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Trying To Do God A Service Without It Being God’s Will (65-1127B)



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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham
called Trying To Do God A Service Without It Being God's Will
was delivered on Saturday morning, 27th November 1965 at the Washington Youree Hotel in Shreveport, Louisiana, U.S.A.
The tape, number 65-1127B,
is 2 hours and 32 minutes, and consists of 2 cassettes. This message is available in book format (Volume 7, Number 2).

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Minister brothers, and you friends out there, I say it's a privilege to
be here this morning. Such an introduction as that, why, I don't know
how I'm ever going to live up to that one.
But just setting there talking, Brother Noel and I, I don't believe
I've ever met a person just exactly… We all are made in different
molds, but by the same God. Just like Brother Jack Moore, he's
certainly been a… Brother Noel was just saying, "Since I've been here
with him…" That's his son-in-law, and how he had learned to love him
and respect his wisdom and things. And that… I can say "amen" to
that. The many fine thing–times that we've had together, he and I, and
Brother Brown, Brother Bootlayer here, fine men of God that I really
love them with all my heart…
And then as I see we're all not getting any younger; well, I just think
of the time now that watching us as we change since about twenty years
ago crossing the deserts, and so forth together as younger men. But
just knowing that there is a land where we'll never get old. We'll meet
there again someday.

Last night when I was leaving the tabernacle, there was a little lady
laying back there on a cot, and she said, "Brother Branham, years
ago…" I think she had been paralyzed. She said, "You told me…" I
forget what the woman's remark was now, something like this; I hope
that I don't misquote it. Said, "That this affliction I had would be
for a purpose," or something, that she would have a baby. And she
couldn't understand how that would be done and her in that condition.
There stood a young, handsome-looking young man; he said, "I'm the baby that she had." Said, "I'm the baby that she had."
And so many things has happened along the road; we don't even have time here to talk it over. We will on the other side.

And this Business Men's chapter… I do not belong to any organization,
I guess as you all know, but I… This is the only group that I'm
connected with, pack a fellowship card, is… They are
interdenomination; it's just businessmen. They have been a great asset
to me and to the type of ministry that the Lord our Father has given
me. It's… It wasn't exactly that I don't like the organization; it's
just a ministry that's given to me, and if I am not loyal to that call,
then I'll be a disloyal person to God.

And I'm thinking, just 'fore I left Tucson, maybe many of you were
there, one day I was in Los Angeles speaking to the chapter. And there
was… I had just raked the organization maybe a little–little hard.
I–I didn't mean to be that way. If you mean that to be mean, then I'd
be a hypocrite. You mustn't do that, no, that's just throw off on
someone. But I had talked about a tree that I saw in Brother Sharritt's
yard. It had about five different kinds of fruit on it. And I said, "I
never seen a tree like that in my life." It was a… It had grapefruit;
it had lemons; it had tangerine, tangelo, oranges, everything growing
on the same tree. "Well," I said, "I–I sure don't get that. What kind
of a tree is it?"
"It's a orange tree."
And I said, "Well, that grapefruit?"
Said, "Yeah."
I–I said, "How could it?"
Said, "That's grafted."
And I said, "Oh, I see."
He said, "They're all of a citrus family, and any tree that's of a citrus family being, it can be grafted."
I said, "I understand." Then I started shouting just a little bit, you know, 'cause I am nervous and emotionally.
So he said, "What's the matter?"

And I said, "Well, I was just thinking of something." And I said, "Now,
I want to ask you a question." I said, "Now, next year when the blooms
come on, they won't be oranges, tangelos, grapefruits, lemons; there'll
all be oranges because it's in a orange tree, won't it?"
He said, "No, no. No, each branch bears of its own."
"I see."
So that still was sounding real good, because I'm… you know I'm…
'Course I got a degree out of Hartford and all of these other
universities, you know. So–so I'm… watch nature, that's the best
university that I've ever found yet, the Creator's university. So as I
watch that, I get my sermons from the way I see nature acting.
And I said, "Well, that just makes me feel real good."
He said, "What's the matter?"
I said, "I just thought of something."

So that day, I was preaching on that. I said, "Now, you see, when the
church first started out, it was… Jesus said…" I was preaching John
15. "'I am the Vine: ye are the branches. And every branch that don't
bring forth fruit will be cut off, burnt.'"
And somebody just down on my neck real hard on that, said, "You see, I
thought if you was actually once filled with the Holy Ghost and saved,
you said, 'they couldn't get away from it.'"
"That's right."
He said, "What about that?"
I said, "Now, you're talking on a different subject. He's talking about
fruit-bearing there, not the Vine; He's talking about fruit-bearing,
and not the Life."
He said, "Well, just cut the tree back so it will grow, bear fruit." He said…
And I said, "Now, see, this tree, when it started out, was all genuine,
Bible Christians. Then along come a branch called Luther, and
Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian: lemons and whatmore." And I said,
"You see, it thrives on the name of Christianity, but it… It's living
off of that Tree, but it's bearing its own denominational kind. See?
But I said, "If that orange tree ever puts out another limb itself,
it'll bear oranges like it did at the beginning."

There hadn't have been setting up there, a head of a great–one of our
greatest Pentecostal organizations, I don't know how to make it so that
everybody will understand that it isn't my idea that–that I'm–I'm
against those brethren, sisters; that is wrong. I'm so misunderstood,
and I don't know why. See?
People think I don't even believe in people going to church. That's a
million miles from the truth. "We must assemble ourselves together;
that much more as we see the day approaching." See? We must come
together in unity. We might not…
If I lived in a city and they had nothing there but a–well, some
church (I don't want to call any name.), but just any church, if they
only believed one thing, that Jesus was Divine, all the rest of it was
wrong, I'd go to that church. If I can't get a whole loaf of bread,
I'll–I'll take a slice. See? I'll go listen, worship the Lord, and
show Him that I'm doing my part. I want Him to know I'm alive. I'm–I'm
want–want everybody to know what side I'm on. I assemble with the
Christians, and there worship and–and serve the Lord.

But it's so hard, I… Used to bother me so bad, and then I found out
even our Lord was misunderstood in so many things. He'd say anything,
and they'd–be misunderstood. I guess it just has to be that way. But
those who are wise will understand. See? The Bible said so. They'll
catch It.
So this morning while saying this… And I said, "Now, they–they live
off of the name of Christianity, but they bear the wrong kind of fruit.
It has a denominational fruit. They set a thing, and they're living
right off of it, and living off the very Life."

It's what I was trying to say last night, that spirit can be baptized
into that Spirit and still not be a Christian. See? You're living right
off of the same Life, but the fruits you bear tells what you are. See?
That's right. See? They can do all the signs, and pray for the sick,
and heal the sick, and open eyes, and cast out devils, and–and do all
these things, living right off the same Life that's in there, but still
it's a lemon. See? That's right. "The fruits, you're known," Jesus
said. And so then we find out…
And when I got off the platform, this great leader raised up, he said,
"You didn't mean that," he said, "we know that we're all grafted in."
Well, that is true that we are grafted, stump grafted, that's right;
but not in the Vine, grafted. So then he said… begin to kinda–kinda
slur me back a little bit.

And there was a young fellow there; I think it's some movie star's
people. His name's Danny Henry, and he was a Baptist boy. Well, he come
to the platform to put his arms around me, and he said, "Brother
Branham, I hope this don't sound sacrilegious," but said, "I believe
that could almost be the 23rd chapter of Revelation."
And I said, "Thank you."
And he started to say something else and he started speaking in
tongues, a Baptist boy. And when he did, there was a–a woman from here
in Louisiana; she was a Frenchman, kind of a big heavyset woman; she
wrote down the interpretation.
Well, then there was another young fellow setting over here was a
Frenchman; he wrote down what he said. They compared the notes, and
they both was the same.
And then a big, light-headed boy standing way back in the back, at
Clifton's Cafeteria, come walking forth. He said, "Let me see those

I went to see what they was, and all three of them was the same for the
interpretation. He was the interpreter for the U.N., French
interpreter. And it said this:

Because thou has chosen this straight and
narrow way, the harder way, you've done it at your own choosing. But
what a glorious decision you've made, because it's My way.

See? And said… and went ahead and said then.

This in itself is that which will bring to pass, and make and bring to pass, the tremendous victory in the love divine.

You see, always, even in French, the verb before the adverb there in
the–in the–in the interpretation. So in that I couldn't say… Moses,
he made his choice; he had to make his choice. We all have to make our
choices and do the best that we can. And God… I respect any man's
message that he's given about God. I… Whatever it is, I respect that
with all my heart.

Now, I see some young brother come awhile ago, Brother Stringer, I
think from down in Louisiana–or Mississippi, brought us some pictures
here that you seen us watching it. It was of the Angel of the Lord when
it appeared. How many's heard the story? I guess every one of you
here's heard it. You've had it on tape and so forth.
Now, that was told me one morning at ten o'clock, standing in my room
in Indiana. Told me I would be at Tucson, be early in the morning, I'd
be picking a cocklebur (what we call there, a goat-header) off of my
trouser leg. And seven Angels came and bursted this, and ground bursted
and everything else, to rocks rolled out of the mountains, and seven
Angels stood there.
And I said, "Well…" I told my wife, and she's somewhere present this
morning, "You get everything ready 'cause no way a man could exist
that," I said, "come out of that. I'm going to Tucson; my work is
finished here on earth. I'm going home to be with the Lord Jesus."
"Well," she said, "are you sure?"
I said, "Yes. Yeah, no one could–could stand that. There's no way of doing it."

I just preached the Seven Church Ages. That's where I had called our
gallant, little Brother Jack Moore to ask him about this Jesus in
Revelations 1 standing there with white hair and everything.
I said, "He was a young Man." And now, that's where the revelation come
about that being a wig on, and not Him; He's wigged (and I couldn't
understand it), as being supreme Deity. And the old judges used to do
it in Israel, had to be white-headed. And the white stands for purity.
And the English judges to this day, in supreme courts of England, put
on a white wig when they come up, because there's no other law above
theirs on earth. See? And they're supreme judge.

And I remember I went there in Arizona and everything; I was trying my
best to… scared to death. I went to Phoenix meeting. And you remember
I preached the sermon, "Sirs, What Time Is It?" You remember that? I
said that I seen that, I said, "Before it comes to pass, remember, THUS
SAITH THE LORD, something's going to happen." You've probably got the
tapes in your library of tape now. And there I said, "You remember now
the visions that never fails. Something's going to happen. Remember."

And a few days after that, I was getting nervous, and I thought, "What
I… just… Am I going to die? If… I hope it's quick so I can get
over it. I don't want to linger."
And one morning the Lord said, "Go up in the top of Sabino Canyon."
And I was up there holding up my hands, praying. I felt something
strike my hand. It was a sword. Now, you can just imagine how you'd
feel, standing there by yourself and here's a knife in your hand about
that long. I pulled it down and looked at it. It was just a knife, one
of them… And I'm scared of a knife, anyhow. And it had a–it had a–a
metal, something like one of these knives, like pot metal or something,
real sharp and narrow. Had a sheath around it here, where the dueler's
used to, to keep from cutting one another's hands, and–and it had a
pearl in the handle here, just fit my hand exactly. Well, I rubbed my
face and looked back. (Right on that same spot, the other day, I saw a
little white dove come down. I'll tell you about that later on.)

And I was holding that in my hand; I thought, "That's strange. Now,
Lord, I–am I losing my mind? There's no one here. I'm miles from
anybody, and here is a sword. I had my hands up, and where did it come
from?" And I thought, "That's the strangest thing. Now, looky here;
it's a sword; see, hit it, and it was a sword." And I said, "There's
nobody here standing here. I'm up on top of these rocks, plumb on top
of the mountain." And you couldn't even see Tucson from there, it was
so far down.

I thought, "Now, that's a strange thing. Now, it's got to be in this
vicinity somewhere, somebody that could create and make a sword and put
it in my hand." And I said, "It could only be the very God that created
a ram for Abraham, could create those squirrels" that you've heard. And
I said, "Here is the material, three different kinds of material in it,
and I'm holding it in my hand just as real as anything else I could
hold in my hand."
And I heard a Voice, said, "That's the King's Sword."
And I thought, "Now, where did that come from? Was right along there in
them rocks somewhere." And I held up my hand like that; I said, "A
king's sword."

And I looked around, and the sword was gone. And I said, "A king's
sword." That's to… They knight with–with a sword; I think that's
right, the army or some way; they knight with it. You know, and I said,
"Well, that's what that was probably for. It means that maybe I'm to
lay hands upon ministers, or something like that to make them
ministers." And then I…
A Voice spoke back again, said, "THE King's Sword," not a king, THE King's Sword. See?
I thought, "Now, I'm either beside myself; my mind has slipped, or
there's something taking place, there's somebody standing around here
by me."

And, brethren, these things are true. I don't–I don't know how to tell
you; you've always seen it always happen that way. See? See? And
it's… I couldn't understand it. It's a–it's the strangest feeling.
And just then I thought, "Now, ever Who that is has talked to me all my
life, since a little, bitty baby boy, is standing right here, and I
can't see Him at all." I said, "The King's Sword?" That would be… God
is the King. "And what is this sword?"
"The Word, It's been placed in your hand." Said, "Don't fear of death; it's your ministry."

Oh, my. Down off that mountain I went, crying, screaming, top of my
voice, jumping over rocks. I went down, told my wife; I said, "I'm not
going to die (See?), it's–it's–it's my ministry." I told her to get
with Billy Paul here, and take the children. I said, "Now, I don't have
anything, but the church will see that you all don't go hungry and
things, and I'll–I'll meet you across the border."
And–and so I said, "No, I'm not going to die, it's something about my ministry."

A few days after that I was coming out from a meeting, had a three page
telegram, was from over here at Houston, Texas. And that man that
criticized me so bad the night that the Angel of the Lord was taken,
the picture of It taken there at Houston, he called me up, he
said–sent a telegram, the wife said, "I know, Brother Branham, you're
busy. My son, Ted Kipperman's sister's boy, is setting in the death row
to die in the chair." Said… (what if that was Billy Paul?). He said,
"He and a little girl has got to die." And you all read it in the
paper, of course. And said, "Only hope we have is for you come and hold
a meeting and get the people together."

And Raymond Huckstra had already wrote me several times, but you know,
I'd planned there at that meeting to go on a hunting trip with Mr.
McAnally and them. And I thought, "Well, if I let them kids die and
don't put my effort forth, I'll never be able to go hunting again."
So I said, "All right, I'll come." I come over to Houston, had the
meeting, and 'course the–they never killed them, they just they give
them life. And that's what they wanted them to do, just give them life.
So that's about twenty one years, I guess, in–in Texas.

So then, and going back, I went up in the mountain and I went with
Brother Fred Sothmann. He's here somewhere. Brother Fred, where are you
at? Right here. Brother Fred Sothmann, Brother Gene Norman; one day,
the second day setting there, the Angel of the Lord came right down
into the camp where we was at and begin to tell about their children
and things they were doing.
I left and went back on the hill. And I'd already got my javelina; I
was trying to chase one around to Brother Fred. So I found where they'd
been eating on the side of a hill, and I said, "Well, now, I'll tell
you what I'll do, Brother Fred." I said, "Now, you go over on that
point in the morning." We go up there at daylight, climb up over the
mountain. "And go there at daylight, I'll get over on the other side.
Now, I won't shoot one, but if they run this way, I'll shoot in front
of them and turn them back. You pick out a big one."
"All right," he said.

So Brother Fred went over there. And Brother Gene Norman (I don't think
Brother Gene come, did he?), he was–he was on the other side. Many of
you know Gene Norman, a bosom friend of many, fine brother. And he went
down a little below where the–them pigs, they just wasn't there that
morning. I could see Brother Fred, wave at him, he was about a mile
away from me. Well, I thought, "Where could they have went?" I went
down into a great ravine, and come down; I thought, "I'll see if I can
find where they're at." Started back up. It was just a little after
daylight; the sun was just begin coming up.

And I went around a great big chasm, oh, my, hundreds and hundreds of
feet, just great rocks in the great canyon there, them big walls. And
it was kindly getting… The sun was raising up, about seven o'clock, I
guess, or something like that. And I set down and I was looking around;
I happened to look down on my trouser leg and there was that
bull-header, burr. And I said, "You know, that seems strange. You know,
the Angel of the Lord told me I'd be about forty miles northeast of
Tucson; I'd be picking a bull-header off of my leg." You remember I
seen it? Uh-huh. See? And I said, "That's strange." I was holding it.

And just as I looked up, I seen about twenty hogs about five hundred
yards from me, come out eating this little phyllary and laid down. I
said, "Now, if I can just get Brother Fred and get him around to that
point there, he'll get his hog right there. But I know he's about a
mile or two from me now." So I said, "if I could cross over this little
ridge without them seeing me, up by this little juniper tree there," I
said, "if I get around this side, there's a deer trail comes down this
side; I can run up there and get out of the way. And hang a little
piece of paper here where I know which one of the fingers to go out on,
on the canyon, and get Brother Fred there just in time."

I throwed this little bull-header down, forgetting about that, and
started across the hill real easy and looked back, they didn't see me,
and run down and hit this deer trail. I had a great big black hat on. I
started running up through this canyon real fast, and it happened.
The whole earth shook, everywhere. Rocks that size rolled down, dust
flying like that. And I looked, and standing before me stood seven
Angels, just exactly the way it was. I felt like I was standing way up
off the ground. First, I thought somebody'd shot me, you know, with
that black hat on; looked like a javelina hog, anyhow, you know,
they're dark. I thought somebody'd shot me, such a… right close. And
I–I seen then what it was. Well, as soon as… I got my commission,
and the Scripture, "The Seven Seals which is the seven mysteries…"

Someone said to me, said, "Now…" Oh, he said, "Well, now, someday the
Lord, probably you seeing visions, Brother Branham, will reveal to you
what these things are; we can all get closer to God and have more power
than we get in speaking in tongues and things."
I said, "It can't be that way."
'Cause, see, I believe the Word to be the Truth. And the Bible said,
"Whosoever shall add one word or take one Word from It." It has to be
in this Word. See? It's the mysteries that the people's overlooked.
Well, right there is where come my Message of serpent seed and the true
belief of the security of the believer.

I'm not disgrading my Presbyterian brethren there, and some of you
Baptist brethren on the way you have security. I'm not saying this to
be different, but you didn't have it just right. See? That's right.
See? But I had it wrong too. But when an Angel stands from heaven and
tells you, and here it is right in the Scripture, that–that's true.
See? That's right. See, He always speaks exact with the Scripture.

In there I watched it until that circle went up, started sweeping up,
and they turned into like a mystic light, like a fog. Just exactly the
way… How many seen the picture of It that was taken in Houston?
Nearly all. See? Well, that's just the way this was. It turned into the
same thing, It kept going higher and higher.
I was running and running, trying to find Brother Fred and them. After
while, about a half hour later, I could see him way down, waving his
hands; and Brother Gene coming, waving. They knowed something had
happened. And so then I got with them. That's Brother Fred setting
right there.

As it went up, I didn't know that the observatories and things, plumb
into Mexico, was taking that picture. "Life" magazine packed it as It
went up. And many of you… Here's "Life" magazine packing the picture
of It. A mysterious thing here, they said they don't know where it come
from; it's too high. It's above all the spheres and everything else to
be… It's too high for fog, because it's thirty miles high and
twenty-seven miles across after it got up that high. There's not even
humidity nor nothing up there. You see?

And they thought of a plane; so they checked all the places, no planes
up that day. See, they have to, on account of shaking windows and
things. "There's no planes up." Here it is right here in the magazine,
will tell you the same thing. And–and it went on and on. And today
right in the…
Here it is in "Science" magazine, where they can't understand; they don't know what It is.
Tucson, at the university, a friend of mine went over the other day and
was talking to them about it. Said, "We can't understand what…"
I said, "Don't say nothing, don't do no good. 'Cast not your pearls
before swine.'" See? It's to the church, to the elected, the
called-out. See?

And then each one was coming, saying, "Brother Branham, I see your
picture here. I see this. I…" You know how it is. But that–that long
sweep as this brother has on here where its… Excuse me [Brother Branham gets the photograph–Ed.].
Here's the way It started up, sweeping up. Actually this was on the
right hand side. And you all remember I said, "The noted Angel was the
one that talked to me, was on the right hand side," even before it
happened. You remember? His wings pointed back like that, that's
exactly the wings of that Angel as it went up. See, as it… So they
started taking the pictures because it was so mysterious. But when the
last picture, when It formed Itself into the skies and so forth, this
is it as "Look" here packed it. You see how it rose up just as they
begin to see it. You see? And there comes the–the real main and last
picture, when it formed.

They don't know where it come from or where it went; they don't know
yet. Science is completely stumped about it, don't know what happened.
But we know; "there shall be signs in the heaven above." We know it.
See? And He promised these things. See? And the only thing that this
was permitted to be taken…
I know we're just home folks here this morning. If I ever impress you
brethren or sisters as a know-it-all, please forgive me. I don't mean
to be that. I'm stand–setting here this morning talking before men who
are scholars, men who are smart; now, I–I'm a illiterate; I can't even
pronounce my Scriptures right. I got a chapter to read this morning,
I'm… was going to ask one of the brothers here to read it for me,
'cause I can't even pronounce the names in it, I Chronicles 13 (if you
will, Brother Jack, you be hunting it up), for my subject. I–I can't
even pronounce those names; I'm letting him do it, 'cause he can
pronounce them.
And I know I'm talking to smart men. But, brethren, these things are
done that you might not look at my illiteracy, but believe that I'm
telling you the Truth. It's God telling you the Truth. That's the
Truth. See?

Now, and when I speak of denominations, I'm not meaning for you to be
so cruel and… No, I don't mean for you not to go to your church. Go
to your church, what you're supposed to do. But just don't join up with
them organizations, because one day I'll be telling you and prove it by
the Scripture; it is the mark of the beast. And you just remember, it's
the mark.

I'm preaching… I wouldn't preach it in Brother Jack's church, he'd
tell me, "Go ahead and do it"; but I'm going to the Tabernacle, it'll
be about four hours long. And my subject is: The Beast at the Beginning
and the Beast at the End, Through the Trail of a Serpent. See? Takes
about four hours. I got my Scriptures all laying out. The beast from
the beginning, he was the beast at the garden of Eden; he's the beast
at the end, and show that he's a religious person and a denomination
(that made the denomination); and come right through the trail of it,
and prove it to you by the Scriptures that it is. I didn't know that
till the Holy Spirit give it to me the other day up there.

Now, in this, I was watching this one day, standing, and something said
to me… looking at it, and I thought… Brother Hickerson, one of my
trustees–or deacons at the church at Jeffersonville… If I don't
believe in going to church, why do I have churches? We had them all
across the country, hooked up the other night, every two hundred square
miles had one of my churches.
Now, this–this picture, I was standing, looking at it, and
something… I was standing in my room. Something said, "Turn it to the
Now, listen. I know that sounds like somebody's a little mentally
upset, but (You see?), as I said the other night, all these great
things are so scholarly… Now, I'm not against that. Remember, we have
to have… Now, send your children to school and get education and so
forth; but I'll tell you right now, it won't do them no good in the
world that is to come, 'cause there'll be another civilization, only so
far above this. That civilization won't even have any… It won't have
any schools in it; it won't have any death in it, won't be any sin in
it. This has all that; no matter how much civilized we get, more and
more death is added all the time. See? That one will be without death.
But now we have to have school; we have to wear clothes, we…

I was going to speak this morning on Satan's Eden (many of you's got
the tape of it), Satan's Eden. He has made another garden of Eden, and
six thousand years it's taken him to make it, just like God did His at
the beginning. God made His Eden, and Satan corrupted it. Now, Satan's
made his own Eden, and God's going to destroy it (That's right.) and
put His own.
Something said to me, "Turn it right."
I thought, "I think I'm looking at it right."
Said, "Turn it right." See?
I thought, "Maybe that Voice means turn it to the right." And when I
did, you see what it is: Hofmann's Head of Christ, at thirty-three.
Here, looky here, see His dark beard, His face, His eyes, His nose, and
everything else. See the part in His hair here coming up. And He's
wigged with that white Angel wig to show that the Message of Him being
God is the Truth. He is the supreme Judge of the universe, supreme
Judge of heaven and earth. He is God, and nothing else but God. He is
God expressed in human form called the Son of God, which the Son was
the mask. And if that don't make our Message exactly right: identified
by the Scripture, identified in service, identified by His Presence,
the same yesterday, today, and forever… Therefore those Seven Seals
are the Truth, brethren. Might disagree with them, but just set down
and study with a open heart one time, just let the Holy Spirit lead you

93 Here, when Brother Jack… I called him before preaching this and talked to him one time about "What was this white wig?"
said, "Well, Brother Branham, I declare it to be that it was in
His–after His resurrection in His glorified body." I was talking to
Brother Jack. And there's… I don't know of anybody in the world that
I'd rely on anymore of their teachings on theology and things as I
would like Brother Jack Moore and Brother Vayle, and such men as–as
that, real theologians, that's read all kinds of books and different
angles from everything. Well, but (You see?), even with that, and my
bosom friend, I–I–I just couldn't receive it; there was something
there just wouldn't take it.

And then when it come, this, then I see what it is. Here's His dark
beard. You seen It, I guess. See? His dark beard and dark hair, His
eyes, nose, everything, just perfectly, and even the part in His hair
coming over on this side. He is God. See? And He's the same yesterday,
today, and forever. And this is "Look" magazine–or "Life" magazine. I
think this is the… I forget what issue it is now; oh, May the
seventeenth, 1963. That's when it come out, if anybody wants the
magazine. It's the same picture that's got Rockefeller and his–his
wife on the back of it. And this is the new "Science" magazine that
"it's still a mystery."

What did I say these things for? That it might give you a little view
of the things that we're trying to say, that God is identifying both in
heavens and in earth to be right, these discernments, visions. We have
plenty of impersonations, we always. But remember, before there can be
a bogus dollar, there has to be a real dollar first; first has to be a
real dollar, and then they're made off of that. Just like we had a real
Moses and a real Aaron, then we had a Jambres and Jannes after them.
You see how it all comes? They see it and then they try to impersonate
that, when there's truly one original. That's right. Not saying that to
harm, or to degrade, or misplace something, but just for Truth; to know
that I…

I'm getting to be an old man, and I know my time ain't too long. If
Jesus tarries, I may–could stay a little while; but I know that
someday this heart's going to make its last beat, and I'm entering into
a great, dark chamber there called death. But when that comes, I don't
want anything to have to look back for, to try to repent for. I want,
when I come to that time, to be clean and pure by the grace of God. I
want to wrap myself in the robes of His righteousness, when I enter
there with this one thing in my mind: I know Him in the power of His
resurrection; and when He calls, I'll come out from among the dead and
live with Him forever. And it's my purpose here now to try to get every
man, not to change your theologies or nothing, but to increase your
faith in God's promise of this day. Now, let us pray.

Dear God, we are a grateful people this morning, but yet, Lord, we're
living in a dark world that… There isn't a one of us here this
morning, Father, but what feels that we–we want a closer walk with
You, we want that–that touch of You in our lives that can tender us,
and make us flexible so that You can change us at anytime, and mold us
into sons and daughters of God. That–that's our purpose here, Father,
that's–that's my only objective that I have is to try to–to live
before You and to get Your Word and speak It back to the men and women
that, not to be a different person, but to try to honor Him Who's give
me Life. Grant it, Lord.

May there not be a person here today… Or–or if–if we're hooked up
this morning across the nation again, may there not be a person that's
in the sound of our voice ever have to go into that great chamber not
knowing You in the power of Your resurrection. If there be sinners
somewhere across the country, that, or in this building, this great
auditorium, setting here this morning… If there are those who don't
know You, may this be the day that their conscience will be shook, woke
up, and they'll realize that they don't know what minute that we may be
called or summoned to answer for our lives on high. And if our name is
still on that stalk book, doomed we'll be; but if it's in the Lamb's
Book of Life, the real Life, then we are saved.
And may, Lord, as that Life travels from the blade into the pollen,
into the shuck, then to the grain, while we're passing through this
morning if there be some Life that goes into the grain that's laying
back in that stalk, bring it out today, Lord, may it follow the moving
of the grain, for we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

101 Sorry to take so much time. I'd forgot about this even being on the radio time out there, the phone time.
let us turn for our reading. And Brother Jack, if you got your Bible
there? While I'm finding my Scripture, I'll ask Brother Jack to read
this Scripture because I cannot pronounce these names. All right. It's
in I Chronicles 13…?… [Brother Jack Moore reads I Chronicles, chapter 13:

And David consulted with the captains of thousands and hundreds, and with every leader.

And David said unto all the congregation of
Israel, If it seem good unto you, and that it be of the LORD our God,
let us send abroad unto our brethren every where, that are left in all
the land of Israel, and with them also to the priests and Levites which
are in their cities and suburbs, that they may gather themselves unto

And let us bring again the Ark of our God to us: for we–we enquired not at it in the days of Saul.

And all the congregation said that they would do so: for the thing was right in the eyes of all the people.

So David gathered all Israel together, from
Shihor of Egypt even unto the entering of Hemath, to bring the ark of
God from Kirjath-jearim.

And David went up, and all Israel, to Baalah,
that is, to Kirjath-jearim, which belonged to Judah, to bring up thence
the ark of God the LORD, that dwelleth between the cherubims, whose
name is called on it.

And they carried the ark of God in a new cart out of the house of Abinadab: and Uzza and Ahio drave–drave the cart.

And David and all Israel played before God
with all their might, and with singing, and with harps, and with
psalteries, and with timbrels, and with cymbals, and with trumpets.

And when they came to the threshingfloor of Chidon, Uzza put forth his hand to hold the ark; for the oxen stumbled.

And the anger of the LORD was kindled against
Uzza, and he smote him, and because he put his hand to the ark: and
there he died before the Lord.

And David was displeased, because the LORD had made a breach upon Uzza: wherefore that place was called Perez-uzza to this day.

And David was afraid of God that day, saying, How shall I bring the ark of God home to me?

So David brought not the ark home to himself to the city of David, but carried it aside in the house of Obed-edom the Gittite.

And the ark of God remained with the family
of Obed–Obed-edom in the house three months. And the LORD blessed the
house of Obed-edom, and all that he had.–Ed.]

Thank you, Brother Moore, for the reading of the Scripture for me. Now,
sorry I couldn't read that myself, but I–I couldn't do it.
Now, I want you to turn with me to Mark 7:7, and we'll read the first seven verses of St. Mark the 7th chapter.

Then came together unto him the Pharisees, and certain of the scribes, which came from Jerusalem.

And when he saw some of his disciples eat bread with defiled, that is to say, with unwashed hands, they found fault.

But the Pharisees, and all the Jews, except
they washed their hands… eat oft not, holding–holding the traditions
of the elders.

And when they came forth from the market,
except they washed, they eat not. And many other things were–were
they… which they have received of the… received to hold,… the
washing of the cups, and of pots, and brass vessels, and of tables.

Then the Pharisees and scribes asked him, Why
walk not thy disciples according to the tradition of the elders, but
eat bread with unwashed hand?

He answered and said unto them, Well has
Isaiah prophesied of you hypocrites, as it is written, This people
honor me with their lips, but their heart is far from me.

Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrine the commandments of men.

Let us pray. Dear God, honor Your Word now, and may It accomplish that
which It is purposed for. Use us as instruments to speak It, and our
ears to hear from You, and our hearts to receive It. We ask in Jesus'
Name, for the glory of God. Amen.

Now, my subject for a few moments is this… I… We are on the
national telephone hookup this morning. And I understand that my good
friend, Roy Borders, is listening in, pretty well tore up about last
night. I'd forgot that we were on the radio, or this hookup last night.
Roy, wherever you are, if you're over in San Jose in the church there,
or either down to Brother McHughes' church, or wherever you are, don't
fear, my brother, everything will be all right. Set still, you just…
He'll make it known to me, Roy; don't weary, son, have faith in God.

My subject this morning is: "Trying To Do God A Service Without It
Being God's Will." Now, that's a strange text, and I trust that the
Lord will reveal this to us now. Remember: Trying to do God a service
without it being the Will of God. Now, that seems very strange. But in
this maybe God can help us.

Another thing I'd like to say this morning, that we're glad to have in
our midst a friend of mine, a very dear friend, a young fellow. Many of
you people on the radio now can–or the–on the telephone hookup, knows
who this is. Today is his birthday, ninety-three years old, Brother
Bill Dauch setting here before me, ninety-three years old.
Several years ago the doctor said, "He cannot live." (I just noticed
him setting here now.) Under oxygen tent, and his lovely wife called me
and said, "Brother Branham, if you expect to see your old friend Bill
alive, you better come at once."

And I… One of my tires was cut on the side, my wheel had been knocked
out, and I tore a tire off of my car trying to get to him. I was just
coming from a–a–a station, filling station, and coming from the
restroom where I stopped in Ohio trying to get to him, and walking out
I saw a vision. And there stood Brother Dauch, standing in the church
with his hand out; it changed, and I seen he coming down the street and
shook my hand. Said, "Go tell him, THUS SAITH THE LORD."
He was about ninety years old then. He had a heart attack with a heart
block, and a complete heart failure. Very shrewd doctor the man is
not… he don't want… I… No won't say that. He's just a man who can
afford, get any doctor he'd want. He had a very fine Jewish doctor who
met me in the hall and said, "There's not a chance for him to live."
And I went in and slipped my hand under the oxygen tent; I said, "Bill,
can you hear me?" He nodded his head. I said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD,
'You're not going to die now.'"

A week from then, when I got in the pulpit to preach my message, here
come Brother Dauch walking up through the building. And when I went
over to Furr's Restaurant, across… I mean the Blue Boar, across in
Louisville, here he was getting out of the car, coming down the street,
holding his hand out, just exactly according to the Word of the Lord.
That's three or four years ago; and here he sets all the way down here
in Shreveport (crosses the nation, not by plane now, by car), setting
here this morning. "Happy birthday, Brother Dauch." That's from all
across the nation, from everywhere. "God bless you."

I baptized him, after being a trinitarian, I baptized him when he…
Was one of my first meetings, when Brother Banks Wood had to let him
have his clothes (He's a good-size man, as you see.), and he went into
the pool and I baptized him at about eighty-five or ninety years old,
in the Name of the Lord Jesus. He said he never could feel right until
he found that security of something. Then he received a birthday where
he'll never grow old. That's right, that great land. He even is
expecting to live to see the coming of the Lord; it could be done. But
if he would sleep, he–and we are awake at that time, he'll come first.
That's right. So, Brother Dauch, there's no way now to miss it. You're
exactly on the line. Stay there, my brother. God bless you. And I thank
the Lord for a good man like that, and for giving him all of these

In the Book of the Chronicles: "Trying to do God a service without it
being His Will." God is sovereign. First we want to understand that.
The people today are wondering why we can't have a revival. You believe
God's sovereign? See, the Bible speaks this way.
And we try… As I was discussing with a group of my fine brothers,
Baptist brethren, not long ago, and they said, "Brother Branham, we can
only have a revival when we take the Word, word by word, page by page,
letter by letter."
And I said, "I believe too, page by page." He said… I said, "They've been trying to do that all along."
He said, "But we must find the Greek interpretation of the Word, what the Greek says."
I said, "I haven't read too much, but reading the history of the
church, and the Nicaea Council, or the pre-Nicaea Council, and Nicaea
fathers, so forth, they were arguing back there about the Greek. That's
two thousand years ago. One said, 'It means this', and one says, 'It
means that. The Greek word means this.'"

Just like our language, the word "see." Use the word "see," you could
mean "a body of water," "I understand," or many things. Bored, "to be
boring a hole," "make a walk," or–or "you bored me," or "you paid my
board," or it could mean any–many things. And those little vowels and
so forth, just change the whole meaning. So you'll never do it like
that. God wrote It like that, because the…
And all of the Word is inspired, and He said that, "I thank Thee,
Father, that Thou has hid these things from the eyes of the wise and
prudent, and will reveal (Amen.) to babes such as will learn." It's a
revelation of Him, as I said last evening, "Will reveal It to babes…"
I said, "It won't work, sir." I said, "A revival will never come until
God, the sovereign God, sends it; and then He might take up a little
nitwit that can't even sign his name and do it with it, that knows not
even good English let alone the Greek."

That's what He done in the time when Peter preached at Pentecost, you
know; he couldn't even sign his name: ignorant and unlearned. But God
does things in such strange way to our intellectual thinking. That
makes it God. If He'd got a bunch of theologians and dignitaries, and
so forth, they'd said, "That smart Caiaphas (You see?), he had it just
right." But God went down and got fishermen that couldn't even sign
their name, and that's what He took. That's God; He takes something
that's nothing and makes something out of it to His own honor. He took
a chaos and made a Eden. It's God.

Now, if there's anybody got the mechanics for a revival, is our noble
brother, Billy Graham. But the mechanics is all right, but the
mechanics won't move it; it takes the dynamics to move it. You can
build an automobile, put fine seats in it, make fine pistons, and–and
prove by science what it can do; but unless the dynamics is there,
she's just a dead piece of goods.
So in the Welsh revival, one of our late revivals before our
Pentecostal, no one knowed what started the revival, just a bunch of
Now, when we get all… Our friend, Billy Graham, will get all of the
Presbyterians, and Lutherans, and Pentecostals, and everything
together, go into the city, and there they'll have a great gathering
together of thousands, and thirty thousand will come in two weeks and
give their hearts to Christ; go back another two weeks and you ain't
got a one. See? That's the mechanics.
But let God in His sovereign grace just speak to some little nitwit, as
so to say, a little nobody; let His Spirit fall into a city and men
can't go to work, women can't wash dishes, the maid can't make the bed,
a-screaming and crying with their hands up in the air. That's revival;
that's in the will of God.

It was said that some noblemen from the church went over to the Wales
to understand, or figure out what all the mechanics was in the revival,
during the Welsh revival. And when they got off the ship with their
tall hats on, and their round collars; see come down the street, a
little policeman, swinging his club around and around like that,
whistling, they said, "My good man, could you tell me where the Welsh
revival is?"
He said, "Yes, my brethren; you're standing in the middle of it." He
said, "You understand, I am the Welsh revival," said, "because the
Welsh revival's in me."

That's sovereign. That's what God does, and He alone has a right to
send a revival. Not get the mechanics together, it's pray for God to
send the dynamic–dynamics.
He only reveals His Word in the predestinated. Now, when I use the word
"predestinate"… Now, it's a bad word to use in public, especially
when we have mixed crowds between the Arminians and the Calvinists. And
not a… I've asked you not to think I know It all, but they're both
wrong according to the Scripture. Grace is what God did for me, works
is what I do for Him. See? Then you've got it. If you climb out on
either one of the limbs, you'll sure find yourself out on the end of
the limb and can't get back. The Book of Ephesians pulls it together; I
Now, but the word, when I use it, "predestinated," don't think that
I'm… That's the only word I know how to–to make… It's God's
foreknowledge (See?), that He know. He–He can't say… He–He died
that all might be saved; He did; but by His foreknowledge He knowed who
would and who would not. See? That's what He knows; I don't know it;
you don't know it, so we work out our own salvation with fear and

Now, but God has His Word set, and has in all ages. His foreknowledge
has caused Him to set in the church, and in the people, certain things
that He did from the beginning. And then the Gospel that's being
preached to that age is only revealed to that certain people; the rest
of them don't see it. See? "Thank Thee, Father, Thou has hid these
things from the eyes of the wise and prudent, and reveal it to babes
such as would learn." That's predestination. Not that He did it by, you
say, "I'll choose you, and don't choose you." By His foreknowledge He
knowed what you would do.
By Him being infinite… You believe He's infinite? If He isn't, He
can't be God. Then, just think, being infinite He knew every flea that
would ever be on the earth, how many times them fleas would bat their
eyes, how much tallow was in each flea, every blade of grass it would
ever set on; that's infinite. We're finite; we stumble in darkness. God
likened us to sheep, and we must have a leader. And that leader's not
man; that Leader is the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of Christ among us. "A
little while and the world seeth Me no more." His physical Being was
raised up to the throne of God, where the Spirit was on the throne; now
Christ is on the throne: Jesus. "A little while and the world seeth Me
no more, yet ye shall see Me, for I'll be with you to the end of the
world, even in you." The throne of God, of Christ, is erected into your
heart; and He's setting on God's throne; but in the millennium He sets
on His own throne; which, He swore that He'd raise up this man, His
Son, David's Son, to set on His throne.

Now, He reveals these things by His foreknowledge to those who He has
ordained to these things; otherwise they don't see it. Stand right
there looking right at it and can't see it.
How many ever seen that picture of a cow in the bush, that you just
have to look and look? Did you ever see that? Or, seen the picture of
Christ in a bush, or in the sky, or clouds? See, that painter has got
that so fixed up till you have to look at it just a certain way. Well,
then, when you once see it, you can't see nothing else but that. Every
time you look, there it is. How many's seen those pictures? Well, sure
you have.
Well, that's the way Christ is Himself, the Gospel, the message is.
When you once see the message of the hour, there's nothing else you can
see but that. That's all. Everything else is gone; the rest of it's
just a filler (See, see?) when you once see the message.

That's–was in Noah's time. When Noah and his group…?… When they
saw the message, nothing else mattered. When Moses' group saw it,
nothing else mattered. When John's group saw it, nothing else mattered.
When Jesus' group saw it, nothing else mattered. When the apostles'
group saw it, nothing else mattered. When Luther's group saw it,
Wesley's group saw it, Pentecostal group saw it, nothing else mattered;
they pulled away from everything. Why? By His foreknowledge He
predestinated these things to happen.

He chooses His own person by His foreknowledge. Like He said in Romans
8 here, that Esau–that the–that the election of God might stand
sure… That Esau and Jacob both borned of holy parents, twins, that
His election might stand sure and true, He said, "I hate Esau and love
Jacob," before either boy was born. See? He knows what's in man. He
knowed it from the beginning what it was; therefore He can make
everything work just exactly on clock time. We get all nervous and
flusterated; you never seen Him flusterated; they don't. See?
Everything's working all right; just exactly, the clock's ticking.
These things that's supposed to happen, all these women with short
hair, and these men wearing their–like they got hair like their wives.
I see them, absolutely, have these roller-curlers in their hair, curl
it up here in front. What a perversion. That's the results of Satan's
eden. And look at her, she's trying to cut her hair like her husband.
Her husband's letting his hair grow like his wife. And she is wearing
his clothes, and he's wearing her underneath clothes. See, there you
are. She's getting masculine, and he's getting feminish. See, it's
Satan's eden, contrary to what God made it at the beginning. That's the

If I don't get started, we'll never get into this. But these things,
and the way for Him to do it, and who'll do it, that's His own chosen
way; He chooses. That's the way He wants it done.
As I heard Brother Pearry Green, our pastor at Tucson, preaching the
other night about how that God made things some way (I forget what his
text was.), but he said, "That's the way God likes it; that's the way
God does it." Well, that's right.
Now, who is it among us that's going to tell Him He's wrong? Who would
dare to stand up in God's face, and say, "You're wrong, Lord, You
should do it the way I want it done, the way Dr. So-and-so said it
should be done"? Who is that far gone in their mental faculties to say
a thing like that? No, you wouldn't come out and say it, but you think

Like on my Message of the antichrist, "There shall rise false christs."
Now, He didn't say false Jesuses. See, nobody would stand still to be
called "Jesus," in the term of the Lord. But false christs means "the
Oh, they, each one thinks they got anointing, "Glory to God, he can do
this and do that." But put him on the Word test and find out where he
comes out at (See?), on the message of the hour.
They had anointing in the time of Jesus, but not on him. They had
anointing in the time… Even Dathan had anointing in the time of
Moses. He said, "Now, don't you think you're the only holy one among
us; God's got plenty. We'll just start an organization here, a group of
God said to Moses, "Separate yourself from him." He opened up the earth
and swallowed them up. He had give His original Word to Moses, His
prophet; that's the only way He ever did do it, and the only way He
ever will do it. He doesn't change His plan. See?

So our ideas is wrong. His ideas are right always. And don't try to
tell Him that He's wrong. No matter who we think is best qualified; it
isn't us to say who's best qualified. Now, there's where you get in
your organization.
Some little brother filled with the Spirit will go into a city and
build up an organi–build up a–a nice group of people, and at the
conference they'll meet, and all the holy brethren get along, you know,
and say, "You know what? I believe little Jones here (He's just a
little pick among them.), I think he ought to have that nice big
tabernacle; I think. Don't you think that's right?" And oh, my. There
he goes. And then the congregation's scattered. See?
"Separate Me." God does the separating; He's the One Who does it. But
they all, each one, wants to take this little one, put him over here,
and this one down here. That's man's idea.

Man has the keys, but God holds the keys actually. They give the
disciples, the holy church, the keys; and watch the first time they
used it. When Judas had fell by transgression, they got together and
cast lots, and the holy brethren… Who would say they wasn't holy
brethren? Who say they wasn't holy? But they cast lots, and it fell on
Matthias. And when he… What did he ever do? Nothing. But Paul was the
elected one. Amen. That was God's choosing: a little, hook-nosed,
sarcastic, high-tempered Jew. Not the Matthias, the D.D., you know,
he–he was… But Paul; God chose Paul; the church chose–chose
Matthias. See? You have no right to tell God He's wrong. He knows what
to do; He knows what the man's made out of.
Who would ever of that church ever chose Paul? Oh, no, never. Said, "That guy's the one that's putting us all in jail."
But God said, "I'll show him what he'll suffer for Me." He know what.
All right, no matter who we think is right, God knows who's best qualified because He knows the heart of man; He knows.

Nor does the revival, or does these things happen at the time that we
think they ought to happen. We think, "It's this time right now, glory
to God." I notice in out chapters and so forth of the Business Men,
"There's coming right away, hallelujah, a great revival."
Don't be deceived, "He has already come, and they did to Him what was
list." But they think there's a revival. Is it happening? No! It's
done, dead; it's over (uh-huh). Notice, this is lamp trimming time,
coming out and going in. "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew
their strength."

Notice here in our text, notice David, king of Israel; he was the one
who got the revelation of bringing the ark of God back to his place;
that they never consulted it in the days of Saul 'cause Saul had
backslid. So they never consulted the ark at all, the covenant, in the
days of Saul, 'cause he had backslid and got away from God. So David,
quickly, with inspiration… Now, notice this. It's a very treacherous
text if you don't get it right. And I feel that the hour is coming
where we should be men instead of babies. We should have strong meat
instead of milk.

Notice David, king of Israel, the king had just been freshly anointed
the king, or elected king, Saul… Samuel anointed him by the will of
God; and he was absolutely God's chosen king, no doubt to it. And here
he is, and inspiration strikes him. It was revealed to David. He got
the revelation; nobody else had said nothing about it. "Let us go and
fetch the ark, 'cause that's the will of God that we have the ark here
with us, that we consult God by this ark." Very, very gallant thing,
don't you think so? All right.

Remember, but, him being king and got the revelation, he overstepped
his place. There was a prophet in the land by the name of Nathan; he
was the one that was ordained to get the revelation. There's anything
to be spoke; He said, "The Lord doeth nothing until He reveals it to
His servants the prophet." But, you see, David being king, with the
anointing upon him… Now, is that the Scripture? Anointing upon him,
and got a true revelation; but it was wrong. Because Nathan was the
prophet of that age, and the revelation never come to Nathan, and when
the revelation come to David he never even consulted Nathan about it.
He's just going to go ahead and do what he wanted to do.

But notice who David consulted here in the 13th chapter, "But he
consulted the captains of thousands and of hundreds," back to his
congregation. See? "Now, don't you think we should do…" That isn't
it. Now, he was trying to do God a service, but he wasn't ordained to
do it (See?), 'cause God had a way.
Just the same as God could've spoke to the–the king about his sore and
getting well, but He didn't. He had a ordained way of doing it; that
was His prophet. So He spoke to the prophet. Isaiah told him to go back
and tell Hezekiah what would happen.
Now, Hezekiah was talking face to face with God, and–and God could
talk to Hezekiah, of course, but He made certain channels. You
understand it? God has His Own set way of doing things: sending
revivals, talking, speaking, whatever it is. He has His way of doing
it, and we are nobody to tell Him how to do it. He does it the way it
pleases Him to do it.

So you see, David, being inspired… Now, you remember I said the
anointing, the false anointing? Remember the Holy Spirit can come and
anoint a person, and still it's out of the will of God. Here proves it
right here. See? We have to go through God's way of doing it, not our
ways, God's way of doing it. 'Cause, David being a king, anointed,
anointed with the Spirit of God upon him (a type of Jesus Christ), but
that wasn't God's channel.
And all the congregation, it pleased them, the Bible said. Notice,
captains of thousands and of hundreds, also the priests and theologians
thought that was wonderful. There is your Bible schools and everything
else; they thought it was wonderful. Even all of the people agreed, and
the priests, and–and all of them agreed that the king's anointing was
right. Notice. But God had not promised to reveal His Word in Its
season to them. God had His way of revealing His Word, but not to them.
Remember, it was contrary to God.

Something like in the days of Micaiah the son of Imlah. Do you remember
that story? Judah and Israel were separated, and they had two different
kingdoms, and Ahab was the king over one kingdom. And Jehoshaphat was
over the king–kingdom of Judah, I believe it was; and Ahab was over
Israel, Jerusalem.
Notice, and then here come in a bunch of alien and took off part of the
God-given land that God had give to Israel, and these Philistines up
there, Syrians, were holding that ground and was feeding their own
children off of the ground that belonged to Israel. And so they needed
that ground to feed their own children and their own families. God gave
them… That was their God-given rights.

And so Ahab calls down Jehoshaphat, and said, "Come down." He said,
"Looky there what our enemy's doing. Is it right that we, the people of
God, with a God-given right that we should have this land… It belongs
to us, God through His prophet, Joshua, divided this land; it should be
ours; it belongs to us, to our children; and here the communists has
took it over, and we have… We're so hungry, and they got our
God-given rights. Don't you think that we should go up there and take
our land back? If you'll join your forces: if you Methodists, and
Presbyterians, and all, and Presbyterians, and Lutheran, and so forth,
all take the ecumenical council here now, we'll all set together, and
we'll take the thing." (I'm saying and speaking in a parable now)
"We'll go get it."
"Why," he said, "certainly, we're all one."
Now, the Bible said, "How can two walk together except they be agreed?" See?
There where that great man, that great Pentecostal man, Jehoshaphat,
got mixed up with the wrong crowd. And that's what happened to our
Pentecostals today. There's some real men in there, but they're mixed
up in that denominational crowd. Get out of that thing. It's cursed of
the Lord.

Notice now. There he was, and he said, "Yes, that sounds reasonable."
Said, "Our chariots is yours, our people; after all, we're all Jews.
Sure, we'll go up with you." But is this enough religion left in
Jehoshaphat to say, "Don't you think we should consult the Lord first?"
See? "I think it'd be a good idea."
Why, Ahab, of course, said, "Why, oh, sure, I should've thought of that."
"Well, is there a man of God somewhere? Have you got a prophet?"
"Oh, I got four hundred of them. I got the whole council down here, the whole denomination. They're Hebrew prophets."

Now, remember, the Bible said they were prophets, Hebrew prophets, not
heathen prophets, Hebrew prophets: a school of them, a theological
"Well, bring them up!"
And the kings dressed themselves and set before him to impress the
prophets. And here come, I believe it was Zedekiah come up, the great
chief of the district councilmen, or ever what he was, come up there
among them. He made hisself two big horns; he said, "I have heard from
God. THUS SAITH THE LORD, 'With these horns you'll push the Syrians
plumb out of the land.'"
"O glory!" everybody thought that was wonderful, fine.

Watch how close it gets to that razor edge now between right and wrong.
And remember, it'll fall on one or the other sides; and it comes down
sometime like a honed razor between the difference of right and wrong.
It's got to be every Word of God, not just almost every Word, but every
Word. And it's got down today, not to Lutherans, not to Methodists, not
to Pentecostals, but to that honed age, in this age where just the
antichrist anointing is so perfectly, it would deceive the very
Elected; they'll fall on the wrong side if they don't watch it, like a
wedge. Watch. Be careful. We're not living in a Pentecostal age now.
We're passed that age, just the same we've passed Luther, and passed…

Notice. Now, the prophets all prophesied, four hundred of them, well
fed, well fixed, Hebrew prophets gave them witness, one accord, "THUS
SAITH THE LORD, 'Go up; the Lord is with you.'"
Jehoshaphat said, "Well, that–that sounds all right." But said, "have–have you got another one?"
"Another one? We got the whole denomination here; we got the whole council gathered out here. Why do we need another one?"
He said, "Oh, but I thought maybe there might be another one."
He said, "Oh, yes, there is another one, but he don't even belong to
this council. He's an outcast. It's Micaiah, the son of Imlah, and I
hate him." See? Said, "They won't receive him into fellowship, and he's
just a common outcast to begin with. And he's constantly, everything he
prophesies he just won't encourage my seminary a bit. (Uh-huh) And he
does all these things evil; he's always prophesying evil against me
just to be different."
"Oh," Jehoshaphat said, "don't let the king say such a thing as that. But I'd like to hear what this man's got to say."
Said, "Well, we'll find him."

So they sent out somewhere in the wilderness, and they sent a man,
said, told him, said, "Now, on your road back now, I want to tell you
something. You want to get back in the denomination again? (See?) Do
you want to have fellowship with all of them again? If you do, say the
same thing the district presbyter says; say the same thing the bishop
says, and they'll bring you right back. Now is the time to do it."
But could you imagine a anointed, true prophet of God compromising on one Word of God? No indeed.
He said, "As the Lord lives, I'll only say what God says." We need a
son of Imlah. "As the Lord lives, I'll only say what He says (That's
right.), what He says."

190 So when they got down there before the people, all the prophets, they said, "Now, you say they…"
said, "Wait, give me tonight; let me see what the Lord's going to say."
So that night the Lord appeared to Him in a vision and told him what to
The next morning he said, "What do you say, Imlah?" when they was all
standing out–or I mean "Micaiah, son of Imlah," said, "what do you say
now? We're all here together, all the priests, and all the prophets,
and all the kings, and everything setting here together. What do you
say now at this great council?"
Said, "Go on up," said, "but I seen Israel scattered like sheep having no shepherd."
And Ahab said, "What did I tell you? That renegade can only prophesy evil against me."
How could he say anything else when God was saying the same thing? A
prophet's supposed to be the mouth of God speaking, not his own
thinking. His… He just speaks. He's completely yielded to God; he
don't want to hurt nothing, but he has to say what God says; 'cause he
has no control of it hisself. See?

197 He said, "Now, didn't I tell you?"
then up come the–the big man with the horn and smacked him in the
mouth; he said, "Which a-way went the Spirit of God when It went out of
me?" In other words, let me try to break that down, "Looky here in…
Looky here; I want to tell you something, Micaiah. Do you realize that
I am a master in the Scriptures? Do you realize that I have the
anointing?" Or, "the baptism. (We'd say it today.) Do you realize that
I have that?"
Imlah said, "I'm not doubting that."
He said, "But listen. The Spirit of God has told me, and bore witness
with all my four hundred here, that we're going to push the Syrians out
of the land. And who are you to come around and say that our great king
is going to be slain?" He said, "The Spirit of God told me that."

Let me just break it down so you understand it. And maybe we find
Micaiah say, "Last night in the vision, sir, I saw God setting upon a
throne. And I saw all the host of heaven gathered around Him, and they
were having a council in heaven. They said, 'Who can we get to go down
and deceive Ahab? Because under the throne here is a prophet, a true
prophet, his name is Elijah. And he has prophesied by My Word and said
that "That wicked Ahab, because he slew Naboth, the dogs will lick the
blood of that wicked man," and we've got to make that come to pass,
because It's already been spoken. It's THUS SAITH THE LORD. It has to
come to pass, got to be there. And how are we going to do it?'"

"Then down from the creeping regions of the lost, way down in there
come a spirit moving up, he said, 'I'm a deceiver, and if I can do a
service to you, I'll go down and get in his prophets. Because they was
so organized they'll only understand one thing, and that's a little
emotion. And I'll cause them to prophesy a lie. And I'll get Ahab to
listen to those dignitaries instead of Your real prophet; 'cause he'll
examine everything he says with your Word; he'll examine his visions by
the Word; he'll examine everything he does by the Word; and if it ain't
with the Word he wouldn't listen to it. But if it… I can deceive
these others, and I'll… they… Ahab's got so much confidence in that
great unity together of their safety, so they go around together and
they'll get together. And I'll cause Ahab to listen to them, go out
there. And that's how we'll do it.'"
"God said, 'You can do it, you're a real deceiver; you go on down.'"

203 And then Zedekiah smacked him in the mouth, said, "Where was you…"
He said, "You'll find out when you're setting in the inner cell." (Uh-huh.)
He said, "Go up." said Zedekiah to the king. Said, "Go up and return in peace."
Ahab said, "Take that fellow and put him into the prison. Put him in
shackles; feed him bread of sorrow and water of sorrow. And when I
return back with my victory from out here, which my prophets has told
me that this revival's sure to happen,'" said, "I'll tend to that
Listen at Micaiah's last words to that man: "If you return at all, then God never spoke to me." Amen.
See, God has His way of doing things. These men thought they were doing
God a service. Be careful. Not emotion, not enthusiasm, not
imaginations, but it must be THUS SAITH THE LORD, must be right. All
right, no matter… We find these things so.

Notice now when David had made this great proclamation. And it seemed
like that it was good, a good thing to do, then we find out that the…
(Am I tiring you? Am I too late…?…) They had made this great
proclamation. He consulted not the prophet.
Now, anyone knows that Amos 3:7 says that God promised that He would
never do nothing until first He revealed it to His prophet. Through the
church ages we've had reformers, but promised by Malachi 4 that there
would be a prophet in the land in the last days, because it has to fit
that pattern (See?) before the end time comes.

Before Jesus come the first, Elijah come, Elijah of Malachi 3. Matthew
11 says so, "If you can understand it, this is who was spoken of,
'Behold I send My–My messenger before Me.'" Now, He's prophesied, all
theologians believe that; that, in the last day, the Spirit of Elijah
is to come too. It has to come five times, God uses that Spirit:
Elisha, Elijah, John the Baptist, and for the Gentile church, and then
for the Jews of Revelations the 11th chapter. That's God's g-r-a-c-e,
f-a-i-t-h, J-e-s-u-s, Jesus, the–the letter five. Can't stop at four;
it has to go to five. See? Notice.

Now, He promised that, so that sets the Bible just exactly to this day,
and the Sodom and Gomorrah. And Elijah was not… That wasn't Elijah;
that was the Spirit of God on Elijah; Elijah was just a man. Now, we've
had Elijahs, and Elijahs' coats, and Elijahs' mantles, and Elijahs'
everything. But the Elijah of this day is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is
to come according to Matthew the seventeen–or Luke 17:30. It… The
Son of man is to reveal Himself among His people: not a man, God. But
it'll come through a prophet. And He never had two major prophets at
the same time, never in the world. See? No matter how much there's…
Two–two heads can't… It has to be one head. God has to get one man
under His control. See? There's one God; there was Father, Son, and
Holy Ghost, but one God over it all, notice, and just used them
offices. So has He with Elijah, the Spirit of Elijah; he used that
Spirit, but the same God controlling It all the time to fulfill His

Now, notice in this now. David thought he had everything in order. And
he was inspired. See how the Holy Spirit can anoint a man? But it's got
to be in the order of the anointing. The outside spirit can be anointed
with the Holy Ghost and the soul as dark as pitch. The cocklebur grows
on the same water that builds–puts life into the wheat, puts life into
the cocklebur; but at the bottom of the cocklebur, it's a cocklebur
life. It's rejoicing, and blooming, and got life, and doing everything
that the wheat does, but the soul of it is cocklebur. See? False
teachers can rise, teaching all kind of trinitarianism and everything
else, and be anointed with the Holy Ghost, and perform just as many
miracles as the true Gospel can. But by the Word here, that's what does
it. See what I mean? Now, it's all right to teach this, I guess;
I'm–I'm in a interdenominational tabernacle this morning in–in this
hotel here.

Notice, watch what we're saying. Now, well, listen. David had all the
emotion that the real revival had. Notice. They shouted, they screamed;
they danced; they really got something out of that anointing: sure did.
All like a real revival, but you notice, God was not in it. God was not
in it. He had a prophet setting right there in the land that they ought
to have knowed. See? David should've have knowed that.
Something today, we got all the mechanics, like the great
denominations, crusades of our time, but the result's turning out the
same as it was then; our results of our great crusades, and all of our
big fine reason, our big buildings, and our big–building thousands,
and adding members and things, it turns out the same way, all a flop.
I'm not saying that to be different; I'm saying that to be honest
before God Who's Book I'm standing by this morning. See? All turns out
a flop, same results.

Now, let us see what happened when God in His time and age and His
prophets are not considered, just depend on theology, priests,
denominationalism like we do today. Now, closely. It all gets messed
up. If the true Spirit of God there, It'll direct it into the Word; not
just one place in the Word, the entire Word for the entire age. See?
The day of Pentecost, the Spirit directed it right into That, to Joel
2:38. See? The day of Luther, It directed it right into That; Wesley;
in this last Pentecostal move; but this is another age; this is the
calling out of the Bride. Not two thousand years ago at Pentecost, or
the repeat, or the return. Pentecost…

The Holy Spirit was in Luther; the Holy Spirit was in Wesley; it's
God's Word being anointed. And the Holy Spirit returned to the people
of the age, and they begin to have the restoration of the gifts. They
found out by yielding themself to God, the Holy Ghost spoke in tongues
through them. They laid their hands on the sick and they was recovered.
They danced in the Spirit. See? That was the age of the reformation,
bringing the church back into order. And the last order of the church
was placing the gifts into the church; like Luther placed
justification; Wesley placed sanctification; Pentecost placed the
gifts. But what did they do? The same mistake, as nature has patterned
to the wheat stalk, they denominated, which is against God, contrary to

Now, we find out that when… Then when these stalk gathers, comes
together, they form their own idea. And no matter… When the "new
issue," as they call it, come forth out of the Assemblies of God, what
did they do? They couldn't receive it. No matter how much truth it was,
the baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ, they were already the General
Council. Man had done took it over; the Spirit had done left them.
That's right. And then this come forth… I've talked to some of your
best leaders; they say, "Well, what would we do now?" They would
embarrass themselves when they know it's the Truth. And if they don't,
they're spiritually blind and ignorant to the Bible: not saying that
nasty now, saying that reverently. 'Cause there's not a place in the
Bible where anybody was ever baptized using those titles, "Father, Son,
and Holy Ghost." And never was used till after the ecumenical council,
the Roman Catholic church. Their own catechism witnesses the same
thing. It's a Catholic dogma, not a Bible doctrine, but a Catholic
dogma. And you Methodists brought out your catechisms and everything
just like they had, just gradually growing out of it. But now when you
come to Pentecost, and spread out some of those dogmas, you still held
on to…
But now is the Bride-calling; now's when the Seven Seals has been
opened; now when the complete things that the reformers left has to be
opened; and only Malachi 4 can do that, because it takes the revelation
straight from God to an individual to do so. That's right. It can't
come to a group, never did: one man. That's what God promised in the
shadows of the coming for His Bride, an Eliezer. See?

Notice when priests, ministers and so forth, get their own inspiration
and truly anointed. David was anointed. The Bible said so. But, you
see, he went through the wrong resource; he went to the wrong channel.
He channeled his anointing on the wrong side, to the people and what
they thought, to the captains, what they thought, instead of to God's
holy channel to find out what THUS SAITH THE LORD was, "Is this the
time for this? Is this the season for this? Is this the will of God?"

222 Then if he's a true prophet of God, he'll go before God first, say, "Father, what is it?" like Nathan did later on to David.
David said, "Is it right for me to live in a house of cedar, and the ark of my God under tents out here?"
And look at Nathanael, said, "David, do all that's in your heart, for God is with you. You're a anointed vessel of God."
that being a prophet, and his mistake, and God's duty bound to His
prophet. That night He appeared to him, said, "Go, tell My servant
David; I admire his courage; I love him for this, 'cause he's a man
after My own heart. And I know it's time that My ark would be that way,
put under something, but I just… It ain't the season for it to
happen. I'll let his son do it, but I won't let him do it."
Then here come Nathan with THUS SAITH THE LORD, "David, the great
revelation you had is as wrong as it was when you brought the ark up.
(Uh-huh! Uh-huh! See?) Don't you do it. Don't try it. But God said He'd
have your son to do it." There. See? There you are.

David was anointed to say that because aforehand he could see it, just
as Abraham sought for a City on the earth. You know, he was looking for
it, because he was going to live here someday, Abraham is, in that
city. And he went around looking for it. And right on the same grounds
where he looked, it was just above him then, and will return in the
millennium and he'll live in that City. But being a prophet, he was
ordained and inspired; he knowed there was a City somewhere, and he was
looking for it. But, you see, the whole revelation of it was hid from
him; it wasn't for his age; it's… [–Ed.]… on down to John, where he saw it coming down from God out of heaven. That was the City.

See, everything has to be in its season. You plant your wheat in the
spring and–or in the fall and cut it the next summer. See? It's got to
come up through the stalk, got to come up through the tassel, and
shuck, and on into the… It's got to be in season. All nature runs in
continuity. The Spirit of God made nature, and all God and nature's in
continuity. All the things that's put in the temple was a pattern of
what He saw in heaven.
You see a tree struggling trying to live; that means there's a tree
that don't die. You see a man struggling for life; it shows that there
is a tabernacle waiting somewhere that don't die. "If this earthly
tabernacle be dissolved we have one already waiting."

The good heavenly Father permitted me to walk behind that curtain one
day and see it. How many heard the soul, what it's under? Looking apast
the curtain of time. There it was just the same as I'm preaching to you
all; there they stood. Souls under the altar crying, "How long?" Not
just a myth, somebody who had intelligence: "How long, Lord?" See? Why,
we feel that now as our age, like Brother Bill Dauch setting here at
ninety-three. There's something longing for that young man again.
There's something… You'd give anything, how I would like to (Brother
Jack, and all the rest of us) go back, Brother Gerholtzer, here, into
that young manhood. What do you want to do it for? To be young and run
around again? No, sir. Because we feel we'd have more time to glorify
this God that we love.

But my dear brethren, I have this message this morning, there is a land
beyond the river that they call that sweet forever. There we'll glorify
Him through the ages, and all the ages, and eternity roll. Why do we
feel that? Because the deep is calling to the deep. And as long as the
deep's a-calling, there's got to be a deep to respond to that call or
there wouldn't be no call. Before there can be a creation, there has to
be a Creator first to create the creation, or there's no… That shows
the very evidence that there is.

Notice these priests, all out of line. Notice the anointing, all right,
nothing wrong with the anointing. Same with you Pentecostals, but watch
what channel you're moving in now. The day has changed since Pentecost;
something else goes. If there'd been no prophet in the land, perhaps
David would've been right. That's right. But there stood Nathan,
vindicated, ordained, witnessed by God to be a prophet.
And watch. The ark in the Bible always is a type of the Word to us,
because it was the Word of God in the ark. And was… Notice the ark
that they brought up, look how they did it. It was not put in its
original God-ordained position. Now, God said back here in the laws
that it must–how it must be done, how this ark must be moved, and who
it must be moved by. But David, under his anointing…

My brethren, don't you miss this. And my sisters, you who want to be
women preachers and so forth, don't you miss this. No matter how much
your anointing is, you've got to get in God's provided position.
David's anointing was all right, but in doing it he got enthused and
stepped over the boundary line. What did he do? He stepped over the
boundary line. Instead of putting the ark in its original position, he
carried it on a new cart and not over the hearts of the Levites. It was
supposed to be carried on the shoulder of the Levites, which is over
the heart. The Word is not in the mind; It's in the heart, not on a new
cart. What was that? Some–represented something new David did there:
spoke of every denomination there'd ever be. God's Word is not to be
by–carried by state presbyters or bishops, and so forth, of
denominations. It's the baptism of the Holy Ghost in the heart of man,
and not in some ecclesiastical move. The Holy Spirit is a treasure of
God's love in the heart of men and women to obey. See?

Was on the shoulders of His ministers, His ministers was the Levites.
Put it up over their left shoulder and packed that ark like that,
because it was up over their heart. They had the burden of the Word on
their heart. Amen. Now, you got the burden of your denomination on your
heart, the burden of your congregation: whether you're going to build
this, or do that, or do something else; the burden of how many more
you're going to give to your denomination; instead of the burden of the
Word of the Lord, till that people will see only the Word of God and
nothing else. But you got It on a new cart now. See? They're packing It
up here in the ecumenical council even, shouldered. I don't want to get
critical. May God help me now, just telling you the Truth.

Now, influenced by creeds and ecumenical councils, the Word, the real
Word of the season of that age was ignored, because they had a lot of
emotion. But David, the anointed king… He was king, but he was
anointed king. You say, "I'm a minister, anointed." Then stay a
minister; don't try to be a prophet. See? If you're evangelist, stay
Remember Uzziah, in the days if Isaiah, the young king… the young
prophet… Uzziah was a great man, anointed man, God blessed him;
blessed hisself. Yeah, I preached on that to you here one time. And one
day he got so highly up till he thought he could just take the office
of a priest, and he took the–finally went in before the Lord, and
the… Them priests told him, "Don't do that, Uzziah." But he got
exalted. The prophet couldn't tell him nothing. The priests knowed
their order; they was keeping their order, he said, "That's not your
order, Uzziah. Don't do that."

Well, he made them "Shut up!" And he went with the–with the fire in to
offer, take a priest's job; he was anointed king, not a priest. And
those priests was trying to tell him, "You're a wonderful king; you're
anointed; God has blessed us by you; but you're a king, not a priest."
And you pastors shouldn't never tell a prophet what to do, or you
evangelists tell a pastor. See, each one has his office if it is
perfectly identified.
So he went in with the fire, and was stricken down with leprosy and died.

Now, here's David, king; David's trying to do the same thing here. He's
taken it upon hisself. "Well, that's fine, got to go. Looky, lots of
people. What do you say, captain, you have ten thousand?"
"Glory to God, David, I feel the Spirit." Oh, he did. He did feel It. "What do you think, David? You feel It?"
"Glory to God, It's all over me. Let's check it and see if it's right. Let's see. Where does the ark belong?"
"With us: belongs among us."
"Who should we consult? Sure, the ark. Just the same thing as that
ground belonged to–to Israel instead of the Philistines. That's right.
They belong to us. And as I feel the anointing too."
The captains of hundreds, all the congregation, "Glory to God." They
clapped, and they shouted, and they danced, and jumped up and down.
They had the Spirit, but what do you think Father was thinking? "How
I've sent Nathan, that prophet down there. They know what to do, and so
does David; but now he's just all enthused and stepped right over his
boundary line and went to do this."

All right, notice, carry it on the shoulders was God's original plan.
There is five musts. I want you to put these down, if you're… I see
you're writing. (And it's twenty minutes, twenty something minutes
after ten, so I'll try to be through by eleven, if possible. I'll hurry
just as quick as I can.)
No matter how sincere a man may be in doing God a service, no matter
how sincere, how much anointed, how much of a Presbyterian, Baptist,
Pentecostal; no matter whether you're a bishop, deacon, whatever you
are, pastor, evangelist, prophet, whatever it might be; there's five
musts that must be considered first. No matter how much anointing, how
good it seemed, how the people shouting, everything the Spirit's
a-doing, there is a must.

Now, my brethren, while you're getting your paper ready, can you
understand now why? Now, remember, you've all thought, and have been
taught among you, not… (See, I'm speaking across the nation.)… that
I did not believe in speaking in tongues. I do believe in speaking in
tongues, but you can still speak in tongues and not have the Holy
Ghost. I Corinthians 13 says, "Though I speak with tongue of men and
angels, I ain't nothing yet." See? That's the anointing of the Holy
Ghost; that has nothing to do with the soul inside here. You can speak
in tongues and deny the Word. I've seen it done, and you see it too.
See? A woman can preach the Gospel and… See? They can do all… They
cut their hair, and still shout and speak in tongues and everything
else. Uh-huh. That's exactly right. You got to line up with the Truth
of the Word.

Notice. No matter how sincere a man may be, no matter how great he's
used of God, no matter what he is, he must be this: must be… The
thing that he's speaking of must be timely by the Bible. If somebody
say, "Well, Moses back there…" I know what Moses did, but that not
what God's doing today. "Well, back yonder, thirty years ago Luther
said…" That might be fine, but that's not what He's doing today.
"Well, forty years ago, Pentecost fell." But that's not what He's doing
today. See? It must be timely.
It must be according to the Scripture. It must be in season, the second
one. Thirdly, and it must be according to the way that God's Word spoke
it would be.

Now you say, "Glory to God. The Holy Ghost fell on me, hallelujah, just
like It did on the day of Pentecost." But that might be different
today. It fell on David too, didn't it? Sure, It did. Fell on Uzziah,
but it was wrong. See, you got to go deeper than that now. See? You got
to go deeper than that. Now, don't feel hurt, just–just be reverent.
And notice, and it also must come to the man of God's choosing, not a
denominational choosing, not of the people's choosing, but according to
God's choosing. And if it's a message from God, of a great revelation
from God, it must come to His prophet. Now, if you want the Scripture
of that, it's Amos 3:7. See? Now, it must.
There's five things it must be: It must be in season. It must be at the
time God said it would be. It must be written in the Word of God. It
must be in the season of God's time. See? And it must be by God's

And God doesn't need any of us to interpret His Word. God is His Own
Interpreter. He don't need our seminaries. He don't need our wisdom;
it's nonsense. See? Eve got that (uh-huh) and missed the interpretation
by her wisdom.
Say, "Oh, boy, that guy's a smart man." Well, that don't mean a thing.
Sure. Ahab was a smart man. Belteshazzar was a smart man. Satan was the
most cunning and crude, subtle, none of you could withstand him, none
at all.
I don't depend on none–no wisdom, just depend on God. See? How is God?
He is the Word. And then how does God interpret His Own Word? Listen
close now, don't miss these things. How does God interpret His Own
Word? By making It come to pass, not just one here, but all of it for
that season.
Not say Noah go out and preach and inspired; but built an ark, put
doors in it, fix it this way, and that way. What if he put the door on
top instead of the bottom? What if he put the window on the bottom, the
door on top? See? It's got to be instructed according to the time,
because that's exactly what God's going to use it for. It must be that
way, and it must come by inspiration.

I heard a guy say one time, said, "I believe that man prays for the
sick; I believe it's fine. But as being a prophet," said, "I believe
he's God's prophet; but as a teacher, why, he's a Jesus only." What
a… What kind of a person would you call that? A man doesn't know what
he's talking about.
The very word "prophet" means that "he is a revealer of the Word of
God"; the interpretation only comes to that. And that's why today we're
in such a need of this great person that's supposed to be sent to us in
the form of the prophet Elijah, because it'll be the revelation of God
made known to us by vindication, showing that it's the day and the hour
and the season that God promised it to be in. And remember, he'll be
spoken against; always has been, always will be. Rejected, just like
the shuck will pull… First he'll be accepted, because the shuck only
holds the wheat until it's able to get forth to the sun. Pentecost will
only sheltered the message, giving it an open door until it gets
scattered, and then the shuck will pull away, and the wheat will lay in
the Presence of the Son (See?), to ripen.

There won't be any denomination; you just remember. Brother Jack here's
a historian; many of you here are. There's never been a revival but
about three years after the revival they start a denomination on it. Is
that right? And this last great miracle move of God in this last days,
it's went twenty years; and it's a million miles from a denomination,
going further away all the time; the shuck's pulling away, no
cooperation, no nothing with it. See? Always it pulls away from it.
There can't be no more, it's a wheat now. But we're plenty green.
Uh-huh. That's right. Have to lay in the Presence of the Son to be
mellowed up; that's all of it. Plenty green; we haven't got the
sincerity, the sacredness, the thing we ought to have in our midst to
know that the Spirit of the living God, moving in His Word and showing
us the things yet.

We have false impersonators rise up. What's that to do? To deceive. The
Bible said they would. "As Jambres and Jannes withstood Moses, so will
these in the last days." See? They're the same thing, come right along
impersonating it, just exactly. See? Be careful. Watch the doctrine of
the Bible. Watch the message that follows them signs. Still the same
old school of message? Forget it.
God sent the miracles and signs to attract attention of His people.
When Jesus come just healing the sick and so forth, so did the
prophets. They thought, "Oh, glory, He's a-coming; He's going to be a
Pharisee. He's going to be a Sadducee."
But He said, "You generation of serpents and vipers." Said, "You're of
your father the Devil; his works you do." Said, "Except you eat the
flesh of the Son of man, and drink His Blood, there's no Life in you."
He didn't explain It. He didn't have to explain It (Hallelujah.); that
was for another season. (uh-huh) He just said what He had to say, "I
always do that what's pleasing to the Father," and that's keeping His
Word. "If I don't, My life and My works don't compare with His Word I'm
supposed to do, then don't believe Me, I'm not Him; but if it does,
then believe the works if you can't believe Me," He said.
Notice now these musts that must be done.

Now, see, God had not revealed the thing to them by His provided way;
He had revealed it by inspiration, but it was in the wrong channel.
See, inspiration will go fine, but if it's in the wrong channel, it'll
be channeled wrong. Like you take a bullet and shoot it directly to a
target, it's making its way right to the target, but a puff of wind can
blow it out. Now, in your automobile, you go down the road sixty,
seventy miles an hour and a puff of wind blows you, you can straighten
your wheels back up, throw it back on the road again, but you can't a
bullet; ain't nothing there to straighten its wheels up; it misses the
target. See, it must travel in its original channel.

So must the Word of God travel in Its original channel. No little puff
of wind's going to blow It off; no little denomination or nothing's
going to blow It off; no little persecution's going to blow It off;
It's directed to the point. It's going to hit there too. And then
God… When It hits that point, God will vindicate It, "Bull's-eye."
Uh-huh, exactly what He said He'd do. Here it is in the Scriptures,
this, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, 'It shall come to pass.'" Here it is. See?
There you are.

Now, God had not revealed it in His provided way. So they went about to
do it apart from His Word, and apart from the season, just the same as
they have now. When man, no matter how sincere, trying to do Him a
service outside of His provided way, they always mess it up. Like
Balaam, Balaam thought he was doing God a service.
You think God lies? Does God ever change His mind? Well, people act
today like He did. When He said for women not to cut their hair; they
say, "We can cut it; Dr. So-and-so said we could. Brother So-and-so
said you're just too narrow-minded." Uh-huh, uh-huh. See?
"Well, can this happen, this happen?"
"Yeah, uh-huh, So-and-so said so."
God don't change His mind.

Do you believe Balaam was a prophet? The Bible said he was. You believe
he was a prophet? Now, remember, Balak come to him and said, "Go down
and curse this people, for they're all over the face of the earth.
They're not even a denomination, not a nation; they're just a scattered
bunch; and we are the dignitaries of the land. Now, you go down there
and curse that people, and I'll pay you for it."
And Balaam done exactly what a prophet should do; he said, "I'll not
go. You just wait here overnight; let me see what God says do."
So he went in; he said, "Lord, there's some people out here with me
that come, wanted me go down and curse some other people down there."
Said, "What do You want me to do about it?"
God said, "Don't you go, for them's My people."
Balaam went out and said, "Go on back to your house. I can't go with
you; God told me not to do it." Now, there's God's original Word:
"Don't go."
Well, then they went back, said, "You know, your bishop wouldn't listen."
"Well," the king said, "tell you what we do. He needs a little money. I
believe that could persuade him. Or maybe I'll make him state
presbyter; maybe I'll get him some great something to do. I'll might
make him the bishop; you can't tell what I might do. Here, I'll tell
you what I'll do. You fellows ain't got enough education to persuade
him anyhow; your his and hain'ts, and tote and fetch and carry, ain't
right. He wouldn't listen to you, we'll send a real educated bunch
down, more dignitary."

278 They went down there, said, "Doctor Balaam, Doctor Balaam, greetings to you. I bring you salutations from the king."
"Morning, brethren." See?
Doctor Balaam…" And, oh, the vocabulary, how it was really poured on.
And said, "Now, the king has said that he will exalt you, and he will
also give you great honor. And, you know, they only offered you so much
money to take this charge, but the king says he'll triple it,
quad-triple it, if you'll just come to take it." Then Balaam got
itching hands though. He got foolish ideas and he stirred his mind.
Now, remember, he called God by it, anointed, but he stirred God right
away from the original plan. And that's exactly what Pentecost has
done. To be popular, you Oneness, you Trinity, for popularity you
denominated to be different; you organized and you're dead. You'll
never rise again. Yes, sir. But, you see, you ought to have stayed with
God's orig… He pulled you out of that Assembly to make you a people,
but you organized and went right back into the same puke you come
(excuse me) out of, the same stuff you come out of, "As a dog goes to
its vomit and a hog to its wallow…" I'm sorry I said that, forgive
me; that's not right for the platform here. See? I just said that in
the flesh.
Notice now the–that's what I mean, to vomit. I should have said it
like that. The word was all right, but just misused. See? It was used
all right, but just a missound. You know…?… Vomit, "As a dog
returns to its vomit…"

If the Assemblies of God, the General Council, organized Pentecost at
the first place and got them into that so they could not accept the
revelation, don't you know, Oneness, you done the same thing. How could
you receive a Message of serpent seed, eternal security, and these
other things that's come forth? You're so tightly organized till you
won't even let it in your door, same thing Balaam did. But God didn't
change His mind.

So Balaam went over and said, "Lord, now look, I really got an
opportunity now to be somebody. You know I been a nobody, but I got a
opportunity to be somebody. What do You say about it now, Lord?" Now,
he should never said that. He knowed exactly what God said do.
So do every one of you that's baptized in the name of the "Father, Son,
Holy Ghost," on these other issues of the Bible that's supposed to be
in this day; you know what to do about it: is accept it. When you see
God plainly vindicate it's the Truth, that's God interpreting His Own
Word. But will you do it? No, your organization won't let you do it.

Many of the ministers there in Tucson that's listening in this morning.
Brother Gilmore, I have nothing against you; Brother Brock, First
Assembly, and friendly church. You men, I was there all that time; you
wouldn't even let me come in. I… Sure, you couldn't; you can't and
remain what you are. You can't accept revelation, 'cause you're
And listen, just as Uzziah was killed because he was under that false
inspiration, so is many true Christians losing their experience back in
those old dead denominations, because they're putting their hand on the
Ark when they're not ordained to do so. Now, you can believe it, or not
believe it; that's up to you. God's your Judge. God never did take back
His Word. What He said the first time, He says for every time.
He told Balaam, "Don't you go."
And then Balaam come back, said, "But Lord, could I go?"
Now, look. God said, "Go on." Now, He give him permission to go. There
is a permissive will of God, and not the original will of God. You see
what a trouble he got into?

And any man that builds anything, any organization, or anything outside
of upon the Word of God, it's shaking sands and will fall. It'll die as
sure as anything, because the Word of God is a growing Body of the
Bride. You can't have it all foot, all arm, all thigh. These things
come in their season.
And Pentecost, you made it all one thing; therefore you can't accept
new revelation. That's the reason you stay right where you're at and
die; moves on. (So much, don't want to wear you out.) But God doesn't
change His mind. His first decision is exactly right. So God doesn't
change His mind. He just let you go on in your permissive will. "God's
a good God," as Oral Roberts says. He's also a fearful God.

Look, just like you say, "Glory to God, I want to speak with tongues."
He'll let you do it, but that ain't no sign you got the Holy Ghost.
You remember what Thomas said, the old doubter? "Unless I have some
evidence, got to stick my fingers in His nails, His hands, and in His
side, I–I–I–I won't even believe it." Now, there you are, the same
Jesus said, "Here you are, Thomas; stick your hands in here then if
that's what you want to know." See? See? Now, if you want the Thomas
route, go ahead. But what did He say? "How much greater is their reward
who has never seen and yet believe."

Notice, notice, by doing this, he caused the death of sincere man,
putting his hand on the ark when he shouldn't have done it. A great,
sincere man, think the anointing and everything was just right, but the
ark was moving in its wrong way. "The oxen," the Bible said,
"stumbled," not the Levites. The oxen stumbled and the cart was being
pitched over; and a sincere man, with his heart full of love, put his
hand upon the ark to hold it back, and was stricken dead, because no
man could touch that ark but a Levite. See how God keeps His Word,
keeps His channels, keeps His order? Uzziah was smitten with leprosy.
There's David, altogether caused the death of a man, and a great
disaster; being anointed with the Spirit, both of them, but out of
God's channel. That right? He died. Oh, it scared David to death; it
called the–the name of the place, as Brother Jack read it. See? He
marked him there.

How many times denominations has done the same thing to sincere
believers. The Catholic church, the Methodists, the Baptists, Church of
Christ, even the Pentecostals, has caused a-many spiritual death by
that same thing. When It come, with these things, they found… And
they can't go no further, because that's what their denomination
Look today, the big crusades, same thing. They don't do nothing but
make them more a twofold child of hell, worse than they was in the
first place. Makes them harder, really, come to the truth. Have one of
these big revivals, and all of them come in, carry on a little while,
and go back out and they start all this sin again. Hear of another
revival, say, "Ah, I had so much stuff; I tried it; there's nothing to
it." See? They don't know the channel. God speaks…

I heard our great evangelist Billy Graham, set one morning at a
breakfast like this, and he said, "I…" Here, he puts up the Bible in
Louisville, Kentucky, said, "There is God's example." And that's true;
the man said the truth. He said, "You go… Paul went into a city and
had one convert, come back a year from then had thirty out of that
convert." Said, "But I go into a city and have thirty thousand
converts, and come back in six months and can't find thirty." He said,
"You know what's a matter?" Said, "You lazy preachers," said, "you set
around with your foot upon the desk and–and call these people by phone
instead of visiting them after supper and talking to them."
Oh, my heart was burning. I thought, "O great man of God, I hate to
disagree with you here, but who was the lazy preachers on Paul's one
convert? What he done, he took him into the Word; he took him into the
message; he took him to where he found God; his heart was on fire; he
set the country afire. And only thing you do is put them in a Baptist
or Methodist church, or something; no wonder there's nothing to burn."
Yes, sir.

Then look what the Word has promised for today. Let's find out whether
it's Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostals, or what, for today. Now, you can
go to read your Scriptures. Take these Scriptures I've been quoting to
you. Also Revelations…
If I had time, I'd read it, but I just haven't. I got about twelve or
fourteen more minutes. I got to close on time, at eleven, if I get out

Notice Malachi 4, Revelations 10, Seven Seals. Didn't the Bible say…
Now, watch. There was a Angel, a Messenger from above, and a earthly
messenger. And each messenger was for the age of the church. He said,
"In the days (speaking now) there came a Angel (messenger, word
'angel,' English word means 'messenger.') came down from heaven, and He
put His foot on the land and sea, and swore by Him that lives forever
that time shall be no more." Is that right? A rainbow around His head,
and all these things just taking place. That Angel was Christ.
Certainly. But what did He say? "But in the days of the seventh angel,
the seventh church age…"

Always it's right at the end of the church age where they got the thing
so, the ecclesiastic so messed up until God sends a messenger, and
that's the Message to that church age. Then they take his message,
'cause he just lives a little while, and God… Then they take his
message instead of carrying on with the rest of it, they make a–a
denomination. And then they come make another denomination; another
messenger, take another one.
You all seen in my book, it'll all be drawed out in the "Seven Church Ages" [Distributed by the William Branham Evangelistic Association–Ed.]
which He told me; which I stand by as a witness to God to be judged at
the day of Judgment for it. It come from God, not from my thinking.
Notice, here. I thought–I thought different from that, if I was going
to have my own thought.
Like Brother Jack told me about the Angel there, how that "That Christ
was a glorified body." But it wasn't; it was showing that the Message
being right, the Supreme Deity; He was God (See?), just the very thing
I'd been preaching from the Word. The Word always bears record of the

304 Now, quickly now, as we are fixing to close in a few moments.
He said, "In the days of the Message of the seventh angel, the earthly
angel, seventh church age, then all these mysteries that's been lost
back through these other six church ages should be revealed right
then." Well, that's exactly what those Angels said. There is the Seven
Seals, or the opening of these mysteries. And you try to get it before
those denominations. Contrary to what they… Brother, they close up
like a clam, but they've always done it. But it's season.
How many knows that this is the seventh church age? Say "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen!"–Ed.]
The Laodicean age, a lukewarm that God spues out of His mouth, and they
spue God out of their mouth? There's not another age in the Bible where
Jesus was found on the outside trying to knock, get back in. They put
Him out, no cooperation. Who is Jesus? The Word. The Word was put out.
The husks throwed out the wheat. He said, "I stand at the door and
knock, and any man in those shackles out there would hear My Voice." O
God, have mercy on us.

It was at then, when that man died, that David with the anointing saw
what he had done wrong. O David, you pastor, can't you see your dead
creeds and denominations you're holding onto? Can't you see what it's
doing? It's killing a Uzziah. Spiritually dead, and you wonder why
there ain't no revival; letting your women cut their hair, paint their
face, wear shorts; send your boys away to Ricky schools, and so forth
like that, where half of them comes home homosexuals, and all.

Notice David's objective: he was bringing the ark to his own house.
That wasn't the capital; that wasn't the place; it belonged in
Jerusalem. But David was bringing it to his own house; he wanted the
revival to be on his own denomination. "Oh, if you're Assembly, all
right. If you're Oneness, all right. If you're Pentecostal, okay."
Like somebody said, said, "Brother Branham, how you ever have anybody
to listen to you?" Said, "I can see Billy Graham; he's got every
denomination in the country with him. I can see Oral Roberts; every
Pentecostal hangs right to him." But said, "You're against the whole
thing." Said, "How in the world do you ever get anybody?"
I said, "It's God."
"I the Lord hath planted it before the foundation of the world. I'll
water it day and night unless some of them should pluck it from My
hand," Isaiah. "I'll water; I planted it. I put their names on the Book
before the foundation of the world by predestination. I'll water it;
just keep on moving. I'll furnish the water; you just spray it out."
Right. See? "I'll water it day and night unless one of them gets
plucked out of My hand." Oh, there you are.

Wanted to come to the city of David instead of Jerusalem. There was no
place ready for it at that time, and so is it today. These great
mysteries that's been unfolded by the Seven Seals, there's not a place.
And any denomination would have to quit being a denomination to take
it. All the way from Luther on down to the Pentecostal Oneness, there's
not a place can receive it. Neither can a man receive it and stay in
his denomination. He'll have to follow the wheat or go with the shuck,
either one he wants to.

Christ is our Ark, the Word. They want their denomination. He cannot
(Notice.), cannot be carried on the new carts of the denominations; His
message cannot go on the cart of a new denomination when it's supposed
to be bore and come on the heart of a prophet. It cannot. He promised
it, it would be thus, and that's the way it must be.
So the denomination will never receive it; neither can they receive it.
And they're just as blinded to it as the Jews was when they hung Jesus
to the cross, when Jesus said, "Father, forgive them; they don't even
know what they're doing." Don't despise them, but just pray for them.
If you was in that same condition with your eyes so blind that you
can't wake up and see what's going on…

Neither could they see that that was their very God, when He was
hanging there on the cross, and them singing the 22nd Psalm in the
temple, two hundred yards away, "My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken
Me? They pierced My feet and My hands. (See?) All My bones, they stare
at Me. Why has Thou forsaken Me?" And there, the very God that they had
sung about, blind enough to have Him packed to the cross, and didn't
know it.
Now, don't the Bible say that the Laodicean church, that thinks that
she's so great by her denominational members, she'd be naked,
miserable, poor, blind, and don't know it? What does the blind mean?
The blind means for this Laodicean church like it did the ending of the
Jewish church: blind to the very Christ that they had on the outside,
knocking, trying to get in; naked, miserable, poor, wretched, blind,
and don't know it. O God, have mercy.

Why can't the wheat lay out in the Presence of that Son-light and see
the hour we're living in? Yes, Christ is our Ark, but His original way
to do it. Then here He is… They had His Spirit all right; we know
that. They wait upon the Lord, see His plan on His original Word in its
season to be vindicated; that's what we should be doing right now. And
He–He reveals their faith by His Word, seeing Him confirm every plan
that He promised, not man's schemes of denomination, not making members
for our own ark.
They got a Methodist ark, a Baptist ark, a Presbyterian ark;
everybody's going into this ark for the great tribulation coming;
"Glory to God. I was baptized in the Methodist ark, the Presbyterian,
the Pentecostal ark." There's only one Ark; that's Jesus Christ, and He
is the Word.

Notice, God told the prophet, said, "Eat the scroll," in the Old
Testament. The prophet of the New Testament, He said, "Eat the little
book." Why? That the prophet and the Word would be one. See? That's the
Ark, the Word of God.
God has promised His Word, how It would be fulfilled and how It would
come to pass when He chose His Bride, how it would be done. It's
happening right before you, in the Name of the Lord, and that's by the
original Word. The evening-time Message is here.
How many remembers Haywood when he wrote,

It shall be Light about the evening time,

The path to Glory you will surely find.

Yes, the evening promise of the Seven Seals, of Revelations 10, Malachi
4, Luke 30 and 10. Read Deuteronomy 4, 4:1 and 4, then 25th and 26th
verse, and see what He said about for this last day. This was Moses
saying to Israel to keep every Word, don't you add one thing. Moses,
that prophet had been up there and seen that Word of God. And It was
wrote out to him and a-vindicated by God's Own hand writing It. He
said, "You keep every Word; don't you add one thing to It or take one
thing from It." You can read that in the 25th and 26th verse of
Deuteronomy 4.
Notice. Don't you add to It; don't you take away from It; 'cause if you
do, God will take your part from the Book of Life. And it shows that
you wasn't His seed."

Remember. Everything that God has promised us, everything that God
spoke to us, everything that's been told to you in the Name of the
Lord, it has happened. God has never made one promise null, but He's
kept every promise that He said, and has told us, has been the Truth
for these twenty years, Shreveport. I've preached to you through the
power of God, and the courtesy of your pastor, and I take you to record
today. Even to women passed bearing; men, children, afflictions,
healing, prophesies, things that would happen; not one of them has ever
failed. Now, stay away from those denominations; they're leading you to

325 Samuel stood one day, and they said, "We want a king; we want to be like the rest of the world."
Say… Samuel said, "Don't take that king. He'll take your sons and daughters, and he'll do this and do that."
He said, "Yeah, I know you're right."
Samuel said, "Listen to me. Did I ever take any of your money? Did I
ever beg you for a living? Did I ever tell you you had to give me so
much salary to hold a meeting for you?" Now, judge yourselves, even
now. See? He said, "Did I ever tell you anything in the Name of the
Lord but what come to pass?" Not one thing.
"Oh, yes, Samuel, you never did beg us for money; you never did want
big things. Samuel, that's true; and everything you told us in the Name
of the Lord come to pass. But, Samuel, we want our denomination anyhow."
"Then go take it. It's up to you." That's right.

You can think you're doing God a service, and if you're going out of
God's way of doing it, you're going to keep messing it up, on and on. O
church of the living God… Please forgive my Irish way and my sense of
humor, but in the sincerity and sacredness of my heart, you Assemblies
of God, you Oneness, Presbyterian, Methodists, whatever you are, flee
for your life. Remember, get out from there.

Nations are breaking; Israel's awakening, (getting ready for that remnant)

The signs that the prophets foretold;

The denominational days are numbered with horrors encumbered,

Return, O dispersed, to your own.

The day of redemption is near,

Men's hearts are failing for fear,

Be filled with His Spirit,

Have your lamps trimmed and clear,

Look up, your redemption is near.

You believe that? We're at the end time, we're here. The handwriting's
on the wall; the second coming is at hand; the Bride is being chosen,
and watered, brought out.

Now, that don't mean drawed out from church; that means drawed out from
denominationalism. You must go to church, but don't join any
organization. Jesus went with all the organizations, but He never
joined a one of them. Neither did He side with any of them, no indeed,
but He was among them. There's where the Light's got to be scattered.
And you stay right where you are, scattering the Light. See? That's
what God's using you for. A hungry-hearted people, let them know that
Jesus Christ is real, just the same as He was yesterday, He is today,
and will be forever.

It is possible that a man or woman with all sincerity, trying their
best to do God a service, and stirred it in the wrong way. With a
genuine anointing of the Holy Spirit upon them, but stirred it contrary
to God's plan for the age, and chaosed the whole thing. Now, if you
believe that's the Truth, say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen!"–Ed.] We just read it. Chaosed the whole thing by not coming God's provided way to do it.

Let us pray. O church, here and across the nation, listen to your
humble servant this morning, will you? Look where you were at a few
years ago when this first started. Now look what impersonations has
capitalized on it, and great millions and billions of dollars has
flowed into the organizations. See? Still away from the Word of God…
Buildings and organizations is not the way God stirs His Spirit. He
stirs It right into His Word to make It live. And if you were ordained
from the beginning of the earth to that Word, every Word will come
right on top of the Word. Like a human cell will not have one human
cell, and the next the cell of a dog, and the next the cell of a cat;
it'll be human cells. But it's got to have a cell first to start with.
Is that right? say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."–Ed.] Well, if it is the Word cell to start with, the other Word cells are ordained to make it a full body.
Don't be children, only in love, but be men in Spirit and in judgment.
Judge ye whether I've told you the Truth or not. Judge ye whether It's
the Word of God or not. Judge ye whether it's the hour we're talking
about or not. Judge ye whether these things are promised. Now, are they
vindicated? By things that there's not a human being in the world could
do it. But it's become so common to us till we're letting it flow right
on apast us. Wait, church, wait.

If there's one in here this morning that doesn't know Jesus Christ,
doesn't stand justified this morning, your sins all gone as though you
never had sinned, and you want to be that way… 'Cause remember, one
day, maybe today, maybe in the next five minutes, but one day that
heart's going to stop. And that inside of the inside is going to take
its flight to stand in the Presence of God to be judged according to
what you do with this message this morning, according to this message
that you see. Not… It ain't me; I'm just a mouthpiece. Like this
microphone, it can't say a thing 'less I'm talking in it. And neither
could I say anything unless God was talking through it, but you see
God's vindicated it to be the Truth. You want to be a real Christian.
Now, we have no place for an altar call, but right at the table where
you're setting. The place is packed and jammed, overflowed. I couldn't
call you to an altar; there's no altar here to call you to. But the
altar is in your heart. Won't you let that little conviction that
"Jesus Christ is real" move right up close today and call the rest of
His body to you, manger Him in your heart? If He isn't there, would you
raise your hand in a sign to Him, saying, "Lord, fill me, fill me with
Your Word and with Your Presence, that I might live by You…?…"

While every head is bowed, every eye closed, all across the nation,
raise your hands here in the visible audience and out there too; and
I'll offer prayer for you. That's all I can do; I cannot fill it. God
bless you. I cannot fill it. God bless you, and you. God can fill it.
God bless you. Hands are going up here in the visible audience
everywhere. "Fill it. Fill me, O Lord. Fill me." And now, after I…
Thank you, sister. Thank you, brother. God bless you. After I… God
bless you, sister dear, you. After… I think now I've caught the most
of the sincere, trying to be; I want to raise my hands with you.
O Lord, never let me come to a standstill. Continually, Lord, let me
not stop at one thing; let me just move on, Lord, till I've completed
everything that You ordained for me to do. Regardless of the price,
regardless of the cost, regardless of the criticism, how hard the cross
is, I remember the cross that You bore.

So this consecrated cross I'll bear

Until death shall set me free;

Then go home, a crown to wear,

There's a crown for me.

Must Jesus bear the cross alone,

And all the world go free?

No, there's a cross for every one of His sons,

There's a cross for me.

Dear God, the Word has gone forth. It cannot return void. It'll find
Its place somewhere. If the seed has already been planted, It'll water
it till it grows. And none can pluck it from Your hand. "All the Father
has given Me will come to Me; no man can pluck them out of My hand. My
Father has given them to Me before the foundation of the world"; when
the plans were all drawed up, as so, Jesus was given His church, His
The bogus marriage of the world to these denominations. You came and
died into the world; You redeemed Her; You justified Her; She never did
it at the first place. She was trapped into it blindly. And as the song

I once was lost and now I'm found,

I was once in Laodicea, blind, but now I see.

And it's grace that taught my heart to fear,

It was grace my fears relieved;

How precious did that grace appear

The hour I first believed. (And the water of God fell upon my soul, I was parching.)

God, at this little altar of every heart present here and around the
nation, may the waters from under the altar of God gush out this
morning upon Your church; and water it, Lord, for the season's just
about finished. Give it Life, the Waters of Life, that it might be able
to lay in the Presence of the Son to be ripened for Your great garner.
Father, I pray for them. But the stalk must dry, so I cannot pray for
it; it must die, so is it dead. But I pray for the wheat, Lord, that's
forming into the Body of Christ. Grant, Lord, that the fresh waters of
God will keep Its cheeks bathed with tears of joy and understanding
until the combine comes to take it home. In Jesus' Name, I commit it
all to You, Lord; the results is Yours. Amen.

346 [A sister in congregation gives a message–Ed.]
Amen. So Father, God, we thank You. And, Father, we pray for our little
sister, handsmaid here, for her strength. I'm thinking of a time that
when I–I walked in the presence of her, how that the Spirit came upon
her and gave the same message that the Angel of the Lord gave on the
river that day: "As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first
coming of the Lord Jesus, you're sent to forerun the second."
Seeing it shaping up now into the wheat part, God, we thank You for
everything You've done. Our hearts are filled beyond speaking. I feel
so full, Lord; I just don't know how to say anything else. But thank
You, Father, again, for all that You have done for us. Through Jesus
Christ's Name.


I love Him,… (Let's just sing to Him now; remember, He's here.)

Because He first loved me,

And purchased my salvation

On Calvary's tree.

Does it make you feel real little, real little, all emptied out, just ready for the Spirit? See?

Hold to God's unchanging hand!

Hold to God's unchanging hand!

Build your hopes on things Eternal,

Hold to God's unchanging hand!

Covet not this world's vain riches,

That so rapidly decay,

Build your hopes on things Eternal, (no denomination, now)

Hold to God's unchanging hand!

Hold to God's unchanging hand!

Hold to God's unchanging hand!

Build your hopes on things Eternal,

Hold to God's unchanging hand!

How many's trying to do that? Raise your hand. Now, reach right across
the table; put your hands in one another's hands, like this.
Together… You can be seated; that's all right, or whatever you want
to do. Listen closely. Let's sing it together now. This represents our
unbroken chain of the love of God. We're holding one another's hands
because we believe in God. We touch each other because we're brothers
and sisters, the same vibrating Spirit, the eternal Word of God
dwelling in our hearts being made manifest.

When our journey is completed,

If to God we have been true,

Fair and bright our home in Glory,

Our enraptured soul shall view!

Hold to God's unchanging hand!

Hold to God's unchanging hand!

Build your hopes on things Eternal,

Hold to God's unchanging hand! (Spirit of the Lord.)

Hold to God… (Just get your mind on Him. See? This is the kind of meetings we must set in in the future.)… God's unchanging hand!

Build your hopes on things Eternal, (The Word's the only thing that is eternal.)

Hold to God's unchanging hand!

Covet not this world's vain… (popularity, education)

That so rapidly decay, (Look at it today, what it's done.)

Seek to gain the heavenly treasure,

They will never pass away!

Hold to God's unchanging hand!

Hold to God's unchanging hand!

Build your hopes on things Eternal,

Hold to God's unchanging hand!

350 [A sister speaks in tongues. Brother Branham begins humming. A sister gives the interpretation–Ed.]
How we thank You, Lord. As we set in this solemn moment, almost like a
funeral, for we're facing the burial of a dying, dead world, a dying,
dead church.
O God, gather Your wheat quickly, Father. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.
Bless Thy people, Father, bring sincerity and deepness to the hearts of
the people. May we get off of those fragile bubble dances, settle down
into the deep riches of the honey of God. Grant it, Lord. Keep our
hearts established with love and sincerity.
Bless Thy people everywhere, Father. As we leave this place may we go
in the Name of the Lord Jesus to speak that which is sincere, that
which is truth, that which is right; may we shun that what's wrong,
Lord. When a man begins to lie to us, may we quickly turn our back upon
him, turn our back to all dirty, filthy jokes and things of the world,
and just turn our back and walk away. Help us, dear God. Mold us, make
us, break us, and make us into the images of sons and daughters of God
that we might act with the virtue of the Holy Spirit. We commit ourself
to You, with our hands in each other's, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Let's stand. Brother Noel.

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  • To God be all d glory for such a revelative sermon i am blessed, i can never be deceived by anoited men that are operating in d wrong channel such as Baalam, Uziah of these days causing the death of many geniue christian. I also thank God for his predestination plan. Shalom brethren.

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