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  • I’m your brother in Christ, Andrew Ghislain BANZOUZI BITSIONO, from CONGO BRAZZAVILLE, very glad to believe to the end time messager, now I want all brethen and sisters all around the world to write, I want to ear what the Holy Spirit has done in your life. mail me to

    “For I would not, bretheren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in. And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out of Sion the deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob.”
    Romanos 11:25-26
    We are seeing the pages of history being turned, the time of the Jews has come to a climax, the Mighty Angel of Revelation 10 has descended and declared that the time shall be no more. The Church is receiving the rapturing faith from the harvest rain, Jezebel and Ahab are ruling over the world, very soon Israel will receive its two witnesses and they will preach in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the very same gospel we have received; they will smite the nation and then Armageddon will come.

    What a time we are living in!

    I, Pastor Júlio César, would like to invite you, minister of the Lord, together with your assistant ministers and your church to be with us in the Special Meetings in Joinville, Brazil, scheduled for May 30th to June 2nd, 2013.

    We would be truly honoured to have your presence in our midst.

    We look forward in great anticipation to your fellowship with us.

    God bless you.

    Your brother in Christ,

    Pastor Júlio César Santos


    Gymnastics Society of Joinville
    Address: Rua dos Ginásticos, 96 – CEP: 89.201-310 – Centro – Joinville – SC

  • Thank you for all prayer for us, we are in Visakhapatnam. India AP in church asylum. arrested
    by police in Mumbai, on the thoroughness of we did not stamp the visa after 6 months we need to contact the police, after 6 month . Thet is 5 time we serve God in India over 50 peoples has been baptising in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ
    the devil tray to stop us, now body can stop the work of God. WE NEED INTERCESSOR PRAYER. THANK YOU I NOW YOUR PRAYER WILL HELPING US
    I love this website God bless you.

  • Hi all, just wondering if the great earthquake will hit America Befor the rapture or during the tribulation?


  • Please pray for me and my husband we have been trying for five years to have
    a baby we believe jesus is the same yesterday today and forever.
    And what he did for Abraham and Sarah he will do the same for me ,i thank
    god for this end time truth bless his holy name .

    God Bless

  • god bless you saints in the beginning was the word and the word was with god and that word was god who became flesh and dwealt among us jesus who is the same yesterday today and forever so believe his word and all things are possible to them that believes so first have faith in god first and his word then make your request knowed to him and will find what a friend we have in jesus in reality for if he have done for others he can do for you the same he changes not amen.

    • I Got news for you brother paul , the word was before God and God just means a image of worship , maybe go to your church less and get into your books and tapes and you will find the God you speak of.

  • god bless u br thanks for your effort for us little you done unto this little ones you doing it unto the lord amen and if he find you doing it will be rewarded and put incharge of other servants bro can we find audio and verbal msgs pls.

  • Praise the lord for this web. May the lord all who sponsor this. It has placed peace in my heart to read christian comments.

  • Bro. My family will surely be praying for you. A suggestion, why don’t you put a filter in your computer, so you may not be able to access these demoniac sites. And keep on praying, the Lord will surely set you free, for He is more than able..

    P.s. Remember Joseph in the Bible. He flee from the temptation when it was too much for him.Shalom!

  • Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ.

    Saints please!pray for me,I’m so much addicted to pornography.I cannot get myself out of it.
    I believe that God hear the prayers of the saints,I’m so much a slave the this pornography devil it got hold of me i don’t have a way out by my own human abilities,I’ve tried so many times to pray and get rid of it.Saints i just can not over come that,i want the Lord to help me.

    Your brother in Christ

    • Brother stay strong in the Lord we know it’s not what we have to overcome but what we have to overcome that is the issue. We ought to have the victory as believers! As we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus.

    • If ur eye offend you cut it out…if you are sincere and can’t break yhru have the organ removed…better to enter in without that than NOT to enter in…think, it’s scripture and the answere to your problem….He that saves his life in this world will loose it in the next…CUT IT OFF..not joking thay is what YAHSHUA said to do
      Bro. Steve

    • Dont worry Brother. I too have the same problem but i can feel the difference now after i started to read and hear Brother Branhams messages more often. You too try doing the same thing and im sure you will come out of this. Also pray regularly. Jesus said to knock and it shall be answered. Not knock once and leave, knock till he answers your prayer. Hear the message-“Perserverance”. Im sure you will be blessed by it.

      Your Brother in Christ,

    • i am also addicted to this and i am not happy to say that i am also 11 years i am addicted to watching it please pray for me also so that i may stop i was always afraid to confess it until now plz pray for me

      • the only way to kill an addiction is to replace it with another addiction.
        read a book, learn to play an instrument….replace it with something consciously. The lord is ur strength

  • Hello Bob Linde,

    How are you brother? I saw your posts on this site and wanted to contact you. I have thought about you many times over the years wondering about your well being. Please drop me an email “”

    Bro Mike

  • Hello brothers and sisters, my name is Leonides and I am from Brazil.
    I really looked for you to be my fellowship. This is the real true that God has sent us at the last days. I believe it. I beg you to be my friends I would like to meet people who believe as I believe. So If you can, please contact me. I have these two email adress: and
    Thanks. May God bless us antil we get in heaven.

    • Thank you Brother in Christ The time have gone nothing left as the seven seals have been known to Bride of Christ. Christ and the bride are one.There at heavenly places.



  • What a Thrill to be able to listen to Our Brother through this means of delivery. May God continue to Bless those responsible for keeping this on the internet. As a former Pastor here in Jacksonville, Florida, I am sure you can appreciate how much I Love this Word for The Hour. Absolute Truth!!!

    Brother Bob Linde

  • very wonderful and nice messages praise god for his word and commendments are going all over the world.may god bless you for his work you are doing.GOD BLESS YOU.BLESSED BE HIS NAME.

  • i beilieve in wmb as a the iast prophet there is non like him God bless you’ll pray for me i m still smoking i do not know what to do accept praying i sincerely believe all the brothers and sisters prayer is important in this last hour for me and my family-Jesus The Christ Bless everyone who believe in this messenger and his message shalom

        • Holding you both up in prayer and believing for your deliverance. I’ve witnessed first hand God’s ability to deliver from smoking. My husband was a smoker before he came to the Lord. He totally surrended the addiction to Christ and has never touched another cigarette. It has been 18 years. Be blessed and take courage.

          • Thank you! Indeed He is awesome. Jesus is the same yesterday,today and forever!The deeper we go in Jesus, the deeper He go in us. ” A wise man will hear, and will increase learning”( Prov. 1:5) God bless thy family and thy household. Shalom!

    • Praise God to all that believe. This is a wonderful website to come to. I have viewed some of your comments and am here to tell you, I used to be the same way. I used to smoke. I also used to smoke marajana,but I only did that once or twice. SEE!! If God delivered me from it.Why He can certainly deliver you also. Praise God! Just keep Bieleving that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday,today, and forever Amen!! If God before us then who can be agianst us. Praise God!!!

  • may our God richly bless you for the wonderful work you are doing by providing these msgs,by the way where is 1955 sermons cant we get them on this? or you have any website i can download them please help!

  • i’m so glad to get to here this great word tying up those loose ends in the bible that we didn’t understand but now we see and understand.

  • thanks so much for making these awesome sermons available, its truly a blessing to have these anointed sermons by a wonderful anointed servant of god. what a awesome blessing thanks so much again . love in christ john s

  • hello, dearly beloved, i can’t put all my feelings into words of how glad i am to have found this web site. i have been blessed by the message of the great man of God brother William Branham in the printed form. i have been really blessed… please i would like to know more about this great prophet and is it possible for me to get any of his audio messages, i thank God for all of you who manage this site and voice of God recordings. please is it possible for me to be a disciple of Brother William Branham. God bless you all and keep you safe until his return for his glorious church

  • God bless you saints

    The hole world is falling apart, its educational systems,politics,theology, denominationalism will pass away.Only the Message of the Hour will stand because it is Jesus Christ in the Word form as He promised.Malachi 4:5 and 6 was the end time Promisee in the fashion of Elijah,the Spirit of Elijah was up on Him,fulfilling His Word by my Prophet William Branham.The Message of the Hour is the only save Zone today.

  • Hello, just to thank the Lord for all that He has done for His children, I know that this message is coming from Him and there is no doubt in my heart that His coming is soon. Thank you very much for making it available to people with no charge, God will see through that His work is done and those who work for Him are always joyful for their life is about to serve Him and Jesus may bless all of His works and the works of his followers…Amen.

  • Ya las edades ya pasaron, y sus mensajeros tambien terminaron su labor;cada edad prospero en el tiempo que DIOS los envio.Y haora,¿prosperarà Dios a su iglesia Novia en este tiempo, Vean LA Enviò esa palabre pera crear una nueva Edad,la Edad de la priedra angular,en la Iglesia de Jesucristo,la edad de Corona;y la envio para llamar y juntar a sus escogidos,con piedras Vivas,y formar.hcer,crear esa edad:y los llamò con esa palabra,y con esa Palabra nos està revelando todos misterios que antes no conociamos,Palabra prometida para el tiempo final y La obra de prosperidad y bendicion en abundancia de parte de DIOS. EN el Nombre DEL Señorjesucristo. AMEN dios LES Bendiga.en este dia postrero del cual hablo Martha HERMANA DE Lazaro .

  • bro. Hasha, God bless you nd grant you and your family the Holy Ghost baptism inthename of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am in Lagos, Nigeria and will ike to hear rom you. my email:
    Pray for me and my family too as we wait ernestly for His coming.

  • Glory !!!! press on .. the hour is coming..
    the squeeze is coming.. lets be ready, the bride goes up,
    satan comes down. only safe place is In Christ… Glory…
    lets not miss it church.

  • God bless your hearts every one that believes this sight. This is that prophet that the Gentile bride was looking for and the Holy Ghost told me those very words and now I am following this message everyday and without this message you will never be in that Raptured Bride. I love you all. Its closer now then we think and soon I will be able to meet all of you who are truly the bride.God bless you richly. Your brother in Christ.

  • Glory!!!!! Lets be ready, for the squeeze is not far away.
    A tent will come, and the messenger of the hour will preach to the total lost.
    Glory so lets get ready!!!!

    • He may be here according to the supernatural photo taken showing the head.the body is down here and in 1963, He came(the head,the capstone,the stone that the builders rejected at calvary and The Word that the denominations turned out HAS NOW RETURNED AS THE HEAD STONE)

  • praise the lord brother and sisters iam the believer of end time message please pray for me and my family to fill with holy ghost.

    • keep praising him sister and let the lord use you always .I enjoyed your comment.I’m glad to be a part of the body christ.

  • I would like to let you know how much this ministry has been a part of my family for three generations. My Mother and Father was called out in two different meetings and pronounced healed. John Bush, with back pain in Richmond, Virginia ,my father, healed. My Mother Lillie Bush called out and healed of eye trouble, I was in both meetings just 8 or 10 years old My Father lived to be 80 and my mother to age 92. This ministry has given me the root base upon which my christian walk is based. I could say more but don’t want to take up too much time. My niece and me sing gospel songs in any church that will let us come every week. We believe in your ministry. Please pray for us as we will continue to pray for you.

    • great to hear from you old believers n praying that the Holy-Ghost will manifest Himself so much, to His fullness and quicken that word that have been laying in your hearts so long, untill the realisation will cause such a manifestation of God that these old mortal bodies cant withstand it any more but will have to yield up to the change, thus the rapture.yet a young man but i fell i need that change.amen.just keep walking with Him and keeping His word and it shall be so to you like it was with Enock cos the prophet made us know, the rapture is a process.not a one day event.but a walk.
      Be blessed

  • Dear brethren, i would like to ask a few questions regarding weddings to all old guards who walked with or were old enough to comprehend what was happening during the times of the prophet William Branham.Ed byskal,Jeff Jekins senior,Billy Paul.with the sincerity of your hearts,what you saw, were there flower girls in the weddings He conducted?,were there bridal trains?, did the best couple have to be married people always?.Give us a detailed eye witness account since we don’t have video witness that we may see for ourselves and with the sincerity of your hearts,I request that you don’t give an opinion but the real facts of what you saw coz God has retained you old calebs and joshuas to give us what is right and this may mean a diference to us between life and death coz it is the word of God.God bless and preserve you in His will and in health

    • Marriage is a simple covenant agreement between you and your wife before god, trusting that what god join together in faith ; no man will put asunder. You can have all the wedding trappings you like as long as you wife is happy with it. Don’t be restricted in commandments of any man , have faith in god that your decision will be acceptable to GOD. because we serve the LORD JESUS CHRIST and not men. Read Paul’s teaching in Corinthians about living your life in love so you don’t defraud your brother… The only law is love.

      Bro Peter

    • Josh
      I understand the need to have eye witness testimonies to guide you on your way, but no matter what they say, there’s no better witness than the Holy Spirit, listen to what he hay to say you will find that you do not need to ‘copy’ the Prophet, you won’t need to,.. His nature will be your nature cause his Oil (The Holy Spirit) will be your Oil as well.
      God Bless

  • Dears,
    still i wonder where i can be provided with audio sermons of brother
    i wonder if we can find another man preaching like the prophet of hour
    because he has unveiled what was veiled oh glory to the God who the world and
    sent his only begotten prophet in order to bring the hearts of sons to to fathers and fathers to the sons,he has broken the mystery and every body is
    taking his part of mystery.µ
    I would like to own the audio cds of my prophet.
    Confirm safe receipt and revert
    God bless you

  • so glad to be a part of God that has no grave but we have a living savior one who is with us regardless of the conflicts around us

  • may the Lord bless you for all the effort you are doing to make the bride of Christ being blessed

    be blessed

  • may God bless you so much the messages are a blessing l would be glad if l receive reading material l live at No.6 cityview flats 171 smora machael harare,zimbabwe.

    God bless you

  • I thank God for message of the hour.thank u jesus for having predestined us to adoption as son according to the good pleasure of his oh my this message of the hour is nothing but nothing but jesus christ my Lord who died on the tree to save me.Amen .I once again thank God for the marriage of the lamp and the bride have made her self ready.thank GOD FOR THE MESSAGE AND THE MESSAGER .AMEN SHALOM

  • I know we that believe in the messenger of the hour and the lord jesus christ are so blessd beyond our wildest dream what we are a part of Praise God

  • My God what a precious word of God which cannot be bought by price in this world. Thank you very much for making this possible to hear the message from anointed servant of God.Jesus is Lord.

  • Its truly wonderful. May our heavenly Father, who is rich in mercy bless you for making it possible for all who are searching have access to these sermons.

  • God bless you greatly for making Br. Branham messages available. God richly bless you and i am praying for voice of God recordings

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