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My Commission (51-0505)

My Commission (51-0505)




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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham
called My Commission
was delivered on Saturday, 5th May 1951 at the Calvary Temple in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
The tape, number 51-0505,
is 1 hour and 37 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette.

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Thank you, Brother…?… Good evening. Thank you, brother. Good
evening everyone. Very happy to be out tonight, feeling good. I'm
feeling good since the meeting last night. It was such a great blessing
to me to see that poor blind woman receive her sight. And many others…
I got an encouraging letter today that some lady (probably is present
now) was telling me about some of the things that happened in her
neighborhood yesterday after night before last's meeting, how that the
Lord restored hearing to a woman that was–been totally deaf for a long
time. At the… Said… Claimed the Angel of the Lord came into the
house where she was at, and gave her her hearing. And she can just
We would like to have her testimony, to write it out back there. And
so, that's very fine. And we're happy for that. Just very happy.
And so we were planning on… Was going to close the meeting Sunday
night, but we decided we'd better not do it. Maybe we better go on just
a little longer. We was… We were going to… [Audience applauds.–Ed.] Thank you. Thank you a whole lot. Thank you so much. That makes me feel good.

The reason that I was doing it, was not because of no cooperation here,
but was in respects of Brother Freeman. You see? And I didn't want to
be holding the same time he was. And if I thought that I was hindering
his meeting in any way, I wouldn't do it.
But I–I–I just had a little note a while ago, so I feel a lot better
about it now, that it's–it's all right, so…?… Thank you. Thank you
very much.
It just got a little mixed up among some of the ministering brethren,
that our meetings got twisted up and we got in the same city at the
same time. And I'm sure we wouldn't want to do that. But we don't want
you people to think that we're just trying to rush in on you.

But I believe like… I believe Jacob dug one well, and the Philistines
drove him away, and he called it malice. And he dug another one, and
they run him away, and he called it strife. But he dug the third one
and said, "There's room for us all." So I… That's the way… Thank
you. Thank you much.
So when Brother Freeman and I was in that little city, Chicago, well, I left it alone, walked away, you know, and we had…
But there's room for us all in California there. We got us a big well
out here…?… Someone told me there's four hundred and fifty square
miles of this city. So there's plenty of room, isn't there. Lots of
sick people too. So many of them come here for their health.
And I just trust that God will give us a great meeting here, both of
us, and will bless the services everywhere, and all the campaigns and
ministers everywhere.

And tomorrow, the Sabbath, let's pray that God will just give many
souls across the nations, everywhere, to His glory. After all, we're
going home pretty soon, you know. And we're just getting ready now. So
let's just keep all cleaned up all the time. So we don't know what time
it might happen.
And we love Him, and I'm sure you love Him or you wouldn't be here. And
there's some little speck in your heart that you love God, or you
wouldn't come here at all. You'd be somewhere else. So we're happy that
you do.
So that… Last evening was such a–a great meeting, and–and this
tonight we expect to be another great meeting for our Lord. May He just
add His blessings.
And now, tomorrow afternoon, the Lord willing, I–I want to speak to
you tomorrow afternoon, just… Well, if you'd call it "try to preach."
As I told you the other time, I'm kind of a spare tire when it comes to preacher, you know. I… when…
You know, when you have a flat, you use a spare to roll in on. So we
have… But we haven't got no flat, but they're just going to use it

So tomorrow afternoon… I always try to speak in the afternoon. And
the people take a–a missionary offering for me that–that helps the
overseas missionaries over in the foreign fields.
I never knew what missionaries was till I taken a taste of it myself.
It's glorious. But oh my, if there's anyone needs help, it's a poor
missionary on–on the far flung fronts there where he has to go up
against everything; and especially those who are battling the battle
with the supernatural.
And so tomorrow afternoon… I–I believe that's two-thirty, isn't it
brethren, is when we have…? Two-thirty tomorrow afternoon.
And we'd be very happy for you if… If your church doesn't have
service… Now, tomorrow's Sunday. And–and your own churches have
service. So we'd be very happy, if you don't have any service of your
own, that you would come. 'Course, if you've got a service in your own
church, that's your duty to stand at your post during the time of your
service: every person at their church. But if you have no church, and
you… or it's not having church at your place, come out and be with
us. And remember again, all the campaigns going on around over the city
and everywhere.
And God… And pray that God will send more reapers in the harvest, for we certainly need them.

And so many of our dear people are sending me invitations to come and
go to dinner with them, and–and… Oh, I certainly wished I could do
it to–for everyone. And I would like to do that. But it's–be kind of
hard for me to do. I'm afraid if I go with one and not the other one,
it might make them think that I thought a little more of that one than
did the other one. And I don't.
But I–I love all of you. And I want you to love me. And if we love the
Lord, we'll feel that way about each other. So… And then we'll…
Someday, I'm going to go to dinner with all of you. Amen. Won't that be
wonderful? Now, just think, after the battle's all over and the smoke's
died down, we come up, meet our loved ones, and then meet Him. We set
down at the table across from each other. Won't that be wonderful?
There'll never be a crutch or a wheelchair around the table, never
no… Oh, won't that be marvelous?

And then when we see all of that setting along there, I look across the
table and I say, "Well, God bless you, brother. My." And then we'll…
We just have to cry a little bit. Don't you believe so? If we can,
we'll just cry a little bit for joy.
And then at the head of the table, will come out our King in His
Majesty. He will walk down along all of us, and put His arms around us,
and say, "You've suffered much. You went through much for Me." He wipes
all the tears away from the eye; "Now, don't cry any more.
We're–we're… It's all over."
Oh, for that great time when…?… That's why we're here, isn't it?
Won't it be wonderful to feel His arm around you, and say, "Now, don't
cry. Enter into the joys of the Lord. You've fought a good fight." So
while we're here and got this opportunity, let's make it a good fight,
a real fight.

Now, I want to read some Scripture, and we're going to start right
straight into the prayer line, so we can have good time, let the people
out early, so you won't be late for your Sunday school in the morning.
And we're trying to make a habit, if we can, letting out real early,
and so the people can go to work and come back again, so–for the
following night.
How many's here for your first time? Let's see your hands, those… My,
that's wonderful. Let's give them a hand, all of you here that's…?…
That's wonderful…?… My, we're so glad to have you here and get
acquainted with you.
I wished I could shake your hand and make you welcome. But I pray that
the Holy Spirit will just put His arms around you and say, "Here's what
he means, that you're–you're welcome."

And now, in the services, our services are a little different from
usually in Divine healing services that we come to. It's under the
operation of a supernatural Being Who I–met me a few years ago. And
being that this is strictly a Baptist doctrine, I… You hear me refer
to a lot of times, about being a Baptist. Now, I'm–I'm not a–a
Baptist. I'm a–I'm a Christian. That's it. I could still be a Baptist
and be a Christian, understand.
But–but not long ago at Little Rock, I… There was a man that had
some crutches, and he was–was–been on them for years. And he got into
the line, and the Lord healed him. Oh, he was so happy. And he was a
shouting, going down the street with one crutch hanging over the other
one, testifying to everybody, down through Little Rock.
And the next night, he come back in the service, and he raised up, he
said, "Say, Brother Branham, I heard you say… I can't get this
straight." He said, "Now," he said, "when I heard you preaching, I was
sure you was a Nazarene." That's what he was. Said, "I was sure you was
a Nazarene." Said, "Then I seen all the Pentecostal people, and I said,
'No, he's Pentecost.' And here you say you're a Baptist." He said,
"I–I can't get that."
I said, "Oh, that's easy, dad." I said, "I'm a Pentecostal, Nazarene,
Baptist." So that's what I am. Yes, God loves us all. Through His Son,
we're all sons and daughters by being borned again in the Kingdom.

And so I was… Truly, I… That's… I was ordained in the Missionary
Baptist church, and haven't been ordained in any other church since.
But coming into Divine healing services, I make it a inter-evangelical,
just a interdenominational for everybody. Just…
God never questions in the line whether you're a Methodist, or Baptist,
or Catholic, or what you are. It's your faith you're healed by. By your
faith you're healed. And…
But I wouldn't want you to think now this is just exactly a Baptist
doctrine when I say that gifts and callings are without repentance. I
believe that they're foreordained will of God.

When I was a little boy… Today… That lady that made that picture of
the little cabin that I was borned in, that was very nice. And when I
was born, there was a supernatural Being came into the room, just about
the size of one of those lights there. It followed me all the days of
my life to this time. I didn't know what It was.
I… My people before me were Catholic. I'm Irish on both sides, father
and mother. And there's forgiveness for that. So I–I have… And
someone said, "You being Irish and from Kentucky too, oh, my, that
makes it awful." So I… But God had mercy to me, and He made a
Christian out of me by His Son Jesus Christ. And I'm so happy. And then
when I became a Christian…

When I was a little boy, before I was a Christian, This would come to
me, and would speak to me, and tell me things that were going to
happen. Well, It would scare me to death, nearly. I would be nervous
and trembly about it. But It would… It spoke to me the first in a
bush, just like a wind whirling in a bush. And It told me never to
drink, or to smoke, or defile my body, that there'd be a work for me to
And down through life, I've tried to live to be a gentleman. And I was
misunderstood. And even my father said I was a big sissy, because I
didn't drink like the rest of the Branhams, and–and so forth. But
there was something in my heart wouldn't let me drink. It was Christ.
And I have a idea. I may not be right on this. I think that God was
preserving this for His people, that they might benefit by it. I could
figure no other way, because by nature, I was the other way. So all my
people drink and so forth.
And just like if you plant a grain of corn, if it's a yellow grain of
corn, it'll produce yellow corn. See? But… Unless there's a
conversion made. And at this time, God did it.

And so then later on, It wou–it would come to me, and would speak to
me, and tell me things that were going to happen. Well I stayed away
from It. And after my conversion, my own church, in the Baptist church,
I took it up with some of the ministers and so forth. And they advised
me to stay away from it, and never have nothing to do with it, it's
wrong. "So, if anything comes to you," said, "we… Them days of–of
the supernatural… And that's on the other side." Said, "We live by
the Word."
And I read one day where the letter killeth, but the Spirit giveth
Life. So I tried to push away. I recognized it. Set down and tried to
consider it just in the best way that I could.
And I said, "Lord, if I've been wrong, forgive me."

And It came into the room and walked to me that time, a Man, somewhat
six foot tall, but of an olive looking complexion, dark hair to His
shoulders, weighing about two hundred pounds in human weight, and told
me that I was brought to this world to pray for sick people. If I'd get
them to believe and be sincere when I prayed, that nothing would stand
before the prayer.
I questioned the Man, a being poor for one thing, and I–uneducated.
And I said, "People would not believe me." I said, "I couldn't make
people believe me."
And He told me I'd pray for kings and monarchs, and so forth. I could
hardly believe that. A boy with a grammar school education, and to pray
for, and for kings and monarchs, I couldn't hardly believe it. Yet I
knew that It'd never told me nothing wrong. But He was standing near.
I'd heard the voice, and seen signs.

About twelve years ago, I was baptizing my first group after my–one of
my revivals at Jeffersonville, Indiana, where I lived at this time–my
home is, rather. And standing on the banks of the Ohio River where [–Ed.]
people had gathered out. And while I was baptizing… It was two
o'clock in the evening, on June. And the seventeenth candidate, I was
baptizing in water at the Ohio River at the foot of Spring Street. And
I heard Something speak, and I felt Something take a hold of me. And I
looked up. And when I did, coming down from glory came this whirl
coming down where I was at.
"Courier Journal Newspaper" packed an article of it, said, "A mystic
star appears over a local Baptist pastor while baptizing in the river."
They couldn't make out. Oh, up to probably ten thousand people saw It
as It moved down where I was at, and went back up in the skies. Come
right where I was and went back up into the sky. Well I… Many asked
me what It meant. And I said, "I do not know."

But then when this came, and He told me… This time He looked, He…
It was a Man. When I told Him that I was afraid people wouldn't believe
me, He said I'd be given two signs as the prophet Moses was given, to
vindicate, or to (other words) make plain to you people, or any people,
that I am telling the truth. See? That's it.
Now, man can say anything. But if God doesn't speak back that that's
true, then it isn't true. But if God testifies that it is truth, then I
would believe it. If God said so, I would believe it. Now, I want you
to believe that it's true.

And He told me I would know diseases by taking a hold of a person's
hand first. If I be reverent and–and go on, it would come to pass at a
certain time that I would be able then to know the things that people
done in their back life, and–and be able to tell them what would be
before them.
And then while I studied a moment, He referred to the Scriptures that I
many times do, about Jesus of Nazareth, knowing that He was
misunderstood, and let me know that I would be misunderstood. And I am
misunderstood by many. But I am very thankful that many have believed
the message. And Jesus was misunderstood.

There came someone to Him one time. Nathanael went and got his brother.
That's just where this Angel referred to. Or–or, Philip went and got
Nathanael. And when he came, Jesus said, "Behold, an Israelite indeed,
in whom there is no guile."
He said, "Whence knowest Thou me, Rabbi?"
He said, "Before Philip called you, when you were under the tree."
And watch his heart. Now, he could've backed off and said, "There's
some kind of a trick to this." He would've never received the blessing
that he did. But he said, "Thou art the Christ, the Son of God, the
King of Israel." And he fell down to worship Him, and he gave God
praise. His heart was ready to receive after Jesus had vindicated
Himself to him, that He was what He claimed to be.

Then a woman, one time came to Him at the well. And He talked to her a
little while to contact her spirit. And He spoke to her, saying, "Go
get your husband."
She said, "I have none."
He said, "You've said well; you had five, and the one you have now is not your husband."
Said, "I perceive that You're a prophet," and so forth. As she went and
told her people, "Come, see a Man Who told me everything I ever done."
She was little excited, He never told her all things, but He knew if…
Now watch this. She knew if Jesus knew that, He knew all things. See?
That's right. He knew all things. If He knew that, God could reveal to

Now if you'll notice, my dear Christian friend, fellow citizen of the
Kingdom of God, that Jesus testified while on earth, that He did
nothing in Himself, that He only did, what the Father showed Him, by
vision to do. Is that true? That's right. See? Only by what the Father
showed Him. See? He said, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can
do nothing in Himself; but what the Father showeth Him, that doeth the
Did you notice when Lazarus had died? Jesus… They sent for Him to
come pray for Lazarus. He didn't come; He just went on. Wonder why? He
had a vision that Lazarus had to die. So when He went on, if you'll
notice the Scriptures close: He goes on. They sent again. He never
came. And on… Then after He… He said after while, "Our friend
Lazarus sleepeth." Or he's dead; He told them in plain words. And so He
said, "But for your sake, I'm glad I wasn't there. But I go wake him."

Now, according to His words of Saint John 5:19, the Father had already
showed Him what was going to take place, because He said, "The Son can
do nothing but what the Father shows Him." Is that right? And at the
grave, watch His prayer. He said, "Take ye away the stone."
But if he's going to raise, why take away the stone? The women had something to do. You see? He said, "Take away the stone."
And He said, "Father, I thank Thee that Thou has already heard Me. But
I said it for these who stand around."Just a routine prayer, and
always–just to let you know. Then He called Lazarus from the–from the

Now, that same… And in our Master doing those things, and making
those predictions, and saying only what the Father showed Him. Only…
He knew where two mules was tied one time. He knew where there was an
upper room to be made ready and a man would be packing a pitcher.
Well, I've been accused of being a spiritualist. I've been accused of
being a medium. And somebody told me the other day that… said, "Do
you belong to…" Was there ever a group of people owned this church
called "I AM," or something like that?
Somebody asked me if I AM."
I said, "No, He IS, and I'm His servant." I said…
He said, "Aren't you holding a meeting up there were the I AM's was?"
I said, "I AM is still there." I AM, that's our Lord Jesus, our–our God, His Father. "I AM THAT I AM."

Now… that is misunderstood, dear Christian friend. By the grace of
God… I–I–I am not none of those. I'm–I'm your brother. I am your
brother. And I may not be blusterous, and can tear down and build up,
and shake down like some great powerful preacher. I don't claim to be.
And my timidness, I can't help that, that's the way God made me. I–I
just have to be what I am. That's all. And just is the way He wants me
to be, that's the way I have to be. And I only do as He says do. And…
First, that would hurt me…
One time at a meeting in Cleveland not long ago, there was a colored
man walked up, and said, "Can I get a prayer card to have my fortune
Oh, my! To me, that was… I–I pray that God wouldn't hold that
against the poor brother. He was drinking, but he–he… I ho… trust
the God won't… Remember, you could blaspheme the Holy Spirit there.
You see, see?

Although, friends, Satan has got something to pattern, or impersonate
anything God has. All the things that he has, he had to impersonate God
with it. But where there is a–a false, if–there's got to be a true
one somewhere for it to be made off of, or it wouldn't be false. Is
that right? If you had a bogus dollar, well there's got to be a–a real
dollar somewhere. Or if it isn't, that's the original (See?), and it
would not be bogus.
But Jesus was misunderstood too. He was crucified. They called Him
Beelzebub. And Beelzebub is a fortuneteller, or demon. Did you know
Beelzebub was a devil? The prince of the devils.
And they said His work, His–His doings where He could foretell things,
and see things that was coming to past, and "He cast out devils; it was
by the power of Beelzebub, who was the prince of the devils." They
knowed His power was way above all the prophets. They knowed He was on
a higher level than any of the prophets, for He knew and understood,
and the Father was with Him, and so forth as He claimed, and God was
confirming what Jesus was saying to be true. But the outside
ecclesiastical world, the religious world was the ones who said He is
Beelzebub. "He cast out devils through the prince of devils."

But did you notice, the devils when they met Him, they said, "We know
who You are. You're the Son of God." That's right. And they had to
recognize His authority.
Now, if they called the master of the house, Beelzebub, how much more
will they call those of His disciples? You see what I mean? And I–I
hope that I haven't given anyone an impression that I was here to try
to do wrong. I–I would rather go home and not try, than to try to be a
Someone was in the building the other night, had a great strong feeling
of that, that I was a deceiver. And so I knew it. And I told my son
about it. And today, a letter came in from a lady that's been…?… My
boy looked down, said, "Look at there, dad. Just what you…"
I said, "Sure. I knew it was coming (See?), 'cause He showed me it was
coming." I said, "He was there the other night." Did you hear me
speaking out, "I'm not a deceiver," to the man setting back there? I
knew he thought that, said I was a faker.
Well, if I'm a faker, come prove that I'm wrong. That–that's right.
See? I–I–I am nothing but a servant of–of the Lord. It's like you
are, that's a Christian. See? And I can do nothing within myself, only
what the Lord shows me, that I can do. I can't do no more than He shows
me to do. And in these visions, He shows me things that will come to
pass, shows me things that people has done.

For the first, about two years… or, a little over two years, about
three years, only way I could tell was when I held a person's hand and
it would show a strange look upon–on the hand. And perhaps God knew
that that was going to cause a little confusion.
Can I say something from my heart, if it's all right? See? There was so
many–some people went forth and had strange feelings in their hands
afterwards, you know. And they got the wrong impression, thinking you
heal people by some feeling that you had in your hand. Many would come
to me and say, "Brother Branham, feel and see if I got healing power."
No, I tell you now: you haven't. The only healing power there is lays
in Jesus Christ. That's right. That's all. That's all. The only thing
you can do, is point people to that. And that's all I can do, or anyone
else can do, is to point people to Jesus Christ Who has already healed
When He died at Calvary, He paid the supreme price. He paid… All the
redemptive blessings that He died for at Calvary, is already paid for
before God. The debt is fully paid. And you're excused before God.
You're taken out of the pawn shop. That's right. The only thing you
have to do, is accept faith in Christ, and walk out of the pawn shop.
That's all.

He's our Kinsman Redeemer. Isn't that right? That God was manifested in
the flesh to take our place, to be a Kinsman to us. As in the Book of
Ruth, and Exodus, and so forth, how it preaches–teaches there of how
the–we become kinsmen to God. And God came down and dwelt in His Son,
Christ Jesus, became Kinfolks to us. And He was our Kinsman Redeemer.
And a public testimony was to be made before Israel at–at the gates,
as Boaz kicked off his shoes to show that he had firmly redeemed Naomi.
And in redeeming Naomi, he got Ruth the bride.
And Jesus, when He redeemed Israel, He got the Gentile Bride. He made a
public testimony. He was lifted up between heavens and earth as a
Ensign, right outside the gates of Jerusalem. And there's where the
supreme price was paid. There's where we was redeemed. And all of our
inheritance was lost–our health, our strength, our salvation–all that
was lost back there in the fall, was redeemed at Calvary. There it is.

And my brother, sister, it isn't how graceful you can pray, or how much
penance you can do, it's your faith to believe that He's done it for
you. That brings you forth. That's right.
Every sinner is saved tonight in the sight of Jehovah God. But it'll
never do you any good until you accept it, and believe it, and confess
it. And then He's the High Priest of your confession to make it right
before God.
And any redemptive blessings… If you're weary… "He was wounded for
our transgressions, bruised for our iniquity; the chastisement of our
peace is upon Him; with His stripes we're healed." It's already done.
You just accept it.

Now, a minister can take the Word and explain it. I'm uneducated. I
do… know too much about the Word, only the plan of salvation and
things that God has revealed to me. It never come by seminary or
teachings; it came only by revelation of the Spirit. And what I know, I
know that God gave it to me. And then, knowing not too much about the
Word, He gave these other things that might be a confirmation to you
people that I'm telling you the truth.
And God knows of all the… I've preached before millions. But there's
never been a time that I've ever said that I had one thing to do with
it, it… All glory goes to Jesus Christ, the Son of God Who redeemed
you back there. And I only can speak and say as He speaks and says.
And I believe tonight, if I was leaving the building tonight to never
to return again, I believe you people would have to give a witness
that's been in the meetings, anywhere in the nation or out of the
nation, that knows that every time that the patient… When I set down
with a patient, no matter who they are, when or where.

Like the lady I met in the park the other day down here. She was coming
across the park. She'd come from Illinois, and she was very sick. And
she came across the park, and she said, "Oh, Brother Branham…" And
she started over there. And I set down by the side of her.
And there the Holy Spirit went back. And she may be present now. I
guess she is. And He went back and told her all down through her life,
setting there in the park (See?), and about…
You've never seen a time, any of you, but what It told just what was
the matter with the patient, and the things back in their life, what
has been. Is that right? And that's…
How many knows that's the truth? Now raise up your hands as a–as a
vindication that. See? Now, that doesn't heal. That's just an a
vindication (See?) that Jesus Christ is present.

And the last two nights, friends, we have just turned the people loose
on their own faith, and bring them through here. And I've just tried to
stand here and take the initiative side, and just… When the people
come, just keep from getting into–speaking to them, but just praying
for them and pass them through here. And God has worked marvelous
things for us. And I'm happy and thrilled over it, because I can meet
more people.
Usually taken them one-by-one, one-by-one. It takes so long to get into
the–to get a–the appropriate amount of people. But now, I'm getting
to a place where I can take fifty each night. And I believe before the
week, next week, I'm going to be doing a hundred or more each night. I
believe that God can…

And I want each one of you, when you come through here, regardless of
your condition, I want you to accept Jesus as your personal Healer, and
go out of here believing, testifying, claiming your healing before you
feel it or anything else.
Now, the elderly lady last night that was blind. They got the poor old
thing to the platform. Just as… Of course, the anointing was hitting
awfully hard. She was right in the first of the line. And I said, "Set
her down." I thought I could get to her in a few moments. I seen she
was blind, bumping into things. And–and they tried to set her down.
She come through. And I put my hands on her and blessed her. And as she
started on past, just as the Spirit turned her, it pulled me around. I
knew it was over then. There she was, received her sight.

Someone tell me she's setting back there reading and things like that
since, and how that God had blessed her. And how thankful we are. And
others who has been deaf, and some that were dumb, and all different
types of diseases has been healed in the meeting.
Now, we're expecting great things. I just happened to look at a little
lady setting here sick in a chair. Now, God be merciful to all.
Now, I want to read some Scripture right quick now, so we can get our
prayer line going. Are you ready to be prayed for? Have you believed
with all your heart? Oh, may God bless you.

Stranger in our gate, you may have not never seen the–the supernatural
discernment of diseases. I don't know what the Holy Spirit will do.
I… Maybe He will catch someone in the line, or someone ask me what's
wrong, or something like that in their life. They may be somebody
sinful pass across the platform. He may call me right there and stop it.
Usually, after they've been in the meeting and seen so many of the
things called out, they usually repent before they get to the platform,
and get ready; because many horrible things has been told to people,
and so forth, over the platform. And you're witnesses of those things.

Now, I want to read some Scripture right away so that if… My words
will fail. I'm a man. But these Words won't fail. This is God's Word,
It can't fail.
Now, how many in here have faith in Jesus, let's see your hands? Oh,
wonderful. All right. How many believes He's the same today as He was
yesterday and every day? Oh, that's fine. I want… Now, that's your
Now, I want to show you what else I want you to have tonight. The 14th
verse of the 2nd chapter of Saint James. And I will read even the 26th
inclusive. Listen close to the reading now.

What does it profit, my brethren, though a man say that he has faith, and have not works? can faith save him?… (It
can't. If you believe God will save you, you've got to believe it and
then confess it that He has done it, before it will come… And then it
works righteousness. You see?)

If a brother or sister be naked, and–and destitute of daily food,

And one of you say unto them, Depart in
peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them those
things which are needful to the body; what does it profit?

Even so faith, if it has not works, it's dead, being alone.

Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I
have works: show me thy faith without thy works, and I'll show thee my
faith by my works.

Thou believest there is one God; thou believest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.

But will thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?

What… Was not Abraham our father justified by works, when he had offered Isaac his son upon the altar?

Seest thou how faith wrought with works, and by works was faith made perfect?

And the scriptures was fulfilled which saith,
Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness:
and he was called the Friend of God.

Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only.

Likewise also was not Rahab the harlot
justified by works, when she had received the messengers, and had sent
them out another way?… (Now, the last verse, listen closely.)

For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

Now, all you with faith, and you're afraid to put it to work, it won't
do any good. Why not–why not just lay aside everything that's unlike
faith. Believe and act on what you believe; not what you–what you
feel, or what the senses bear witness of, but what your faith bears
witness of. Is that right? You have faith in God, and then act like you
have faith in God.
Now, if Abraham says, "I got faith in God," but was afraid to offer his
son Isaac, then his faith was no good. Paul justified Abraham by faith.
Paul was talking about what God seen in Abraham. But James justified
him by works. James was talking about what man seen in Abraham. See?
God sees your faith; man sees your works.
And if you say you have faith and are afraid to step out and make works
out of it, then it don't do no good. It will never do you any good.
You've got to believe it. You've got to accept it, and you've got to
act like it, haven't you?

Now then, you think it was a easy thing for me to come when that Angel
came to me. And nothing like that, as I knowed of, since the days of
the apostles, had ever happened. For me to step out before thousands,
and sometimes as many as twenty-five and thirty thousand people in a
single meeting, and say… and make a challenge of that type, when
there sets "Look, Life, Times, Colliers," critics, doctors and
everything trying to find one flaw with it. You think that was easy?
But brother and sister, I believe God, just what He told me, and it would be that way.
And when I stood there and said kings and monarchs of the country will
be calling for me to pray for them, was that… I believed it because
He told me so.
And the greatest king in the world sent me cablegrams to go pray for
him, with King George of England, and different ones like that. And
great men all over the country…

Here, there was a great man right here, setting here that wore crutches
for a long time, the congressman of the United States Congress, setting
here Mr. Upshaw set here, was a crippled for many many years, sixty-six
years, injured. And here he is tonight without his crutches, without
his chair, without anything, walking just as normally. The Holy Spirit
is true. God does…
That's him with his hands up. If some of you have never seen him,
that's him here. How many ever seen–never seen Congressman Upshaw, the
congressman? Let's see you raise your hands.
Well, he was a invalid for sixty-six years. He fell. And while standing
here on the platform, when I walked up… Eternal God, Who is my Judge,
knows I never seen or heard of the man in my life, not know him. I'm
uneducated. If I'd had any education, I would've knowed this man. If
I'd been in libraries and read books, and… He run for president, I
think, in 1926. And he… And a great man from Georgia, but I never
knew him.

And one night, I walked into the platform here. Mr. Baxter had just
left the platform. I looked, hanging right out here, and I seen the
White House, seen all about it. Begin to speak, and I couldn't tell.
And I told Mr. Baxter. In a few moments, It fell and I seen where the
man was setting. I seen it was him, seen him get hurt when he was just
a little boy. And he'd been a crippled for all…
And I started to leave and the Spirit of God begin to fall. And a woman
had raised out of a wheelchair, and some more things had taken place
where the Holy Spirit revealing to them.
And as I started, Mr. Kopp here, the… Brother Kopp, the pastor run up
there. And I said, "Go tell the congressman that God has healed him. I
seen him, going walking away."
Here he… Would you stand up, congressman, just so the people could
see you? Here he is. The–the congressman of the United States of
America that was a crippled for sixty-six years. Let us say, "Bless the
Lord." God bless you, my brother.
And they could say nothing evil of it, for the man stood with them that
had been laying at the gate for forty years. And this man was sixty-six
years an invalid. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and

How did Mr. Upshaw… I never seen him in my life. I knowed nothing of
him. How'd I know he was a congressman and who he was? But the Holy
Spirit revealed it here at the platform. See? He revealed it. His…
Makes His secrets known… Now, that's nothing to do with me. See? I…
Just happened to be that I was born for that purpose. See?
Just like the pool and the water of Bethesda. It couldn't say, "Look
what a great water I am." For when the Angel went off of the water, it
was just water. Is that right? That's right.
Now, I'm just your brother, by the grace of God. But when the Angel of
the Lord moves down, It becomes then a Voice of God to you. Maybe it…
If I offended you by saying that, forgive me. But I felt that might
been resented. But I am God's Voice to you. See? I say that again. That
time was under inspiration. See? And I–I felt bad about the first
time, but It repeated it.
Now see, I can say nothing in myself. But what He shows me, I say it.
You believe it and watch what happens. See, He did. After setting in
great meetings…

Now, looky here. Mr. Upshaw here sets under Mr. Freeman's preaching.
And Mr. Freeman, oh, my, is probably a powerful man in Scriptures. I do
not know Brother Freeman, only just by seeing his picture. But no
doubt, he's a wonderful man of God. And Oral Roberts, my, he's… I
know Oral. And Oral's a wonderful man of God, a great preacher. And
Brother Ogilvie, I've met him twice, a wonderful man.
And Brother Upshaw set there and those men praying for him. But what
happened? It happened to be just the season. And then when it come
along, and he seen the–the supernatural moving… See? Isn't it
And God sends His Word, then He sends something to confirm that, to
back it up. You see? So we have all of it. And we ought to be thankful
for it, don't you think so?

Now, he said in his testimony, he said he believed that I had… The
Word of the Lord was speaking through me. So down went his crutches and
things, and away he went, normally and whole. See?
I would not have told that man that if first I did not know that God
had told me so. See? That's right. And I'll try to be honest with every
one that I know how to be. And I… If there's…
Jesus said, "Whatsoever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven.
Whatsoever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." Now, we can
do that as the Father permits. Now, may the Lord Jesus bless you.

And now, to some of you that's strangers here, if the Spirit of the
Lord, which is present… If He does not detect or say anything
concerning the audience, why… or–or tonight, or anyone in the line,
it–it's vindicated already by these people that it's true, because
tonight… each day…
Today I haven't. I've just tried to stay happy, and–and pray, and, you
know, and–and walk around, and rejoice. When I get under the
anointing, I lose… I'm losing on the average about two pounds a day
when the–when the–when you're under that anointing. I've lost, I
believe, six pounds I think it was, or something, since I've been in
this meeting.
So today I've just tried to relax myself, and just go out. It's
something that does to me, that takes the human part away. And
therefore, we know you couldn't live very long like that.
And now, you pray, and I'll pray. And then when we line the people up
for the prayer line, God, I'm sure, will hear prayer and answer.

Shall we bow our heads. Dear heavenly Father, I am very thankful
tonight to have this privilege of being numbered among this group of
Christians–this group of God's saved people, sons and daughters of
God, that's on their road tonight to that great happy region beyond the
stars, beyond all sickness, trouble. I'm so thankful, Lord, that by the
grace of Christ, that You called me to be their brother. How thankful I
And now, dear Father, I am very thankful that Thou has so witnessed to
the people since the beginning, and the things that You've permitted
Your poor illiterate servant to say, that–showing that it was You
speaking and not a poor unlearned person. That You've brought it to
pass, that great men and kings of the earth… And I believe that more
is still coming.

And now, Father, it's my privilege to be here in California tonight
where great services are going on everywhere. Your servant, Brother
Freeman, is down at the corner there. You know where he's at, for
You're with him. And I pray that You'll heal many down there tonight.
Grant, Lord, that many of those poor people… Many of our colored
friends are in there. God, I pray that You'll bless them and heal them
tonight. May it be a great night. And we hear over at the Temple,
the… [–Ed.] where Your servant, Mrs. McPherson… [–Ed.]
Touch every one tonight of those poor sick people that comes in to be delivered… [–Ed.]
Grant it, Lord. And all over the world, remember all Your children
tonight. Heal them, Father. Bless every minister and every one of Your
handsmaids, and those who are trying to put forth an effort to–to get
something done for You in this great harvest field. Bless them all.

And then, Father, remember us tonight here in this little group
tonight. We pray that many will be healed, many will be saved, many
will be convinced of Your Presence, Lord. And may all of us, with Thy
servant included, and all the ministers, and all of us here, will go
from the threshold of this house tonight a better Christian than we
were when we entered, with more faith in You, and more love for You,
Father. Grant it, these kind blessing.
And if it be Thy Divine will tonight, Lord, that if there be some come
across the platform who are crippled, and it be Your will, which I
believe it is, to give healing to them immediately in the form of a
miracle–spontaneously, that the people out in the audience might see
and believe with great faith, I pray that it'll be so, Lord. But
howbeit, if not, when we ask You, we believe that we receive what we
ask for.

And Father, I pray that You'll give them great faith, that they will
not be disappointed, but will go from here happy, rejoicing, looking
for it at any time, trying every minute of their life to walk better,
or to–to see, or whatever might be their trouble.
And if it be Your Divine will to reveal the secrets of the hearts of
any of them, that's caused them to be in this condition, speak to Your
humble servant, Lord. Behold, I stand trusting that the Blood of Christ
will cleanse me from all my sins, that I'll be a channel that You can
speak through this night to Your people. Hear my prayer, Father, as I
ask it with all the sincerity of my heart, in the Name of Thy Son,
Jesus. Amen.

Now, beloved Christian friends, I want all of you out there to be in
prayer with me. All of you, many of you probably will not be in the
prayer line and–that wants to be in the prayer line. I–I wish I–I
As the faith keeps building up, I believe we're going to try a hundred
maybe tomorrow night, if the Lord willing. And then if we can go on for
a hundred, if there's not too much of the discernment, then I can make
it all right. You see? But I… In–in that, when it comes up, there's
just many things…
Now, when he starts playing that music right there, I can begin to feel It coming down. There It is. See?
Look, Christian friend. I don't know where they–one of those pictures
are. But you've seen it, all of you. Have you… Most all of you seen
the picture of It. It's back there at the counter. It's been proved by
the scientific world that It was an Angel of God by the best examiners
America has, the FBI.

Now, He's here now at the platform. It–it is true, dear friend. I
don't know how to make you believe it, but it–it is true. And if you
will not look at the man, your brother, but if you will look to what
I'm speaking about, the Lord Jesus, and His healing Angel at the
Do you believe God has Angels of healing commissioned. What was it on
the brass serpent then? What was it on the water of the pool of
Bethesda if it wasn't an Angel came from heaven down. See, see? I'm not
God's gift. The Angel is God's gift. It came out of heaven. I came from
the earth, and He came from heaven down to enshroud, or inclothe an
earthly vessel to speak to earthly people (You see?) that–that
they–you would believe on Him; not on me, on Him what I'm talking of.
And by doing so, God will heal you.

Let's call our prayer line now. What–what–what numbers–or, letters
and numbers did you give out, son? 51 to a 100. And what's that letter?
U. Still in U. All right. 51 to a 100. Now, let's see. How many…
Let's see, is 51 prayer card here? Somebody raise up a… Just raise up
your hand's got 51 prayer card. Right there, 51 prayer card? Is 52
here? All right. 53 here? Now, that–that's the way to come. Now,
that's the way just to–to bring them out. Now, I could…
If you want to, we could bring those people up here, and God would just
tell exactly what was wrong with them, or I could call one out of the
audience, or somebody without a prayer card. The anointing's here. The
anointing of the Holy Spirit is here present now to heal.
Now, how many… Now, call… Let's see, how many's here… Why, we could call the whole group at once.

You all have faith. Now, remember, you that's coming, you get right
here. And when you pass here, you believe you're going to be healed.
And the rest of you, be seated just for a little.
And the lady in the–the cot, you got a prayer card too, sister? Have you? Huh?
Just a moment. My son has just told me. Now, them with the cots and
wheelchairs and things that's going to be called in the prayer line, if
you'll line up right down here when I–we call your number, I'll come
down pray for you. You won't have to even bring you to the platform if
you don't want to come. Or if they want to lift you up… I see the
little lady here's got a–a… Look like she's setting in a chair.

Now, 53? 54? 55? 56, 57, 58, 59, 60? You line right up along here,
right in–in numerical order just the way you are. All right. All
right, 60? Is that about…
All right, just a moment. I believe there's something wrong somewhere.
Oh, it's someone to get… The little girl, is she… Wait just a
moment. What… Is someone to pack her over there? Just let the little
thing set there.
You got a prayer card, honey? You've got a right to be prayed for. Just a moment. Leave her set there in that seat.

What do you think about this, sweetheart? Do you believe this is truth?
What do you think that strange feeling that's coming over you now is?
That's the Holy Spirit, isn't it? You believe that, do you, honey? You
believe what Brother Branham has told is the truth, that the Angel of
God sent me to know these things? You believe that? I see
you're–you're crippled or something. I believe you have one limb
amputated. Is that right? Is that right? Yes, that's… I don't know
you, do I, honey? A brother walk in there, and see, it broke kind of
Now, just a minute. Now, everybody be reverent again just a second.
Now, look this way again, honey. I just want to contact. See, there's
many people out there trying to believe, and that's… Now, yes,
uh-huh. You have a… you've… A cancer did that, didn't it, honey?
Isn't that… You take… and amputated your leg. Still in your system,
still going through. Isn't that right? I'm going to pray for you right
now, honey.
Our heavenly Father, that poor little girl setting there, I believe
You're going to let her live, dear God. Have mercy upon the child,
lovely little thing. Grant her healing just now. I pray this blessing
in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Amen.
God bless you, honey. Are you believe you're going to get all right
now? You believe? You accept it now? God bless you; that's fine. You
are. That's right. He met you.

What you say? Oh. Oh, all right. 51 to a 100, line up. From 51 to 100,
line up over that way. Everyone be just as reverent as you can, believe
with all your heart.
What was the… [A brother comments on the little girl's card–Ed.]
Oh, yes, I seen it. That doesn't heal, it just… But I do believe with
all my heart… I couldn't see. The people was moving so, I'm going to
get closer to the girl before… I believe I… What…
When you're healed, I see a white Light. That same Light goes around
and just blesses. It's like a blessing. I see It, and I believe the
little girl's going to be all right. I believe she's all right, sister.
See? I believe you have nothing to worry about, honey. You're going to
get well.

All right. Now, everyone… Now, they're kinda maybe a little… Now,
the ushers will see that they come kinda in numerical order, 'cause I
don't know just how that these things will be. I just have to–to… as
the Lord moves on…
Now, Everybody reverent now. Now, how many is back there in the prayer
line now is going to believe with all your heart that–that
you're–that you're going to be made well. Believe it with all your
heart, that you're going to get well. Do you now commit yourself to the
Lord Jesus and say, "I now accept You, my heavenly Father, as my
Healer. And by Your grace tonight, no matter what happens, when I am
coming through that prayer line, I accept Your blessings. And I believe
that when hands are laid upon me that I'll get well. I'll never have a
negative testimony no more. I'm going to believe the Lord"? Will you
raise your hands, say, "I believe that, and I now confess that"? God
bless you.

Now, someone said one time to me–not to me, but to another brother,
a–a minister con–attacked him, said, "Oh, that's a shame. He tells
the people though go believe before anything's happened."
How are you going to be healed except it's by faith? Abraham believed
God, that He was going to let him have a child by Sarah; and it never
happened for twenty-five years. And he growed stronger all the time,
believing it was going to happen. And we're the children of Abraham. Is
that right?
All right. Now, everyone just as reverent as you can be. Now, maybe
that the Holy Spirit… Just a moment. Now, maybe It will give just
a–a little of discernment till I can get under the deep anointing,
just for a moment. And–and then… So the people can come through. And
I believe if they'll come through and just believe, like stepping into
the pool of water. As the Angel of the Lord is here at the platform,
and He will do it.
Now, let's pray. Father, You know all things; I know nothing. But
we–we pray that You'll come now in a great visitation, and bless Your
people, and speak to them, Lord, just now, and heal them. And may You
give a manifestation that You're here and are–as with Your servant.
Grant it, Lord. And may each one be healed in Jesus Christ's Name.
Amen. Amen.
All right, be in prayer now. And if you will…

Now, you bring the… your patient. Now, just a moment. Now, I don't
know just exactly what. Howdy do, lady. I was kinda getting this up so
that the patients coming through, you know, why, they would–they would
be able to–to hear… I mean the people out there would hear the
patient (You see?) is what I mean.
And you have… You come to be prayed for. And you're perhaps wanting
to know a little something about yourself, because that I–I–I feel
that there it's something that you're desiring to know: your–your
You're nervous, aren't you? Extremely nervous. And haven't you lost
quite a bit of weight too? I see a lady standing before me that's much
heavier than you. And say, aren't you a minister, or something like
that of the Word? Don't you teach, or something there like? Yes, that's
what I thought you were. Uh–huh. Do you believe now? You're all
tightened up all the time.
What it is, is you've put yourself in a strain. You've been through
quite a bit of strain anyhow. You started worrying not long ago, and
looked like something happened to you that you got to–just all
tightened up. Now, that is nothing but the devil trying to hinder you.
Now, it's Satan trying to curse you and throw that before you. And
as… You mustn't accept it. You must throw it down and–and believe
now. Is that the truth? Well, come here just a moment.
O Father, I thank Thee for Thy mercies and kindness. And I pray Thee to heal our dear sister just now.
Thou demon, leave the woman. Come out from her. In the Name of Jesus Christ, leave her.
Now, looky here, sister. You accept it now? All right. Go rejoicing and happy, and get into the work of the Lord.

E-58 Let us say, "Praise the Lord." Now, the lady… The lady's going to get all right. Now, she'll be all right.
Now, just a moment. Now, standing here to my side stands Someone else. Now, everyone just…
Come here, sir. [The brother asks a question.–Ed.] Sir? [The brother asks, "What's wrong with me?"–Ed.]
Well now, if you'll just look this a way and believe me as God's
servant… Now, we're–we're strangers in–in this life's journey. I–I
do not know you, my brother, no more than you're just standing there.
And I perceive that when you walked up, there's a welcome spirit. And
you're suffering too. That's right. And you–you have a stomach
trouble, isn't it? Yes, sir, that's right. You're suffering. I see food
come before you and then go away, so I know. Say, aren't you a minister
too? You're a minister of the Gospel also. Isn't that right? Yes, sir.
And–and you're–you're a believer, aren't you, brother. And you want
to be healed, don't you? You come here just a minute now, brother.
Our heavenly Father, I hold my hands on a… Your servant tonight,
Lord. And the Bible has said that if they lay hands on the sick they
shall recover.
Satan, turn this man loose. You're trying to bind him. In the Name of Jesus Christ, leave the man.

Now, my brother, what has caused your stomach trouble has been
something similar like the lady that just passed. It's a nervous
condition. You've been nervous for quite awhile. And lately, it's been
worse than ever. Isn't that right? Yes sir. And then you've had lots of
trouble that's caused this and so forth.
Now, you go right on. I told you the truth. Is that right? You're a
minister. Raise up your hand if that's true. That–that is true. All
right. Now you… No way of me knowing that only through Jesus Christ.
Is that right? You feel… Now, being a–a Gospel minister there, you
feel that there's something strange right here, or a feeling of–of
love, and like… Is that right? Now, so the people will see that
that's right, raise your hand.

Now… Now, that is the Angel of the Lord that this minister is a
witness, what He spoke to him. Now, what more is this, the Spirit of
the Lord. God in heaven knows I know nothing of the man no more than…
But standing here at the platform just now, as he walked up, I felt a
welcome spirit. I said, "You're a Christian believer." Now, that's the
same Spirit that said through our Master to Nathanael, "Behold, an
Israelite indeed, a believer, an Israelite in who…"
And he said, "Whence knowest Thou me?"
And here, I seen him, his trouble, his things and stomach condition and
so forth, what was right. He feels the witness of the Spirit. Is that
the same Spirit that the Lord Jesus Christ promised us that would be
here in the last days?
God bless you, my brother. Go and you're going to be a well man. And God bless you and be…
Let us say, "Praise the Lord." Everybody. And believe with all your heart that God is here to make well all those who believe.

All right, come now, sister. What would you say if I told you you were
healed setting there in that chair. You are, sister. Go on your road
and rejoice and be healed. Amen.
Now, that the audience might understand, some of the people… I want
some of you without any prayer cards out there to look this a way. I
want you to believe.
The little sister that just passed by there, and been suffering with
that diabetes and stuff, she's going to be all right now…?…
Now, just a… have faith. Now, wait. A lady is looking at me here on a
cot. Now, lady, I want to contact you by just talking to you. You have
no prayer card. And you're stranger, and I don't know you. But you're
suffering with a arthritis. Isn't that right? It's got you crippled up
too. Isn't that right? And now, if you will believe with all your
heart… And when God's miracles, or things begin to happen on the
platform… If I was in your place, I believe I would say, "Jesus
Christ, I accept You now."
There's a man's here pulling right across the lady setting here in a wheelchair, that I can't see what's a happening.
But I–I believe if you just accept Him with all your heart, God would
unbind you, and you could get up and go out of the building and be a
well person. Now, think of that. You're trying to have faith, aren't
you? You're trying to have. You have a desire in your heart too, don't
you? I see a close walk with God, to walk closer than… by Him. I see
that above you. A shadow like pulls around above you.

Somebody else just made a… Just a moment now. The Spirit of God is
moving. I believe it's the lady setting right… or the man, either,
right here just… No, I believe it's the lady back there on that seat.
There's something wrong. Blood, isn't it, sister? Ain't you anemia or
some… Yeah, right there. Isn't that right? Stand up on your feet.
Jesus Christ makes you well. That… Amen. The lady right… Yes.
There's another one right behind her too. That's right. Stand up, lady. That's right. You're going to get over that.
Now, wait a minute. The lady, your friend setting there by you, cancer
case. All right. Stand up, sister. The Lord Jesus will make you well of
that cancer if you just believe. Amen.
Now, everyone reverent as you can be now. All right, sonny boy, bring the lady.

Are you a believer, sister? You believe the Holy Spirit is here now?
You believe that this what you feel is Him? I–I bless thee, my sister,
for your healing in the Name of Jesus Christ. Go and be well. God bless
Have faith now, every one believe with all your heart.
Now, little sister, how are you feeling about it this afternoon? Are
you a believer? You believe that–that God sent me to do this for you?
You–you truly believe it with all your heart? You do? What would you
think if I could be able, not knowing nothing about you, tell you
what's wrong with you? It would be wonderful, wouldn't it?
Now, look. So that you will know this to be sure, you've been this way
for quite awhile, haven't you. That's right. Since small. And of course
now, your eyes is astigmatism, what's causing that. Your eyes are not
very good sight. That's one thing is wrong with you. That's not all.
Then you also… I see that–that you've never satisfied yourself in
the way that you've tried to serve God. You've always wanted a deeper
walk with God, because I see a shadow following your path. You're
suffering with a heart trouble, too (Isn't that right?) that's
bothering you. Isn't that right? Now, what if… Is that the truth?
Have I told you the truth?

Now, will you accept my word as God's servant? If that… If I know
what has been in your life, do I know what will be in your life? Will
you now say before God that you take Him for your Healer, and will go
along with your head up, and rejoice, and praise God, and live as close
to Him as you can, and be a well woman? Would you like to do that? Come
Our heavenly Father, I bless this young lady. Take away all the things.
She's pressing hard, Lord, towards that goal there, trying to get
there. Satan's determined to send her to a premature grave. But You're
here to heal her. I bless her, Lord, that this heart trouble will leave
her, and she'll be a–a well woman in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Now, you believe it? All right. You may even remove your glasses, sister, and go off the platform and be well. Bless you.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." Everyone.

All right, come. Now, it's her hearing. I see that now in your… It's
your eyes are very bad. You're going blind. And you believe that God
will make you well? With all your heart? See, somebody's standing
there, crossed me up then. I happened to catch it just before it got
into there. I see what…
Now, you're going blind. And Jesus Christ is here to give you your
sight, mother. Do you believe that? With all your heart? Now, mother,
you may be a little aged, but God loves you. When I hold your hand, I
think of my own dear mother at home tonight, is praying for me. She
does every night. And one of the greatest mother day blessings you
could receive right now, outside of your–your salvation, which you
have, that you would be–to be able to see good and get around again.
Wouldn't that be wonderful? Now, mother dear, I–I know that one of
these days, that you and I are to stand before our Lord Jesus. Now, I'm
going to ask Him to heal you. And you believe that what I have told
about Him is the truth. And I want you to bow your head now.

My Father, as a dear mother leans her head on my shoulder, weeping,
blind. Satan has did this evil to her. Nerves give away in her eyes,
and she's gone blind. But Thou art here to restore her sight, Father.
She's standing so humbly and submissive tonight. I'm thinking of Sarah
of old, and thinking of blind Bartimaeus at the gate, the man that You
spit on clay and anointed his eyes. And now, Father, if You were here
tonight in a body of flesh setting among us, she'd run, lean her head
over on Your shoulder. You'd bless her, dear Father. And I know my…
I'm a very poor substitute. But dear God, if You were looking for
righteousness, where would it be found? So Father, I bless her, that
You'll give her her sight again. In the Name of Thy Son Jesus, may this
blind spirit leave this aged mother, and may she be able to see now in
the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Now, mother, I want you to look here to me. You see me? You see me
good? I want you to put your finger on my nose, just so that you'll
know that… Can you see my fingers? All right, could you see my
fingers now? You can see them? How many have I up? Well, how many now?
There you are, mother. You have your sight.
What has happened, Satan, a blind spirit… Now, the Bible said when
the deaf and dumb spirit… Now, the doctor would say it was–it was
your ear drums went dead, or your eyes went dead, the nerves, you know.
But listen. What it is, the only thing he says the nerve went dead. But
what made it die? There was something taking a hold of it
supernaturally. It didn't die all over your body. It just died there.
All right. Now, if I had a transparent band around my hand, holding it
like that, it'd shut the circulation off. See? Well then, all the salve
I put on the fingers wouldn't help it. The thing to do is get this
loose so nature can flow again. Is that right?
Well, the energy of the–the sight, the optical nerve, wasn't flowing
in your eye because a supernatural being, a demon, a blind spirit had
caught your nerve and holding it. See? Now, he's gone. That's the
reason you can see better.
You're going to be all right. Can you see good now all right? She says
she sees well now. God bless you, my mother. Go off the platform by
yourself, rejoicing and praising God. Let us say, "Praise be to God."

Howdy do, sister. Come forward. You want to be healed of your eyes
also, don't you. Do you believe God? If He could make that woman who
was almost plumb blind, and that one last night totally blind, can He
give you your sight, sister? Now, what I want you to do, is to believe
that This which is near now is to bless you. Now, if you will believe
with all your heart that God will do it, He will flow right down to you
and heal you, and bless you, and take that away from you.
Your eyes are–are going bad. They're getting worse constantly. Isn't
that right? That same thing. It's a power of the devil, sister, that's
shutting off… Doctors can do no more about it, because (See?),
it's–it's over; he's even said so. Now, when that… It's just
shutting off the nerve there, the optical nerve. The energy won't flow
through it no more.
Now, the nerve's not shut off in your hand, or–or not nowhere else.
It's in your eye. If it was in your ears, then you couldn't hear. Now,
the doctor would say the nerve is dead. Course, he just works on the
five senses. But Jesus said, "When the deaf spirit went out of the
man"–the deaf spirit. "When the blind spirit went out of the man."
See? He… It's a spirit, supernatural.
Now, do you believe, that upon the authority of God's Word, that I have
been sent here to pray a prayer of faith for you that'll cast that
spirit away from you, and you'll get well? Come forward, my sister.

O God, think, a white cane in her hand on the street. This is the hour.
O God, seeing a vision there that they'd turned her down and nothing
can be done. But Thou can heal her.
Satan, leave the woman. Thou blind spirit, come out of her in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
You believe now? Why, remove your glasses and go on. Uh, huh.
There she goes without her glasses. And she was… All right. Everyone come forward now. Everyone believe with all your heart.

Howdy do, sister. I see you're wearing glasses also. Yes, ma'am. Now,
we'll… Now, I want you to–to look to–at me. Now, we're strangers,
aren't we, sister. I'm not trying, just enough till I can see what's
wrong with you, and then we'll go right ahead. Now, I want to–to–to
speak to you just enough to contact.
No, but it's not your eyes that you're interested in. You have
arthritis, don't you? Isn't that right? All right. I want you to come
here just a moment.
Our heavenly Father, Satan has bound our sister, but Thou art here to deliver her.
Turn her loose, Satan. In the Name of Jesus Christ, come out from the woman.
Now, will you obey me as God's servant? Raise up your hands in the Name
of the Lord Jesus. Stomp your feet up-and-down like this. The arthritis
has gone. You… Amen. Now…
She is not stiff no more by arthritis. God has healed her from it. Not
only that, but her eyes also is healed, which was astigmatism. It's
gone from… Cataracts behind the eye. Now, everyone be reverent and
believe with all your heart. Have faith in God, and God shall bring it
to pass.

All right, bring the lady now. All right. Howdy do, sister. I–I see
you're reading a–a paper here, been of the congressman's testimony in
there. That was wonderful, wasn't it, mother? It's very fine.
Yes, ma'am. You have several things wrong with you Isn't that right? A
kidney trouble's been bothering you for time, an old female order and
stuff. And then you have arthritis also, don't you, sister? I see you
trying to get out of a bed at morning. You get stiffed over the night.
Isn't that right? That's right.
Raise up your hands. Jesus Christ makes you whole right now, sister.
Let… Step your feet up-and-down like this. Stomp them up. Don't be
afraid. Move your feet up-and-down like that. You can receive your…
That's right, mother. Go off the platform saying, "Thank You, dear
Jesus." It's over.
Let us say, "Praise be to God." Our sister's healed. That's right. Now, everyone reverent as you come.

All right, just a moment. Let me have this one more, if you will, under
the discernment. That's what you wanted me to say anyhow. You were
wondering. Now, don't be nervous. You see, you have been nervous for
some time. Now, this that you feel now, sister, It's nothing to harm
you. It's something to help you. See? It's something that'll help you.
It's the Angel of God. It frightens your–your soul, of course.
Now, you're extremely nervous, aren't you? You've had that since
you've–coming out of the menopause now. You've been in it for some
time. Isn't that right? Exactly right. Get real weary feelings come
over you. Isn't that true? And another thing, have you got sugar
diabetes too, in your blood? Is that true? That is right. All right, a
kidney trouble that's been bothering you. It's sore and tired. In the
evening late, you go set down in a chair to take… Isn't that right?
God bless you, mother. Go off the platform and be well in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
Let us say, "Praise the Lord." All right. Everyone reverent. Now, just a minute… [–Ed.]

…?… Like over this audience now. It just looks like kind of a milky
looking, kind of like a creamy look is hanging in the building. Why,
It's the Holy Spirit. And–and friends, It's just all over you. And
It… If… You can be healed if you'd just believe it. Now, if I can,
if God help me, I'm going to try to pray for the audience.
And I see we got some people down here in the wheelchairs. I'm going to
come down and pray for you. Now, don't let me get too weak before I get
to those people in the chairs.
Now. And now, sister, while you're there on the cot, try… I'm trying
to see you if I possibly can. I don't know what's happened, there's
two–in between here (See?), it's got me shut off. Now, try to believe
with all your heart.
And you there with the crutches, my brother, in the chair, have faith now. Believe with all your heart.

Now, will everyone help me pray for these people while we pray. Father,
bless our dear sister tonight; and may she be healed now, and leave
this building well in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Come away from here. If you…?… Howdy do, little sister. Oh, my,
I… What's… You know what's your… You want me to tell you your
trouble? Is curvature of the spine. Isn't that right? All right. God
bless this poor little girl, and may she get well in the Name of Jesus
Oh, God bless this little girl, Father. I pray that You'll heal her and
make her well in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. You believe she'll be
all right?
Come, sister. Father, I pray that You'll bless our sister, and make her well. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I ask it. Amen. [–Ed.] God bless you, sister.
All right. Come, lady. Father, I pray that You'll bless our sister and
make her well as I bless her in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Howdy do, sister. Yes, you–you have faith, don't you. You believe that
the arthritis has left you, sister, already. You can praise Him for it.
All right. You likewise, sister. Go, believing now with all your heart and receive it in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Everyone believe with all your heart. All right. Do you believe it'll
leave him if I ask? In the Name of Jesus Christ, may the little fellow
be healed, and mother also. Go now, he's going to get well. The
trouble's going to leave him. He will be…
All right. In the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, I ask for the healing of my sister in Jesus' Name. God bless you, sister dear.
Do you believe, sister, with all your heart? In the Name of the Jesus Christ, I ask for her to be healed.
Now, that… Come, sister. You believe Him with all your heart? All
right. If you will, God will let you get over the heart trouble. In the
Name of Jesus Christ, I ask…?… Amen.
You believe, my brother? O God, I bless my brother for the healing of
his body in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Amen.
You believe now, brother, with all your heart? Something happened. I
must tell you this. See? 'Cause you–you can't get over it 'less–'less
I tell you. And if I tell you, you accept me as God's prophet? You have
something you're hanging onto, that you don't give up (Isn't that
right?), a habit that you have that you must give up before it…
Exactly. Go. God bless you.

All right. Will you believe, my sister? In the Name of Jesus Christ, I
bless you, sister, for your healing. And go believing now, and you
shall have your healing.
All right. Do you believe, my sister? So many things–weary, premature
menopause, arthritis, and just also… Isn't that right, so bad. Go and
be healed, sister, in the Name of our Lord Jesus.
All right. Come, sister dear. Heavenly Father, bless our sister and heal her just now. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I ask it.
All right. Are you believing, sister? In the Name of Jesus Christ, I
bless thee for thy healing. Go, rejoice now, saying, "Thank You, Lord
All right. You believe now, sister? In the Name of Jesus Christ, I ask
Him to heal you just now and be made well. Go say, "Thank You, Lord."
Now, audience… People, you–you go to thanking God as soon as you
leave here. Say, "Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Lord." Everybody

E-78 Now, you believe, sister? In the Name of the Lord Jesus, heal our sister for Your glory. Amen.
right. Now, sister, what do you think about it? Do you believe with all
your heart? Just a moment. It's kind of talking there, kind of shaking
me a little. Look this a way just a moment. I see something strange
working on you, that… You're a little scary, aren't you? You're…
Well, what it is, is the time of life that you're in. You have a female
disorder. So now, I want you to go and be healed in the Name of Jesus
All right. All right. Do you believe, sister? In the Name of Jesus
Christ, I ask for your healing. Grant it, Lord. Now, go rejoicing,
being happy.
All right. Do you believe, sister? Would you like to eat like you used
to? Isn't that right? and have a good stomach again? God bless you. Go
and do just as you want to do. Amen. In the Name of Jesus Christ…

E-79 All right. You want to be over the female trouble, don't you, sister, and be made well? Go ahead, and God bless you.
Let us say, "Praise the Lord."
I just can't hardly get…
right. God bless you, brother. Go eat what you want to now, and be of a
good courage. And God is going to bless you and make you well.
All right. Come now. All right, brother. If you believe with all your
heart, you'll be made well and your eyesight will come to you good. God
bless our brother in Jesus' Name.
All right. God bless you, sister. Come now. You want to get well, don't
you, get over your heart trouble?. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may she
be healed.

E-80 What about it now? Everybody… What say? Want me to get in there? Is this all of them? Or have you got a few more left?
they put the people over… the wheelchairs. They're going to line up,
and I'm coming down, going to pray for the rest of these. And go right
on through praising…?… And get rest of them…?… He's going to
bring the rest of them through. All right, bring the lady right on.
Come on, sister dear. All right. Heavenly Father, I pray that You'll
bless our sister and make her well in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. How
long has that been on your hand…?…
Come, sister. Wouldn't you like to eat and be normal like you used to
be? How would I know that was what was wrong with you? Only through
Jesus Christ. Is that right? Now, you know you're blessed of God, and
you're going to get well, aren't you? God bless you, sister dear. Amen.
All right now, sister. Oh, many things you're suffering with: heart
trouble, and having a bad nervous condition. O dear God, I pray that
You heal our sister and make her well in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Amen…?… That's what your nerves…?…

All right. Oh, my. Brother dear, I see you're on a crutch. What do you
think about this? Do you believe it to be the truth? You do? Now, I–I
can't heal you, my brother. But I'll be able to know what's wrong with
you, if you'll believe me as God's prophet. Do you believe that with
all your heart? You do? That which is now you're feeling, and the
Spirit by, that's the Angel of God.
Your trouble is unknown to man. You just get real weak, don't you, just
get weak, awful weak? And you walk on that… About a–a little bitty
piece of time, and then you just give out and set down. Is that right?
That's right. How would I know that you were doing like that? Only
through vision is only way that I'd know, 'cause I don't know you. Is
that right? What it is, your nerve system is give down, brother, in
your spine. Now, come here just a moment.
O God, bless this man. Give him strength. You said, "Let him that's
weak say, 'I am strong.'" Grant it, Lord, as I bless him in the Name of
Jesus Christ. Amen.
I want you to walk off the platform. Take your old crutch and throw it down there and go on home…?… you never have no aches.

E-82 All right. Come, sister and be healed now in the Name of Jesus Christ of your eye trouble. Amen. God bless you, sister.
All right. Do your believe, my brother? In the Name of our Lord Jesus, heal my brother. Amen.
You believe, sister? In the Name of the Lord Jesus, heal my sister.
Do you believe, sister? In the Name of Jesus Christ, receive your healing. Amen.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, receive your healing, my sister. Go,
rejoicing now. Keep believing, sister? In the Name of Jesus Christ,
receive your healing. Amen. Praise the Lord.
All right… Let's all of us say, "Praise the Lord." Just raise up our hands and praise Him.
All right. Now, there's a group of people sta… down here in the
wheelchairs that we haven't got to. Now, I want everybody to pray with
me now. These people doesn't have prayer cards. And I'm just going down
to pray for them anyhow, because they–they're setting here. Some of
them, I think one or two has prayer cards. And I want to pray with
them. I want my minister brothers to join in with me.

Now, I'll be able to tell each one of them how it happened, and all
about it. But to heal you, I can't. But I want to ask you something.
Will you accept my Lord Jesus as your Healer if I'll come pray for you?
Let some of the ministers line up here with them so… also that they
can… they can be in on this, the whole…
I want the audience to be reverent. God may perform some mighty
miracles right here. I just see crippled and the afflicted, real
crippled and twisted up so that they can't get out.
Just let them set down there. Now, everyone reverent. Let some of the ministers stand right back here.
Christian friends, how many will join with me in prayer while I'm down
here ministering to these people? Will you believe with me with all
your heart? Will you be reverent and keep your head bowed, and be in
prayer? And we're asking our Lord Jesus to heal these sick and a…
What if this was your people setting here. Some of them all twisted up
and–and crippled, and some totally blind, holding canes in their
hands. I believe our Lord Jesus will heal them.

E-84 Now, everyone be seated, all but the cripples. Just the cripples here now. [A brother instructs the congregation.–Ed.]
to you that's crippled, and all twisted and afflicted here, my heart
goes out for you when you see me here on the platform pronounce
blessings upon some of the people. There's been several of them here
that's all crippled and twisted up has been healed. You've heard of
For instance, Mr. Upshaw here that was crippled for sixty-six years.
There's not a one of you that was in the condition that he was in since
a little boy, and tried to be healed when he was seventeen years old
when he had his back first broke. He was like President Roosevelt, our
late president, from his waist down, is where it had him. I only could
do as God told me to do, to see a vision and tell him about it, what
would happen.

Not only he, but others have set here in wheelchairs, that's not in
wheelchairs tonight, that's been healed. Many of you know that.
Phoenix, week before last, and how that God taken them from the
While I'm standing here, I'm watching you. I could tell you what was
wrong with you. But the reason I don't some… most of the time speak
to wheelchair cases, somebody'd say, "Well, anybody could look down
there and say, 'That man was crippled.'" That's right.
My ministry doesn't lay so much in that; it's to see a healthy person
and then tell them what's wrong (See?), healthy looking person. And
if… you'll notice it.

And tonight, the audience, to you strangers, I've tried to keep It back
just as much as possible, to retain my strength to come down to pray
for these people. Now, I'm going to ask you something. Do you believe
that I've told the truth? You cripples and things? It… I–I'm going
to come down and–and–and ask God to bless you, and pray for you each
individual. And I want you to believe that God is going to let you get
Now, He may do it right now. If you feel that ty–the faith that you're
going to stand up, all right. If you do not, well then believe that
He's going to heal you. If you've got that much faith, it'll take it a
long time to bring it out. But Jesus said, "According to your faith, be
it unto you." But now, if you have great faith, you'll be able to be
healed right then.
I see some blind men setting here with canes. I want you to believe.
And I want all of the audience… What if this was your dad and mother
or somebody setting here?

Now, let's be sincere. Only thing I can do is go pray for them. Now, if
they want to know what's wrong and what happened, God will reveal that.
That can be done. But they want to be prayed for. And they believe if
I'll come pray for them, God will let them get well. And I believe if
they'll believe it with all their heart, it'll happen right now. And if
they'll do it…
And if it doesn't right now, don't be discouraged. It may be in a–a
half hour from now; it may be in a week from now. I don't know. But
it'll be, if you believe it. According to your faith, be it unto you.
If that's Scripture, let the audience say, "Amen." Now, you believe
with all your heart.

How many times we see them out of the insane institution and in
straight-jackets and things, and they're home now and normal people.
See? And all kinds of afflictions…
Now, the minister brothers are going to be praying while I'm praying.
And I wonder if the audience will do the likewise. If you'll bow your
head, and Brother Hall, you stay at the microphone here. And sonny boy,
if you'll go with me down in the line.
I'm wanting God to call my boy to pray for the sick. And I'm wanting to
see something happen first to vindicate it. You see? And I want him to
be with me when this is going on. All right. You be talking to the
audience. [Brother Hall speaks to the audience as Brother Branham prays for the cripples.–Ed.]

E-89 Christian friends, to you who believe with all your heart… Now, everyone just as reverent as you can be.
I do believe that God has blessed each one of you for your healing. A
man here is testing his eyes back and forth here that was blind.
Another lady putting her feet outside of the wheelchair here, a colored
lady, she's going to be up from there in a few minutes. Here's another
lady has got up.
All right. Now, just everyone reverent. The Holy Spirit has… The people are blessed; I believe with all my heart.
Now, I want the audience to stand up, everyone in the building.
Minister friends, I want you to walk forward now and put your hands
upon the–upon the afflicted. My minister brothers here, walk forward
and lay your hands on them, so you can assist them in helping them in
their faith to raise up from the wheelchairs and be healed.
Now, I want everyone to raise your hands to God, like this, while we pray.

Now, lady, the colored lady here, I want you to rise up from there. And
this lady here, and over there, I want you to believe now with all your
All Christians pray. Now, Father, we have blessed these people in Thy
Name, knowing this one thing, that Thou has promised that, "Whatsoever
things you desire, when you pray, believe you receive them." If You
could take that poor woman that was bound and twisted there on that
cot, out of that cot, You can take every one of them, Lord. Grant just,
now that they can be healed and made well. Hear the prayer of Your
humble servant, Father Now, grant it, Lord.
Satan, you who bound these people, they have been prayed over. God's blessing's been asked over them. You are a looser.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, rise up from there. Here comes a lady
paralyzed out of the chair, coming up, ri–raised up. Looky here,
coming out of the wheelchair, walking without… Praise the Lord. Here
comes another one up. Another lady paralyzed from the wheelchair
standing up praising God. Let's raise our hands giving God praise
That's right. Rise up over there. In the Name of the Lord Jesus, stand
on your feet. Little boy, stretch forth your hand there and be made
Wheelchairs are moved back. People are falling in the wheelchairs and having a glorious… Hallelujah! Praise be to God.

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