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Happy Valley Church – Happy Valley, Tenn.

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Location: Johnson City, Tennessee

Pastor: Bro. Donny Reagan

Schedule: Saturday 7:00pm (EST) Sundays 11:00am (EST) & Wednesday 7:00pm (EST)


About Us:

Welcome to Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ. We are a Non-Denominational church but our roots run from the early Pentecostal era making our services more of a Pentecostal type of atmosphere. Our congregation numbers around 600 brothers and sisters of whom many have relocated to our area from as far away as Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Washington D.C., Georgia, North Carolina and an international flavor from Trinidad, Puerto Rico, Kenya and the Congo. There are so many other places to mention but this gives you just a little overview of our congregation.

With the diverse makeup of our congregation also brings the many different styles of special singing. You will hear contemporary voices, classical voices, bluegrass voices, and some ‘good ole’ Southern gospel singing.

The main focus and purpose of Happy Valley is God’s word, and taking the words of the Bible and putting them into action in a people that will make a better neighbor, a better husband, wife, son or daughter and to reach out to the unsaved.

Brother Donny Reagan is the pastor of Happy Valley and has the great task of feeding many sheep with many different needs week by week, so sit down and buckle up. Brother Reagan is a very dynamic preacher who preaches what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. You look for a pastor who has a shepherd’s heart and that’s exactly what Brother Donny has.

Bro. Donny and the families of Happy Valley hope you find encouragement and spiritual guidance thru our website or joining us for a service. It is our desire that we could help you start your Christian journey or in some way help you along the way, until we reach that glorious morning when we shall see our Lord in the air. God Bless You.

Our Services are Wednesday 7pm, Saturday 7pm, Sunday 11am, with Sunday School offering 5 classes from ages 3 to 13, starting at 10:30 am.


  • Have noted many eagles flying. I like the eagles and I consider Bro. Don is one of them. Continue in that stand of faith, The real Pentecostal preaching taking over the book of acts. We love you brother. We pray that you come to Mozambique to help the bride

    Bro. Joaquim

  • To HIM be glory, and honor and power and might and wisdom forever and ever Amen..Brother I greet you in the precious Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Amen.Brother could you please send me one Bible with bold letters I have a poor eyesight..May God bless all the saints over there richly.

  • I request church to pray for me and all my family members. Pray for my sister shaila and her family.Pray for us so that God bless us lead us guide us and give us baptism of the holy ghost and salvation.Pray for our pastor also.Pastor stephen shinde mumbai bombay.

  • God bless you bro Don with your flock.The spirit in that church blesses me a lot, the sermon,the bride song just uplifts me so much.may God bless us all as we strive to reach our perfection.I love you saints.PLEASE if you don’t mind sent me your CD of sermons and songs.

    BOX 379-TAVETA

    • Dear Brother Kahali Aboubakar,
      I would say humbly that this is not Branhamism faith; it is Bible believers faith, or you may call ”Old time Christian faith” which started by our Lord Jesus Christ and received by them who believed on him; the gospel of salvation (John 3:16)

      But through the ages, this truth was watered down and other religious faiths came up perverting this truth and the nominal church went into complete oblivion and apostasy (1 Timothy 4:1-, Mathew 24:24).

      Despite all these, there is a promise of the return of Jesus Christ to take his bride waiting away.
      The promise to restore the true gospel just before the Lord’s return and the day of judgement.
      The promise to reveal the hidden truths (Mysteries) to the bride in order to prepare her to receive the groom.
      The Lord our God also promised to send Elijah the prophet of Malachi 4:5-6 before that great and dreadful day.
      This same Elijah of Malachi 4:5-6 is the seventh angel who will bring us the revelation of the hidden truths (mysteries) of God in Revelation 10:7.
      It is the revelation of those hidden truths (mysteries) that will gather the bride of Jesus Christ together and literally turn their hearts to the faith of the first apostolic fathers (Restoration to the beliefs and doctrines of the first apostolic fathers)

      This has come to pass in our day, that God has sent the Prophet William Marrion Branham, the Elijah of our day, and given him the revelation of these hidden truths (mysteries) for example: The God being one person NOT three persons, that the same God was incarnate in Jesus Christ (Jesus was God himself in flesh) and the true baptism by immersion in Jesus’s name, the revelation of the great harlot, the beast, the anti-Christ, to mention but a few.
      Above all he came to tell the world the time that we are living in, that we are at the end-time; the time the Lord is near to return. That we must come out of those religious organizations and return to the original true gospel of Jesus Christ as was originally preached.

      This message is what we have believed and telling everybody to give heed to as we see the day of the Lord approaching.

  • Dear Brethrens firstly I would like to greet in the name of our lord Jesus Christ and encourage to continue praying for pastor Don Reagan and many other called savant of almighty God because the devil is busy looking for such gift like in in brother don currently iam Japan and I need to know where the brethrens here gather iam a Zambian by national and came here for business May the almighty God bless you all

  • Bro Donnie i can’t believe that God Loves us so mutch that he would send us gifts like you to us, it is mind blowing – God Bless you, your church and your family.Praying for you. Br Marlon

  • Bro.Donny your messages have truley blessed me.To grow in the word and in my soul and praying for you with all my heart and i just want to say thank you for being a MIGHTY WARRIOR MAN OF GOD,im truly blessed to hear you and the sermons you preach,divine love.sis bonnie

  • Bro Donny, God bless your noble efforts of carrying the lamp that we could see what the prophet of our Lord has brought to us. You will remember the brother once in Toekomsrus Johannesburg who testified that he got healed from sugar diabetes whilst you were sitting with Bro George Martins. I just want you to know that I love the ministry the Lord has entrusted to you. God bless you precious saint.

  • Please pray for me as am undergoing tests for possible cancer.I am in peace knowing He has all under control.I also think of the song Tis So Sweet to Trust In Jesus.Could you sing this for me at one of the weekend services.

  • God bless you beloved wife of The Word that has found favor in Him to be one with Him.nature is sure God can’t nature groan worldwide to see you manifest,third pool.thanks to The Lord Jesus,Amen. Kisumu,Kenya.

  • God Bless Saints of God all over the world what we need today are Preacher that just preach a sermon because every body can do that but we need Anointed people with the Spirit of God in there Soul and my LOVING Brother Donny is one of them and i thank God that we still have people like that around the Message today.I Pray that the Lord will give you courage to go on.So my brother be strong and very courageour the Lord be with you and in you to the End.Hope to see you in our little Island one day if the Lord give you the green light.

    God bless you and the Saints

    Brother Alexander from ST.LUCIA W.I

  • I heard Brother Donny Reagan for the first time in 1994 in South Africa and can say that to me he truly is anointed to preach the gospel and I believe it is this kind of ministry that will get the bride ready for the rapture. As a believer, I am very careful which preacher I listen to (while applying the filter of God’s Word) and can testify that Bother Reagan’s ministry has been a tremendous blessing to myself, my family and whoever the Lord has led me to share his ministry with. If you are searching for something real from God and that is Message based, Happy Valley Church will enrich your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.
    God bless brethren, brother Andre

  • I m santosh here I request church to pray for me and all my family.Pray for my sister shaila and her family.Pray for our pastor too.pray for all the believers.God bless you all.

  • thank you for your message pastor have be resining your preaching and songs it is defecate today found a pastor with full of holy sprit of GOD . Brother God bless you please send me your cd dvd your messages and cd for the songs. God bless you brother.
    from brother molodikayi mwanza
    box 510060
    kamena street
    CHIPATA Zambia
    central Africa

  • Dear bro,Reagan thank God for the great job,and welldone for been among the remnant that Christ will find when he comes,I had listen to some of your messages,a particular one New adminisration,(Human weakness)
    I have read some sermon notes of Bro Braham and neal Friesby.There is one thing I desire Just to be like christ,I will appreciate if you can send me ,Cd,Dvd!s,books and materials that can help me,am also a minister of the gospel,you can put me on your emailing poster address is.P.Box 4898 Marina,Lagos Nigeria.God bless your ministry Amen

  • Saints of the living God, join me in thanking the lord for this wonderful message for the hour. May his holy name be praise. This message has been a great blessing to me and my family. I promise not to depart from this message no matter the circumstance.

  • Greetings to you pastor Donny Reagan many thanks for the massages you are preaching especilly HEAVEN IN YOUR HOME since i am waiting to enter into a new marriage this coming December 2012 but i heed mp3 or DVD for your massages
    may God bless you richly



    Greetings to you pastor Reagan in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.Iam kindly requesting you to send me your sermons and of the prophet malachi 4:5and 6 in either tapes or mp3 format.

    May God bless you richly,
    P.O.BOX 20103

  • Hi I would like to know if you can tell me where I can get a copy of the reference book for the message of the hour. Thank you and please send me a response to the email address listed .

  • God bless you pastor Reagan for your work you are doing.From BENJAMIN, Kakuma Kenya tabernacle.

  • Good works, Pastor Donny Raegan, & Shallom brethren! Please I need you to direct me to any message believing church in Durban, South Africa. The contacts of a pastor or any brother can be of great help. You can reach me on +2348056090510. God bless you beloved brethren.

  • sence i have been accepted the messages of the hour i have been amazed of the singing specially the songs of the bride of our Lord Jesus Christ! can we request for the coppies of songs of our dear precious bretherens in Chist here in sorsogon philippines?

  • Hi. Brothers, I am amazed at the preaching of Pastor Donny Reagon . I need the dvds.
    Were can I get them from in South Africa,Durban?.I am willing to pay for it.
    I believe and respect the prophet WB
    and he will remain my prophet and nothing else.I believe the same message that
    is been preached by the pastor mentioned.I love the Lord Jesus Christ.
    There is a lot of error arround the message.I thank God for my Pastor and the ones
    I mentioned above. God Bless

  • Shalom brethren,am visiting the US and staying in Washington DC. am from Uganda. where is the nearest Believers fellowship i can attend during the weekdays?would be grateful for any directions

  • Hi brethren in Christ Jesus,

    without any shadow of doubt i can say that in spite of all these confusions going on among so called End Time Message believers,God has raised and anointed His own preachers with the same Spirit that was upon the prophet to carry on the ministry given to the prophet to the BRIDE of CHRIST with the same sweetness and flavor proving the faithfulness of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    May God keep blessing you as you are a blessing to the God’s elect.
    Bro. John Chitalu(pastor)

  • The Lord bless you richly Bro Donny,your messages has been a great blessing to us in our little assembly in Nigeria.God bless you.

  • Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ
    Wld like to have addresses of christians residing in Greece, as we will be there by the Grace of god soon, and wld like to have some communion
    God bless u all
    sister Anne

  • Again if it were possible greet Our Pastor Donn, He is agreat blessing to me.
    i enjoy his ceremonies and singing
    W C Chirwa

  • praise the lord,iam end time pastor in coimdatore,tamil nadu,bro i want computer for church

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