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The Pillar of Fire

The Pillar of Fire Appears

Brother Branham had just finished ministering to the sick in a prayer line, at W.V. Grants Assembly, in Dallas, TX. March 8, 1964. Leaving the platform, he exited through a back door. A newspaper photographer asked permission to take a picture. Always the gentleman that he was, he graciously consented. The result was the picture shown to the left.

The Pillar of Fire is seen resting on Brother Branham’s ‘right’ shoulder. When Brother Branham was shown this picture a few weeks later, he said, “Put it on the shelf. They didn’t believe the others and they won’t believe this one either”.

This Pillar of Fire had been with Brother Branham since the time of his birth. During his ministry it was photographed several times. When praying for the sick he would watch the Pillar of fire move around the building from one person to another, revealing the “thoughts and intents” of the heart, the past, the present and the future. Concerning this Pillar of fire he said…..

In the Message “UNVEILING OF GOD”, preached June 14, 1964:

Father, we pray today that these, Lord, who are not yet through that veil, they’re standing out there like Israel, they’re watching. They believe, but they’ve never broke into this yet, to see that great Shekinah Light, both spiritual and physical, insomuch that a mechanical eye of the camera keeps taking the picture. Just two weeks ago caught It again (Above – Dallas, TX). You’re revealing Yourself, Lord, the Mighty God unveiled to the believer: still veiled to the unbeliever… May they break through today, Lord, see His great splendor and glory.
In the Message “CONVINCED THAN CONCERNED”, preached June 10, 1962:

I believe it with all my heart! Not because I’m an old man, I preached this when I was a kid not over twenty years old. I’ve been convinced since that day He met me on the river! Hallelujah! I’m convinced that He’s here now! I’m convinced that that Pillar of Fire is the same Pillar of Fire that was with Israel in the wilderness, is the same Pillar of Fire with the Church in this. Glory! I’m convinced It’s right! I’ve give my life for It! I’ve left home and everything else; give everything for It! I’m convinced It’s the Truth!
I’m convinced that He’s here now! I’m convinced that this Spirit that’s here now is the Holy Spirit! I’m convinced that we’re baptized into His Spirit right now! I know It’s the Truth. I’m thoroughly convinced that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I’m convinced, perfectly convinced.

That Angel met me up there and told me what he did. I stood before heathens by the thousands and tens of thousands. You say, “Aren’t you afraid?” No, sir! I’m convinced that It come from God! I’m convinced because it was Scriptural! I’m convinced that It’s the Angel of the Lord. I believe it with all that’s in my heart. I’m convinced if we would ask God for anything, He’d give it to us. He’s just here. Don’t be scared. He’s here.

I’m convinced that that very Spirit that you feel, the Holy Spirit that is moving in us, I’m convinced that that’s Christ. Amen! I’m convinced that, right now, that This is what I’m looking at, this Circle of Light before me, I’m convinced that’s the Holy Spirit! I’m convinced that vision is over my eyes! I know it is. Amen! I challenge every devil in the world, this hour! He’s God. Christ is not just a prophet, He is God, nothing short of it. Something happened. I’m convinced that God is here. Did he give out prayer cards? Any prayer cards? No. We don’t need them. I’m convinced that He’s here. You believe it? …..Here it is already in the meeting. That lady setting there, she’s praying for a nervous condition. Her little girl with her, retarded… Going to believe it? (You have a)Sick mother at home. Have faith; don’t doubt. You can have what you ask for.

I’m convinced that the same Angel that come down in the form of a Man and talked to Abraham with His back turned to the tent (yet knowing the thoughts in Sarah’s heart), is the same One here tonight. He promised it would be. I believe that that same Angel anoints us, because It was God. Do you believe it?

All right, Sarah, in here somewhere, you speak to God. I’m convinced, sister. I’m convinced, brother. I know it’s the Truth.

There’s a lady setting behind me. She got a heart trouble. She’s setting right behind me. I don’t know her. She’s standing in front of me (in the vision). She’s a middle-age woman. She’s not from here, She’s from Virginia. Mrs. Stocks, Jesus Christ makes you well, She’s setting right in here. This is her right here. You believe? “If thou canst believe, all things are possible.”

What do you think about it, lady? Are you and I strangers one another? You believe me to be His prophet? You do? You have a head trouble. That’s right. Your name is Mrs. Moore. If that’s right, raise your hand. Go home and be healed.
Are you believing? Now, someone appeared before me here; here it is, someone. It’s a woman. She’s got cancer on the breast. Mrs. Rhodes, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. I don’t know the woman. God knows her. “If thou canst believe, all things are possible.” That’s right.

Now, it’s (Pillar of Fire) circling the building. The whole building’s anointed, the whole place. I’m convinced that the Presence of Jesus Christ will heal every person here. Are you convinced the same? You convinced that I tell you the Truth, God vindicates I’m telling you the Truth? Then I command that you stand to your feet and accept your healing in the Name of Jesus Christ. If you are convinced, raise your hands up to Him and give Him praise.
In the Message “INFLUENCE”, preached March 15, 1964:

Beyond any shadow of doubt, the claim that was made thirty years ago about a Pillar of Fire that the cameras caught – Your Texas camera caught it not long ago (Jan. 1950). Scientific research throwed it through all kinds of research that they could find by the FBI. How did you do it? Took in Texas for Texans. When you see the sign, it cannot be disproved. It’s the truth.

But will you believe the voice that follows the sign?


  • I had not head of the spoken Word or William Branham until I was 28 years but all along I was seeking to be worshipping my God in truth.So I would encourange you brothers and sisters who have been prevaraged to know this truth, to do something towards the spreading of the end time message

  • christ the same yesterday today and forever God who is eternal dwelling in flesh in simplicity remember this was not bro branhan but who is greater than solomon so to disbelieve this word you rejects God mercy thus await God judgement God bless you abundantly amen.

  • I believe It because it is true and nothing but the Truth!
    Shalom saints for the believing this glorious message. May His Coming Rejoice our soul. Amen

  • I came to knw brother Branham’s message last year. After having heard about hm it didnt take me a week to repent coz i cud see time was no more wth me. Fellow brides hold on!

  • Brother, Sister remember there was no way one could be saved during the time of Noah except being in the ark. The ark of today is being in the word. Noah brought the word about how people were only going to be saved and today Bro Branham brought it axactly as Paul said it. Remember Paul set the foundation of God’s word to the gentiles. Lets say amen to every word, Genesis to Revelation

  • I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus christ.I thank God for sending us his prophet in this laodecian church age. Saints lets join hands in giving testimony to the dying world because we cannot be raptured till the last soul enters into the kingdom of God and it is the duty of all of us to find this last soul wherever they may be, how do we do it? is by testfying and living a Godly fearing life.I like the scripture that says resist the devil and he shall flee form you. Lets pray for one another and cling to the word that God has spoke to us through his mouth Brother Branham. Thakn God for him.

    SisterPatience Hara, Malawi

  • I believe the seventh angel’s message with all my heart, All the mysteries of God have been revealed.Time is no more.Your testimonies are a real blessing.

  • it is indeed the truth but after all the facts Jesus comes to the point where he says marvel not at this but be born agaian.My greatest wish is may i be in heaven one day

  • Just like the prophet said, this is the most glorious of all ages to live in. This is because, this is the age that will witness the physical return of the Lord Jesus Christ back to the earth. Not only is this so, this is also the age that the Almighty God permitted the mechanical eye of the camera to take the picture of the Supernatural- the Pillar of Fire. I believe this is not just a mere coincidence, that this phenomenon should take place at this closing period of time. I believe this manifestation is in line with His atrribute of being the Alpha and Omega- the Begininig and the Ending. The same Pillar of Fire Israel saw in the wilderness during the First Exodus has again manifested in this last Exodus. Am so glad that He loves me.

    • Thankyou, Bro. in Christ Jesus, What you said is so true! God’s Word is truth, And He never changes!! The Glory of the latter house shall be greater than that of the former! By the grace of God, we will take the true Gospel of Christ,of salvation, deliverance, with the signs that Jesus said shall follow them that believe!! The true Church is the body of Christ, which is simply God’s people, worldwide. It takes all the parts to make the whole, and we know the true from the false. Amen.

  • I thank God for I have found favour in his sight to believe these things that the world/denominations are finding it difficult to believe. Truly He has hidding them to the wise and the great men of this wicked world, but revealed them to the babies, thank God for that.
    The Jehovah of the Old Testament Who was seen in the burning bush by Moses, its Jesus of the New Testament Paul saw on the way to Damasus, and the same Angel of the Lord hanging on Bro. William M. Branham’s head as well as on his shoulder, the same Pillar of fire is seeing in our meetings today.
    You are not forced to believe it, but I believe with all my heart.

  • Brethren the impact of the end time message Leads every where.
    Br Branham is the true End time messenger,and the Message makes the Bride ready to meet the Bridegroom.
    My experience is: Br Branham speaks about a little sister who prayed the all night before the picture of THE ANGEL OF GOD(PILLAR OF FIRE) ABOVE Br BRANHAM’S HEAD WITCH WAS TAKEN AT HOUSTON,she prayed to meet Br Branham for him to praye for her husband who was sick and God answer her she meet Br Branham in Twon.
    Since I hold on this,all my prayers witch are in God’s perfect will made before the Picture of the Angel of God have never fail.
    I thank God for Br Branham and the end time Message.

  • L’éternel est merveilleux, car tout ce qui vraie ne mérite d’être glorifié.
    Je demande au seigneur tout puissant de me permettre de suivre les pas de cet évangile et de le mttre en pratique.
    Que sa volonté soit faite et qu’il nous bénisse dans le chemin de la vérité.

  • I greet all saints in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ,may God bless you.the God who accompaign Israe during the Exodus is with us through the pillar of fire which confirmed the servant of tghe almihty BR BRANHAM.

  • Every man and woman reading this and hasn’t accepted Jesus Christ as his or her personal saviour MUST stop and ponder. No salvation in this day we live in beside this message of the end-time as preached by this humble servant of God. Visit http://www.branham.org

  • like it or not, take it or reject it,accept it or despise it, William Marrion Branham is God’s promised prophet to this generation,his message is not begging for vindication or one that has not been vindicated,but has been Vindicated by God Himself through the appearing of the pillar of cloud and the messianic sign that accompanied his ministry.God will judge this generation by the message of His prophet so the earlier you accept it the better for time is no more

  • God’s promised prophetic word to this generation declaring how God intends to save His children in this day,the Malachi4:5,6b, Luke 17:26-30 and Revelation10:7 prophecy has been fulfilled and i am most grateful to God Almighty to be identified with this promise,it is the best thing that could have happened to me to be revealed as a child of God,seeded in Him from the foundation of the world and now manifested by His promised word in a generation where many are claiming Jesus they know not. I am most grateful to God Almighty haven shown me the way to escape the on-coming storm that will hit this evil and adulterous generation for despising and rejecting God’s word through His prophet and have gone about their own business and raising bible schools and things.God bless the prophet- William Marrion Branham and God bless my pastor- Elder David (the beloved) and to all my brethren who have received like precious faith,grace and strength be multiplied to carry on in this way for only on the grounds where this message is preached will there be a better resurrection-the rapture.Don’t forget the prophet said if we continue in this message we shall meet in the morning. peace to you all.

  • I beleived in this message of God thru his prophet 2 this age bcos the Lord will do nothing but reveal his secrete 2 his servants d prophets.Amos 3:7-8, 2nd Chronl.20:20.people of God have faith in d word of God 4 all scripture is given by devine inspiration.

  • Israel walked , led by the pillar of the fire and I know the pillar of the fire shows a exodus beginning at any time,do you see the importance of the angel of the lord there ohio river ?
    Go bless you.

  • Greetings in the name Of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ to all saints.
    I know that commentng is not starting permiting people who want to give their point of view about this God prophet.He was confirmed by the pillar of fire and his errors for are bridges for me to get through to be rescued because I often say to people that the only empty space of heaven is William Branham ‘s but all others are occupied by Paul’s ,irene’s, colomban ‘s and so forth believers ,but if a person today want to refuse this message , I may say there is no place for Him the other side, do you see ?I want to tell to my friend who agree BR Branham as an evangelist that he will have his reward regarding to his belief but the person who believes him as a prophet has a greater reward than the one who believed as an evangelist;because i know that told him to do the work of an evangelist and he did not tell him that you are an evangelist.I believe with all my heart that he was he vindicated prophet from God himself and for all this generation,even if you want or if you do not but he still remains your prophet,the prophet of the pope benoit xvi ,even if catholics won’t agree with me.
    May God bless you.

  • Since I believed this message i have never hear a person preaching this God word and being confirmed as Br Branham to be a fore-runner of the second coming of Jesus Christ.At ohio river, what happened ohmy I miss words of thanking my lord Jesus christ for this vindicated Prophet from the glory,commissionned and humble.Brethen let us be stuck to this message because those who were stuck to It are in the glory.
    May God bless you.

  • The experience of Vandalia,have you already read it ? the first I read read on the site of VGR,it was really a blessing event in my life as i can of our prophet being allowed by the Lord’s Angel to show to br Billy the face of the angel.
    God bless you.

  • Dear Brother ;
    Knowing with all my heart that this message is true.
    I ask to God of William Branham : Jesus Christ to help me live Jesus Christ life and so that I must be Faithfull to this message up to time ri gonna die.I want to be filled the Holy Ghost that i can see my life being identified to the word of God, the message of this man of God : williamBranham.
    Br kazadi nsenda James;Democratic Republic of Congo :katanga / Kolwezi.
    May God bless you.

  • i believe Bro Branham is a God sent Prophet for this age. My prayer is that the God of Prophet Branham will fill me with the Holy Ghost,give me a personal revelation n prepare me to be a part of His Bride. U can never accept this prophet, if it has not been given to u by God. Shalom

  • I Really believe evangelist branham was called by God and God actually attested to his ministry by the great works done, However i would like to state that irrespective of ones calling, you must stay within the confines of the Word of God. We must not teach personal revelation as a doctrine or substitute to the word of God. All what we need for our spiritual comfort and edification is in the Word of God, Which is the sure word of Prophecy.
    We must check every doctrine and teaching with the word of God (Bible) and not with a mans teaching or private interpretation. Your office in the fivefold Ministry doesn’t make you above the word of God.

    • The word was never meant to be confined along with its revelation.and yes there is to be revelation upon revelation, the church was founded on the revelation that Jesus was the messiah by Peter,,When Jesus ask ; who do man say that I am?,,,,Peter got the revelation! And All discernment is ,,,is revelation form Gods Spirit.alot of beleivers dont have revelation from Gods Spirit,,,Thus we have the trinity beleif which is not in the Word. One needs to get there revelation even to understand the word from Gods Spirit.Than we will all say the same things and understand the written word.So we all need revelation, A carnal understanding is never enough,Those who are led by the HolySpirit are the sons of God,,,and the rest are not!

  • I am Elijah; prepare for the great and dreadful day of the Lord. My two witnesses shall turn the water to blood and fire shall burn America as water flowed in the days of Noah! Praise God who will put an end to sin and let His glorious kingdom come Amen

  • if there is any message worth given life and rapturing faith is beliving him whom God sent hear your prophet he can never lead us astray.the message is God himself.how i come to know is real is when satan trying to tell u is not real dont belive that j.ust as he did from the begining this time non of his elect shall lost.william branham is my prophet i dont care what people say

  • My prayer now is for God to help me be a better Christian and finally make it to heaven, I believe everything about Bro. Branham and I believe he is a true prophet of God.

  • Dear brothers, Could you please add the facility toread bro.Branham’s message in Tamil. So that most people in India will be able to understand.

  • what i am seeing around the ranks of the message is alot of people going back into organized religion. and also what i am seeing is a losing of reaching out for lost souls

  • iabsolutely believ that bro branham is the prophet send on our day, every body knows this are the last days and we need the prophet to show us the great ministery of the bible.ibelieve every thing my prophet says .ithank the lord who brouhgt him on my way.God bless u little ones of the for the good job u r doing.

  • This message cannot be organised,bro.Branham said on back of all his tapes, Not for one moment do I bring a message to the people that thay may follow me.or join my church or start some fellowship and organization.,,,,Now read it again. Thats why the message churches are so dry and void of His Spirit (GOD)Trying to build something around a man never works. build your church around the Lord Jesus Messiah and preach the message,See if that dont work.

  • Yes you are right,the scripture quoted was refering to the Lord Jesus ,And like I stated earlier that its ashame that so many TWIST Bro.Branhams words and drive folks further away from the message.

    • I thank God because whatever brother Branham preached is in Tapes and Cds the sound and Voice remains the same and it will never change till the end of this evil age. This message will judge the world. As it was in the days of Noa and sodom.

  • The authenticity and infallibility of the Pilar of Fire can only be argued by reprobate minds.Likewise the genuineness of Bro. Branham as the 7th angel of the laodicean church age and the end time prophet prophecied from Genesis to Revelation. But to the ELECTED LADY, it is Q.E.D., meaning “concluded beyond ALL DOUBTS” Shalom to the Bride!!!

  • every thing about this prophet is true and there is no doubt….eyes have seen,ears have heard and there is notting that can change ma mind.i`ve made up ma mind and thats final.God said it the prophet spoke it and that`s final.God richly Bless you for the work you are doing…….please can you send me more pictures via my mail about our precious brother?God Bless you…AMEN…….

  • Glory halleluyah!
    The pillar of fire is as simple as a presence of God himself moving all over his own children and prophets.
    Their is no doubt Bro branham is the last messenger to the last age and any one that doesnt work or believe in his message is never meant to,because the eagle only eat what the eagle eats.the true food whish is the word of God is for the true elect,and once they here it they ll recognise and be glued to it.

    Thanks and keep the faith

  • I believe every thing the Prophet ever said or did. i believe that with all my heart, He’s the only true Prophet of God in this age. but only the elected ones will see that, may the Lord God bless every soul that believes this message.

  • Most message Churches Iv been to dont hardly beleive anything anymore.No revival,no gifts in operation,they dont even listen to the taped messages.They sound like a bunch of baptist who explain away the Holyspirit and than blame it on something B.Branham said,which turns out to be a twist on his words. The Branham sons wont preach and beleive no one is aloud to preach the message except there daddy,And so they just play a tape every Sunday and call that a service.Hey Im not against any of these folk,but just what is expected to happen with this message?

    • Brother Branham’s message is new to me, but I recently went to the Bible Tabernacle in Ann Arbor, Michigan and I can tell you that the Holy Ghost is alive and present in that congregation. Praise Him! Hallelujah!

  • he was a men of god and pillor was the signature of god to prove i am nothing who belive him but i say blinds can be able to prove him by their sixth sense as glory of god was visible in his ministry.

  • i strongly believe tht he was the prophet &pillor of fire is the signature of god to prove his glorious presnce with the prophet i would like to say not only we but an inborn blind can see it with his blind eyes as he was truely the selected &blessed character of almighty to prove his grace to the mankind which cant be defined in words.

  • I really belief every bit of the message that brother Branham was God sent, but my problem is that from what l have read so far, l am been made to belief that, if you are are even a Christian and you don’t follow the message it means you are not going to be save. please kindily help me out with some explianation since l’m prepared to learn.

    • My dear brother George Owusu, greetings to you. Sine the Lord has opened your heart to begin believing in the message there is something that you need to know. There is no other way to Heaven but through Jesus Christ. He said Himself that no other religious man or women or philosopher could ever had said and this was it, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no man cometh unto the Father but by Me.” All of the other religions that say that their god is the right god is false, you know why? Because Jesus said that, “All those that hate Me hate the One who sent Me,” that being God Almighty. So if they don’t believe in Jesus Christ then they do not believe in the One who sent Him, thus negating all possible ways to Heaven other than by accepting Jesus Christ. This is how you get saved: The epistle of Romans says that if “confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is your Lord you shall be saved.” Again the scripture says in the Book of Acts chapter 2, “Whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved.”

      The Lord bless you and hope this helps! If you get this and would like to respond for further information or questions that you have that need to be answered, email me at jeremiahdunivin@rocketmail.com

      Love ya and God bless you!

    • Brother George,

      Greetings in the name of Lord Jesus Christ.

      You are correct in believing that nobody outside the Message will be saved. Brother Branham was the prophet came to make the restitution of all things as the apostle Peter said in:

      Acts 3:21 KJVR Whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began.

      Apostle Peter went on to say that anybody who does not believe Brother Branham’s message will be destroyed:

      Acts 3:22-23 KJVR
      (22) For Moses truly said unto the fathers, A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; him shall ye hear in all things whatsoever he shall say unto you.
      (23) And it shall come to pass, that every soul, which will not hear that prophet, shall be destroyed from among the people.

      God bless you.

  • Oh Yes!
    The PILAR OF FIRE is real. That’s our GOD showing himself to this Evil, Adultrous, Sinful and Laodacean Age. Nacked, Poor, Misreable and don’t even know it.

    Am so glad just as any other Beleiver who hath gotten the Revelation of the Message of the Hour and Its Messanger.

    May God Bless whoever will humber him/herself to follow the only God’s Provided Way for our Age.


  • i first learned about brother branahm when i was incarcarated in97 and i read the book on the 7 church ages and his doctrine gave me enlightment on the gospel. Every chance i get i tell all of my christian friends about Bro. Branahm. I just found out about Voice Of God’s recording website, and i very delighted to have learned about Bro. Branahm. And truly believe he was a twentth century prophet.

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