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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham
called Souls That Are In Prison Now
was delivered on Sunday morning, 10th November 1963 at the Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, Indiana, U.S.A.
The tape, number 63-1110M,
is 2 hours and 44 minutes, and consists of 2 cassettes. This message is available in book format (Volume 2, Number 22R).

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Thank you. Let's bow our heads just a moment. Heavenly Father, we are
grateful to Thee today for this privilege of assembling together one
more time, knowing that someday we will assemble for our last time as
mortals, and then we'll assemble in a glorified state with Thee; and
all the redeemed of all ages shall be assembled there.
Oh, our hearts beat high in great anticipation, waiting for that hour
to arrive. With that, all fears vanish from us. We have nothing to
fear, nothing to dread. We look forward to the promise that the eternal
God has made us, and we know that it's Truth. That is why we live. We
live for that–that hour, that time, when this mortal will be changed,
and we'll be made like Him and there'll be no more sickness, no more
sorrow, no more heartaches.

Oh, it'll all be over then. And with joy of heart, we in faith and
courage, we look forward for that day. That's why we're gathered here
today, Lord: To confess our wrongs and ask for mercy. That's why we
face this altar this morning, because that we know we're mortal, and
there's many mistakes in us, and we're full of fault. But we come to
confess our wrongs and then look to our heavenly Father with open
hearts, for the blessings and renewal of strength and faith, that He
would give us in this hour, as we have assembled here according to the
promise, "in heavenly places in Christ Jesus." For we claim that we
have passed from death unto Life by His promise, and we are caught up
in a heavenly atmosphere, setting with Him now.
May He teach us this morning the things that He'd have us to know. And
give us the Bread of Life that we might be sustained for the future
that lays before us. Grant it, Lord. This is our prayer that we ask in
Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. May be seated

Good morning to everyone. It's very good to be assembled here with you
again this morning in this heavenly atmosphere of worship.
Just a teeny bit late, we had a–some real, real bad calls just a few
minutes ago: a boy laying there dying; and just as sure as I'm standing
here, the Lord touched his body, sent him on the road. And a boy
standing here (which is my cousin's son.)… They were really Catholic
to begin with, but they went to mass this morning, and something told
them to come here, and so they… There's a change. So they're–they
are coming out to the house and prepare for water baptism.

So then there's a–there's just wonderful things that our Lord does all
the time. He's just constantly doing things. They come to get in, and
they couldn't get in. They said, "There was just no way to get in."
I said, "Well, do you want to talk to me?" And I said, "Just come on up to the house, and we'll talk that over there."

So I thought, on my road to New York now, to this meeting coming up,
that it would just be so nice… I know I'd be refreshed to drop in
and–and help light my fire from what fire you all have, and why, we
stopped for a day, this morning.

And we got in yesterday, day before yesterday at noon, and then we got
to leave… I was going to leave this afternoon, but I think I'll go…
And if we start in the morning early, real early… We might have some
snow on the road and things between here and New York. I go through
Virginia, through the mountains and also through the Alleghenies, and
just in the bottom part then, of the–of the Adirondacks. So we begin
at… I forget, it's the arena there–a new one. They tore the old St.
Nicholas arena down, I understand; they built this new one.

And as far as I know, we're getting about some of the first nights
that's ever–that's been let out. So we're grateful for that, for the
greater New York Pentecostal people. And I think we got several
churches cooperating, and we're expecting a great time.
And we'll be back, the Lord willing, sometime next week. And–and if it
be the will of God, why, we hope to get to stop over for Sunday, a week
for–for the Sunday morning service.
And then I barged right in on our pastor again, as I always do (You
see?), and I–and I thought maybe if… I got in even without asking.
And then, being there's a nice group here and people I see from out of
town are here, I thought maybe tonight, if the pastor hasn't got
anything special, that it would be a–we'd have a little service
tonight–just a short one, and maybe pray for the sick. Thank you.
We are hoping to pray for the sick tonight, talk on Divine healing
and–and pray for the sick. Start early so we can get out early, and if
the pastor will… What… You usually start at 7:30. Is that right?
How about starting at 7:00 tonight, 7:00, and letting me get on at

That'll let me out by 8:00 or 8:30, and it'll give people time then to
go; if that's–that's all–all right. Everybody laughed when I said,
"8:00 or 8:30." I–I–I hope to be out at that time. Praying for the
sick you know, we never know. So we have had a great time since leaving
you in this last fall, early, and the Lord has blessed us in many great
things, that…
And tonight, if the Lord willing, I want to tell you on the last
visitation I had from God in Colorado a few weeks ago; and that's what
I thought I'd bring in now: maybe stimulate faith for a good healing
service tonight, for the sick and the afflicted.

Now, this morning to get right into the service, something struck my
heart about a month ago, and it might be… Now, I think they're… Are
they taping this? Are they this? All right. So that I'd know where if
the tape gets out to others…
I can't say that what I'm going to speak on this morning–I can't say
that it–it–it is… I know it's right. See, the message part will be
right, but the thing that I want to do is a question in my mind. It
looks so real, and yet since I come in and since I–it was revealed to
me, I have been so scared that I'd say the wrong thing and might leave
the wrong impression upon people. And it's a… And I…
What I had notes wrote down on what I was going to say, I cut part of
it out, so that I might not make it too strong. Because, you see, if
a–if a person… I–I love the Lord God, and the only way I know I
love Him, is because I love you. See? That's the only way that I know.

And yet I–I don't want to have anything that's revealed to me and then
not tell you, if it's to tell you. And then I'm afraid that if I say
something a little too strong, it might hurt somebody, and you know
it's a… You just have to almost just get to the platform and then
feel led to say what you're going to say. That's all. And then
sometimes, you might say something, and someone would get the–another
slant to it, and they'd run off on that side. And then somebody would
say, "Oh, this is this," See?
But I want you to know that what I'm going to say is just presuming,
and the word "presume" means to "adventure without authority." So I
am… I–I don't say that this is true, but it's just a little thought
that I might drop along to you, that you might weigh it out and see
what you think about it.

And then it'll… 'Course it'll–it'll be Scriptural, 'cause I wouldn't
preach nothing, but is that the hour yet? Has this arrived to this
hour? And has these things meant that? I pray with all that's within me
that it isn't. See? I pray that it isn't right, that it isn't that…
It's going to be, but has it come to that time yet? See? That's what I
Now, everybody understands thoroughly, that I don't know. I just… Is
it this time? If it is, God be merciful to us, but if it isn't that
time, that–it's going to come.

Now, as soon as we can… We got a great itinerary in front of us, the
Lord willing. And I've got to go overseas right after Christmas, in
Europe and Asia–Europe, especially. And then I come back here to the
United States for a few services, and then I go back down into South
Africa. I begin on the second of September in Durban, and go from the
second, I think, till about the tenth, then I have three days to go
from there to Johannesburg and begin again. But I think it's in the
month of April, we start in the Scandinavian countries, in Norway and
Sweden, and–and Finland, and–and Holland, and Switzerland, and
Germany, and–and through Europe there. So be in prayer for us.

We have a few meetings here–Christmas time now–right after Christmas.
By the way, we want to be here through Christmas, (See?), at home. The
kids want to come home through Christmas. And we–we love Arizona, but
you know the thing that we miss and just can't get over, is this church
and you people. No matter where we go, what we do… It–it's just…
Kids, me, wife and all… There's just no place like this. That's
right. There's just no place.
I've sailed the seven seas, and I–I been everywhere, but there's no
place that seems hallowed to me like this little spot right here…?…
Just get away from it once if you want to know. There's just something
about here. I've preached all over the world, practically, and I've
never anytime, any place ever felt the Spirit of God and the freeness
and things like I do standing right here. This is it.
God, let it–as the day I laid that cornerstone over there, I said, "Lord God, don't let it fall."
People said, "In two months, it'll be a garage."
I said, "Don't let it fall, Lord. Let it be standing and people in here
praising You when Jesus returns." I trust it'll be that way.

Now, let us turn in the Bible now, and–and expect the Lord to give us
of His blessings, and we want to read some Scripture. I've got some
Scriptures wrote down here that I want to refer to, and some notes. And
I want to read out of three places out of the Bible, and I'll give them
to you first.
I want to read in Jude 5 and 6. Jude's just one book, you know. And
then I want to read II Peter the 2nd chapter, 4 and 5. Then I want to
read I Peter 3:18-20. And my subject this morning, the Lord willing, is
"Souls That Are In Prison Now," "Souls That Are In Prison Now," shut
up, forever condemned, never–there's no way of being saved. See?
"Souls That Have Been Imprisoned Now."

Now, let's read over in the Book of Jude first. I believe I have marked
down here for the first place in Jude, and then over in II Peter, and
then–then over in I Peter. Now, Jude… I would like to read it all,
but just to save time because it's 10:30 already; I'm going to begin
with the 5th verse. Now, Jude was a brother, foster brother of Jesus
Christ, as we all know. See? He was Joseph's son.

I will therefore put you in remembrance,
though ye once knew this, how that the Lord, having saved the people
out of the land of Egypt, afterwards destroyed them that believed not.

Saved them first, brought them out of Egypt, and then had to destroy
them, because they didn't continue with their message, You see?

And the angels which kept not their first
estate, but left their own habitation, he has reserved in everlasting
chains–chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.

Angels which once stayed in heaven, and kept not their estate, and the
way that they were in, fell away and now is in eternal chains of
darkness–everlasting chains of darkness, kept in this condition until
the judgment of the great day, when they'll be judged with all the rest
of the unbelievers…

5-6 Now, in II Peter, the 2nd chapter beginning with the 4th verse, which will be just a book or two behind this…?…

"For if God spared not the angels that
sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of
darkness, to be reserved unto judgment;

And spared not the old world, but saved Noah
and eight persons, a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood
upon the world of the ungodly;

Spared not the angels–put them in chains of darkness and condemned the whole world by the destruction of Noah.

Now, in I Peter the 1st and the… I Peter the 3rd chapter and
beginning with the 18th verse we read again. Now, listen close now.

For Christ also has once suffered for sins,
the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God, being put to
death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit: (put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit).

By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison; (He preached to these people in prison.)

Which sometimes were disobedient, when once
the long-suffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was
a preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by water.

… like figure whereunto even baptism doth also now save us (not the putting away of the filth of the flesh, but the answering of a good conscience towards God,) by the resurrection of Jesus Christ:

Who is gone into heaven, and is on the right hand of God; angels and authorities and powers being made subject unto him.

Let's pray again. Now, heavenly Father, such a–a line of Scripture
here: three witnesses, three places in the Scriptures giving testimony.
And Thou has said in Thy Word that in the mouth of two or three
witnesses, let every word be established.
Now, I pray Thee, O God, that Thou will come to the people and will
interpret this Word, this message, in the light that it should be in,
that every man, woman, boy, or girl might understand in the capacity
that You have ordained for them to understand in. And now, knowing that
these three witnesses bear record of truth, and I pray that You'll send
the Holy Spirit upon us now. And we'll look to Him, Who is our King in
our midst this morning, the Lord Jesus Christ, where we have raised now
by faith, setting in these heavenly places in Him. We wait for His
Speak it through us, Lord. Hear it through us, as we ask You to
circumcise the lips that speak and the ears that hear, that it might be
to the honor and glory of Him Who is the Scripture. For we ask it in
His Name. Amen.

Now, remember the services tonight, the healing service. I don't think
it'd be necessary to give out prayer cards, so we just pray for the
sick. I have something that I want to tell you, and I–I hope that
it'll just bring the congregation into a place till where there'll be
just all kinds of healing. I know it will be if we'll just believe it
that way.
Now, this, "Souls now in Prison–souls that are now in prison." Now,
the soul of man is not the body of man; it's the soul (See?); and the
soul is something that's the–the nature of the spirit, and then when
the nature of a man… When He said, "We are dead," the Scripture
plainly tells us that we are dead, and our lives are hid in God through
Christ, sealed there by the Holy Spirit.
Now, it wasn't that your body died. It wasn't your spirit died. It was
the nature of your spirit died. See? The nature, which is the soul. The
nature of your soul is–is God, if you're born again. If it's not, it's
of the world.

Anything that begin, has to end. So therefore the only way that you can
have Eternal Life is to have a life that never did begin. And then your
life did begin when you were born.
When God breathed the breath of life into your nostrils and you became
a living soul, then you begin then. But when you… That nature that
was in you, by nature you was of the world, alienated from God. You
were actually an animal. That's exactly right. Anyone knows that we're
How many knows that, that we're mammal? We are a warm-blooded animal,
but that is what we are by our earthly creation, but you see, what made
us different from other mammals that–at God put a soul upon us. (See?)

Now, the other mammals don't have to wear clothes. No other animal has
to wear clothes to hide his shame, but us. We're the only ones that
does, because we have a soul. But, see, God, in the beginning knew what
a man would be like, and He created the earth and brought up all kinds
of animals, from the very lowest to the highest; and the highest animal
come forth was man.

And then… First, man was made; he was a spirit man in the image of
God; which God is a Spirit (Saint John 4). Now, He is a Spirit, and
they that worship Him, worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, and Thy Word
is the Truth. Now, we worship Him in Spirit and Truth. He is a–a
Spirit Being.
Then there was no man to till the soil, and then God formed man out of
the dust of the earth. Then He taken from his side, a byproduct, a rib,
and from that, separated this man which had a dual nature, which was
both feminish and masculine. And he taken the feminish out 'cause it
was love, and He placed it into a person called Eve, that Adam called
Eve, which was his wife. That's where his love, natural, phileo love
held to his wife.

That's the way a man should be today, and her back to her husband. The
man, the masculine; the woman, the feminish. And then (See?), after
He'd done made man in His Own image, "created He them, male and
female," there was no man to till the soil, and He put him in the dust
of the earth, and therefore he become–he was that man.
This human man was mammal. See? He was animal, but He put this spirit
of God, a life into him and made him on the basis that he could make a
choice. And then when this man… Now, we think we're something. Just
remember, what are we? A clod of dirt. That's all. And because, "Dust
thou art, dust thou shall return."

So when you see this man walking down the street, thinks he's somebody,
you know, and got a little education, and things, you remember, it's a
clod of Indiana dust. That's all. And that woman that's all dressed in
shorts and smoking cigarettes and carrying on down the street, twisting
like she owned the whole country, it's a clod of Indiana dust, and
that's the way it's turning back. So you're not very much to begin
with. See? So that–that's right. That's what you are. But that soul
that's in there (See?), that soul is what God's a working on.

See, if He can only get that nature of that spirit to agree with Him,
then that nature dies. The nature and the love of the world dies and
the things of the world is dead (See?); because if you love the world
or the things of the world, the love of God is not in you. See?
And a man must be born again, so this nature has to die, and the nature
of God comes and lives in you. And God is the only thing there is that
never did begin or never can end.

So therefore He has partnershipped (You see?), and taken this man,
earthly, and this eternal Spirit and put it together. Because God
reflected Himself back in that He become a man when He become Christ
Jesus, and He Was God. (See?) God was in Christ…?… lived in Him,
reconciled the world to Himself, and through that perfect Man, each one
of us imperfect that believe in God and has accepted that, becomes a
perfection of Him.

And He never left His body, see corruption, neither did He leave His
soul in hell, but raised Him up on the third day, and He's alive
forever more. And we will have a body like His Own glorious body.
That's why we're baptized into His Name that we might come forth in His
Name, in His death, in His resurrection, that we rise again testifying
to the world that we have new Life, that the old man is dead. We buried
that first nature.
See, that first nature's gone, and now we are the nature of Him. He
lives in us, and we don't do our own will; we do His will. We don't
think our own thoughts. The mind–the mind is what thinks. The mind
that was in Christ Jesus is in every believer. See? There–there is the
soul, and that's what we're speaking of. Now, that's the part that I'm
thinking of now, that that's within us, the soul.

Now, if we notice in this, there's many things that happen sometime,
and we wonder why they happen, and we question ourselves, and we
question others. But finally after while, we find out that if we're
Christians, it all works out just right.
And how… You've seen that; all Christians see that. We wonder why we
did it. I wondered sometime, when I first read the Bible, "Why did God
let Abraham, that great man, ever stand there and say that Sarah wasn't
his wife?" And how that He let him stand there and lie about that, and
the things that he did. And then how did He ever let Abraham leave the
promised land where He told them not to leave? Any Jew that leaves the
promised land is backslid because God gave that to them and promised
them to stay there (See?), and they left it.

So he went down into Gerar. But if it hadn't have been for that… And
then Abimelech, that king down there, in that Philistine country, fell
in love with Sarah and was going to marry her, and was a good man, a
righteous man. And after he had probably… (This sounds ridiculous but
to make it so real to you). After he'd had his evening bath, and put on
his pajamas, and said his prayers, and went to bed, the Lord appeared
to him and said, "You're just as good as a dead man," and the man had
done nothing. (See?) He was absolutely deceived by both Abraham and
Sarah. That's right. He said, "You've got another man's wife (See?),
and I–I won't hear your prayer, no matter how much you pray. You're as
good as dead. But that man is My prophet." See?

See, it's hard to understand that (See?), but if it wasn't that, we
wouldn't know what grace was. Why did he go and marry Hagar after
having a lovely wife like Sarah? And he didn't want to do it (See?),
but Sarah told him, and then the Lord told him, "You listen to what
Sarah told you." Why? There had to be an Ishmael that the bondswoman
and her child would not be heir with the free woman and her child. See
what I mean? All these things are types.
Why did that prophet have to marry a prostitute and have–with these
children–have two children by her? That was a sign. Why did one lay on
his right side for three hundred and forty days and then lay so many
days on the other side like that? It was a sign. One stripped his
clothes and walked before the–Israel. And I… All those things, it
was types and shadows. See? And we have to have those things to fill
in. And many times things happen to us that we wonder why it is. It's
God foreshowing us something.

Now, as a little boy (And you know my life story.), I–I always
believed since I can first remember… One of the first things that I
remember… Now, this… Now, you might've told me something yesterday,
and I'd forget it by today, but there's some things back that happened
in our young days (Many of us are that way.) that we always remember.
And this sounds almost ridiculous to say this, but I remember when I
was crawling with a long dress on. A little baby's… Some of you
people my age would remember that babies used to wear real long
dresses. And I remember crawling and–and dipping snow off my uncle's
feet and eating it when he come in, and was standing by the fireplace.

And then the next thing I remember taking place in my life was a
vision, the first one I ever had, and told me I'd live a big portion of
my life near a city called New Albany. I was a little mountain baby up
there, not even a doctor when I was born; and–and I–I… You know,
they… I've lived here around fifty years, right here–a vision.
And then how I've always knew there was God somewhere, and as a little
boy He spoke to me, never to smoke or drink or defile my body: that's
to run immorally with women and things. I'd always had a dread of it
and–was a young man.

And then I was out hunting one time, which seems to be a second nature
to me, to love to hunt. And I was out hunting with a boy, Jim Poole, a
lovely kid. I think his boy comes to church here, little Jim. And fine
family of people. I know the Pooles. Jimmy and I slept together, lived
together since we were little boys in school… We're about six months
apart in age. And Jimmy let his gun go off and shot me through both
legs, real close to me–a shotgun, and I was taken to the hospital and
there–laying there dying. No penicillin or nothing in those days. And
they had a rubber sheet under me, and I know that night, they was going
to operate the next morning. They just took and cleaned off the wound,
and big pieces of flesh blowed up, and they'd take the scissors and cut
if off, and I had to hold a man's hands. And they had–Frankie Eich, he
just recently committed suicide, and I had to hold and pry my hands
loose from his wrists, when–when they got through.

I screamed and cried, holding onto, like that, and them cutting that
part of the leg off. I was fourteen years old, just a boy. And that
night I tried to go to sleep, and they… I woke up and something
splashed. And here was blood, nearly a half a gallon, I guess, that had
come from them veins. And they–they taken an x-ray, and they said the
shot was laying so close to that artery on either side that just a
little scratch would cut it right in to, and I'd start bleeding.
"Well," I thought, "This is the end of me."

And I put my hands down like this and raised it up, and the blood
running down my hands; it was my own blood I was laying in. I called,
rang the bell. The nurse came, and she just soaked it up with towels
'cause there's nothing they could do. And the next morning, under those
weakening conditions (They didn't give the blood transfusions in them
days, you know), so they–they operated on me. They gave me ether. And
when I… The old ether… I guess you remember; it's the old
anesthetic. And under that ether, when I came out… I was coming out
of the ether after eight hours. They had to give me so much; they
thought I couldn't–I wouldn't wake up. They couldn't get me awake.

I remember Mrs. Roeder stood by me out there in the hospital. I'll
never forget that woman; no matter whatever happens, I can never forget
her. She was just a young woman then. Her husband was superintendent
down here at the car works; and I–I remember she standing by me, her
and Mrs. Stewart. And they was the ones actually that paid my hospital
bill. I… We didn't even have food to eat in the house; so how could I
pay a hospital bill of hundreds of dollars?
But she, through her church society and the Klu Klux Klan paid the
hospital bill for me: Mason's. I can never forget it. No matter what
they do or what, I still… There's something that that stays with me
(See?), what they did for me. And they paid the bill to Dr. Reeder.
He's still living–lives here in Port Fulton, could tell you the story.

When I came out from under that ether, there's something happened to me
there. I've always believed it to be a vision. 'Cause I was so weak,
they thought I was dying. She was crying. When I opened my eyes to
look, I could hear her talking, and then I went back to sleep and woke
up two or three times.
And then I had a vision then… And then about seven months later I had
to go and have shotgun wads and greasy hunting clothes taken out of my
legs that the Doctor didn't get them. And so I had blood poison; both
legs just swelled up and doubled back under me, and they wanted to take
both legs off at my hips. And I said, "No, just come higher and take it
off up here." I just couldn't stand it. See? And so finally, Dr. Reeder
and Dr. Pearl, from Louisville, performed the operation, and cut down
in there and taken it out; and today I've got wonderful legs by the
grace of God.

But under the–the last vision that I had… The first vision when I
come to, and then I went into this trance, and I thought I was in hell,
just as plain… [A woman is sick–Brother Branham prays for her–Ed.]
All right. Somebody lay your hands on her and she–probably get her to
the air. Now, ever who's standing there, lay your hands on her. Let's
Dear Lord Jesus, may our sister who is sick this morning, and she's
fainted in the room, may Thy grace and strength and power… There's
hands laid upon her now, representing You. And the Scripture has said,
"These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on
the sick, they shall recover." And now, may our sister come out of this
sickness and be made well for the glory of God. In the Name of Jesus
Christ we ask it, and commit her to You. Amen.

Now, get her to the air. It's awful stuffy. I can feel it here, real
real bad. It's just a fainty feeling in–in here on the platform. I've
felt it four or five times here. If the… Soon as she gets feeling a
little better, why, get her to where she can get to the air. That's
good. Uh-huh. See, it's just so awful stuffy you know.
Human beings create–each one of us, so many square feet of just
sickness. If somebody has some water there or something to put on the
sister. She's–she's through all right now. All right now. See? I…
All right. Yeah, maybe if you could open up the doors maybe, or give
just a little bit of air, as much as we possibly can, in some way. See?

Now, in this time, as I had this vision and thinking that I had passed
from this life into torment. And seven months later, here at the Clark
County Memorial Hospital, I had the second operation. And at that time,
when I come out, I thought I was standing out in the west. I had
another vision, and there was a great golden cross in the skies, and
the Glory of the Lord flowing off of that cross, and I stood with my
hands out like this, and that Glory was falling into my chest. And
I–the vision left me.
My father was standing there looking at me, when the vision came.

I've always felt… You… And all the people that's knowed me all
these years knows I've always wanted to go west. You know how it is.
It's always been something to the west. But because an astronomer told
me one time the same thing, that I should go west… The stars, when
they cross their cycles and so forth, I was born under that sign, and
I'd never be a success in the east, I'd have to go west. And last year
I took off west to–to fulfill what a lifetime's desire has been (See?)
to–to do it.

Why I'm there… It's the most ridiculous thing setting out there in
the desert, paying a hundred and ten dollars a month rent, and here's a
house setting up here, a parsonage, furnished to me (See?), but it's
following the Lord. See? That–that's all I know to do. And you know
the visions and what has taken place out there.

13-4 Now, now in this I want to say to…
if our sister is–feels a little weak, Brother Roy, if you want to get
her out somewhere, set her in a room over here where she'd get more air
or something, and that's perfectly all right because… I feel that
she'd be all right now, see, it's just okay. She's just fainty, sick.
And so I–I tell you, if you–if you want to bring her over here where
the air… Raise these windows, Brother Roy. If the sister wants to
come through, that–that'll be fine. See? If she wants to–to come over
here, why don't fear that… I want to lay hands on her when she passes
by here. You all excuse me just a minute. And God forgive me.
That–that's right.
Heavenly Father, this Your daughter, here sets here this morning, and
she's come to hear the message and got–Satan's trying to beat her from
it, but he can't do it…?… in the Name of Jesus Christ.
…?… and in the air can come through here, and just…

Oh, you talk about stuffy. You ought to get in some of these places
overseas where they just pile them on top of one another with leprosy
and cancer, and oh, my. You can't hardly get your breath, you know, and
things like that, laying in them great big buildings just contaminated
with–with diseases. And you know what leprosy would be. There laying
there with no ears and half their face eat off, and no arms, and little
pegs for feet and things like that–laying piled on one another, many
of them dying right then, laying out there, from piling on one another
trying to get in somewhere, you know, to hear the message.

And now–now in this, I tell you what happened: In the vision that I
had… I'll go back, because I brought that–the two visions in, to
show you about one of them; I was to be out west. I've always longed
for there.
And now, the purpose of the Message this morning is to post the church
in everything that He will let me post the church to, as far as I know,
until the–as I go along. And this struck me, so I wanted to post the
church. Now, this is to this Tabernacle only (See?) to hear. Now–and
in this vision, the first one, here's what taken place: After the
vision struck me, and I was so weak, and I'd lost all that blood, and
went… I thought I was sinking into a endless eternity. Many of you
has heard me tell this before. And–and sinking into an endless

First, I was going through like clouds, and then through darkness, and
sinking on down, down, down. And the first thing you know, I got into
the regions of the lost. And in there I–I–I screamed, and I looked,
and there was just everything; there was no foundation to it. I could
never stop falling–for eternity looked like, I was going to fall;
there was no stopping nowhere.

And then, what a difference it was from the vision I had here not long
ago of being in glory with the people, the contrast. But in this, as I
was falling, I finally… I–I screamed for my daddy. 'Course, being
just a kid, that's what I would do. I screamed for my daddy; and my
daddy wasn't there. I screamed for my mother; "Somebody catch me!" and
was no mother there. I was just going. And I screamed then to God;
there was no God there. There was nothing there.
And after while I heard the most mournful sound that I ever heard; and
it was the awfullest feeling. There's no way, even a literal burning
fire would be a pleasure to the sight of what this was.

Now, those visions has never been wrong. And it was just one of the
most horrible feelings I ever had, and what did… I heard a noise,
sounded like some kind of a haunted affair. And when it was, I looked
coming, and it was women, and they had green stuff, you could just see
their face, and they had green stuff under their eyes, and their eyes
looked like, run back like the women today paint their eyes. Run back
like that and just their eyes and face, and they were going, "UH, UH,
UH, UH." Oh, my. I just screamed out, "Oh, God, have mercy upon me.
Have mercy, oh God. Where are You? If You'll only let me go back and
live, I promise You to be a good boy." Now, that's the only thing I
could say. Now, God knows, and at the day of judgment, He will judge me
for that statement. That's what I said, "Lord God, let me go back and
I'll promise You I'll be a good boy."

And when I got shot, I had told lies; I had done pretty near everything
there was to be done, only one thing that I say… I might as well just
clean it out while I'm right here now. And when I looked down and seen
I was half blowed in two almost, I said, "God, have mercy on me. You
know I never did commit adultery."
That's the only thing I could say to God. I'd never accepted His pardon
and all these things. I just say–could say, "I never did commit
adultery." And then they taken me out there, and then in that, I cried,
"God, be merciful to me. I'll be a good boy, if You'll only let me go
back," for I knew there was a God somewhere. And so help me, those
weary creatures all around, I'd just been a new arrival. And the most
hideous, horrible, ungodly feeling in that… Looked like great big
eyes–big eyelashes out like that, and run back like a cat, like–back
like this, and green stuff and like it cankered or something, and they
were–they were going, "UH, UH, UH."

Oh, what a feeling. Now, when I… Then in a moment's time, I had come
back to natural life again. That thing has bothered me. I've thought,
"Oh, let it be that I'll never go to a place like that, no other human
being will ever have to go to a place like that." Seven months later, I
had the vision of standing in the west and seeing that gold cross
coming down upon me. And I–I knew that there were the regions of the
damned somewhere.

Now, I never noticed it too much until about four weeks ago. The
wife… Never thought of it in this terms… About four weeks ago, the
wife and I went down to Tucson to do some shopping, and while we were
setting… The wife, we'd went in downstairs, and–and there was a
bunch of sissy-like boys had their hair ratted (you know, like the
women does), and–and bangs combed down here in front, and these real
high trousers on, kind of–I guess the beatniks or ever what you call
And they were in there, and everybody was looking at them, and their
heads was that big like the women that wear these here water head
haircuts, you know; and they were down there. A young woman came by,
and she said, "What do you think about that?"
I said, "Then you ought to be ashamed of yourself if you can think
that." I said, "He has just as much right to do it as you do. Neither
one of you have a right."

So I went upstairs, and I set down and when I did, there was an
escalator (It was at J. C. Penny's store.), and the escalator bringing
the people up. Well, I really turned sick at my stomach seeing those
women come up there; young, old, and indifferent, wrinkled, young, and
every way, with little bitty shorts on, their filthy body, and those
sexy dressed women with those great big heads like that, and here they
come, and one coming out of that escalator was just coming right up
like that where I was setting back in a chair, setting there with my
head down, and I turned and looked. One of them coming up the steps was
saying (Spanish speaking) to another woman; she was a white woman
speaking to the Spanish woman. And when I looked, all at once I was
changed. There I'd seen that before.

Her eyes… You know how the women are doing now, painting their eyes,
just recently like cat, you know put it up like this, and wearing cat
glasses and everything, you know, with eyes up like this, and that
green stuff under their eyes. There was that thing that I seen when I
was a child. There was the woman just exactly. And I just got numb all
over, and I begin to look around, and there was those people mumbling,
you know, going on about the prices and things in the building.

And I just… Looked like that I just changed for a moment. And I
looked; I thought, "That's what I saw in hell." There they was, that
canker. I thought because they were in hell what made them that way, a
greenish blue under their eyes. And here was these women painted with
greenish-blue just the way that vision said about forty years ago. See?
(And about forty years ago, is what it's been. I'm fifty-four, and I
was fourteen.) So about forty years ago, I… And that's
the–the–that's the number anyhow of the judgment. You see?

Now, there was… I'd seen that, and I couldn't even speak to my wife
when she come. She was over there trying to get Sarah and the kids
something, kind of a dress or something for school, and I–I couldn't
even… I couldn't even speak to her. She said, "Bill, what's the
matter with you?"
I said, "Honey, I'm as–I'm almost a dead man."
She said, "What's the matter? Are you sick?"
I said, "No. Something's just happened." Now, she don't know. She's
waiting for this tape to return. I've never said it to nobody. And I
thought, "I'd wait," and as I promised, bring it to the church first
(See?), bring it to the church. That was my promise. And you'll realize
after tonight the reason I try and keep my promise. See?

I thought then as I noticed them cankered looking eyes on them women…
There was the Spanish, and French, and Indian, and white, and all
together, but that great big heads, you know, bushed up, with that
combs, the way they comb it back, way big, and then comes out, you
know… You know how they do it, fix it like they do it. And then, them
cankered looking eyes and the eyes with the paint that run back like a
cat's eyes; and them talking, and there I was again, standing there in
J. C. Penny's store, back in hell again.
I got so scared; I thought, "Lord, surely I haven't died and You've let
me come to this place after all." And there they were making… just
around like that… in that vision like you could just barely hear it
with your ears, you know, just the mumble and going on of people, and
them women coming up that escalator and walking around there and that
"Uh, uh," and there was those green, funny-looking eyes, mournful.

17-4 And wife come up and I said, "Just let me alone a minute, honey." I said, "If you don't mind, I want to go home."
She said, "Are you sick?"
I said, "No, just go ahead, honey, if you've got any shopping to do."
She said, "No, I'm finished."
And I said, "Let me take you by the arm." See? I walked out.
She said, "What's the matter?"
said, "Meda, I–I–I…?… Something happened up there." And while I
was under that, I thought this: "What day are we living in? Could this
be the Third Pull?" Now, I've got some notes here.

Jesus… We find out that Jesus in His ministry, after He had preached
to the people… Now, we're going to be real Scriptural on this. After
Jesus had finished His ministry, and His ministry was rejected by the
people… Now, you'll read between the lines. Draw your own conception.
Remember what I told you at the first. After He had preached, He come
as a promised One for that day. We all know that. The Scriptures
identified Jesus Christ as Messiah. That's right. Thoroughly, firmly, a
vindicated by God and His Word, that He was Messiah. There's no
question… Does anybody question it (If you do, then you should come
to the altar.) that He wasn't the Messiah? He was clearly identified as
the Messiah. But after He clearly id…

God identified Him as Peter said, and on the day of Pentecost, you
know, when he talked to the Sanhedrin there at–about four days later,
he said, "Jesus of Nazareth, a Man approved of God among you by signs
and wonders, which God did by Him in the midst which we all are
witnesses. (See?) You have took and by wicked hands and crucified the
Prince of Life which God has raised up and shown forth these things
that you see." See? Christ lived on, of course, still lives today.

Now, after Jesus had clearly came, identified Himself (God identified
Him) and He prophesied and after the days of His prophecy, though
Scripturally identified, the people rejected Him. That's right.
And He preached then after they rejected Him here, the ones that had a
possibility of being saved… Remember when He was preaching, there was
a possibility of anybody being saved. We don't know who they are;
they're predestinated. But He continually preached. But after the days
of His preaching, His ministry continued on, 'cause the last group He
preached to was the souls that were in hell, that could not be
forgiven. I clearly read that from the Bible here from II Peter. See?

He went and preached to souls that were in prison (which is hell)
locked up until the day of the judgment, 'cause, you see, the judgment
isn't now, and there's no burning hell now. Somebody tell you that a
guy's in burning hell now, that's wrong. See?
A judge of this earth is just enough to never condemn a man until he's
brought to trial. And God will never throw a man into the fiery furnace
until first He is condemned by God's Own Law. He rejected mercy, so you
see, he first has to have a trial, and the trial is the great white
throne judgment, but now he's in a place called the prison house.

As I saw the vision of both places, have by the grace of God (I say
this not to be sacrilegious and if it's wrong, God forgive me), I
believe I've been in both places (See?), in both places. And I've seen
the redeemed and blessed, and I've seen the lost and where they were
at. And that's why I stand as your brother today to warn you to flee
from that downward path. Don't you never go that road.
And you've got everything to live for, that blessed upward way, where
the redeemed are in joy and peace, and they can't sin, they
can't–can't be sorry. They can't… There–there's nothing–they're
perfect. Seen both places. I know that's an awful statement for a
person to make but God being my Judge, I solemnly believe I've seen
both places. I–I believe that.

And oh, far be it from any person ever entering that regions of the
lost. If you were standing with hot wires bored through you, tormented
in every way, it'd be not like that devil torment there is in that
place. There could be nothing could–human mind couldn't… The human
mind couldn't comprehend what that regions of the lost is. There's no
way to explain it. And there's no way to explain what the regions of
the blessed is; it's so great. That's so horrible and this is so–so
great. It's from the ridiculous to the sublime.

So if anybody hears me… And I'm getting to be an old man. I don't
know how much longer I've got. I'll soon be fifty-five years old. And
I–I don't know; according to nature I may not have too many years. I
don't know where this tape will go, but let everyone here, hearing the
tape or wherever it may go: Don't never go toward that regions of the
lost. You can't picture hell being that bad. And whatever you do, don't
you never getting–forget this, that the regions of the blessed… I
would say this with St. Paul, "Eyes has not seen; ear has not heard; or
either could it enter the heart of man, what God has for them in store
that love Him."

So stop, if you're listening at the tape, turn the machine off and
repent if you're not saved, and get right with God. I'm saying this by
firsthand experience, as I believe in my heart; and I say if these–if
the visions has deceived me, God be merciful for me making a statement
like that; but with the sincerity of my heart, knowing that not one of
them visions ever failed, I believe that I have been in both places.
Far be it from any human being going that road downward.

Now, Jesus, after He had finished His ministry, preached to those souls
that were unsaveable, that could not ever be saved. Now, the Bible
tells us that. He went and preached to the souls that were in prison
that repented not. When mercy was given to them, they spurned mercy,
and now they're waiting for the judgment.
Oh, what a time that must've been. Oh, I wish there was some way I
could shake the world with that, to let them see what the reality. And
Jesus said Himself, "As the Father sent Me, so send I you."

And as the Father sent Him to preach to the–the living, to those who
had hope and then present the same message to those who had no hope, it
seems to fitting at this time that that will have to be done. 'Cause
the Spirit of Christ living in us does not change the nature of Him, or
doesn't change God's system. He must be the same in every generation.
He must be the same. Said, "As the Father sent Me, so send I you."
The ministries must be the same. Insomuch that He said… (I see some
of you writing the Scriptures down.) St. John 14:12. "He that believeth
on Me, the works that I do shall he do also." See? The works, preaching
to the lost, healing the sick, and then to the impossible to ever be
saved… See? The work went on just the same. So this has been–has
this been? May I put it like this?

The ministry of Jesus Christ reincarnated in His church in this last
day… That's what many of us believe. I believe with you. I believe
this. If I didn't believe it, I'd do something else about it, because
after all, this is me that's concerned in here. And if the Spirit of
God be in you, you're concerned about the people. There was a Scripture
that always puzzled me: How that Moses could tell God a better idea
than God had, till I found out that it was the Spirit of Christ in
Moses. See?
God said, "Moses, separate yourself from them. I'll destroy the whole thing and start with you."
He said, "Lord," he throwed himself in a breach, said, "take me. Blot out my name."

Of these very people that had rebelled, his heart went for them. See?
And when a minister that's got the people on his heart… How could I
ever feel justified to my–before God and to myself to ever hold
anything back from a people that you love better than you love
yourself? How could a man take a person into the church by a hand-join,
or some sprinkle, or some false baptism or something, and let them lay
under the–the influence of a lie, and know that Bible lays there, and
say he loves the person?
Though I have to beg for my living, whatever it is, let me be honest
with God and the people to tell them the truth. Never let me be a
deceiver. How can I deceive who I love? Though I have to hurt them, yet
I love them. That's the reason you spank your child is because you love
him. Not because you don't like him, because you love him. If he's
wrong, he will get killed if you don't correct him.
Now, so has the ministry been. As it was, so is it today. It has been
preached and thoroughly a vindicated by the Word of God, that it
couldn't be man, it has to be God. It has to be.

Notice. The same spiritual signs that Jesus done has reoccurred on the
earth in the last days. The very same spiritual sign that He identified
Himself as Messiah, has identified Him today; He's still Messiah. The
same material signs has appeared on the earth that appeared by He–what
He was, same Pillar of Fire that St. Paul saw, same One. All that has
reoccurred with the same nature in it, doing the same thing.

Jesus claimed that He done nothing until the Father showed Him, and the
Father is the Holy Spirit; we realize that. It's just an office of God.
If it isn't, then which one of them is the Father of Jesus Christ?
Jesus said God was His Father, and the Bible said the Holy Ghost was
His Father. Now, you can't make Him be an illegitimate child; so the
Holy Ghost is God. So is Jesus God. So God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
is just a… That's three offices of one God. It's three attributes;
the same God. You're a part of God, and I'm a part of God; but I'm not
all of God, and neither are you all of God. See, see? It's attributes
of God upon us, as sons adopted by Jesus Christ, which God Himself
become flesh to die for us.

Now, the Holy Spirit always showed Him things to come, and He never was
wrong. It was always perfect. Is that right? He did not take credit to
Himself. He give credit to God. He said, "The Son can do nothing in
Himself but what He sees the Father doing." And the Father… The Holy
Spirit was His Father. Is that right? "Joseph, thou son of David, fear
not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived in her
is of the Holy Ghost," which was His Father. And the Holy Ghost showed
Jesus things to come: told Him things that was. And He was the
God-Prophet, because the Word of the Lord only comes to the prophet,
showing that the Words came in minor form; the prophets wrote what the
Lord told them, but He wrote nothing because He was the Word. He was
the Word.

Notice, the same Holy Spirit that lived in Him, "Yet a little while,
and the world will see Me no more, yet ye shall see Me, because I will
be with you even in you to the end of the world. I will come to you,"
He said. "I, was the Father that was in Him that will come to you." And
He said, "When the Holy Ghost is come upon you, He will reveal these
things that I've taught you and will show you things to come." There
you are.

Now, now we notice that as the Holy Spirit worked in the church then,
so has the Holy Spirit done exactly the same things today: Announcing
by the Pillar of Fire just exactly was at the beginning, the same
thing. And seeing this come upon Jesus, John announced it at the river
of Jordan. And has proved everything, even scientific pictures of it.
It can't be disputed. It was scientifically; it was material. It wasn't
a mythical thought; it wasn't psychology. As George J. Lacy said,
"The–the mechanical eye of that camera won't take psychology. The
light struck the lense."

And what about you, church, that about six or eight months ago hearing,
standing here saying, "It's THUS SAITH THE LORD, that I'm going to
Tucson, Arizona. There'll be a blast and seven Angels will appear." You
remember? Not even… God making it so real until the "Look" magazine
took the pictures of it: spiritual, foresaw, materialized just exactly
the same, the seven Angels, which brought forth the winding up of all
the Scriptures. 'Cause all the mysteries of the entire Bible lays in
the Seven Seals. We know that. That is… The Book is sealed with that
even down. It's the mystery of the entire Book laid in those Seven
Seals that the Lord let us bring, and there's men setting here today
was right there present with me when it happened.

"Look" magazine proved the same thing, that it was–that it actually
happened, because it was God that told it. It was God that stands
behind His Word to perform It when He says He will do it. Therefore,
it's not some man, carnal person like myself that's among you people.
It's the eternal God.
He uses man, that's true. He does nothing outside of what He does by
man. We realize that. He… That's His–That's His agent. That's what
He chose. Why, I don't know. He could've made the sun to preach the
Gospel. He could make the wind to preach the Gospel. He could make the
wind to do things, but He chose man.
That was His idea that human would speak back to human. Not Hisself,
but the Word of the Lord came to the prophets, the prophesiers, the
preachers. And a prophesier that denies the original Word, how can he
be a true prophet? See? He can't be, because he's denying the truth of
the Word. And then if it doesn't–then this Word Itself as is preached
by the trueness of the Word and by the trueness of the Holy Spirit,
It'll manifest every promise that It promised. That's how we know
whether it's right or not. That's what Jesus said: "If I do not that
which is written of Me to do, then don't believe Me." See?

Now we see these things. Remember the Seven Seals is finished. And when
those seven revealed truths… One of them He wouldn't permit us to
know. We… How many was here at the Seven Seals? Just about all of
you, I guess. See? The–the Seventh Seal, He wouldn't permit it. He
stood right there in the room and revealed every one of them, and if I
ever preached anything in my life was inspired, it was that. And it
ought to be true to you, stand here and tell you that it's going to
happen, and go right there, and even science and everything else, the
scientific research and everything–mystery to the people, proved that
it happened right there; and come back and hear it unfold and make
every word exactly right.

What day are we living? Where we at? And remember, in that Sixth Seal,
where all Seven Trumpets sounds under that Sixth Seal… When we get to
that, you'll see that. Every Seven Trumpet took place in that Sixth
Seal. The seven is always a mystery. Watch that seven; that's the
finish. That was the coming of the Lord. Heaven was quiet, silent.
Nobody moved, because Jesus said Himself, "Not even an Angel of heaven
knows when I will return. I don't even know it Myself, what time. The
Father has put that in His mind. God alone knows it: the Spirit. But I
didn't know it."

See, it wasn't revealed when that Seventh Trumpet sounded, or the
Seventh Angel or–Seal was opened, then there was silence in the
heaven: See? It wasn't give away, what would take place. But under the
Sixth Seal where these Trumpets opened… Remember, under there we find
out that the Lamb came forth, appeared on the scene. He had left the
mercy seat. His work of redemption was finished.
And He came forth and took the Book out of the right hand of Him that
set upon the throne, and time was no more. And immediately an Angel
appeared in the 7th chapter–the 10th chapter and 7th verse, saying,
this Angel came down and swore that time was no longer. But you see, in
this Book was what was redeemed; it was the Book of Redemption. And
everything that He had redeemed was written in that Book. All that He
died for was written in the Book, and He could not leave His
mediatorial seat until He had thoroughly redeemed, and He couldn't
redeem it at the cross, because they were predestinated in the Lamb's
Book of Life, and had to stay on there to make intercession until that
last person was finished. Glory.

But one day He rose from there, come forth. Where was the Book at? It
was still in the abstract Owner, God Almighty. And John looked around,
and he wept because there was no man even worthy to look on the Book.
And it would especially open the Seals to reveal what the hidden
mystery was. The mysteries was in the Seven Seals.
When these Seven Seals was opened, that opened up the entire Bible. The
Seven Seals, it was sealed with Seven Mysteries. And in these Seven
Seals, held the entire mystery of it, and it was the Book of
Redemption: New Testament, not the Old; it only proclaimed for the New
Testament. "They being made–cannot be made perfect without us."
(Hebrews 11). See?
See, now the redemption only come when the Redeemer died. And they were
potentially under the blood of lambs, not the Redeemer, hadn't been
redeemed yet until the Redeemer came.

Notice. Now, when this Redeemer… John looked around, and here set God
on the throne with the Book in His hand that had been sealed with Seven
Seals, and the whole plan of redemption was in it, and had been lost by
the human race, Adam. And God… It went back where? Satan couldn't
take it; he just caused him to lose it.
But where did the Book go to then? Didn't belong to the human race; the
blessings didn't belong… The human–human race had lost it. So it
went right on back to its original Owner; that was God. There He set
with It, and He called for some man, somebody to come and claim It.

John looked around, and there was no man in heaven, no man on earth,
nobody, no Angel, nothing could take the Book or to loose the Seals or
to even to look on It. No man was worthy. John said he wept bitterly.
Then an Angel came to him, said, "Weep not, John, for the Lion of the
Tribe of Judah has prevailed, and He's worthy."
And John looked to see a Lamb–or see a Lion, and what did he find? A
Lamb, and it was a bloody Lamb, a Lamb that had been slain. How long?
Since the foundation of the world. The Lamb came forth, walked up to
Him that had the Book in His right hand, and received the Book, climbed
upon the throne and set down. That's it. It was over. When? When the
seals was revealed. When the last one that was… Everything that He
had redeemed, there was nothing… He come to redeem. Said, "Why didn't
He redeem them forty years ago, two thousand years ago?" See?

Their names were on the Book of Life, in that Book. And He had to stand
here, because it was God's purpose to redeem them. Their names were put
on the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the world. The Lamb
was put there with it to be slain. Here come the Lamb that was slain,
come back to make intercessions.
Watch Him. There'll be a lot of impersonations, a lot of everything
else, but there was really somebody was going to be saved, for he–the
church was predestinated to…?… Without spot or wrinkle, she's going
to be there; and the Lamb died for that purpose. And then when the last
name on that Book was redeemed, the Lamb came forth and took the Book.
"I'm the one that did it."

The Angels, the cherubims, the four and twenty elders, the beasts,
everything, uncrowned themselves, and fell down before the throne and
said, "Worthy art Thou."
John said, "Everything in heaven and earth heard me hollering, 'Amen'," screaming, hallelujahs, praises to God.
The scream went up. Why? Their names was in that Book to be revealed,
and the Lamb had revealed it. The Lamb had redeemed it, but He could
not come forth until every name was revealed, and that was taken place
under the Sixth Seal, before the Seventh broke. Then the…?… Then
the Lamb came for what He'd redeemed. He come to claim what He had

He's already got it right here in the Book. Take It from His hand…
Now, He's coming to receive what He has redeemed; that's His work He
has done; He's come to receive it. Oh, what a–what a time. And proving
it… The Seventh Seal proved it. Come back and took the Book of

Notice. It was to be the Seventh Angel's Message that was to reveal the
Seventh–the Seven Seals (Revelation 10:7, now you'll find it.). See?
And he saw this Angel come down, put his foot on the land and on the
sea (That was Christ.), had a rainbow over His head. (Notice Him,
you'll find Him in Revelation 1, again with the rainbow over His head:
look upon the jasper and sardius and so on.)
Here He come, put one hand–one foot upon the land, one upon the water,
raised up His hand. He had a rainbow over His head yet; that's a
covenant. He was a Covenant Angel, which was Christ, made a little
lower than the Angels to suffer. There He come, and put His hands up to
heaven, and swore by Him that lives forever and ever (the eternal One,
the Father, God) that time shall be no more, when this takes place.

It's run out. It's done; it's finished. And then the Scriptures says:
And at–at the Message of the seventh earthly angel, the messenger on
earth, the seventh and last church age; at the beginning of his
ministry, when he starts off into the earth, at that time, the mystery
of God of these Seven Seals should be made known by that time. Now, we
see where we're at. Could it be, friends? Could it be? Notice. All

All that had been redeemed in the Book, He come forth for redemption.
All that was to be redeemed was in the Book. Predestinated before the
foundation of the world, He come to redeem them. All He had redeemed
was written therein.

I want to ask you a question now. And you people on tape, listen close.
Them hideous eyes, that hideous head, could that be why that this
message has been so against women of modern age? Could this be that
last angel's message? What did He say down there at the river about
thirty-three years ago? "As John was sent forth (See?) to announce the
first coming of Christ, your message will announce the second coming."
Around the world, and that's what it's done. Then the coming must be at
hand. Watch what happens now. Why? I've scratched my head; I've
wallowed on my pillow; I've walked the floor. "What's the matter with

A few days ago I asked two men I was riding with… I asked Jack Moore
one time. (And all of you know Jack Moore. I'm going to him in
Shreveport.) I said, "Brother Jack, you've been as close a friend as
I've had on earth." And before I asked him, I asked my wife. If anybody
knows anything about me, my bad's and all, it's my wife (See?), a dear
person. And I said to her one day; I said, "Honey, as your husband, I'm
a minister of the Gospel. I don't want to bring any reproach upon the
One that I love. No more… I don't want to hurt you. I wouldn't bring
any reproach on you. God forbid that I ever do anything that would harm
you, and how much more do you think it would harm God, how much I love
Him. You're my wife; He's my Saviour and God. I want to ask you a
question. Don't pull no punch; tell me truth."
I said, "Have I studied so much." And I have wondered… I'm–I'm–I'm
a makeup of funny, odd. I know that. Everybody said, "What kind of a

Well, see, you can't make yourself. You are what you are by the grace
of God. And I–I–I said, "Have I lost my mind just a little bit, you
know, and–and kind of gone… Why am I condemning those women
constantly, when I love them?" They call–say I was a "woman-hater: I
just don't hate–I just hate women." See? That's wrong. I love women, I
mean as my sisters.
I ain't going to pat you on the back (See?) and you're wrong. I'll tell
you that. I love you too much for that. Some man that would do that,
it's a different kind of love. See? I love you because I love what you
are. You're a helpmate to a son of God, and you're part of him. See?
And I–I love you because that–that you were made in the image of man,
and man was made in the image of God. So therefore together, you're one
in Christ. That's why I love you. Any other thing is nothing to it; God
knows that. All my life… See? That's right. I love you.
Why would I stand up and constantly… When they say, "Tell all the
women when that they're going to come hear Brother Branham preach, comb
their hair different, put on a hat or something or another, 'cause he
will start blasting away about short hair, and you don't wear any
makeup and so forth."

That's what they did. "Oh, he talk about somebody." He said, "Why don't
you…" Said, "People believe you to be a prophet. Why don't you teach
the women how to receive great spiritual gifts and things, like that,
instead of trying to teach them such stuff as that?"
I said, "If they won't learn their abc's, how will they know algebra?" See, see?
Get right first. And more I preach the worse it gets. Then you say, "Why don't you quit?"
No, sir. There's got to be a voice to witness against it. One of the
greatest men in the ministry today laid his hands on me not long ago,
said, "I'm going to pray for you, Brother Branham, if you'll let me do
it, that God will take that out of your heart to leave them women alone
in those things."
I said, "Well…" I said, "Do you believe in that, sir? You're a holiness preacher."
He said, "Certainly I don't believe in it," but said, "That's–that's up to…"
I said, "No."
He said, "That's up to the pastors."
I said, "They're not doing it." Somebody's got to do it. The river's
got to be crossed. The skin's got to be shucked off. I don't want to do
it; God knows I don't want to do it. Many of them women feed my
children, and they'd lay their life down for me almost.

You think in the grace of God shed abroad by the Holy Ghost, you think
I could stand still and see that poor person go plunge out yonder into
eternity without hope if I don't scream out against it? Not to be a
smart-aleck, but the spirit of this nation, the spirit of the church,
not the Spirit of Christ now, the spirit of the church denomination has
swung these women out into that mess out yonder, and I'm only a voice
crying, "Get out of it. Flee from that filth."
Don't let the devil do things like that to you. It's wrong. And you
Assemblies of God, let them women–let them women bob their hair, but
forbid them to wear makeup… There's really not a Scripture against
makeup, but there is against bobbing your hair. She ain't even fit to
pray before God, the Bible says. Her husband has a right to give her a
divorce and leave her. That's right. She represents herself to the
world as an impure woman. The Bible said so. She dishonors her own
husband when she does it. That's exactly what the Bible said. See?

Now, but a woman wearing makeup, we find a woman did it in the Bible,
only one. It was Jezebel. That's who it was. The only person in the
Bible that ever wore makeup was Jezebel, and God immediately fed her to
the–to the wild dogs. She's become a disgrace and even her…
Everything, everything that's mean is called Jezebel. You don't have to
do that. You don't have to do it. What makes you do it then? The spirit
of the devil.
You don't realize it, I know you don't. You're–you're too good a
people. You're good. You shake my hand, talk to me, and I love you.
That's right. But if I see that, wouldn't I be a hypocrite? Paul said,
"I've not shunned to declare you the whole counsel of God."

May no woman's blood be upon me at that day, or no man's. I've told you
the Truth. I've hated to do it, not hating because I don't want to do
what God tells me to, but I love you. I don't want to hurt you, so what
am I going to do? But pure Divine love will drive you to do it.
Jesus even prayed to dodge the cross. "Is it possible that the cup should pass," said, "nevertheless, not My will, Thine."

Am I going to have to be the fellow that says this? Am I going to have
to take them precious women that's so nice and everything and just
shuck them to pieces? Am I going to have to…? Am I going to have to
take my minister brothers and stand there and tell them that they love
money and the–the denominations better than they love God? Me, to my
precious brothers that put their arms… Oh, do I have to do that?
Oh, God, don't let me do it. "But I've not shunned to declare unto you
the whole counsel." It's genuine love that's drove me to it. Is that
why this message has been this a-way? Nowhere else in the world is it?
Where's it at? All right. They're afraid. See? But it's been fearless.
Exactly. God is always that way. See?

All right. Is this why women has been so rebuked by this message? Not
knowing… It wasn't revealed. It was showed me, but it didn't come to
me till just the other day. Look at there. All right. Sure fits the

Now, wait a minute. Was there ever a time that it become a woman's
world before? Yeah. According to history, in the days of Elijah, there
was a woman named Jezebel. And she got rulership over the church of
God, which the Bible says she will again in the last days: her spirit,
through a church, a organization. And she'd be a whore, and all the
other churches with her will be prostitutes just like she is. Is that
Revelation 17 said she is a whore and she's the mother of harlots. That
can't be men; that's women. See? And they were all throwed alive into
the lake of fire and consumed. That true? There you are.

Notice. When that Jezebel rose on the scene, there was a man rose up
against it. God brought a man; we don't even know where he come from.
He had no background of ministry; he never was no priest or nothing. He
come forth an old rugged woodsman by the name of Elijah, and he laid
the axe to the root of the tree, and they hated him. Not only that, but
his whole congregation hated him. And one time he thought he stood
He said, "No, I've got seven thousand yet that's right with you." See?
That was that elected group. See? There's always that group. See? Said,
"Don't fear, Elijah. I know you think you're run out because the
denominations run you up there on top the hill," but said, "but I got
seven thousand that believes the same thing you're preaching. I've got

Then after his day, Rome took over, and then it become a time it was a
woman's world again. All the fashions of–of the women, how they come
out in their bonnets and things…?… and God raised up another one
with the same Spirit on him–the Spirit of Elijah. Is that right?
And He said, "The axe is laid to the root of the tree."
And there was a little old feisty woman in there married her–left her
husband and married his brother, Herod–Herodias And she was a–a
painted up clown of that day: danced. She taught her girl how to dance,
yeah, the daughter by her foster father, the–the foster father–by the
father, his brother. Herodias… That was the daughter of–of–of the
woman. And then she taught her to dance, and she became a real strip
tease dancer, after her mother. And she thought she could marry four or
five times, do anything she wanted to. Here come Herod out. They were
all Jews now remember. They're church people.

Here come Herod out and his church to hear this prophet, that the
people believed was a prophet. He walked right straight into the–both
their faces and said, "It's not lawful for you to have her." And did
that make her blow up. See?
Now, some ordinary man would said, "How do you do, Herodias? We're sure
glad to have you in our congregation today," but not John.
Jesus said, "Who'd you go to see when ye went out to see John? Did you
go to see one that's all dressed up like a priest?" Said, "No, that
can–that kind kisses the baby and buries the dead." He said, "What did
you go to see? A wind– a reed that's shaken by any wind?"
They say, "Come over here, John. We'll pay you more if you preach to
us, and we–we're the biggest organization." Not John, no, he never
went to see that.
Said, "What did you go to see then, when you went to hear and see John?
A prophet?" He said, "And I say to you, more than a prophet. If you can
receive it. This is he who the prophet spoke of was coming. 'I'll send
My messenger before My face, and he will prepare the way for the

He was a messenger of the covenant. He–He said, "There's not been a
man that's borned of a woman as great as he is." See? That's the kind
of a man that God raised up for that day, Elijah, a backwoodsman: John,
the same thing. See? The Spirit of Elijah was upon John. And he says
when it comes a woman's day again, that Spirit will rise again, before
the coming of the Lord when the earth will be burnt and the righteous
will walk out upon the –the ashes of the wicked, like ashes under
their feet. He promised it again in these days.

Notice, the Holy Spirit promised that. It's a-fitting to the time that
we're living in. There must be someone rise up. That's got to come, for
it's THUS SAITH THE LORD: Malachi the 4th chapter.
That's exactly what He said would be the sign just before the coming of
the great and terrible day of the Lord, "I'll send you Elijah." And
what will he do? Turn the hearts of the children back to the doctrine
of the fathers, back to the Bible out of these denominational
difference, and come back to the Bible, back to God, is what He would

Notice, what a great time we're living in. Them prophets rebuked them
modern women in their days, and they both paid for it by their lives.
History proves that each one of those times was a woman's world, when
women control. Look about today. We'll have one President one of these
days, look like could happen right now. Actually she is President. See?
He's just a figurehead.

Here not long ago, in one of the other nations, she was getting so much
praise and everything from all the people, till the President himself
said, "I'm her husband." The President of the United States. She sets
the fashions; the women follow it (See?) just like Jezebel did.
You heard my sermon on "Jezebel Religion." See? You know. You know. You
see where we're at now? See what happened here a week or two ago here
in the city? The Faith Lutheran minister invited the Catholic priest of
the Sacred Heart to come up and preach for him, and he did, and the
Faith Lutheran minister went down to the Catholic priest and preached
for him.

The Council of churches over there now that's meeting in Rome… This
circular letter that my good friend, David duPlessis, when I set there
and cried to him about it in Fourteen Mile Creek not long ago, not
realizing he swung the church right into Babylon… When everybody
saying, "Oh, all the churches are going to be one now…"
Yeah, I know that. Just exactly what's wrote on my book of prophecy in
1933, that would take place. Why, don't you realize that's Satan
uniting together? The Bible says that. And just after a bit, just a
little while, as soon as they become one, then the interdenominational
is finished. See? There'll be your mark of the beast rise. See? Just
it… I ain't got time to go on this, but…

It's nearly a quarter of twelve. See? I want to finish this up, get
this point. I'm just laying these Scriptures in here where you can see
the possibility of where we're at. Then we'll close just in a few

Now, notice just what taken place. The–the prophets rebuked those
women in them days and was called woman haters. That's right. History
proves it was so. Now, wait just a minute. You, that's writing down
Scriptures, you want to put down I Timothy 5:6. The Bible said, "The
woman that lives in–in worldly pleasure…" (Can't be the pleasures of
God, so it'd have to be…) "The woman that lives in worldly pleasure
is dead while she is living."
That's what the prophet said: St. Paul. The woman that lives in this
worldly condition is dead while she is living. And if she rejects
mercy, she can cross the separating line where there's no place for her
no more. And then where's she at with her painted eyes, her cut hair?
And she's across the line with no way to come back, and there's got to
be a ministry preached to her. But remember, at that time, it's all
over. It's done–just a haunting…

There'll be a ministry that'll show great wonders (Joel said so), but
there'll be no time for redemption. It's all over. The Lamb's done took
His Book, and redeemed is over. As Jesus first preached and was
rejected and then went and haunted those that were in there, preached
to them that were in prison and could not repent, no time for
salvation, that same ministry will have to repeat again. What if that
could be the Third Pull to the eternal lost? What if it is there? I
hope it's not. What if it is? Think of it just a minute now. What if it
is? God forbid, I got children. See? But it sure looks pretty close
Why'd that vision come when I was a kid? Why'd I never think of it
before? Why did that trance come there in the room the other day? Say,
"Here it is." It's right in the midst of the "Uh, uh, uh," souls that's
lost. And Jesus preached to them, witnessed; but they–they never
repented. And more I preach the worse they get. There's no repentance,
no place for it.

The Lamb took His Book when the Seventh Seal, just ready for it to be
opened–the Sixth Seal. Remember, He hid the Seventh Seal from us. He
wouldn't do it. When the Angel stood day by day telling it, but then He
wouldn't do it on that one. Said, "There's silence in heaven." No one
knew. It was the coming of the Lord.
"Oh," you say, "it can't be." I hope it isn't. Just look… Let's go
just a little farther here. I got something wrote down. See?

All right. Remember, she that liveth in worldly pleasure of the things
of the world, acting like it. She could go to church and act like a
saint. That don't have one thing to do with it. See? But she's dead
while she's living.
Look what the denominations has done for her. They made her handler of
the holy Word, which is contrary to the Bible. They made her a
preacher. It's forbidden of the Scriptures. Even makes her now become
ruler, mayor, governors, everything in the country, and a minister in
the house of God, when she's guilty of every sin that was ever
committed. She's the cause of it. That's right. Now, I'm not–I'm not
speaking of righteous.
She's guilty. She's the one that caused every baby to be born blind.
She's the one that caused every grave to be dug. She's the one that
caused sin, sickness, sorrow. A ambulance can't ring unless a woman
caused it. No crying can be done, no sin, no death, no sorrow, no
suffering, but a woman done it. And God forbids her to go to the pulpit
to preach, but yet they do it.

Denomination, see where it's at? She's a goddess. How the devil is at
work. Why the Catholic people make them women gods: pray to them.
That's right. Goddess Mary, and so forth… I see where in the
Ecumenical Council they said that it would come to pass that they'd
pray a little bit more to Jesus if it'd help the Protestants to come
in. Oh, that sugar-coated–inchangeable, they said. It's still the same
old devil.
The Bible said that he caused all to receive a mark upon their forehead
that didn't have their names written in the Lamb's Book of Life. It's
the predestinated church I'm talking to, not those out there. No, sir.
Out of every group He's pulled His predestinated. That's what He's
coming for in every age. But there she stands. There she is. That's

Preach the Word, handle the Word, become a goddess, and the cause of
every sin… The Bible said, "I suffer not a woman to teach or usurp
any authority. Be in the obedience as also saith the–the law." See?
You can't–can't do it. But they make her a ruler of the land, mayor,
governor; soon she will be President. Sure. There you are. That's the
way–that's way it goes. See? And people does that, because they don't
care about this Word. They'll never see It.
Look at those Jews standing there, scholars, fine men. And Jesus said, "You're of your father the devil."

What if I brought into a trial right now before you. Let's just try it
a minute, and God forgive me for taking a sides against Him, but just a
minute to show you something. What if you say, "Well, I… Glory to
God, I spoke in tongues. Hallelujah. I know… I–I got it. Bless God.
Uh-huh, you did? Remember, them people of Israel, the Bible said after
he had called the people out and saved them out of Egypt, He destroyed
them because they didn't follow the message. See? They eat manna out of
heaven. They eat manna that God rained on the earth for them to eat,
and stood in the presence of the messenger, and seen the Pillar of
Fire, and heard the voice of God, and seen it confirmed, and then
because they wanted to believe Korah: "There could be more holy men.
There can be this, that, or the other. We got to be holy too. We got to
do all this. All the people's holy."
God said, "Separate yourself. Get away from there."
Moses said, "All that's on the Lord's side, come with me." That's
right. See? And He just opened up the earth and swallowed them up. See?
They were good people too. Sure they were. They were fine people. Yes,
sir, but that didn't do it. Not all that saith, "Lord, Lord, but the
one that doeth the will of My Father."

Not he that starts, it's he that finishes. That's it. There's no short
cuts. You're disqualified at the end of the race. No short cuts, you
must come just the way the Scripture says. If it says, "Repent and be
baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ, and you shall receive the gift of
the Holy Ghost," there's no short cuts, shaking hands, joining church,
or denomination; you come that way.
Except you die to yourself and be born of the Spirit of God,
you're–you're–you're lost. That's all. There's no short cuts. You
say, "Oh, I belong to church." I know. That's good. "My mother…" I
don't doubt that, but this is you I'm talking to. See? You've got to
come that way, because there's no short cuts. You're disqualified at
the judgment. You come the one way. There's only one way, and Christ is
that Way. Christ is the Word that lives in you that verifies everything
that He promised in its season. See? You get that? All right.

Notice. Now, some say, "These people are good." Sure. I don't say
they're not good people. I don't say St. Cecilia and all them wasn't
good women; so was my mother. But I sure don't pray to her. Certainly
not. But I've seen lots of good people, but they're not goddess;
they're women. Men… There's only one Mediator between God and man.
And why, why would a man, a Pentecostal world man… That circular
letter that Brother duPlessis, our precious brother got circular…
Many of you… Some of you has got it. Set (Yeah, you got it.) in the
Ecumenical Council by the side of the Pope and said it was very
spiritual. That's discernment of spirit, isn't it? "Oh, the Spirit of
the Lord was there." Very spiritual…

There you are. Why? Because it's a opportunity to unite the Protestants
and that together, which we have fought for for years, and the Bible
has stood for and told us that would come. And our–one of our greatest
leaders comes right in, said, "That's right. What we do." And the whole
Protestant church is falling for it.
And just exactly, if you'll look up there THUS SAITH THE LORD… First
the Word said it, then the Spirit of the Lord said, in 1933, that told
all these other things about the nations going to war and how the
machines would be and everything like that said, that's exactly what
would happen at the end. And here it is. It's never failed. And here we
see it shaping up.

You remember my sermon on Jezebel religion not long ago? You remember
Elisha coming down the road that morning to tell them that… I
preached on that. See? And how I predicted then that the time would
come when this Ecumenical Council would finally become the mark of the
beast, because it would unite with the beast. It's doing it. In my age
I've lived to see it. And hear the Protestants by the millions fall for
it. Why? That's what they're looking for. They're blind.
Jesus told those Pharisees, "You blind, leaders of the blind. If the
blind leads the blind," He said, "won't they all fall in the ditch?"
And that's where they fall. How could I ever believe that a man that
stood with me and talked with me could ever set and make a remark like
that? See? It's hid, the eyes–from the wise and prudent, and revealed
it to babes such as will learn.

36-3 I know someday that's going to cost me my life. That's right. It's going to, but here the truth is being knowed.

First one to die for this Holy Ghost plan,

Was John the Baptist (but he didn't shirk); He died like a man.

Then came the Lord Jesus,

They crucified Him;

He preached that the Spirit would save man from sin. (Is that right?)

Then they stoned Stephen,

He preached against sin.

He made them so angry;

They dashed his head in.

But he died in the Spirit,

He gave up the Ghost;

And went to join the others,

That Life giving host.

There's Peter and Paul and John the Divine.

They give up their lives so the Gospel could shine. (What did they do?)

They mingled their blood with the prophets of old,

So the true Word of God would honest be told.

Souls under the altar were crying "How long?"

For the Lord to punish all that's done wrong.

But there's going to be more that'll give their life's blood (Yep, that's right.)

For this Holy Ghost Gospel,

And its crimson flood.

Just keeps dripping with blood. (Yes. It'll do it someday, but I'm waiting that hour, when it's finished.)

Some sister just had a dream. She sent it to me. Said, "I seen them,
that church, fixed a way, was going to kill me secretly. Sometime when
I'm getting out of my car and going in, it'll be fired, when…" but
said, "then the Spirit said, 'Not at this time, but it'll come later.'"
God forbid that I compromise on anything. I know nothing but Jesus
Christ and Him crucified. We're living in a horrible day. Sin has did
this. Yeah, they stoned Stephens. They had John's head cut off; she
did. I don't know how we'll give ours, but it'll be someday.

All right. Notice. In St. John (if you want to know that Scripture on
that), St. John 6:49, is where they eat manna, and Jesus said, "And
they're everyone dead."
Say, "Well, my–my sister, I–I seen this woman dance in the Spirit."
Oh, yeah, yeah. Uh-huh. I seen them do that. "I seen her speak in tongues. I've seen her…"
Yes. Jesus said, "Many will come to Me in that day and say, 'I've done
all these things.' (See?) They eat manna in the wilderness," Jesus
said, "And they're every one eternally separated." They're dead. That's
eternally gone. They perished right there in the wilderness.

You remember Hebrews the 6th chapter: Ones that was once made known the
truth and refused to walk in it, there's no more repentance for them.
See? A borderline… When the truth is presented to a person for the
last time and they refuse to receive it (according to the Book of
Hebrews. See?), they will–there's not even nothing in the world that
can ever save them. They're finished. No repentance, no redemption,
there's nothing left for them. They're eternally separated. The Bible
said so. "Looking for the fearful fire and indignation which shall
devour the adversary." And when truth of the Gospel has been proven,
thoroughly a vindicated, and then turn around and walk from it, they're
finished. That's all. It's awful, but I have to tell it.
Remember the angels which kept not their first estate, but left there
in that prison house in darkness where the world is walking today in
that same prison, there's no repentance.

Remember a few years ago, I said, when I come down from Chicago,
"Either America will receive it this year, or she won't receive it at
all." See where she's gone? See? Now, I wonder if the Third Pull could
be? Oh, God, may it be far from it. Is that what the Third Pull is for?
Could that be? Oh, oh my, think of it, friends, think of it. I don't
like to. Jesus said, "This kind of hypocrisy…" (If you want to put
that down, Matthew 23:7, I–I got here, "Read that," but you can see),
"You blind Pharisees…?…"

Have you got just a couple of minutes to give me? Let's see. Let's just
turn to that, 'cause I said read it. There was something there that I
want to read just before… Now, I'll maybe cut something else out, but
just–let's just get this, just a minute: Matthew 23, just a minute.
All right, and we're going to begin at the 27th verse. Just listen.
Now, you read the whole thing when you go home, if you will. Just a few
more minutes. Now, watch here. Matthew 23 and begin at the 27th verse:

Woe unto you, scribes… (Now, remember this is holy men He's talking to.)… Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres… (that's dead people, see?)… whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness. (Hypocrisies and envies and strife on the inside of them; outside, "I'm Dr. so and so." See?)

Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men,… (Look at the Ecumenical Council and the Pentecostals setting there.)… but within you're full of hypocrisy and iniquity. (What
is iniquity? Something you actually know is right and you won't do it.
Jesus… Now, watch what He–what generation He puts this on then.)

Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees,
hypocrites! because you build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish
the sepulchres of the righteous. (See? All of the prophets…)

And say, If we had been in them days of our fathers, we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets. ("We would've believed the Word of the Lord if we'd lived back there." Watch.)

Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets.

Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. (That's just what's taking place. Now, watch what He says here.)

Ye serpents, and… generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell? (How can you do it?)

Now, he's talking to ministers (See? That's right), holy men. How can
you stand and know the Bible predicts and tells them people not to do
that, and you can stand and compromise for a few lousy stinking
dollars? Or some popularity and somebody pat you on the back and call
you a "Doctor."
How can you say you love those people? I'm preaching on tapes
too…?… See? How can you–how can you say you love those people and
let a thing like that take place? If you–you Pharisees, you blind, you
serpents, you generation of vipers, how are you going to escape the
damnation of hell when you…? How can a man today that knows that
these things are wrong, and stand there to hold his congregation, to
make his denomination grow and fail to tell women and men? How are you
going to escape the wrath of hell when it was made for you? How are you
going to do it? See? Listen, listen here. What is it going to be?

Therefore,… (34th verse)… behold, I will send unto you prophets,… ("I will" in the future. There's your Pharisees coming back again. See?)
wise men,… scribes: and some of them you shall kill and crucify; and
some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them
from city to city:

He predicted He would send them prophets with the Word of the Lord, and
what would they do? The same thing their fathers did because that's
what you are. See? Spirits don't die. Men that's possessed of them die,
but spirits don't die. He said, "You're the children; you're the ones."
Just notice how these things are.

How that St. Paul stood there (You believe he was a prophet?) and
condemned women to bob their hair, condemned their organizations,
announced that every man that wasn't baptized in the Name of Jesus
Christ must come and be baptized over again. That's right.
And today they compromise and sweeten it around. They don't know no
different though. It's pitiful. If the hour is over… I might say
this: (See?) They were blind, predestinated to be blind. God, be
merciful. They couldn't see it. Jesus said, "You're blind. You blind
scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites. When you read the same Word that
all of them has read, and here you come and condemn Me, and I'm exactly
what the Word said that it would be in this day. I was to be the
Messenger of this day. I'm the Messiah," He said in so many words; "I'm
the Messiah, and have I failed to prove it? If I haven't done what was
written of Me, then condemn Me. And you blind Pharisees, lead your
people right off into a thing like that and send the whole bunch…"
Said, "Well, the blind leads the blind." Said, You're…"

40-2 You said, "Oh, if we would've lived back in the time of St. Paul, yeah, I'd have took sides with St. Paul."
hypocrites, why don't you take the side with his doctrine? You'd have
done the same thing then you done now, for you're the children of your
fathers, your organizational fathers, Pharisees, Sadducees, and
self-righteous… That's–that's it. I tell you in that hour that we
live; I wonder if this could be the Third Pull. Just a minute now.
Jesus said, "This kind receives greater damnation." See?

Isn't it awful? As a great American one time, when the enemy was about
to take this country, there's a man in the midnight hour jumped up on a
horse and rode down the road, screaming, "The enemy's coming." It's
Paul Revere. I'm an American too, and I'm riding this midnight hour,
not saying, "The enemy's coming!" but, "He's here." He ain't coming;
he's already here; he's done conquered. I'm afraid it's over:
conquering–this midnight hour.

Remember, at Tucson, the seven Angels, what the message was? The
finishing of the mystery of God. Immediately after that, coming down
the range… You all have heard about the mountains. Notice. Brother
Fred got some pictures of it, and Brother Tom, and I got some pictures,
some movies. (I think we're going to show you here someday, show you
just where it was at.)
You all know the story. Watch–the three peaks. He said, "There's your First, Second, and Third…"

And Brother Fred got an outstanding picture of it when he and Sister
Martha passed: The clouds had come up from the moisture of the ground
and had hid all the rest of them, and just showing the three pulls, one
here, one here, and one there. See? The seven… Watch.

The first three; three is perfection. That's when the ministry went
forth. The Second Pull was the discernment of spirits of prophecy.
First was the healing of the sick; the second was the prophecy that
went forth, that knowed the secret of the thoughts, when the Word
Itself was made manifest, which, that's grace. But remember, the
seventh is the finish. Could this be the finish pull? It's all over.
Could it be? Think of it now. Just think where you're at. See? Seven is
always the finish–Three Pulls.

Jesus' ministry consisted of three pulls. Did you know that? Notice. Be
sincere if you ever was in your life now for a minute, few minutes. His
First Pull was healing the sick. He become a very popular Man.
Everybody believed Him, seemed like. Is that right? When He went forth
healing the sick, everybody wanted Him in their church, but one day He
turned around and started prophesying, for He was the Word. And He was
the Prophet that Moses spoke of.
And when He went to tell them, and telling how they was living and the
things they were doing, He become very unpopular. That was His Second
Pull. I wonder if it has typed right back again? Just think a minute.
Could it be? The first, healing everybody, the second… Oh, "It could
be Jesus Only. It could be Beelzebub; it could be…" That's the same
thing they did there. See? Same spirits living in the same kind of
people, condemned people that could never be saved because they were
condemned before… They…

Like Judas Iscariot, born of the son of perdition. You say, "Judas?"
Sure. Remember, he was very religious. But he couldn't go all the way
with the message. He could take part of it; but the rest of it, he
couldn't stomach. They can take healing and things like that, but when
it comes to God speaking squirrels into existence, then that's too deep
for them: "Can't be." That was Judas. His spirit can live right up to
that spot. He can't go it after that. See?
They could take Moses all right when he opened the Red Sea and so forth
like that, but when it come down to telling they wasn't–all the rest
of them wasn't to do this, or that, or the other, "He makes hisself a
God over us." See? They couldn't go that–Korah and them; so they had
to have an organization, so God just swallowed them up.

Jesus' ministry, when He was healing the sick, He was so wonderful.
"That young Prophet of Galilee, why, He makes the blind to see. He's
even raised the dead. We got three cases of it. He actually raised the
But one day He turned around; He said, "You generation of vipers. You
make the outside of the platter clean. You appear to be holy, but the
inside of you, you're nothing but a bunch of snakes."
Oh, when that prophecy went forth, condemning that organization, then
it changed. They turned against Him. That's right. And finally, by
rejecting Him, they crucified Him. But you can't kill the ministry; it
lives on. You can put the messenger to sleep, but you can't put the
message. That's right. He lived on.

And notice, when the Third Pull of His ministry come, the First was
healing the sick, the Second was rebuking their organizations and
prophesying what they had done, what they were, and what was coming:
what is, what is–will come, what was–what is and will come. That's
what He done. Is that right? But His Third Pull was when He preached to
the lost that couldn't be saved no more. They were down there where
them big painted eyes was. Preached to the souls in hell that did not
accept mercy, but were eternally separated from the Presence of God;
yet they had to recognize it; what He was, because God made Him there.
Wonder if His ministry climbs out the same way in the last days. As it
was, "As the Father sent Me, so send I you. The works that I do shall
you also."

Lost, could never be saved, they had rejected mercy. That was His Third
Pull. Now, is there any question? His First Pull, He healed the sick.
Is that right? His Second Ministry, He was prophesying. His Third
Ministry was preaching to the eternal lost. The three mountains and so
forth–the lost, eternal.

Noah's ministry, all ministries done the same. Noah preached. That is
exactly right. He went into the ark, and when he went into the ark,
there was seven days that nothing happened. His testimony preached to
the doomed… Sodom and Gomorrah, Jesus referred to both them as coming
'fore the coming of the Son of man, so shall it be like the days of
Noah, so shall it be in like it was in the days of Sodom.
He referred to Noah. Noah had Three Pulls, and his third was to the
lost after the door was shut. For God let him set right there where
nobody could enter or go out. They were inside for… On the seventh
mountain, the highest mountain, that's where He settled the ark,
mountain. See? That right?

In the days of Sodom, the First Pull was to righteous Lot. And the
Bible said, "The sins of Sodom vexed his righteous soul daily," how
them women acted and done. You remember, "As it was in the days of
Noah…" What was they doing? Eating, drinking, marrying, giving in
marriage: women (See?), women. What was the days of–of Sodom? Women.
And the first message was Lot. They laughed him to scorn.
Then He sent another messengers, two of them, and they went down. That
was His Second Pull for Lot–for Sodom. But look at that one that went
last. Just more and more mercy; it was all over then–all over at that
time. That third Messenger that went down there, the Third Pull, what
was He? What kind of a ministry did He have? He set with the elected
and told them what was taking place behind Him. Is that right? But when
He stepped off into Babylon–or into Sodom, He wanted to find… Even
Abraham crying, "If I could find fifty righteous…" on down to ten
God said, "Yes, find ten righteous…"

Let me tell you something, sister, just a minute. You might be old
fashion, but you've got something these sex queens hasn't got. You've
got something that she can never have. That's right. You might be old
fashion in your dressing, and dress up like a lady. They might say,
"Look at that old holy-roller." Don't you worry. She's got something
that that little old sex queen, that's got all the world looking at her
out there, she hasn't got. She can never have it. She's lost eternally.
She's doomed. See? She's never…

You've got moral; you've got virtue. She's got nothing. She's got a
bait that traps the lost souls into hell. The blind walks into it. And
you got something. "You know you might not be even in our church book."
But it might be your righteous life that's holding the wrath of God
from the world today. The world won't believe it. You woman that's
called holy-roller, you little men that don't hardly know anything, but
you cry to God day and night for the sins of the country, you might be
the one that's holding off the wrath. "If I can find ten, I'll spare
it. If I find ten…"
"As it was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be." See what I mean? Not,
"If I can find ten Methodists, if I can find ten Baptists, if I can
find ten Pentecostals, if I can find ten athletes, if I can find ten
senators, if I can find ten ministers," but, "if I can find ten
There's One righteous; that's Christ, Christ living in one of them–them ten. See? "I'll spare it."

But that last messenger preached to the doomed. He went down there. The
Scripture doesn't say what happened, but the fire fell the next
morning. That's right. After He'd performed those signs, immediately
after He performed His prophecy ministry, "Why did Sarah laugh?"
She said, "I didn't."
Said, "Yes, you did." See?
Now, immediately after that, He entered Babylon or went down into
Sodom. He never found them, so the fire fell. He found Lot and his two
daughters, said, "Get out of here right now." It went out. He went down
there. You remember. He was on His road down. He had sent messengers
before Him, but He went down Himself, (That's right.) to find out if
all this thing was so, and He found it full of what? Painted-faced

The message to the doomed, what did they do? Laughed at it. What do
they do today? The same thing. "I belong to the Assemblies." "I belong
to the Oneness." "I–I–I danced in the Spirit." "Glory to God, I speak
in…" Now, go ahead. "I'll cut my hair if I want to." "I'll do this."
"I'll–I'll just say this." "I don't have to be baptized in Jesus'
Name. Now, I don't care what they say. Paul's an old woman hater
anyhow. That's it." All right. Go ahead.
One of these days, if you haven't already, you'll cross that line.
You'll never desire no more to do what's right. Did you hear what I
said? It's a matter… Brother, sister, do you realize what's been
said? You'll cross that line, and you'll never want to do it. You'll
still hear the Gospel; sure, but you'll never accept it. You can't
accept it. But the Gospel will be preached to the doomed, those that
are eternally lost, can't get saved no more. You're already in that
spot and don't know it. You think you're living in pleasure and dead
while you're alive. Oh.

Listen. All those who rejected the message of the hour before doom…
The Gospel was preached to the doomed first before they went, without
Noah shut up, was a testimony. God shut the door after his Third Pull.
After the Third Pull at Sodom, the doors was shut. There was no more
mercy. The ten couldn't be found. And the lost had the Gospel preached
that could not be saved, because it was yet… Been that way in every
age; every age reject the message before judgment. Have they done it
again? Is that appearing of that Pillar of Fire down yonder on the
river? Is that appearing alone in the message of cutting the women, and
throwing the places where it should be, and rebuking those ministers
who takes the place with the denomination instead of staying on the
Word, when God's thoroughly a-vindicated that it's Him and not some
poor ignorant unlearned thing like a man. It's God. And have we now
come to the spot that the Third Pull would return again to the lost

Was that what that vision was give me as a little bitty boy out yonder?
And I have went West, and there's the golden Cross of the Gospel
shining down and has declared the sign from heaven just exactly. You
remember, the Cross was in a panoramic like a–like a pyramid also,
built. Could it be that it's the Head part where it's ended and started
and here come up to the Headship, like the pyramid come up through
Luther, Wesley, Pentecost, and them there… Capping of the stone,
could it be that? If that's it, where are we at?

This might… I hope it isn't, but it's got to be. It's going to be.
Just remember, them ministries has to… They always dovetail just the
same with the other one. It had to come then; God don't change. Think
of it. Bite your conscience with your spiritual teeth and find out
where we're at. What if it is, and you're still the way you are? Then
you just might as well walk… You're finished. Them that's outside,
after the Book is taken by the Lamb, the Sixth Seal is revealed and all
the seals, it's over. It could be. I hope it isn't; it could be.

All right. Now, is that why this Third Pull has lingered so long? You
notice the First Pull and the Second Pull went from one to the other. I
predicted, you remember, when I first started about the First, and I
said, "There'll come a time that I'll even know the secrets of the
heart." You remember. How many… Why, all of you remember that in my
meetings around. And one night I'd just walked into Regina, up there,
and walked on the platform, Brother Baxter there, several thousand
people, and a man walked up on the platform, and there it was. And from
that it's been the same.

But it's been years since I come off the field, four, about five years
since I come off… What is it? What's done this? Is that been why it
was like it was in the beginning in Genesis, "God's long-suffering"?
Remember, when He made the world, the seventh day He made nothing. He
rested. See? God was long-suffering in that sixth year, not willing
that any should perish, but all might come to repentance. God was
Again also in Genesis 15:16 (if you want to put it down) 16:15, He told
Abraham, over in that land of the Amorites, their iniquity (They were
Gentiles now.), "I can't take you in there right now, because the
iniquity of the Amorites, the Gentiles, is not fulled up yet, but I
will judge them. I'll come in that fourth generation, and then I'll
judge that nation with a rod of iron." Is that right?

Has it been so long that God's long-suffering, the ministry constantly,
through tape and everything else has combed across the world to see if
there's one more; but maybe that last one come in just recently. Has it
been the iniquity that's been–been so long? If Jesus is the same
(which He is, Hebrews 13:8.), His message must be the same; (fixing to
close) His action must be the same.

If the First and Second Pull is without question… Is there a question
in your mind about the First and Second Pull? Did it come to pass just
like He said? Then why question the Third? Why would you question…
The first two was identified by the Scripture. I've proved to you this
morning that the Third's identified by the Scripture too. Look upon the
world and see where she's at. Look how they have rejected the truth,
and how it's been properly identified, the prophecy part. Now, where
are we at? Oh God, be merciful. Now, that makes my heart bleed on the
inside. What about it? Where we at?

Remember these seven peaks up there… They could tell you. There's not
another peak beyond that; it's on the Continental Divide. It goes right
into the deserts from there on: eternity sets in. Seven peaks, right on
the Continental Divide, that's the right, between right and wrong. And
at the end of that, the Third Pull was the last pull of the range. Is
that right?

All right. Noah went in, then after seven days nothing happened. See?
In seven days the judgment come. If only… Listen now, in closing. If
only in Noah's time, they would've knew that sign, if they would've
only knowed… (I'm going to close.) If they would've only knowed that
sign, the world in that day, that God proves here by the reading of the
Scriptures awhile ago, He destroyed them people… Not without mercy,
mercy was sent to them by a prophet. They wouldn't believe it. God's
merciful, but He sent mercy, but they wouldn't receive it. He always
sends mercy first.
What if they would've known that sign was the end time sign? And when
they seen all at once, salvation let up… nobody… See? The first
thing you know, the door's closed. If they… There was only one person
knowed that sign; that was Noah and his group. That was the only one
know. When that door swung together, Noah knew it. Noah knew that was
the finish. He knew it. That's right. If they only knew the sign… Oh,
if they would've only knew that sign.

When they seen this One coming there that had been up there with
Abraham; if they'd have only knew that that modern Billy Graham of that
day went down there, him and an Oral Roberts, and preached that message
to them blinded people… If they'd only known, them old righteous
Methodists and Baptists, back yonder, had been a sign to them of that
day–Lot, when the sins vexed their very soul…
Then what did the Methodists and Baptists turn into? Like Lot did, same
thing. But the righteous out of there come out. Sure. What if it was
when Billy Graham went down… "pulling up for a decision" chewing,
chewing gum, punching one another and laughing, bobbed hair, painted-up
faces, and not even making a bit of move about it… Come back the next
day, and Billy said, "I have thirty thousand. Come back in a year, and
I ain't even got thirty."
"Oh, I made a decision. I–I ain't going to hell; I'm going to heaven." See? Wading right on in sin… If they'd have only…

And then, the Gospel being preached in the power and signs and wonders,
with the Pillar of Fire over it, and everything going on just exactly,
and predicted and said out… If they'd have… They said, "Bunch of
holy-rollers, mental telepathy, some kind of a witch spirit, a devil.
That's all it is. Don't you believe. It's not in our organization. We
don't have nothing to do with that."
If they'd have only knew the sign, they'd only knowed… Jesus said,
"If you'd have only knowed your day, Jerusalem. If you could only
recognize," but said, "now you're left to your own. If you'd have
only… O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how oft I would've hovered you as a hen
would her brood, from the judgments that is to come, but you didn't
know your day. You that stoned the prophets and killed the righteous,
if you'd only knowed your day. If you had only knowed and had been up
on your Scripture and know that My coming was a sign of your end…
Now, you're blind. Now, you been rebuked. Your time is over." And it
was. That's right. "If you'd only know the time…"

Look, when Jesus made that declaration, the world went right on. The
world went right on normally. Why? For they knew not their day–hour.
The world went right on when Noah went into the ark; the world moved
right on. The scoffers in that day, they still had sex parties. They
still eat, drink, married, done the things they do today, just exactly,
normally. "Ah, that old holy-roller closed the door. You know. Did you
ever hear such a thing? Oh, ha. You know what he says? We're all going
to be drowned. Nonsense. Where's the water at?"
Scoffers, in the days of Noah. "So shall it be in the coming of the Son
of man." All right. Noah knew the sign. Same thing in the days of Lot,
same things in the days of Jesus; so is it today. They'd scoff their
last times: same at Sodom. They never knew when that messenger was
standing there, message from God. They only laughed at them and tried
to pervert them to their own acts. Is that right? "Come in and join us;
be one of us." Is that right? "Come in and join us; be one of us.
You'll be one of the boys. Come on. Join us." See?

They never knew their sign. They didn't know that when that message was
going on that the very… They couldn't see it, that the fire and wrath
and judgment of God of fire blazes of brimstones was kindling in the
skies. They couldn't see it. The messengers could. Lot knew it too. He
knew it was there. Certainly. Same as it is today, just the same thing.
Wrath is kindling; atomic bombs are hanging. Everything's at the end.
It's the same now.
Look, people. Listen. Did you know… You say, "Brother Branham, oh,
what about all of it?" You know, people can go right on preaching the
Gospel like they always did: what they call the Gospel. It could be
over. They did in the days of Noah. They did in the days of Lot. They
did in the days of Jesus. That right? Even the Jews, after Jesus told
them that the wrath… "You're done; you're finished. There's no more.
You're finished."
Oh, they said, "That holy-roller. What school did he come from? Where did he come…"
That… You remember, He was ready then for His Third Pull. That's right. He said, "How oft would I have hovered you."

Lot made his last call; I mean, the angel did, the messenger, ever who
he was: God, represented for this day. God represented in human flesh
made the last sign, performed the last duty. It was all over then.
Noah preached his last sermon. The door closed behind him. That was
all. They laughed at it and made fun of it. Think. The people can go
right on preaching. The Ecumenical Council can join up with the
Catholic church just as they promised to. All the organizations can
come on. But the mark of the beast is already there. They've take in
then. And they say, "Oh, hallelujah, bless God. There were so many got
saved last night." They did?
"They danced in the Spirit; they spoke in tongues." That don't mean one thing. See?
"Oh, they're meek and gentle and humble. Yes, sir. They got the fruit
of the Spirit." That's no sign, not a bit. Let me give you the fruit of
the Spirit between Jesus and the Pharisees: See which one had the fruit
of the Spirit. What if I stood, as I started to say awhile ago, against
Christ now for a minute? God forgive me for even saying it (See?), but
just to show you something.

What if I come to you and said, "Say, you congregation, who is your
friend? Who shows the fruit of the Spirit? Your kind old priest. Who
comes to you in the hospital when you're sick? Your gentle old priest.
That's right. Who is it that always loans you some money when you're up
against it, in a tight place? You members of his congregation, don't
you go to your kind old priest, and he loans you money?" See?
"Who is it that's always loving and kind and showing the fruit of the
Spirit? Your kind old priest. Who is it that's studied for years and
years in the synagogues down yonder, where his great great great great
great great grandfather come from, all the way down? Who is it that
studied and worked hard and got doctor's degrees and Ph.D's and LL.D's
to know this Word, and stand here and deliver it to you every Sunday
morning in his congregation? Your kind old priest."

"Who is this renegade called Jesus? What school did he come from? What
school is he out of? Where is his fellowship card? What organization
does he belong to? What does he do when you all have a family argument?
Who comes to you? Your kind old priest. They'll try to… And you have
an argument against your neighbor over here, and your kind old priest
comes and makes you up. Said, 'You all are children of God. You
shouldn't do that.'"
"That's what he… What's this Jesus of Nazareth does–tears the thing
up. What does He do–lamblast your organization. What does He do?
Called your priest a blind leader of the blind. He called him a snake
in the grass. He took the sacrifice that God ordained, and kicked the
tables over, and throwed the money out, and looked upon them with
anger. Did you ever see your priest look like that? Now, where's the
fruit of the Spirit?" See?

Not by speaking in tongues, not by dancing in the Spirit, not by
joining the church, not by fruit of the Spirit (Christian Science can
out smother any of you on that, see, and deny even Jesus Christ was
Divine.); not that, but it's the Word living. There it is. If they
would've looked, He was Messiah. He was the living Word made manifest.
And a man that's got the Spirit of God in him, or woman, lives–that
Word lives right out in them. That's the heart beat, the predestinated.
For the Word of the Lord comes to them, and they are the Word to the
people: written Epistles read of all men. Is that right? Could the
Third Pull be on?

Tape people, that's you that's listening to this tape, I wish you could
look at this congregation at this time. I hope you're feeling the same
way. What if it is? Look at the Scriptures piled in here. Could it be?
Is the Third Pull to preach to the eternal doomed that's rejected the
message of salvation? "Why," you say, "the church is going…"
Yeah, they will. They'll go right on just the same. But remember, all
this time Noah was in the Ark. The Bride is sealed in with Christ. The
last member has been redeemed. Sixth Seal has produced itself. The
Seventh Seal brings Him back to earth. The Lamb come and took the Book
out of the right hand of Him and set down and claimed what He owned,
what He had redeemed. That right? It's always been that Third Pull.

Three is perfection. The ministry come to its perfection when it
reproduced Christ again in natural amongst human beings as was
predicted, "As it was in the days of Lot." Oh, think, people could go
right on preaching, thinking they're getting saved, believing they're
doing right, believing their organizations are growing (Sure.), and not
even a ray of hope. And if that vision was that, and it's been so hard
against women, we have come to that hour. Door's closed, gone. Already
the Book is in His hand. Think of it.

Let me tell you this just before' closing now. I'm closing. It was told
about in Ireland, facing the waters. There's a great reef that goes
down along the side of the bank, and upon this great hill, and there
was a man going, walking along there one day, just–just at the time
for the tides to come in. And there was a noble man who lived on the
hill that knowed these tides. He knowed the time of day that the tides
was supposed to come. He knew what time the tide set in. This guy
didn't care what time…
He was one of these know-it-alls. He had his own idea. He was an
athletical man, smart, intelligent fellow; but he just didn't know the
time of the tide. He didn't know the country. He didn't know the time
the sign was right, when the moon had dropped its back from the earth.

And when God ever drops His Spirit from the earth, brother, she's gone.
It's all over. If that moon would ever move out of its place, the
waters would cover the earth like it was when God started it in Genesis
1. But the moon set there; and when it just even turns its head, the
tides start running in.
This wise old man who lived there in the presence of it knowed what
time that was. This guy didn't know. He never studied it. He didn't
care about it. And this wise old man run out and said, "My good man,
darest thou go any farther? Turn back quickly. There's a wall. You
can't get up the wall. You'll perish. The–it's… The signs are on.
The time, the–the tide will gush in all at once, and you cannot
return. Don't go any farther."
And the man turned around and laughed at him, said, "Go, take care of
your own business. I know what I can do and what I can't." And the
tides caught him.

It may be later than we think. See? It'll catch you. Don't go any
farther. Don't you do it, people. If you've always believed in me as
being God's servant, take my word this morning, if you ever did. It
might be already too late. So much Scripture shows it that way. Now,
remember, I don't say that it is. I don't know; but just look. And I've
cut off about ten pages here, that I was afraid to tell you. See? Mrs.
Wood is a record of that, Mr. Wood. And I went down this morning to see
them; I said, "I–I can't tell them, can't go that far. I just put this
much Scripture and leave it with them, 'cause it's going to be taped."
It was going to people that'll laugh at this message. It's all right.
It'll be past turning back one of these days. Go on. Just be a church
member. Cut off your hair; paint your face. Go on and take Father, Son,
and Holy Ghost, if you want to, that. Make it three gods and be a
heathen. Go on. Stick to your organization. Do so, if you want to. Say,
"I danced in the Spirit. I spoke with tongues. I got it."

I've seen devils do the same thing. I've seen witches speak in tongues
and interpret it, and write in unknown tongues and interpret it, who'd
drink blood out of a human skull, and called on the devil, danced in
the spirit. The Mohammedans dance in the spirit, like that, until they
can take splinters and run it under their fingers, and take a lance and
run it through their face, like that, and pull it out and not even a
drop of blood will come out of it. The Indians will walk on fire,
bare-footed, three foot deep, and four–three or four foot across,
blow, wave coals till they're white hot, and never get a scorch on
their feet, and deny there is such a thing as Jesus Christ.

No, no, friends. It's the Word that tells it. The people and the Word
has got to be one. See? Jesus and the Word was the same; He was the
Word. And when Jesus lives in the human being, that makes him and the
Word the same. No, your life tells what you are. Now, just look at
yourself in God's looking glass, say, "How do I look this morning?"
While we pray. [Tongues and prophecy go forth–Ed.]

… wandered far away from God,

Now, I'm coming (Pray if you ever did pray)

Open wide Thine arms of love,

Lord, I'm coming home.

Coming home,…

While you continue singing, I want to ask you something. Is there a
spot in your heart that seems to be darkened by sin? If it is, now is
the time to get rid of it, right now, if there is mercy left. This, I
hope, isn't so. I hope it isn't there. But doesn't it look like it
could be?
Listen what the Holy Spirit said in the midst of the people, after I
got through. It's a voice unto you. And if there's… If you've got any
darkness on your life, won't you come right here around the altar now,
while we continue to sing. Right now, if there's a weary, if there's a
spot, don't put it off any longer. Hoping and trusting that this is not
so, but it will be one of these days, and it might be today.

Now, Lord, I'm come…

With the breath of your nostrils right around you, if the tape people
could only see what's going on right here now, just crowding over one
another, crying, coming from everywhere. Could that vision, when I was
a little boy… Is it the hour? Is this the time? When them weary
looking, gloomy, hell being created right here on earth.
Altars and aisles and everything are filled now. If you can't get
around the altar and aisles anywhere amongst these hundreds here, just
stand up if you… Say, "I want to stand and pray just that the people
might know." Or kneel, whatever you want to…
Oh, my. Now, you can't hardly see anyone setting down, and people
standing everywhere. May I say this: God forbid. God forbid that what
I've said is now. May I understand it, everybody. God forbid that… I
got children that's not in. I've got two daughters and a son. I've got
brothers. I've got my people that's not in. God forbid that grace has
left us, that all this will only be pretending.
Is there grace left, Lord? Let me be wrong on this, Lord. Let it be
wrong at this time, that I–it isn't, that people still can be saved.
Grant it, Lord. I pray and commit this audience to You now in the Name
of Jesus Christ.

Everybody pray now, just like… What if it was? Now, I don't know that
it is, but what if it was? You pray in your way. Now, just pray the way
you want to pray. Just what if this was the truth. What would we do,
friends? What would we do? What's going to happen?
Now, pray, everybody. Just…?… Just pray the way you want to. Just cry right out to God in your own way. Oh, God.

… Thine arms of love,

Oh Lord, I'm coming home.

Lord, I intended to do it a long time ago. Have I waited too long,
Lord? Is this… is it over? Oh God, open Your arms of love and receive
me. There's something in my heart begging for it, Lord. Open once more.
If my name was on the Lamb's Book, speak to me now, Lord. Let me
receive it right now. Please do, God.

Coming home, coming home,

Never (I'll never, no more, Lord) to more to roam,

Open wide Thine arms of love,

Oh Lord, I'm…

54-1 The Bible said when they recognized Jesus, that each one will weep like their only son being killed.

… home…

You outside, you in your cars by short wave, you that's standing around
the building, many of you just lean your head against the building,
say, "Lord God, be merciful to me."

Open… (Be dying sincere, friends. Think what time we're living. Where are we at?) love,

Lord, I'm now coming home.

Coming home…

Lord Jesus, I have done the best that I know how. I done all that I
know how. Grant, Lord, that the mercy doors are still open, of these
hundreds, literally hundreds, seeking Thee at this time. Take away
every sinful blot, Lord, and take them in today. I–I plead with all my
heart, as we see, not only somebody talking, but the Scripture Itself,
bringing us to this hour.
That vision when I was a little boy, seeing those people in that
condition, and now I think that hell itself… Mercy has been blotted
from the earth, and now hell itself is here. And the people, Lord, are
in this hideous condition. O mighty God, on this elected church, I
pray, God, that You'll pour out Your blessings, that they might receive
a–a ministry of testimony that like Lot had, like Noah had, like Jesus
had; unto the eternal lost, if it be there that they themselves are
sealed into the Kingdom of God, but giving witness to Jesus Christ,
being the same yesterday, today, and forever. Grant it, Lord. May You
receive our petitions as we plead in Jesus' Name.

Just pray the way you want to pray now. Don't be in no hurry. Don't be
in no hurry. What if you're the last name to go on the Book?

… I'm coming home.

Coming home, coming home…

Brother Neville, you walk up and pray for them. The pastor's going to pray with you now while you're praying. I'll sing.
[Brother Neville prays–Ed.]

Open wide…

Lord, I'm coming home, coming home.

Coming home,… [–Ed.]

I pray that You'll save Becky, and Sarah, and Joseph, and them too,
Lord. Don't let this happen to my children, Lord. Don't let it happen
to my brothers, my friends. Grant it, Lord. We don't know. We don't
know. But we're seeing something, Lord. Is–is it a shaking sign right
now before us? Grant it, Lord. Draw us all close to You, quickly, Lord.
We love You and we need You. Let it be, Father.
The Holy Spirit give us comfort in our hearts now. We pray that we
might be witnesses to You in this hour, for we know this has got to
happen. It's been predicted through the ages, and we must face it that
we're at the end-time when we see these signs appearing.
We know and have been told for many years now, that this thing shall
take place. Now, we see it right in our door. Great mighty wrath of
God, moving through the streets, taking out the uncircumcised, where
there's no blood on the door, the death angel visits. And they go right
on living, but dead while they're living, without mercy, without God,
and can never be saved.

God, how we thank You for these who are saved. How we… How… What a
great blessing it is to our hearts to be on the inside now under the
Blood, while that last Angel passes through the land, taking out
the–the ones that's out from under the Blood; they died without mercy.
That was Moses' last pull. First, a young man talking to Israel;
second, went down to deliver them; third, was the last message. The
miracles had been done. Moses was on his road to the promised land with
the redeemed. O God, be merciful, I pray in Jesus' Name.

Now, I'd like to ask this: You who are praying, you who feel that you
have mercy and that God… You feel that you're in the Kingdom of God,
you feel that–that you've been anchored somehow or other, that in
Christ you have faith to believe that you are a Christian, you're born
again, and you know that you're a Christian, and without doubt, I
wished you would all stand up, you that want–that believes that, that
mercy has been extended to you now, and you are a Christian, and
you–and you believe that–that the Blood is applied to your heart, and
you–and that you're forgiven of every sin.

This was a very hard thing to speak to you people. I'm so thankful to
see the people up from everywhere. And you… I–I so… I don't know
that this thing is true, but it's got to be that way sometime. See?
It's got to come to that, and it could be now. See? And every way, the
world will carry right on. People will still come to the altar; they'll
still cry out, but it won't do no good. See? It'll be gone. See? It'll
be over. There won't be no mercy. Remember that. "And the sanctuary
becomes smokey." "He that's filthy is filthy still, he that's righteous
is righteous still, and he that's holy is holy still."
There's no more mercy; when the Lamb takes the Book, that's it; that's
all of it; and it looks a whole lot like it could be now. Maybe we have
another day. Maybe today's that day. Maybe tomorrow is the last…
Maybe tonight's the last night. Maybe this is the last year. I don't
know, friends. I'm telling you. I don't know. It'll never be told me,
but when God takes that last name and redeems it from that Book of
Life, that's all of it.

See, there can't be anymore anyhow. There can't be no more anyhow.
That's all. It's finished. How many knows it's the truth?…?…
heart… It's the truth. Now, that we do feel… And I see that this
congregation that I've preached to and warned all these years and see a
message like this that I–that I–I brought in this amateur form… And
just remember, I say it so that you'll understand it: amateur form.
Some more things could've almost just shook you all to pieces (See?),
but I just omitted it. Felt to do it, 'cause I'm not sure, and if I'm
not sure where I'm treading, I'll tread easy. See? But just telling

Listen. Aren't you happy? Could there be anything greater that you
could think of that you've done in your life? What if it's over now?
What if it's all done, "Oh," you say, "Brother Branham, maybe…"
Yeah, I know. They could go right on. They did each time. I've
explained that and proved it by the Scripture. See? The world continued
rolling right on, but it was done. See? The foolishness of preaching
saves the lost. It's foolishness to man; it's the wisdom of God. See?
God is a Spirit. He works in spiritual ways (See?), His wonders to
perform–wondrous ways. But we are human; we are finite. We don't know.
We just look upon what we can see, but something within us…

When you walk out of that room here, if you never had seen it in your
life, never had seen daylight, you'd know that you passed from this
room here into a sunlight or something. It was warm. You could feel it.
If there's no sense of your body to declare it, you'd know, or no sense
of sight to see it, no way to see the green trees, to see the nature,
you didn't have sight, nobody ever had it, you'd know you'd be in the
presence of something; your feeling would tell you that. You know
that… If I try to tell you, "It's the sun; it reflects. It shows
things." See? You'd know that it was there because you could feel it
with your feelings. Is that right?

Now, we know that Christ is here. See? Maybe you don't see Him with
your eyes. See? Maybe you don't, but through vision, I tell you, He's
here. We feel It. We know there's something here that our senses
doesn't declare. It's a Spirit declares it, that Christ is here. I feel
that He has redeemed us. I feel that our names are on His Book. I
believe that we been redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb. I love you, and
I know you love one another.

Oh, blest be the tie that binds

Our hearts in Christian love;

The fellowship of kindred minds

Is like to that above.

We should always feel that way to one another (See?); we must. We must
feel that way to one another (See?), 'cause as we love one another, we
love God. Can you hate your brother who you have seen, and say you love
God Who you have not seen? We must love each other. Greater love has no
man than He that laid down His life for His enemy that they might
become His friends.

Oh, do you know that song, "Blest Be The Tie That Binds"? Isn't it
wonderful" Blest be the tie that… Would you give us a chord on that,
sister? Just let it play a minute… What if it's over? What if the
Third Pull, coming up now, is to preach to the lost? What if all the
types are going to show forth now, and we're in, and we're in? Wouldn't
that be wonderful? What a fellowship.

Oh, blest be the tie that binds (Here's what does it.)

Our hearts in Christian love;

The fellowship of kindred minds,

Is like…

What was that? Fellowship of kindred minds. Thy Kingdom come, Thine
will be done. See, we try to make God a mascot boy, an errand or
something. "God do this, do that."
Jesus said, "Pray, 'Thy Kingdom come. Thine will be done, in earth as it is heaven.'"
Then heaven is brought down to us, and we–we are brought up to heaven.
And we're setting in heavenly places now in Christ Jesus. We all
believe that message to be the truth: that Jesus Christ, the Son of God
redeemed us. Let's close our eyes now, and raise our hands while we
sing it.

Blest be the tie that binds

Our hearts in Christian love;

The fellowship of kindred minds

Is like to that above.

Now, not one smile, this is not smiling time. With the deepness of
sincerity, while that song is playing, let's shake hands with
them–somebody by you and say, "God bless you, Christian," with
sincerity. God bless you, Brother Neville. Fifty-nine years old… long
ways. God bless you, brother…?… Now, let's raise our hands up to

When we asunder part,

It gives us inward pain;

But we shall still be joined in heart,

And hope to meet again.

Now, let us bow our heads. And together, not knowing what the future
holds at this moment, not knowing but what it's over… I don't know. I
can't say. I can't say. I don't know. But in the face of what facts
that we have revealed this morning, let us pray the prayer that the
Lord told us to. Even if it is: Thy Kingdom come, Thine will be done.
Let us do it together.

Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come. Thine will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us of our trespasses, as we forgive those that trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptations, but deliver
us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory,
for ever. Amen.

Now, with our hearts bowed, the Bible said they sang a hymn and went
out. Remember, when they did that in the Scripture, it was because they
had crucified the ministry of our Lord's Second Pull, and the Third
Pull was ready to enter. A few hours after that, He ascended into hell
and preached to the lost that had rejected their mercy. A chord of "My
Faith Looks Up To Thee." My…

My faith looks up to Thee,

Thou Lamb of Calvary,

Saviour Divine!

Now, hear me while I pray,

Take all my sins away,

Nor let me…?… this day

Be wholly Thine!

While life's dark maze I tread,

And griefs around me spread,

Be Thou my Guide;

Bid darkness turn to day,

Wash sorrows, fears away,

O let me from this day

Be wholly Thine!

The Lord bless you, make His sun and grace to shine upon you, and the
Lord give you Eternal Life, and be with you here in this world, and the
world that is to come hereafter. In Life Eternal, may you serve Him all
through the aeons of time that is to come.
If this is the time, and we have arrived at that place, I am not
ashamed of what I have preached. And if each minister has to stand with
his congregation and be judged, as I saw in the vision, I'm thankful
for the Gospel that I've preached, because it's the same Gospel that
Paul and them preached.
I am happy for you. I am happy that you have received Christ as your
Saviour. Love Him and pray, and I'll see you this afternoon, the Lord
willing, at seven o'clock here at the church. God bless you. You're

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Souls That Are In Prison Now (63-1110M)



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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham
called Souls That Are In Prison Now
was delivered on Sunday morning, 10th November 1963 at the Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, Indiana, U.S.A.
The tape, number 63-1110M,
is 2 hours and 44 minutes, and consists of 2 cassettes. This message is available in book format (Volume 2, Number 22R).

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Thank you. Let's bow our heads just a moment. Heavenly Father, we are
grateful to Thee today for this privilege of assembling together one
more time, knowing that someday we will assemble for our last time as
mortals, and then we'll assemble in a glorified state with Thee; and
all the redeemed of all ages shall be assembled there.
Oh, our hearts beat high in great anticipation, waiting for that hour
to arrive. With that, all fears vanish from us. We have nothing to
fear, nothing to dread. We look forward to the promise that the eternal
God has made us, and we know that it's Truth. That is why we live. We
live for that–that hour, that time, when this mortal will be changed,
and we'll be made like Him and there'll be no more sickness, no more
sorrow, no more heartaches.

Oh, it'll all be over then. And with joy of heart, we in faith and
courage, we look forward for that day. That's why we're gathered here
today, Lord: To confess our wrongs and ask for mercy. That's why we
face this altar this morning, because that we know we're mortal, and
there's many mistakes in us, and we're full of fault. But we come to
confess our wrongs and then look to our heavenly Father with open
hearts, for the blessings and renewal of strength and faith, that He
would give us in this hour, as we have assembled here according to the
promise, "in heavenly places in Christ Jesus." For we claim that we
have passed from death unto Life by His promise, and we are caught up
in a heavenly atmosphere, setting with Him now.
May He teach us this morning the things that He'd have us to know. And
give us the Bread of Life that we might be sustained for the future
that lays before us. Grant it, Lord. This is our prayer that we ask in
Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. May be seated

Good morning to everyone. It's very good to be assembled here with you
again this morning in this heavenly atmosphere of worship.
Just a teeny bit late, we had a–some real, real bad calls just a few
minutes ago: a boy laying there dying; and just as sure as I'm standing
here, the Lord touched his body, sent him on the road. And a boy
standing here (which is my cousin's son.)… They were really Catholic
to begin with, but they went to mass this morning, and something told
them to come here, and so they… There's a change. So they're–they
are coming out to the house and prepare for water baptism.

So then there's a–there's just wonderful things that our Lord does all
the time. He's just constantly doing things. They come to get in, and
they couldn't get in. They said, "There was just no way to get in."
I said, "Well, do you want to talk to me?" And I said, "Just come on up to the house, and we'll talk that over there."


Souls That Are In Prison Now (63-1110M)



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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham
called Souls That Are In Prison Now
was delivered on Sunday morning, 10th November 1963 at the Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, Indiana, U.S.A.
The tape, number 63-1110M,
is 2 hours and 44 minutes, and consists of 2 cassettes. This message is available in book format (Volume 2, Number 22R).

The text is provided courtesy of Voice of God Recordings, Jeffersonville Indiana
Voice Of God Recordings
P.O. Box 950, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47131 U.S.A.
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Cloverdale Bibleway.

Thank you. Let's bow our heads just a moment. Heavenly Father, we are
grateful to Thee today for this privilege of assembling together one
more time, knowing that someday we will assemble for our last time as
mortals, and then we'll assemble in a glorified state with Thee; and
all the redeemed of all ages shall be assembled there.
Oh, our hearts beat high in great anticipation, waiting for that hour
to arrive. With that, all fears vanish from us. We have nothing to
fear, nothing to dread. We look forward to the promise that the eternal
God has made us, and we know that it's Truth. That is why we live. We
live for that–that hour, that time, when this mortal will be changed,
and we'll be made like Him and there'll be no more sickness, no more
sorrow, no more heartaches.

Oh, it'll all be over then. And with joy of heart, we in faith and
courage, we look forward for that day. That's why we're gathered here
today, Lord: To confess our wrongs and ask for mercy. That's why we
face this altar this morning, because that we know we're mortal, and
there's many mistakes in us, and we're full of fault. But we come to
confess our wrongs and then look to our heavenly Father with open
hearts, for the blessings and renewal of strength and faith, that He
would give us in this hour, as we have assembled here according to the
promise, "in heavenly places in Christ Jesus." For we claim that we
have passed from death unto Life by His promise, and we are caught up
in a heavenly atmosphere, setting with Him now.
May He teach us this morning the things that He'd have us to know. And
give us the Bread of Life that we might be sustained for the future
that lays before us. Grant it, Lord. This is our prayer that we ask in
Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. May be seated

Good morning to everyone. It's very good to be assembled here with you
again this morning in this heavenly atmosphere of worship.
Just a teeny bit late, we had a–some real, real bad calls just a few
minutes ago: a boy laying there dying; and just as sure as I'm standing
here, the Lord touched his body, sent him on the road. And a boy
standing here (which is my cousin's son.)… They were really Catholic
to begin with, but they went to mass this morning, and something told
them to come here, and so they… There's a change. So they're–they
are coming out to the house and prepare for water baptism.

So then there's a–there's just wonderful things that our Lord does all
the time. He's just constantly doing things. They come to get in, and
they couldn't get in. They said, "There was just no way to get in."
I said, "Well, do you want to talk to me?" And I said, "Just come on up to the house, and we'll talk that over there."


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Souls That Are In Prison Now (63-1110M)



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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham
called Souls That Are In Prison Now
was delivered on Sunday morning, 10th November 1963 at the Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, Indiana, U.S.A.
The tape, number 63-1110M,
is 2 hours and 44 minutes, and consists of 2 cassettes. This message is available in book format (Volume 2, Number 22R).

The text is provided courtesy of Voice of God Recordings, Jeffersonville Indiana
Voice Of God Recordings
P.O. Box 950, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47131 U.S.A.
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Fax (812) 256-6187

The tape in RealAudio and MP3 (as linked above) is supplied by
Cloverdale Bibleway.

Thank you. Let's bow our heads just a moment. Heavenly Father, we are
grateful to Thee today for this privilege of assembling together one
more time, knowing that someday we will assemble for our last time as
mortals, and then we'll assemble in a glorified state with Thee; and
all the redeemed of all ages shall be assembled there.
Oh, our hearts beat high in great anticipation, waiting for that hour
to arrive. With that, all fears vanish from us. We have nothing to
fear, nothing to dread. We look forward to the promise that the eternal
God has made us, and we know that it's Truth. That is why we live. We
live for that–that hour, that time, when this mortal will be changed,
and we'll be made like Him and there'll be no more sickness, no more
sorrow, no more heartaches.

Oh, it'll all be over then. And with joy of heart, we in faith and
courage, we look forward for that day. That's why we're gathered here
today, Lord: To confess our wrongs and ask for mercy. That's why we
face this altar this morning, because that we know we're mortal, and
there's many mistakes in us, and we're full of fault. But we come to
confess our wrongs and then look to our heavenly Father with open
hearts, for the blessings and renewal of strength and faith, that He
would give us in this hour, as we have assembled here according to the
promise, "in heavenly places in Christ Jesus." For we claim that we
have passed from death unto Life by His promise, and we are caught up
in a heavenly atmosphere, setting with Him now.
May He teach us this morning the things that He'd have us to know. And
give us the Bread of Life that we might be sustained for the future
that lays before us. Grant it, Lord. This is our prayer that we ask in
Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. May be seated

Good morning to everyone. It's very good to be assembled here with you
again this morning in this heavenly atmosphere of worship.
Just a teeny bit late, we had a–some real, real bad calls just a few
minutes ago: a boy laying there dying; and just as sure as I'm standing
here, the Lord touched his body, sent him on the road. And a boy
standing here (which is my cousin's son.)… They were really Catholic
to begin with, but they went to mass this morning, and something told
them to come here, and so they… There's a change. So they're–they
are coming out to the house and prepare for water baptism.

So then there's a–there's just wonderful things that our Lord does all
the time. He's just constantly doing things. They come to get in, and
they couldn't get in. They said, "There was just no way to get in."
I said, "Well, do you want to talk to me?" And I said, "Just come on up to the house, and we'll talk that over there."


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