• Amen fratelli in Cristo. Il Profeta disse anzi lo Spirito Santo dalla Bocca del Profeta disse non aggiungete è non togliete nulla dalle registrazioni dite solo ciò che il Messaggero dice ascoltare la voce Oggi è ascoltare il messaggio dell ora Ameeeennnnn. Dio ci Benedica Benedica

  • And we’re, every one, condemned. No matter what we ever, we’re condemned. We were born, condemned. Your mama and papa was born, condemned. You, all your ancestors, was born in sin, shaped in iniquity(PSALMS 58:3,,,51:5). So how you ever going to get it?
    How you going to be perfect? If you never done a thing, never stole, never lied, never done anything in your life, you’re still condemned. You was condemned before you breathed your first breath. You were condemned. Thats correct.

    And you were judged of GOD before you breathed your first breath.. For you were judged, by the sexual desire of your father and mother who, through their act, brought you here on the earth. And GOD condemned it, in the beginning. You’re condemned, to start with. So where you. . . And every other person on earth was condemned with you. Now where you going to get perfection.

    {HEBREWS Chapter Five and Six_1957_William Branham

  • I have listen to “Who is this melchizedek” and ” Why am against organized religion”. They are all sermons that are really red hot. I had 100% understanding. However, i want to know more about the Sabbath as stated in the commandments. Because i want to be clear with that too. Some christians believe other are not keeping the sabbath. Also, i want to know more about the sunday and saturday worship as well.
    Thank you.

    • read a message “HEBREWS CHAPTER FOUR and SEVEN CHURCH AGES-PATMOS VISION. You wil get it all

  • Dear…..
    many people think that ” Christianity is very easy. just by loving one another, we will go to heaven.”
    But bible says “great is the mystery of godliness “(1 thimothy 3:16).
    we have to know that mystery. without knowing that one, how can he accept our godliness?
    so friends….
    pray for that revelation….
    he is only ONE god…….

    • People do not understand what LOVE is. Yes it is great to be kind and friendly and through this human body we love the only way we know how. True LOVE is his LOVE. Not getting together in a church and listening that is wonderful also but that is fellowship. GODS LOVE (Ifeel) is his word to me, what he whispers to me, what he shows me in between the lines. It is the LOVE for his word. Your Dad said that “you must have LOVE before you have FAITH”. How is that? Well we LOVE his word, we read and worship him by doing so. How do you get faith by HEARING which means understanding. So it is correct when you say faith commeth by understanding GODS word and the only way you can do that is to LOVE him first. Heaven consists of the word. So if I have the word in me which is him that is Heaven. Heaven IN earth, Emanuel (GOD WITH US). It is the word in YOUR DAY. MY day is now. I don’t mean to go on, I just get PASSIONATE about HIM. This message is my LIFE. Only HE can live his LIFE. So we must put HIM in us so HE can live HIS life. I will be quiet now. GOD BLESS.

  • I believe the time for church going is over…Every pastor in the message preaches from listening to the tape but that is interpreting what the prophet was saying and God is his own enterpreter.It will not be a public display as was said in the third pull. we are not in Laodicean Age but the bride age and whoever is in Laodicea is sitting today in church forever learning but never coming to the truth…Brother and sisters listen to them tapes and only the tapes because thats GODS WORD FOR TODAY AMEN…

    • Amen brother listen to the tapes that what they prophet told us my brother, don’t just get stuck in one side of the coin what is your thought on Ephesians 4: 11-12?

      let the minister say what they want to say, they have a part to play also in this last day this bride day because Rev. 10: 8-11 also need to be fulfill.

      God bless you

    • The church going is over AMEN! It is the BRIDE age. It is the Israel bride’s time. The Gentile bride is in the palace. There will come a time when people say I thought the rapture was to come first? It has already happened and you knew it not. That is the Gentile Bride. She went when the Church ages finished. They will go on marrying and given in marriage and never understand it. It is time to pull GOD out of history and bring HIM to date. Time to brush the dust of the books and see what he said for you TODAY.
      Stephen may get stoned but this time he will stay.
      In Brotherly Love always.

  • Shalon church, the Lord is the special one in all generation he is the giver of the message to the prophets, pls do not magnify the prophets more than what he reveal in his word. Shalom.

      35 And now, anyhow, as a–as a little boy, you know the vision how it spoke to me, I was about seven years old, and said, “Don’t drink or smoke or defile your body in any way, there’ll be a work for you to do when you get older.” And you’ve heard that told in the book. Well, that’s right. All along it kept happening.
      36 When I become a minister, well, then it–then it really started happening all the time.
      37 And I one night saw our Lord Jesus. I’m saying this with permission, I believe, from the Holy Spirit. The Angel of the Lord that comes is not the Lord Jesus. It doesn’t look like Him in the same vision. For, the vision I saw of the Lord Jesus, He was a little Man. He wasn’t… I had been out in the field, praying for my dad. And I come back in and I went to the bed, and that night I looked at him and I–I said, “O God, save him!”

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