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  • I have a sister by the name of Bulelwa she has a supervisor that is giving her a hard time at work.The supervisor managed to not give her incentive pay which was due to her this month. My sister pays her tithes and never misses any and the supervisor has calls her to meetings saying that she raises her voice when she speaks to her and other people and she is rude. Please pray for her believers and may God bless you all.

  • I desperately ask that you join me in prayer to pray for my family for the the Lord’s presence and guidance in our life. May everything we say and do glorify the Lord. There is constant chaos and critical words spoken in the home. My husband is driving 10 1/2 hours to and from home just about every Monday and returns on Wednesday. This puts a lot of pressure on me since I have to work full time and take care of the boys. My husband lost his job and has been trying to start a new one for over a year. Lord, is it your will that a dad/husband is away from home every week? I can see that my son is getting further apart from his dad. They’re always in a disagreement. I pray Lord that you would pull down all darkness and strong holds and forgive me if I have said or done anything wrong. I’m weak Lord, but only through you may I be strong. Please fill each one of us with your Holy Spirit and give each of us the desire to live our lives fully for you Lord. That we want to die of the flesh daily and not be pulled by the deception of the world. I pray this in Name of Jesus Amen!

    • I had almost the same problem, but you have to be positive. God will help you, and try to stay calm and trusting till that happen. Just pray.
      God bless you!!

  • please pray they think i may have lymph node cancer or breast cancer , i am having tests run and having pain in right side and esphogus

  • Pray that i can experience the Love of God and His kingdom in my financial life and spirituasl life.
    I need to hear God’s voice and direction, experience Him in a new way

  • Shalom

    Please pray for my brother-in-law he’s sick with unknown disease..and Pray that he accept Christ as his Lord and savior. Thank-you for your Prayers and I keep you in my prayers as a Body of Christ

  • Please pray that God will lead me in a more healthy direction for my life,work, and living situation,and that i will meet my future esposo soon, and for my Aunt Sheryl in Orlando Fl. who is going thru chemo….thank u all so very much !

  • Our God can make a way of things thought impossible. U.S.A Please pray that on May 9th my unemployment benefits will be extended for a few more months until God provides another direction for my income. Praise the Lord he’s never failed me yet! My little Buddy was taken from me not long ago he was killed on side of the road. If it’s possible may the Lord grant to me for him to be in heaven if animals can go. Sister in Christ.

  • to all ye sons and daughthers of the living god
    please pray for me that i may receive the token in my life, and to also set aside things of the world and to follow jesus

  • Still Praying that the Great Provider will guide me in my trials and lead me to his perfect will! And Help me to be able to stand the test of time.

  • Dear Saints, please pray with me for the Lord to grant me Wisdom and Knowledge.I need this from God in order to withstand the test of time and also walk through this life in the path of righteousness. Please pray for me for God to heal me in my right ear, as I have been deaf in that ear from infancy. I am in Ghana and I believe in God’s healing powers. God bless you all Saints.

  • To anyone in the precious body of Christ who will believe with me. Please pray God will heal my body completley. I am young and have been attacked by the enemy with a thyroid condition and other afflictions. Dizziness and other terrible symptoms have tried to get me down. The Lord Jesus already told me I was healed, but pray with me for the manifestaion of it. ONLY BELIEVE, Lord help now my unbelief! Thank you and God bless you. I’m praying for you as well.

  • Hi they just found out my mom has cancer of the throat and she is not saved
    i hope the believers here will pray for her
    her name is Glenda Ann Morgan

    • God bless, God never missed his appointments and he never will!will pray for her remember we serve JOHOVHA RAPHA meaning our healer.shalom

  • Gretings in the name of our lord jesus christ.l wish the saints of god to join me and my family in prayers concerning our rights to remain in the uk.myself and my wife have submitted applications but the devil has beening fighting to make sure we are denied for,while others with whom lmade this application have been replied;mine is on hold without any word from the home office.My wife’s name is mitty.

  • Please pray for miraculous cure of kidney failure,atonic bladder,enlarged
    prostate gland,scoliosis,hiatus hernia,high blood pressure,allergies.Many
    thanks for your prayerful support and God bless this ministry.I will donate
    when I am able to do so.

  • Pray for me. i am on the verge of getting a career opportuinity which i am a waiting for quite sometime. With this opportunity i would be financialy stable. I need that breakthrough. God bless you.

  • please pray for me. I am on the verge of bieng called to a job/career opportunity. Pray for me that this time there would be no hidrances in obtaining that opportunity beacuase it with it i can be financially independent. Also that i get a renewal of faith believing stronger in God’s power that God would minister to me dialy and that i would be of good help to others including my intended wife.God bless you.

  • Hello Friends Christians:
    I am using my friend mail, to let you know that i am suffering Hyper thyroid Graves Disease, that’s the doctor tell me.
    Every day i feel dizzy, weackness, tired, my blood pressure sometimes is high and sometimes is low, i feel my heart like an excess of work, my head with a lot stress, my mouth very dry. I dont know what to do, so i am asking all of you, please make a prayer for me, asking to the Lord God that he is the only one that can heal me.
    Please, keep me in you prayers, and let me know thru this email if i am in your prayers.
    God bless you

    Vera Backer
    akron, ohio

    • God bless i pray that u may hold to God’s unchanging hands, I believe that God will do a miracle bro Branham says “what is greate between sickness and healing ?” he said its healing and mark 11:24 and john 14:14 compliment what i have just said.I will keep u in my prayers,remember God always meets his appointments.

  • Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! First, I want to give thanks to our precious Lord for blessing our middle son’s 16ith birthday with good weather! It was suppose to rain for a while today and only did this morning and it is now sunny! Our Lord heard and answered our prayers for good weather! Will you please keep our oldest son in prayer as he has stopped listening to the Word of God ever since he left for school in January. He will be moving back home on the 23rd and it is our prayer that we can create such a loving atmosphere that he will come back to the Lord. God bless you all!

  • God bless you saints,
    Please pray that God delivers my Family and I from a criminal gang that has been trailing us for the last few days.First they wanted to rob me of my motorbike but Alleluiah the Good Lord revailed to me just before it happened. I have since hidden the bike but still i can see some guys following me;what are they after? my life? please pray for us that these men change their ways of life and that they leave my family and I alone.Amen

  • please pray for me to get a godly man and get married within months.also pray for the progress of my entire family.

    • God bless, the only thing I can advice is that you need to have the holy ghost and the bible says set your affections on things from above and God will do the rest. DO NOT LIMIT GOD FOR HE IS AGAINST TIME

  • pls pray for my family my dad and mom and also my husband may they be healed and my brat brothers change thier attitudes. pls give us a chance to transfer from other place amen!

  • Priase the lord myself Dhirender Chhabra from Chandigarh , India. we are believer of Jesus Christ from last year. we have not take baptism yet. i would request you to pray for me n my family. i lost my job last week . i m the only earning hand in my home. so please pray for my new job n my family.


  • Please pray for my dad, Kirby, who has lung disease and kidney issues! Please pray he has a revelation of God’s love for him!

  • Greetings in Jesus Name
    Please do keep my husband Timothy in prayer for tomorrow as he is going for an interview, I do believe that when the saints begin to prayer the LORD will have his way. He needs a job , financial we a battling and need a miracle. The children are in need of many thing but our hope and trust is in the LORD our GOD.
    There is another request for us to find tenant to rent our house before the end of the month. I know all of you to be prayer warriors , please prayer for us as a family too. GOD has blessed us with for sons and my prayer is that GOD may equiped us with wisdom to teach and guide them. Also please prayer for my mother
    my family in Australia , GOD knows her hearts desire and that all will work out well for them as they are such a blessing to many around them.

    God Bless Tanya

  • I want the Lord Jesus to save me,my father and also to make Himself knon to me .I also want to know my purpose on earth

    • The only way you can know your purpose on earth is by reading the bible and praying. let the holy spirit fill you, let God’s thought be your thought and he’s word be your word.God bless

  • Dear Brothers and Sisters,
    I want to thank our kind heavenly father for every trial, because He makes a way out of them all. He has healed me and my family time and time again, from different afflictions.
    Please pray that my doctor will not put me on a medication for high blood pressure. He has already prescribed different medications. I do not want to argue with him, but I want my blood pressure down.The Lord had helped me with my joints and knees. The doctor is also sending me to different tests as part of my physical. Please pray that the Lord’s will be done in all. Thank you for praying for me.

  • Please pray for my soul. Pray that I receive guidance in personal and professional challenges. That I will have my own house and can take care of my family. And pray that I will believe…for faith…for health and for moral courage. Thank you & God bless.

  • Please pray for a spirit filled companion for me and complete healing for myself,I am coping with a very severe form of Fibromyalgia,it is disabling and my little boy has a communication disorder,and now ADHD,and aggression,he is 4 and his name is Riley. In His Hands,Courtney and my son,Riley

  • Dear Saints,
    Please remember me in your prayers this Friday the 17th of April. Thank you. God Bless you.

  • Dear beloved in Christ!

    Please pray for my ex-husband we are separated the devil is after his soul he doesn’t want to go to church anymore. He has been real mean to me said things he should have never said if he was still liven for the lord he would have never spoken them words they would have never came out of his mouth. It has hurt me real bad I need your prayers.

    God Bless
    Debbie Steimer!

  • hie how are you doing brothers and sisters in christ , am sister Kudzie, am staying S.A but am a Zimbabwean. May you pliease pray for me i want a new job better from the one im doing. (cashier)

    Thank You
    Sr Kudzie

  • Dear beloved in Christ!

    i need your prayer support,i will be getting married soon,but i been having personal [edited] problem for quite a long time now,even the doctors didn’t see anything,but i have faith that the Lord will me….

    God bless you

  • Please pray for me. i have depression bad nerves, obesity, sleep apnea and also a lot of my hair has come out. I need to lose weight and I lost my job and home. Pray that the Lord will bring my fiance back to NC, he works in Virginia and that God will heal my mind of depression. I need a financial miracle.


  • dear brides of jesus christ,
    please pray for me because i just had moved to newyork and i am having a lot of trouble getting used to living here especially going to a new school where everybody curses. please pray for me and my family that we can get through our trial that we are going through and i would also like for all of u brothers and sisters to pray for sis margret,sis eline,sis grace and sis lydia.May god bless all of you and have a wonderful day.
    your sister,
    brenda sukhu

  • dear brides please remember me and my family in your prayers, we are going through a very difficult time and we have financial crisis we moved to newyork and its has been very difficult for me and my children especially going to school. their is a block in our way that keep stopping us to go to church please pray that we have more faith and god see us through.

  • God Bless you Saints,
    Would like to request prayer for a dear friend who is under lots of pressure at his job, that our God will keep him spirtually and physically healthy to deal with the circumstances befor him. Our Lord is worthy of all honour and praise and may He bless you by His Grace.
    Sis Rachel

  • pray for my sister-in-law her name is navya(vanitha)who is suffering from diabetics, age-24 years.pray for our marriage in the month of may-2009.we both are message believers

  • Dear Saints I please for help in relationship with my future husband as he does not speak with me often and please help keep all in holiness and love of Christ and let he loves me more and more. Amen.

  • Dear Saints:

    Please remember me in a special word of prayer.
    I am in urgent financial needs.
    Remember my friend Carlos, he is in great financial crisis too.
    Remember to pray for my workplace and Directors and all my superiors.
    God Richly return the blessings to you.


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