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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham
called Thirsting For Life
was delivered on Sunday, 30th June 1957 at the Philadelphia Church in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
The tape, number 57-0630,
is 59 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette.

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Lord, Thou has permitted us to live in this day to see these great
signs and wonders happening by Your hand. And there's no one here any
more conscious that it isn't Your servant who knows these things, than
I am. It is You, Lord. And by Your promise You promised You would do
these things and Thou always keeps Your promise. And to this we're
thankful and give Thee praise. Bless us this afternoon in the Word,
tonight in the great healing service. We'll praise Thee in Christ's
Name. Amen. May be seated.

E-2 I was just trying to think a few moments ago… [Someone adjusts the microphone–Ed.]
If you'll set that just as high as you can. I… Anybody ever had the
flu? Just a petting my little boy Joseph, I think I must've caught his
bad cold and I got a very bad throat. I've got a preacher's throat. I
haven't knowed the time in twenty-five years that my throat wasn't
constantly red, 'cause I preach, pray for the sick day and night, day
in and out, week in and out, month, year in and out. See? And it just
keeps me constantly coughing. And so I get a little–little…
It'll–it never gets sore. I don't believe I ever did have a sore
throat, never did have a throat sore; it's just overtaxed. And then I
get cold in there, of course, and it swells up the larynx, and then it
being raw it gives the germ a chance to get in.

I was… Something here… Oh, yes, I was reading a letter. I wished I
had brought that; I knew I should do something. Rosella, is she here
this afternoon? Rosella Griffin? Yeah. Billy wants to see you and then
make that arrangement for you. I was reading your letter just awhile
ago. And so they…
This lady came in (She's here somewhere.), in this–this I guess that
auditorium right here, this church. And the Holy Spirit told her, said,
"Lady, you got cancer." And she had come in here from somewhere, the
west. And she said when I walked off the platform, I said… She said
to her husband, "Now, that just can't be." Said, "Now, I didn't say
nothing when Brother Branham said that," said "but I–I just thought,
'Now, wait a minute. I know…'" And then said, I told her, said, who
she was, where she come from, what had been her symptoms, and
everything, and said the doctors couldn't find her trouble. But said,
"You have cancer." And she doubted that.
And now, I've got the letters. I'll bring them tonight. That'd be a
good time tonight. And now she's in the hospital just at the point of
death with cancer. See? It was there; the doctor couldn't find it, but
the Holy Spirit knew it was there.
Now, now, I don't say this (You see?), but perhaps if she hadn't have
doubted that, the story might have been different today (See, see?) if
she hadn't have doubted it. You must believe… Now, to me, you don't
have to believe me; I'm just a man. But when He says anything, it's the
truth (See?); it's the truth.

And so one time in a meeting, it was in Canada, way up here in… I can
never think of that city across from Detroit, Windsor, Ontario. And
there was a–a man slipped into the meeting. And he thought it was a
telepathy. And he put on his prayer card, on the back of it, "I have so
many diseases," and things like that. There wasn't nothing wrong with
him. And when he come up to the platform, he happened to be in the part
of the line, probably just going through praying for the sick. And he
said, "Could you tell me what's wrong with me?" And Brother Baxter
started passing him on.
I said, "Just a moment."
He said, "I want to know what's wrong with me."
Brother Baxter said, "We're not having that."
Now, he'd been better off if he'd listened to Brother Baxter (See?),
went on through. But no, he had to stop. And when he did, then the Holy
Spirit said to him, "There's nothing wrong with you, you have no
disease at all."
He said, "Oh, yes I do." He said, "Look on my card down there that they got."
I said, "I don't care what you got on your card; you–you haven't got nothing wrong with you."
And he said, "Oh, yes."
I said, "Well, you don't…"
He said, "I've got it." Said, "I got–I got it stated on my card."
I said, "I don't know anything about your card; I never see that. You
just get a card, you… Anything you want to put on it, you put on it.
But I don't see that, the ministers get them." And he said… But he

E-5 I said, "You might have had it and maybe you had a–a faith and was healed."
"Oh," he said, "That's what it is, is it," turned around.
just then I looked and there was a vision. I said, "Why has the devil
put in your heart to do that?" I said, "You are…" Now, if this is a
person of that is in this building, I'm not speaking against your
church. I said, "You're a Church of Christ minister." They love to
fuss. I said, "You're a Church of Christ preacher. Last night you set
with a man with a gray suit and a red tie. And you set at a table had a
little green cloth hanging over it; there was a blond headed woman
setting next to you, and you said it was telepathy. And you come to
this meeting today and wrote that on there, thinking you could pass it
through and make a telepathy out of it to up trip God's Spirit." I
said, "You're the one exposed."
And just then the man setting up there; he said, "Mr. Branham, I'm the
guy that was with him." Said, "That's my wife setting right here, was
with him."
And I said, "The things that you put on your card, you have. Both
cancer and TB." And he fell down on the platform. But the last time I
heard him, I never heard no more, just a letter from some of the
people, that he was in a serious condition. So we're not playing

The infallibility of the Holy Spirit. Not the infallibility of the man,
the man has no infallibility. But the Holy Spirit is absolutely
infallible. Don't pretend nothing. You be what you are. When you say,
"I now accept Christ as my Healer," you mean that. Don't you just slip
around the corner and say, "Well, I'll try Brother Roberts when he
comes in or somebody else." Don't you never do that. That's a dangerous
thing, very dangerous. And you–you be just what you are. And if you're
not a Christian, don't say you are.
If you're a sinner, admit it. God knows it. And now, your–your sinful
condition… Just because you belong to church, that won't help you one
bit. You might have a confession, your name on the book, and living a
righteous life, and you're still a sinner. You got to be borned again,
not with a mental mind, but by something that's happened in your heart.
See? It's got to be, friends. Don't never let the devil blindfold you
to that. It doesn't come by intellectual conception; it comes by birth.
And your life copes right with that. You must have it.

I wish to read and just take about twenty or thirty minutes of your
time. I'm hoarse. But I want an evangelistic service, the Lord given
it, tonight to pray for the sick.
Now, I've chosen for this afternoon, for a subject found over in Psalms 63 and the first 3 verses.

O God, thou art my God; early will I seek
thee: my soul thirsts for thee, my–my flesh longeth for thee in a dry
and thirsty land, where no water is;

To see thy power and thy glory, so as I have seen thee in thy sanctuary.

Because thy lovekindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee.

We have the most unusual text this afternoon, the reading of God's holy
Word. When I read this, it just turned me around. And I thought to say
within myself, "What was the prophet speaking of when he said, 'Thy
lovekindness is better to me than life.'" There's nothing no better
than life. And then, "Thy lovekindness is better than life; my lips
shall praise thee." Well, I thought, "There must be different kinds of
Now, many people begin to think on the subject of life. And now,
feeling free, and I have always tried to not hold things back. Never in
my life, knowingly have I ever called out a character's name or some
individual's name. I have rebuked sin, preached what I thought was
right, but never disregarded any brother. He could be just as wrong,
and I could be wrong too. But regardless him being wrong, don't
disfellowship him from my–from my fellowship with Christ with him. We
are brothers.

But I heard a minister last night. It happens to be in our room there
was a television, and I'm not much on television, as you know. If it's
the right thing, all right. But there's so little right on it; I just
don't have one in my house.
And so it was a famous evangelist that was preaching last night that
said, "When a man is born he receives a life, and that life he will be
Now, a man of that caliber. But I just wondered. If he'd ever set down
to think this; the Bible said, "The soul that sinneth it shall die."
Yes, sir.

Everything that has a beginning has an end. And it's things that had no
beginning that has no end. And there's only one Eternal Life. That's in
God. All other life has an end. But God has no end because He had no
beginning. And we being parts of God have Eternal Life with God. But
everything that has any other type of life had a beginning; it has an
end. Only the eternal things last.
Now, the word "forever" comes in a conjunction, "Forever and forever."
"Forever" is a space of time. But eternity is no begin or end. It's
just a perfect circle. There's no end in it at all. It's eternity.
Forever… Like, you see, forever and (conjunction) forever. Two spaces
of time. But eternity and Eternal Life means the same thing. See? It's
in the same category, that it had no begin neither does it have an end;
it's forever the same. Ever was and ever will be the same.

Now, in Brother Joseph's church, where I feel just as free as I was at
my Tabernacle, and to give a little basis here before I bring my
message to you from the Lord, I want to just do a little Bible teaching
for a moment. There is a Spirit in the world that is real, pure,
unadulterated love. And that love come from the great Spirit; it's God.
There is a Spirit in the world just pure, unadulterated righteousness.
That Spirit come from God. And all of the Spirits of righteousness, of
love, of purity, that is God. That is the eternal, everlasting, without
beginning or ending; that's God.

The Logos that went out of God as… No disregards to Catholic people
now. But the Catholic church, I… My background, my family's Catholic.
And I have the–the Catholic people here, the book called "Facts of Our
Faith." And they use the word of eternal sonship of God. The word don't
even make sense to me. The word "eternal" means "eternity, which had no
begin or has no end." And "son" means "had a beginning." So how could
it… It could be a eternal Godship, but never an eternal sonship. A
son is one that's begotten of. So it had a beginning.
So… And the Logos, which was the Son of God went out, created by
these great fountains of purity, God, as those Spirits went out, and it
created the Logos. And it was a body. It was in the form of what we are
now, which is called in the clergy way of speaking it, a theophany.
It's a body that doesn't have a spirit in it. It's a body that's
waiting for you Christians. As soon as the life leaves this, you go
into that body. When this earthly tabernacle be dissolved, we have one
already waiting, a theophany.

Now, when God was in theophany, which was Christ in the making, then
that theophany become flesh and dwelled among us. Then that was to
redeem. He came from there down through this to redeem this creature,
give it life, and take it back up into the eternal one. See?
Now, there's only one Eternal Life, and that lays in God only. And God
only has Eternal Life. And we have been privileged to become the sons
of God. Then that word: "He that heareth My words and believeth on him
that sent me, hath Eternal life." The Greek word "Zoe," there used for
God's own life. The creature that accepts Him becomes a part of God and
is just as eternal as God is. That's right. There's no reason for us to
doubt that. It's God's everlasting, eternal Word. And everything that
had a beginning has an end. So what…

Where did–where did sin begin? Sin began at the garden of Eden and sin
has an end. So if David cried, "O Lord, my God, my soul is thirsty for
thee in a dry land, where no water is. For thy lovekindness is better
to me than life," there must be two different types of life. And there
is two types of life. And when a man is borned in this world, he's
nothing but a product of sin when he's born, because he's from sexual
desire. He's just a product of sin. The Bible says he is. "He's borned
in sin, shaped in iniquity, come to the world speaking lies."
And yet he's got life. But that life is a perverted life. That life was…

Satan cannot create life. He can only pervert what God has created.
Satan has no way…?… There's only one Creator, that's God. Satan
couldn't heal; medicine couldn't heal. There's nothing else can heal
but God, 'cause He's the only Creator. And anybody that's intelligent
would know enough to know that there is not a medicine, or a drug, or
nothing in the world that can create life. God is the only solemn One
can in creation alone, for He said, "I am the Lord that healeth all of
thy diseases."

Now, we see the different types of life. That's the reason that this
man's born as a product of Adam, which was a product of sin from
listening to his wife, and the wife was a product of sins come from
Satan. And Adam followed his wife out, a perfect type of Christ, going
with His–the Bride to take her sins, as Adam took the sins of Eve and
left the garden of Eden, not deceived, but willingly walked out with
her, so was Christ not deceived, Satan could not deceive Him. "If thou
be the Son of God." He knew that He was. But He deliberately walked out
and took sin for the church. He's our sin Bearer.

And now, everything that come out of that cycle of Eternal Life, when
that goes back into its cycle again, into that ceaseless eternity, not
one shape, form of sin in any way will ever enter. Now, here's one
Baptist preacher believes in holiness.
Notice, that has got to be cleansed; that person's got to be cleansed.
And there's only one thing can cleanse him; that's the Blood of Jesus
Christ. Nothing else can do it.

So I wondered then, when he cried, "O God, my God, thy lovekindness is
better to me than life." There must be two different kinds of life
then. And I begin to study it. How could it be, two different kinds of
life? Well, I begin to think that many people think when they're out
here on the street running around, and to places, if they're living the
life. That is the thing.
I've watched young mothers take their children and teach them tap
dancing. "Well, I want her to have a little life." I've seen young
ladies strip themselves down to just enough clothes that the law would
let her put on, and go out, and she says, "I'm really living the life."
And the woman doesn't know that she's dead while she's alive.

Sometime ago in another city, I was going into my room. And there was a
Kiwanis Club, or some certain club, was having a meeting in this city,
was having a rally, a convention. And when I went in, went up on the
elevator, there was two young ladies coming down just with their
underneath garment on, with a whiskey bottle in their hand, hollering,
"Whoopee," going, and letting men dragging them from one room to the
other. And I set back in the shadows to watch. And when they got close
to me, oh, so vulgar. And they were both women, no doubt married women,
with their husbands at home, maybe thinking they were having a little
clean fun. There is not such a thing.
And then they was up there whooping it around, kinda relaxing, they
would call it. One of them stopped and said, "Whoopee, this is life."
I said, "Oh, no, that's not life; that's death. The Bible said, 'She
that liveth in pleasure is dead while she is alive.'" The Bible said

And this many times that the devil tries to tell you that that's life.
But that's death. And notice also that that life becomes so miserable
till people take that life, take a gun and blow their brains out.
There'll be many of them in Chicago perhaps this summer. There'll be
many of them jump from the towers and drown themselves. There'll be
people in Chicago in the next few weeks, turn their gas chambers on,
kill themselves. There'll be some deliberately drive in front of
automobiles and kill themselves. There'll be some take poisons, and
suicide on every hand. That kind of life becomes so treacherous till we
know that the prophet wasn't talking about that kind of life. That's
death. That's death in a form of life.
That's what Hollywood has done for the United States. It's perverted.
It's stripped our women. It's–it's done all kinds of evil things. It's
made our men… It's produced things here that's perverted the real
stream of life into death. Even our nation is dying.

I was speaking a few moments ago with my wife, when we were setting in
a little place. And there was them women coming in there, each with a
cigarette, some–a little girl setting there with her eyelashes pulled
out, painted like the devil, way back and hooked over sideways. And she
was standing up, poor little thing, not no older than about eighteen,
smoking a cigarette and drawing her mouth way out, making the awfullest
thing, just scooting the smoke from her nose, not realizing she was
dead in trespasses and sin. "You defile this temple, God will destroy

What's the trouble today. We've got too many weak pulpits that's afraid
to preach an eternal burning hell, and to warn the people of the
things, and letting the church go just as slothfully and sloppy as it
can be. And I said, "Honey, where could we start from?" Our nation is
corrupted. Our politics is as rotten as it can be. Our factories and
our economics is just as rotten as it can be. Even the car industry, it
takes you six or eight months to get the bugs combed out of your car.
It's on line, assemble line, and throw it together, what difference
does it make.
Our womanhood is broke. Motherhood of America is crashed. The morals is
as rotten as in any nation there is in the world. What's the matter?
It's because they have loved the things of the world more than they
loved God, and they got a perverted. Exactly right.
Not only that, but our churches is crushed. Little old pulpit,
sissified preachers that stands up in… I ain't criticizing no certain
ones. But they stand up, and it's a meal ticket. It's an offering, or
it's a popular name to get on television or on the air. I wouldn't sell
my birthright to Jesus Christ for all the televisions and popularity
there is in the world. No, sir. Life means more than these nasty
ungodly things. I'd rather have favor with Christ then to be the
president of the world. What a condition the world's got into.

Here not long ago I knowed of a church in our country, and many of them
throughout the country, that they just care for–just carefree. And I'm
not scolding people. But, brother, I've got to answer at the day of
judgment for the messages I've give to the people. God, the only thing
He could do… No, nothing could save this nation. It's gone. There
cannot be no worldwide revivals in this time. There's nothing to build
on. She's as rotten as it can be.
When it comes to a place that is vulgar and dirty a place as Paris,
France, which has been the seat of Satan for the–hundreds of years:
women, vulgarity, nastiness, when they… We used to go there
twenty-five years ago and get their design to put on our women. We've
got so low till they come over here and get our designs to put on their
women. That's right. Newspapers and magazines picks it up. And the poor
people are wading in it.

There's only one thing the Holy Spirit's doing; that's salvaging what
He can, the elected of God to pull them out. So for me, as long as I
got breath in my body, I'll call out and condemn the thing. I can't
stop it. God said it would be there. I can't stop it, but I'll give a
voice against it, that when God plays over His tape recording at the
day of judgment, they'll know that they was told the truth anyhow by
the Word of the living God. And God confirmed it with signs and
wonders. Then it'd be up to them. That's right.

Listen, friends. God created a man to thirst. God put thirst in a man.
A man was made to thirst. And do you mean to tell me that you would try
to quench that blessed holy thirst with the world, and with the devil's
programs. You try to quench that thirst with drinking whiskey, that God
put in you to thirst after Him? There's something in man to thirst; God
made that thirst for man to thirst for Him. But you try to quench it
with pleasure.
And this American people has quenched it with pleasure, mad. That's
right. That blessed, holy thirst… You strip yourself on these
beaches. You'll lay in these pool rooms, playing cards, social
drinking, all this nonsense that you do, and stay home on Wednesday
night watching the television instead of going to church. What are you
doing? You're trying to quench that holy thirst. You got to quench it
some way. And you reject Christ, and the devil pours his slop into you.
Right. And you think that you're right, but the Bible said, "There is a
way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof is the ways of
death." Death is total annihilation, separation. Don't you never try to
quench that blessed thirst with something the devil put into you.

Now, not only… You say, "Well, I'm not a drunkard. I'm not a gambler.
I'm not a pleasure seeker." But, brother, if the devil can't get you
one way, he will try another. And the devil has tried to quench with
his type of life, the thirst that God give you for His Life. He just
let you join church. He's let you shout. He's let you speak with
tongues. He's let you do all kinds of demonstrations, and still, you're
drinking from the devils slop pens. That's exactly right.
When a man thirsts after God, his whole being is surrendered to God.
People goes around today, and joins churches, and lives like the devil.
They think they quench that thirst. "I go to church; that settles it."
Many times I told them when they come on Easter, that's usually when
everybody wants to show their new hat. They'll come on Easter; you
might as well bid them a Merry Christmas, 'cause you won't see them
again till next Easter. And yet they're members of the church. They are
members of that denomination. But a member of the Church is borned
again of the Spirit of God and their soul cannot live by bread alone,
but by every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. That blessed
holy thirst that God give you to thirst after Him. Then you pervert it.
Give it something else. That hunger, that thing that you want to do,
test out and see what it's thirsting for; see what it's after.

Listen to what David said here, "My soul thirsts after thee in a dry
land, where no water is." Oh, could you imagine being in a dry land,
where no water is. That's taking a–like taking a fish out of the
water. It'd kill him pretty soon. And the real borned again saint of
God, not just once of a morning when you get up, but all through the
day, that blessed thirst calls out for God. And you'll smoke a
cigarette to quieten your nerves instead of praying, and a member of
the church. You'll take a little sociable drink and call yourself a
Christian, to quieten your nerves, in the stead of letting God quieten
you, love Him.

You'll go up and throw your arms around some other man, have a little
clean fun, have a little date on the side, a little afternoon kiss at
the back gate to satisfy that thirst that God put in you to thirst
after Him. And you'll take another man's wife, and run off with her,
and live in a hotel with her, and carry on like that. I don't say you
do it; you may be here. If you are, God burn that in your soul (That's
right.), thinking you're having a little clean fun. There's an all
seeing eye watching you.
And the devil is trying to burn your passions after other women as they
walk up-and-down the street half dressed. And your long looking, almost
half wreck, at them little old dirty, vulgar, stinking women out there
with them little old dirty clothes on.
And you men that'll let your wife do that, that shows what you're made
out of. That shows what kind of a man you are. A man is the head of the
family; he's the head of the house. But today the women's the head of
the house, head of the factory, head of the church, and everything
else, because it's become a conglomeration of sin. And Satan took Eve,
and he's still using her. And America is a woman's nation.

Not long ago in Germany, or Switzerland, some lady said to me, a
Christian woman; she said, "Brother Branham, I'd like to go over to
America. I hear that the ladies are really… Well, they have the big
sway there." Not in Switzerland. No, sir. "Well, we have no…" I said,
"But here's what follows. It causes prostitution." Right here in
Chicago, according to your paper, you have two thousand abortion cases
every day, two thousand abortion cases. Two thousand innocent babies
die every day because of filth. How can you have a revival under them
kind of circumstances.
How many prostitutes hit the street last night, and men with other
women, and women with other men? And little girls sell their morals,
and up-and-down the street, till finally they end up on skid row down
here. As I walked through the city last night of Chicago and I looked
what was going on. How can you expect the Holy Spirit to sweep a
revival over something like that? It's got to have a place to anchor.

And they go through the churches out here of a morning, and hear a
little old pettified sermon about something, go back home and think
they are Christians, and close the church up early. If the pastor
preaches more then twenty minutes on the roses, or who'll be the next
president, or something like that, they'll fire him and put a new one
in. That bunch of hypocrisy, hell bound, vulgar, pleasure seeking, the
Bible said, "They'd be heady, highminded, lovers of pleasure more than
lovers of God, truce breakers, false accusers, incontinent, and
despisers of those that are right."
God, give us old time Christianity, borned again experiences. That thirst–that thirst is in you, but it's for a purpose.

Woman was made woman for a man. Man was not made for woman, woman was
made for man. But a woman was made for a man, not m-a-n, m-a-n, not
men, many of them, but singular. That's right. But when they sell their
morals, when they scandalize themselves, and men, the same thing,
you're perverting the very cause that God made you a women or a man.
Then you call that life. It's death. Then you go to church, and join
church, and put your name on the church, and become a church member,
and live like the world. It's perverting the very thing that God
intended you to be, that thirst that God put in you to be like Him and
to love Him and thirst after Him. The pastors, and the churches, and
yourself, you've robbed yourself from that wonderful blessed thing that
God ordained for you to use, that thirst: thirsting, thirsting.

Oh, if the Pentecostal church would only satisfy thirst in God instead
of trying to follow some evangelist, or some emotion, or some little
ism, or little sensation, how much better off they would be. You'd
follow the Holy Spirit in Divine love instead of sensations, and little
gifts, and things like that, how much better off you'd be. God don't
want you to run after gifts; He wants you thirst after Him.

Notice, David said again, as being a psalmist. And he was a woodsman;
he lived in the woods. He knowed what it meant to be in the woods. He
always wrote of the still waters, and green pastures, and the shady
places. He knowed what it was, because a shepherd has to find those
things. He has to know where those beautiful places are.
Many times have I been into the desert, riding out there, just place
where I'd have to lead my horse. Poor thing was so much out of water,
we couldn't have any to drink, the horse or I. How we would thirst…
Oh, if only I could find a track somewhere to get back.

And then when you get to that state, the devil begins to show you
mirages. You know what a mirage is? Did you ever go down the road and
look and see the sun shining on the road, looked like a lot of water?
Oh, it'll fool you.
Here not long ago I seen where a bunch of geese coming from Canada, or
ducks, and they seen one of those on the road, and fell in the road and
they all bursted open. They thought it was a water.
Oh, the devil's got a many a pitfall for the people. It looks like it.
And I've seen people thirsting, where they'd run into these places and
fall into them, look, think they was in water. Looks just like a big
running water, throw sand upon their head thinking it's water. And it's
nothing but hot burning sand.

And the devil's told you little lady, and you sister, that if you do
all these things, and you, brother, if you'd do all these things, and
have a little social, lot of old narrow minded stuff… "Why, you don't
want to listen to that old crack preacher. You don't want that Bible;
that was translated four, five times; there's nothing to it. You can
join church and be a good citizen." That's nothing else in the world
but a mirage the devil's showed you. You're just heaping more sorrows
all the time on you.
But there is a fountain filled with Blood, drawn from Immanuel's veins,
and sinners plunged beneath that flood, lose all their desire for the
world. "For if you love the world or the things of the world, the love
of God is not even you." It's satisfying portion of God He has for each
of you. It's for whosoever will.

David. He wrote one time in the Psalms; he said, I believe the 47th
Psalm, he said, "As the hart thirsts for the water brook, so my soul
thirsts after thee, O God." Oh, when I think of that, David being a
woodsman. And I been through that part of the country; you find out a
lot of times there's a lot of deers that roam. The hart is a deer. And
if you watch nature you'll see God. And they'll have wild dogs in that
country. And they eat the deer. They would come in packs. And they
overtake the deers. And one of the things they do is cut the little,
what we call hamstring in the back, the leaders. And just cut out a
whole pack. Then they can't run. Those dogs will eat as much as they
can; then the others can't pull away very much. And then they're easier
prey then to run right back and get them.
That's the way the devil does. He will cut you off from prayer
meetings. He's done cut the hamstrings right then. You'll pull around
from this church to that, and you'll run from here to there, but
anytime the devil wants to gobble you up, he's got you under his
control. When he cuts your prayer life, brother, you're gone. That's
right. When he cuts that thirst off of you and perverts it into the
things of the world, he's got you where he wants you. He will let you
gobble along here till you get to a certain place then crash your life
out without God right there. Sure he will.

Now, the dogs, the hounds of hell, hound after the church. Certainly it
does. But look, now really, a… When some of the wild dogs eat
Jezebel… Did you ever know a dog won't eat human flesh? They won't
even lick the blood of a human being. You can't get them near it. No,
sir. But this was a certain kind of dog. It was a wild dog, not a
domestic dog, but a wild dog. Wild dogs are wolves, just like a wolf.
And they will eat human beings. But if you notice, this wild dogs had
come in and eat Jezebel. It was a certain type of dog.
And that's the way it is today. The devil's got a bunch of old wild
dogs out. They call them the wolf whistle and everything else, to you
young folks. But remember, it's a hound of hell, right after you, and
make you think that you're popular. The boys whistle at you because
you're dressed the way you are. You poor little simple thing, you don't
know what you're doing. That's right. You don't know that you're a prey
of the devil. That's the devil. Listen to his voice.

Oh, he might talk ever so well. He might even be a pastor of a church.
But let me tell you; it takes a real sheepherder to tell the difference
between a whine of a goat and a whine of a lamb. They both bleat just
the same. You can watch it if you're a herder. If you know your sheep
you can hear his call, but if you don't, hear one of them, you couldn't
tell whether it was a goat or a lamb bleating. The devil can bleat just
like a lamb. That's exactly right.

E-39 But David, he said, "As the hart thirsts for the water brook, so my soul thirsts after thee, O God."
you see these little deers out on the desert as they're jumping along
having a good time. And the first thing you know, a pack of wild dogs
will run among them and they'll grab them. Now, one of the favorite
places for a wolf or a wild dog to grab a deer is just behind the fur
of the ear. There's a big artery runs up there, and runs down along the
neck. If the wolf can jump, hang his fangs right in, the–the–then
when the wolf throws his weight down, it's them two big blood veins and
just cut the deer's neck. And the little fellow staggers a couple times
and he's done, covered all over with wolves, and he's eat up just in a
Another favorite place for the wild dogs, or wolves, to catch the deer
is in the flank. He will grab him in the flank, and when the wolf
throws his weight, to drop in mid center like, of the little deer, it
throws him off his feet. And then down he goes. And he's got him.

And sometimes when the wild dog grabs the little deer, and the little
deer was quick enough to maneuver, he could jump fast to one side, the
dog lost his hold 'cause he jerked a whole chuck out of the little
deer's side. Then the blood will spray. If the wolf missed the blood
vein here, cut just a little low, the little deer, maybe if he's quick
and can maneuver, he can get away from the dog. Then here he comes
after him, tracking him with his blood.
And that little deer… Any hunter here knows that if you wound a deer
and he can get to water, you just might as well quit tracking him. He
can live as long as he can find water. But when he can't find water
he's finished.
And could you imagine, as David standing there seeing that little deer.
And he's cut by the wounds of a wild dog, and he's thirsting for the
water brook. He must find the water or perish. If he doesn't get to
that water brook, he's going to die. The hounds are right behind him.
He's either got to find the water brook or perish.
David said, "As the hart thirsts for the water brook, so my soul thirst
after thee, O God." I have to have You or I'll die. I can't go on. I'm
at the end of my road. If I can't find You, Lord, I'll die. "Blessed
are they that hunger and thirst for the water brook, for they shall
find it."

Yes, there is a fountain filled with Blood for every sinner, drawn from
Immanuel's veins. You who thirst and long to be righteous, there is a
fountain open today for you. The hounds of hell might've wounded you.
They might've cut you this way or cut you that way. They might've
bursted, and drunk your blood, and sent you to these places and
pleasure crazy. If you really want to get over it, there's a water
brook open today. That's the love of the Lord Jesus Christ, His Spirit
flowing free as the Holy Spirit.
"Whosoever will let him come and drink from the fountains of the water
of Life freely." Whosoever will? Yes. Black, white, brown, yellow,
whatever you may be, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Church of God,
Church of Christ, Catholic, Pentecostal, whoever you are; young, old,
middle aged, there is a fountain open. And the waters of Life is
flowing freely, and the Holy Spirit's saying, "Come, all ye that labor
and are heavy laden, I'll give you rest. Blessed are you when you
hunger and thirst, for I will fill you." You shall be filled. And "As
the hart thirsts for the water brook, my soul thirsts after thee, O

In conclusion I say this; the trouble with the Pentecostal church, the
Methodist, the Baptist, the Presbyterian, and all the rest, it is their
congregations. If that congregation really thirsted for God, it would
send that little old preacher out of there and get them somebody in
there that'll preach them the Gospel. That's right.
You can't go to town today, you merchants and you business men, here in
this convention… And you shoe men, what if you put the old fashion
button shoe, that the women used to wear? You got a shoe hook with it
when you bought it. What if you tried to sell that shoe in Chicago
today? You think you'd have any business? No, sir. And it's got five
times the leather that these little old stilts that they build for
women with the little peg like that, and her toes sticking down, and
their heels sticking up. Charge them twenty-five to thirty-five dollars
for about forty cents worth of leather, and they're silly enough to buy
it. But why is it? Why don't the merchant… If he tells them the
truth, they don't want it. That's exactly right.

The skirt that your mother used to wear that covered her all over, and
she probably paid three dollars, or a dollar and a half for it, and you
go downtown and pay thirty-five dollars for a little vulgar thing that
the devil's poured you in to get out here and make you answer to
adultery at the day of judgment. Look out, preacher. You say, "I never
did commit adultery." I don't know about that. The Bible said,
"Whosoever looketh upon a women to lust after her, has committed
adultery with her already in his heart." And it don't matter how moral
you live, how clean you live, how honorable you live to your husband;
if you dress yourself to make a man look at you like that, at the
judgment bar the sinner that answers for adultery, you'll be the one
that committed it. That's right. Now, take that with you, my dear
friend. Think it over for a little while.
"Whosoever," said Jesus Christ, "whosoever looketh upon a women to lust
after her, hath committed adultery with her already in his heart." And
before he could commit adultery, the woman had to present herself in
that way. As she poured herself, sexy looking, out on the street. No
matter how clean she is morally, she's adulternous in God's book.
There's your Hollywood; there's your devil.

You might hate me for this, but, brother, at the day of judgment you'll
see I told you the truth. That's exactly right. Now, clean up,
straighten up. Teach others to do the same; in your soul will go to
thirsting. "O God, I don't care about your fancies and your popularity,
I want Christ or I'll die." When the Pentecostal church gets to that,
God will move on the scene. And He will never move on the scene until
the people begin to thirst for Him instead of the things of the world.
Let us pray while we think over it.
Are you guilty? Are you praying. Everybody, a little prayer in your
heart… "Am I guilty of that?" Examine your soul with God's Book
today. "What kind of a life have I been catering to?"
"O Lord, O my God, Thou art my God. Early in my youth will I seek thee.
My soul thirsts for thee. My flesh…" Oh, my. Don't want to be
stripped off, you don't want to do this. You don't want to be filled
with alcohol and stuff. "My flesh longeth for thee in a dry land, where
there's no water; to see thy power…" What? "I want to see Thy power,
Lord, Thy glory, Thy power to heal the sick, to magnify, Thy glory to
shed over the people like a great fountain of old time religious
meetings. To see Thee as I have seen thee in thy sanctuary. Because Thy
lovingkindness is better to me than life," little 'l', "my lips shall
praise thee."

Are you thirsty? Do you really want to be a real Christian? If you
really want to be a old time Christian, there's something in there that
makes you want it. Do you want to go to heaven? You remember the animal
doesn't want to go to heaven. That animal hasn't got no soul. The
animal don't know what life hereafter is. But you know what life
hereafter is. You long for life hereafter; the animal can't; it has no
soul. But you were made with a soul. And that soul was given to you to
make a decision. That heart that's within you, it makes a decision. And
the animal can't make that decision, 'cause it has not that in it to

But there's something in you that longs for God, and you're trying to
quench it, maybe by staying home getting in the air conditioned room,
and looking at the television, and staying home from prayer meeting,
and never reading the Bible, and going down to church on Sunday
morning, and then maybe going back, paying the pastor, and waiting for
an evangelist to come to the city. And you might set back and say,
"Well, that preacher's a pretty good fellow. I'm telling you; I kinda
like him. I kinda like the way he smiles. I–I–I like the little jokes
he pulls." Brother that's not life; that's death. That's death.
But do you really long for a room that you can go into, set down under
the old shade tree of the Bible, look up with tear stained eyes and
say, "Blessed Saviour, Thou will guide me till I reach that healthful
shore." Is there something in your heart that you long to love Him, and
to praise Him, and to worship Him. All the things of the world become
dead in you, just Christ or die. "I must have Christ or I must perish."

Now, I want every head bowed, and every eye closed, and everyone
praying. Be honest. Be sincere. If you really mean it, and you who
raised your hand to God and say, "Lord God, from this day on, please, I
know, I–I–I… These things that I do is not right. But I want to
love You. I want what that preacher said today about You in the Bible.
My thirst is after Thee like the hart thirsting for the water brook.
And the thirst, Lord, that I have, someday I expect to be a great
person." Oh, I do too, but after I cross the border yonder." I expect
to be God's child."
Do you really want to be that? If you do, would you just raise up your
hand to Him, saying, "God, it's me; I now raise my hand saying my soul
is thirsting for Thee, God." God bless you, lady. God bless you, young
lady. And God bless you, and you. Someone else? God bless you. I
don't… God bless you, and you, lady. God bless you, sir, and you

You might be church members; that don't have nothing to do with it. You
can be a church member and just as black as a harlot out here on the
street. I know you say, "That's hard preaching, Brother Branham." If
you come here at nighttime, or come any other time, and watch around
the life, and see the things that the Lord Jesus does, exactly in the
Word, surely, I should have some conception of what Christ means. I
know this one thing, brother; the devil has perverted life; he has
perverted the church action. He's perverted it so much till he's
perverted the people. And it's the hardest thing in the world to get
the people to see the actual truth. It's right. Oh, they miss it by a
thousand miles.

Do you really long for Him? If you do, would you raise your hand again?
God bless you. Now, just keep praying. You that's longing for Him, I
wonder if you could walk down here just a minute and let me pray with
you just a minute. Would you just get up out of your seat quietly? I'm
going… I ain't going to call. I'm going to let the Holy Spirit call.
You just get out of your seat. God bless you, sir. God bless you, lady.
Just get out of your seat and come down here; let me pray with you.
Stand right along this side of the altar here, if you will.
While the organ is playing. I'm just not going to say no more; I'm just
going to wait a moment. Let the Holy Spirit call. Come right down here
and stand. There's a fountain open. You want to be an old time
Christian, do you? Is your soul really thirsty after God? Would you
rather dress decent, be just a little hot, as you call it? Anybody
knows when you take your clothes off you get hotter, certainly. Go to a
desert somewhere where they really have heat. Certainly. You say,
"Well, I'd like…"

That right. That's good. People just coming up and coming down the
aisles. In this little group this afternoon many are gathering around
the altar here. Come on up if you're really thirsting. Have you been
bit by the devil? You really want to serve God. You want that thirst in
you. You want it satisfied. If you do, come on, it's the time. Or have
you got to a place where you've been so seared and so hard and callous
till nothing can touch you no more? Then you cross between this:
between life and death.
Now, remember, if I be a servant of God, God will speak that I tell the
truth. There's people that actually believe that they are right, and
they're wrong. "There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the
end thereof is the ways of death." If you haven't been borned again of
the Spirit of God, and your whole desire is to love every day, every
hour, every minute of the day when you're awake, and you're on the bed,
you're praising Him, and your love is for Him; and the things of the
world, all this modern stuff is all dead to you, you better take your
place at the altar.
While we wait just a moment longer… Now, "There is a Fountain," please, real slowly, while everybody's walking up.

There is a fountain filled… (Softly now.)

Drawn from Immanuel's veins,

And sinners plunged beneath…

You say, "Brother Branham, I'm a Christian." If your soul condemns you,
you come here and confess Him. It's better to do it here than it is to
do that when you're being weighed in God's balance.

Lose all their guilty (God bless you, sailor boy.)

Lose all their guilty…

E-51 Just be praying; the Holy Spirit's speaking. That little heart in you is moving.

… sinners plunged beneath that flood

Tonight say…?… Say, "Brother, preacher, I've longed for something;
I don't know what it was." There's only one thing that longing was put
in you for, that's right here. Here's where you long to be. The devil's
trying to get you not to see it. But I'm praying in my heart as I'm
standing here, "God, open the eyes of their understanding." I love you.
As Brother Joseph Boze said to me many time, "Brother Branham, Chicago loves you and I love Chicago."
But listen, a real daddy will be honest with his children. If he has to
whip them sometime, he's–he's a real daddy. Yes, sir, a real dad will
correct his children. And, friends, I want to tell you; don't you never
try to get to heaven outside of that deep longing and love of God in
your heart. If you haven't come acquainted with that great fountain
that I spoke of at the beginning, where God gushes forth… Now, he
perverts that. You see. As it comes forth, Satan perverts it, say, "Oh,
well, this, and this, and this." Be careful; it's got to be genuine.

E-52 Did you ever hear that little song like this? Sister, just continue on your song. It's all right.

Brother apart from the Saviour today,

Risking your soul on the things that decay,

Oh, what if today God should call you away,

Then what would you give in exchange for your soul?

Listen now close. Every one of you that's not around the altar, search now.

Then when you stand at the bar by and by,

And when you're weighed in God's balance on high,

If you should be sentenced forever to die,

Then what would you give in exchange for your soul?

of it. And that weighing may be in the next half hour for every person
in here. How do you know this is not your last opportunity? And don't
come unless you really mean it. But if there is the least bit of thirst
in your heart… [–Ed.]… got to have You or die.
You see what's gathering around the altar here this afternoon? Probably
Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Pentecostal, some no
church at all. But there's a thirst there. They're longing. I'm going
to wait just a moment longer. Got just a few minutes longer. Just been
one hour. I promised to be an hour. Just a little minute longer.

I want to say something to you now. You want to come on, come right
ahead. You've been in these meetings. Now, get all the skeptic feeling
away from you. I want you here at the altar now not to depend on any
emotion at all, no emotion. I want you to look at just exactly what God
Now, listen, I know the Lutheran said, "The just shall live by faith."
All right. There's a many of them started out, but they wasn't just.
Methodist said, "Brother when you shout, you've got it." Many of them shouted and didn't have it.
The Pentecost said, "When you speak with tongues, you've got it."
Thousands speak with tongues and hasn't got it. Their life proves they
haven't got it.
Jesus said, "By their fruits you shall know them." What is the fruits of what? The church?

E-54 [–Ed.]
It's a real sweet feeling in your heart, knowing that you've passed
from death unto life, that you're at peace with God, real tender heart
that feeds on the things of God, than to have all the… Now, remember,
I believe in shouting; I believe in speaking with tongues; I believe in
everything God said. I believe in every miracle, every sign. But I
would rather have this than all the rest of it put together. Wouldn't
you rather have it? I'd rather have that real sweet, mellow Holy Spirit
moving into my life and making all the world pass away, than to have
all the noise and…
Now, I believe in shouting, sure. I shout and scream myself. That's
right. I believe in every gift. I wouldn't be here preaching healing. I
believe in all those things. But brother, that isn't it yet. That's not
it. These gifts and signs, that's not it. It's Christ in the heart.
That's it. Then you'll stay. That's life.
God bless you now. Cards will be give out six o'clock. And now, the
Lord bless you. I'm going to turn this service to the pastor while I go
to pray to make ready for the healing service tonight. God be with you
till we meet.

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