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  • Saints,
    Greetings in Jesus name.I am always glad when i remember what God did for us through His own message.It only reminds me of love.He opened our eyes to see this great plan…it is amazing.
    May we continue in this faith of the fathers…it is the only provided way.
    God bless all brothers and sisters all over the globe.

  • Saints

    Just want to tell you all a testimony, i believe should be shared:

    We’ve been out to a convention in Bellville, Cape Town over the weekend of 25 December 2009. The Word was real powerful and God teached us, rebuked us and loved us.
    A day before the meetings my dad was called with shocking news that Br. Ontong’s (Pastor hosting services) little girl, Ruth was admitted in hospital with a dangerous disease called Meningitis. Its inflammation of the lining around the brain and spinal cord. We prayed at home such did the other congregations. With our arrival on 25/12/09 the news about little Ruth was more worse, she was getting weaker and weaker. Satan tried our faith by whispering how many children in the month of December had died of this disease, but we were stronger than ever fighting against him and believing God to touch her. Pastor Ontong and his wife couldnt attend all the services for they had to be in and out hospital. On Saturday morning, Ruth was hurried to the Red Cross Hospital to drain blood that was becoming poising (septicaemia) because of the disease. She soon was in a coma, cause of all the pain she went threw with each report at the service the pastors asked the believers to join in prayer. The men of God went to hospital fearless to pick up the disease themselves (its highly contagious)and joined in prayer with br. Ontong. The doctor seemed to notice blue spots over the little girls body and tried to explain that this was a bad sign (its known to be a sign of the disease that the person is dying). Still if God didnt showed to anybody that this wasnt her time, we would not stop praying!
    The services ended on Sunday 27 December in great joy and praise, but still with Ruth in hospital. Tuesday eve my dad tried to contact Pastor Ontong and couldnt get a hold of him, but spoked to another brother in connection.
    The news: When Br. Ontong came to hospital that morning the doctor greeted him with a amused face and told him that his little daughter was out of the coma, bubbling and talking and that he and the staff was overwhelmed by the way she was recovering (clearly shown that he didnt believe himself that she might survive the disease) Praise God! When the brother entered the room he saw Ruth looking at him and suddenly turned her back on him towards the wall. Startled the doctor told her to say hi to her dad with her saying: He should pray for me first than talk! It was emotionally and spiritually testing for the believers and specially for her mom and dad. Im greatfull that God is still doing great things! (These things shall follow them that believe)

    God bless

  • God bless Saint!

    We’re in 2010 and time is surely racing to the end. When a brother was been baptised more than a week ago i realised how merciful God is to still saving in such a late hour. May you be brought closer to God and His Word and His message be crafted in the table of our hearts!!!! Please pray for the believers in South Africa. We’re praying for all of you to.

    Your sister in Christ Jesus


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