it, that it's true, might make it real.
Just like any… You say, "This is a sunflower seed." Plant it and see
what it is; then it comes up a sunflower; that settles it; it was a
sunflower. See? That's all.

Now, and if some of them are–change seats every once in a while,
somebody set down, and the others get up and wait a little while. And I
will be just as brief as I can.

Now, remember, pray for me. And just be loyal to the church now; stay
right here to the church that–with Brother Neville. And you people
that's visiting, well now, come right on back and…
Now, I'm on these meetings, going on them without any definitely
calling; but I just can't lay around; the world's a-dying. You see? And
Paul had that experience once, and he was going down to another
country; and then, he had a Macedonian call on the road. Now, God could
give a Macedonian call any time. I cancel anything when God gives a
I'm just doing the best I can, going to this corner sowing seeds, and
over here sow a few seeds, and over here sow–sow a few seeds. I know
the fowls of the air gather a many of them up, and some of them chokes,
and so forth; but there might be a few in there come up too, you know,
on good ground. So let's just… Sow the seed is the main thing.

13-6 A very strange reading for a–a Easter message, Joel the 1st chapter.

The word of the LORD that came unto Joel the son of Pethuel.

Hear this, ye old man, and give ear,… ye
inhabitants of the land. Has this been in your days, or even in the
days of your fathers?

Tell… your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and let their children another generation.

That which the palmerworm has left has the
locust eaten; and that which the locust has left has the cankerworm
eaten; and that which the cankerworm has left has the caterpillar eaten.

Now, the 25th verse of the 2nd chapter…

I will restore to you the years that the locust has eaten, the
cankerworm, and the caterpillar, and the palmerworm, my–and the
palmerworm–my great army which I sent among you.

ye shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied, and praise the name of the
LORD your God, that has dealt wondrously with you: and my people shall
never be ashamed.

In Genesis the 20–Genesis, the 20th chapter of Genesis and the 7th
verse, I want to read this to follow the–for a context for this text
that I am fixing to take. I'll begin with the 6th verse, to get a
background to this.

And God said unto him in a dream, Yea, I know
that thou did this in the integrity of thy heart; for I–for I also
withheld thee from sinning against me: therefore suffered I thee not to
touch her.

Now, therefore restore the man his wife; for
he is a prophet, and he shall pray for thee, and thou shalt live: and
if thou restoreth her not, know… that thou shall surely die, thou,
and all that are thine.

Now, I draw from this a text–or from this Scripture reading, a conclusion of a text called restore.

Now, after Brother Neville preached this morning that notable message,
at the last thing he said on his last thoughts was, "To be restored."
And so, that give me the idea, right there: to restore.
Now, I rushed home and got my dictionary, and so forth, and some
Scripture notes, and begin to copy some things down. And then, I got
"Webster's Dictionary" to find out the right definition for restore.
"To restore" means "to return to the former owner; or to bring back to
the former estate of condition. And we can enforce a claim to be
Now, that's what Webster says the word "restore" means: "to bring back
to the former owner; or to bring back to a former state of condition."
And if a claim is made on something, to make that restoration, you can
enforce it–to make it come back to its right place. And may God bless
the feeble words now.

"To restore" means "to bring back, or to restore; a–a claim can be
enforced." Now, to bring anything back to its rightful owner, where it
belongs… Therefore, some way it went away from its rightful owner,
and can wander around anywhere. But to restore is to bring it back to
who really owns it, or to bring it back to its natural estate, where it
was at the first time–bring it back into its natural condition. And in
order to do this we have a right to enforce (if there's a law), to
enforce this rightful condition of restoration–to restore.

Like if somebody stole some property, and they're holding the property
captive. Then you can take the law and go to this person, and the law
forces–enforces this person to restore this property back to its
natural owner, into its…?… or first estate. Enforcement…
Oh, what a text, how I'd like to have two days on that: enforce. Now,
Brother Neville preached for us; I'm just going to talk to you, teach
the Sunday school lesson so it'll–it'll–get it to continue on, I
hope, with what he had.

Enforce… Then, we are the–have the privilege to enforce upon Satan
the claims that God give us, for God has a law; and His Word is the
Law. And God in this Word made certain claims to the church. Therefore,
we have a right to force these claims upon Satan and say, "Give it
And he has to do it, because we can take God's Agent, the Holy Spirit,
go right down on our knees, and say, "It's THUS SAITH THE LORD." He's
got to give it up; that's all, 'cause the Holy Spirit's there to make
him do it.

The law of the land is to enforce–it's by the land, for the land. But
the Law of the Spirit of God is to force Satan to give up that which he
has unrightfully, deceitfully taken from God. Souls of men he took from
God, souls of women, children; sickness of the body, he placed upon
people where God made them in His image to be like Him. And the church
is given the rightful, legal rights by the Bible, to take the Holy
Spirit and enforce this upon them.

I believe, I just quoted it the last meeting here; I'm not sure. But a
brother came to Louisville from down in Georgia, and left his car
setting over there, and someone stole it. And he had his clothes, his
wife's clothes, his children's clothes… It was Brother Evans here
I… (They're usually here.) They drive fifteen hundred miles every day
when we have service here, coming in here to have service. And the poor
fellow was here without anything and seven hundred and something miles
from home.
And he didn't know what to do. He turned it in to the police, but they
had a big racket in Louisville. They were stealing cars and painting
them. And you can–don't have to have a title there to sell it; and
they can make you a title in a few minutes to any number you'd want to
put on it.

And so, they were having a terrible time. So we got down on our knees.
See, now, Jesus wouldn't have had to do that, for He was the Word. Now,
we're not the Word. The Word of the Lord came to the prophets; they
wasn't the Word, but the Word come to them. But Jesus was the Word.
See? He didn't have to pray; He was God Himself. See? But we are–are
His prophets, His servants, who the Word of the Lord comes to. Then the
prophet is vindicated by, whether it's the Word of the Lord or not, by
what he says comes to pass.

So then, we had a Scripture here that Jesus said, "Wherever two or more
are gathered in My Name, and if they will agree (I'll be in their
midst)–and if they will agree on touching any one certain thing and
ask it (don't doubt it), they shall have what they've asked; it'll be
given to them."
Now, there's–there's the law. Now, the One that's here to enforce that
law is the Holy Spirit. How about people who don't believe in the Holy
Spirit, would reject Him? See? You're–you're rejecting your own peace
and mercy. See?

Now, we got on our knees, about five men (with Brother Fred Sothmann,
and–and many of the others was there)–four or five men; and we knelt
down, and I pleaded this case before God. And then, I took the Word of
the promise and sent It forth. The great Holy Spirit, as He took the
Word to serve the summons, a vision broke, and I saw a man going
towards Bowling Green, Kentucky, with a yellow shirt on, driving this
truck. The Holy Spirit come upon him, condemned him, and he turned
around (about halfway). I saw him come back and park that car on a
certain street, over across the river here. And I raised up and told
the brethren, THUS SAITH THE LORD.
And when they started out, they went on the road, and there was the car
setting there, half empty with gasoline where the tank half empty
(where it had been filled up), just enough to take him half way to
Bowling Green and bring him back. Now, those men are setting right here
this morning, as a witness.
What is it? Enforcing. "Give it back." See? That's it; that's what it's
talking about. "Restore it. Bring it back to its right owner."

And if Satan has robbed you of the privilege of being a son or a
daughter of God, we have a right this morning by the Holy Spirit to
enforce the claim of God: "Bring them back."
If he's afflicted you and made you sick, we have a right before God to
enforce the laws of God: "By His stripes we are healed." Amen. Bring
him back; turn him loose. You're taking him out yonder to death, and we
claim him. Bring him back."
Now, that's the enforcement. Restore it back to its natural condition
again. A man's sick, baby's sick, woman's sick (See?); they're out of
their natural condition. Then we have a right to enforce our claim: not
our claim it's our claim because God give it to us: "By His stripes we
were healed; He was wounded for our transgressions; with His stripes we
were healed."
Now, we have a right to enforce that law. And the–the Lawgiver, the
Holy Spirit Himself is here, the Agent of God to see that it's done
that way. Amen. Now, the only way He can work is when you let Him work.
See? You've got to believe it.

There's a law… Oh, if I ever get to my text. There's a law, there's a
law given amongst everything. You know, a fish has a law. And that fish
can stand up here in water, and he has a law within him. If he will
just let go of that law that's in him, he can sink plumb to the bottom
of the sea: won't bother him a bit; won't break one cell.
You try to do it. That law's not in you. You can't do it, but the fish
can. He deflates himself of that air, such a way that he can; there's
nothing in him to burst open. And he's made that way; he knows it, and
he can enforce that law to take him plumb to the bottom of the sea and
then raise him back up again.

Oh, there was a law in Christ; that law's in man. You can bury him to
the deepest grave, or the deepest sea, or the–the lowest hell; there's
a law of the Spirit of God, that'll raise him up again. See?

A bird has a law. Now, its body's material; it's earthbound, sets on
the earth here; but it has a law within it, that the way it spreads its
wings, it can fly plumb out of sight. That's against science. They
claim it's–it's earthbound; gravitation has to hold it there. But it
can defy gravitation, lift itself right off of it, and go right on out;
because it has to put that law that's in it to work; and it's built to
possess that law. Now, I'm begin to feel religious.

Now, we have a law, the law of the Life in us. We don't… Only thing
you have to do… You're made, and borned, and placed here in the Body
of Christ as sons and daughters of God. You don't have to "knuck" down
to the devil. We've got a law; that's the law of the Holy Spirit. The
only thing you know–have to do, is know how to let go and let God. You
keep fighting at it (See?), and it won't never work. When you let go
and let God, that's all… See?

If the fish said, "Wait, I'll catch my breath real good; I'll breathe
up a little oxygen in me, and I'll see if I can go down." No, he does
that, he will burst open. See?
The bird says, "I'll see how fast I can run down here, and maybe I'll
take off." No, he won't do it; he will fall down. See? He's got to know
how to control–how that law can control him.

And the same way it is with us, it isn't what we fight, and pull,
and–and hurry, and, "Oh, if I don't get this; if I don't get that";
that's not it; it's to know that the law of Life is in you. And you
just let go and let God. Then He takes you to your healing, takes you
to the baptism of the Spirit, or anything that He's promised. Any claim
that He's given is yours, and by letting go and letting God…

Now, if you–if the officer was going to–going to take (the fellow
that stole your property), was going to take him to court, and you keep
pulling him back, "Well, I don't know just whether he should do this or
not," he will never get him there. Just let him go.
That's the way you do. Let Satan just get away; all the doubts and
everything flee from your mind, then God will raise you up. Good.

Now, it's Easter time. Oh, I like Easter. Yes, sir. But there's too
much on Easter today about bunny rabbits, and ducks, and pink chickens,
and pretty hats, and new dresses; and that's not Easter. Easter is the
resurrection, restoring, to restore back; it's God's restoring time.
You look out over the earth: God is restoring. Restoring what? Nature.
That's right. He's restoring the flowers; He's restoring the leaves;
He's restoring the fruits of the field. What is it? God is restoring.
It's Easter; means to "bring it back."
What is it? There's been a–a sentence, a claim. Easter claims–or
the–the–the flower claims it has a right to rise again. See? And
God's law of nature pulls the earth around and makes that law of God in
nature bring forth an Easter, a resurrection; It's beautifully. The
return of the sun to restore what the winter killed, while it was from
the earth…

God sends the earth back around the sun, as we're told, from way back
here. The earth–the earth went away from the sun, went back out here
(That's the way a sinner does, gets away from the S-o-n, where this is
the s-u-n). But when this earth begins to come back… And when it's
out there death strikes it, the winter. It kills every living thing it
can kill out in here. And now, when the earth gets back around, the
seeds is laying in the ground; they are frozen; the pulp's run out of
them; the–and everything's gone; but there's a little life preserved.
And as soon as the sun gets back in position with the earth again, then
there is an Easter, a restoration. Up comes the flowers again; up comes
everything. All that the winter killed, the sun restores. All that
winter's death killed, the sun of life restores.

And so is it now with the people. All that the winter's coldest of
cold, formal religion killed out there, the nearing of the Son of God
in these last days coming to His church, restores It back to Life
again. "I will restore saith the Lord." See?
God restores His flowers, His leaves, His nature, His seed of the
earth; and therefore, we know then that God will restore also His
habitation. He will restore His Eden; He will restore everything that
death killed. That's right.
Now, the only way it can ever remain dead is let it lay in the wrong
place. But if it falls in the right place, it's got to come back to
life again. So God, let us fall in the right channel (That's right.)
for restoration.

All that the winter killed, then the sun restores. Returning of the
sun, what does it do? It forces (Listen.), it forces death… When the
sun, the spring sun, comes back in line of the earth again, it actually
forces death to give up its dead (Amen.) to a resurrection. For what? A
restoration–a restore again.
What does it? The sun coming; that's God's law. God set the earth in
law, gravitation law; everything in nature works according to God's
law. And the flower served its term; the seed served its term; it died
into the earth, and then there is a restoration.
And now, it's laying there dead. There's not a thing… We could take
one of these here lights like this and turn it on it; and it would
never do any good. There's no way for us to do it. But God has a law,
that when that sun comes onto the seed, it forces that life out of the
seed. Death can't hold it anymore.

God has set all of His laws to serve Him, both natural and spiritual,
working according to His Word, regardless of the conditions. I love
that, I have a Scripture here on that. Yes, sir.
God sets all of His laws in motion. Think of it; let it soak in now,
'cause we're coming to a healing service in a few minutes. See? God set
all of His laws into motion; that it must work according to His own
Word (Are you getting it? See?)–His Word. His laws has to work
according to His Word. He commanded the sun; He commanded the moon; He
commanded the earth; He commanded nature; and they all fall right in
line. And all the laws work in harmony with God's spoken Word. And the
law of Life that's in us will also bring us to a resurrection. It's got
to. It's impossible for it not.

That's the reason the law of Life that was in Christ… When the Word
was spoke and said, "I'll not suffer My holy One to see corruption,
neither will I leave His soul in hell," there wasn't enough time; there
wasn't enough devils; there wasn't enough anything to keep Christ in
that grave till He–His body begin to rot; because the law of God would
bring the Word to pass. And the law of God, by the Holy Spirit, brings
any promise to pass (You get it?), regardless of the conditions.

21-1 Job said, "Though the skin worms destroys my body, yet in my flesh I'll see God."
of how little we are, how low we are, how impure we are, how unholy we
are, how sick we are, how afflicted we are, the law of God's Spirit by
His Word, makes it obey Him, forces the issue, and says, "Give it
back." Amen.
Oh, if we could just think of that for a minute. Forces it, regardless
of conditions? No matter what the condition is, the law of God's Word
forces the condition to cope with His Word. See? It's got to.
Now, if a flower is laying there, and it's dead; the seeds are rotten,
gone; the pulp's gone out; that doesn't have one thing to do with it.
It raises again, 'cause God set a law for it to rise again.

When Job laid in the ground… Perhaps when he seen Jesus coming was
four thousand years before Jesus got here. You can imagine how a human
body looked in four thousand years: probably not enough ashes left to
go on the end of a spoon. But Job said, "Yet in my flesh I'll see God,
Who I shall see for myself."
And the Bible tells us in Matthew 27, that after His death, and burial,
and resurrection, that many of the saints that slept in the dust of the
earth rose out of the dust. Why? It was that prophet, speaking with the
Word of God; and the Word had been spoke, and the law of God by the
Spirit raised them up. The Bible said they had come into the city and
appeared to many. Not only did Jesus raise, but the saints raised with

Why? Over in the Psalms it said, "Lift up, ye everlasting gates, and be
ye lifted up. Let the Lord of glory come in." Why, when He conquered
death, hell, grave, sickness, rose on the third day, He ascended on
high, and led captivity captive. What was it? Those that were in
captive that looked forward for the promise that we have now. Oh,
brother. Never even had the Holy Ghost, but believed and give a good
testimony; and by It they stopped the mouth of lions, quenched the
violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword; women received their
dead raised to life again: without the promise. Oh, but they looked
forward, under a sheep sacrifice that could not divorce sin, that could
only cover sin. But they believed that there was coming One. And by
their faith, way beyond the shadow (Amen.) they claimed it. And
steadfast they wandered in deserts, and in sheepskins, and goatskins,
was afflicted, and destituted, and tormented. Oh, those people, looking
forward to that resurrection, and through that died in faith with a
testimony; and on that Easter morning (that law of God which had spoke,
the Word, through Job and those other prophets) they raised from the
dead. Oh, my.

There you are. Regardless of the conditions. Some people get so guilty
minded that they don't want to face any judgment. Oh, many people… It
ain't hard to die, anybody lose their mind, and something or other, and
do something rashal. Some of them have their bodies burned, taken out
on the sea, and throw the ashes to the four corners of the–the four
winds of the sea. That don't stop the judgment; you come right on just
the same. Yes, sir.

See? No matter, regardless of conditions, you're going to meet God
somewhere. You've got to come to Him; you've got to meet Him. See?
Because what? He has spoke a Word, and put a law with that Word. And
the law is His own law, His own Life behind It. That's the reason He
swore by Himself; there's none greater. See? He had to take a oath,
'cause no covenant could be confirmed without an oath. And the only way
that He could, before He did, He take it by Himself, and Himself become
the oath (oh, brother), when God became man and was the oath, made
Himself the oath. And by His own death, burial, and resurrection He
proved His laws was right. Said, "You destroy this building, I'll raise
it up again in three days." I, personal pronoun, "I'll raise it up
again in three days; I'll bring it up. Just destroy it and see what
happens." For He knew the law of God; He knew what it was. He knowed it
had to work according to the Word. He knowed that the Word of God had
been spoke through a prophet and said, "I'll not suffer my holy One to
see corruption." That settled it. That settled it.

Then the law of God's got to work by that Word. (We're coming down to a
great thing in a minute. See, see? We're…) The law of God's Word, the
law of God is with His Word.
Now, if the court writes out a word, "It is certain, certain thing, a
penalty to do so-and-so." All right. Now, that's the word of the court,
and the law of the court enforces the word of the court. And God speaks
something, and that is a law; and the Holy Spirit's here to enforce
that law (Amen.) for the believer. You have be ordained to do so; and
it takes a believer. You got to have the badge of believer.
Somebody says, "You got power?"
No, but we got authority (That's it.), not power, but authority. We ain't got enough power to do nothing.

Like I said some time ago, a little policeman here in Louisville,
standing there. He was littler than I am. Little bitty fellow, his hat
was pulled down over his ears, and car–oh, his uniform about half
hanging off of him, he walked out there on the street, the little cap
pistol-like on his side, little stick in his hand, and a little
whistle. Walked out there with a pair of white gloves on, and
them–them cars (Some of them three hundred and fifty horsepower)
whirling by that street like–like lighting, just zoom, zoom. Well,
that poor little fellow couldn't stop a–he couldn't have stopped a
runaway pony from his strength. Certainly not. But he walked out in the
street, that big badge shining, blowed that whistle, and held up that
hand. Brother, three hundred power–horsepower motors squeaked brakes
and everything else. It wasn't the power of the man, it was the
authority he had. That's it.
That's the church, It might be a bunch of holy-rollers, so-called, or
whatever you want to call it; but it's the authority. Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
It's the authority behind it; that's what does it.
Regardless of conditions, God's law works with His Word. Now, it won't
work with your creed; it'll work with the Word. Yeah, it just works
with the Word; that's all. Now, regardless of condition…

Abraham, as we read awhile ago in our text, Abraham's wife had to be
restored back. Why? God gave a promise to Abraham, and here a king had
took her to marry for his wife.
Well, what would he done? Put Abraham to death in a minute. That's what
Abraham said, "I pray thee say that…" after he seen that–that
Abimelech had done caught him (this Philistine king there), he said,
"Now, you… I pray you, you say that I am your brother, because if…
You're a beautiful woman," and said, "now, if he sees you're beautiful,
and I–I–I'll be killed, 'cause he will take you and marry you."

And so, Abimelech caught her, and his men brought her in; she was a
beautiful woman. And by the way, she was only a hundred years old. And
she–she… God had just showed what He's going to do to all of us,
through them. You know, I been through all that in my text, and on the
tapes, and so forth, proving that by the Word of God; that's exactly.
He told by Abraham and Sarah what He was going to do to the whole race.
That's right.

Now, there she was, and so Abimelech taken her to be his
wife–Abimelech. And so, he was all ready now to take her to be his
wife, and what? God had said to Abraham: "By Sarah you'll have this
baby." And here was a young man taking her. Here was Abraham
around–about a hundred years old now too out there. But by that…
You notice what God said there: "Yes, I know the integrity of your
heart. That's the reason I kept you from sinning against Me; but you
restore that woman, for her husband is a prophet. Let him pray for you;
if you don't, I'm just going to wipe you off the face of the earth."
There you are. What? God's Word has to stand. No man could touch Sarah; God had made a promise.

Sarah, a type of the church, the true church, the free church, the free
woman with a free Child, type of the borned again church with the
promise. Let them say whatever they want to, call it holy-roller,
fanaticism. They've tried to stop It since Pentecost, and they'll never
do it. No, sir. For keep–just keep your hands off of It; that's all.
God's going to take that and do something with it, just as certain as
I'm standing here. We're coming right down through the age of it. Now,
in a few minutes, God help me, I'll prove it to you where we're at.
Right. You're–they're never going to destroy; it can't be destroyed.
That's right.

"Take your hands off of her." Why? There come the natural seed. The
natural seed had to come. If it would–if Sarah would've married this
other man, the natural seed would've never been born.
So if God so protected the course for the natural seed, how much for the spiritual, royal Seed, has He protected.
Satan, give them back; turn them loose. You're not smothering them out
there in them organizations and things; they're free people. You let
them alone. Yeah. Turn them loose. The Royal Seed…

Now, God talking of restoring. Now, here in Joel he's talking about…
(I preached on this once before and took it in another angle, about…
I never thoroughly went through it as I intend to do today, and won't
have time to do it, where it ought to be done.)
But God is speaking here in Joel of–God is speaking of His fruit Tree
that He had planted. God planted a fruit Tree. He planted It on the day
of Pentecost, and He brought that Tree there for a purpose. He wanted
It to bear His fruit Word, God's Word. He wanted a church that would
keep His Word all down through the age. Eve had failed to keep It; the
Jews had failed to keep It; the law had failed; all had failed, so God
planted Him a Tree–a Tree.

Now, remember, there was two trees in the garden of Eden; we know that.
You can call them whatever you want to; I have my idea. But anyhow, one
of them was a defiled tree; it got defiled, and the other One wasn't
defiled. That Tree of Life come from God out of heaven. He said, "Your
fathers eat manna and are dead; but this Tree, you eat and you live
And the Angel guarded that Tree of Life from the garden of Eden, kept
It in Eden; that Tree of Life is in Eden, now, spiritually speaking now.
Notice. Now, when this Tree that God planted, It was to bear nine
different kinds of fruit, nine different kinds, which means nine
spiritual gifts, nine fruits of the Spirit to go with the nine
spiritual gifts. That was God's Tree. He planted It in the earth on the
day of Pentecost.

25-8 Now, let's stop. Always so limited with time; I'm going to skip down here a few Scriptures and go down here to Psalms the 1st.
saw this Tree a long time ago. And of his writing of songs for
something joyful, that was the first thing he wrote about. He saw this
Tree, and It was planted by the rivers of water–this Tree. "He… And
he shall be like a tree," God's Tree. Planted where? "By the rivers
(rivers, plural), the rivers of water (singular)." Not a Methodist,
Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, so forth. No, no. Huh-uh. Just rivers
of one water: nine spiritual gifts by the same Spirit, nine fruits of
the Spirit coming from the same Channel. "He shall be like a Tree
that's planted by the rivers of waters."

David saw it, and he spoke; he said, "Blessed is that man…" And
notice, he said he could not die. His leaves would not wither. No, no.
No matter what they do, they'll never kill that Tree. Why? It's where
It's planted. That's what does it. It's where he's planted. He's
planted by the rivers of water. Now, notice, David said, "His–his
roots won't die."

You know, you take a tree, a big old tree. I… When I was a boy, I
used to go out, and we'd, us boys we'd go out, and had a big old tree
we used to set under, a big old beech tree. And the winds would blow;
and I'd wonder, looked like that thing, so much in the top looked like
it'd blow the–the thing over. But you know, every time wind blows on a
tree, it rocks the tree, and it loosens up the roots, so that they can
just dig deeper and get a better hold.
And that's the way mockery, laughing, making fun of a Christian, what
it does is, persecution shakes the Christian to make him pray more, dig
down, get a better hold, so he can stand the storms.

Now, what if a man's planted in such a thing as by the river, where the
springs, nine different springs feeding into him? Oh, my. What a–what
a establishment he has. And a man that's planted by the river, the
rivers of water (one water, one Spirit)… There are gifts of healing
(same Spirit), gifts of prophecy (same Spirit), all the same Spirit but
many gifts, one Giver.
Now, David saw him, and he was planted by this Tree. Now, he could not
die. Now, notice. Why? He had Life in the roots. Where is the roots–or
life of the tree? Stays in the roots. Certainly. Comes up and bears its
fruit. All right, watch. His roots had Life in them to bring forth His
fruit in seasons.

Now, remember, this Tree will not cast Its fruit. Now, you take a tree
and put it away from water; the first thing you know you got little old
apples; they're all knotty and worm-eaten. But it'll cast
its–its–it's crop.
And that's what's the matter with the churches today. You've done got
away from that River, got away from them gifts of the Spirit; they got
just a church natural. And they get away from the spiritual gifts and
the spiritual things, and they cast their fruit. What do they do?
They're–they're believers, live with the world, act like the world,
steal, cheat, lie, smoke, drink, gamble, have bunco parties in the
church to pay the preacher, and everything else, soup suppers, dances.
See? They cast their fruit. It's just like the world, and the
unbeliever look and say, "There's no difference in that person and me."

That's what caused communism to rise in Russia. That's the reason they
burnt up the Catholic church in–down in Mexico. When I was there and
seen those lime pits where those–and those places where they burnt
those little babies, where those nuns had these babies; even human
bodies, full-grown human bodies was laying in there, in the lime pits.
What'd they do? They cast their crop (See?), and God shook them off the
tree; that was all. See?

But a man that's planted (not stuck out, but planted) by the rivers of
water, he shall bring forth His fruit (watch) in his–His fruit in his
Are you reading it? Psalms 1: "Blessed is the man that setteth not in
the seat of the scornful, standeth in the way of sinners. He shall be
like a tree that's planted by the rivers of water. He shall bring forth
His fruit in his season, and whatsoever he do, it shall prosper. (See?
Notice.) Ungodly's not so"; and He won't stand with him in the
judgment. See?

Now, he shall bring forth His fruit in his season. Watch each "his,"
the personal pronoun there. It's His fruit, God's fruit, in the season
that the–the prophet is bringing it. It'll be in the prophet's season;
God's fruit in God's time by the prophet's season, "He shall bring
forth His fruit in his season."
See if there isn't two his there. Bring forth His, God's fruit (See?),
in the season that the messenger is ordained to come. He will bring
forth those… Now, remember, that the messenger that brings the fruit
of God will bring it in God's season, in the season of the bringer.
See? "He will bring forth His fruit in his season."
And It cannot wither. Why? He's got predestinated fruit in there. It–it–it can't destroy It, because It's predestinated.

Now, Ephesians 5–1 and 5 rather, It said, "Setting together in
heavenly places in Christ Jesus." What happened? He said, "God, by His
foreknowledge, predestinated us unto the adoption of children of God by
Jesus Christ." God, by His foreknowledge, predestinated everything that
would happen right down along the road. By His foreknowledge He foresaw
it; therefore, from beginning He could tell the end. Therefore, it was
predestinated fruit in the–the root of this Tree; and this Tree could
not wither, because It was holding predestinated fruit.

Now, that's the Tree that Joel spoke about here. See? It cannot die.
The worms eat It down, but It couldn't die. In Its root It had the
predestinated Truth; It had God's Word, this Tree did. And this Tree
is–is that Tree all the way… It was put in the garden of Eden. All
trees by the woman died; we all die by the woman. By birth we all die.
But through woman come death, for this birth come by woman. All right.
Then this has to die, because of sin; but the birth, the new birth that
come by Christ, cannot die. That's one Tree and the other tree. See?
And this Tree, though it's been persecuted, made fun of since the very
beginning of the garden of Eden, It cannot die; It's predestinated.
It's been clubbed, and beat, and my, everything done to It. And what
happened? It cannot die. His–He will not die. He can't, because He's
holding in Him the predestinated Word of God. It has to come forth, for
His fruit is in His own season, predestinated season, that no matter…

Joel saw every one of them eat down to the bottom, but he said, "I will
restore it, saith the Lord." For the predestination of God lays in the
roots of the Tree. It's got to come forth, 'cause It's holding the
predestinated Word of God.
Oh, what a Tree. My, that Tree. It started to grow back there in Eden.
What happened? There was a bunch come forth of Cain's children, some
bugs, and come over, and eat It down to a stalk; and God took the crop
off of It and put It in a ark and carried It through. That's right.

All the way down it's been the same way, down through the lines of
judgment–Israel, on down. And then, at Pentecost, where the church for
the Bride Tree… He–he set in order on Pentecost the Tree that was
predestinated to bring forth His fruit in the seasons.
Now, going fine, the fruits is being done just fine. It bloomed out on
the day of Pentecost. Let's see what happened on the day of Pentecost.
Jesus said, "The works that I do shall you do also." They healed the
sick, Now, on the day… Let's see how it started.

On the day of Pentecost, a few days after the resurrection (fifty days
after Easter), there come a–there come a–a rushing, mighty wind out
of heaven. Now, today, we make it different. The minister stands up and
takes–say, "I'll put your name on the book." See? Or some bachelor
with his collar turned around said, "Come up here and take the kosher
bread, that–then you become a member of the church." Isn't that
strange. The minister says, "Come join our group."
Why, they're both wrong. On the day of Pentecost there came from heaven
(not off the pulpit, up the road), from heaven, a what? A priest? No. A
minister? No. What was it? A sound like a rushing, mighty wind; and it
filled all the house where they were setting. Cloven tongues set upon
them; stammering, they couldn't talk; they was so full of glory. Holy
Ghost filled them. Out in the streets they went, jabbering, just… And
act like… Even the dignified congregation stood out there and said,
"Why, these man are full of new wine; they're all drunk. Look at them
men and women how they're staggering to carrying on."

Now, that's THUS SAITH THE SPIRIT; that's the Scripture. That's how the
church was organized, not organized, but ordained. Lot of difference in
the two words.
Notice, there they were. Now… And you know what, you Catholic people,
the blessed virgin Mary was with them. Yes. Now, if God wouldn't let
Mary come to heaven without receiving the Holy Ghost, how are you going
to get there, anything short of it? Now, just think of it. See? Now,
that's right. Mary was among them. And she had to wait up there until
she lost all of her dignity and pride, filled with the Spirit.

29-5 And here they come acting like drunk people. The Bible said they did. They said, "These men are full of new wine."
Peter, the spokesman, the minister in the group, stood up and said,
"These are not full of new wine, as you suppose, seeing it's just the
third hour of the day; but this is that which was spoken of by the
prophet Joel (the one I'm reading from today), 'And it shall come to
pass in the last days, saith God, I'll pour out My Spirit upon all
flesh; and your sons and daughters shall prophesy. And I'll show
wonders in the heavens above, and in the earth, signs. And it shall
come to pass that whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall
be saved.'"
Now, Peter preached on Pentecost, after the same prophet that I'm
preaching today about: planting this Tree. And that's where he planted
It. Oh, It done fine. They went out and had spiritual gifts; they
healed the sick; they preached; they were throwed in jail; they were
willing to suffer for the Word's sake.

If you went to another nation as a wishy-washy, you wouldn't make a
very good American. And if you went over there… If you was a-going in
now to Japan, and you slipped around behind the line saying, "Listen
fellows, I'm for you. You know, I'm for you, but I'm over on the other
side." You traitor. You ought to be shot. That's right. You're a
traitor. Sure.
And then that's the same way it is. A man that knows the Word of God
and will compromise on It because some organization tells him he has to
do it that way; that's a traitor. That's right. But these men wasn't
traitors. They didn't care how much–well, how they carried on, how
their church manners was: screaming, and crying, and shouting, and–and
jabbering off languages that seemed like–the Jew–they was talking to
one another and couldn't understand it. Them men out there in the
audience of other nations and other tongues begin to hear what they
were saying. They didn't know what they were saying; they were
jabbering, but other people out there understood it. And they said,
"These persons are certainly drunk."
But Peter said, "They're not drunk, but they're filled with the
Spirit." So that… Every one of them went to martyrdom, except John,
and he was burned twenty-four hours in a vat of grease; and they
couldn't even burn the Spirit out of him. And then he died a natural
death, the only one, John the Revelator.

Now, that is right. Notice now, what taken place. On this, God planted
a Tree to bring forth nine spiritual gifts, gifts of His Spirit. The
same Spirit that was in Christ come down upon the church, had Eternal
Life. Now, gifts of the Spirit was in the church, and It was growing,
bearing forth fruit everywhere. They thought not of theirself; they
didn't organize nothing; they just went ahead and was brothers. They
had no (I'm glad that little thing was on there.) –"No creed but
Christ, no law but love, no book but the Bible." That's what I believe.
See? And that's the way they did. The world's our parish (See?)

So notice these fellows when they were doing that, how glorious that
church was; and God was with them. The Bible said… And Jesus met them
before His ascension up. He said,

Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature.

… these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name…

Now, these signs… Now, today, what kind of a sign we call a believer?
He shakes hands with the pastor; he belongs to a church; he has his
name on a book because his mother's had a name or father had a name on
a book.

But that wasn't what Jesus said. Jesus said, these signs… That's
church natural; we're talking about church spiritual. We're talking
about a spiritual Tree, not a natural tree. (We're getting to those two
trees in a–after a bit.) See? A spiritual Tree. Jesus said, "These
signs shall follow them that hangs on this Tree. These signs shall
follow them that's getting their Life out of this Tree. In My Name they
shall cast out devils (whew.); they shall speak with new tongues; if
they should take up a serpent or drink deadly things, it would not harm
them; if they lay their hands on the sick they shall recover."
There's the kind of signs He said would follow the believer. Where is
it today? He give the world an example of what would be the–the
believer's sign. And He said it would be far better that a millstone
was hanged at your neck and drowned in the depths of the sea than even
to bring offense to one of them, for "their angels always beholds My
Father's face, which is in heaven"–the angels.

Notice now, there they were. And that Tree was planted; It was doing
great work. We know they went about everywhere. The Lord… Why, on the
day of Pentecost three thousand souls was added, baptized, and went
into the church; and how great fellowship they had; and
everybody–wasn't nobody needing anything; everybody was kind,
good-hearted, and–one another. They was all one big family. Wonderful.
And there came by a little old, ugly-looking, greedy-teeth beetle that
lives in four different stages, as Joel saw him. Four-stage insect
destroyer come forth to destroy that beautiful Tree of God. Think of
it. Now, I'm going to read off some of Joel's, what he said, Joel the
1st chapter.

The first thing… Now, there's four different beetles there; now, but
the–it's actually one beetle. It's one beetle in four different
stages. Now, watch this little old beetle come by for this–for this
great, beautiful Tree of God (We'll call it a tree, which was the
The first was a palmerworm; that's the little thing, just a little
bitty insect of a worm. What did he do, that palmerworm? He come along
to destroy the fruit of the tree; that's the first thing. Now, let's go
back in history and see what the first thing was: was a–a dignified
group got amongst the common people. And they said, "Well, this is good
that you can heal the sick, and you can do these things; that's
wonderful. So you know what we ought to do? We ought to kinda get it
out where the bigger class of people will understand it, the better
class, the mayor, the–the judges and so forth, and the–the–the
dignitaries of the city. And as long as you all are carrying on the way
you are, they'll never come around you. (See?) They're afraid of you."
Somebody said that: "They still are." I guess that's about right. So
that's right; they're afraid of the Holy Spirit. (Excuse me.)

32-5 I used to sing a little song: "It's the old…" You all ever hear "The Old Time Religion?" Anybody ever heard that song?
"Tis the old time religion…" I used to sing a little song like this years ago; I said,

It's the old time Holy Spirit,

And the devil won't go near It;

That's the reason people fear It;

But It's good enough for me.

It's so good I want no other,

For It makes me love my brother;

And It brings things from under cover,

So It's good enough for me. (That's right.)

It will make you stop your lying;

It will save you when you're dying;

It will start the devil flying;

And It's good enough for me.

That's right. That's the reason people don't want It.

Now, now, It's God. They didn't want Jesus; they said, "This man?" The
church, the big dignified church said, "You come to tell us who we are?
We'll give you to understand, we're Dr. Ph.D., L.L., Q.U.S.," and my,
all this. "Why, I'm the high priest." "I'm this, that, or the other,
and you tell me. Why, you were borned in sin. You're nothing but a
illegitimate child. Your mother was to be–had you before you and
your–the father was ever married."
He said, "Who can accuse Me of sin; who can accuse Me?"
All right. Sin is disbelieving God's Word. In other words He said,
"Show Me where I'm not fulfilling the Word to the–to the–to the hilt,
right where It's supposed to be. Show Me in the Scripture where My
day… If I don't do the works of My Father, then don't you believe
Me." Said, "Now, you claim to be that; now let's see you do it." Oh,
my. From henceforth they asked Him nothing (See?); they let Him alone.
Like the devil flew into Him… I said that he thought he'd just jump
in anyway, but he found out that had a million volts in that Wire. He
jumped off of that One real quick (you see?), because he couldn't
handle That; and that was one thing sure.

So this little palmerworm come around to take off the fruits. (I have
two pages of fruits; I'm just, want to read some of them.) First thing,
the first fruit he took off was brotherly love. That's right. That's
one of the things that kills the church right there, when brotherly
love… Yes, sir.
Then, the next fruit he took off the Tree… You remember, love is the
first fruit on the tree: love, joy, peace, long-suffering, goodness,
meekness, faith, patience (that's right.) in the Holy Ghost. Now, nine
spiritual gifts with nine fruits of the Tree and so forth… All right.

Now, the first, he got to eating on the fruit of the tree. Now, let's
picture a big tree, of God's tree; it's bearing nine spiritual gifts.
They're healing the sick; they're speaking in tongues; they're casting
out devils; they're doing great works, and preaching the unadulterated
Word of God, no denomination to tie them down; they're free, doing a
great work. So in come this little old devil, setting up with his two
horns setting out in front like a grasshopper, you know, and his little
old greedy teeth. That's his first, the palmerworm, he come in to eat
off brotherly love. He said, "You know, So-and-so did so-and-so over at
So-and-so's church; I wouldn't believe that bunch of people." See?
There he is, first thing.

Next, he wanted to eat on the fruit of faith: faith in the Word: "Now,
look, how do you know that is the Word? It's been translated so many
times." That little devil's still eating. See? That's right. "That
Word's been translated so many times. He's this, that or the other. Oh,
he's all this." See?
Now, that's another fruit he eat off of it: joy of salvation: "Shhh. You people make too much noise. Oh, my, my."

"Oh, how can you preach, Brother Branham?" a woman said to me one
time… No, it wasn't; it was a man (I believe he's… I hope he's
here; he belongs to another church), but he said to me; he said, "I was
up to hear you the other day, and I couldn't even hear you for them
people crying." (I said… ) Said, "How in the world can you preach
I said, "If they didn't enjoy it, I wouldn't be preaching." That's right.

I used to have… A friend of mine, Jim Poole, and I, we used to have
an old dog. We called him Fritz. And so this old dog, he'd–he'd go
into anything that I–he treed, but a skunk. He was afraid of a skunk,
'cause he smelled so. So I'd get him a skunk under the brush pile; the
only thing I had to do was just pat him a little bit and say, "Sic 'em,
sic 'em, boy." He'd go get the skunk (See?), because I was patting him,
saying, "Sic 'em."
Well, that's just what it is when we… That is… The worst stinker I
know of is the devil. So when I'm bringing this Word out and somebody
says, "Amen," that's "Sic 'em, boy." We get him–we get him treed.

So we find out that he took away the joy. You know, David one time lost
the joy of his salvation; he didn't lose his salvation; but he lost the
joy of it. He cried, "Lord, restore to me the joy of my salvation."
See? The joy…
So this little old palmerworm begin to eat that fruit of joy out: "Now,
looky here, you people make too much noise. I tell you, all this
crying, this saying 'Amen,' and this shouting, that's nonsense. There's
nothing to that."
See? First thing you know you're setting in a big morgue, you know,
setting there, all of them dead. Some of these embalming fluids of
so-called doctrine of creeds pumped into their veins where the Spirit
of God ought to be running, where the old church creed pumped in there,
no wonder they're icy, cold, and dead. spiritual thermometer, ninety
below zero. Yeah. Somebody say, "Amen"; everybody stretch their neck
around like some kind of goose or something, want to know what said
that. It's a shame, when the Spirit of God ought to be joy, peace,
love. But this little old bug started eating on it, and he eat all the
joy away.

And then, next fruit on the Tree is peace, peace of mind, knowing that
you're saved. They tell you, "Well now, if you'll recite our creed,
you're saved."
"If you'll join my church, you're saved."
Well now, this one says, "You're not saved if you go there; you have to join our church to be saved."
"You have to say a 'Hail Mary.'"
"You have to have your name on this book."
"You have to have…"
Oh, my. That would take all the joy out; but that's not God's Tree. You
know where you're at; that's hybrid. I always… You know what my story
about the mule; he's a hybrid. He don't know who his papa, mama, either
one was. See? He's a hybrid. But oh, a good pedigreed horse, he knows
who his papa and mama was through generations. And a real good
pedigreed Christian too, that's got the Holy Ghost, he know It fell on
the day of Pentecost. He knows where he's at; he can trace his
generations plumb back–his genealogies to the first beginning of it.
Peter had It; on down through the nation, and races, they've had It on
down. A good pedigreed Christian knows where it comes from.

36-1 Say, "Well, I'm Lutheran, umph."
"I'm Presbyterian."
Oh, you hybrid. Why ain't you… Why ain't you…
"Well," you say, "What are–what are you?"
"Borned again."
"Borned again of what?"
Spirit of God." That's why you're not hybrid; you're born correctly.
Not with some church creed, but with the Spirit of God; God lives in

Now, notice. This little old insect started eating. So he eat off all
the peace of mind. Oh, and on, and on, and on, and on down. I got a
page of it here: all the fruits, what he done.
Then, this little–that fellow died out, and he become a locust. That
was the next stage, was a locust. Now, what does a locust do? A locust
eats the leaves. That's right. A locust takes onto the leaves. What the
palmerworm left (he left the leaves; he eat all the fruit off the
Tree), then what took in? The locust come to eat, eat what the
palmerworm left.
Now, what did he do, what did this palmerworm do? Destroyed the leaves.
What's the leaves for? Destroying Divine fellowship. That's right.
"Now, he's–he's–he's Presbyterian; we won't have nothing to do with
him. He's Nazarene. He's Pentecostal. He's this, that, or the other; we
won't have nothing to do with him, because he don't belong to our
"Have a meeting here for healing of the sick? Huh. Our church don't even believe in it." See? There you–you…

What'd that little old locust do? He cut all the fellowship off (That's
right.), took all the fellowship. What is fellowship? What does the
leaves do? Makes it cool, where the birds fly in under the leaves and [Brother Branham makes a panting sound–Ed.]
cool off (There's your tree again: "And he shall be like a tree that's
planted…" See? All right), where people can come and set down under
the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, cool off a little bit. You're all
flusterated, and don't know what's happening, and whether you'll die,
or whether you're saved or not, and you don't know whether they–this
church is right or that's right; just come down under the Tree that's
got some leaves on It and set down there. Let the winds from heaven go
to blowing like a rushing, mighty wind through the leaves, you know.
And begins to–and you begin to cool off a little bit.
Say, "Oh, I'm going down and tell that bunch of holy-rollers what I think."
Just set down awhile and you'll cool off. That's right. You can't do it
in yours, 'cause what's the matter? The locust has done eat it all off,
sure, eat all the leaves off of it. That's just–might as well set out
there in the sun; so you–there ain't–ain't no cooling there. All

Now, so there's… But you know what we're supposed to do. The Bible
said that the predestinated church, the predestinated sons in God's…
What did they do? Set in heavenly places. What is that? Coolness,
comfort, feel at home. Amen.
Where everybody's wearing a tuxedo, and–and the next man this way,
and–and somebody look around and say, "Hmmm, look. She never got a
permanent in her hair. Ain't it–don't she look horrible? She don't
even have an Easter frown–gown–now–that (ever what it is) on. (You
know. Yeah, Easter frown, that's about right see, set back there, you
know. See?) Don't even have an Easter… Why, why, look at him, that
same old suit he wore last year. Well, what do you know about that."
You don't feel right there.

I said to a little woman the other day, poor little woman, she belonged
to a great dignified church down… She said (she's dying with cancer,
went down to pray for her, Brother Roy Roberson here, one of the
trustees, sent me down there, and the poor little thing setting there
dying with cancer)–and she said…
I said, "Do you–are you a Christian?"
She Sir, I–I don't know what to say." Said, "I went to a certain church," and said… Then she started crying.
I said, "What's the matter?"
Said, "I just couldn't dress right. They looked down upon me."

Oh, there you are. See? You're–you're uncomfortable. See? But the
Bible said that we are to assemble ourselves together in heavenly
places. Oh, my. What? All alike. Why, I'll tell you what this'll do.
It'll make a–it'll make a pair of overalls and a tuxedo suit put their
arms around one another and call each other brothers. Sure will. It'll
make an old calico dress put their arms around a silk, satin one and
say, "Sister, how are you this morning? Praise God." That's right. It
will. It's joy, peace, love, faith in the Word, long-suffering,
gentleness, patience. Set down in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, cool
off a little while. See? That's what the leaves did.
But what did the old locust did? He come around, eat them leaves off;
said, "You belong to ours or you don't belong to anybody." So he took
all the coolness of the Spirit out. See? He fixed himself a creed. All

Now, we got to go on. We could stay a long time on that little locust,
but the third stage of him was the cankerworm. Hmm, that's got a bad
name to start with: the cankerworm. What does a cankerworm do? It goes
into the bark; that's the lifeline there. Yes, sir. It goes into the
bark, and it destroys the covering of the tree–the covering. What is
religion? Covering; that's what the word religion means: "a covering."
So this little cankerworm, after he got amongst the congregation, got
them all dignified, then he took all the fellowship away from them in
the form of the locust; and now, he comes around and takes their very
religion and makes dogmas out of it. That's right. Sets up unorthodox
word; forms himself a religion and gets a bunch of men together and put
a creed down there; he takes the very religion, strips it off of God's
Tree–the very bark that bears the sap that comes up in it, takes it
away. Cankerworm… Do you see that insect? That's exactly.

That cankerworm, that was Rome, in that early church. First thing, the
Pentecostals group, not Pentecostal organizations… No, sir. Anything
that organizes is dead; I'll prove that just in a minute by the
Scriptures. See? But when it's… But the Pentecostal experience, who's
it for? It's for the Catholic. Who else? The Methodist, the Baptist,
the Presbyterian, anybody that wants it. But you want–got to want it.
You don't join into it. I've been in the Branham family for fifty-three
years, and I never did join the family. Why? I'm a Branham to begin
with; I was borned a Branham. That's the way we're Christian. Not
because we're joined into something; that's an organization; we're born
Christians by being regenerated by the Holy Spirit.

Notice now. Now, this little cankerworm begin to bore hisself into the
bark. What did he do? He begin to take its religion, its covering, its
doctrine away from it. Religion is a doctrine, a covering that covers
anything. That's the reason that our religion is by blood, the
Blood–the Life is in the Blood that covers the Word. And the life is
the–is in the blood; the blood is the religion; and the Life in the
Blood is what brings the results. Why, you see it? See?

It's not covered by fig leaves; Adam and Eve tried that one time. Cain
did the same thing, did you notice that? Cain brought some of the
botany life too (See?), but it wouldn't work. It didn't work with Adam
and Eve, and it won't work today. When God refused it at the beginning,
it's refused for eternity. Manmade creeds and thoughts will never take
it; it's God's Word has to do it; and the Word is by the Blood, the
Sacrifice of Christ. That's right.

People (as Brother said this morning) pulling splinters… Well, you
know, there's nineteen different nails in the nation today that
different organizations are holding, and could claim it's the original
nail that was in His hands. What of it if it was? I wouldn't want
nothing to do with it. Certainly. God never left anything for relics
and tokens. He sent the Holy Ghost, Something alive that cannot be
destroyed. What would a nail do me any good? What would the original
cross He hung on, what would it do me any good? Not a bit. Not to know
the nail, know the cross, but to know Him is Life. See?

Now, so we're holding on nails; and we're holding on relies; and we're
holding on places. And today people walk up and down in the city of
Jerusalem, and–and all up and down in the different places, and
holding to relics and things. That ain't got nothing to do with it, not
a thing; the thing's condemned, rotten, and gone on.

I went to a church in–in Rome, there where they–they–all these
priests had died; they'd plant them in a garden of–down beneath there,
and let the meat fall off the bones; and–and then they'd take the
bones out, and make light fixtures, and put their skulls around. And
people come in there, rub them skulls to get blessings, until the
skulls are white and wore out. As you go into Saint Peter's Cathedral
there, a foot of Peter (they claim) there, a statue, has been kissed
off nine or ten different times; have to mold another foot on it.
Such nonsense. Superstitions, that's all there is, creeds of manmade
doctrine. God sent the Holy Spirit, the Life of God, to be in you, not
in a statue. You are the guy that God wants to live in, not a statue,
but in you. People call "holy statues." There ain't no holy statues;
you're God's holy statue. The Bible said so. That's right: "a body has
Thou prepared Me…"

Now, this little fellow started to destroying: destroying what? The
cankerworm got into the bark. Watch what it did; it begin to destroy
the bark. What did it do? It made a natural church for a spiritual
church. Yes, sir. It took away the true and give it a false.
Now, remember, the leaf–the fruit, the palmerworm eat. The leaf, the
locust eat. Now, the bark, the covering, the religion, the doctrine,
the doctrine, the cankerworm got.

Where did that first doctrine come from outside of the Bible? You
historians, you know where it come from: from Rome. That's exactly
where it started. There they started accepting dogmas. That's how
Irenaeus, Saint Martin, Polycarp, all of them after John's death… For
translating the Word of God, he was out on the Isle of Patmos; they'd
burned him in grease for twenty-four hours, brought back, and he still
wrote the Bible. God was determined that this Bible would be written.
That's the Word of God; we can't take away from It or add to It. It's
to lay just the way It is–the Word.

Notice, when they got back… When these saints of God trying to hold
up that Word, Rome come right in and accepted dogmas instead. Now,
let's just see what she did, some of her false doctrines, what was done.
Water baptism. Where they were commissioned… Peter said on the day of
Pentecost under the influence of the Holy Ghost, the Word of God,
"Repent, every one of you, and be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ
for the remission of your sins."
What did Rome do with it? Turned it around and said, "Be baptized in
the name of the Father, Son, Holy Ghost," making it a creed, not a
doctrine of the Bible. What did he do? That's that cankerworm eating.
Sprinkling instead of immersing in the name of the Father…

Father, Son, Holy Ghost is no name. There's no such a thing. Father's
not a name; Son's not a name; and Holy Ghost is not a name. When Jesus
said, "Baptize them in the Name of the Father, Son, Holy Ghost," it was
the "Lord Jesus Christ"; exactly what Peter and them did, and
all–everybody in the Bible was there… There was nobody… I
challenge anyone to bring me one piece of Scripture or one piece of
history, where anybody was ever baptized any other way than in the Name
of Jesus Christ, until the Roman Catholic church.

Now, do that; and remember this tape goes around the world. I've held
congregations of ministers, with hundreds of them, and bishops and
everything, say, "Stand to your feet." or "Come here with your Bible,
or hold your peace forever." They hold their peace, till they get
around behind you, and then they start talking about you. Not the very
audacity to stand to your face, common decency to stand and tell you to
your face, they're afraid to do it; they know it's wrong. But that's
what that cankerworm started eating (See?), eating away that real thing.
Now, you say, "It's not essential. Any way I'm baptized is all right."

Is it? Paul said in Acts 19, when he–Paul passed through the upper
coast of Ephesus; the Bible said he found certain disciples (them's
followers). Apollos, a Baptist preacher, under John the Baptist, was
teaching them the Word, and they were having great joy. And Paul just
went over to see them; and he said, "Have you received the Holy Ghost
since you believed?"
"Oh," they say, "I'm a believer."
"But that's not what I'm asking. Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed?"
They said, "We not know whether there be any Holy Ghost."
He said, "Then to what was you baptized?" See? In other words, "How was you baptized?"
They said, "We've been baptized."
Said, "How?"
He said, "Under John," he said, "the same man that baptized Jesus, wouldn't that be all right?"
Paul said, "No. Not now, no." Said, "You've got to be baptized over
again." And Paul baptized them over again in the Name of the Lord Jesus
Christ, laid his hands upon them, and the Holy Ghost came on them. And
Paul said, "If a angel from heaven (let alone some preacher)–if a
angel (let alone this cankerworm)–if a angel from heaven preaches
anything else than this to you, let him be accursed." That's right.
So you see what it was, the cankerworm got to eating. It eat away the baptism of the–of water in the Name of Jesus Christ.

The next thing this cankerworm did, he'd taken away the baptism of the
Holy Ghost; 'cause as long as you're going to have that Holy Ghost,
It's going to shed light on that Word, as long as you do that. So they
had to–to do it different.
Now, just think of how many Lutherans, Protestants, how many Catholics
this morning was confirmed (what they call it, taking first communion).
And they call that "Holy Eucharist," which means (the Latin word) "Holy

42-4 Did you ever see a Catholic pass by the church and [Brother Branham illustrates how a Catholic would cross himself–Ed.]
go over hisself like that? Why? It's God in that church. What is God?
That little piece of bread; that little piece of bread (round, made
like the sun god that they worship) laying on the altar where the mice
and roaches pack around overnight. That's not my God; I'll tell you
that now.

First communion, confirmed to the church: nonsense. But that's what
they did; that's what the cankerworm did. It took away the Spirit and
give them a piece of bread, some bread that some priest made, or some
nun, or something. That's what they did; that's exactly right. Go ask
now; go looking back in history and see if it isn't right. And you let
that thing be shoved down your throat? Not only them Catholics, but you
Protestants, a many of you, same thing. All right, there's what's they
did. All right.
And then, the Protestants, instead of having the Holy Ghost, you know
what they do? They come and join, shake a hand. There wasn't a somebody
come up the road and shook a hand when the day of Pentecost come; but
there came from heaven a sound of a rushing, mighty wind that filled
all the house where they were setting (That's right.), come down
through them leaves on the Tree, poured over the bark. That's right.

And now, now, instead of the new birth (that Jesus said, "A man must be
born again"), they adopted joining the church: come and join. And
instead of the Word, the cankerworm give them a creed. Don't you see?
Look here what he's doing; he's giving a natural for a spiritual. Can
you see it?
Now, look. Now, we–we're–we're on the Catholic line here, but did you
know that come right down through the Protestants too? Where do we have
the Holy Ghost demonstrations in Protestant churches today? Where do we
have a Pentecostal reaction in amongst Protestants? We don't have…
You have it in Lutheran? I–if you do, want to go to it; I want to go
over there and just eat and have a wonderful time. Presbyterian? I
wonder where's–where's it at. See? You've adopted something natural.
I'm fixing to leave. You know that (See?), but don't you never let this
get out of your heart. Don't take the natural; that's death. This
natural man is death; anything it does is death. It's subject and here
for death. It's a Spirit that maketh alive, (See?), the Spirit that
gives Life, quickens it. It's a Spirit.

So you see, they took (Watch what they done.)–took the Water baptism
from Jesus Christ to Father, Son, Holy Ghost, a title which is no name
at all.
Now, you say, "What difference does it make?"
All right. Now, if you're going to give… Somebody's going to give you
your paycheck Saturday, the–the–the man that pays you. Instead of
putting his name on there, just say from a–from "The Boss." That's
what it is. Your paycheck; just "pay to the order of John Doe, a
hundred and fifty dollars for this week's work, from The Boss." Put it
down at the bank and see how it bounces back. Yes, sir. It sure will,

If it don't make a difference, why did Paul command them Christians,
praising God, and having a lot of joy, and having great things going on
up there, why did he tell them, "You got to come back and be baptized
over again in the Name of Jesus Christ"? See?
Make the Word say… Just stay with It. Don't say nothing different;
just say what It says. See? That's what we're going to be judged by.

Now, look. That's what they did. Instead of the new birth, they have a
joining; instead of talking the Word, they have a creed. Show me in the
Bible where they ever said a "Hail Mary"; show me in the Bible where
you Protestants ever quoted Apostles' Creed. Tell me what the Apostles'
creed is in the Bible. Communion of saints, they was against it. Tell
me in the Bible where they ever had Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
baptism. It's not there, and yet you go for it. See?
Now, now, instead of fellowship and brotherhood amongst brothers, they
give them a hierarchy: pope. And you got a bishop tells you what you
can do and what you can't; and you Pentecostals has got a district
presbyter that tells you who you can have. But the church has Christ.

There's where you come. See? They give you those dogmas and manmade
things instead… Taken it away. What's that cankerworm doing? Taking
it right off the Tree and give you this. "I'll run that off the Tree
and give you this instead; I'll take that off and give you this." See
where you got to?
You say, "Well, Brother Branham…"
Where did every one… Where did every Protestant church come from?
Catholic. That's what Revelations 13–or Revelation 17 said she would.
Said she was a whore and she was a mother of harlots: same thing. So
don't… Pot can't call kettle black, you know. So don't–that's it.
Don't do it. So that's–that's right.

Brotherhood, took away brotherhood, when we ought to be brothers one
with another segregated us and made us different… All right. Now,
watch, here's a good one. I'll get this one, and then I'll stop on
these others. Look.

The Bible tells us, when we've done wrong that we should purge our
souls by the Holy Spirit. Get down; let the Holy Spirit reveal to us
that you're doing wrong; and there stay before Him till you die out,
purging our souls. Now, they turned around and give you a purgatory
after you're dead; then the priest makes a lot of money to pray you out
of purgatory.
Why, it's nonsense. That's what the cankerworm done. Sure. Pray you out
of purgatory. Cost so many hundred dollars to get this soul prayed out
of purgatory. I want you to even find purgatory in the Bible, anything
like it. There's no such a thing in the Bible. No, sir. But they give
them a purgatory (See?) they–after you're dead. Oh, yes, I know,
they–they–they say, sure, you hear them say, "Well, Saint Boniface
said so-and-so." I don't care what Saint Boniface said.

45-2 "Well, didn't So-and-so say to her, she prayed for her husband, that great sister, Saint So-and-so…"
don't care what she did. It's unauthoritative Word; it's against the
authoritated apostles. God give those apostles to set the church in
order; and It's built upon the doctrine of the apostles, not upon Saint
Boniface or some saint… It's contrary to the Word.
I don't care what Saint Boniface said, and what other saints, and other
saints, and Saint Susie, and Saint Maria, and all those said; it's
nonsense. It's no more than any other lie. If it's contrary to God's
Word, it's a lie. I don't believe unauthoritary words; that's the
reason I don't believe these Protestant creeds and things; it's
Catholic to the–to the core. It's dogmas. How can you call Catholics,
and make fun of them a having dogmas, when you're full of it yourself?
(Not so much here, but this is on tape, you understand. See? It goes
all over the world.)

Notice. How can you call them wrong, when you take manmade creeds
that's contrary to the Bible: dogma, just the same as they did? Why?
You're in a organization that's a daughter to the old prostitute. What
is a prostitute? Some woman that lives untrue to her husband, claiming
to be a Christian church and giving out wrong doctrine, her own stuff,
instead of taking God's holy Word.
Just like Eve did, listened to–to the devil and caused all death and
sorrow that ever struck the earth–come through Eve, because she
committed a spiritual fornication against God by disbelieving His Word,
and that's exactly what the churches are doing today, committing
spiritual fornications against God's Word. And they won't even have you
in the church if you don't agree with their doctrine.
Well, they sign me letters: "If you'll believe in this, and if you'll say this is right, and you'll…"
I said, "I just won't come." No, sir. I'll preach just what this Bible says, or none at all. See? That's right.

Stay on that Word. That's what we got to do, brethren; stay there. Now,
we're getting down to the last days, and we know that. The hour is here.
How we could say… Oh, they say this, that, and the other, but
anything that's unauthoritative, don't believe it. I don't care who
said it. If anybody…

Here a sister come to me not long ago and said a–a certain group of
men that I preached to (ministers) about the baptism in the Name of
Jesus Christ, where three hundred and something ministers… Plenty
people setting here was at the meeting, where the whole council of the
Chicago Ministerial Association met me. And the Lord give me a vision,
told me where they'd be and what would happen; and I turned right up
there and told them (we got the tape here if you would want to hear it.
See?), and I (all the bishops, and doctors, and cardinals, and all of
them standing there)–I said, "Any of you that can condemn it, get your
Bible and come here." I said, "What you so quiet about?" There wasn't
nobody said anything. And why? They was afraid of that Word. I said,
"Then if you can't, why are you picking on me? Hold your peace, get
out, do something. And if you can't back it up with the Word, then keep

So then that same group of men sent a lady down and said, "Brother
Branham, if the Angel of the Lord told you…" (The Angel of the Lord,
you know, His picture's there, you see?) "If the Angel of the Lord told
you that, well, we'll believe it."
I said, "Anybody that… A ministerial group that would be that weak…
If the Angel of the Lord said–if that Angel said something contrary to
this Word, it wouldn't be the Angel of the Lord." The Angel of the Lord
will vindicate the Word. That's exactly what He's always done through
every age; He still does the same thing. He stays with the Word. And
any minister anointed with the Holy Ghost will stay by the same Word,
'cause the Bible said that the entire Bible was wrote by the Holy
Ghost, and how can you have the Holy Ghost and deny what the Bible
says? The very Spirit in you bears record that it's not right–creed.
The cankerworm's been eating (That's all. See?), eating away the true things of God. Yes, sir.

Unauthoritative word that's contrary to the doctrine of the apostles.
Oh, my. This is the apostolic Doctrine; this is the Bible; this is the
Holy Spirit. Every word in It's true. You just believe and accept It,
and don't take down on It, and watch every promise be fulfilled.
The manifestation of God's present right now. If He isn't just as much
God now as He was with the children of Israel crossed the Red Sea, He
wouldn't be God. If He isn't the same God that fell on Pentecost that
He is right here today, He isn't the same God. Then there was no
resurrection. If He wasn't… If you… What good does a historical God
do to you, if He isn't the same God today? What good does it do to send
preachers to the seminaries, and hatch them out like incubator
chickens, and go around like that, if there is no such a thing as God?

What are you doing, take away from the Word of God? Where's your
authority at? You say, "The church." The church? There's nine hundred
and sixty-nine different organizations of them. Which one of them's
No one would know what to do. You'd be confused. That's right. But God
ain't going to judge the people by the church; He's going to judge them
by Christ, and Christ is the Word. The Bible said:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

And the Word was made flesh and dwelled among us,…

He judged the church and the people by the Word (That's right.), the
living, resurrected Word. Then if that living, resurrected Word says
anything contrary to this Word here, then it's not the risen,
resurrected Word, because this–He will bear witness of this Truth.
He can't say something here and something else over here. I can say
something here and something over there, because I'm a man. You can
too; you can get more knowledge and understanding, but not God; He's
infinite. See? He has… The first decision, His first thing He says
has to stand eternally. It's the same. He cannot say one thing here and
something over here; He's got to say the same thing every time in order
to be God.
So if the spirit is on you is of God, it'll witness this Word's the
Truth, every word of It, that if It's the same yesterday, today, and
forever. That's what the Bible says. Yes, sir. All right.

Now, let's hurry and get the next stage of this little bug. First, he
was a palmerworm. What did he eat off of God's Tree? Fruit. The next
stage he come in (he died in that stage and come in another stage),
what did he do now? He come in this time as a locust; he eat all the
leaves off. That's the locust habit. Now, what's the next thing he
done? He come back in another stage as a cankerworm and he went into
the bark.
Now, here he comes as a lo–as a caterpillar, the fourth stage of him.
Now, he's a caterpillar. What is a caterpillar? He's a sucker, sucks
the Life, the Spirit, the Life; that's what he does, gets right down a
hold of the pulp and goes to sucking: caterpillar. Here he is; who we
going to call him? Denomination, that's that guy's right name. Why?
He's a destroyer: sucks the Life.

Every time that God sends a move among His people, every time, and they
denominate, right there they die. I want somebody that knows the
history of the church that can condemn that. Show me one time that an
organization ever organized, that it didn't die right there. The
cankerworm got a hold of it, took it's religion away; and then the
sucker come along and took the–sucked the Life right out of the Tree.
What kind of a Life was in It? Holy Spirit. What'd it do? It couldn't
hold the Holy Spirit in there and then still have dogmas; the Holy
Spirit wouldn't stand for it. So it takes the holy–the Life out of the
Tree and gives it a dogma, makes a denomination. "We don't care what
This says; our denomination says this."

There you are. Remember, after it denominates it always dies and never
rises again. The first organization was the Catholic; it died
immediately. 'Course it was dogma to begin with.
Out of there come the first reformation, was Luther: organized and
died. Next come Wesley: organized, died. Next come Pentecost: organized
and died. Presbyterian, Lutheran, all these others, and the–and the
Nazarene, Pilgrim Holiness, and all these organizations that followed
along like that, every one died; Look at them. Why? They organize and
that kills them.
What did they do? They take in these dogmas. You Nazarenes, a
wonderful, the next church to the–the coming up of Pentecost. What was
it? You believe in sanctification, but when it come down to the gifts
of the Spirit, speaking in tongues, and the great powers of God, you
called it devils, and there you died. That's right. Where's she at
today? Dead. Oh, she's got more members, but where is she. She's a
I seen her the other night. That's right. The whole thing… Her pastor
laying on top, kissing a corpse, making love to it. Said, "They ain't
got no more time anyhow; this is all of it." So I'll get it to you
sometime on tape. See? All right.

God planted His Tree to bear spiritual fruit, fruits of the Spirit. Is
that right? But what did man? Man always tried to make it an artificial
form. He did back there; he does now. Now, this… (Let's fire hard
now, and quick.) Man has always tried to take the spiritual church and
make it an artificial form.
Luther had a spiritual church. What happened? As soon as Luther died,
they made it a form, artificial. What did Wesley do, John Wesley, a
great man of God? Who would say John Wesley wasn't a man of God? What
did he do? As soon as him, and–John and Charles died, they organized
it. When she did, she died. Exactly.
Same thing down through the age every time on every one. They make
artificial put-on, good works, biggest congregations, smartest people;
"The celebrity of the city wants to join us."

That's exactly what's happening to you bunch of Pentecostals too.
That's exactly right. You're–you let down the bars; you got away from
the Spirit. You wanted big buildings, and finery, and everything like
that, and you got dignified pastors. What'd you do? You mothers sent
your boys away to some of these seminaries out here to become pastors.
What did they go to teaching them? Theology and all kind of manmade
stuff. And where is it today? They come back a bunch of "Rickys" and
"Elvises." That's exactly right.
What have you got today? A bunch of tommyrot, a form of godliness. The
Bible said that in the last days they'd have a form of godliness, but
would deny the power thereof, the Life thereof. Why? The caterpillar
sucked it out. The organization taken it away.

I Timothy 3, Paul said, "Know this in the last days that perilous times
shall come. Men will be lovers of their own selves, proud, boasters,
blasphemers, disobedient, unthankful, unholy, without natural
affections, incontinent, despisers of those that are good, traitor,
high-minded, having a form of godliness, and would deny the power
thereof." Caterpillar sucked it out. Cankerworm got onto it a long time
ago. We're going to bring that Tree down in the hold just in a little
bit, the Lord willing.

50-3 The largest place. Oh, sure. "Well, you know, our church last year accumulated so much."
sure. The Catholic beat you by a million miles; uh-huh, sure did. It
even got so much in Russia till they run it out and put–established
communism. They did the same thing in Mexico, and they ought to do it
all over the world where she's at. That's right.

Don't you never fear communism. Communism is a godless move, but you
hear some of these preachers stand in the pulpit condemning communism,
communism; I don't believe in it either, but don't you–telling the
church, "Oh, we're all going to be swallowed up; whole world is going
to become communist." That's exactly contrary to God's Word. There's no
place the Bible says that that'll be that way.
But the Bible says that Romanism, the Catholic church will…?… the
world. Take Daniel and find out. The head of gold, King Nebuchadnezzar,
Babylonian kingdom, Medes and Persians succeeded him; the Grecian
Empire succeeded that; and Rome went to the end. Them ten toes run in
every kingdom under the earth. Don't you…

There's an iron curtain; there's a bamboo curtain; and there's a purple
curtain. Brother, don't you fear none of the rest of them, but watch
that purple curtain. She's setting right here on the throne today in
this country.
Remember, just like Ahab did, and Jezebel behind him, that's… The
Bible calls the Catholic church Jezebel, prostitute. And Ahab wasn't no
bad guy; I don't say that Mr. Kennedy isn't a nice man; I don't know
nothing about him. He's a man; that's all I know. He's the President; I
believe he will make a good president. It's not him; it's that system
behind him. Wait till she gets wormed into the Cabinet and everywhere
she can, then watch what happens. Look what it done in other nations;
look what it's always done.

And don't the Bible say in Revelations 13… This nation's number
thirteen: it's got thirteen stripes in the–thirteen stars in the flag,
thirteen stripes in the flag, thirteen, everything in it's thirteen.
Thirteen colonies, thirteen everything, and it's found in the 13th
chapter of Revelations.
And the Bible said that she come up like a little lamb: freedom of
religion; two little horns, civil and ecclesiastical. And after while
they united, and he spoke like the dragon did, and done everything the
dragon did before him. And the Bible said they made a image unto the
beast: the Confederation of Church, just what they got in right now
here in New York City. And there that great big morgue up there… And
all you Methodist, Baptist, and Pentecostals, and every one of you
economical–ecumenical people out there trying to do such things as
that, and selling out your birthrights to join that bunch of Babylon…
What's the matter with you? Sure. Selling your birthrights like Esau
did, for a mess of pottage, that's all you're going to get; that's all:
forming an image of the beast. Exactly. Don't you fear communism; you
fear Catholicism.

Oh, they say it would come in with flatteries like a lamb; but said
watch it, behind it–it's a wolf. It's a sneaker; you watch it (Yes,
sir.), 'cause it's contrary to the Word. What the Word says has to come
to pass. Communism ain't doing nothing but playing right in the hands
of God. That's exactly. And why do they have to do that? God had to
permit communism, so that it would made these–His Word come to pass.
Sure. That's… Did you realize that? Did you ever think of that? God
has to make His Word come to pass,

Look, where those four hundred prophets stood out there before–before
Ahab and Jehoshaphat one day. Jehoshaphat, a righteous man, he said,
"Well, before we go up to Ramoth-Gilead," said, "oughtn't we to–to
consult the Lord?"
Ahab said, "Yeah, sure." See? (Jezebel behind it all, you know.) He
said, "We'll a–we'll… I got four hundred prophets here. We'll bring
them up."
All fine people, brought them up; they all prophesied, said, "Go on up; the Lord is with you."
That didn't sound right to this godly man, the King of Israel–or the
King of Israel up there. It didn't sound very right to him. He said,
"Isn't there another one?"
Four hundred preachers, already in one accord, saying, "Go up, the Lord's done spoke to us and said, 'Go on up.'"
He said, "But there ought to be another one somewhere."
He said, "I got one, but I hate him." Sure, absolutely. Yeah. Said,
"He's always bawling me out; he's always saying evil against me." How
could he do anything else, when the Word of God was against him?

So they sent and got Micaiah. Micaiah said, "Go on up. Yes, that's
right; but I seen Israel scattered like sheep having no shepherd."
And then he go out… That big preacher walked over, the bishop, and
smacked him in the mouth, said, "Where'd the Spirit of God go when It
went out of me?"
I imagine he said, "It wasn't in you to begin with." So then–so then
he said, "You'll find out one of these days." He said, "If…"
He said–he said–Ahab said, "Put him back in a inner prison; feed him
the bread of sorrow and the wa–wa–and the water of sorrow." Said,
"When I return in peace, I'll deal with this fellow."
He said, "If you return at all, then the Word of God hasn't spoke to me." Uh-huh, uh-huh.

Why? Why? He was right with the Word, right with the Word. Any prophecy
don't stay with that Word… That's exactly… That's the reason I say
today, no matter how good it looks, how many preachers are saying this,
that, or the other, "Communism is going to take the world and throw it
down"; don't you never try to fight communism, fight Romanism. For
that's THUS SAITH THE LORD. The Lord said Romanism's going to rule, not
communism. It's just a puppet. But you see, He had to do that.

The Lord told Micaiah, "I've got to send Ahab out there, have them
preachers to say that, to send Ahab out there in order to make the
Elijah's words come to pass."
God had to let communism raise up. What did it do? Then it run all
these here morgues together and made a Confederation of Churches, to
join up to make an image of the beast, just what His Word said would
take place. Don't you worry about that. You watch the thing it's
forming under it. That's… Umm.

I'm–I guess I'm wearing you out, but–so that's… But that's true. I
don't know when I can speak to you again; I may never. We don't know;
we may never meet again, but I want you to know what's true. Watch,
this Word is the Truth: not me, this Word; This is It. If my word's
contrary to This, then don't you believe me; you believe That. Then if
you say, "Well, we got That, and you're preaching contrary to It," then
it's your duty to come to me. That's right. It's your duty to come to
me. See? Just come and let's see what's the Word.

Now, now, therefore we find out that it was–it's communism that's
gathered together. God said Gog and Magog there will gather together
(sure) to bring about the battle. That's exactly true, 'cause it's
going to bring these forces together. It has to come; the Bible said it

God planted this Tree to bear spiritual fruit, and man has always tried
to make it a artificial form, having a form of godliness, the largest
buildings in the city (sure); millions of dollars. My goodness, and
people preaching Jesus is coming, and spend six and eight million
dollars on a building somewhere. And missionaries, I know missionaries
on the field that's preaching the Gospel without a pair of shoes on,
eating two meals a week.
Can you see why, brother we… What's the matter with people? I don't
actually believe they believe He's coming. Your–your–your words
speak… Well, your–your life speaks louder than your words; you…
See? He's… Them little missionaries over there, come up in my
meeting, like that, no shoes on, a little old pair of pants on, tied
around him like that; living out there with fleas, and ameba, and bugs,
and all kinds of sickness, and everything else out there; his little
old hands eat up, and eat up with ameba and everything else, standing
there, say, "Are you Brother Branham?"

53-6 I said, "Yes."
Said, "Oh, bless you. I'll always pray for you."
I thought, "Oh, God, let that man pray for me; yes, that's the guy. That's the one."
"I–I–I read your articles, Brother Branham. You're sure telling the Truth. We're right with you."
Oh, brother, that's–that's the boy; that's him. Poor little guy…
Hear somebody say, "You know who that is?"
"Oh, why," said, "he don't belong to our organization."
I said, "Who is he?"
"Why, he ain't with us."
"Well, who is he?"
"Oh, he's a–he's a independent."
"Oh, he is? Uh-huh. Well, what does he do?"
"Oh, he's got a little work out there. He–he won't join in with us."
"Well, I want to know about him."

You know, when I was a little boy, hunting apples in the apple orchard,
I always found the tree had all the clubs under it, you know. Got
clubbed right good and hard; there's where the good apples was.
They say, "Well, he's just a holy-roller."
You know, he always put the scarecrow where the good tree's at. The
devil does the same thing to scare you off of It. Don't you worry, go
right on in behind that scarecrow.

I was watching a groundhog one day eating butter beans I was planting.
Every time I'd plant a row of butter beans, that little guy'd come out
and eat them up. I thought, "I'll scare the life out of him." So I got
me a paper sack, and (I'm really an artist; you ought to see me.) I
drawed what I thought was a scary picture. (Oh, it was scary too, if I
drawed it.) And I put it on a sack, and put me some butter beans in it,
and hung it on a stick; and when the wind would blow, it'd shake like
Out of the hole come the little groundhog, you know, and he run down
through there eating butter beans; and he run right up against this
sack. He backed off and looked at it, looked over like that; and he
went [Brother Branham make descriptive sound–Ed.],
jumped at it; and well, the sack stood still. He looked at it again,
you know, looked it all over again. He looked back and seen them butter
beans went on down the row; and they were good, you know, so he looked
at that scarecrow in his way. So he walked up and kept getting a little
closer, like that, trying to scare it, and it wouldn't move. Don't
matter; it's dead; that's all them scarecrows are. So he just–so he

What he done, he took his little foot and hit that sack; and it went
rattle, rattle. And he jumped back and looked at it like that. He hit
it again: rattle, rattle. That's all it is, just a rattle; like the
Irishman's owl, all fuss and feathers and no owl, you know. So just…
He hit it like that, and it rattled four or five times like that. You
know what he done? Went right on around behind the sack and went on
eating my butter beans. Knowed more about… gooder than I did. See?
What was it? You see, he wasn't letting the scarecrow stop him. There's
something good behind the scarecrow. When they say, "Oh, they're
holy-rollers," just go right on around behind that scare and go right
on in. See? Go on in and believe it. See? Might be some Holy Spirit
there too (You see?); you can't tell. See? All right.

Oh, that deno… Let's look at this denominational caterpillar at work,
church natural, church spiritual. Watch this old caterpillar now when
he denominates it. He's already got the bark eat off, and the fruits
eat off of it; and, oh brother, it's all gone; all the gifts of the
Spirit's gone, no Divine healing, no speaking in tongues, no prophecy,
no nothing; don't believe in being prophets; they don't believe in
these things; they don't know. All manmade, everything they got's
manmade, artificial. See? All right.

The church natural. There is a church natural; that's the one's made up
by man. Church spiritual… You know, the Bible says that? Yes, sir.
Church natural and church spiritual. And the Bible says, "Cast out the
bondswoman and her child (Hagar), for she will not be heir with the
freewoman and her child." See?
So the natural church, that's going to inherit what? The binding of the
sheaves, the binding of the bundles to be burned; and she will not
inherit, be heir with the freewoman. If the bondwoman is in bondage
with her organization children, she will not be heir with the
freewoman; because the freewoman's children is going in the rapture.
And the bondswoman's children is going to stand in the judgment. See?
"Cast out, saith the Spirit of…" Yes, sir.

The caterpillar, denominational Esaus… Now, Esau (as Esau and Jacob,
both of them twins, both of them religious)–Esau was a carnal man; he
was a good man. He didn't… Say, well now, he didn't go out and steal,
drink, or anything there; he was a religious man. But he thought,
"Well, as long as I'm religious, what difference does it make?"
But little old Jacob, he didn't care how he had to get it; that
birthright's what he wanted. No matter how he got it, just so he got
it. If he had to get down at the altar, and scream, and cry, and
"boo-hoo," and snot (excuse me, or you know), get it, go right up in
his eyes (I didn't mean to say that.), and so (Excuse me.), and so–get
down to the altar and cry through till he got it, why, he got it. See?
He didn't care how he got it, just so he got it.

Some of them says, "I… Brother Branham, them people down there
boo-hooing on that altar, and crying, and crying. I don't want it that
Well, you won't get it.
The old darkie, colored brother, down in the south, one time, was
always happy. And his–his boss said, "What's–what makes you so happy
all the time, boy?"
He said, "I got heartfelt religion."
Said, "There is no such a thing."
He said, "You made one mistake. As far as you know there's no such a
thing." He knowed different. That's right. Said, "As far as you
know–you should've said it that way."

56-5 One day he said, "I want to get some of that heartfelt religion."
He said, "When do you want it?"
He said, "Now."
Said, "Well, let's go get it."
went out and he said, "Here's a hayloft. It's nice," he said that–"my
wife won't hear me and anything out here," Said… (That's the way
people want it, you know, hand it to them on a platter.) said, "We'll
kneel down here."
The old brother said, "You don't get it here."
Well, so he went down to the stall; he said, "Will we get it here?"
Said, "No."
He said, "We'll go over at the corn crib."
Said, "No."
Said, "Where do you get it?"
Said, "Follow me."
He pulled up his pants' legs, walked out in the pig pen as hard as he
could in the mud, said, "Come out here, here's where you get it."
He said, "I don't want to come out there."
Said, "You don't want it yet, Boss. (That's right.) You don't want it."

57-3 You know, Naaman thought that too, Naaman. Naaman said, "Now, I want to get rid of my leprosy."
Elijah said, "You go down there to the muddy Jordan, where she empties
into the Mediterranean there." Said, "She's muddy as it can be. Dip
down there seven times."
"Oh," Naaman said, "My goodness. Aren't the waters better up around
Damascus and up there. Oooh, they're so pretty and clear up there."
(My, we seen it here the other night on the film here, you know.),
"Oh," said, "why–why we don't want to go down there; I can't go down
there. I… You know who I am? I'm captain of the guard; I'm the
general of the host."
"Well, if you want to get rid of your leprosy, go on down there. But if you want to keep it, go on up there."
He said, "Dip," and I can see him walking out in that water. Could you
imagine? Oh, that hurt his prestige. I can see him, you know,
tip-toeing out like this, nose-holding, you know.

That's the way some people try to come to Christ, "I'd like to get
healed; I'd like to (you know) go to heaven, but, oh, my, what if the
rest of them look like that."
Oh, you hypocrite, you'll never get it anyhow. That's all there is to
it anyhow. See? No. You'll never get it anyhow. Don't worry; you don't
want it enough yet. That's right. You don't want it enough; that's
exactly. When you're ready to get it, you'll get it all right. God will
give it to you when you're ready. All right.

Now, are the denomination of caterpillar's eating up all things.
Notice, each insect, each one of these insects, when he was working on
the Tree, he made a way for the other one was going to follow him. Oh,
he's a smart guy. Yes, sir. See? He took away the fruits (See?), the
Spirit, so what? He could take the fellowship away (See?), the leaves.
So the other side come along and he made his own living took the leaves
off. What did he do that? He took the leaves off so there'd be no
coolness and freshness so there the people could see, so he could get
into the bark. See?
He'd get into the bark, and bore into the ridge, and take the doctrine
away from them (See?), the very thing that supports the Life. And then,
as soon as he got holes bored into that, he had the next fellow come
along, the old sucker caterpillar, that's took the denomination and
sucked it up and organized it so you can't get it. And what did the
Life do? Go right down into the roots (That's exactly right.), run it
right down in the roots. All right.
Now, the same insect bored to the heart till it got to the Life. It
kept coming through the fruit, through the leaves, through the bark,
until it got right to the heart, the lifeline. All right.

Now, let's look at the destroyer at work. The first… (I'm going to
have to skip some of this here, I believe. No, I ain't. All right.
Look.) The first thing this fellow did as soon as he got into the heart
of the Tree…
Let's watch him back in his first stage, before he ever got started too
good; let's watch him. Now, let's watch him at work. The first thing
that he condemned was to destroy the first, real, precious fruit Tree
that God had on earth.

Now, if you can bear with me just a few more minutes, I want you–I
want you to get this now. Don't… This is your Easter message coming
right now. See, see, see?

The first thing that he did, he destroyed God's first, precious fruit
Tree, Christ. He was that Tree from the garden of Eden. That's right.
The first fruit Tree, he destroyed It. The first One God planted here
on earth was Christ; he destroyed that Tree that was bearing His fruit.
Now, they had all kind of organizations, and he just had that in his
hands; but when he come to a Tree that bore the actual fruit, that
Roman bug got in there (See?), destroyed the Tree.
The Tree? Yes. Jesus said, "If I do (in Saint John), if I do not the
works of My Father, or have not the fruits of My Father, don't believe
Me." He was bearing the fruit of God. What kind of a fruit did He bear?
What kind of fruit? Let's watch Him for a few minutes. We went through
it many times; let's just take a little preliminary one for the people
that's setting here waiting for a minute to be prayed for.

What was the first thing they knowed he wouldn't–recognized Him to be
the Messiah? When Peter first came to Him (and Andrew had brought him),
and He looked at Peter and said, "Your name is Simon, and you are the
son of Jonas."
He knew right then, according to the Scripture, that that was the
Messiah. They'd been… Did you know there'd been many raised up before
that, according to history, and called themselves "Messiah," but none
of them could do this; 'cause the Messiah… Moses said (the Word of
God, which cannot fail, was spoke by Moses), he said, "Your Messiah
will be a prophet like me."
And so, when this stranger walked up before Jesus, and Jesus said,
"Behold, your name is Simon, and you're the son of Jonas," Peter knowed
right then Who He was; He knew that was Him.

When Nathanael went and got Philip–or Philip went and got Nathanael,
rather, and brought him over there, and Nathanael, a great man (See?),
great man, religious man (and–and Philip telling him about on the road
over, what He'd done to Simon), and when Nathanael walked up in the
Presence of Jesus, what did Jesus say? He said, "Behold, an Israelite,
in whom there's no guile."
He said, "Rabbi, when did You know me?"
He said, "Before Philip called you, when you were under the tree, I saw you."
He said, "Rabbi, Rabbi, You are the Son of God; You are the King of Israel." See?
Why? That's the fruit. "If I do not the works of My Father…" He knowed the very thoughts that was in their hearts.
A woman touched His garment one time, and went off and set down in the
congregation. Jesus looked around and said, "Who touched Me?" All of
them denied it. He looked around and saw her. She had a blood issue; He
said, "Your faith has saved you." Oh, my.

The little old Samaritan woman… Now, remember, He never went to the
Gentiles like that. No, sir. He even told His disciples not to go to
them. That's us; this is our day. He went in the form of the Holy
Spirit to us, as He said He would be. But when He went to the–them
what happened? When He went to the Samaritan woman, the woman said–He
said to her, "Bring Me a drink."
And she said, "It's not customary for you, being a Jew, to ask me a
Samaritan. Had segregation by their colors and so forth. He let them
know right then there was no difference, was all came off the same
tree. We're all sons and daughters of God; we're all… See?
And He said–she said, "Why, we worship our father, Jacob. (See? And
that was the Jews' father too. See?) Our father, Jacob, dug this well,
and you say you're greater than he?"
And He said, "The waters that I give you is Everlasting Life." See? He said…

60-5 "Well, we worship in this mountain, and you in Jerusalem."
He said, "Go, get your husband and come here. This'll settle it."
She said, "I don't have any husband."
Said, "You've said right." Said, "You've had five, and the one you got now is not your husband."
She said, "Sir, you know, it's been four hundred years since we had a
prophet; but You must be a prophet. How did You know that I had five
husbands?" She said, "Now, we know that the it's time for the Messiah
to be here, which is called the Christ. And when He comes, He will tell
us these kind of things."
Oh, there's His fruits. He said, "I'm He."
She left the pot, the old water pot of organization. Into the city she
went. No matter how much well Jacob had, she'd found a new Spring. Into
the city she went and said, "Come, see a Man Who told me the thing I
done. Isn't This the very Messiah? Isn't This the fruit? Isn't This the
evidence that That is the Messiah?"

61-2 The Jews couldn't understand it. They said, "He's a fortune-teller, Beelzebub."
said, "I forgive you, you. But sometime the Holy Ghost is coming and do
the same thing, and you speak against That, it'll never be forgiven
Now, "If I do not the works of My Father, belie–don't believe Me"; but
that fruit Tree was bearing the fruits. Now, watch. What did He say;
did… What–what kind of a church did He set up? Now, you Catholics
that want to say that Jesus set up a church, what kind of church did He
set up? Did He ever mention a denomination, a creed? He was always
against it. He said, "You whited walls, you dead men's bones."

He called them everything that He could call them. That's right. He was
against it. That was the fruit of God. Now, you can make two and two,
four if you want to. All right.
He was against the thing, organization, against their theories, called
them hypocrites, snakes in the grass, and said they were devils. He
said, "You are of your father, the devil; and his works you'll do.
Which one of your fathers didn't persecute the prophets I sent before
Me?" See? Said, "Then you build their tombs." Said, "You're the ones
put them in there."

Oh, brother, He didn't pull no punches with them. That's right. That
was the fruit of God. What was it? Stay with the Word of God, make the
Word of God manifest. He said, otherwise, "What did the Scriptures say
I, the Messiah, would do when I come? Now, if I don't bear that fruit
of that Word, then I'm not the Messiah. But if I bear the fruit of that
Word, that the Messiah was supposed to do, then I am Him. (Amen.) Now,
which one of you can condemn Me of sin," He said. There you are. "Which
one of your organizations does this same thing?" There you are. The
Messiah was supposed to do this; the Messiah is supposed to be a
prophet. "Now, let's see some of you all," He said, "with all your
highfaluting ideas, let's see you do it." Now, they was silent. All
What was it? He bore the fruit of God. The Holy Spirit was in Him; He
bore God's fruit. What was He? He… Now, listen close. I'll hurry as
quick as I can, so I won't delay you from your Easter dinner. Look, but
your–your Easter dinner should be the resurrection. See?

But watch. He was God's perfect Prophet Tree, the example Tree, the
Bridegroom Tree. Amen. Glory. (I'm going to say something directly.) If
He is the Bridegroom Tree (You believe it?) from the garden of Eden,
then the Bridegroom Tree without the Female don't bear fruit. So He's
got to have a Bride Tree; She's got to be borned of the same material:
the Word made flesh from the Tree. (I hope you get it.) The same Life
in this female Tree, the Bridegroom, as It is in the Bride. "The works
that I do shall you also." Is that right? He was the Bridegroom.

You say, "That ain't Scriptural." Oh, it is. I caught that now. See?
We're fixing to have a healing meeting in a minute. I caught that. He
was. You want proof of it? He said, "I am the Vine; ye are the branches
(Saint John); I am the Vine; you are the branches; you bear the fruit."
See? And the male tree and the female tree produces the pollen one to
the other that brings the fruit. And the branch and the vine does the
same thing. See? That's exactly right.

So He said… Now, this first Tree was a Prophet Tree, a perfect Tree,
the God of the prophets. He was a major Tree; He was God's perfect
prosper–Prophet Tree. Why? He was the Word. Now, the others was minor
prophets. The Word came to the prophets, but He was the Word Himself in
form of a Prophet. Amen. (Now, we're getting somewhere.)

62-5 Now, listen real close, and don't miss this now. It was so good that I just wrote it out down here. [Car horn sounds–Ed.]
Amen. Somebody shouting out and making their horn shout out there.
Just–just… Oh, I hope you're having a good time out there; we are in
here. All right.

Now, He was God's Prophet Tree. Why? He preached all the perfect Word
of God, for He was the Word of God made manifest. He was the perfect
Prophet Tree that preached the perfect Prophet Word that brought forth
the perfect Prophet Fruit, by the perfect Word of God. Oh, brother,
talk about a Tree… A Tree, He was that Life Tree that the Angel kept
Eve and Adam away from with the guarding Cherubims, away from that
Tree. Now, the same Cherubims is trying to run them into It, 'cause
there's been a way made for them. See? Now, they're pulling back. Oh,
human beings… ummph.

Now, preached all the Word; He didn't cut here or there. When Satan
come to Him, that great theologian, and said, "It is written." Jesus
said, "Yes, and it's also written…" Uh-huh.
"But it's written."
And He said, "And it's also written…"

Perfect Prophet Tree preaching perfect Prophet's Word, with perfect
Prophet Signs, perfect Prophet results, perfect Fruits of the Spirit.
And for a mockery (I'm–I'm going to go through this pretty fast now,
'cause…), for a mockery, they hanged Him on (He was the Word, you
know), they hanged Him, the Word Tree, the Word Tree, hung Him on a
manmade Roman tree. Ummm, brother, I hope that got home. Him being
God's perfect spiritual Tree, they hung Him on a manmade Roman tree.
Same now. They're trying to take God's perfect Tree, the Word, and mix
It and hang It up yonder on some kind of a creed. Death and Life won't
mix. Jesus never did attend a funeral service; He'd raise the dead.
Why? Death and Life cannot stay together; they're contrary one to the
other. He didn't preach no funerals, He just raised them up. Amen. Yes.
Why? Life and death.

Now, look, they hanged Him on a tree. Is that right? "Cursed is he that
hangs on a tree." Is that right? The Bible said, "Cursed is he that
hangs on any manmade tree."
So if today, you're trying to hang on some kind of a manmade tree, turn
loose of it; and don't let it hang you there either, 'cause that's a
place for the dead–some manmade Lutheran, Baptist, Presbyterian,
Pentecostal organization (That's right.), some manmade tree. Don't hang
there; and don't let it hang you there either. They'll hang you there
if they can, till all the Life's gone out of you, till you recognize
their doctrine. That's right.

But that's where they hung this perfect Tree. God's perfect fruit Tree
hung on a manmade Roman tree…?… It was a curse to hang on any
manmade tree. What is it? To rid Him out of their sight, after He'd
bore all the fruits.
After Mary Magdalene (it's said by history) run before them and said,
"What has He done? What evil did He do?" She stopped the procession,
said, "What did He do was evil? Has He done nothing but preach the
Gospel to the poor? Has He done nothing but heal the sick, raise up the
dead, and the very signs of the living God is in Him. How could you
condemn Him?"
And they slapped her in the mouth and said, "Would you listen to that
ill-famed woman instead of your priest (There you are.), your bishop?"
There you are. Same thing today. Uh-huh. Yeah.

Now, when He'd done all this and proved Himself, what He was, and put
it down to them and said, "If I'm not He, then who are you? If you can
condemn Me of sin, if I'm anywhere wrong in the Word, you show Me. Now,
let Me show you where you're wrong." See? Sin is unbelief; we know that.
Now, to rid Him out of their sight (They hated Him so bad, because He
tore up all their organizations.)–to rid Him out of their sight, they
buried Him and rolled a great big denominational stone over the door,
so He'd be sure not to rise again.
Oh, my. Think of that perfect Tree. David looked back and saw It, he
said, standing by the rivers of water. "He bringeth forth His leaves in
His season. And His fruit, it shall not be cast; it–it won't wither.
Whatsoever He doeth shall prosper."
He was the Son of Prosperity; Joseph was a type of Him. He was the
Antetype of Joseph. Everywhere Joseph went it prospered: same thing
with Jesus. His Word, "My Word will prosper, and It won't return to Me
void; It'll accomplish that which I purposed It for." See? He was the
Word. The Word was sent to the earth by God, and It will accomplish
exactly what God sent It for. Now, listen close now. This gets rich
with cream on top of it.

Now, notice, here He comes now, and they, for that very works of God…
When He stood and asked them, He said, "If I don't do the works that
God said I should do, then I'm not Him; don't believe Me; but if I do
it, then you believe the works. If you can't believe Me, being a Man,
doing this, then believe the works I do. They testify of Me. They speak
louder than My voice could speak."
That's right. And the same thing would apply anytime. Yes, sir. Sure would.
Now, notice, "If I don't do the works of My Father, then don't believe
Me not–believe Me not. Then if I do the works, believe Me." Then what
did they do? Took that precious Tree, cut It down, hanged It on a
manmade tree (That's right, cut the Life out of It and hanged It upon a
manmade tree for a mockery); then they didn't like it. Too many people
was standing there crying about it. So they took Him off.

65-3 They said, "We'll make our denomination so tight that they'll never get them holy-rollers in here."
they scooted Him back in a hole of Joseph of Arimathaea, and they
rolled a great big stone (took a sentry of men to roll it up there. Did
you ever see–see the other night in the picture the big path they
rolled the stone upon? Weighs tons), rolled their big organization
stone up there, so He could not raise up. But did that hold Him? No.
"But I will restore, saith the Lord." Let's hit that text now and drive
it. "I will restore, saith the Lord. I'll restore Him. In three days
I'll raise Him back up again."
They couldn't hide Him in that rock; they couldn't hide Him out of
their sight; they couldn't get Him off their hands. "I will restore
Him, saith the Lord." And in three days He rose up, restored back.

After Easter, He was raising; He said, "Go into all the world, and I'm
going to go with you. As the living Father has sent Me, and He's in Me;
so I send you and will be in you. I'm with you to the end of the world.
The works, the same thing that I done to prove that I was, you'll do
the same things to prove that you are." See?
I like that. These signs shall follow them that are believers, not
make-believers, but believers. See? "These things that I do, you'll do;
and it'll vindicate that you're a believer, just the same as the works
that I done; because the living Father lives in Me. It ain't Me that
doeth the works; it's My Father. And it won't be you doing the works,
but be Me in you doing the works. (See?) Now, you go into all the
world… Otherwise, you're going to form what's known to Me as a
Bride." See? All right.

"I'll go with you, and I–you'll be part of Me; you'll be My Bride. My
Life will be in your body. Just like a husband and wife is one person,
you and I are going to be One. At that day you'll know that I'm in the
Father, the Father in Me, and I in you, and you in Me." Hmm. I just
love that. Satan just gets so angry at that. See? See the Oneness of
God? All that God was, He poured into Christ, and all that Christ was,
He poured into the church. There you are. It makes them all one.
Now, look. Now, the Bride are one, Tree of Life. In other words like
husband and wife is one, Christ and His Bride are One: same thing, same
Spirit, same works, same signs, everything else, "For the works that I
do shall you do also." How long? To all the world. How much? To every
creature. Is that right? Oh, listen close now. I'm going to fire a

The Roman caterpillar started eating on that Bride Tree until it took
It plumb to the roots. The same Roman tree that… What kind of a tree
did cut Christ down? [Congregation answers, "Roman".–Ed.] What kind of a tree that cut Christ's Bride down? [Congregation answers, "Roman"–Ed.]
How? By substituting something besides the Word. So you see, the
Protestant church that don't take the Word of God is a daughter to the
Roman church. God never at anytime organized a church. The Roman
Catholic church was the first organization; and every one of them are
daughters to her that organize; they die with her.

The Bible said that He would burn her children with fire. How many
knows that? The Bible says so. Well, the Bible said that the wheat and
the tares would grow together until the last day, then He would bind
the tares (Is that right?) first, and burn them. And the wheat would go
to the garner. Is that right? The tares are binding themselves together
in organization: Confederation of Churches, for the atomic burning.
Exactly right. But the church is getting ready to go to the garner,
just as sure as the world, in the rapture, for the freewoman won't be
heir with the bondwoman. Mmm, Brother Anthony.

Oh, we're watching for the coming of that glad Millennium day;

When our blessed Lord shall come and catch His waiting Bride away.

Oh, my soul is filled with rapture, as I labor, watch, and pray,

For our Lord is coming back to earth again.

Hallelujah. Yes, sir. Oh, He will burn the tares, and the wheat He will take to the garner.

Roman caterpillar started eating on that Tree in the days of Paul. He
said, "I am persuaded (Scripture here) that after my departing, men
will raise up among you, brethren, like sheepskins over them, wolf
inside, and will draw away many after them. For the spirit of
antichrist, that you heard that was to come into the world is already
in the world now, working in the children of what? Disobedient."
Disobedient to what? The Word.
There you are. Organization begins starting. You see what I mean, friends? All that see that, say, "Amen."
Beginning to eat. What'd it did? That old caterpillar started, that old
cankerworm. That… Joel saw it. Listen now, we're coming down close to
the end. Joel saw it, and he said, "What the palmerworm left, did the
locust eat; what the locust eat, then the cankerworm got; what the
cankerworm left, why, the caterpillar got it." That's what he said; and
that's exactly; that's the Tree of God. The Tree… Cut It down, the
cankerworm… All right.

The Roman caterpillar started eating on that Bride Tree and took It all
the way to the roots (cut It all the way back, everything, cut the Tree
right off, like it did Christ Jesus, the Bridegroom); cut the Bride
right down, and started out in creeds and denominations: Same old bug.
But what? Oh, Glory. But in Its roots was the predestinated Seed, the
Royal Seed of Abraham; It could not die. The Word was in the roots with
a promise, "I will restore, saith the Lord. (What?) All the years that
the caterpillar cut off, all that the locust eaten, all that all the
rest of the bugs eat up, I will restore It back, saith the Lord."

Now, compare this with last Sunday and the Sunday before, these
messages now. Listen close now as you come to the closing. What? "I
will restore, saith the Lord, all that the bugs eat off; I'll bring
every bit of It right back again."
Now, set quiet as you can for a few minutes and listen close; get ready
and pray with all your heart for God to reveal It to you.

So God's promise begin to restore, for God said He would restore It,
and just as same as He ri–raised up that Bride Tree–Bridegroom Tree,
He will raise up the Bride Tree, 'cause there's going to be One right
yonder, as sure as the world. What now? All right. So God's promise
begin, "I will restore, saith the Lord, all that the locust eat,
Like in the first time when He built that first church… I'm going to
get to some doctrines now. If you don't want to believe it, all right;
but I–you just–you better search it first. See?
Notice, how did He grow that Tree in the first place? Oooh, my. This
does me so good. I know I don't sound much like a minister, standing
here like this, but I–I–I love what I'm talking about…?…

And now, notice. Like the first time, when He started that first church
that the Roman caterpillar eat off (and cankerworm, so forth), He
started out with justification by faith–John the Baptist. In Saint
John the 13th–or 17th chapter, 17th verse, Jesus said, "Sanctify them,
Father, through the Truth; Thy Word is Truth." Second work was
sanctification (to the church). After justification was sanctification.
And after they were sanctified, He asked them to tarry in the city of
Jerusalem (Luke 24:49) until they were endued with power from on high;
and there He gave birth to the Tree, the Holy Ghost, Pentecost.
Justification, Sanctification, baptism of the Holy Ghost, and then
Christ come to dwell in It to bring forth the fruits. Amen. Is that

John preached justification. Now, look. In the–that constitutes the
natural birth. When a woman is giving birth to a baby (Listen to
this.), what's the first thing happens to the woman? What breaks forth
is first is water: "Repent and be baptized in the Name of Jesus
Christ," justification. What's the second thing happens to the woman?
Blood. Is that right? Blood: sanctification. Then what's the next
thing? Life: water, blood, spirit.
Saint John–I John 5:7–7:5, rather, I believe it is, said:

… there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word,… (which is the Son)… and the Holy Ghost:… these three are one.

And there are three that bear record in earth, the water,… the blood, and the Spirit and… (They are not one, but)… agree in one.

You can't have the Father without having the Son; you can't have the
Son without having the Holy Ghost. But you can be justified without
being sanctified; and you can be sanctified without having the Holy
Ghost. What about that, Nazarene brother? They had been sanctified by
Jesus Christ a year and six months before the Holy Ghost ever come. Is
that right? They were sanctified by Jesus Christ.

Now, as He brought forth the first Bride Tree that the locust and
palmerworms eat down, He's restoring the second Tree, bringing It up
from those predestinated roots that cannot die, that's standing by the
rivers. It's living in this waters. It couldn't show Itself, but It's
there anyhow. Now, it's started…
Notice the same insects, as He restores back the same thing by the same
way. The first, when that Tree started to come forth out of Catholicism
was Martin Luther who preached justification. The second angel was John
Wesley who preached sanctification. Luther preached justification,
"Just shall live by faith"; Wesley preached sanctification, the second
definite work of grace; and then come the Holy Ghost. Just as He built
the Tree up the first time, here He is restoring again in the same
manner the second time. See that?

Notice, the same insect (that little rascal), the same insect that
started and killed the Tree in the beginning, started right back at
that Lutheran branches. But what? It can't kill It; they can't kill It,
because God's done said, "I will restore…"
That insect started on Luther to kill all the Lutheran branches. It
come right over to Wesley and killed all the Wesley branches. But the
main part of the Tree keeps coming.
Now, notice, in the old time, when the Tree was killed, It was killed;
went plumb to the roots, when it killed It back there. But this time,
because the Word's predestinated, there's nothing going to stop It. God
said, "I will restore. No matter how much they organize, how much they
do this, that, or the other, I'm going to restore It." That settles it.
All the laughing, making fun, scoffing, calling holy-rollers, nonsense,
everything you want to, God still said, "I will restore, saith the
Just as sure as He raised Jesus out of the grave under three days,
under three dispensations, or three sections, He's going to raise the
church to Its fullness and power again. "I will restore, saith the

What happened? That old caterpillar started eating and having the same
kind of effects that he did; but what did he do? He only got the
Lutheran branches; he never got the Spirit behind there that Luther
had, for It lived right on.
Then along come Wesley, and after Wesley died, that great prophet,
after Wesley died, what'd they do? They organized and all the branches
died. But what did He do? The church lived right on, come right on into
Pentecost. When they organized, what happened? The branches died. But
what? The church goes right on.

What? The same thing Pentecostals did, the same old Catholic
denominational creed that took It in the first place to destroy the
Tree in the–the Bride Tree in the first place, is the same old tactics
that the devil did on this second Tree. But what? God predestinated It;
She's got to go on, regardless. If it all… If it wouldn't been, when
Luther organized, that would've settled it right there. It all went
back just like another… It'd been second Catholic church, Roman
Catholic church. See?
But God was determined to… He's done spoke His Word. His law will see
that It comes to pass. No matter how many late frosts It has, It's
going to live anyhow. It might have cold spells, and denominational
difference, and everything, but that Tree's going to live just as sure
as there's a living God to make It live. Yes, sir. He said, "I will
restore It."

I know we got some late spring, late season of Easter coming. "The
Lord's tarrying His coming," they say, and everything like that; and
the cold wind's killed a lot of them denominational branches, but it
can't kill that Life that's predestinated. "Heavens and earth will pass
away, but My Word shall not. All that He foreknew He called; those who
He called He has justified; those who He had justified He has already
glorified." Hallelujah. It's written in the Book of–Lamb's Book of
Life and cannot die.

All the–all the bugs that hell can turn loose on Her will never stop
Her. No communism, Catholicism, no nothing else will stop It. "I will
restore, saith the Lord." All the manmade Roman trees will never hang
It there; all the graves will never keep It there; all the big
denominational stones laying at the door will never keep It in there.
"I will restore, saith the Lord. There will be an Easter. I'll bring
forth that same church in It's same power. I'll bring that Bride out
just like She was back there with the same signs, the same fruits, the
same things that they did. I'll bring Her back again; I will restore,
saith the Lord."
What? Restore all that the denominationals eat off. Restore all the
organization eat off. "I will restore, saith the Lord, all of it."

71-3 Now, you say, "What about them things that went off in denomination?"
is the good Husbandman. He pruned the Tree; that was all, cut off all
the dead limbs. What's He going to do? Burn them up there, exactly. God
is the Husbandman of the–of this Tree. He takes care of It; He watches
over His Heritage. He… What is His Heritage? His own Word. He watches
over His Word to confirm It, to watch It, see where It can get. Now,
He's going to restore, so when these churches begin to organize and
things like that, He just prunes them off, and the church goes on.
When the–when the Lutherans said, "We're going to become a
organization; we'll be as big as the Catholics." All right, He just
pruned off the branch, and Wesley took it right on, raised up another
prophet. Then as soon as Wesley did–dwelled–Wesley died, the great
prophet, what'd they do? Organized it. On come Pentecost. Soon as she
died, He pruned that off. It's raising right on up. See? He's going to

Where does the fruits grow? It don't start down here on the bottom; it
starts in the top. Where does the sun hit the Tree first? Ahh. Glory.
In the evening Light, in top of the Tree (Amen.), not down on the
bottom branches, but up there in the top of the Tree's where the fruit
ripens at.

Amen. Do you love Him? Amen.

Will you serve Him? Amen.

Do you believe Him? Amen.

I sure do believe Him with all my heart.

Now, what is it? He's going to prune off them old dead vines as she
comes up, all those organization vines, till she gets right in the top
of the Tree; there's where He's going to get His fruit.
Now, notice. God prunes her. All right. They are dead and won't come
into the–the Presence of God, won't come in the first resurrection,
but be with the Vine fruit of the original organiza–Vine of God.
They'll go into the organizational group, but they won't come with the
fruit of the Vine.

Now, look. God never did put out a organization. The church puts
the–grafts in an organization, and God cuts it off, cuts off it's
lifeline. It bears organizational fruit. But if that Vine put forth a
branch, that come out of the Vine, It'll bear the same as that did. So
you see the first one was… And Rome sent their beetles over there and
eat it off. But God's going to grow One so high that he can't touch It.
It's going to come on up. Amen. I… Let's go.

The Tree goes from one place to another, from one dispensation to
another dispensation. From Luther It went to Wesley; from Wesley to
Pentecost; from Pentecost It goes to the Word.
It is Easter again for the true believers of His never failing Word.
It's Easter; it's a resurrection. God's got people everywhere. It's
Easter for them. Why? They have risen (Amen.), risen from those creeds
and denominations: come right up through them. It's Easter again. The
Royal Seed has been hid in the Roots, the Word, hid back here in this
Word for years, and years, and years, and just now begin to be
revealed. It's Easter time. Predestinated from the foundation of the
world, this church is begin to stand.

Notice, how that God predestinated in the beginning. I got it… I'm
going to say it anyhow. All right. Notice here that the–to restore the
first perfect Tree in three days after His death… After the first
Tree's death, He restored It in three days. Is that right? Restored it
back. Now, the Bride Tree is also going to be restored in three
ages–three stages, rather. Three stages It'll be restored. Now, look.
What? Justification, sanctification, baptism of the Holy Ghost: one,
two, three.

Now, notice, after three days the first Tree restored as at the
beginning, having the same signs, same wonders. Jesus come back, the
same Jesus, doing the same thing. At the end of the third day the signs
appeared, not at the end of the first day. Oh, brother, I hope you're
getting it. At the third day is when the real manifestation of Christ
was made known, at the end of the third day. See? Notice. (Are you
getting it?)
Not at the first day: dead form; second day there was a rumor
(See?)–or the second day it was still dead: Luther, Wesley. At the
beginning of the third day there was a rumor around. Nothing on the
first day (Luther), nothing on the second day, and in the third day
(the dispensation of the Holy Spirit) there was a rumor around that He
was the same yesterday, today, and forever. But at the end of the third
day, that's where He made Hisself known, come right among them, come
among His people and said, "Look at Me; I'm the same One."

The dead forms went on till they got to Pentecost, then begin to rumor
around that He was. Now, here in the last day here He's right with us,
moving right among us.
At the end of the third day, He appeared and showed all of them His
resurrection sign, that He was a-living, the same yesterday, today, and
forever. Living fruits of His Presence… Living fruits of His Presence
(are you getting it?) was manifested at the very end of the day when He
appeared to all of them, His church. Amen. Why? They'd all got
together. Oh. Amen. At the end of the third day…

The evening Lights, the Bible said, would shine in the last day. The
evening Light is the same Light in the west, that was the same Light
that was in the east. And the same Light that shined in the east, that
brought forth the first church that the Romans cut down by their–their
pagan worship, and so forth; in the evening Light is the same Light.
Now, notice, the same Light…
And what's the evening Light come out for? What is the evening Light
for? To restore. Whew. You get it? The evening Light is for the same
purpose the morning Light was for: to restore what was cut down by the
dark ages through Rome, God is going to restore by shining forth the
evening Light. What? Restore the whole Word of God again, the full
manifestation of Christ in His church. Everything that He did, just
exactly the way He did, would be again in the evening Light. See what I
mean? Oh, isn't that wonderful? And to know we're living right here to
see It.

Now, the evening Light (exactly according to prophecy), the evening
Light come out to restore what? To restore what the bugs had eat up. It
started growing, and then what'd it do? It denominated, so God pruned
them off, bound them up, laid them back, let them go ahead and
organize. Then the next one come up; He bound them up, laid them off;
Tree went on. Then He bound them up, laid them off, said, "Now, one of
these days they'll be burned." Bind them up in their organizations.
But then what? Right in the top of the Tree is where the fruit ripens
first (That's right.), right in top of the Tree. So it's the top of the
Tree here that sees the evening Light.

Now, Noah had three rooms in his ark. One room was for the creeping
things. See? The second room was for the fowls; but the top room was
where the light was. The light that shined first, it never come on the
first floor, second floor, but on the top floor. The tree don't bear
its fruit first in the bottom, and second, like that, it was all pruned
off into organizations. But it's in the top part where "I will restore,
saith the Lord. I'll send forth the evening Light, and It'll bring
back, bring back the Word, making It manifest. I will restore all that
I've promised. All that I've promised, the same Holy Spirit will bring
and bear the same signs. I'll have a Easter, a resurrection, for the
Bride, the same as I had for the Bridegroom." See?
Evening Lights come out to shine, same as in the morning–same signs,
same thing. That same Light will produce the same fruit that they had
there, if It's shining on the same tree. Amen. Proves His Word now
fulfilled, "I will restore, saith the Lord."

Now, listen closely. Now, there was… Listen. Now, don't miss this
now. There was four death messengers… (Or would you rather we just
close? Would you rather…?…) Listen real close now. Look. There was
four, four death messengers killed that Tree. Is that right? What was
it? Palmerworm, locust, cankerworm, caterpillar. Is that right? Four
messengers of Roman devils, dogmas, killed that Tree. One took Its
fruit; one took Its bark–or took Its leaves; one took Its bark; one
took the Life. Is that right? Four messengers of dogmas killed the
Tree, all but the roots. And if four messengers of death killed the
Tree, four messengers of Life restores the Tree.

Do you get it? Amen. For God said, "I will restore It." He's going to
restore It how? By four death messengers killed It; then four Life
messengers will restore It. What was the first? Martin Luther,
justification. What was the second? John Wesley–by sanctification.
What was the third? Pentecost with the restoration of the gifts, the
Holy Ghost, baptism of the Holy Ghost. What was the fourth? The Word.
What? The Word.

There were four great prophets. One of them, Martin Luther, he begin to
shine a Light. It was a little Light, just a very small strength of
justification. Along came Wesley, stronger: sanctification. After
Wesley come a stronger than him, Pentecostal, the baptism of the Holy
Ghost in another great prophet. See? But in the last days of Malachi 4,
Elijah is to come with the very Word.
The Word of the Lord came to the prophet. In the evening Lights is to
come forth to restore and bring back. What? Turn the hearts of the
children back to the faith of the fathers: fourth Light.

Four killers took It, four messengers destroyed It. Four messengers of
death took It away in dogmas; four messengers of righteousness restore
It back again.
"Prophesy Son of man, Can these bones live?" (Wish we had time; we got
it wrote down here. But I have to miss that.) "Prophesy. Can these
bones live?" What's the four stages of that coming forth of that
church? What's the four stages of Ezekiel's dry bones coming forth? But
the Life only come, not when the sinew skin was on them, but when the
wind blowed upon them. That's when come back, that fourth Message of
Life was brought back. "I will restore, saith the Lord." Hallelujah.
Glory. Praise be to God.

The fourth Light is to come that will bring forth the same signs.
Watch. Justification brought back the pulp. Sanctification brought back
the bark: doctrine of holiness. What brought back the leaf?
Pentecostals. What is it? Pentecostals, leaves, clap their hands, joy,
rejoicing: Pentecostal. What? The fourth was the Word Itself. The Word
made flesh, fruits of the proof of the resurrection sign that Christ
has finally, after justification being planted, sanctification being
planted, baptism of the Holy Ghost. Organizations died out, and Christ
has again centered Himself like that cap of the pyramid.

First line, justification, sanctification, baptism of the Holy Ghost,
then coming of the Cap. What is it? That Holy Ghost bunch being honed
out, so that it can fit with the same kind of ministry He had when He
went away; that when He comes back it'll catch the whole thing in the
rapture, where they're justified, sanctified, and the baptism of the
Holy Ghost. That pyramid will stand again. The house of God will live
again. The Tree of Life is growing again.

Nations are breaking; Israel's awakening;

The signs that the prophets foretold:

Gentile days numbered with horrors encumbered;

Return, O dispersed to your own.

The day of redemption is near;

Men's hearts are failing for fear;

Be filled with the Spirit

Your lamps trimmed and clear,

Look up, your redemption is near.

False prophets are lying,

God's Truth they're denying,

That Jesus the Christ is our God, (Amen…?…)

But we'll walk where the apostles have trod.

For the day of redemption is near;

Men's hearts are failing for fear (atomics and everything else);

But be filled with the Spirit

Your lamps trimmed and clear,

Look up, your redemption is near. (Amen.)

Restore all the signs, the sign of Lot at the end time. We've went
through that. How that Lot… This Angel of Jehovah made flesh among
the people, set with His back turned to the tent and said, "Where is
Sarah, thy wife?"
"In the tent behind You."
He said, "I'm going to visit you." And Sarah laughed. He said, "Why did Sarah laugh?" Her in the tent… Amen.
Jesus said it'll be the same thing at the coming. Oh, then the evening
Light of Malachi 4 comes shining through the darkness (Amen.) to bring
the evening Light on the predestinated Word. Hallelujah.

What's that fourth message to be? What's that fourth messenger? To
shine the Light on the Word. The Word's predestinated; It has to come
forth; something has to do it, for God said, "I will restore, saith the
Lord. I will restore." That's right. The evening Lights come shining
through on that predestinated Word. Yes, sir.

Oh, it shall be Light in the evening time;

The path to glory you will surely find;

In the water way is the Light today,

Buried in the precious Name of Jesus.

Young and old, repent of all your sins;

The Holy Ghost will surely enter in;

For the evening Lights have come.

It is a fact that God and Christ are One.

There you are. One together, one in us. The same signs human beings
can't do is manifesting themselves. Comes out, the Word, to bring forth
the predestinated Word of God out of the roots of the Tree back yonder,
that all of the denominations has refused, and refused, and refused;
but there'll come a Light forth. There will come a Light, will rise.
Whereabouts? Over in Jerusalem? No, sir. The evening Lights will not
rise in Jerusalem. The evening Lights goes where? In the west. They had
their day and refused It, but the evening Light shall rise in the west.
What for? To shine upon the Word. What? To ripen the fruit, bring forth
the Bride Tree with the same signs, wonders, and fruits that they had
at the beginning: "It shall be light in the evening time." That's

Oh, the Word will then bring forth Its fruit in its season; It shall
not wither, but it'll bring forth Its fruit, David said, in its seasons
(Amen.), same fruit It had at the beginning.
Now, with His Word in His predestinated stage, as He's got it now, and
we see these words all being manifested, what is it? It's a perfect
a-vindication that the coming of the Lord is at hand, and the time when
He said, "I will restore, saith the Lord, all that them cankerworms
(all that the Methodists left), all that the caterpillar's eaten, all
that this done there, till they stripped It down; but I will restore It
in the evening time." Oh, my. Whew.
I believe I could almost preach now; honest I feel I can.

Oh, how I love Jesus,

Oh, how I love Jesus,

Oh, how I love Jesus,

Because He first loved me!

I'll never forsake Him,

I'll never forsake Him,

I'll never forsake Him,

Because He first loved me!

Amen. Don't you love Him? I just love Him with all my heart. Shall we have a prayer line?

Father God, into Your hands I–I commend this message. Though it's been
chopped up, some way I pray that the Holy Spirit will go with it on
these tapes and across the nations. And if I shall be taken from the
earth, may this live, Lord. It's Your Word. Let the evening Light
shine, Lord, bring forth this glorious Bride of Christ. Bless it, Lord,
may It not return to You void. May It accomplish that which It
was–been purposed for. Grant it, Father. All praises shall be Thine.
Now, we know, Father, no matter what we would say, it's still Word and
we believe It. But we would desire Thee, Lord, on this Easter morning,
that Thou would prove to this congregation, maybe some here for their
first time, that You are still Jesus, that You're not a dead form, that
You are a living, resurrected God, that You live among us today. Grant
that, Father, and we'll praise Thee, through Jesus' Name. Amen.

How many in here's sick? Let's see your hands. Just raise up your
hands. Oh, did… Is Billy Paul, did he get… I believe he give our
prayer cards. Didn't he? [Congregation answers "Yes"–Ed.] What were they? E-1 to 100. We can't take them all, but let's get a few of them. Just stand them right along here, if you will.
Who's got number 1? Let's see, number 1, E-number-1, raise up your
hand. Prayer card… Look on your card and see… If you are able to
get up all right. Number 1? Well, are you sure you got the right one?
All right. All right. Well, let's start somewhere… Oh, well, okay if
you got it, we'll start there then. Okay, number 1, make your way right
around here if you can walk. If you can't, why, we'll pack it. See? All
right. Number 1, number 2, raise your hand right quick now. Number 2,
come right here. Number 3, right here, sir. Number 4? Number 4, number
5. Now, everybody just be seated just for few minutes. Number 5? Number
6, raise your hand right quick. Number 6, 6, 6? Let me see it, please.
Somebody's pointing their hand. I don't know from… He's back in the
room there. All right. Number 6, All right, just a moment now. 7, 7?
All right, the lady back there. 8?
Now, if… Everybody just keep your place just a moment now, just real
quiet now. Now, this is going to be the proof. This is the proof.

6, 7… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7? You go on up there. All right. 7, all
right, sir. That's fine. 8, 8, all right, brother. 8, 9, 10, 10, 11?
All right. Well, it seem like they quit coming. Well, start there.
That's all right. Maybe in a few minutes… All right, let's pray now.
Father God, just a word from You will mean so much. Let–let–let the
people see, Lord. I–I tried to be honest, tried to tell them Your
Word. Lord, forgive Your servant's mistakes. I–I just–I–I just make
so many of them, Lord. I–I pray that You'll not look at Your servant's
mistake, but You'll look at Your Word, which I'm trying to preach.
Lord, I thank You for It. I'm glad with all my heart. Lord,
It–It–It's more than life to me. I give my life anytime for It. I–I
know It's true; It's Your Word.

And please forgive my stupid ways, Lord. Many times that I–I josh and
joke that I–I shouldn't do. I'm ashamed of that, Lord. I–I just come
from that kind of a family. You just overlook it, please, Father, if
You will. Cover it with Your Blood; that's what I ask You to do.
Just… I confess it. You can't overlook it, but You can forgive me
when I confess it.
Now, I've confessed my sins; I confess the sins of this people. I pray,
God, that You'll forgive them, each one. And let–people, may they
realize that we're just not trying to put on some kind of an act. It is
the Holy Spirit in the last days a-bearing record of His Word, as I
have just said It. But, Father, no matter… I'm just a man; and if I'd
say it, they'd say, "That's his interpretation. That's what he thinks
about it." But, Father, if You'll just speak and prove that it's right,
then they'll have to–they'll have to cross over You to get by It then,
Lord. Then it won't be my interpretation; it'll be Yours. Grant it,
Lord. And if I be Your servant, and–and–and my sin's forgiven, and
You've called me for this work, then speak to, Lord. I pray that You'll
grant it.

Heal the sick and afflicted everywhere in Jesus' Name I pray. And if
You'll just make Yourself known to us now, just like You did there at
the well with that woman when You talked with her, You told her
something that was wrong with her: she had five husbands. Now, You
promised to do it in the evening time. You promised to do it in the
last days. You said, "And it–so shall it be in the coming of the Son
of man. As it was in the days of Lot, so will it be," God, living in
human flesh, moving among us in the form of His church in the Holy
Spirit, performing the same signs. Grant it, Lord, just today, won't
You, Father?
Then, I pray that You'll let the people see it, and everyone be healed and saved for the glory of God. Amen.

Now, I'm going to call your attention now, if you'll just be real
reverent for a few minutes. Now, everybody just quiet as you possibly
can be now.

Are you sure that you're realizing the position that I'm in here now? I
preached the Word here, the Word of God. I've said It's all true. Jesus
said that "He that believeth in Me, the works that I do shall he also."
Now, I want to ask you a question, and be careful whether you–whether
you say "amen" or not, now. Jesus, Himself, never claimed to heal
anybody. That is true. He said, "It's not Me that doeth the works; It's
My Father that dwelleth in Me." Is that right? And Jesus said in Saint
John 5:19, "Verily, verily (absolutely), I say unto you, the Son
(Himself, as a Man–He was just a Tabernacle where God lived. See?)" He
said, "the Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father
doing; that doeth the Son likewise." Otherwise: "The Father shows Me a
vision, what to do, and I do just as He tells Me."

Now, one day we find that there was, say, a little woman couldn't get
in the prayer line. She had a blood issue, and she'd had it for many
years, so she just touched His garment, saying within herself… She
was insignificant. She was just a poor, little, old woman, didn't have
no money; and she couldn't get up there with them priests and all of
them standing there, who had the rights to stand and everything; so she
couldn't stand up there. So she just crawled around till she got there
and touched His garment; she said, "I believe He's just exactly…
He–He brings us the Truth, the Life. I believe He's the Word of God,
and if I can just touch Him, I–I'll be made whole."

Do you believe? Could you believe the same thing that woman believed,
that He is the Word of God? Now, the Bible says today that He's a High
Priest (See?), our High Priest right now. Do you believe that? After
His resurrection and His ascension, He ascended on High and give gifts
to men, and now He's setting at the right hand of God and the Majesty
on high and to make intercessions upon what we confess. Is that right?
And He's a High Priest that can be what? Touched by what? The feelings
of our infirmities. Now, if He is… Do you believe He is the same? [Congregation answers, "Amen"–Ed.]

Now, look. If you come here, and just touched me all day long, it
wouldn't make a bit of difference. If you touched any other brother,
sister, it wouldn't make much difference, just the order of laying on
hands is all. But if you just touch Him, that's all you have to do. And
look, if you touched Him with a–with some kind of a ritual like they
did, they said, "Oh, we believe this great teacher; this is a prophet."
Why, He didn't say nothing. But that little woman had a certain thing
that touched Him: her faith. She touched His garment, and He said, "Who
touched Me?"

Don't you believe that the Bible says He's the same High Priest today
He was then, He–and can be touched by the feelings of our infirmities,
you can touch Him out there whether you're in this prayer line or not?
If you are sick, or if you've got a loved one that's sick, if you've
got something on your heart, you just reverently come before God and
say, "God, I don't know about that man standing there; he's a little
bald-headed man; he–he's nothing, but I believe that what he preached
is the Truth; and I believe that he said the right thing, that You are
the High Priest. Now, I want to touch You. And if he's told me the
Truth, then You use his lips to speak back and tell me, just like You
did the woman back there." See if He's the same yesterday, today, and
forever. Do that. If that isn't just to make Him the same yesterday,
today, and forever… Isn't it? Now, everyone keep your position and
just reverently pray.
What say? Huh? I've ten back there now? 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15… Would
prayer cards 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23,
24, 25… That ought to make a pretty good line, if we… I hope we
don't have to keep you here very long, but now… Be with ten then…
That's all right; just let…

81-4 Let's hum closely now, all together, while they get, "Only Believe."

Only believe, only believe;

All things are possible, only believe;

Only believe, just only… (Believe what? His Word He promised. For what?)

All things are possible, only believe.

Coming down off the mountain, there stood the disciples; they were
defeated on a epileptic case, the father standing there looking at his
child, crying. The disciples were going through all their maneuvers,
but it wouldn't work. Jesus come walking up; some of them said, "There
He is." Somebody pointed them to Jesus, away from the clergy to Jesus.
That's where I want to point people, not to me or some church, but to
Jesus. Said, "He is able."
So the father run, fell down at His feet, and said, "Lord, have mercy
on my child. He's variously vexed with a devil. He… Times, the way he
froths at the mouth; he falls into spasms": epilepsy. He said, "And
I've took him everywhere, and even Your disciples couldn't do nothing
for him."
Jesus said, "I can, if you'll believe. For all things are possible to him that believes."

Just only (same yesterday, today, and forever… Let's all in now get quiet everywhere.) only believe;

All things are possible, (What a time.) only believe;

Only believe, just only believe;

All things are possible, just only believe.

Oh, Lord, the Word's been gone out here now; let the evening Light
shine, Lord. Make It live. Through Jesus Christ's Name I pray. Amen.
Now, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I take every spirit in here under my control for His glory.
I look down this prayer line. There isn't one person in that prayer
line that I know. They're every one strangers to me. All you in that
prayer line, that's strangers to me and I don't know nothing about you,
your troubles or nothing, raise up your hands, everyone along in the
prayer line. How many in the audience is strangers to me, and I don't
know nothing about you? You have the same authority out there, as these
do here, only I'm singling them out one person at a time.
Here. Let me take this around here, just a minute. Can you hear now with this?

This lady here… Here's a man and woman meeting again. I don't know
her, never seen her; she's a stranger to me; but just a perfect
stranger. I'm only acting upon the basis of that Word. That Word says,
"The works that I do, shall you do also, if ye believe in Me." See?
The other morning when that vision come, again after thousands of them,
and said, "The never failing Presence of Jesus Christ is with you
wherever you go…" I believe that solemnly with all of my heart. If I
never see you again, you believe that to be truth?

Here's a woman I have never in my life. She's just woman that received
a prayer card. The way the boy usually does them, he comes in here,
takes a prayer card and shuffles them all up together before you, you
know, gives anybody a prayer card that wants one, wherever it is. No
one knows where the line's going to start or nothing about it.
Therefore, the boy couldn't say, "Well now, here…I… If–if you give
me so much, I'll put you up front and be sure that you're there." He
don't know himself. See? Nobody knows. See? We just start wherever the
Holy Spirit says call, and we call from right there. And I trust
sometimes that it gives somebody, when I'm here, especially, that
somebody hasn't–would never… A stranger (See?) that I don't know…

Now, if this woman standing here, with a… There's something wrong.
She may be sick; she maybe has somebody else sick, she–she–she may be
just standing there. Maybe she's putting on like she's sick. And maybe
she's just standing there trying to expose something. If she is, just
watch what happens. See? You may seen that tried too, haven't you? Yes,
sir. Watch them pack her out the door dead. See, see? So now,
you'll–you just find out, see if it's right or not. See? Now, see?
Now, we're not playing church, friends. We're at the end time. Fruit's
in the top of the tree is a ripening. That's right. The Lord is coming.
I don't know her; [–Ed.]
God knows her. He knowed her before there ever was a world, He knew
her. He knew she'd stand right there. He knew I'd stand right here, for
He's infinite. Is that right? Now, if He's infinite and knew it, then
He knows why the woman's standing there. Then the same God that the…

Jesus, when He was here on earth and the God in Him that talked to the
woman at the well and told her something's wrong with her… We all
know what it was, don't we? And she said, "Sir, You must be a prophet."
That was her first expression. "Now, we know that it's time for the
Messiah to be here, which is called the Christ, and when He comes,
that's going to be the thing He does." Now, if He's the same yesterday,
today, and forever, and promised by this Word that I just preached,
that in the evening time He would be here and do the same things, then
we're looking for it, isn't it? Aren't we? Looking for that
resurrection of that church…

Now, if He will perform to this woman, the same as He did back there,
that confirms the Word, that It's right. Now, the lady just held her
hand to me that we're strangers one to another. I don't know her; I
never seen her. She's just a stranger standing here. So are you out
there, many of you. I know some of these people setting along here. And
I don't know many. I know Mrs. Collins here. I'm sure of that.
Sister–Brother Ben's wife… And I seen Brother and Sister Dauch here.
Brother Wright, Brother and Sister Dauch, Brother Rodney, and them. I
know some of you around here. But I don't know too many of you, 'cause
I'm not in here very much here among you. And we have strangers in
here. And so you just pray.

If I be stranger to you, I profess that the evening Lights have come.
And the evening Light would be the same as the morning Light. It would
reveal the same mysterious fruits of God, spiritually speaking. That is
right. I'm only talking to you like He did that woman at the well. He
said, "Bring Me a drink." See? I'm saying the same thing. Now, it's not
me; it's Him. But if He will reveal to me what you're standing there
for (See?), if He will reveal to me what you're there for, then you'll
know that He does know all about your life. If He would tell you
something that has been (See?), you know whether that's right or not.
Then if He knows what has been, can tell you that, you can surely
believe Him then for what will be, if He had already what you've done
back here. Surely that would reveal the front of it, the back of it,
and 'fore of them, all of it, make it right. Will the congregation
believe on Him? All right. I believe you'd believe whether He did it or
not. You'd still believe it. But here's where He clamps it down.

Now, I'm just looking at the woman and she's becoming anointed. She's
aware, being a stranger to me, but just let me show you now. Many of
you seen that picture laying out there. And that's not–that's of that
Light. That's exactly what's hanging right here between me and that
woman right now. Can't you see that kind of a–kind of a green,
yellowish-green, emerald like Light, as you call it, laying right…
That's what's making her…
Now, just let me show you something. You feel a real sweet, humble
feeling. If that's right, lady, raise up your hand so the people can
see. It's–it's… She can't help it…?… See? Now, now, if It breaks
in on her, I don't know. It'd been… That'd have to be God; I can't do
it myself; it's God. It have to be.

Yes, the lady is really, by natural, would be pending an operation.
She's got something that the doctor would tell her that must be
operated for, but she doesn't want to now. That is right. And she
has–she… It's–a–a growth. And that growth is on the right side
near the spine. That's right. If that's right, raise up your hand, so
the people see…?… Now, you believe? Now, you don't see it, but if
you believe with all your heart…?… All right.
Now, you say, "Maybe you guessed that, Brother Branham." You can't
guess that of the million times… That's right. Just let her stand
there. It's gone from me right now. Then let's see just a moment. She
seems to be all right: Christian. Now, let's see. Now, just… If He
will tell us something else that would be… Yes, here she comes right
back once again. Yes, sir. She's–she's… Yeah, it's a–it's a growth
that's–that if the doctors was to remove, and it–it would cause her
trouble, but she has going to trust Christ for it.
And not only that, she isn't from around here. And she's got somebody
with her; it's her husband. And he's suffering too. That's right. You
believe God can tell me while I'm looking right at the man here seeing
what's wrong with him? Well, tell him to just go eat his dinner; his
stomach trouble just left.

Do you believe Christ…?… of you? You're from Tennessee, Nashville
(That's right.), Mrs. Bagely. All right, you can go back home and be
made well…?… Do you believe our Lord Jesus? If that isn't the same
Lord Jesus that was here in days gone by, the evening Light's
here…?… and the woman talk to her, ask her if those things what He
said is right…?… Just believe. Now, are you satisfied that
He's…?… Now, you know I couldn't do that. I'm a man; I'm your
brother. But He's God.
Now, let's see, is this the next person? You're…?… in the prayer line? All right.

Now, 'course that anointing, you realize just weakens me like I don't
know what. Now, Jesus, when that one woman touched His garment, He
said, "I perceive that virtue went from Me." Is that right? That means
strength; He got weak. And if He–if that would've happened to the Word
Itself, what would it do to just one the Word came to? What would it…
If it did that to the Son of God, what would it come to me, a sinner
saved by His grace? It just swerves me around and around. See? But yet
I'm here to represent Him. See? So there… I'm a poor representative;
I–I repent of all my sins, that–that she won't look at what I am, but
look Who He is (See?), that she'll look that way.

Now, I'm a stranger to you, lady. I don't know this woman either. We're
strangers to one another. That's right. Now, if the Lord Jesus, me not
knowing here, and you not knowing me, if the Lord Jesus will reveal
something to me that you're here for, something you've done, something
you ought not have done, or something in that way, you'd know it'd be
a–that would be a outstanding miracle. That's something that cannot be
explained, a miracle is something cannot be explained. Anyone knows
that. See? That would be an outstanding miracle. It would be more of a
miracle than if there's a–a lady setting here in a wheelchair, and had
arthritis, and all stoved up. I tell her, "Get up and walk," and she'd
go walking out there. Everybody'd scream at that. But you see,
actually, the power of–of her faith to believe, just get up and walk
could do that. But to go back there and pull out a life something, that
takes more than a man. That's takes God in…?… 'fore you can say.
See? You know whether it's right.

Now, something's happening somewhere else. Now, waited for that…?…
It's gone to the–gone in the audience somewhere, somewhere… It's
gone now. Just a minute. Let me talk to the woman again. Now, just be
real reverent and watch now. And just pray; keep praying out there. I
want you praying, "Lord, let it be me." some of you people out there
that won't be in the prayer line, just pray.
Again I speak to you, that will…?… for here's faith. See? If it
could be did to that other woman, it can be done to you. It's your
faith; see, you're the one that does it. It's not me. It's your faith
in God. See, Jesus never said, "Oh, I knew I was going to meet that
woman over there." No. But when the resurrection of Lazarus come, now
that's what God showed Him to do. See? God said, "Go away." And He–He
just proved it what He was. Went away, and then when He come back, He
said, "Lazarus sleepeth," then He come back and went and raised Lazarus
from the grave, called his soul after it'd been gone four days. He
never said He got weak there. That was God using the gift. But this,
when that woman touched Him, it was the woman using the gift of God;
that's the same thing here. It's you doing it.

Now, this–on the hunting trip where that I seen the bear and knowed
the different things and all these different things that's foretold
here and told, why they come to pass just word by word, that's God,
that don't bother me. But when the people begin to use the gift of God
(See?), you become God's public servant for you're just a tab in the
line. See? And then you touch Him by that, then He speaks back.
Now… Yes, now, the woman is coming into the vision. She's coming in,
and the vision's moving in. Looks like you could see that around her.
The woman is sick. She's really sick. She's suffering; one thing's a
stomach trouble awful bad. Raise up your hand if that's true. And you
have complications and things. That is true. You also have someone with
you. It's your husband, and he's sick. If God will reveal to me that
your husband, what's wrong with him, will you believe me to be His
prophet? The man is bothered with his eyes, with his ears, and he's in
a very bad condition. Yes, sir.
Do you believe God knows who you are? Would you believe me to be His
prophet, His seer, if I tell you who you are? You believe it? Mrs.
Robertson, and you're from Huntsville, that's in Alabama. Return back,
your and husband to be well…?…
You believing? All things are possible…?… if you believe. If you
got faith in…?… take your position and believe that God does it.
Now, don't doubt it, but just believe with all your heart that God will
grant his healing, and you can have whatever you ask for.

All right, sir, come up now. Is he… Was you next person here? All
right, sir. I suppose that we're strangers, one to another, sir? If
Jesus came to a man named Simon, told him about his condition. And it
made Simon go and believe with all of his heart, would it cause you to
do the same thing? It would? Well, we being strangers… Now, to God,
there's no difference between male or female. He's just the same God.
See? And you, will you believe that that feeling that's around you now,
that God will be able to reveal to you through me, His servant, that
something that you're here for, something's wrong with you, or whatever
it is, you'd know whether it's the truth or not? All right. May He
grant it.
The man is coming into the vision, or the vision's coming into the man.
He is not here for sickness. He's here seeking the baptism of the Holy
Ghost. That's what He's seeking for. That is right, sir. That's it. And
you're not from here; you're from up the road here, a place called
Seymour, Indiana. That's where you're from. They call you, Jebb. Jebb,
return back, and receive the Holy Ghost.

Come, lady. Do you believe me to be His prophet? You believe that Jesus
Christ the Son of God Who lives and you believe it's He's permitting
this to happen like this to…?…
How many have we had? See, I don't to get too deep. All right. No, it's
not… And you're not here for yourself. You're here for somebody else,
and that somebody else isn't here. If I'll tell you what's the matter
with that somebody else, will you accept their healing and take and
believe. It's a cancer. You believe that they'll be healed? Then go in
the Name of the Lord Jesus may they be healed.
You believe all of you? You believe that the Word is possible? Isn't He
wonderful? Are you believing? All right. Now, how many have we had?
Usually two–two or three is a confirmation…?… What say? Four? Is
this the fifth one standing here? All right. Let's–let's us believe
with all our heart that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the same
yesterday, today, and forever.

You're here for that baby. If God will reveal to me what's wrong with
your baby, will you believe that God will heal it? The little fellow
has a serious heart trouble. That is right. The baby–you're not… The
baby's not from here. It's from out of town. It's out of state. You
believe God can tell me where the baby come from? Will you believe and
believe it'll get well then? Take it back to Franklin, Kentucky…?…
If you'll believe, that's all you have to do…?… Let him come here,
just a minute. I condemn that…?… thing, in the Name of Jesus
Christ, may death leave and life come to the baby…?… They shall lay
their hands on the sick; they shall recover.
Want to believe? And He you take it you feel better? Go ahead. That's…?…

82q Believe that female trouble's going to leave you? All right. Go to your seat and say, "Thank You, Lord."
How do you do, sir. Oh, that devil, asthma. Just a moment; just a
moment now. Something went wrong. Something didn't go wrong, that
Light… Now, there's something in here similar that caught that man
just at that time. Let me see again what it was. Now, just look at me.
Don't speak it.
It's a colored man setting right back here looking at me. It's
his–he's–he's got someone that's sick. That's right. Asthmatic and
sinus… That's right. You touched Him. You're not from here, sir. You
come from the east northeast this way. You come from New York. That's
right. You're Mr. Hunt. Do you believe now?…?… All right. That's
your friend setting there by you, praying.
You believe me, sir, to be God's prophet? You come here with him. Your
name is Coleman. And you're praying for a father that's got a growth.
That's THUS SAITH THE LORD…?… go, believe now…?…

82r You got a nervous stomach is your trouble. Isn't that right? Go, and in the Name…
You believe He healed you? Go, say, "Thank You, Lord Jesus. Believe with all your heart.
You're bothered with a nervous trouble, all upset. Believe with all your heart; He healed you. Go back and be well.
Nervousness, just believe with all your heart; believe that God will make you well…?… God will do it.
Nervous and heart trouble, believe that Jesus Christ will make you well? Go, be made well in the Name of Jesus.
upset, stomach trouble causes a gastric condition in your stomach, all
your food just sours. Go, and don't doubt in your heart, and it'll come
to pass you won't have it no more.
Your back has been bothering you. You believe with all your heart? Then go; Jesus Christ make you well.

Just a moment. Hold still just a moment now. Something's happened. This
woman here is strange. That Light circled her real fast and then went
over here, and run right back again. Something happened. Just a moment.
He's a colored man. I'm sure that wasn't the colored brothers there,
'cause It come… Just a minute; here it is. Set back…?… Here it
is. It's this man setting here: colored man. You're bothered a back
trouble too. That is right. You're a stranger to me; I am to you. But
there's one thing you need better than the back trouble; that's give
your heart to Christ, and become a Christian. Not… Will you accept
Him as your Saviour? You come from Ohio (That's right.), from Ohio. Go
back; be made well. Jesus Christ forgives your sins, and you can go
home and be healed…?…
All right, sister, come here. Complications, nervousness, and weary,
believe with in your heart that God will make well? Go to your seat and
say, "Thank You, Lord Jesus, for all that You've done.

You believe that God Almighty will make you well and heal your back,
make you well and…?… trouble. Go right on your road rejoicing,
saying, "Thank You, Lord Jesus."
You believe, son, He makes you well? Say, "Thank You, Jesus." God, go, just praising God.
Now, do you believe with all your heart, sister? Then go, and Jesus Christ make you well.
Just a moment. Now, don't turn. Just then it wasn't lady there… Just
a moment. I see water splashing or something. Somebody's here that's
crossed the sea from somewhere. It's a woman, and she's come from
Holland. Where is she? There she is. All right, sister. You come a long
way for healing. You believe me to be His prophet? You suffer with
rheumatism, arthritis, stiffness. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and
take the message to your people. Go home in the Name of Jesus…?…

Do you believe? Here, way back here at the back, it's a woman setting
right back here, and she's suffering with a gall bladder condition. Oh,
she's going to miss it. God, help me. She–she comes from Indianapolis;
her name is Gilbert. Stand up where you are, lady. There you are. Be
made well in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Do you all believe with all your heart?…?… Is Jesus risen from the
dead? Then in the Name Jesus Christ lay your hands on one another…?…
Lord Jesus, let Your holy power come into this place now. Grant every
one be healed…?… Grant healing…?… Heal Your people here. Get
glory to Yourself. Grant it, Lord. And may these people here that's
now, with their hands on one another…?… We are now coming…?…
for these…?… In the Name of Jesus Christ may each person be healed.
[–Ed.] Lord, turn Your Word to a dying father… [–Ed.]
And now, Satan, you foul devil, you are defeated. God said He would
restore the Son of God. Who you…?… to your strength. He promised to
restore the church in these…?… when the evening Light shined. And
we're living in it. And by restoring we have a right; we have our
Attorney; we have law and a High Priest, and we're going to force a
claim. You've had them long enough. You can't do it any longer. We are
ordained in the Name Jesus Christ. All power of His resurrection and
the Holy Ghost…?…

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Restoration Of The Bride Tree (62-0422)

62-0422 Restoration Of The Bride Tree
Jeffersonville, IN
3 hr 33 min






Sermon Texts

Restoration Of The Bride Tree (62-0422)

62-0422 Restoration Of The Bride Tree
Jeffersonville, IN
3 hr 33 min






Sermon Texts

Restoration Of The Bride Tree (62-0422)

62-0422 Restoration Of The Bride Tree
Jeffersonville, IN
3 hr 33 min






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