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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham
called Things That Are To Be
was delivered on Sunday, 5th December 1965 at the First Assembly Of God in Rialto, California, U.S.A.
The tape, number 65-1205,
is 2 hours and 5 minutes, and consists of 2 cassettes. This message is available in book format (Volume 4, Number 6).

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To Brother Boone and the congregation, this is certainly a–a great
privilege for me to be back in San Bernardino again. This place holds
many great memories of the days gone by. And to hear that the visit
here has still had living influence, why, it certainly makes you feel
glad that the Lord directed us this a-way years ago.
I was just setting out there in the parking lot just now, trying to
remember of one of the events that taken place. There was a Mrs.
Isaacson had been my interpreter in Finland (on a Finnish campaign),
and she came to the car when I was just leaving. And she said, "You're
voice of Finland." And I just wonder if Mrs. Isaacson lives around
here. I didn't know. She wouldn't happen to be present tonight, I
suppose: Mrs. May Isaacson? And she's from Finland.

Then another outstanding thing that brought to my memories was a little
waitress in a restaurant that I eat, somewhere near, that they call the
Antlers Hotel. I believe that's right now. And the little lady had… I
was praying with her. She'd–she's a nice little lady, but she wasn't a
Christian. I'd invited her to the meeting. And she'd lost a baby, and I
believe that her husband, they was separated. And we was praying that
she would make up with her husband, or they would make up together. So
I just wonder if that little lady could be present (See?), that…
And then another event taken place, was a little baby that was brought
from somewhere (about a day's drive), and it had died, and it was
laying in the mother's arms, and was brought back to life. Is that–was
that person present here? And it come, I believe, from the state up in
this way, around… It's above here. And the little mother had drove
all night long, and the father. And the little mother setting there
sadly holding their little dead form baby, and I thought, "Such faith.
If I was the biggest hypocrite in the world, God would've honored that
mother's faith." Holding the little baby in my hands like that,
praying, it got warm and begin moving, opened its little eyes. I handed
it back to the mother. So they was from somewhere. I do not think they
were Pentecostal though, they were just… I believe it was just some
church that–from… I don't know even whether they was Christians or
not. I never asked them. I was just so elated about the little baby
being brought to life again.

Since then, Brother Boone, much water has went down the river, but
we're still serving the same God Who remains the same yesterday, today,
and forever.
Just looking around, seeing Brother Leroy Kopp setting here. It's the first time I've seen him for a long time. [Brother Branham converses with Brother Kopp–Ed.]
Paul, that's right. Leroy is your father; that's right. Oh, that… Oh,
my, Russia. Well, that's… I know if this gallant soldier there, he's
there on the business of the King. So I'm certainly happy to be here
and to hear this young minister saying he was inspired by the ministry
that we had while we were here. Such a great thrill that is.
And I'm trusting now that–knowing we're got a… People are standing
and we won't keep too long. We remember these great healing services.
Then I understand that there's a–a brother here in the neighborhood
somewhere holding a healing campaign, a Brother Leroy Jenkins. I
believe that's right. So I'm very thankful, trusting that the Lord is
blessing him and giving him a great, great service. It's…

My, I felt really honored tonight to come into a church like this. I
always feel better in a church than I do in those auditoriums.
There's… Now, nothing against the auditoriums. But you know, I–it
may be a superstition, or I–just seems to me like a truth. See,
they… You go into those auditoriums where there's fights, wrestles,
burlesque, everything else going on, evil spirits seems to hang around
them places. Now, that may seem a superstition, but it isn't. It's a…
But when you come into a church, you usually a–certainly a spiritual
congregation, it seems like that is–you–you feel more at liberty,
like there's a–there's something, the Presence of God is there, you
know, it seems to be different. I don't know what effect the building
has, but it's where the people are congregated. 'Course the same people
are at the other place, but on those evil grounds. Maybe just me
thinking that way, but anyhow, I'm glad to be here tonight.

And now, we want to not keep you too long, 'cause of standing audience.
And we are going tomorrow night at a–some other place here. I don't
even know where it's at. It's near here. Where? Orange Show Auditorium
for the services tomorrow night. I was… This is between… I'm
speaking on a tour for the–the Business Men (Full Gospel Business
Men's group) which I've had the privilege of speaking around the world
for them. And so in there, a very dear friend invited us over here, and
we're glad to be in the assembly tonight.
Now, before we open the Bible… Now, anybody that's got physical
strength can open It in this manner (See?), but it takes the Holy
Spirit to open the Word for us, opening our understanding and reveal
the Scriptures. I believe in the Bible. I believe that It's God's Word.
And I believe that the earth, or the peoples of the earth will be
judged someday by this Word. Now, that's–may seem strange. Now,
there's many differing with that idea.

I was talking to a very loyal friend of mine not long ago who's a
Catholic, and he said, "God will judge the world by the Catholic
church." If that's so, which Catholic church? See? If He judges it by
the Methodist, then what about the Baptist? See? And if He judges it by
one, the other one's lost. So there's too much confusion there. But we
have to go to It to find our–our true statement, and the Bible says
that God will judge the world by Jesus Christ, and He is the Word. St.
John 1: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and
the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us." And
Hebrews 13:8 said He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. And I
believe that to be the Truth.

Now, I believe that in… God, in the beginning, being the infinite
God, He's finite and–or infinite, rather; we're the finite. His mind
is so much greater, and we in our little finite mind cannot understand
His great, infinite wisdom. But therefore, when He speaks anything, it
may seem very strange to us to hear Him say a certain thing in the
Scripture, but it's got to happen. I believe that His Words will never
pass away; therefore, I believe that God that–knowing that we in our
little finite mind could not interpret His–His great mind, He
interprets His own Word. He doesn't need any interpreter. He interprets
His own Word by vindicating that Word in Its season.

I believe that God in the beginning, that Noah was the Word for that
day, for His message. Now, along come–after that come Moses. Now,
Moses could not have taken Noah's Word. He could not build a ship and
floated them out of Egypt down the Nile River to the promised land and
so forth. His message didn't work in Noah's day; that was the part of
God's Word that was vindicated to be Truth by Moses. Neither could
Jesus have had Moses' Word. And the–Luther could've not maintained the
Word of the Catholic church. Wesley, he could not maintain Luther's
Word. And the Pentecostal, they could not take the Methodist Word.
They… See, the church is growing. Each age, it's allotted in the
Scripture here. So God, through the Holy Spirit, reveals His Word by
manifesting It and vindicating It Hisself, showing that It's His Word
being brought to pass in the day that Its promised.

Jesus said that. He said, "If you can't believe Me, believe the works
that I do," for they testify of Who He was. See? If anyone would've
knowed the Scripture… Now, He come so oddly, so strange, that the
people didn't want to believe Him, because He being a man was making
Himself God. So He was God in form. God was in Christ reconcile the
world to Himself, and no man can do these works without God be with
him, as we know Nicodemus said that, that the Sanhedrin believed that.
Now, we know that that Word… If they would've known the Word… He
said, "If you'd have knowed Moses, you'd have knowed Me, because Moses
wrote of Me." And we look… If they'd look back in the Scripture and
see what the Messiah was supposed to do, then they'd have knowed Him by
the vindication, that God through Christ was reconcile the world to
Himself and bringing to pass all the promises that was of the Messiah,
that He was to do. Jesus bore record of that Word, making that Word
live for that day. And I believe that's the same thing we live in
today, God bearing record of His Word by vindicating what He said He
would do.

Now, we know that this is the day of salvation, where God is calling
man from the world, from a life of sin unto a life of service. And in
the day that God has poured out His Spirit from on high, great signs
and wonders are to accompany the ministry of this day. This is
the–when the former and latter rain are falling together. And we know
that there's supposed to be great signs and wonders, which in many
great denominations this is turned down. But I'm very thankful for
these open doors that I've had to go into and the inspiration it's give
to young men like your pastor here, that's caused them… As I'm
beginning to get old, and know that my days are numbered, and know now
that these young men can take this message and sweep it on to the
coming of the Lord, if He doesn't come in my generation… Which I'm
hoping to see Him, I look daily for Him, and watch, keeping myself
prepared for that hour.

Now, let us speak to the Author before we read His Book, as we bow our
head. Heavenly Father, we are grateful to Thee to be alive tonight, to
return back to this great city. Setting here in the panoramic here of
the mountains, looking up and seeing the snow and the orange blossoms
blooming at the same time, what a magnificent world You've give us to
live in. And how that we see that man has disturbed and–and acted in
this world, it makes us ashamed of ourself, Father. We are here tonight
to try to put forth our efforts to try to cause men to see this great
thing that God has done and know that there's something greater just
beyond. May we look to that tonight, Father, as we turn into Your Word
and read. We can read It, Father, but let the Holy Spirit reveal It to
us through the revelation. For we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Now, you that like to perhaps take notes and I've–and to read the
Scripture with the minister, as–as usually they read It… And it used
to be when I… Years ago I didn't have to write down my Scriptures and
so forth, but I've–I got a little older since then. See, I just passed
twenty-five just recently: twenty-five years ago. So it makes it a
little bad. But I'm still trying to hold onto everything that I know to
do in His Word until He calls me.

Now, let us turn to St. John the 14th chapter, a very familiar
Scripture that we want to read tonight to draw from this a context, the
Lord willing. Nearly all knows this. It seems to be, many times it's
used in funeral services. If there ever was a time that I'd like to
preach a funeral service, it'd be to this world. Let it die and be born
again. St. John 14:1 through 7, I believe I have marked down here.

Let not your hearts be troubled: if you believed in God, believe also in me.

In my Father's house is many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go and prepare a place for you.

And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

… where I go you know, and the way you know.

Thomas saith unto Him, Lord, we know… where thou goest; and how can we know the way?

Jesus said unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

If you had known me, you should have known my Father also: and from henceforth you know Him, and have seen Him.

Now, may the Lord add His blessings to the reading of His Word, and we
want to refer to It again in the times as we go on, while we want to
just speak a little lesson to the church.

Last evening, I was in Yuma, Arizona, where my home now… I–I… When
I was here before, I lived in Jeffersonville, Indiana. And now, I been
in Arizona by a vision sending me there a few years ago. And we
resident there the–now. I don't have any church there. Brother Green,
our brother here with us, has established a tabernacle where the–one
of the Assemblies of God church, Downtown Assemblies… They merged,
and I think they all went in with Brother Brock and with Brother
Gilmore and left this church open; and Brother Pearry Green from–from
Texas moved in and took the place, which is a associate with us. We're
glad to know that–that Brother Green has reopened this church that was

And last night, speaking over in Yuma for the Christian Business Men, I
spoke on the subject of "The Rapture." Now, that might've been a
strange subject to speak among–at a–a banquet, but most everyone
there was Christian. And that's the way it is on these campaigns like
this or in–in a church. I could say, "Now, how many of you is
Christians?" Probably every hand would go up. You're a Christian. And
so if we're Christians, I think we ought to be kinda notified ahead. We
don't have to just guess at it; we're notified what our destination
will be.
And then, I want to speak on that tonight. And the subject is going to
be, "Things That Are To Be." And now, speaking last night on the
rapture, so tonight, I want to speak on this subject, that I might tie
it together with last night's message. Now, there is going to be a
rapture; we know that. That's in the future to be.

Now, Jesus here is speaking about… He's gone ahead to prepare a place
for us. "Let not your hearts be troubled." Now, He was talking to Jews.
Said, "Now, you believed in God, believe also in Me. As you have
believed in God, believe in Me, because I am the Son of God." See? And
God… In other words, "I and My Father are One. My Father is dwelling
in Me, and what you see do–I'm doing, it's not Me; it's My Father that
dwelleth in Me; He doeth the works." God was in Christ reconciling the
world to Himself.

It was easy for those Jews who'd been taught through generations to
believe that there was a great supernatural God. But to think that that
God had come down and was manifesting Himself through the Person of His
Son, Jesus Christ, God tabernacled in a Body of flesh, that was a
little too much for them to–to understand. But He said, "Now, as you
have believed in God, believe also in Me. For in My Father's house are
many mansions, and I go to prepare a place for you." Jesus' life was
fixing to end here on earth. He'd showed the people and proved to them,
that He was Jehovah manifested in flesh by the great signs and wonders
and the reference of the Bible that He'd referred to, to Himself. And
He proved that He was God manifested.
Now, He said, "When you see My life ending, it's ending for a purpose.
And I'm going away to prepare a place for you, that where I am, there
you may be also." Jesus, therefore, is telling His disciples that this
life is not ended in death.

Now, saying this was a funeral text, remember, we… Death sets right
before us, and we don't know whether… There may be some in this
building tonight will not go out of here alive in this physical life.
That's how uncertain it is. Five minutes from now it could be that
young, healthy, young people in this building can be a corpse, in five
minutes from now. That is true. And again it could be in five minutes
from now, we'd every one be in glory. We just don't know. That's in the
hands of God. Jesus said He didn't know Hisself when that time would
be, but that was in the hands of the Father only.
Now, but He was telling them that after death there is life. Because "I
go and prepare a place," that is, to receive them, shows that there (He
was speaking to them)–that there was a–a life after this life is
ended. And what a consolation that ought to give to all of us to know
that after this life is over there is a life that we go into. And as
you get older, that becomes more of a reality to you. As you begin to
see the days of your life drawing close, then it begins to–you begin
to pack up closer, getting ready for that great event. It's
a–not–it's continuing of this same life in another world, another

Your birth here was preplanned. I guess you believe that. Every one of
you knows that our birth was preplanned. Did you know that your being
here never originated just at a myth or a thought? Everything was all
preplanned by God before the foundation of the world that you're here.
The infinite God knowed… To be–to be infinite, He had to know every
flea that ever would be in the earth and how many times it would bat
its eye. That's infinite. See? You're–our little–our little minds
cannot fathom what infinite means. The infinite God, He knowed all
things; therefore, there's nothing out of cater.
If we know the Word of God, we know where we are living. We know the
hour that we're living in. We know what lays ahead. We see what we've
passed. And the Book of God is the revelation of Jesus Christ, His
works through the ages that was up to the Book of Revelation and then
His promises that is to come. So all of His promises are true. God
cannot speak any Word without it being confirmed. Every Word that He
says has to come to pass.

Before the foundation of the world… Some people mix Genesis up there
when they said, "God repeats Himself." No, it's just your
misunderstanding. See, God at the beginning, He said, "Let there be.
Let there be. Let there be." The world was just dark in a chaos. Even
when He said, "Let there be light," there might've been hundreds of
years before light ever sprung in; but when He spoke it, it has to come
to pass. It must be that way. See? And He spoke His Word. Them seeds
was beneath the water. When He dried off the earth, then the seeds come
up. What He says must come to pass.
He said through the prophets… I referred to it last evening. Like, we
take Isaiah; He said, "A virgin shall conceive." Who would think of a
man that was thought of among people to say such a word as that: "A
virgin shall conceive." But because he… A prophet is a reflector of
God. He is made so that he cannot speak his own word; it has to be
God's Words that he speaks. He's just like a reflector. And he is God's
mouthpiece. And so, therefore, He said, "A virgin shall conceive"; he
probably could not have understand it, but God had spoke it through
him, because He promised that He would do nothing until He revealed it
to His servants the prophets. Then when he said that, it was eight
hundred years before that ever come to pass, but it had to come to
pass. Finally, those words of God anchored in the womb of a virgin and
she conceived and brought forth Emmanuel. "Unto us a–a Child is born;
unto us a Son is given. And His Name shall be called the Counseller,
the Mighty God, the Prince of Peace, the Everlasting Father." That had
to be that way, because God had spoke it through the mouth of His
And all the words of God has to be fulfilled; therefore, we know that
Jesus has gone to prepare a place to receive a people unto Himself. Who
those people are, I hope it's–we are part of those people tonight. If
it isn't, my friend, God has made a way, a condition, that you can be
included in that if you want to. You're on free moral agency; you can
act the way you wish to.

But now, notice. Now, in this world that is to come… There is a world
to come. Just like your birth here, I said. You was prepared; God knew
you'd be here. And now you know, even things that your parents done…
Now, people think that isn't visit from generation to generation, but
it is.
Over in the Book of Hebrews, I believe the–about the 7th chapter,
speaking Paul there (the writer, as I believe it was)–was speaking on
a–a great event that taken place with Abraham, that he paid tithes to
Melchisedec, when he was returning from the slaughter of the king. And
now, he said that Levi was in the loins of Abraham when he met
Melchisedec, coming from the slaughter of the kings, and then he
reckoned that to Levi paying tithes also when he was in the loins of
Abraham, his great, great grandfather. And He visits the sins of the
peoples upon their–their children from generation to generation that
won't keep His Word.

See, you were all preplanned by God. Nothing happens by chance with
God. He knows all about it. It's all preplanned, planned for many
generations back so that you could be here tonight. Did you know that?
Just think, that you, at one time… (I'll repeat this again.) You at
one time was in your father, in the gene of your father. Now, he didn't
know you at that time; neither did you know him at that time. But you
see, then you were put in the bedding ground, in the womb of mother
through holy wedlock, and then you become a person expressed in the
image like your father. Then there's fellowship.

Now, the only way that you can be a son or daughter of God… Because
you have to be the–have to have Eternal Life… And there's only one
form of Eternal Life, and that's God's Life. Only one form of Eternal
Life, that was God. There to be a son of God, you had to be in Him
always. The gene of your life, spiritual life tonight, was in God the
Father before there was even a molecule. See? And you are nothing but
the manifestation of the gene of Life that was in God as a son of God.
Now, you're expressed, after His Word has come in you to light up this
You are the–expressing God's Life in you, because you are a son or a
daughter of God. Therefore… You get what I mean? See? You are in–you
are now made… You're setting in this church tonight, because your
duty is to express God to this nation, and this people, and this
neighborhood where you associate. Wherever you are, God knew that you
would be here, because you have to be one of His genes or His
attributes. You had to be. If you ever–if you've got Eternal Life,
then it always was Eternal Life. And God before there was a foundation
of the world knew that you would be here. And when the Word–or the
water, the washing of the water of the Word fell upon you, you–it was
expressed in a being. Now, you have fellowship with your Father, God,
just as you have with you earthly father. See? You are citizens of the
King, not citizens, but you are children, sons and daughters of the
living God if it be that the Eternal Life dwells in you.

Now, then if it was, Jesus was the Fullness of God manifested. He was
the Fullness of the Godhead bodily; therefore, when He came to the
earth and was manifested in flesh, you were here in Him then, because
He was the Word.

In the beginning was the Word,… the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

And the Word was made flesh and dwelled among us,…

The Word was made flesh; therefore, you walked with Him, when… You
were in Him when He was on earth. You suffered with Him, and you died
with Him; you was buried with Him, and now you're risen with Him and
manifested attributes of God, setting in heavenly places, already
raised, resurrected to new life and setting in heavenly places in
Christ Jesus. Oh, that means so much nowdays, church. That means so
much to us to see ourself positionally placed in Jesus Christ.

Now, if we are those attributes of God, we cannot live by creeds; we
cannot live by denominationalism; we must live by the Word, because the
Bride is a part of the Bridegroom like any wife is a part of her
husband; therefore, we must be that Word Bride. And what is that Word
Bride? The manifestation of this hour, the Bride, not a creed or
denomination, but a living article of God, a living attribute of God
displaying to the world the attributes of God in the formation of the
Bride that's to be expressed in this hour that we're now living.
Martin Luther could not express the attributes that we express, because
that that was in the beginning, the resurrection, like the corn of
wheat that went into the earth.

Now, we'll quote this again. You've probably read that book, that
German making fun of me and said I was a fanatic of all fanatics. He
was a–he was absolutely against everything that's called God, and even
made fun of God. Said, "A God that could open the Red Sea," and said,
"taking His people out and set with His hands across His tummy and let,
through the Dark Ages, all those people die and suffer, and those
little children being eat by lions…"
You see, the whole–whole program, the whole church is built upon
Divine revelation. Jesus said in St. Matthew the 16th chapter, "Flesh
and blood has not revealed this to you, but My Father which is in
heaven has revealed this to you." What was it? A revelation of who He
was. "And upon this rock, I'll build My church and the gates of hell
can't prevail against it." See? The revelation of Jesus Christ in this
hour, not what He was in another hour, what He was now… The Bible
expresses it's growing in the Bride to the full statue; therefore, if
the corn of wheat of Christ had to fall in the ground, so did the Bride
have to fall in the ground through the Dark Ages. Any grain that goes
in the ground must die or it can't produce itself–reproduce itself.
And the great church that He established on the day of Pentecost by the
sending of the Holy Ghost had to suffer martyrdom and go into the dirt,
into the earth in the Dark Age to bring forth again in the age of
Luther and come on out to the full statue of the Bride of Jesus Christ
in this last day. See? There's no way.

Therefore, the Bride in the rapture will come forth, and there it's all
preplanned by God, all backed up. From the beginning He knowed every
man, every place, who would set, all about it. It's all preplanned. God
knew it would be here, and–and when He made it that way so that when
we get there–He's gone to prepare a place for us, and when we get
there, it'll all be prepared just like even this night is prepared,
like this hour is prepared. This…

His great foreknowledge tells Him all these things, by foreknowledge.
He's omnipresent because He's omniscient; omniscient because He's
omnipresent. Therefore, by His foreknowledge… Now, He can't be just
like the wind over the earth, because He is a Being. He just isn't a
myth; He's a Being. He dwells; He even dwells in a house. He dwells in
a place called heaven; and therefore, by His omni–being
omnipresent–being omniscient, knowing all things, then He is
omnipresent because He knows all things.
You… Now, you grew from your birth… When you was born and presented
into this world, God knew that you were going to be here in this earth,
and you growed from birth to maturity. Things that seem so strange to
you in your young womanhood, young boyhood, as children, now seems very
real. You couldn't understand it when you was a child, but now as you
become adult, you begin to understand and find out that everything was
just set just right. And you… It really means something to you now.

So is it in your spiritual birth. You do things that you don't
understand when you're a little baby, come to the altar and you give
your life to Christ. You do such strange things. You wonder why you did
it. But after while when you mature, as matured Christians, then you
understand it. See? There's something picks up and you see why you had
to do it. Your spiritual birth… Your natural birth types your
spiritual. How–how it fitted to you. In this life as you grew,
everything fitted right in, because you were made for that.
Wasn't it a strange thing the night that you staggered into the
mission, the tent meeting, or the little church somewhere on the
corner, and something, a preacher preached on a certain subject, and
you just fell right at the altar? See, see? God knew that before the
foundation of the world. See? It–it seemed strange to you why you did
it then, but now you understand. You knew what happened. And so fitting
to you in this life and will be also in the life that is to come. This
world and it's life seems to–to advance as you mature. Everything
seems to go right with you.

I don't believe in a–that a person just happened to be here by chance.
Now, just think: when you come to the–the world, everything had to be
foreprepared for you, or preprepared, rather, for you. I don't hardly
understand that how that we could think that a God that could prepare
all these good things for us would not–we could not put trust in Him,
that if He brought us in this chaos that we're in now and prepared the
good things of life for us here, how much more can we trust Him to
prepare the things that is to come (See?), the eternal things. It
seems, I say, very strange.

And–and now, I do not think that heaven is a place that my mother used
to tell me about. I believe that the church has growed from that. To
think that it used to be… A hundred years ago or two, I think the
old-timers used to think that every one that died went up to heaven,
and had a harp, and–and set up there on the clouds, and–and played a
harp. Now, they knowed that there was a place called heaven, but
they… If that be so, all the musicians would have it on us. You see?
But–that we… But it–it isn't that kind of a place. It isn't playing
harps at all. I believe–don't believe the Bible teaches that. But that
was a conception that they had before the fullness of the Word come
into existence or the opening of the Seven Seals that's promised to us
in this age. That we then understand. I believe that heaven is a real
place just the same as this is a real place (See?), for God started us
in our spiritual growth in this place. And I believe that heaven is a
place just as real as this, where we don't set up there for eternity
and just set there on a cloud. We don't just strum our harp for
all–all from here ever, but we're going to a real place where we're
going to do things, where we're going to live. We're going to work;
we're going to enjoy; we're going to live; we're going to life, to a
real Eternal Life. We're going to a heaven, a paradise. Just like Adam
and Eve worked, and lived, and eat, and enjoyed in the garden of Eden
before sin came in, we're on our road right back there again (That's
right.), right back. The first Adam through sin taken us out; the
Second Adam through righteousness bring us back in again, justifies us
and brings us back in.

To you people that take the tapes now, on the message of justification
I want you to take it… And you do take the tapes don't you, to get
that? I spoke on it here some time ago.
Look how your earthly parents before you come here, before they knew
that you was coming, made ready for your coming. Just think of that
now; your earthly parents, which the earthly parent is only a type of a
heavenly Parent. "If we know how to give good gifts to our children,
how much more does your heavenly Father know how to give good gifts to
His children." Jesus spoke these words.
See, they made ready your coming. They made a little crib, or got a
little–some little booties, and little clothes, and so forth. They
made ready everything for you to arrive, prepared before you even come
on the earth. Jesus has gone to make ready our coming there.

Now, notice. "In My Father's house is many mansions." Or let us… I
don't mean to add to the Word or take from It, because we're not to do
that. Revelation 22 said, "Whoever will add a word or take a word out
of It…" But let me just make this as a–not an additive, but just
to–to bring out a point. "In My Father's house is many kinds of
mansions." I don't believe that when we get to heaven that we will
be–just everybody look just exactly alike. I don't believe that–that
all will be blonds, or brunettes, or–or little, or–or all big, or–or
all giants. I believe that God is a God of variety. The world proves
that. He's got big mountains and little mountains; He's got plains;
He's got deserts; He's got different things, because He made it the way
He wanted it. And He made the seasons: summer, winter, spring, autumn.
He made the seasons. It shows He's a God of variety. He made you in a
variety. Some men are real blusterous, and some are real dogmatic, and
others are fine, and others are kind, and there's a… You just find
all different kinds of people and–in His Kingdom.

See, look at St. Peter and judge him by Andrew. See. Andrew is that
prayer warrior, just stayed on his knees all the time. And the apostle
Peter was one of those firebrands that preached, and–and so forth. And
Paul was more scholarly like, more of the–like the prophet or
something, and set back and…
See, Moses wrote the first four Books of the Old–which he wrote the
Old Testament. The rest of it was the Laws, and Kings, and Psalms, and
so forth, and what someone wrote of the Prophet. But Moses wrote the
Laws, the first four Books of the Bible; Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus,
and Deuteronomy. And then, Paul wrote the New Testament. That's true.
Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John wrote the acts of what taken place, and
so forth. But Paul separated law and grace and put it into its place.
See? He was the writer of the New Testament. He gave us the writings of
the New Testament, setting the Word of God in order.

Now, notice, many, many mansions, many kinds of mansions. Like many
kinds of hills, like many kinds of rivers, springs, lakes, they were
here when you come here first, because the kindness of your heavenly
Father placed them here, because some men like mountains; some people
likes waters; some likes deserts. So you see, your coming… He knew
your nature and what you would be, so He made it just the way that you
could enjoy it. Oh, I think that's a wonderful Father (See?), though
that He made it like this. I'm glad He made mountains; I love–I like
the mountains. I–and I–I–I like that. Where the others say, "Oh, I
can't stand all these; must have emptied His mortar box out there."
Well, He emptied it out so I could enjoy it. You see?
So then you say, "I like the plains where I can see a long ways." Well,
the two different natures, both of us Christians. But the Father knew
that you would be here and prepared everything for you before you got
here. Amen. Your first coming here, He had it ready for you when you
got here. Isn't that marvelous to think of what He done?

Now, now, but remember, these are only temporal gifts in type. Now, we
know that Moses in building the tabernacle in the wilderness, or
preparing it, he said he made all things after the order of what he saw
in heaven. See? So the earthly things only express what the eternal
things are. And if this earth that we live in today, being so great, as
we love it and love to live and breathe the air, and see the flowers
and things, if–if that–if this here is the expression, one that's
dying is only expressing one that's eternal. When you see a tree
struggling, pulling, trying to live, that means there's a tree
somewhere that doesn't have to do that. When you see a man here,
struggling to live, somebody in a hospital, or on a sick bed, or in a
accident, struggling and the death rattles in their throat, and pulling
and crying and screaming for life, what does that mean? There's a place
somewhere; there's a body that doesn't struggle and scream for that.
See? It just doesn't do it.
Now, they are temporal gifts to us, these things, only expressing that
there is one where it's a eternal one. That what Jesus has gone away to
prepare: the eternal one for us. Now, they only express there's a
greater of the same kind, 'cause these are a same kind.

Now, remember, the Bible said, "If this earthly tabernacle of our
dwelling, if it perish (be dissolved) we have one already waiting."
Just as a little baby, it's little muscles in the mother are twisting
and turning and… But just… See? And you notice, you can take a
woman, if she is ever so foul, but when she's become a mother, a little
while before that baby's born, there's a kindness about the woman. Get
around her. There's always something. She's more tender. Why? There's a
little angel spirit waiting to receive that natural body. Just as soon
as it's born, the breath of life comes into it; and God breathes it in
there, and it becomes a living soul. Now, just as this baby is being
born, then the spiritual body is there to receive it. And now, when
this body is dropped here in this earth, like the baby's dropped, also
there is a immortal body waiting to receive the spirit back into itself
again. Oh, what a great thing. We are–we are now in Christ Jesus
(Amen.), babies, babes in Christ, children of God, waiting for the full
deliverance at the coming of our Lord Jesus the–to receive us up unto
Hisself, when the body, this mortal will take on immortality.

The likeness, all the things that He did expresses the things that are
to come. Just as the body He gives you here is… Just as this body He
gave you to live in only expresses that there is one that is greater
yet to come… See? If we bear or have borne the image of the earthly,
we also shall bear the image of the heavenly which holds no evils in
this one that is to come. Now, this one does hold evil, sickness,
death, sorrow.
I've just expressed here not long ago (preaching on the transformation
of the Word of God) of how that–that this body it's got the evil in
it, and that all this modern civilization that we live in is of the
devil. You don't believe that? The Bible says it is. This world, every
government… We don't want to believe that, but the Bible plainly
states it, that every government, every kingdom of the earth is owned
by the devil and ruled by the devil. Jesus was taken by Satan up and
showed Him all the kingdoms of the world that was, would be, whatmore;
and Satan claimed them his, and Jesus never argued with him, because he
is the god of this world. See? And he said, "I'll give them to you if
you'll fall down and worship me." See, he was trying to give them over
to Jesus without sacrifice. See?
It was a bargain that he was going to make Him. But the world had
sinned, so the penalty of sin was death, and He had to die. That's why
God was manifested in flesh so He could take death on Him to pay the
penalty. There's nothing to come back; it's not earmarked. It's
absolutely freely paid. All the debt's paid. It belongs to Him now. And
we are delegates of His Kingdom assembled here together tonight in the
Name of Jesus Christ, our King, setting in heavenly places.

Now, in this world that we live in, it's education… I want to prove
to you, education, science, civilization, and all these things that we
seemingly so enjoy today is of Satan and will perish. You say, "Brother
Branham, civilization?" Yes, sir. This civilization come by Satan.
Genesis 4 proves it. Cain's son (See?) started this civilization,
building cities, and organs, and so forth. And civilization came by
knowledge. Knowledge is what the devil sold Eve in the garden of Eden
that caused her to transgress God's commandment. So there will be a
civilization in the world that we're going to, but it won't be this
kind of a civilization. For in this civilization we have sickness,
sorrow, lust, death; everything in this civilization's wrong. But in
that civilization there will be none of these things. We won't need
science. Science is a perversion of the original anyhow. See? You split
a molecule to–split a atoms and do so-and-so to blow you up. You take
gun powder, and bang this, and kill something. You take the car and
take gasoline out of the earth and the materials out of the earth to
loosen up the fibers so it can blow up, and go down the road at ninety
miles an hour and kill somebody. See? Oh, so nervous, squeeze, and
hurry up, we got to push and taken… Oh, see, it's all of the devil.
The Kingdom of God will not have automobiles, airplanes, or any
scientific achievement. No. It won't have any education at all. It'll
be an education so supreme to this, that this won't even be thought of.
See? Education, civilization, and all this comes from Satan.

Now, if you say, "Brother Branham, why do you read then?" See, just
like, why do I wear clothes now? In the civilization that was to come,
it was first they didn't need any clothes; they were veiled. They'd had
no reason to wear clothes, 'cause they didn't know they were naked.
Now, you–now you find out that in, now then that we know that we
are–are–are–are naked, sin abides here, then we've got to wear
clothes. But it wasn't so at the beginning; there was no sin. See?
Now, the same thing is in the way of civilization. Altogether, we read,
we write, we do this, but don't never get adjusted to that; don't never
make that your god, for that is a god of communism. See? It's not of
Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is by faith, not what you can scientifically
prove, but what you believe.

I can't scientifically prove to you tonight in this building, that
there is a God, but yet, I know He's here, but by my faith vindicates
it. Abraham could not scientifically prove to you that he was going to
have a baby by that woman, and her nearly a hundred years old, but his
faith confirmed it. See? Didn't need any scientific proof. Why,
the–why, the doctor would've said, "The old man's crazy, out here
saying he's going to have a–a baby by that woman, him a hundred years
old and her ninety." But you see, God said so, so it don't take
science; it takes faith to believe God's Word, not science.

So our schools and things are a blowup. That's… God never said, "Go
forth and make schools," or even have Bible schools. Did you know that?
He said, "Preach the Word." Exactly right. Our educational system's
taken us farther away from God than anything I know of (That's
right.)–farther away from God. Not build schools, hospitals, and so
forth, that was for the world and for that group. But… I ain't got
nothing against them; they play their part, but that's still is not
that. We build a hospital ever so good, and practice with the best
medicine we got, and thousands die in it daily. But, oh, my, in the
Kingdom of God there is no death; there is no sorrow. Amen. There's no
need of these things of the world. But we've passed from this thing
into the realities of God. Where we struggle so hard to try to find
through science, and more scientific we get, more death we bring on
ourselves. We're fighting a losing battle there; so turn loose of it,
and by faith, believe Jesus Christ, the Son of God, tonight and accept
Him. He is One.
What's science preparing for you? More death. That's right. Sputniks
and everything going up, and all these things that's scatter death and
everything across the earth. Don't look to that; turn your head higher
than that, towards heaven. Look where Jesus sets on the right hand of
God tonight, ever living to make intercessions on our confession of
what we believe His Word to be: the Truth.

Now, we find this life holds all kinds of evils; so therefore, the life
that is to come won't have it. This one has lust, and sickness, death,
because what is it? It's not the house that He's gone to prepare. This
is a pesthouse. How many knows what a pesthouse is? Sure. Well, that's
what you're living in. A pesthouse is where they put all the diseased
people. Well, that's just what sin done to us: put us in a earthly
pesthouse. We're the–you–they wouldn't let anyone else come in the
pesthouse, because there was all kinds of germs flying around in there;
and–and the people will take these germs and–and be sick themself.
And sin brought us into the devil's pesthouse.

Oh, but the other one is called my Father's house. "I'll go and prepare
a place for you, take you out of this pesthouse and deliver you unto My
Father's house." Amen. There you are. Take you out of this old earthly
He's gone to prepare a place, a perfect place, where no evil exist, no
sickness exists, no old age exists, no death exists. It's a perfect
place calling you to that perfection, and you have to be perfect to get
there. The Bible said so. Jesus said, "Be ye therefore perfect even as
your Father in heaven is perfect." And it's a perfect Kingdom, so it
must be a perfect people come; because you have to stand and be married
to a perfect Son of God; and you must be a perfect Bride. So how can
you do it through anything else but the perfect Word of God, which is
the Waters of separation that washes us from our sins. Amen. That's
right. The Blood of Jesus Christ… Think of it. The dripping, bloody
Word (Amen.), the Blood, the–the Word of God bleeding Blood to wash
the Bride in. Amen. Yes, sir. She stands perfect, virgin,
unadulterated; She never sinned in the first place. Amen. She was
trapped into it. See? There's the Father's house that He's gone to

This one come by sex and from the fall and must fall with the fall. No
matter how much you patch the old thing up, she's going to fall anyhow.
She's done, because she's doomed; because God said so. She's finished.
God is going to destroy it. He said so. There'll be a renovation of the
whole thing. You believe that? In the beginning when the world had it's
birth, when God pulled back the water first off the earth, like He did
the water from the mother's womb, there was a world born. Yes. And
peoples begin to live on it when God put them on there. And then they
begin to sin. And it was baptized by immersing in the days of Noah.
Then it was sanctified by the Blood of the Creator dropping upon it.
And now, that's the way you come: through justification to believe God.
You were baptized unto repentance or to–for the remission of your
sins. You confessed your sins before God, and He forgive you for it.
And you was baptized to show that you had been–you'd been forgiven,
confessing to the people and showing to the world that you believe that
Jesus Christ died for you, and you–He took your place, and now you
stand in His place. He become you that you might become Him. Then the
sanctifying power of God cleansed all the habits out of your life. You
used to smoke, drink, do things that wasn't right, tell lies,
everything. Then the sanctifying power of the Blood of Jesus Christ
comes into your life; it takes all the things away from you. If you
happen to say, something's got wrong, quickly you say, "Wait a minute;
pardon me, I didn't mean to say it like that." See? The devil got a
trap setting there, but you've got grace to come back if you're a real
Christian, say, "I was wrong." Yes. So therefore…

Now, the–now the next thing you receive was the baptism of the Holy
Ghost and Fire. Now, God, when this millennium is over, God's going to
give the world a baptism of fire. It's going to blow the whole thing
up. The heavens and earth will be on fire. Peter said so. And the thing
will have a baptism of fire, renovation of the whole thing, and then
there'll be a new heavens and a new earth. That's when–where dwelleth
righteousness. That's where we are… We have become from mortal
beings, from time beings to eternal beings when the Word of God lit our
souls and we become sons and daughters of God with the attributes, the
gene of God in us to be sons and daughters of the Father God in heaven,
crying, "Abba, Father: my God, my God." "In My Father's house…"

Now, this old world must fall, because it come through sex; and it come
through disobedience in the beginning. And we was born here through
sex, through the fall, and it must go right back the same way to the
fall. But the one He is now preparing for you cannot fall, because He
is making it so. "I've gone…" What if we just have to stay in this
kind of a body? Aren't you glad there's such a thing as death? Now,
isn't that strange?
But now, say for instance, a few years ago, I was a little boy, and now
I'm a middle-aged man. I've got a friend setting out there, Mr. Dauch,
and he's ninety-three years old a few days ago. Look at him now. Forty
or forty-five more years, that would be me. Now, put another forty
years on him. Where would you go? The only… I'm glad that there's
something to get us out of this pesthouse. There's a open door, and
it's called death. Jesus stands in that door. Amen. He'll guide me over
the river. He'll take me through that door.

There's a great door standing yonder called death. And every time your
heart beats, you're one beat closer to it. And someday I must come to
that door. You must come there. But when I come there, I don't want to
be a coward; I don't want to scream and back off. I want to come to
that door, wrap myself in the robes of His righteousness, not mine,
His. By this I know that I know Him in the power of His resurrection,
that when He calls I'll come out from among the dead to be with Him,
out of this pesthouse. Wherever this body might fall, and wherever it
might land, whatever it is, I'll come out someday, because He promised
it to me, and we believe it. Yes, sir. He's making one that cannot

Notice how the expecting mother on earth today, how the mother's body
craves for certain things. I'm speaking, I guess to–I hope to all the
adults that will understand. The mother, in the birth of the baby, if
there's something lacking in her body, she begins to crave certain
things. Look how dad… I remember we was raised in such a poor family,
and–and we didn't have hardly anything to eat when we were kids. Many
of you suffered that same thing.
So how that when–before the baby's to be born, mother would crave
something, and dad would just pinch corners and everything to get it
for her. See, it's her–the body–her body is… The calcium and so
forth of her body and the vitamins that she needs, that you need is
being made up. See? And it craves for things, foods for the coming
child. And how the parents, they try to get it so the baby will be born
as perfectly and happy as possible. See how your parents will do that.
When there's something needed, the mother gives witness of it. See? Her
system is made up. You understand that how that when there's something
needed here to the oncoming child, the–the mother begins to crave for

Now, stop just a minute. Why do we have revivals? Why do we assemble
ourselves together? Why am I always rebuking the people? Why am I
calling to you Pentecostal women, quit wearing paints, and makeup, and
bobbing your hair, and stuff like that? Why am I saying that? Because
the old fashion way of Pentecost used to not do that. The real Bible
way is not to do that. You wearing these shorts and clothes that
pertains to men, do you know the Bible says that that's an abomination
to God? But we permit it. Why does the Holy Spirit keep crying out? It
knows there's something lacking there. We must be in the full statue of
Jesus Christ. We must be sons and daughters of God. We must act like
God's children.

Long ago a little story was told; I noticed one colored brother setting
in the back. In the south they used to sell slaves in this–when they
had slaves down there, when slavery was–before the Emancipation
Proclamation. And they would go by and buy them–them people just like
they would a–a used car dealer. They had a bill of sale and sold them
human beings just like they were–they were used cars. You got a bill
of sales with them.

One time a buyer come by, a broker. And he was going–he was going
around these big plantations and buy slaves. And he come to a certain
big plantation where they had many slaves. And he wanted to see how
many they had. And there was all of them out there working. And they
were–they were sad; they were away from home. They was from Africa.
They'd brought them over here. The Boers had brought them over and sold
them for slaves. And so they were sad. They knowed they'd never go back
home again. They'd live and die in the land, and they had… Many times
they'd carry whips and whip them. They were property of the owner, and
he did with them what he wanted to. And he just… If he killed him, he
killed him; and if he… Whatever it was, he just did it. That's
slavery. Like Israel was and many of the nations that'd been brought
into slavery.

And they'd have to take them poor slaves… They just served. They were
crying (you know) all the time and sad. But they noticed one of them
slaves, young fellow, he had his chest stuck out, his head up like
that. They never had to whip him, never had to tell him what to do. So
that broker said, "I want to buy that slave."
He said, "He's not for sale."
He said, "I would like to buy him."
He said, "No, he's not for sale."
Said, "Is he the boss of the rest of them?"
Said, "No," said, "he's not the boss; he's a slave."
He said, "Well, maybe you feed him different than you feed the rest of them?"
Said, "No, they all eat out there in the galley together."
He said, "What makes that boy so much different than the rest of them?
He said, "Here's one thing. I wondered for a while too, but that
boy–an alien from Africa–but in Africa his father is the king of the
tribe. And yet, he's an alien away from home, he conducts himself as a
king's son. He knows that across the land that his father is the king
of the tribe. And now, he conducts himself, because he knows he's the
son of a king."

Oh, brother, sister, you and I in this world that we live, let's
conduct ourselves as sons and daughters of God. We're aliens here, but
our behavior ought to be according to the commandments of God, that we
are sons and daughters of God. Our behavior, we should act, and do, and
everything according to what the law that God laid down. And it's an
abomination for a woman to wear a garment that pertains to a man. It's
wrong and sinful for her to cut her hair. The Bible said so. Uncommon
thing for her to even pray. You say, "What about this?"

Someone got after me (a great noted minister) not long ago, said,
"Brother Branham, come, I want to lay hands on you," said, "you're
going to ruin your ministry."
I said, "What?"
Said, "Bawling them people out like that."
I said, "I'm telling the…"
He said, "Oh, I believe that." Said, "I'm a Pentecostal too. I believe
that women shouldn't wear short hair, shouldn't wear pants, and these
things like that the way they do, paint their faces up, that they
shouldn't do that," but said, "God called you to pray for the sick."
I said, "He called me to preach the Gospel." See?
And he said, "I believe in that," but said, "You think that…"
I said, "Yeah, just look what you've got, all these big programs,
televisions, and everything else. I ain't got nothing but God to answer
to." That's right. I said, "I don't have nothing but God to answer to."
He said, "I–I–I… You're going to ruin your ministry."
I said, "Any ministry that the Word of God will ruin, ought to be ruined." That's right. Certainly. That's exactly.

74 He said, "Well, you're going to ruin it."
I said, "Who's going to tell it then? (See?) Somebody's got to say it.
Somebody's got to stand for that what's Truth no matter what it hurts."
And friends, as Christians, as people that believe we're going to
heaven, the Holy Spirit Itself will type us in the Word of God.
He said, "You know what you ought to do?" Said, "People believe you to
be a prophet." Said, "You ought to be teaching these women how to get
gifts of prophecy, and things like that, and great higher things
instead of little things."
"I said, "How am I going to teach them algebra when they won't even
learn their a-b-c's, when they won't even do the common thing, the
natural thing. How you going to tell them higher things, when you won't
even start from the…" You want to get on top the ladder before you
hit the first… That's the reason you fall. See? Begin at the bottom
and climb right on up as God leads you up. See? Cope your life with
ever–follow the–every bit of the Word that God has ordained for you
to do.

Now, think how that God… We should behave ourselves and act like
Christians; our conduct should be like Christians, because we are
aliens here. This is not our home. No, we were just put here
temporarily. We've got to go, every one of us does.
Now, think, if God in His mercy has the mother… Before the little
baby's born, it's a-craving for some vitamin, and the mother's words
speak forth, "Dad, I–I–I want a cantaloupe or watermelon; I want
something-another." It's out of… Why, he'll do everything he can to
get that, because he knows that he wants his child born as perfect as
it can be. See? And he'll do everything that he's able to do to get it.
How much more abler is He to get it? He's a Creator.
Now, think how able He is to prepare us a body to live like His own
glorious body. If we want to live… There's something in us calls to
live. And there's something is us that calls to do right. Then God will
call somebody on the platform or a pulpit that'll preach the absolute
Truth. Why? See? It shows you, then if you're a real child of God, you
begin to cry out, "God take it away from me; circumcise me from this;
take these things away from me." Why? It's needed for your heavenly
home that you're going to, where He's gone to prepare. You've got to be
a real Word Bride of Christ.

I was preaching a few nights ago on the sacrifice in the days of the
atonement. I was preaching on the only place that God, the only church
that God will meet a man in; and that is… He said, the place that He
put His Name… He said, "I won't meet them in any other place but the
place–the gate that I put My Name in." Now, He don't meet you in a
Methodist gate, a Baptist gate, or Pentecostal gate, or any of them;
but He put His Name in His Son. He said, "I came in My Father's Name."
Any man comes in… Any child comes in his father's name. He… I come
in the name of a Branham, because my father was a Branham. And you come
in your name, because that was your father's name. And Jesus, the Son,
came in the Father's Name. And He said He put His Name… "In this Gate
that I put My Name in that was the Sacrifice." And in Jesus Christ is
the only place that you'll ever find fellowship and worship to God.
You say, "Well, I belong to the church." That don't make one thing different. You've got to be in Christ.

A certain denominational minister the other night said to me; he said,
"Mr. Branham, looky here, Jesus said, 'Whosoever believeth…' The
Bible said, 'Whosoever believeth that Jesus Christ is the Son of God is
born of the Spirit of God.'"
I said, "Don't the Bible also say that no man can call Jesus the Christ
only by the Holy Ghost?" See? You can't make the Bible lie. It's got to
hook right in, so you have to become absolutely borned again of the
Holy Spirit in you that witness out, yourself, you know that He is the
Son of God. And then if you are in a part…
If you are a child of God in the Word of God, how can you deny the
Word? How can the Holy Spirit make you believe a creed that you have to
do something like this when the Bible said something else: "We have to
join a church, and do this, or do that," when the Bible plainly tells
you what to do. See? And then when you see that, then you jump right
into it and you're right with it then. Just keep moving right on up,
and it grows like a germ coming into the womb of a woman with the egg.
And then when that little egg begins to develop and begins to spread
forth germs, it don't put one human germ, and a dog germ, and a cow
germ; it puts all human germs.

And when a child of God, when that predestinated… That's a bad word
to use, but it's God; I use God's Bible. The foreknowledge of God could
predestinate, make everything work to His honor. When that
predestinated seed that you was to be, and God called you, and that
little eagle of a seed in there heard the Word of God, it will build on
top, one word on top the other one, on top the other one, on top the
other one; it'll not mix with any creeds.
Notice, in these gates every day they should eat new kosher, and there
would be no leaven found among them through the seven days. Is that
right? The seven church ages then, no unleaven, no creed, no nothing
added, it has to be absolutely unleavened bread. No leaven shall be
found among you at all, just the leaven, the Word Itself. That's the
only… And that Word is God, and God was made flesh in the Person of
Jesus Christ, which that is the Gate. "There's the Gate I meet you in
to worship when you follow the commandments of God."

Therefore, if you've tonight, just come and said, "I offer Jesus Christ
my life," and you're never received the Holy Ghost, come into It. You
must do it. You must grow into It. Ask God to pile Word on top of Word
like that until you become the full statue of a son of God or a
daughter of God. Taking the things of the world… I John says, "If you
love the world or the things of the world, it's because the love of
God's not even in you." You've been deceived. You got the love of the
world there, and it's deceived you, the devil has, by piling things
onto there and showing…
See, you can't… When the… You cannot take one word of God out of
the Bible. What caused the first sin? Not by just a big point blank
lie, but because Eve misconstrued (the devil did to her) one word. One
word broke the chain, and Eve refused to take one word. That was the
beginning of the Bible. Jesus came in the center of the Bible; He said,
"Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceedeth
out of the mouth of God." That's the entire Word of God. You believe
that's the revelation of Him? The entire Word of God…
Then in Revelations 22, Jesus came to John on the Isle of Patmos. And
Jesus: "I Jesus have sent My angel to testify of these things. (See?)
Whosoever shall take one word out of It or add one word to It, I'll
take his part from the Book of Life."
A lot of them say, "Well, I–I, believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God." That's all right. Then add the rest of it to it.

You say, "I been justified. I give my hand to the minister. I believe
in Jesus Christ." Then you've got to be born again. You must be filled
with the Holy Ghost. See? Just keep adding on as you keep on going.
You're growing into the statue of a son and daughter of God. My. God
able to prepare us and to give the–to us the–that crave in our life
that we want to see something. How many in here wants more of God? Why,
it goes to show there's more for you. See? You're craving it. Your
little birth pains are coming on. See? You need more, so that we can be
happy, and free, and perfect. We got to be. Like the–the little–the
little germ of life being the–in the bosom of God, just like to the
germ of life is in the–in the bosom of the mother…

God's growing and going, gone on to prepare the place for us, the
eternal place with Himself, not a place where you're in a pesthouse
a-dying, sin, adultery, and filth of the world here. If your mind's on
that, it shows it never has come in contact with God. See? You're
worked up. You got a mental illusion. You're just join a church and
say, "Well, I belong to this. My mother belonged to that." That
might've been all right in you mother's day, but we're living in
another day.
Wesley's message would've never… He just couldn't take Luther. Luther
believed in justification, but Wesley had sanctification. The
Pentecostals come along; they couldn't take just justification and
sanctification; they–it was time for the restoration of the gifts. Now
we're going from that. See? The three stages of the–the vine coming
up. The first, it's a little blade, Luther come up from the
reformation. All right, that was the stalk. Watch nature; God and
nature works in continuity, because God is in nature. Then next come
the tassel, the pollen, the Methodist age. Then come the Pentecostals.
Oh, my, just so perfect. See? Just like that grain of wheat look like
it's a perfect wheat–grain of wheat; open it up; there's no wheat
there at all. It's a shuck, a carrier of it, but that Life is working
on through. See?

Them back there in the Luther age accept Luther, that Life come
through, but it went and denominated out; the first thing you know it
just become a denominational whose end is to be burned. See? The stalk
dries up; it was just a carrier. Some of them still try to stay in that
old carrier stalk, knowing nothing about God, dead. They say, "Look
we're a leaf. We was a Lutheran." That's right, but look where it's at
now. See? "We were Methodists," and even, "We were a Pentecostal." But
look at Pentecost, how cold and formal it's getting, how that everybody
walking away. See? What is it? It was a carrier of the real seed. See?
All these others are carriers, but went denomination.
If you say, "I'm Pentecost." That don't mean no more to God than if
you'd said you was a Roman Catholic, or a Jew, or whatever you might
be. You've got to be born. That Life that come through that carrier
there… Don't stay in the stalk; don't stay in the seed; go right on
out to the perfect part.

Now, remember, in every reformation we've had on all those Lutherans
and so forth, in three years they organized. That's right. Every
revival brought a organization in three years. Think how long this has
been going on: twenty something years and no organizations. Why? It's
the seed coming, forming under the husk like this. Laying out now, it's
got to lay in the presence of the sun to ripen into the glorious grain
like the One that went into the first. The real church that went down
first, It's coming right back up through the stalk to come out another
church. When the combine comes to pick it up, the Life that went down
in Luther, the Life that went down in the Methodist, the Life that went
down in the Pentecostal will come into the grain; it'll all go right
into the grain and go out, forming the perfect Body of Jesus Christ.

Just like the sun comes up of morning. You can't look at no nature
'less it testifies of God. You don't need even the Bible to know
there's a God. The little sun borned a little weak baby. About 7
o'clock, goes, starts off to school; 10 or 11 o'clock it's out. Twelve
o'clock it's in its strength; three o'clock in the afternoon it's
getting old. Seven or eight–six–five or six o'clock in the afternoon
she's getting stoop-shouldered; it dies. Is that the end of it? No. It
resurrects again the next morning: a life, death, burial, resurrection.

Look at the leaves come on the tree. It comes up a good, fine leaf,
brings out shade, puts out its fruit. The next… First thing you know
autumn comes, strikes with death, runs right down through the root into
the ground again. Is that the end of it? Next spring she comes right
back again to testify. Oh, that's perpetual life, but, brother, sister,
we got Eternal Life. We've got Eternal Life through this great One Who
came, and is gone, is able to prepare us a body. And these growing
pains we feel, like you women feel condemned of what you do, you men
that hangs onto a seminary doctrines and so forth, you all want to say,
"I–I recite this creed; I do this."… But there's something right
down here when you see the eyes of the blind opened, the deaf
under–blind, all these things that's promised; see the Word preached
in Its power, see a prostitute off the street made a lady, and see
a–see a drunkard come out of there and be a real saint of God. Oh, my.
See, there's something, life in there. And you begin to feel. "Well,
maybe I oughtn't to do that." But see, what it is, it's something your
body yonder is a-needing. Come on. But God's got the vitamins right in
Here for every bit of that body. Jesus has gone to prepare the place in
the bosom of God. Yes, sir. A little germ, son of God, a little son or
daughter of God…

Jesus only asked for one thing in His prayer to the Father. You know
what that was? One thing, after all of His sacrifice that He did here
on earth, the life that He lived, the path that He walked, He asked for
one thing: "That where I am they may be also." He asked for our
fellowship. That's the only thing He asked the Father in the prayer:
your companionship forever. If you want to read this in St. John 17 and
the 24th verse… Then how much should we desire Him? If He…
Now, listen, if you really are borned of the Spirit of God, that means
everything to you. See? It ain't some book of rules. You don't live by
any laws and so forth; you live by the grace of God, the Spirit of God.

I've often said this. As a missionary I'd be going overseas, what if I
brought my wife in, my children. "Now, looky here, children… Listen
here, Mrs. Branham, I am your husband. Thou shall not have any other
husbands while I'm gone. If you do, I'll skin you when I get back
home." See? Stomp my foot, "Children, hear what I say?"
"Yes, papa, yes, papa."
"You let me hear of one transgression from you…" See? Now, wouldn't that be a home?
Now, what if she'd say, "Now, you through, sir, now, I want to tell you
something. Mr. Branham, I am your lawful wedded wife. Thou shall not
have any other girlfriends while you're gone either." Now, wouldn't
that be a home? Now, that would be something. We don't do that. I love
her and she loves me. When she knows I'm going, she knows I don't go
unless the Lord calls me to go. We get down on the floor and get the
children around, and we pray. I said, "Dear God, take care of my little
companion, my children."
They say, "God, take care of daddy while we're gone–while he's gone." And then when we go over…?…

Now, what if I did do something wrong over there? What if I did
transgress, do something wrong, and I come back and went to that poor
little wife of mine, stood there and look at her face wrinkling and her
hair turning gray, I walked up and said, "Honey, I want to tell you
something. You know I love you."
"Sure, Bill, I know you love me."
"I tell you what I done. I took some girl home." I–I'd say, "Will you
forgive me for it?" I believe she would. I really do. But would I do
that? When I look standing there, and see them hairs turning gray, and
know she's stood between me and the public, and to know what a real
wife she's been, could I do that? I–I'd rather die than hurt her. I
would. And if that in Phileo love to my wife, how much greater is my
Agapao love to God. Oh, I wouldn't do nothing to hurt Him. Certainly
not. I–I love Him. I want to do everything that He–He wants me to do.
I want to cope with every word that He said. No matter what the world
said, they–they ain't going to believe it anyhow. I want to know what
He said for me to do. And if I lack something, I want Him to give it to
me. And live for Him, keeping ourselves from the world.

This old earthly body here has got to… It's a… Let me tell you;
this earthly body that you think so much of, that you pattern after
Hollywood–you're so close to it–it won't be there much longer. You
remember, you've heard the prophecy (See?) that the Lord give me; it's
going under. Yes, sir. Notice. It will; you just watch. Now, He's never
told me nothing wrong yet. And I'll take that to anybody that wants to
say. I don't know when or where, but she's done. Judgment hangs over
it; there's no redemption for it; it's passed. See?

Now, notice this. Live for Him, keeping ourselves from the world. Now,
look. You look on television, some of you sisters, and you go down here
and you want… You young women, you're young; I know that, but you're
a Christian. See? You're different. You don't want to be like the
world. You love the world's–not only you young ones, but some of you
older ones. See? Well, what does that? See? You watch television; you
go down to the store; and you see these little old clothes that women
wear that's ungodly. Do you know what's going to happen at the day of
judgment? You might be just as virtuous to your husband as you can be,
but in the day of judgment you're going to have to answer for
committing adultery. Jesus said, "Whosoever looketh upon a woman to
lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart."
Who's to blame? You. See? You presented yourself: them shorts and
Some women said to me not long ago, said, "I don't wear shorts, Brother Branham. I thank the Lord for that. I wear slacks."
I said, "That's worse; that's worse." That's right. You can't even buy a dress hardly for a woman.

She said… One woman said, "Well, you said the truth; you can't–you
can't buy it." But they still sell goods and have sewing machines
(See?), so there's no excuse at all. See? It goes to show, sister…
I'm your brother, and I'm a servant to Christ that's got to answer at
the judgment bar for what I say here tonight. See? You're going to
stand guilty of adultery, because that the love of God has leaked out
of your heart. You still go to church. You might still dance in the
Spirit, and you might still speak with tongues. And them things are
fine, but that's not it yet. No, sir.
Remember the Bible said, "In the last days there shall come false
Christs," not false Jesuses. They wouldn't stand still for that, but
false Christs: false anointed ones. They're absolutely anointed with
the Spirit, with the Holy Spirit, and still false. See?

There's two–there's three people of you; the outside is the body. You
got five senses that you contact your earthly home with that. The
inside is a spirit. There's five senses there: love, and conscience,
and so forth you contact. But the inside of that is the soul.
Remember, the rain falls on the just and the unjust. The same rain
that'll make a grain of wheat grow, makes a cocklebur grow too. See?
What is it? At the inside of that seed is a nature, and that nature
displays itself. It can stand in the same field, right there with the
weed. The weed and the wheat stand together, rejoice just as much. It's
head down; it's starving for a drink. When a rain comes, the cocklebur
can shout just as loud as the wheat can. But by their fruits you shall
know them. See?

Christians, I may never see you again. It's been years since I been
here. May never see you again. Line up with God's Word. Look in the
Like a little boy one time, that'd been out in the country. He never
seen a mirror. He come to his–his auntie's house. He started walking
up the steps. He seen a mirror; and he seen a little boy in the mirror.
He kept walking up, looking. And he'd wave, and the little boy'd wave.
And he kept looking. He never seen himself in a mirror. So when he got
close enough to it, he turned around and said, "Why, mama, that's me."
How do you look in God's Mirror? Does it reflect a daughter or a son of
God? Is there something which you hear that–does it make you hate the
man that's saying it, or is there something pulls, say, "I know that
man's right, because that's in the Scripture." Then that's the vitamins
needed for this body that's ordained to be there, a house that that
other one's going to need when you get there. See? This house… If we
have borne the earthly…

Now, remember, we think so much of this body. We put so many clothes on
it. We do so many things that's unnecessary, change after change after
change and all these things and… And why, it's just everybody. Just
let somebody start something. You paint your steps red and watch the
Joneses paint theirs red. You change from a Chevrolet to a Ford, and
they just can't stand it. It's matching time. You let the–you let a
woman come to church, certain type hat on, watch all the women get
that, especially the pastor's wife. See? Just watch what happens. Now,
that is true. That is the absolutely truth. It's matching time.
Brother, it ought to be matching time at…
All them–all them things is–is for a purpose. I don't care whether my
coat matches my trousers, and I have a hard time. My wife, or my
daughter-in-law, or somebody has to tell me what kind of–of a tie to
wear with it. I–I don't care whether they match at all. I want my
experience to match God's Word. That's the thing, 'cause that's where I
aim to live, not down on the corner yonder with the Joneses, but yonder
in glory where Jesus has gone to prepare us a place. Yes, we want that.
Yes, sir.

Keep from all this… This old earthly tabernacle here, you know what
it is? This body is like an old coat that you wear, a coat that you
once wear. But now, you have one so much better, you don't use it any
more. What do you do? You hang it in a closet, for you've got one
better. You've got a better coat. It's more up to date than the one you
used to wear that's worn out. What? It is that garment. You are the
inside of that. Remember, that garment only done what? It bore your
image. See? But you don't need it anymore now. You've hung it up. It's
a rag. And that's the way this old body is. You… It's bore the image
of the heavenly, yet it is not you. You are on the inside of that body.
You, the Spirit of God, is on the inside of that body. That's what
makes the outside come into subjections, because the inside is pulling
it (See?), bringing it in the line with the Word of God: your inside,
you, yourself, your being. This body's just an old coat, and someday
what will you do with it? For you was–was only in the garment for a
while. That is like the earthly garment, this body, your–your real
body, your real self is on the inside of this old coat, that you call
William Branham, or Susie Jones, or whoever it is. See? Someday it will
hang in the earth's hall of memory of you. You'll put it out yonder in
the grave, and somebody will put a tombstone up, "Here lies Rev.
So-and-so, or John So-and-so, or So-and-so." It'll lie there as a
memorial of you. The people just seeing you in this, and what you was,
your real you, was on the inside of that. But the old coat itself just
born the image of the heavenly. Oh, people, have you made reservations
to change coats? Have you made reservations for heaven? Remember, you
must have reservations. You can't get in without them. I'm talking to
you in modern language now. But you know, if you go to the hotel and
say, "Well, I had…"

"Did you have reservations? Well, I'm sorry, everything is filled up."
You're out in the cold, because you failed to make reservations. And if
you've come to the end of your life's journey without reservations,
there'll be no one there to meet you. You'll have to step off into a
dark eternity where there will be screaming, and weeping, and wailing,
and gnashing of teeth. You must; you can't get into the city,
you're–because you haven't got reservations. You must have them to
enter this city where Jesus has gone to prepare a place for you.
Remember, you must have the reservations and the garment of salvation
on. You cannot…

In Matthew I've got a Scripture here (I'm watching Scriptures), Matthew
20–22:1-14. I haven't got time to read it, because it's getting too
late. I've spoke too long to you. But remember, the King sent forth and
made a supper. He killed all of His oxen and–and fixed the fatlings,
and everything, and had a great supper prepared. And He sent out and He
bid many to come. One said, "Well, you know, after all, I belong to
this, and I got this. And I got to go to my farm," and one did many
things. And He sent again, and they evily mistreated them.
And finally… That was the Jewish generation Jesus was talking to;
they had something else to do. Then finally, He sent him and said, "Go,
just don't–just compel them. Go into the streets, and highways, and
everywhere, and compel them to come in." And after that, determined
that His house was–His wedding supper was going to be set. There was
going to be guests there. And then He found a man in there without the
wedding garment on. He wanted to hold to the old coat. And look what he
said: "Friend, after I have invited you to My wedding supper, and I
invited you and give you an invitation to come…"

And if you ever was in the Orient, which I preached in there many
times, that wedding supper's still carried on just the way it was. The
bridegroom, the–he has so many guests that he's going to have.
Probably, Brother Kopp, probably you've watched it there in India. See?
They just have so many guests that he's going to ask. Say he's going to
ask thirty guests. Now, the bridegroom has to furnish the robes. He has
to furnish them. Therefore, there's a man stands at the door, and you
come up with your invitation; he examines your invitation and puts you
on a garment, a robe, that… Some of them are rich; and some are poor;
and some of them are different; but they all look alike when they get
these robes on. They all look alike. And you have to all be alike. You
ain't going be say, "I'm the Methodist over here," "I'm the
Presbyterian over here." Oh, no. You ain't going in the first place.
See? You've got to come by the Door. Jesus said, "I am the Door to the
"I'm Pentecostal." "I'm this, I'm that." That don't mean one thing. You
come by that Door. And if you come by that Door, you get the robe.

And this man, well He said, "How did you get in here, Friend?" See? It
showed he come up some other way; and he come in a window, come in the
back way, but not through the Door, not through the Door, the way that
Jesus came, through self-sacrifice, giving your all to God, and walking
to Calvary, and be crucified with Him, and rise again to wear His
garment of sacrifice and death to the things of the world.
If you love the world or the things of the world, the love of God's not
even in you. See? If you still have the love of the world, want to act
like the world and do like the world, you're trying… You're yet…
You're in the church, but a cocklebur in the patch with the wheat:
shout with the rest of them; rejoice with the rest of them; all the
spiritual blessings is right upon you. You say, "Well, I prophesy." So
did Caiaphas; so did Balaam. That has nothing…

"I got the baptism of the Holy Spirit." That still has nothing to do
with it. That's just only a temporal gift for you. The real gift is
your soul down in there (See?) that was borned of God, and that
controls the whole thing to the Word of God and the will of God; and
there you grow up. See? Then you are a son and daughter of God. You are
a child of God. And these things that you come up… Like the mother
now, you're in the bowels of the earth trying to come forth. You're a
son of God coming forth and you see the Word says, "I should do this; I
should be borned again." "Well, I belong to a church." That don't mean
one thing. See?
"I'm Methodist, my mother…" That's good for your mother.
"Well, my, I'm Pentecostal; I belong…" If you don't line with that
Word, there's something wrong. See? Then you see, your real father
ain't God (See?), because that real start in your soul, before there
even was a spirit, it was your soul. That soul didn't come from God,
then it wasn't a germ of God to begin. You're deceived. You're in a
patch of weeds and bearing the world's record of the weeds, coming
forth acting like the world, loving the world, is because the love of
God's not in you.

And now, there'll be false anointed ones in the last days, not false
Jesus; they wouldn't stand for that, but false anointed. They are
anointed. Yes, sir. But they are antichrist. They are anointed with the
Spirit to do the signs and wonders that Christ did, but won't line up
with His Word. See? "Many will come to Me that day and say, 'Lord, have
not I prophesied and cast out devils in Your Name?'"
He'll say, "Depart from Me, you that work iniquity, I never even knew you."
"I was Pentecostal, Lord. Glory to God. I shouted; I spoke with
tongues; I laid hands on the sick and healed them, cast out devils.
"Depart from Me, you that work iniquity, I never knew you." See what I mean?

Oh, little children, do you feel the need of that vitamin tonight, that
something… There's a body waiting yonder; there's a body waiting to
be received. People, don't be deceived. Don't be deceived. The devil is
a deceiver. Even the–the wedding garment, you must wear it. It must be.
Now, we're at the evening time. The earthly body is now ready to be
dissolved, and we're preparing to enter in into the heavenly. And we
now feel the strange call of God to go to this great Eden. And before
we could be born here, our little bodies cried for something that–that
had to be provided or we'd be an afflicted child here if we wasn't. God
has no afflictions up there. They're every one perfectly lined up, the
Bride, just exactly like the Groom was: the Word manifested in It's
season. God grant tonight, children, each and every one of you. There
is a heaven to go to; there's a hell to stay away from.

Now, many of you know that the Lord has given me visions, thousands of
those. The greatest thing… I used to fear death. About three years
ago, you seen the Christian Business Men: "A-Past The Curtain Of Time."
I realize I might not live through this night. I may never see you
again in my life here. But this is true. I–I don't know whether I'd
call this a vision or what it was.
One morning, recently, I was–I just woke up; I'd come in from
meetings, and my wife was laying there asleep. I said, "Honey, are you
awake?" She was still sleeping. I knowed we had to get up to get the
children off to school. And I put my hands back up like this, and I
said, "Well, say, Bill Branham, do you know that you're past fifty? If
you're going to do something for the Lord, you better hurry up, 'cause
you ain't got too much more time." I thought, "My, I hope that I can
live to see the coming of the Lord Jesus." I always had it in my mind
that–that when we died I'd see… Like brother here, I'd say…
"Yeah, you preached in my church one night down on earth, Brother
Branham." But he–he's a spirit. I couldn't shake his hand, because his
hand's out there in the grave rotted away, mine too. I used to kinda
think that.

But that morning when I felt something come over me and I
thought–usually like a vision comes–and I looked, and I looked and I
thought, "My, what is this?" And I looked at great green hills, and
young women was coming from everywhere by the tens of thousands and
hundreds of thousands. And they were all coming, long hair hanging down
their back, white robes on, barefooted, screaming, hollering, "Our
I–I thought, "Now, this is strange." I turned back around and looked,
and there I laid right there; and there was my wife laying there on the
bed. And I said, "Now, I–you know what, I died." I said, "That–that's
what's happened; I–I've died." And I said, "I might've had a heart
attack or something; I–I've died. There lays my body." I was just
laying there with my hands back like that (See?), just as stiff. I
thought, "Well, that not twenty feet from me." And there I was looking;
I thought, "That's–there's my wife, that–there–there's everything;
there's my shirt hanging on the–that bed post there." And I thought,
"Here I am."

I looked around again, and these women were all coming; and they
were… And I looked coming this way, and there come my brothers, all
genuine, all of them looked to be young men. They were screaming, "Our
precious brother." Well, I didn't know what to think.
I thought, "This is strange." I looked back, and I wasn't a old man; I
was young. I thought, "This is a strange thing." I thought, "Is this a
vision?" I'd bite my finger, and I thought, "No. It ain't the kind of
vision I've had.
And then, there's something begin to talk to me up here and said, "You've entered in with your people."
And I thought, "With my people? Are all these Branhams?"
He said, "They are your converts to Christ." And these women… You
know, I've always been considered kind of… They call me a
woman-hater, but I'm not (See?), 'cause I believe… See? I–I–I don't
like immoral, indecent; I like real genuine sisters in Christ. If that
way, all right.

I had some scars when I was a kid. I know things that happened that's
kind of turned me that way. But it–it was all God's making, molding me
for this hour. See?
And I think a real genuine sister, there's nothing any nicer. If God
could give a man anything better than salvation, He give him a wife.
See? And so then, if He could give anything better, He would've done
it. And then, to see some of them turn and don't even act like a wife,
unloyal to their marriage vows and their husbands the same. You
remember, you're bound as long as you live to one another. What God
joins on earth is joined in heaven also. See?

And so, then I–I seen that. And these women run up, and was throwing
their arms around me, and hugging me, and calling me brother. Now, they
were women, but there can never be sin in that place. See? They were
women, but, see, what made us now… A woman with a–a gland, a female
gland, and man with a male gland; it's for raising children. There it
won't be; they'll all be one gland, but they'll still be in the form,
their earthly image that they bore here will be there, but there'll
never can be sin. You're all the same. There'll be no more children
raised there. See? That's right. It'll all be that way.

And then so I looked, and these women, and… They picked me up, these
brothers, and set me upon a place. I said, "Why'd you do this?"
He said, "In earth you was a leader, and said–and said; "You… These are the people."
And then some women come up, and she said, "Our precious brother." Most
beautiful woman, when she passed by, this voice, something said, "Don't
you remember her?"
I said, "No."
Said, "You led her to Christ when she was past ninety. See? Can't you see why she says, precious brother?"
And I said, "Well, do–do you go…"
They said, "No, we are waiting here."
I said, "Well, if I've passed over, I want to see Jesus."
Said, "You can't see Him now. This is the Scripture said 'souls under
the altar.' He's just a little higher. Someday He will return. We'll go
back to earth. We don't eat or drink here."

And I said, "Do you mean I was afraid of this? Why, this… "There's no
word to speak it, friend. It's a… Perfect wouldn't–wouldn't touch
it. Sublime, there's no English vocabulary that I know, no word at all
that could ever express what it is. It's beyond anything that I know.
There he was; there was no sickness, no sorrow. You couldn't die; you
couldn't sin. It was just perfect, just perfect. Friends, you mustn't,
you mustn't miss it.
Remember… And when I was a little boy, I saw a vision of hell, as a
little boy. And you know how the ladies today (or the women, a lady
wouldn't do a thing like that) paint their eyes like a wolf or
something like that, and that blue stuff under their eyes. I seen that.
I was sinking. As a little boy, I'd been shot, and I was laying dying
in a hospital. And I'd always knowed there was God. I remember the
first prayer I ever tried to pray, the only thing I could say…
I–I've never told this before; I just feel like telling it right now.
I was shot, laying there dying in the field; and the only plea that I
could have to God, I said, "You know, Lord, I never did commit
adultery." See? As a little young boy about fifteen years old, I'd
tried to live right. And I said, "I've lived clean," and that's all I
could say. That's all the merit that I could offer Him.

And then, laying there then when I as… The doctor done walked away
from me, and I felt myself sinking into a dark eternity, and looked
like… And I hollered for papa. "Oh, papa, help me." There was no papa
there. "Mama, help me." There was no mama there. "God help me." There
was no God there. It was just a endless, horrible, oh, nightmare.
Burning, blazing hell, would be a pleasure to be in there beside of
that. And falling through there, I thought, "Oh, my." over and over
like this. And I got into a place, smoke, and dark, and sick; and oh,
such a feeling. It was death on me. And I could see those women coming
up to me with them kind of painted eyes like that. Now, remember,
that's been forty-five years ago–about forty years ago anyhow.
Going–they was going [Brother Branham makes a descriptive sound–Ed.]. I said, "Am I to be there forever?"
I said, "O God, if You'll let me out of here, I'll–I'll–I'll never be
ashamed of You again. I'll never be ashamed. God, please give me a
chance." And the first thing you know, I felt myself coming back up.
And the doctor was alarmed, 'cause my heart was only beating seventeen
times to the minute. I done bled all my blood out and–and everything.
I was laying in my own blood. And I've wondered someday that would

About two years ago when I moved to Tucson, I was with my wife down at
J. C. Penney's. And I was setting there like that, and with my head
down, waiting, 'cause you know how ladies, they shop a long time. And I
was–I was setting there with my head down like this. And a escalator
was coming up, and here come some of them women up with them waterhead
haircuts–you know like they have, like that–coming up with them
painted-looking eyes like that; and they were speaking Spanish. And
that–that… It all… The vision reoccurred again. There it was [Brother Branham makes a descriptive sound–Ed.].
Brother, sister, let me tell you something, it may seem funny now, but
you once get there. It's a serious thing. Don't you never go that way.

Me as an old man, a minister, I've preached around the world, got
millions of friends, but I know I've got to stand with you yonder. Get
away from the things of the world. And if there is something in you
that you still want to act the way you acted, you do have the things of
the world in you, remember, you're none of God's; you're just a church
member. Until that call, that deep calling to the deep… See?
Like before there was a fin on a fish's back, there had to be a water
for him to swim in first, or he'd never had a fin. Before there was
a–a tree to grow in the earth, there had to be an earth, or there
would've been no tree to grow in it. There'd be no reason for the tree.
And it–to make it…?… this… Before there is a creation there has
to be a Creator.

"Blessed are they that do hunger and thirst after righteousness." See?
There's something in it. You raised your hand awhile ago: "I want more
of God." See, there's something needy. And if you love the world (and
going that way), the things of the world, the world's travel you'll go,
and in the fall you'll be. See? Come out. You're sons and daughters of
the King, the King. Be lady and gentlemen. Walk like Christians; live
like Christians; act like Christians. Remember, I'll meet you at the
judgment bar with these remarks. See?
Look in your looking glass tonight and see, "Which way am I headed. Is
Jesus preparing a place for me, a body? That body's perfect; that body
walks orderly; it's a son or daughter before God. And I'm birth pains
in here to be born into that body there. If I still love the world, it
shows me that I'm not–I have no body there. I'm just a church member.
I wasn't a germ of God. I am not–He is not my Father."

He said, "If you cannot stand chastisement (That's what you're getting
now.) then you're bastard children and not the children of God." Isn't
that right? Does the Bible say that? If you cannot stand the
chastisement of God when you see the Scripture lining you up, and you
say, "Oh, I don't want to hear that stuff. I'm–I'm a Christian. I do
what…" All right, go ahead. See? It's one sure evidence that you're
not a child of God. But a real child of God is hungering and thirsting.
Why? If there's something in your heart telling you want it and it
needs there, it shows there's something pulsating, trying to pull you
there. There's a body there that this one is a type of here. What are
you using this one for? To glorify the devil, and the world, the
fashions and things, or are you looking towards heaven? And there's
something up there; you're glorifying God with your life.
"In My Father's house are many mansions; if it wasn't so, I would've
told you. And I'll go and prepare a place for you and come again to
receive you unto Myself that where I am, there ye may be also." Things
that are to be… These things that are now are only potential, calling
for the things that is to be.

Let us pray. Think seriously, will you, dear Christian friend? Think
real seriously just a moment. Let's just be real quiet just for a
minute. Let the Holy Spirit speak.
Now, the Lord Jesus sent me to you Pentecostal people long ago. Here's
one of your boys that's come up to be your pastor, said resulted from
the ministry. He seen the Lord Jesus open the blinded eyes, make, he
said, the waterheads shrink right up. I still have healing services,
but I realize that I have prayed for many people that were very sick.
They were healed; the Lord answered prayer and healed the sick. But,
you know, some of those people are healed has already died. And no
matter how sick you are, if you're healed, you're going to die anyhow.
But that soul, my precious brother, that soul, my precious sister,
won't you think about it now? That's eternal. If that love of God's not
in there, there's nothing pulling, won't you ask God, "Oh God, start me
over new tonight. I love You, Lord. I want to love You. There's
something in my heart tells me that I must live closer to You. I want
to come right now, Lord, and do that." If that person or persons are in
this building or out of this building, I ask you as a servant of
Christ, in the Name of Jesus Christ, will you just with your head
bowed, raise up your hand to God and say this much, "God, draw me
nearer, nearer, dear God. I want to line with everything that You have
in Your Word." Raise your hands now. Just be real honest.

Just think. Now, you say, "Oh, I've done this. I've–I've shouted in
the Spirit; I've spoke in tongues, but look, there's something lacking
in my life. I look in the mirror of God's Word; I know there's
something. I go to church, but I'm not what I should be." See? That
shows that something… Now, if you can look at yourself and see that
you're not lined up with God's Word, and there's nothing in there
that'll cause you to raise your hand, then you know there's something
wrong. You have… There's… Mother used to say, "You can't get blood
from a turnip, because there's no blood in it." See? Think of it real
seriously. This might be your last opportunity. Thirty or forty hands
has been up in this little group here, even to clergymen.

Just be real reverent just a moment. Now, think real straight, "Dear
God, I may be killed tonight in an accident. I may die in a heart
attack. One of the mornings, I may call the doctor, and he come, and my
pulse is beating up my sleeve. I'm gone. I'm pressing my cheek against
the pillow and say, 'O God, O God, O God.'" See? That heart's making
its last beat; you're coming to that great door. You'll never come out
unless you're borned again of the Spirit of God. You'll never come out
unless there's something in you–after you're born of the Spirit of
God–hungering and thirsting to go on with God. It must be. See? You're
a child in the earth, in the bowels of the earth still waiting to be
born into the Kingdom of God, where He's gone to prepare another body
for you that's a perfect body. Now, think real deep, and let's pray

Dear God, as I know that this is paged on the Book, the great record.
We have blundered into science, Lord, enough to wake us up, for
realities to know that every move that we make goes around and around
the world the same time we make it. We've got that through television.
We do realize, Father, that that television doesn't manufacture a
picture; it only channels the–the vibrations into a tube that makes
the picture. Even the color of clothes that we've got on shows through
the ether waves of the air, that vibration around the world. Then how
is our sisters with them clothes on, acting like that, and not even
hungering–painted faces, cut hair…
Ministers that would go to theology, some seminary, and take the things
of man's word, which makes, by their traditions makes the commandments
of God of no effect upon the people… By their traditions, saying,
they should belong to church and that's all… Oh, God, do they realize
that every word we say, scientifically proven, it's on a record, and it
starts when we start living in this earth; it ends when we die; and
it's put in God's album to be played back again at the judgment? How
are we going to escape it, the damnation of God, if the thing has been
made so clear before us and yet we turn it down. Oh, dear God, these
words never die; they go on and on. The record will be played at the
day of the judgment. You seen those hands that went up, Father. It'll
be right there at the day of judgment. Also what their heart was
thinking will be there at the day of judgment.

Now, Father God, I ask You, as Your servant, I pray that You will take
all the iniquity away from Your people: "iniquity," "something that we
know we should do and don't do it." David said, "If I conceive iniquity
in my heart, God will not answer my prayer." I pray, God, that You'll
take our iniquity, 'cause the Word is Your looking glass that shows us
up, how short we are of being sons and daughters of the King. Father, I
pray that You'll do it tonight.
And make that an altar, 'cause the altar's setting full of people. And
make that altar there in the chair where they're setting, make that
heart of theirs the altar. May the world move off from every brother,
sister in here. And may that little Germ of Life, that Gene of God that
we just talked of, that attribute that come down from God and has been
manifested here to honor and glorify God… God, move the world from
The others, I cannot pray, Lord, because the sickness is unto death,
and there's nothing there that causes them to move. But those who can
move and know that it's wrong, clean their hearts and their souls
tonight, Father, and may they be filled with Your Spirit, and walk in
Your Light.

Bless this dear, young, healthy, strong-looking pastor here, Lord, this
young man, influenced, he said, by what he saw You do. This fine young
man, O God, set his soul afire. Grant it, Lord. May he be a true
shepherd continually all the time, to feed the flock which the Holy
Spirit's made him overseer over. Grant it, Lord. May he not turn right
or left, no way for no creed, no nothing else, but the unadulterated
Word of God come from his mouth and that only. Bless him, God, him, and
his loved ones, and his little church here. Be with them all, Father.
I commit this to You, Father. The Seed has been sown. May it fall upon
that seed that was ordained to Life and grow great strong Christians
for this assembly here and other assemblies where they come from. Grant
it, Lord. I commit it to You in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of

And Father, "He was wounded for our transgression, bruised for our
iniquity; the chastisement of our peace was upon Him, and with His
stripes we were healed."
I seen moving through the door a few minutes ago, a poor nervous woman.
And, O God, into her own family what great things has been done. How
You have manifested Yourself. I pray, God, for that woman. Take away
all that back past of life, Lord, and heal her tonight. Will You, Lord?
Take her to You.
I see a–little children setting here, Lord, needing healing–others. I
pray that You'll heal them, Father. Grant it. May Your great healing
power come and heal us both soul and body.

And now, to you now who are in the church here or outside that needs
healing, I want you to raise up your hand, say, "I need healing,
Brother Branham." Look like everybody does. All right. Would you
believe me to be a servant of Christ, say, "Amen." [Congregation replies, "Amen."–Ed.]
Then I want you to lay your hands over on one another. Just lay your
hands over on each other. You raised your hands… (That's inside or
out.) You raised your hands that you were believers in God. Jesus
Christ said (His last commission to the church), "Go ye unto all the
world and preach the Gospel to every creature. He that believeth–he
that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; he that believeth not
shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe: In My
Name they shall cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; if
they take up serpents or drink deadly things it won't harm them.
But–and if they'll lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover."
Now, the… Jesus said that. Remember, He said that. That has to be. He
wouldn't have said that, 'less there was going to be somebody could
catch that Word.

Just like the womb of Mary could catch the germ: "A virgin shall
conceive." Like a palm tree could be created and a oak tree on a hill,
His Word did it. His Word can catch into your heart right now. "I am a
believer, Lord. This man or woman I got my hands on, they're suffering.
I'm not praying for myself, because they're praying for me. I'm praying
for her or to–for him. And, O God, heal him, heal her. And I am a
believer, and now, we're assembled. We've just been taught that we were
with Christ when He walked on earth, for we're part of His Word. We
suffered with Him; we bled with Him; we died with Him; we was buried
with Him; we are risen with Him, and we're setting together in heavenly
places in Christ Jesus, the great King, setting here in our midst. And
I am a son or daughter of this King, and I have my hand laid on a son
or a daughter of a King that's praying for me and I'm praying for them.
Now, Lord, answer my prayer and heal this son of God or this daughter
of God. Together let's pray now for one another.

Lord Jesus, we humbly come confessing our wrong. We come confessing
that we are worthy of sickness and death and sorrow, but we are
accepting Your propitiation for our sins and our sickness. And tonight
these sons and daughters of God setting here, and hear the correction
of the Word, and raising their hands, and wanting a closer walk,
they're laying hands on one another now, because they believe Your Word
to be true. They believe that we're now risen with Christ, setting in
heavenly places with Him. They've got their hands on one another,
praying one for another. You said the prayer of faith shall save the
sick and God shall raise him up; and if he's did any sin, it shall be
forgiven him. Confessing your faults one to another, pray one for the
other that you might be healed. For the effectual fervent prayer of the
righteous availeth much.
O Eternal God, hear the prayer of Your servant. And now, it's written
again, "If the people that's called by My Name shall assemble
themselves together and pray, then I'll hear from heaven." O God, hear
the prayer of Your children tonight from heaven. Send down the Holy
Ghost upon this audience like a rushing mighty wind.

And we bring these people before God. Satan, you are defeated; you are
a defeated being. Jesus Christ conquered you at Calvary. You have no
power. You're a bluff. We're calling your hand tonight. In the Name of
Jesus Christ, come out of this people here, you sickness and diseases,
and may they go free in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
Hallelujah. Feel the glory of God; feel your prayer answered. You
believe God answered the person setting by you? How many believe it,
raise up your hand? There you are. Oh, wonderful.

I love Him, I love Him, (With your hands up now, sing it to Him with all your heart.)

Because He first… (Do you mean it with all your heart now?)

And purchased my salvation

On Calvary's tree.

How many of you feel that God has forgiven your iniquity, the things
that you've done? And from this night on, "Oh, Lamb of God, I promise
to walk upright. I'll walk in honor of the Name that I'm called, a
Christian, Christlike like. I raise my hands, God; I dedicate myself
anew to You tonight. I'll walk in the Light." Amen.

We'll walk in the Light,

Beautiful Light;

Come where the dew drops of mercy are bright.

Shine all around us by day and by night.

Jesus, the Light of the world.

We'll walk in the Light;

It's such a beautiful Light.

It comes where the dew drops… (Where He's gone to prepare a place for us.)

Shine all around us by day and by night,

Jesus, the Light of the world.

Come all ye saints of Light proclaim

Jesus, the Light of the world,

Truth and mercy in His Name,

Jesus, the Light of the world. (What will we do then?)

We'll walk in the Light;

Such a beautiful Light;

Comes where the dew drops of mercy are bright.

Shine all around us by day and by night,

Jesus, the Light of the world.

Oh, don't you feel all scoured out, feel good? Oh, my. Let's shake hands as we sing again.

We'll walk in the Light,

Such a beautiful Light,

Comes where (God bless you.) of mercy are bright.

Shine all around us by day and by night,

Jesus, the Light of the world.

Let's just close our eyes and hum it. [Congregation hums–Ed.] We act like children; we are children.

Oh, it's such a beautiful Light;

And it comes where the dew drops of mercy are bright.

Oh, shine all around us by day and by night,

Jesus, the Light of the world.

Don't you love Him?

My faith looks up to Thee,

Thou Lamb of Calvary, (Just close your eyes and sing it. Worship in the Spirit.)

Saviour Divine!

Now, hear me while I pray,

Take all my sins away,

Nor–let me from this day

Be wholly Thine!

While life's dark maze I tread,

And grief around me spread,

Oh, be Thou my Guide;

Bid darkness turn to day,

Wipe sorrow's fears away,

Nor let me ever stray

From Thee aside.

Oh, my. You know, I'm just an old fashion guy. I like… I think that's
got all the new chopped up, fang-dangled, rock-and-roll, impersonations
beat a million miles. Them old poets that wrote them songs, the Holy
Spirit touched that pen and begin to write. Oh, my. I think of Eddie
Perronett and all them great of Fanny Crosby:

Pass me not, O gentle Saviour,

Hear my humble cry;…

One time they was trying to get her. She didn't–she didn't do like the
Pentecostal Elvis Presley: sell her birthrights for a mess of
Cadillacs. She… Come to her and wanted her to write–write worldly
songs. She said, "I would not do it for nothing."
Said, "Well, you're blind. When you get to heaven, how you going to…" She turned around, the inspiration struck her said:

I shall know Him, I shall know Him,

And redeemed by His side I shall stand.

I shall know Him, I shall know Him, (How?)

By the prints of the nails in His hands.

Otherwise, "If I don't see Him, I'll feel His hands."

I shall know Him, I shall know Him,

And redeemed by His side I shall stand.

I shall know Him, I shall know Him,

By the prints of the nails in His hand.

Don't it make you love Him? Gone to prepare a place for us. "And if I
go and prepare a place, I will return again to receive you unto

Little children in travail now, obey the commandments of God. And
pastor here, if none of you has been baptized, the water will be ready
and–and membership for the church or whatever you want to do, or
whatever you are doing. If you haven't got the baptism of the Holy
Ghost, this is the night to receive it. Don't you believe that.
"Oh," you say, "Brother Branham, it's late; you done preached too
long." Paul preached all night one night this same kind of message, and
a little–a young man fell off of the wall and killed himself. And Paul
so anointed with that same kind of message, laid his body upon him, and
a life come back into him. He's still Jesus Christ, the same yesterday,
today, and forever. Don't you love Him? Let's just once more with our
hands up, "I love Him, I love Him."
Where's the pianist? I… There if you will, sister, ever who it is, give us a little chord, if you will.
How many love Him? Just raise your hand, say, "I really love Him. I just love Him with–with all my heart. I love Him."

Now, let's just sing it to the glory of God now with our eyes closed,
our hands up to heaven. "I love Him, I love Him." We'll worship Him.
When you preach, and cut, and tear, and pull like that, this is a balm
that God pours in, just heals. There's a Balm in Gilead for the soul.
Let's sing it now. Give us a chord on it.

I love Him, I love Him,

Because He first loved me,

And purchased my salvation

On Calvary's tree.

And if… "This will all men know that you're My disciples when you
have love one for the other." That's right. If we can't love one
another who we do see, how we going to love God Who we can't see.

I love Him, I love Him,

Because He first loved me, (Thank you…?… Now…?… don't you? God bless, Brother…?…)

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