Sermons 1962


  • I love the massage its nothing but the truth of what Apostle preached.This is the real foundation of the pentacostal fathers and spiritual food in due season.i thank God for the prophet he send for me and others who believe so….

  • This message will let you know if you have an absolute weather you have the Holy Ghost or if you don’t Wow is all I can say. A beautiful message if I ever heard one. Glory. Thank God for that trumpet sound and that voice is Gods voice to the Bride.God bless the Bride today.

  • Shalom,
    I’m so grantful and thankful to God for sending to us His servant,William Marrion Branham, to bring forth the mesesage of the hour.

    Brethren, I was thrilled and blessed by the Messenger’s messages lined and available on audio-player of this website at first visit. May God bless all who put their countless efforts materially, financially, in kind and however in making this reality and splendid. Amen!

    I say shalom to the Bride of Christ across the globe, and don’t forget it won’t be long we will be going home. Truthfully I say am homesick.

    God bless you.

  • I’mlistening to Unbelief doesn’t hinder God. Boy, the church today would never receive that. Well, they didn’t receive it when he preached it either. Just a few here and there I was one of the few One of the for ordained predesdinated seed.I’m so glad that I can say I’m one of them. If you want to share your walk you may contact me at I’ve nothing to sell or prove I don’t know all about the message Idon’t pretend to be so wise I only know he touched my eyes and nothing else will ever be the same.God bless.

  • This is great I used to have the audio of “the spoken word is the original seed” prts 1 and 2 , and I played it over and over again until it wore out . I have waited ages to get another copy and your website is one of the few that has an easy download. Thankyou
    Awesome sermon

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