Sermons 1963


  • brothers and sisters, bro Branham took us out of the denominations and he took us back to the word of God he restored us back to the word,he didn’t took us to Branham tabernacle but to the Word Of God… lets take this very serious and refrain from explanations and asking biblical questions to fellow brethren,remember a biblical question has a biblical answer…be blessed

  • oh saints of god we are living in a glorious time of the coming of the lord jesus. let us keep looking up like little eaglets waitng to be feed by its mother. lets us not give up saints let us keep pressing on we are almost there saints god bless you

    • We are nearly there. Our hearts cnt wait to see that time, now that EVRYTHING has been reealed. There is nothing t wait for, just the departure! Everything points how that the time is there.

  • let the elect of GOD bow down and give all of their life to the service of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.for it is by his tender mercies that such a glorious message was delivered by a humble vessel called brother branham.i must declare to the whole wide world this MESSAGE of the hour is the only answer to the called out.this divine truth is for each person ,not only to be hearers but doers of the word.this is a path only the bride can walk ,for GOD is their refuge and strength,my beloved bretheren flee all influence of man and church but hold on to the influence of the messages that is on books and tapes.this is the only food that will take you in the rapture. creeds and dogma has taken the messages churches, and the pure word of the LORD is ignored ,so elect of GOD, a total surrender in body soul and spirit is the secret to a victorious LIFE.SHALOM.

  • Thank God for a vindicated prohet,he as send d prophet to turn d heart of d children back to there father.What a prophet to this last age!

  • Oh precious saints of the MESSAGE OF THE HOUR, don’t ever move away, stay right there with HIM, the hour is upon us,of our tribulation before the rapture, watch it the pope is comming out of his position, watch the next pope, the Branham tabernacle is already under invistigation, and the bride, but belivers have no fear, HE promise to be with us to the end, HE was here for the saints back then, and it’s work for them, so it will work fro us today, because he promise to be with us. HE IS THE SAME YESTERDAY TODAY AND FOR EVER. She (BRIDE) is the final voice, because it’s HIM in her, it’s HIS voice. I am by his grace is ready for the moment, and i know HE will give us the BRIDE around he world, the Grace, strenght, courage, and boldness for the hour. I’m your brother in christ, and i am from the caribbean, island (Barbados),,, Be sober and watch. The LORD bless the bride around the world.

    • Yes, Amen. We the bride are in all together waiting on Jesus final return for us. As I listen to the prophet, I’m assure that the hour is at hand my brother. The voice of God is speaking to all eagles and we feel him by his Spirit, and our spirit is getting stronger to see him. The wars and battles going on in the world, and all the tumults and commotions, and the wicked, evil is getting worse. Daniel 12th, we know that the Abomination of desolate is setting up now. So by the voice of God, his bride is getting ready and watching every hour. God Bless you””

  • THE lord richly bless you all brothers,and sisters in christ. If you know! is there any end time message, church in (The Amazon city Manaus Brazil ?)I went there, but did’ent meet any beliver, but i would love to meet believers there, I would be thank ful, and happy for any imformation you all can give me, thank you saints of christ, the LORD richly bless you all.

  • As i sit here in my room listening to the message, the first seal by the Prophet William Branham, I’m so thankful to God for the understanding and the knowledge to know where I’m at.” There is a lot of christians that I can see that don’t have a deep spiritual insight of God’s word.” I pray and hope that I’m one of them that in the day of departure, I will be with my Father and even Lord, Jesus Christ.” I love all my brothers and sisters and most of all, I love Jesus Christ.” God Bless all who read this.” Amen

  • I,m so glad i’m on the lord’s site had it not been for Jesus where could we be friends? Thank God for the rstoration.

  • Greeting brother, I just seeking prayer for my Brother health, and my family.. and my Salvation, to right be with the word.

  • the spirit of elijah leaves on,

    Brethren we all wish we had lived in the times of the prophet but therein is the mistake and we fail to see God working in our lives today and in our time. Hebrews 13:8 says he is the same yesterday, today and foerever. see brethren the same elijah spirit that was on the prophet is still with us and working worders in the bride of christ and preparing them for the rapture. remember God is so great but he reveals himself in simplicity.

    Be blessed.

  • Por favor, necesito escuchar estos mensajes con traduccion simultanea al español,ya he oido algunos pero el audio no es el mejor, ¿alguien puede decirme donde los consigo?
    Dios les bendiga.

  • Dear Brothers,

    may god bless you reachly for the work that you do.

    Michael, I am very happy to be able to stream and listen to the prophet message at my office over the internet.

    May god reachly bless you.



  • NOW is the time more than ever before to help one another with any burdens we may have. Especially this website that offers these precious sermons od the prophet. Giving is what the bible talks about all the way through. what ever extra money you have donate to this website so they can keep it on the internet. Its not free for them, they could really use your support.

  • Dios le bendiga mucho.
    Deseo que me envien mensajes del profeta en literatura (CD)
    Y mensajes en audio MP3 todos en espanol.
    Antes de enviarme todos estos mensajes, por favor
    cuanto es el costo (dinero) que tengo que enviar. (cuanto es el precio?)
    Somos un buen grupo de hispanos.
    Dios le bendiga.
    Pastor pastor de la iglesia “The Espoken Word Tabernacle”
    en Atlanta GA

  • I was only 23 or 24 years of age and sitting in this house asking God why he never sent a Prophet to this gentile age and I picked up this book called: “The exposition of the seven Church age” and this fuzzy faced man with a cowboy hat appeared when all of a sudden a voice shouted in my mind and said: This is that Prophet you were looking for and when I started reading I was simply amazed at the info that I was getting.It seemed every ? I have asked in the past was actually being answered. At that moment a women came in and grabbed this book from my hand and told me that I was not permitted to read that particular book and then I knew that she was being used of the devil for now I was going to search for this book and I found it. I now am in deep study and love the Lord because of this precious prophet that came for a bride and thank God I am part of this bride today and waiting for this great body change to take us away to be with Him. Amen.I am 67 years old and still loving this true message. Everything points to His soon return. Kerry

  • EVeryone stay humble and love and care for one another,our actions speak much louder than words will ever say!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh!! glory, keep pressing on ..he shall ride this trail again..
    one more ride.. Where this world will be so dark.
    god bless……

  • Praise the Lord.

    I strongly desire the anointing that was upon such mighty men of God, just as elisha received double portion of anointing from elijah, moses to joshua, paul to timothy and did great miracles and wonders for the glory of God bringing every person to the Lord. Wish i had born during the times of bro.Branham. I desire and believe my life will give sweet fragrance for the Lord and be a channel of blessing to this entire world in Jesus precious name.

  • Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus.I want to give thanks to God for coming down with the restorded Word. There is no other truth,Thank you Father for thy blessed Word. Ready and Prepared for the taking away of the Bride Of Christ.

    Bro. James,Augusta Ga.


  • God bless you brethen, now more than ever we need to stay align to the message of the hour.Our redemption is near,there will be light in the evening time!Remember the bride of christ from Gainesville,Georgia in your prayers.Only believe.

  • Praise God,
    Every sermon is a priceless pearl which cannot be destroyed by time. Living here in India i am blessed to hear the anointed sermon of this great man of God. Thank you for making this possible. I wish that i lived in USA during his time to get his spiritual impartation . Thank you Lord for Bro.Branham.

    • God bless u my sister there is no trut anywhere in the world very greatful for such a wonderful comment.shalom bride of christ

        • God Bless You my precious sister for that is nothing but the TRUTH. Indeed Praise Our God for sending forth Our Precious Brother and Prophet of this Age William Marrion Branham and how he submitted himself to God and God alone, I just Love that; And thanks be to God for for the opening of the Seals. All Glory to Our LORD and Saviour Lord Jesus Christ.

      • Thnak you Bro frank, The more and more we listen to the word of God, the more we get saturated and will be a blessing to this entire world and can glorify Him in all areas of our lives. Be blessed in Jesus name.

        • Sister Anita may God bless you.The Lord is so gracious for sending the prophet to us in our age. Be blessed my sister.
          Conrad Chilufya
          Southern Africa

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